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Mosquito-borne virus detected in Queensland Horse owners are urged to be aware of the potential for mosquito-borne viruses to cause illness in horses following the detection of Kunjin virus in mosquitoes in the Central Queensland Highlands area. The identification was made as part of a routine surveillance program run by Queensland Health. Kunjin virus is endemic in parts of Australia and can cause disease in humans and horses. It is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Clinical signs in horses include: •reluctance to move •depression •neurological signs (stumbling, incoordination, facial paralysis, muscle tremors, circling, blindness). Horses can become infected with Kunjin virus and show no signs of illness. Most clinical cases recover gradually over one to three weeks, however approximately 10 per cent of affected horses will die or be euthanased for welfare reasons. The horse is seen as a ‘dead-end’ host for Kunjin virus and is not considered a likely source of new infection for people or other horses. It is important to consider Hendra virus infection in horses showing neurological signs and implement stringent biosecurity and hygiene measures when dealing with sick horses.

Horse owners are reminded to contact their private veterinarian if their horse is unwell. Mosquito-borne viruses in horses There are two types of mosquito-borne viruses namely arboviruses and flaviviruses. Arboviruses Arboviruses include Ross River virus (RRV) which can cause disease and death. Clinical signs in horses of Ross River virus include: •fever •reduced appetite •muscular soreness •reluctance to move •sometimes swollen joints and glands. Flaviviruses Flaviviruses can infect the brain and nervous system of horses and humans. Most fla-

viviruses are exotic to Australia, however, Kunjin virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE) occurs in Australia and has caused deaths of horses and humans. Although most horses infected with flaviviruses remain clinically well, others may develop abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord. Clinical signs can include: •changes in behaviour •facial paralysis •difficulty swallowing •ataxia (wobbliness) •blindness •inability to rise. Prevention Mosquito control is extremely important in helping to prevent arboviruses and flaviviruses. You can achieve mosquito control by: •regularly applying insect repellents •rugging horses •stabling horses at dusk and dawn to decrease mosquito bites during the most active periods. Stable fans will reduce mosquito numbers by circulating the air, as mosquitoes prefer still air. Clear stagnant water from around stables and paddocks. If water sources contain a large number of mosquito larvae, consider stocking with fish that feed on such larvae or applying biological and or chemical control measures - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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$10,000 PBL HORSE FLOAT! Or one of many vouchers

How to enter: Spend $25 in store on any Equine products from Gallagher, Mitavite, Virbac or Zoetis and receive a stamp to enter the draw — 10 stamps provides one entry. Overall second prize is a $500 product voucher and third prize a $200 product voucher. In store prize of $400 product voucher will also be drawn for each participating store. Multiple entries accepted. * Products redeemed by participating suppliers. Qualifying period: 5th March – 8th June 2018. Individual store vouchers will be drawn within each stores entries only. The winner of the horse float will be drawn from all entries across the participating stores. Winners will be drawn Monday 18th June at CRT State Office QLD.

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Gleam O Dawn Rural Store Kilcoy Rural

101 Logan River Road Beenleigh, Qld 4207 Ph: (07) 3287 2796

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Brumby challenge gains major partner EQUITANA Melbourne has announced a new major sponsor in 2018, McDowells Herbal Treatments. McDowells will be the official Naming Rights Partner of the Australia Brumby Challenge and Brumby Village, which is set to return for a highly anticipated second year at the event. The Australian Brumby Challenge was developed by the Victoria Brumby Association and launched at EQUITANA Melbourne in 2016. The Challenge follows the journey of 20 trainers as they transform untamed brumbies passively captured from Victoria’s high country, from wild to wonderful in just 150 days. The final is held across four days of EQUITANA, with trainers showcasing the transformation of their brumby in front the crowd and an expert panel of judges. There are two categories of the McDowells Brumby Challenge, Ridden and Youth. In the Ridden Challenge, brumbies aged four and older are saddle trained. In the Youth Challenge, yearling aged brumbies are trained and presented in hand only, not to be started under saddle or sat on. As the official partner, McDowells Herbal will be supplying all registered brumbies and trainers with herbal products and supplements across the 150 days of the challenge to support and compliment the transition from living in the wild to becoming a beloved equine partner. Victorian Brumby Association President, Colleen O’Brien, is excited to see McDowells Herbal partner with the Australian Brumby Challenge as the Naming Rights Partner in 2018. “We are very excited to align with such a reputable company for the McDowells Brumby Challenge at EQUITANA,” Colleen said. “McDowells Herbal Treatments is a perfect fit for the Challenge and we can’t wait to see the transformation in our brumbies on their wonderful range of natural products to support overall health and wellness.”

McDowell Herbal Treatments is the Naming Rights Sponsor for EQUITANA’S Australian Brumby Challenge in 2018. David and Cath McDowell are proud to partner with EQUITANA in 2018 and align with a competition that is producing amazing outcomes for Victoria’s wild horses. “We are excited to be supporting the Australian Brumby Challenge this year in the humane rehoming and re-education of Victoria’s Brumbies and witnessing the transformation of these beautiful horses on our herbal treatments,” David said. All Brumbies will be available to purchase through registered auction at the conclusion

of the competition on the final day of Melbourne EQUITANA. The Challenge will officially begin on 23 June and interested parties can follow the journey of their favourite trainers and horses through the official EQUITANA website and Facebook page. Tickets to EQUITANA Melbourne will be on sale from July, 2018. For more details on McDowells Herbal and to see their full range of products, visit - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Waterproof, erproof, windproof & breathable; eathable; Double chestt straps; Double x-over surcingles; ngles; Removable leg straps; 220gsm polyfill cotton lined body; Anti rub synthetic satin in shoulders, tail flap & combo neck.



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The Horse Report National Equestrian N.E.W.


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Equine Therapies Feature

The Horse Report 1800 136 393 Also available from participating outlets

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Just like its equine equivalent MOBICOSA is a unique, natural arthritic and joint pain supplement. Well known for anti-inflammatory properties MOBICOSA is also known for joint rejuvenation of cartilage and connective tissues. MOBICOSA has a wide range of Omega-3s and EFAs (essential fatty acids) and an array of natural properties that may reduce the onset of arthritic symptoms. These fatty acids, as seen in independent research, demonstrated profound anti-inflammatory properties not only in the joints but also in epithelial cells. YOU NEED TO LOOK NO FURTHER MOBICOSA - the human version of TECHNYFLEX After a fall or before a gruelling event - help alleviate aches, pains and strains. TEAM EFFORTS WIN!

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Maintain mobility in joints naturally It is just as important to look after our own joints as it is to look after our horses joints. Mobicosa® Capsules (TECHNYFLEX for riders) are known to assist with inflammation, may rejuvenate the cartilage and connective tissues of joints, and help with general wellbeing. A key component in rebuilding cartilage and connective tissues are glucosamines and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans/ mucopolysaccharides). GAGs, consisting of precursors such as glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulphates, may provide the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues. GAGs also contribute to the viscosity formation of synovial fluid, as they are well known for their joint lubrication qualities TESTIMONIAL Victoria Davies (Rheumatoid – Multiple Joint Replacements – Australian Para-Equestrian Dressage rider – age 33) “My name is Victoria Davies and I am an Australian FEI Grade II Para Dressage rider and campaigner of the PRE Spanish/Lusitano breeds and proud user of the joint supplement MOBICOSA for 17 years. Throughout my career I have achieved what only dreams are made of and I do this whilst fighting a crippling disease – Rheumatoid which I was first diagnosed with 24 years ago at age nine. I have had 41 operations to date, Scoliosis, two hip replacements, triple Arthrodesis and all joints showing different degrees of deterioration.

Australian Para-Equestrian Dressage rider Victoria Davies has been taking MOBICOSA since she was 16 and since then has gone on to claim national and NSW championships as well as be short listed for the 2016 Rio Paralympics team.

“One would imagine my condition with Rheumatoid couldn’t get much worse however, in January 2016 my health declined due to aggressive deterioration of my spine and neck. “In April 2016, I was diagnosed with Basilar Invagination a condition where the C1 and C2 vertebrates are bone on bone and the Odontoid peg (part of my spine) has migrated into my skull placing my spinal cord at high risk. “Over a year later I am still in the saddle, conquering goals and have my eyes set on the next Paralympic Games. “Whilst my condition with Rheumatoid is controlled by many pharmaceutical medications, I do believe my strong use of MOBICOSA has helped maintain my general well-being and mobility. “I have been using MOBICOSA daily for 17 years, a product I cannot go without!

FIRST AID TIPS Joint and Limb Swelling

Soft, puffy joints or “filling” around the joints or lower limbs are very common in horses. The soft tissue swelling or “oedema” is usually due to a hard workout or a knock to the leg. It can also be caused by excessive grain feeding together with lack of exercise, such as in horses stabled overnight. First aid for leg swelling should aim to control the inflammation in the affected area and to reduce the risk of further injury. Cold therapy is the first line of treatment for acute leg inflammation. Cold therapy will help constrict damaged blood vesPage 10

The late Ron Gellatley, a great Naturopath admired by many, first introduced MOBICOSA to my list of alternative medicines when I was 16 years old. “Originally, I took a dose of six tablets daily over a course of two weeks and remember finding a substantial improvement to my

sels which will reduce ongoing internal bleeding and fluid accumulation in the injured tissue and provides some pain relief by numbing nerve endings. Cold therapy should be commenced as soon as possible after an injury and continued for the first 48 hours of treatment. Cold therapy can be applied with an ice pack covered with an adhesive bandage. The ice pack should be left on for 10-15 minutes at a time and repeated every few hours if possible for the first 48 hours after an injury. Alternatively cold hosing for 10-15 minutes at a time will also soothe the inflamed tissues; however it is not as effective as icing. The area should be bandaged overnight to provide counter pressure against further tissue swelling or internal bleeding.

swollen, burning joints and stiffened movement, over a course of three weeks I was able to begin light swimming activities, regained my strength and at the time was able to feel somewhat feel like a normal teenager. “Since that day, 17 years ago, I take three capsules of MOBICOSA daily without fail and if I have increased my training or my Rheumatoid symptoms flare than I will increase to six capsules of MOBICOSA until I feel relief. “As a rider and someone living with a chronic illness, I believe it is very important that I stay fit, healthy and control my condition to the best of my ability. “It has never been my motto to sit back and let the Rheumatoid stop me from achieving my goals. Looking back I have won countless titles over the years such as short listed for the Rio Paralympics 2016, a member of the Australian High Performance squad for four years, National Champion for my grade twice and NSW State Champion for five consecutive years. Where there’s passion and determination, anything is achievable.”

If limb swellings are hot and painful or the horse is very lame consult your vet for advice as this may indicate an underlying infection or serious internal damage to a joint or soft tissue. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Heritage Downs natural products deliver results By SONYA CANNING Heritage Downs Heritage Downs natural animal care products were born out of necessity in 2004. After our Friesian stallion, Dirk, developed a heartbreaking case of the dreaded 'Itch', we tried many off the shelf products and were told of a few 'home remedies' but found no real solution to the problem. We then started our own research and developed our first product- Coat Oil. This uniquely formulated oil, not only eased his condition and stopped his continual rubbing but hair re-growth was visible within a week. We continued developing a range of complimentary products and are delighted to have been able to help many horse/dog owners with similar problems. Heritage Downs products are sulphate free, premium grade products containing wonderful natural healing properties that benefit the overall health and wellbeing of animals.

Heritage Downs’ range of uniquely formulated natural products provide natural healing properties that produce results.

