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Feel safe... %HFRQ¿GHQW

This tough, mud-proof and easy-care saddle is ideally suited for young riders looking for extra stability and safety while making the most of their time together with their pony. Now young riders can explore the bush, river and trails with confidence in a comfortable and supportive saddle designed especially for them.

Adjustable FlexiPoley Pad to accomodate the young rider’ s growing legs over the years. Wintec® Saddles featuring the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution offer the highest flexibility in achieving a customised fit, ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind.

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Equestrian industry bolsters economy In October, 2016, Equestrian Australia (EA) commissioned Sports Business Partners and Street Ryan to conduct a community impact study on equestrian sport in Australia. It's the first report of its kind ever commissioned by EA, in partnership with all state branches, and is a significant investment towards better understanding the sport, its stakeholders and the potential for future growth and development. The main objective of the project was to determine the contribution of equestrian to the broader community within Australia. The focus was to understand the community contribution generated across three key areas: Economic, Social and Health The total economic contribution of equestrian (excluding all codes of horse racing, polo/ polocrosse, rodeo, western & tent pegging) is more than $1.143 billion. This is broken down as a $1.135 billion economic contribution whilst the annual contribution to physical and mental health is an additional $12.724 million. Key findings were based on data from a wide range of sources to generate a holistic view of the contribution. These included the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Sports Commission and Australian Government Department of Health. Additionally, vital information was also collected from a broad cross-section of equestrian stakeholders and participants including an online survey of more than 4500 members from within the Australian equestrian community. The data received from this will be invaluable in moving the sport forward and working closer with the members based on their collective feedback. "These significant findings confirm equestrian as one of Australian sport's top contributors to the national economy," EA CEO, Paula Ward said.. "They give equestrian a strong platform that will be fundamentally important as we work towards growing participation and building our sport's public profile." The study determined that equestrian sport has a range of unique social strengths not offered by other sports including lifelong participation opportunities and a structured, disciplined and selfless mindset. The major point of difference equestrian has from other sports is the responsibility that goes with the management and care of the horse. This selfless duty requires commitment, discipline and purpose and 76% of EA members say they are involved with the sport "for the love of the horse" and the community spends $371 million each year on the maintenance and transport of horses. With 75% of members involved in the sport more than four times per week and 78% have been involved for more than 10 years, this shows a significant level of commitment to the sport. Equestrian also offers a healthy outdoor lifestyle and is, for many people, a recreational outlet that leads to personal purpose and fulfilment. EA is acting on the findings from the Community Impact Study and the member survey results. during the coming months there will be a range of strategic initiatives launched, focussed on the growth and development of the sport. Key finding from the reports did highlight a range of strategic challenges that need to be seriously considered to move forward. Equestrian sport in Australia is governed by a complex hierarchy of over 50 State and national committees and boards. In addition, there are also a significant number of volunteers within the sport including organising committees, officials, administrators, coaches and event volunteers which enable the sport to run. (The data collected shows there are more than 9000 active volunteers contributing almost 50,000 volunteer hours to the sport in a typical week.) It has been identified that the current governance structure needs to be reviewed as the lack of alignment of rules, systems, processes and procedures restrict the sport's ability to grow and prosper. There is a need to be able to seek and attract national commercial partners, establish clear national pathways to develop talented athletes, coaches and officials, communicate better with members and participants and promote the sport to the general public. For the sport to grow its public following, EA must more regularly and efficiently share news and event information from a diverse and complex national events structure. For more information on this story, visit the Equestrian Australia website at

Kathryn Sullivan-Butt Internationally Trained & ASFA Qualified Saddle Fitter EA Level 1 Dressage Coach

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Look Sharp, Keep Cool The Symphony Sport Top is essential for everyday schooling, it will keep you cool, comfortable and protected. Our exclusive AirSilk fabric feels like silk against your skin while converting perspiration to cooling energy. It provides UV protection combined with anti-microbial technology allowing you –‘’‡”ˆ‘”™‹–Š…‘Ƥ†‡…‡ƒ†•–›Ž‡ 07 3209 7506 6/1 Bryants Road, Loganholme QLD 4129

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Treating musculoskeletal abnormalities in horses Have you noticed a change in your horses’ behaviour or temperament? Or perhaps had disappointing results at recent events? Often these are the first signs that your horse is experiencing discomfort or pain due to injury or physical over exertion. . Rebecca McShane from Equinity specialises in the early detection and treatment of musculoskeletal abnormalities in horses. As a key part in her holistic approach to equine performance, she offers a consultancy service to investigate underlying causes for your horse’s discomfort. Rebecca has been involved in the horse industry since she was 17 and has competed in endurance, dressage and show hacking as well as working as a track work rider and strapper for horses running in the Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup She holds a Diploma in Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture and is currently completing a Certificate II in Animal Studies. Rebecca has also attended courses in Advanced Biomechanics, Rock Tape Equine Fundamentals, Laser Therapy Protocols and Equine Body Work. All movements that occur in the horses’ body involve soft tissue. If soft tissue such as muscles, tendons or ligaments are tight and shortened, they are prone to strains and tears. Sport and race horses are often trained to the limits of their bodies in order to increase their performance and this can result in a number of problems starting to occur. Often owners and trainers are not aware that

A therapy session with Rebecca will improve your horses performance and wellbeing

there is a problem with their horse until it is too late. Regular therapy sessions can help prevent the problem instead of trying to repair the damage! When working on the horse’s muscles and soft tissue, Rebecca evaluates their tension, texture and temperature for abnormalities. A skillful assessment of your horse’s muscular fitness can detect subtle changes in the early stages, making early intervention and care possible.

In the performance horse, this knowledge is invaluable and can make the difference between winning and losing or the horse not having a career at all. Rebecca offers a range of therapies to help with these issues including Sports Massage, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), acupuncture, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Kinesiology Taping. For further information contact Rebecca McShane 0448 249 202 or visit her website at

Rebecca McShane Equinity 0448 249 202 Sydney, NSW

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Allergies - an unusual approach? By MALCOM GREEN Those of you that attended my talk at the Murwillumbah Pony Club back in February will know that I don't feel constrained by following the party line and regurgitating the same old theories that get trotted out in magazine and online forums. Instead, in areas where our firm has some special expertise we like to experiment, innovate and often try technologies that have worked on other species in the animals we deal with - such as horses. One are of particular interest to us is allergies. The conventional wisdom is that allergies are an over-reaction of the immune system (IS). This hypothesis comes about because the easiest and most reliable way to get rid of an allergy is to knock the immune system out with steroids. The only problem is that long term steroid use can lead to all sorts of negative side effects so vets know they have to use them with restraint. Let me propose an alternative theory. In fact this is the opposite theory because it assumes that an allergy is an under-reaction of the immune system. But the IS is a dogged as well as a complex thing and often it just keeps on trying and trying and making little headway. Imagine your horse has say an eczema problem in its lower legs as an allergic response to something in the pasture. The inflammation and redness we think of as an allergic reaction is precisely the normal IS response. Primarily the bloodstream is delivering stuff to the problem area in an attempt to fix it. That "stuff" is most likely to be white blood cells (the immune system's Rapid Reaction Force) and making billions of WBCs gobbles up lots of nutrients some of these (sorry I'm not going to say exactly what these things are as that is a commercial secret) can easily run short so supplementing them


Crystal Vanstone from Memphis Park Equine Solutions is passionate about the benefits of natural therapies for performance horses and how they can assist in improving performance, overall health and wellbeing. She has utilised many therapies on her horses over the years including Equissage, Equine body work, Red Light, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, P3 treatments and Kinesiology taping and have seen the benefits first hand. This in conjunction with core strengthening exercise programs including in hand work, stretching and pole work can all Dealing with allergies requires an open minded assist in having happy, healthy horses approach to treating them. who are also sound, supple and strong to perform at their best. simply enables production of more WBCs and Now with six years of experience with hence a stronger and longer immune response. Equissage and 25+ years riding experiWhat I love about this sort of technology is that it ence including starting horses under enables the body to function as well as nature saddle, training young horses and intended. It doesn't force the body into an artificial coaching people with young horses response (which is the role of drugs). through to elementary dressage and low In the UK we were the second firm to this particulevel jumping and recently completing a lar technology to market for animals. Rocktape (kinesiology tape) fundamenWe picked up the idea from someone using it in tals course and Equine Body work calves. So it is about as safe as it can get. course through Equinology Inc and The other thing I love about immune support is Photonic therapy through Equestricare, that you don't need a detailed diagnosis in order to she is looking forward to being able to target exactly the right drug. provide horse owners, riders, competiSimply leave that to nature - after all it has had mil- tors, trainers, breeders and lovers lions of years to fight the battle against allergens throughout the Gold and Tweed Coast and germs and, given the right resources it is gener- and surrounds Equine Solutions using a ally pretty good at it. range of treatments to best benefit their So for persistent or seasonal problems like hives, horses to assist them to live, perform Queensland Itch, eczema, mud fever or any infecand recover better. tions (especially viral ones where the vets have no For further information contact Crystal drug options consider an immune supporting prod- on 0418 807 580 uct like Fight Back from

MEMPHIS PARK EQUINE SOLUTIONS offering the following services in the Northern NSW, Gold Coast and Hinterland areas:

Equine Body Work (massage) Initial appointment: 2 hours $70 Follow up sessions: 1-1.5 hours $55 Equissage sessions (25 -30 minutes) $40 Lessons: 45-60 minutes $65 (I come to you - travel fee may apply) **Fully insured and over 20 years experience in the horse industry**

Enquiries Phone Trevor Wozencroft on 0414 515 400

Crystal Vanstone - 0418 807 580 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Equine Assisted Therapy helps heal relationship trauma By JANE FAULKNER Director, Equine Assisted Therapy Australia

Rose was a 65-year-old woman who had a history of severe child sexual abuse and trauma. She had gone through life without being able to maintain healthy relationships and was single and felt lonely when we met. She had done a lot of work towards healing her childhood and was a beautiful wise woman. She was clear about what happened for her in relationships and on a cognitive level she understood why, however, she was unable to change the outcome and found that she kept falling back into the same pattern of isolating herself. She spoke about finding it very difficult to relate and be with people, she was comfortable alone, yet lonely, she had not allowed anyone close to her and she wanted this to change. Together, we entered the paddock and Bono (a Quarterhorse gelding) approached her. As he came closer, she shut down, her body language closed in and she almost hid behind me. Bono is a beautiful, powerful horse and as he moved towards her she became frightened and almost childlike. She gripped my arm and started to talk about Bono, she said he looked angry and mean, she asked me what I thought he needed and what she should do, she was scared and she was in her head. I encouraged her to take some deep breaths and to feel her feet on the ground.

