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Mary Valley locals Brook Sample and Akhmed Pshunov in a gallop finish at a recent FEI endurance ride hosted at Stirling's Crossing Equestrian Complex. Photo by Sarah Sullivan Photography

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Remi Stud Young Rider Scholarship for 2019 By EQUESTRIAN AUSTRALIA The Remi Stud Young Rider Scholarship is an annual Scholarship awarded to a very deserving young rider who has the talent and dedication in either dressage, showing, or eventing, but needs financial assistance to purchase a horse of their dreams. Cheryl O’Brien from Remi Stud has put together a great team of supporters to help make this dream come true for one lucky rider. This scholarship is an amazing opportunity for the winner to have entry into the equestrian industry with help from supporters. The scholarship includes the ownership of a purpose-bred Hanoverian weanling by Lauries As (imp) plus a support package which includes feed from Prydes Easifeed, registration with Equestrian Queensland, marketing from Equestrian Australia and the Brisbane CDI, legal support from HorseForce, a saddle, bridle and saddlecloth from Edwards Saddleworld, 10 weeks training by Team Van Den Berge, show product from Dr Show, riding attire from Belrock Equestrian, veterinary care from Westvets, registration and merchandise from the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia, hoof care from Meaker

At the Remi Stud Young Rider Scholarship 2018 presentation of Remi Lauires Dream S Lauries As (imp) / Remi Dreamcatcher by Desperados to winner Saskia Smith from Orange, NSW with sponsors. Photo credit Stephen Mowbray Farrier Services, and transport by Manuel Equine Transport. In total this package is worth more than $30,000. Previous Scholarship winners have been: 2013: Isabella Wilkinson McIntyre from Brisbane, the inaugural winner. She is a dressage rider and was awarded the black gelding, Remi Livingstone S by Lauries As (imp)/Lanthan (Ger). Doc and Bella are now out competing and have already won multiple championships in Prelim/Novice dressage, and are about to start at

Elementary level. 2014: Alexandra Barlowfrom Yeppoon, Qld, was given the brown filly Remi Liberty Belle SS by Lauries As (imp)/Fishermans Friend (imp). She will pursue an eventing career later this year after recovering from an injury last year. 2015: Jordyn Faint an eventer from Londonderry in NSW, received the brown gelding Remi Fall Guy S, who was donated as a tribute to the outstanding stallion Fishermans Friend (imp) who sadly passed away that year. Jordyn and Guy will be wonderful

to watch in eventing later this year. 2016: George Grover, also an eventer from Tasmania, was awarded the dark brown gelding, Remi Lord of the Vales S by Lauries As (imp) / Court Musician xx who is the full brother to DJWTS 4 y/o & 5 y/o Eventing Champion, Remi Lord of the Realm. He travelled to Team VDB and went under saddle last December, and is now spelling (and growing) on the lush pastures in Tasmania again. George and Pete wil be out competing next year. Â continued page 4

Northern Rivers

Beat the winter chill , will your horse be warm and cosy are you prepared Drop in and see all the great new rugs we have in store.

155 Casino St Lismore 2480 Ph 02 6622 1666 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Winner to be announced at the Brisbane CDI  from page 3 These four youngsters have already been put under saddle by Team Van Den Berge, and are well on their way to represent all the sponsors in their respective disciplines. 2017: Olivia Ruzsicska from Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory received the black colt Remi Lazzarini S by Lauries As (imp)/ EM Remi Burlesque by Belissimo M. Oscar is from a very successful competition mare line, the family of Remi Lambuca (Champion Hanoverian Family 2019 - for the fifth time), which is the original mare line tracing back four generations of Remi Stud breeding. Oscar will no doubt suit Olivia’s dressage aspirations. 2018: Saskia Smith from Orange in NSW received the dark chestnut filly Remi Lauries Dream S Lauries As (imp) / Remi Dreamcatcher by Desperados. This breeding encompasses Grand Prix bloodlines on both sides of the pedigree with Lauries As being a multiple Grand Prix Champion and FEI Horse of the Year in Australia; and Desperados won the Team Gold Medal and the Freestyle Bronze Medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, as well as being awarded Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 2016. Dream is from a very successful competition mare line, the family of Remi Waltzing Matilda, who was the inaugural winner of the Diane Brown Memorial Trophy, and won numerous young horse competitions and Royal Shows during her riding career. She has now produced successful competition horses, such as Remi Beelzebub (FEI dressage) and Remi Lion King (breeding stallion in NZ). Dream and Saskia have big shoes to fill. This year’s sholarship foal would suit dressage, showing and/or eventing and will be a very exciting addition to any competitive stable.

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR CONSIDERATION FOR THE REMI STUD YOUNG RIDER SCHOLARSHIP 2019 To be considered for the receipt of this amazing scholarship valued at over $30,000, riders should complete the application form below and submit it to Cheryl O'Brien at

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Cheryl O'Brien presenting Remi Livingstone S to Isabella Wilkinson-McIntyre, the inaugural winner of the 2013 Remi Young Rider Scholarship. Applicants are eligible from the beginning of the year in which they turn 12 to the end of the year in which they turn 18. Applicants should provide the following information to accompany their application form: •An application letter describing why you believe you would be a worthy recipient of the scholarship - this should include current training level; short, medium and long term goals in the equestrian industry; and information regarding how this scholarship would support your future goals •A letter from your parent or guardian stating that they approve of your application, why they think you would benefit from the Scholarship, and that they are prepared to commit the time and support necessary to care for the horse •A letter from your current coach supporting your application, and stating why they think you would benefit from the Scholarship, and stating how they will be involved in the preparation of this young horse Applications have closed for this year. Successful finalists will be notified by email and will be required to attend the Brisbane CDI on 20th July, 2019, when the winner will be announced and presentations made.

Our aim is to breed elegant riding horses that have the potential to excel at dressage or jumping, and we are careful to select licensed and performance tested stallions in Germany that consistently produce trainable temperaments with good rideability. A breeding service is provided for the agistment, foaling and breeding of mares with either chilled or frozen semen, including embryo transfer, but bookings are essential. All foals are imprinted at birth and can be grown up on improved pastures in the quiet atmosphere of the Lockyer Valley, only one hour from Brisbane. Situated in the beautiful Lockyer Valley of Queensland, Remi Stud is a small family operated stud that has been breeding Hanoverians for 20 years. Quality not quantity is our motto. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Countdown to 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup On midnight on Friday, 12 July more than 300 horses and their riders will take to the pitch dark tracks of the Imbil State Forest on Queensland's Sunshine Coast to tackle Australia's most prestigious endurance ride, the Tom Quilty Gold Cup. Steeped in history and internationally recognised by the endurance community, this Tom Quilty Gold Cup will see riders from as young as 12 and right up to 78 years of age take on the challenge of completing a 160km course with just a headlight and their fourlegged best friend for company. This is a story of adventure, true grit and the incredible partnership between horse and rider and a passion for the sport of endurance, which goes right back to 1966 when R.M. Williams and his wife Erica established the iconic Aussie event. Matthew Sample, the owner for Stirling's Crossing Equestrian Complex which will host the Tom Quilty Gold Cup for the first time, said he and his team were delighted to welcome what many expect will be one of the biggest event in its 54-year history. "We're excited that the 2019 Tom Quilty Gold Cup is coming to Imbil and expect our local population of around 900 will at least triple in the week leading up to the event," Mr Sample said. "The who's who of endurance will be here with defending champion Kristie Taprell hoping to win her third title being joined in the field by 2016 winner Debbie Grull, 2015 winner Ben Hudson and 2013 winner Brook Sample who hopes to continue to build on his existing record of seven Tom Quilty Gold Cup wins. "Also worth noting is the high number of juniors expected to take to the track for the first time this year which is great news for the future of endurance. “We currently have five 12-year-olds nominated who all successfully completed a 160km ride last year to qualify for this event and I'm very proud to say that the youngest of these is my nephew Zac Sample who can't wait to take on his first Tom Quilty. "There is great prestige associated with completing the ride, hence the tagline - To complete is to win - and these kids, along with every rider on the track, will be hopeful of crossing the line within the 24-hour deadline to receive a much-coveted Quilty buckle. "On the other side of the spectrum we have

Kenilworth local 12-year-old Zac Sample is the youngest rider to tackle the Tom Quilty Gold Cup this year. Photo by Sarah Sullivan Photography

Ken Gordon from Toowoomba hoping to win his second buckle at 78 years of age, having won his first at age 74. “The longevity in participating in this sport is one of the main attractions and also why it's such a popular pastime for entire families. “Those who attend will generally stay onsite at the complex alongside their horses and spend many an hour around the campfire sharing stories of Quiltys long gone across the generations.” Mr Sample is a perfect example of this with his own family being incredibly successful in the sport. His father, Bob took home the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in 1993 in Tasmania, and Matthew himself jointly won the 2009 Tom Quilty in Tonimbuk, Victoria crossing the finish line with brother Brook, who has seven Tom Quilty wins under his belt. For the first time, Brook will head into the forest for a Quilty with both his sons by his side. Matthew is aged 15 and Zac is currently the youngest of the 300-plus riders to take to the track at 12. President of the Stirling's Crossing Endurance Club Kim Moir said she is thrilled with the number of nominations to date with over 300 riders registering from as far afield as Western Australia and Tasmania as well as internationally from New

2018 Tom Quilty winner Kristie Taprell Photo by Denise Keelan

Zealand, Canada, USA and Estonia. “Those who are passionate about this sport will travel to participate in a handful of iconic rides around the world and the Tom Quilty is one of them, along with the Tevis Cup in California which originally inspired R.M. and Erica Williams to create the Tom Quilty Gold Cup,” she said. “Both cups are based on the premise of completing 100 miles (or 160km) in one day and when R.M. approached his good friend Tom Quilty about the idea in 1996, Tom donated the $1,000 which paid for the original gold cup which still has pride of place in the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach. “Over the 54 years that followed, thousands have taken to the tracks with the aim of securing a treasured buckle and joining the few elite riders who have completed the Tom Quilty.  continued page 6 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Trevor Knight set to start the ride  From page 5 "This year the event is delighted to have endurance rider Trevor Knight perform The Ballad of Tom Quilty live at the midnight start of the ride as over 300 excited horses and their riders prepare to take to the track. “Playing the ballad, either live or broadcast, is a long-standing tradition since Trevor wrote the song in 1993 and creates an electric atmosphere as riders prepare to depart.” Those attempting the challenging 160km ride will set off at midnight on Friday, riding into Saturday morning with the winner expected to arrive at the finish line after 10 to 11 hours. Riders are required to return to the complex for vetting every 30-40 kilometres so vets can check on the horses' wellbeing before being permitted to set off on further legs. "Endurance riders have the utmost respect and admiration for their horses which have exceptional athleticism, intuition, intelligence and a very competitive nature,” Ms Moir said. "Hosting the Tom Quilty at Australia's only purpose-built endurance facility is very exciting and it is expected that the event will bring between 2000-3000 people to the Mary Valley region, with an estimated economic impact of over $2million for the local economy. "We look forward to putting Imbil on the map as a premier equestrian hub in Australia particularly for endurance riding and we look forward to the Quilty taking to our tracks for the first time on 12 July."

ABOUT THE TOM QUILTY GOLD CUP The Tom Quilty Gold Cup was established by R.M. Williams and his wife Erica along with their good friend Tom Quilty in 1966 and the original gold cup still has pride of place in the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach. The 160km ride is the premier ride on Australia's endurance calendar and there is great prestige associated with completing the ride, hence the tagline: To complete is to win. It is the goal of all Australian endurance riders to attempt and be successful in this ride. ABOUT ENDURANCE RIDING The equestrian sport has a long history, having started in the early 1900s as a military test for cavalry mounts. Today, the controlled, long-distance rides see competitors cover large distances across diverse terrain with the winning rider and horse being the ones to cross the finish line first. Horses must pass a number of veterinary checks along the way and after completion to ensure they are fit and in good condition.

Brook Sample will this year be looking to extend the record he already holds of seven Tom Quilty Gold Cup wins. His most recent being at Kilkivan, Queensland in 2013 on Brookleigh Excalibur. Photo by Denise Keelan Photography

ABOUT STIRLING'S CROSSING EQUESTRIAN COMPLEX Set in the hills of the picturesque Mary Valley on Queensland's Sunshine Coast is Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Complex - Australia's first purpose-built endurance facility. The impressive complex which can accommodate a range of equestrian events, combines state-of-the-art facilities with beautiful, diverse topography. The complex is also home to the Stirling's Crossing Endurance Club as well as the stud, Stirling Endurance Arabians.


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QBCC LIC NO. 1014232 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Riders head to the Hunter for jumping champs The 2019 Pony Club NSW State Showjumping and One Day Event Championships will be held at the Denman Pony Club Grounds from Saturday the 6th until Tuesday the 9th of July. The event is hosted by Zone 7, which encompasses the Upper Hunter region. This is the second major State championships that the Zone will host this year, with the first being the State Sporting, Campdraft, Team Pen-ning, Team Sporting and Mounted Games Championship that were held in April. The event has attracted almost 350 entries from around NSW and Queensland. Riders will represent their respective Zones in the competitions. The State Showjumping championship will start off the competition on the 6th and 7th, followed by the One Day Event, which will be run on the 8th & 9th. This is the first time the event has been held in this combinationprevious years have seen Showjumping and Jumping Equitation being held together, with One Day Event and Combined Training held on a separate weekend. It was important to host these national disciplines well before the 2019 Thoroughbred Industry Careers Pony Club Australia

Camille Roberts from Zone 24 will be back to defend her title in the B Grade Associate Eventing, however has made the step up into A grade for 2019. National Championships being held in October at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. This will allow riders to gain their final results before selectors have the difficult task of choosing the team that will represent NSW in October. The first State Showjumping champs were held in Moss Vale in 1967, and the State One Day Event appears to be the first state competition ever held in NSW in 1965 in Bathurst. Riders will be busy practicing and preparing to travel to the championships with some competitors travelling almost nine hours from

Bega in the south and Murwillumbah in the north, and four riders making the trip down from Queensland. Riders competing are aged between 9 and 25 years, with the largest age group in the Showjumping championship being the 13 & Under 15 years C Grade class with 37 riders, closely followed by the Associate A grade with 33 riders competing for the title. The championships have the largest entry numbers in recent times, with over 200 entries in the Show-jumping, and around 130 in the One Day Event.

