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War Horse comes alive at EQUITANA The biggest equestrian event in the Southern Hemisphere, EQUITANA Australia, is excited to announce that the stars of the amazing cast of performers and puppets of War Horse will make an appearance in Melbourne this year. The National Theatre of Great Britain and Global Creatures are bringing War Horse to Australia and the production will have its Australian Premiere at the Arts Centre in December 2012. Since opening in 2007, War Horse has gone on to win numerous prestigious awards including two Olivier Awards, five Tony Awards and four Outer Critics' Circle Awards and has been seen by over two million people worldwide. War Horse is a remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. It is the exhilarating story of a young man's journey to find his beloved horse, Joey, against the backdrop of World War I, is an incredibly powerful spectacle you need to see to believe. At its heart are astonishing lifesize puppets, created by South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company, who will bring breathing, galloping, full-scale horses to life on the stage. War Horse will have great resonance with Australians, not only because of Australia's connection to World War I, but also because the themes of land, loss and the ultimate triumph of friendship

A feature of EQUITANA in Melbourne will be the amazing puppetry involved in the theatre production of War Horse. have always had a special place in the Australian psyche. At EQUITANA Melbourne, audiences will have the chance to see one of the main characters of the show, Joey, the beloved horse of a boy called Albert, who is sold to the cavalry at the outbreak of World War I and shipped to France. Joey is soon caught up in enemy fire and fate takes him on an extraordinary odyssey, serving on both sides before finding himself alone in no man's land. But Albert cannot forget Joey and, though still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home. Joey and Albert and the talented

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are involved with them. Held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from November 15 to 18, EQUITANA is four days of everything equine featuring horses, Olympic gold medallists, world renowned educators, Aussie cowboys, an elite equine competition program and over 300 exhibitors making up the largest equine shopping spree in Australia. And if it’s action you are after, the vent will boast two elite competition arenas which will feature the Equestrian Grand Final, an elite equestrian competition in Dressage, Jumping and Exhibition Eventing. There will be Cutting, Reining and Campdrafting competition is feature in the EQUITANA Australia Open series of competitions. And again this year, there is also the crowd favourite, The Way of The Horse - Australian Horsemanship Challenge, where some of the best horse trainers in the world will show their skills in an educational young horse `starting’ contest. With more than 50,000 visitors expected, EQUITANA is yet another reason to visit Melbourne in November.

puppeteers who animate the amazing War Horse character, can be seen on Saturday, November 17 as part of the Dressage Freestyle evening entertainment and also on Sunday, November 18 in the family entertainment showcase. So don't miss this incredible experience - tickets are selling fast! This will be just one part of an impressive entertainment lineup at EQUITANA which is much than than just a horse For more information visit show. With clinics, workshops, demonstrations, trade displays and Subscribe & Win winner from August competitions, EQUITANA will Samantha Hicks appeal to all who love horses, Nintingbool Vic not just those who own them or

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The Horse Report

The Dalby Australian Stock Horse Sale allows buyers to see the sale horses in action in campdraft and working environments.

Dalby is no ordinary stock horse sale THE Dalby Australian Stock Horse Sale has long held the reputation of being Australian's Premier Stock Horse Sale. In conjunction with the Darling Downs Branch of the Australian Stock Horse Society, and selling agents Grant Daniel and Long, the sale will be held over the weekend of November 30 to December 2. . The weekend event will get underway on the Friday, with the campdrafting action starting at 2pm, while the finals set for

Saturday morning with a starting time of 6am. A total of $45,000 is up for grabs in the campdrafting action and includes $10,000 for the open draft, $10,000 for the Donrica gelding incentive draft, while the future champion's incentive draft carries $9000, and the aged champion draft has $16,000 in the pool. Inspection of sale horses will start on Saturday, at 10am, and then will be followed by a parade and cattle working

demonstrations of all sale horses in catalogue order, with cattle provided by Woolcott Shorthorns and The Grove Shorthorns, both of Condamine. The sale will get underway on Sunday, December 2, at 7am, after it is officially opened by John McVeigh, MP, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The breakdown of the 270 ridden includes 12 stallions, 120 geldings, and 138 mares, which are all currently registered with

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07 5596 4387 Ruth 02 6238 1135 Carol ord e r onl i ne c o u n t r y p a r k . c o m . a u Page 4

the Australian Stock Horse Society. According to Mark Duthie, representing the selling agents, Grant Daniel and Long, the response to this year's sale nominations has been enormous. "We will offer 270 lots that represent a smorgasbord of some of the best bloodlines in the ASH stud book," Mr Duthie said. For more information on the Dalby sale, contact the selling agents, contact Mark Duthie on 0448 016 950.

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Search begins for future Olympians The Horsezone National Talent ID Program for 2012 will move into full swing in the coming weeks with the commencement of Jumping and Dressage talent identification days. Results from the nationwide search will assist in determining the 2013 National Futures

Squads for all Olympic disciplines. Identification and selection into these Futures Squads are intended to put promising combinations on the pathway to international success, and possibly discover a future World Champion combination.

JUMPING TALENT ID DAYS Information about the process of attending a Talent Identification Day and becoming part of the National Futures Squad can be found at State Date Location SA - Saturday, October 20, TBA QLD - Sunday, October 21, TBA WA - Saturday, November 3, TBA NSW - Sunday, November 4, TBA VIC - Saturday, November 10, TBA TAS - Sunday, October 28, TBA Nominations must be received by the EA National Office at least one week prior to the TID. CRITERIA Riders must be: •Australian citizens •Members of EA •Aged in their 16th year or older Horses must be: •Aged between 5 years and 7 years as at August 1, 2012 (Born between 1st August 2005 and1st August 2007). •Registered with EA

DRESSAGE TALENT ID DAYS Riders wishing to attend a Talent Identification Day will need to complete an application form. Nominations must be received by the EA National Office at least two weeks prior to the TID. State Date Location QLD - Friday 5th October QSEC WA - Friday, November 2, Foxwood Farm SA - Sunday, November 4, tba VIC - Saturday, November 10, Hidden Valley NSW - Friday, November 30, SIEC TAS - Saturday, December 8, Kingston Submitting an application to attend a Talent Identification Day An application form is available at CRITERIA Riders must be: •Australian citizens •Members of EA •Aged in their 16th year or older Horses must be: •Aged 8 years or under as of 1st August 2012 •Over 148cm •Registered with EA Combinations should have achieved: •Three or more quality performances (over 60%) at Official Preliminary level or higher during the previous 12 months •A level of training commensurate with the horse’s age and stage of development •Young Horse Class performances may be included in lieu of official performances, but should be noted on the registration form. Scores should be higher than 6.5 Consideration may be given to those horses without the minimum competition requirements (ie. recently imported, newly acquired by rider, breeding duties, etc.) and must be noted on application form.

The national talent ID series and Futures Squads are supported by which is committed to fostering equestrian talent at all levels. This year’s talent identification days commenced on October 5 with Dressage in Queensland. Jumping riders with a horse aged between five and seven and Dressage riders with a horse aged between three and eight may be eligible to attend their discipline’s talent identification day (riders are encouraged to visit the EA website for further information). For talented combinations which have the potential of reaching the highest levels of competition, a place on their discipline’s Futures Squad provides both horse and rider with an entry point into the High Performance Program which opens the door to a wide range of support services. As well as receiving access to national clinics which assist in tracking performance, squad

members are offered veterinary, sports science and sports medicine support - measures which aim to put a promising combination on the pathway to international success. “The National Futures Squads are a vital part of the National Pathways program as they provide riders with access to many High Performance support services and staff including the National Performance Director and National Selectors,” High Performance Manager Brett Mace said. “It is highly likely that some of the combinations selected for the Future Squads through this series of talent identification days will be representing Australia at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.” The 2013 Futures Squads will be chosen by each discipline’s National Performance Director and National Selectors based on a set of criteria which aims to predict future success at elite levels of competition.

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Warmer months bring insect threats With Spring bringing the warmer weather this usually means an increase in flying insects and for horse owners that means the need to be vigilant against the risk of insect borne viral infections. The most common virus being arboviruses, these are primarily carried and spread by mosquitoes. Although a number of studies are carried out each year on the effects of arboviruses on animals in Australia, there is very little known about the strains and the effects these can have on your horse. MOSQUITOES Unexplained cases of disease in horses have been recorded around Australia in the past and they usually coincide with periods of very high mosquito activity after a high rainfall period. Associating these cases with nearby water bodies suggests mosquito-borne infection is the primary cause. The horse is usually a 'dead-end' host for mosquito-borne arbovirus infections and is not considered a likely source of new infection for people or other horses. Female mosquitoes suck blood from animals, including humans, as part of their eating and breeding habits. When a mosquito bites, she also injects saliva and anti-coagulants into the blood which may contain disease-causing organisms.

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Affected horses typically show either nervous (neurological) signs, including being wobbly on their feet, or a reluctance to move and swollen joints. Affected horses usually recover uneventfully and deaths are rare. Viruses causing two mosquito-borne human diseases, Ross River fever and Murray Valley encephalitis, have been implicated in these unexplained cases. Laboratory testing of samples from horses with unusual nervous signs suggests that a majority of cases are due to infection with one of several Australian strains of mosquito-borne Flaviviruses that include Murray Valley encephalitis virus and Kunjin virus. Soreness signs are associated with Alphavirus infections; include predominantly a reluctance to walk, stiff gait and ataxia Nervous signs are associated with Flavivirus infections. Early signs of infection may include depression or mild colic. These initial signs are followed by nervous signs including lack of coordination, high stepping in front limbs, weakness in the hind quarters, muscle twitching and increased responsiveness to touch and sound. In some cases there has been facial paralysis or twitching, especially of the lips. Severely affected horses may fall repeatedly and in rare cases develop convulsions.