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Relationships with horses can reveal a lot about what may be troubling the individual.

As she started to deepen her breath, she started to cry, the four horses with us started to lick and chew and relax their heads. They were standing around us in a semi- circle. I spoke about allowing herself the space and time she needed to feel safe and ok. When she was ready, we approached each horse, Rose practiced breathing, feeling her feet on the ground and staying in contact with herself as she connected with the horse in front of her. We started with Jack - he has a sweet and gen-

tle nature and is the smallest horse at about 14 hands. Rose approached Jack and started to feel vague and found it difficult to feel her breath and her feet on the ground. She noticed how quickly she lost contact with herself and got absorbed with working out what Jack needed - Jack walked away. We spoke about how Jack could sense that she was no longer present and therefore he left. We also got curious about whether this is what happened for Rose in relationships. We spoke about how relationships required two people showing up and risking being seen and having needs. When Rose abandoned herself to work out Jack's needs, she was no longer available to make contact with Jack, so he left. Rose could see how this pattern related to many of her relationships both current and past. We acknowledged how big it was for Rose to stay present and in contact with herself, she had lived in her mind rather than her body. She realized that she was often out of touch with herself, her pain and her needs. We spoke about how this was a useful tactic when you were dealing with trauma, however it impaired your ability to work out who you were or what you needed. We then met the other three horses and practiced gently staying present and accepting whatever came up for Rose. Each horse provided new insights and gentle feedback for Rose to ponder and work with. Equine therapy provides a gentle therapy for working through past relationship hurts and trauma. - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Equine Therapies& Supplements feature

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$40 per kg


Hydrochloride & Glucosamine Sulphate

$55 per kg

Supplement to assist and protect your hard working equine naturally

order online 24/7 or phone our friendly staff 07 5596 4387 Ruth 02 6238 1135 Carol Ad Design Sandy Morphett - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Super Food for Sport Horses

Cool Crusada

Cool Crusada™ is one of the newest most innovative feeds on the market!

The modern sport horse is being bred and managed as a high performance athlete, so now you can feed at an elite level too. Superior leading edge technology means that this highly palatable muesli style feed requires nothing more than additional fibre to give your horse everything it needs nutritionally for elite performance levels, plus it contains Bonafide® to support bone density and soundness.

Choose Cool Crusada™ when: •

Your horse is in medium to hard work or competing

You need a simple but complete nutritional package for your sport horse or pony

You prefer a muesli type feed containing Super Fibres for cool energy and condition Your horse can get fizzy on traditional feeds

You want your horses to have the support of Bonafide®


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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Natural relief for equine pain By Tamara Shead Ridestrong Therapy Much like a human athlete, the equine athlete experiences pain as their body begins a muscular transformation. Much of the research surrounding Equine Biomechanics leads us to the discussion that in order to reduce the long term effects of injury, behavioural abnormalities and the ultimate break down, anyone training a horse should be aware of the signals a horse gives when they experience pain and fatigue and manage it effectively Is my horse in pain? Knowing what your horse does to express pain is the first step in avoiding damage to the equine body. Some of the common signs therapists see in sore horses are dipping of their back as they transfer weight away from the muscle and onto the skeleton. Head tossing, chomping on the bit or resistance to rider aids. 'Bunny hopping' in canter, poor foot placement in movement and when standing, shifting weight, carrying the tail off to the side. The horse may have trouble maintaining the canter or picking up a correct lead. Some horses have dilation or constriction of the pupils or even squeeze their eyes shut. Horses hold tension in their jaw by clench-

ing or grinding teeth. You may notice that your horse is completely avoiding work, demonstrating a shorter temper or being aggressive. They may suddenly be girthy or want to buck and rear. They may be over sensitive to touch, restless or anxious. Some horses go off their feed and may loose condition when they are in severe pain. So my horse is sore, now what? With the growing number of natural therapies available to clients today it is important to be able to make an informed decision about the therapist you are going to use. At Ridestrong we like to tell our clients to view the idea of Holistic Medicine as a toolbox. We fill the box with all the best tools that are available to us for the job we need to do and this includes using conventional medicine. Therapists are not licensed to make a clinical diagnosis but they can work in partnership with your vet to create an appropriate wellness plan. A well-trained therapist will be looking at your horse while they stand and while they move. Always ensure that a qualified and knowledgeable person with adequate experience is working with your horse. Ask around, word of mouth is the most powerful way to find a therapist with proven results. Ridestrong offers highly qualified and experienced therapists who complete a thorough evaluation of your horse. Our services include Massage, Moxabustion,

Pictured: JA Beckham and Annika Leary (JA Beckham received therapy over several months to reduce scar tissue and over compensation in other areas of his body post surgery.) Cupping, Acupressure, Red Light Therapy, Stretching and Acupuncture for the price of a single session. Our treatments come with a follow up program and ongoing support. We expect that owners become active participants in the healing process in order to achieve lasting outcomes. To find out more check out our website

Equiheal Heavy Duty TM


Heel? Greasyat greasy heel! Wh

Tamara Shead Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine

0434 814 076 f/

Aids in the treatment of greasy heel and non specific dermatitis in horses Aids in the protection against and maintenance of proud flesh and new and old skin and heel conditions. White-line separation, seedy toe, thrush, soft hooves, soft soles and hoof soreness. Water resistant. Repels flies.

A once weekly application to the coronary band, nail hole and sole areas, aids in maintaining a healthy and resilient hoof and sole. Australian made. APVMA Approved

BUY ONLINE: EQUIHEAL.COM.AU Equiheal Customer Service Phone: 0400 278 180 Email: Or enquire at your local saddlery or fodder store. Now available at Petstock - Bio John 196 Abernethy Rd Belmont. Trade Enquiries: Saddlery Trading Company Phone: 07 5490 5500 Auspet & Vet Phone: 08 8243 2122 or Equiheal direct - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Microbes play an important role in equine health By ANTOINETTE FOSTER Dip. Nut. Diploma Equine Nutritional Therapy, Diploma Medical Herbalism ©2017 What is the equine microbiome? The micro biome is the collection of all the genes in all the microbes in and on our horse's body. A microbe is a microscopic life form which includes bacteria, fungi, protists, viruses and mites and includes archaea. The microbiota is a collection or community of microbes, which means the full collection of genes of all the microbes in a community. In the human body genes in our micro biome outnumber the genes in our genome by about 100 to 1. Microbiologists have confirmed that there are approximately 10 times as many bacterial cells as human cells in the human body; it is likely that horses are very similar. The horse's micro biome is extremely important for maintaining overall health. Horses and microbes depend on each other for survival. Some microbes can cause disease but most are harmless and in fact can be helpful. There are infectious agents all around our horses at any given time, whether they succumb to these agents is determined not just by exposure to them but also the horse's balance of bacteria. This is because beneficial bacteria both con-

sume these nutrients that would otherwise feed what we call the bad guys, but they also block receptor sites that harmful bacteria can latch onto. Probiotics can be used to protect our horses because they produce substances such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, and these can stop harmful bacteria from growing. Probiotics are often referred to as nature's antibiotics, they tend to keep the less desirable residents such as E Coli or enterobacteria out of harm's reach. They also make it

very difficult for bugs such as Straphylococci, Salmonella and Campylobacter to cause harm. Probiotic protection is an extremely important part of our horse's immunity. Very recently new genomic techniques have allowed further study of the equine gut microbiome. Just as it is in the human body, it is vital for healthy digestive to have the right bacteria in the gut, this keeps the immune system strong and helps to fight infections.  continued page 13

Product of the Month: BIOEQUUS THE SYNBIOTIC the best Pro & PreBiotic available Synbiotics-Pro and Pre-Biotics -----Gold for Gut Health * Contains two Glycoproteins - GlycomaxTM Lactoferrin & GlycomaxTM Immunoglobulins * For symptomatic relief of Ulcers * For the removal of Mycotoxins * Lactobacillus plantarum may help to relieve intestinal inflammation * Assists in the management and relief from symptoms of allergies * Assists in the management of Candida infections * For the treatment and symptomatic relief of pain and discomfort from gastritis * Helps to reduce the side effects of antibiotic use, and in the occurrence of diarrhoea during and after antibiotic administration * Helps to restore and maintain health in the digestive system, the bacterial flora and the mucosal function * BioEquus contains carefully selected probiotics well suited for survival in the conditions of the upper digestive tract - combining prebiotics with probiotics improves the survival and implantation of live probiotics * Helps maintain normal healthy intestinal immune function and the GI tract* Assist in restoring Immune function BioEquus™ is a powerful combination of prebiotics, probiotics and gut soothing herbs.

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when you order online for the month of April using this special Horse Report coupon code H3BR0750M26YA, at checkout!

