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PERMETROL Insecticidal rinse concentrate. Contains Permethrin. Dilute 10mL into a spray bottle with 400mL of water. Protects for up to 2 weeks. Zone Control: Also apply to stables, floats and rugs









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Equine Health Feature

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Super-fast Hendra test kit breakthrough By UNIVERSITY QLD NEWS University of Queensland vets are diagnosing the deadly Hendra virus in horses faster than ever, developing a diagnostic point-ofcare kit that can detect the pathogen in under an hour, rather than days. Veterinarian Professor Ben Ahern said a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test to detect Hendra infections in horses has been sorely needed for decades. “Hendra virus kills humans and horses alike – the virus spreads to horses from flying foxes, with an infected horse occasionally passing the infection on to humans,” Professor Ahern said. “Without vaccination, the virus has a case fatality rate of 57 per cent among humans and 79 per cent among horses – it’s incredibly deadly. “Rather than sending samples off to a lab, which risks an outbreak in the meantime, our testing protocol takes routine samples from a possibly infected horse and inactivates any virus that may be present in those samples. “Following a heat treatment step of samples to inactivate the virus, these non-infectious samples are then tested using a handy molecular diagnostics machine – known as a LAMP Genie III – which is about the size of a box of tissues and is battery powered and completely portable. “This process gives us results in under one hour, which is incredibly fast when compared to the many days it may take from collection of samples, getting them tested at an external lab and obtaining results.

The LAMP Genie III diagnostic machine, and the Hendra diagnostic sampling kit. “Horses aren’t suffering in the interim and humans giving care to them can avoid becoming exposed.” Development of the point-of-care Hendra virus LAMP test has now advanced to the manufacturing stage and commercial kits are currently being produced. Pending final approval from the Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer, the Genie machine and associated Hendra virus LAMP kits will be available for veterinarians to purchase and use. “Due to the cost and technical training required, these tests will likely be performed by veterinarians or large equestrian bodies with veterinarian assistance,” Professor Ahern said. A ready-to-go Hendra virus test

kit, along with a LAMP Genie III diagnostic machine, which together can diagnose Hendra virus in horses in under an hour. “However, with the mobile capacity of this testing system, they can go directly to a farm to diagnose a suspected case, expanding treatment options for horses.” Annelies McGaw, AgriFutures Australia Manager, Research – a key partner involved in funding the development of the kits – said the project was a big win for horse and human health. “AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program invests in research and development that improves the profitability and sustainability of the Australian thoroughbred industry, meaning the health of our farmers, stablehands,

farriers and horses is critical,” Ms McGaw said. “This research has resulted in timely and tangible solutions for the thousands of people working in horse-related industries across the country, and we’re thrilled to see these tests becoming a reality. “We’re extremely proud of the research and development we get to work on, not just within the thoroughbred horse industry, but across the agricultural landscape.” Equestrian NSW CEO Bruce Farrar said that, as a significant funder of the project, they were delighted with the progress made by Professor Ahern and his team. “We look forward to the roll out of the testing kits, to provide a safer and faster diagnosis of suspected Hendra viruses cases.”

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Mikalya Simmonds, Jessica Fedrick and Clare Fedrick -

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Dannica Whitty competing at the Tamworth State Championships. Photo: Julie Wilson

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Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report PERFECT FOR THOROUGHBREDS, HARNESS, DRESSAGE, WESTERN, SHOWJUMPING NOW Available from all leading Fodder Stores across Australia. If your store doesn’t yet stock B- COMPLETE, ask them to get it in from our Distributers - AIRR, Eastern Distributers, or Nature’s Harvest


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Equine Health Feature

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Educating owners in equine dentistry By JASMIN DORRINGTON Why does my horse need a dentist? Some people believe because wild horses never see a dentist that their horse doesn't need one either but what if it can prolong your horse's life? Others believe that equine dentistry is for stabled horses or competition horses - does that mean you love non-competing horses less? The truth is all domestic horses need regular dentistry to be comfortable, maximise function of dentition and perform. Comfort: Prevent sharp enamel points protuberant to soft tissue causing pain and lesions in the mouth and bitting discomfort. Function: Secure the longevity of as many existing, viable teeth as much as possible (first teeth may start to expire naturally from 18/19 years of age until 25). Maximise occlusion from surface to surface and enable all upper and lower cheek teeth and incisors to function effectively. Performance: A balanced mouth allows correct mastication which increases digestion of feed to maintain body condition. A balanced mouth allows the jaw to move laterally as well as forward and back when lowering and lifting the head. A comfortable mouth can encourage a relaxed tongue, which can help your horse breathe unrestricted whilst performing.

Sharp enamel points cause pain and lesions in the mouth. Domestic horses v wild horses Wild horses typically live in an environment with more roughage and no processed feed like baled hay, pellets, cut up chaffs, extruded cereals, starch etc. They generally graze for approximately 16-18 hours a day, covering up to 30km and performing over 60,000 grinding strokes per day with their lower jaw. Baled hay and rations of processed fibre/grains do not require cutting or tearing with the incisors like the normal process of grazing. Short fibres, chaffs and concentrates do not require the full range of motion of the mandible during the grinding stroke of mastication. This may leads to irregular and

Maintaining equine health will result in better performance. minimal wear and other dental pathologies. Due to irregular function, sharp enamel points (commonly buccal, on upper outside edges of cheek teeth particularly towards the rear of the mouth and lower lingual edges of cheek teeth, next to tongue) are formed and can cause minor to severe discomfort and ulceration of the oral mucosa. What happens at your equine dental appointment? I will assess your horse's overall body condition and symmetry of neck, poll and head, estimate the horse's age and assess your horse's behaviour to see if he will require sedation for safe and thorough dental assessment/work. Unsafe horses won't be treated unsedated. "Referrals to a vet or clinic may apply if sedation required, treatment is surgical or outside of my scope and if further diagnostics and treatments are necessary." I will assess the masticatory system including but not limited to: apparent function and symmetry, incisors, canines, wolf teeth (if present), cheek teeth batteries, lateral excursion, rostral caudal movement, occlusion, sharp points protuberant to soft tissue, malocclusions, compromised, malformed, deformed dentition and overall function. Your horse will be fitted with a full mouth speculum (or gag). I'll then rinse the mouth and assess the oral cavity & cheek teeth. All findings are recorded, using the Pimbury Dental App and a treatment plan will be discussed with you. I'll then perform the agreed treatment, record work performed and clean my equipment. Post -appointment I'll email you the dental chart/s and you'll receive reminders for when your horse is due next. I do care about your horse & appreciate your feedback.

About your practitioner I was born and raised in Switzerland and always had a passion for horses and animal welfare. From show vaulting to eventing and riding top class Irish sport horses to abandoned, lost equine souls. These days I enjoy riding for a practical purpose - mustering cows, checking fences on horseback, starting horses under saddle or retraining them and building up their fitness on the beach or in the bush. Natural Horsemanship has

become my life philosophy My vision is to help Equidae (horses, ponies, donkeys) to masticate feed in comfort and pain free. This gives them the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability regardless of their destiny and rules out behavioural issues due to oral discomfort. I treat every horse as equally important, providing an affordable, professional, quality service to the best of my ability. In 2019 I enrolled in the Australian qualification: Certificate IV in Equine Dentistry which is delivered by Joblink Plus Training in Tamworth. I plan to complete this qualification and then work toward meeting the certified standard of the International Association of Equine Dentistry…. My quest is to educate horse owners, riders, trainers and enthusiasts; work holistically with referral pathways to other professionals for the benefit of the horse & continue to learn & grow in the industry. I can offer a complementary Educational Dental Talk, if you organise a group. I also facilitate Natural Horsemanship Trainings, subject to availability. "My MISSION is to provide Equine Dentistry in an atmosphere of trust & compassion.

Balanced Prongs Performance Equine Dentistry

Bilambil’s Pet Paradise Horse Welfare & Education - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Health Feature

Hemp, the natural nutrition for horses By BROADLEAFHEMP.COM Vital Equine is an Australian company focused on natural health care for horses, offering a range of equine hemp feeds, hemp oil, hemp balm and a prebiotic gut formula. What is it ? Hemp oil & horse feed is 100% Australian grown and contains most of the missing pieces of your horse's nutritional puzzle. It is rich in anti-oxidants, high in soluble fibre (27%), Omega oils and essential fatty acids and features the correct ratio of zinc to copper. It is suitable as a feed for grain intolerant horses and is a high energy, sustained release horse food that horses find highly palatable and is digestible in the hind-gut. How do you feed it ? Just adding 1-2 cup of hemp feed or 15ml of hemp oil per day with your existing feed regime is the perfect nutritional boost to balance your horse's diet. Why should I feed it ? Vital Equine may help with focus & anxiety, seizures & pain, cardiovascular health & circulation, Queensland Itch, inflammation, nervous tension, digestion & immunity, laminitis, arthritis & more. Vital Equine for horses is a soluble fibre, that contains magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, calcium & potassium plus all 20 amino acids It’s a 100% natural Australian horse feed - a natural superfood that your horses love. There’s no GMO, no fillers, no additives. Australian Equine Gold

Vital Equine is highly palatable and can assist with a range of equine ailments.

Plant Science are the new kids on the block, creating effective equine products. Plant Science harnesses the unique synergy of innovative Aussie farmers and scientists to create simple, yet powerful, plant-based products for both people and horses. Australian Equine Gold is made from 100% camelina oil, Australia's newest seed crop. It is organically grown, harvested and cold pressed using innovative technology and processed on Plant Science's farm in Victoria. Camelina oil has a grassy smell that your horses will love, and contains a great balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9 (2:1:1); providing a rich source of beneficial fatty acids together with vitamin E, antioxidants and plant cholesterol for radiant coats, healthy skin, heart and joints, and a great energy source when needed like on competition day. During our trials with Australian Equine

Gold, horses were found to experience immediate wellness, increased happiness and ease to work with. Other benefits will include healthy joints, hearts, skin and energy. Some of their products are Hemp Equine Prebiotic - The Moulin Blend Your horse's digestive health plays a pivotal role in their overall health, wellbeing, metabolism, a strong immune system and performance. During times of stress or perhaps not managing our horse's diets as well as we could be, will open the door for your horses to develop issues such as weight loss, behavioral problems and performance issues. Daily use of The Moulin Blend can both correct and prevent these issues happening by restoring your horse's gut to optimal health. Only Moulin blend and Camelina oil are non

swabbable. This carefully formulated horse feed supplement is a powerful prebiotic. It is made from Australian hemp seeds, containing high dietary fibre, protein and trace minerals helping to support the health of your horse's gut. The result is calmer horses, increased weight gain and optimised health and wellbeing. Vital equine is currently working on an Australian made range of hemp/camelina pellets and a range of hemp fabric clothing for riders plus hemp rope leads for horses available next month. For further information visit

Treating skin conditions Dealing with bacterial and fungal skin/hoof infections are, unfortunately, a fairly common aspect of owning or working with horses. From a slight loss of hair to a nasty sore that won't heal up, a smelly hoof or a lame horse, these are a part of equestrian life we could certainly do without. EquineCare Probiotic makes it easy to deal with minor greasy heel, rain scald and thrush with a simple daily spray to the infected area. Probiotics are a hot topic at the moment and there's a good reason why. Non-toxic, safe and effective, kind to your animal, you, and the environment, it just makes sense to harness the power of nature for dealing with these conditions. Treating with probiotics means you aren't contributing to the threat of antibiotic resistance either. EquineCare’s blend of beneficial microbes work together in various ways to tackle the pathogens "bad guys" that cause infection. These methods include predation (they eat them), occupation (they take over the space) and quorum sensing (once the numbers are in our favour the "bad guys" simply give up). Page 6

Greasy Heel - Rain Scald - Thrush Greasy heel No need to remove scabs, simply spray directly to the site of infection. Rain scald - Spray directly to the site of infection. Thrush Pick out hoof and spray daily. Onset seedy toe - Spray daily. Preventative - Spray once or twice weekly to susceptible areas on hoof or skin. All EquineCare microbes are naturally occurring, GRAS listed (generally recognized as safe) organisms. EquineCare Probiotics passion and enthusiasm for this product is reflected through the many happy customers who are just as enthusiastic about it. Check out the reviews and feedback on the Facebook page - EquineCare Probiotic. There are also stockists listed on the website or purchase at the shop page online. See the ad in this edition for a free shipping promo code HHH

Topical treatment for minor skin conditions caused by Greasy Heel, Rain Scald & Thrush

For FREE SHIPPING Australia wide use Promo Code HORSEREPORT on our Website. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report VITAL EQUINE Hemp

The Natural Nutrition for Horses

Australian grown Hemp oil

Horse Feed

* Hemp Horse Feed * Hemp Equine Prebiotic * Hemp Oil * Hemp, Tumeric & Black Pepper Oil * Equine Hemp Balm * Hemp & Camelina + Hemp & Biochar Pellets

coming soon

Made in NSW, Australia by Broadleaf Hemp " Wholesale & distribution opportunities available " - - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

EQUINE & CANINE PATENT FORMULAS Following the success of HOOF GOLD and increasing demand from veterinarians, Farriers and clients we embarked on producing our next generation of formulas. NEW Equine & Canine Range TM

We are proud to announce the release of our two new patent formulations, BONE GOLDTM and COAT GOLDTM in both the Equine and Canine presentations. Our Formulas have been granted Innovative Patents as they present as totally unique in the market and are clearly differentiated from all other supplements. Our new products have been produced with the same attention to detail with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients manufactured in an Australian GMP approved site. Unlike most other supplements made in feed barns or pet food factories, this guarantees the quality and quantity of each ingredient in all our products. VET GOLDTM products are made in the same laboratories as many Veterinary Pharmaceuticals with the highest quality control standards in the Australian Veterinary industry. Our products are developed with specialist bio-engineers focused on ensuring maximising product effectiveness balancing ingredient ratios and particle sizes to optimise physiological uptake, digestibility and stability.

Extensive research and development in conjunction with clinical testing and observation by Veterinary Surgeons on clinical equine and canine cases is conducted on all our products. Dr Watts has lectured at Equine Veterinary Association meetings, at the University of Queensland and runs regular remedial Equine podiatry workshops in conjunction with Veterinary colleagues and Farriers in addition to running a busy clinical Equine Practice. VET GOLDTM is a family owned Australian business that takes pride in all our product range with comprehensive personal support with any questions answered directly by Dr Andrew Watts and his stoic knowledgeable partner Mel Watts. Please feel welcome to contact us anytime, we look forward to personally providing any technical or medical support or information regarding our products.


HOOF GOLD NUTRITIONAL HOOF SUPPLEMENT Contains nutrients which have been found to contribute to the health of Hooves, Hair and Skin.

BONE GOLD SUPPORTS BONE JOINT & COLLAGEN HEALTH Contains nutrients to support Type I, II, III Collagen formation

By Dr Andrew Watts

COAT GOLD SUPPORTS COAT AND HAIR HEALTH Contains the essential Amino Acids and building blocks for the production Keratin


EMAIL: Page 8

WEB: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

the Australian name in Premium Equine Supplements



Balance to grow and perform EqNC EQUIL is formulated to bring balance into your horse’s nutrition when only the BEST is good enough. Highly concentrated and including the optimum levels of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids, EqNC Equil also includes Levucell SC, a live yeast, used as a probiotic, to support the digestive function VWDELOL]LQJ the hindgut of your horse. (]HPSHISL HZ SVVZL THZO MVY LHZ` HUK Lɉ JPLU[ Z\WWSLTLU[H[PVU ,X\PS JHU be added to your existing feed to ensure optimum nutritional balance or of course feed it on its own. Equil may also be fed ad lib as a loose lick. Or, if you prefer to feed a complete feed... Make sure to choose QPD’s Mare and Foal Gold Formula, with EqNC Equil. It is a highly palatable blend of your horse’s favourite grains with a drip of molasses for the fussy eaters.



