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16 25 contents23 SEPTEMBER 2022 UP FRONT 4 EDITOR’S NOTE 6 INDUSTRY NEWS SPECIAL FEATURES 14 COOL DRINKS Category news and IRI data 16 HEALTH & BEAUTY TRENDS Shoppers look for innovations in natural skincare 20 SUSTAINABLE HOMECARE Environmentally friendly cleaning products are popular REGULARS 9 WHAT’S HOT New products in store 10 COVER STORY The Fabulicious family is growing 12 BEST IN SEASON Fresh produce update 13 HEALTH & WELLNESS 18 IRI The beauty of sustainability in grocery 19 PROFILE Storelink – building brands GOOD BUSINESS 23 INDUSTRY NEWS AND INSIGHTS 24 FMCG PRODUCTBUSINESSOFTHE YEAR Another finalist is revealed 25 FEATURE Waste management & recycling 29 FGC Finding the best recycling labelling system for NZ 30 MARKETING 31 LEGAL ADVICE Flexible working - what employers and employees need to know EVENTS 32 NZ FOOD FINALISTSAWARDSREVEALED 35 OUT & ABOUT Our people at work and events around the country CONVENIENCE & IMPULSE RETAILING 38 C&I NZ EXPO PREVIEW Major brands in the convenience and impulse retailing sector are preparing for the C&I NZ Expo in October. Find out about some of the exhibitors and what will be on display 32 FMCG BUSINESS - SEPTEMBER 2022 3

Exceptional customer service and a positive experience is key to ensure shoppers will return and stay loyal to your store or brand. According to new research from workforce management solutions provider Humanforce, consumers say a positive experience instore is even more important to them now than it was prior to the pandemic.

Some savvy businesses have been ahead of the curve and continue to evolve. Find out in this issue what’s trending and driving sales right now and see some of the latest product launches in New Zealand. You can also follow us on social for daily updates and get your weekly news delivered to your inbox by subscribing here:

How do we manage these pressures, which seem to add up to a ‘perfect storm’?


C&I Media takes its Corporate and Social Responsibilities seriously and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance and to initiate additional CSR based projects and activities. As part of our company policy we ensure that the products and services used in the manufacture of this magazine are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers. This magazine is printed on Impress stock from Spicers Paper using FSC® MIX source pulp from responsible sources and other controlled sources. We print using BIO-inks that contain base materials from renewable resources including wood resin (rosin, colophony), vegetable oils, linseed oil and soy bean oil. This magazine is printed by ICG, an ToitŪ enviromark gold certified printer. ON THE COVER Kiwi confectionery icon RJ’s has seen the Fabulicious brand experience 31.3% category growth in the last quarter alone, and the brand’s momentum with lolly lovers shows no sign of slowing down. Read the full story on pg 10-11.

On page 31, our legal team shares advice on flexible work arrangements, which have increased significantly since the pandemic. We discover new strategies for waste management and recycling on pg 25-29, including insights from FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich, who explains the uptake in New Zealand of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL). Making recycling instructions on packaging clear could make a big difference to our recycling rates.


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Tamara . Meanwhile, the cost of imported ingredients has skyrocketed and higher wages, power and fuel prices have pushed up the costs of getting local goods to market.

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We were sad to hear that Katherine is stepping down after more than 13 years in the CEO role. She has been a hardworking advocate for our industry and leaves a massive legacy. We wish her all the best for her next adventure.



“Her achievements are too many to list, but she will leave before the greatest of all of them all – and perhaps the biggest change in the history of the grocery supplier industry – is finally implemented: the grocery code of conduct that will change the way suppliers are treated during negotiations.” Katherine will continue as Chief Executive until her successor is in place. Katherine posted on LinkedIn: “After 13.5 years the time is right to pass the baton and step down as CEO of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council. Thank you to all members and all I have worked with for the betterment of the NZ food and grocery industry. It has been my utmost privilege to be an advocate for food and grocery suppliers here in New Zealand and in export markets. I have been so fortunate to work alongside so many great FMCG leaders, particularly our chairman Mike Pretty and previous chairs of NZFGC - Peter McClure, George Adams, Pierre van Heerden, Veronique Cremades and Tim Deane, plus all Board members, longest serving member Scott Mackay, and everyone who has rolled up their sleeves for our working groups. Words are insufficient to express my thanks to the mighty FGC team Brent Webling, Carole Inkster and of course my wingwoman, Kira Mikelatos. Thank you once again to all members and those I have worked with. We’ve achieved more than we thought possible. It has been my honour to be your advocate.”



The start-up opened its latest funding round in June through Snowball Effect with a target of raising $2.5m. Initially opening with a cap of $3m, Supie extended the funding round to accommodate interest with the raise closing at just under $4m.

Snowball Effect Chief Executive Simeon Burnett said the capital raise for Supie has set the record for the largest number of investors in a single raise.

Supie has also just hit a new record on crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect, raising nearly $4 million to expand the company’s reach.

Online supermarket Supie has added more products to their range, now offering shoppers over 6500 grocery items, including beer and wine.

After achieving an annualised revenue of $6.5m in FY2022, the online supermarket is using capital to fund technology development, marketing initiatives to drive membership growth and working capital to continue to fund expansion, inventory, people and operations as it focuses on its Auckland expansion. “We are humbled by the support from Kiwi investors. From what started as an ambitious idea back in 2018 is now a reality and it’s incredible to see everyday Kiwis aligning with our mission and coming on the journey with us,” says Sarah.

During Supie’s seed funding round, it raised $2.5 million, led by Icehouse and supported by Enterprise Angels and Arc Angels, a fund focused on investment in female entrepreneurship. Supie is also responding to the lack of access to wholesale supply of groceries in New Zealand. Over the last three years, Supie has built its own wholesale supply from over 350 suppliers and is seeking expressions of interest from retailers looking to access wholesale groceries.

The NZ Food & Grocery Council Board regrets to announce Chief Executive Katherine Rich is stepping down from the role after 13½ years. She says it’s time to pass the baton to someone else, and to move onto new, as yet unknown, ventures.



FGC Chief Executive KatherineSupieRichnow shoppers more than 6500 grocery items.

“We have completed our search for a successor and an announcement will be made soon,” said FGC Chairman Mike Pretty. “During her tenure, Katherine used her skills along with the connections she acquired during her nine years in Parliament as an MP to turn FGC into a voice and a force to be listened to when it came to legislation and regulation affecting the food and grocery industry.

Launched in 2021 as founder Sarah Balle saw an opportunity to disrupt the grocery industry in New Zealand, Supie has seen rapid growth and gone from strength to strength as Kiwis rally support. The online supermarket now has over 27,000 members after 12 months of trading.

74% of Digital Boost users would recommend it to others.

While Pepa Stationery have been online since before COVID-19, they’ve found Digital Boost a really helpful platform for identifying the areas where they can up their digital game.

Digital clicks for pen and paper people

Instagram is an ideal platform for the stationery audience, with its visual focus and sense of community. Pepa Stationery’s team work together to create and share content, interacting with their highly-engaged audience and reflecting back their passion for the latest designer notebook, desk organiser or specialised pen. Behind the scenes, the digital proj ect management tool Asana helps manage productivity. The team has also gravitated to Slack, a digital messaging app that lets them stay connected and informed from any where. Slack’s also a simple way to share documents they’ve created in Google Docs.

Christchurch retailer Pepa Statio nery is for people who really, really love stationery. It fills a special niche by offering a wide, internationally sourced range without the interna tional postal costs. Customers can buy in-store or online. Their website, built using Shopify, is central to their carefully managed customer experience. Designed to work for all kinds of customers, it al lows people to shop by brand, colour, product type and more. Using Shopify also allows the team to manage on line ordering and instore purchases through the same system. For online orders, GoSweetSpot is another handy digital tool in their kit. Linked up with Post Haste’s courier services, it streamlines the process of dispatching and delivering online orders from Pepa Stationery to their eager customers. Pepa Stationery have learned some useful tricks as they’ve grown their online presence. They use Google My Business to ensure customers know where in Christchurch to find them. But with all the products featured on their online store, they also include their business name in the product name. This means Google is more likely to direct people to the store when they search online for a partic ular brand or product.

Sign up for free at:


*Digital Boost evaluation research August 2022 - relating to users who registered in March 2021.




Think about the last time you listened to music. Was it to push yourself through a workout? To run up that damn hill? Chill out on a Sunday morning? Or when you finally get to put your feet up at the end of the week? Maybe it was to get your groove on? Did you ever yell “party” and dance in your living room? That sounds like fun. Whatever music you listen to, it raises an emotion within. We all have a deep connection to music and it’s precisely what drives us at Fuse with an obsession with tunes since 2013. Born to deliver value-for-money audio products to the petrol and convenience marketplace, Fuse puts your daily playlist, podcast, and phone calls in your ears. We want to ‘ignite your ears’ but not incinerate your wallet. And this season Fuse is turning up the dial on FUN with new branding exploding to life.

As this issue goes to print, Costco, the world’s second-largest retailer is about to open in Auckland. The mega store is offering a range of foods from fresh produce, meat and bakery items, to pantry essentials, frozen and cold goods.

Costco has more than 100 million members across its 803 stores worldwide, including 12 stores in Australia, which sell everything from fresh food and groceries to supplements, furniture, TVs and even diamonds. In Australia, Costco prices are 25 to 30% cheaper than at other retailers and similar discount pricing is expected for NewCostcoZealand.New Zealand Managing Director Patrick Noone said the company is also considering opening stores in Wellington and the South Island, after Auckland. For more information visit

Costco has hired more than 300 workers for their Auckland store and also offers petrol, tyre and pharmacy services, along with a wide range of household items.

There has been plenty of interest from shoppers signing up for an annual membership for the first NZ Costco store, which is located in Auckland, near the Westgate shopping centre.

Led by music and pop culture Fuse is bringing the FUN back to your daily soundtrack with explosive new products and a dynamic new look.

[ news ]

Keep an eye out for these guys in-store. They will help bring pop culture, music, and user recognition of purpose together in one bold BOOM! That sounds like fun. As you might have taken from the above, Fuse wants to bring the fun to life, visually, and through sound via vibrant packs, elements in the product itself and in the tuned and tweaked elements of the product. Wait to find Neon bursts of light (which can be turned off for that Zoom call with your boss) paired with vibrant bass and treble to deliver products that delight and quite literally sound like fun. You will probably see our LED flashing cables first. The flashing slows and stops when your device is fully charged and of course the Lightning cable is MFi (Apple’s Made for iPhone) certified to deliver the certainty and quality everyone expects. Product that delivers on impressing, brightening, and delighting, that sounds like fun. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Fuse this season. sponsored



Costco’s Patrick Noone and PM Jacinda Ardern preview the store before the opening in Auckland. Costco Auckland will include a Food Court and offer meals to go. MEGA STORE IS OFFERING A RANGE OF FOODS FROM FRESH PRODUCE, MEAT AND BAKERY ITEMS, TO PANTRY ESSENTIALS, FROZEN AND COLD GOODS.”


