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The Man from Coxs River - a new Australian Feature Documentary to World Premiere @ The Byron Bay International Film Festival, March 9. see story page 3

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MONTHLY MONTHLY ONLINE EXTRA Missed a copy of the Horse Report Monthly E-magazine view back issues online

The Man from Coxs River - a new Australian Feature Documentary to World Premiere @ The Byron Bay International Film Festival, March 9. see story page 3

MONTHLY MONTHLY ONLINE EXTRA Missed a copy of the Horse Report Monthly E-magazine view back issues online

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Olympian joins call to vaccinate against deadly Hendra virus Olympic equestrian silver medalist, Megan Jones, has joined the call for horse owners to vaccinate their animals after figures reveal thousands are not vaccinated against potentially fatal diseases. It comes as a national survey shows 96 per cent of horse owners believe protecting their animals from infectious diseases is crucial, yet up to a third have inadvertently let their vaccinations lapse, placing their horses in greater danger. Ms Jones has joined forces with leading vets to warn local horse owners that without preventative care, Hendra virus, tetanus, strangles and equine herpes remain a real threat for horse owners. “I work with horses every day and can’t over emphasise the importance of vaccination against these devastating diseases,” she said. “Organising vaccination takes just a few minutes and it certainly beats the potential alternative – having to treat your horse for a painful equine disease. “Thankfully this alternative doesn’t have to be a reality. “Speak to your vet and get your horse vaccinated for peace of

mind.” Supporting the call for vaccination was Dr Derek Major, of Agnes Banks Equine Clinic. “There is little awareness that horses around Australia continue to die from tetanus,” he said. “It is a horrible way to die and surveys show that only 15 to 20% of Australian horses are fully vaccinated against tetanus. “Strangles and herpes vaccines, used properly, also have an important role in preventative horse health. “We are coming into the time of year when the majority of Hendra outbreaks occur and we have already seen an outbreak in Queensland during March; a sobering reminder that Hendra remains a great risk. “I encourage all horse owners to contact their vet to organise vaccinations against these debilitating diseases.” For more information on how to protect your horse from infectious diseases, visit The national horse survey was published in January 2014 and involved surveying more than 3,500 horse owners from across Australia.

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Beat the stiff body blues by Dr ET Brightlight A naturopath/acupuncturist with 16 years experience with horses wellbeing (and their riders') She practices from Murwillumbah (NSW), Sydney and on My work is with the human body and I am extremely conscious of my performance with my horses because I am what you could call “a geriatric novice”, meaning that I only started riding at the ripe old age of 49. So I am really aware that my body and posture affects my horse’s. It’s a really sad fact that many baby boomers have to face: we dreamed of having a horse all our life and when we finally can afford the time and resources to have one: we have run out of body! Whereas younger people ride to keep fit, the not-so-young need to get fit to ride. Many stiff, uncoordinated, obviously in discomfort or even in pain riders do not seem to understand that the brace in their bodies is probably responsible for the brace in their horse’s body. Your horse may be reaching his peak, but are you threatened by arthritis? It’s all very well to give your horse the best of care, but how do you think he likes a stiff person aboard? So how do we get the tendons supple, the muscles lithe, the joints lubricated and the circulation flowing? Have no Fear, Granny is here! First Principle: Diet You have been piling on toxins in your body for decades, toxins build up in your muscles and your joints, the first thing to do is to clean up your system. How do you do that? By following a *cleansing diet and then staying away from inflammatory foods such as: • Processed meats (like salami or devon) • Alcoholic beverages, especially wine. • Soft drinks with additives and artificial colours, especially cola drinks. • Peanuts. • Preservatives, especially MSG. • Too much fruit, especially oranges. • Dairy products (except for natural yoghurt) • Cakes, biscuits and pastries • Coffee • Lollies and chocolate. Second Principle: Exercise DON’T go to the gym to lift weights and/or do aerobic classes, those bales of hay and bags of chaff are weight lifting enough. These types or exercises (and that includes running, jogging and “power” walking) make the muscles short and hard and as a result they restrict joint mobility. What you need is to STRETCH. Before you get on your horse and after riding you must stretch. But you also must stretch everyday of your life, you can’t miraculously loosen up on the weekend when you have spend five days glued to a computer. The best exercises to lengthen the muscles and open your joints are: • Stretching (join a stretch class, rather than Page 6

aerobics; when you have a good routine, do it for 20 mins daily) • Tai Chi: literally millions of ‘geriatric’ Chinese practise Tai Chi daily to keep limber, it has stood the test of time. • Swimming, with emphasis on movement and breathing, not number of laps • Aquarobics, no stress on the muscles. • Yoga. Be careful of yoga: many yoga coaches are a little too fanatical and cannot adapt their lessons to their clients. Shop around until you find a teacher who understands your needs. • The Alexander Technique, Feldenkreiss or Pilates are great to tone and rebalance the body. Third Principle: Natural Remedies I am horrified at the number of anti-inflammatory drugs available over the counter. They may work for a while but you soon need to increase the dosage, move to a stronger brand and finally go to a prescription drug. This does not augur well for the future of your liver and kidneys. Instead, do what you do for your horse: use herbs. There are a lot of herbs that work really well, for a personalised formula you need to see a herbalist of course. However you can make herbal teas, which, if used regularly, will work just as well. • Meadow Sweet • Devil’s Claw • Celery Seed extract is also good but you need to take it with Dandelion tea or coffee. On its own it is useless. • Ginger and Turmeric are great natural anti-inflammatory herbs: include them in your diet. Even glazed ginger will help. • Gotu Cola(Centella asiatica) is excellent too. A Body Rub For a home made lotion try this: • Grate one hundred grams of ginger, put it in a small jam jar. • Add three tablespoons of Turmeric and three tablespoons of Lime flowers. • Top it up with olive oil. Stir. • Leave it to macerate for a week or two, shaking now and then. • Strain and use as a rubbing oil. Enjoy your new body! Elyane is available for telephonic consultations:02- 9389 6344, you can also email her: (C)2004 Dr ET Brightlight 2004

Motipid Made from Green Lipped Mussels Motipid™ is made from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, which is a marine shellfish that contains many nutritional health benefits. Motipid™ is manufactured using the best quality mussels available from the clean pristine waters of the South Island of New Zealand. The harvesting and processing are crucial factors in producing a quality product such as Motipid™. The mussels are processed in such a manner so that the full goodness of the mussel is not lost in the processing. Motipid™ works in multiple ways; it contains the nutrients essential for healthy joints. Motipid™ contains glycosaminoglycans, glucosamine and chondroitin. These are necessary in growth of healthy cartilage and connective tissue. These components also help in the production of healthy joint fluid that lubricates joints. Motipid™ contains high levels of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. These are essential in the diet for good health, contributing to everything form healthy skin to good brain function. Motipid™ contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA). EPA promotes healthy skin and connective tissue and has some anti-inflammatory action. DHA is essential for brain function and the nervous system. Eicosatetraenoic acid has been shown to act synergistically with the other fatty acids to have an anti-inflammatory action in invitro studies. The synergistic actions of these fatty acids are thought to work to inhibit inflammatory pathways, similarly to other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is the eicosatetraenoic acid that contributes the major difference from conventional fatty fish omega 3 supplements. Motipid™ is 100% natural, containing only green lipped mussel powder. It contains no additives. Green lipped mussels have been eaten for many years. Historically green lipped mussels have been eaten by the Maori people and been known by them to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Individuals with shell fish allergies should not take this product. Motipid™ does not contain any yeast, starch, gluten, lactose, sugar, artificial products, dairy products or preservatives. The farms which grow the green lipped mussels, from which Motipid™ is produced, are regulated by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries to extremely high health standards. It is thoroughly tested for any bacterial and heavy metal contamination. Motipid™ is manufactured to GMP, NZSFA and EU certified standards. and is available in bottles of 280 capsules. DOSAGE Take 4-8 capsules daily for the first 10 days then take 2-4 capsules daily. Vary as required. Do not take this product if you have a seafood allergy. Always consult your health care professional before taking supplements. Available from Country Park * See advert next page - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Nutrition assists genetic potential By ANTOINETTE FOSTER Equine Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist Nutrition is the key to unlocking your horse's genetic potential and Nutrigenomics is beginning to become a topic of great interest. I have been working with a genetic scientist since early 2010 and as part of my human health practice, I have been offering nutrigenomics (genetic) testing for a number of months with the most amazing results. We are beginning to apply the knowledge from over a decade of clinical studies in nutrigenomics and using this within our practice for equine nutrition. Nutigenomics identifies individuals who are at risk for single-gene and complex disorders that have nutritional implications and determines how genetic variants interact with nutritional factors to affect disease risk and progression. Nutrition has an enormous effect on disease prevention and health promotion. Determining the relationships between food, nutrition science, and health outcomes have been intensively analysed over the past century. Genomic variation among individuals and populations is a new factor that enriches and challenges our understanding of these complex relationships. Nutrition impacts us and our horses on a daily basis in both health and disease, as well as in prevention and treatment of certain multifactorial diseases. Nutrigenomics offers a significant promise for health genomics and development of customized nutritional interventions guided by human genomic variation. There are currently approximately 1000 published papers, Nutrigenomics is 100% science backed. Nutrition dictates our horse's health, maintains immune function, assists in fighting disease and many other advantages, nutrigenomics provides the opportunity to put preventative measures in place. Supplements... Feed Nutrient Dosage vs. Therapeutic Dosage There has been much argument among doctors, vets, dietitians, nutritionists, trainers, etc. regarding the need for vitamin and min-