However, owners need to be aware that in a small percentage of horse, the virus can prove to be fatal. Prevention - mosquitoes Horse owners should try to prevent their animals from being bitten by insects through measures including rugging, fly masks and using registered insect repellents. Horse owners are urged not to become complacent. ď ­ Ensuring that horses are kept in good condition will help build a strong immune system and minimise the risk of infection with arboviruses. ď ­ utilise some of the latest options in control, like insect control fabric horsewear. these help to deter a large majority of insect species by repelling or preventing them from biting & transmitting diseases to your horse. Mosquitoes seem especially affected by these products and latest studies show how they stay away from treated fabric preventing them from harbouring around or underneath rugs or horswear products. Continued page 8 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Preventative measures can combat insects From page 6

 Eliminate breeding sites by removing stagnant/standing water. This includes disposing of tins, tyres and rubbish containers that may hold water, and ensuring that mozzies can’t access rainwater tanks.  House horses during peak periods of mosquito activity (ie. between dusk and dawn).  Turn off lights inside stables at night.  Use fluorescent lights in stables which do not attract mosquitoes.  Place incandescent bulbs around the stable perimeter to attract mosquitoes away from horses.  Use commercial mosquito traps.  Screen stable windows.  Use fogging, fans and automatic overhead misting systems to eliminate mosquitoes within stables. Mosquitoes aren't the only insects which can cause considerable concern for both horses and their owners over Spring and Summer. FLIES Biting flies, nuisance flies, lice, and bots can cause damage and irritation to horses. Biting flies tend to draw the most attention because of the irritations and infections they can cause. Stable flies and horse flies (females) feed on

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Further information More local information is available on each state's Primary Industries or Biosecurity departments: - Biosecurity Queensland 13 25 23 - Biosecurity SA 8226 0222 - NSW State Diagnostic Laboratory 02 4640 6327 - Victorian Department of Primary Industries 136 186 - Western Australia Department of Agriculture and Food 9368 3351

blood from practically any warm blooded animal including horses, humans, pets and other livestock. Peaks of feeding activity commonly occur during the early morning and again in the late afternoon. Stable flies prefer feeding on lower parts of the hosts such as the legs and belly of horses with the female depositing eggs into a variety of decaying animal and plant wastes but are rarely found in fresh manure. Fly larvae develop in excrement mixed with straw, soil, silage or grain. Horse flies can inflict painful bites and present major problems for grazing horses particularly animals pastured near streams or low, wet areas.

Horse flies have been incriminated in the transmission of equine infectious anemia. Control is difficult; individual animal treatment using repellents or insecticidal sprays may reduce fly bites. Prevention - flies Prevention of flies relies heavily on sound sanitation programs.  Sanitation around stables or yards is necessary to reduce or eliminate larval development sites.  Timely spreading of manure promotes drying and prevents larvae from developing.  Chemical control techniques are available to the horse owner and generally involves the control of adult flies using residual insecticides such as surface treatments and knockdown sprays. In most farm situations, a combination of residual and space sprays is used, often on an alternating schedule.  Applications of residual insecticides to premises are frequently used to control both house and stable flies.  Direct animal applications of sprays and dusts may be used in some situations to protect animals. Materials used for direct application usually have short residual activity. Reporting Owners who notice horses displaying unusual signs should contact their private veterinarian immediately. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Ticks can pose a hidden danger for horses Ticks can pose a less-than-obvious threat to horses so it is important for owners to conduct regular inspections for them. The three main ticks that can affect horses in Australia are cattle ticks, New Zealand cattle ticks (bush) and paralysis ticks. Cattle ticks are found in Queensland, north easten NSW, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The bush tick is found in the coastal region of south east Queensland, the NSW coastline and north eastern Victoria. Paralysis ticks are usually found in coastal areas of eastern Australia in late winter, spring and summer. These ticks cause paralysis and can sometimes kill a young foal but adult horses have some resistance. Ticks need humidity and mild weather to develop and will not survive and breed in cold climates. In northern parts of Australia paralysis ticks may be found all year round, while in southern areas the season goes

Symptoms of ticks The most common sign is lameness, especially if the tick is located on or near a limb. The horse may drag his leg.

Cattle tick

Bush tick

from spring through to autumn. The tick population in a given year is probably governed by the rainfall in the previous year if the temperature variations have only been moderate. Some affected horses will rub the area that the ticks attach themselves excessively. On horses, the areas that are common for ticks are: - the lips, nose and mouth since horses graze, their head is a good climbing spot for ticks - eyes, ears, pole - legs - anus and genitals - between teats - belly - base of tail If a tick is found, it is advisable to continue a thorough examination of the horse as chances are

Paralysis tick

there will be more. Horses in tick areas must be checked regularly and if any ticks are found they can be sprayed with a pyrethrum based insect repellent (or roll on). Wait about an hour and then apply the solution again. The tick should drop off soon after or if not you can then remove it with tweezers as it should be dead. It is recommended that owners not to use irritants such as turpentine, kerosene, or petrol. These will kill the tick but may not make it any easier to remove. It is possible that stimulation by these substances may cause the tick to inject more toxin before dying. Do not pull them off alive as this may result in the head of the tick being left under the horse’s skin.

Respiratory difficulty: breathing may be heavy and slow Choking: as the toxins of the tick are released in the body and the muscles start to malfunction, the horse may look as if he is choking. Horses cannot vomit like a dog so it looks like he is choking instead. he might have some saliva and foam at the mouth. Staggering gait: the horse may walk strangely and vacillates Sweating: the horse might start to sweat heavily Swollen body parts: the tick bite area may be swollen and red General distress: the horse may look distressed, have dilated pupils and may even lay down.

If the horse shows any adverse effects then a vet should be consulted.


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Horse & Rider Fashion Feature

The Horse Report

Dressing to impress in the show ring It’s not just the horses that have to look impressive in the show ring - from judges to riders, presentation is equally as important. The judge A judge's dress is purely a matter of preference. Some judges like to wear riding attire while others prefer street wear. Whatever you wear, it should be comfortable, as the judging day is usually a long one. Sensible footwear is essential. Choose footwear you can move in and will give some protection. Horses have a habit of jumping on exposed flesh - especially feet. Avoid bright gaudy clothing. Keep your colour scheme and style conservative. A competitor dresses as a complement to the judge, so the judge should be in keeping with that complement. All judges should wear a hat. A male judge is expected to remove his hat when addressing competitors or during any award presentation.

A male judge should also wear a jacket. If the weather is extremely hot or humid, the judge may remove his jacket and have it conveyed to the competitors that they are at liberty to follow suit if they desire. Leading Rein Attire for the leading rein handler is to be tasteful and functional to compliment overall picture and not to take away from


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the pony and rider. Women to wear skirt and jacket or tailored slack suit, flat shoes suitable for the arena surface, hat and gloves Men to wear smart dress pants and sports jacket or tailored suit with hat, shoes to suit and gloves Handler to carry the whip or cane that does not exceed 75cm, never the rider.

The Rider For hacking, apart from top level turnout, by shopping around for good quality brands, a person could attire themselves for a fraction of the cost of tailormade clothes. Small alterations of fit are easily made by a tailor. Following the creed of classic lines and good taste it will be hard to go wrong. Jodphurs and breeches should be fawn, beige, lemon or banana. If jodpurs are worn with short boots they should finish neatly at the ankle. The rider’s boots should be leather and either brown or black and compliment the colour scheme chosen. Leather gloves are also worn in many colours and styles. Hair should be neat and tidy and in a hair net. The style will depend on your age - from cute plaits and bows for leading rein to a stylish bun for the lady rider. continued page 11

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Horse & Rider Fashion Feature

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Setting the standard in the ring From page 10

Select a shirt with a proper collar and tie or rat catcher shirt and stock in colours to compliment your chosen jacket. There are many styles of jackets on the market at the moment, double vent, single vent, cutaway, mini tails, tuxedo and more The correct cut and fit of riding clothes is important for the total look of neatness and correctness as well as being a matter of personal pride. The better the look, the better the feel, and the better we show the horse off The dress code for Show Hunter classes is generally far more conservative and understated than Show Horse classes and include tweed fabrics in olive, and brown tonings. Two very important factors about clothing which are sometimes overlooked, especially with children, are that everything should fit the rider and be comfortable to ride in. and of course the important approved safety helmet, velvet covered which tones that match the riding coat. A helpful few don'ts: - don't wear jewelry, - don’t wear too much makeup - don’t wear gaudy and bright colours and clothing that don’t fit.


Riders need to be mindful of their own presentation when entering the showring, not just their horse. email: -Phone 0448 850 042 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Horse & Rider Fashion Feature

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Horse & Rider Fashion Feature

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There’s places where you can enjoy billy tea and damper such as the old slab hut and there are plenty of reminders of the devastating rains that hit Queensland last year with washout and tracks now being gullies. It all adds to the appeal of the ride and an appreciation of the native environment. The rides cater for children eight years and older who are at least 1.3m tall. They even have pony rides for youngsters not old enough to go on the trail rides. For those wanting to learn to ride, Cherrabah can arrange for lessons. Cherrabah is well-suited to catering for families looking for a holiday alternative and you can stay in a range of different accommodation or even camp there and enjoy the facilities. With a pool, lake, tennis courts and of course horses, you can be as active as you like from swimming, canoeing, fishing, bush walking, quad biking, tractor train rides and wildlife tours, Cherrabah prides itself in being able to provide a taste of the country to families and people looking for an alternative break to city living. The resort is located about two and half hours from Brisbane and around 30kms from Warwick. You can find out more about the resort by visiting the website at The author was a guest of Cherrabah Homestead Resort and Tourism Qld - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Stud & Breeding feature

The Horse Report

Making sure the new foal is `normal’ By DAVID LOVELL BVSc Redlands Veterinary Clinic Fortunately in the horse, usually very little goes wrong and by far the greatest majority of mares foal uneventfully. Today we start at the time where the foal has just been successfully delivered. The mare is still lying on the ground, (in most cases), and the foal is still attached by the umbilical cord to the placenta at the mare’s hind quarter. The time from now, until the end of the first week, is far and away the most critical period in the life of the horse. This is when things go wrong. Early recognition of problems, and swift intervention is essential if the foal is going to progress successfully. Obviously the foal must commence to breathe on its own. Within 10 - 15 minutes the foal starts kicking and moving around. Vigorous activity by the foal results in a tearing of the cord and natural separation of the foal from the placenta. This short period of inactivity and attachment to the placenta is very important as the placenta contains a lot of blood and this needs to be

absorbed into the foals body to ensure an adequate blood volume. Premature breaking and separation will result in an immediate anaemia so patience by the foaling attendant is crucial as we do not want to spook the mare or force things to happen too quickly. If the cord has not separated after about 20 minutes, then possibly human severance may be necessary but be very careful as it usu-