It was 10 years ago that Karma Drinks sold their first case of Karma Cola to Kokako Café. 10 years on, they now own an incredible range of do-gooding sodas, juices, kombuchas and waters, with 1% from every drink sold going back to their cola nut grower communities in Sierra Leone. Phone: 03 488 3073

We made bake-through!a

You’ve got a friend in Frond

Frond is a range of New Zealand made lozenges. Using a combination of manuka honey and curcumin (a derivative of turmeric) the formulation not only relieves irritated throats, soothes coughs, but also boosts immunity with a good source of vitamin C and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Available in two flavours (natural lemon and ginger) and two sizes, large and small.

Add a twist of flavour Recognised as the world’s leading sparkling mineral water, S.Pellegrino are delighted to introduce their latest addition, ESSENZA Blood Orange & Black Raspberry. Offering a delicate hint of red fruits, mellowed by notes of sweet citrus, conveying a subtle sweetness to enhance the sparkle while keeping the palate fresh and light. Available to purchase from New World and Farro Fresh stores. To find out more

Karma Drinks celebrates 10 years!

NEW Blackcurrant Spiced Apple Immunity Oats Premium South Island grown oats with added iron and zinc to support immunity. A scrumptious blend of tart blackcurrants, sweet apple pieces with notes of cinnamon, creating the perfect way to start your day! Also contains 30% less sugar than Harraways Flavoured sachet range.

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A completely new way to enjoy a pie for the ultimate meal satisfaction. Baked the first time, by you at home, simply glaze and season with your favourite toppings and pop into the oven, for a fresher, crispier, more delicious pie. Made by us, baked by you.

RJ’s Confectionery is making it even better for Kiwis by adding tasty new treats to its much-loved lolly line-up – all of which are already receiving glowing reviews and reports by Social Media users of being sold out at supermarkets.

RJ’s Senior Brand Manager Nic Guise says: “We’re always looking to innovate and add new favourites to our family of 100% palm oil free treats. We’ve already seen unprecedented demand for the new Fabulicious flavours, with stock flying off supermarket shelves around the country.”

“We also had fans on social media asking for some ‘crunchy bits’ to be mixed in with the famous Fabulicious sherbert, which aligned with HAS SEEN THE FABULICIOUS BRAND EXPERIENCE 31.3% GROWTH IN THE LAST QUARTER ALONE”



As RJ’s continue to add to its existing range of traditional licorice and lollies, we caught up with Senior Brand Manager, Nic Guise to see why RJ’s continues to be enjoyed by New Zealanders and what’s driving growth for the brand.

These new releases follow hot-on-the-tails of the Fabulicious Grape Sherbert Crunch and the family-bag Fruit Pastilles released in May, with RJ’s now bringing a total of four products to market under the Fabulicious brand this year. It signals bigger and better things coming to the locally run brand, with its iconic lolly factory in Levin.



“Raspberry was a flavour prominent in our research and data, and our customers eagerly validated the flavour on social media,” says Guise.


The new Fabulicious Raspberry Crunch was cooked up after research showing the vibrant flavour and deep red hue speaks to loyal Fabulicious fans and represents a fun throwback to the ‘90s – with the decade leaving its mark on several of today’s food, fashion and pop culture trends.


Kiwi confectionery icon RJ’s has seen the Fabulicious brand experience 31.3% category growth (IRI Total Key Accounts 7.8.22) in the last quarter alone, and the brand’s momentum with lolly lovers shows no sign of slowing down with two new products – Fabulicious Raspberry Sherbert Crunch and family-bag Fruit Tingles added to the fast-growing Fabulicious family this month.

• RJ’s New confectioneryZealand’sisenjoyed all across New Zealand and globally. They employ over 120 people in Levin and are proud of the contribution they make to the local community.

Also joining the Fabulicious family are exciting collaborations with Lifesavers: Fruit Tingles and Fruit Pastilles in larger sharer bags, perfect for passing around at get-togethers.

The Fruit Pastilles soft, chewy, sugar-dusted gummies have four different colours and flavours to enjoy – orange, raspberry, lime, lemon and blackcurrant – and were also previously only available in a roll.

“I can confidently say that the Fabulicious family will continue to grow and we look forward to bringing more exciting confectionery to Kiwis in the future. We continue to listen closely to our fans for flavour inspirations and our Levin lolly makers remain ready to get creative and make it better for lolly lovers everywhere,” says Guise.

[ cover story ] our research and global trends. Being a customer centric business, we could see the demand for a chewy, sour and crunchy treat was there – and we’re delighted at the instant fandom that has resulted from our recent Fabulicious launches.”

The iconic Fruit Tingles need no introduction – a familiar taste to those of us with a passion for the Lifesaver rolls of the lolly, or the excitement in finding them in a $2 mixed bag from the local dairy. The same fizzy flavours of lime, lemon, orange and raspberry are available now in a Fabulicious family-bag – more for sharing (or not!).

Did you know?

• World famous for their delicious licorice, RJ’s also makes some of New Zealand’s favourite confectionery brands, which were added to their existing range in 2018.

So, what’s next from the brand?

Building on a culture of listening to their community, RJ’s team of lolly makers set to work creating the perfect bite: with a sweet candy chew, sour sherbert centre, and a satisfying crunch, Raspberry Crunch is a much-hyped addition to the Fabulicious family of treats. Guise is confident Kiwis will fall in love “… at first scent.” “When you open the bag, you’re hit with this rich, sweet, distinctly raspberry aroma. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest shop and give them a try!” The Raspberry flavour comes just a couple of months after the new Fabulicious Grape Sherbert Crunch flavour was launched, proving itself as an instant hit, and keeping the Levin lolly makers on their toes to keep up with demand. “We’ve even had early feedback that eating the raspberry and grape together is quite the flavour sensation – and when you’re creating confectionery that inspires that flavour-combo creativity from the snackers amongst us – you know you’re onto a good thing!” says Guise.

• The full RJ’s product lineup includes iconic Kiwi lollies like Mackintosh’s, Jaffas, Oddfellows, Fabulicious and Heards as well as old favourites like Black Knight and RJ’s Licorice Logs, Allsorts, Twists, Balls and Bullets.

Fabulicious Raspberry Sherbert Crunch, Fruit Tingles, Grape Sherbert Crunch and Fruit Pastilles are available now nationwide at leading supermarkets and retailers.

• As well as being New Zealand’s number one licorice brand, RJ’s product range is proudly 100% palm oil free. RJ’s commitment to sustainability has removed 100 tons of palm oil annually from the supply chain, the equivalent of 38 rugby fields of deforestation.


The large volumes of Satsuma mandarins that we’ve seen this season are tapering off, but the Afourer variety is becoming available this month to supplement displays and offer another great source of Vitamin C to shoppers searching for snacks that provide a wellness boost.

September is a good month to keep fresh herb displays topped up. Consumers are looking for fresh flavours as we move into Spring.

Californian grapes are now arriving at wholesale markets in large quantities. Pricing of both the red and green varieties will make them a popular choice and stores should be prepared with plenty of stock and refrigerated shelf space for these new arrivals. Monitor displays closely for damaged fruit, particularly those that are supplied in soft plastic and top up displays regularly.

Nutrition: Like all citrus, grapefruit contain a good source of vitamin C which helps support immunity, a healthy metabolism and reduces fatigue.  Mushrooms Mushrooms are grown year-round indoors under full climateconditionscontrolled on a small number of farms set all over mushroomsof245Aroundcountry.thetonnesButton are produced each week, and these should form the mainstay of retail displays. Swiss Browns should also be kept in stock whenever available.

Grapefruit Grown in New Zealand since the 1800s, just a handful of around 20 growers produce the annual grapefruit crop of 370 tonnes. Retailers should look to provide a range of different grapefruit varieties available from June through to October. While grapefruit are tarter than their citrus cousins, they’re still a popular niche breakfast choice for a core group of customers and a steady quantity of fruit should be kept in stock. The traditional yellow-skin Morrison or Golden Special cultivars will form the main part of the supply, though crops of the red-fleshed Star Ruby fruit are increasing in response to consumer demand. What to look for: Select firm unblemished fruit with fairly smooth, thin skin. The brightly coloured peel will vary depending on the variety. The juiciest grapefruit will also feel heavy for its size.

What to look for: Select mushrooms that are firm with a fresh, smooth appearance. The surfaces of the mushroom should be dry, but not dried out, free from debris and appear plump.

Nutrition: Mushrooms are a good source of biotin or Vitamin B7, which helps the body to metabolise fats and carbohydrates. They’re also a good source of Vitamin B5, which is essential to produce blood cells and convert food into energy.


Position herbs where consumers can easily find them, rotate the larger plants for freshness and ensure displays of cut herbs are topped up regularly. Top picks that should always be in stock at this time of year include rosemary, coriander, parsley, and mint.

Smaller volumes of Oyster, Shiitake, Portobello, Wood Ear, and Honey Fungus are produced throughout the year – while some of these may be unfamiliar to shoppers, try to secure small amounts to provide a point of interest.


Storage/handling: Mushrooms should be stored in cardboard at 20C. Temperature fluctuations can shorten shelf life and whether they’re sold prepackaged or loose, mushrooms should be monitored closely for signs of moisture as this can indicate the beginning of decay.

Storage/handling: While grapefruit can be displayed at room temperature, try to store in refrigeration to slow down the process of drying out and decomposing. Watch out for soft spots on displayed fruit and remove these immediately as they indicate the fruit is spoiling. Consider slicing open a grapefruit as part of your instore presentation, particularly if the fruit is the attractive Ruby Star variety.

Retailers looking for an injection of colour to displays are advised to keep an eye out for the variety of New Zealand grown citrus on offer from growers around theNavelcountry.oranges are still in good supply, look for firm fruit with a heavy feel to ensure you are offering the juiciest oranges to consumers.

“Dilmah’s flavoured green teas combine naturally occurring goodness with beautiful, natural flavours, so consumers get the best of both worlds,” says Campbell.

#dotryit #Goodnessthattastesgreat#TasteGoodnessPurpose


“This year we have focused on delivering NPD based on consumer trends around ‘health and wellness’,” says Nicole Campbell, Head of Sales & Marketing – Dilmah NZ.


Every employee would be entitled to 10 days’ sick leave each year (if they qualify) regardless of working pattern.

“We are pleased to introduce a new flavour to our family of green teas, ‘Green Tea with Lemon & Lime’ - a beautiful blend of green tea with natural lemon and lime to give a refreshing citrus flavour.



[ health & wellness ]

[ profile ]

“Also, back by popular demand, we’re re-launching our ‘Green Tea with Jasmine’, now with real jasmine petals. This brings a fragrant aroma and a soft, floral flavour to the tea.

