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Dannica Whitty competing at the Tamworth State Championships. Photo: Julie Wilson

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Half the Weig ht & Double the Fun!! Make the most of your time together in an easy-care, splash-proof and lightweight saddle with personality! At less than half the weight of a traditional leather saddle, these new saddles truly offer Half the Weight and Double the Fun!!

WintecLite Saddles featuring the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution offer the highest flexibility in achieving a customised fit, ensuring your pony’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. Model shown: WintecLite Pony All Purpose D’Lux View the full range at


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Learning about boundaries and their values By JANE FAULKNER Director, Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Boundaries - I remember when I first heard the word “boundaries”, I had no idea what they were, when I needed them or how to set them. Hence, my life was a roller coaster ride and I felt like a piece of debris being pushed around on the ocean of life. Owning horses has taught me a lot about setting boundaries and being clear about what I am asking for. We often work on setting boundaries in our Equine Assisted Therapy sessions. So, what are boundaries?? Think of fences around a yard, a boundary is like an energetic fence we put around ourselves. We use words to set boundaries like - “No, not now” or “I don't want to”. We use our posture and body language. We might not look at someone, we may move away from someone or even physically raise our hands to create distance between them and us and we use our feeling/energetic body. We give off vibes and hope the other person can interpret them. We might feel really angry at someone and they can feel it and it can create distance between them and us. We create boundaries when we set limits; when we clearly state what we need and don't need; when we say no; when we delegate tasks to others and when we stand firm

Equine Assisted Therapies can help people learn and deal with boundaries.

for ourselves and our own needs. For example "I need some time alone now, I will be in my room reading, please don't disturb me." When do you need to set boundaries? A great clue that your boundaries are not firm enough is how you feel. If you feel angry, frustrated, resentful, out of control or overwhelmed, often it's because you have not set clear enough boundaries and you are feeling the ramifications of that. If you say no and people keep pushing you for a yes; if you ask someone to do some-

thing for you and they ignore you; if you allow people to walk all over you then you need to work on your boundary setting. Anger is a really helpful messenger. Our anger rising is often the first indication our boundaries have been superseded. When we learn to really observe and get curious about why we are angry, we can learn from it and make our life easier and healthier. When anger arises it is often because we have felt that we set a boundary and someone has ignored it and pushed over it or through it. The first step is to breathe deep; the next step is to name it- “I'm feeling angry right now”. Then it's helpful to backtrack through your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself - When did I start to feel angry? What happened? What did I expect? How did I set my Boundary? Was I clear? Back yourself Often as we start to set boundaries, we ruffle feathers and we even question ourselves. We have all of our conditioning come up and we might think we are being selfish, rude or negligent. So as we learn to set boundaries we need to trust ourselves and have our own back. Support yourself in setting boundaries and remind yourself that you and everyone will benefit. In setting boundaries and saying no you empower others to do the same, you also stop enabling others dependent behaviours and you free yourself to live the life you want to. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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AS STABLE, TABLE, PUMP PUMP S SHED HED O OR R STORAGE STORAGE S SHED HED P PLUS LUS $100 $100 STORE STORE CREDIT CREDIT TO WON AT EACH T O BE BE W ON A TE ACH PARTICIPATING PARTICIPATING STORE. STORE. How to enter: Spend $20 in store on any products from Ridley, Acermax, Virbac, Zoetis, Blundstone, Gallagher, Vetsense and Bayer Animal Health and receive a stamp to enter the draw. 10 stamps provides one entry. One voucher to be won at each participating store* Multiple entries accepted. Register with your participating store today. * Store credit to be redeemed on participating supplier products.

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The 6-in-1 seeder saves you The Money The Time The Labour $9,588

Spend 85% Less Time Seeding



Disc, plough, fertilise, seed, cover and roll all in one




pass. Seeding is now a one pass operation

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At 1194mm and 1067mm tall the seeder can easily

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CS turdy corrosion-resistant framework 100% Australian-made hot-dip galvanized steel frame for long lasting durability

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The Horse Report Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases in young horses By GAIL SRAMEK BApplSc Agr - Consulting Nutritionist to Mitavite DOD or Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases is a term given to a range of conditions that occur in the growing horse. They generally encompass conditions such as physitis, oseochondrosis, angular limb and flexural deformities, and vertebral and tarsal bone malformations. The occurrence of DOD is associated with irregularities of skeletal growth that is linked with how the cartilage is converted to bone by a process known as endochrondral ossification. The typical time for the onset of physitis and osteochondrosis is from approximately 3-20 months for osteochondrosis and 4-12 months for physitis. These are critical times where the formation of good, solid bone needs to be achieved to minimise the incidence of the disease. There are some key factors that when combined can contribute to DOD. These include: Excessive growth Feeding an unbalanced ration  Genetics - some breeds are

Correct nutrition in growing horses can help to counter the incidence of Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases. more susceptible to bone growth disorders  Trauma and exercise - excessive exercise may contribute to bone disorders. Free paddock exercise in a paddock no smaller than five acres will allow young horses to develop muscle to support the bone and build bone density  Hormonal factors - Nutrition can have a large impact on the incidence of DOD particularly in the areas of energy intake and correct mineral balances. The growth rate of a horse is related to the energy a young growing horse receives. It is important that optimal growth rates are

obtained, not maximum when growing out young horses. Research has suggested that rapid growth is a major contributing factor to DOD in some horses. Feeding excess energy levels above approximately 130% of maintenance have been shown to induce skeletal abnormalities and disturb the metabolism of the growth plate cartilage, in some horses. New research on the function of Vitamin K1 has found it has an integral role in the formation of strong, dense bone. A protein in the bone called oestocalcin needs Vitamin K1 to stick the major components of bone together,

Collagen and Hydroxyapatite. Without adequate levels of Vitamin K1 the oestocalcin cannot bind the major components of the bone together to build bone with good structure and density. Mitavite® Promita® is a fully steam extruded concentrated, nutrient dense, premium breeding feed that is low in sugar and starch and is fed at low rates, but will still provide the protein, vitamins and minerals young growing horses need to build good skeletal structure and lean muscle. Promita® contains Bonafide® to correctly form strong dense bone. The active ingredient in Bonafide® is Quinaquanone, a water soluble, bio-available form of Vitamin K1 & K2 - perfect to supplement a growing horse. Some studs like to 'double dose' on Bonafide® by feeding an additional 10g with the Promita® ration to enhance the building of strong bone. This ration is a broad guideline and you may need to make adjustments depending on the response of the horse to the ration and your assessment of the horse. For further information, please visit - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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? L A O F N I E R A IS YOUR M she foals? when re e th e b to t n a w Do you d monitor the health

u be there an of products to help yo ge ran a er off rd ua FoalG g and after birth. and foal before, durin

FOALGUARD FOALING ALARM sæAlerts you when your mare lays down to foal also a valuable colic alert. sæLong-range, real-time alert, useful features, 2-year warranty.

FLOAT AND FOALING CAMERA KIT Wireless camera kit that allows you to monitor your horses 24/7 from the comfort of your car or home.

*** Optional Mobile phone dialler.

MARE PREGNANCY TEST WEE FOAL CHECKER Easy to use mare pregnancy test, accurate from 110 to 300 days post-breeding.

FOALING PREDICTOR KIT Predict time of foaling, 98% accuracy within 24 hours of foaling.

ur mare

and wellbeing of yo

FOALGUARD COLOSTRUM METER Test your mare’s colostrum to reduce the risk of FPT (Failure of Passive Transfer) which is the major cause of foal death under three months of age. Also, great for testing the quality of stored colostrum. Affordable, easy and accurate.

INFRARED NON-CONTACT THERMOMETER Just point and read. Ideal for fast non-invasive monitoring of temperature.

ythesdale, Victoria uard, PO Box 554 Sm alg Fo m co rd. ua or Email: sales@foalg PH: (03) 53422206


.com rd a u lg a o .f w w w it is v

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Gestation period for mares and foaling due date The gestation period for mares is approximately 320-370 days from the first time being bred. To generalize, the estimation of the due date use a 340 day gestation period. So if your wanting your foal to be born in early August, you need to breed your mare in the last week of August or the first few weeks in September. The chart adjacent will help you with the dates you plan to breed and and predicting the resulting foaling date. Once you know your mare is in foal and the rough date she is due, as the time nears one of the most stressful things about foaling is the nightly vigils to check your expectant mare. Anyone who has been in contact with foaling mares would know the story of “My mare waxed up today, she should foal very soon”. Two weeks later you’re walking around like a zombie with blood shot eyes saying, “she'll foal any day now”. Foalguard may have the answer for you with either one of their foaling alarms or a foal predictor kit. The foal predictor kit is simple and easy to use - you take a

Breed Date

Day 340

Breed Date

Day 340

Breed Date

Day 340

Breed Date

Day 340

Feb. 1 Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 Feb. 24 Feb. 25 Feb. 26 Feb. 27 Feb. 28 Feb. 29

Jan. 8 Jan. 9 Jan. 10 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 Jan. 13 Jan. 14 Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 17 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. 20 Jan. 21 Jan. 22 Jan. 23 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb. 1 Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 5

Mar. 1 Mar. 2 Mar. 3 Mar. 4 Mar. 5 Mar. 6 Mar. 7 Mar. 8 Mar. 9 Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12 Mar. 13 Mar. 14 Mar. 15 Mar. 16 Mar. 17 Mar. 18 Mar. 19 Mar. 20 Mar. 21 Mar. 22 Mar. 23 Mar. 24 Mar. 25 Mar. 26 Mar. 27 Mar. 28 Mar. 29 Mar. 30 Mar. 31

Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 Feb. 24 Feb. 25 Feb. 26 Feb. 27 Feb. 28 Feb. 29 Mar. 1 Mar. 2 Mar. 3 Mar. 4 Mar. 5 Mar. 6 Mar. 7 Mar. 8

Apr. 1 Apr. 2 Apr. 3 Apr. 4 Apr. 5 Apr. 6 Apr. 7 Apr. 8 Apr. 9 Apr. 10 Apr. 12 Apr. 13 Apr. 14 Apr. 15 Apr. 16 Apr. 17 Apr. 18 Apr. 19 Apr. 20 Apr. 21 Apr. 22 Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 25 Apr. 26 Apr. 27 Apr. 28 Apr. 29 Apr. 30

Mar. 9 Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12 Mar. 13 Mar. 14 Mar. 15 Mar. 16 Mar. 17 Mar. 18 Mar. 19 Mar. 20 Mar. 21 Mar. 22 Mar. 23 Mar. 24 Mar. 25 Mar. 26 Mar. 27 Mar. 28 Mar. 30 Mar. 31 Apr. 1 Apr. 2 Apr. 3 Apr. 4 Apr. 5 Apr. 6 Apr. 7