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ally means something is not right and premature cutting may result in haemorrhage from the foal's navel and ligation may be necessary. If natural separation has not occurred, it may well be an indicator of a weak foal. Management should now inspect the placenta and ensure it has all been passed intact. If there is any doubt, keep the material for a veterinary inspection. It can occur that one of the horns tears off and is retained in the uterus. If this occurs, it can quickly result in a life-threatening infection in the mare so diligence is essential. The mare should also be inspected for any tearing that may have occurred. Check the udder for milk and any possible mastitis or problems and monitor the mare carefully for normal behaviour as rarely a very serious internal haemorrhage can possibly occur. Problems with the mare are relatively rare. The most common being a retained placenta. In this case, the foal is delivered and the cord breaks, but the placenta is still within the uterus. Potentially this can also be a major disaster, but not usually as serious as the small piece of retained material that is not noticed. Most mares will stand within 20 minutes of foaling. If the placenta is retained, they will often pass it by natural contractions within a short time. By eight hours, management should be concerned, and certainly by 12 hours after foaling, if the placenta has not passed, veterinary attention should be sort. Problems with the foal are common. The gold standard is that the foal should stand and suck,

ideally within an hour of delivery, but very definitely by two hours after birth. If this does not occur, it usually indicates that the foal has a very serious problem. The normal process is for the foal to become progressively more vigorous and start making attempts to stand. They are very awkward and wobbly at first but the normal foal quickly gains strength and balance and is up and looking to suck within half to one hour. Good mares will usually help guide the foal to the udder. Some mares, particularly maidens, can be confused and even frightened of the foal and some help from management may be required. Sometimes the udder is very swollen and painful and the foal's attempts at suckling may be hurting the mare and she may become very unco-operative. Each case needs to be evaluated and help given if necessary. This process of suckling is by far the most important facet of the foal's existence. Everyone knows about colostrum, and the importance of the "first milk". Yes, this is very important and ideally the foal gets an adequate supply as this milk is extremely rich in antibodies from the mare and these serve to protect the foal form infections during the first weeks of life until their own immune system matures and has time to develop the foals own natural antibodies. The simple fact that a foal does not get a full complement of maternal antibody is not necessarily a disaster. Yes, they are very important, but not necessarily critical for the foal's survival. What is far more important is the suckling reflex and the fact that the foal actually does suckle vigorously. The maternal antibodies contained in colostrums are very large molecule proteins. The foal is born with absorption cells in the intestine that are very large and open so that they are able to absorb the protein molecules intact and in one piece without being broken down by the digestive process. Unfortunately, the size of the antibody proteins is very similar to the size of some of the deadly bacteria that can infect foals. Next in line of importance is the passing of the meconium, or first manure. While in the uterus, waste continually build up in the lower colon and rectum of the foal. continued page 15 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Observing behaviour of the new foal can reveal problems from page 14 It really is incredible just how much of this material can accumulate, (obviously the foal does not defecate while still in the uterus). There can easily be up to a metre of very firm round pellets of manure in the lower bowel and it is essential that the foal is able to pass this. Owners need to be diligent and aware and observe the foal carefully. Obviously visualisation of the passage of manure puts your mind at rest. If none is seen, or the foal is observed to be lifting its tail or straining, advice should be sort. The condition can reasonably rapidly, (24 - 48 hours), progress to severe constipation and colic. The problem is much more common in male foals rather than females because of the different shapes of their pelvic inlets. Also, foals that tend to go longer or overdue may well be a little more susceptible. Treatment involves oil orally and enemas and the sooner remedies are applied, the better the chances of success. Urination is also important.

Ruptured bladders are relatively rare but do occur, usually as a result of abnormal pressures as the foal passages the birth canal. Visualisation of a foal regularly urinating usually is enough to reassure the owner. If the bladder is ruptured, urine slowly builds up in the abdomen of the foal over a few days and there is a slow progressive deterioration in the condition of the foal. Another urinary problem is a "pervious urachus" where the foal passes urine through the navel. This is not uncommon. In the uterus, the bladder actually opens into the umbilical cord. When the cord breaks at birth, the bladder detaches naturally, contracts and seals. In some cases, it doesn't detach properly and can remain attached to the navel with the foal passing urine via the opening. This is a very disconcerting situation and can be very serious but often as the foal grows, the bladder will separate and seal so many times patience and management will resolve the issue. Surgery can sometimes be

required but best to try and avoid. Frequent normal urination is a very good sign that the foal is getting enough milk and is properly hydrated. It is important to realise that a normal foal drinks small amounts often. Once satiated, the foal will lie down and sleep, and then get up and feed again. Foals that are not seen to be happy and sleeping, often roam-

ing and restless, usually means that something is amiss and probably not getting enough milk. The last of the so called "common" problems are the myriad deformities and malformations that can occur with the legs. These can be crooked, contracted, lax, rotated, or any combination of the lot. Limb abnormalities are relatively common and are the subject of a whole discussion and article. Sufficient to say here that owners need to be aware of the potential issue, assess their foal, and seek advice if any abnormality is observed. So now we have a new born foal that is up, active and strong. The foal is taking in food at one end and passing out faeces and urine at the other. Life is great and if all this progressed in a rapid and timely manner, the expectation is that the owners can reasonably anticipate that their foal will grow and develop into a magnificent animal. Variations from this progression are usually serious and can require intensive management. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report High Street Gypsy Cobs At High Street Gypsy Cobs, they are totally hands on and this is reflected in the wonderfully affectionate temperaments of their cobs. They produce only the finest Gypsy Cobs that definitely turn heads, keeping true to type with correct conformation, infallible temperaments and proven bloodlines. They are home to the one and only The Horseshoe Stallion, The Painted Warrior and the first ever full bred Dick Smith filly to ever be exported from the UK, as well as many other extraordinary examples of the breed at it’s best. High Street Gypsy Cobs are proud to have some the the finest horses worldwide, with the widest choice of quality bloodlines in Australia. They have hand picked and imported the herd from around the world, carefully selecting only those who have it all. Each year they are producing our own home grown High Street youngsters that possess each of the attributes so sought after in the Gypsy Cob. They offer several stallions at public stud but to limited approved mares. For further information visit or phone 0433 453 998 or 02 6633 1323 or visit

Sovereign Lad

- Paint (PHAA 7133) Sovereign Lad is an nine-year-old, 15 hh Palomino Overo Paint. He is a very athletic good minded stallion, that has good hooves and lots of bone. He is a proven colour producer, having sired a variety of coloured foals, ranging from overo patterns, baldy faces and white stockings, blue eyes and palominos. Sovereign Lad was purchased by Janice Lancaster because of his super quiet nature for breeding with her sprint bred mares, to produce a fast and flashy barrel race prospect. With bloodlines going back to Gold Money Bars and C-Notes Playboy, Sovereign Lad is sure to produce very versatile offspring, whether it be for the showring, campdraft arena, sporting, or barrel racing. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd. For further information phone 0439 375 260 or email



Gypsy Cobs, Drum Horses, Irish Tinkers, Gypsy Vanners, Romany Horses, Irish Cobs

Ph 0433 453 998 - 02 6633 1323 Limited places for approved mares

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Breathe within seconds of birth Lift its head within 5 minutes Stand within 60 minutes Vocalize (call to the mare) 60 minutes Attempt to suckle within 60 minutes Walk / canter within 90 minutes Takes its first sleep within 2 hours. It is a very busy time for the NEWBORN foal. Once the foal is established bathe the umbilical stump with dilute iodine solution to prevent infection. The stump should dry within 3 days, but if it continues to leak fluid (possibly urine), or becomes smelly, call your veterinarian. It is important for the foal to drink at least 2 -3 litres of colostrum during the first 12 hours of life. It may suckle from 3 to 5 times per hour, consuming 50-60 mls at a time. Colostrum is essential to provide immunity against infections during the first vulnerable weeks of life until the foal can establish it’s own antibodies. A blood test to measure the antibody or immunogloblin level of the foal can be conducted by your veterinarian, and if necessary antibodies may be administered via plasma. Inadequate antibody levels will make the foal less able to defend itself against bacteria that cause diarrhoea, pneumonia or joint-ill. Another important activity for the newborn foal is to pass meconium – the first sticky, dark-coloured pellets of dung that have accumulated in the intestine while the foal is in the uterus. If the meconium is not passed the foal will become listless and may stop drinking – resulting in dehydration which is a serious problem. Most foals are active, curious and normal and are well worth the time and effort it takes to ensure their well-being. If in doubt call your local vet. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report Cobigan Orlando Four-year-old grey Percheron Stallion Cobigan Orlando, is a stunning individual with big movement and an amazing temperament. He loves people and runs with geldings, mares and foals. If you want proven performance bloodlines, both his parents were multi-supreme champions and his full brother and sister competed at EKKA 2012. In 2013 Orlando will be joining the team once he is broken in. If you want size without losing quality, Cobigan Stud has been breeding Percherons for over 30 years and only keep the best as colts and Orlando is one of the best they have bred. His bone is amazing without being coarse and he covers ground with a fantastic length of stride. Standing at stud for the 2012 stud season Stud fee $770 inc. GST including $220 non-refundable handling fee. Chilled is semen available. For further information contact Helen at Cobigan Draught Horses, Kyogle, Northern NSW on 0418 774 074 or email

Makers Mark Makers Mark is a Multi Supreme Champion stallion who is breeding supreme champion progeny. Mark was top 10 Australian Champion under saddle. He is by the United States stallion, Fame Maker who in 1997 was named Australian Champion Stallion. His dam, also imported from the USA, is Karmaa, herself a multi champion mare. Makers Mark's progeny all display lovely above ground movement and excellent temperaments. They inherit their sire’s smooth body and good straight legs. Makers Mark stands at stud in Northern NSW for $1250, LFG. For further information contact Karen Hodges on 02 6676 6372

Whitmere Royal Rumour He is a lovely 13.2 hh royal winning show colt by Fernleigh Fine Print x Ardenhall Royal Secret. He is registered Arabian Riding Pony, Saddle Pony and Part Welsh. His wins include Supreme led youngstock Queensland state riding pony show 2011, reserve champion led riding pony colt Toowoomba royal 2011, champion led youngstock Australian Saddle Pony Toowoomba royal 2011 , Supreme led Australian Saddle Pony Toowoomba royal 2012, as well as winner two-year-old riding pony colt, reserve part Welsh and reserve Arabian riding pony.

Janlyn Spirit of Holly He is a lovely 14.2hh brown Riding Pony stallion by LJS Limited Edition x Spring Holly Of Astral. He is Registered Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Part Welsh, Arabian Riding Pony and ANSA Both stallions have big expressive movement and lovely temperaments that would breed exceptional offspring. For those not wanting to wait for a foal to be bred and raised they have a variety of quality youngstock for sale. Enquires always welcome. Please contact Cathy Young on 0400 233 829 or Sarah Young on 0427 548 633

WHITMERE ROYAL RUMOUR Fernleigh Fine Print x Ardenhall Royal Secret.