The Denman Pony Club Grounds will be packed out with 259 horses being housed on site for the duration. Spectators are invited to come along and watch competition which starts at 8am each morning. The local Zone 7 will run a canteen for the duration of the event for breakfast and lunch. The Zone will be hosting a championship dinner around the bonfire on Saturday to settle into the competition. Denman is a small town in the Upper Hunter of NSW, with a population of around 1800 people. The influx of competitors, families, volunteers, officials, and supporters will be one of the highlights of the calendar for Denman, along with the annual Food and Wine Festival. The most successful riders in each Age group will be awarded the 2019 Age Champion award and receive a sash, trophy, HYGAIN feed voucher, Horseland wool rug, and gift bag from Equestrian News Magazine. The most successful Zone and State will also receive awards with up to four of the highest point scoring riders from the same zone receiving a sash and trophy. Thanks to all the generous sponsors of the Pony Club NSW State Championships from Horseland and HYGAIN.



ǁǁǁ͘ǁŽŽĚƐŚŝĞůĚ͘ĐŽŵ͘ĂƵ ϭϯϬϬϲϮϮϵϬϲ - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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THE HIGHEST QUALITY FULL SPECTRUM PATENT VETERINARY DESIGN HOOF SUPPLEMENT BY DR ANDREW WATTS HOOF GOLD has been formulated after 28years of field experience with debilitated horses feet, working with vets, farriers and clients to produce Australia’s highest quality Hoof Supplement. Hoof Gold is designed and manufactured in Australia. Vets and farriers claim HOOF GOLD assists with conditions such as laminitis, white line disease, hoof cracks and abscessation. Manufactured in an APVMA registered laboratory


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Dust settles after Merriwa hosts PC Champs After some much needed rain in the district in the weeks prior, the Merriwa showground was in great condition to host the 2019 Pony Club NSW State Sporting, Campdraft, Team Penning, Team Sporting and Mounted Games Championships on Saturday the 13th until Tuesday the 16th of April. The drought conditions made for a slightly dusty weekend, however with more than 600 entries across the weekend, it brought a hive of activity to the small town. Although most competitors were from NSW, a large contingent of 30 riders came down from across the border in Queensland. This certainly kept the NSW riders on their toes, as historically Queensland have been very successful in these disciplines. The four day competition opened with the 2019 State Sporting Championship with over 200 riders vying for the top spot, this was the biggest competition group of the championship. The under 11 Championship was taken out by Leilani Cotterill from Zone 24 on the Central Coast, with Alena Duncan from Zone 14 on the Far South Coast galloping into the reserve champion spot. Madison Shaw of Queensland gained the top spot in the under 13 age group, and Zali Duncan matched sister Alena’s performance by coming into the Reserve Champion spot as well, making the eight hour trip one to remember for the family. Georgia Osmond of Zone 25 gained champion of the 13 and under 15 years group, with Regina Nicholls of Zone 14 achieving reserve champion. Hannah Dunn of Zone 13 took the champion sash home in the 15 and under 17 group, and Charlie Parsons of Zone 5 came home with reserve champion. Kate Patch, a visitor from Queensland dominated the highly competitive Associate age group with three first places and three secondnd places, giving her the highest overall pointscore across all age groups, whilst Matthew Ireland of Zone 13 took the reserve champion. The fitness check trophy went to the Host Zone, Zone 7, and the inter-zone championship was won by Zone 13, consisting of team mates Matthew Ireland, Hannah Dunn, Chloe Klinger, and Jessica Swanton. Sunday morning saw the Campdraft Championships get underway, which attracted 123 entries from around the State and from Queensland. Host Zone 7 had a successful morning, with David Caruana of Denman win-ning the overall 10 & under 13 years Championship and

Winners of the 17 & Under 26 Team Penning Championship, Zone 8. Photo supplied by Janelle Sargent. Thomas Cutler of Scone coming into the reserve spot. The 13 and under 15 years group saw Emily Mills of Zone 13 taking the top honours, and Dylan O’Hara of Zone 9 com-ing in as reserve champion. The 15 and under 17 group had Queenslander Kiara Bressington living up to her horses name of “Rockstar”, with the pair taking home champion. Zone 4 rider Tayla Pennell won the reserve. The host zone again took both top spots in the 17 and under 25 year old group. It came down to the wire between Cameron Ninness and Clancy Martin, both from Merriwa Pony Club. Instead of a count back, the pair competed in a run off, with Ninness coming away with the Champion’s sash and rug, and Martin into reserve. It was certainly Zone 7’s day, as they also won the Fitness Check Trophy. After the conclusion of the Campdraft Championship, the floodlights were switched on, and it was time for the Team Penning Championship. With a lack of cattle being able to be sourced due to the drought, riders had one round to win the championship. With many campdraft and team penning competitions needing to be cancelled for similar reasons in recent times, we felt very lucky to be able to offer these disciplines to our riders. Another fantastic turn out saw 19 teams compete in the 10 and under 17 event, with the Zone 25 team of Abbey Lonsdale, Danielle Channon and Katrina Channon taking home the championship, holding three beasts in a time of 41 seconds. The team from Zone 24 were just behind in a time of 41.15 seconds, made up of Darcy Heffernan, Callum Bailey, and Annabelle Dunk. Zone 8 gained the top spot in the 17 & Under 26 group. The three siblings Ethan, Madison and Aiden Sargent from Bingara Pony Club in Zone 8 were able to hold three beasts in a time of 51.88 seconds. It was a momentous occasion for the family, with the

riders’ mother Janelle explaining “it was the first time they have been able to ride together as a team at a pony club event, as Aidan turned 17 in February and Madison has been away at University”. The three kids riding as a team is very special to us but winning the Championship on their late Grandad’s birthday made it that extra bit special. The reserve champions from Zone 25 – Alana Buresti, Teagan Chester and Chloe Shultz held three beasts in a time of 55.88 seconds. Zone 25 were also the winners of the Fitness Check Trophy. After a very long day, riders were presented with their championship ribbons, rugs from Horseland, vouchers from HYGAIN and prizes from Ranvet. On Monday morning the State Mounted Games Championship were underway. There were 12 teams competing in the Under 17 year old group, nine of which were eligible for the championship. Mounted Games is a club competition, so to be eligible teams must have all five team members from the same club. The Woonona Warriors from Woonona Pony Club in Zone 22 were victorious, with their team being made up of Breanna Geloven, Ella-Lin Mac-Millan, Taleha Urszulak, Jorja Dal-lacosta and Abbey James. The Woonona Warriors came home with an astonishing eight wins, one second place, and one sixth place. The reserve champions were the

Assassins from Londonderry Pony Club in Zone 19. The Assassins are another very experienced team, made up of siblings Aaron and Brittany Newham, Connor and Cooper Richardson, and Tess Mison. Low numbers for the associate competition meant that there were just two teams vying for the top spot in the associate division. The team from Tall Timbers Pony Club in Zone 24 came away with the championship with team mates Amy Dwyer, Alyssa Dryden, Ben Minness, Nathan Livingston and Madison Helsby. Isabella Chircop, Ellouise Fitzgerald, Melanie Johnstone, Emily Lambert and Jessica Watkins from Woodlands Park Pony Club in Zone 26 took home reserve champions. The four day competition was rounded out with Team Sporting on Tuesday. Team Sporting is a fairly new discipline in the Pony Club State Championships, and involves sporting events being conducted in a relay style race. With teams being able to be made up of a composite club team, more entries were received, with 16 teams competing for the title in the junior division. The Woonona Warriors again claimed victory and had the advantage of having the same team members as the mounted games. In a moment of déjà vu, the Assassins again came into the reserve champion position, with the same team as yesterday’s event except for Kiara Radke riding in Cooper Richardson’s position. The tables had turned in the associate competition, this time with Zone 26 claiming victory over Zone 24 with wins in seven out of 10 of the races. oth teams had consistency with the same team mates in the Team Sporting and Mounted Games. The most successful riders in each Age group were awarded the 2019 Age Champion award and received a sash, trophy, HY-GAIN feed voucher, Horseland wool rug, and gift bag from Ranvet.

The Woonona Warriors. Photo by Chris Miller - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report            





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G <<*H4HE43*H;0H!,<<*4( - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Mel Waller - 0417 711 445 Australian County Distributor MSA Certified Saddlefitting Specialist County Saddlery Qld - - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Adjustable Trees and Adjusting Trees Why It May Not Work Although an appealing concept, adjustable trees and adjusting trees may not solve your problem, and may actually create some new ones. Here are some things to consider.

Adjustable Trees or Interchangeable Gullet Plates Because the shape of a narrow horses withers is very different than the shape of a medium, wide, or extra wide withers, simply replacing the head (front) of the tree with a wider version of the same shape does not solve the problem. For example, if a narrow horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s withers are shaped somewhat like a triangle and a wider horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s withers are more rounded, simply widening the triangle shape is no solution. Not only does the shape not conform to the withers shape, but the result is often rocking or uneven contact along the points and legs of the tree.

The Problem with Spreading or Narrowing Saddle Tree Points Using a vice-like tool to open or close a tree can result in some of the problems previously described. Other problems that can occur are broken, weakened, or uneven tree points. Spreading or narrowing the angle of the legs/bars of the tree can create a fulcrum at the base of the withers which can cause pressure and rocking. Changing the angles of the points and the legs of the tree after a tree has been finished with webbing and seated may also change the tension of that webbing and alter the feel of the seat. While adjustable trees and the practice of altering trees after they are made is an option for any manufacturer, many choose not to do it for the negative reasons cited here. Other manufacturers may agree to do it, but the alterations may invalidate the warranty. Horses change over time for many reasons. Change of season, training techniques and intensity, feed, injury, and age are just a few of the variables. When a horse changes, the width of the tree is only one of many factors to consider when fitting a saddle. Remember, if your horse changes enough that you need to change saddles, your old saddle still has significant value. Often times, the difference between the value of a new saddle and your current saddle is little more than the cost of trying to adjust the tree and deal with the problems that may result.

For further information and saddlefit bookings Mel Waller - 0417 711 445 Australian County Distributor MSA Certified Saddlefitting Specialist County Saddlery Qld - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Tips for feeding horses in times of drought By VICTORIA FERGUSON MILLET & LINSEED PORRIDGE Just one of the features of the VF Natural Diet is the Millet & Linseed Porridge. This should really be called Cossack Porridge and was taught to me by the late Dorothy Hall, my highly esteemed herbal medicine guru, who also taught us old fashioned nutrition. The Cossacks ate this porridge and fed it to their horses as well for strength and stamina. Today we feed it to horses as a cool conditioner, to build muscle tone and top line. It is not for fat ponies or horses with weight problems though. It has a good protein profile, calories from fat not starch (hence a cool conditioner) and high Silica from the millet, to activate Calcium and Magnesium for healthy bones and hooves. But it also is abundant in mucilage which hydrates the gut and the seeds give the gut a "friendly sweeping" getting rid of accumulated sand, grit, worms (dead & alive) , making it a wonderful drought feed, also an excellent winter feed in colder climes. It is also a proven sand colic preventative and helps to reduce the amount of roughage that you need to feed. The recipe Equal parts French White Millet and Whole Linseeds (aka Flaxseeds). Usually one cup of millet (160 g) to one cup of linseeds (130 g) is a good daily ration for horses from 400 - 550 kg). It must be well boiled with two litres of water to the above amounts, until the linseeds break open and release their mucilage and the millet softens a little. The whole thing becomes a gluey mess, which is why it is called porridge and the horses adore it. Dogs seem to like it too. It is a pain to cook on the stove as it burns easily and boils over easily, you must start with boiling water, bring it to the boil, then immediately turn down to a simmer, stirring occasionally, this amount will take 45 - 60 minutes on the stove. Much easier to cook in a slow cooker, also starting with boiling water, cook on high for five hours. The time will depend on the amount you are cooking. Handy to have is an electric wall timer, so you can start and finish when it suits you. You can cook for more than one horse at a time and you can cook a few days' worth in advance and keep it in the fridge or freeze meal portions in plastic clip lock bags. If keeping in the fridge best to re-constitute with some boiling water before serving as it can dry out a bit. I know a few people who cook it in large boilers or an old copper during drought. The only disadvantage of the porridge is that the boiling does evaporate off most of the valuable Omega 3 fatty acids in the linseeds, but as that is not the only reason we are feeding it and because these oils are found in a lot of green grasses, it is not a concern. If the horse in question needs supplementing Page 14

Linseeds are a great feed when prepared correctly

further then cold pressed linseed oil should also be added to the diet at the rate of 10 ml per 100 kg of bodyweight. In the drought this is a good idea as no green grass and go up to 20 ml, drizzle over the top of the feed once it is in the feeder. MOLASSES Because the quality of hay is deteriorating rapidly in this drought, to make it more palatable spray it with a strong solution of molasses, which has always been a drought stand by. PREVENTING SAND COLIC - Case history I was contacted by one of my clients recently very concerned as one of her horses had been sick with colic for several days and it kept recurring despite veterinary treatment. The horse had been away from her for a month or so while they moved house so had not been getting his regular millet & linseed porridge. The ground was sandy so it was pretty easy to spot the fact that he had sand in his gut, so on my advice she dosed him three times daily with Chamomile Tea and Rescue Remedy and gave him the porridge twice daily as well as oral dosing with 20 ml doses of cold pressed linseed oil twice daily and immediately he had no more colic. I also advised her to wash one of his manures to check for sand and sure enough there was quite a lot of sand evident. She also decided it was a great idea to keep on hand my colic remedy Release Chamomile & Valerian Formula (which also has peppermint) so it is an effective first aid remedy against spasmodic, impaction and gas colic. It is very important to ascertain which colic the horse has so that treatment is tailored. For example oil drenching is only needed if the horse has impaction. I also use cold pressed linseed oil (aka flax oil) for this instead of paraffin oil as it works more quickly and more effectively - mix 300 ml cold pressed linseed oil with 200 ml water for a 500 kg horse. Go up or down depending on the size of the horse.