May. 1 May. 2 May. 3 May. 4 May. 5 May. 6 May. 7 May. 8 May. 9 May. 10 May. 11 May. 12 May. 13 May. 14 May. 15 May. 16 May. 17 May. 18 May. 19 May. 20 May. 21 May. 22 May. 23 May. 24 May. 25 May. 26 May. 27 May. 28 May. 29 May. 30 May. 31

Apr. 8 Apr. 9 Apr. 10 Apr. 11 Apr. 12 Apr. 13 Apr. 14 Apr. 15 Apr. 16 Apr. 17 Apr. 18 Apr. 19 Apr. 20 Apr. 21 Apr. 22 Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 25 Apr. 26 Apr. 27 Apr. 28 Apr. 29 Apr. 30 May. 1 May. 2 May. 3 May. 4 May. 5 May. 6 May. 7 May. 8

small sample of your mare’s milk and mix it with distilled water. Dip a test pad into the mixture, the pad will change colour. You then match the pads colour to the six coloured squares on the chart. If you get a match to any of the first three squares, statistically there is a

Breed Date June. 1 June. 2 June. 3 June. 4 June. 5 June. 6 June. 7 June. 8 June. 9 June. 10 June. 11 June. 12 June. 13 June. 14 June. 15 June. 16 June. 17 June. 18 June. 19 June. 20 June. 21 June. 22 June. 23 June. 24 June. 25 June. 26 June. 27 June. 28 June. 29 June. 30

Day 340 May. 9 May. 10 May. 11 May. 12 May. 13 May. 14 May. 15 May. 16 May. 17 May. 18 May. 19 May. 20 May. 21 May. 22 May. 23 May. 24 May. 25 May. 26 May. 27 May. 28 May. 29 May. 30 May. 31 June. 1 June. 2 June. 3 June. 4 June. 5 June. 6 June. 7

Breed Date

Day 340

July. 1 July. 2 July. 3 July. 4 July. 5 July. 6 July. 7 July. 8 July. 9 July. 10 July. 11 July. 12 July. 13 July. 14 July. 15 July. 16 July. 17 July. 18 July. 19 July. 20 July. 21 July. 22 July. 23 July. 24 July. 25 July. 26 July. 27 July. 28 July. 29 July. 30

June. 8 June. 9 June. 10 June. 11 June. 12 June. 13 June. 14 June. 15 June. 16 June. 17 June. 18 June. 19 June. 20 June. 21 June. 22 June. 23 June. 24 June. 25 June. 26 June. 27 June. 28 June. 29 June. 30 July. 1 July. 2 July. 3 July. 4 July. 5 July. 6 July. 7

98% probability that your mare will not foal in the next 24 hours, so it is highly unlikely your foal will appear any time soon, so you can get some sleep. If your pad matches the fourth square, you are getting closer but still unlikely that there will be a foal in the next 24 hours

Breed Date Aug. 1 Aug. 2 Aug. 3 Aug. 4 Aug. 5 Aug. 6 Aug. 7 Aug. 8 Aug. 9 Aug. 10 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Aug. 18 Aug. 19 Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 22 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Aug. 27 Aug. 28 Aug. 29 Aug. 30 Aug. 31

Day 340 July. 8 July. 9 July. 10 July. 11 July. 12 July. 13 July. 14 July. 15 July. 16 July. 17 July. 18 July. 19 July. 20 July. 21 July. 22 July. 23 July. 24 July. 25 July. 26 July. 27 July. 28 July. 29 July. 30 Aug. 1 Aug. 2 Aug. 3 Aug. 4 Aug. 5 Aug. 6 Aug. 7 Aug. 8

Breed Date Sept. 1 Sept. 2 Sept. 3 Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 6 Sept. 7 Sept. 8 Sept. 9 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 12 Sept. 13 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Sept. 16 Sept. 17 Sept. 18 Sept. 19 Sept. 20 Sept. 21 Sept. 22 Sept. 23 Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Sept. 26 Sept. 27 Sept. 28 Sept. 29 Sept. 30

Day 340 Aug. 9 Aug. 10 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Aug. 18 Aug. 19 Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 22 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Aug. 27 Aug. 28 Aug. 29 Aug. 30 Aug. 31 Sept. 1 Sept. 2 Sept. 3 Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 6 Sept. 7

Foaling prediction tests are a fantastic aid to any breeders foaling kit and can be a great cure for lack of sleep during foaling season. To order a Foaling Predictor kit call us on (03)5342 2206 email: or visit

Urine test kit can tell if your mare’s in foal Did you know there is a urine test kit available to tell you if your mare is in foal? Wee Foal Checker also known as 'Weefoal120™' mare pregnancy tests will save you hundreds of dollars on vet fees and gives you the peace of mind of knowing if your mare is or is not in foal. It’s very affordable and so easy to use. These mare pregnancy tests are a non-invasive, accurate and rapid test for diagnosing and monitoring pregnancy in your mare, from 110 days after mating through to 300 days. No blood sample is required and you don’t have to wait days for results back from a vet or lab. This test can be used on any breed of horse, donkey or even zebra. It is particularly appropriate for small horses where palpation per rectum or internal ultrasound scanning is risky or is not an option. The pregnancy test works by reading pregnancy hormone levels in your mare’s urine. The Wee-Foal-Checker analyses a few drops of your mare's urine for the presence of hormones associated with mare pregnancy.

The hormones are excreted into urine where it can be detected by the test. This provides the breeder with a non-invasive means of diagnosing pregnancy status and monitoring foetal viability. The Wee-Foal-Checker mare pregnancy test involves just two simple steps. Firstly, dilute a few drops of your mare's urine with the diluting solution provided with the test. Secondly, add a few drops of the diluted urine to

the test membrane enclosed in a plastic cassette. Wait five to 10 minutes. If a single red line forms on the test membrane, this indicates that your mare is pregnant. If two red lines form, this indicates that your mare is not pregnant. This Wee-Foal-Checker mare pregnancy test does not suffer the problem of 'false positive' diagnoses, often seen with other biochemical pregnancy tests, where mares that have lost their

foal are still diagnosed as pregnant. In the event of foetal loss, production of the estrogenic steroid decreases rapidly to nonpregnant levels, thereby resulting in a 'not pregnant' diagnosis with Wee-Foal-Checker. These tests have a 98% accuracy. WeeFoal and Wee-Foal-Checker provides peace of mind. Now it is easy to monitor the pregnancy status of your mare from 110 days after breeding right through to just before the expected time of foaling. It is prudent that your mare be retested five to seven months after first being diagnosed pregnant so that pregnancy status can be verified, and your mare managed accordingly. Wee-Foal-Checker has a shelf life of approximately 12 months and should be stored in a fridge. It is important to remove the test from the fridge a couple of hours before using the test.This mare pregnancy test is best performed at room temperature. To order Wee-Foal-Checker call us on (03)5342 2206 email: or for more information visit - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Understanding the art of breeding mares By DAVID LOVELL BSVS

Breeding is an art and understanding the process will help ensure you have a successful outcome. the equine reproduction cycle to determine the appropriate time to service the mare. It was not uncommon for individual stallions to successfully cover 80 - 100 mares in the season. Circumstances have changed a lot now and there are not as many big and specialised farms. Many breeders only have one or two mares and often prefer to keep their valuable mares at home rather than send them away for a sometimes prolonged period. It can be difficult for owners to obtain accurate information and to adequately manage and observe their mares to


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Experience IS the Difference Dr DAVID LOVELL Equine Veterinarian for over 40 years You have to know what is wrong with your horse!

At REDLANDS we guarantee you a DIAGNOSIS

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Full Service Equine Clinic all about your horse “It’s all It’s About Your Horse”

enhance their chances of conception. Certainly the simplest thing for owners is to select a farm and send the mare there and leave it to the farm management to settle the mare. Herein lies this single biggest decision that the mare owner has to make. Most infertility in the mare is not because the animal has a residual "infection" or underlying problem but is due to mating at an inappropriate time or covering the mare too frequently. It is essential that the farm manager is experienced, professional, and highly skilled and so assessment of the track record of the farm in terms of confirmed conception rates is the best indicator. Exactly the same principles apply whether the mare is to be covered naturally or by AI and application of these principles is the key to successful breeding The horse is a seasonal breeder and nature has dictated that the new foal should be born at a time of the year conducive to survival. Under natural conditions, this usually means well into summer when the environmental conditions are warmer and there is plenty of feed available. With a gestation period of 11 months, this means that the mid summer months of November, December, and January are in reality the most fertile times of the year. Many mares actually do not cycle in the winter and certainly the stallions libido and fertility is lower in the winter. The primary controller of the reproductive cycle in the horse is the actual number of hours of daylight. Increasing day length as occurs as we come out of winter into summer stimulates the horses pituitary gland to secrete hormones that make the horses cycle. Many mares experience a period in spring where they are in what is called "transitional" oestrus where they can actually be in season for several weeks and not ovulate. Repeated

Full Service Equine Clinic It’s all about your horse

September is the time that prospective breeders look to commence proceedings for getting their mare in foal. Unfortunately what was a relatively simple process under natural circumstances has become more and more complicated as humans have imposed more and more restrictions on the ability of the mare and stallion to mate. For many and various reasons, most of them very valid I might add, it is nowdays extremely rare for the mare and stallion to run together in the paddock. This factor imposes the single biggest cause of infertility in the horse and that is the fact that humans dictate to the animals when it is the appropriate time for them to mate. Breeding horses is both and art and a science and successful operators are able to combine both to result in high conception rates. The single most important decision a potential mare breeder must make is not the particular stallion, but who and where they will entrust the responsibility of actually mating their animal. Thirty years ago there were no scanners and no AI. Successful breeding farms, and most would expect at least a 90% conception rate, relied primarily on their management skills, animal husbandry, and their knowledge of

mating of the mare during this time is a major cause of infertility. The same pituitary gland actually also responds to increasing light and causes the horse to shed their winter hair coat and so often a good indicator of fertility is the concurrent emergence of a short shiny and dappled summer coat. Mares have a 21 day oestrus cycle and most mares will actually be in season for about five days. They go out of season usually within 24 hours of ovulation. The length of cycle and actual time in season can vary a little between horses but what is an almost certain constant is the fact that the mare will start to come back into season exactly 16 days after ovulation. Being able to diarise or map the mare’s stage of cycle and actual ovulation is the key factor in successful breeding of the horse. Teasing mares is a real "art" and can be very difficult for individual owners. Observant individuals who spend a lot of time with their mare can very often tell when the mare is actually strongly in season, by subtle changes in the mare’s mood and behaviour but this can be very unreliable. Traditionally teasing is done by observing the mare’s response to advances from a stallion, often a pony, or a gelding fortified with hormone specifically for the purpose of acting as a teaser. Observation in the subtle changes in the mare’s response would allow breeders to accurately predict the timing of ovulation. This is much less common now with poorer animal husbandry skills, more amateur breeder, and fewer teaser animals. Most places now rely on ultrasound examination to assess the state of the cycle and follicle. I believe that husbandry and management are essential skills and reliance on technology actually removes some of the "art" and overall management actually deteriorates. I believe there should be an intelligent mix of both. Ultrasound is certainly far more expensive, is very invasive and there is some risk to the mare and operator. Ideally the mare should only be mated once during each oestrus cycle. This service should be timed to occur close to ovulation. Natural service, and with chilled AI, sperm should be expected to survive in the uterus for a minimum of 48 hours, usually longer, and so there is a reasonable window for a successful insemination to occur. Sperm from frozen semen is nowhere near as viable and only survive for a very short time and so must be used almost identically with ovulation. Hopefully I have been able to convey a message to potential breeders that there is nothing "magic" about breeding horses. It is best to keep things as simple as possible.