13.2hh reg Arabian Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Part Welsh, Service fee $1200 + vet fees & agistment.

COBIGAN ORLANDO 4yo Grey percheron Stallion Mature over 17hh (Cobigan Trappeur X Campbells's Petra)

Orlando , is a stunning individual with big movement and an amazing temperament he loves people, and runs with geldings, mares and foals If you want proven performance bloodlines, both his parents were multi-supreme Champions and his full brother and sister competed at EKKA 2012 and in 2013 Orlando will be joining the team once he is broken in.

Stud fee $770 inc. GST inc $220 non-refundable handling fee)

Chilled semen available Contact Cobigan Draught Horses Kyogle, Northern NSW 0418 774074

Cobigan Trappeur (sire exp NZ)

Orlando’s dam & sister at Ekka

Ramadan Arabian Stud MAKERS MARK Fame Maker (imp USA) x Karma ( imp USA)

Youngstock for sale Karen Hodges 02 6676 6372

Visit the Equitana 2012 Breed Village John Deer Pavillion

JANLYN SPIRIT OF HOLLY. LJS Limited Edition x Spring Holly Of Astral 14.2hh Reg Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Part Welsh, Arabian Riding Pony and ANSA.

Service fee $1200 + vet fees and agistment.

Standing at Mcarthurparc stud Moree.

Standing at Mcarthurparc stud Moree.

Youngstock for sale.

Youngstock for sale.

Please contact Cathy Young - 0400 233 829 Sarah Young - 0427 548 633.

Please contact Cathy Young - 0400 233 829 Sarah Young - 0427 548 633. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Simple action can cut Hendra virus risk New research has confirmed longstanding advice that the risk of Hendra virus infection can be significantly reduced by keeping horses away from fruiting or flowering trees that flying foxes feed in. Biosecurity Queensland researcher, Dr Hume Field, said scientists from the Queensland Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (QCEID) had undertaken two studies into the levels and distribution patterns of Hendra virus excreted by flying foxes. “The investiga- Dr Hume Field tion has found that all flying fox urine and almost all faeces and fruit debris, or spats, fall directly under the canopy of fruiting trees in which they are feeding,” Dr Field said. “Therefore it is clear and understandable that unstabled horses should be kept in open pastures and away from trees in flower or fruit.” Dr Field said QCEID scientists had looked at the amount of excreta and food debris left by flying foxes and the pattern of dis-

tribution. “In one study, plastic sheets were laid under a large, heavily fruiting weeping fig to capture excretions,” he said. “The second study involved laying plastic sheeting from the base of a heavily fruiting, smallleaved fig to a non-fruiting, nonflowering tree nearly 50 metres away. “We wanted to quantify the amount of food debris and excreta produced by feeding flying foxes, and see how far it extended beyond the perimeter of the trees. “Less than one per cent of excretions and spats were found under the nearby non-fruiting, non-flowering tree. “Significantly, no excreta at all was discovered in the paddock between the two trees. “I want to emphasise that vigilance is our most important weapon against this disease. Horse owners need to ensure they are doing all they can to reduce the risk. “In the meantime, biosecurity authorities will continue to conduct research and provide the latest advice.” For more information on Hendra virus research, visit or call 13 25 23.

Survey help sought on flying foxes Biosecurity Queensland is calling on members of the general public to participate in an online survey about flying foxes. The survey aims to gain a better understanding of public opinions, attitudes and knowledge of flying foxes and possible flying fox management options. Due to the number of Hendra virus incidents in recent years, some communities have become more aware of the presence of flying foxes and the viruses that can be carried by these animals. In areas where dispersal of flying foxes has either been proposed or has occurred, there has also been some concern about possible increased virus excretion from flying foxes as a result of dispersal. Most questions are multiple choice, and you can also add

additional comments if you want to. It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is the third and final survey designed to target separate stakeholders involved and affected by Hendra virus in Queensland. The survey is conducted by the Queensland Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, a division of Biosecurity Queensland, in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The public can complete the online survey at _Survey_on_Flying-foxes The survey closes on 12 October 2012.


PUTS AN END TO TOUCHING SCRUBBING & PEELING Willy Wash is the only sweet smelling willy cleaner that doesn't involve any scrubbing or peeling. Just syringe up the sheath and walk away! Going to Equitana? So are we! Our team of experienced horse herbalists will be on the stand all day every day so come with your questions about your horse's physical or emotional issues, and let's get you both in optimum health for summer. Show Stopper Specials 10% off Willy Wash all day, every day, only at Equitana. 20% off Willy Wash, Settle Petal and Bug Buster between 1 and 2pm every day at Equitana. And there's more . . . ! Any and every purchase from the stand at Equitana (that's right, the more you buy, the more entries!) go into a draw to WIN your choice of product to the value of $200.00




See you there!

PO Box 161 Ballina NSW 2478 Tel: 02 6686 5934 Fax: 02 6681 5749 Email us at RUðQGRXWPRre at - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Lynn Mitchell Gloucester NSW 0433 239 617 24-2 Monty Roberts Introductory Course with Lynn Mitchell Gloucester NSW 0433 239 617 DECEMBER 8-16 Monty Roberts Introductory Course with Lynn Mitchell Glenburn Vic 0433 239 617 - 0448 995 049 OCTOBER 6-7 Caboolture 9 Rosewood 20-21 Toorbul NOVEMBER 3 Glamorgan Vale 8 Rosewood 10-11 Toorbul 18 Caboolture DECEMBER 5 Rosewood 7-8 Caboolture NBHA Finals








• Bandaging is not necessary • Minimizes scarring and promotes healing in the treatment of cuts and wounds. • Helps protect from gross contaminaƟon and invasive dirt from entering the wound. • 2 year expiry AVAILABLE FROM PRODUCE STORES, SADDLERIES & VETERINARIANS or CONTACT: (03) 6356 0170

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CAMPDRAFTING/CUTTING /TEAM PENNING Ph 07 4984 1395 OCTOBER 6-7 UKI 0411 404 218 12-14 Brymaroo 07 46 927 727 12-14 Condamine 07 46 277 262 13-14 Augathella 07 46 549 191 13-14 Eneabba 0429 887 588 13-14 Callide Dawson ASH07 49 961 508 18-21 Chinchilla 0477 930 371 19-21 Inverell Saphire Spurs 02 67 223 409 20 Powranna 03 62 489 231 20-21 Mymia07 49 981 280 22-28 Warwick 07 46 619 060 26-28 Gingin WA 0428 981 003 NOVEMBER 3 Melton Mowbray 03 62 489 231 3-4 Eumamurrin 07 46 233 788 10-11 Cambooya Black Toyota Series 10 Yarraman07 41 638 506 16-18 Bundarra P & A Rodeo02 67 237 128 23-25 Guyra Timepiece 02 67 792 748 DECEMBER 1 Hamilton 03 62 489 231 1 Darling Downs Banrch ASHS 0429 696 654 7-9 Glen Innes 02 67 321 744 15-16 Red Range 02 67 342 333

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CLINICS OCTOBER 6- 14 Monty Roberts Introductory Course with Lynn Mitchell Allora 0433 239 617 NOVEMBER 2-4 The Ultimate Master Class - Steffen Peters & Jonah Oliver @ QSEC Ph 0414 467 211 10-11 Monty Roberts Join Up Clinic with

OCTOBER 2-5 Qld National Interschool Champs 6-7 NSW State ODE Champs @ Thurgoona 8 Stuartholme Dressage Day 16 Canterbury College Showjumping 20-21 Denman Showjumping Championships NOVREMBER 24-25 2012 Clarence Valley Interschool @ Grafton DECEMBER


CONTACT PAULA 07 5590 9721 OR - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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OF EVENTS 1-2 PCANSW State Show Riding Champs @ Bi-Centennial Park, Camden JANUARY 6-11 NSWPCA State Camp

RODEO APRA 07 4661 8183 - NRA 07 5495 8668 OCTOBER 5 Collarenebri Ken Coleman Memorial Rodeo 5 Boonah Rodeo 5 Kyogle 6 Grandchester 6 Hay Rodeo 6 Moree Rodeo 12 Lowood 13 Canungra 13 Kumbia 14 Kumbia Junior Rodeo 13 Narrabri Rodeo 20 Pine Rivers 25-28 Warwick Rodeo 27 Alstonville NOVEMBER 3 Melton Mowbray Rodeo 10 Inglewood Rodeo 17 Oakbank Rodeo

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SHOWHORSE OCTOBER 5-6 Kyogle Show 02 66321220 7 Alstonville Allbreeds Show 6-8 Royal Launceston Show 7 PRPC Hack Show 07 3802 1444 11-12 Leeton Show 0428-686461 13 Casino Show 02 66625991 13-14 Taree Show 02 65513245 13-14 Picton Show 02 46772485 14 Corowa Show 02 60331148 18-19 Equestrian SA Horse of the Year 18-20 Lismore 02 6621 5916 18-20 Mt Gambier Spring Show 19 Flinders Island Show TAS 19-22 Royal Hobart Show 20 Cootamundra 02 69423222 20 The Rock Show

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Agrisorb Superior Hemp Horse Bedding is produced from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and is the healthiest, most COST EFFECTIVE and labour saving bedding material on the market. BENEFITS

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R Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Worming more than one horse?