EqNC Premium is a well-balanced, highly nutritious and JVZ[ LɈ LJ[P]L YH[PVU IHSHUJPUN Z\WWSLTLU[ Horses love our Premium Horse Lick which contains 3-10 times more minerals than the average block. This high concentration means low MLLKPUN YH[LZ THRPUN P[ ]LY` LJVUVTPJHS HUK LɈ LJ[P]L Safe for Laminitis or EMS prone horses/ponies. Also available as pellets - our Premium Bites make for easy portioning.

Excepti tional nutritio onal ]HS\ ]H S L MMV VY money

-VY TVYL PUMVYTH[PVU HUK [V Ä UK `V\Y ULHYLZ[ Z[VJRPZ[ ]PZP[ - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

Oil more than just an energy source By LARISSA BILSTON, BAgrSc (Hons 1), Animal Nutritionist, Farmalogic WHY FEED OIL TO HORSES? Oils are essential to the diets of all mammals, but they do much more than just store fat for energy. Scientists working in both human and animal nutrition are continually learning more about how fats work in the body. Nutritionists now promote fats and fatty acids as key nutrients that affect early growth and development as well as nutrition-related chronic disease later in life. Fats (or lipids) function as energy storage, chemical messengers, form the membranes of all the body's cells, help the body absorb fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), control hormones and play a huge role in regulating inflammatory processes in the immune system. Green grass is a natural source of fat in the equine diet, usually containing between one and four per cent oil. Young leafy grass is higher in fat than mature plants. Pasturesourced oil is responsible for giving horses the shiny coats so often seen in spring when new green shoots come through. A famous advertising campaign from global engine oil giant, Castrol, brought the term "Oils ain't oils" into common use in the 1980s. Although Castrol was referring to the performance of various types of industrial and automotive oils, the same applies to fats and oils in animal nutrition. The type of fatty acids that form a natural part of the horse diet and the most common fat supplements are polyunsaturated fats, mainly omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. Although we see and hear a lot of advertising and reports highlighting the need to eat more omega-3 oils (and feed them to our pets) - humans, dogs and horses require both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. There are many situations when an oil supplement can be a useful addition to a horse ration. Feeding oil as a calorie souce Oil is extremely dense in calories so can be used to increase the energy consumption of a horse, especially when it is not safe or possible to add any more grain or concentrates to the diet. Oil is commonly used in workPage 10

Oils are a great source of calories and energy for your horses

ing horse mixes and breeding feeds or top-dressed on to an individual ration. A broodmare producing milk for a large, rapidly growing foal, an underweight horse or a horse in very heavy work may be eating as much hard feed as they can safely consume but still need more calories to avoid weight loss. A diet comprising five to 10 percent of the diet as oil is a good nutritional option for horses with high energy requirements. Research indicates that feeding up to one ml of vegetable oil per kilogram of horse bodyweight may provide a metabolic advantage in endurance horses. It is important to increase vitamin E supplementation when feeding significant levels of oil aim for 1.5 IU of vitamin E per ml of supplemental oil. Which oils are best to feed as an energy source? Nutritionists advise that equine diets should contain more omega-3 fatty acids than omega-

6, therefore careful consideration should be given to the type of vegetable oil used for supplementing calories. The total calories of all types of pure vegetable oil are practically the same, but their fatty acid composition varies - see Table 1 below Flaxseed (linseed) oil contains the highest concentration of omega-3 to omega-6 and is an excellent (although expensive) choice for adding to your horse's diet. For horses, canola oil is often good choice as a calorie source since it is well-priced and although it is higher in omega-6 than omega-3, the levels are not too difficult to correct. Coconut oil can also be used to add calories to the diet, but it is predominantly saturated fat so is not contributing essential polyunsaturated omega-3 or omega-6 fats to the diet. Sunflower, corn, peanut and rice bran oils require a lot of additional omega-3 to balance their very high levels of omega-6.


An oil source with significantly higher levels of omega-3 than omega-6 is needed to correct the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio across the whole diet. Of the plant-based omega-3 sources, linseeds (flaxseed), chia seeds and stabilised linseed oils are the best options. Hemp seeds are higher in omega-6 than omega-3. Algal or fish-sourced supplements are capable of providing omega-3s with virtually no omega-6, making them many times more effective for diet balancing than plant-based omega3 sources. continued page 11

Linseeds & Omega 3’s "Linseeds are only effective as an omega-3 supplement if fed freshly ground. Exposure to light, heat and moisture destroys the fragile omega-3 molecules so seeds should not have the seed coat broken unless being fed within hours. Boiling linseeds destroys the omega-3s. Omega-3 rich oils only retain their ALA levels if coldpressed. The oil keeps best in a dark jar under refrigeration to protect the fragile omega-3s. Stabilising with the addition of an antioxidant increases shelf life. Some omega-3 supplements contain powdered omega-3s made from oils coated in a protective powder and preserved with antioxidants to maintain omega-3 levels under more 'normal' feed shed conditions." - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

Oil plays a crucial role in nutrition From page 10 Feeding oil for good health and coast shine All oil will improve the shine of horses' coats, but most oils commonly used for this purpose lead to an unhealthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists warn that diets too high in omega-6 oils can cause chronic inflammation and may lead to degenerative and inflammatory health issues over time. Adding omega-3 supplements to horse and dog diets is documented to improve skin health and reduce the incidence of itch. The health benefits of omega-3 oils Different kinds of omega-3 fatty acids perform various important functions in the body. Plant-sourced ALA plays an important role in maintaining the health of the heart and circulatory system. Marine or algae-sourced EPA and DHA are important for brain, eye and heart health, development and function of the nervous system, cell membrane integrity and

oxygen transfer. DHA levels are especially high in the retina (eye), brain, and sperm cells. Research highlights numerous benefits in athletic and reproductive performance from feeding supplemental marine-sourced DHA/EPA. Benefits include: * Lower heart rate during exercise; * Improved recovery after exercise; * Support for joints and connective tissue; * Modulates the immune system to reduce inflammation; * Healthier membrane phospholipids in horses with airway disease; * Improved quality of coolstored stallion semen and better tolerance of sperm to freezing. It is important that the equine diet contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy immune system. Most modern equine diets provide plenty of omega-6 and usually require omega-3 supplementation to achieve an optimal balance.


Hoof - Sole - Hide Multi-P Purpose Ointment Aids in the protection & maintenance against greasy heel, cuts and abrasions white-line / seedy toe & thrush under shoe white-line and nail hoof cracks & hoof health hoof soreness & soft soles water resistant. Repels flies

hole protection

375g $39.00 600g $59.00 1kg $89.00 All prices include gst Express Post flate rate $8.00

View or buy online at Wholesale enquiries welcomed

Contact Leeanne at customer service 0400 278 180 Email:

The superior solution for Omega-3 supplementation in breeding, growing, performance & show horses.

Scientifically-proven Scienti t fi f cally ly-p ingredients to assis assist i t wi w with: t : th Immune support Respiratory health Dry skin and itch Fertility Anti-inflammatory Stores safely at room temperature Sto t re r ss ture r

EVM Omega-3 PLUS An all-in-one vitamin, mineral and omega-3 balancer for breeding, performance and hay-reliant horses.

Minerals Vitamins DHA & EPA Omega-3s Probiotics Biotin malogicglobal b com - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

Could your horse feed be causing problems


Equicare Australia 24 hour care and rehabilitation

Don't think your horse is quite right? Could your horse’s feed be causing problems? The global epidemic of obesity in humans illustrates that humans don't manage to feed ourselves optimally. High levels of salt, sugar and starch highlight that too much of some things can be a much bigger problem than insufficient calories in our modern, affluent world. Equine nutrition has taken great strides forwards in recent years and the trend to high fibre and oil diets has reduced the risk of laminitis, colic and ulcers for many horses. But there are still nutrients horse owners seem to overdose with gay abandon. At the top of the list is potassium (in rich, highly fertilised pasture and forages) and magnesium (added to feeds and supplements when modern high fibre diets already supply well above the recommended amounts). Magnesium is a proven sedative

that is also demonstrated to build up the more you feed (Hintz & Schryver). But worse than that, it blocks the system that switches almost every cell in the body on and off (Calcium Signalling). So overdosing isn't benign. It has implications for brain function, muscles, tendons, bones and many other organs. In the past decade EquiFeast has invested heavily in trying to understand anything that interferes with their patented Chelated Calcium nutrition. And top of that list is magnesium. Why not read more and ask the firm for an obligation free diet review:

* Post operative care * Eye care * Wound care * Rehabilitation for performance horses Equicare Australia stables are airy and weather protected. Double size if needed ( subject to availability). Acupuncture, massage,diagnostic hair analysis and homeopathic remedies also available Conveniently located at Beaudesert 2 mins from Scenic Rim Veterinary Centre Our experienced and caring staff offer you and your horse 24 hour peace of mind

Contact Belinda Little 0400 842 632 Email: info 0414 515 400 Page 12 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report



1800 136 393 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Health Feature

The Horse Report

Equine gastric ulcers: signs, diagnosis and treatment By THE RIVERS EQUINE VETS Gastric ulcers, or Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), is one of the most common diseases affecting the equine stomach. Gastric ulcers can affect all breeds of horses and can be categorised by the area of the stomach they affect, and the severity of the ulceration. Gastric ulcers can range from mild to severe and can be challenging to identify- no clinical sign or lab test is specific for ulcers. Symptoms can vary, and diagnosis can be tricky as they can present similarly to other common complaints. Symptoms to look for in your horse: - Decreased appetite and reluctance to feed. - Abdominal discomfort (colic) - Poor performance or a change in attitude. - Weight loss and poor body condition - Change in hair coat. Diagnosis of ulcers. Diagnosis relies on visualisation of ulcers in the stomach region, and this is achieved with the use of a Gastroscope. The apparatus is a three-metre-long flexible tube that is passed down the oesophagus via the nostril. A camera on the end of the scope is used to view the inside of the stomach, with the Gastroscope being connected to a computer screen. A Gastroscope gives us the ability to view the squamous, glandular and pyloric regions of the stomach - all common areas for ulcers.

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A Gastroscope examination of your horse’s stomach can provide quick information for treatment of gastric ulcers.

During your horse’s scope, the vet can take video or photos of any area of interest. Prior to scoping, your horse's stomach will need to be empty, therefore fasting is carried out from the previous evening. A sedative is used to help keep your horse relaxed and comfortable - the procedure is not painful but it can be a little unfamiliar for your horse. Treatment Treatment consists of environmental, behavioural, dietary management as well as medical intervention. Put simply, it is all about dampening down the acid production within your horse's stomach. This can be achieved via forage consumption (pasture, roughage eg hay) which provides a physical barrier; lining the stomach to help reduce acid "splashing", H2 blockers (antacids), Sucralfate - which creates a coating over ulcers, and proton pump inhibitors

(or omeprazole) have proven to be extremely effective. For the holistic person, herbs such as Comfrey Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Liquorice, Meadowsweet and Slippery Elm have all shown properties that provide a mucous layer over the stomach lining, but they do take longer to have a beneficial effect. To prevent ulcers in horses, avoid long periods without access to feed, and allow your horse to graze for extended periods of time just as they would in the wild. Reducing stressors, avoiding high grain diets and prophylactic treatment can help prevent ulcers. If you suspect your horse is suffering from gastric ulcers, contact The Rivers Equine Vets we can help. We regularly host Gastroscopy days, please don't hesitate to contact our office on 02 6672 3898. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What happens when a horse ‘ties up’? By DAVID LOVELL BVSc Redlands Veterinary Clinic Exertional rhabdomyolysis, commonly known as ‘tying-up’, is a muscular disorder in horses that occurs either during or immediately after exercise. The term rhabdomyolysis actually means destruction of muscle and this is exactly what happens when a horse "ties-up". The exact mechanisms and cause of the disease are still relatively poorly understood but much has been learned in the last 20 years about this terrible condition. For some reason, the normal aerobic metabolic pathways generating the energy required to power the muscles becomes compromised. The steady state in the muscle environment depends on the blood supply delivering oxygen to the muscle cells to power energy production and removal of waste products. Blood supply and oxygen delivery fails and anaerobic, or without oxygen, mechanisms kick in to provide the energy. This is a terribly inefficient mechanism and results in the accumulation of massive amounts of lactic acid which ultimately destroy the muscle fibres in the local environment. Classic signs of tying-up include stiffness, sweating, muscle tremors and a reluctance to move as a result of the extremely painful

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Tying-up is a condition which is common among high performance horses.

muscle degeneration. Varying degrees of these symptoms can be seen ranging from a mild stiffness through to a complete inability to move, recumbency and ultimately death. A major by-product of the muscle breakdown is a substance called myoglobin. This product is excreted into the urine via the kidneys and causes the urine to show a dark red-brown discolouration. The large muscle groups in the back and hindquarters are usually the groups affected although it can occur in the shoulder muscles as well. Affected muscles usually become swollen

and firm and painful to palpate. Tying-up occurs most commonly as a sporadic unexpected sudden onset disease but it can be a chronic, on-going and very frustrating problem. Research has now identified two different syndromes in horses that suffer the disease. Both seem to have a genetic basis. The most common form seen in performance horses is known as Recurrent Exertional Rhabdomyolysis, (RER), and seems to be more prevalent in thoroughbred, standardbred, and Arabian derivative horses. Researchers have identified genetic factors that seem to make certain horses susceptible to developing the problem. The other form of the disease is definitely heritable and seems to be more common in quarter horses and heavy draft breeds and is known as Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy. These horses sustain and abnormal accumulation of glycogen, (carbohydrate), in their muscles which under certain conditions will undergo a rapid anaerobic conversion to lactic acid. There is a genetic test available in the USA to identify horses carrying this form of the disease. Definitive diagnostic confirmation can be obtained via a blood test which shows characteristic elevations of marker muscle enzymes. Continued page 17 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Proper horse management can reduce tying up risks From page 16

Many owners pass off vague obscure stiffness and lameness as tying-up. Many times these horses are in fact not tying-up and owners should seek proper diagnostic testing. RER is the form we see more commonly in our horses. Clinical signs are more common in horses on a high grain diet. The type of exercise and use of horse seems to induce different syndromes. Racehorses often exhibit signs when they are restrained to slower paces during training more so than after a maximal race. Three day event horses often develop the condition after the steeplechase or the beginning of the cross country. Dressage horses may show signs of back soreness and stiffness when collected. Standardbreds usually develop rhabdomyolysis after 20 - 30 minutes of jogging and Arabians seem to also develop the signs after a period of light exercise, particularly if they are excited. RER potentially is related to situations involving: (a) Overexertion (exercising beyond the current level of conditioning) (b) Sudden changes in training regimes, management, and stress (c) Exercising in hot humid conditions (probably related to electrolyte changes) (d) Dietary issues - High grain/energy diets combined with selenium, vitamin E and electrolyte or mineral deficiencies (e) Gender - Highly strung and nervous fillies are more prone than males. No one is sure of what actually

precipitates an attack but an analysis of the above factors provides some invaluable clues. Firstly the horse is a very strict creature of habit. Their digestive system dictates that regular smaller feeding patterns are essential. Any factor that changes the day to day environment and steady state of the horse can upset the metabolic pathways to the point that the system fails and the horse "ties-up". Secondly the horse in nature is a prey animal and their natural defence is flight. Inherently therefore they are highly strung and always on the look- out for the need for flight. This underlying nervousness, combined with a very critical metabolic pathway suggests that the best way an owner of a horse that is prone to tying-up can help to prevent onset is to ensure the daily patterns and management schedules of the horse are rigidly adhered to. Problems particularly occur when the owner takes the horse

away to a competition and managers have to ensure that any stress to the horse is minimised. Treatment of a horse that is tying-up is mainly symptomatic. It is critical that exercise ceases immediately once a horse starts to stiffen. Admittedly some milder cases can be walked through the episode but initially it is essential that the exercise ceases so

that ongoing muscle destruction is ceased. The condition is extremely painful and sedation and pain relief is very important. Anti-inflammatory drugs in various forms are usually administered. Severe cases will require fluid and electrolyte administration. Each case is different and professional advice should be sought.