Good nutrition is a key to ensuring a healthy, shiny, well-conditioned horse

eral supplementation. Some argue that a nutrient dosage as found in a 'good' diet or in a standard 'racing feed regime' is enough because it meets the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA's) of vitamins and minerals needed for optimal nutrition and health. At the same time, it is generally accepted for example, that mineral electrolyte supplementation is necessary for horses during and after heavy exercise stress and sweating. Often horse owners and professionals are using supplements in an unsystematic way, without a clear understanding of their therapeutic uses. Knowing each individual’s genetic makeup will enable horse owners to use the correct feeding and supplement regime. Oxidation and Oxidative Stress There are some areas of health that we already know about that can have a considerable impact the horse's overall health and wellbeing. Oxidative stress is one that is of enormous importance and is a common contributor to reduced performance in horses. Oxidation is defined as one of the processes by which energy is obtained from the diet. During this process, nutrients are broken down and converted into energy for normal metabolic function. The browning of an apple or rusting of metal is a common example of oxidation in our everyday life. The rate of oxidation depends on the

amount of activity that is occurring. At rest, the rate of oxidation is at its lowest level. However, during stress, exercise, growth, pregnancy, or lactation, the rate of oxidation is elevated because the body is rapidly breaking down nutrients (like protein, carbohydrates, and fat) to produce energy needed during these times. During these metabolic processes if the regulatory systems in the body are overwhelmed, oxidative stress can occur. Oxidative stress causes an overabundance of circulating molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS), sometimes commonly referred to as "free radicals." It is important to note that all free radicals are ROS, but not all ROS are free radicals. Antioxidants are essential in the case of Oxidative stress, I recommend using a combination such as Vitamin C, Selenium, Glutathione etc. Individual Specific Requirement and Genetic Status/Stress/Injury/Disease Recommended Daily Allowances for horses do not take into account the individual specific needs and circumstance or the individual stress, disease, injury or genetic status. This is known as biochemical individuality and there is a huge number of instances and individuals where an increased dosage, ie. A therapeutic dosage, of a vitamin, mineral or amino acid is efficacious. Continued page 9

Hi Form has been assisting horses all over Australia and the World. This wonderful Aussie company evolved in to the company it is today by assisting horse owners with problems such as natural pain management in horses, arthritis in horses, nervous horses, weight gain in horses, respiratory issues and by offering free equine nutrition advice. 03 9798 1000

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Nutrition is crucial for equine health  From page 8 Some examples are: Genetic Malabsorption - many horses have digestive absorption problems. These problems may be lifelong, during early growth only, or during certain kinds of stress. For example, malabsorption commonly occurs with iron, calcium, and vitamin B12. Often supplementation with a therapeutic dose will help the situation, but also vital is the form of the supplementation. 'Iron is not iron'. 'Calcium is not calcium'. How a nutrient is delivered to the Equine's gut is vital. It's not just what is ingested that's important, but how well it it is absorbed and utilized after absorption. For example, Iron is difficult to absorb in any form. Often the cheapest available form is the most poorly absorbed. Iron may be delivered as a specific inorganic salt; as an inorganic salt complex; as an organic salt; or as amino acid chelates. Wherever possible, it is better to choose those quality ingredients, which have been shown to be the best absorbed. Temperament. Both humans and animals display individual temperaments that often predispose them to increased need for therapeutic nutrient dosages. Eg. individuals prone to anxiety, fear or muscle cramps. Such symptoms may be linked together and are often alleviated by therapeutic doses of nutrients such as vitamin B1, B3, B6, magnesium phosphate, amino acids such as glutamic acid and L.tryptophan, and certain nervine herbs. Stress, injury, and disease Many of the five groups of nutrients, which are vital for normal health, become even more essential for optimal recovery from stress and injury. Stress: This is a wide term that can refer to the metabolic and nervous depletion associated with intense exercise experienced racehorses, or it could refer to the emotional/environmental stress associated with unfamiliar situations, travel, diet and injury. Therapeutic doses of mineral electrolytes and natural sedatives are often very useful for recovery and prevention of both forms of stress. Injury: In both acute traumatic and chronic inflammatory conditions, wide ranges of therapeutic nutrients are very useful. Usually single nutrient therapy, unlike synthetic drugs, has limited use in therapy. It has been found that such nutrients are more effective when taken with other complementary substances. The presence of another specific mineral or group of vitamins often enhances the therapeutic effect of a particular mineral. This complementary enhancement of action

Understanding equine nutrition can help deal with stress, injury and disease.

within a group of nutrients is known as synergy and this is a principle only recently recognized and understood by nutritionists and clinical biochemists. Naturopaths have long recognized this principle by observation and use it to explain the usually gentle, safe action of whole herbs compared to the potent action and imbalancing side-effects of isolated, synthesized herbal alkaloids, such as aspirin (originally obtained in a complex from black willow bark), digitalis (originally isolated from the foxglove flower), and quinine (isolated from cinchona bark). As side effects, Aspirin can cause gastritis, gastroenteritis and stomach ulcers. Digitalis can cause gastric disturbances and heart arrhythmias, and quinine can cause ringing in the ears, nausea and deafness. Disease and Infection: These are also stress problems. The body undergoes stress, as increased metabolism is demanded in a local area, as in a wound infection, or throughout the whole body, as in fever. Increased blood flow is usually demanded by inflammation, together with increased detoxification of pathogens and toxins by white blood cells, accelerated liver function, and perspiration. In these cases, increased dosage of a particular combination of therapeutic nutrients is very useful to produce the body's own inflammatory-mediating substances such as cortisone's and enkephalins. I recommend the use of natural substances, no synthetic chemical substances, which means that all ingredients can be found in Nature, in the human and animal body, or in food and plants. However, some biochemical ingredients are produced in a laboratory including vitamin C, several B group vitamins, and amino acids, whilst natural based, it is essential that they are produced by a reputable manufac-

turer. There is a focus on the whole combination rather than the individual ingredient. Synergy There is a focus on the anergic biological activity of each ingredient and the form in which it can best be absorbed by the gut, rather than on crude but often pure high gram doses, eg. ... Hi-Form Australia for example, uses the Equisalts™, mineral tissue salts which have been microfined by ultrafine grinding and dispersed through a lactose carrier (known as trituration). It must be noted that pure chemical substances are often not as well-absorbed and metabolized by humans and animals, compared to many organic complexes containing actual lower concentrations of a specific mineral. There is a focus on prevention before treatment. It is now clear that if a horse experiences stress whether facing a possible viral infection, competing too heavily as a two year old, about to travel on a long float trip, or is just very nervous, either way, therapeutic nutrient dosing can prevent problems before they occur. This involves achieving optimum nutrition for the individual. Optimum nutrition means achieving the right mix and amount of nutrients necessary for peak health and stress prevention. Clinical biochemists are now suggesting some Recommended Optimal Allowances (ROA's) instead of RDAs. If you would like any assistance with feeding your horse, understanding genetics either for your self or your horse,or if you are experiencing any difficulties, such as balancing you feed ration, nervousness, weight loss, arthritis etc please contact Nutritional Therapist Antoinette Foster for free advice email or phone 03 97756422. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Queensland looks to cash in on equi-business By MERYN COOPER At the 12,000 seat Scandinavium Stadium, a near capacity crowd packed the stands to watch the Longines FEI World Cup showjumping in Gothenburgh, Sweden. The Gothenburg Horse Show, which oozes with prestige and featured world class horses and riders also saw transitions between classes and demonstrations as smooth and seamless as a set change on Broadway. The event was a stellar example of how popular and successful horse shows are in Europe. The value equestrian sports can bring to tourism and the economy is only starting to be realised in Queensland. New shows are springing up and organisers are looking at new and innovative ways of presenting their product to sponsors and spectators alike. According to the Equine Tourism website “Sweden has one of the highest number of horses per head of population in Europe” and as a result enjoys “a thriving horse industry”. As well as offering a wide variety of riding opportunities rang-