If an employee is injured If the accident happens at work, your employee doesn’t need to use their sick leave. Once the accident is registered and acknowledged by ACC you must pay your injured employee at least 80% of their normal wages for the first week off work. If they are injured somewhere other than work, they can choose to take sick leave for the first week they’re off work. They can also choose to take annual leave or leave without pay. After the first week, ACC will pay them 80% of their usual salary while off work. Injured employees can ask you to pay them one day’s sick leave each week if they want to and they have the sick leave available. You have no other obligation to pay them while they’re on ACC. However if your employee returns to work on part-time duties, you may need to make a contribution towards their salary. Read more here: handling-holidays-and-leave/sick-leave/

If your staff members are sick, encourage them to stay home. Not only will it give them a chance to rest and recover, but it will help stop others in your team from getting sick. In the long run, it’ll keep your business moreAfterproductive.anemployee has been working for you for six months, they’re legally entitled to at least 10 days’ paid sick leave a year. You must: • allow for employees to accumulate up to 20 days of sick leave. This means employees can carry over 10 days of unused sick leave into the next year • allow employees to use sick leave to care for a sick or injured spouse, partner, dependent child or any other dependent individual • pay a sick employee what they’d get if they’d worked a normal day, including bonuses, overtime etc. You can: • let employees who’ve worked for you for less than six months take sick leave in advance • choose to let employees carry over extra sick leave, beyond the 20day requirement from year to year • offer more than 10 days of paid sick leave a year.

“The tea plant, Camellia Senensis, has an abundance of antioxidants, well known to boost immunity and help the body cope with emotional stress, hence referred to as ‘nature’s healing herb’. It is also a good source of L-Theanine, which helps to boost cognitive function and relax the mind.

Sweetened with natural Stevia, no artificial flavours or additives, Rio Gold is a family friendly, low-sugar option. It delivers the flavours you love, but with 70% less sugar than regular fruit juice. Rio Gold is available in four great flavours: Apple Feijoa, Apple Blackcurrant, Orange Passionfruit and Orange Mango.



“Consumers are looking for sugar-free or low sugar options and are becoming conscious of what they are drinking. With Summer on the way people will be looking for cold drinks to enjoy, and we want them to choose something from our range, as we really do have a beverage for everyKiwiKiwi.”Beverages

six delicious flavours: Strawberries & Cream, Orange Mango Tango, Lime & Passion, Extraordinary Orange, Lemon Delight and Berrylicious.

Low sugar drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails are among some of the popular new products available now in New Zealand. A Countdown spokesperson said: “Customers continue to look for cold drinks that are both delicious and also give an energy boost to help get through busy days. In the last few months we’ve seen more and more people trying functional beverages with brands like Ārepa growing significantly.“We’realso noticing a move towards canned coffee with popularity skyrocketing in the last year, as Kiwis look for convenient ways to get their caffeine“We’vefix.introduced a number of low or no sugar options into the cold drink category and we’re seeing lots of innovation from our supply partners in this space too. Customers are shifting towards these options in growing numbers, which we think reflects wider trends towards healthier beverage options.” A beverage for every Kiwi Kiwi Beverages Sugar-Free are shaking up the beverage aisle with their sugar-free and low sugar beverages. The 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, located on Hunua Road in Auckland are delivering a new range of drink options for Kiwis to enjoy this Summer.

“In New Zealand we have an alarmingly high and rising rate of sugar consumption – in particular through beverages. The domination of sugary food and drinks in New Zealand is a growing problem, with increasing rates of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay in children and adults.

Kiwi Sunshine is their newest drink on the block and an innovation in the drinks category - a 100% sugar-free fruit drink! It’s Sunshine in a bottleKiwi Style! Available in a range of delicious flavours in 2L and 375ml options. To ensure Frutee, Rio Gold or Kiwi Sunshine are in your drinks chiller or beverage aisle ahead of Summer email for more info and a price list. New from S.Pellegrino Recognised as the world’s leading sparkling mineral water, S.Pellegrino, with a heritage of 120 years of taste and style, presents a brand-new flavour innovation to experience and enhance tasteful moments.

• Rio Gold - 70% less sugar Fruit Drink

Sugar-Free supplies the following brands to New Zealand supermarkets:

Managing Director Amanda Morgan says she is proud to be providing sugar-free and low-sugar drink options to New Zealanders. “Sugar Free is the fastest growing category in beverages, and as more people look to reduce their sugar intake our beverages are a great option.

After being identified as the iconic water of fine dining, S.Pellegrino introduced a real revolution where the sparkling bubbles of its mineral water encounter intriguing Mediterranean flavours. S.Pellegrino ESSENZA is created with 100% natural ingredients, contains zero calories and no artificial flavours – all guilt free!

Frutee is a 100% sugar-free sparkling fruit drink, not to be confused with a lightly flavoured sparkling water. Frutee is full of flavour, a crowd-pleaser across all ages and the perfect grab and go drink from the chiller. There are

• Kiwi Sunshine - 100% sugar-free Fruit Drink

The new ESSENZA Blood Orange & Black Raspberry complements an already popular range, which includes: Lemon & Lemon Zest –with intense citrus aromas, this flavour is fine and elegant, and gives a surprising freshness. Perfectly paired with lighter, more delicate dishes such as fish, salads, fresh greens and fruit.

• Frutee - 100% sugar-free sparkling Fruit Drink

Made for those informal and spontaneous dining moments with friends and family, S.Pellegrino’s latest addition, ESSENZA Blood Orange & Black Raspberry, offers a delicate hint of red fruits, mellowed by notes of sweet citrus, conveying a subtle sweetness to enhance the sparkle while keeping the palate fresh and light.

Innovative thirst quenchers are in big demand.

Auckland-based Finery Cocktails has had two award recognitions for its 0% Grapefruit Cucumber and Mint cocktail, as well as an entrepreneur award for founder Jane Allan.

Finery Cocktails is on a winning streak

The FMCG Business team endeavours to produce a monthly snapshot of category news and highlights, based on information from participating clients, plus a table of the freshest data available at time of print. If you wish to contribute news for upcoming category reports, please contact Source : IRI Market Edge Grocery MAT to 31/07/22 (Selected segments) Dollars (000s) GrowthDollars% YA Total Cold Drinks* $1,005,420 10.6% Carbonated Beverages* $459,806 10.8% Shelf Stable Juice/Drinks* $144,162 5.6% Water* $134,959 12.6% Energy Drinks* $131,996 12.3% Chilled Juice/Drinks* $59,978 10.6% Sports Drinks* $39,140 15.4% Functional Drinks* $35,379 11.3% * denotes value AND unit growth > +2% COLD DRINKS FMCG BUSINESS - SEPTEMBER 2022 15

S.Pellegrino ESSENZA Blood Orange & Black Raspberry is distributed Nationwide by Federal Merchants & Co, and available to purchase from New World and Farro Fresh stores at RRP $19.99. The rest of the ESSENZA Range are available at Countdown at RRP $18.99.

Finery’s 0% Grapefruit Cucumber and Mint cocktail recently took out a Silver award at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), where it was entered in the ‘alternative drinks category’, which includes RTD’s and low and no alcohol drinks.

The judges recognised Finery’s 0% entry for its “light citrus aromas with beautiful mint and cucumber notes. Subtle grapefruit characters on the palate and good carbonation give a rounded structure and a soft mintThisfinish.”same flavour has also been a finalist for the NZ Food Awards, which is open to all beverages made in New FounderZealand.JaneAllan says “being recognised at IWSC was the pinnacle for us and then to be announced as a finalist in the NZ Food Awards for the same drink, tells us we’re doing something right! Winning silver at a globally renowned competition, as well as recognition on home soil, demonstrates the commitment and hard work our team has put in to deliver delicious alcohol-free alternatives.”

Allan was selected from six finalists and received a prize of $10,000 to boost the cocktail in a can business, which launched its first-to-market 0% cocktail to New Zealand supermarkets in July 2020 and now exports to Australia, Singapore and Rarotonga.

Finery has seen increasing demand for viable alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Made with a considered blend of fruits, teas and botanicals, each flavour combination delivers a unique taste sensation. These are natural honest flavours, no added sugar, and three of the four flavours areFineryvegan-friendly.haslaunched with four thirst-quenching flavours: Grapefruit, Cucumber and Mint; Vanilla and Elderflower; Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Black tea; and Ginger, Green tea, Honey, Mint and Lemon. For more information about Finery Cocktails, visit

Finery’s founder Jane Allan also won the Soda Inc’s RISE UP competition, which recognises female entrepreneurs that have created businesses with global potential.

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Shoppers look for innovations in natural skincare.



The natural skincare segment plays a key role in the New Zealand Grocery skincare category, making up nearly 25% of sales, says Glow Lab Marketing Manager Kerry Tomane. She explains: “Consumers are increasingly looking for skincare that’s natural AND effective, without compromise or a hefty price tag. Consumers are becoming more ingredient conscious, seeking collagen boosting ingredients, peptides, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid examples. Glow Lab has a unique position in the natural skincare segment in grocery – more than natural, their naturally derived “

Many shoppers have continued their ‘salon at home’ routines since the pandemic, looking for affordable and natural skincare products such as serums, masks and cleansers at their local supermarket. Glow Lab; natural skincare that works

[ category insights ]

• Matrixyl® Synthe 6™ found in Glow Lab’s NEW Pro-Collagen Night Cream 50g, is a powerful peptide scientifically shown to increase the production of Collagen IV by up to 42%, to plump and firm skin, naturally.

Frula Beauty products are formulated using super plants and fruits using the highest grade of naturally derived ingredients.

Tomane shares an example of what trademarked active ingredients used in Glow Lab skincare can do:

The rising cost of living expenses and decreased disposable income means consumers are forced to be more discerning in their buying decisions. Consumers have also deliverbrandsluxuryseekingTheyoffollowingandtheirconsciousincreasinglybecomeabouthealthwellbeing,eventsrecentyears.arenowoutbeautythatefficacy, quality and sustainable features along with an accessible price point. The preference is now ‘back to basics’ amplified by the fact that clean beauty is accepted as the norm. As a category, skincare is also forecast to continue to grow, with only the point of purchaseFormulatedchanging.todeliver clean, simple and accessible skincare, Frula Beauty is a carefully curated line of six products to help achieve glowing skin while also simplifying skincare routines. The range includes Reusable Face Cleansing Pads, 3 Phase Micellar Cleansing Water, a Superfood 2 in 1 Exfoliator & Mask, Super Hydrating Moisturiser, Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser and a Brightening Vitamin C Serum.


Frula Beauty – new affordable, luxury, clean skincare brand Introducing Frula Beauty, a new affordable, New Zealand-made, luxury, clean skincare brand that’s set to shake up the supermarket skincare category.

• Beracare BBA™ found in Glow Lab Rosehip Oil +Plus 20ml is a Pracaxi Oil complex scientifically shown to increase hyaluronic acid levels by up to 82% after 9 days, to hydrate and brighten skin tone. These two skincare products were recently recognised in Verve Magazine’s Best in Beauty Awards 2022 as the Best in the anti-ageing and facial oils categories respectively, illustrating natural skincare can deliver the efficacy consumers want and meet the latest skincare trends.