Hi Form has many points of difference, and to find out more about us visit

PHONE 03 9775 6422 or EMAIL Ingredients and Manufacturing: Premium Ingredients = Premium Results Hi Form select human grade ingredients including organic herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs, top quality amino acids, vitamins and mineral tissue salts. We select mineral tissue salts instead of standard minerals as they are provide micro doses and allow balancing of diets more successfully, without the need for high dose rates. The formulas contain no fillers, binding agents, preservatives, colours or flavours and are produced in a HACCP certified facility, where our formulas are the only animal supplement produced, among some of Australia's leading human supplements. We source our ingredients to enhance the synergistic formulas and to ensure that our dose rates are low, cost is low and success is high. Due to the high quality, stringent manufacturing and incredible success rate of the formulas over 26 years, we export our supplements to over 6 countries. We don't cut corners and we demand perfection in our ingredients. The results of this obsession speak for themselves.

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Diet can play a key role in balancing bacteria  from page 12 But not all bacteria are good for our horses. There are several harmful or pathogenic bacteria that can cause infection or produce toxic substances which may contribute to inflammation. The good bacteria are principally found in two families called Lactobacillus and Bifodobacteria, these good bacteria keep the bad bacteria under control. What your horse consumes and how often can have a big affect on the balance of bacteria inside your horses gut and consequently effects the horse's overall health. Adding probiotics to your horse's diet has been proven to have several positive health benefits. Some of the benefits of probiotics are improvement of digestion, production of vitamin C, regulating hormones, boosting immune function, increasing resistance to infections and assisting with diarrhoea and gut irritations. Probiotics can also be beneficial for those horses that have a history of digestive problems which can include colic and ulcers. In animal studies probiotics, have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of stress when animals are being transported. Prebiotics are another way to boost the healthy gut bacteria by eating the foods that feed them. The best foods for health promoting bacteria are called F0S or fructo oligosaccharides, these are also known as Prebiotics. Some food that is high in FOS is barley, garlic, soya beans and wheat. But there are many other ways of providing Prebiotics to your horses. Prebiotics containing Lactobacillus thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus is an excellent way to promote healthy intestinal flora. However, the best way is to supplement other specific strains of bacteria that can easily colonise the digestive tract. Probiotic supplements are made by culturing bacteria then freeze drying them. If the probiotics are produced correctly they remain stable for many months if not years and they do not need to be kept in the fridge contrary to general belief. As soon as your horse has contact with these probiotics the moisture from the horse's saliva brings them back to life. Digestion of feed is largely achieved by microbial fermentation in the hindgut, the caecum and colon allows an environment that promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients. This generally comes from feeding fibrous products such as hays. If there is a disruption in the microbe balance due to perhaps a mismanagement of feeding or illness this can have a detrimental effect on the horse's health. There is no doubt that using probiotics and Prebiotics can really assist the horse's digestive system to function efficiently. Prebiotics can stimulate hindgut microflora activity and growth. It is very clear that using a good probiotic and prebiotic supplement which also contains other gut soothing nutrients can assist horses by supporting the immune system and overall health and wellbeing. Continual use of Pro-and Prebiotics has been proven to be very beneficial, however intermittent use appears to be not as effective.

Bacteria of the Equine gut are made up of millions of microorganisms

Metagenomic analysis The bacteria present in your horse’s gut, mouth, skin and other sites in the equine body are often referred to collectively as the equine Microbiome or “second genome”. Composed of more than a 100 trillion microorganisms the equine Microbiome outnumbers the total number of genes by a factor of a hundred to one. This means, for every gene in your horses genome there are 100 bacterial genes. Genomic technology now has the capacity to view this second genome by sequencing specific regions or variable regions in the bacterial genome. It is these variable regions that enable bacteria to be identified down to species level. Each bacterial species has a unique “finger print”. This means that the analysis is similar to a crime scene investigation. If the sequence is detected then that particular bacteria is present in your horse’s gut. The large intestine of the horse is an anaerobic fermentative chamber where fibrolytic bacteria produce short chain fatty acids that account for most of the horse’s energy requirements. Why are the bacteria in your horse’s gut important? Bacteria perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Recent studies have also linked the Microbiome to mood and behaviour via the gut-brain axis, as well as many gut disorders, weight gain and laminitis, eczema, ulcers, diarrhoea and colic .

What will this analysis tell me? The percentage of the types of bacteria in your horses gut. •How the bacteria in your horses gut may be affecting overall health and wellbeing. •If any known pathogenic bacteria are present. •How your horse’s diet is affecting Microbiome. •How you can change the landscape of your horse’s gut health using tailor made nutritional intervention specific to your horses requirements If your horses are experiencing health issues Bacteria Diversity Profiling will assist you in understanding some of the causes. For the first time you will be able to see all of the bacteria that is in your horse’s gut and detect good and bad bacteria. You will be able to use this information to understand how their diet and environment could be affecting their bowel flora and health in general. Has your horse’s health been poor, has you horse been difficult to increase weight, is your horse lacking in energy, are you confused with just what to feed? How to order the Equine GUT Microbiome Test •Go to - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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Performance from the inside out The Gary Wells Practitioner Group (GWPG) is a collective of talented horse and human EMMETT therapists from an array of equine professional backgrounds who have developed and adhere to a Performance Model which promotes a holistic approach to Equine Care, Wellbeing and Performance. An integral part of this model is diet and in particular achieving optimum mineral and electrolyte balance for your horse. "No matter how effective we are as muscle therapists, there is no denying that unless the diet is also adequately addressed and maintained you will not achieve your horses full potential," Gary said. "Every day we come across horses exhibiting a range of behavioural, neurological and metabolic issues ranging from excessive spookiness, separation anxiety, and aggression through to head flicking, cold backed and further again

laminitic and insulin resistance horses. The majority of these behaviours and conditions can be linked back to mineral and electrolyte imbalances in the animal. “We take pleasure in working with owners to address these needs effectively and assist them and their horses in achieving their goals and optimum potential. “Feeding your horse should be simple, rewarding and sustainable. Don't waste time, energy, money and precious horses battling 'issues' that simply disappear when you get the diet right.� Find out how by emailing:



















Equine Therapies and Supplements feature

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The EMMETT Technique provides relief The EMMETT Technique is an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life. This internationally recognised technique developed by Ross Emmett and taught in over 26 countries worldwide is equally effective on both people and animals. How it works The EMMETT Technique is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. It has been suggested that the body reacts in a similar way to the workings of a touch-screen. Small sensors allow access to the brain via the therapists’ touch. As well as the ability to directly influence muscle action, these points may have a memory and emotional attachment. It is used on humans horses and dogs to ease pain and discomfort, improve body movement and restore a positive emotional state and improve quality of life.

For humans symptoms which may be relieved include neck and shoulder restriction, heel and foot pain, back pain, lymphatic congestion, abdominal cramps, headaches, dizziness and sinus congestion and much more For horses it may assist with unbalanced head carriage, saddle soreness/ girthing issues, tension in back/lumbar area, restricted forward movement, dragging hooves and much more. The Emmett Technique is a highly The human body and equine body can react to the lightest touch. effective stand alone therapy or can be successfully integrated with many different modalities, such as: massage,chiropractic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy etc. So if you or your horse has a "specialising in increasing performance through acupuncture". problem that you cannot identify or rectify why not give EMMETT Therapy a try. For further information contact BSci,BPsySci,(Hons) Cert 4 ExPhysiology Jackie on Dip Equine & Canine Acupuncture Therapies 0407 027 600 or email:

Pet Acupuncture Gold Coast

Karen Shield Ph: 0412 774 129

JB Equine Balance - Jackie Bratley assisting your equine friends regain their flexibility, strength and range of motion by using the lightest of touch technique - EMMETT Therapy. EMMETT4Horses may assist with unbalanced head carriage, saddle soreness, girthing issues, tension in back, restricted forward movement, dragging hooves and much more

Call 0407 027 600 Email: Area serviced - Warwick to Brisbane to Roma and everywhere in between

Member of the Gary Wells Practitioner Group, which also has distribution rights for Dr Show and Calm Healthy Horses products - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Animal Biomechanical Medicine - The Trusted Professionals The core principal of Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) is the identification of biomechanical dysfunction anywhere in the body and the application of therapies, most often manually applied by the ABM professional, to return the patient's body to best possible function promoting homeostasis and optimum performance of that individual. Your AMB Professional's treatment scope will range from high velocity low amplitude thrusts typical of Chiropractic, through a large range of soft tissue massage & release techniques, to non-force neurological influencing techniques such as fascial and respiratory releases, which are derived more from Osteopathy. Uniquely, all members of the Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia (ABPA) are professionals holding University degrees in Veterinary Science, Chiropractic Science or Osteopathy.

They also must hold at least a Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) or RMIT University Graduate Diploma Animal Chiropractic to be eligible for membership of the ABPA, and must be registered to practice their original profession in the States or Territories in which they work.

Every ABM Veterinarian is a thinker who has questioned the status quo - they are also likely to think deeply about examination & treatment options we well as case management and preventative recommendations, without losing their awareness of the importance of scientific evidence base. ABM qualified Chiropractors & Osteopaths have learned to apply their extensive practical treatment skills safely & effectively to animal patients. The three professions work harmoniously together to share their skills & knowledge to improve treatment outcomes & animal welfare more generally. ABM is specifically directed at assessing the biomechanical function of the animal patient - considering global dysfunction patterns within the patient as well as very specific function at the segmental level, whether spinal or within the limbs. Dysfunction in any one of the relevant neurological, embryological, fascial & vascular connections will affect the function of the whole segment and the interconnectedness of the body as a whole means that there may be consequences widely throughout the body. Changes may be seen skin, muscles, ligaments and bone and similarly, function of organs such as the lungs, kidneys and gut can be affected. Where biomechanical dysfunction exists, ABPA members can select from their wide variety of techniques to most effectively address the patient and situation. Where the ABM practitioner cannot attribute the problem to a biomechanical cause, or where concurrent health problems are suspected other veterinary protocols will then be recommended. (NB: in the case of Chiropractors and Osteopaths, they would promptly refer the patient to a Veterinarian for further assessment) Commonly, conditions such as shortness & irregularity of stride, lameness, back pain and stiffness, injury and traumas, may respond very well to ABM procedures - but many conditions may show a response to ABM if biomechanical dysfunction is present and contributing to the problem.