Queensland is looking to cash in on the value of equi-business events, following in the mould set by European countries.

ing from hacking through the Icelandic forest to carriage driving, the country boasts five thoroughbred racetracks, 33 trotting tracks and three major shows - The Stockholm International Horse Show, the Falsterbo Horse Show and the Gothenburg Horse Show. The Gothenburg Horse Show provides five days of equestrian displays, advanced dressage and world-class showjumping. It works in with EuroHorse,

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“We take great pride in our design of facilities” 72''&811,1*+$0 ZZZHTXHVWULDQODQGGHYHORSPHQWVFRP LQIR#HTXHVWULDQODQGGHYHORSPHQWVFRP Page 10

which consists of 250 trade stands with exhibitors from all around Europe. Horse enthusiasts can check out everything from wooden interiors and cobblestones for their stables to luxury trucks, fencing, farm equipment and horse and rider apparel. The combination of the two events is a huge money-spinner for the city of Gothenburg. In 2013 more than 90,000 people attended over the five days, and since opening in 1977, a staggering 2.5 million people have walked through the gates. Traditionally tourists visit Sweden during the warmer months and the event serves to bring thousands of people to Gothenburg during the off-peak winter season. During this time food, accommodation and a range of support services are needed for thousands of spectators, 330 volunteers, the working committee, around 110 riders and their support crews of coaches and grooms, and 200 horses. For the trade stand operators, it provides direct access to their target audience. Danish based MGS Horseware owner Soren Tang Hansen said it brought in his biggest sales for the year. “Over these five days of trade, I earn the equivalent of what it takes me a year to earn on my horse farm,” he said. “Saturday was crazy. We started selling at about 9am, and kept going until 9:30 at night. It was so busy, we didn’t have time for lunch or dinner.” It also creates jobs. Gothenburg Horse Show Project Manager Kristina Witt said a huge amount of manpower is required to pull the event together.

“Planning starts more than a year out. It involves an organising committee of 10 people, a working committee of eight, 30 arena personnel and more than 330 volunteers,” she said. In Queensland, capitalising on equi-business has been on the rise. In March 2013, equine show Cavalia visited Brisbane and proved how hungry audiences were for this type of entertainment. The show, created by Cirque du Soliel founder Norman Latourelle, featured a cast of 36 performers and 50 horses. Tickets were snapped up so quickly organisers extended the season to April. Equitana, a mix of trade stands and horse and rider displays featuring big names from the equine world graced Queensland briefly before being snapped up by Sydney and Melbourne. However, Moreton Bay Regional Council realised the value of the model and this year they launched the QSEC Horse Home Show. Mayor Allan Sutherland said it far exceeded expectations with planning already underway to meet demand for a much bigger event in 2015. With its spacious undercover arena and stadium seating, the council is seeking to put QSEC on the map in Queensland as a destination for international equestrian sport. “QSEC is a $19 million investment that in a few short years has paid for itself in terms of boosting local economic activity and the reputation of the Moreton Bay Region as a destination for equestrian excellence,” Mayor Sutherland said. The strong economic success of equestrian events in Queensland has prompted organisers of the Queensland International Threeday event to re-think how they do business. President Cameron Osborne said the Committee is working on a three-year plan to deliver a better event for all. “I think the potential of this sport has been grossly undervalued. In the long run, we’re aiming to provide spectator friendly grounds, offer tiered ticket prices, and big exposure for our sponsors,” he said. “We’re very interested in how the Europeans have capitalised on horse sports, and believe Australia and Queensland has the potential to follow suit.” - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Mel Waller County Agent Australia 0417 711 445 - - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Photo – Champion Thoroughbreds Zipping and Efficient at Living Legends, Victoria

Champions of the Turf Zipping and Efficient rely on to keep them feeling young


Illustrious careers or just great companions... In our old friend’s later years it really doesn’t make any difference to the way we feel about them. We know they depend on us to look after them and care for their special needs… so they can continue to enjoy happy, healthy and active lives. Ageing horses can face many health problems like; weight loss, colic, founder, tooth loss / ageing mouths, skin and respiratory conditions, arthritis, choke and reduced ability to digest protein and fibre. Mitavite Gumnuts® is formulated and manufactured to provide: improved digestibility, reduction in hindgut fermentation, better nutrient absorption and increased levels of many critical nutrients vital to our old friend’s wellbeing. Gumnuts® even softens down to an easily chewed, delicious mash. Gumnuts provides support for critical systems To further improve the health and wellbeing of older horses, Mitavite® have made Protexin® multi-strain probiotic a standard inclusion in Gumnuts® feed. Your old friend’s daily feed provides hundreds of millions of live beneficial bacteria to counter gut upsets and scours, inhibit disease causing pathogens, improve appetite, immunity, feed conversion and digestion and reduce the effects of stress. To support bone integrity Gumnuts contains Bonafide® a world first revolutionary Vitamin K supplement that has shown in trials to restore bone density in horses.

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Tenterfield hosts campdraft championships The Pony Club NSW State Sporting and Campdrafting Championships was held recently from April 12 to 13 at Tenterfield Showgrounds, Tenterfield. With the first formal campdraft competition held in Tenterfield at the Tenterfield Show in 1885, this was a historical event for the competition to return home to where it all began. Competitors and their families travelled from all over NSW and interstate from Queensland to camp at the grounds. The sporting championships held on Saturday attracted 180 entries. Riders battled it out in a variety of races including bending, flag and barrel racing. In the under 11s, Charlotte Bennets from Cassilis Pony Club and in the under 13s Amanda Mills from Queensland placed first. Chloe Blackwell from Helensburgh Pony Club, Zone 22 was the age champion in the under 15 age group. Courtney Tinknell from Queensland took out the under 17s, while Kate Patch also from Queensland placed first in the under 25, associate division. The campdrafting championships which was held on Sunday attracted 130 competitors. Campdrafting involves riders demonstrating their skills at cutting a beast out of a mob in an enclosure and then manoeuvring it around a set course. In the under 13s age group, Emma Johnston from Gloucester, Zone 25, and in the under 15s Sam Colwell from Walcha Pony Club in Zone 13.

THE Pony Club NSW sporting and campdraft championships were held at the Tenterfield Showgrounds in April.

In the under 17 age group, Joel Rewald from Queensland placed first. While in the under 25 age group Jade Edmonstone from Queensland was the age group champion. In both events, Zone 13 was the winning Pony Club Zone, while Queensland riders took out the overall winning State team award with a strong performance across the board. Matthew Ireland from Walcha Pony Club in Zone 13 was the Reserve Champion in the 17 and Under 25 age group for both the sporting and campdrafting championships. Matthew would like to thank Ross Green and his mother Maria Ireland for their help and preparation in the lead up to the event. "It was a great weekend and I always enjoy

these events and being able to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a long time," Matthew said. According to Libby Sharpe from Tenterfield Pony Club, highlights of the weekend included the "fantastic weather, couldn't have asked for better, safe grounds and good competition." "Campdrafters also commented on the good quality of the cattle for drafting and acknowledged the generosity of the cattle donors," Libby said. This was the first Pony Club Association of NSW State Championship to be delivered according to the Associations Hendra Virus Vaccination Policy. All horses attending the championship had current Hendra Vaccination status and microchip scanning was checked on arrival. The Association would like to thank all event competitors, officials and local event organisers in particular host zone 13 for their assistance in the smooth delivery of this new procedure. The next State Championship is the State Jumping Equitation Championships hosted by Zone 27 from May 17-18 at Gunning. The Pony Club NSW State Sporting and Campdrafting Championships are supported by Sport and Recreation a division of Communities NSW, Mitavite official feed partner, Global Entries Online, as well as other local sponsors. To find a NSW Pony Club near you visit the state website on

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Deadly diseases - vaccination is the answer By DAVID LOVELL BVSc Redlands Veterinary Clinic All will have noticed the ongoing debate in the media regarding vaccinating children against deadly diseases that were once very prevalent and the scourge of the human race, in times long ago. Complacency has now become a major factor and many parents are now choosing not to have their children vaccinated. It is very difficult to comprehend why any responsible person could choose not to take simple, cheap, and extremely effective options to protect themselves, and those in their care, against deadly and debilitating diseases. Surely the only valid reasoning would be that the diseases now appear to be so rare and sporadic that individuals falsely believe that the risk is minimal. Nothing could be further from the truth! The bacteria, virus, and other agents that cause these illness are very much still around and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Because generations in the past, who had been exposed to the scourges of the disease and aware of just how serious they were, diligently took up the opportunities on offer to vaccinate and so a very strong innate resistance in the general population developed and so the diseases did not get the opportunity to strike. If the current proponents of non vaccination gain impetus, and more and more people