The FMCG Business team endeavours to produce a monthly snapshot of category news and highlights, based on information from participating clients, plus a table of the freshest data available at time of print. If you wish to contribute news for upcoming category reports, please contact

Comprising fruit + formula, Frula Beauty uses Aloe Vera as the first main ingredient, not Aqua, which sets it apart in the supermarket beauty category. The formulation with Aloe Vera as the primary ingredient is typically only seen in skincare products sold in high end beauty retailers at much higher price points.

formulations are boosted with active ingredients scientifically shown to deliver real results. Creating natural products that work and at a price that’s affordable and accessible for consumers.”

Frula Beauty products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, and free from SLS, SLES & Parabens. They also comply with the US Clean at Sephora program, which means they exclude harmful ingredients from their formulations to give consumers the beauty they want, minus the ingredients they might not. For more information, please get in touch with Frula Beauty at:

Source : IRI Market Edge Grocery MAT to 31/07/22 (Selected segments) Dollars (000s) GrowthDollars% YA Total Skincare $103,239 -6.0% Facial Skincare $65,170 -7.6% Hand & Body Skincare $27,762 -3.4% Acne Skincare $5,729 0.9% Skincare Mens $4,577 -6.5%

Data from market research experts IRI shows 66% of consumers agree sustainability considerations are important when choosing which personal care items to buyii; and it’s apparent brands who take this on board will be rewarded.

IRI notes growth coming through from brands who have rethought processes, packaging and formulations to become more ecofriendly – and who have highlighted these changes on pack and in marketing campaigns. And it seems this is a trend that will only grow.


An interesting trend has been brands moving into adjacent categories in order to re-align their products with a more sustainable beauty routine. Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads were designed to be used in conjunction with micellar water for removing makeup and cleansing, thereby providing a more sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads and wipes. Not only have the Garnier pads contributed $130,000 in sales over the past yeari, they have also supported the sales of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, with the brand outperforming in the micellar water segment over the past year.

The growth of green

The overall demand for more sustainable beauty options has seen the rise of new brands and subbrands. Local player Everblue launched a range of haircare, hand and body washes in June 2021, creating sales of $1.67 million over the past yeari. As well as being made in New Zealand, Everblue focuses on naturally-derived ingredients, while maintaining cruelty-free and vegan credentials.

Another success story in the ‘cleaner ingredient’ space is Nivea and their 2021 launch of the Naturally Good sub-brand within skincare. The range features a high level of natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients. New Zealanders have applauded Nivea’s transparency by making it the fastest growing range in facial skincare, worth $831,000 in the past yeari

An important facet of this launch – and driver of its success – was making this more sustainable option accessible, with the Naturally Good range positioned at a similar price to Nivea’s existing products.

It’s a smart move. While personal care products have been responsible for a billion dollars of grocery revenue over the past 12 months, and price increases have put them value growth (+1.8%)i, unit sales are declining amid increased competition from other channels.

With Kiwis increasingly demanding hair, skin and beauty products that are not only good to the consumer, but kind to the environment too, suppliers are upping their game in sustainability.

August 2021 [ personal care ] THE BEAUTY

A clear sign of the more sustainable approach to personal care has been in the handwash category. As the COVID pandemic has taken hold, there has been a strong focus on hygiene, and New Zealanders have been washing their hands more than ever. To reduce plastic consumption and maximise value, Kiwis have been reaching for handwash refills, with sales jumping 11% in the past yeari. Refills make up 61.2% of the total handwash segment, with the majority of brands across all pricing tiers offering this environmentally-friendly option. Within haircare, there has been a continued shift to the low-waste bar format, usually packaged in cardboard. Over the past year, sales have increased 19.1%, compared to overall haircare growth of 2.4%i Haircare bars are now entering the mainstream, with leading brand Ethique being joined by longterm category players Palmolive and Garnier. The new Palmolive shampoo and conditioner bars have brought in $127,000 since their launch in Septemberi. While haircare bars still remain a small segment within haircare, with just under 2% share, they are undoubtedly gaining traction.


i. IRI MarketEdge Grocery, MAT Data to 17/07/2022

More sustainable and environmentally-friendly options are creating exciting launches within the grocery health and beauty space. Consumers are demonstrating a desire for brands to help them improve their own sustainability, in a trend that is good news for us all – as well as the planet.

P: +64 9 475 9039 E:

The sales business operates independently and is 100% focussed on building brand distribution, instore visibility, and activating promotional initiatives. Specialists in grocery, we have a significant key account management and field sales team supported by strong processes and market insights provided by Nielsen scan data and CRM technology provided by Insightful.Mobi.

To find out more about how Storelink can add value to your business, discover our new website, or connect for an obligation free enquiry.

General Manager Tony Puppyn says: “Our truly dedicated team has worked tirelessly over the last two years supporting retail category managers, stores, and our partners to get through some challenging times. The commitment and passion of our team is quite simply extraordinary and is something we are incredibly proud of. “We are geared for growth and if you would like a refreshing insight into how we can add value to your business then visit our new website and connect for an obligation free chat.”


General Manager Tony Puppyn


At Storelink, we have been successfully building brands and providing cost effective sales and merchandising retail service solutions to the fast-moving consumer goods industry for 35 years.

Our Ser vices • Store audits and compliance checks • Merchandising • Display builds • Planogram execution • Field Sales • Key Account Management • Customer Services • Logistics • Point of Sale Management

This year Storelink celebrates 35 years providing Sales and Merchandising retail service solutions to the fast moving consumers goods industry Proudly locally owned and operated with an incredibly passionate and professional team, we offer a considerable range of service solutions: and

Proudly locally owned and operated, we are one of New Zealand’s largest sales and merchandising agencies with an extensive range of services such as key account management, field sales, merchandising, store auditing and compliance checks, vendor management and customer services, warehousing and freight, POS management and much more. Our merchandising partners benefit from huge experience and pre-existing store relationships, commercial transparency and flexibility, a dedicated merchandising management team and market leading coverage. Our investment in a new industry leading CRM system will future proof the business and add significant value to our partners.

Co packing


All Purpose Cleaners* $38,717 12.9% Bathroom/Shower Cleaners* $9,557 25.4% Carpet Cleaners* $7,799 9.5% Glass/Metal Cleaners $5,396 5.3% Oven Cleaners* $3,515 11.7% Mould Treatments* $2,723 13.2% Floor Cleaner/Polish $2,548 2.5% Furniture Cleaner/Polish $2,175 0.5% Other Cleaners* $4,855 21.5% * denotes value AND unit growth > +2% HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS

Cleanery’s plant and mineral based formulations come in a small but mighty sachet of powder that dissolves in water at home. “Each sachet is 99% less waste than a traditional single use 500ml bottle of product,” explains Mark Sorensen, Co-Founder of Cleanery.

Environmentally friendly cleaning and homecare products are popular choices.


Hygiene and homecare remain top of mind for many shoppers. Since the Covid pandemic we’ve seen more thorough cleaning routines at home, with plant based and eco-friendly products among the rising trends, amid growing concerns over environmental impact and waste.

Keeping New Zealand super clean, super green. Cleanery is gearing up to launch across New Zealand retailers with the ambition to take the leadership positioning in sustainable cleaning.

Source : IRI Market Edge Grocery MAT to 31/07/22 (Selected segments) Dollars (000s) GrowthDollars% YA Total Household Cleaners* $77,285 13.0%

“The sachets come in compact but impactful shelf ready display dispensers with 30 sachets per box, taking up considerably less room than bottles, while also reducing storage requirements and merchandising hours.

“The company’s mission is to convert mainstream users to sustainable products - Cleanery’s products stand out because they genuinely deliver a powerful clean. At the end of the day a cleaning product has to do its job and the Cleanery team invested nearly two years in developing market-leading formulations that have been proven to outperform the top-performing competitors. The range is manufactured in New Zealand at Cleanery’s low emissions, low energy manufacturing plant, keeping the company’s footprint small and local with consistent supply.



“Cleanery products are easy and hassle free to use. Consumers simply add a sachet to a spray bottle of their choice – their own, or a branded Cleanery bottle – add water, shake and they are immediately ready for use with no wait time. A simple way to make an easy low waste swap in the home. The line up includes multipurpose, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, with a range for commercial users coming soon.

Cleanery has completely reimagined the cleaning category with truly effective and genuinely sustainable low waste products.

Welcome to no compromise cleaning – impactful products that are good for the planet and affordable. Super clean, super green,” says Sorensen.

Sachets RRP $3.99, with ranging expanding across key New Zealand retailers and available for orders now. Cleanery is distributed through PAVÉ. Please contact or 09 302 1190 for more details. HAS REIMAGINED THE CLEANING CATEGORY WITH EFFECTIVE AND GENUINELY SUSTAINABLE LOW WASTE PRODUCTS. HOMECARE


302 1190 *than standard 500ml bottles

Tomane explains: “The nationwide campaign showcased three top selling Earthwise products across laundry and household cleaning - communicating the key product benefits, and how natural cleaning products can still get the job done eg: grease cutting power, plant powered cleaning, no bleach, kills 99.9% of germs, and yet safer for waterways and septic tanks with no added“Earthwisephosphates.recently won Silver at the PIDA Australasian Packaging & Design Awards, in the Domestic & Household category for our innovative Eco Laundry Scoop design. A first of its kind, the integrated cardboard scoop design reduces the use of problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic and virgin board waste, whilst offering consumers convenience. “Keep your eyes peeled for further household cleaning innovation launching to market from October 2022,” says Tomane. Ph 0800 327 849 09

Earthwise – Effective. Naturally “Earthwise is New Zealand’s favourite eco-friendly household cleaning brand in supermarkets (Source IRI value sales over the last 12 months) and was one of the top five brands highlighted in the latest Kantar Better Futures 2022 report, where over 75% of respondents agreed Earthwise is a brand that’s a leader in an area of sustainability,” says Marketing Manager Kerry Tomane. Earthwise believe switching to true eco-friendly products shouldn’t cost the earth (planet and pocket) either. Earthwise’s affordable range of cleaning products are made right here in New Zealand, in an Environmental Choice certified factory, using plant powered, biodegradable ingredients.

On a mission to educate New Zealanders about why they should make the switch to eco-friendly household cleaning products, Earthwise launched its largest ATL communication campaign in January 2022.

Cleanery is distributed through PAVÉ. Please contact or

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What are your top tips for refilling?

The FMCG Business team endeavours to produce a monthly snapshot of category news and highlights, based on information from participating clients, plus a table of the freshest data available at time of print. If you wish to contribute news for upcoming category reports, please contact


New Zealand’s leading sustainability brand, ecostore has a new Ultra Power 3-in-1 laundry range. Formulated with five PlantActive™ enzymes, it provides a natural, efficient clean. Lauded as being ecostore’s most powerful, plantbased laundry product yet, the enzymes used in the new laundry liquid boost stain removal by 20%. The enzymes are by-products of all living organisms. The renewable enzymes work together to lift off even the most stubborn of stains from fabric.