Roundworm, Tapeworm and Bot Treatment for Horses


multi-dose syringe

Active constituents: Ivermectin 8mg/g; Praziquantel 100mg/g

Axon Animal Health Unit 14, 25 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085 4ELsWWWRAZORWORMERCOM

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WHAT'S NEW AGRISORB HORSE BEDDING In Europe, 40,000 tonnes of hemp bedding is sold every year, and now for the first time, Agrisorb® Hemp Horse Bedding is available in Australia. Hemp absorbs four times (400%) its own weight, compared to wood shavings (250%) and straw (225%). The rate of absorption is also higher in hemp, resulting in a clumping effect of soiled material for easy removal and maintaining a dry stable floor under the bedding. Agrisorb® contains negligible dust and spores compared to cheap bedding derived from waste products, providing a cleaner stable environment. Independent trials have found that Agrisorb® Bedding also absorbs the ammonia odour, so your stable stays fresher, longer. Agrisorb® makes for a warm and comfortable bed; it stays drier longer and has a soft and spongy feel. Hemp provides excellent insulation against cold concrete flooring, and protection from injury. It's "non-slip" properties also make it an ideal bedding during transport. Agrisorb® Hemp Horse Bedding is produced from the inner cellulose woody section of the industrial hemp stalk. An Agrisorb® bed is quick and easy to maintain; staying drier and lasting longer than conventional materials. For further information, email or visit

Coming to the rescue of abused neglected or unwanted horses By KYLIE KAWECKI The National Horse and Pony Rescue is a registered charity, founded in 2012, and situated in the Bilambil Valley of northern NSW. We help neglected, abused, unwanted and slaughter bound horses and ponies giving them first class rehabilitation and training. Once our rescue horses are physically and emotionally rehabilitated we offer them for adoption on a life time contract. All of our horses and ponies are vet checked, dental checked, microchipped, vaccinated and have a rider assessment before going to their new loving homes, a full report on their medical and behavioural history is also sent to new owners. We do three monthly visits to our adopted horses to ensure their well-being and to touch base with the adoptive owners. After care is available with 24hour access to us in case of an

emergency or the horse is ill or for just some general advice, this is available for the life of the horse. In the future we aim to have educational programs ,clinics and Equine Facilitated Therapy, we also aim to have rescue centres around the country linking many different equine industries for a common cause and that is the welfare of the horse. We have a duty of care to not only rehabilitate horses in need but to ensure they are happy and healthy until their last days. National Horse and Pony Rescue is launching our 2013 calendar in October. The calendars will be on sale for $15 and all proceeds from the sale go to rehabilitating horses and ponies in need. If you would like to purchase a calendar or make a donation please email or call Kylie Kawecki at or call 0424 254 427.

Agrisorb Superior Hemp Horse Bedding is produced from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and is the healthiest, most COST EFFECTIVE and labour saving bedding material on the market. BENEFITS

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Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday & Thursday Hay/Chaff,Grain & produce, Petfood, fertilizer, Saddlery, general fencing & electric fencing, Irrigation (Davey master Dealer), John Deere ride on mowers, Stihl outdoor power equipment, Honda outdoor power equipment generators push mowers & Crossfire ATV & dirtbikes

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Royal sportswoman heads to Magic Millions Great Britain Olympic Eventing team silver medalist, Zara Phillips MBE, and former European and World Champion, has been announced as the first Magic Millions Racing Women (MMRW) Ambassador, an appointment that will see her visit Australia in early January for the Magic Millions Carnival. An internationally accomplished equestrienne, Ms Phillips brings to the MMRW initiative a genuine passion for the industry and depth of knowledge. She fosters a lifelong passion for horses, ignited by her parents and grandmother’s commitment to thoroughbred sporting endeavours. Daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, Ms Phillips holds a number of elite sporting accolades, including earlier this month when she won a silver medal in team eventing at the London Olympic Games. She is a former European individual and team Gold medallist as well as individual World Champion in 2006. She was named the 2006 BBC

Zara Phillips MBE will be on the Gold Coast in January as the inaugural ambassador for the Magic Millions Racing Womens initiative. Sports Personality of the Year and was conferred a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to equestrianism in 2007. Magic Millions Racing Women initiative was created to educate and encourage Australian women to become more active in all aspects of the thoroughbred racing industry.

Ms Phillips said she was pleased to be associated with the Magic Millions initiative. “I got involved in Magic Millions Racing Women to help try and raise awareness of the many different ways in which women can be involved in this industry, including horse ownership, and to raise the profile of women in the racing industry in Australia, “ she said. “Magic Millions is having a race where there will be horses competing that are solely owned by women. There are prizes for the first four horses owned by women that cross the line.” IMMRW was launched in 2011 by Magic Millions co-owner and thoroughbred horse racing industry advocate, Katie PageHarvey. Her vision is to continue to increase the profile of women in the sector with which she has been involved for over 30 years. Ms Page-Harvey is delighted to have such an internationally accomplished equestrienne to help educate women about the MMRW initiative.

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“We are delighted that Zara has agreed to be the inaugural ambassador for the Magic Millions Racing Women initiative,” Ms Page-Harvey said. “She was an exemplary ambassador for her sport and her country at the recent Olympic Games in London and we look forward to welcoming her to Australia in January. “We want to shine a light on women’s vital contribution and make it easy for women to participate through horse ownership. Statistics indicate that less than 25 percent of Australia's racehorses are owned by women either as individuals or in allfemale partnerships. I’d like to see more.” Ms Phillips will visit Australia and attend the Magic Millions Carnival and Raceday on Saturday, January 12 at the Gold Coast Turf Club where the world’s first women’s-only incentive - Magic Millions Racing Women (MMRW) 2YO Classic - will be run. For more information, visit

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Ad-Design Sandy Morphett - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Monty Roberts Courses - with Lynn Mitchell October 6th to 14th - Introductory Course - Allora, QLD November 10th & 11th - Join-Up - Gloucester, NSW November 24th to December 2nd - Introductory Course, Gloucester, NSW December 8th to 16th - Introductory Course, Glenburn, VIC VISIT THE SCHOOL OF EQUUS WEBSITE FOR DETAILS or Phone Lynn Mitchell on 0433 239 617

NSW pony club eventers will converge on Albury Wodonga for the state championships this month.

Pony club eventers can learn from Australian Olympian Competitors and their families, attending the Ranvet State One Day Eventing Championship at Albury Wodonga will be able to share the company of Australian Olympian over the weekend of October 6 and 7. This state qualifying event is to be held at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre and will include a special dinner will be held with special guest, Olympic Eventing legend Shane Rose. Shane Rose was a Pony Club member from the age of four until he was 17. He attended Forest Hills, Avondale, ManlyWarringah and Ryde Pony Clubs. He holds an Olympic Silver Medal from the Beijing 2008 Games. More recently Shane spent five years in preparation for the London Olympics but in a devastating blow, his horse Taurus pulled up lame in the lead up to the games. He will share some of his experiences from the London Olympics and his rise to fame from pony club to an international level and photo and signature opportunities will be available. ODE competition will commence on Saturday, October 6 from 8:30am and conclude on Sunday afternoon with the mounted presentation ceremony. The championship consists of three sections - dressage, showjumping and cross country jumping. It is designed to test the courage, determination and all round ability of the rider, as well as the training and conditioning of the horse. According to local Zone 20 competitors can expect a spectacular event with top class facilities.

“Zone 20 is extremely proud to be hosting the event at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre, a fantastic facility that regularly hosts State and National level equine events,”event organiser Bradley Hayden said. “The venue annually hosts the Albury Wodonga International Horse Trials with the cross country course receiving significant development each year (approximately $30,000 spent on it in 2012). “Olympic contenders Shane Rose, Chris Burton, Tim Boland and Meagan Jones (among many others) have all competed at the venue over the past 2 years.” In order to prepare for the event, local Zone 20 riders have developed an Eventing Squad. “There are 13 riders in the squad and they have been meeting and training regularly over the past five months and will continue up until the event,” Mr Hayden said Dinner with Shane Rose, hosted by Zone 20, is on the Saturday night. Tickets must be pre booked through the host zone dinner booking form located on the schedule on the Pony Club NSW website. Event organisers would like to thank naming rights sponsor, Ranvet for their support of this event. Ranvet will be providing each of the age champions with a champion rug and showbag. The next state event is the Virbac Animal Health State Show Riding Championship which is to be held at Bi-Centennial Park, Camden on December 1 and 2. To find a Pony Club near you visit the state website on


Educated in a natural environment around cattle, creeks and hills

David & Sue Walker Ph 0266791562 Mob 0428895372 760 Nobbys Creek rd Nobbys Creek NSW Lessons and Floating available

Guanaba Equestrian Centre Riding g Lessons and Ag gistment Jane Cassel 0421 632 660 Private or shared Paddocks - 8 stables Full or part care - Tack Room - Feed Storage Full Size Sand Dressage Arena - Concrete Wash Bay Lesson Available by Appointment, Your Horse or Ours Catering for beginners to Advanced Riders

Collaroy Road, Guanaba Qld 4210

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3 x Australian Champion

Starting Young Horses for all Disciplines Re-Education for all Disciplines Reining Performance Training & Showing Lessons & Clinics Beginners to Advanced Suitable for all Disciplines E N Q U I R E S & C L I N I C B OOKINGS

Ph 0402 420 658 Email:

John Wicks Training Stables -

Shane Davidson

EA NCAS Level 1 General Coach 0408 430 277

Mattea Davidson


EA NCAS Introductory Coach Veterinarian B.V.Sc (Hons) 0409 782 827

. Coaching . Training . Sales . Breeding . Campaigning . Breaking-in .

SHOWJUMPING - EVENTING - DRESSAGE - S h an e D av i d so n - 2 0 11 E q u est r i an Q L D C o ach of the Year - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Guanaba Equestrian Centre

“Why is the Macs Equine Pee Wee Bit the most comfortable and responsive bit you can put in a horses mouth?”

Riding g Lessons and Ag gistment Jane Cassel 0421 632 660


Private or shared Paddocks - 8 stables Full or part care - Tack Room - Feed Storage Full Size Sand Dressage Arena - Concrete Wash Bay Lesson Available by Appointment, Your Horse or Ours Catering for beginners to Advanced Riders

Collaroy Road, Guanaba Qld 4210


Guanaba Equestrian Centre

• Thinner mouth bar eliminates contact with the roof of the mouth. • Mouth bar floats on the rings so stays quiet at all times eliminating pressure on the tongue. • Unique shape and position of the mouth bar encourages flexing at the pole so the horse is in the best position to work.

At Guanaba Equestrian Centre they are dedicated to caring for your horse. They offer horse agistment, horse riding lessons and horse care at a very affordable price. Services are offered to meet your individual requirements and include: full care (inc feeding & rugging/unrugging daily), stabling facilities, private or shared paddocks, full livery, riding lessons, dressage sand arena, wash bay, tack room, feed storage facilities and float storage. There are also a number of great trails nearby and, we're only 15 minutes by float to both Nerang and Oxenford Pony Clubs. If you need to have someone look after your precious horse, Guanaba Equestrian Centre has the right people and facilities to accommodate your horses needs. Whether you are going on holiday for just a few weeks, a place to stay while you are moving or you might be looking for a more permanent home for your equine friend, Guanaba Equestrian Centre will make sure your horse or pony is well cared for. Looking for an accredited dressage judge or needing some lessons in riding Jane might be the person you are looking for For more information, contact Jane on 0421 632 660 or email at


SIDE BARS RSS R • Side bars rs prevent ev nt n laying la aying yyiing i on on the t e bit. t • Side bars encourage neck flexion ensuring the perfect turn.

• Rings do not contact the sensitive sides of the face eliminating head tossing caused by pinching of the lips against the teeth.