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A journey with a special OTT Thoroughbred By VICTORIA FERGUSON Looking a picture of confidence, but the transition from the racetrack to the competition arena is usually a long journey. Here’s how Yvette did it, ultimately with the help of a VF Natural Diet and Herbal Treatment Program. She bought Cuzi sight unseen (usually not a good idea!) from the breeder after a six month spell preceded by a career of nine starts with minimal success. He was transported from Sydney to Kinglake West in Victoria in August 2019 and even though he ate and drank well on the three day trip, he arrived light on in condition which was expected. Cuzi was given time to settle into his new home, and of course had all the usual attention – teeth, worming and feet – so lucky that Yvette’s husband Shaun is a farrier and a horseman. Initially Cuzi was very snitchy around the girth so he was treated by a massage therapist who found a muscle injury on the near side girth area. This was fortunate as it would have been easy to jump to the wrong conclusion of gut ulcers. Yvette says he isn’t a typical Thoroughbred. “We took him to the beach and on road rides as well as arena work

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and his training program was not rushed,” she said. “He has always been a great eater and drinker so he put on weight, enjoyed the attention and the work and started not to stress with float trips and was generally trainable.” After time off during the holidays, Cuzi had dropped weight, was ravenous and wasn’t happy in himself. Vet checks and blood tests revealed nothing but faecal samples showed a high worm count. He was then put on a course of Panacur, preddy granules and Blud and he started to pick up but after only four days light work he dropped off again. It was at this time that Yvette contacted me for help. My view was that he more than likely had a resistant worm burden, so he was tested by my col-


league Kim Dawson who offers my clients inexpensive tests. He had a count of 700 for strongyles, which dropped back to zero after treatment with Strategy T and was still zero at the next count. He then started on monthly treatments with my Paranormal Formula and so far has maintained a zero count on testing. I changed Cuzi’s commercial diet to his own customized VF Natural Diet featuring boiled barley and linseeds, oats and Equi-Vital and he had a full blood cycle of herbal prescriptions targeting his immune system, liver, kidney and gut. This has done the trick and allowed Yvette to continue his training. Cuzi had his first Official EA start at Boneo Summer Dressage Preliminary Championships in


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January in the OTT Dressage Series. Yvette said initially she had been third on the waitlist and had been away down the beach for two weeks. “We arrived home late on the Saturday, the day before the event and received a call at 5pm saying there was a late scratching. Oh and we were scheduled to ride at 0845hrs,” Yvette said. “ I asked Shaun what he thought and he said ‘let’s go’. “Cuzi took everything in his stride and was a real gentleman even though he got anxious in the warm up, he achieved a 10th place in the first test and for his second test he was tired so I didn’t put any pressure on him.” Two weeks later, their training proved successful when they achieved 4th & 8th places (with one score of 73.4%) moving up to 7th place on the series leaderboard. Yvette purchased her first OTT gelding when she was 26 and fell in love with eventing. She likes to buy green inexpensive horses and patiently work with them and has competed with success up to Medium Level Dressage and 2.5* Eventing. I will be closely following Cuzi and Yvette. The moral of this story is that equine health challenges are not always what they appear to be.

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Choosing a nutritional supplement By ANTOINETTE FOSTER

Dip. Nut. Equine Nutritional Therapist, Medical Herbalist and Product Formulator. ©2021 Hi Form Australia PL

We do know that horses are strict herbivores which means that plant matter will be much more readily digested and utilised by the horse than possibly other types of ingredients being administered. In it is for this reason that herb extracts and herbs can be quite beneficial in certain situations. POPULAR PRODUCTS Joint Supplements There are many different types of joint supplements available in the market today, some are effective others appear to just have a placebo effect, whereby horse owners believe that it is working. It is very important to ensure that you do have good scientific evidence behind the ingredients used in a formulation for joints and muscles. Continued page 21

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High performance horses such as eventing horses can benefit from electrolytes. solid science behind them. We should also appreciate that there is not a tremendous amount of study or even funding available for research in the equine industry apart from obviously drugs. Therefore, we are more reliant on a lot of anecdotal evidence and scientific evidence for the ingredients being used in these supplements rather than the actual supplement combination themselves. Horses unlike humans and dogs do not break down supplements in their gastrointestinal system. Human studies may suggest that vitamins and minerals breakdown in the human body, however this may not be the case with horses. Therefore, some products may work in other species but simply do not work in horses.

Over the past 20 plus years, the equine nutrition supplement market has grown enormously, creating competition on the shelves but also great confusion. So which supplements appear to be the most popular in the market? It seems that one of the most popular products are antioxidants, supplements for coat condition, gastrointestinal supplements such as pre-and probiotics and products to assist with hindgut health and ulcers. Other formulas that are very popular are supplements that help to calm the nervous system and products that can build muscle tone and top line. Alongside of these are products for respiratory issues, allergies, coughs etc. Research has provided us with information suggesting that the most popular supplements are ones for joint health. There is quite a variation with the types of supplements being used based on the type of discipline. For example, high performance horses such as eventing horses, endurance horses and racing horses tend to look for products such as electrolytes and pain relief as being the priority. We all know that pain is very common in both the human and animal world so it stands to reason that this is something that horse owners will be seeking. Nutritional supplements have become quite popular, and their use can be varied as can the results achieved. It’s important to make sure that the supplements you are using with your horse do at least have a good track record but preferably

The Horse Report From page 20 The most commonly used ingredients are glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and rosehip, another very popular one is curcuma longa. Pain is very common in horses just as it is in humans, sometimes we forget that the anatomy and physiology of the horse is not really suited to the job we asked them to do. On top of all that we put ourselves the rider, saddle, bridle and then ask them to perform sometimes quite difficult movements. For us to imagine that horses don’t suffer pain doesn’t make any sense at all. I believe it is very important to put preventative measures in place for horses that are working. We know that pain can develop into something more sinister and can also be shown in behavioural issues in horses and tenseness. Sometimes this tenseness can be confused with nervousness but instead it is in pain. Think about a management program for your horse that is specific to the horse’s needs. As a practitioner and product formulator, I believe that it is very important to choose ingredients that are compatible with each other. This then increases the bioavailability of each ingredient used and can have quite an amazing effect and benefit in reducing pain and inflammation in horses who are suffering from joint complaints such as arthritis. My go to is always the ProflamAidPlus which has been used in horses for well over 30 years. It is an Australian-made product and one I’m very proud of. It uses natural therapy which means the use of one or more of the five nutrient groups working together to cause and effect. These include mineral tissue salts, organic Herb extracts, specific amino acids, specific vitamins and trace elements. The ingredients used in this formulation have the most amazing science behind them. For further information check out the following link. You will find a wealth of information about how the product works, the ingredients used and the science. The other product that is my go-to for pain relief is the EquiGesic Plus. This product is primarily an isolated extract of curcuma longa which means that its potency is exceptional and once again has remarkable science behind it. In fact, this particular extract has more science behind it than any other curcuma longa product in the market whether it be in the human or animal health industry. It also contains Boswellia serrata extract, BioPerine, which is a black pepper extract and essential

Horses suffering from joint complaints such as arthritis can benefit from supplements. potential across all cell membranes. fatty acids. It is interesting to note that when Magnesium also helps nerve conduction, you use the patented BioPerine it enhances induces restful sleep, and purifies body tisand increases the absorption and utilisation sues by combating acids, toxins, gases, and rate of the ingredients used in the formula. EquiGesic plus has high pain relief properties impurities and neutralizing poisons. •Tryptophan and other B vitamins are also and like all Hi Form products are extraordiproposed to calm nervous horses,reportedly narily safe to use and highly effective. Here via their neurotransmitter and nerve-conis the link to EquiGesic plus ducting capabilities.•There are also several exceptionally effectique-clinicals-range/products/4-equigesic tive herb extracts such as Passiflora incarnata Calming products for horses) that are not only safe to use but are also safe As horse owners, we very often look at safe in competition and reliable options to use to calm our horsReliable information es. They can be used for competition; for a The most important aspect of choosing a supyoung horse being floated for the first time plement to use with your horse is accessing or being seen by a farrier. the correct advice. It seems often when it comes down to supYou could ask your veterinarian, but in most plement use, that horse owners may or may cases your equine nutritionist will be the best not investigate the ingredients being used option. This is because their training is clearbut rather use a product because someone ly in nutrition so that’s an area of expertise has recommended it to them. that you can rely on. I believe it is very important to research the Don’t be afraid to ask questions, by asking products you are going to use. I’m sure when questions you will get an educated answer. you look at purchasing a supplement for You can be provided information on how the yourself, you weigh up your options and ingredients work in the horse’s body and hopefully make an informed decision at the what is the best option for your individual end to choose one that is more suited to you. case. It is also important to be aware that Very often when asked the question horse using too many supplements can counter act owners don’t even know why the product each other. worked or how it worked, just that it I see many situations where horse owners are worked. doubling up on several ingredients unnecesThere are a lot of ingredients that will consarily, it is also not cost-effective to do this. tribute to assisting with reducing stress in If you would like further advice or informahorses: tion on equine nutrition in general or how to •Thiamine, also called vitamin B1, plays an use supplements in the correct way, please important role in the breakdown and procontact us on or pm us cessing of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. on Facebook. High-grain diets result in a greater thiamine requirement in horses, and thiamine-deficient We have an exceptional team of highly qualified practitioners on staff ready to assist you, animals might exhibit hyperirritability. our practitioner’s modalities include clinical •Magnesium, widely referred to as the “antinutrition, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, stress mineral,” helps relax nerves,relieve herbal medicine, and equine science. tension, aid digestion, activate enzymes We look forward to hearing from you and important for protein and carbohydrate assisting you with your horses. metabolism, and modulate the electrical - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What makes Rose-Hip Vital Equine stand out in a cluttered market? There are in fact many reasons. It all starts

with the humble Rosehip, the berry-like fruit of the wild rose bush species Rosa Canina. A wholefood known to be one of nature’s richest sources of natural vitamin C. A superfood containing 8 naturally occurring vitamins (including C, E, B1 and B6) and 23 minerals (including iron, copper, zinc and magnesium), essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9), DQWLR[LGDQWV DQG ŴDYRQRLGV You may already know rosehips are often fed to horses for immune system support and a UDQJH RI KHDOWK EHQHƓWV LQFOXGLQJ KRRI KHDOWK improved circulation and improved digestive function. So you’re probably wondering what makes Rose-Hip Vital® so special? Rose-Hip Vital® is made from Rosehips manufactured with patented extraction and drying processes which isolate and activate a galactolipid (fatty acid) called GOPO®. GOPO® has clinically proven antiLQŴDPPDWRU\ DQG DQWLR[LGDWLYH SURSHUWLHV The patented processes also concentrate and preserve the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, transforming Rose-Hip Vital® into a product that is both in a category all on its own, and across many; It’s a joint VXSSOHPHQW DQ DQWL LQŴDPPDWRU\ D SRZHUIXO antioxidant and a nutritional supplement. It delivers noticeable improvements to mobility, mood, condition, willingness to move forward, performance and recovery while reducing V\VWHPLF DQG RU ORFDOLVHG LQŴDPPDWLRQ improving general health and wellbeing, and boosting immunity. Rose-Hip Vital® is a clinically proven plantEDVHG DQWL LQŴDPPDWRU\ SRZHUIXO DQWLR[LGDQW and rich source of natural vitamin C. There is no product like it. Unlike other joint supplements, Rose-Hip Vital® is 100% plantEDVHG 8QOLNH DQWL LQŴDPPDWRU\ PHGLFDWLRQ Rose-Hip Vital® is safe for long term use and it does not swab. It can be used alongside conventional treatments and supplements as well as potentially replacing or reducing the UHOLDQFH RQ DQWL LQŴDPPDWRU\ DQG RWKHU SDLQ medication.

6FLHQWLƓF UHVHDUFK GHPRQVWUDWHV *232p How does Rose-Hip Vital® Equine lengthen GLVFRXUDJHV WKH DFFXPXODWLRQ RI H[FHVV the lifetime of a working horse? ZKLWH EORRG FHOOV IURP DFFXPXODWLQJ LQ 7KH VFLHQWLƓF UHVHDUFK VXSSRUWLQJ 5RVH +LS WKH MRLQW WKHUHE\ EUHDNLQJ WKH F\FOH RI Vital is comprehensive. There are in excess of MRLQW LQŴDPPDWLRQ DQG DOOHYLDWLQJ SDLQ VFLHQWLƓF VWXGLHV LQFOXGLQJ GRXEOH EOLQG placebo controlled clinical trials on people, ([SUHVV HG LQ VFLHQWLƓF WHUPV *232p KDV dogs and horses mainly focusing on antiLQŴDPPDWRU\ DQG DQWLR[LGDWLYH SURSHUWLHV DQG VKRZQ WR LQKLELW H[SUHVVLRQ RI L126 ,/ ѿ DQG 003 DQG ,/ Ҁ LQGXFHG $'$076 003 the unique compound GOPO. 003 ,/ ѿ DQG ,/ LQ FKRQGURF\WHV To many people, antioxidants and anti-aging 6FLHQWLƓF UHVHDUFK DOVR VKRZV *232p go hand-in-hand. Antioxidants are talked protects cartilage. This means it helps to delay about as the antidote to cell-damaging free the onset of arthritic changes or slow down radicals. Exercise and the associated stress further cartilage degeneration if it already and increase in oxygen consumption are exists. linked to an increased production of free radicals. When the production of free radicals overwhelms the body’s antioxidant defences, In short, if you want to extend the lifetime of your working horse, feed it a natural antioxidative stress can occur with subsequent LQŴDPPDWRU\ D SRZHUIXO DQWLR[LGDQW DQG D GDPDJH WR FHOOXODU VWUXFWXUHV 6FLHQWLƓF rich source of natural vitamin C. Rose-Hip research shows horses need natural vitamin Vital® Equine is your only option, and the C to help block toxic free radical activity, results speak for themselves. which causes damage throughout the body including joints and cartilage. Some white blood cells in the body contain granulocytes which enable them to ‘clean’ DQ LQŴDPHG MRLQW E\ GHVWUR\LQJ WKH bacteria in it. Too many of these white blood cells wear down tissue cartilage. In large numbers they can also produce chemical enzymes and toxic freeradicals which cause even more tissue damage. Excess accumulation of white blood cells combined with the release of chemical substances cause’s joint pain DQG LQŴDPPDWLRQ The more LQŴDPHG D MRLQW becomes, the more the white blood cells are attracted to it – a painful cycle.