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ur horse

ur horse

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The Horse Report

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Good nutrition is essential for mare and foals By ANTOINETTE FOSTER Dip. Nut. Equine Nutritional Therapist, Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist Genetics

Our brood mares require the correct daily nutrient intake to support the unborn foal and to ensure than when the foal is born; she can sustain the health and well being and growth rate of the foal. A well-balanced diet is essential and feeds such as the Johnsons Natural formula Mare and Foal is simply perfect. I t is high in roughage but also contains an excellent balance of grains including barley and oats. These feeds are quite unique in that they are the only clean feed available and are a steamed and compressed long stem fibre pellet, as opposed to commercial pellets which are processed prior to being produced, become powdery very quickly or soft and soggy when wet. Commercially produced pellets do not encourage normal chewing and grinding at the point of the mouth, whereas the Johnsons Natural Formula feeds actually encourage the horse to chew, creating that highly valued saliva production and digestibility. Feeding a high roughage diet to any horse is essential to maintain a healthy digestive sys-

tem and long term health. It is important to feed our foals safely and effectively, neither overfeeding nor underfeeding. There are many conditions associated with malnutrition. Often the word malnutrition is used in the wrong way; malnutrition can mean overweight or underweight, which means there is a major shortfall in the supply of nutrients to the body. Limb deformities are quite common in foals, these can be due to the position of the foetus in the uterus, and generally in this case the foal's limbs straighten after a few days and further treatment is not required. Flexural deformity occurs mostly in the forelimbs in one or both legs and most commonly in well-grown yearlings. The fetlock and pastern joints become more upright and the fetlock starts to knuckle over.

Angular limb deformity can be caused by a combination of trauma and nutritional imbalances. This means perhaps lunging of foals and yearlings, placing uneven and unnatural pressure on their limbs, long before they are fully matured, this can place pressure on one side of the Physis or growth plate causing one side to grow faster than the other. Through research we have discovered that Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) which includes OCD (Osteochondrosis), Cervical Vertebral malformation, Angular deformities, Contracted Tendons and Physitis (formally known as Ephyphisitis), can be caused by many factors, such as Genetic predisposition, management practises, disease and dietary influence. Â continued page 13

Bucked knees is a common leg abnormality that occurs in young foals.

Pregnant mares and young foals require a well balanced diet to achieve optimum growth and development and avoid abnormalities caused by inadequate nutrition.

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Keep a balance of minerals in daily diet From page 12 It is therefore very wise to seek professional advice before jumping onto any single D.O.D. Bandwagon. OCD (impaired blood supply to cartilage delays conversion of cartilage to bone resulting in abnormal thick cartilage or joint surfaces, the cartilage is therefore only loosely attached to underlying bone and may become detached causing inflammation within joint) occurs particularly in young rapid growing individuals, accelerating a horses growth by overfeeding may increase the risk of OLD. Generally the stifle and hock joints are effected and clinical signs of the disease usually become obvious in the first two years of growth. So in the case of OCD correct feeding will probably prevent this disease. Weanlings require almost twice the amount of protein than that of a mature horse. Correct nutrition means supplying your foal with right amount of water, protein, fibre, fat, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, a shortfall of any of these nutrients could lead to illness. Nutrients provide replacement molecules, provide energy and allow for growth. Our foal's survival depends on the survival of cells. Approximately 70% of the body is water, it is vital, as it is involved in digestion, regulating body temperature, lubrication and metabolism. Water must be readily available and fresh clean water must be provided on a daily basis. Sufficient amounts of carbohydrates must be supplied to allow for normal growth rate, athletic ability and resistance to disease. Proteins, (chains of amino acids) are vital for our foal's growth also and the 12 essential

A balanced daily diet is the best way to keep your horse healthy. amino acids must be supplied by the diet. A deficiency of protein can cause a decrease in food intake, and the condition of the coat may be affected. On the other hand feeding too much protein will mean the excess protein will be utilised as an energy source far less efficiently than carbohydrates or fat. Minerals and trace elements are also vital for growth and protection, as are vitamins. Feeding your foal is not very complicated, but it is important to remember that every foal and horse is different and they cannot be fed in the same way. Because individuality plays a big role in deciding what you will feed your foal, I do not agree with RDA recommendations, but, like many clinical biochemists and naturopaths I agree with Optimal Daily Allowances, this makes far more sense, when you consider that we as humans do not all require the same nutrient intake, we

are all individuals and so are our horses. Supplements such as BreedPlus and GrowthFix are highly recommended for you foals and young growing horses. Feeds such as the Johnson's Natural Formula Mare and Foal offers a perfectly balanced diet with the inclusion of hays and supplements, easy to feed and very cost effective. Using a Synbiotic such as BioEquus would also be ideal. For further information on managing your foal or broodmares health and nutrition contact me on 03 97756422 or email

Daily formula for broodmares, weanlings and yearlings. BreedPlus offers essential support for weanlings, yearlings and broodmares. Includes an excellent level and balance of calcium and phosphorous which have a role in normal growth and maintenance of bones. BreedPlus is a complete amino acid, vitamin and high available calcium formula with an emphasis on essential minerals and trace elements and will assist in maintaining the health of pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings and yearlings.

1kg provides a minimum of 40 days supply. Available in 1, 3, 5, and 10kg sizes. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Caterpillars can pose risk for horse breeders Processionary caterpillars are the kid that horse breeders dread. Each caterpillar is armed with two million finely barbed hairs. Should a pregnant mare ingest some of these hairs when they fall on grass, they can penetrate the intestinal wall, allowing bacteria into the bloodstream and infection of the placenta. You would not think caterpillars would be a threat to horses, but their hairs can be a major problem. These so-called processionary caterpillars are famous for going about single file, up to 200 or more at a time. They set out in a line when they run out of food after stripping bare a wattle tree, or when they need a haven for winter. Processionary caterpillars Ochrogaster lunifer (processionary caterpillar) and Leptocneria reducta (white cedar moth caterpillar) - have been found in large numbers on many broodmare farms in southern Queensland and northern NSW. The natural hosts of the caterpillars are eucalypt and acacia trees, mountain coolibah, white box, white cedar and wattles which are commonly found in eastern Australia. In late summer/autumn, the

Ochrogaster lunifer (processionary caterpillar) can cause allergic reactions in humans and can cause abortion in pregnant mares

caterpillar nests can be seen hanging in the trees as a silken bag. The caterpillars are grey and hairy with a brown head. Exposure to hairy caterpillars can cause an intense allergic reaction in humans resulting in quite severe skin rashes. In properties where foal abortions have occurred, it has been reported that some horses grazing under trees populated with caterpillars displayed skin reactions, however not all mares that aborted showed detectible abnormalities.

It is highly recommended that you remove mares away from pastures where known caterpillar habitat trees are present, or leave a large margin when fencing off areas with affected trees. When feeding mares, do it away from trees using elevated feeders to reduce the risk of contamination. Remove caterpillar nests from the trees in February/March before the caterpillars leave the nests and dispose of them Replace the trees on your property with others that are not the natural food of the caterpillars.

Caterpillar nests when seen in trees should be removed and disposed off

Mobile Tick Inspector makes moving easy With the start of the stud and foaling season approaching, many breeders will be needing to transport mares and foals to stud. If you are planning on crossing the tick quarantine border at Kirra or Aratula? Then you will need to get a tick treatment and this can sometimes present problems for mares and young foals, having to unload and reload them get them into a strange facility and then getting them sprayed. Julie Springthorpe from Tick Management Australia is an accredited certifier offering a mobile stock inspection service in south east Queensland. Julie can inspect and treat livestock and issue biosecurity certificates to allow livestock to be moved from tick infested zones to tick free zones. Julie can visit your property to inspect and treat your animals and issue a biosecurity certificate and you will then have 24 hours to cross the tick quarantine border allowing stock to be moved directly from their point of origin to their destination with out having to unload and also at a time convenient to the person transporting the animal. For further information contact Julie directly on: mobile 0427 993 266 or by Email:

TICK MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA MOBILE LIVESTOCK INSPECTOR Crossing the border - Need to get sprayed - I can come to you

Julie Springthorpe

Phone 0432 359 478, text messages welcome Email:

Dr. Alex Brandon BSc BVSc (Hons) MA JD Offering general equine veterinary services including * Equine dentals - using a state of the art power float * Lameness & pre-purchase exams * X-rays, ecg, vaccinations, blood analysis * Geldings, stitch ups, eye exams, equine health profiles * Mobile equine crush with scales - for dentals and mobile x-ray. * Emergency care offered for patients that have been seen for routine care. * Ambulatory service with plans to provide an equine hospital * Agistment for horses that need daily medication and care by arrangement.

Devoted to horse health, experienced, compassionate veterinarian with twelve ponies of her own. Available in the Northern Rivers based near Bangalow


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Country Park

It is time for romance

With a little common sense, gentle herbs will prepare your mare and stallion for what comes naturally.

Breeding and producing offspring is one of the natural cycles of life, and as with all areas of life often has its own challenges. For complicated pregnancies your veterinarian is your main source of advice. With general health support the use of gentle herbs can be of assistance in preparing for â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;romanceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and with the arrival of a new life in your paddock. There are a number of herbs to perpare your mare, support your stallion and even for weaning.

Read the full article at Design by Sandy Morphett

Rosehip Granules 1kg $19. 5kg Bag $18.per kg $90.

Raspberry Leaf 1kg $22. 5kg Bag $21.per kg $105. order online 02 62381135 Carol 07 55964387 Ruth - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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To the memory of the boss horse - "Plunk" 1979 - 1989 You never let me down Steve Langley is the creator of "Great Aussie Pub Crawls on horseback" and the 10 day "Ride the Divide" 300 km horse treks from Glen Innes to the coast which he organised from 1979 to 1997. He was the trail leader of the "Crackin' Cancer" four day fundraising raising ride for the Cancer Council from 2011 to 2016. Now retired at 80, he shares a poem he has written about the best horse he ever had and rode. He was a Waler and with his long distance horse treks in one 10 year period, he rode 44,000 kms on him until he/we had an unfortunate accident and he had to be put down.