Horse showing symptoms of Tetnas stiff-legged, tail held out stiffly and the ears pricked as muscles become more rigid.

fail to vaccinate, then the general level of population immunity will drop and the next thing we know, there will be epidemics of terrible diseases occurring once again. Medicine has been a wonderful discipline and the scientific evolvement and progression of mechanisms to protect, and seemingly eradicate what once were common scourges, may now be doing us a disservice as this is possibly developing a general complacency in the general population and the “impression” that these diseases are not real. Yes, there are certain “risks” and reactions that can occur from vaccination, but the inci-

dence is extremely low and people who believe that these risks outweigh the devastation that epidemics of disease will cause, are being very short sighted. As a direct result of the efficacy of vaccination in humans, a whole new wave of disease syndromes has emerged. People now live a lot longer because they do not now die from infectious disease. Heart disease, cancer, and obesity and the associated metabolic syndromes are now the primary concerns for humans  Continued page 17

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The Horse Report

Vaccinate -prevention is easier than treatment  From Page 16

Exactly the same has happened in the horse world. I have been a veterinarian now for well over 40 years and the diseases we see in horses are now very much different to those we saw in the last century. Up until the 1980s, most of our time was spent dealing with horses suffering colic, parasites, strangles, and tetanus. The scientific evolution of disease control and prevention mechanisms has relegated theses syndromes to the back burner and exactly the same as in humans, a new range of syndromes has emerged. Large numbers of horses suffered severe problems with colic and acute intestinal diseases. Two things have changed this. Most importantly was the development of the ivermectin class of worm medications. These drugs were so effective that they resulted in the almost elimination of “blood worm” disease in horses. Secondly, the emergence of properly formulated and “safe” feeds for the horse have removed the effects of poor nutritional management of the horse. Strangles was a very serious infectious disease of horses and was very prevalent in the population. Similarly tetanus was relatively common. The organisms that cause these problems are very much still present, but to be honest, I have difficulty remembering the last case of tetanus I have seen, and strangles also is quite rare. This is wholly and solely due to the development, and uptake by horse owners, of very effective vaccines that prevent these diseases. The tetanus vaccine is unbeliev-

The wide spread use of strangles vaccine has seen a major reduction in the number of horses suffering from its symptoms of difficulty in swallowing, temperature, coughing, swelling in the throat area, Lymph nodes in throat area and under jaw may abscessate and nasal discharge.

able in its effectiveness as horses that receive their primary courses almost seem to have protection for life. Strangles vaccine is not as effective but widespread use has certainly seen a major reduction in the disease. Thirty years ago, the vaccine was not really that effective but the product available today, is certainly very much more so. However, it must be used properly and regular boosters are essential. It is critical that owners do not become complacent in applying these disease control management procedures to their horses, in particular worming and boosters. Just because we do not seem to see the problems very often, believe me, they are very much around and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to find susceptible individuals to infect. As an aside, a very similar situation has emerged in dogs. In the 1970s, the most common disease veterinarians treated in small animals was distemper. It was dreadful and people eagerly took up what has become an absolutely amazing

mechanism for protection of their dog and virtually eliminating the disease. Disappointingly, I see exactly the same perceptions emerging in the dog world. There is now a strong move afoot recommending owners do not annually vaccinate their dog. That may well be correct, but people will forget and not remember. If this progresses, the level of immunity in the population will fall and once again, our pets will be exposed to this dreadful dis-

ease. I cannot finish without mentioning the obvious concern everyone has currently with Hendra disease. We now have an extremely effective vaccine that is very safe, and hopefully will result in a long lasting immunity in the horse. As time goes by, if people regularly vaccinate, a strong level of general immunity in the horse population will emerge and once the majority of the population is vaccinated, we will hopefully no longer see this dreadful disease.


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y MAY 2-4 Bathurst Show 02 63313175 2-3 Bonalbo Show 02 66653324 2-4 Gunnedah Show 0429-441781 2-3 Macksville 02 65686285 2-3 Marburg Show 2-3 Goondiwindi Show 2-3 Wallumbilla Show 3-4 Barcoo (Blackall) Show 3-4 Kingaroy Show 3-4 Rocklea Show 4 Eidsvold Show 4 St George Show 5-6 Taroom Show 6-7 Maclean Show 02 66452089 8-10 Roma Show 9-10 Kilcoy Show 9-10 Mundubbera Show 9-10 Barcaldine Show 9-10 Grafton Show 02 66422240 10 Crows Nest Show 10-11 Orange Show 02 63620535 12-13 Mitchell Show 12-13 Theodore Show 15-17 Gympie Show 15-17 Charleville Show 16-17 Longreach Show 16-17 Callide Valley Show 16-17 Boonah Show 16-18 Ipswich Show 16-18 Brookfield Show 16-18 Coffs Harbour Show 02 66511245 16-18 Wee Waa Show 0418-905613 17 Blackbutt Show 17 TLEC Hack Show 23-24 Fraser Coast Show 23-24 Capella Show 23-24 Esk Show 23-25 Dubbo Show 02 68824364 24-25 Bellinger River Agricultural Show 0438 588 392 27-28 Clermont Show 27-28 Coonamble Show 28-30 Bundaberg Show 30-31 Lowood Show 30-31 Maleny Show 30-1 Hughenden Show 31-1 Gin Gin Show 31 Landsborough Show JUNE 3-4 Emerald Show 6-7 Toogoolawah Show


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Trainers feature

The Horse Report

Determining an aware horse from an evader By Mark Langley What signs do you look for to tell the difference between a horse that is deliberately avoiding what you are asking and a horse that simply doesn’t understand? This is a great question and I’m going to examine it by looking at two characteristics of horses. If you can work out which one your horse has, you may be able to work out what they are doing. The two characteristics I have come across horses which at times are very good at not paying a lot of attention to me ("evaders") and other horses which at times are very attentive towards me and what I am doing (“aware horses”). One horse can have both tendencies in different situations. Evaders: Horses that are very good at mentally blocking out a rider have quite a strong focus to be elsewhere, perhaps in the paddock or with their mates. These are the types of horses that can be very good at avoiding you and in some ways they can seem very quiet and bomb proof sometimes in conjunction with a confident and pushy nature. I think that they are able to “zone out” from us because there has been no need to be acutely aware of us and our ideas. I don't see this "evasion" as malicious; more that their thoughts are just elsewhere. Aware horses: I have found that some horses which are more alert or horses which come to me that have had little prior contact with people, are far more aware of me. This is the reason that I prefer horses which have had little handling to start rather than ones which have been over-humanized (horses which only consider people as providers of food, shelter and scratches). These nervous, unsure but attentive horses are more responsive to people and training purely because their attention is on you. However, there are times during training where they might feel trapped or perhaps can’t cope with not understanding and they try to find another way out. These attempts to escape can also lead to “zoning out”. Is your horse with you? When your horse is “zoning out”, it is not with you. This is one thing that we have to be very aware of when we are working horses, whether we are working on the ground or riding. We have to look for signs to indicate whether our horse is with us or not. By this I mean is the mental focus of your horse with you? So before you even go into any sort of lesson Page 20

– whether it be on the ground or ridden with your horse – assess your horse and work on gaining their calm, attentive focus. I sometimes see people gaining focus in quite abrupt ways but this doesn’t always help. Calm focus will give true mental softness and body softness. We have to draw our horses focus to us and reward when it comes. So, if I want to assess if a horse just didn't understand or if it was avoiding the task, the first thing I want to know is if my horse is with me. There are simple ways to tell Does it walk a straight line on a loose rein? Does it walk a nice circle if you pick up one rein or is there a fair amount of resistance on one side? Does the horse stay with the circle or push out? Does it look for ways out? More often than not, if you give them space – riding them in a paddock for an example, they are quick to zone out and become oblivious to the fact that you are up there. If they are loose in a round yard and you walk off, watch what they do. Do they quickly switch off and look elsewhere or do they keep their attention on you? When they trot a circle around you, are they consistently focussing to the outside or to you? These are all signs which indicate that the horse has focus on something else - not the task and not me. Quite commonly, I drop the reins to see what direction the horse takes me and to find out where they are thinking. If this horse was treating me like this on these simple things, then under pressure, I would be pretty sure that this evasiveness would be stronger.