Horses like it so much, even the fussiest of eaters become more enthusiastic about their feed once Rose-Hip Vital is added. So while Rose-Hip Vital Equine has become a highly UHFRPPHQG SURGXFW IRU DQWL LQŴDPPDWRU\ use, it also has become highly recommended for improving general health and wellbeing, improving performance and maintaining healthy joints.

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Queensland Royal Show (Ekka) cancelled Supplied by RNA Due to the current South East Queensland lockdown and worsening local COVID-19 outbreak, the 2021 Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) has been cancelled in the best interests of public health. It is the second year in a row that the Ekka has been cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 Show was due to open to the public on Saturday, 7 August and it will be the fourth time in the Ekka’s 145-year history that the show has been cancelled. Ensuring the health and safety of the Ekka community and the general public was paramount and the RNA was fully supportive of the Queensland Government’s decision. It was devastating to have to cancel this year’s historic comeback Ekka but the current outbreak of COVID-19 means the RNA cannot bring the country and city together safely. It was particularly heartbreaking to have to cancel so close to the opening day because of the massive effort the Ekka community has put into preparing for this year’s People’s Show. Thousands of exhibitors who have spent months preparing their entries for competition were extremely disappointed they could not showcase their

d e l l e c Can efforts at the 2021 Show. It was especially tough for the farming community who have eagerly awaited this year’s Show which is a celebration of all things agriculture. The Ekka doesn’t just reward the best of the best it also provided much-needed respite and highlights the many challenges they face such as drought and flood. The RNA’s thoughts go out to the hundreds of businesses whose livelihoods relied on events like the Ekka. The ride operators, the food vendors and the many small businesses who showcased their

products at Queensland’s largest marketplace – face another financial blow in the wake of the Show’s cancellation. This last minute cancellation of the Show has broad-ranging financial impacts for the not-forprofit organisation because of the reliance on the Ekka to provide a major part of its revenue. Despite all the disappointment the cancellation of the Ekka brings, the RNA will always act in the best interests of public health and protect exhibitors and the broader community. The RNA will now endeavour to see if some of the 2021 Royal

Queensland Show competitions can continue in next few weeks in a COVID-Safe environment without the general public. But unfortunately the Cattle, Horse, Showjumping and Thoroughbred Competitions cannot take place. RNA will also be working with Queensland Health on a demobilisation plan to assist exhibitors with bumping out and what is possible during the lockdown. The RNA will be issuing full refunds to all ticket holders and The RNA will be in contact with exhibitors regarding refunds.

CANCELLED - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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CALENDAR BARREL RACING AUGUST 8 Monto, Qld 8 Goulburn, NSW 21-22 Biloela, QLD 21-22 Badgerys Creek, NSW 21 Geurie, NSW 21 Tarcutta, NSW 22 Biloela, QLD 22 Bective, NSW 28 Cooranbong, NSW 29 Moonbi, NSW SEPTEMBER 1Crookwell Barrels 4 Bianca 4 Biloela, QLD 4-5 Fernvale, QLD 4 Tarcutta, NSW 5 Monto, Qld 11 Berrimah, NT 12 - 19 ABHA NATIONAL FINALS@ Tamworth 26 Monto, Qld

BREEDS AUGUST 13-15 Qld Andalusian Champs @ Gatton 27-29 Qld Arabian Challenge OCTOBER 10 Alstonville Allbreeds 23 UEA Breed Of The Year Show @ Beenleigh


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Made in Australia AUGUST 8 Dungog 0428 686 652 8 Armidale Riding Club 7 -8 Maryborough Active Riders Club 7 -8 Far North Equestrian Group 7 - 8 Summerland @ Bangalow 8 Samford 8 Currumbin 14 Nambour 14-15 Atherton Tablelands 14-15 Willinga Park Dressage15 Redlands 15 Manning Valley 21 QLD Dressage Riders Series QSEC

21 Townsville 22 Tweed Valley @Murwillumbah 22 Castle Hill Dressage SEPTEMBER 4 Atherton 5 Toowoomba 5 Park Ridge 11-12 DNSW Clarendon 12 Armidale 12 Young 12 Singleton 12 Caboolture 12 Scenic Rim 12 Tweed Valley 12 Cedar Grove 15-18 Brisbane CDI & QLD State Dressage Champs @ QSEC 18-19 Townsville 19 Cooloola 19 Currumbin 19 Hunter Valley 24-26 Boneo Spring CDI 25 Nambour 26 Gladstone Calliope

DRIVING\ AUGUST 8 Challenge Day Rossmore 02 9606 6085 22 Come & Try Day@ Stroud 0434 014 952 28 - 29 Graded Dressage & Cones Spectacular @ Marrar Sportsground 0414961801

ENDURANCE AUGUST 14- 15 Gemstone 21-22 LoVERS 0448 379 848 21-22 Sandy Creek 0407 565 87 23-27 Shahzada 0429905038 28-29 Whitsunday Harvest Ride 0428 105 760 28 Jolly Lette Memorial SEPTEMBER 4-5 Del's Waterloo Challenge 0400 677 005 11-12 Watagan Mountains 0422773573 18-19 Biggenden 07 41275 149 18-19 Lancefield Ride 0405150064 24-26 NSW State Champs 0433 576354 25-26 Bom Bom 0418 248 142 25-26 Cordillera Trail 25 Johnny Green Memorial

INTER SCHOOL AUGUST 7-8 Far North EQ Gp Dressage 14-15 Atherton Dressage 22 Yeppoon PC Dressage 28 Showjumping Jimboomba SEPTEMBER 4-5 Atherton Dressage 5 Showjumping Gatton 20-24 AustralianInterschool Chams @ Werribee 25 Dressage Summerland


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OF EVENTS Showjumping @ Sarina 18-19 NSW State Mounted Games & Team Sporting Champs - Bungendore, 22 QLD State Formal Gymkhana, Sporting, Campdraft, Stockman’s Challenge & Mounted Games @ Goondiwindi 26-2 Pony Club Nationals (VIC)

REINING AUGUST 7-8 Tamworth Reining Show 16-21 Australian Champs AELEC SEPTEMBER 4-5 QRHA Ribbon Show and Clinic 4-5 SQRHA Ribbon Show Gatton 4-5 Tamworth Country Championship

RODEO AUGUST 7 Duaringa - Bull Ride 14 Killarney 21 Mary Valley Show 21 Gem Hotel - Bull Ride 27 Moura Coal & Country Festival - Bull Ride 28-29 Gympie Muster 28 Wondai Show - Bull Ride SEPTEMBER 3 Beaudesert Show Rodeo 4 Canungra 4 Maidenwell Hotel - Bull Ride 10 Quilpie Show - Bull Ride 10 Brisbane Racing Club Rodeo 11 Beenleigh Show - Bull Ride 17 Mulga - Bull Ride 18 Kenilworth Show Rodeo 18 Mt Morgan Junior Rodeo 18 Chambers Flat - Bull Ride 24-25 Calliope

SHOWJUMPING /EVENTING AUGUST 7-8 Wagga Horse Trials Club 16-19 Showcase of Showjumping 27-28 Waratah Indoor WC SEPTEMBER 3-12 ADELAIDE ROYAL WC 10-12 Tropical North Showjumping Club 10-12 Toowoomba Jump Club 17-19 Qld Indoor Jump Champs @ QSEC 25-26 AQUIS Champ Tour @ Elysian Field

SHOWHORSE AUGUST 1 Cedar Grove Open Hack day 7-15 Ekka 7 Mount Morgan 7-8 Mungindi Show 13-14 Tullamore Show 14 Wowan 15 Weethalle Show 15 TVEG Open Hack Show 17-18 Trundle Show

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW 21 Bedgerabong Show 21 Ganmain Show 21 Canungra 21 Mary Valley 21-22 Moura 22 SHCQ Spring Classic @ QSEC 24-25 Peak Hill Show 25 EQ Winter Show - Park Ridge 27-28 Condobolin Show 27-29 Wee Waa Show 28 Barellan Show 28-29 Wentworth Show 26-29 Penrith Show 27-28 Wondai 27-29 Gold Coast SEPTEMBER 3-4 Beaudesert 4 Woodenbong Show 5 NNSW Spring Hack Show @ Maclean Showgrounds Ph 0413 733 294 5 Woodstock Memorial Show 10-11 Noosa 10-11 Forbes Show 10-11 Murrumburrah Harden Show 10-11 Wagga Wagga Show 11 Quirindi Show 11 Beenleigh 11 Giru 11 Quilpie 17-19 Mudgeeraba 18 Kenilworth 24-26 Singleton Show 25 Eumundi 25-26 Nimbin 28-29 Kempsey Show

TRAIL RIDING & CTR Australian Trail Horse Riders Association 0418 438 807 Alligator Creek 0427 619 725 Beaudesert Shire 0419 772 907 Beechmont & District 0419 737 253 Bouldercombe 0418 715 837 Breakaway 0408 712 851 Brisbane Valley 0428 750 145 Blackbutt Pony Express 0432 401 525 Border Country Trail Riders 0448 326 59 Cairns Trail Horse Club 0419 770 992 Calen Trail & Sports Club 0402 084 749 Canungra Trail Riding Club 0419 750 854 Cooloola Trail riders Ph 07 5482 8436 CTHC-Caboolture ph 07 5498 6068 Curtis & District 0438 111 091 Dayboro Trail Riders to 0432 186 200 Email - FNQ Trail Horse Club 0408 981 555 Ipswich & District 0457 881 012 Logan River Redlands 0423 206 109 Mudgeeraba & Hinterland 0407 902 754 Rathdowney Trail Riding 07 5544 1177 Richmond River Trail Horse Riders Club 0427 866 276 / Saturday Horse Activities 0408 361 215 SCATER Ph: 07 5478 8676 or 0417 612 061 Somerset Trail Riding Club - 0418 438 807 Sunny Coast Trail Club - 0428 176 557 Tweed-Byron Trail Riders 0418 400 047 Toowoomba Trail Riders 0419 614 426 Toowoomba's Cumburrie 0429 663 397 Trail Riding Australia 0458 342 067 Wide Bay Trail Riders 07 4126 3456

Horses and other grazing livestock entering NSW from the cattle tick infested zone of Qld MUST comply with the Mandatory Measures of the Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2017 regarding examination and treatment of livestock prior to entry into NSW.

Contact: NSW DPI at Kirra Ph. 0755364714 Fax 0755361290 - For accredited certifiers QLD DAF call centre 07 3404 6999 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e notifia notifia b le in NSW


If you are planning an event or cancelling your annual event please let us know so we can list it in our December edition Calendar of Events to keep our readers informed contact Paula 0413 733 294 or

Kirt Blakeman - 0402 273 384 Landscape Design and Construction, Lawns & Turf, Gardens, Equestrian installations, Concreting, Paving, Fencing & Retaining Walls

WESTERN AUGUST 14-15 North Queensland WPHC "Lope & Hope for a Cure"


R Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Australian Eventing team wins silver in Tokyo By EQUESTRIAN AUSTRALIA The Eventing Team of Andrew Hoy, Shane Rose and Kevin McNab have won a sensational silver at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, adding to Australia's great history in the event. And Andrew Hoy with Vassily De Lassos claimed Individual bronze, to show Hoy is as good as ever some 21 years after last winning Individual silver at Sydney 2000. The Team and Individual medal from Tokyo now take the eighttime Olympian's medal tally to six (3G, 2S, 1B). Only Australian male Olympians Ian Thorpe (9) and Grant Hackett (7) have won more medals. Remarkably Hoy and Vassily De Lassos were the only combination out of over 60 entries to not add any penalties after the Dressage. After the Cross Country, and two clear Show Jumping performances (Team and Individual) they won bronze with 29.60 points, after starting the final day sitting seventh on the Individual rankings. Three-time Olympian Rose, on Virgil, now has three team medals and McNab on Don Quidam has his first Olympic medal at his first Games. McNab was the reserve until just one day before the competition, when Sydney 2000 gold medallist Stuart Tinney's horse Leporis was deemed unfit to compete. After the three disciplines, and four days of competition, the gold medal was won by Great Britain with 89.30 points, with Australia's 100.20pts just clear of defending champions France in bronze with 101.50pts.

Australian Eventing team members Kevin McNab, Shane Rose and Andrew Hoy winning Olympic silver medals in Tokyo.

This wasn't only a big victory for Great Britain, this is their first gold in the event in 49 years and Australia improved on their bronze from Rio and missing the podium in London. Eventing is the discipline that Australia has a strong history winning three consecutive gold in this event at Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. And then recently a silver at Beijing 2008 and a bronze in Rio 2016. Hoy at 62 was very pleased with the result and the true team effort. "Well, it is very, very special. We don't come to these championships, especially the Olympic Games, to finish fourth, fifth or sixth. We only come to get a medal," Hoy said. "It has been a complete team effort. Vassily has done a won-

Andrew Hoy riding Vassily de Lassos, owned by David and Paula Evans, and groomed by Clémentine Girardeau. Page 26

derful job to finish on his dressage score but if it wasn't for Kevin and Shane and their complete support team, we wouldn't be here. "It was disappointing for Stuart to go out at the last minute. But Kevin came in and did an absolutely fantastic job, first Olympics, to win a silver medal, that's pretty impressive. I wish I'd done that at my first Olympics." McNab was first out for Australia in the show jumping and he and Don Quidam jumped beautifully for a clean round. The 43-year-old couldn't quite believe it. "Speechless. Absolutely, amazing," McNab said, in an attempt to describe his silver medal and 14th place in the Individual. "I was actually settled into the

role I was in, so I was really surprised. “At the same time, I felt for Stuart, they were big shoes to fill. I've tried to do my bit. There was a bit of pressure there but hopefully I've done it." Shane Rose knows what it takes to win Olympic team medals and he also knows the heartbreak of needing to withdraw on the eve of Olympic competition. "It's not really just three of us. We've got a whole squad of riders," Rose said. "I may not have been in here if those involved in the squad hadn't had injuries to themselves or horses. It's just been the next man up. “I've been in Stuart's situation where your horse has gone lame. In 2012 I had to move out of the Olympic Village when my horse went lame. It rips your heart out." Rose also placed a fantastic 10th in the Individual. But he explains how the focus is on Team performances first for the Australians. "We're all mates. I don't know if every other team are. You ride the highs and lows with them, it's not just your own performance,” he said. “But we think Team first in Australia, so your performance individually is going to affect your team mates. "You want to always put your best foot forward. “For me, watching them do well is great. If someone has a bad moment, you feel that. "We're a real team, things happen, we all know that. Kevin has done an amazing job. Three weeks ago, he wasn't a travelling reserve even. To have a silver medal, he's done an amazing job.”