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The Horse Report

INSECTICIDE FOR HORSES SWAT is a ready-to-use insecticide for horses containing the pyrethroid insecticide ‘Permethrin’ in a non-irritant formulation with a high residual efficacy against Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and Sand-flies. ALL OVER PROTECTION The formulation and applicator mitt enables complete coverage of your horse for maximum protection. 䊳 RAIN

RESISTANT FORMULA For long lasting effectiveness


IRRITANT No Alcohol formula


CONCENTRATED 250mL will provide 2 months protection for 1 horse (8 applications) 500mL will provide 4 months protection for 1 horse (16 applications) Most concentrated Permethrin product

Pack Sizes Available

250mL & 500mL chamber packs For easy dispensing of correct dose on the supplied Applicator Mitt.

1 Applicator Mitt is included

in Australia for horses to ensure MAXIMUM RESIDUAL ACTIVITY.

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The Horse Report

The right diet is vital for good teeth By SAMANTHA GUNTER, AEDP Equine teeth are badly designed in general. As described in my previous articles, the uneven width of the horse’s jaw and the constant eruption of the teeth lead to the formation of sharp points. No feed regime can help in the face of this poor design, however with the right diet, it can be slowed and other, more hazardous malocclusions can be avoided. As with every other aspect of the horse’s health (hooves, digestion, etc.), the closer to nature we can make it, the healthier your horse will be. Therefore the following diet recommendations are simple. T hey are based on one main rule: as natural as is reasonably possible. Horses are designed to eat vast quantities of rough fibre, ground down to small, short pieces that their stomachs can digest. The horse’s teeth are, therefore, crucial to this process, as turning long, hard-fibred feed into small, digestible pieces takes a lot of grinding time. This long, fibrous feed is also incredibly low in calories, so wild horses must eat almost constantly to get their required intake. This means that a wild horse spends almost the entire day sourcing feed and grinding it down, constantly using their ever-erupting teeth and the full span of their jaw. As you can imagine, this lifestyle would keep a lot of the sharp points in check for much longer than the modern domestic horse. The usual twice-daily hard feed fed to most modern horses is in no way comparable. Hard feed is already short fibred, significantly reducing the amount a horse has to grind. Twice a day may give the horse the required calorie intake and nutritional needs, but it

Ironically, feeding a horse poor quality hay rather than prime lucerne will allow them to use their teeth the way nature had intended them to do so. does very little to help a horse use their teeth Stabled horses, such as racehorses, tend to as naturally as possible. demonstrate this malocclusion much more Obviously, keeping your horse exactly as a frequently than paddocked horses fed from wild horse would live is impossible. the ground. They travel many kilometres a day, sourcing Further studies into these claims and the different food from what they find available. industry in general would be enlightening, But as a nice compromise, allowing your but from the basis of experience and discushorse access to constant, poor quality hay sion with other experienced dentists and (think grassy rhodes, not prime lucerne) will dental vets, feeding from the ground seems allow them to use their teeth as nature origito keep the horse’s mouths in as optimal a nally designed. condition as is possible for the domestic *PLEASE NOTE: Feeding hay to a horse with horse. limited chewing capacity can cause choke and To promote healthy dental condition, keep colic. If your horse is older; known to have denyour domestic horse as naturally as possible. tal problems; or seems to have trouble masticatFeed from the ground and feed as much ing hay, do not feed hay. Please refer to my artipoor quality, fibrous feed as possible. cle, Feeding For Your Old Horse for alternative As a general rule, if it looks completely fibre options. unappetising, (fresh, dry, and stalky hay) it is healthy for your horse; if it looks like a The position of your feed bucket can also delicious hay salad (leafy, prime lucerne) it have an impact, or so the limited research in isn’t the best option for dental health. the field of equine dentistry has suggested. However, I am an equine dentist not a nutriThe horse is a grazer. tionist and these recommendations are for The majority of the time, wild horses feed the benefit of your horse’s teeth, not for overwith their head below wither height. all nourishment. This is the appropriate stance for their jaws Your horse still needs vitamins and minerals, to align and their teeth to grind evenly protein, and fibre that your hard feed proacross the whole oral arcade. vides. A malocclusion labeled the ‘Serrated Bite’ However, if you can provide your horse with has been tentatively identified as a conseas much hay as possible to snack on through quence of feeding horses mainly hard-feed the day, then their teeth will thank you. from high feed bins.

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The Horse Report



Waterproof, windproof & breathable; eathable; Double x-over x over surcingles; Removable leg straps; 4uicN clip chest straps; 0gsm pol\¿ll cotton lined bod\; $nti rub s\nthetic satin in shoulders, tail Àap & combo necN; Wither protector on rug

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0gsm  0 warm solid lid colour l polar l Àeece; À %reathable; % th bl ) )ull\ ll bound; Wither protector on rug; 6atin lined combo necN; bo Removable elastic leg straps; D rings on rugs for hood & necN rug connection





Lightweight, waterproof breathable outer; 100gsm pol\¿ll cotton lined bod\; 6atin lined shoulders, tail Àap & combo necN; Removable leg straps; Wither protector on rug


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W Waterproof Ripstop 1 o] &anvas; 100% superior cotton canvas; Wool blend blanNet lining; 6ingle surcingle; Taffeta lined chest & tail Àaps; Removable leg straps; Wither protector


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The Horse Report



Waterproof, windproof & breathable; hable; Double chest straps; Double x-over surcingles; Removable leg straps; gsm pol\¿ll cotton lined bod\; $nti rub s\nthetic satin p & combo necN in shoulders, tail Àap RP COMBO: $114.95RRP


Waterproof Ripstop 1 o] 00gsm &anvas; 100% superior cotton canvas; Warm wool blend blanNet lining; Rope reinforced necNline on rug with wither protector;  wa\ chest ¿tting; Taffeta lined chest & tail Àaps; Removable leg straps

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Waterproof, windproof proof & breathable; Double chest straps; ps; 4uicN clip chest straps; Double x-over over surcingles; Removable leg straps; raps; 300gsm pol\¿ll cotton lined d bod\; $nti rub s\nthetic satin in shoulders, shoulders tail Àap & combo necN; Wither protector on rug

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Waterproof, windproof & breathable; Double chest straps; Double x-over surcingles; Removable leg straps; 0gsm pol\¿ll cotton lined bod\; $nti rub s\nthetic satin in shoulders, tail Àap & combo necN; Wither protector on rug

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CALENDAR BARREL RACING APRIL 9 Nilma 9 Branxton 15 - 16 Geurie Racecourse 15 - 16 Murrurundi, 16 Euberta Polocrosse Groundsce 22 Cooranbong Equestrian Reserve 23 Kalvale 23 Tumut Turn And Burn Southern Derby 29 - 30 Moonbi Magic MAY 6 Camden 7 Moonbi Magic 20 - 21 Paradise Lagoon 20 - 21 Murrurundi 21 Geurie Racecourse 27 Cooranbong 27 Tarcutta Racecourse


APRIL 14-16 EAST MORETON BRANCH ASHS Futurity, Maturity and super horse challenge at Caboolture Ph 0408 717 644. 22-23 Arabian Gala


APRIL 22 SHCQ and Riding Pony Judges Seminar MAY 13 Qld Dressage Festival


Bounce Back® Horse Fence 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured servicing the Australian market since the 1980’s Think of Bounce Back® Horse Fence as a safety belt for your horse • Bounce Back® Horse • Reduce potential )HQFHZLOOȵH[DQG injuries to livestock. return against low • 1RH[SRVHGZLUH1R to medium level rust! Reduced risk of collision; stretch entanglement. & cushion against impact, where severe • Unpalatable to collision occurs. livestock. • Made from quality Polyethylene. Beware cheaper materials.

• No wind sucking. No cribbing.

• Bounce Back® Horse Fence is strong, UV & weather resistant. • Easy, fast installation. • No painting - ever! • Long life - Proven in the Australian environment.

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DRIVING APRIL 1 Kilkivan Great Horse Ride/Drive 9 Pleasure Drive @ Clifton 0427 973 183 14-17 National CDE Championships 14-17 4 Day Pleasure Drive & Campout @ Mt Joystone 07 5486 7067 15-23 Fifield Enduro 0427 624 984 29-30 ACDSNSW Driven Dressage Champs @ Manilla 0427 766 726 29-1 Caboolture 07 5483 5121 MAY 5-7 Level 2 CDE @ Bungendore 7 Show and Fancy Dress @Tallebudgera 07 5533 8239 7 Maryborough Bush Trails 13 Navigation Drive @ Grenfell 14 Junior Challenge & Sports Day @Rossmore 02 9606 6085 14 3 Phase Event @ Goombungee 07 4630 4990 27-28 CDE Level 3 & 4 @ Goombungee

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SLOW FEED HAYNETS 21-22 Dalby 21-22 Wandoan 22 Dirranbandi 22 Mt Perry 22 Marlborough 25-26 Kempsey Show 28-30 Bathurst Royal Show 28-29 Moree Show 28-29 Macksville Show 28-29 Bonalbo Show 28-29 Kilcoy 29-30 Monto 29 Tambo 29 Goombungee 29 The Caves 30 Woodenbong Show MAY 1-2Taroom 5-6 Barcoo 5-6 Goondiwindi 6-7 Kingaroy 7 Eidsvold 11-13 Roma 12-13 Mundubbera 12-13 Barcaldine 12-13 Marburg 13 Baralaba 13 Crows Nest 15-16 Theodore 15-16 Mitchell 18-20 Gympie 18-20 Charleville 19-21 Brookfield 19-21 Ipswich 20-21 Biggenden 20 Longreach 20 Blackbutt 23-24 Alpha 23 Miles 25-26 Fraser Coast