TESTIMONIAL "I came across your website in desperation of helping my horse with itch. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, greasy cream, equine spray and coat oil to start with. My grey thoroughbred who every summer is attacked on his ears, legs and top of tail is not itching anymore and his ears and legs are look-

ing better every time I wash him. I have tried so many products for the top of his tail and had to resort to using a cortisone-based cream which I was not pleased about but felt for his comfort I had no choice. I also started using the greasy heel cream on my other horse and the success I have been witnessing on his proud flesh and growths is

amazing. Due to the unbelievable success of the Greasy Cream on the growths, I tried it on the top of Ed's tail and he is no longer itching against anything he can get his bum on! I am looking forward to his tail growing back and not look red, swollen, dry and painful. I have now purchased the Wonder Wax as Ed reared up and came down on top of a star post and took off most of his heel. I have been using the Wonder Wax and the results are remarkable - not only does it help keep the flies away but the shrinkage in such a hard area to heal has been fantastic. Even my vet commented on the healing of such a difficult area in such a short time. So thank you for supplying such incredible products which are not only value for money but you actually see the results and my boys are happy for the change. I am recommending the products to all my friends and people I come across." Emily, Orange NSW For further information visit Phone orders call 1300 857 727

Why should you buy Heritage Downs Natural Animal Care Products? Heritage Downs are producers of q y natural animal care pproducts Premium quality

Products that Work – Save on vet bills! Premium Quality Ingredients - Real Results All natural products = No harmful chemicals Australian Owned Company Since 2004 Australian Manufactured Products, Jobs stay in Australia!

Healthy Coats, Happy Horses! orses! SPECIAL OFFER HORSE REPORT READERS Online Orders Use Code 'REPORTSAVE15' To save 15% (not including postage) Ends midnight 30th April

Shop Online 24/7 at our secure website

Cheap Postage - Fast Delivery - Samples included with every web order - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Blood tests are only part of health assessment

Blood tests, while one of the four crucial assessments used by vets to determine the health of a horse , are not as crucial as some owner may tend to believe. to be some problem. It is often said, that "animals cannot talk so they can't tell you what is wrong". Let me assure you, this is not a problem. A veterinarian is taught how


FULL SERVICE EQUINE CLINIC “The Horse Hospital at Redlands”




‡ PODIATRY ‡ PRE PURCHASE EXAMS ‡ DIAGNOSTICS Xrays Ultrasounds Endoscopy Cardiology

Experience IS the Difference Dr DAVID LOVELL Equine Veterinarian for over 40 years You have to know what is wrong with your horse!

At REDLANDS we guarantee you a DIAGNOSIS

3207 7325 Email:

Full Service Equine Clinic all about your horse “It’s all It’s About Your Horse”

ur horse -m

to examine and assess a horse to lead towards a diagnosis. Diagnosis is essential as if we do not know what is wrong, then we have no chance of trying to help. My four critical elements of horse examination are: the history, the actual clinical and physical examination, x-rays, and blood tests. In almost all cases, proper interpretation of the results of these elements will lead to a proper diagnosis. Interpretation is critical and this is something intangible that cannot really be taught but in large part, is dependent on experience. In many cases, a careful collation of the history of the horse, will usually narrow down the presumptive diagnosis to a relatively small number of possibilities. The actual examination of the horse is by far the most important part of the assessment as nothing can substitute for what you see, hear, and feel during the examination. In particular, the temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate are invaluable and all horse owners should be capable of determining these easy values. X-rays are very important, as a large majority of problems in the horse involve the musculoskeletal system. I have said above that there - m are many things a blood test Full Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse

By DAVID LOVELL BSVS One of the more frequent requests myself and other veterinarians, have had from horse owners over the years has been, "Please do a blood test on my horse so that I can see what he is lacking?" More often than not, the vet complies with the request as inevitably the owner will be dissatisfied if the test is not done. However, 99 percent of the time, this is a complete waste of time and money, as this test in the horse, (very differently from humans), does not in any way reveal "what a horse may be lacking". Similarly, racehorse trainers, and some other owners, ask for a test to assess the fitness of the horse. Again, a routine blood test does not quantify levels of fitness. That being said, I will now say that I believe blood tests to be one of the "Big Four" assessments that veterinarians use in their examination of a horse. In most cases, owners engage a veterinarian to examine their horse when they believe there

does not tell us. However, the one thing they do tell us irrefutably is whether the horse is normal or abnormal. All the parameters measured in the blood test have a "normal" range of value, upper and lower. There is no such thing as "Degree of Normality", which is what some try to use to tell how fit the horse is. This particularly applies to the so called "blood count" or red cell values. We certainly can obtain some useful information from what we call indices, mathematical figures calculated from the actual results, but these are not very accurate and are a guide. The reason red cell factors are not very useful in the horse as there is no such thing as normal. The horse is unique among living things in that he has a very large spleen which acts as a reservoir or store of red blood cells, similar to a dam storing water. The actual numbers of red cells circulating in the actual blood stream at any one point in time, depends on the relative state of contraction of the spleen. If the spleen contracts, it forces large numbers of cells into the blood, it relaxes, then large numbers leave the circulation and enter the spleen for storage.  continued page 13

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ur horse

Equine Therapies Feature

The Horse Report

Equine Therapies Feature

The Horse Report

Interpreting blood tests can identify underlying issues   from page 12

The stimulus for expansion or contraction is adrenalin and this natural body hormone is released directly in response to stress or perceived danger. Red blood cells serve to carry oxygen to the muscles which is essential for the muscles to contract. If danger approaches, the horse defence is to run away and the massive influx of new red cells into the circulation enhances the ability of the muscles to function and for the horse to escape. Every minute, of every day, the horse is responding to environmental stimuli, and so levels of adrenalin are constantly fluctuating, and the blood count is constantly changing. Therefore, the results taken for a sample at one point in time, has very little bearing on the over-all picture. This phenomenon is remarkable and provides the horse with a natural form of "blood doping" which has unfortunately been mimicked by some human athletes as a performance enhancer. So if the "blood count" is not much use, what is? The four most useful values are: White Cells, Fibrinogen, Enzymes, and Protein levels. White cells are critical as they for a very important component of the body's immune and defence systems. Most commonly they change in response to some form of infection and so interpre-

Blood tests can tell owners of their horse is ‘normal’ or not.

tation of the numbers and relative proportions of different types of cells is very useful. Fibrinogen is a very sensitive indicator of the bodies acute response to any sort of inflammation, and as such, gives the veterinarian invaluable information as to the degree of "normality" of the horse. Enzymes are hormones present in every tissue of the body and are essential for the metabolic and biochemical processes that cells are continually carrying out. They are normally contained within the cell walls and circulating blood levels are relatively low. If cells are damaged and disrupted, the enzymes are released into the blood and levels rise, often dramatically.

They are particularly useful in the horse for evaluating liver, kidney, and muscle function. The last value, protein, for me is one of the most useful. Total protein, and in particular, albumin, are important indicators of the hydration status of the horse. Dehydration is one of the most serious problems horses can have and treatment can be critical. These levels tell us a lot and help monitor progress. Albumin levels are also very sensitive indicators of gastro intestinal disease which can be a major horse problem. Finally the levels of globulins tell us a lot about the presence or absence of any chronic infection or inflammatory disease. So, blood tests are extremely useful, but what they tell us is whether the horse is normal or not. Owners wishing to have an overall assessment of their horse's health, should consider requesting a blood test. Fortunately, organ disease is not all that common in the horse, and if the horse has a normal TPR, is bright, healthy, in good condition, and functioning normally, then the blood test will almost always be normal. However, if the horse is in any way not "himself" then a blood test is very worthwhile to help assess whether or not there are any indicators of possible underlying disease. Interpretation of results in these circumstances is critical. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies Feature

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It is


Help prepare your horse for the colder months of winter.

Autumn Blend

Our is loaded with antioxidant properties, the herbs selected in this blend target all body systems to aid the immune system. This months specials:

Echinacea 1kg $22. Autumn Blend 1.25kg $50. Bulk Buy 6.25kg $240. order online

07 55964387 Ruth 02 62381135 Carol Page 14

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REGULAR DENTAL MAINTENANCE We cannot express the importantance of regular dental maintenance Teeth begin the digestive process and as such, make them vital to the health of your horse. The horse’s stomach is designed to digest very small pieces of fibre- smaller even than chaff. The teeth are responsible for grinding the food into these small pieces and therefore allowing the horse to digest the food and gain nutrition from it. If the teeth aren’t able to due this job, then a multitude of problems will follow

EQUINIC Performance Therapies Equine Acupuncture & Sports Massage Therapy Providing effective therapy techniques to enhance & support equine athletic performance, health & well-being Qualified and certified in Bachelor of Equine Science, Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture & Sports Massage and Fully Insured

Nicole 0425 184 454 Servicing Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Central Coast Areas

* Equine Therapy * Massage * Equissage * Stretching * Muscle Release Ph Merryn 0428 864 179 or


SUPER PHOTONIC RED LIGHT TORCH Safe and easy to use - 24/7 Backup Workshops for those who would like to learn more. Email -

Sharp Points and Hooks can be exremely painfill and cause damaged to the inside of your horses mouth a good reason to have dental check ups on your horses regularly.... I'll give you one guess where that lower tooth goes when the horse shuts it's mouth .....straight in to the pallet of the upper jaw! Ouch! Remember...out of sight is out of mind. Please don't ignore your horses mouth until there is a problem or he can't eat. Photo: Stacy Pipkin

Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistr y Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment

Offering a HUGE Range of Top Brand

BITS & ACCESSORIES 0415 169 469

Visit our Online Shop to chat with a Bit Consultant or Call Loren 0400 789 111 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies Feature

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Holistic Medicine By TAMARA SHEAD Ridestrong Therapy Much like a human athlete, the equine athlete experiences pain as their body begins a muscular transformation. Much of the research surrounding Equine Biomechanics leads us to the discussion that in order to reduce the long term effects of injury, behavioural abnormalities and the ultimate break down, anyone training a horse should be aware of the signals a horse gives when they experience pain and fatigue and manage it effectively Knowing what your horse does to express pain is the first step in avoiding damage to the equine body. Some of the common signs therapists see in sore horses are dipping of their back as they transfer weight away from the muscle and onto the skeleton. Head tossing, chomping on the bit or resistance to rider aids. 'Bunny hopping' in canter, poor foot placement in movement and when standing, shifting weight, carrying the tail off to the side. The horse may have trouble maintaining the canter or picking up a correct lead. Some horses have dilation or constriction of the pupils or even squeeze their eyes shut. Horses hold tension in their jaw by clenching or grinding teeth. You may notice that your horse is completely avoiding work, demonstrating a shorter temper or being aggressive. They may suddenly be girthy or want to buck and rear. They may be over sensitive to

touch, restless or anxious. Some horses go off their feed and may loose condition when they are in severe pain. With the growing number of natural therapies available to clients today it is important to be able to make an informed decision about the therapist you are going to use. At Ridestrong we like to tell our clients to view the idea of Holistic Medicine as a toolbox. We fill the box with all the best tools that are available to us for the job we need to do and this includes using conventional medicine. Therapists are not licensed to make a clinical diagnosis but they can work in partnership with your vet to create an appropriate wellness plan. A well-trained therapist will be looking at your horse while they stand and while they move. Always ensure that a qualified and knowledgeable person with adequate experience is working with your horse. Ask around, word of mouth is the most powerful way to find a therapist with proven results. Ridestrong offers highly qualified and experienced therapists who complete a thorough evaluation of your horse. Our services include Massage, Moxabustion, Cupping, Acupressure, Red Light Therapy, Stretching and Acupuncture for the price of a single session. Our treatments come with a follow up program and ongoing support. We expect that owners become active participants in the healing process in order to achieve lasting outcomes. To find out more check out our website

Tamara Shead Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine


Matt Butler 0410 619 037 Servicing Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast

A well-trained therapist will assess your horse and design a treatment based on their individual needs Page 16 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Therapies Feature

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Treat the whole horse – not just the symptoms The Horse Herbalist’s founder, Angela Davison, pioneered a unique hair assessment system which she integrated into her practice in 1992. This is a non-chemical method of discovery which aims to uncover the core issues in the individual horse’s performance problems/ illness/discomfort/imbalance. Once those core issues have been revealed and understood, a focussed treatment plan is proposed with a tailor made Medical Herbal and Flower Remedy Mixture which will facilitate a positive and permanent healing change within the body/mind continuum, rather than putting a band-aid on the problem. All cases are individual (and each process does take time) so please allow two weeks after receipt of the hair sample. Please see fees and sending hair for details. Once the hair assessment has been completed, Angela will call you with a verbal report discussing the results and proposed treatment plan. This will be a 15-30 minute consultation. The initial fee also includes a written Nutritional Rating Guide specifically for the individual horse being tested, showing which feeds and supplements do and don’t suit this particular individual’s system. This has proven to be invaluable

Health problem answers may be in your horse’s hair - have it assessed today.

information for the owner/trainer. Generally a combination of Herbal Extracts and Flower Remedies are given over a seven week period. Positive changes are expected to be seen from the mid to latter end of initial treatment. This will be the first half of your horse’s 12 week treatment plan. Re-assessment with another hair sample at the end of week five of the initial seven week treatment This re-assessment is absolutely essential as many changes will have taken place in the body and a different formula will result to complete the second half of the horse’s 14 week Herb/Flower Remedy treatment plan.