Ecostore has been offering refills and bulk products for over a decade, starting at their flagship store in 1997, followed by 50+ green stores across New Zealand in 2017, followed by supermarkets in New Zealand and Australia in 2019. Here we talk to Kim Tickelpenny on the success of leading the ‘Refillution’ in New Zealand. How have you led the refill market? Over the last six years, we have been on a journey to make refills more accessible to customers and we now have 200+ refill stations globally – this has been no easy task!

The laundry range has no optical brighteners, phosphates or synthetic dyes and are suitable for septic tank or grey water use. Like all other ecostore products, it is made in New Zealand. Their bottles are made from renewable sugar cane and recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. For more information visit

Wash and dry your bottles and pop them in a supermarket bag. Reduce waste and save money by refilling your favourite ecostore products at one of our refill stations across New Zealand.


If you have space, set up a ‘refill at home’ with our Use the same bottle/label to refill with the same liquid so you have the right information/ingredients listed on your bottle.

What products do you provide at refill stations?

Customers can refill their bottles with their favourite ecostore liquid products: laundry, dish, hair care, hand, and body wash at 100+ refill stations across New Zealand. Why should customers refill?


Kim Tickelpenny, ecostore’s NZ Commercial Director

Ecostore’s group research and development director Huia Iti says, “ecostore continues to evolve and provide choice to our customers, and our Ultra Power Laundry range is a high-performance product that is a step above. The Ultra Power Laundry range is formulated with five advanced PlantActive™ enzymes that have been tested in our labs and shown to boost stainEachfighting.”different PlantActive™ enzyme focuses on a different type of stain removal: • Amylase which removes starchy foods like rice and pasta • Mannanase removes food and stains such as ice cream • Lipase focuses on removing oil, butter and cheese

5. Reuse your non-recyclable pumps and triggers, they last for years.


On average, the recommended retail price (RRP) of refills are at least 20% cheaper than the retail packs. Refilling saves a bottle from landfill or from recycling. It also provides a more mindful and engaging shopping experience. People would be surprised to know that… Through our 5L and 20L bulk containers and in-store refills, we’ve sold 694,185L of product, which is enough to fill over 1.3m 500ml bottles!

ecostore launches new Ultra Power 3-in-1 laundry range

CEO Chris Quin says: “We’ve had a close relationship with BBM for a while now, and have always supported their Foodshare operations in South Auckland.” He says it’s fantastic to see the social supermarket set up now as a place that will support the community for years to come. Each social supermarket is different, and uniquely tailored to the needs of the local community.

Stock up on AAA batteries for cameras, torches, wireless mouse, controllers, remote controls, clocks and toys. For more information visit Newzealand/ [ profile ]

A new ‘social supermarket’ has opened in Tokoroa to provide food support with dignity to people in need. The social supermarket is a partnership between Buttabean Motivation (BBM) and Foodstuffs North Island – the third of its kind that Foodstuffs has helped set up. It allows people who are experiencing food insecurity to choose what they need for themselves in a supermarket-style environment – rather than providing people with a pre-filled food parcel that might not meet their specific needs.


“It means we can provide people what they need for themselves and their families without taking away any of their dignity,” says David Letele of BBM. “Times are tough, and no one should feel ashamed to be getting food Foodstuffssupport.”NorthIsland

Energizer Max AAA Long Lasting Batteries, lasts up to 3x longer than carbon zinc.

The Energizer Max range also includes AA alkaline batteries, C, D and 9V batteries, so it’s easy to find reliable power in the size you need.

The social supermarket programme is part of Foodstuffs’ pledge to be Here for NZ, helping to ensure all New Zealanders have access to healthy affordable food and supporting local communities to thrive.


[ good business ]

North Island plans to roll out its social supermarket initiatives to more communities in the year ahead, and work is underway with community partners in a number of other regions already –including Whangarei, Tauranga, and Gisborne.

Introducing the new Energizer Max AAA 20 Pack. Get the most from your essential devices with the reliable, long-lasting power you’d expect from EnergizerEnergizerbatteries.MaxAAA batteries hold power for up to 10 years in storage, and their leak-resistant construction protects your devices against leaks. With Energizer, the power’s ready when you are.


“That’s what makes this model work – our Foodstuffs’ team brings retail expertise, we support on all the logistics of setting up a supermarket, training a team to operate it, and sorting replenishment processes… but it’s the local community organisation who decides saysFoodstuffsQuin.

Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin and Dave Letele of Buttabean Motivation at the Tokoroa Social Supermarket.


Birds Eye Plant Based Chicken Style Tenders are a great meat free option for schnitzels and wraps.

If there’s a tasty tastebud teaser, NPD rockstar, or best seller in your portfolio that deserves to be crowned

Do you have a Hero product that stands out from the crowd?

This month’s finalist in the FMCG Business Product of the Year Award is Birds Eye - harnessing the goodness of nature with a plant based range that is deliciously tasty, high in protein and crafted with quality ingredients. The Birds Eye Plant Based range in the supermarket freezer aisle is perfect for those looking to reduce their meat intake. It’s an easy switch with a high protein plant based alternative with no artificial colours or flavours. For vegetarian and vegan shoppers, or busy people wanting to reduce their meat intake, it’s as simple as swapping out regular meat with these plant based alternatives, or trying one of the recipes available from the Birdseye website. Every flavour packed recipe has the health benefits identified by simple nutrition stamps, eating well has never been so easy!

Crafted with quality ingredients, Birds Eye Plant Based Burgers are a source of iron, zinc and B12, low in saturated fat and are vegan friendly.

Birds Eye Plant Based Mince can be easily substituted for regular mince in recipes like lasagne, pies and Mexican dishes.

Shoppers can find more information and recipes on the Birds Eye webite, or scan the QR code on back of pack for simple videos on ‘how to cook’ plant based alternatives.



‘Product Of The Year’ - we’d love to hear from you!


We’ll showcase some of the finalists in upcoming issues and reveal the FMCG Business Product of the Year later in 2022.



Birds Eye Plant Based Meatballs can be easily substituted for regular meatballs in pasta dishes, pizzas, stir fries and salad bowls.

Birds Eye Plant Based Strips can be easily substituted in any recipe that calls for sliced chicken strips such as stir fries, salads, kebabs and wraps.

To find out more on how to enter please email:


Emma Wooster, Head of Public Relations at Foodstuffs NZ explains:

• Making all of our meat trays fully recyclable and removing soaker pads with a new tray design, preventing 40 million pads from going to landfill each year.”

[ feature ]

• Improving the recyclability of our Own Brand packaging by removing PVC, polystyrene and difficult to recycle colours - including repackaging our 2-litre ice cream tubs in a light coloured polypropylene that diverts 121 tonnes of plastic from landfill back into recycling.


“Where possible, our stores also supply local farmers by providing food waste that is not fit for human consumption, for example, corn husks for stock-feed.

PAK’nSave Albany makes the most of their waste with food rescue organisations such as KiwiHarvest.

“Our in-house sustainability team have recently introduced a set of guidelines for our owner-operated stores, providing them with the information and support they need to safely donate a whole range of food including meat, chilled and frozen products to their local communities. We’ve already achieved a noticeable reduction in our overall landfill volumes and an increase in donated food in local communities since we did this.

• Shifting all bakery products and Macro chicken products into clear recyclable plastic.

Recycling at Countdown

Sustainable leadership is one of the four ‘HereforNZ’ promises at Foodstuffs and all parts of the business, including supermarkets, distribution centres and support centres are working towards a zero-waste goal.

The Countdown team says: “We’re always looking for new ways to help customers recycle more easily and to prevent waste in the first place. Here at Countdown we’re big supporters of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme with 106 of our stores throughout Aotearoa now accepting soft plastics for recycling, and we’re working hard to expand access to soft plastics recycling to more communities. “We’ve also made a number of changes to our packaging to make it easier for recycling including:

“We believe no food fit for human consumption should ever go to waste, which is why every New World and PAK’nSAVE store has a food rescue, or food bank partnership, in place to redistribute surplus, or short dated food to New Zealanders in need.

• Launching a first-to-market recyclable-ready meal tray, meaning 7.5 tonnes of plastic that would otherwise have gone to landfill can now be recycled.

“Food hubs also play an important role in supporting us to minimise waste, by collecting surplus food from our stores and diverting it to foodbanks to distribute in communities throughout New Zealand.

Stores re-direct a range of products unlikely to be purchased in a retail environment for a multitude of reasons, including blemishes on produce, damaged packaging, or product that’s close to its best before date. Although a store may choose not to sell these products, they are still safe to eat. “PAK’nSave Albany is a great example of a store that makes the most of their waste, browning bananas in the produce department are directed to the bakery to make banana bread in-store and they recently expanded on the range of products they’re donating through their partnerships with food rescue organisations such as KiwiHarvest. On average they’re redirecting over 4 tonnes of food per month back into the community. This equates to around 11,000 meals.”

The distinctive recycling bins can be found at PAK’nSAVE Tauriko, Papamoa and Cameron Road; New World Tauranga – Gate Pa and Mount Maunganui; Countdown Bethlehem, Bureta Park, Fraser Cove, Tauranga and Papamoa; The Warehouse Tauranga, Tauranga Crossing, Fraser Cove and Papamoa and at two locations in the Bayfair Shopping Centre.


Lastly, Whywaste boasts features such as alerts to local food banks and in-store promo screens. New Zealand retailers will be interested to know Whywaste is partnered with NZESL to offer the system to the Australasian market. For more information contact NZESL today. 0800 463 375 or


[ feature ] Whywaste - innovative food waste software arrives in NZ The image of perfectly good food being dumped at landfills is at the centre of a growing discussion. In 2016, France even passed legislation forbidding supermarkets to destroy unsold food products. Naturally, the public eye casts to the big retailers and how seriously they’re taking social responsibility. The challenge for them is to find ways to reduce in-store food waste. Internationally proven solution Whywaste provides an option, most recently rolled out chainwide for ASDA UK. The core app in the suite, Semafor, allows staff to manage product expiry dates efficiently using a simple-to-use alert system, but that’s only theOverbeginning.time,Semafor collates data about stock and wastage in store. This data feeds Aspekt, a business insights app that shows which products are being overstocked and understocked. For head offices, the analysis is available at both group and brand banner level. Aspekt also tracks staff checking behaviour. And it seems that the smarts don’t endResearchthere. shows that clearance pricing of short-dated stock drastically reduces retail food waste. For stores already doing this, Semafor can hook directly into their existing reduce-to-clear (RTC) printer. Alternatively, Whywaste integrates with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) for automated RTC pricing. Either method can be assisted by a “Dynamic Pricing” AI engine to determine the optimal RTC price point.