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Dealing with Corneal Ulcers in horses By DAVID LOVELL BSVS

Eye injuries in horse are very common, fortunately the eye of the horse is very resilient and with vetinary treatment, a very good outcome can usually be expected


FULL SERVICE EQUINE CLINIC “The Horse Hospital at Redlands”




the edible grass is quite short but longer weed stalks protrude. Initially most injuries start as relatively minor scratches to the surface of the eye which can be very difficult to see with the naked eye. This scratch, although often only small, is extremely painful and an excessive inflammatory response is mounted by the body. The eyelids become very swollen and closed, large volumes of tears are produced and stream out over the cheeks, and the cornea often becomes opaque or cloudy. This excessive inflammatory response becomes counter productive as it in turn leads to more inflammation and creates a local environment in the eye which in fact serves to hinder healing. The pain can make the horse rub its head and further damage the area. This cascading sequence of events leads to the secretion of local chemicals in the area of the scratch from damaged cells tat cannot be cleared away. These chemicals further compound the situation as they serve to attack and dissolve surrounding cells and the defect becomes larger and turns into an ulcer. An even worse situation occurs when the defect becomes infected and now the infectious process accelerates the degeneration of surrounding tissue and the ulcer rapidly increases in size The cornea of the horse is slightly less than a millimeter thick but is made up of many layers or sheets of cells that fortunately are quite tough and so there is a fair degree of tolerance before the ultimate disaster of the eye rupturing occurs but rest assured, the process can occur - m quickly and prompt intervention

By far the most common problem encountered in the eye of the horse is a scratch or bruise to the cornea which is the clear surface of the eye. The reason this is most frequently damaged is due to the prominent position of the eye on the side of the head and the horse's natural habit of grazing. As the horse lowers its head and nibbles the pasture, longer stalks of drier grass or weeds can scratch the surface of the eye. A common scenario is after a paddock has been slashed and

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Horses are very prone to injuries to their eyes and the outcomes can be devastating. Eye injuries are one of the more common problems we treat at out clinic and the horses are very often hospitalized for treatment as owners can have a lot of difficulty medicating the injury. This unfortunately can result in a rather major cost to the owner but the consequences of the horse losing an eye are disastrous. Fortunately the eye of the horse is very resilient and with timely and adequate treatment, a very good outcome can usually be expected. I was fortunate enough to attend a conference in New Zealand recently where two dedicated world renowned eye specialists gave a very welcome refresher course in equine eye diseases. It was a great course, mainly reenforcing our firmly established protocols in examining and treating eye diseases, but also offering insights into how better to examine, diagnose, and most importantly, medicate eye problems.

is essential. All eye abnormalities should be regarded by owners as an emergency and professional advice should be sought as soon as possible to attempt to "nip the process in the bud". The paradox of the situation is that in fact, eyes heal very quickly if there is nothing wrong. If the eye does not respond and heal quickly, then is essential that a diagnosis of what is preventing resolution is made. On many occasions, the problem is simply the over exuberant inflammatory response and treatment centers around controlling this and allowing a situation conducive to healing to evolve in the local area. Anti-inflammatory therapy is certainly the pivotal therapy in treating eyes and most importantly, it reduces the pain and makes the horse a lot more comfortable. It is essential that an early assessment as to whether infection has occurred is made. Two situations arise. If there is no infection and the injury is primarily traumatic and degenerative, then prophylactic application of antibiotics may be all that is required to help prevent the development of infection. If on the other hand, an infection is established, then therapeutic application of appropriate antibiotics is required and herein lies the difficulty in treating eyes. Professor Gilger form the United States made the statement that in his opinion, if the injury required medication more than four times a day, he insisted on the horse being hospitalised to ensure timely delivery of medications.  continued page 25

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ur horse

ur horse

The Horse Report

The Horse Report

The eye of the horse is very resilient  from page 24 There is no direct blood supply to the cornea. This means that the only way antibiotics can be delivered into the site of the infection is by frequent topical application. Because tears are constantly produced, any medication applied to the eye is quickly washed away and so most antibiotics have to be continuously, or at best frequently, applied. This means medication usually at least every hour and not many horses allow this to occur. To overcome this, we place a treatment tube under the eyelid and now medications can be applied into the eye from a remote site either by continuous infusion pumps or direct hourly application. Most cases of infected ulcers in the horse that do not respond to treatment are due to failure of the antibiotic to actually get to the organisms rather than due to antibiotic resistant bacteria. The lack of blood supply to the eye can be a real problem and in severe ulcers where there is a large deficit of cornea, it may be necessary to surgically perform a conjunctival graft where a piece of the eyelid conjunctiva is transplanted and actually sutured to the cornea over the ulcer. This provides an immediate blood supply and most often results in excellent healing but it becomes a very expensive exercise. Another common presentation is what we call a "stromal abscess'. This is where an initial scratch or defect quickly heals over trapping bacteria or debris in the layers of the cornea. Because the cornea is now healed over, topically applied medications cannot penetrate to where the infection lies.

Clinical signs of a corneal ulcer include: swelling, tearing and cloudiness of the eye

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The use of a Fluorescein stain, may be used to diagnose injuries to the cornea The body attempts to heal this by developing a blood supply to the area. Blood vessels begin to grow in from the corner of the eye and slowly spread across the surface of the eye to finally engulf the abscess and commence healing. This can be a slow process but eventually, if the inflammation can be controlled, success will occur. Surgical debridement of the abscess and, possibly application of a graft, is the only alternative and is sometimes the only answer if the vessels are not growing satisfactorily. His comments, re-enforced by Professor Andrew Turner form Melbourne, was that chronic fungal infections were now the majority cause of stromal abscess and that newly developed fungal antibiotics, combined with surgery to the abscess drug application every one to two hours, now offered and very good prognosis for this condition. A major step forward. Again, early assessment and diagnosis were critical.The main point I would like to make is that owners should realize that any eye injury in the horse is a real medical emergency and it is false economy to skimp on proper treatment and "wait and see' for a day or so. In most instances, prompt intervention will prevent a relatively minor injury progressing to a disaster and major expense. Similarly, if the horse has an injury and it is not responding quickly enough, the sooner a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment is commenced, the greater the likelihood of a happy horse and owner.

Gillian, Zoe and Cheryl are qualified with the Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia and are passionate about working with you and your horse to find a saddle that is a perfect fit enhancing comfort and performance. Boasting a new range of European saddles such as Ideal, Black Country, Bliss of London, Loxley, Frank Baines and Equiline as well as Bates, Stuebben, Anky, Collegiate and Wintec, we will have a saddle to suit every rider. Please visit us in store to speak to one of our saddle fitters or phone us on 55 273 555 to book an appointment Horseland Gold Coast 1/90 Spencer Rd, Nerang QLD 4211 Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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The Horse Report

Australian Horsemanship Trainers feature

P.O. Box 99, Esk Qld. 4312 Phone: 0427 732 394

Instructor Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner – Clinic Calendar / 

DE/$/*DL/$-$ECDJ  EE)/*EI/$-$ECDJ  FC/$@FD./-$ECDJ  D./@E)+-%'ECDJ  K/$@L/$+-%'ECDJ  DD/$/*DJ/$+-%'ECDJ  EE)/*EG/$+-%'ECDJ  EJ/$@EK/$+-%'ECDJ     EL/$@FC/$+-%'   I/$/*DL/$6ECDJ   DC/$@DD/$ 2)ECDJ DI/$/*DL/$ 2)ECDJ  EE)@EF- 2)ECDJ  EG/$@EH/$ 2)ECDJ  D./@E) 2'6ECDJ  DE/$/*DJ/$ 2'6ECDJ  ED.//*EG/$ 2'6ECDJ  EK/$/*FC/$ 2'6ECDJ  D.//*J/$2#2./ECDJ  DE/$@DF/$2#2./ECDJ  DJ/$@DK/$2#2./ECDJ  DL/$@EC/$2#2./ECDJ  H/$/*DC/$+/(-ECDJ EF-@EG/$+/(-ECDJ 


K6 *-.().$%+*2-.=)/2-6    H6 *-.().$%+*2-.='.*)     E6*4*6-..#'%)%– -%/    "%'*4*6-..#$*4– -%/    E6*4*6-..#'%)%– -6'6    J62+-(+='*)       F6*4*6-..#'%)%= %)     E6*4*6-..#'%)%– ----)     > )2'&)-@32..''? "%'*4*6-..#$*4–  $(+%*).$%+.– ----)  DG62+-(+=.&       E6 *-.().$%+*2-.–(4*-/$    G6336&)– ''*-      E6*4*6-..#*2-.– .&      "%'*4*6-..#$*4–2).')$(+%*).$%+.– .&    *-.().$%+@3%#0*)%– .&     I6 *-.().$%+*2-.–3*)     G6 *-.().$%+@*4*6-..#*2-.–2&%)#$(  F6*2)# *-./-0)#*2-.–'.


     E6*4*6-..#'%)%– -%);&6-    E6*4*6-..#'%)%–(4*-/$    "%'*4*6-..#$*4–$(+%*).$%+.–(4*-/$ *4*6-..#%)'.– -()/*8'% *-)%   E6*/',2%)2).')5+*–**4**(   


6)/.  2*4'  26**!'  '%)-#.*)  '%.. ))%).  #).*-(&  -)*6  '%)-#.*) 




'%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL  /$6/4-/   CGEJJFEFLG '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL  *% 2.   CGJIDJLHDI  /$-(.   MGGJJCFDFELFE '2.   MGGJLDLGDDKGL  *2%.-&-   MGGJJCEGCCCJG  *2%.-&-   MGGJJCEGCCCJG *.-)   CGKKLGDCCJ '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL '%)-#.*)   CGKKLHKIIL  >/%'.*)4.%/9/,$*-.5+*:*(:2?