Rarely do we find that we need to treat in this manner for longer than 14 weeks, though nutritional changes may have been advised and other therapies suggested in conjunction with this therapy i.e. Veterinary, Acupuncture, Bowen, Chiropractor, Dentist, Farrier, etc. Testimonial “I was very fortunate to have The Horse Herbalist sponsor and treat the beautiful A’seduction (stable name Basil) my Grand Prix stallion, for 13 years. I owned him from when he was 10months-old and trained and competed him right through to Grand Prix level in Dressage. He was in State Squads and the


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National Squad, and was State Champion so many times. He became the Qld Grand Prix Champion and won over 40 Regional Dressage Championships. He is still competing at the highest level at the age of 17, which is testament to Angela Davison and her ongoing preventative treatment regime for Basil. A few months ago I found an amazing new owner for Basil, who loves him as much as we do. As with all pre sales of an expensive horse, Basil had to go through a long and thorough vet check, with multiple digital x-rays of all of his joints. At 17, after so many competitions and so much road travelling in the float and years of training, you have to think, that there would be something that they will find. The vet was astounded, he came through practically clean, no arthritis, no real joint damage or degeneration. Testament to the wonderful Angela Davison, the incredible Horse Herbalist who looked after him for all his competition years. The bodywork was vital to his performances and overall health. Angela did at least two hair tests a year to check on the state of his organs, joints and emotional health and made him herbal mixtures to address any inconsistencies. He is the very picture of health – all credit to The Horse Herbalist. Thank you!� Sally Evans

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How herbs help horse’s cope with training By CATHERINE MCDOWELL One of the most challenging issues each of us faces is our own ability to be calm whilst training our horse. If we are calm and receptive, we are often able to perform miracles with even the most difficult of horses. As a rider and trainer of horses for my own pleasure, I know only too well the challenges faced by trainers if the horse that we have chosen to ride and train has anxiety and behaviour problems that really cannot be explained. The tragedy of our time is that a horse is often labelled “too hot” to handle, or just too much hard work. The nervous system of all organisms is one of Nature’s most amazing of expressions the heart and its nerve plexus are the first to form in the newly forming foetus, followed by the Central Nervous System and then the Peripheral Nervous System. Interestingly, in humans, the nerves plexus correspond to the Ayuvedic Chakra system. The heart has such a complex nerve plexus that it is now found to have it own “brain” cells, bringing a new meaning to the term ‘Heart Intelligence’ . The autonomic nervous system (categorised into the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic) is the highway for all kinds of information – keeping all systems synchronised and in harmony. The brain’s neuro-plastic properties has become a hot topic amongst medical researches and scientists as they discover more and more that we are not hard wired, but , as organisms our nervous system responds and adapts to change as nature intended. The most interesting of this science is focused on our own consciousness influencing our own brain’s neuro-plasticity, and therefore influencing our own evolution. Cognitive Resonance and Dissonance. When any animal experiences a challenge to their routine, they experience a cognitive dissonance. This simply means that this new information creates new neurological pathways and a feeling of disharmony in the body can result as the para sympathetic nervous system (our

Staying calm is not easy and can be difficult for some horses - be aware that horses can be affected by trauma just like humans and herbs can help deal with that. flight/fight system) gets triggered. This sets a cascade of neurological chemicals and feedback loops in motion that stimulates the endocrine system- in particular the adrenal/thyroid axis via the flight/fight mechanisms. In short, the biochemistry of our horse becomes very different – so different that in many cases the feedback loops keep a repeating pattern of dissonance and hormone imbalance. Mares and some stallions, as many owners would know, are particularly susceptible to this stress response as you will often see mares coming into season after a stressful event, or stallions becoming uncontrollable. Many stallions are often gelded as a result of a trauma unable to be rectified. Many owners, desperate to help their horse or protect their investment will resort to using sedation, hormone therapy and excessive supplements and at worst, inhumane and forceful management strategies. Harmony (Cognitive Resonance) can only be restored in the system when the cause is removed, and the system has completed its survival response.

If the animal (or person) continues to be on “alert” for danger, harmony can never be achieved. An echo of Trauma. Trauma , and the impacts of trauma are felt in the body and can reside in the rider and the horse for significant periods. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is now widely acknowledged in human somatic psychotherapeutic theory as having far reaching consequences. Horses are no different. Trauma affects them, just as trauma affects us. From a herbalist’s perspective, PTSD , or , residual traumatic responses actually affect the way the body processes information and can impair the immune response. In order for the body to heal efficiently, we need to deal with the residual impact on the Nervous system, when this system is healthy; the whole body (human and horse) is able to work in harmony again. A good way to understand how the nervous system can be damaged is to consider lightening going through the phone line-too much energy.

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Caring for the nervous system  from page 18 An an overproduction of neurochemicals can “short out” or damage the neurons and axons – the highway of information which control all systems of an organism. Good Fats and the CNS Consider as well that the brain is made up of fat and the insulation of nerve cells ( the myelin sheath ) is nourished by fatty acidsprimarily omega 3s. You can see then that good fats ( from flax seed and evening primrose oil ) are essential for overall nervous system health, not to mention that certain essential fatty acids are critical for prostaglandin production- essential for endocrine balance. Using Herbs My favourite restorative nervines would have to be St Johns Wort, Parsley, Mugwort, Valerian, Hops and the humble Chamomile. Each of these herbs have a very specific action and should be used with respect for the whole picture of symptoms. Adaptogenic herbs are another class of herbs being well respected scientifically. These herbs have the capacity to balance the nervous system bringing any “dissonance” into “resonance” as these herbs act to bring the whole organism into harmony. The beautiful herb known as Withania or Ashwaganda is one of my favourites here, as it really helps to restore the adrenal glands which are fatigued from trauma, and brings the feeling of heart strength back in those that feel defeated. Borage is another herb which has these properties. Herbs that sedate are also useful. It’s critical that the system is able to rest and relax well between periods of stress. I often use the herb Zyziphus with Valerian, aiding muscular relaxation as well as mental relaxation. Lavender is a gorgeous nervous system herb – relaxing muscular tension and promoting a

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Lavender is good for aiding in muscular and mental relaxation.

sense of peace and relaxation. I had a client’s horse that was being worked near a lavender bush and he kept diving his head into the flowers, creating a powerful smell. This horse was a little uptight, and would often run around the paddock for no reason. A course of nervous system restorative herbs resulted in this horse no longer diving for the lavender bush every time he passed it or running around the paddock randomly. This is a good example of watching the horse for cues that he is trying to self medicate. Again, it’s critical to get a very knowledgeable herbalist to help prescribe the most appropriate combination for you and your horse. In-depth discussion is critical, as is checking the usage of herbs like S t Johns Wort which are contraindicated with some medications.

Herbs used in combination can often produce results which can enhance the rider-horse relationship.

During a horse’s lifetime, there may be times that horses need to be sedated whether is be for dental work, wound management or routine vet procedures A sedated horse can be unpredictable and must never be assumed to be totally safe. They can wake up instantly and kick very accurately before returning to a sedentary position. The degree of sedation and the amount of drugs necessary to achieve a suitable level of sedation varies between horses enormously. Horses in a similar way to people can suffer an adverse reaction to drugs ranging from a skin rash to death. Side effects are uncommon and include the horse falling over, choking if the horse eats before fully awake and colic What to expect: Sedated horses become sleepy, wobbly on their legs, sweat a lot, urinate frequently and often have sudden twitches. Aftercare: The vet will advise you how long you need to wait after the procedure before the horse can be allowed to eat again. It is also important once the horse is awake to make sure it does eat and pass normal dung. Sedation slows the guts and can cause impaction of food (colic) so the horse must be monitored until it has returned completely to normal. Fresh water should be available as soon as the horse is awake enough to eat again. Most horses will require monitoring for 1.5 – 2 hours after the initial injection. They will be awake and alert much sooner than this however – usually 4560 minutes after initial injection. The duration of sedation depends on which drugs are used and the vet will advise you of this at the time. If you are at all concerned that you horse is not waking up as expected, showing side effects or any other unusual behaviour after being sedated always contact your vet. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The simplicity of feeding your horse By ANTOINETTE FOSTER Equine Nutritional Therapist, Medical Herbalist ©2018