Carlos Tabernaberri Clinics - Moggill

Sales and trade enquiries Ph 0407852910

Young & Unstarted horse clinic Sat 10th Nov Ridden Horse clinic Sun 11th Nov

Looking to establish and develop a better relationship with your horse? Carlos trains horses the gentle way, establishing cooperation through clear communication, understanding and trust. Limited spaces available. Enquiries and bookings Nicole 0414 320 974 Senior Horse Development Specialist


OCTOBER 22-26 Principle to Purpose with Cows Geurie (near Dubbo) NSW

For Enquiries and bookings Ph 07 4627 7089 Email:

www.da vidg r ace Page 26


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Carlos Tabernaberri Clinic Well known trainer, Carlos Tabernaberri is passionate at developing a horse through a good foundation and not through the force of a bit to make him look the part. He believes there are no problems in either the horse or rider, just a lack of communication, understanding and trust. That's why he uses this gentling method, whether introducing a horse to the saddle for the first time or correcting an existing behavioural problem. It ensures improved performance and versatility, regardless of your preferred discipline. Carlos will be covering a broad range of areas, both on the ground and under saddle in his upcoming Moggill clinics. Riders and horses of all ages, disciplines and levels are welcome. Very limited spaces with horses available and fencesitters are also welcome. For more information or to book a space please contact Nicole on 0414 320 974 or email - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Australian Natural Horsemanship P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394


natural horsemanship study centre

Instructor Ken Faulkner

2012-2013 COURSE & CLINIC CALENDAR Course Date

Course Description

2012 Fri 28th Sep to Wed 3rd Oct 2012 Thur 4th to Sun 7th October 2012 Fri 12th to Mon 15th Oct 2012 Sat 20th Oct to Fri 26th Oct 2012 Sat 3rd Nov to Fri 9h Nov 2012 Thur 15th Nov to Sun 18th Nov 2012 Thur 22nd Nov to Sun 25 Nov 2012 Sat 01 Dec to Sun 02 Dec 2012 Fri 07 Dec to Sun 09 Dec 2012 Fri 14 Dec to Mon 17 Dec 2013 Sat 05 Jan to Tue 15 Jan 2013 Sat 19 Jan to Sun 20 Jan 2013 Fri 25 Jan to Mon28 Jan

Young Horse Starting - Bendigo, Vic 4 Day Savvy Weekend - Bendigo VIC Day Savvy Weekend - Narre Warren, Vic 7 Day Horsemanship Course - Christchurch, NZ 7 Day Supercamp - Esk QLD Equitana - Melbourne VIC 4 Day Savvy Weekend - Macksville NSW Navigation Ride - Esk QLD 3 Day Horsemanship Course - Geelong VIC 4 Day Savvy Weekend - Esk QLD Young Horse Starting - Esk QLD 2 Day Horsemanship Course - Geelong VIC 4 Day Savvy Weekend - Esk QLD

Contact Details Agnes McCormack Agnes McCormack Dave Russell Dianne Newton Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart Val Shore Kathy Stewart Narelle Unmack Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart Narelle Unmack Kathy Stewart

03 5439 7397 03 5439 7397 0447 656 028 00116433126211 0427732394 0427732394 0402 073 545 0427732394 0418 540 770 0427732394 0427 732 394 0418 540 770 0427 732 394

7 Day Supercamp - Esk QLD Sat 3rd Nov to Fri 9h Nov - 0427 732 394 Training DVDs & Specials * Four Rein Lengths Dual Set - Suppling & Strengthening for the Performance Horse Series One of the Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVD s) - Primary Groundskills - Secondary Groundskills - Take a Troubled Horse - Five Rein Positions Order online or phone 0427 732 394

proudly sponsored by ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc , Peter Brophy Saddlery, Barrack Saddlery, JSS Quarter Horses, Sharwan Park Arabians - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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EQUESTRIAN LAND DEVELOPMENTS A company established to specialise in the design and construction of first class equestrian facilities.



Dressage Arena Construction • Stable Pads Dressage Arena Restoration • Polo Fields • Dressage Arena Maintenance • Dam Construction Driveways & Land Levelling

Introductory specials on kit prices delivered Australia wide:



Skillion Shelters • Gable Shelters Indoor Arenas • Stable Fit Outs

Maintains depth of surface on dressage arena

3 Adjustable Angles 3 Fully Galvanised 3 Ready to Assemble & Install (Supplied without glass)

3 Backing fitted into frames

3 Bolts/Nuts supplied for assembly

3Harrows in-built for tilling/loosening compacted surfaces

3Flat edged design to enable paddock dragging and manure spreading

3Out-door and in-door use 3Easy fold-away system for storage

3Made to order. Can be adapted to tractor, bike, mower, husband etc.

“We take great pride in our design of facilities” ARENA CONSTRUCTION & PRODUCTS: Todd Cunningham: 0407 149 637 • SHEDS & STABLES DISPLAY CENTRE: 07 5426 7801 • Page 28 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report Nimbin Agricultural Show

Photos by Paula Anthony

Supreme Hack LS Quest of Fame exhibited by Leanda Scott

Champion Galloway Urubula Regal Birthday exhibited by Cherie Jennings

Lindsay Blanch and Marena Freedon working out to win reserve champion rider

Champion Novice Galloway Rathowen Sunrise exhibited by Alyson Sidney

My Minister exhibited by Hannah Barker was reserve Champion Novice Hack

Markusite exhibited by Charlee Anthony was Champion Novice Hack

Qld Country Hack Championships

Xanadu of Sefton and Charlie Thorne with proud mum Kate reserve champion Leading Rein Pony

Xotic Perfume of Sefton exhibited by Karen Shaw Reserve Champion Large Show Pony

Hollydale Loretta exhibited by Susan Paine Champion Intermediate Galloway

Runner Up Small Hack LS Quest of Fame exhibited by Leanda Scott

Tremayne Royal Blue exhibited by Charlee Anthony Champion First Season Large Show Hunter Pony

Photos by Paula Anthony

Champion first season Galloway Torchwood exhibited by Ashley Cooper and Reserve Sanlira Graceland exhibited by Hannah Pearson

Mondiso Park It’s All About Me and Chelsea Taunton with mum Kristen Champion Leading Rein Pony

Tremayne Gold Charm exhibited by Susan Paine Champion Intermediate Large Show Pony - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 29

The Horse Report Cairns Show - Qld State Riding Pony Show

Garry Crawford and JACK SWIFT working out to win Reserve Champion Gentleman Rider.

photos by Narelle Wockner

Supreme Champion Led Youngstock Show Pony BANBURY PARK SYMPHONY exhibited by Stuart & Cindy Ross.

Renee Simpson riding KALYKULYA was awarded Supreme Champion Rider for the 5th year in a row.

Champion Unregistered Horse DON P JUNIOR exhibited by Renae Lofthouse.

Page 30

Kayla Wheeler rode FARLEIGH HIGHFLYER to win Champion Junior Rider over 12 yrs & under 18 yrs & Supreme Ridden Show Hunter Hack.

Supreme Champion Led Senior Show Pony Exhibit EUSTON DANCESTAR exhibited by Melissa Sambrooks and shown by Mark Lilley. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report Brisbane Royal - Champion of Champions - Qld ASH Champs Photos by Narelle Wockner

Veronica Mortimer rode SIERRA LODGE SHAI-ANNA to win Reserve Champion Small Galloway.

Maia Murray was awarded Champion Lady Rider.

Jenean Cooper rode BUCKAROO MR CHIPS to win Champion Show Hunter Galloway.

Champion Hack of Qld GILLESPIE ridden by Courtney Midson.

Champion Large Hack was awarded to NAMAAN MONTANA ridden by Rhiannon Mussig.

Champion Youth Working KELTONFARM SWAG JUMPER ridden by Sam Handford with Mary Ann Atthow.

Michelle Dawson & MAGIC HAPPENS the winner of the Led Mare 4 & 5 yrs.

TOPSHELF ENIGMA exhibited by Russel & Amanda Sweeper was the winner of the Led Filly 2 yrs old & under class

Samara Woolley and LEANDA REGAL OCCASION working out to win Champion Small Galloway.

Association calls for regional change room upgrades to cater for female jockeys The Australian Jockeys Association has called on other Australian states to match or exceed improvements made to jockey facilities in regional areas as announced by the Victorian Government. The Victorian Government will invest $225,000 to upgrade jockey rooms at five country racing clubs to accommodate the growing number of female jockeys. Australian Jockeys Association CEO Paul Innes

said female jockeys had put up with sub-standard facilities for too long. “Once upon a time jockeys were all male and there was no need for the racing industry to accommodate gender specific change rooms or facilities,” Mr

Innes said. “That time has long passed and female jockeys now make up 20% of Australia’s jockey population. “In the country regions that can be as high as one in two or more. It is not acceptable for them to have to get changed with the men or share their toilet and shower facilities. “Jockey rooms in regional areas across Australia are generally run down and in desperate need of upgrade.

“From poor facilities to flaking paint and general disrepair, many regional jockey rooms are just not up to scratch. “In an industry that makes such a significant contribution to local and state economies, estimated at more than $5billion, to shun the needs of jockeys is unjust. “I commend the Victorian Government and Victorian racing authorities for taking this on and encourage other states to follow suit.” - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Dayboro Trailriders host Big October ride The Dayboro Trailriders are saddling up for their 14th annual horse trail riding event, the 'Big October Ride', later this month. To be held on Saturday, October 27, there will be different rides on offer - a three hour ride or a seven hour ride. It was an all new seven hour ride last year that headed out toward Lacey's Creek. This ride turned out to be so popular that it will be run again. Both rides are non-competitive and leisurely paced. Participants need to bring their own horse and riding gear. There is no age limit on either riders or horses; however both will need to be fit enough and competent to take part. Riders 16 years and under will require a responsible adult or guardian. Riders 18 years and under must wear an approved riding helmet. Strictly no stallions, rigs or dogs. Catering is definitely available across the weekend but only guaranteed if you pre book. Pre nominations are preferred. This event has become avidly looked forward to, each year, by riders locally and further a field. Changes this year will be the Friday and Saturday evening format. With permission from the Rural FIre

Service both evenings will be casual and relaxed around the campfire. A licenced bar will be operating both nights. Friday night is $6 steak burger night with desserts at $3. Saturday evening live entertainment kicks off at 8pm until midnight with local talent Sharryn Bell. Ride fees are $40 for visitors or $30 for TRA members. Fees cover your camping fees, insurance, morning tea and lunch as well as Saturday night's live entertainment. If you don't ride but wish to be part of the evening it's not a problem - $10 at the door will get you in. The Dayboro Venturer Scouts are planning to be on hand at morning tea and lunch (long ride) to provide drinks and refreshments. Last year saw 214 horse and riders take part in a great day's trail riding and evening of entertainment. Previously we've been host to riders from the Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Yarraman, Gympie, Maryborough, Gold Coast and NSW. For details, visit the website at or 'Big October Ride' on facebook. For further info contact 07-3425 1651, 0438 763 312 or 3425 3248. Look forward to seeing you there!!