You can oral syringe the oil 20 ml several times a day to get the oil into the horse. Warning on quality of linseed oil and feeding crushed linseeds Do not buy the so-called cold pressed linseed oil available in feed stores, as it is not cold pressed despite what the label says. It is already rancid and I wouldn't even use it on their hooves. Buy bulk online from Pressed Purity (Qld) or Stoney Creek (Vic) both quality Aussie grown seeds and manufactured locally oils. Finally for those who think it is safe to crush linseeds or feed them whole, it is important to note that this advice comes from America where the cyanogenic glycosides have been bred out of the linseed plants. This is not the case in Australia as I have checked with the two biggest growers. These glycosides are toxic to horses and are released from the seed by boiling. Please do visit my website as there is masses of information there including lots of blogs and videos.

IS MY HORSE EATING TOO MUCH SAND? If too much sand is present in a horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manure, this is a sign that the horse is eating too much sand. Testing manure for sand You can test your horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manure by putting five balls of manure in a plastic bag with some water. Squeeze the balls until they fall apart. Hang the bag on and angle with the corner pointing downward for about an hour. The sand will sink to the bottom corner of the bag. A few grains of sand in manure is not a problem. If a teaspoon or more can be found, it is time to take action. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Is my horse obese and should I be worried about it? By INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR EQUITATION SCIENCE (ISES) The ongoing problem of obesity in equines is not a recent one. However, the increase in the number of obese horses and ponies predominantly found in the leisure industry in some industrialised countries, has now become a globally recognised welfare concern. Carrying excess weight places increased stress on the skeletal system of the horse, can limit reproductive performance, adversely affect athletic performance and may lead to an increased risk of laminitis, osteoarthritis, heat intolerance and certain types of colic. Dr Pat Harris, a veterinary specialist in equine nutrition from the Equine Studies Group, Waltham Centre for Pet nutrition in the UK gave a speech on equine obesity at the 2018 ISES conference in Rome. Dr Harris reviewed the current research, raised concerns about the growing number of overweight horses worldwide and gave practical advice to help horse owners and keepers recognise early signs and manage the condition. The increase of obesity in domestic horses may not only result from the way they are fed, managed and exercised but also a result of owners and keepers not being able to recognise when their horses are starting to become overweight. In recent years, there may also have been a shift in the perception of what is considered an ideal condition for the horse favouring higher condition scores. In part this could be due to the number of overweight horses and ponies winning at shows then being seen as the ideal 'breed standard' and the equestrian media portraying obese horses as the norm. Equine obesity can be a very difficult condition to manage. Weight loss programs are complex and require changes to diet, management and increased exercise. Ponies can eat up to 1% of their body weight in dry matter in just 3 hrs of turnout at grass, and nearly 5% over 24hrs which means that, in order to encourage weight loss, management changes often have to be quite marked. Managing weight loss involves time and planning on the owner's part and in practice requires more than just reducing energy (calorie/kilojoule) intake in order to help keep the horse healthy and maintain long-term weight loss. It is vital an appropriately balanced diet is provided throughout - horses must have the correct protein, vitamin and mineral intake to avoid negative health consequences. Weight loss programs also need to consider that horses are trickle feeders and cannot be left for long periods without forage. However, taking steps such as soaking hay in water before feeding it to reduce sugar and starch content, using small-holed hay nets and slow feeders to slow-down intake, introducing more exercise if the horse or pony is sound, appropriately using well-fitted grass muzzles to allow them some access to pasture (after training the horse to wear and use one) and removing rugs so they can spend energy keeping themselves warm, can all help. Dr Harris stressed that prevention is better than cure and the need for owner education on the subject is vital. Once horse owners understand the dangers of obesity, they better appreciate the reasons why horses should not be allowed to become obese in the first place. Teaching horse owners to recognise when their

Equine obesity can be a very difficult condition to manage. horses and ponies are starting to put on weight will mean that necessary changes to management and feeding strategies can be implemented earlier. Many horse owners assess their horse's weight simply by looking at them or using a weigh tape - neither option will give an accurate record of the horse's condition or where fat deposits may be accumulating in the body. To produce consistent, reliable results when routinely monitoring condition requires both experience and skill. Dr Harris stressed that it would be very helpful for all owners to learn how to assess their horse's Body Condition Score (BCS) correctly by feeling and palpating the horse as well as observing their appearance. Dr Harris outlined how to correctly assess the BCS of several horses using the Henneke System. This nine-point scale uses a combination of visual observation and palpation in six areas of the body: neck, behind the shoulder, withers, ribs, loin/back and tailhead. A numerical value is assigned based on the fat accumulated in all six areas. Firstly, an initial observation should be taken from both the side and back of the horse at a distance of approximately 2.5m. This provides a general overview of the body shape and enables the assessor to look for the possible presence or absence of key bony 'landmarks' - e.g. the hips or ribs. Whilst a visual inspection can give an indication of the BCS, anatomical differences as well as variations in hair coat means that the assessor must run their hands over the different areas of the horse's body to determine the correct final condition score. Palpation of the fat storage sites at the six key body areas (neck, withers, shoulder, ribs, back and tailhead) should be performed in a consistent way, for example, starting with the neck and then moving to the tail. Each area is assessed and independently scored against the nine-point scale to take into account individual differences in regional fat deposition. The individual scores for observation and palpations are then added up and divided by six to give the final overall score for the animal. The final scale ranges from 1-9 with one defined as 'poor' and nine as 'extremely fat'. Both a severely underweight (taken as a BCS of

3 or less) or obese (defined as a BCS of 7 or more out of 9) result are associated with a higher risk of health problems. As a guide for leisure horses and ponies, Dr Harris recommended a BCS of five tending to six towards the end of summer and around five tending to 4.5 at the end of winter. It is important for all horse owners to learn to carry out a BCS effectively so that horses at risk can be identified as soon as possible so appropriate changes in nutrition and management can be put in place, and/or veterinary/nutritional advice is sought. But Dr Harris says that BCS scoring is only a part of weight management. Especially for some of the more obese animals and at least initially during a weight management program, it is really important to be aware that the body condition score may not actually reduce despite them losing weight most likely because, at this stage, they lose the 'invisible' internal fat first rather than the external fat that we can palpate. Therefore, Dr Harris always recommends regularly measuring and recording belly girth and rump width (taking care the horse is fully comfortable with the procedure). In addition, periodic and accurate body weight measurement (preferably using a calibrated weighbridge at a local veterinary practice), can be extremely helpful to ascertain early on if the management changes are having a positive effect. From researcher Pat Harris: "It can be very easy for some animals to gain weight and extremely difficult for them to lose weight, especially when limited facilities are available. It is, therefore, really important that all involved help support the owner/feeder in their efforts, rather than perhaps making them feel guilty for continuing to have an overweight or obese animal. "Looking forward, we are working hard to find ways to identify those animals that are more resistant to losing weight than others so that we can better advise on the optimal weight management program for an individual animal." "I hope that new techniques will become available that will enable us to quickly and routinely measure the % Body fat in any animal which will not only enable better monitoring, but also the determination of disease risk level according to body fat content." - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Caring for the health of the equine gut By ANTOINETTE FOSTER

Dip Nut Equine Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist Erin Romanin

The equine diet should consist of a high percentage of roughage. composition of the gut microbiome along with environmental factors. In other words, the microbial communities in your horses' gut are like a garden that changes throughout the horse's life, as the horse grows older, when the diet is altered when they undergo stress, travelling to competitions, are unwell or are being medicated. Some microbes within the gut protect the horse against disease whereas others may promote disease. When the balance between beneficial and harmful organisms in the horse's gut is disturbed this is called dysbiosis. By preventing or treating dysbiosis, we can protect our horses against gut derived illnesses. There is great interest in discovering more evidence about the gut microbiome and how this can affect our horse's health. The gut microbiome varies from horse to horse this is very relevant to the horse's specific DNA. The microbes present in the gut is dependent on genes as well as the environment. The horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diet plays a huge role in deter-

mining which microbes grow in your horses' gut. Because the gut microbiome is affected by so many factors, it is difficult to understand what makes it the way it is. The gut microbiome is not just related to the horse's gut and digestive system but also affects other areas of the body. In human health there have been a very large and extensive number of studies into the gut microbiome and this is growing every day. One study compared the gut microbiome of 171 identical and 245 nonidentical pairs of twins by examining their faeces, with over 1000 samples. By examining both types of twins, the researchers could determine whether a human gene was affecting the microbiome or whether the environment was. By considering the gut microbiome of twins alongside how much of their genetics and environment is the same, you can identify which microbes are present due to genes alone. Â Continued page 17

Our horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gut contains billions of tiny organisms which include bacteria, viruses and fungi, these organisms have their own genetic material which is collectively called the gut microbiome. It is believed that there are well over 10 million gut microbial genes. Bacteria perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Recent studies have also linked the Microbiome to mood and behaviour via the gut-brain axis, as well as many gut disorders, weight gain and Laminitis, eczema, ulcers, diarrhoea and colic. Modern day feeding does not take into consideration the way the horse has evolved to eat. There is no doubt that modern day feeding has contributed to a major increase in digestive health issues which includes an impact on the gut microbiome. This increases the risk of disease states including colitis, diarrhoea, ulcers, laminitis and colic. We already know from significant studies and research that a high roughage diet is more suited to our horses who have evolved to eat this way. Domestication of horses has had a real impact on the health of the gut microbiome, in many cases this can go unnoticed and perhaps be confused with behavioural issues in the horse rather than looking at the impact of the diet. The equine intestinal tract contains a complex microbial population called microbiota this plays a key role in health and disease. It appears that the microbiota can be altered quite intensely in certain disease states. Laminitis for example can be a very severe disease that can be set off by an increase dietary starch. By the time starch reaches the hindgut it causes an enhancement of lactic acid bacteria, lactate build up and acidification of the contents of the gut. The genetic makeup strongly influences the

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Different feeds can influence gut health  From page 16 Whilst these types of studies have not been consistent within equine research there is no doubt that the similarities exist. It is important to note that no one directly inherits actual microbes, what you do inherit is a genetic predisposition to certain microbes colonising in your gut, or not. We know that there is a definite connection between the gut microbiome and inflammation. We also know that the immune system is mostly located in the gut, so is it possible that the gut microbiome can cause or prevent inflammation? TLR5's are receptors on cells that line the intestines, their job is to maintain the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut and they can prevent dysbiosis. Scientists Gewirtz and Ley found that mice without the gene for TLR5 could not maintain this balance. It is highly probable that this is can be an issue within the horse's gut microbiome too considering that TLR 5 receptors exist in the horse's intestines. Within this study it was discovered that the altered gut microbiome caused uncontrolled inflammation and they developed all the features of metabolic syndrome. These findings confirm that an altered microbiome can promote inflammation, metabolic syndrome and possibly increase weight increasing the risk of obesity and laminitis. What you feed your horse can influence the

What you feed your horse can influence the gut and its microbial population. gut microbiota significantly this also means that you can manipulate the gut microbiota to protect your horses gut microbiome. A high roughage diet which includes a good level of legumes such as alfalfa is highly beneficial to maintain the health of the horse's gut microbiome and digestive system. The use of probiotics can help to keep the gut microbiome in balance, there are some

excellent products in the market that can do just that. But one cannot rely on a product alone the most important aspect of feeding your horse to maintain a good healthy diet which is high in good quality roughage. For further information on managing the horses gut microbiome and smart gut testing please contact me on 03 97756422 or email

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Stall wetters - kidney disease or human induced?

Excess urination can be annoying in stabled horses


FULL SERVICE EQUINE CLINIC “The Horse Hospital at Redlands”




them up, change their diet, and impose a seemingly endlessly complicated array of performance and "gearing up" demands that interfere with the horses natural instincts. Sometimes, it may be only a very subtle change in the horse's circumstances, that may be very difficult to define, that triggers the response. (Thankfully it seems that no one has thought to blame Hendra vaccine as yet, however even I would concede that this may well be a possibility!). As I said, many instances are transient, the horse settles and returns to normal. However, the longer the problem continues, the more likely it will be that the physiology of kidney function will change, and the condition progresses into a very definite metabolic "disease". We have a well-defined progressive investigative process that we use at our hospital, that allows a logical, sequential investigation, ruling out syndromes along the way, to eventually arrive at a diagnosis. Obviously the first step is a complete clinical examination of the horse. A blood test is the first diagnostic aid, and then we usually progress onto to a series of urine collections and analysis. This is the most difficult part of the process, as collection can be time consuming and difficult to get the horse to co-operate. Presuming the clinical examination is normal, we then look at the blood, particularly assessing the protein fractions, and most importantly the specific enzyme - m markers of kidney disease.