regenerate almost 75 to 85% of itself it is responsible for many functions within the body and this also includes the association with bowel function. The liver is capable of reorganising Horses are strict herbivores and and sorting amino acids into prograzing on good quality pasture or tein and is able to bind water-solubeing supplied good quality hays ble nutrients to their suitable will ensure a healthy digestive systransporters to enable them to be tem. distributed throughout the body. Once we move away from the idea The main location for the digestion of feeding roughage within a short and absorption of fats is the small time start we begin to experience intestine. problems with our horse's digesMost humans and animals use the tive system. gallbladder secretions to assist This can lead to serious problems with the breakdown of fats howevsuch as ulcers, diarrhoea, choke er the horse does not have a galland worst of all colic. bladder which is another strange We suggest feeding a feed that is fact, horses however seem use not wet or soaked because this diets containing 10 to 15% fat does not encourage the normal extremely efficiently in particular Understanding a horse’s digestive system can help provide a better process at the point of the mouth for energy and weight gain. insight into what foods suits them best. and the mouth is the first contact Fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and K your horse makes with his feed. are absorbed in the small intestine grain this time is used to push the stomach's lining consists of nonIf you are using supplements you as are calcium some phosphorus feed to the back of the mouth. glandular, squamous cell layers; will be required to dampen the and B group items. The horse's molars then grind the these are very susceptible to feed, but this means damp borderIt takes approximately one hour to feed and this is where the enzyhydrochloric acid which the stoming on dry, not wet or soaked. an hour and a half for food which matic action begins, creating saliva ach secretes. If there is food conWhen one first looks at the horse’s is now liquefied to pass through which begins the process of digestained in the stomach at frequent digestive tract you could be the length of the small intestine. tion. Even at this point there is the intervals the acid in the stomach excused for thinking that it was a The ileum is the last part of the beginning of a breakdown of tends to be absorbed. However, mistake. small intestine which then leads to starch. horse's fed only once or twice Take the equine stomach, it is very the hindgut. If you give your horse a handful of daily with large feeds have a much small considering the size of the This part is made up of the cecum, whole oats he would chew and higher risk of gastric ulcers and horse and only has a small capacilarge (or ascending) colon, small grind this very quickly, once other digestive upsets. Roughage ty very similar to that of a Safeway colon, rectum, and anus. chewed the oats will have in the form of good quality hays or or Coles shopping bag, not very This is where the hardest work is absorbed its own weight in moispasture does the best job of big. performed of the whole digestive ture. Hay on the other hand will absorbing the stomach acids. So The small intestine is approximateprocess. Enzymes do not play the absorb approximately four times therefore horses on a high ly 22 meters in length if you were lead role here, due to the fact that its own weight. roughage diet have less risk of to stretch it out and only has a the digestion in the hindgut is The food is then pushed by the developing ulcers. diameter of 10 cm and a capacity largely microbial. tongue past the soft palate into the From here we follow down to the of approximately 45L. This is performed by a large popupharynx which is the opening to small intestine which is a compliWe know quite a bit about the lation of billions of symbiotic bacthe oesophagus, this is a flexible cated tube hanging from the loin anatomy and physiology of the GI teria, that very efficiently break tube that runs down the neck and area by a membrane, shaped simitract and it does seem a little bit down fibre into smaller compointo the stomach. lar to a fan which is called the out of whack. nents which are called volatile There are a number of muscular mesentery. The duodenum shaped But in the wild as nature had fatty acids. contractions which push the food like a U-turn, is the first part of the intended the horse will survive This allows absorption through the along. Because the contractions small intestine, this shape helps to extremely well because he or she is gut wall. This is a natural process only move in one direction the prevent food been forced back into not expected to ingest large and is also essential for a healthy feed only goes one-way. the stomach should the small amounts of feed at one time but digestive system. Only a small amount of digestion intestine become distended. Most rather is out grazing continually The caecum, is approximately takes place in the stomach, there is of the protein digestion takes place moving around stopping to rest 1.2m long and has a capacity of a small microbial population in the small intestine as does the when required, to drink and sleep. around 30L this plays a huge role which does assist with fermentaabsorption of amino acids; howevRoughage is undoubtedly the most in the first stage of hindgut digestion and a small amount of enzyer some grains are processed more important basis of the equine diet tion. The caecum is located high in matic action, however the food efficiently in the small intestine and horses really should consume the horses right flank and extends only remains for a short time in than roughage. The small intestine approximately 1.5 to 3% of their down and forward towards the the stomach, approximately 15 can hold up to 30% of the gastroinbody weight on a daily basis, it is diaphragm. minutes on average. testinal tract's capacity. recommended that at least half of Hard to digest molecules and It then makes its way to the small Within the small intestine food is horse's diet should be roughage in Plant fibres composed of cellulose intestine so there is little time for broken down by enzymes. Starch the form of hay or pasture. and other molecules travel much breakdown of food. which has not already been digestThe equine gastrointestinal system through the stomach and small Once the stomach is approximateed by saliva is then converted into is easily upset and if sudden intestine and are unaffected by ly 2/3 full it then starts to pass a simple sugar called maltose, changes are made in the diet it can enzymes. food into the small intestine this other types of complex sugars and definitely increase the risk of colic However when they reach the ferprocess continues as long as the carbohydrates will then be broken and other digestive issues. mentation vat of the caecum that down into a simple form of sugar horse is eating and by the time it So why don't we take a closer look huge bacteria population makes to enable them to be absorbed reaches the small intestine it at how the equine digestive system short work of them, they are usuthrough the intestinal wall. They would have been liquefied by functions? ally broken down within about are then transported in the blood acids in the stomach. We will also find the link between five hours. The caecum has the and will eventually arrive at the Even though the horse's feed the horse's physiology and his ability to slow the passage of food liver which is the horse's major remains in the stomach for a brief daily nutritional intake. to enable the microbes to perform chemical processing plant. Did time it does have quite a bearing When a horse takes food into his their work. you know that the liver is an on the horse's health. mouth, whether it is grass, hay or  Continued page 21 amazing body organ being able to The upper and inner portion of the Page 20 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Keep horse diets simple and uncomplicated  From page 20 Partly digestive food then travels from the caecum to the large colon this is where the fermentation continues. It is almost 3.6m in length and has an incredible volume of approximately 50 to 60L - this is approximately 38% of the GI tract's total capacity. It is in the large colon where food remains for the longest period of time approximately 36 to 48 hours. It has a construction that resembles a series of pouches and is capable of breaking down large volumes of fibrous material. However it can also become a risk factor if the pouches become distended trapping gas during a bout of colic. I It is quite apparent that they are almost custom-made for twisting and strangulating their own tissues. The food then moves to the small colon once it has been fully processed which is approximately 3.6m long, however it is a small diameter approximately 10 cm. Most of the nutrients have been absorbed by this time but whatever is left in the horse's gut, the horse will be unable to digest. This part of the hindgut is used to reclaim excess moisture from the remaining material. Once the food leaves the small colon it has become solid again and has been formed into faecal balls. Approximately 36 to 72 hours after the horse first consumed his or her food this waste material is expelled as manure. Because the horse's gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive any change in the horse's diet must be done slowly not quickly, the reason for this is

Keeping your horse’s diet simple and uncomplicated will ensure good health. that it can compromise the gut bacteria population. If these bacteria start dying off there is an increased risk of colic and the horse would not be receiving the correct nutritional intake. We already know that the horse's gastrointestinal tract must be treated with great respect. There are triggers that can create digestive upsets in horses - this can include feeding a horse a high carbohydrate diet that is lacking in roughage. For example feeding a horse a high grain diet, as is often the case with stabled horses and insufficient roughage might mean that the small intestine may not be able to process the feed efficiently prior to it reaching the hindgut. The possible end result could be that when carbohydrates reach the fermentation process in the caecum that there could be a lactic acid build up. A lactic acid build up can have an effect on hindgut pH level this can make it difficult for bacteria to survive.

During this process there can be a release of endotoxins which can be very harmful for the horse. This can create a hostile environment and will put the horse at risk for colic or laminitis. I am often asked, “what do I really need to feed my horse?” We need to remind ourselves that horses have evolved to eat only one way and that the anatomy and physiology has not changed. What has changed is man's intervention producing different types of feeds that in many cases are not suitable to feed to our horses. Many of these products require soaking, these products tend to expand but most importantly it does not encourage that normal chewing and grinding process that we talked about at the point of the mouth. Horses are actually very simple to feed the most important rule to remember that they should consume around 1.5 to 3% of their own body weight in feed each day. At least half of this but preferably a lot more than half should be roughage. Your horse requires a well-balanced ration, one that you can alter and adjust when required and one that contains high-quality roughage, possibly some grains depending on the horse's workload, fresh clean water, good quality pasture and good quality hay in particular when the pasture is poor. If you require any further advice or information please contact me via (03) 9775 6422 or my email where you can also request technical data, certificate of analysis and specifications for all products including the horse feeds.

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INSECTICIDE FOR HORSES For powerful and convenient control of biting and nuisance flies and Queensland Itch on horses.

BRUTE® Insecticide for Horses is a registered ready-to-use wipe-on, containing the pyrethroid insecticide, Permethrin, in a low-irritating formulation. The oil-based fluid has a high residual efficacy against biting and nuisance flies, Sandflies and Queensland Itch. BRUTE® is available in an easy to use 500ml bottle and specially manufactured Hand Mitt. BRUTE® Insecticide for horses is manufactured in Queensland and is available from your nearest produce outlet or contact Loveland Agri Products.

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of the

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Anzac Show & EQ CUP - 22 April Park Ridge Pony Club Grounds The Newcomers & Childs HOTY Show - 3 June Park Ridge Pony Club grounds The Horse of the Year - 31 August - 2 September Toowoomba Showgrounds All events are a qualifier for the 2019 Southern Cross Show Horse Spectacular

Show Horse Queensland Awards Night - November date TBC

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Aussies fly flag at FEI World Cup finals Australian Jumping riders Billy Raymont and Jamie Kermond did Australia proud at the Longines FEI World Cup™ Final in Paris recently. NSW based Kermond and his 12-year-old gelding Yandoo Oaks Constellation made it through to the second final and overall the pair finished 26th in the field of 36 of the world’s best. The title was won by Elizabeth Madden from the US aboard Breitling LS. “I was very happy with how the horse and I handled the week. I thought we had a couple of cheap rails over the first two days but was really happy with how he finished off on Sunday,” Jamie said. “The tracks were very big and tricky. I would really like to go back to the World Cup finals one day.” Equestrian Australia Jumping Chef d’Equipe Todd Hinde commended Kermond on his effort. “Jamie’s round in the final was a world-class performance, being only the second combination to tackle Santiago Varela’s tough course, he rode the course exceptionally, unfortunately lowing the vertical at fence 9,” Todd said. Riding Oaks Redwood, Billy Raymont finished in 32nd position. He then went on to compete in the Grand Prix Equithème. In that class the combination finished a highly creditable 9th in a star-studded line up of (37) riders. “Jamie and Billy both per-

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Australian Jumping riders Billy Raymont above and Jamie Kermond right Photos: Thomas Reiner

formed outstandingly well over all days of competition,” Todd said. “Billy only having the ride on Redwood for the last 10 months bringing him from Australian World Cups through to the World Cup final and narrowly missing out on the final round is such an amazing effort.” “To run 9th in the Grand Prix class against the best in the business is a credit to Billy and his team,” he added. Hinde wished to congratulate both riders on their outstanding performances in Paris this week and, also, the owners and supporters of both horses. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Youth shines at prestigious dressage PSI Dressage and Jumping with the Stars (DJWTS) hosted the Australian Young Dressage Horse Championships from 2225 March in Werribee, alongside the Young Dressage Pony, Young Jumping Horse and Young Eventing Horse classes, and for the first time a Led Class event. DJWTS always attracts a wellrespected panel of judges, riders and horses and this year was no exception with an international ground jury and horses and riders coming from all corners of Australia. International judges Francis Verbeek (Ned), Henning Lehrmann (Ger) and Helen Hughes-Keen (NZ) were assisted by their Australian colleagues Susie Hoevenaars, Maria Schwennesen, Jane Ventura, Ricky MacMillan, Helen Heagney and Connie Bookless. German Nations Cup rider Franz Josef ‘Peppi’ Dahlmann headed the jumping judges panel alongside Michelle LangMcMahon and David Quick from Australia. New Zealand Olympian Vaughn Jefferis judged the young eventing horses together with Rohan Luxmoore (Aus). The 5-year old stallion, KWPNbred Iresias L (Johnson/Ferro), ridden by Gina Montgomery and owned by Sarah Hanslow, won his age group and was also crowned Young Dressage Horse Champion of Champions 2018. The popular bay was a crowd favourite and managed to win the prestigious title back-to-back — a great achievement that has only been reached by two other horses in the 20-year history of the event (Donner Carina and Shiraz Black). The 4-year-old class had two champions on an equal score. There was the black stallion Aber Halo (Aber Hallo/Sir Donnerhall) ridden by Riley Alexander and owned and bred by the Farrell family. Interesting trivia fact, Aber Halo’s dam Sugarloaf Sirhara was the 2012 Young Dressage Horse Champion of Champions. The second winner was Yarramee Fonzie (Firestone/Polansky) ridden by Justine Greer and owned by Sharyn McCombe. Australian-bred Penny Hill Sophia (Sir Donnerhall/Weltruhm) ridden by Emma Hayward came home as the 6-year-old young horse champion. Breeder and owner Michelle James of Penny Hill Park in WA was delighted with