Soft Plastic Recycling launches in Tauranga Tauranga residents can now recycle their soft plastic collections following the recent launch of the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme in the region. With 16 drop off locations, Tauranga now has more places for recycling soft plastics per capita than any other city in the scheme –this equates to approximately one drop-off point per 10,000 people; compared to an average of 17,000 in other participating cities. It is estimated that the Tauranga region will divert approximately 43 tonnes of soft plastic per year from landfill to be recycled into fence posts and building products.

“Last year despite service disruptions caused by COVID-19 lockdowns we collected over 330 tonnes of post-consumer soft plastics equivalent to 50 million bags or wrappers, which were all recycled here in New Zealand,” said Langford. “The scheme is a brilliant real example of how industry can voluntarily collaborate and succeed in its responsibility to deal with the endof-life recovery for packaging.” With Tauranga joining the soft plastic collection service, more than 78% of New Zealanders now have access to soft plastic recycling across 215 locations. The soft plastic collected in the region will be recycled at Future Post’s plant in Waiuku, south of Auckland. “

CEO of The Packaging Forum Rob Langford at the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme launch in Tauranga.

Packaging Forum CEO, Rob Langford said the Tauranga launch is significant given the number of collections points, and the fact residents have been asking for the service to commence in the region for several years. “As well as reaching a new milestone of more than 200 drop off locations around the country, we are pleased to add Bayfair as the first shopping centre to make soft plastic recycling available for its customers.”

[ feature ] Waste Management will support you with a variety of sustainable solutions that meet your needs and space requirements Your business waste made easy • FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS • SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON • RESPONSIBLY MANAGE YOUR WASTE


“We are focused on helping you minimise your waste by recycling as much as possible. Our team can advise on the most sustainable choices you can make, which is great for the environment and will also save you time and money.

Adam Felix, FMCG Specialist

Client Matthew Robertson – Project Manager, Clearwater Construction said: “Early engagement with Waste Management led to significant cost savings and improvements to our waste management systems. The service we have received on this project has been excellent.” We are the experts in service and reliability for your commercial waste. Talk to our nationwide team for your business waste needs today or phone 021 818 470.

To find out more or talk to our nationwide team, call 021 818 470 or

Sustainable smart solutions with Waste Management “Whether you are a small business or nationwide, our industry leading and sustainable waste solutions let you focus on what matters most - your business and your bottom line,” says the team at Waste Management.

“Our Sustainability team also offers a range of education and training packages to help your team become confident recyclers and engaged on your sustainability journey. The training aims to give your entire team the knowledge to reduce your waste and improve recovery rates.”

“All businesses face challenges with fluctuating supply and demand, as well as the effort required to deal with different materials and packaging. We can support you with a variety of bin options that meet your needs and space requirements. We’ll also work with you on a collections schedule to meet your distribution output.

Some 69% of consumers say they check the label on packaging before recycling, so making the instructions clear and reflecting the collection and recycling system could make a big difference to recycling rates and divert material from landfill.

A technical team has been performing a review of New Zealand-specific outcomes for packaging materials. This team consists of waste collectors (councils), material sorters, and processors, and the work involves a waste audit and member survey to confirm materials outcomes.

FGC is a strong supporter of most aspects of the proposals, but we do have some significant concerns, including: the 20c refund is too high and would result in a significant cost-of-living impact; standardising kerbside recycling would mean 48% of councils would reduce what they currently collect; and forcing businesses to separate food waste from rubbish would be unnecessary regulation and contrary to regulatory best practice. Read our submission here:


The food and grocery sector has made huge strides around sustainability in recent years, with companies making significant changes and/or setting themselves commendable targets around making their packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Many of those targets are not far away, at 2025. For others, complexities in finding suitable alternatives mean change is further out, but I know they’re working hard to make them as soon as possible.

The ARL labels are already on 80,000 SKUs in New Zealand but there’s room for much more uptake, as can be seen in Australia where they have just passed 250,000 SKUs on-pack.

And with more than 95% of scannable barcodes on packaging now common across New Zealand and Australia, one labelling system makes perfect sense.

This is an on-pack labelling scheme that helps consumers recycle correctly and supports brand owners to design packaging that is recyclable at end-of-life. It cuts through the confusion by identifying all components of packaging and how they should be disposed of.

FGC began supporting the adoption of the ARL last year after a Ministry for the Environment report said it was the best recycling labelling approach, based on its evidence-based system that ensures packaging with the label can be successfully recovered. It is also recognised by the UN Environment Programme and Consumers International as one of the leading labelling systems globally for its clarity, accessibility andThisreliability.moveforward comes on the heels of the Government’s Transforming Recycling document that proposed the sort of actions the sector has been pushing for. They cover three areas: a container return scheme to incentivise people to return beverage containers to a collection site for recycling or refilling in exchange for a 20c refund, improved kerbside recycling, and separation of business food waste from rubbish by 2030.


Now, a recent move promises to make those changes even more effective by ensuring recyclable packaging makes it to the right place.

The move is around the further uptake in New Zealand of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL).

[ FGC ]

FGC and APCO are designing a roadmap to raise awareness, to not just increase the number of companies using ARL but also to ensure it’s fit for purpose by using software that is reflective of the market, and to support alignment by all value chain players.

The move that could boost uptake in New Zealand is the Food & Grocery Council entering into a new partnership with APCO. They are in no doubt increasing the uptake here and supporting brand owners to adopt the label will give consumers critical information that will increase recycling rates and resource recovery, and ensure credibility in consumer information, and I can’t disagree.

The ARL was developed by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) in partnership with environmental not-for-profit organisation Planet Ark and PREP design, and is similar to the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) which has been used in the UK for over 20 years.

Social Age

Our physiological age is how healthy our body is and the degree to which it keeps us alive and functioning. We can influence physiological age to a degree with healthy lifestyle, diet and fitness. There are countless brands and products that promise to improve our health and wellbeing. However, the unfortunate flipside of physiological age is that a big part of it is genetic. Without the ability to choose our parents, some are blessed to be able to run marathons at 80 while others are plagued with ill-health from their infancy.


Physiological Age

This is the number of years old we are. It is the default that we get stuck on, but it is actually the least important age we have. There are certain milestones of importance such as being legally able to drive a car, have sex, or get National Super. But apart from that there is not much consequence, except for the psychological jolt of the front number changing or filling out a survey and discovering that you’re now in an older bracket. It is linear and we have no influence over it other than our (dis)honesty.

[ marketing ]

This is the age that other people see us at. It is unfortunately outside our control because it is held in the eyes of others. There are massive industries, from fashion to cosmetic surgery, that claim to make us look younger, or older, depending on what we’re trying to say about ourselves. Social age can be very cruel in that sometimes our best (and very expensive) efforts can backfire to make us look “like mutton dressed as lamb”, as the saying goes.

“How old are you?” is a simple question we’ve all dealt with many times before. The default answer to the question is typically a number that speeds along from year to year. But we humans are far more than just a number. We are complex psychological creatures swept along by erratic lifestyles in imperfect bodies. The more interesting answer to the question is “It depends on which age you’re talking about”. You see we all have a constellation of five ages that are each shifting over time. Each age provides a different perspective on life and has profound implications for businesses.

Are you targeting older people needing protective care as they age physiologically, or are you offering vitality so they can feel more alive and spritely in your retirement village.


Lew Bentley Head of Strategy Shopper Marketing Agency Energi

Chronological Age

Personal Age Our Personal Age is in ways the most important. It is all about our sense of self and our vitality; the age we feel. It is non-linear and we are in control. It is the 40-year-old spirit inside the 80-year-old body, or the teenager in a hurry to grow up. At an individual level each of these ages is constantly shifting; creating tensions between how we feel within ourselves and about ourselves. We might feel vibrant and on top of life but let down by what the mirror is telling us, or the annoying aches and pains that slow us down. These inconsistencies drive what we think we need to make us happier, healthier and more attractive to others.

Next time you look at your brand, or indeed yourself in the mirror, consider the question: “what picture do all your ages paint?”

For businesses, this five-age concept is profound in terms of defining what you are offering to whom. Are you targeting 35-50 year-old women? Or are you targeting women who are self-conscious of how they look to others and want a reliable solution that makes them look and feel 10 years younger?

Spiritual Age Whether it is the influence of religion, or mindfulness, or some otherworldly phenomenon, some people are old souls with wisdom beyond their years. This is a very fertile era for enriching our spirituality with the rise of mindfulness as a trend in everything from foods to teas, to self-awareness courses, to scented candles.

Flexible work includes working remotely and working within different time frames (e.g. starting and finishing early) and can even include job sharing with others.


Employers’ obligations In assessing an application, an employer must consider the request carefully and fairly. Employers must consider all requests for flexible working arrangements in a fair way and in good faith. There are only a few business-related grounds that can be used to decline a request, and employers should be mindful not to assess whether one person’s need for flexible working arrangements is greater than another’s.

Every employee has the right to apply Pursuant to Part 6AA of the Employment Relations Act 2000, every employee has a right to request a variation of their working arrangement at any time. Employers bear the obligation to respond to the request and not later than one month from receiving the request.



What is flexible work?

Benefits For employees, the benefits of flexible work are often unique to the individual. However, the positive impacts on mental health and work-life balance can be significant. Flexible work can also normalise the caring responsibilities of children between partners. For employers, finding and retaining good staff can be difficult, especially in a tight labour market.

If the requested working arrangement cannot be agreed to, the meeting may help to identify any alternative solutions, such as a flexible working arrangements trial or job-sharing arrangements with another employee. Recording the arrangement in writing

Employers who offer flexible working arrangements may have the competitive edge and access to a wider pool of talent. Other benefits could include greater employee productivity and efficiency, reducing staff turnover and overall improved commitment to work from employees.

It is always best practice to put the final arrangement in writing. Recording what has been agreed in writing means both parties can be clear about dates, the terms, and any conditions and helps to prevent anyFurthermisunderstandings.informationcan be found on the MBIE Employment New Zealand website or alternatively, our team of lawyers at Steindle Williams will be happy to assist employers and employees in navigating their way through this process.

One month to respond

A meeting can assist both parties in understanding the arrangement, and how this could fit in with the business, employee, employer, and other workers.

” The demand for flexible work has increased significantly since the pandemic. Flexible work reinvents the traditional model of working at a certain premises and at certain times. Depending on the nature of the work, arrangements can now be tailored to suit the needs of an individual employee. Flexible working is different for everyone. There is no ‘one size fits all’ model.

An employer must consider the application without delay and is required to provide a full response within one month from the date of receiving the request. The one-month time limit is to provide sufficient time for the employer to assess the impact on their business and make an informed decision. The response by the employer must be in writing. Meeting to discuss the details Once the request has been received, and within the one-month time limit, the employer might wish to meet face-to-face to discuss the finer details.