Kevin McNab Eventing riding Don Quidam, owned by Scuderia 1918, groomed by Lucy Hartley. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Australian Dressage team dance in Tokyo By EQUESTRIAN AUSTRALIA Following two days of hotly contested competition, the Dressage Grand Prix concluded under the lights of the main arena at Baji Koen Equestrian Park. The Grand Prix test was the first of three rounds for the Tokyo 2020 Dressage competition, serving as a qualifier for both the Team and Individual finals. Despite their best efforts, the Australian riders were unable to secure a place in the finals, with the team finishing in 13th position. Mary Hanna, Australia’s oldest athlete at the Games and a sixtime Olympian, rode her horse Calanta to a score of 67.981%, ranking sixth in their qualifying group. However, Hanna declared that age is no barrier to success in equestrian sport with Paris 2024 firmly in her sights. “It's only four years away. Unless my body really breaks down, I'm certainly aiming for Paris,” she said. “You always dream that your next horse, your next competition, that you're going to make it better.” The Olympics is a lot about participation, too, so just being here is great. I think it's getting a little bit late to aim for a gold medal, but I'm not giving up.” The youngest member of the Dressage team, 30-year-old Simone Pearce, made her Olympic debut riding the black stallion Destano. The pair finished fifth in their qualification group with a score of 68.494% with Pearce explaining that despite her disappointment she is proud to have been part of the Australian Olympic Team.

Mary Hanna & Calanta. Photo by Australian Equestrian Team/Libby Law

“Not everything in life goes to plan and sometimes you just have to live and learn and grow from the days you are not able to meet your expectations,” she said. “I’m of course very disappointed not to have been able to show the level of performance we are usually capable of, however I’m still very proud of wonderful Destano and the amazing year we have had which lead us to this point.” Kelly Layne and Samhitas were the final combination to ride for

Kelly Layne & Samhitas

Australia in the Grand Prix competition. Tokyo 2020 also marked Layne’s first Olympic Games, after being forced to withdraw from the Rio 2016 team due to a horse injury. Layne and Samhitas experienced a few difficulties in their test, resulting in a score of 58.354% and a 10th place finish in their group. However the future remains bright for the combination. “It is amazing how the universe works, in Rio I was the person that had to pull out and some-

body replaced me, and this time somebody pulled out and I replaced them,” Layne said. “The horse is still a little bit green and that showed but it is for the future for that horse, it is about the experience and also for me for the future too. “Coming here you see all the behind the scenes action, you learn so much and it can catapults you forward. You get that Olympic fever.” Full results can be found here

Simone Pearce & Destano - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Driving success for Boyd in the Netherlands By EQUESTRIAN AUSTRALIA World Champion Boyd Exell has again claimed victory on the FEI Driving arena taking part in the CAIO4* at Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. Once again at the completion of the Dressage phase, Boyd’s team were in the lead going on to finish the competition on a final score of 154.11, with second posting a score of 163.71. Also competing at the event with 64 other combinations in the CAI3* for Pairs was Tor Van Den Berge to score an impressive second place in this category. Fellow Aussie Andrew Damsma also competed in the CAI3* Pairs finishing in 48th place.

Australian Boyd Exell continues to dominate in the FEI Driving arena in Europe.

Equine Medication Control Swabbing Stewards needed Expression of Interests (EOI) - Equine Medication Control Swabbing Stewards Equestrian Queensland is seeking Expression of Interests (EOI) from members who are interested in training as an accredited Equestrian Australia (EA) Equine Medication Control Swabbing Steward for Equestrian Queensland (EQ) . What is A Medication Control Program? The Medication Control Program (MCP) or swabbing is the testing of a horse’s urine and blood samples to ensure that all horses are competing under the EA and FEI competition rules without being influenced by prohibited substances to create a level playing field. In Queensland, the EQ administers the MCP for EQ/EA national events (excluding FEI events) which is funded from a levy from each new horse registration to conduct medication control at selected and random events. What is the Role of a Medication Control Swabbing Steward? At the instruction of Equestrian Queensland a Medication Control Swabbing Steward is required to; Attend a nominated event, Notify the competitor/s of the horse/s that have been selected for testing Page 28

Stay with the horse at all times from the time of notification of swabbing selection until the testing is complete Work with the nominated veterinarian to ensure that all appropriate forms are completed properly Send samples to the nominated laboratory for testing; EQ provides Medication Control Swabbing Stewards with an honorarium per day along with reimbursement of any travel expenses as per the ATO rates. Further details on the EA Medication Control Program can be found HERE And the Equestrian Australian Medication Control Policy can be found HERE. ult/files/EA_Medication_Control_Policy_ 2018_0.pdf If you are interested in becoming an accredited EA Medication Control Swabbing Stewcontact Equestrian Queensland on (07) 3891 6611 for further information. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Better Reflection sells for $350,000 on MM online A stakes winner of the Listed Calaway Gal Stakes at her second lifetime start, Better Reflection was the star act of the recent Magic Millions online sale. The daughter of Better Than Ready, who earned over $336,000 during her short 15 start career, was originally purchased by her trainer John Wigginton for $20,000 at the Gold Coast March Yearling Sale. The Rockhampton-based trainer, who was one of Better Reflection's part owners, prepared her across her 15 starts including a close up fifth in a $105,000 feature at the Sunshine Coast last month at her final start. “All the owners are ecstatic! Over the moon. She was a great mare for us,” Wigginton noted. “$20,000 we paid for her, she won $330,000 on the track and we've sold her for $350,000. “We thought $150,000 to $250,000 would be the range she'd make, to

Former Central Queensland-based stakes winner Better Reflection sold for $350,000 during the Magic Millions August online sale. get that sort of money is amazing. Just a great result.” Consignor Kellie Bond of Kenmore Lodge said, “I knew being a light-

ly raced, beautiful looking 2yo stakes winner that she would be popular, but she exceeded all expectations.

“The phone didn't stop ringing with enquiries.” Victorian based bloodstock agent Suman Hedge was able to secure Better Reflection at the online sale. “I'm really excited to purchase Better Reflection for a very good client,” Hedge said. “We leaned heavily on Magic Millions and Kellie Bond for appraisal on the mare's physique and they were extremely helpful which gave us a lot of confidence. “She was a fast stakes winning two-year-old and has no Danehill blood so we thought she ticked a lot of boxes.” Hedge said a final decision on who Better Reflection would visit in her first season at stud would be made in the coming days. “We will let the dust settle before deciding on a stallion but at this stage it's likely to be either Farnan or Written Tycoon,” Hedge added. The next Magic Millions Online Sale will be from September 6 to 9.

EquiTrace - first digital identification monitoring app for the horse world EquiTrace is a unique app that enables trainers to keep track of a horse's health and identity with a quick scan of a chip. Created by Dr Kevin Corley and Jennifer Corley, equine veterinarians, with technology expert Dr Paul Hayton, and based on their experiences working with competition yards, EquiTrace prioritises horse welfare management and makes it much easier to ensure that the right horse gets the right treatment at the right time. Using EquiTrace dramatically reduces paperwork, saving the cost of two full time salaries according to Considine. There are just under 19,000 horses already on the EquiTrace database. D K Weld, trainer of nearly 4,500 winners, including group 1 races on four continents, said, “I find it extremely helpful. It dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork which is the bane of any trainer's life.” The Irish Horse Racing Board (IHRB) requires every yard keep a Blue Book which has to be submitted monthly to the IHRB. In the Blue Book, every medication given to every horse is recorded, with the amounts, the name of the medication and its batch number all written in by hand. EquiTrace enables a trainer to email the blue book information direct from their mobile phone, no handwriting - or hunting down the physical blue book - required. Tom Daly, Head Lad at Rosewell Racing, D K Weld's yard, said EquiTrace is 'Invaluable - it's made my life so much easier'. Vincent O'Connor, senior vet at

The EquiTrace app, launched by equine vets Kevin and Jennifer Corley, could modernise the way we care for our horses. Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital with longer excretion times than on the Curragh, Ireland, said he might be expected.* found EquiTrace particularly easy In the USA, Dr Alan Dorton, at to use. Ramsay Farm, of 'Kitten's Joy' He noted the app's ability to sugfame, said he has been “extremely gest appropriate stand down perihappy with the app and pretty ods required for intra-articular much coming up with new ways medication, where injections into to use it everyday”. different joints require different Keeping a horse's identity straight numbers of days withdrawal might seem a simple thing, but before competition. when you have a yard where staff The experience of John Oxx, and horses can change frequently whose winner I Know I Can was and records are kept in the office, disqualified because of a positive far away from the stables and test for TCA (triamcinolone acefields where the horses are, it is tonide) on 2 July 2020, is a case in not as easy as you think. point. Dr Kevin Corley remembers a time Dr Lynn Hillyer, IHRB Chief when he was called out to genetiVeterinary Officer and Head of cally test four two-year-olds, each Anti-Doping, stated that the minivalued at more than $79,000 mum recommended stand down (AUD) because their registration time for TCA would be 14 days documents had been lost before but added that the stifle is a comthey had been filed and no one plex joint and can be associated knew which one was which.

EquiTrace has been in trials in Ireland, England, USA, Sweden and Italy and every yard which tested the app has kept it in operation. EquiTrace is a subscription service, with a basic service for $2 (AUD) per month per horse and a premium subscription at $4 per month per horse. A scanner available from EquiTrace as a one-time cost is required to operate the system, ranging in price from $400 to $640. EquiTrace works with all ISO-compliant microchips and some of the service offerings will be dependent on the type of chip in the horse. EquiTrace is available on Apple and Google appstores. Establishments with over 200 horses can contact EquiTrace directly to arrange a subscription. “Horse welfare is our priority,”' Dr Kevin Corley, founder, EquiTrace said. “No one would want a horse to go untreated for an injury because of fears of a positive drugs test. “EquiTrace suggests withdrawal times for different treatments to help vets and trainers make better decisions on appropriate treatment. “Estimating withdrawal times is very complex with a number of variable factors.” The information on EquiTrace can be shared with specific individuals, so that it is possible for owners to keep in touch with their horse's welfare even at a distance and for vets and trainers to discuss an individual horse with all relevant infromation in front of both of them simultaneously - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Doing right by the horse, take it slow By TANJA KRAUS The heart and soul of my philosophy and training approach is to do right by the horse, and my life's work is sharing how we can have a meaningful connection with our horses, and a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Sometimes 'doing right by the horse' means taking things slower than I want to, or taking things slower than I think they 'should be'. Sometimes doing right by the horse means recognising his confusion and distress and having the ability to walk in his shoes. Sometimes a confident person finds it difficult to empathise with a horse that is worried or stressed, because they rarely feel that way. Sometimes an anxious or worried person sees a horse that is worried or anxious, and instead of having empathy, responds in anger or frustration. (Side note - this is a big opportunity for some 'self reflection' and a dive into why it makes us mad or frustrated, often this is centered around our own shame or embarrassment.) Sometimes 'doing right by the horse' means focussing on his body and what the right thing to do for it is, sometimes it's his mental health and sometimes it's his confidence.

If you truly desire a connection with another being, the first step is understanding - if you see the horse in physical, mental or emotional distress, our role is to step in and help him with that. Pictured above is Ginger Coops out on the extreme trail - three weeks ago when we

were here, he had several 'meltdowns'. This meant a lot of standing around allowing him to relax. The result - a happy confident horse who can actually see and navigate the trail. Happy horsing.

Haven Hills Agistment

AGISTMENT WEST NERANG $140pw includes HAY / fed out am - Sawdust top up - paddocks mowed/mulched - Chaff supplied Walk in Stable-sawdust - Individual Post & Rail paddocks - Auto water - No Flood ARENA - trail on property - Swim Dam - hot/cold Wash Bay - concrete Tie up area Tack & Hay shed - Feed shed - Kitchen, Fridge, toilet etc exp Farrier & Vets attend & or private/coaches welcome *Horse Owner Daily rugs hard feeds skips out shelter Gated bitumen access gravel Parking float area Suit current rider/sensible horse, can handle Hills, current Vacs/Hendra & wormed NO stallions/rigs, minis, wind suckers, weavers, crib biters Amendments to Paddocks Piling manure

Owner operator on site

Ph 0409 477 119 Page 30 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Rearing Bit with Brakes Introducing the 5 star-rated patented design Rearing Bit with Brakes for complete control. Rearing bits have not changed since their inception until now. The award-winning Australian company, Intelligent Inventions, recipient of 13 international awards, has created another winner: the revolutionary Rearing Bit with Brakes. Featuring the internationally renowned Winning Tongue Plate (WTP) bit, the Rearing Bit with Brakes is made from steel and includes two adjustable chains which apply nose, chin, and poll pressure, stopping unruly stallions and horses in their tracks. This Rearing bit has proven to create easy leverage over the horse to subdue unwanted behaviours, giving the handler total control for sales, race days, and daily. Endorsed by trainers, handlers, veterinarians, and stud farms "It has been a game-changer." - Greg Booth, Trainer/Vet. "We were able to remove the earmuffs. He has been an angel to lead around and stops them getting their tongue over." - Nicole Luke, Trainer. These are a breakthrough." - Ruby Chatterton, Foreman. "You will be amazed at the difference they can make." - Mel Leitch, Trainer The Rearing bit may be used in front of the horse's bit for control in the race-day parade ring. The bit is ideal for yearlings and young stallions at auction to reinforce pressure and release, teaching the horse to respond kindly. For more information and read more positive reviews and view the BITLESS design, visit: Orders can be placed by phone on 0413 898 129 or by email at

THE HORSE REPORT TRAINERS FEATURE contact us s now w to promote your clinics s , training or hors semans ship programs s way ys welcome articles s and editorial content alw

Stops unruly horses in their tracks


with 2 Chains and tongue Control & BITLESS Rearing Bit with 2 Chain Control Patented Designs Five Star Reviews from Trainers, Handlers, Vets and Stud Farms i Total control for Sales, Race-day, and every day i Creates Poll pressure and leverage over the horse i The adjustable nose and chin chains create control i Prevents injuries better race and sales results i Bitless design for mouth injuries and Feeding i Prices include a steel design and two adjustable chains

Bitless design

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or Ph 0413 898 128 For product info and videos, visit

mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE ACROSS MULTIPLE DISCIPLINES Pre Training * Breaking In * Freshen Ups * Re-Education * Problem Solving * Sales Preparation * Young Horse Handling *

10+ years experience building large Backed up by its parent commercial scale projects, company SS Projects, earthmoving works, a lifetime&ofbuild equestrian 20 years as carpenters architectural experience and& years of buildersbuilding, & a life time of horse civil and drainage knowledge. knowledge has given the team at ECEC the skills set to take on any equine or land clearing available. atproject ECEC can help with any

JAY 0474 358 001 KRYSTAL 0438 139 620

The team project big or small right from design can help with everything through toWe Indoor/outdoor arenas, from design, approvals, stable stables, drainage, concrete, arena and indoor/outdoor arena repairs or entire new complex builds. construction and repairs to We offer end to end services with drainage, irrigation and land equine expertise. rejuvenation.


All breeds of horses and ponies welcome. Farrier services available



Servicing Northern NSW & SE Qld.

Arena base not constructed by ECEC.



U Stables and shelters U Indoor and outdoor arena construction U Fencing U Land clearing, rejuvenation and seeding U Drainage U Irrigation U Machinery hire U Arena and paddock maintenance

• Design, certification & project management • Indoor and outdoor arena construction Sand and fibre • Roads, paving, fencing, irrigation and utilities • Land clearing & earthmoving • Stables, sheds and fit outs • Drainage & Irrigation • Arena and paddock maintenance Artwork: Horse Deals


Arena base not constructed by ECEC.