Winners were all smiles at the PSI Dressage and Jumping with the Stars event at Werribee. Photos © Derek O'Leary / OZ Equestrian Photography

the win, making the long trip to Victoria so worthwhile. Ever consistent mare SPH Renaissance (Royal Hit/Clintino), ridden by Daniella Dierks and owned and bred by Andrea Beatty, won the inaugural 7-year-old class, placing ahead of the elegant P.S.I.-bred mare She’s Nice (San Amour/Akribori) and Elliot Patterson. Up and coming German Grand Prix rider Frederic Wandres was the guest star this year and had his work cut out riding five champions. However, the young man was very popular with the audience and showed great horsemanship riding the five young horses and showing off their potential. The pony dressage events are growing in popularity and size year after year. This year’s field saw a combination of home-bred and international pony bloodlines compete. German Riding Pony gelding Dynamik Great Expectations (Golden Rock/Don Philino) ridden by Sancha Butler won the 4year-old division and the 2018 Pony Champion of Champions title. In the 5-year-old division Lisa Swan and Butterfly Farm Elle (Redgum James 007/Cherrington King Midas) were on top. Kristy Sparkes and the Welsh Pony Mithril Velocity (Bookra Sports Edition/Fairway Skyline) came first in the 6-yearold event. Victorian-based Grand Prix rider Maree Tomkinson was the test rider for the young dressage ponies. Another show highlight was the Tomkinson Group Dressage CDI-W, which was also the last opportunity for Australianbased riders to post a qualifying score for selection competitions for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon in September. Shannan

Goodwin and Aristede (Aachimedes/Landa) posted a personal best score to win the Grand Prix on Friday, scoring 70.500 per cent for the win, their first Grand Prix score above 70 per cent and their second result in seeking to qualify for selection competitions for the Australian team. Shannan and Aristede from NSW are only the fourth pair to to have logged at least two of three required qualifying scores

of at least 68 per cent. The others being Mary Hanna, Brett Parbery and Kristy Oatley. Alexis Hellyer and Bluefields Floreno (Florencio I/Roy Black) were second on Friday on 67.848 per cent but took out the Freestyle on Saturday night with 73.160 per cent. Judith Dierks on Diamond Star placed second on 72.725 per cent, Shannan Goodwin and Aristede completed the above 70 per cent rankings on a score of 72.725.

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Round Bale and Large Square Export Bale Hay Nets Available. 0418 282 097 | - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Bounce Back® Horse Fencing Australia’s Premium Fencing System for the Safety & Wellbeing of your Horses

Bounce Back® is all about your horses

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Artwork: Horse Deals

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Learning about horses & the horse business The Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat loated in the Gold Coast Hinterland not only offers you a unique "horse experience�. But now is also offering you help with your Horse Business managment Is your horse business hard work? Is your business running you? Would you like a customer Management fairy? Do you have a flexible lifestyle? Can you take time away from your business? Are you tied to your phone and emails with customer enquiries? Can your customers interact with your business 24/7 to make bookings? Are you updating multiple systems to manage bookings, reminders, payments, email communications, events etc? Horse Riding Hub - Debbie Burgermeister has a mission to help other equine business owners into the future. With a huge passion to help beginner horse lovers and riders globally. "After 11years managing her own riding school, her husband tired of the horse money pit and having no time to enjoy life. Constantly on the phone or emails to customers and the business running her and not her running the business". After learning the hard way about cost and time efficiencies in a riding school, Debbie now wants to start helping other business owners do things easier by sharing her corporate business management and analytical skills. With over 35yrs horse experience, 20yrs in the corporate world and 11yrs running her own horse riding centre, an experienced coach with certifications, CertIV Trainer & Assessor for

CertII & CertIII horse courses she feels she has a lot to offer. So let Deb take the weight off your shoulders with an easy 3 step process for beginners to start their horse riding journey - Education Resources, Member Value Benefits and an Easy Booking System Sample of services: 1.Free review of all your customer service needs 2.A referral booking system that can compliment your business by just referring to your business - Free set up & 20% commission (includes all system and payment processing fees)

3.A fully managed booking system that is managed for you that can be integrated as a page into your website - Free set up & 20% commission (includes all system and payment processing fees) 4.A self managed booking system you have complete control of the backend system functionality, booking tabs and website pages with support on hand - $399 set up fee plus monthly system and support from $199/mth Take the plunge with your equine customer service fairy today by emailing info@horserid- or at

Help available for your Horse B usiness

horse riding hub

IS YOUR HORSE BUSINESS HARD WORK? Is your business running you?


Horse Riding Hub - Debbie Burgermeister has a mission to help other equine business owners into the future. Horse Riding Hub offers an easy 3 step process for beginners to start their horse riding journey - Education Resources, Member Value Benefits, Easy Booking System SAMPLE OF SERVICES: 1.Free review of all your customer service needs 2.A referral booking system that can compliment your business by just referring to your business - Free set up & 20% commission (includes all system and payment processing fees) 3.A fully managed booking system that can be integrated as a page into your website 4.A self managed booking system you have complete control of the backend system functionality, booking tabs and website pages with support on hand - $399 set up fee plus monthly system and support from $199/mth Take the plunge with your equine customer service fairy today Over 35yrs horse experience, 20yrs in the corporate world and 11yrs running my own horse riding centre

Contact Deb by email: Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat established for over 11years and owner head coach Debbie Burgermeister has so much passion and expertise to share from a lifetime with horses. If you want to know more about us just check out

~ Email: or Ph: 0431 357 233 - 97 Aylesham Dr, Bonogin QLD, 4213 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner – Clinic Calendar Date



29th March to 2 April 2018 7th & 8th April 2018 14th & 15th April 2018 20th to 28th April 2018 5th to 18th May 2018 26th to 30th May 2018

5 Day Supercamp – Maldon VIC 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Ovens VIC Pre Brumby Safari – Esk QLD 7 Day Brumby Safari – Esk QLD 14 Day Supercamp – Esk QLD The Journey – Liberty, Bridle-less Riding & Cowboy Dressage with Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Ken Faulkner & Kathy Faulkner – California USA 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Esk QLD Official Cowboy Dressage Show – Queensland Championships – Esk QLD View From ‘C’ – Cowboy Dressage from the Judges’ Perspective with Kathy Faulkner – Elmore VIC Official Cowboy Dressage Show – Winter Spectacular – Elmore VIC 3 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Winchelsea VIC Young Horse Starting Intake – Esk QLD 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Esk QLD 6 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Devon UK 6 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Wales UK 2 Day Horsemanship & Cowboy Dressage Clinic – Cordalba QLD 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Allora QLD 4 Day Savvy Weekend – Bendigo VIC 7 Day Supercamp – Esk QLD 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Lyn Ringrose-Moe – Esk QLD 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Lyn Ringrose-Moe – Esk QLD Cowboy Dressage Professionals & Judges Clinic with Lyn Ringrose-Moe – Esk QLD

Agnes McCormack Jennifer Hawkins Lorraine Decker Lorraine Decker Kathy Stewart Lyn Ringrose-Moe

0402 809 636 0427 302 598 0407 626 396 0407 626 396 0427 732 394 +209 747 0984

Belinda Gregson Belinda Gregson Kathy Faulkner

0488 958 669 0488 958 669 0427 732 394

Belinda Gregson Narelle Unmack Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart Heather Seems Louise Parker Sharon Dickson Belinda Gregson Agnes McCormack Kathy Stewart Belinda Gregson Belinda Gregson Belinda Gregson

0488 958 669 0418 540 770 0427 732 394 0427 732 394 +4477 0313 2932 +4477 0240 0074 0412 675 219 0488 958 669 0402 809 636 0427 732 394 0488 958 669 0488 958 669 0488 958 669

7th & 8th June 2018 9th & 10th June 2018 15th June 2018 16th & 17th June 2018 22nd to 24th June 2018 25th June to 8th July 2018 9th to 12th July 2018 17th to 22nd July 2018 24th to 29th July 2018 25th to 26th August 2018 21st to 24th September 2018 5th to 8th October 2018 13th to 19th October 2018 26th & 27th October 2018 28th & 29th October 2018 29th Oct to 1st November 2018

Contact Details

Training DVDs Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVDs) incl. Rein Positions, Four Rein Lengths Volume 1 & 2, and Strengthening Exercises , Liberty, Foal Handling, The Way of the Horse 2012

Order online

proudly sponsored by ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc , Peter Brophy Saddlery, Barrack Saddlery, JSS Quarter Horses, Shahwan Park Arabians Page 30 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Trainers feature

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Perfect Gift EP



Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

TROY PALMER Champion Drafter I highly recommend them

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MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion Works great. You must try it.

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.


The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.


Normal Plate

DAVID ID HAYES H Champion Ch Trainer Major br M reakthrough I recommend it. breakthrough.

Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

P ictu re s 1 & 2 sh ow a Sn af fl e bi t ro of ru bb in g an d bi t pi n ch in g.



) Stops the bit pinching the tongue )Stops the tongue getting over the bit )Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching )Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth )Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting )Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking

P ictu re 3 : T h e am az in g



ven ts it ! prev )Stops displacement of the soft palate )Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise )Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed )Amazing soft and responsive bit contact )Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein )Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Trainers feature

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Customising training the three golden rules By TANJA KRAUS

I am always looking for the way to help people the most with their horses. Because I have people who study with me from all disciplines, I try not to get caught up in discipline-specific movements, but instead a ways to develop a confident, strong and supple horse, that is willing to be guided by the rider. I came up with these three rules, as I feel if we have these in the back of our mind, no matter what exercise we are doing or training, we can always check in on these rules and ensure we are doing the best we can for the horse. RULE NUMBER 1 The horse will tell you when he is ready. I subscribe to the philosophy of trying things with our horses. I try not to restrict our progress in any wa, but if the horse becomes agitated or worried, I know that he is not yet ready for what I am asking. By the same token, If my horse is consistent and beginning to show a monotony in his work, I know it’s time to introduce something new. Listen to him and he will tell you when he is ready. RULE NUMBER 2 Everything in moderation. As I said, I don't restrict or limit what I may do with a horse when I am riding. I have had horses offer flying changes within their first few canters under saddle. Does this mean I am going to train (as in expect consistency and introduce repetition) flying changes to my green horse? No. Does this mean every now and then we may do a flying change? Yes. Keep it interesting for them every horse has natural talent and gifts in certain areas so nurture that but don't take advantage. RULE NUMBER 3 Don't train movements for the movement's sake - refine the body. This is where we can get Page 32

caught in the requirements of the discipline - 'I need to do a leg yield for my dressage test'. If we train a movement just to get the movement, it won't ever have the beauty and finesse of a movement offered. Instead focus on the benefits to the body that the movement possesses (for example in a leg yield, the suppleness, the responsiveness, the body awareness), and then the movement will come. If we come back to the three golden rules in all that we do, we will preserve the horse and keep his interest and willingness alive.


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Trainers feature

Horses helping humans " HHH received its third business award in February this year for " Youth and Family Services " It has been wonderful to see the program grow across different states and receive the great feedback from Youth services in relation to disengaged young people reengaging back into school or study. The program covers communication skills, body language, emotional regulation and personality education all being taught through professional horsemanship groundskills in small groups , not unlike mini horsemanship clinics! It is not equine therapy, it is a lifeskills program to help prepare young people transition to a positive future. All students attend with their own case worker or counsellor, it is designed to open doors of communication for all those involved with the young people attending. Workbooks are provided to case workers so they can reinforce the techniques taught through the courses. Licensees all receive extensive training with Sue Spence and must have a high level of natural horsemanship ground skills, excellent communication skills and ideal facilities to present the program for their local communities. Media launches with each opening are also provided with many Youth Services booking as

The following diagrams and descriptions will help you identifywhich tick is which

Sue Spence with three of the horses used in the program soon a new center opens. Licensees become an important well respected role model in their communities liaising with all youth and family services. The opportunity to present the program at a corporate level is also available. For further information please visit the website or email

Your Dream Career Starts Here... ™


Become a licensee and facilitator of this internationally renowned horsemanship and life skills program with proven ‘—–…‘‡•Ǥ –‹••’‡…‹ϐ‹…ƒŽŽ›†‡•‹‰‡†–‘ assist disengaged and at risk youth.