If however, my horse switches on to me in these simple situations; if it comes with me when I pick up a rein; if it focuses with me on a circle, etc.; if it can do all of these 100% then I can make an assessment that my horse switches onto me fairly quickly and focuses with me. If this horse then showed evasion at a task, that evasion is more likely to be due to a lack of understanding or nervousness rather than avoidance. Get your horse with you So, if it is common that your horse's mind is elsewhere, your task is to get it with you. Pick up a rein, pick up a brain People often send me horses to re-educate a hard mouth. Most of these horses suffer not from a hard mouth but a hard mind. They have learnt to think against pressure because people have rewarded them for a half physical response and not waited for a mental change. This makes them become better at holding out on us. So we are just laying another brick in the wall that separates us from them.  Continued page 21

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Trainers feature

The Horse Report

Focus on developing a trusting relationship  from page 20 A quiet brumby (wild horse) that I once started was very reserved in her energy in the beginning. Even though she seemed an easy horse to train, I could always feel that she was blocking me out through her strong instinctual tendency to be elsewhere (with her friends). At the same token, she had a high level of intelligence. Training was difficult because she wasn't with me mentally. So before we could advance in any way, I spent weeks of just riding her out and doing basic tasks, till she was able to focus with me. Once you gain your horse's focus, everything else comes together. Your horse will move a lot more freely. They pay attention to the things you are asking so they unlock their softness and body; and are much more helpful and more pliable to train. Get your horse to focus with you in a trusting relationship. Gain that focus through feel and not force. Then you are preparing your horse's mind for body control. When a horse's mind is going in the direction of its body and which is our chosen direction, shape will mostly naturally fix itself.


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Linda Van Rensburg EA Riding Coach Equine Massage Quality horses and ponies supplied

0417 185 826 Gleneagle, Queensland, Australia

Guanaba Equestrian Centre Riding g Lessons and Ag gistment Jane Cassel 0421 632 660 Private or shared Paddocks - 8 stables Full or part care - Tack Room - Feed Storage Full Size Sand Dressage Arena - Concrete Wash Bay Lesson Available by Appointment, Your Horse or Ours Catering for beginners to Advanced Riders

Collaroy Road, Guanaba Qld 4210

Carlos Tabernaberri Clinics - Moggill Two Clinics Saturday 3rd May Sunday 4th May Private Lessons: Tuesday 6th May

Limited spaces available. Enquiries and bookings Nicole 0414 320 974 Email:

Training with Respect and Simplicity

At one of my clinics, this horse was giving her owner trouble due to her strong magnetic urge to be with her friend. Once she gained focus, I was able to demonstrate the mare being with my rhythm & direction.

LESSONS - TRAINING - CAMPAIGNING Clara Mehel P: 0402 744 219

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The Horse Report

Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner – Clinic Calendar / 

@?.//*@B/#-#@>?B  A-/*D/#+-$'@>?B  ??/#/*?B/#+-$'@>?B  ?E/#/*@?./+-$'@>?B   @C/#/*@E/#+-$'@>?B ?>/#/*@A-5@>?B  A>/#5/*@) 2)@>?B E/#/*@>/# 2)@>?B   @E/#/*A>/# 2)@>?B ??/#/*?B/# 2'5@>?B   ?E/#/*@?./ 2'5@>?B @A-/*@E/# 2'5@>?B  A>/# 2'5/*?./2"2./@>?B  A-/*G/#2"2./@>?B ?C/#/*?F/#2"2./@>?B   @@)/*@C/#2"2./ @G/#/*A?./2"2./@>?B  C/#/*F/#+/(-@>?B ?@/#/*?D/#+/(-@>?B @F/#+//*@)/*-@>?B ?>/#/*?A/#/*-@>?B  ?E/#/*@>/#/*-@>?B  @C/#/*A?.//*-@>?B  F/#/*?B/#*3(-@>?B @>/#/*@A-*3(-@>?B C/#/*F/#(-@>?B 




B5335&)8''*-    ) -*()*45$3-2.#.03'8*--5*)"  B5335&)8----)    C52+-(+8'*)     A5 *-.().#$+*2-.8'$+-$)".  ?B52+-(+8.&     B5335&)8-5*-*2"#  

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C5 *-.().#$+*2-.83*)  C5 *-.().#$+*2-.8*-)4'' 


 /#5/4-/  )% -2.  '2.   /#-(.  /#-$) *.&$).




A5*2)" *-.*2-.8'.

 E5 *-.().#$+*2-.8'.  B5335&)8.&    B5335&)8''2"-   A5335&)8'*)"   B5335&)8''*-   C5 *-.().$+;*4*2-.8 *4'*)" C5 *-.().#$+*2-.8 $)  B5335&)8)$"*   B5335&)8----)   E5 *-.().#$+*2-.8#-$./#2-# E52+-(+8.&    ,2$/)8'*2-)    B5335&)8*!. -*2-


 *2$.-&-   *2$.-&-   /#5/4-/  -5-*  -'')(&  '$)-".*)   25--&   -)*5  ").*-(& 32..''  $))4/*)   /#5/4-/   /#5/4-/  )% -2. 




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The Horse Report

Bet Bet endurance ride strikes gold country Over the ANZAC Day long weekend, Southern Crosse Endurance held the World FEI youth and WEG quailier ride at Bet Bet in central Victoria. The venue for the two day FEI and AERA endurance carnival was horse-friendly with flat to undulating tracks through shaded bushland in the heart of gold country. Endurance riding in Australia is organised and controlled by the Australian Endurance Riders Association (AERA). Each state has its own division with the Victorian Endurance Riders Association (VERA) being responsible for running the sport in Victoria. Equestrian Australia (EA) and the Federation Equestrienne Internationale (FEI) also have input to the administration of some aspects of our sport including medication control and organization of international events. Individual clubs, associations and groups run each event under an affiliation with VERA and are responsible for the actual planning and execution of each event. Many are run as charitable events and attract much community support. The rules of the sport are national and to read and familiarise yourself with them can be done through the members handbook which can be accessed at







Allison Noble and Lord Alfred of Seven Oaks during their Best Conditioned workout winning junior in the 80km event.

Jenny Annetts and Castlebar Contraband won the major event for the weekend the 3* FEI event (160km) and they also won Best Conditioned.

Kim Noble and Warrawee Naaziq being checked by Bonnie Player on Rafeeq with Freemantle Stock Feeds one of the major the vet prior to their Best Conditioned sponsors of the event on dislay in the background. workout for lightweight division

Arabian Horse Association of Qld (Inc) GE S H O W




Talea Haskow-Stewart riding Blakes Heaven Bombora placed second in the feature event (CEI 3* 160km) This ride meant that Bombora has now completed 6500km

Northern Rivers Arabian Horse Association Inc

QUEENSLAND QUEENSLAND CHALLENGE SHOW “Premier Show” CHALLENGE SHOW “A” Class Arabian Show QSEC Beerburrum Rd. Caboolture

23rd-25th May 2014

"AA" Qualifier for Australian Championships


Enquiries Ph: Carole 0417 606 033

Murwillumbah Showgrounds

5th July 2014 Purebred and Derivative Halter, Purebred and Derivative Performance, Youth Events Amateur Owner Halter & Ridden Purebred and Derivative Premier Cup SUPREME PUREBRED HALTER SUPREME DERIVATIVE HALTER SUPREME DERIVATIVE RIDDEN SUPREME PUREBRED RIDDEN HI POINT YOUTH


President: Peter McDonald 0409 470 707 Secretary: Marissa McDonald Ph 026672 1884 Email:

Entries close 16 June 2014 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

What’s Happening MALENY SHOW The Maleny Agricultural Show will be held on May 30 and 31. This will be the 77th show and, as usual, will be bigger, brighter and better than last year. The program will include breed classes and local events on Friday. Saturday’s program will include Show Hunters commencing at 8am, Hacks, Galloways and Pony Hacks, Miniatures and Harness as well as a full jumping program for both junior and senior. Some of the major awards on offer are the Supreme champion all breeds of show, Supreme champion local horse under saddle, Supreme champion horse under saddle , Supreme Show Hunter and much much more. There will be fireworks on Friday night and a rodeo Saturday night. For further information, phone 07 5494 9559 or visit

BOONAH SHOW This year the Boonah Show Society is running a full horse program over the one day, Saturday May 17, with seven judging rings operating. Led and ridden classes are on offer for all breeds of horses. Pinto horses have a full program of events, as do the Western Performance and Stockhorses. The Pam Bell Challenge is always popular and the hacks and ponies are always well represented in Boonah. An excellent jumping program is a highlight of the day and we must not forget that Boonah is the home of the Clydesdale horse and the descendants of some of these original breeders can still be seen at Boonah showing these beautiful animals. Check our the web page for the full program and note that all Grand Champions will receive $25 cash prize before going on to be judged Supreme Champion Exhibit of the Show. For further information, phone 07 5463 1124 or or visit