I saw him at a horse sale in early '79, I spoke with his owner a lady who said, He's too strong to handle to be a horse of mine, So I've brought him to auction instead. He'd come in on a truck, she said his name's "Plunk", Big in the chest, broad and powerful in the rump, When I queried his name, she said it again, Yes that's it his name is "Plunk"! When his turn came along for the Auctioneers Song, She rode him into the ring, He danced and he pranced, every muscle enhanced, From the glow of the sun on his dark brown skin. The bidding was slow, it started off low, Few buyers were there on this day, When the hammer came down, I owned that Big Brown, And with mixed feelings I led him away. A solid brown horse, a true Waler type, Very proud, character showed in his eye, A roman nose that suited him well, His look seemed to say do or die. The first few times that I rode him, I felt his great strength surge throughout, And his spirit gave me the feeling, That he was a leader no doubt. Over the years we fostered a friendship, Through the good years and years of hard luck, Based on trust, respect and understanding, He was honest, no kicks, bites or buck. He stood 15 hands of muscle and bone, The leader, Boss Horse of the mob, Yet he did it without fuss or violence, Just moved in and got on with the job. Together we covered much country, Page 16

Seeking, exploring new trails, Working cattle, leading horse treks, doing "Pub Crawls", Here was a horse without fail. Never spooked by wire or water, Bush animals or strange sound, He would stride into unknown river crossings, And gallop on the roughest of ground. A winter's day at Cam Creek Crossing, Flood waters came down like a wall, Saved from drowning by mane and a stirrup, And his great strength that refused to fall. Oh to ride him was poetry in motion, In the way that he covered the ground, His walk would have other horses trotting, And his gallop was the fastest around. As he aged he seemed not to weary, As another horse would with the years, I felt I could not replace him, Nor find a horse like him, my fears. On his 20th birthday he was resting, For a "Pub Crawl" that was coming along, I looked at him grazing in a paddock, And I thought still a horse true and strong. Sometime later I caught and I saddled him, That powerful, spirited, brown, C'mon my faithful old beauty, "Pub Crawlers" are coming from town. Twenty horses were waiting 2 km away, Chestnuts, Bays and a spirited grey, A crack of the whip and were into a run, For another six days of "Pub crawling" fun. At "Boolabinda" people were waiting, Which riders to horses, with saddles to match, They stood around in eager anticipation, Wondering which horse next I would catch. These people had come from all over, In answer to ads for our ride, To trek from village to village, And climb rugged New England hillsides. When the horses were saddled and waiting, And the riders were matched to their mounts, We set off to climb Bullock Mountain, For each riders skill to account. On that day their skills showed throughout, So I led them into a run, Not knowing disaster was waiting, For the Boss Horse my faithful old gun. The track that we galloped wasn't too rough A good trail, we both knew it all, What was it that caused him to stumble?

Steve and Plunk on one of his great rides

And nearly brought my brave horse to a fall? For breathless moments his fore legs they faltered, Yet he fought himself up from the ground, My heart was racing as the thought flashed through me, "Good horse Plunk you've never let me down". Then came the feeling of horror, When his gallop had slowed to a halt, A hoof that had snapped at the fetlock, On a horse that had never shown fault. Mud and grass were imbedded in bone, Yet he stayed up on three legs and a stump, That magnificent, tough Old Waler, With a heart as big as his rump. I knew as I looked at his injury, The terrible job that had to be done, And my heart was heavy and aching, As I raced for home and a gun. On my return he was standing quietly waiting, Trying to eat the others had said, Gerd was holding his leg up, Chrissie was holding his head. At that moment my heart was breaking, For the time had come to part, From the mate who had given his all to me, And given it with all of his heart. And as I said farewell to him, He looked at me, then around, And the final words I uttered were, "Good on You Old Mate, you were the best You Never Let Me Down". Steve Langley1989 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report I noticed a marked improvement in suppleness, soundness and wellbeing, with less recovery needed between training sessions.

Kate Taylor-Wheat & World Star

Keep doing the things you love Treatment | Prevention | Wellbeing | Performance Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a unique and patented high impact plantbased joint treatment and immune system support. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a clinically proven QRQVZDEEDEOH QDWXUDO DQWLLQÅ´DPPDWRU\ SRZHUIXO DQWLR[LGHQW DQG ULFK VRXUFH RI QDWXUDO 9LWDPLQ & $OORZ \RXU KRUVH WR UHDFK LWV IXOO SRWHQWLDO ZLWK 5RVH+LS9LWDOp(TXLQH$OVRDYDLODEOHIRUULGHUVDV5RVH+LS9LWDOpZLWK*232p


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Pony Club NSW hosts Combined State Championships The 2017 Pony Club NSW State Combined Championships have wrapped up at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre in Tamworth. Competitions ran from Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th July including the State Showriding, Showjumping, Dressage and Jumping Equitation Championships attracting 380 riders and close to 400 immaculately presented horses took part in the event. Showjumping and Jumping Equitation Judge Katrina Dukats said she was delighted with the competitors. “I enjoyed the exceptionally high standard of presentation of horse and rider and the politeness of the riders,” she said. The State Showriding Championships started the week off with over 170 riders taking on the very cool mornings for a range of events including Rider, Hack, Hunter, Handler and Mount classes. Over three rings, competition was extremely high with some of the best Showriders in NSW taking part. In the Under 9 years division, Robin Henry from Quirindi Pony Club in Zone 5 was named the Age Champion, alongside Jacinta Sullivan from Wingham in Zone 9 who was awarded the 9 and under 11 years Age Champion award. Emmerson Mitchell claimed the 11 and under 13 years Age Champion from Denman Pony Club, while

Anastasia Haling from Kootingal achieved great results in the 13 & under 15 years B Grade Showjumping Championships. Photo: Julie Wilson Photography

Page 18

Zone 9’s Mackenzie Peterkin won the class for Pony Club Rider 13 & under 15 years and finished the State Showriding Championships in 3rd place overall.. Photo: Julie Wilson Photography Tahnee Sullivan from Wingham also placed consistently to be awarded the 13 and under 15 years Age Champion. In the 15 and under 17 years age group, Katrina Gorman from Zone 7 was announced as the Age Champion. As for the Associates, it was Jessica Craythorn from Wingham Pony Club in Zone 9 who took out the top spot. Zone 9 was named as the Champion Zone for the 2017 Showriding with the highest point scoring riders in Zone 9 named as Tahnee Sullivan, Jacinta Sullivan, Mackenzie Peterkin and Jessica Craythorn. Zone 2 was awarded as the best presented Zone. On Monday the Showjumping competitors were welcomed into the arena with riders aiming for the top spot across four classes. In the under 13’s age group our interstate competitors took the lead with Queensland rider Ben Bates claiming the Age Champion award. The 13 and under 15 years saw William Wood from Armidale awarded the Age Champion, while Aziza Yusuf from Bellinger River Pony Club claimed the 15 and under 17 years title. The Associate Championship grade was the largest of the event with Jessica Towns earning the top place as Age Champion from Gravesend Pony Club. Zone 8 was announced as the Champion Zone for Showjumping with riders Jessica Towns, Phoebe Oates, Liliana Reardon and Amy Egan the highest point scoring riders. The best presented zone Next up was the State Dressage Championships where 150 riders competed in two tests to determine the overall Champions in each age group. In the Under 11 years age group Claudia Smith from Berrima District Pony Club was

awarded the age champion, Phoebe Clifton from Bribbaree in Zone 2 was the Champion in the 11 and under 13 years and Alexander Seppelt from Londonderry Pony Club claimed the Champion 13 and under 15 years award. Both Shilo Harvey from Matcham Valley and Dannica Whitty from Mangrove Mountain scored equal highest points for the championship, winning the 15 and under 17 years and Associate age groups respectively. This pushed Zone 24 into the top spot for the Champion Zone award with riders Ella Bourke, Lucah Sturgeon, Shilo Harvey and Dannica Whitty as the highest point scoring riders in the zone. Zone 24 was also declared as the best presented Zone.  Continued page 19

Dannica Whitty competing at the Tamworth State Championships. Photo: Julie Wilson Photography - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Combined State Championships prove a great success  From page 18 To finish up the Combined Championships, Jumping Equitation was the last event of the week where riders are judged on their riding style and control of the horse whilst jumping. Riders competed over four classes with a range of tasks to complete during their jumping round such as lengthened strides, crest release, and more. In the Under 13 years age group, Alyssa Smith from Geary’s Gap Pony Club was awarded the Age Champion alongside Katie Simcock from Tall Timbers who was announced as the 13 and under 15 years Age Champion and Zoe Campbell from Corindi named as the 15 and under 17 years Champion. In the Associate division, the stakes were high for Forest Hills Pony Club sisters Rachael and Victoria Temm who were successful in being named the Age Champion and Reserve Champion for the second consecutive year. The Temm sisters were also officially presented with their successfully passed ‘A’ Certificates – the highest certificate attainable by riders in Pony Club. The presentation of the certificates follows an examination which they had successfully completed earlier in the year. Once again it was Zone 24 who claimed the award for the Jumping Equitation Champion Zone with riders Katie Simcock, Brooke Joyner, Maddison Jones and Olivia Johnson announced as the highest point scoring riders in the zone. Best Presented Zone was awarded to Zone 14. For many of the 2017 Combined State Championship riders, their performances at Tamworth would determine their chances of earning a place on the NSW Team for the 2017 National Championships being held in Toowoomba. Dannica Whitty from Mangrove Mountain in Zone 24, being one of those riders, had great success at the Championships in Tamworth, awarded the Associate Dressage Champion, and top 10 in the Showriding. Dannica was fortunate to earn a place in the NSW Dressage and Formal Gymkhana teams along with 50 other riders. NSW will send teams to compete in Showjumping, Dressage, Eventing, Mounted Games, Tetrathlon and Formal Gymkhana. The full list of selected riders that will compete at the Nationals is available on the PCANSW website.