Horses Helping Humans licensee training includes: Ȉ ƒ†•‘–”ƒ‹‹‰™‹–Š Ȉ —ŽŽ„—•‹‡•••‡–—’ƒ†ƒ”‡–‹‰ ‹–‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽŽ›ƒ……Žƒ‹‡† Ȉ –”‘†—…–‹‘–‘›‘—–Šƒ‰‡…‹‡•ƒ† …‘—‹…ƒ–‹‘•‡š’‡”–ǡ—–Š‘”ƒ† ˆƒ‹Ž›•‡”˜‹…‡• ™‘ƒ‹„—•‹‡••ƒ™ƒ”†™‹‡” Ȉ‰‘‹‰•—’’‘”– ʹͲͳͶƬʹͲͳ͸—‡’‡…‡


YAGONEYA A.S.H. STUD & TRAINING * Young horse handling * Starting under saddle * Education of the older horse * Re-education problem horses * Campaigning competition horses * Clinics * Private lessons Qualified and insured ASH coach Available for clinics Australia wide

2018 Clinic Calendar

April 28 - 29 May 26 - 27 June 16 - 17 30 - 1

Book available via website or 

Bush tick - Legs are dark redbrown and the first pair are close tothe snout. Cattle tick - Legs are pale cream with a wide space between the first pair and the snout. Paralysis tick - Legs are close to snout; the first and last pair are brown and the second and third pair are pale. If you find a cattle tick, or you're not sure, then contact: Cattle Tick Program headquarters Ph. (02) 6626 1201 If you intend crossing the NSW-Queensland border with your horse, please ensure you make an appointment. Treatment facility (Kirra), Ph. (07) 5536 4714

"Reins are Overrated" Clinic - Wooyung Arena Intro Cattle Clinic - Wooyung Arena Advanced Cattle Clinic - Wooyung Arena Scary Obstacles & Trail Riding Clinic - Crabbes Creek

For more information or to bookings Contact - Ade Bowden. Phone 02 6677 1197 Email:

Current Licensees locations include: Port Macquarie NSW, Rockhampton, Tallebudgera and Warwick QLD and Somerville Vic. Devonport (Tasmania pending). Established location available at Northern Rivers, NSW. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Wine, food and beautiful horses Join us on our last-ever Trail of the Lipizzaners tour. Austria Travel Direct have been offering this one-of-a-kind tour for 15 years now - and it's now time for a well-earned rest. This year's tour differs slightly from previous tours in that we start in Salzburg and include a stop in western Slovenia in the hillside town of Smartno. Here we get to enjoy some of the wines and typical food of the area. This last tour includes the important highlights that have always been featured: a visit to the original Lipizzaner stud in Lipica (Slovenia); a VIP pass for the current federal stud in Piber (Austria); the procession of the young stallions from their mountain stable; front row seats in the VIP box at a gala performance at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Whilst this tour has been specially designed for the equestrian afficionado it is also a relaxing and interesting tour for those just want to see a different part of Europe. This tour will only operate with a minimum of 10 persons and a maximum of 16. As bookings have already started - don't miss out on this last chance for the special tour. Trevor Sheahan of Austria Travel Direct designed the original tour and has been escorting it annually.

The traditional Lipizzaner stallion performance at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna

During the last 15 years there have been many variations of the itinerary, and this has attracted several repeat customers. Don't miss your chance for this last unique tour. Check out the tour itinerary at: For more information - please contact Austria Travel Direct by email:

LIPIZZANER HORSES TOUR 28 Aug - 11 Sept 2018


2 Lipizzaner studs then enjoy a gala performance from a front-row seat of the VIP or Royal Box at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Tour visits, Slovenia, and Austria . Call or e-mail for detailed itinerary - Page 34 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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$10,000 PBL HORSE FLOAT! Or one of many vouchers

How to enter: Spend $25 in store on any Equine products from Gallagher, Mitavite, Virbac or Zoetis and receive a stamp to enter the draw — 10 stamps provides one entry. Overall second prize is a $500 product voucher and third prize a $200 product voucher. In store prize of $400 product voucher will also be drawn for each participating store. Multiple entries accepted. * Products redeemed by participating suppliers. Qualifying period: 5th March – 8th June 2018. Individual store vouchers will be drawn within each stores entries only. The winner of the horse float will be drawn from all entries across the participating stores. Winners will be drawn Monday 18th June at CRT State Office QLD.

Beenleigh Farm Supplies Farmcraft - Boonah

Farmcraft - Coopers Plains

Farmcraft - Kalbar

Farmcraft - Lowood

Gleam O Dawn Rural Store Kilcoy Rural

101 Logan River Road Beenleigh, Qld 4207 Ph: (07) 3287 2796

65 Selhurst Street Coopers Plains, Qld 4108 Ph: (07) 3345 6823

30 Purdon Street Kalbar, Qld 4309 Ph: (07) 5463 7333

30 Railway Street Lowood, Qld 4309 Ph: (07) 5426 1249

230 Mt Glorious Road Samford, Qld 4520 Ph: (07) 3289 1699

33 Walter Street Boonah, Qld 4310 Ph: (07) 5463 1905

31 William Street Kilcoy Qld 4515 Ph: (07) 5497 1322 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Winner of the EA Junior Show Horse owner/rider Cup Carlington Park Formality ridden by Paige Sinnamon

Champion Show Hunter Galloway in ring 2 was Janine Woodall's Lee- Arnes Magestic Rose ridden by Charlee Anthony

Champion Adult Rider was awarded to Riley Kent

Supreme Hunter was awarded to Top Contender exhibited by Renee Simpson

Champion Newcommer Hunter Galloway exhibited by Kirsty Harper Purcell Page 36

Champion Newcommer Hunter Pony was Earlsley Park Soda Pop ridden by Charlee Anthony

Winner of the EA Junior Show Hunter owner/rider Cup Iona Park Virtuoso ridden by Bailee Richdale

Champion Senior rider. Belle Edwards riding Tremayne Royal Opera

Champion Large Show Hunter Pony exhibited by Isabella Cross Winston - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report


Tremayne True Moment and Charlee Anthony placed 2nd in the open ladies galloway

Twilight Scandals exhitibed by Kate Jones was Champion Novice Hack

Champion Childs Hunter Pony Elvonara Park Kandyman exhibited by Jack Jackson

RBSBS Young Judges 14-17 years champion Belle Edwards and Reserve Champion Shae Partridge and 10-13yrs Champion Jack Jackson, Reserve Champion Mark Jones and runner Up Lara Parnell pictured with Judge Lori Mansell and Prydes representative Justine Scofell

Rosedale Remembrance exibited by Billie Johnson was reserve Champion Large Galloway

Bordershow Magic Mike and Chanelle Lovelock was Supreme ridden Riding Pony

Tremayne Royal Opera exhibited by Charlee Anthony was reserve Champion Riding Pony Show Hack - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 37

The Horse Report I noticed a marked improvement in suppleness, soundness and wellbeing, with less recovery needed between training sessions.

Kate Taylor-Wheat & World Star

Keep doing the things you love Treatment | Prevention | Wellbeing | Performance Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a unique and patented high impact plantbased joint treatment and immune system support. It’s a clinically proven QRQVZDEEDEOH QDWXUDO DQWLLQŴDPPDWRU\ SRZHUIXO DQWLR[LGHQW DQG ULFK VRXUFH RI QDWXUDO 9LWDPLQ & $OORZ \RXU KRUVH WR UHDFK LWV IXOO SRWHQWLDO ZLWK 5RVH+LS9LWDOp(TXLQH$OVRDYDLODEOHIRUULGHUVDV5RVH+LS9LWDOpZLWK*232p


1800 851 888 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Queensland Miniatures shine at Nationals By LIANA WYNNE Four families from both Beecher and Calliope make the epic journey for the Australian Miniature Horse Society (AMHS) National Championships held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre from the 4th - 8th April. The event saw competitors travelling from all over the country to compete with a very strong team from Central Queensland (CQ). The CQ contingent scooped the pool in all the performance events and Anna Rose Chapman sweeping the other youth competitors off the arena by taking out both the National Overall Youth Exhibitor and National High Point Youth Performance Exhibitor. Leeanne Stein from Calliope said she had no expectations at the AMHS National show other than to try and place in top five of any performance class. “I was so thrilled with the performance of my team that our achievements went beyond my expectations to take out the two top senior performance awards,� she said. Bell View I'm Your Man aka Mannie achieved the following National Grand Champion 34" & under open senior performance ( 2nd trail, 2nd hunter, 2nd lunge) National Supreme Open Senior Performance Horse, National Reserve Champion Gelding classic head. Bell View Sweet Sharni Girl aka Sharni achieved the following National Grand Champion Amateur showjumper 34" & under (1st F&O, 1st 6 bar, 1st show jump) National Champion open F&O, National Grand Champion senior Amateur performance 34" & under (1st trail, 1st hunter, 2nd lunge), National Supreme Amatuer Senior Performance Horse, National Reserve Grand Champion open senior performance 34"& under (1st trail, 1st lunge). Bell View Novellas Story aka Phoenix achieved the following National Grand Champion Amateur senior performance 38"-42" (1st trail, 1st lunge, 1st hunter), National Grand Champion Open senior performance 38-42" (1st trail, 1st lunge, 1st hunter), National Reserve Grand Champion Amateur Showjumper 38"-42". Liana Wynne from Beecher: - Caritas Caitlyn (Diamondz) - National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Open Division Senior Horse over 34" - 38", National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Amateur Division Senior Horse over 34" - 38". Wynstar Lodge Lady Angelina - National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit Open Division Junior Horse 42" - 50".

National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Amateur Division Junior Horse 42 - 50". Tapika Jess Good Magic - National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Open Division Junior Horse 34" - 38". Reserve National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Amateur Division Junior Horse 34' - 38" Anna-Rose Chapman: - won National Champion in every class she entered. Anna-Rose is 12-years-old and was competing against other competitors from 10 17 year age division. Anna-Rose beat all the older kids in both Handler, lead and performance to take out the top honours of the National Championships. The judge, Richard T. Petty, was flown over from Oregon, USA and was most impressed with Anna-Rose's ability. He is a world reknown judge and is highly regarded. Anna-Rose's achievement are truly remarkable and a major credit to her. Anna-Rose - National Grand Champion Showmanship Novice, National Grand Champion Youth 10-13 years, National Grand Champion Youth Handler and National Champion for every class entered then took out the National Overall Youth Exhibitor. Harry Chapman: - (Harry is 10 years old). Third in the best Presented Youth 10 - 13 years, Reserve Champion Youth Handler 10 - 13 years, 5th in the Youth Showmanship 10 -17 years Novice, third in the Youth Trail 10 - 13 years, 4th in Youth Hunter 10 -13 years, National Overall Youth Exhibitor and National High Point Youth Performance Exhibitor. All horses and handlers did Central Queensland proud and showed the depth and talent of the mini community north of the NSW border.

Harry Chapman National High Point Youth Performance Exhibitor.