"DATE CLAIMERS" RISING STAR SHOW Sunday 8th June 2014 Park Ridge Pony Club


QUEENSLAND COUNTRY HACK CHAMPS 6th & 7th September 2014 Maryborough Show Grounds

HORSE OF THE YEAR 3rd - 5th October 2014 QSEC Caboolture

Check out our website Enquiries

Mrs Kristen Bates-Taunton - 0417 425 881 Mr Sean Aylett - 0438 118 267

MUDGEERABA SHOW Here it comes again for the 86th time. The Mudgeeraba Show will be held on June 28 and 29. What a great line up of fun and excitement, with two stages of all day entertainment, roving acts, pig races, sand sculpturing and King Neptune and the jelly fish. The grand parade, now to be held at 5pm, will be the biggest ever and the utes will be a must to see. The wood chop and ring will be in full swing on both days, and step back in time in our Pioneer Village. Your show experience would not be complete without a visit to all the animals and a wander through the pavilion to see all the talent and creativity of our local exhibitors. Saturday night’s program will, as always, be spectacular with the State of Origin Woodchop, Chinese lion dance , FMX demos, huge fireworks and heaps more. Maybe you might have a team for the dunny derby or tug of war and obstacle course To enter or for more information on becoming a member, please contact Kylie on 5530 2754, 0418 182 533 or email

It"s almost here again

THE 86th MUDGEERABA SHOW . 28th and 29th June 2014

Fun and excitement with all day excitement, Utes, Pavilions, woodchop. Two full days of ring events, Supreme Hack - Ssaturday ~ Supreme Led - Sunday

114th BOONAH SHOW Saturday 17th May 2014 "ALL THINGS LOCAL"

See all the great regular features of a good old fashioned country show Plus loads of free entertainment

LOTS OF SPECIAL FEATURES ALL INQUIRIES 54631124 Or Friday:- Adults $10-00, Concession $7-00 Saturday. - Adults $15-00, Concession $10.00; 2 day Pass Adults $20-00, Concession $12-00 Primary School Children Free. Page 24

If you are interested in having a site and displaying your product


07 55302754 or 0418182533

EMAIL - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

What’s Happening QLD ALL BREEDS YOUNGSTOCK SHOW The Queensland All Breeds Youngstock Show will be held at Gatton showgrounds this year on June 15 in the main arena All breeds and All colours will be catered for with classes for Foals/Weanlings, Yearlings, Two-Year-Olds and Three-Year-Olds. The best of each age Exhibit ring will receive $100 cash and a Garland - Sponsored by Southern Cross Stables and the supreme exhibit will receive $200 cash prize, Garland and Ariel Mare & Foal Bronze. Programs will be available for download from the Dilutes Qld Website, Dilutes Australia face book page & the Queensland All Breeds Youngstock Facebook page. For further enquiries, contact Gail 07 3282 8858 or email or Barbara 07 3206 8526 or email

NORTHERN RIVERS ARABIAN SHOW The Northern Rivers Arabian Horse Association Inc will hold the A Class Arabian "Premier Show" at Murwillumbah Showgrounds on 5th July. There are many prizes, trophies and sashes to be won. The very popular Premier Cup events will again be held in both the purebred and derivative rings, where the horses are judged as led hacks as well as under saddle. The top 5 will be sashed, with the winners also receiving a trophy. We have a jam-packed program for Purebreds & Derivatives offering 28 champions 4 supremes and the popular Premier cups – at the prettiest showground in NSW. So come and enjoy our country hospitality. We are only 30 minutes from the Gold Coast. Entries close 16 June For further information please contact Peter & Marissa McDonald. Ph: 02 6672 1884 or

TERRANORA LAKES HACK SHOW The Terranora Lakees equestrian club will be holding a Hack show on Saturday May 17 with Led Classes, Hack class, Rider classes, Champion Novice, Open and Hunter, Small Pony, Large Pony, Galloway and Hack, Supreme Led, Supreme Hack, Supreme Rider with loads of prizes, sashes Garlands and trophies to be won. For further information Ph 0755909721 or email

16th, 17th and 18th May 2014 BROOKFIELD SHOWGROUNDS Friday - District Classes - kindly sponsored by Horseland Jindalee & Brookfield Produce Agency Saturday - Led Classes, Ridden Hacks, Galloways, Ponies & Riders

Champion Small Pony, Large Pony, Galloway & Hack

$100, sash & trophy for SUPREME HACK OF THE SHOW!!!

Champion Showhunter Pony, Galloway & Hack

$50 & sash for SUPREME SHOWHUNTER OF THE SHOW!!! Sunday - Breeds events & Showjumping $500 & sash for Megan McNicol Showjumper Award

Junior and Amateur series Classes Showjumping events sponsored by Force 10 Engineered Building Systems Jocelyn Frost at Remax Profile Real Estate Rae Park Agistment Stable Bookings: 0467302966. Email General Enquiries: 0419788593 or 07 3374 1607

Schedules available on the net at

Dilutes Austraila - Queensland Branch proudly present

Qld All Breeds Youngstock Show

“New Date” 3yrs & under “New Venue” 15 June 2014 - Gatton Showgrounds Main Arena All breeds & All colours in 4 age rings

Friday 30th / Saturday 31st May 2014 Show Hunter Hacks, Breed, Hack, Rider Classes, Showjumping, Harness, Miniatures Contact: 07 54949559

Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club

Summer Hack Show Saturday 17th May Led Classes, Hack class, Rider classes, Champion Novice, Open and Hunter, Small Pony, Large Pony, Galloway and Hack, Supreme Led, Supreme Hack, Supreme Rider Prizes, Sashes Garlands and trophies to be won

Ph 07 5590 9721 or Email:

* Foal/Weanling, * Yearling, * Two Year Old, * Three Year Old The best of each age Exhibit ring will receive $100 cash and a Garland Sponsored by Southern Cross Stables. The Supreme Exhibit will recieve $200 cash, Garland & Ariel Mare & Foal Bronze Programme will be available for download from the Dilutes Qld Website, Dilutes Australia face book page & the Qld All Breeds Youngstock face book page.

Enquiries Gail 07 3282 8858 Barbara 07 3206 8526 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Strive to Shine The 2014 Northern New South Wales

Hack Championships 29th, 30th & 31st May & 1st June Lismore Showgrounds Em

First season, Preliminary, Amateur, Open, Hunter, Childs, Leading Rein, Rider classes, Working Hunter, Shetland, Grand National Qualifying classes and Gary Robson Memorial Hack Challenge Riding Pony Feature show

*** Please Note ruling for Riding Pony Newcommer classes *** Riding Pony newcommer classes at the Northern NSW Hack Champs will be run as per each states rule that the pony is registered in Newcommer dates are

VIC 1-2-2014 to 31-12-2014 NSW 1-1-2014 to 31-12-2014 QLD 1-7-2013 to 30-6-2014 **** must have current Riding Pony Newcommer card ****

Enquires. SPresident - Cherie Jennings 0412433432 Secretary - Libby Went 0266280262 Show Secretary - Di McMahon 0266290269 Mobile 0413474074

Email: Page 26 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Championship a smooth success The Pony Club NSW State Dressage Championship was hosted by Pony Clubs in the Zone 5 region and held from April 26-27 at Gunnedah Showgrounds, Gunnedah. It was a smooth and successfully run event. "Competition commenced on Saturday morning and once started flowed very smoothly with arena's running on time. Sunday saw both riders and horses more relaxed and again some great tests were ridden," Zone 5 Chief Instructor, Judith Alston said. "Zone 5 would like to thank all competitors who attended the State Dressage Championships this past weekend at Gunnedah. “You were all a pleasure to meet and deal with and your sportsmanship is to be commended." The Pony Club NSW State Dressage Championships, attracted 140 competitors from all over NSW and interstate from Queensland. Competition was close with riders competing across two separate Dressage tests with the overall champion being determined by their collective placings. In the under 13 age group Daniele Raheb riding horse Glynyarra Park Classic from Arcadia Pony Club was the champion. Emily Ballard on Hangestein from Queensland the 13 and Under 15 age champion. Wyong Pony Club rider, Hollie McIntyre on Trendee FB took out first place in the 15 and under 17 age group. Whilst in the 17 and under 25 age group, Caitlyn Hiskins from Corowa Pony Club,

NSW Pony Club dressage Age Champions, Caitlyn Hiskins, Hollie McIntyre and Daniele Raheb. Photographs courtesy of Xpozé Photography

placed first on her horse Findon Park Rose Folly. The next State Championship is the State Jumping Equitation Championships to be held from May 17-18 at Gunning Showgrounds, Gunning. The Pony Club NSW State Dressage Championships is supported by Sport and Recreation a division of Communities NSW, Mitavite official feed partner, as well as other local sponsors.