The State Dressage Championships saw Jemma Wood from Toronto Pony Club placed 8th overall in the Associate age group events.. Photo: Julie Wilson Photography

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Victoria & Rachael Temm had a successful week of competition, and were presented with their Pony Club A Certificates



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CALENDAR BARREL RACING JAUGUST 5-6 Camden Barrel Racing 5-6 Moonbi, 12-13 AELEC NSW 13 Gracemere, QLD 19-20 Cooma Showgrounds 20 Branxton Rodeo Grounds, 20 Moonbi, NSW 20 Stonehedge QLD 26 Cooranbong, NSW 26 Tarcutta 26-27 Warwick Gold Buckle Series 27 Pink Lily, QLD 27 Geurie NSW 27 Tambo Rodeo Grounds QLD SEPTEMBER 2 Camden 2 Moonbi Magic 2 Kalvale 5 - 10 AELEC ABHA National finals 16 - 17 Murrurundi 23 - 24 Cooranbong 23 Tarcutta 23 - 24 Barcaldine Western Winter Series 24 Lazy Acres 30 - 1 Biloela 30 - 2 Murrurundi 30 - 1 Blackall



* hinged joint * plain and barbed wire * weld mesh / CHICKEN WIRE * COLOURBOND * galvanised pipe * pipe bending & cutting * downee fittings * electric fencing * pool and garden panels * ALL TYPES gates * rhs and merchant steel 07 5527 3266 9 JAY GEE COURT, NERANG Page 20

QBCC LIC NO. 1014232

SEPTEMBER 10 Arabian Spring Show @ Caboolture 16 Riding Pony Qld Champion of Champions @ Caboolture 23-24 Pacific Coast Arabian SHow @ Maryborough OCTOBER 7-8 Frazer Coast Allbreeds 7-8 South East Qld extravanganza Hack Harness and Breed show

CAMPDRAFTING/CUTTING /TEAM PENNING AUGUST 4 Harts Range 4 Whitsunday ASHS 5 Pallamallawa 5 Uki 10 Pussy Cat Bore 11 Hughenden 12 Clermont Local Draft 12 Garah 17 Borroloola 17 Grass Hut Challenge, Draft & Bull Ride 18 Blue Mountain 18 Sedan Dip 18 Westmar Campdraft & Gymkhana 19 Casino 25 Dirranbandi 25 Moranbah Bronze Titles 26 Dalby & District Campdraft SEPTEMBER 1-3 Bollon Draft 07 4625 7318 1-3 Clarke Creek 07 4938 9153 1-3 Richmond 0447 765 307 1-3 Roma Golden Hobbles 0427 537 498 2-3 Einasleigh 07 4062 5156 2-3 Rathdowney draft & Team Penning 2-3 Widgee 0406 573 329 8-10 Mackay ASHS at Nebo 0428 712 462 8-10 Nebo 'Tie Up The Black Dog' Draft 8-10 Theodore Spindles & Spurs 9-10 Nindigully 0422 765 522 9-10 North Star 02 67 545 422 10 Kumbia draft 0427 009 399

15- 7 Comet Windmill Draft 0427 807 738 15-17 St George 07 46 257 328 16-17 Cambooya 0423 518 991 16-17 Gatton 0419 648 772 16-17 Gin Gin 07 4157 2538 16-17 Jambin draft 0407 550 288 16-17 Kragra 07 46 651 115 16-17 Warrego0428 364 135 22-24 Brunette Downs draft 08 8964 4520 22-24 Twin Hills draft 07 4983 5173 23-24 Barcaldine 0488 521 136 23 Bauhinia draft 07 4996 4210 23-24 ary Valley 0427 167 329 23-24 Surat 0437 675 656 23-24 Yetman 0429 485 745


EFA Ph 07 3891 6611 AUGUST 4-6 Manning Valley 0433 307 853 5-6 Far North Champs@ Cairns 6 Fig Tree Pocket 6 Caboolture Amateur Owner Champs 6 Bowral Dressage 0414 411 359 6 ACT Dressage 0418 284 169 12-13 Clarendon 13 Albury Dressage 0428 632 494 13 Dungog 0428 686 652 13 Armidale 02 6775 3982 12-13 Brenda Whitman Champs @ Gatton 12-13 Fraser Coast Champs 12-13 Atherton Tablelands 13 Tweed Valley 18-20 REA Wagga Dressage 0428 632 494 19 Eurobodalla Dressage 20 Singleton Dressage 0409 743 718 20 Somersby 0403 581 114 20 Albion Park 0411 092 207 20 Bulahdelah 20 Northside Riding Club 0422 951 252 25-27 Qld Dressage Champs @ QSEC SEPTEMBER 2 Tweed Valley Equestrian 1-3 NSW State Championships 2-3 Townsville**2 Star Champs 3 Park Ridge 0417 185 826 3 Gladstone 9 Caboolture 9-10 Atherton Tablelands 10 Cooloola 16-17 Far North Equestrian Group 22-25 CDI Boneo Park 22-24 Nambour Competitive Two Star** 25-28 Australian Interschool Champ2 @ Toowoomba OCTOBER 14-15 Tweed Valley Power Of Pink

DRIVING AUGUST 5 Cooloola Dressage & Cones 6 Gold Coast Cones Comp 07 5533 8239 6 Harness Gymkhana TRHDC 13 Dressage & Pleasure @Goombungee 19-20 Spring Ridge Drive 02 6747 3711 27 Hills Club 02 9606 6085 20 Samford 073385 5256 20 State Dressage Champs @ QSEC 075483 5121 SEPTEMBER 3 Maryborough Bush Trails 9 Cooloola Social Drive 07 4129 7557 9-10 MCDC Level 3 CDE 0428414518 16 Park Drive Glengallen 0475 921 901 17 Samford 07 3385 5256 16-24 Liverpool Plains Annual Charity Drive


CONTACT PAULA 07 5590 9721 O - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

OF EVENTS 23-24 Queensland CDE Champs @ Goombungee - 07 4630 4990 30-6 Endurance Drive Marrar 02 4837 3023 30-1 Level 3 CDE Grenfell 0414961801

ENDURANCE AUGUST 5-6 Ride around the Rock 5-6 Kiwarrak Gold Cup 5 -6 Cambrai 0474 158 768 12-13 Murrumba 0432 500 969 12-13 Ararat Pony Club Endurance Ride Ph 0419 325 255 19-20 Euri Gold 07 4786 1310 19 Greenhills WA 21- 25 Shahzada 02 63797218 25-26 Jolly Lette Memorial 03 6334 5766 26-27 Gemstone Moonlight 0402 299 256 26-27 New Italy


Ph 07 3289 2148

REINING QRHA Secretary (07) 5429 8797 AUGUST 2-5 Qld State Show QSEC Caboolture 5-6 GVRHA Qualifier Show 12 SNSWRHA Ribbon Show 19-20 K Ranch 19-20 VRHA Winter Show 26-27 Tamworth SEPTEMBER 2-3 SQRHA Spring Rein Ribbon Show Gatton 2-3 GVRHA Club Show 19-23 Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity & National Championships


APRA 07 4661 8183 - NRA 07 5495 8668 AUGUST 3-4 Cloncurry Xtreme Bulls 5 Pine Rivers Show rodeo 11-13 MT Isa rodeo 12 Killarney 13 Logan Village Bull Ride 18-20 Doomadgee rodeo 19 Mary Valley Show 26 Boonah


AUGUST 19 Laidley Saleyards 07 4636 2037 SEPTEMBER 30 Laidley Saleyards 07 4636 2037

SHOWJUMPING /EVENTING E.F.A. 07 3891 6611 AUGUST 3-6 Gatton World Cup 11-13 Caboolture World Cup 27 Cedar Grove OCTOBER 14-15 Tweed Valley Power Of Pink

SHOWHORSE AUGUST 4-6 Pine Rivers 5-6 Sarina 9 Gladstone 11-20 Brisbane Royal 12 Mt Morgan 11-12 Tullamore Show 12-13 Mungindi Show 15-16 Trundle Show


19 Ganmain Show 19 Bedgerabong Show 19 Wowan 19 Mary Valley 20 Weethalle Show 22-23 Peak Hill Show 25-26 Condobolin Show 26-27 EA Qld HOTY 26 Barellan Show 26 Canungra 26-27 Penrith Show 26-27 Wentworth Show 28-30 Parkes Show SEPTEMBER 1-2 Wondai 1-2 Narromine 1-2 Grenfell 2 Manildra 2 Lake Cargelligo 2-3 Barmedman 2 Narrandera Show 3 Finley Show 3 Woodstock Memorial Show 3 TLEC Hack, Dressage and Sporting Day 5-6 West Wyalong 8-9 Murrumburrah Harden Show 8-9 Forbes Show 8-9 Wagga Wagga 8-9 Beaudesert 9 Giru 9 Quilpie 9-10 Quirindi Show 10 Cudal Show 10 Ariah Park Show 10 Wyong Shire Agricultural Show 15-16 Noosa 23 EA spring show

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Cooloola Trail riders Ph 07 5482 8436 CTHC-Caboolture ph 07 5498 6068 Toowoomba's Cumburrie 0429 340 722 Athra - 0409 704 554 Alligator Creek 0427 619 725 Beaudesert Shire 07 5546 9225 Beechmont & District 07 5533 1113 Bouldercombe 0418 715 837 Breakaway 0417 195 989 Brisbane Valley 0428 750 145 Cobb & Co. Country Trail Riders, 07 4623 3344 to 0428 100 144. Curtis & District 0438 111 091 Dayboro Trail Riders to 0475383553 Four Rivers Trail Riders 0413 746 033 Gold Coast & Albert District 0409 704 554. Ipswich & District 07 3395 0758 Logan River Redlands 0475 130 768 Mudgeeraba & Hinterland 0498 682 018 Rathdowney Trail Riding 07 5544 1177 Saturday Horse Activities 07 4934 2345 SCATER Ph: 07 5478 8676 or 0417 612 061 Seven Mile Lagoon 07 5424 6464 Tableland Trail Riders 07 4091 2070 Tweed-Byron Trail Riders 0418 400 047 Toowoomba Trail Riders 0438 933 032 Wide Bay Trail Riders 07 4126 3456

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WESTERN AUGUST 13 Southside Western Performance Club 19 Quirindi 0408 789 840 26-27 Maryborough Western show 0409 351 057 0418 282 097 -


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Molar Malocclusions in horses: the Wavemouth By SAMANTHA GUNTER, AEDP Molar Malocclusions can be extremely destructive in your horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mouth and can often require months of correction, or in some older horses, can not be corrected at all. The Wavemouth is a very common malocclusion and can be one of the most destructive. A Wavemouth refers to the misalignment of the molars when the jaw closes. They appear in a wave formation. In a normal horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mouth, the upper and lower molar arcades should line up in a slightly curved line, with each molar connecting with its counterpart evenly. This is how nature intended it and this allows the jaw to sweep backwards and forth, grinding the feed effectively. When this is not the case the horse has great difficulty grinding his or her feed properly. In a Wavemouth, some molars become dominant inside the mouth. This dominant molar erupts more quickly wearing down the opposing tooth eventually to nothing. The teeth do not align as they should and the jaw is unable to complete a full swiping motion. This means the horse is unable to grind his or her feed effectively, and therefore cannot digest their feed as well. Colic, choke and severe weight loss are all consequences of this. This condition has been attributed to many different causes such as deciduous caps not shedding correctly; genetics; or over/under filling by a previous dentist or vet. A Wavemouth can range from mild to extreme. If the horse is

young, then correcting the Wavemouth should be relatively simple. If the Wavemouth is extreme or seen in an older horse, often the damage has already been done. Horses only have a certain amount of tooth to erupt over their lifetime. If your horse has had a Wavemouth for his or her entire life, most likely the teeth opposite the dominant teeth will have erupted almost entirely. This leaves no more tooth to grow back into place and correct the Wavemouth. In these cases your dentist will explain the situation and then will discuss diet options for horses that can no longer chew effectively. To correct a mild-moderate Wavemouth, your dentist will request to visit your horse more often. This is because a dentist can only do so much each visit without adversely affecting the horse. By filing too much tooth, a dentist can make the horse sensitive while eating and can reduce the grinding capabilities of the tooth by filing the enamel surface too much. Horses need the enamel ridges on their molars to grind effectively. Unlike sharp points, which form on the side of the tooth, reducing a Wavemouth requires filing

Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistr y Caring, Reliable, and Comprehensive Treatment

Wavemouth or misalignment of molars can cause a horse to have difficulty in grinding its feed properly. of the occlusal surface. To make sure your horse doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go off his or her feed, or colic due to ineffective grinding of feed, your dentist will want to file smaller amounts over time. This is the safest and most effective way to treat a Wavemouth. Once the dentist is satisfied the Wavemouth has be reversed or

can be maintained, then he or she will prescribe a new timeframe to treat the horse. Regular dentistry by a qualified dentist is the best way to ensure your horse has a lifetime of excellent dental health. Conditions such as this can be easily reversed or maintained if proper attention is paid to them.