Massey’s involvement with the awards stems from the leading role the university plays at the forefront of food-related education and research in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally, Professor Thomas adds.

Winners announced in October Winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Palmerston North on 13 October. Mayor Grant Smith says it’s exciting to finally host the awards after COVID-19 prevented the physical event last year, which would have been a first for the city.

The New Zealand Food Awards also announced the finalists for the Product Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by AsureQuality. The award, which was introduced in 2019, celebrates Kiwi products that have withstood the test of time. The 2022 finalists are: Foxton Fizz ‘Fizz Soda Drinks’, Goodman Fielder’s ‘Edmonds Baking Powder’ and Whittaker’s ‘Whittaker’s Peanut Slab Chocolate Bar’. Finalist and winning products earn the New Zealand Food Award’s quality mark to highlight their technical capability, consumer acceptability, regulatory compliance, and food quality and safety to shoppers and industry. The awards’ programme is made possible with the support of Palmerston North City Council, New Zealand Food Safety, Countdown, Cuisine, BNZ, New Zealand Food Innovation Network, AsureQuality, Kiwiso, FoodHQ, Americold, FMCG Business, New NZ


“Massey has set the ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2030, as part of our Climate Action Plan. The research and engagement activities of our academics are contributing to the development of a low-carbon society, and this is much needed in food production around the world. We have agricultural research scientists working on Massey’s farms to explore how to best reduce methane production, and all of this has an impact on how we feed our people in the future.”

All aspects of sustainability are on display in this year’s New Zealand Food Awards finalists. The 63 finalists include several winners from previous years and an impressive line-up of new brands and products such as House of Dumpling’s ‘Marlborough King Salmon with Edamame & Sake’, Augustines of Central’s ‘Black Doris Plums in Pinot Noir’, and Aotea Organics’ ‘Kingfish Salami’. Head Judge Kay McMath says it was pleasing to see an increased focus on sustainability this year. Along with innovation and excellence – both small and large manufacturers were able to demonstrate these themes in their entries, she adds. Sisters Kārena and Kasey Bird, winners of NZ Masterchef in 2014, have joined the New Zealand Food Awards whanau this year as food critic judges. They say: “As first-time judges, we were excited to bring a different lens to the products, as young mana Wāhine! We grew up loving all kinds of food and we are passionate about good food and good food stories. Having travelled the world experiencing many different cultures, authenticity, innovation and of course amazing taste and we are excited to showcase some amazing products being created right here in Aotearoa.”TheNew Zealand Food Awards have celebrated Aotearoa New Zealand’s food and beverage manufacturers, focusing on innovation, sustainability and excellence, since 1987. Powered by Massey University, the awards are open to small and large food and beverage manufacturers, primary food producers, food service providers, and ingredient supply companies. Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas says it’s fantastic to see sustainability continue to be a big focus in the finalists this“Fromyear. food manufacturing processes, packaging and food waste, the finalists have shown a real commitment to one of the pillars of the Food Awards, and an important part of Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University – sustainability. The entries continue to innovate, adapt, and mitigate the impacts on the environment, in ways we’ve not seen in previous years.”


The 11 category winners and overall Massey University Supreme Award winner will be announced at the gala dinner, with guests enjoying a three-course meal, drinks and entertainment. Tickets are on sale here now: gala-dinner-2022-tickets-399843782517

The Sustainable Food Co For more information, visit Sisters Kārena and Kasey Bird, winners of NZ Masterchef in 2014, joined the New Zealand Food Awards as food critic judges.


Upcycled Grain Project – Grain Crisps - Cranberry & Coconut Pantry Award – Sponsored by Countdown allmite gold® – Yeast Spread Blue Frog Breakfast – Macadamia, Almond and Manuka Honey

Whittaker’s – Whittaker’s Peanut Slab Chocolate Bar Business Award Business Innovation Award – Sponsored by BNZ Bostock Brothers Epic RescuedKōrureCoffee Community Award Food Hero Award – Sponsored by Palmerston North City Council

NewKiwiHarvestZealand Food Network

Beverage Award – Sponsored by New Zealand Food Innovation Network Boring® – Barista Grade Oat Milk Doe Nutrition – Beauty Finery Cocktails – 0% Grapefruit, Cucumber & Mint Good Sh*t Soda – Ginger The Wild Fermentary – Kefir Soda - Beet & Berry Chilled Award – Sponsored by Americold Aoraki – Pōtukawa Hot Smoked Salmon Aotea Organics – Kingfish Salami Beard Brothers – Beef and Blue Cheese Sausage Black Origin – Wagyu Ribeye Steak BMS 6-7 Dona Lou’s – Goan Chouriço Feliz Wholefoods – Vutter Kavita’s Kitchen – Thai Zing Curry Paste

Onetai – Milk and Mānuka Honey - Original Spread Rescued – Lemon & Gin Cupcakes

Artisan Award – Sponsored by Cuisine Aoraki – Pōhutakawa Hot Smoked Salmon Augustines of Central – Black Doris Plums in Pinot Noir Beard Brothers – Beef and Blue Cheese Sausage Bellefield Butter Co – Native Bush Cultured Butter Feliz Wholefoods – Vutter Honey by the Sea – Cold Mānuka Smoked Honeycomb Little Bird Organics – Good Cookie - Double Chocolate Mixed Roots – Spice Blend - Nice Spice Poaka Artisan Cured Meats – Salmi Whole - Chorizo The Taipa Salt Pig – Natural Sea Salt The Wild Fermentary – Kefir Soda - Beet & Berry Wild Delicious Matakana – Kimchi Original Below Zero Award – Sponsored by FoodHQ Black Doris – Dessert Bar - Chocolate Truffle House of Dumplings – Marlborough King Salmon with Edamame & LittleSakeIsland – Tropical Nice Blocks Tegel Take Outs – Louisiana Style Chicken Portions

Timos – Vegetarian Filo Parcel - Italian Risotto Traiteur European Butchery – Wild Venison Terrine Health and Wellbeing Award – Sponsored by Countdown Rebel Bakehouse – Gluten Free Sourdough & Super Seeds Wraps Rebel Bakehouse – Low Carb Max Bagels Wild Delicious Matakana – Kimchi Original Novel Award – Sponsored by Kiwiso Good Sh*t Soda – Ginger Kiwigarden – Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt Drops Little Island – Tropical Nice Blocks

Kai Ora Honey – Manuka Balsamic Glaze Kiwigarden – Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt Drops Mixed Roots – Spice Blend - Nice Spice Mons Flavors – Dish Delicious No Rush – Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Cubes Rebel Bakehouse – Gluten Free Sourdough & Super Seeds Wraps Wise Boys – Smoky Chipotle Aioli

Primary Sector Award – Sponsored by New Zealand Food Safety Beard Brothers – Beef and Blue Cheese Sausage Bellefield Butter Co – Honey and Lemon Cultured Butter Bostock Brothers – Organic Free Range Chicken

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon – First of Season - Malossol Caviar Poaka Artisan Cured Meats – Salami Whole – Chorizo Product Lifetime Achievement Award – Sponsored by AsureQuality Foxton Fizz – Fizz Soda Drinks Goodman Fielder – Edmonds Baking Powder

[ events ] Zealand Trade and Enterprise, The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Inc., XPO Exhibitions and Villa Maria. Product Awards

PROUDLY SUPPORTING To book your table visit: “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” Lewis Carroll

Minister Damien O’Connor and Resident Director Shiqing Jian open a new Westland butter factory in Hokitika. Chef Rich Johns from Rotorua’s Okere Falls Store and Craft Beer Garden won the 2022 Great New Zealand Toastie Takeover. The Comedy Mixtape with Pax Assadi & Tofiga Fepulea’i line-up included Bubbah, David Correos, Bailey Poching, Courtney Dawson and her Dad Heta, Janaye Henry, Kura Turuwhenua, Natalie Samy, Sowmya Hiremath, and Ed Amon, presented by The Comedy Trust and Best Foods Mayo.

Has your team moved to new premises, or been part of a fun event, great harvest, or promotional activity? Send us your favourite snapshots to be in to win a snacking hamper filled with Chantal Organics goodies (RRP $53). Chantal Organics has revitalised the breakfast market with the launch of its Probiotic Easy Oats - New Zealand’s first probiotic and organic porridge cups perfect for a busy on-the-go lifestyle!


Just email your high res image with a caption to

FoodStarter Small Supplier Category Winners Nigel and Debbie Stowe with theirwinning plant-based mince product, Vince.


CONTACT OUR TEAM TODAY!GET SUMMER DopamineREADY!Inducing Colours BUILT FOR new zealand’s CONDI Adventure thr

Earthy Tones & Polarised Recycled Shades TIONS, CRAFTED FOR YOUR HEAD 09 479 ough new zealand!

Stephen Fielder


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

We will have some of our latest product launches available for viewing and sampling across several beverage segments. These exciting new launches will continue to add to the significant growth that Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ (CCEP) is delivering to the beverage category. From great new flavours to new category formats – come and see the latest news and gear yourself up for the busy summer ahead.

Plum Agencies Dee Chiang

We offer a wide range of new snacks that are delicious and better-for-you. These products are perfect for different consumer needs, from glutenfree, plant-based protein, vegan friendly, keto friendly, fibre goodness, nut and dairy free to premium indulgence. We are a Kiwi-owned and operated sales & marketing business, specialising in FMCG. Our aim is to grow health & wellness consumer goods in partnership with customers and premium accessible brands. Our team of sales and merchandisers are passionate about creating a difference with exceptional service and product experience and we look forward to meeting new customers, understanding their needs and drumming up new business.



The CCEP portfolio is wide reaching, covering beverage segments across all core convenience categories – Carbonated Soft Drinks, Energy, Sports, Flavoured Milk, Water, Juice and Coffee. There is a range and offer for all convenience occasions and catered for by brands with high awareness and much loved by NZ consumers. As the industry leader in non-alcoholic beverages, the strength of CCEP’s portfolio continues to grow and has delivered significant growth to the industry over a number of years. All this, backed by an award-winning head office, field sales and distribution teams, along with a range of market leading refrigeration equipment, to ensure your business is well placed for growth. CCEP is one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers and distributors of ready-to-drink beverages including non-alcohol and alcohol beverages, and coffee. We are also the authorised manufacturer and distributor of The CocaCola Company’s beverage brands in New Zealand. We’re proudly Kiwi with a rich heritage of providing New Zealanders with access to the best-tasting

The major brands in the convenience and impulse retailing sector are preparing for the C&I NZ Expo in October. We spoke to the exhibitors to find out what will be on display. beverages at every occasion for more than 100 years! Our range of beverages includes global household names such as Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, and Schweppes along with local favourites L&P, Pump and Keri Juices.

The C&I Expo 2022 is a great opportunity to re-engage with the convenience industry after a couple of very disruptive years of retailing. Working alongside our retail partners to face the various challenges that have emerged over this time is an important step to ensure the convenience industry recovers and trades well moving forward. We aren’t quite out of the woods yet, and discussion is a healthy way to uncover opportunities for collaboration as we move forward.