Leeanne Stein from Calliope

Bell View Novellas Story

Barbara Hall from Beecher: - Champion National Novice Lady Handler and Reserve Grand Champion Lady Handler

Liana Wynne with Wynstar Lodge Lady Angelina - National Grand Champion Performance Exhibit - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report SHOW HORSE QUEENSLAND Show Horse Queensland has a lot to offer in 2018, four great shows, the first of which was held in March, The Anzac Show on April 22 which includes the new EQ Cup Owner Rider Classes, 3 Ring Circus including Newcomer; Show Horse; Show Hunter; Rider Classes; Owner Rider; Lead Line; LATT & LBTT; Australian Hunter Horse Thoroughbred classes; Shetland Class; Inter-School Classes. The Newcomer and Child’s HOTY on June 3 and the Horse Of The Year show held over three days from August 31 to September 2. All are qualifiers for the 2019 Southern Cross Show Horse Spectacular being organised by Show Horse NSW and scheduled for early 2019 As well as these great shows Equestrian Queensland Show Horse will hold a Show Horse Leader Board offering the following awards: Owner/Rider Hi-Point Leader Board Newcomer Hack, Galloway & Pony Rider Classes Childs Pony, Galloway & Hack Lead Rein Open Hack, Galloway & Pony Open Hunter Hack, Galloway & Pony Show Horse Queensland's goal is to award and recognise Equestrian Queensland show horses and riders who have successfully competed as EQ members across all Equestrian Queensland club/affiliated events. New for 2018, Show Horse Queensland will host there own awards night to be held in November For further information visit



Anzac Show & EQ CUP - 22 April Park Ridge Pony Club Grounds The Newcomers & Childs HOTY Show - 3 June Park Ridge Pony Club grounds The Horse of the Year - 31 August - 2 September Toowoomba Showgrounds All events are a qualifier for the 2019 Southern Cross Show Horse Spectacular

Show Horse Queensland Awards Night - November date TBC

MALENY SHOW This year marks the 81st Maleny Agricultural Show, held on Friday and Saturday on June 1 and 2. There are two full days of horse events in the main ring. Pavilion, dairy, beef and poultry displays as well as our popular small farmers tent and Flavours of the Farm trade areas. Plenty of free family fun and entertainment to keep everyone entertained. This year we have the famous Noah's Racing Pigs attending the show, as well as Walter Whip and the Flames. An animal nursery, motorbike stunt riders, live reptiles, junior judges and paraders, woodchops, vintage cars, ute muster and grand parades. This year we have a talent quest running over both days of the show featuring the wonderful Gemma Kirby. Friday night will see live entertainment as well as fireworks and the Cattlemans bar open till late. Saturday night we have our rodeo provided by Honky Tonk Rodeo Promotions and will feature Open and Novice bull rides, Saddle Broncs, poddy calves and barrel races. All horse section details are available on our website to view and download, at or phone the chief horse steward Kayrene Corkin on 0477 008221 for further details and yard bookings. Membership is a great way to get value for money entry to the show for both days, and can be applied for via the website. There is plenty of parking at the Maleny Historical Society for show patrons, with a free shuttle bus running to and from the showgrounds all day.

Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club


For further information Contact Toni -


Check out the new Horse Program, featuring an ANSA Feature Show, a "3 Ring Circus" for Ponies, Galloways & Hacks, plus Rings for Western, Heavy Horses & Stockhorses, also a full Jumping Program

SEE ALL THE GREAT REGULAR FEATURES OF A GOOD OLD FASHIONED COUNTRY SHOW PLUS LOADS OF FREE ENTERTAINMENT Friday:- Adults $10-00, Concession $7-00 Saturday. - Adults $15-00, Concession $10.00; 2 day Pass Adults $22-00, Concession $14-00 Primary School Children Free. ALL INQUIRIES 5463 1124 EMAIL:

Unfortunately wet weather cancelled the Easter Hack Show - this will be rescheduled when grounds dry out .. New date and program will be posted on facebook Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club


Sunday June 17th

Dressage - Prep to Elementary in the morning 9:00am Afternoon of sporting Bends, Barrels, Keyhole, Running T, Sporting Figure 8, Diamond Flag, Obstacle Course

Enquiries Email: Page 40

Friday 1st / Saturday 2nd June 2018 " Led Breed, Rider, Show Hunter, Pony, Galloway, Hack Classes, Showjumping, Harness, Miniatures." Contact: 0477008221

PROMOTE YOUR SHOW OR EVENT HERE budget adverts $50, 1/4 page $240, 1/2 page $420 all include Free design and layout, bonus editorial and online promotion contact Paula on 0413 733 294 or email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report NORTHERN NSW HACK CHAMPIONSHIPS The Elite Horse and Pet Products Northern NSW Hack Championships will be held at The Lismore Showgrounds from May 25 to 28. The event is a Show Horse Council Australasia qualifier show for 2018 Grand Nationals and events include riders classes, Open and Show Hunter classes including Newcomer, Preliminary and Amateur Owner classes, Children’s Day, Working Hunters and the prestigious Open and Amateur, Gary Robson Memorial Hack Challenge plus a Riding Pony Stud Book Society Feature Show. Classes are now open for entry on SHC Data base visit For further information contact Di McMahon email: or Ph 0413 474 074 or secretary - Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985 email:

Northern NSW Show Horse Assoc

Hack Championships 24th - 27th May

Lismore Showgrounds Children's Day, Riding Pony Feature Show, Shetlands, Show Hacks, Riders, Show Hunters, Working Hunters

Grand National Qualifier

BOONAH SHOW "Showcasing our Sporting & Creative Lifestyle" is the theme for the 2018 Boonah Show which will be held on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2. This theme is to bounce off the Commonwealth Games, which will have just been held on our doorstep, and to give our local sporting clubs the opportunity to run demonstrations, or "Come and Try" sessions during the day on Saturday. Also, what better way to recognise all the creative people in the community, than giving them the opportunity to display their handiwork, craft, art, photography, cooking or gardening at the show. The Show Society will also be recognising that it is 120 years since the Boonah Show Society, then known as the Dugandan Agricultural and Pastoral Association, held its first show in 1898. While many things have changed, and the committee is always trying to introduce new things, the basic tradition of a good, old fashioned country show continues, and remains front and centre in all the planning. See the cattle, horses, poultry, goats and caged birds, as well as tremendous displays of agricultural produce, fruit and vegetables that the district is famous for. The horse program on Saturday will feature an ANSA Feature Show as well as a "3 Ring Circus" for Ponies, Galloways and Hacks. This years' Boonah Show will be a full two days and two nights show with fireworks both nights. A big feature of the 118th Show will be the trotting program on Friday evening commencing at 4.30pm, when there will be both the harness racing and mini trotters racing, with the finals commencing at 7pm. A woodchop demonstration will also be held on Friday night, as well as the Crack-up Sisters and the Junior "Young Farmers Challenge" in the main arena. Fireworks will be held at 8pm, but the show rides, bar and music will continue until 9pm. All the pavilions and show rides will be up and running all day Friday, allowing patrons to join in all the fun of the show, and have lots of time to examine all the wonderful exhibits from the Boonah district, at the same time to check out the many breeds of dogs in the main arena and the prime cattle judging and auction. Both woodchopping and chainsaw races will be held on Saturday and will keep everyone on their toes, along with all the regular features. The vintage tractors, vehicles and machinery displays are always popular, and the Cavalcade of Transport following the Grand Parade is something vehicle enthusiasts should not miss. The ever popular Demolition Derby will close the show on Saturday night. However, the bar and music will continue until midnight. A special for the children is the Scarecrow Trail, the Little Animal House Petting Zoo with all the favourite baby farm animals to pet and feed, plus a chance to meet up close and personal with some native Australian animals supplied by Australian Bush Babies. First Light Entertainment with their great roving entertainment and the ever popular RSPCA Emu Van will be back. Local school bands will be performing throughout the day. Enjoy lots of great show traditional food from the many food stalls plus a large variety of ethnic food stalls. Enjoy great home cooked morning or afternoon teas or lunch in the comfortable atmosphere of the dining hall. Visit the wide range of trade displays and market stalls, as well as enjoy all the tastings in the fine food and wine pavilion. Come and visit Boonah for the weekend or day and enjoy the hospitality of a great country show and see everything Boonah has to offer.


Photos by LMG Photographics

Show Secretary - Di McMahon 0413474074 President - Shellie Smyth 0409 173 497 Secretary - Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985

Email. Follow us on facebook Northern NSW Show Horse Association

It"s almost here again

THE 90th MUDGEERABA SHOW . 23rd and 24th June 2018

Fun and excitement at the show with a weekend of entertainment, including acts ADAM BRAND, DINKUM DINOSAURS, CHAD MORGAN, Two Old Ducks Cooking Show and the fabulous Mr Fireworks and Laser Show.

Revised and Exciting Equestrian events program, Check the website - Adam Brand

If you are interested in having a site and displaying your product


07 5530 2754 or 0418 182 533

EMAIL - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report TERRANORA LAKES EQUESTRIAN CLUB The Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club is located in the Bilambil Valley on the NSW-Queensland border. It is a great little club that’s offers agistment , training days, clinic, shows and dressage days. They will be hosting a variety of events in 2018 including a Hack show and Dressage day that is to be rescheduled after wet weather cancelled the event on easter monday date and progrm will yet to be advised a sporting and Dressage day for 17 June and much more Keep a look out on their facebook page Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club for updates For further information contact Paula 0413 733 294.

MUDGEERABA SHOW The 90th Mudgeeraba Show is almost with us - 23/24th June. This is a family event not to be missed with all the fun of the fair, along with a huge variety of exhibits that include cuddly miniature goats, curious sheep, gentle cows and an exciting and revised two days of equestrian events. Birds, poultry, camels and racing pigs, Mudgeeraba has them all. Woodchop events, community exhibits along with the wonderful arts and craft displayed in the pavilion too. Come and see what a farrier does? The Mudgeeraba Show has something for everyone - all age groups and interests. There will be great bands along with a huge variety of singers and entertainers. There will be buskers, magicians, dancers and the ever popular grand parade. Feature events at this year show will be the Dinkum Dinosaurs two old ducks cooking show and the fabulous Mr Fireworks and Laser Show. Music for all include the talented Adam Brand, Chad Morgan along with a huge variety of entertainers many of whom have already released albums.

FOR SALE - Quality Dressage Pony/Show Horse 10yo Chestnut gelding flaxen mane and tail 13.3 5/8 hh, Reg Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, Arabian Riding Pony, SHC, EA Excellent allround Pony club horse that's jumps, sports, competes Novice dressage. Laterals well-established and is competitive at royal and Horse of the year level. He has the best nature and is the most loveable horse you could ever find.

Performance Highlights

Reserve champ childs Pony -Toowoomba Royal 2012 hi point youth, hi point youth dressage horse- Qld Arabian Champs 2012 Champion Owner Rider -EA Show Horse 2012 - Champion Newcommer -SHC 2012 Zone 15 Pony Club champs Supreme Hack , Rider and Pointscore 2012 & 2013 Champion childs pony and Champion Open Pony - North Coast National 2012 Champion Led & ridden Arabian Riding Pony - NRAHA Premier Show 2013 2014 - 9 x Champion Open Pony Hack Awards from 9 shows 2015 - Hi Point Horse Premier Arabian event - 2015 Hi Point Dressage Horse, Champion Novice Dressage Horse Zone Champs 2016 - Hi Point Dressage , Sporting Horse, Flat Riding Pony Club - Reserve Champion Elementary Horse Zone Dressage Champs 2017 - 3 x Champion Open Pony Hack Awards from 3 shows

Video and Full list of performances available on request $7,000 Ph 0413 733 294 email

To enter or for more information on becoming a member please contact Lynda on 5530 2754, 0418 182 533 or email

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) ‡ Horse Transport Ph 0408 537 904 ‰ The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 ‰ Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085


‡ The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan - Butt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0413 371 802 ‰ Country Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5596 4387 ‰ Aitkins Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 3209 7506


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months ‰ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - ‰ Country Scene Saddlery - ‰ Country Park Animal ‰ DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch ‰ EFA Queensland... ‰ Embroidered saddlecloths - ‰ Eq Land Developments ‰ Equine on the web ... ‰ Equilibrium Mineral Mix... ‰ Equestrian On line ... ‰ Feed XL... ‰ Fordsdale Farm Stay ……. ‰ Gallagher Electric fencing ... ‰ Gold Coast Horse.... ‰ Greystone Manure Vacuums ... ‰ GEOHEX Ground Stabilisation ..... ‰ Have Horse … Will Travel ‰ Healing for Horses ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Floats … ‰ Horseland..... Page 42