Phone 0432 359 478, text messages welcome Email:

Dr. Alex Brandon BSc BVSc (Hons) MA JD Offering general equine veterinary services including * Equine dentals - using a state of the art power float * Lameness & pre-purchase exams * X-rays, ecg, vaccinations, blood analysis * Geldings, stitch ups, eye exams, equine health profiles * Mobile equine crush with scales - for dentals and mobile x-ray. * Emergency care offered for patients that have been seen for routine care. * Ambulatory service with plans to provide an equine hospital * Agistment for horses that need daily medication and care by arrangement.

Devoted to horse health, experienced, compassionate veterinarian with twelve ponies of her own. Available in the Northern Rivers based near Bangalow 0415 169 469 Page 22

PO Box 51, Bangalow NSW 2479 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Managing intestinal worms in your horse using herbs By CATHERINE MCDOWELL

Every time one visits a stockfeed store or saddlery shop, you are inundated with advertising slogans for the best wormer rotation program, along with life cycle charts detailing every stage of the nematode. Images of Bots assault your eyes, and chemical smells mingling with chaff and hay have become the norm. It is a very satisfying feeling knowing that the worming paste has killed the offending larvae of the Bot fly. And you know it works because the wormer is a toxic chemical. The fact that chemical drench resistance is a problem is not a subject of deep thought- the assumption is that while ever a chemical company is in operation, a drench to deal with the next resistance is only a season away. Animal Health is now synonymous with agricultural chemical companies - something that was unheard of in the days when my grandfather had 30 head of Clydesdales to pull the combine at harvest. You can guarantee he did not drench his horses every three months as recommended irrespective of management or requirement. The Problem with Chemical Drenches. Besides the obvious drench resistance that can occur with the overuse (or under-use if you read the inserts) of anthelmintic and other well-known systemic chemical parasite controls, is that of the damage to the lining of the Gastrointestinal System and organ (liver and Kidney) damage. Any toxic load on an animalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s system will compromise the liver and kidney, as these chemicals are cleaned out of the system via the normal metabolic process. Any toxicity not cleared naturally will be

A scuffed up tail from rubbing may be a sign that your horse has worms

Some times its obvious that worms are present and show up in horses manure

Garlic and other bitter herbs may assist is reducing worm counts in horses

stored in fat, and is released again when the system can finish its processing. If this is not cleared, the system becomes compromised resulting in lowered immunity, never really catching up its metabolic "housekeeping".

sitic herbs that work by toning up the wall of the gut while at the same time helping to expel worms. Regular use leaves the gut healthier than before and more able to manage a natural and harmless worm load. These herbs are steeped in raw apple cider vinegar and specific dosages are given in a set program over weeks. Wormwood, Chinese Rhubarb, Tansy, Burdock, Flax Seed, Cloves and Garlic are a few of the herbs that I like to use for their anti parasitic and vermicide effects. Aloes, Elecampane and slippery elm powder is used to heal damage to the lining of the gut, making the environment and GIT ecology much healthier. There is no resistance build up, nor chemical residue to deal with.

The Alternative Giving bitter herbs is not popular in our modern age when we all seek treatments which are lolly flavoured and nice to take. There is a place however for astringent and bitter tonics in digestive system health. The simple answer is that there is no herbal treatment which will kill all worms and register a zero count in a blood test. Worms evolved along with all animals' digestive ecology and if the horse's general health is properly supported, any infestation will be controlled so that it does the animal no harm. The herb Wormwood (and many others) was used for hundreds of years to assist in managing worm loads in people and animals alike. These herbal wormers are safe for the host, have no side effects and discourage worms by making the animals system healthier and discouraging worm reproduction. Chemical wormers are maybe more powerful than what you would want and work only because they kill worms quicker than killing the host. However, if the situation calls for a chemical wormer, I am not against judicious intervention. Herbs can be used to help detox from the negative effects of chemical drenching, whilst assisting your animal to manage the worm loads is a much more realistic target and can be done using a number of different approaches. I make up a mixture of traditional anti-para-

Managing the Environment Another factor often overlooked is the season. If you are lucky to live in a country like Australia with its harsh climactic extremes, you have nature again working for you. Worm cycles are interrupted by dry periods and frost, the likely hood of herd infestation lowered. Naturally, if you're not living in these kinds of conditions, you must still keep manure under control especially if you have a high animal population on small acreage. Making sure that you allow good periods of rest in paddock and follow on grazing methods (with sheep or cattle) is advised. Using biodynamic soil sprays, basalt and dolomite to condition the soil is also part of managing the whole system in balance. Encouraging natural forages of lava and eggs is part of well-nourished balanced eco system, and will keep parasite levels in check.

McDowell's Herbal Treatments. Ph 02 6331 3937 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion Works great. You must try it.

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.


The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.


Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world - the bit of the future!

DAVID ID HAYES H Champion Ch Trainer Major br M breakthrough. reakthrough I recommend it.

Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

P ictu re s 1 & 2 sh ow a Sn af fl e bi t ro of ru bb in g an d bi t pi n ch in g.

Normal Plate


) Stops the bit pinching the tongue )Stops the tongue getting over the bit )Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching )Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth )Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting )Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking

P ictu re 3 : T h e am az in g



ven ts it ! prev )Stops displacement of the soft palate )Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise )Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed )Amazing soft and responsive bit contact )Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein )Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 Page 24 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Ad design byy The Stable - g / g

TROY PALMER Champion Drafter I highly recommend them


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Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Clinic Calendar . 

DE.#.)DJ.# 1&5ECDJ ED-..)EG.# 1&5ECDJ



I5 ),-'(-#$*)1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2)(     G5 ),-'(-#$*@)3)5,--")1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;1%$("#' 


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F5)1(" ),-.,/(")1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;&-



E5)3)5,--"&$($3$.# .#5:#$3 ,)';<-%  J51*,'*â&#x20AC;&#x201C;&-


 .#51&%(,   )1$-,%, 



E5)3)5,--"&$($â&#x20AC;&#x201C; -%   !$&)3)5,--"#)3â&#x20AC;&#x201C; -%  

&$(,"-)(  &$(,"-)( 






EL.#@FC.# 1&5ECDJ

DJ.#@DK.#1"1-.ECDJ  DL.#@EC.#1"1-.ECDJ 

EK.#.)FC.# 1&5ECDJ D-..)J.#1"1-.ECDJ




E5 ),-'(-#$*)1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;1(,"@,5),)1"#,  



H.#.)DC.#*.',ECDJ DI.#@DJ.#*.',ECDJ

)3)5,--"$(&-â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ,'(.)7&$ ),($ E5)3)5,--"&$($â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2(-   



  (($ , 3%$(-


EF,@EG.#*.',ECDJ EI.#*..)E(.),ECDJ

E5).&+1$(1(-&(4*)â&#x20AC;&#x201C;))3))'  J5 ),-'(-#$*)1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;#,$-.#1,# 



>.$&-)(3-$.8.+#),-4*)9)'91? $((3.)(   MIGFFDEIEDD





DG.#@DH.#.),ECDJ  DI.#.)EE(.),ECDJ

 E5 ),-'(-#$*)1,-â&#x20AC;&#x201C;%5   J51*,'*=-%    



 )$ 1 .#5.3,.




EK.#.)FD-..),ECDJ  E(@F,)2',ECDJ 

G5)3)5,--",) --$)(&-)1,-3 5($(",)-<)â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  &$(,"-)(  E5)3)5,--"&$($3$.# 5($(",)-<)â&#x20AC;&#x201C;   &$(,"-)( 





DK.#@DL.#)2',ECDJ EG.#.)EI.#)2',ECDJ

E5)3)5,--"&$($â&#x20AC;&#x201C; )("&  F5225%(=&)("  



 --)(5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;&)("     E5 ),-'(-#$*)1,-@2$"/)($â&#x20AC;&#x201C; -% 


,< ,$%(&$($<-% 




ECDK,1'5 ,$â&#x20AC;&#x201C; -% 








 (($ , 3%$(- ,&&('% 





,&&('%   .#5.3,. 