Training DVDs Horse Mastery DVD Set (4 DVDs) incl. Rein Positions, Four Rein Lengths Volume 1 & 2, and Strengthening Exercises , Liberty, Foal Handling, The Way of the Horse 2012

Order online

proudly sponsored by ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc , Peter Brophy Saddlery, Barrack Saddlery, JSS Quarter Horses, Shahwan Park Arabians Page 26 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Trainers feature

The Horse Report

10 things to do in 10 Minutes or less By TANJA KRAUS

Time is such an issue for so many of us with horses. Often we are looking after our horses 'in between' jobs - on the way to work, on the way home, dropping kids here and there. I have often said that 10 minutes a day makes a difference, and I often get asked what can be done in 10 minutes. So here is a list of 10 things, that you can do in 10 minutes or less that will improve your relationship with your horse, improve your horses flexibility, strength or confidence. 10 Minutes a day can also improve your knowledge and skills. 1. Improve on your ground exercises. In my TKH curriculum there is 10 exercises. You could choose to focus on just 1 of these for an entire week to improve the quality and response time - building to a 'world champion level lateral bend' for example. 2. Grooming time. Spending time simply grooming your horse will improve your bond. Instead of grooming while he is eating, take the time to tie him up, so you both can fully be present in the experience. Doing this each day for a week will improve your bond, and will also improve your horses respect and patience. 3. Online walking. Don't underestimate the benefits of taking your horse for a walk around the paddock, or the local area.

Have fun with your horse do some liberty training exercises 4. Patience. Teaching your horse patience by simply tying him up (safely tying, and only if he has been taught to tie up) for a few minutes a day. 5. Picking up his feet, and cleaning them out. Not only will this bring to your attention any hoof issues he may have, and help in the general care of your horse, the act of picking up each foot and holding it, is a respect exercise within itself. 6. Spend time with him. Simply sitting the paddock or arena, with him loose allows you to spend time together with no agenda. Focus on your breathing, and just take the time to relax. 7. Liberty time. Having some fun at liberty, or doing some training exercises adds some cross training to your routine.

8. Observe. Spending time observing your horse in the paddock, or within the herd, without interference from you, can give you a greater understanding of your horse and how he reacts to stimulus and body language. 9. Stretching. Going through a set of stretching exercises with your horse, when done correctly will improve his flexibility, and in turn, his strength. 10. Exploration. Horses love to investigate new areas! If the option is available to you turn him loose in an area that he doesn't usually get to go in and help him explore walk around and see the space through his eyes, when the 10 minutes is up, he gets put back in his 'usual' paddock. This 10 minutes of stimulus can go a long way to your horses mental well being. As I mentioned at the start of the article, the ground exercises are 10 individual exercises, each one that can be done multiple ways, and with multiple variations. So you should have 30 or 40 things you can do with your horse in 10 minutes or less, if you are familiar with my curriculum. If you did each one of these each day for a full week, you would have 30 - 40 weeks worth of content - and thats not even with riding! Hope this gives you some ideas on how to still be 'doing' things with your horse, when you have less than 10 minutes.

Tanja Kraus Horsemanship Calendar Dates APRIL 8 - 10 15-15 21 - 23 29 & 30

Developing the Partnership Horse Developing the Partnership Horse Advancing Horsemanship Clinic Liberty Clinic

MAY 2 - 15 20 & 21 27 & 28

Colt Starting Clinic Rider Development Course Liberty Clinic

Upper Orara Glenreagh Cabarita Beach

JUNE 3&4 10 - 12 17 - 18

Liberty Clinic 3 Day Course Extreme trail Course

North Qld Gold Coast Coutts Crossing

Wauchope Raymond Terrace Glenreagh Glenreagh

JULY England, Scotland, Holland, Switzerland AUGUST 17 - 27

10 Day intensive Course


Tanja Kraus Horsemanship are still booking new locations for 2017! If you are interested in having a TKH clinic in your area - please contact us for more information.

0412 592 033 / Connect with us on Facebook - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 27

The Horse Report Page 28 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report



Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

MEGAN JONES Olympic Champion Works great. You must try it.

Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars.


The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips.


Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world - the bit of the future!

DAVID ID HAYES H Champion Ch Trainer Major br M breakthrough. reakthrough I recommend it.

Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement.

P ictu re s 1 & 2 sh ow a Sn af fl e bi t ro of ru bb in g an d bi t pi n ch in g.

Normal Plate


) Stops the bit pinching the tongue )Stops the tongue getting over the bit )Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching )Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth )Stops the horse headshaking, pulling & bolting )Stops the horse hanging, rearing & bucking


P ictu re 3 : T h e am az in g WINNING TONGUE PLATE BIT

ven ts it ! prev )Stops displacement of the soft palate )Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise )Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed )Amazing soft and responsive bit contact )Improves performance & stops leaning on one rein )Riders comment it’s ‘like having power steering’

ORDER NOW! Contact your saddlery or phone 0413 898 128 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Ad design byy The Stable - g / g

TROY PALMER Champion Drafter I highly recommend them


The Horse Report


Mystica Abbas Gold Champion Under saddle . Owned by South Serenity Arabians Peter & Belinda O'Conner

Gold Champion Junior Colt "Kavalier MI " Owned by Mulawa Arabian Stud

National Gold Champion Half Arabian Filly "Illaroo Mariah " Owned by Lovica Arabians Shown by Mathew Haddow

National Champion Senior Arabian Pony "Hollywood Park Gianna" Owner Tanya Hosking Judges Shannon Armstrong - Lorne Robertson

National Champion Ridden Arabian Stockhorse "A loha Aquarius " Owner Exhibitor Belinda Zaiter with Judge Liz Carlile

Bronze Champion Partbred Junior Filly "Kinful Simply Delightful " Owned by Kinful Stud Shown by Paul Hedges

National Champion Half Arabian Ridge "Khandala" Owned by Tiara Performance Horses with Judge Michael Christie

Framed By Frame Photography Kerry Frame

Email: Page 30

Gold Champion Junior Filly " Venecia MI " Owned by Greg, Julie & Jane Farrell Mulawa Arabians Shown by Cameron Bonney

Gold Champion Junior Purebred Gelding "Bogart MI" Owned by Katherine Hopkins Shown by Cameron Bonney - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

New Vetinary practice for the Northern Rivers Summerland Equine Veterinary Services is based in Clunes and services the Northern Rivers. Our primary focus is equine medicine and surgery, although we also see small animals, small ruminants and birds. As an ambulatory practice, we come to you and your pet, so no more packing up the car with an anxious dog or hitching up the horse trailer or dealing with a car sick cat! We can attend most health issues at your home where your animal is happy and comfortable with you, saving you time, effort and giving peace of mind that your animal is in the care of an experienced veterinarian. We do work hand in hand with local surgeries should admission to a surgery be necessary, and our veterinarian, Dr. Alex, works with North Coast Emergency Vets every weekend. Our equipment includes mobile Xray, ultrasound, mobile equine crush with scale, ecg, equine power float tools for equine dentistry, as well as in house blood analysis and all the many additional tools veterinarians need as part of their everyday repertoire. Dr. Alex had her own practice in Brisbane, in the leafy and horse filled suburb of Samford, and her devoted clients reluctantly let her relocate to the Northern Rivers where she was able to find acreage to feed her own several horses as well as enjoy a nice change of pace from frenzied city life. Dr. Alex has worked in small animal, equine and mixed practice, but her passion is for equine medicine and small animal emergency medicine. We love animals and we treat your animals as we do our own ~ as part of the family, with the best care possible. We believe in giving owners options and helping you understand what is happening to your animal so we can make the best choices for care. Please feel free to give us a call or send us a text message, as we are often on the road on the way to see our patients. We look forward to meeting people and getting to know your animal families.

We can be reached at 0432 359 478, via our website at, or at

Phone 0432 359 478, text messages welcome Email:

Dr. Alex Brandon BSc BVSc (Hons) MA JD Offering general equine veterinary services including * Equine dentals - using a state of the art power float * Lameness & pre-purchase exams * X-rays, ecg, vaccinations, blood analysis * Geldings, stitch ups, eye exams, equine health profiles * Mobile equine crush with scales - for dentals and mobile x-ray. * Emergency care offered for patients that have been seen for routine care. * Ambulatory service with plans to provide an equine hospital * Agistment for horses that need daily medication and care by arrangement.