For any of your equine construction needs please contact our specialist

Hayley on 0414 815 132 Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Her experience in the equestrian sector, building and civil construction will ensure your needs are understood and met, or contact the team on - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Trainers feature

The Horse Report

The Horse Report

Victoria Davies and Celere off to Tokyo Technyflex sponsored rider Victoria Davies and her stallion, Celere, have been selected for Australia's Paralympic Dressage team. “We did it! I have waited my whole partnership with Celere to say those three words to him,” Victoria said. “Never once have I stopped believing that one day we would be chosen to represent Australia at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo and here we are. Tokyo here we come what an amazing honour. “The thought of riding down the centre line in Tokyo excites me and knowing how much Celere loves the limelight just makes it even more special. “He has such a war horse like heart. From the moment I rode him seven years ago there was an instant connection between us, and I sense he believes it’s his job to take care of me. “When his mane is plaited, the white bandages are on and we have had our little talk before I get on, he knows it’s his time to shine and you can see his focus change. “When we enter and he goes down that centre line it’s as if he is saying I’m here look at me. “I am so proud that I can let him do that at one of the greatest sporting events ever.”

Combat arthritic conditions and joint disorders in your horse naturally

1800 136 393

Horses helping humans By SUE SPENCE When I started Horses Helping Humans (HHH) 16 years ago, I had no idea it would become an award-winning program and earn the reputation it has of being an outcome based Equine Intervention so popular with family and youth services and for my story to be published by Pan Macmillan. We have now had 1000s of students through the program with proven outcomes of helping change lives for the better. It was these outcomes, which led me to license HHH so the program would help those in other communities. Becoming a licensee means you actually become part of your local community as only one license is granted per area. eg ( HHH Gold Coast, HHH Sunshine Coast etc ) Helping you become a respected youth and family service within your government boundary lines assures the quality and outcomes delivered at a professional level are the same in every area. This assures that case workers and counsellors in all areas can confidently refer to HHH for communications intervention and assist them with opening the doors of communication with their challenging clients. This helps them immensely when applying for their own funding, as HHH is a known program for helping with rePage 32

engagement back into school or study. Youth and family services, school chaplains or counsellors, mental health organisations, child protection, homeless youth, DV services and the Justice Dept refer the students we work with. The training covers extensive communication and body language techniques as well as requiring horsemanship ground skills to be of a high level. (The program is based on professional horsemanship, self-regulation and life skills which translate straight into everyday life situations.) The License includes full business set up, extensive hands-on individual training with me at HHH on the Gold Coast as well as me working with Licensees at their property with their horses. It also includes, me speaking at Licensees’ local Youth and Family interagency meetings to discuss outcomes and the referral system, I contact local council, MPs and training colleges, my attendance at the opening as I organise a media launch and offer ongoing support. Everything from invoice templates and advertising, referral forms, training manuals, videos, workbooks for youth workers, horsemanship, media releases upon opening, follow up and our annual conference is included. It is the most rewarding career and it is a blessing to be able to help so many make positive changes in their lives.

Your Dream Career Starts Here... ™

Become a licensee and facilitator of this internationally renowned horsemanship and life skills program with proven outcomes. It is specifically designed to assist disengaged and at risk youth.

Horses Helping Humans Certified licensee training includes: • Hands on training with internationally acclaimed communications expert, Author and woman in business award winner 2014 & 2016 Sue Spence

• Full business set up and marketing • Introduction to youth agencies and family services • Corporate Delivery Training

Book available via website or

Email: Ph 0438 Opportunities available nationwide | Phone 0416159 146 491 396

Current Licensees locations include: Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Innisfail , Atherton Tablelands QLD, Somerville Vic, Port Macquarie, Byron Shire NSW , Devonport Tasmania , Manuatu , Taranaki NZ - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Flexi-Fibre Fibre provides root structure, similar to grass roots in turf, to existing or new sand-based riding surfaces. Fibre improves the surface stability, therefore the horse will work ‘on top’ of the surface rather than ‘through’ it. Our Flexi Fibre is a mixture of polypropylene, polyester and nylon Fibres which are the base material to all of our surfaces worldwide and similar to all other top surface suppliers. We KDYH VSHFL¿FDOO\ GHVLJQHG RXU )OH[L )LEUH IRU Australian conditions and manufacture here in Australia, enabling us to produce at very competitive rates.

• •

Improves preformance

• •

Enhances drainage

Improves stability of new or existing sand surfaces

Long lasting

EQUESTRIAN SERVICES PTY LTD. Email Mobile 0475 917 605 ABN 76 602 073 021 ACN 602 073 021 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Janell Clarke P: 0412 747 401 E: Follow us on Facebook @devineequinebrowbands

Over 10 years of experience from Pony Club to Grand Nationals and Royal Shows.

The Presentation Specialist Alice Clarke P: 0427 606 183 E: Follow us on Facebook @ martinandalice

Design Kerri Hill | Photos by Pictures in Moment

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The Horse Report

From Paddock to Show Ring Words by Alice Clarke Part 1 of 6. More to come in upcoming issues. Time to bring in that pony and transform him into your star… but not sure where you start? Every pony is different and every person has their own way of doing things, but we try to follow the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principal. We break it down into 6 categories which we will go through in the next 5 issues in coming months. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Maintenance Feeding Housing/Rugging Work/Training Show Gear for Horse/Rider Presentation

MAINTENANCE This is important, the basics when owning any horse and addressing your duty of care. These principals are a must before you start your show preparation and be done on a regular basis. No amount of money or work will transform your pony if you don’t practice the basics of pony/horse care. WORMING Your horse needs to be on a regular worming program appropriate to its age and environment. Young-stock are particularly susceptible to worm burdens so if your unsure your local vet can help you. It’s also a good

idea to rotate using different brands or wormer. It’s been proven over time the worms can become resistant to the same wormer. HOOF CARE As the old saying goes, no hoof, no horse. It is critical to ensure your horses hooves are maintained regularly. ,QFRUUHFW KRRI FDUH FDQ DIIHFW PRYHPHQW FRQ¿UPDWLRQ and soundness. EQUINE DENTISTY A horses teeth continue to grow throughout it’s lifetime. To maintain optimal food absorption and to ensure comfort during its work your horse needs to be seen by D YHW RU TXDOL¿HG HTXLQH GHQWLVW RQ D UHJXODU EDVHV HANDLING This might sound silly but your pony must have basic handling. You should be able to catch it, lead it, brush it all over and handle it safely. Every time you interact with your pony you are in fact teaching it. It’s good to practice and teach your horse to stand still and tie up quietly for periods of time. This is important when it comes time for clipping and show prepping your horse as we will discuss in more detail in a later issue. Last but not least. It is important to spend this initial time with your equine building a relationship and trust, a true partnership. Just remember, horses are masters of body language not the English language. What you put in is what you will get back. Practice all this then you will be ready for Step 2 in the next PRINTED issue. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email: MA_EQ_Magazine_article.indd 2

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The Horse Report

SAMFORD SHOW Photography by Hoofprintz

Best Novice of Show, sponsored by Wilson Equestrian. Heathmont Flirt and Abbey Lovell

El'ray All Saint and Morgan Lyall Supreme Local Rider & Supreme Local Hack

Farleigh Wessex exhibited by Sabastian Lucas Newcomer Hunter Pony

Federer ridden by Adam Oliver and owned by Kate Kyros was the Supreme Show Hunter Horse

Goldhanger Sophia exhibited by Jaspa Beattie Champion Ridden Pinto & Champion Ridden Colourama

6 yr old Lily May-Keas on Bella

Boogies Little Sunfire & Kaylah Ford winner of the youth Showmanship

Anglewood Charms exhibited by Paige Barratt

Alana Bell and Scotty Doesn’t Know winning the ASH lady rider

HOOFPRINTZ PHOT OGRAPHY Available for shows events and private photography shoots

0476 128 212 Page 36 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

SAMFORD SHOW Photography by Hoofprintz

Malibu Park Top This Elise Cameron Champion led pony

Melissa Tribe Memorial Daisy Lane the Huntsman exhibited by Taylor hore

Revelwood Noble Dream, Owner Angela Unsworth Handler Tyler Buchanan winner of Supreme Led

Regal Replica and Grace Berry, Champion Adult Rider and Champion Ridden throughbred

Royal Command of Sefton Champion Hunter Galloway ridden by Adam Oliver

Supreme All Breeds Brian Sheahan Memorial Glen Lee Ruby owned by the Govan family

Supreme Hack Hamlet Park Splendour Owned by Angela Osbourne and Jennifer Kyle and ridden by RIley Kent

Supreme Champion rider Mackenzie Thompson riding Rosedale Remembrance

Millicent Garrihy on Tandarra Park Jimny Cricket seen here winning her rider class

HOOFPRINTZ PHOT OGRAPHY Available for shows events and private photography shoots

0476 128 212 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 37

The Horse Report


Lyla Russell and Cariad Park Forever True from Alstonville PC

Photos By Paula Anthony

CHARLEE CAMPBELL from Grafton PC Reserve Champion Junior Hack

Yondella Delta Bllue ridden by IVY POINTON WALES from Alstonville was Supreme Hack pictured with Judges , Megan Perrin, Libby Went and Tanya Stuart


Champion Junior Rider was ANASTASIA BLANCH from Murwillumbah PC


Champion Associate rider KAITLYN MCNALL from Alstonville PC Page 38

Winner of the Best Presented LUCY SYDNEY from Alstonville PC

ANASTASIA BLANCH & LYLA RUSSELL Winner & Runner Up jinior poinstcore

CHARLEE ANTHONY from Murwillumbah PC Champion Hack and Reserve Champion Rider

TIANIE DEAS from Casino placed in the second in the Best Presented

DAKOTA PHILLIP leadline poinstscore winner - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


The Champion Preliminary horse and rider was awarded to KAITLYN McNAll from Alstonville

Champion Novice horse and rider was awarded to GEORGIA ENGLE from Bangalow PC

Champion Elementary Horse and Rider was awarded to CHARLEE ANTHONY from Murwillumbah PC

Reserve Champion Novice Horse and Rider went to JEMIMA SOUTHWOOD from Channon Dunoon PC

AMELIA RUBY BARNES from Murwillumbah PC in the Junior Preliminary

Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Preliminary JORGEE DEMAAGD & ANASTASIA BLANCH

ELLA ROBINSON from Lower Clarence PC

SIENNA PICONE from Bangalow PC

ALLARA PAXTON from Bangalow PC

JEMIMA SOUTHWOOD from Channon Dunoon PC Reserve Champion Novice Rider

The Top 4 riders for Dressage were from Bangalow PC Layla Lollback, Amelia Savage, Sienna Picone & Georgia Engle

FRANKIE WATTS from Cabarita PC was Reserve Champion Prep - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218


CP Masterpiece Price: $ 20,000. 15.1 hh Reg: EA & SHC Brown/Black Gelding YOB: 2011 Sire: Fernleigh Front Page Dam: Obelisk

Price: $ 35,000. ono 16.3 ½ hh Reg: TB Black Gelding YOB: 2013 Sire: Duporth Dam: Scarvire A Rare Opportunity to purchase such a Quality and Successful Large Hack Soloman - 16.3hh, 7yo, true Black TB gelding. This first season horse in his lightly shown career he has: 4th Large Open Hack @ Grand Nationals 2021 Won his Novice and Open @ Canberra Royal 2020 Reserve at both SHC SA & ESA HOTY qualifying himself for the Open at both EA Nationals and SHC Grand Nationals Also qualified his rider for Both EA nationals and GN. Suit competent rider and home. Highly competive and a beautiful ride. Video Available Contact Alanna on 0402 929 298

Entered 2021 Royal Adelaide Show and qualified 2021 Melbourne Royal Show Romeo has completed two show seasons with us and is now ready to find a new home. He has attended the Royal Adelaide Show, GN Qualifiers, Ag shows and dressage competitions with many different riders and is a consistent performer. He is quiet on and off the property, a reliable show horse as well as a versatile mount that loves going out to the forest or beach. Romeo is a loving, well natured horse that loves to be fussed over. He is for sale due to university commitments and will only be sold to the very best of homes. Video available on request. Contact: Charlie Hunt Ph: 0409 553 982

JA Santiago


Price: $12,750 plus gst. 15.2 hh (Barastoc measurement) Reg: Thoroughbred Bay Gelding Sire: Pillar Of Hercules Dam: Ivory Whisp

Price: $10,000. 15.3 ¾ hh Reg: Thoroughbred Bay Gelding Sire: Master of Design (AUS) 2005 (Redoute's Choice) Dam: Gathering Storm (SAF) 1999 [By Joshua Dancer (USA) 1994]

Please note Santiago's price has been reduced considerably due to the need to find the right home for him shortly as I am moving to a smaller farm in the very near future. Santiago is a top class hack, who with limited opportunities in the ring has been Top Three at Barastoc (Newcomer, Childs and OTT Track Hack) and qualified for Royals in his first season of showing which was 2020 before COVID. He has only been out a couple of times since then winning his hack classes and also Champion Level One Dressage Horse. He is, without doubt, one of the prettiest hacks you will find and he is beautifully put together with exceptional and hard to find movement. Beautifully educated, he is a lovely ride and is presently in work and show prep with the Lee family. Definite Royal champion quality horse, he is easily capable of taking his next partner all the way. It is a heart breaking sale, and due to no fault of his own. An excellent home is very important as this very sweet boy deserves the best. (Wearing a simple sheepskin collar prevents him for thinking about cribbing). Contact Tamara Lee 0409 182 938

Stanley is a quality Thoroughbred gelding that Finished Racing in 2018. Stanley has been to a couple of shows this year and shows great promise and is always receiving positive comments on his Work attitude and how quiet he is. Stanley has beautiful movement and is very trainable and extremely quiet he has had 10 weeks professional education. He is great to shoe, Clip and wash etc. He is great on a truck or Angle Float. He will make a lovely Childs or Ladies mount and is Eligible Newcomers for the rest of 2021. This has been a very hard decision and will be extremely sad sale due to no fault of his own and he will only be offered to the best of homes. Contact: Sharon Ph: 0448 090 269 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218


EP Notting Hill

Price: $ 3,000. Price Updated!! 13.2 hh (mature medium to large galloway) Reg: Part Arabian & CBCHS WA INC Bay Tobiano Gelding YOB: 2019 Sire: Unknown Dam: Gllynroan Ponies Tennessee Pride

Price: $ 10,000. 14.3 hh Reg: Riding Pony X TB Black/Brown Gelding YOB: 2017 Sire: Royalwood Boy Soprano Dam: Juene Pedrille

"Sully" is a pleasure to float, wash & clip, with a laid back attitude that loves attention. He has recently had 6 weeks of show prep & training and ready for his next chapter. Has attended 2 shows with great comments from all judges including interstate judges. He is expected to mature medium to large Galloway and would make a great Show Hunter Galloway. Contact: Heidi Ph: 0403 465 948

Ricardo is approximately 14.2-15hh green broken and currently in work with the Lee family. He is going kindly under saddle and will make a beautiful show hunter Galloway. Beautiful movement. Will need experienced home due to age. Only for sale due to pregnancy. Can be viewed in Whittlesea and video available on Tamrie Park Stud page. Price is neg. Contact: Tamara Lee Ph: 0409 182 938 or 0434 486 580

BSP Armani

Deanhills Leading Lad

Price: $ 18,000. 14.1 hh Reg: SHC, EA, ASPR Bay Gelding YOB: 2014 Sire: Mandingo Dam: Tungarra Chorus Line