‰ Ken Faulkner... ‰ Kentucky Equine ‰ Kulavale Equestrian... ‰ Lisa McCann Herbs ....... ‰ Mitavite ... ‰ Mobile Livestock ‰ Nathan Trailers at Nerang... ‰ National Equestrian Wholesalers .... ‰ Natural Hoof care ..... ‰ Natural equipment ‰ Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel..... ‰ New England Girls School . ‰ Norco..... ‰ Omega Feeds ‰ Pharmachem ... ‰ Redlands Vet Clinic ... ‰ Replay Classifieds... ‰ Riding for the Disabled............ ‰ Stance Equine Feeds.......... ‰ StockGuard Electric ‰ Southwood Saddlery... ‰ The Horse Report ... - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistry Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment







GREAT GIFTS Montana Jewellery & Statues Aussie books from Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33

100 Taylor Street, Toowoomba. 4350




Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

DR CHRIS DARMODY 0412 746 465 Facebook - Byron Bay Equine Dentistry SERVICING MID NORTH COAST - NORTHERN RIVERS

ADVERTISING - Ph: 07 5447 7644

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:




$250 for 12 months

Ph 07 55909721 AGISTMENT

Tamara Shead

Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine

0434 814 076 - f/ HORSE CLIPPING

Horse Clipping Heather Crack

Phone/Fax 07 5533 2948 Melissa Waller Mob: 0417 711 445 PRODUCE/HAY/STOCKFEED

Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff

Ph 5546 3276 - 0408 193 131 EQUINE THERAPY * Equine Therapy * Massage * Equissage * Stretching * Muscle Release


Ph Merryn 0428 864 179 Email: FENCING


Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: CLINICS & LESSONS

outback equines

Group clinics and private lessons horsemanship liberty work float loading horse archery & much more!

Based in the Lockyer Valley QLD

Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply



Phone: 0417 443 656 * Lucerne and Grassy Lucerne * Small Square and Rounds. * Lucerne, Triple Blend and White Chaff Fortnightly deliveries to SEQ and Eastern Darling Downs




Paula Anthony PCANSW Level 2

Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Dressage Show Horse Pony Club Rider Class Clinics Show Prep

Ph 0413 733 294

Gold Coast - Tweed - Murwillumbah - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistr y Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Protect your best friend. Have your float checked annually by fully qualified tradesmen. 0415 169 469

Horse Float restorations and Repairs Annual float servicing = Rust & Structural repairs New floors & tailgates = New rubber = Paint Float spares = Rego inspections Brakes, wheel bearings, Electrical, suspensions New tyres = New Lite Haul horse floats

607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 MVRL10015 Colin Jeffery Rose

Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply

SAM BUCHANAN Master Farrier 0407 584 866

Qualified Animal Naturopath Your one-stop shop for all things natural for animals Tel:07 5449 1453 - Email:


Servicing the SE QLD * A I R BAG S U S P E N S I O N * ANGLE LOAD * Q UA L I T Y OV E R N I G H T S TA B L I N G


Mobility Plus 1kg $89.50 Happy Herbal Blend 2.5kg - $65.00 - Ph: 07 5447 7644


Matt Butler 0410 619 037 Servicing Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast

Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Equine Passion

Home of Wattlelane Stables Superior Feed Supplements for Horses Flower's Gold - QI Ease - Hair in a Bucket - Gut Centric - Mindfulness

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Sean Everson

0419 624 447

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Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759 DR GREG BALDWIN Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:

BSc BVSc MPhil

Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: P: PO BOX 355 MURWILLUMBAH 2484


Pocket-sized, chewy treats for your equine friends!


Quality Australian equine products, made using only the finest natural ingredients.b Order yours today! bE: W: @supalicious_treats


Ph 0498 171 617


Pocket-sized, chewy treats for your equine friends!

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney Contact: * NSW DPI at Kirra Ph 07 55364714 fax 07 55361290 * Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 * Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or * Heildon 132 523

Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e a notif ia b le disease in NSW


To Bounce!


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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Araluen GP Price: $ 10,000. firm 16.2 hh Reg: EA, SHC, ANSA Brown Gelding YOB: 2008 Sire: Smash Hit (WB) Dam: Chloe GP (TB) Fletcher boasts 3 elastic forward paces and is established in laterals. Fletcher has been campaigned to novice dressage with potential to excel through the levels and has also been lightly shown with success. Fletcher gives a comfortable ride making him a good riders class mount. Easy to handle in all aspects, no lunging required after a spell. Excellent to catch, shoe, float, trim. Easily maintains show condition all year round with little work and feed. Fetcher is best suited to a competent rider to bring out the best in him. Fletcher is only for sale as I am now working away and do not want to see him going to waste in the paddock. Fletcher is now in light work and available to view in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Equipe Emporio saddle available at extra cost. Video and additional photos available for serious buyers. Contact: Hannah Mlynarz Ph: 0438 344 260

Puccini 5yr old Thoroughbred Gelding Price: $ 15,000. 15.3 hh Reg: Thoroughbred, EA, SHC Brown Gelding YOB: 2012 Sire: Hard Spun Dam: Metung Belle Harvey commenced his show career in January 2017 & has been a delight from his very first outing. He is a quality young horse who has easily qualified for all Royals, the 2018 RVL OTT Championship to be held at VASA & the 2018 SHC Grand Nationals held at SIEC. Harvey has a lovely temperament & is easy to handle in every way. He is extremely sensible & comfortable to ride and he even jumps well! Harvey has been ridden by a lady rider this season at several Agricultural shows & would also be suitable for a teenager. Major performances to date:Adelaide Royal - 2nd Novice Hack 15-15.2hhs Adelaide Royal - 5th Open Hack 15-15.2hhs SHCV Southern Stars - Small Hack Champion This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a young horse who has had a great start to his education, who is versatile, safe & sound & will give you many years of pleasure. Contact: Greg Mickan Mob: 0427 563 117

Let’s Dance Elegant Large Hack Price: $ 28,000. all reasonable offers considered 16.1 ½ hh Reg: Thoroughbred / ANSA Bay Gelding Age: 11 yrs Sire: Waterford Road Dam: Carissa This is your opportunity to own one of Australia’s top Show Hacks. He is stunningly elegant in every way, a gentleman and absolute pleasure to have in the stables as he is kind and gentle and loves attention. His elegance makes him a perfect ladies hack. He has been ridden by a teenager qualifying to National level in Hack classes, child classes and rider classes. He is beautifully educated and does foot perfect flying changes. He travels well, easy to show, clip and prepare. He is beautifully conformed and the most magnificent led horse. Must sell as we no longer have a rider. Contact 1: 0419 660 147 Contact 2: 0417 796 524 R

DP Popstar 16.0 hh Chestnut Gelding YOB: 2007 Sire: Secret Savings (USA) Dam: Royal Aria (NZ) Rarely does a horse of this quality and temperament, suitable for a teen or lady rider, become available. - 1st Novice Hack 15.2-16hh Royal Melbourne Show 2017 - Runner Up Intermediate Hack SHCV Masters 2017 - 4th SHCV Southern Stars 2017 (GN Qualifier) - Top 5 Newcomer & Rising Star VAS Saddle Horse Champs 2017 - 1st Led Thoroughbred Gelding Canberra Royal Show 2018 - 7th Open Hack 15.2-16hh Canberra Royal Show 2018 Pete is a very genuine horse and not bothered by rides, big screens or even harness. Requiring little work down at even the biggest of competitions. However, he is still a thoroughbred and not a 'robot', so would prefer to see him go to an experienced horsey family. Pete is fully performed for all 2018 Royal Shows, including Supreme saddle horse of the show at the last agricultural show attended. Sound and 100% Drug Free. Contact: Kara Woolcock Mob: 0433 532 847 Page 46 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Jimba Secret Identity Price: $ POA 14.1 hh Reg: Riding Pony, Saddle Pony Black Mare YOB: 2010 Sire: Bundaleer Merlin Dam: A Night Like This

Secret is a black, eye catching, 7yo, 14.1hh, RPSB, ASPA mare. She started her success at the age of three in Brisbane winning her 3-year-old filly class. Since then with her impressive movement, she has continued winning countless Champions and Supremes in both led and ridden events. Easily qualifying for Royals. Jimba Stud is proud to present this stunning mare for sale. Video Footage - Contact: Jessica Brieffies Mob: 0429 490 545

Rosegate High Alto Price: $ 20,000. 14.2 hh Reg: RPSBS Grey Mare YOB: 2013 Sire: Royalwood Boy Soprano Dam: Blue Simone (Thoroughbred) The very difficult decision has been made to sell our lovely small galloway, Ali. We have too many young horses coming through. She has had a very successful show career, is kind natured and easy to clip, shoe etc, but does windsuck when stabled. She has been successfully ridden by children and would be a fantastic rider class mount. Requires little working down. She has qualified for Adelaide Royal 2018 from minimal shows. Ali is an exceptional mover and would also excel in dressage. Some of her performances to date: 2018 Rising Star (GN qualifier 2019): - Champion Small Show Galloway -Runner Up Child's Show Galloway Adelaide Royal 2018: -Placed all classes 2017 EA HOTY: - Runner Up Small Show Galloway 2017 Champion Of Champions - Champion Small Galloway RIDING PONY OF THE YEAR 2016: -Supreme Youngstock Riding Pony RIDING PONY OF THE YEAR 2015: -Supreme Overall Led Riding Pony

Contact: Kate Halliday Mob: 0409 873 600

Thorwood Cookies N Cream Price: $ 15,000. 12.0 hh Reg: EA, SHC, RP, Welsh Palomino Gelding YOB: 2010 Sire: Silkwood Puss N Boots Dam: Weston Park Pearl It’s with a very heavy heart that we offer Harvey for sale. He is a top child’s show pony who has won at both EA and SHC Horse of the years, and Royal show level. Always qualifying for Royals and Grand Nationals from minimal showing. He competed for SA at EA Nationals for a fourth placing two years in a row in the open and child’s show pony under 12hh. Harvey is a super competitive pony who is easy in every way to prepare for shows. 100% sound. He is a real character and loves attention. Best suited to a confident and ambitious child 9+ to get the very best from him. For sale to the best of homes only as needing a larger pony. Contact: Kelly Nusbajtel Mob: +0435 751 017 Email:

Silkdale Catwalk Price: $ 6,500. 12.3 ½ hh Reg: WABA, Riding Pony, Part Welsh, SHC, EA Buckskin Mare YOB: 2009 Sire: Xtroadinare of Sefton Dam: Thorwood Claire Rose Sadly the time has come for Alice to find a new home. Her stunning looks and huge movement in the hands of the right rider will go far. Alice has had a full season under saddle ridden by a confident 11 year old child. Alice has successfully been shown in hand with numerous supreme titles. Most recent being 2017 Perth Royal Show Supreme Buckskin, 2017 Perth Royal Show Top 5 Supreme of Supreme Exhibit and 2017 WABA Supreme Buckskin 10.2h - 14h. Alice is good to do everything with, however at shows she does require to be worked down. She is not suitable for a beginner. Contact 1: Melissa Fabry 0419 024 590 Contact 2: Ricci Mercer 0428 236 205 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 47

*$55$5'6 +256($1'+281' 352'8&767268,7 (9(5<2&&$6,21



(6 & , 9 5 ( 6 $5< 1 % , 5 2 (  7 < ( 1 9  $ 02%,/( 5($1<7,0( ( $1<:+





Horse report may 2018  

48 pages of informative and interesting articles, news stories, advertising, photos and information on what’s new and, what’s happening out...

Horse report may 2018  

48 pages of informative and interesting articles, news stories, advertising, photos and information on what’s new and, what’s happening out...