Devoted to horse health, experienced, compassionate veterinarian with twelve ponies of her own. Available in the Northern Rivers based near Bangalow

PO Box 51, Bangalow NSW 2479


Amaranda Carmel exhibited by Peter Hudson winner of the Yearling Welsh B filly

Makayla Park Center Stage exhibited by Elizabeth Davis

Kensington Tuscan Diamond Supreme futurity exhibit owned by Jo Uppington exhited by Peter Hudson

Phone: 0408 724 935 Email:

photos by Danni Milligan

Makayla Park Center Stage

Bacchante Park Strikes Gold exhibited by Jodey Hill Champion Arabian pony - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 31

The Horse Report

What’s happening 117th BOONAH SHOW “Showcasing our youth ” is the theme for the 2017 Boonah Show which will be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June. To mark this theme, the Show Society have invited Kaitlin Schultz current Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl and runner up Chloe Maxwell and the current Queensland Rural Ambassador Justin Matthews and runner up Toby Worley to be guests for the day. A full two day and two nights show with fireworks both nights, bringing back the old favourites. A big feature of the 117th show will be the trotting program on Friday evening commencing at 4pm, with the finals commencing at 7pm, finishing with fireworks at 8pm. The Junior "Young Farmers Challenge" will be held in the main arena between the trot. Woodchoping events will be on Saturday while keeping all the regular features of a good, old fashioned country show. The Vintage Machinery Display will feature 100 years of Fordson Tractors, and this is expected to bring a lot of tractor enthusiast to Boonah. Entertainment includes FMX KAOS stunt bike show, The Crack-up Sisters comedy circus, Noah’s Farm Pig Races, great fireworks displays both nights, demolition derby and the Kangagang Childrens Show will be a special highlight making its first appearance in Boonah and the ever popular RSPCA Emu Van will be back. Local school bands will be performing throughout the day. Having all the pavilion judging completed on Thursday makes Friday a fully functional show, allowing patrons lots of time to examine all the wonderful exhibits from the Boonah district, at the same time to check out the many breeds of dogs in the main arena and prime cattle judging and auction. Fireworks will also be on Saturday night commencing at 8pm, with the bar and band continuing until 10pm. For further information visit

117th BOONAH SHOW Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd June 2017 "SHOWCASING OUR YOUTH" A FULL 2 DAY AND 2 NIGHT SHOW plus all the Great Regular Features of a Good Old Fashioned Country Show LOADS OF FREE ENTERTAINMENT!

FEATURING:- Full Trotting Program on Friday , Chainsaw races & Woodchopping! FMX KAOS stunt bike show, "THE CRACK-UP SISTERS" comedy circus! Noah’s Farm Pig Races! Great Fireworks displays both nights! Demolition Derby and much more.

ALL INQUIRIES 5463 1124 Friday:- Adults $10-00, Concession $7-00 Saturday. - Adults $15-00, Concession $10.00; 2 day Pass Adults $22-00, Concession $14-00 Primary School Children Free.

Northern NSW Show Horse Assoc


The Northern NSW Hack Championships 25th - 28th May

Lismore Showgrounds

Children’s Day, Riding Pony Feature Show, Shetlands, Show Hacks, Riders, Show Hunters, Working Hunters

Grand National Qualifier

NORTHERN NSW HACK CHAMPIONSHIPS The Elite Horse and Pet Products Northern NSW Hack Championships will be held at The Lismore Showgrounds from May 25 to 28. The event is a Show Horse Council Australasia qualifier show for 2018 Grand Nationals and events include riders classes, Open and Show Hunter classes including Newcomer, Preliminary and Amateur Owner classes, Children’s Day, Working Hunters and the prestigious Open and Amateur, Gary Robson Memorial Hack Challenge plus a Riding Pony Stud Book Society Feature Show. A new addition to the classes this year is the Riding Pony Young Judges classes with the winners of these classes qualifying for the sate final to be held at the RPSBS Champion of Champions show Classes are now open for entry on SHC Data base visit Closing date for entries is April 20. For further information contact Di McMahon email: or Ph 0413 474 074 or secretary - Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985 email:

80TH MALENY AGRICULTURAL SHOW 2017 marks the 80th Maleny Agricultural Show, held on Friday and Saturday 2nd and 3rd June. There are two full days of horse events in the main ring. Pavilion, dairy, beef and poultry displays as well as our popular small farmers tent with plenty of free entertainment. We have an animal nursery, free gold panning, motorbike stunt riders, dreamtime reptiles, sheep dog displays, duck and dog shows, cooking demos, master classes, informative talks, local producers, trade vendors and plenty of food to cater for every taste. Wood chops will run all day Saturday. A grand parade each day of the show. The main ring will also host our trick rider Mikayla Jade doing her stunt riding, with our fireworks on Friday night and our rodeo on Saturday night. Our big news this year is to celebrate our 80th birthday, we are having two nights of free music (once you enter the show) with our Country Rocks the Mountains event, on each night of the show. Golden Guitar winners and Nashville recording artists will play along side local and national acts to provide one hell of a birthday bash on each night of the show from approx 6pm.Honky Tonk Rodeo on Saturday night will feature Open and Novice bull rides, Saddle Broncs, poddy calves and barrel races. For horse enquiries contact chief steward Kayrene Corkin on 0477 008221 or visit for all other show events and details. Page 32

Photos by LMG Photographics

Show Secretary - Di McMahon 0413 474 074 - Libby Went 0412 803 021 Email: Secretary - Tanya Stuart 0439 547 985 Email.

Now open for entry on SHC Data base entries close 20th April Follow us on facebook Northern NSW Show Horse Association

Friday 2nd / Saturday 3rd June 2017 " Led Breed, Rider, Show Hunter, Pony, Galloway, Hack Classes, Showjumping, Harness, Miniatures." Contact: 0477008221

PRARG'S NEW & USED SADDLERY MARKET SATURDAY - 15th April Cnr. Olson & Teviot Roads, North Maclean BOOKING FEE - $15 PER SITE Enquiries - Lorraine 0408 715 758 A/H/or Chris - 0456 597 967 or - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

What’s happening PRARG'S SADDLERY MARKET PRARGS new and used saddlery market will be held on saturday 15th April at their Club Grounds, cnr Olson and Teviot Roads, North Maclean. Clubs and individuals are invited to gather gear, riding apparel and other 'horsey' items to sell or swap in a market type atmosphere. Trade displays welcome. This is a perfect way to raise money for your respective groups or yourselves. Sell as an individual or as a group. Refreshments available. Vendors to be in position by 7am and to stay until 11.30am or unless sold out. Booking fee - $15 per site. For further information contact Lorraine 0408 715 758 or Chris 0456 597 967 or

It"s almost here again

THE 89th MUDGEERABA SHOW . 24th and 25th June 2017

Fun and excitement at the show with a weekend of entertainment, including acts like Rompin Stompin, Epic Darren, Aerial Angels, the Cheerleaders, the Globe of Death and the fabulous Mr Fireworks and Laser Show.

Revised and Exciting Equestrian events program, Check the website -

TERRANORA LAKES EQUESTRIAN CLUB The Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club is located in the Bilambil Valley on the NSW-Queensland border. It is a great little club that’s offers agistment , training days, clinic, shows and dressage days. They have lots of events all ready planned for 2017 including March, Hack show and Dressage day Easter Monday 17 April, Hack show and Dressage day - Monday 12 June and school holiday clinic for the July school holidays. For further information contact Paula 0413 733 294.

MUDGEERABA SHOW The 89th Mudgeeraba Show is almost with us - 24/25th June. This is a family event not to be missed with all the fun of the fair, along with a huge variety of exhibits that include cuddly miniature goats, curious sheep, gentle cows and an exciting and revised two days of equestrian events. Birds, poultry, camels and racing pigs, Mudgeeraba has them all. Woodchop events, community exhibits along with the wonderful arts and craft displayed in the pavilion too. Come and see what a farrier does? The Mudgeeraba Show has something for everyone - all age groups and interests. There will be great bands along with a huge variety of singers and entertainers. There will be buskers, magicians, dancers and the ever popular grand parade. There will be animal farms and trick BMX riders for the young at heart along with death defying globe riders for those who dare to watch. Everyone's favourite at the show is the night program and this year is no exception with acts like Rompin Stompin, Epic Darren, Aerial Angels, the Cheerleaders, the Globe of Death and the fabulous Mr Fireworks and Laser Show. Music for all include the talented Casey Barnes, rising stars Sunset City and the unforgettable Chad Morgan along with a huge variety of entertainers many of whom have already released albums. To enter or for more information on becoming a member please contact Cecilia on 5530 2754, 0418 182 533 or email

If you are interested in having a site and displaying your product


07 5530 2754 or 0418 182 533


Gold Coast

EASTER HACK SHOW Monday 17th April 2017

Horseland vouchers for all champions Horseland Rugs for Supremes Leds, Novice, Open Hack and Hunters Riders, Beginner Ring and Dressage Enquiries Paula 0413 733 294 or email

Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club JOIN NOW - MEMBERSHIP - SINGLE $40 - FAMILY $80 The Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club is located in the Bilambil Valley on the NSW QLD Border. A great little club that’s offers agistment , training days, clinic, shows and dressage days. Facilities include:- Dressage Arena - Showjumping Arena - Cross Country Jumps - Show Arena - Wash Bays - Day Yards - Roundyard

UP COMING EVENTS * Hack show and Dressage Day - Easter Monday 17 April * Training Day - Sunday 7 May * Hack Show and Dressage Day - Monday 12 June * School Holiday Clinic - July ( date TBC) Enquiries: Paula: 0413 733 294 - Email: Cindy: 0431 313 579 - Email: - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 33

The Horse Report

Australian Outback Organisations Join Forces to Entertain Crowds Following the successful launch of Salute to the Light Horse, the Australian Outback Spectacular is proud to announce a new partnership with the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre in Longreach, Queensland. The new partnership has seen the addition of a WW1 Centenary Museum attraction added to the Australian Outback Spectacular to provide guests with an even greater insight into the ANZAC journey. Australian Outback Spectacular General Manager, Shane Phillips said this is a fantastic announcement with both parties sharing a commitment to showcasing an authentic Australian Outback experience to domestic and international guests. "We are proud to partner with such an iconic organization as the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre and look forward to working together with them to provide guests a truly unique experience," he said. "The pieces in the WW1 Centenary Museum have been put together especially for us by curator David Marcel and feature a combination of objects, images and open displays following the fascinating and courageous journey of our ANZACs. It is a touching military tribute that is not to be missed." The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame CEO, Lloyd Mills said he is delighted to have joined forces with the Australian Outback Spectacular. "We are thrilled to partner with such a credible and highly respected organization. We were honored to collate a display of WWI pieces for display and so very proud to be able to share this with around 1000 guests each night." The Australian Outback Spectacular newest show, Salute to the Light Horse commemorates the Centenary of the ANZACs, taking

Page 34

The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame is a museum located in Longreach, Queensland, Australia, which pays tribute to pioneers of the Australian outback

guests on a remarkable journey to the snow peaked mountains of the high country as well as bringing to life one of Australia's most stirring true stories by paying homage to the heroes of the legendary Australian Light Horse. For more information visit Salute to the Light Horse is a limited time special and will run only until the 31st October 2017, marking the 100th Anniversary of the Capture of Beersheeba. Be among the first to see 'Salute to the Light Horse'. Bookings are essential and tickets are selling fast. For more information visit or 13 33 86.