Big words, but put simply, it means that it has been a behavioural issue, almost always precipitated by stress. Horses are certainly very sensitive to so-called stress, purely by the demands that domestication by humans places on them. They are naturally a nomadic pasture animal, but we lock

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Full Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse

By DAVID LOVELL BSVS Your horse continually drinks the bucket dry and every time you refill the container, the horse empties it in no time, and the cycle continues. If we accept that what goes in, has to come out, the water has to go somewhere and unfortunately passes out via the kidneys, saturating the bedding in the stall. It’s not uncommon syndrome in horses - "Stall Wetters" Fortunately, many of these cases are self limiting and the horse seemingly self cures after a period of time, however, there are still a lot of horses in which the condition persists and owners are at a loss as to what to do. Veterinary investigation of the problem is complex and usually requires hospitalisation, but there is a very well-defined protocol that can be followed, usually pinpointing the problem, and in many cases, allowing a cure to evolve. By far the greatest majority of horses do not necessarily have a particular disease problem. The most usual reason for the horse to start this dreadful syndrome is what is called physchogenic water drinking.

By far the great majority of horses are normal as true kidney disease is rare in the horse. Grass eaters like the horse do not have the protein load in their diet which predisposes humans and carnivores such as the dog and cat to severe kidney disease. However, kidney disease can occur and the blood test is the first step in assessing this. Most commonly, we need to perform analysis of the urine. Initial assessment particularly looks at the specific gravity, glucose levels, cellular and protein levels, and the presence or absence of blood. High glucose, combined with some blood markers can suggest diabetes mellitus but again, this is quite uncommon in the horse. Most often, the urinalysis is fairly normal, apart from the specific gravity, which almost always is low in water drinkers. Now it gets more difficult. We now perform what is called a water deprivation test. We collect urine at time zero and then withhold all water, usually for 8 - 12 hours. We are primarily looking to see that the horse can actually concentrate the urine, and raise the specific gravity. Most commonly, they do, which definitively confirms that the horse's kidneys and kidney function, is normal. Failure to concentrate, in the face of progressive relative dehydration, is a strong, marker of impaired kidney function which then makes us consider focussing on the kidneys involving tests such as ultrasound and biopsy examinations. Obviously withholding water is a very significant impost on the horse and it is essential to regularly monitor the horse for any development of signs of dehydration. The other difficulty obviously is that when water is withheld, there is little urine produced and it can be frustrating trying to collect the post deprivation sample. We have a harness that we can place on the horse in the stall. Eventually he urinates and the sample is collected. If the horse easily concentrates the urine, then this would confirm that it is physchogenic. Failure to concentrate, however, in the majority of refractory, seemingly clinically normal horses, suggests a condition we call "medullary washout". This develops in these horses as a relative electrolyte loss in the medulla of the kidney.  Continued page 21

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r horse

ur horse

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The Horse Report

Monitoring and or limiting water intake can help  From page 20 Normally the electrolyte concentrations create an osmotic gradient that sucks the water back out of the urine collecting chamber into the circulation as nature's way of conserving water. Loss of this gradient stops the retrieval of water and results in excess urine production, a relative dehydration because of failure to conserve water, and so the horse becomes thirsty, drinks more, and perpetuates the problem. The pathogenesis, or mode of development of this disease, can be insidious and not necessarily indicate true kidney disease. Simply, a horse that has physcogenic polydyspia/polyuria, eventually passes a threshold where the sheer volume of urine load eventually flushes the electrolytes out of the medullary interstitium, (as opposed to true electrolyte deficiency). This situation is different to true kidney tubule disease and should be considered an "exhaustive" syndrome which fortunately can respond to management. This is the common syndrome in true stall wetters and we can very often manage this by what we call a "Modified Water Deprivation" process. In this, we calculate a volume dose of water to allow the horse to drink over time and supplement the horse with electrolytes by mouth. In many cases, this corrects the osmotic gradient, and permits the horse to return to a normal urine production cycle. Occasionally, there are horses that still can-

Stall wetters can often be managed by limiting their water intake. We used to do these relatively frequently in not concentrate their urine. We can then earlier years but a better understanding of administer synthetic anti diuretic hormone, the condition has directed us more towards normally produced in the pituitary gland, the relative deficiency we see in medullary and if this results in concentration, then we washout. can confirm true diabetes insipidus, a term In summary, true kidney disease in the that is often erroneously applied to this conhorse, fortunately, is very rare. Stall wetters, dition, which in reality is quite rare. or polydyspia - polyuria, is quite common. Occasionally also, there can be true elecMany cases self cure, particularly if the trolyte deficiencies in the diet. stress is removed, often simply requiring a In these cases, we can confirm this by tests short time out in the paddock. Refractory we refer to as fractional electrolyte creatinine cases need to be investigated and we carry clearance tests which result in a mathematiout a process that will allow resolution cal determination of the true status. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 21

The Horse Report Nutritional solutions for common dietary problems Fibregenix is a new range of unique Australian-made balancers which removes the 'guesswork' factor and enables simplified horse feeding regimes, providing peace of mind, helping to reduce the financial burden to confused owners whose focus and priority is keeping their horses healthy and performing at their best. It also provides an holistic means to feeding 'as nature intended'. The word balancer is all too often used to describe products that aren't a balancer in the truest of terms. Fibregenix breaks tradition with mainstream products and provides the discerning horse owner with the very best in modern nutrition. Fibregenix balancers are not a vitamin and mineral supplement, or a hard feed but a hybrid of the two with some unique additions. As a company that specialises only in feed balancers, Fibregenix goes the extra mile with its formulations, which come at a cost to the manufacturer but ultimately doesn't financially penalise the customer's desire to provide the very best for their horse or pony. The range is precise and to the point. Platinum Pro - for all performance horses in all disciplines; additionally benefits veterans and those recovering from long term medicinal drug exposure or with compromised digestive systems. Prime Original - a conditioning product for everyday horses and ponies with additional benefits to mares and foals.

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Lami Low-Cal - a specialist diet balancer supplement providing exceptional nutritional support to the overweight or metabolically challenged horse or pony. Fibregenixâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nutrition consultant can provide a comprehensive dietary review for your horse-simply contact E: Ph: 0408 920707 Fibregenix are always at the forefront of innovation, and their bottled supplement range is in liquid or gel-paste form.

All of the ingredients are water-soluble for quick absorption across the gut wall to ensure that the horse or pony receives the maximum benefit, and come in easy to use twin-neck bottles, meaning less waste and mess when feeding. Before a nutrient can be absorbed via the gut wall it needs to be dissolved. There are different factors that can affect the absorption of a nutrient, including the form of ingredient and also the form of the product that it is included in. Â Continued page 23 #UrrANtE oWNED BY !ZtEC 3tUD 5+

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The benifits of equine liquid supplements from page 22 Often, the cheaper the ingredient the less-absorbable it is, meaning the horse won't receive the greatest benefit from it. A liquid supplement helps to overcome this, as the ingredients are already dissolved, meaning that the horse will be able to absorb as much of the product as possible before it passes out of the small intestine. Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF (Rosehip Liquid Formula) Joint and bone problems can often occur from degenerative changes caused by excessive activity on hard ground or overstressing of the joints and this can compromise the quality of the synovial (joint) fluid. Joints rely on this fluid for lubrication and protection from wear and tear to help ensure the longevity of the limbs. Fibregenix Joint & Bone RLF can assist in maintaining the viscosity of synovial fluid. This revolutionary product not only contains Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic acid and rosehip extract, Rosa canina, which all aid in nourishing the joint, but also contains a cutting-edge bone supplement of Vitamin D3

Liquid supplements are easily digested and absorbed

and Calcium Chelate. Being a liquid, Joint & Bone RLF is absorbed quickly into the horses' blood stream, enabling the ingredients to be rapidly transported to the joints where they can start to nourish and assist the joints. Ideal for horses in hard training, veterans and growing youngsters as a long term joint and bone insurance.

Fibregenix Liquid Karma The 100% natural ingredients in Fibregenix Karma include the superior, water-soluble form of magnesium which can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. When stressed, horses can use up their available stores of magnesium and so will potentially benefit from a readily available water-soluble source.

Karma also contains beneficial L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid which is included as it is a pre-cursor for the hormone serotonin, the 'feel-good' hormone, vital to horses under stress from exercise, training and new environments. Also included are vitamin B1, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E which are all essential for the maintenance of the nervous system. Karma is completely safe to use daily or as a single dose as required. Liquid Karma is in a palatable natural liquorice flavour. Fibregenix Karma pastes Perfect for when you are on the go, a Fibregenix Karma calming paste syringe is made with 100% natural ingredients. It's ideal for all horses and ponies and comes in a palatable liquorice flavour with each easy to use syringe containing two 15ml doses. Containing the same ingredients as Liquid Karma which help to keep the horse relaxed and settled, the Fibregenix paste syringes are non-drowsy, suitable for use when travelling/boxrest/vet/farrier or in any stressful situation. For more info visit

PERFORMANCE IS IN OUR BLOOD Each Fibregenix liquid supplement is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream for fast results. Whether your horse needs support for hard-working joints and bones, or some help keeping calm through stressful situations, our supplements can maximise results to help your horse feel his very best. Each product is a blend of natural ingredients that work in harmony with your horse.


ČśBrEGENiXCoMAU - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 23


Northern Rivers

155 Casino St Lismore 2480 Ph 02 6622 1666

Beat the winter chill , will your horse be warm and cosy are you prepared Drop in and see all the great new rugs we have in store. JULY 6-7 Carrieton Rodeo SA 13 Dalby QLD 14 McKirber Park QLD 20-21 Murrurundi, NSW 27 Geurie, NSW 27 Cooranbong, NSW 27 Toogoolawah QLD 28 Biloela QLD 28 Branxton NSW AUGUST 3-4 AELEC NSW $500 Classic 10-11 Badgerys Creek, NSW 10-11 Branxton Rodeo Grounds, NSW 11 Ridgelands QLD 17-18 Biloela Rodeo Arena, QLD 17-18 Moonbi, NSW 17 Dalby Showgrounds, QLD 17 Tarcutta Racecourse, NSW 18 Nabiac Showgrounds NSW 24 Cooranbong, NSW 24-25 Camden Campdraft,NSW 24-25 Peterborough, SA 31 Geurie Racecourse, NSW 31- 1 Cooma, NSW 31 Moonbi, NSW 31 Toogoolawah QLD 31- 1 Boneo Park, VIC

BREEDS JULY 6-7 Bonalbo Stockmans Challenge

CAMPDRAFTING/CUTTING /TEAM PENNING JULY 5- 7 Moranbah Bronze Titles 0400 778 607 5- 7 Mount Isa 0407 030 006 10- 14 Cloncurry Stockman's Challenge 0409 891 177 12- 14 Einasleigh 07 4062 5156 19- 21 Callide Dawson ASH 07 4996 1508 26- 28 Wiangaree 0459 468 035 26- 28 Wiangaree draft 0459 468 035 AUGUST 3- 4 Burketown 0427 468 419 3- 4 Eumamurrin 3- 4 Uki 0490 830 801 8- 11 Pussycat Campdraft, Gymkhana & Murranji Challenge 9- 11 Capella 0428 773 081 9- 11 Dalby 0427 808 166 9- 11 Hughenden 0429 720 588 9- 10 Moura Coal & Country Draft 0497 603 550 9- 11 Wiangaree Campdraft 0459 468 035 16- 18 Blue Mountain 0429 067 616 16- 18 Sedan Dip 07 4746 8673 16- 18 Westmar 0457 230 980 22- 25 Clarke Creek 0459 389 153 23- 25 Barcaldine 0488 521 136

Natural Canine & Equine Products

Because you love them!


For that perfect coat Red Healer is an Australian Company that specialises in the scientific research and development of Natural Equine and Canine Skin Products.