Gunning to host Jumping Equitation The Pony Club NSW, ACCIONA, Gunning Wind Farm, State Jumping Equitation

Katie Simcock puts in some practice for the NSW Pony Club Jumping Equitation.

Championships will be held at the Gunning Showgrounds from May 16-18. The Jumping Equitation Championships is an annual event held at a different location every year and hosted by a local pony club zone. This year's event is hosted by Pony Clubs located in the Zone 27 region. One hundred and sixty competitors have entered the championship from all over NSW. Riders will be competing across four classes and will be judged both on their riding style Caitlyn Hiskins, Corowa PC, U25 age and control of the horse whilst jumping. Dressage champion. The championship will commence Saturday, May 17 from 8:30am and conclude Sunday lunchtime until the conclusion of competiafternoon with the mounted presentation. tion on Sunday, with a variety of meals and Local Host Zone 27 has entered seven riders snacks available to cater for all. to compete at the event. Entry is free to the grounds and spectators According to host zone contact, Jacki Waugh, are most welcome to come and watch the in order to prepare for the event local riders competition or browse the trade stands that have been attending the local shows, clinics will be in operation over the weekend. and pony club camps. The next state event is the State "The local Jump Club held a clinic with Jane Showjumping Championships which is to Frankum (PCANSW State Coach) to which be held at Condobolin Showgrounds, members have attended, along with the usual Condobolin from July 5-6.. jump club training days, Ms Waugh said. The Pony Club NSW State Jumping “We have just held our annual Zone 27 Pony Equitation Championships are supported Club camp, which had two jumping instrucby Naming Rights Sponsor ACCIONA, tors for all the children to enjoy." Gunning Wind Farm, Sport and Recreation The host zone has been kept busy making a division of Communities NSW, Global and painting jumps for the event. Entries Online, Mitavite official feed partA canteen will be operational from Friday ner, as well as other local sponsors. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Page 28 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Ex Race horse

Riding Pony Gelding

For Sale 17.1hh Rising 12 year Grey Gelding Ex Race horse - Grey Gelding - hacking For Sale 17.1hh Rising 12 year Grey Gelding. Clarry is an ex race horse, his been successful in hacking around Melbourne. Currently in light work with professional rider. Confident Rider. Genuine enquiries welcomed Located in Ballina NSW 2478 $1,800

Allround Pony club horse that's jumps, sports, competes Novice dressage, Laterals well established and is also competitive at Royal and Horse of the year level. 13.31/2 hh 6 yo This is a very sad sale but rider has moved on to Galloway and is now in year 12 $9,000 Ph 0413 733 294 * Reserve Champion Childs PonyToowoomba Royal 2013 * Hi Point Youth Horse Qld Arabian Championships * Hi Point horse & rider Zone PC Show riding Championships 2012 & 2013

0418 757 939

Turimetta Dance On

His Highness

Dutch Warmblood competing at elementary, training medium/advanced. He is forgiving and very quiet. Rudi has a stunning trot and established flying changes, half pass, travers, shoulder in etc.... Rudi would suit a younger rider wanting a horse to teach them all the dressage moves or lady rider wanting a quiet reliable competition mount.

Black/Brown Gelding 17.1hh, 8 yrs.

He is 16.1hh and 15yo. Rudi loves trail rides and is great with traffic and motor bikes. Approved home only. $13,000 0422065251 Byron Bay

Lovely compact gelding, has a very good work ethic, not spooky at all to ride. Sound vet check last July, can be viewed. Selling due to overcommitments and 2 horses in work along with 2nd year university studies and horses now needing agistment as well. $23,500 Debra Phone 0428454451 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 29

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Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

TALENTED GELDING ••Price: $ 4,000. •17 hh •Reg. Thoroughbred •Chestnut •Gelding •21/09/2004 •Sire: Intergaze •Dam: Frisky Gypsy Arnie is a 9 yo chestnut gelding offered for sale due to riders change of circumstance. Standing at 17h, He has a beautiful big flowing trot and balanced uphill canter. Arnie has successfully competed at dressage, always bringing home a placing. He is a perfect gentleman to catch, clip, shoe, worm and float. He will make an exceptional top dressage or eventing mount for an experienced rider. Have some rugs also. More photos available also. •Contact: Danica Helsdon •Ph: 0413 953 265

STUNNING WELSH B GELDING •Price: $ 8,500. •13.2 hh •Reg. WPCS | APHA | APSB | Arabian Pony •Palomino •Gelding •2009 •Sire: Miranda Spycatcher •Dam: Amaranda Lady Luck

Scooby is a 1 in a million pony, has just finished his 1st season under saddle with amazing results, needs no working down can be taking straight off float & into the ring, fantastic to c/s/f, has been ridden by kids & has the most amazing temperament, he is a multi-supreme winner also won at Melbourne Summer Royal & Barastoc , this is an extremely hard sale. Hendra vaccinated. •Contact: Kim •Ph: 0413 307 811 •Email: •Location: VIC

Large Pony •Price: $ 9,000. •14 hh •Reg. Riding Pony X Thoroughbred •Black •Mare •2007 •Sire: Stanton Park Hells bells •Dam: TB Mare

A perfect opportunity to purchase a young pony with all the hard work already done! Belle is ready to take her next young rider to the top! She has completed her first season under saddle with ease and great success. Has attended pony club and combined training days has been ridden by a 12 year old and a 9 year old. No beginners please belle will only be sold to an approved home. •Contact: Kristen •Ph: 0418 818 147 •Email: •Location: Whittlesea, VIC

SHOW HORSE •Price: $ 5,000. neg •15.1 hh •Reg. Thoroughbred •Black/Brown •Mare •2009 •Sire: Lord Jim •Dam: Gem Porscha 15.1hh, 5 yr old Black/Brown Thoroughbred Mare by Lord Jim. Porshca is a young horse showing lots of potential. Porscha has 3 established paces and is ready to succeed with her next rider. She is good to shoe and float. She has been off the track for 2 years and has recently been in training for 8 weeks at a professional trainer. Porscha is eligible for Newcomers 2014 and has had one outing at a EV show horse clinic in July 2013. With her quiet temperament, Porchsa is showing lots of potential to excel and has a very willing nature. She will excel at showing, dressage and adult riding club with the right rider. Currently in full time work. •Contact: Brooke on 0431 450 151 or Kylie on 0438 672 225 Page 30 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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NOT JUST A PRETTY As much as we love being known for keeping the willies of Australian horses clean, you told us at Equitana that you didn’t realise how much more we make for the health and harmony of you and your horse. Here’s just a taste of the herbal and homeopathic remedies we have formulated to help horses and those who love and care for them:

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721 ($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months)

‡ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - . . Ph 0447 654 518 ‰ The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 ‰ Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085

Hay & Chaff delivered monthly to your door in your area

Clint Wilson Ph 0427 819 071

Are either of you excitable, irritable, flighty or stressed? Then Settle Petal will calm and soothe your troubles and worries away. Bug Buster is commonly called ‘miraculous’ by those fighting a cold or any other infection - no home or stable should be without it! Nervous or poor travellers love Travel Mate and so do their owners! For older or arthritic horses, To the Bone puts a spring back in the step and gives a new lease on life, whilst Deep Treat (Muscle and Joint) gives almost immediate relief when applied topically. Our homeopathic combination Sport Support should be in everyone’s first aid kit.,an affordable effective way of quickly helping horse or human after an accident, exertion, sprain or strain. Skin Deep is essential for all those horse or human scrapes, cuts and wounds. Browse our full range of herbal and homeopathic remedies at www. Did you know we created the first Hair Testing service in Australia (accept no imitations!) so we can accurately assess your horse’s level of health and wellbeing and prescribe accordingly? If your horse seems out of sorts or unwell and you can’t find the reason why, then treat yourselves to an in-depth health assessment this year and transform your horse so you can both reach your full potential. . . . happy horse, happy human! We care about your horse and you, and we’ll keep working hard to give you what you need to keep you all safe, happy and stress free, from top class competitive horses to ponies in the paddock.