14th Annual BIG OCTOBER RIDE $40 visitors or $30 members covers your camping fees, insurance, morning tea & lunch. Licenced bar Friday & Saturday night with dinner around the camp fire. Friday night is $6 steak burger night & only $3 desserts with coffee or tea.

1x3hr or 1x7hr trail riding throughout the beautiful Dayboro Valley.......but that’s not all!! They’ve got yummy bickies & fruit for morning tea, hot burgers for lunch, refreshing cuppas, cold drinks. Bugger the carrots!!

Saturday 27 October, 2012

Rides begin & return to the Dayboro Showgrounds, Mount Mee Rd, Dayboro. Camping facilities available. Power, hot showers, limited catering.

Strictly no stallions, rigs or dogs. Fees apply – based on insurance obligations. Enquiries to 07-34251651, 0438 763 312 or 34253428. Visit the website

Page 32 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What’s Happening MURWILLUMBAH SHOW The Tweed River Agricultural Society will hold the 112th Murwillumbah Show on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3 at the Murwillumbah showgrounds. There will be an All breeds Yearling classic and an All breeds 2yr old classic offering $400 in prize money, plus two full days of showjumping. On Friday, events will include Local and District Hack and Rider classes and the hunter hacks and on Saturday the open hacks and registered breed classes with supreme led mare, gelding and stallion held at lunch time. Entertainment for the show will be the Friday night rodeo and Saturday night fireworks and all the traditional show exhibits and events For further information or schedules phone 02 6672 5507 or 0427 725507or visit

BANGALOW SHOW The Bangalow Show will be held on November 16 and 17 with Dressage to follow on Sunday, November 18. There will be a full ring program for all breeds of horses including a Supreme Led Exhibit, Supreme Champion Hack of the Show and Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of the Show. The maiden/novice, junior and juvenile campdraft will be held on Friday afternoon with the open campdraft on Saturday. There is a full ring program including Three Ring Circus for the ponies, galloways and hacks. Extra ring events include the team stockman ironman, Belt Buckle and Boot Cup, rodeo and barrel races. Camping is available - contact the caretaker on 02 6687 1035. For further information contact show secretary Karen Ryan on 02 6687 1033 or chief ring steward Ian Grissell on 0413 337 234 or email

DARRA OXLEY PONY CLUB SPORTS DAY The Darra Oxley Pony Club will host an open sports day on Sunday, October 21, starting at 9am. Age groups are 8 and under, 9 and 10 years, 11 and 12 years, 13 and 14 years, 15 and 16 years, 17-25 years, 26 years and over and events include Western Bend, bending, three flag race, mug race, bounce pony, half hitch, diamond flag, obstacle course, sporting figure of eight, running tee, wagon wheel. Trophies to sixth place will be awarded in each age group. Ribbons to sixth place will be awarded in each event and a nomination fee of $25 for the day will be accepted on the morning of the event. Darra Oxley Pony Club, 588 Boundary Rd, Richlands.

THE 112th Murwillumbah SHOW. NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd 2011 Entertainment FRIDAY NIGHT - RODEO SATURDAY NIGHT - FIREWORKS

“FREE ADMISSION” RING EVENTS - FRIDAY Local Hacks Rider classes Hunter Hacks Pony club events RING EVENTS - SATURDAY All Breeds Yearling & 2yr old classics Led and ridden Breed classes Supreme Led Mare, Gelding & Stallion Pony, Galloway & Hack classes Feature Harness Show 2 full days of showjumping All the traditional show exhibits & events Tweed River Agricultural Society Ltd Ph 0266 725507 or 0412 725507 E:

Darra Oxley Pony Club Open Sports Day Sunday 21 October 2012 9:00am

Events include Western Bend, Bending, 3 Flag Race, Mug Race, Bounce Pony, Half Hitch, Diamond Flag, Obstacle Course, Sporting Figure of 8, Running Tee, Wagon Wheel Trophies to 6th place in Age groups - Ribbons to 6th place in event

Enquiries 07 3375 3722 or

Mullumbimby Show Saturday10th & Sunday 11th November,2012. See website for program & entertainment. Phone.02 6684 2621. Email

Enquiries 07 3375 3722 or

Bangalow Show 16th 17th & 18th November

Friday - Breed classes Campdraft - Maiden Novice / Junior / Juvenile Saturday - 'Three Ring Circus' hack show , Show Jumping - Campdraft, Rodeo Stockman Ironman Sunday - Dressage Show Secretary Karen Ryan 02 6687 1033 - Chief Ring Steward Ian Grissell 0413 337 234 Email - Camping available - contact caretaker 02 6687 1035 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 33

The Horse Report

What’s Happening MULLUMBIMBY SHOW The Mullumbimby Show is back and will be held on November 10 and 11 at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds. On Saturday there will be a monster truck show, beef cattle, poultry, talent quest, showgirls, old engines display, vintage motorbikes display, snake man, dog and duck show, pavilion, arts and crafts, cooking, school displays, animal nursery and all the usual side shows and food stalls. There will be a bar and BBQ. Fireworks from 8pm. On Saturday in centre ring, there will be a full program of events for the horses, you will have led classes for Thoroughbred, ANSA, ponies, quarterhorses, Arabians, Palomino, Shetland, miniature, draught horse, brumby, paint and pinto, Western performance and a three ring program for hunters, hacks, galloways, ponies and trotting events. On Sunday there will be a pet show, finals of trotting, feature Stock Horse show with big prize money, rugs and feed as prizes. For more information visit Phone 02 6684 2621 or email

North Coast National Lismore Showgrounds

18 - 20 october Ph 02 6621 5916 0427 213 460

Alstonville Allbreeds show

7th October

NORTH COAST NATIONAL If you love horses then don’t miss all the events over the three days of the North Coast National! Thursday, October 18 – Thoroughbreds, Trotters and Pacers, Galloways, Aust Part Bred Ponies, Pure Welsh Ponies, Part Bred Welsh Ponies, Led Show Hunters, Shetland Ponies, Led Show Hacks, ANSA, APSB, ASP, ANSA, Connemarra, Pure Bred and Part Bred Welsh Ponies, ASH, Progeny, Harness Events, Palominos, Appaloosa, Paints, Pintos, Buckskins, Quarter Horse, All breeds ridden classes, showjumping, working dog trials Friday, October 19 – Youngstock, show ponies, riding ponies, hacks, Show Hunters, Arabs, derivative halter, purebred performance, derivative performance, combined performance, showjumping, team penning. Saturday, October 20 – Pony club events, open show hacks, open Show Hunter hacks, open show pony hacks, open show galloway hacks, senior riders, district ponies, district galloways, district hacks, district Hunters, miniature horses, small horses, small ponies, heavy horses, Gypsy Cobs, junior jumping, sporting events. For further information call 02 6621 5916 or visit

ALSTONVILLE ALLBREEDS The 2012 Alstonville Allbreeds Spring Horse Spectacular will be held at Alstonville Showgrounds on Sunday, October 7. Commencing at 9am (NSW) led and ridden classes for Allbreeds The popular Two Ring format for ponies, galloways and hacks, featuring the Supreme Champion Led Stallion of the Show Supreme Champion Led Mare of the Show, Supreme Champion Led Gelding of the Show, Supreme Champion Rider of the Show (Greg Potts Memorial), Supreme Champion Hack of the Show (Ward Rippon Memorial) and Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show. Show enquires to show co-ordinator Fay Kerslake 02 6628 8771 or 0400 064 582 chief ring steward George Parker 02 6683 1903 or 0412 662 545.

SAMFORD SHOW In July, wet weather saw the cancellation of the show’s equestrian events.They have been rescheduled to be held on October 13 and 14. Saturday will be breeds day and Sunday will be hacks and the youth feature show. They have an amazing lineup of prizes including rugs and garlands for all open champions and Kersey rugs and $250 cash for the Supreme Hack and Supreme show hunter. Programs are now available on the website visit Page 34

02 6628 8771 -

Samford Show Equestrian Events

13th & 14th October 2012 Saturday Breeds - Sunday Hacks

GARLANDS & RUGS for all OPEN CHAMPS Kersey Rugs + $250 cash for Supreme Hack & Supreme Hunter Supreme Leds, Best 2yo exhibit, Best Novice of Show and Highpoint Youth awards. enquires please Email Ph 0420 302 424 - 07 3289 4853 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Joann brings home gold and Paralympic glory Australia's Para-Equestrian team have been welcomed home after an outstanding performance in London. The team received a hero’s welcome in Sydney when their plane touched down. As they disembarked the plane athletes were greeted by the Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy, the Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott and about 300 family and friends. Joann Formosa was delighted to finally arrive home - her baggage weighing a little heavier than when she departed thanks to the gold medal she won in the grade Ib Individual Championship Test. The proud new owner of Australia’s first Equestrian gold medal from an Olympics or Paralympic Games since Sydney 2000 was upgraded to business class for the 24 hour flight home. “There was a great vibe on board the plane, everyone was in good spirits and it was lovely down my end of the plane. I had plenty of room to stretch out,” Joann said. “Now that we’re home it’s finally starting to sink in that I lived my dream and achieved my goal which was to win a gold medal. “I can’t wait to get home and celebrate with my family and friends.” Having experienced a whirlwind of emotions, our riders have earned a well-deserved rest with most saying their immediate plans involve catching-up on some sleep. “The days that we were out at


Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33

Cnr Bridge & Hume Sts Toowoomba Q 4350


Hay & Chaff delivered monthly to your door in your area

Clint Wilson Ph 0427 819 071


Master Farrier

Dane Batten 0439 765 780 07 5504 6829 now servicing the Tweed area

Horse report


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months

Joann Formosa won Australia’s first equestrian gold medal in either the Olympics or Paralympic Games since Sydney in 2000.