Happy horses and dh hounds recommend Red Healer

Made in Australia

EFA Ph 07 3891 6611 JULY 3-4 Young Rider Clinic @ SIEC 0415 224 977 6-7 Grafton Riding Club 0418 677 238 7 Park Ridge 07 55432158 7 Caboolture 7 Samford

10 Hawkesbury 0412 249 307 13-14 Narrabri 0428 774 928 13-14 Cairns 13 Equestrian Gold Coast @ Mudgeeraba 17 -21 BRIS CDI @ QSEC 20-21 DNSW Clarendon 0405 384 201 21Hunter Valley 0493 007 671 21 TLEC Barbara Bridges Hack Show & Dressage Day 27-28 Gladstone 28 Redlands AUGUST 3-4 North Qld Dressage Champs 3-4 Summerland Dressage Champs 3-4 Far North Eq Champs 3-4 ACT Dressage Assoc 4 Jindera Equestrian Club 3-4 Manning Valley 4 New England Girls School 4 Singleton Dressage Club 4 Bundaberg 4 Caboolture AAOR Trifecta Series 10-11 Fraser Coast Dressage Champs 10-11 ATDDEA Competitve 11 Fig Tree Pocket 11 Dungog Dressage Club 17 QLD Dressage Riders 17-18 WaggaWagga 18 Redlands 18 Alexander Park Dressage Assoc 18 Eurobodalla 18 Sugarloaf Cobbitty 0427 114 195 22-25 NSW State Champs Tamworth 24-25 Townsville 25 Samford 25 Equestrian Gold Coast 25 Nambour

DRIVING JULY 13- 15 3 day Enduro Hunter Club 0408562257 14 Harness Fun Day Moonbi 28 Stroud safari 0408562257 AUGUST 17-18 NSW – Indoor/Outdoor Southern Series Final 24-25 NSW – Indoor/Outdoor Northern Series Final 24-25 SA – ACDS National Show Driving Championships Monarto

ENDURANCE JULY 6-7 GERZ Championships 03 5662 3756 12- 14 Tom Quilty Gold Cup 0476 166 903 27- 28 Kiwarrak Endurance Ride 0403015722 27-28 Fernvale 0417 626 188 27-28 Greg Willoughby Memorial Denison Creek AUGUST 3-4 South Coast Champs Currawan 3-4 Gemstone 07 4056 3988 3-4 Sandy Creek 0424 370 169 3 Greenhills Ride WA 10-11 Murrumba 07 5496 4367 10-11 Ararat Endurance Ride 17-18 New Italy 17 Merredin FEI / Wicked Wheatbelt Challenge 24-25 Cobb & Co Ride 07 4654 3613


CONTACT PAULA 07 5590 9721 O

Page 24 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

OF EVENTS 24 Jolly Lette Memorial Ride Tas 26-10 Shahzada 120,400km Sydney

PONYCLUB&INTERSCHOOL JULY 3-6 Interschool Queensland State Championships @ Maryborough 6-9 2019 State Showjumping & One Day Event Championships - Denman, Zone 7 13 Interschool Queensland State Championships CT & Eventing @ Warwick AUGUST 17 Arndell Interschool Equestrian Carnival @ Hawkesbury showgrounds


Ph 07 3289 2148 JULY

REINING QRHA Secretary (07) 5429 8797

JULY 8-13 NSWRHA State Show - K Ranch 13-14 QRHA Ribbon Show - Burpengary


2-10 QRHA State Show - QSEC 3-4 GVRHA Qualifier - Tatura 10-11 VRHA Winter Slide Show - Werribee 17-18 NSWRHA Qualifier - Mount Hunter 24 SNSWRHA Qualifier Show - Wagga 24-25 WesternDowns Reiners Ribbon Show 24-25 TRHA Country Championships Qualifier

RODEO APRA 07 4661 8183 - NRA 07 5495 8668 JULY 6 QSEC 13 Canungra 20 Taroom 20 Sandstone Point 27 Richmond 27 Texas 27 Rappville Bull Ride 27 Torbanlea 28 Hughenden AUGUST 2-3 Cloncurry 8-11 Mt Isa 16-17 North Qld Elite Rodeo 17-18 - Burketown Rodeo 17 Darwin Alspec rodeo 23 Springsure 31 - ST Brendans College Rodeo Yeppoon

SHOWJUMPING /EVENTING E.F.A. 07 3891 6611 JULY 12-17 Quirindi International eventing 20 Warrumbungle eventing 25-28 Caboolture World Cup 26-28 Eventing Qld International Three Day Event @ Tamborine AUGUSt 1-4 Gatton World Cup 9-18 Brisbane Royal

SHOWHORSE / JULY 5-7 Laidley 7 Dayboro 8-9 Atherton

11-12 Innisfail 12-13 Kunnunurra 14 Samford 14 PRARG T-Shirt Hack Show 17-19 Cairns 18-19 Gatton 21 Mossman 21 TLEC Barbara Bridges Hack Show & Dressage Day 19-20 Katherine 21 NT HOTY @ Darwin showgrounds 25-27 Darwin 26-27 Tully 28 Mt Gravatt 28-30 Charter Towers AUGUST 2-4 Pine Rivers 3-4 Sarina 3-4 EA NSW Childs Show horse champs 9-19 Ekka ROYAL 9-10 Tullamore Show 10 Mt Morgan 10-11 Mungindi Show 13-14 Trundle Show 17 Mary Valley 17 Wowan 17 Bedgerabong Show 18 Weethalle Show 20-21 Peak Hill Show 23-24 Condobolin Show 24-25 Penrith Show 24-25 Wentworth Show 24 Canungra 26-28 Parkes Show 30-31 Narromine Show 30-1 Tamworth Show 30-31 Wondai 30-1 Gold Coast

TRAIL RIDING & CTR Cooloola Trail riders Ph 07 5482 8436 CTHC-Caboolture ph 07 5498 6068 Toowoomba's Cumburrie 0429 663 397 Athra - 0409 704 554 Alligator Creek 0427 619 725 Beaudesert Shire 07 5546 9225 Beechmont & District 0419 737 253 Bouldercombe 0418 715 837 Breakaway 0417 195 989 Brisbane Valley 0428 750 145 Cobb & Co. Country Trail Riders, 07 4623 3344 to 0428 100 144. Curtis & District 0438 111 091 Dayboro Trail Riders to 0475383553 Four Rivers Trail Riders 0413 746 033 Gold Coast & Albert District 0409 704 554. Ipswich & District 07 3395 0758 Logan River Redlands 0475 130 768 Mudgeeraba & Hinterland 0407 902 754 Rathdowney Trail Riding 07 5544 1177 Saturday Horse Activities 07 4934 2345 SCATER Ph: 07 5478 8676 or 0417 612 061 Seven Mile Lagoon 07 5424 6464 Tableland Trail Riders 07 4091 2070 Tweed-Byron Trail Riders 0418 400 047 Toowoomba Trail Riders 0438 933 032 TRA Trail Riding Australia 0458 342 067 Wide Bay Trail Riders 07 4126 3456



OR Email:

10% off to all Pony club and Equestrian club members.


Page 25

The Horse Report

Joint supplement trials are big success Les Gilleard knows about horses and he knows what's good for them. Based in Maclean on the Clarence River, Les runs Elite Horse and Pet Products Australia, Les Gilleard which is the Technyflex distributor for northern NSW. "Prior to becoming involved with the product I trialled it with some of the horses and people that I knew," explained Les, who is president of the region's Show Horse Association. He has just finished working on the Lismore showground at the Technyflex-sponsored Northern NSW Hack championships which had been a great success. "All the trials went very well and now people are using and buying the product on a regular basis," Les said. “The initial successes were with older horses which I sometimes call 'paddock potatoes'. “They're the ones who've been ridden over the years by parents, then by their children and who are now living out their days often suffering from joint-related problems like arthritis and ringbone. "Technyflex makes such a difference to them. "'Razzie', a 28-year-old retired dressage horse, is an example of this. His ears were never pricked and he'd just hobble around the paddock eating a bit of grass. “So we gave him Technyflex, a double dose daily because of his age and condition, and now his quality of life has improved immensely." Les also cited 'Buster', a 26-year-old showjumper retired from competition. "He was so uncomfortable he wouldn't climb the hill to be with the other horses,” he said. “His owner trialled the product and now Buster has a shiny coat, his eyes are clear and he happily trots up and down the hill all day long." Les also supplies the product to competitive riders from many different equestrian disciplines.

Emily and Don Caruso competing in Dressage. Team Elite sponsors Bryanna Lutwyche and her 19-year-old grey showjumper 'Lyngara Fontana' a beautiful Andalusian/Holsteiner mare. She's from Eltham, NSW. Down in Bowral there's Emily Hughes and her warmblood dressage horse Don Caruso. “In the past she had to push him hard to go forward," said Les. "We double dosed him with Technyflex for about three weeks (he's 650 kilos) and now Emily tells me she's found his 'go forward' button."

'Courtney Parkins In Woodburn, south of Lismore, polocrosse players Courtney Parkins and Claire Wright run Ironrose ASH Stud breeding heritage stockhorses. "They're great believers in the product. Courtney had a 12-year-old which had retired with a few joint issues,”Les said. “After using the product the horse is back competing at local club level and all their horses walk out soundly after every match." Campdrafter, Abbie McConnell is another member of Team Elite.

Bryanna Lutwyche

Abbie McConnell

Bryanna and Les at Aquis Showjumping 2018. Page 26

Based at Deepwater she works with her horses as a pen rider on the enormous feed lot at Rangers Valley. "She has six horses in her team," Les said. "And several of those which are ridden in campdrafts are on Technyflex. "Abbie will shortly be competing at the Maclean draft, which is where I'll also be with Elite Horse and Pet Products. And then it's on to Tamborine Equestrian Group's International Three-Day-Event at the end of July." - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Introduced to the equestrian world some 18 years ago,

TECHNYFLEX has been tried and proven successful. From Olympic horses through to pleasure ponies. Whatever your needs TECHNYFLEX delivers. Natural Safe and Effective

1800 136 393 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Keep doing the things you love Would you like your horse to be happier and more comfortable within itself? To be more willing to move forward, to have improved suppleness, movement, jumping scope, agility and endurance without heating? Containing the patented compound GOPO®, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a clinically proven plant-based antiinflammatory AND immune system support.

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Trainers feature

The Horse Report BIT7+(',))(5(1&(%(7:((1:,11,1*$1'/26,1* 13 '$9,'+$<(6 Trainer 0DMRU%UHDNWKURXJK

0(*$1-21(6OlympicV Works great\ou must try it.

752<3$/0(5Drafter /LNHSRZHUVWHHULQJ


Riders and trainers agree the design is brilliant! )

Stops the bit pinching the tongue the tongue getting over the bit

)Stops )Stops )Stops

roof rubbing and lip pinching the tongue out the mouth



the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting PRXWKRSHQLQJ, rearing & bucking )Stops displacement of the soft palate )Stops


25'(512:&RQWDFW your saddlery or 3K 0413 898 128 LQIR YLGHRDWZZZLLZLQQHUVFRP


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;LOVE THEMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;





(1*/,6+ :(67(51)(1'(5

03%&3/08Ã&#x2021;$POUBDUZPVSTBEEMFSZPS1IJOGPWJEFPTXXXJJXJOOFSTDPN - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 29

Trainers feature

The Horse Report

Stallions - handling and socialising By TANJA KRAUS Owning a stallion is a big responsibility. Aside from all the responsibilities that come along with owning a horse, owning a stallion brings an entirely new set of responsibilities, that should not be taken lightly. Most of us have probably heard a horror story or two about a stallion - aggressive behaviour, attacking humans and horses, difficulty controlling them. They also have athleticism, intelligence and a presence that most people have probably seen, even if from a distance. When our horses Cooper and George, were still stallions, we took them to lots of places, clinics, team penning, competitions. We continually received compliments on how wel-behaved they were and their excellent manners caused mare owners to forget that they were stallions on more than one occasion. So how did we get them to be so well-behaved? Here are my top are my top tips for handling, and socialising stallions: 1. Start early. If you are the proud owner of a foal, who you intend to keep as a stallion, training should start now, before the testosterone kicks in and distractions are abundant. 2. As with any foal, but most importantly with a colt foal, the rules must be strict, and unwavering. Allowing your colt foal to back up to you for a scratch,

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bubble wrap your stallion treat him like any other horse

mouth you, rear up and play with you, are all setting you and your stallion up for failure. No matter how quiet your colt is, you must remember that he will one day be under the influence of his breeding instincts. 3. Socialise them early. We ran our boys with each other and other geldings. This provided social skills, an outlet for play, roughhousing and boundaries. 4. Socialise them in public early. Take the time to set up successful outings - organise a small group of willing people and their horses, to meet you at a safe location, where you can be in public with your colt. 5. Socialising does not mean

smelling other horses. Do not allow your stallion to meet and greet with other horses. The follow up is likely going to be a roar, or a strike to establish dominance. Your stallion must understand that stallion behaviour is unacceptable in social settings. In fact I do not let any of my horses smell others. 6. Stallion behaviour is unac-

ceptable, and escalates. We used to say 'we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have stallions, we have geldings with equipment'. This set the standard for how our horses were to behave. Letting your horse roar, squeal, posturise, strike, smell urine, smell manure, or any other stallion related behaviour in public, and saying 'oh he does that because he is a stallion' is not ok. 7. Expecting others to avoid your horse because they are a stallion is not their responsibility. I have been to many outings and shows where I have seen stallions being led around with people warning others "its a stallion" repeatedly. Get used to the fact that at outings most people are in their own world and will not realise your horse is a stallion until they are in the wrong place. It is your responsibility to a) have a stallion that can handle intrusion on his personal space, and b) you can move out of the way. 8. Don't bubble wrap your horse or allow him a huge bubble. Hormones are not an excuse to be an asshole. If your stallion canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t behave himself in a lineup, you have a problem. Period. These are the main guidelines I use and recommend for building a good citizen out of your stallion.


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HORSEMANSHIPFORPERFORMANCE.COM - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Trainers feature

The Horse Report

Re-educated racehorses

Tina Erici-Williams

By DAIKI CHUJO The Thoroughbred Industry is huge in Australia. There are many horses racing and that means many to re-home once they finish racing. We operate a unique style of the horse training stables - on that trains actual racehorses to race and then educating ex-racehorses for other equestrian sports. The basics of training isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t very different from racing to other equestrian disciplines. Of course this varies with more advanced levels but I would like to focus on working with a green Thoroughbred and preparing it for racing and also re-educating a Thoroughbred for life after the race track. Many Thoroughbreds can be very sensitive but that is not always the case. Sometimes they think they're doing the right thing by simply going fast, After all thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what they are trained to do. The key to success is teaching a Thoroughbred, either racing or retired, that they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to go fast every time they get ridden. Making a good connection between the horse and the rider makes the life easier for both. First and most importantly, the horse must be in good health before commencing its training. Trimming/shoeing, dental, worming, updated vaccinations and correctly fitted tack are vital. Feeding can vary with the condition of the horse but I often start with good quality of roughage with low energy feeds even for racehorses coming into pre-training. Complete feeds are an easy and simple way to give horses enough vitamins and minerals to support their work and daily needs. On the first week of training, my main focus is to get to know the horse and for it to know me. We don't do a lot of exercises, mainly focusing interaction such as brushing, rugging, saddling up and general care. By doing these everyday, you can get to know what the horse likes and dislikes, whether it is sensitive or lazy and you can pick up if there are any other issues which may need attending to. Ground work is as important as riding and often horses give you a lot of signs at this stage which may indicate issues when your progress to riding.

