Footy Finals Checklist 2022

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The essential audio-visual experience Tech specialist Jands has all your AV needs covered

AS VENUES ACROSS the nation gear

they are some of the best and most reliable

advantage of the multiple screens around

up for another exceptional championship

speakers on the market.

your venue. Video Distribution technology

run, now is the perfect time to upgrade the

allows seamless drag and drop content

level and quality of audio-visual technology

Consider a microphone

management – for all your digital display

at your venue. From sound systems to

The best finals viewing experience

requirements. Multiple screens can be

architectural lighting, here is what you need

cannot be limited to just the footy.

set up for different channels or can sync

to tick off on your Footy Finals Checklist.

Such high energy events need extra

up showing the same content on multiple

festivities like trivia, performances, and

screens, depending on what type of

Super sound

MC announcements to set the cheering

arrangement you are wanting. Blustream is

Professional sound systems take your

vibes right. As one of the biggest events

a market leading video distribution brand

venue’s audio capabilities to the next

in Aussie sports it is best complemented

and the ultimate solution for upgrading

level. Invaluable for capturing the raucous

by a high-grade microphone system.

your displays systems.

atmosphere of a great championship

Working hand in hand with your new

game, the right sound system offers a

sound system, the right microphone

Let there be light

far more extensive listening experience

set-up can bring clarity to any speaker/

To add that defining element to your footy

than what is possible with your average

performer. With ever evolving wireless

final’s experience, why not investigate in

speakers. A professional sound system

systems for microphones, and heaps of

some architectural lighting? Architectural

encompasses speakers of all forms, and

differing microphone solutions, a sound fit

lighting is all about adding structure and

takes into account formatting them and

for champions is within your palms.

design to your venue purely through curated

fitting them perfectly into your venue.

lighting. Give each team colours their own

Precise volume control, panning control,

Managing multiple screens

space, change colours dynamically based on

and sound distribution are just some of the

Perfect audio alone cannot make these

what’s going on in the game, or simply just

aspects you have complete control over

upcoming finals the event that they need

set the mood. We recommend reaching out

on your venue’s audio. When considering

to be for your crowd. It is the screens

to a Jands audio-visual specialist to discuss

high-quality audio solutions, ask us about

on which the game will be played that

how you can upgrade your venue and ensure

the Electro-Voice EVID family of speakers

brings it all to life. Unbelievably, there are

you get the right products to maximise your

or Biamp’s Desono Pendant speakers, as

innovative technologies available to take

customers’ experience.

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