Greenwich were really long, we were just running on adrenalin towards the end of the Games so I think it will catch up with us now that we’re home,” said Sydney based rider Hannah Dodd. Following the welcome home ceremony, interstate riders said her farewells before boarding planes to take them home to their family and friends. A determined Joann Formosa said she’s keen to get straight back in the saddle and has her sights firmly set on making a second Paralympic Games team for the 2016 Games in Brazil. “Bring on Rio,” a smiling Joann said.

WANTED: Semi Retired stallion 54 NS SD Living on acerage in Tweed Heads seeks young filly 30-45 NS, SD to run around the paddocks with ring Les 0412 757 327

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721 ($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months)

 Thoroughbred Show & Performance Horse Ass. . . . . Ph 07 5426 1655  Narelle Wockner Photography - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0417 746 933  Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 02-6556 5387  The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721  Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085

 Animal Itch & Skin Remedies -  Cheryls Sheepskins -  Country Park Animal  DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch  EFA Queensland...  Embroidered saddlecloths -  Eq Land Developments  Equine on the web ...  Equilibrium Mineral Mix...  Equestrian On line ...  Feed XL...  Gallagher Electric fencing ...  Gold Coast Horse....  Greystone Manure Vacuums ...  Hasdun Horse Supplies …  Have Horse … Will Travel  Healing for Horses  Horseland.....  Hygain Feeds.....  Hypro Aust ( equine feeds)  Ken Faulkner...  Kentucky Equine  Kulavale Equestrian...  Lisa McCann Herbs .......  Mitavite ...  Magic Breed Foaling  Nathan Trailers at Nerang...  National Equestrian Wholesalers ....  Natural Hoof care .....  Natural equipment  Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel.....  New England Girls School .  Norco.....  Omega Feeds  Pharmachem ...  Redlands Vet Clinic ...  Replay Classifieds...  Stance Equine Feeds..........  Southwood Saddlery...  The Horse Report ...  Trojan Equine  Wild Horse - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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STOCKFEED 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat





Town & Country Supplies

12 Hildon Crt , Nerang

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday & Thursday Hay/Chaff,Grain & produce, Petfood, fertilizer, Saddlery, general fencing & electric fencing, Irrigation (Davey master Dealer), John Deere ride on mowers, Stihl outdoor power equipment, Honda outdoor power equipment generators push mowers & Crossfire ATV & dirtbikes

Ph 07 5596 1722 Fax 07 5578 3417

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484

Supplying Quality Stockfeeds Delivery available

MANAGER - Mal Charlton

Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808


TEESE TRADING Stocking T&T Grains, Hay, Chaff and Teese Trading’s Weightgain and Quality Horse Meal Gold Coast area

0448 103 000 FARRIER



Hay & Chaff

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

delivered monthly to your door in your area

Clint Wilson Ph 0427 819 071

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:



Master Farrier

Dane Batten

Kane Masters Ph: 0409 095 357 TRANSPORT

Tasmanian Horse Transport “Weekly service across Australia”

0439 765 780 07 5504 6829 now servicing Beenleigh to the Tweed WEBSITE


Rug Repairs

For all the info you need if you own a horse on the goldcoast all on one easy to use website

by Lynette Phone: 03 6496 1777 Mobile: 0428 141 419 JUMPING EQUIPMENT

Rips Repaired - Rugs Washed - Pick up available Mobile 0408 663 689 Email: Servicing the Tweed & Gold Coast area AGISTMENT


This is a scientific laboratory tested profile of your horses mineral and toxic metal levels

KERRY MARSH (B.Ed.,B.Ag.Sc) 0402 772 124 Email:

Phone: 0409 182 464 ADVERTISING


$250 for 12 months

Ph 07 55909721 Page 36







THE STABLE GUY Qualified Carpenter

* Stables * Sheds * Renovations * Maintenance

Ph Tim 0432 381 771 Northern Rivers - Gold Coast areas - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS ROSE’S DEALS ON WHEELS 607 Summerland Way Grafton contact Leanne 02 6643 1972 0427 431 973

LITE HAUL TRAILERS New Horse Floats Designed by Horseman Australian Made

McNeill Trailers Pty Ltd

Bluebelle Photography

HIRE FLOAT HIRE - SALES - SER VICE - REPAIRS Stud & Event Photography Studio & Glamour Photography

Bluebelle Photography Sydney Specialising in manufacturing custom made floats and trailers FLOATS FLOATS IN STOCK STOCK - STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT, ANGLE & GOOSENECK 43 Old Pacific Hwy Yatala. Qld ~ Ph 07 3807 8191 - Ph 0410 584 907 - Email:

Horse Floats & Goosenecks Drover 2,3,4 & 5 Horse- US made * Fully enclosed or open sided * From $16,490 * Living fit out from $4000 Ph Rebecca 0450 225 226

Guanaba Equestrian Centre Riding g Lessons and Ag gistment Jane Cassel 0421 632 660 Private or shared Paddocks - 8 stables Full or part care - Tack Room - Feed Storage Full Size Sand Dressage Arena - Concrete Wash Bay Lesson Available by Appointment, Your Horse or Ours Catering for beginners to Advanced Riders


Collaroy Road, Guanaba Qld 4210

269 Mann St, Armidale NSW Ph. 02 6772 8880 Email:

Equine Massage Therapy specialising in the performance horse and rider

Jane Burke Dip RM, Dip AR Ph 0488 171 176


or book for 12 months for $400 GET 2 ISSUES FREE Ph Paula 07 5590 9721


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BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS The worlds best equine grooming range

Beerbur r um Feeders

Shapleys M-T-G

Treats QLD-Itch, Rain Scald, Dermatitis Greasy Heel & rapidly increases hair growth

Eqyss Mega-Tek Cell Rebuilder The best in grooming from the USA

EQUINE BODYWORK Bowen Therapy Massage LED Lights (Tendons, Muscle Tears)


Riverina / Mi-Feed / Prydes / Allora Hay / Straw / Chaff Horse Feed & Accessories Dog Houses /Flea & Tick Control Feeders Sugar Cane Mulch Garden & Fencing Supplies Everything for Poultry & Birds

SHOP 1 BEERBURRUM RD BEERBURRUM 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat

PUREBRED Ducks, Chickens, Pol Hens & Meat Chicks Chicken Coops made to order

PH: 0450 882 533



Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead


MAREE FAINT 0447 382 273

Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday & Thursday Hay/Chaff,Grain & produce, Petfood, fertilizer, Saddlery, general fencing & electric fencing, Irrigation (Davey master Dealer), John Deere ride on mowers, Stihl outdoor power equipment, Honda outdoor power equipment generators push mowers & Crossfire ATV & dirtbikes

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808 email: - Ph 0448 850 042




MASTER FARRIER Sarah Mc Andrew Tarago, NSW Phone: 0417 550 215

Ph 07 5541 0983

Mob 0413 800 837 ~ All Areas ~

Balanced Trimming - Hot Shoeing Cutters - Reiners - Cow Horses - Thoroughbreds - Yearlings Corrective Shoeing

Kane Masters Ph: 0409 095 357 Page 38 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS Alexandra Strange Equine Remedial Therapist Mob : 0401 072 974 Email: Servicing Northern NSW and South East Queensland

TEESE TRADING Stocking T&T Grains, Hay, Chaff and Teese Trading’s Weightgain and Quality Horse Meal Gold Coast area

0448 103 000 LISA McCANN HERBS Qld Itch Blend 1kg @ $35.00 Joint Blend 1kg @ $60.00 Phone Ph: 07 5447 7644

PO Box 161 Ballina NSW 2478 Tel: 02 6686 5934 Fax: 02 6681 5749 Email us at RUðQGRXWPRre at

StudX Penetrating

BLACK FENCE FINISH Trusted by Australia's largest Studs. Mobile 0417 711 445 or Ph (07) 5578 1822

Piggabeen Stockfeeds Deliveries Monday and Friday am

Now Stocking -

Quality Horse meals at affordable prices from $15.00 NEW HOURS 1-5 PM MON WED FRI 9 AM - 1 PM SATURDA Y SATURDAY 783 Piggabeen Road, Piggabeen NSW

Ph 07 5590 8373 * Near Tweed Heads *

Tassiriki Ranch Horse Riding & Holiday Cabins

Easy Online Ordering & Nationwide Delivery Ph (02) 4001 0174 219 Wollombi Rd, Cessnock, NSW 2325

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/ animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney. Contact: • NSW DPI at Kirra 07 075536 55361290 4714 - 07 5536 1290 • Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 • Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or 132 5234057 Helidon 07 5465 or 0423 631 766 Cattle ticks are a notifiable Cattle ticks are a notifiable in NSW diseasedisease in NSW

disease in NSW

The Horse Report Copyright Reserved

Published by Cobaki Enterprises Enquires contact : Paula or Bob Anthony 11 Kalkadoon Court, Cobaki 2486

Ph: 07 5590 9721. Mob: 0413 733 294 Email: The publishers take every care possible in the preparation of "The Horse Report", however are not liable or responsible for any typographical error, mistake or misprint. "The Horse Report" reproduces advertisements provided by advertisers, however gives no warranty nor makes any representation as to the truth, accuracy or sufficiency of any statement, photograph or description contained therein. "The Horse Report" accepts no liability whatsoever for any material or financial loss suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part on any statement, photograph or description contained therein. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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DALBY AUSTRALIAN STOCK HORSE SALE 30th November 2nd December 2012 Dalby Showgrounds, Dalby


Weekend Events &RIDAYTH.OVEMBER AM Vendors Breakfast 8am Round One - Incentive Drafts Commences PM Open Campdraft Commences Saturday 1st December 2012 AM Final Round - Incentive Drafts Commences 8am Inspections of Sale Horses AM Parade & Cattle Working Demonstrations %VENING Table Dinning, BBQ, Bar, Live Entertainment & Arena Spectacular Sunday 2nd December 2012 AM Sale Opened by Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry - John McVeigh Followed by OfďŹ cial Presentation of Incentive Draft Winners 7am 38th Annual Stock Horse Sale



Eve n Inc Bigg ent e ive r Tha s nT Yea his r!

4()39%!23$2!&4).#%.4)6%3 4/4!,).'$45,000 ).#,5$).'s/PEN$RAFTn  s$ONRICA'ELDING)NCENTIVE$RAFTn  s!GED#HAMPIONSYEARSANDOVERn  s&UTURE#HAMPIONSUPTOYEARSn  Online Catalogue will be available once horses are ASH Approved

Full details: Proud to be associated with “Australia’s Premier Stock Horse Sale� Online Nominating at Contact - Mark Duthie 0448 016 950

The Horse Report october 2012 issue  

Equestrian Magazine

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