Tasman Bay Food Co Rob Murdoch Tasman Bay Food Co are a NZ owned, operated and manufacturing business, based right here in Nelson, NZ. We have been manufacturing frozen treats since 1990 (namely Juicies) and the business is still owned by Brian Hirst and his family today.

Adverto/Pump TV Vernon Brickman Pump TV is a digital media network designed to turn a standard petrol station into a digital destination, which increases the fuel sales and increases the C-Store spend sales through internal advertising and the station gets an extra income stream from a percentage of the sales from local advertisers buying ads for that network. Our products will increase revenue spend and fuel sales with drawing in new clients into your

On our stand, we will be showing a new range of toys, new recycled sunglasses and some new technology products. Signature Marketing NZ has been supplying general merchandise and technology products to the convenience and petrol industry for the last eight years and in this time has grown to be the number one supplier in NZ for these categories. We are looking forward to networking and showcasing our fantastic product range to potential and current customers.

Exhibiting for the first time, our products will be new to most convenience and impulse customers and most notably oil and petroleum companies. Juicies are a frozen natural treat, made from fresh pressed apples and Dr Feelgood is a premium ice-pop with 100% compostable packaging. Juicies (in a tube) are a natural frozen treat made from 99% fresh pressed Nelson/Tasman apple juice and are 100% natural, since 1990. Kiwi kids love Juicies and according to industry data consume over 11 million in NZ every year and they also have a very high ‘rate of sale’ in grocery. They would be a great addition in the C&I channel for that healthier frozen treat, with no added sugar. Dr Feelgood are fantabulously flavoured frozen pops with no weird stuff and 100% compostable packaging meaning they are better for you, better for the planet.

Signature Marketing Vanessa Green

Cooks Confectionery Ruben Lezcano Cooks is a specialistic nut toffee brittle and chocolate manufacturer dating back in its current form to 2007. Prior to that Cooks was more known for its fudges and sugar extruded musk sticks. We are looking forward to showcasing the success and point of difference for our Scorched Peanut Brand to the convenience and retail trade of NZ. The Scorched Peanut Brand is an iconic Australian chocolate bar dating back to 1951 that was re-introduced to the market in 2020 with fantastic success. A top 15 seller in Australia, we are now bringing the famous brand to NZ. This is an all-natural, nostalgic product that reminds the consumer of simplistic times featuring retro packaging and clear colour combination to ensure the product stands out on shelf.

forecourt without digital TV units on your forecourt. We are looking forward to setting up a NZ digital network for forecourt advertising and help increase revenue for the local service station owners as well.

Chantal Organics

[ convenience & impulse retailing ]

Rebekah Cheeseman

Moi Lisa Walker Moi Agencies is a sales and marketing agency focussed on building brands and connecting brands, customers and consumers. We are privately owned and have over 25 years of experience.

and Halal compliant. We have quality, global, well known brands that consumers know and love. We support these brands with on the ground staff to support our products in your businesses. Our brands already have presence in supermarkets, so now you will be able to provide your customers products that they know and love while they are out and about. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet customers face to face and understand how we can help them meet their business needs.

JL Lennard Barry Fryer

We will be showcasing our Fisherman’s Friend range as well as The Jelly Bean Factory products. Fisherman’s Friend is a family business that has been selling a range of lozenges for over 150 years. From our sugar free mint or spearmint for a refreshing pick me up, to Original or Honey Lemon for when you are feeling under the weather, we have an offering to help your customers face their day. The Jelly Bean Factory is a range of gourmet jelly beans that are bursting with natural flavour! With flavour and colour all the way from the shell through to the centre, there are many juicy combinations to get your taste buds going. You can feel good that there are no artificial colours or flavours, they are GMO free, gluten free, vegetarian friendly, and Kosher certified

Pacific Optics Ricky Sparks Established 25 years ago in New Zealand providing General Merchandise solutions, Pacific Optics offers high quality products at lower retail prices and provides market leading margin returns. At the C&I NZ Expo we will be showing a new confectionery product due for launch in early 2023. We look forward to connecting with existing and potential new customers to display our product and profit options.

We will be exhibiting three key disruptive products. Firstly – the Counter-Top Conveyor Oven is a market-first table top conveyor oven that can cook key products from fresh/frozen using a continuous conveyor belt and no need to select times and temperature. Featuring single phase power, it is ventless and does not require extraction or ventilation. Secondly, we have a new Thick Shake Machine that makes yummy thick shakes without the need to blend and the thickness can be adjusted. Last, but not least, we have an Acai Machine that will capitalise on the current market trend around Acai – an amazon indigenous berry with superfood powers. This machine creates a perfectly consistent Acai product, providing a great base for many different applications that is consistent and easy to operate. We have been around for over 140 years, and our core focus is on commercial food equipment supply to the fast moving and convenience sector. We lead in this space with equipment innovations and leading technology from global manufacturers and best in class. We are looking

Chantal Organics single-serve organic oats in a cup is a super-convenient and satisfying breakfast on-the-go. Just add boiling water, stir and enjoy. A tasty blend of wholegrain oats, oat bran and hemp seeds make this creamy dairy free porridge a source of plant-based protein and fibre. It all started, as many great stories do, with a group of people passionate about making a change for the better. In 1978, some Hawke’s Bay families formed a co-operative to source the organic, natural whole foods they couldn’t find in supermarkets. Today, Chantal Organics distributes to grocery and health food stores all over the country, and wins awards for our organic spreads, cereals and sauces – still made in sunny Hawke’s Bay. As it was when we began, Chantal Organics is deeply committed to bettering the world, leading the way by supporting sustainable and organic farming to protect our planet and nourish our people. We are looking forward to meeting and putting our fantastic products in front of the oil and convenience channel so they can discover great tasting healthy products that are also sustainable and kind to the environment.


[ convenience & impulse retailing ]

Airtec is a family-owned business and we carry an extensive range of stock in our warehouse at Adelaide in South Australia. We are looking forward to connecting with our valued existing customers and business partners after being apart for so long due to Covid.

Cookie Time Samantha Pollock Cookie Time Limited represents four brands in New Zealand – Cookie Time, OSM, Bumper and Em’s Power Cookies. We will have our new release on hand, the Cookie Time Lollie Cake 20g Rookie Cookie – last year’s most sought after cookie is back in snack size, easy grab and go. Cookie Time Limited and their network of 53 franchisees provide a seamless one stop shop for outlets across New Zealand. From the initial order and merchandise support, through to instore BBD management, it is all done during the one weekly visit – and with a smile. We make stocking tasty products seamless. We’re a family-owned Christchurch company, founded in February 1983 with the delivery of 70 jars of Cookie Time® Original™ Chocolate Chunk cookies to 70 Christchurch stores. People quickly fell in love with this giant taste of happiness – and New Zealand’s favourite cookies are now loved all over the world. We look forward to connecting with the industry we have loved for the last 40 years. We can’t wait to see everyone after the last two and a half challenging years.


Bidfood Michael Brooks Bidfood is a full-service food wholesaler supplying the full range of fresh, frozen and ambient food, non-alcoholic beverages and non-food consumables to the convenience channel throughout New Zealand.

Airtec Australia Jacinta Lane We are the leading supplier of inflation units across Australia and New Zealand and pride ourselves on our quality and support. We will be showcasing a new light feature for our freestanding inflation units that was first launched at C&I Melbourne. This feature will replace the beeper at night between select hours and a light will flash to advise customers that the tyre has reached the pre-set PSI.

We look forward to exhibiting with key NPD including Big Nuts, Streets Ice-cream and Dad’s Pies. Our supply partnerships with key convenience brands, coupled with our commitment to best-in-class service levels provides convenience retailers with full solutions to their ice cream, beverage, food service and snacking categories.

Tiger Coffee Kurt Morrison Tiger Coffee has been around since 2009, delivering coffee equipment solutions to retail, office, convenience, airport lounges and showrooms. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians are ready and willing to provide exceptional service with our comprehensive maintenance plan. Providing the most up to date equipment is our key strategy, whilst working with various roasters in order to give our customers choice. We will display a range of the most up to date and premium fully automatic coffee machines in the market. We will showcase equipment most suited to the convenience sector – fast, quality, consistent beverages at the touch of the button with pay wave capabilities plus touchless order system, as well as machines not requiring a barista, providing cost savings, 24/7 service without the wage bill and drinks that are barista quality. Our mission is a simple one, to create the best possible coffee experience for our customers and consumers alike, across every location and service Innovationscenario.andtechnology are our specialty, ensuring we deliver consistently great coffee to all our clients and their customers throughout NewWithZealand.Tiger Coffee as one piece of the partnership, we will be able to deliver customised machine solutions throughout NZ, guaranteeing optimal performance, consistency, and taste whilst driving exceptional quality and profitability. Easy to use, easy to operate and easy for our technicians to service. Get ready to be amazed by The Beast! forward to displaying our new products and getting a chance to reconnect with our valuable clients and new target market.

Spring sees the return of the Convenience & Impulse NZ Expo to Auckland, and it promises to be a significant event for the industry.

C&I NZ Expo 2022 will bring together convenience suppliers and retailers from all banners and brands for two days of education, essential networking and business building. Visitors will taste, touch and see the very latest in NPD and merchandising services to help bring more customers through their doors. The C&I Industry Symposium will be a major highlight. Held each morning before doors open to the expo and hosted by NZACS, the Symposium features business leaders from across the industry, and across the ditch, who will share insights, strategies and future trends to inspire and motivate. Delegates can also choose to join us at the Convenience Cocktails party on Wednesday evening for drinks, connection and conversation.

Convenience at The Cloud

For an Exhibitor Prospectus or to discuss display stand options, please contact: Safa de Valois |Group Publisher & Commercial Director, C&I Media | +61 405 517 115 | Buyers are actively looking for new products, innovation, and inspiration. If you supply goods or services to independent grocery, convenience stores, service stations, dairies, corner stores or mini-marts, C&I NZ Expo is the one trade event you must be at in 2022 if you want your products on retailer shelves. Attendance for trade visitors is FREE. If you own or work in petrol or stand-alone convenience, supermarket, grocery, hospitality, or convenience and impulse retail outlets REGISTER NOW AT CANDIEXPO.CO.NZ

Energizer’s biggest offer driving more consumers into your store! Travel remains a key passion point for consumers. All Energizer batteries and lights are eligible for promotion entry. *MSW, Brand Health Research New Zealand June 2021 Kiwis’ most trusted and reliable brand! Holidays will be their No. 1 major purchase over the next 3-6 months 1 in 3 consumers plan to purchase a domestic holiday in the next 3-6 months 20% sales uplift in Batteries between October – December Source: GlobalWebIndex Audience: 25-45, medium-high income. Countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, UAE, UK, Vietnam Waves: Q2 2021, Q1 2021, Q4 2020, Q3 2020 Export Date: 28 October 2021.

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