Price: $ 12,000. 14.3 ¼ hh Reg. Riding Pony, Partbred Welsh Bay Mare YOB: 2016 Sire: Command Performance RP Dam: Gaelic Honour T'Bred

True little gem of a Galloway 6 year old 14.1 hand German Riding Pony In newcomer year for showing and dressage. Has been to a few shows 2021 and pony club rally days 2020 where he took everything in with no drama. A Real character and favourite in the stables. Super movement and shows some real style with jumping. Ready to head out and do some serious competition now as he has had a full year of work due to covid competition cancellations. Good home a must. Contact: Natalie Ph: 0405 184 790

Mia is currently in training with Ebonie Lee and shows huge potential, she sits up in the bridle and has lovely rhythmical paces and is very kind and easy to handle on the ground. Mia with time will be very competitive at the highest showing level, temperament, trainability and type are her biggest assets. Mia is still very much at the learning stage and in the future she has the ability to be an outstanding child’s mount. She is only offered to a knowledgeable home that can help her reach her full potential. A short video is available on request. Contact: Paul Morath Ph: 0409 840 381 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Uhavta Negligee Price: $ 15,000. 12.2 hh Reg: RPSBS, ASPA, Part welsh, ARP, APSB RP Chestnut Mare YOB: 2013 Sire: Syon Royal Portrait Dam: Uhavta Royal Emerald (SOD-Ascot Royal Tribute) Measures 12.2hh Sire: Syon Royal Portrait Dam: Uhavta Royal Emerald (Ascot Royal Tribute / Kirreway Diamontina) Plenty of photos on Facebook (Uhavta) or website (see below link) This is a true genuine child's pony. Great temperament and ride. Will only be sold to the best homes Needs a child to love and cherish her. For videos - look at Uhavta facebook or Contact: Alannah Ph: 0429 803 379

Whitmere Babble On Price: $ 7,000. 12.2 ¾ hh Reg: Riding Pony Chestnut Mare 2013 Sire: Turberry Tom Kitten Dam: Beckworth Royal Fern

‘Babs’ as she is affectionately known as, is by the very successful sire Turberry Tom Kitten. She successfully competed at royal level with previous owners together with Show horse council comps and has always come home with the ribbons. Babs recently started her dressage career and at her first comp received very high scores in both her tests. She received lovely comments by both judges and spectators. Babs has lovely big movement that allows her not only to excel in the show ring but succeed in the dressage arena too. She is most suited to a confident child wanting to go up the levels and would also make a very versatile interschool’s mount. She’s a pony that always tries to please her rider so she’s capable of anything that’s asked. She needs minimal work down at shows and is super easy to prepare. Video Footage Link - Contact: Maddy Tabak Ph: 0432 802 178

Cantik Park Love Affair

Arinlea Rockin Robin

Price: $ 6,500. 12.3 ¾ hh Reg: RP & eligible Part Welsh Bay Mare YOB: 2017 Sire: INXS of Sefton Dam: Bamborough Miss Feline

Price: $ 2,000. Mature Approx. 12 -12.2 hh Reg: Riding Pony, eligble Part Welsh, Australian Saddle Pony, Arabian Riding Pony Dark Brown Gelding YOB: 2017 Sire: Arinlea Secret Moment (SOS Kolbeach Royalty) Dam: Arinlea Red Robin (SOD Jacket's Bluebird)

Ava is a Newcomer Open Pony ready to step out this spring. Currently in training with Mia Wright and proving to be a talented pony with fab temperament and 3 soft flowing paces. Ava will be an exceptional child's show/Interschool’s/PC pony with more miles. Owned and bred by Sandi Pearce. Contact: Sue Wright Ph: 0401 663 911

Rocki is an exceptional moving pony with true show ring presence. Very pretty pony with a natural frame and gait. Top quality pony ready to embark on his next chapter. Eligible newcomers. Unbroken, mouthed, lunges, catch, leads, ties, washed, rugged, floated. Searching for a knowledgeable and experienced home to begin his show career. Currently in paddock condition. Contact: Patricia Ph: 03 5572 4378 Page 42 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Silkwood Star of Hearts Price: $ 12,000. 13.3 hh Reg: RPSB | ASPA Dark BayMare YOB: 2013 Sire: Oaklands Park Artistic Flare Dam: Oaklands Park Jillian Silkwood Star of Hearts, also fondly known as Krissy, is a registered Riding Pony mare who stands at 13.3hh and is 8 years old. She has been lightly shown and done dressage and pony club with her capable child (now teenager) owner for the last few years, however sadly she has been outgrown. Krissy has a look at me presence wherever she goes and has 3 balanced and expressive paces, and a huge uphill canter. Krissy has been out trail riding and is good to take out to competitions, however she is still a young performance mare and will only be sold to a capable rider and a loving home.

Debanlay Class Act PPrice: $ 10,500. 13.3 hh Reg: RPSB | Saddle Pony | EA & SHCQ Bay Mare YOB: 2016 Sire: Fairlight Acres Splendour Dam: Willowcroft White Gold Very lightly shown with success, ‘Blaire’is a quality large show hunter pony ready to hit the ground running. In full show condition and ready to show, she is only for sale due to lack of time and going to waste not being out competing. Huge potential with the right rider - all the hard work is done. Genuine enquiries only. Video Footage Link - Contact: Abbey Lovell Ph: 0411 794 124

Video Footage Link - Contact 1: Zoe Stokes 0421 420 393 Contact 2: Sofia Miller 0477 684 412

Markin Park Total Eclipse PPrice: $ 12,000. 13.3 ¾ hh Reg: RPSB Brown Gelding YOB: 2015 Sire: Wesswoods Raven Caste Dam: Aria Eclipse (SOD Oakvale Serenade) GRAND NATIONAL QUALIFIED 2022 The time has come for bob to find his next jockey to enjoy him as much as we have. Best suited for confident child/teen or small adult due to limited outings due to COVID. Ridden by capable 13 year old Currently competing in WA at the highest level with two GRAND NATIONAL qualifiers He never goes unnoticed with his presence and uphill cadence. SHC WA CLASSIC - Results; * Runner up Large open pony * Champion child’s large show pony * Carrying his jockey to Champion Rider 12& under 15 Contact: Rachel Langley Ph: 0428 829 440

Super Imagination Price: $ 15,000. 13.2 hh Reg: RPSB | Welsh | EA & SHC Bay Gelding YOB: 2009 Sire: Kolbeach Royalist Dam: Kolbeach Classique Surfie has been the best child’s pony for our family for the past 6yrs. He is straight forward & uncomplicated to ride, no vices, sits in the bridle & flows beautifully through his transitions, making him a super Childs pony. An amazing big straight movement. Always easy to qualify for the royals. Qualifying for GNs many times & has been a super show pony for our girls, who have now moved onto galloways & hacks. Been to royals, Hotys etc, easy to do anything with. Being very athletic, he is also very good at show jumping & fluent at pony club games makes him a competitive all-rounder. Our girls have ridden him from the age of 8yrs old. Can be viewed at this year’s Adelaide Royal & available after the royal. Sad sale only available to the best of homes. Price includes all his gear, saddle, bridles, wardrobe of rugs, false tail, boots etc. Video Footage Link 1- Video Footage Link 2- Video Footage Link 3- Video Footage Link 4- Contact: Danielle Crosby Ph: 0408 504 590 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 43

The Horse Report

HORSE REPORT 4 SALE ADVERTISING 1/4 PAGE DIGITAL $60 Contact: Paula Anthony Email - Ph: 0413 733 294


Rosedale Regent

Price: $ 6,000. 12.2 hh Reg: Riding Pony Gelding Chestnut 5 yo Sire: Rathowen Song and Dance Dam: Kolbeach Bracelet

EOI - Rosedale Regent 14.1hh and 7yo By Whitmere Secret Agent Registered SHC, EA, Riding Pony, Part Welsh, Saddle Pony & Arabian.

Lovely moving small pony

Reggie is a beautiful quality Galloway with potential to go to the top. He is a pleasure to ride with a lovely soft mouth. Reggie is only available to the very best of homes due to not having enough time. Great opportunity to purchase a top show galloway. Reggie would suit confident child rider. Ph Chloe 0487 481 421 POA Located Gold Coast

HORSE REPORT 4 SALE ADVERTISING 1/4 PAGE DIGITAL $60 1/4 PAGE PRINT $260 Ph 0413 733 294 email

Lunges, Long reins, floats, ties, lovely to ride, a dream to handle in every way loves kids and good with dogs, Hendra vaccinated, feet,, worming and teeth regularly done. Stabled rugged and in show condition. Been to Pony Club rally days, clinics and camps and a handful of shows with wins in led and hack classes. He is developing into a lovely little horse and is offered to the best of show homes. All enquires welcome. Ph: 0413 733 294

Bordershow Lord of the Manor Bordershow Lord of the Manor Small Show Hunter Pony prospect, 4yo Sire - Bordershow Excalibur Dam - Bordershow Lady Marmalade Bert is hands down one of the quietest and easiest ponies I’ve owned. Super sweet, never has attempted to bite or kick. Bert was broken in start of May, he was there for 3 weeks and was told he was super easy to break in, he never even thought about being naughty and took it all in his stride, like he had done it all before. He was ridden by a small child after being broken in for a week and went so kindly for her. Definitely going to make a great competitive child’s pony in the future! Bert has been spelling since he came home and is now ready for his new home and to continue on with his education. Only available due to no time. Easy to wash, float, trim. Pm for price and anymore info. Video available on request Ph Chloe 0487 481 421 POA Located Gold Coast Page 44 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report NIMBIN SHOW The Nimbin Country Show began in 1919 and is the first show in the North Coast show circuit. The 2021 show will be held on September 25 - 26 and is a traditional style agricultural show with horses, cattle, poultry, dog trials, arts, crafts, fruits, vegetables, and horticulture. Saturday ring events will feature Led and ridden breed classes , Novice and open Hacks and Hunters and Rider classes a Supreme Led and Supreme Hack and Sunday will have classes for Shetlands, Miniatures, Heavy Horses, Showjumping, Junior Senior and Assoc hack and rider classes novelty and sporting events For more information: Email: or phone 0400 925 764

September 17 - 19 Pryde's HOTY & Childs - Toowoomba

NIMBIN SHOW 2019 25 - 26 September

Celebrating their 100th show Saturday - Led and ridden breed classes Novice and open Hacks and Hunters, Rider classes Supreme Led and Supreme Hack Sunday - Shetlands, Miniatures, Heavy Horses, Showjumping, Junior Senior and Assoc hack and rider classes novelty and sporting events

For more information: Email: 0400 925 764

Favourites Pack... rrp $122.15 now $109.90!!

October 9 Youth Clinic - Park Ridge October 10 Champion of Champions - Park Ridge

1ltr Range... rrp $157.45 now $141.70!!

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Includes BONUS Heritage Downs Tote Bag Valued $19.95!!


Show Horse Queensland

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offer ends 31.10.21 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 45

The Horse Report MUDGEERABA SHOW The 2021 Mudgeeraba Show has moved to a new date now to be held on September 17th - 19th. A family event not to be missed with all the fun of the fair, with more than 200 exhibiter stands and a huge variety of exhibits that attracts on average around 50,000 people. The ring events, run over two days, have a great equestrian program that includes hacks, rider classes, breed events and showjumping. Goats, poultry, camels and racing pigs… they are are at Mudgeeraba. Woodchop events, community exhibits along with the wonderful arts and craft displayed in the pavilion too. The Mudgeeraba Show has something for everyone from all age groups and interests. See great singers and dancers along with a huge variety of entertainers. Everyone's favourite at the show is the night program held on both Friday and Saturday nights and this year will be finishing with a concert, fireworks and laser show. To book a trade stand, volunteer at the show, to enter events or for more information on becoming a member please contact Kylie on 0418 182 533 or email

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock entering NSW from the cattle tick infested zone of Qld MUST comply with the Mandatory Measures of the Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2017 regarding examination and treatment of livestock prior to entry into NSW.

Contact: NSW DPI at Kirra Ph. 0755364714 Fax 0755361290 - For accredited certifiers QLD DAF call centre 07 3404 6999 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e notif ia b le in NSW



Sunday - 5 September 2021 at Maclean Show Grounds, Cameron St Maclean NSW Competitors must be members of SHCA and to show proof of membership or day membership is available - $20

Entry Fee - $30 per horse (includes ground fee, gate admission and entry into unlimited classes)

Pre entry before September 3 Champ & Res Champ Led Pony, Galloway & Hack Champ & Res Champ Led Show Hunter Pony, Galloway & Hack Champ & Res Champ Novice Pony, Galloway & Hack Champ & Res Champ Open Pony, Galloway & Hack Champ & Res Champ Show Hunter Pony, Galloway & Hack Rising Star classes - Novice Riders - Second Chance ring TRACK TO HACK CLASSES SUPREME RIDER - SUPREME HACK - SUPREME HUNTER SUPREME LED Separate enclosed ring for young riders new to showing that includes leadline & independent events to include Led classes hack and rider games & Fancy Dress For further information Email: Email: Follow us on facebook Northern NSW Show Horse Association

2021 Mudgeeraba Agricultural Show . 17th -19th September 2021


21-22-23 October 2021

Attracting on average around 50,000 people, the Mudgeeraba Show hosts over two hundred exhibitor stands and offers businesses a once-a-year opportunity to expand into new markets, boost revenue and significantly increase brand awareness.

Revised and Exciting Equestrian events program,

Thursday - Breed classes including Thoroughbreds, Standardbred, ANSA, Arabian, Australian Saddle Ponies, Unregistered Ponies, Riding Pony, Stud Book, Australian, Dartmoor, Shetland, Welsh, Palominos, Appaloosa, Paints, Pintos, Buckskins, Quarter Horses, Baroque, Waler and Warmbloods. Friday - Maiden, Novice, Intermediate & District Hack Classes & ASH Feature show, plus Northern NSW Champion of Champions Prize Money $250.00 Saturday - Open Hack, Hunter and rider classes, plus Off the Track Classes, plus Miniature, Heavy Horse, Gypsy Cobb and Harness Showjumping all 3 days - with $1,000 for the Grand Prix Showjumping Event VERDUN SMITH MEMORIAL TROPHY FOR CHAMPION HACK - $100 THE PEGGY FRYER MEMORIAL PERPETUAL SUPREME CHAMPION RIDER OF THE SHOW - $100 NOEL CHITTICK MEMORIAL, SUPREME CHAMPION HACK - $200 Phone: (02) 6621 5916 Email: ūIJǶČĚʧŠūƑƥĺČūîƙƥŠîƥĿūŠîŕɍČūŞɍîƭ wwwɍŕĿƙŞūƑĚƙĺūDžɍČūŞɍîƭ

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If you are interested in having a site and displaying your product


0418 182 533 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


The Northern NSW Show Horse Association.

The NNSW allbreeds showwill be held at Alstonville Showgrounds starting at 8am on Sunday 10th October 2021. There is an awesome program with Led and Ridden Classes for Allbreeds plus Beginners Ring for those just starting out in the show ring There is a 2 Ring format for Ponies, Galloways & Hacks, Off the Track classes loads of sashes trophies and prizes o offer major awards include the Supreme Champion Led Stallion of the Show, Supreme Champion Led Mare of the Show, Supreme, Champion Led Gelding of the Show, Supreme overall led (Marjorie Clark Memorial), Supreme Champion Rider of the Show (Greg Potts Memorial), Supreme Champion Hack of the Show (Ward Rippon Memorial), Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show. For show Enquiries: Les Gilleard - 0428 469 562, Libby Went 0412 803 021, Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985, or Email.