Training DVDs Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVDs) incl. Rein Positions, Four Rein Lengths Volume 1 & 2, and Strengthening Exercises , Liberty, Foal Handling, The Way of the Horse 2012

Order online

proudly sponsored by ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc , Peter Brophy Saddlery, Barrack Saddlery, JSS Quarter Horses, Shahwan Park Arabians Page 25 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Trainers feature

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Wait, Wait, Wait and then Wait some more By TANJA KRAUS When it comes to horses we have all heard the term 'take the time it takes', but are we really following that ? I had a clinic over the weekend, in which we were working on an extreme trail course. We had water crossings, ponds, bridges and step ups, just to list a few of the things we were teaching our horses to navigate. In the first session of the clinic, we had taken the time to talk about the instincts of the horse, the physiology that occurs when a horse is worried, or navigating something new, and the psychology of the horse. One of the things I am passionate about when it comes to our horses is preserving the horse and his confidence, and allowing the horse to build the confidence to be willing to try to do what it is we are asking - anyone can force a horse to do what they want, and anyone can manipulate the horse to do what they want - but the horse will still not want to do it, nor trust it. We had a horse at the clinic over the weekend, who, when presented to the wooden bridge responded with a loud, unwavering 'No'. When asked to look at the bridge, she turned away, backed up, spun around, refused

Page 26

to even look at it. Reading the horse, I noticed that she was genuine in her worry about the bridge - her heart rate was up, breathing rapid, head high, and she was looking for any way to escape. She would stop a couple of metres before the start of the bridge. So I headed over to help the rider and the horse, and I asked the rider to simply ask the horse to face the obstacle, at the distance that she was comfortable (this is called the window of tolerance). I asked the rider to wait for the horse to relax, while she was facing the bridge. If you offer the horse nothing to fight against, then there is no fight. Once we had the horse relaxed about facing in the direction of the obstacle, we were able to ask the horse to move towards the obstacle, and we did this knowing that the horse would give us something to respond to - she would either try evasion, and give us something to 'correct' or she would move forward and give us something to reward. The process continued for a while - the horse would get brave, and advance towards the bridge, and then change her mind and backup, turn away etc. While she was backing up and trying to evade, we simply kept her facing the bridge, and when she stopped trying to evade we asked her to walk

Wait for the horse to relax back to the bridge. Because we didn't enter into the evasive behaviour, other than to keep the horse facing it, she had nothing additional to argue with, and didn't change our focus. Often if a horse evades something, we go into 'fight mode' and kick, pull and whip to teach the horse that what he is doing is wrong - but by entering the 'fight' we have taken focus from the obstacle (which is what the horse wants) and we have given the horse reason to distrust us. By simply remaining calm, and keeping her pointing towards the bridge, we allowed her the time she needed to go through her process' - saying 'no', moving forward, smelling the bridge, pawing at the bridge with 1 foot, and then

the other, biting the bridge and finally crossing the bridge of her own decision. When we present the horse to an obstacle, we often forget that he is smart and he knows what it is that we want - how many times do we see people fighting with their horse about float loading, and trying to continually ask / tell the horse to go in - he's not stupid, he knows you want him to go in the trailer. The process over the bridge on the weekend took a long time - in human terms. It took just under an hour. Im sure there are plenty of you reading this and thinking 'thats ridiculous, I don't have an hour to get a horse over a bridge, OR, 'it wouldn't take me an hour to get a horse over a bridge. The thing is 'we' didn't 'get' her over the bridge - she made the decision to cross it all on her own, without us having to cause her stress - we didn't lunge her, whip her, or 'make it uncomfortable' for her not to cross, we simply waited for her to be confident enough to cross it. Think about something that you are afraid of - Snakes ? Heights ? Imagine if I tried to get you to 'handle' your fear by applying pressure. Its our ego that tells us that an hour is too long for a horse to do anything, but the horse has all day. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Bounce Back® Horse Fencing Australia’s Premium Fencing System for the Safety & Wellbeing of your Horses

Bounce Back® is all about your horses

100% Australian Owned & Manufactured

Artwork: Horse Deals

cks Arena Pa540 frominc$G1S,T

Reliable Shipping

Horse Fencing Australia Wide

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PayPal and Credit Card Facility

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For all Horse Fencing Supplies

Quality Products

Safe Horse Fencing Supplies

Ph (02) 9756 3108 | | Or visit our website

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NBHB[JOFrWJEFPrXFCTJUFHorse Deals | - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Champion Childs Show Hunter pony Karanga Dallas exhibited by Emily Barrow

Champion Show Hunter Hack Freemantle exhibited by Rebecca Crane

Reserve Champion Girl Rider 12-15yrs Lara Parnell

Champion Show Hunter Leading Rein Imperial Bonus ridden by PiperThompson for the Douglas Family Page 28

photos by Pic My Pony

Champion First season Show Hunter Hack Dicavalli Royal Glitter and runner Up Dicavalli Royal Diamonds

Champion Small Hack Argyle Imprint ridden by Kirsty Harper Purcell

Reserve Champion Large Pony Dunelm Something Special ridden by Ali Berwick

Champion Large Pony Royalwood Cat Call ridden by Melissa Plunknet

Champion Small Galloway Mistwood Park Lilly of the Valley ridden by Mikayla Van Kampen

Champion Show Hunter small Galloway Saravale Focused and runner up Clemson Tuxedo II

Reserve Champion Girl Rider 15-17 yrs Kayla Webb

Bronte and Kylie Raymont - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Champion Childs Show Hunter Pony Elvanora Park Kandyman exhibited by Jack Jackson

Newcommer sweepstackes winner Langtree In Vogue exhbited by Adam oliver

Champion Led Show Hunter youngstock Owendale Butter Scnapps

Supreme ridden Royalwood Cat Call exhibited by Melissa Plunknet

Champion Led Riding Pony Mare Royalwood Black Swan exhibited by Simon Durante

Champion led Show Hunter gelding Silkwood Playboy exhbited by Kayla Webb


Bianca Van Kampen

Champion Galloway exhibited by Georgia Fairweather

Huntingshire the Scout and Ellie Kelhart

Pic My Pony Photography

Larendel Geisha exhibited by Kayla Webb

Lola and Cassandra Ali

Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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photos by Paula Anthony

Tremayne Royal Opera exhibited by Paula Anthony Supreme led exhibit

Reserve Champion Galloway Tremayne True Moment exhibited by Charlee Anthony

Rylan Walsh enjoyed his first Hack show and was awarded reserve Champion Beginner rider

Whitmere Royal Opera exhibited by Chelsea Taunton Supreme Hack Tahnaya Ferris working out to win the Reserve Champion Novice Galloway

Champion Novice Hack was exhibited by Jayden McNall

Supreme Rider - Charlee Anthony Kaitlyn McNall working out to place in the Lady Rider

Pho oto ogra aphy by Pa aula a Antho ony

Phone: 0413 733 294 - Email: Page 30

Sisters Holly Taunton and Chelsea Taunton took out both the small and large Pony Champion awards - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo

23RD & 24TH SEPTEMBER 2017 To oowo oomba a Sho owgro ounds

Quality Presenters - Horsemanship & Discipline Demonstrations TICKETS Horse Health & Education - Trainerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Challenge ON SALE NOW Night Show Extravaganza - Equine Shopping Galore

Proudly supported by - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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What’s happening FRASER COAST ALLBREEDS SHOW The Maryborough Active Riders Club will be host to the 2017 Fraser Coast Allbreeds show on October 7 and 8 at the Maryborough Equestrian Centre. There will be more than 200 halter and saddle classes, ASH and allbreeds challenges, youngstock class, full show horse and show hunter program plus an Australian Stock Horse Feature show. There will be trophy rugs, beautiful garlands awarded to Supremes, ribbons to sixth and loads of prize money and prizes up for grabs for competitors. For further information contact Cate Puschmann on 04315 444 09 Entry to the show is via and entries close October 4.

NOOSA COUNTRY SHOW The annual Noosa Show will be held at Pomona Showgrounds on September 15 and 16. Ring events will include a separate Hunter ring with Lightweight, Heavyweight and Working Hunter classes, Harness, Breeds, Western, District and Open Hacks, Pony Club Hacks, Novelties, Show Jumping, Light Horses and a New miniature program. Once again there will be the popular Show Riding Mount ring on Friday 15 for all breeds of horses that aren't of Hack type - they may be of any breed. Ponies Galloways and Hacks will be judged on performance and rideability. If you show dogs, there is a great program for them on Friday. This year they offer a special competitor rate two day gate pass. Entertainment will include Rooftop Express show over both days, live music by top local bands, fireworks and a laser light show. For further information contact the office on 07 5485 2331 or horse steward Christine on 0437 637 233.

Pomona Showgrounds 15th & 16th Sept 2017

** Show Riding Mount Classes on Friday ** Friday 15th: Harness, Breeds, District Hacking, Rider Classes, Show Riding Mount, Novelties, Pony Club Classes & Show Jumping

* Lovable Mutts Dog Show on Friday ** Saturday 16th: Hunter Ring- including Light and Heavyweight and Working Hunter, Hacking, Rider Classes, Show Jumping New Miniature program & Light Horses.

Increased prizemoney for Supremes and Showjumping Rooftop Express show over both days, Live music by top local bands. Fireworks & laser light show Two days of competition great music and entertainment Beef and Dairy cattle- Dog show on Friday. Special ‘Competitor rate’ two day gate pass

Contact the Office on 075485 2331 or Horse Steward - Christine 0437 637 233


For further information please contact Cate Puschmann on 0431 544 409

Entry via entries close 4th October 2017 Page 32 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Riding Pony Champion of Champions Show The Queensland Riding Pony Committee will be holding their Champion of Champions show on Saturday, September 16 on the Dressage Warm-Up Arena, Queensland State Equestrian Centre at Caboolture. This show offers two events in one. In the morning, there will be a full senior show pony program for Led and ridden Show Pony, Show Hunter pony, Overheights, Leading Rein and First Ridden as well as home produced and newcommer classes Then in the afternoon, the committee will wind up the year with our Champion of Champion Ridden feature event. Ten events each offering over $100 sweepstakes, rugs, garlands and prizes to include: Champion Leading Rein Show/Show Hunter n.e. 12hh Champion Ridden Show Pony 13.2hh and n.e. 14.2hh Champion Ridden Show Pony r 12.2hh and n.e. 13.2hh Champion Ridden Show Pony , n.e. 12.2hh Champion Ridden RPSBS Show over 14.2hh Champion First Ridden Show/Show Hunter n.e. 12hh Champion Ridden Show Hunter n.e. 12.2hh Champion Ridden Show Hunter Pony over 12.2hh n.e. 13.2hh

The Riding Pony Champion of Champions Show has a lot to offer competitors Champion Ridden Show Hunter Pony over 13.2hh n.e. 14.2hh Champion Ridden RPSBS Show Hunter Hack over 14.2hh These will be judged in a similar manner to a HOTY class. The workout will be the RPSBS Show/Show Hunter Ridden Workouts and are only open to those that qualified by placing first or second at selected shows that include the 2016 SHCQ HOTY, 2017 Toowoomba Royal, Northern NSW Hack Championships, EQ HOTY, North Queensland Hack Championships, Queensland Country Hack Championships, Brisbane Royal, RPSBS State Stud Show and Beaudesert Show.

The Northern NSW Show Horse Association.