International (FEI) Level 3 G & EA Level 2 G Coach

Specializing in Dressage Mob: 0402 253 554 E-mail:

Re-educated racehorses are used in many disciplines.

Once we've got to know each other, it is time to step up to either light riding work or lunging. Regardless whether riding or lunging, we keep the exercises very simple. These include asking the horse to move forward, to slowdown and turning. Most racehorses don't understand how to be on the bit and they often are sensitive in the mouth. It's crucial that you don't try to pull their head down to put them in the round shape. Among the first things we teach is having the horse respond to commands by keeping the contact and move them off to the side, by pushing off by your inside leg if you are riding or pushing the quarters out with the lunging whip if the horse is on the lunge. When the horse progresses to the riding stage, we ask it to move forward and sideways. This makes the horse start to bend through their rib cage and relaxes their back. Leg yield is a very useful tool for achieving this goal. Once the horse relaxes its back, the head naturally drops into the correct position. It's important that they need to go forward but not fast. Some racehorses have tendency to just go fast However if you just use your hands to slow them down you'll kill the forwardness and they often get confused and upset. This situation could lead into their problematic behaviours. Instead, your seat and voice are the main aids for slowing down. Use circles to bring them back to the good rhythm. This must be done patiently. There's no point for getting frustrated if you are having difficulties settle an upset horse. Often repetition and perseverance are the key for training thoroughbreds successfully.

HAPPY HORSES BITLESS Considerate Horsemanship Bitless Lessons and Bridle Sales

Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. 0401 249 263

Japanoz Equestrian & Racing Stables DAIKI CHUJO International Equestrian Competitor/Racehorse Trainer

* Racehorses/Equestrian Horses taken for training * Dressage/Showjumping Lessons( EA/NCAS qualified coach) * Horses for Sale * Pre-Training/ Breaking In 16 Cassidy Crescent Bogangar NSW 248 Ph : 0422 583 339 Email: - 0418 291 124

JOSH & SKYE Starting - Training - All disciplines Problem Solving - Liberty Clinics & Lessons Phone: 0413 700 233 Email: Location: Lamington, Queensland - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Page 32 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Equine business announces new partnership Tamworth based business Equine Performance Registry of Australia announced recently that it is partnering with Performance Horses Australia Sales in their quest to revolutionise the equine industry of Australia. EPRA believe in providing a central hub and community for breeders, owners and riders regardless of their chosen event or horse breed. EPRA provides a one-of-a-kind industry directory where you can find anything from trainers and breakers, to equine veterinarians and riding instructors - with everything in between. But that’s not all, EPRA recognises and registers all horses that are able or unable to be registered through breed societies/associations. It offers an alternative to our members. Fees that are affordable. Memberships unlike any other, a full 12 months membership from date of joining. Points and performance history are also allocated to our horses, riders and trainers in classes that are recognised by EPRA and its approved performance bodies/breed societies, Australia wide. EPRA is all about performance, recognition and information.

With the continuing drought conditions, horse owners are currently experiencing this then drives innovation and diversification ideas and the platform of both start-up businesses working together has now evolved. To celebrate their first birthday, EPRA are offering lifetime horse registrations for half-price $25.00 and DNA Testing for the low price of $58.00! Ending 2nd August 2019. So, if you have a horse you would like to register and offer for sale with Performance Horses Australia Sales now is the time! EPRA Registrar Amanda Nicholson said the partnership between Equine Performance Registry of Australia and Performance Horses Australia Sales we see as a great opportunity to expose both new businesses to the entire equine fraternity. “By working together, we can only add strength and opportunities for each other,” she said. “Performance Horses Australia Sales business’ platform of accessible and affordable, selling and buying of horses is a very exciting concept, as EPRA members are regularly looking for new ways to attract sales, without the relevant excessive expenses.” Performance Horses Australia

Sales was established when the principals were looking for a suitable vehicle to search and buy or sell performance horses without spending a significant amount of time researching a whole host of different areas, or patiently waiting for one or two key sales held per year in Australia. The difficulties in accessing bloodlines and horses from distant areas from interstate and remote regions was unproductive and frustrating. This demand subsequently drove the concept of an Australia wide timed auction on a regular basis, so that the needs of both vendors and buyers are successfully met. Performance Horses Australia Sales offer affordable listing and selling fees, without the added cost of transport and stabling fees for vendors, but with maximum exposure on social media and online platforms. Purchasers

will have access to a broader range of options available to them and able to do their research from anywhere in Australia with the additional benefits of timely inspections, if desired. Performance Horses Australia Sales Principal Brad Johnstone said: “The concept of providing an online central hub for breeders, riders, vendors and buyers of any and every performance bred horse is a much-needed boost for the equine industry”. “The newly formed innovated partnership between EPRA and PHAS will benefit every horse and horse owner in Australia by providing a one stop shop for all equine performance horses, there are very exciting times ahead,”he said. For further information Email: or visit Page 34 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report


Nathan Harvey and Kiteroa Dominic

India Priestley and Remi First Class winner of the Medium Champion

Keighleigh and Cooper Leeson enjoying a mother and son day out at the dressage

Paula Anthony and Tremayne Royal Opera placed in the elementary

Emma Shoobridge and Bently winner of the Junior Novice

Tina Erici-williams and Sensation R

Tia Gotterson and Lord Sandreo K winner of the Elementary championship

Keighley Leeson and Calibre Champion Advanced Horse

LANG PARK COTTAGES A new rural tourist facility with 1 Bedroom cottages on our private 25 acre horse property 10 mins from Byron Bay, Mullumbimby & Bangalow 02 6684 7241 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report


Photos by Paula Anthony

Tremayne Royal Opera exhibited by Charlee Anthony was Champion Open Galloway

Champion Led Hunter Hack

Supreme Hack of the show was KS Bellevue exhibited by Kim Taunton pictured with judges Teena Crutchley, Jo Fraser and Alexia Fraser

Bel Air exhibited by Carlie Taunton was the champion Ladies Hack

Reserve Champion Galloway was Lyndhurst Lucy Glitters exhibited by Susan Paine Chapman

Clear in the showjumping Page 36

Champion Local Hack

Champion Junior Rider Amelia Waller with judge Alexia Fraser

Showjumping was well supported at this years show

Taylor Hore working out to win the small Hunter pony

clear in the showjumping - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report


Champion Childs Show Hunter Hack Dicavalli Royal Glitter Owned By Amanda Sullivan Ridden by Chelsea Taunton

Richdale Patriot Owned and Ridden by Chelsea Webb

Champion Large Show Galloway Toleia Park Mercury Rising Exhibited by Universal Stables

Mandaley Lord Lichfield Owned by Jayne Anderson

Amelia Waller with Westlake Eternity

Champion Small Show Galloway Mr Banks Owned by Bianca Vankampen Ridden by Michayla Vankampen

Champion Childs Small Show Hunter Pony Cherrington Royal Ambassador Owned by Sarah Scotson and ridden by Mackenzie Thompson

Phone: 0408 724 935 Email:

Whitmere Heaven Sent Owned by Emma Barkla Exhibited by Universal Stables - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 37

The Horse Report


Photos by Paula Anthony

Champion Miniature

Supreme led Derivative Tremayne Royal Opera exhibited by Paula & Charlee Anthony

Supreme Led Exhibit of the Show

Kennalywood Kensington Supreme led gelding

Champion Led purebred arabian exhibit

Champion Hunter Galloway

Champion led Heavy Horse

Dunelm Fashion Star and Bella Anderson Page 38

Reserve Champion Open Galloway exhibited by Carmel Perkins

Supreme Hack Langtree In Vogue exhibited by Georgia Fairweather

Supreme Led Saddlepony Hevanlees Mary Poppins - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Keep doing the things you love Would you like your horse to be happier and more comfortable within itself? To be more willing to move forward, to have improved suppleness, movement, jumping scope, agility and endurance without heating? Containing the patented compound GOPO®, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a clinically proven plant-based antiinflammatory AND immune system support.

WAS $199.95 NOW $99.95 SHOP NOW - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 39

The Horse Report TERRANORA LAKES EQUESTRIAN CLUB The Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club annual Barb Bridges Hack Show will be held on July 21 This is a formal day, full presentation and formal attire with loads of prizes on offer for all champions and some random prizes for the beginners. For further information visit the website or Facebook page or contact

PONY CLUB CAMP & GYMKHANA The Murwillumbah Pony Club has a lot to offer this school holidays they will be holding their annual two day gymkhana on Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7 with a program that offers something for riders of all ages and interests from the lead line under 8 riders up to associates rider 17 yrs and under 26yrs. Events include dressage, best presented, hack, rider, pleasure, bareback classes, Showjumping, sporting events followed by a two day camp with instruction in dressage, show riding, jumping, theory, horse handling, games and sporting. The club operates out of the Murwillumbah Showgrounds and offers great facilities, stables, camping, canteen, dressage arenas, jumping and sporting equipment, qualified instructors, and friendly helpful members. Nominations are essential to attend both the gymkhana and camp. For further information email

WOODFORD SHOW The Woodford Show will be held on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June. FRIDAY - LOCALS DAY Main Ring - Including led and ridden Ponies, Galloways, Hacks and Rider classes. Prizes include embroided rugs, vouchers, goods and prizemoney proudly sponsored by Caboolture Sports Club. Local and Open show jumping with cash and prizes on offer. Special Junior/Beginner ring for 8 years and under - led or unled. Rodeo Arena - Open Non-affiliated Cutting Show and Open Working Horse Challenge - Prizemoney and goods exceeding $1200. Nominations close Friday, 14th June and limits apply to some classes. Get in early. SATURDAY Main Ring - Jumping events with over $1500 cash & prizes including 6 Bar with $500 cash prizemoney. Winner of each event receives an embroided rug. Led classes for QH, Coloured Breeds, Open Miniature Classes, Shetlands, Heavy Horses, Harness classes, Standardbreds as well as Open Western Performance Classes. Rodeo Arena - Ranch Sorting with $1250 prizemoney up for grabs. Limited runs available and nominations close 14th June. This will be followed by Jackpot Barrels including classes for under 10 years. Junior Sportsmanship prize on offer in memory of Jess Voss. NO 2 OVAL (Free of Side Show Distractions) Ponies, Arabs, ANSA, Thoroughbreds, ASH, Galloways, Hacks and Hunters Thanks to local sponsor 'Hats for Houses' our Welsh Pony section offers cash prizes for section Champions and Supreme Welsh Exhibit. Supreme Champion Hack - garland and prize sponsored by Bank of Qld Supreme Led Pony - garland and embroided rug. Supreme Hunter Hack $25 Cash. Lots of other cash and prizes to be won. ENTERTAINMENT - Stud beef and dairy cattle, poultry, animal nursery, music, chain saw racing, children's entertainment, dog show. Main afternoon entertainment - Epic Darren - Comedy Motor Cycle Show as well as favourites dog jumping and the famous 'Farmers Challenge'- all ages and cash prizes and vouchers up for grabs. After dark will bring the fireworks display followed by an action packed rodeo and for the first time at Woodford featuring Mini Bucking Bulls. Fun for the whole family so make sure you are there to be part of this exciting event. For further information, go to or email Don't forget to check out the Woodford Show Facebook page for all the up to date information. Licenced venue - no BYO.

WOODFORD SHOW Friday 21st & Saturday 22ndJune 2019


For more information contact 0423 452 641 or Email Page 40

Murwillumbah Pony Club Looking for something to do in the School Holidays

Murwillumbah Pony Club has a lot to offer 2 DAY GYMKHANA FOLLOWED BY 2 DAY CAMP. They offer great facilities, stables, camping, canteen, new dressage arenas, jumping and sporting equipment, qualified instructors, friendly helpful members.

*** 2 D A Y G Y M K H A N A *** 6th & 7th July

Show riding events, Dressage, Jumping, sporting

*** 2 DAY CAMP ***

Mon - 8th - Tuesday 9th July.

Murwillumbah Showgrounds Queensland Rd, Murwillumbah

contact President - Glenda Bowkett 0412 491 839 Senior Instructor - Paula Anthony 0413 733 294 email



Enquiries Bilambil Sports s Grounds s , Bilambil Rd, Bilambil - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report MT GRAVATT SHOW The 2019 Mt Gravatt Show will be held on July 27 and 28. This year all the horse events, both ring events and showjumping will be held on the Saturday and is shaping up to offer competitors and spectators a great weekend. Some of the major prizes on offer are rugs and garlands for Supreme Hack and Supreme Hunter of the Show, garlands for Supreme Rider, Sash and $100 for Champion open and hunter Pony Galloway and Hack Don't forget to visit the pavilions to see all the exhibits displayed from local talented exhibitors. Gates open at 9am each day. For more information, please contact Loretta on 07 3349 1801, or Guy on 0404 002 780 or email

MT GRAVATT SHOW - 27th & 28th July 2019 "The Best Little Show in the City"



KIAH PARK HORSE RIDING CAMPS Kiah Park Horse Riding Camp is nestled in the beautiful hills of the Beenaam Valley, just north of Noosa. They offer seven day horse riding camps for children during all Queensland school holidays as well as shorter camps over long weekends throughout the year. There are also day Ttrips for those who just want to come and spend a great day out. They focus on horse-riding, taking the children on trail rides twice a day. Children also learn to care for their horse and have opportunity to feed and enjoy all the friendly farm animals that live on the property. They follow an active and busy schedule to provide a great range of outdoor fun, including an over-the-dam flying fox, a camp fire night with marshmallows and a fun gymkhana at the climax of the week. Whether your child is new to horses or is a competitive rider, every holiday at Kiah Park is bound to be full of wonderful adventures and lasting friendships For further information Ph 07 5486 6166 or email

THE AUSTRALIAN HUNTER HORSE ASSOC The Australian Hunter Horse Association will soon be know as the Australian Hunter and Show Horse Association. AHHA has listened to it's members wanting the Association to grow and provide more opportunities for their members. The need to grow and evolve has led them to include new "categories" and cater for the Show Horse, Show Hunter and Hunter Horse. More shows in Australia are adding the member only classes to their programs giving members a lot more for their membership. Talking of membership another incentive the committee is offering is that for everyone who has become a financial member since 1st January 2019, your membership period will be extended until 30th June, 2020

PRARG'S HACK SHOW Park Ridge Active Riding Group Inc will hold a HACK SHOW on Sunday 14th July, 2019 at their club grounds Skerman Park, Cnr Olson & Teviot Roads, North Maclean. Rings will commence at 8am. Ribbons to fourth all classes in Rings 1 and 2 and to 10th for Beginner ring. Champion sashes in each section sashes for supreme hack & rider. Rings sponsored by CobbNCo Express Entries: $4.00 per horse per class. Horse Health Declarations must be submitted when nominating. Pre-Nominate via Nominate or pay on the day


For full schedule of events, visit the website: For more information, please contact

Loretta on 07 3349 1801 or Guy McEntyre on 0404 002 780. Gates open both days at 9am come and join in the celebrations.