Proudly presents

The 2021 NNSW All Breeds Horse Show Alstonville Showgrounds - 8am

Sunday 10th October 2021 Led and Ridden Classes for Allbreeds & Beginners Ring 2 Ring format for Ponies, Galloways & Hacks, Off the Track classes Supreme Champion Led Stallion of the Show Supreme Champion Led Mare of the Show Supreme Champion Led Gelding of the Show Supreme overall led (Marjorie Clark Memorial) Supreme Champion Rider of the Show (Greg Potts Memorial) Supreme Champion Hack of the Show (Ward Rippon Memorial) Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show

NNSW SPRING HACK SHOW The NNSW show horse assoc will be holding a Spring Hack Show at Maclean showgrounds on Sunday September 5. Competitors must be members of SHCA and to show proof of membership or pay a day membership fee of $20 Entry Fee is $30 per horse Via (includes ground fee, gate admission and entry into unlimited classes) Entries to be completed before September 3 We have secured some great sponsorship and will have loads of prizes on offer for our 28 champions and 3 supreme's. There will be led classes - Rising Star classes - Novice Riders - Novice open and hunter pony galloway and hack classes - Second Chance ring - Off the Track classes. Separate enclosed ring for young riders new to showing that includes leadline & independent events to include Led classes hack and rider games & Fancy Dress For further information Email: or Email:

Visit us on

For show Enquiries: Les Gilleard - 0428 469 562 Libby Went - 0412 803 021 Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985 Email. Northern NSW Show Horse Association

Northern NSW Show Horse Assoc

WHAT’S NEW for the rest of 2021-22022

* 21/22 Northern NSW Show Horse Association Members Only High Point awards Point Score Nomination forms will be emailed out to all members - $10 per entry - prizes will be awarded in the following catergories Small Open Pony Large Open Pony Small Open Galloway Large Open Galloway Small Open Hack Large Open Hack

Small Hunter Pony Large Hunter Pony Small Hunter Galloway Large Hunter Galloway Small Hunter Hack Large Hunter Hack

Rider 12years and Under Rider 13yrs and Under 18yrs Owner Rider

instead of Newcomers classes

* NNSW Summer Hack Show - 5th September - @ Maclean Showgrounds *Alstonville Allbreeds - 10th October - @ Alstonville Showgrounds * Show Horse Clinics - Venue and instructors still to be finalised

Memberships are due - JOIN NOW lots of New things on offer



Horses must not have started under saddle prior to 27th May 2021

Enquiries President - Deyarne Pointon Wales - 0407 752 458 Vice President - Les Gilleard PH: 0428 469 562 Secretary - Ciel Letts - 0407 711 339 Publicity - Paula Anthony - 0413 733 294

Follow us on facebook Northern NSW Show Horse Association - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report 120th MURWILLUMBAH SHOW Tweed River Agricultural Society Ltd is forging ahead with plans to hold its 120th Show on 5 & 6 November 2021. The ALL-NEW Horse Schedule will be available on by 1 September 2021. Check out the new classes and Beginner Ring now on offer. TRAS has a full program of Ag. Show favourites over 2 busy days, a variety of trade displays, food, drink and world class entertainment planned for Show patrons. Friday night Rodeo and sideshows. Saturday, Guy McLean, Aussie FMX, Fireworks, sideshows, great Aussie music, Branding Rail Bar open till late, and much more. Join TRAS to celebrate 120 years of 'town meets country' at the local agricultural Show. E| P| 02 6672 5507 M| 0427 725 507

NIMBIN SHOW 2019 25 - 26 September

Celebrating their 100th show Saturday - Led and ridden breed classes Novice and open Hacks and Hunters, Rider classes Supreme Led and Supreme Hack Sunday - Shetlands, Miniatures, Heavy Horses, Showjumping, Junior Senior and Assoc hack and rider classes novelty and sporting events

For more information: Email: 0400 925 764

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) Horse Transport Ph 0408 537 904 The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085

The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan - Butt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0413 371 802 Country Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5596 4387 Aitkins Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 3209 7506


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - Country Scene Saddlery - County Saddlery Qld - Country Park Animal DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch EFA Queensland... Embroidered saddlecloths - Eq Land Developments Equine on the web ... Equilibrium Mineral Mix... Equestrian On line ... Feed XL... Fordsdale Farm Stay ……. Gallagher Electric fencing ... Gold Coast Horse.... GG’s Horse Transport ..... Greystone Manure Vacuums ... GEOHEX Ground Stabilisation ..... Have Horse … Will Travel Healing for Horses Horse Transport … Horse Transport … Horse Floats … Page 48

Horseland..... Kentucky Equine Kulavale Equestrian... Lisa McCann Herbs ....... Mitavite ... Mobile Livestock Nathan Trailers at Nerang... National Equestrian Wholesalers .... Natural Hoof care ..... Natural equipment Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel..... New England Girls School . Norco..... Omega Feeds Pharmachem ... Redlands Vet Clinic ... Replay Classifieds... Riding for the Disabled............ Saddleworld...... Stance Equine Feeds.......... StockGuard Electric Southwood Saddlery... The Horse Report ... - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

p k g y !





GREAT GIFTS Buckles, Belts, Montana Jewellery & Flags Aussie books from



Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 4637 8933

100 Taylor Street, Toowoomba. 4350



Horse Clipping Heather Crack

Ph 5546 3276 - 0408 193 131


NEW LOCATION 68 Currumbin Creek Rd Currumbin Free Delivery Gold Coast - Pottsville Conditions Apply


LISA McCANN HERBS - Ph: 07 5447 7644

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:





Matt Butler 0410 619 037



Servicing Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast EQUINE DENTIST

10 Pagan Street JERRYS PLAINS NSW 2330 Ph: 02 6576 4162 -


Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistry Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment





Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: CLINICS & LESSONS

RIDING INSTRUCTOR Paula Anthony PCANSW Coach /Examiner Dressage Show Horse Pony Club Rider Class Clinics Show Prep

0415 169 469 HOLIDAY

Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne


Ph 0413 733 294 Gold Coast - Tweed - Ballina TOURIST FACILITY

LANG PARK COTTAGES A new rural tourist facility with 1 Bedroom cottages on our private 25 acre horse property 10 mins from Byron Bay, Mullumbimby & Bangalow

02 6684 7241 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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For all your natural horse products & remedies order online 24/7 or phone our friendly staff

w w w. c o u n t r y p a r k . c o m . a u 07 55964387 Ruth 02 62381135 Carol

Enter Coupon Code: HORSEREP for 10% discount Tel:07 5449 1453 - Email:

Your online store for all things equine & canine Supplements Insecticides & Lotions Worming Shampoo & Grooming Plus loads more Updated regularly with new products Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistr y Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment 0415 169 469



Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

LISA McCANN HERBS Aug gust Specials 4 kilos Bulk Up Blend $89.50 NOW $84.00 1kilo Joint Blend Plus $84.00 NOW $79.00 1.25 kilos Injury Blend - NEW $52.50 NOW $46.00 - Ph: 07 5447 7644


Matt Butler 0410 619 037 Servicing Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast Page 50

43 Wyrallah Road, East Lismore NSW 2480 Ph: 02 6622 5002 - Email:

Manufacturing top quality Australian-made embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows and braided rope reins and leads. 2020 Celebrating our 20th year in business.

Full details on our website at

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Newrybar Produce & Saddlery 9 Old Pacific Highway Newrybar NSW 2479

Now Under New Managment with Aaron Lang Offering country charm, friendly staff and great customer service * Hay and Chaff * Feed and Supplements * Saddlery and Grooming supplies * Fencing and Farm supplies

Ph 02 6687 1342 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


NEW LOCATION 68 Currumbin Creek Rd Currumbin Free Delivery Gold Coast - Pottsville Conditions Apply




Ph 07 5559 5984



Sa ddler y & Pet Suppli es



02 6686 2361

Shop 37 De-H Havilland Cres Ballina NSW Email:

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:



Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: P: PO BOX 355 MURWILLUMBAH 2484 W :









bE: @supaliciousequinetreats

Pocket-sized, chewy treats for your equine friends!

Equine Cremations Pickup from Vet or Paddock Servicing Northern NSW

10 Pagan Street JERRYS PLAINS NSW 2330 Ph: 02 6576 4162 -

Pocket-sized, chewy treats for your equine friends!

Quality Australian equine products, made using only the finest natural ingredients.b Order yours today! @supalicious_treats


Dignified - Caring Robyn Winton Mobile: 0428- 941-524

FACEBOOK - - PH 0407 643 966

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock entering NSW from the cattle tick infested zone of Qld MUST comply with the Mandatory Measures of the Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2017 regarding examination and treatment of livestock prior to entry into NSW.

Contact: NSW DPI at Kirra Ph. 0755364714 Fax 0755361290 - For accredited certifiers QLD DAF call centre 07 3404 6999 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e notif ia b le in NSW - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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BUSINESS CARD LISTING $30 for 2 months

in the digitial online magazine Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 - 0413 733 294 *** Now reaching over 50,000 readers *** 07 5524 5550 - DAVID




Disinfects, Conditions, Prevents Thrush and Promotes Healthy Hoof Growth HOOF-AID™ aids in the prevention of common conditions of dryness which results in brittle, shelly hoofs, hard frogs, quarter cracks, contracted and split heels. HOOF-AID™ arrests fungicidal and bacterial infection, prevents thrush and speeds normal hoof development by stimulation through the coronet band.

HOOF-AID™ gets results without using harmful mineral oils, acids or pine tar. It retains the natural oils in the hoof, and supplements them. HOOF-AID™ doesn’t seal pores. Instead, it lets the hoof breathe, disinfects it, conditions it, and stimulates rapid healthy growth.


Unit 6, 70 Fison Ave West, Eagle Farm QLD 4009

Flax Seed Oil provides the richest (almost 60%) natural source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid (EFA) which is not generally present in equine foods. Like all animals, horses cannot manufacture this essential fatty acid which is so important for their overall health. 1800 136 393

order online or call 1800 255 288

BIT 7+( ',))(5(1&( %(7:((1 :,11,1* $1' /26,1* '$9,' +$<(6 Trainer 0DMRU %UHDNWKURXJK

Riders and trainers agree the design is brilliant! )

) Stops

Stops the bit pinching the tongue

) Stops ) Stops ) Stops

the tongue getting over the bit roof rubbing and lip pinching the tongue out the mouth

0(*$1 -21(6 OlympicV Works great \ou must try it.

752< 3$/0(5 Drafter /LNH SRZHU VWHHULQJ

2QO\ PP KLJK SUHYHQWLQJ URRI UXEELQJ The bit arms GR QRW IROG GRZQ RU ULJKW EDFN to prevent 7KH IODW VRIW VXUIDFH SUHYHQWV ELW pinching pressure and pain to the URRI EDUV cheekV and lips.

) Stops

the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting PRXWK RSHQLQJ, rearing & bucking

) Stops

displacement of the soft palate


25'(5 12: &RQWDFW your saddlery or 3K 0413 898 128 LQIR YLGHR DW ZZZ LLZLQQHUV FRP

Page 52 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

the Australian name in Premium Equine Supplements



Balance to grow and perform EqNC EQUIL is formulated to bring balance into your horse’s nutrition when only the BEST is good enough. Highly concentrated and including the optimum levels of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids, EqNC Equil also includes Levucell SC, a live yeast, used as a probiotic, to support the digestive function VWDELOL]LQJ the hindgut of your horse. (]HPSHISL HZ SVVZL THZO MVY LHZ` HUK Lɉ JPLU[ Z\WWSLTLU[H[PVU ,X\PS JHU be added to your existing feed to ensure optimum nutritional balance or of course feed it on its own. Equil may also be fed ad lib as a loose lick. Or, if you prefer to feed a complete feed... Make sure to choose QPD’s Mare and Foal Gold Formula, with EqNC Equil. It is a highly palatable blend of your horse’s favourite grains with a drip of molasses for the fussy eaters.



EqNC Premium is a well-balanced, highly nutritious and JVZ[ LɈ LJ[P]L YH[PVU IHSHUJPUN Z\WWSLTLU[ Horses love our Premium Horse Lick which contains 3-10 times more minerals than the average block. This high concentration means low MLLKPUN YH[LZ THRPUN P[ ]LY` LJVUVTPJHS HUK LɈ LJ[P]L Safe for Laminitis or EMS prone horses/ponies. Also available as pellets - our Premium Bites make for easy portioning.

Excepti tional nutritio onal ]HS\ ]H S L MMV VY money

-VY TVYL PUMVYTH[PVU HUK [V Ä UK `V\Y ULHYLZ[ Z[VJRPZ[ ]PZP[ - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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“BYE BYE FLY” QUEENSLAND ITCH, SWEET ITCH, SUMMER ECZEMA and EQUINE ALLERGIC DERMATITIS are names for distressing skin conditions which affects horses in spring and summer months throughout Australia and around the world.


he usual cause is a hypersensitivity to the bites of flies (in particular sand flies or midges).

While the bite of the flies are an irritation, some horses develop sensitivity to the bite and will rub themselves so much that they cause injury to their skin. Research shows the cause is an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the saliva of the midges (as with humans).

KURITCH has been specially formulated to help assist this problem effectively, in a number of ways: Firstly, it repels the biting insects using the combination of the natural repellent “Citronella Oil” and a highly effective repellent “DEET”. Secondly, it soothes the irritated areas thus relieving the horse from biting and rubbing, which in turn allows the normal healing process to begin. It achieves this by the inclusion of the natural antiseptic “Eucalyptus oil” and nd Camphor oil” which naturally relieves es itchy skin. These significant benefits are also so enhanced by the “Rain Resistant” and nd “Low irritant” formula. As it doesn’t n’t contain alcohol (prevalent in most fly sprays) it won’t “sting” the horse. It can an also be applied to surface wounds, s, minor cuts and skin abrasions to help lp prevent irritation and possible infecction by nuisance insects. Registered by the APVMA in Australia for over 40 years, extennsive field experience has proven en KURITCH to be a most effective ve solution for both preventing and nd healing distressing skin conditions ns caused by biting insects.

Not only that, but once or twice a day, stable lies come to the horse, feed vigorously for a minute or two, and then return to the shade to digest their food. These bites can cause intense irritation in some horses. The bites appear as small raised lumps with a central scab.

As well as KURITCH as a repellent, nt, so environmental management will also assist in protecting your horse.

The effects on the horses can be dramatic. They suffer intense pruritus (itchiness) on the mane, tail, face, ears and back, resulting in biting, rubbing, hair loss, self-trauma and a change of temperament. They become miserable and irritable.

Midges breed near stagnant water. er. As they don’t fly more than a few w hundred metres from their breeding ng area, housing or paddocking your ur horses more than 500 metres from m those areas will reduce their exposure re to the flies.


Also rugging, hooding or stabling your horses between the hours of 4pm – 7am during spring and summer will limit the contact of the flies. Should your horse already be suffering from the effects of allergic skin dermatitis, ensure you use QUIT ITCH to treat and relieve the effects of insect bites. Since the 1970’s, QUIT ITCH has been an essential weapon in the fight against skin disorders in horses.

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