PO Box 161 Ballina NSW 2478 Tel: 02 6686 5934 Fax: 02 6681 5749 Email us at or find out more at


Master Farrier

Dane Batten 0439 765 780 07 5504 6829 now servicing the Tweed area

Horse report


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months ‰ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - ‰ Cheryls Sheepskins - ‰ Country Park Animal ‰ DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch ‰ EFA Queensland... ‰ Embroidered saddlecloths - ‰ Eq Land Developments ‰ Equine on the web ... ‰ Equilibrium Mineral Mix... ‰ Equestrian On line ... ‰ Feed XL... ‰ Gallagher Electric fencing ... ‰ Gold Coast Horse.... ‰ Greystone Manure Vacuums ... ‰ Hasdun Horse Supplies … ‰ Have Horse … Will Travel ‰ Healing for Horses ‰ Horseland..... ‰ Hygain Feeds..... ‰ Hypro Aust ( equine feeds) ‰ Ken Faulkner... ‰ Kentucky Equine ‰ Kulavale Equestrian... ‰ Lisa McCann Herbs ....... ‰ Mitavite ... ‰ Magic Breed Foaling ‰ Nathan Trailers at Nerang... ‰ National Equestrian Wholesalers .... ‰ Natural Hoof care ..... ‰ Natural equipment ‰ Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel..... ‰ New England Girls School . ‰ Norco..... ‰ Omega Feeds ‰ Pharmachem ... ‰ Redlands Vet Clinic ... ‰ Replay Classifieds... ‰ Stance Equine Feeds.......... ‰ StockGuard Electric ‰ Southwood Saddlery... ‰ The Horse Report ... ‰ Trojan Equine ‰ Wild Horse - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Paula Anthony Photography

178 Tweed Tweed Valley Valley Wa Wa y, Mur willumbah 248 248 4 Ph 02 6672 13 131 3 - Fax Fax 02 6672 6808 - PRODUCE/STOCKFEED

NERANG STOCKFEEDS 12 Hildon Crt , Nerang

Ph 07 5596 1722 Fax 07 5578 3417 MANAGER - Mal Charlton

Supplying Quality Stockfeeds Delivery available CATTLE YARDS


Hot dipped Galvanised Panels 6 Oval Rails (60 x 30MM) 1.8 High 2.1wide Vertical Poles 40x40mm Capped top and bottom Pins included $88 each. Round yard gates also available. $264 each.

Pick up only - near Toowoomba 0431 623 759 - ARTIST


I will be attending Casino , Lismore , Alstonville, Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby shows The photos I take take will be uploaded to the Horse Deals Gallery as well as appear in The Horse Report magazine. Photos are available for purchase Email copies $10 Contact Contact Paula 0413 733 294 PRODUCE/STOCKFEED


Hay & Chaff

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

delivered monthly to your door in your area

Clint Wilson Ph 0427 819 071

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:




Rug Repairs

Stockist for The Rug Rack, Riverden Browbands, Carrington Saddlery, Tuffrock, Proud Aid, Blue Ribbon Feeds, and much more! find us on E: Bec Allen Ph: 0410485039

Rips Repaired - Rugs Washed - Pick up available Mobile 0408 663 689 Email:

by Lynette Servicing the Tweed & Gold Coast area WEBSITE


Horse Clipping Heather Crack

For all the info you need if you own a horse on the Gold Coast all on one easy to use website

Karyn Jones Ph 07 5426 7579 Email: SADDLERY

Ph 5546 3276 - 0408 193 131




Cnr Spencer & Hildon Court, Nerang 4211 Tel: 07 5578 1822 Mobile Saddlefitter and test ride service. Custom Rugs, Saddlery & Repairs

Kane Masters Ph: 0409 095 357 ADVERTISING


$250 for 12 months

Ph 07 55909721 Page 32


MUDGEERABA HORSE TRAIL CLUB Bring your horse on a ride for only $20, or become a member. phone 0498 682 018 of find us on Facebook.



Qualified Carpenter - Northern Rivers - Gold Coast areas

* Stables * Sheds * Renovations * Maintenance

Ph Tim 0432 381 771

Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Halter, Western, Cutting, Reining, Campdrafting and English! The Australian Quarter Horse The Horse of Choice

Lot 13 Jack Smyth Drive, Tamworth Nsw 2340 Ph 02 6762 6444 Fax 02 6762 6422 E

Pete Esdaile D.C. Equine Specialist Equine Energy

45 Freestone Rd, Warwick QLD 4370

For all your electric fencing requirements

Mobile: 04282 10911 Email:



Specalist in quality products for show riders and show horses

Andrew & Vicki Matheson Ph 07 5426 3345 Mob 0401 309 244

Training of dressage horses, lessons at home, and clinics






M: 0427 139 154 E: P: PO BOX 355 MURWILLUMBAH 2484



GREAT GIFTS Montana Jewellery & Statues Aussie books from

Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Cnr Bridge & Hume Sts Toowoomba Q 4350

Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS McNeill Trailers Pty Ltd Now selling Lawn Mowers and Ride On’s Resellers of John Deere, Husqvarna, Troy Bilt, Toro and Ferris

43 Old Pacific Hwy Yatala. Qld ~ Ph 07 3807 8191 - Ph 0410 584 907 - Email:

Master Farrier

ROSE’S DEALS ON WHEELS 607 Summerland Way Grafton contact Leanne 02 6643 1972 0427 431 973

Iain Batten 35 years experience All aspects Hot and Cold Shoeing Prompt and reliable

LITE HAUL TRAILERS New Horse Floats Designed by Horseman Australian Made

Ph 0418 180 602

McNeill Trailers Pty Ltd Now selling Lawn Mowers, Ride On’s On’s and supplying CM Trailers Trailers

Specialising in manufacturing custom made floats and trailers FLOATS FLOATS IN STOCK STOCK - STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT, ANGLE & GOOSENECK 43 Old Pacific Hwy Yatala. Qld ~ Ph 07 3807 8191 - Ph 0410 584 907 - Email:

Horse Floats & Goosenecks * Machine Washable * A true looking Windsor knot * Perfect Length every time * School and Club logos are our specialty

Drover 2,3,4 & 5 Horse US made * Fully enclosed or open sided * From $16,490 USD * Living fit out from $4000 USD FOR OUR FULL RANGE AND SPECS VISIT

269 Mann St, Armidale NSW Ph. 02 6772 8880 Email: Page 34 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

Ph John 0428 457 471 Free Delivery - conditions apply LISA McCANN HERBS


Devils Claw 1kg/$29.00 Conditioning Blend 2.5kg/$40.00


Everyday things at great prices - Ph: 07 5447 7644 - (07) 3209 7506 CUSTOM FITTED, HANDMADE SADDLES

For Saddles that Fit

Free mail-order catalogue

Qualified Animal Naturopath

Mel Waller MSA Certified Saddle Fitter Phone: 0417 711 445

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney

Win! Win!

A Sprintwell 1200 combo 1200 denier, 240gm polyfil rrp $225.95

Contact: * NSW DPI at Kirra Ph 07 55364714 fax 07 55361290 * Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 * Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or * Heildon 132 523 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e a notifia notifia b le disease in NSW


(when booked for 12 months) one off advert $100 per issue Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 - 0413 733 294 *** Now reaching over 50,000 readers ***

Simply email with 1200 in the subject header to go into the draw. Draw closes 30th April 2014

The Horse Report Copyright Reserved

Published by Cobaki Enterprises Enquires contact : Paula or Bob Anthony 11 Kalkadoon Court, Cobaki 2486

Ph: 07 5590 9721. Mob: 0413 733 294 Email: The publishers take every care possible in the preparation of "The Horse Report", however are not liable or responsible for any typographical error, mistake or misprint. "The Horse Report" reproduces advertisements provided by advertisers, however gives no warranty nor makes any representation as to the truth, accuracy or sufficiency of any statement, photograph or description contained therein. "The Horse Report" accepts no liability whatsoever for any material or financial loss suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part on any statement, photograph or description contained therein. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Page 36 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report



Extended Plate


Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

Normal Plate

Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world - the bit of the future!

JULIEN WELSH Champion Breaker

DAVID HAYES Champion Trainer

MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion

Revolutionary bit - I bought 25.

Major breakthrough. I recommend it.

Works great. You must try it.

Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.

PPORZSUR¿OHJHDUFDVLQJ SUHYHQWVURRIUXEELQJ7KHÀDWSODWH prevents bit pinching and reduces bit pressure by 85%.

The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.

r e at GGreat M AS XGift! Gift!

) Stops the bit pinching the tongue

)Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting

)Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed

)Stops the tongue getting over the bit

)Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking

)Amazing soft and responsive bit contact

)Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching

)Stops displacement of the soft palate

)Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein

)Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth

)Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise

)Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The only POUR-ON y repellent for horses available SAME PROVEN FORMULA LASTS 7 TIMES LONGER THAN SPRAYS

Quick & Easy to apply Cheaper per application than spray & wipes 250mL treats 1875 kilos of body weight (approx 6 horses) 1 Litre treats 7500 kilos of body weight (approx 24 horses)


250mL and 1 Litre packs

6/70 Fison Ave West, Eagle Farm QLD 4009

Horse report may 2014f