Proudly presents

The 2017 Alstonville Allbreeds Spring Horse Spectacular Alstonville Showgrounds - 8am

Sunday 8th October 2017 Led and Ridden Classes for Allbreeds & Beginners Ring 2 Ring format for Ponies, Galloways & Hacks, Off the Track classes Supreme Champion Led Stallion of the Show Supreme Champion Led Mare of the Show Supreme Champion Led Gelding of the Show Supreme overall led (Marjorie Clark Memorial) Supreme Champion Rider of the Show (Greg Potts Memorial) Supreme Champion Hack of the Show (Ward Rippon Memorial) Supreme Champion Hunter Hack of Show

Visit us on

For show Enquiries: Libby Went - 02 6628 0262 Jo Robson - 0415 197 343 Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985 Email. Northern NSW Show Horse Association

Another feature of this event will be the Young Judges Final which required qualifying for by placing first or second at one of the qualifying events. The RPSBS QLD introduced their Young Judges Scheme this year running events at Toowoomba Royal Brisbane Royal the State stud show and the Northern NSW Hack Championships. The Young Judges scheme aims to increase young members' sportsmanship, knowledge of the Riding Pony breed and their involvement in the RPSBS Society. For details contact Kym Johnson on 0417 647 747 or Mike Smith on 0413 152 968 or visit



Entries close last mail Friday 25 August.2017

MORNING PROGRAM Full senior show pony program for Led and ridden Show Pony, Show Hunter pony, Overheights Leading Rein & First Ridden AFTERNOON PROGRAM CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS RIDDEN SHOW HUNTER PONY/HACK CLASSES CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS RIDDEN SHOW PONY/HACK CLASSES Qualification for Champion of Champions First or Second placing at the 2016 SHCQ HOTY, 2017 Toowoomba Royal, Northern New South Wales Hack Championships, EQ HOTY, North Queensland Hack Championships, Queensland Country Hack Championships, Brisbane Royal, RPSBS State Stud Show and Beaudesert Show

Kym Johnson - Ph 0417 647 747 Mike Smith - Ph 0413152968 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 33

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What’s happening NIMBIN SHOW The Nimbin Country Show had its beginnings in 1919 and is the first show in the North Coast show circuit. The 2017 show will be held on September 23 - 24 and is a traditional style agricultural show with horses, cattle, poultry, dog trials, arts, crafts, fruits, vegetables, and horticulture. Saturday ring events will feature Led and ridden breed classes , Novice and open Hacks and Hunters and Rider classes a Supreme Led and Supreme Hack and Sunday will have classes for Shetlands, Miniatures, Heavy Horses, Showjumping, Junior Senior and Assoc hack and rider classes novelty and sporting events For more information: Email: or phone (02) 6689 1583 or 0427 045 978

TLEC HACK SPORTING DRESSAGE DAY The Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club will hold an Open T-Shirt hack show & gymkhana on Sunday 3 September 2017 at the club grounds Bilambil Rd Bilambil. Events will include Novice and Open show hack and Show hunter classes, and a beginner ring and then on completion of the Hack events the Dressage will begin along with fun events for all ages including bends, barrels keyhole, 3 mug race and more Cost for the day will be $25 which includes all classes and 1 dressage test.. additional dressage test will be $5. We will be using recycled ribbons that have been donated back to the club so we can raise much need funds to go towards all the great improvements we have planned for the grounds like top dressing the show arena, the new sand arena and new jumping course. For further information contact Paula 0413 733 294.

NIMBIN SHOW 2017 23 - 24 September Saturday - Led and ridden breed classes Novice and open Hacks and Hunters, Rider classes Supreme Led and Supreme Hack Sunday - Shetlands, Miniatures, Heavy Horses, Showjumping, Junior Senior and Assoc hack and rider classes novelty and sporting events

For more information: Email: (02) 6689 1583 or 0427 045 978


Sunday 3 September 2017 T shit hack events Sporting events Obstacle course - Games Dressage Enquiries Paula 0413 733 294 or email

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) ‡ Horse Transport Ph 0408 537 904 ‰ The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 ‰ Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085


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Based in the Lockyer Valley QLD

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218 Willowcroft Regal Rose Price: $ 15,000. 14.2 ¾ hh Reg: EA, SHC, Riding Pony Brown Mare YOB: 2003 Sire: Willowcroft Regal Emblem Dam: Willowcroft Tranquility This horse has been the most special horse I have owned. She has taught me so much and gives so much to me. The only reason this beautiful girl is for sale is because I want to give someone the experience this horse has given me, too many to list. She has taken me to Grand Nationals, Adelaide royal, wins at state title shows and success at local shows. Coco is perfect for a confident child moving onto Galloway but also very well suited to teenagers and small adults. Coco is easy to float, body clip, ride and day to day handling. Contact: Mandy Harrison Mob: 0412 444 350

Elmdale Park Presidential Price: $ 25,000. 16.3 ½ hh Thoroughbred Chestnut Gelding Sire: Bianconi Dam: Ora Smytzer Bobby needs no introduction, as his results since he commenced his showing career have made him one of the country’s most consistent and easily recognisable Show Hunter Hacks. As a true Thoroughbred Show Hunter, bold, powerful and confident. Bobby is now ready for his next rider to continue his success and at only 8 years of age he is only just coming into his own. He is fully qualified and entered for Adelaide Royal 2017. Bobby has been professionally educated and is easy to handle, travel and prepare, he has a great personality, however he does require an experienced rider. Any vet check welcome. Video footage available. Some of Bobby’s Show Ring Highlights; 2017 Sydney Royal – Open Hunter 16.2hh & over winner 2017 Canberra Royal – Reserve Champion Show Hunter 2017 EV State Titles – Runner Up Large Show Hunter 2017 SHCV Masters – Large Hunter of the Year 2016 EA Nationals – Runner Up Large Show Hunter 2016 EV State Titles – Large Show Hunter of the Year 2016 SHCV Masters – Large Show Hunter of the Year Contact: Terry Van Heythuysen Ph: 0400 106 068

Alkyra Acrobat Price: $ POA 16.0 hh Bay/Brown Gelding Reg: SHC. EA . ANSA . AWHA Sire: Contenda Dam: Alkyra Scarlet Lady Rare opportunity to purchase a young, top quality show or performance horse at the very start of what will be an amazing career. Lukey has been beautifully and classically educated, he is a pleasure to ride, with big, soft, ground covering paces. Only lightly shown he has more than proved himself at the highest level but has plenty of untapped potential. Will make an ambitious rider an incredible show hunter, rider class or dressage mount, Lukey also shows a real love to jump. Has been ridden by children with great success. Easy horse to own in every way. Major wins include- RU Small Hunter Hack SHC HOTY 2016 - Champion Prelim Hunter SHC HOTY 2016 - 1st Novice Hunter 15-16hh Canberra Royal 2017 - Runner Up (3rd) Grand National 2017 Good home essential and can be considered in pricing. Contact: Belinda Scanlon Ph: 0412 537 107 Email:



Price: $ 18,000. neg 15.3 ¾ hh Reg: SHCV, EA Bay Gelding Hugh is a quality individual with correct conformation and jaw dropping movement that draws admiration wherever he goes. In his Newcomer season Hugh has had much success including: - Top 10 SHC Debutante Hack - Winner RVL Fashions off the Track class - 3rd SHC Southern Stars Open Small Hack - Runner Up Barastoc Newcomer HOTY (equal winner on points) - Winner Barastoc Open OTT ridden - Runner Up Barastoc Led OTT - Runner Up VAS ltd Led Hack - Runner Up VAS ltd First Season Hack - Top 5 VAS ltd Open Hack - Qualified Royals Unfortunately a recent career change doesn't allow time for two hacks so he must go to an experienced home that will see him reach his full potential, horses like this don't come along every day Contact: Kathleen Ph: 0408 445 660 Page 38 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218 Yartarla Park Show Scene Price: $ 15,000 14.0 hh Reg: EWA ,SHC ,RPSB, WCPS Liver Chestnut Gelding Sire: Yartarla Park Chipmonk Dam: Rockview Jacinta GN QUALIFIED 2018 - CJ is the super pony. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this day would come for him to be on the market. Suitable for the less experienced riders and advanced teens or even grandma. He has been with us for a bit over 2 yrs and his rider no longer wishes to ride. CJ loves to jump and riding out. He requires very little working down if any. His movement is just superb and would also excel in dressage. He is Mr Personality plus. Loves smooching and attention. He has a good sound education including flying changes. I have never questioned my daughter safety on him and he has looked after her well. CJ is only just coming into his prime and has so much more to give. He will win in any state and is a definite GN contender. He is a true hunter pony and exceptional quality. This is an extremely hard sale and extremely heart breaking. We have way too many and only one riding. Comes with all his rugs. MG bridle and false tail Contact: Nicola Forsberg Mob: 0498 476 393

Mahogany Park Rhianna Price: $ 4,000. 12.2 ½ hh Reg. APSB Riding Pony, Part Welsh & Riding Pony Bay Mare YOB: 2012 Sire: Fairlight Acres Kassa Dam: Fairlight Acres Rochelle

Hillgrove Spring Melody Price: $ 7,800. 13.1 7/8 hh Reg: APSB, SHC, EA, RPSBS, Arabian Society Liver Chestnut Mare Sire: Rothwell Toy Town Dam: Kooralyn Dominique Mel is a royal quality pony and has attended Sydney, Canberra, Bathurst and Melbourne Royals as well as various interschool competitions and pony club in recent years. She is easy to catch, float and clip and is excellent for the farrier and vet. She is suitable as a second pony for a younger rider looking to gain experience in the show ring. She requires no working down even at major events and rarely comes home without a ribbon. - Runner up Large Show Hunter pony at Macquarie Bank s 2013 - Champion Ridden RPSBS Hunter pony at Canberra Royal 2014 - Reserve Champion APAB Partbred at Sydney Royal 2014 Contact: Jack Makay Mob: 0413 422 106

50 Shades of Black Price: $ 9,000. neg to the right home 16.1 hh Reg: WB x TB Black/Brown Mare Age: 7yrs

Rhi is a green broken pony, she has jumped, attended Pony Club, has been shown in hand with success, she is a forward moving pony, has correct conformation, very pretty with beautiful big eyes.

Hope is a talented & versatile mate with huge potential. Confidentially jumps around 1m tracks with ease with plenty of scope to go higher. Recently competed at state show jumping and equitation championships with top 6 overall.

She is being wasted here needs a family to future her saddle career, or as a lovely brood mare she is good to catch, float, trim, drench and to have feet done.

Hope has also competed in Prelim dressage with scores up to 67% and showing promise to succeed at higher levels. Hope is a fuss free mare and easy to do anything with. Good to clip , shoe , float , worm.

Contact: Sharyn Ph: 03 559 39204 or 0438 954 201 Email:

An extremely good doer. For sale due to riders work commitments. Don't want to see this mare go to waste. For further details, photos/videos please contact. Contact: Selena Ph: 0439 409 494 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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INSECTICIDE FOR HORSES SWAT is a ready-to-use insecticide for horses containing the pyrethroid insecticide ‘Permethrin’ in a non-irritant formulation with a high residual efficacy against Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and Sand-flies. ALL OVER PROTECTION The formulation and applicator mitt enables complete coverage of your horse for maximum protection. 䊳 RAIN

RESISTANT FORMULA For long lasting effectiveness


IRRITANT No Alcohol formula


CONCENTRATED 250mL will provide 2 months protection for 1 horse (8 applications) 500mL will provide 4 months protection for 1 horse (16 applications) Most concentrated Permethrin product

Pack Sizes Available

250mL & 500mL chamber packs For easy dispensing of correct dose on the supplied Applicator Mitt.

1 Applicator Mitt is included

in Australia for horses to ensure MAXIMUM RESIDUAL ACTIVITY.


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