Kiah Park Horse Holiday Riding Camps 7 Day Camp dates 29 June - 6 July & 6 - 13 July Day Trips Monday 1 & 8 July & Tuesday 2 & 9 July (07) 5486 6166 -

with cash.Enquiries: Chris 0456 597 967 or

**************************************************** DON’T LET YOUR EVENT BE MISSED

Attract more competitors promote it here Advertising, editorial and calendar listing from just $50 Ph Paula 0413 733 294 ****************************************************

HACK SHOW SUNDAY - 14th July Cnr. Olson & Teviot Roads, North Maclean Enquiries - Lorraine 0408 715 758 A/H/or Chris - 0456 597 967 or 8.00am Start - Entries: $4.00 per horse per class

The Australian Hunter Horse Association will soon be know as

The Australian Hunter and Show Horse association. ************* Memberships paid in 2019 will be extended until 30th June 2020 *************

AHHA QUALIFYING CLASSES June 21-22 Woodford Show Qld July 27 Mt Gravatt Qld June 23 Kalbar Qld August 3 Pine Rivers Qld June 29 Mudgeeraba Qld August 24 Canungra Qld June 29 Redcliffe Qld August 31 Wondai Show Qld July 6 Laidley September 7 Noosa Show Qld July 7 Dayboro Show Qld October 19 Cowra NSW Regency Horse Floats ‘Metro’ Hunter and Saddlehorse Championships 26th & 27th July 2019 - Hawkesbury Showgrounds, Clarendon

Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Page 42 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Bounce Back® Horse Fencing Australia’s Premium Fencing System for the Safety & Wellbeing of your Horses

Bounce Back® is all about your horses

100% Australian Owned & Manufactured

For friendly advice call our local team

02 9756 3108

cks Arena Pa540 frominc$G1S,T

Artwork Horse Deals - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Lifeskills program " HHH received its 3rd business award in Feb this year for " Youth and Family Services " It has been wonderful to see the program grow across different states and receive the great feedback from Youth services in relation to disengaged young people reengaging back into school or study. The program covers communication skills, body language, emotional regulation and personality education all being taught through professional horsemanship groundskills in small groups , not unlike mini horsemanship clinics! It is not Equine Therapy, it is a Lifeskills program to help prepare young people transition to a positive future. All students attend with their own case worker or counsellor, it is designed to open doors of communication for all those involved with the young people attending. Workbooks are provided to case workers so they can reinforce the techniques taught through the courses. Licensees all receive extensive training with Sue Spence and must have a high level of natural horsemanship ground skills, excellent communication skills and ideal facilities to present the program for their local communities. Media launches with each opening are also provided with many Youth Services booking as soon a new center opens. Licensees become an important well respected role model in their communities liaising with all youth and family services. The opportunity to present the program at a corporate level is also available. Please see the website or email for further information. "

Your Dream Career Starts Here... â&#x201E;˘

Become a licensee and facilitator of this internationally renowned horsemanship and life skills program with proven Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Ǥ Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2039;Ď?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2030;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2018; assist disengaged and at risk youth.

Horses Helping Humans licensee training includes: Č&#x2C6; Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2030;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2013;Â&#x160; Č&#x2C6; Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x201E;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2019;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2030; Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x203A;Â&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2026;Â&#x17D;Â&#x192;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020; Č&#x2C6; Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x2018;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x192;Â&#x2030;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020; Â&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Â?Â?Â&#x2014;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x161;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;ÇĄÂ&#x2014;Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020; Â&#x2C6;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x17D;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022; Â&#x2122;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x201E;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â&#x2122;Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2039;Â?Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D; Č&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2030;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2030;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013; ʹͲͳ͜ĆŹʹͲͳ͸Â&#x2014;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2021;

Book available via website or Â&#x2019;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2014;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x192;Â&#x2039;Â&#x17D;Â&#x192;Â&#x201E;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2122;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2021;Č Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021;Ͳ͜ͳ͸ͳ͜͸;͝͸ 

%""$##$#%*)  Current Licensees locations include: Port Macquarie$)%") NSW, Rockhampton, Tallebudgera and Warwick QLD and Somerville Vic. Devonport (Tasmania"$ $"$)# ) "&) "$!%"  )& pending). Established location available at Northern Rivers, NSW. # "#$ "$ 

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) Â&#x2021; Horse Transport Ph 0408 537 904 Â&#x2030; The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 Â&#x2030; Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085


Â&#x2021; The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan - Butt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0413 371 802 Â&#x2030; Country Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5596 4387 Â&#x2030; Aitkins Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 3209 7506


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months Â&#x2030; Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - Â&#x2030; Country Scene Saddlery - Â&#x2030; Country Park Animal Â&#x2030; DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch Â&#x2030; EFA Queensland... Â&#x2030; Embroidered saddlecloths - Â&#x2030; Eq Land Developments Â&#x2030; Equine on the web ... Â&#x2030; Equilibrium Mineral Mix... Â&#x2030; Equestrian On line ... Â&#x2030; Feed XL... Â&#x2030; Fordsdale Farm Stay â&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś. Â&#x2030; Gallagher Electric fencing ... Â&#x2030; Gold Coast Horse.... Â&#x2030; Greystone Manure Vacuums ... Â&#x2030; GEOHEX Ground Stabilisation ..... Â&#x2030; Have Horse â&#x20AC;Ś Will Travel Â&#x2030; Healing for Horses Â&#x2030; Horse Transport â&#x20AC;Ś Â&#x2030; Horse Transport â&#x20AC;Ś Â&#x2030; Horse Floats â&#x20AC;Ś Â&#x2030; Horseland..... Page 44

Â&#x2030; Ken Faulkner... Â&#x2030; Kentucky Equine Â&#x2030; Kulavale Equestrian... Â&#x2030; Lisa McCann Herbs ....... Â&#x2030; Mitavite ... Â&#x2030; Mobile Livestock Â&#x2030; Nathan Trailers at Nerang... Â&#x2030; National Equestrian Wholesalers .... Â&#x2030; Natural Hoof care ..... Â&#x2030; Natural equipment Â&#x2030; Neds Bed Horse & Dog Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Tel..... Â&#x2030; New England Girls School . Â&#x2030; Norco..... Â&#x2030; Omega Feeds Â&#x2030; Pharmachem ... Â&#x2030; Redlands Vet Clinic ... Â&#x2030; Replay Classifieds... Â&#x2030; Riding for the Disabled............ Â&#x2030; Stance Equine Feeds.......... Â&#x2030; StockGuard Electric Â&#x2030; Southwood Saddlery... Â&#x2030; The Horse Report ... - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

p k g y !





GREAT GIFTS Montana Jewellery & Statues Aussie books from Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33

100 Taylor Street, Toowoomba. 4350



Horse Clipping Heather Crack

Ph 5546 3276 - 0408 193 131 VET


FULL SERVICE EQUINE CLINIC “The Horse Hospital at Redlands”

DR DAVID LOVELL Ph 07 3207 7325 Email: AGISTMENT

HERBS - Ph: 07 5447 7644

Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply HORSE TRANSPORT

15% off until Christmas ADVERTISING

Ph 0413 733 294




Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: CLINICS & LESSONS

RIDING INSTRUCTOR Paula Anthony PCANSW Coach /Examiner Dressage Show Horse Pony Club Rider Class Clinics Show Prep

Ph 0413 733 294 Gold Coast - Tweed - Ballina


Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistry Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment



NEW LOCATION 68 Currumbin Creek Rd Currumbin

0415 169 469

Free Delivery Gold Coast - Pottsville Conditions Apply




Tony Handley Matthew Haynes

Hoof Practioner Hoof Care & Barefoot

Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:

KRM Equestrian Apparel Ph 0467 040 137

or $250 for 12 months PRODUCE/HAY/STOCKFEED

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759



Phone/Fax 07 5533 2948 Melissa Waller Mob: 0417 711 445







FARRIER 0418 489 779 Servicing Gold Coast & SE QLD

Ph 0409 263 620 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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BUSINESS CARD LISTINGS Tina Erici-Williams International (FEI) Level 3 G & EA Level 2 G Coach

Specializing in Dressage Mob: 0402 253 554 E-mail:

Qualified Animal Naturopath Enter Coupon Code: HORSEREP for 10% discount Tel:07 5449 1453 - Email:

Kevâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Quality Hay & Chaff Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistr y Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment 0415 169 469

LISA McCANN HERBS April Specials 1kg Itch Competition Blend - $44.50 1kg Cool Calmer Blend - $34.00



Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne


(when booked for 12 months) one off advert $100 per issue Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 - 0413 733 294 *** Now reaching over 50,000 readers *** - Ph: 07 5447 7644


Matt Butler 0410 619 037 Servicing Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast

Newrybar Produce & Saddlery 9 Old Pacific Highway Newrybar NSW 2479

Now Under New Managment with Aaron Lang Offering countrycharm,friendlystaff andgreatcustomerservice * Hay and Chaff * Feed and Supplements * Saddlery and Grooming supplies * Fencing and Farm supplies

Ph 02 6687 1342 Email:

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NEW LOCATION 68 Currumbin Creek Rd Currumbin Free Delivery Gold Coast - Pottsville Conditions Apply - 0418 291 124

Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email: Japanoz Equestrian & Racing Stables DAIKI CHUJO

International Equestrian Competitor/Racehorse Trainer

* Racehorses/Equestrian Horses taken for training * Dressage/Showjumping Lessons( EA/NCAS qualified coach) * Horses for Sale * Pre-Training/ Breaking In 16 Cassidy Crescent Bogangar NSW 248 Ph : 0422 583 339 Email:

Horses and other grazing livestock entering NSW from the cattle tick infested zone of Qld MUST comply with the Mandatory Measures of the Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2017 regarding examination and treatment of livestock prior to entry into NSW.

Contact: NSW DPI at Kirra Ph. 0755364714 Fax 0755361290 - For accredited certifiers QLD DAF call centre 07 3404 6999 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e notif ia b le in NSW

BRISO RURAL 69 Lawrence Drive, Nerang Gold Coast, Queensland

Horse float servicing, repairs & rebuilds Stable construction & horse shelters, Fencing & roundyards

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW

Jason Brisenden 0418 660 677

HAPPY HORSES BITLESS Considerate Horsemanship Bitless Lessons and Bridle Sales

Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. 0401 249 263



BSc BVSc MPhil

Ph: 02 6672 3898 E: P: PO BOX 355 MURWILLUMBAH 2484


Shop 37 De-H Havilland Cres Ballina NSW 2478

02 6686 2361

Email - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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(when booked for 12 months) one off advert $100 per issue Ph Paula 07 5590 9721 - 0413 733 294 *** Now reaching over 50,000 readers *** hĹśĆ&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ć&#x161;Ĺ?ĹľÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć?Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ĺ?ĹśĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ç&#x2021;Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ć?Ć&#x161;Ĺ?Ä?


dĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ŽĨĆ&#x152;Ĺ˝Ć&#x161;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x2030;Ĺ˝Ć?Ć&#x161;Ć? dĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ŽĨĆ&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹśĆ&#x161;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? dĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ŽĨÄ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ä?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ć?Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x161;Ĺ?ĹľÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152; dĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ŽĨĨĹ?Ç&#x2020;Ĺ?ĹśĹ?Ä?Ć&#x152;ŽŏÄ&#x17E;ĹśĨÄ&#x17E;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ć? EKĆ&#x152;Ĺ˝Ć&#x161;ͲEKĆ&#x152;ĆľĆ?Ć&#x161; EKÄ?Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹľĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹ?Ć?Ć?ĆľÄ&#x17E;Ć? EKĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;ĹľĹ?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ÍŹÇ Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ć?

Distributed By: Lisa Jones 0419 700 829

Ç Ç Ç Í&#x2DC;Ç Ĺ˝Ĺ˝Ä&#x161;Ć?Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;ĹŻÄ&#x161;Í&#x2DC;Ä?ŽžÍ&#x2DC;Ä&#x201A;Ćľ Ď­ĎŻĎŹĎŹϲώώϾϏϲ


Outer flexible rubber post can prevent dragging Superior strong foot grip stops feet slipping


1MBDFUIFUPFCFUXFFOUIF center & outer post stops Gorward foot slipping & movement Unique angled foot support keeps you on the ball of the foot & heels down Brilliant childrens teaching & safety aid Extended platform providing betterfoot support & balance Eliminates hip, knee & foot pain AwardwinningrevolutionarydesignT &223(5/((621

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;LOVE THEMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;



&/(-*4)8&45&3/ 1800 136 393

03%&3/08Ă&#x2021;$POUBDUZPVSTBEEMFSZPS1IJOGPBOEWJEFPTXXXJJXJOOFSTDPN BIT7+(',))(5(1&(%(7:((1:,11,1*$1'/26,1* '$9,'+$<(6 Trainer 0DMRU%UHDNWKURXJK

Riders and trainers agree the design is brilliant! )

Stops the bit pinching the tongue

)Stops )Stops )Stops

the tongue getting over the bit roof rubbing and lip pinching the tongue out the mouth


0(*$1-21(6OlympicV Works great\ou must try it.

752<3$/0(5Drafter /LNHSRZHUVWHHULQJ

6WRS+D\:DVWDJH IDEAL FOR Reduce HayLAMINITIC Wastage by upHORSES to 40% GutzBusta Slow Feed Haynets



the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting PRXWKRSHQLQJ, rearing & bucking


displacement of the soft palate


25'(512:&RQWDFW your saddlery or 3K 0413 898 128 LQIR YLGHRDWZZZLLZLQQHUVFRP

0418 282 097 | Available small, andtolarge Huge varietyinof sizesmedium available suitsizes yourin

individual 4cm and 6cmfor net hole 48 and 60 needs. ply, plus 3cm, NEW 60ply in 4cm horses sizes suit every horse. that available are EXTRAtoTOUGH on their hay nets!

Page 48 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Gem Park Royalty Price: $ 12,000. Neg 13.0 hh Black Gelding Reg: Part Welsh | Arabian Riding Pony | EA and SHC Sire: Beckworth Rising Shadow Dam: Langteee Memories A very sad sale of a much loved pony who is sadly outgrown. Rebel has been a total pleasure to own he has been part of our family for five years. As you can see he is really beautiful and made for the show ring however Dressage is our interest so that’s where his career has predominantly focused. He is competing successfully at Novice always placing and scoring in the 65% range to many placings to list. He represented WA at the 2018 National Interschool’s in Dressage and Showhorse we drove him over to Victoria and he travelled beautifully finishing top 10 in both his dressage tests. Rebel is also part of the EWA 2019 rising stars team. We also attend pony club and loves to jump he has competed in a couple of ODE’s as well he really is a great allrounder. Although well-educated I wouldn’t class him as a beginners pony he is extremely safe however but would be best suited to a competent confident child going on to a 2nd pony. We are looking for an amazing home for Rebel many more photos and video available on request. Rebel will be sold with his double bridle and some show rugs. Contact: Kirsten Hawkins Ph: 0419 928 800

Beckworth Rising Sygnet Price: $ 5,000. 13.2 hh Reg: SHC, Riding Pony Black Gelding YOB: 2012 Sire: Rendene Rising Sun Dam: Native Rose of Beckworth

His Beautiful... his Black... his jack and his ready to take the show world by storm. This pony has everything it takes to make a national winning hunter pony just needs a rider. I have recently taken on a hack for myself and unfortunately come to the realization that I can’t do both with work and a baby. Jack is extremely well put together, stunning movement, a beautiful nature and is a pleasure to have around. He is green broken but isn’t bothered by much. Been ridden with other horses, around machinery and other livestock. very hard sale as I know this boy has so much potential but I just can’t give him the time he needs. Contact: Naomi Karutz Ph: 0425 198 277

Arcadian Patriot Pat the Pony Price: $ 15,000. 11.3 hh Grey Gelding Reg: Welsh Mountain Pony Sire: Imperial Nirvana Dam: Imperial Parfait A highly competitive registered true hunter pony with great bloodlines. For Pat to show off his lovely paces and shine and become a Top Grand National Pony. We prefer his new owner to be an experienced show family. One lucky family is going to get, in my opinion, a supremely high quality and loving pony. Pat just competed in leading rein and first ridden and hunter pony in Lismore Achieving Top 10 as well as Champion Led! He's perfect for anyone who wants to secure a top quality pony. Whether you are a serious royal lead rein competitor or simply in the market for an amazing child’s / Hunter pony, Pat could be the one! Pat has a beautiful personality, loves lots of cuddles, he is easy to float, clip, handle etc... And he doesn’t kick or bite. In addition to the achievements above, Pat recently placed at Park Ridge hack day this past March: - 1st Led Open Show Hunter - 1st Lead Welsh Rein - Champion Welsh Lead Rein - Champion Welsh First Ridden - And 3rd in Welsh Lead Hunter at the All Welsh in Queensland 2019 Contact: Tyler Harris Ph: 0488 074 440

Binnowie Rave Review Price: $ 16,000. 13 - 13.1 hh Reg: RPSBS, Welsh Bay Gelding Sire: Binnowie Centre Stage Dam: Kirreway Celebrity Child’s Show Hunter Pony Unfortunately it is time for our beautiful pony Rocky to find a new little rider. Rocky has taken his then Novice 10yo rider to her first Grand Nationals to a now confident 13yo. With 4 lovely paces and a willing attitude he makes the perfect child’s mount and little rider class mount. Rocky is the ultimate no fuss pony to take away, happy to travel on his own or a part of a team. He has a wonderful temperament at home or out competing. He has won many a broad sash, won at Interschool’s and qualified for GN Child’s and Open classes. Some results include- Champion Large Hunter Pony NSW Hack Championships - Champion Large Hunter Pony Toowoomba Royal - Runner Up Child’s Large Show Hunter Pony QLD Country Hack Championships - Champion Child’s Large Hunter Pony SHCQ HOTY - Runner Up Open Large Hunter Pony SHCQ HOTY Easy to C\F\S. 13.1hh, 11yo, Brown, gelding, EA, SHC & RP. Located Gold Coast. $16000 Price reflects market not quality. video available. Contact: Amanda O’Sullivan Ph: 0422 053 440 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Large Hunter Hack

Arcadian Dreams Come True

Price: $ 15,000. 16.3 ½ hh Reg: Warmblood Chestnut Gelding Sire: Cor Roman Ego Z Dam: She's A Kellina

Price: $ 5,500. 11.2 hh Reg: Welsh A, Show Horse Council, EA Grey Mare Sire: Imperial Baledur Dam: Creswell Dream Catcher

Cosmo has done it all, from jumping to dressage and now excelling on the show hunter scene. In only his first year in the show ring, Cosmo has excelled and has never been out of the ribbons letting his results speak for themselves. Easily qualifying for all Royals, some of his recent achievements include:• Top Ten Large Hunter Hack at the Grand Nationals 2018, • Runner-Up Childs Large Hunter Hack - EQ HOTY 2018 • Runner-Up Large Hunter Hack - Mackay Show Horse Champs 2017 • 3rd in a Hotly contested Large Hunter Hack - Mackay SHC 2018 • SHCQ HOTY 2017 4th Open Large Hunter Hack • Placing in every class at Toowoomba Royal 2018. At Mackay 2018 Cosmo took a lady rider to equal 1st in rider Cosmo is easy to shoe, clip and float and is a pleasure to have around the stables, and travels happily to shows both with others and on his own. Vet check welcome. He is realistically priced for the current market and is only for sale to make room for youngsters sitting in the paddock but will only be sold to the best of homes. Contact: Peter Ph: 0400 455 924

Quality Large Hack Price: $ 20,000. 16.2 hh Reg: Warmblood | SHC | EV Black Gelding Sire: Aurum Remarquable (Regardez Moi) Dam: Better Pine (Hanovarian reg ASB mare)

Magic was champion filly at the NSW All Welsh Show in 2013. She hasn't been shown a lot in TAS since arriving here Magic is a beautiful leading rein pony great with the children my grandchildren have ridden her on and off the lead loves cuddles and her stable. Her wins include (for limited outings) Winning TAS EA HOTY 2018 with my grandson on board She has also been Reserve Leading Rein Pony at 2018 Launceston Royal with my Granddaughter on board. SHCT HOTY 2018 She won the owner rider class and was 3rd overall. She has also competed in fancy dress with no fuss. Contact: Kellie Tuskin Ph: 0418 529 668

Eden Park Saphire Star Price: $ 12,000. 14.1 ½ hh Reg: RP, SP, SHC, ANSA, ARP BayMare YOB: 2011 Sire: Rathowen True Blue Dam: Ballanbrae Solitaire

Wonderful opportunity to purchase a kind quality gelding. Harry is accepted into RMS easily qualifying at ag shows. Requires minimal work and would make a wonderful rider/turnout class mount.

Stunning Galloway Mare Scarlett has the most beautiful laid back temperament. The easiest mare to have in the stables. Very trainable. Champions and Supremes in hand and ridden. Easy to ride at events and good on trails. Ridden by children.

Harry is a controlled windsucker, this does not affect his weight in anyway. He measures 16.2h and is the perfect horse for a young rider to step up onto. His last dressage outing he received scores over 65% his lateral work is well established.

Suitable for showing, pony dressage, pleasure, pony club. Recently competed in her first dressage competition scoring 66% with room for improvement. Scarlett has started lateral movements. Lots more photos and Video available upon request.

Contact: Kristin Brennan Ph: 0458 453 568

Contact: Alyson Ph: 0413 876 512 Page 50 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Bordershow Ladybug

Combaning Downs Prada

Price: $ POA 11.3 hh Reg: Riding Pony, SHC and EA Black/Brown Mare Sire: Bordershow Fantasia Dam: Cedar Lakes Ladybird

Price: $ 25,000. 15.0 hh Reg: ANSA, ASH & SHC Liver Chestnut Mare Sire: Boonara Quickacres Dam: Glen Lee Rivoli Kalene

Expressions of Interest I never thought I would be even contemplating this but Daisy is way too good to just sit in the paddock. Bordershow Ladybug needs no introduction. 12hh 6yo Riding Pony mare. Some of her wins to date 2017 Winner of the leading rein open pony at Bathurst Royal 2018 EA Hoty Runner up Open Small pony rider under 14yrs 2018 Winner of the leading rein open pony and Champion small pony at Bathurst Royal 2018 SHC Hoty Nsw Champion child’s open small pony, 3rd Open pony 2019 Pacific Coast hack champs scored 3rd Small Open pony 2019 SHC Grand Nationals Top 10 Open Leading Rein Pony Due to time I’ve basically only done the big shows with Daisy. She is such an easy pony to do everything with. Always a pleasure to take out. Easy to clip, do her feet and float. She has beautiful straight legs and great feet. She is suited to an experienced show home who wants to be competitive at the top. Inspection will not disappoint. Genuine enquires only please as this is a very hard sale and I’m only contemplating this due to the fact my daughter just isn’t that into showing and Daisy is just way too good to sit in the paddock. Contact: Renee Ph: 0400 779 664

Prada is easy mare to perform and show. - 2017 as a 2yr old - reserve champion led ASH mare/filly Canberra Royal - 2018 as a 3yr old at Sydney Royal, 3rd led ASH filly , 3rd working led, 5th ASH hack , and champion ANSA Youngstock - 2017/2018 show season, champion led ash, ANSA and galloway and supreme Exhibit of show. Under saddle, champion ASH hack and working, galloway hunter and supreme Ridden ASH exhibits. Prada has solid foundation under her and is forward moving, with correct movement. Is used to all farm machinery, bikes, dogs, stockwhips, fireworks, and musters cattle and sheep regularly. This spring I decided to put Prada to Bluff Downs Bega, I have had great success with his progeny at royal, state and national level. They all have great temperaments, correct conformation, and trainable minds. It was my intention to retain Prada and progeny, but due to current conditions I have had to make the hard decision to place her on the market. Rarely does a young quality performed and proven mare come onto the market.

Iona Park Freedom

Price: $ POA 15.0 hh Brown Gelding Reg: SHC, ENSW, Riding Pony, Part Welsh, Arabian Riding Pony Sire: Rathowen Toy Soldier Dam: Homevale Haciencia Free has the most adorable personality that everyone falls in love with. He has been the ultimate Childs Galloway for us who just adores people. He is easy to catch shoe and float. Unfortunately the time has come and my daughter has outgrown him.During his time with us Free has been to many dressage competitions including the NSW YR Dressage championships. Performances include: 1st Novice Galloway Canberra Royal 2016 Runner Up Open Galloway B of B, 2016 GN Qual. 2016 Adelaide Royal -3rd Childs Galloway 4th in Open Galloway. Qualified for EA Southern Cross Championships 2018 2018 Champion Galloway AHHA Nationals 2017 PC NSW State Dressage Champion 2016-2018 Many Breed & Ag show Champions in Led & Ridden, Entered and Accepted for Sydney Royal 2019 Comes with made to measure Windsor Saddle & DQ Double bridle & rugs. Video Footage Link -

Contact: Rach Schliebs Ph: 0418 610 773

RKN Cougar Price: $ 10,000. 14.2 hh Reg: AQHA Bay Mare YOB: 2014 Sire: RBH Whiz Kid Dam: Brendale Spinning Miss

Ideal girl or ladies show Galloway - she just loves people. A lovely type. Forward without being hot. Presence without being silly. Perfect for someone who has the experience to take this baby out for her Newcomer season and begin an exciting career in the show ring. Currently in work at Jamuna Equine with Donna Sadler. For sale on behalf of client. Negotiable to an excellent and experienced home. Contact: Donna Sadler Ph: 0411 481 281

Contact: Sarah Ph: 0417 536 849 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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INSECTICIDE FOR HORSES SWAT is a ready-to-use insecticide for horses containing the pyrethroid insecticide ‘Permethrin’ in a non-irritant formulation with a high residual efficacy against Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and Sand-flies. ALL OVER PROTECTION The formulation and applicator mitt enables complete coverage of your horse for maximum protection. 䊳 RAIN

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