The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre is Australia's premier outback heritage institution. Since its opening in 1988, the Hall of Fame has played host to over one million interstate and international visitors - providing each one with a spectacular outback experience. Situated in Queensland's central western town of Longreach, the museum, stunningly constructed from timber, stone and corrugated iron, is truly reminiscent of the outback. With its unique design, the Hall of Fame stands comfortably amongst the rugged yet vibrant rural landscape. For more information visit - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Super Food for Sport Horses

Cool Crusada

Cool Crusada™ is one of the newest most innovative feeds on the market!

The modern sport horse is being bred and managed as a high performance athlete, so now you can feed at an elite level too. Superior leading edge technology means that this highly palatable muesli style feed requires nothing more than additional fibre to give your horse everything it needs nutritionally for elite performance levels, plus it contains Bonafide® to support bone density and soundness.

Choose Cool Crusada™ when: •

Your horse is in medium to hard work or competing

You need a simple but complete nutritional package for your sport horse or pony

You prefer a muesli type feed containing Super Fibres for cool energy and condition Your horse can get fizzy on traditional feeds

You want your horses to have the support of Bonafide®

MV_699I - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 35

The Horse Report IDENTIFYING TICKS The following diagrams and descriptions will help you identify which tick is which Bush tick - Legs are dark redbrown and the first pair are close to the snout. Cattle tick - Legs are pale cream with a wide space between the first pair and the snout. Paralysis tick - Legs are close to snout; the first and last pair are brown and the second and third pair are pale. If you find a cattle tick, or you're not sure, then contact: Cattle Tick Program headquarters Ph. (02) 6626 1201 If you intend crossing the NSW-Queensland border with your horse, please ensure you make an appointment. This will help avoid delays to your journey, particularly if treatment or inspection is required. Treatment facility (Kirra), Ph. (07) 5536 4714 Crossing Office is open 7 days, 5am-9pm (Qld time) with spraying appointments from 6:00am to 8:00pm only

MOBILE LIVESTOCK INSPECTOR Are you planning on crossing the tick quarantine border at Kirra or Aratula? Then you will need to get a tick treatment. Julie Springthorpe from Tick Management Australia in an accredited certifier offering a mobile stock inspection service in south east Queensland. Julie can inspect and treat livestock and issue biosecurity certificates to allow livestock to be moved from tick infested zones to tick free zones. Julie can visit your property to inspect and treat your animals and issue a biosecurity certificate and you will then have 24 hours to cross the tick quarantine border allowing stock to be moved directly from their point of origin to their destination with out having to unload and also at a time convenient to the person transporting the animal. For further information contact Julie directly on: 0427 993 266 or by Email:

Keep cattle ticks out of NSW Horses and other grazing livestock/animals leaving tick-infested coastal Queensland MUST UNDERGO inspection and treatment at the Qld tick line or NSW border east of Killarney Contact: * NSW DPI at Kirra Ph 07 55364714 fax 07 55361290 * Queensland DPI call centre 07 3404 6999 * Qld DPI at Aratula 07 5463 8368 or 0427 133 388 or * Heildon 132 523 Cattle Cattle ticks ticks ar e a notifia notifia b le disease in NSW

TICK MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA MOBILE LIVESTOCK INSPECTOR Crossing the border - Need to get sprayed - I can come to you


0427 993 266

TRADES & SERVICES LINE LISTINGS Horse Report Line Listings Ph. 0755909721($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) ‡ Horse Transport Ph 0408 537 904 ‰ The Horse Report .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5590 9721 ‰ Neds Bed . . Horse & Dog O’Tel . . . .Clybucca . . . . . Ph 02 65650085


‡ The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan - Butt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 0413 371 802 ‰ Country Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 5596 4387 ‰ Aitkins Saddlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph 07 3209 7506


($44 for 6 months or $77 for 12 months) or receive a free listing with display adverts booked for 12 months ‰ Animal Itch & Skin Remedies - ‰ Country Scene Saddlery - ‰ Country Park Animal ‰ DeMeulenkamp (QLD) Itch ‰ EFA Queensland... ‰ Embroidered saddlecloths - ‰ Eq Land Developments ‰ Equine on the web ... ‰ Equilibrium Mineral Mix... ‰ Equestrian On line ... ‰ Feed XL... ‰ Fordsdale Farm Stay ……. ‰ Gallagher Electric fencing ... ‰ Gold Coast Horse.... ‰ Greystone Manure Vacuums ... ‰ Hasdun Horse Supplies … ‰ Have Horse … Will Travel ‰ Healing for Horses ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Transport … ‰ Horse Floats … ‰ Horseland..... Page 36

‰ Ken Faulkner... ‰ Kentucky Equine ‰ Kulavale Equestrian... ‰ Lisa McCann Herbs ....... ‰ Mitavite ... ‰ Magic Breed Foaling ‰ Nathan Trailers at Nerang... ‰ National Equestrian Wholesalers .... ‰ Natural Hoof care ..... ‰ Natural equipment ‰ Neds Bed Horse & Dog O’Tel..... ‰ New England Girls School . ‰ Norco..... ‰ Omega Feeds ‰ Pharmachem ... ‰ Redlands Vet Clinic ... ‰ Replay Classifieds... ‰ Riding for the Disabled............ ‰ Stance Equine Feeds.......... ‰ StockGuard Electric ‰ Southwood Saddlery... ‰ The Horse Report ... - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:


LISA McCANN HERBS - Ph: 07 5447 7644



Qualified Carpenter - Northern Rivers - Gold Coast areas

* Stables * Sheds * Renovations * Maintenance





GREAT GIFTS Montana Jewellery & Statues Aussie books from

100 Taylor Street, Toowoomba. 4350

Blue Dog - Brigalow - Akubra Outback - Pocket Knives - Ariat Ph/Fax 07 46 3 789 33




Ph 07 5520 6662 Fax 07 5522 6092 Mob 0400 712 759

Bring your horse on a ride for only $20, or become a member. phone 0498 682 018 or find us on Facebook.

Justin Wain Unit 1/9 Kortum Dr West Burleigh 4219 Email:

Ph Tim 0432 381 771






$250 for 12 months

Ph 07 55909721 AGISTMENT

Tamara Shead

Cert.dip. Canine and Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture * Acupuncture therapy * Acupressure * Moxibuston * Reiki * Gua Sha * Herbal Medicine

0434 814 076 - f/ HORSE CLIPPING

Horse Clipping Heather Crack

Ph 5546 3276 - 0408 193 131 PRODUCE/HAY/STOCKFEED


Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply HORSE TRANSPORT * A I R BAG S U S P E N S I O N * ANGLE LOAD * Q UA L I T Y OV E R N I G H T S TA B L I N G




HORSE CLIPPING Julie 0402 714 802 Full Body Clipping Trimming Mane & Tail Pulling Plaiting Show Preparation Presentation Advice Agistment PRODUCE/HAY/STOCKFEED

Phone: 0417 443 656

178 Tweed 4 Tweed Valley Valley Wa Wa y, Mur willumbah 248 2484 Ph 02 6672 13 131 3 - Fax Fax 02 6672 6808 -


* Lucerne and Grassy Lucerne * Small Square and Rounds. * Lucerne, Triple Blend and White Chaff Fortnightly deliveries to SEQ and Eastern Darling Downs




Paula Anthony PCANSW Level 2 Dressage Show Horse Pony Club Rider Class Clinics Show Prep Servicing the Gold Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and regularly to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Tel: 0413 371 802

Ph 0413 733 294

Gold Coast -Tweed -Murwillumbah - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

Page 37


Kev’s Quality Hay & Chaff Weekly Deliveries from Gatton - Pottsville

Ph Andrew 0422 824 923 Free Delivery - conditions apply

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Protect your best friend. Have your float checked annually by fully qualified tradesmen. Horse Float restorations and Repairs Annual float servicing = Rust & Structural repairs New floors & tailgates = New rubber = Paint Float spares = Rego inspections Brakes, wheel bearings, Electrical, suspensions New tyres = New Lite Haul horse floats

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The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Bon Voyage Price: $ POA 15.2 hh Reg: Thoroughbred | ANSA | SHC | EA Brown Gelding Sire: Minardi Dam: Ocean Isles Jimmy is an outstanding show hack and rider class mount. He is beautiful to ride with a great work ethic, 3 rhythmical paces, faultless work outs and true show ring presence. Beautifully educated with medium work, lateral exercises and working on flying changes. I often use him for lessons with younger riders due to his schooling and comfort and he is a highly sort after rider class mount. Besides being a top show horse he has also competed in dressage, eventing and horse trials. Some of his major performances are; SHC Qld country Hack Champs 2015 Champion Small Hack, Champion Childs Hack Canberra Royal 2016 1st Open Hack 15 - 15.2 Sydney Royal 2016 3rd Open hack 15 - 15.2, 3rd Ladies Hack, 3rd Led Thoroughbred geld Toowoomba Royal 2016 Reserve Champion Small Hack EQ HOTY 2016 Champion Childs small hack Plus many wins in hack and led classes. Jimmy will be competing at Grand National 2017 and Sydney Royal 2017 and will be offered for sale to only the best of homes. More photos and videos available to serious buyers. Contact: Nici Jamieson Ph: 0418 879 861 Email:

Beautiful Chestnut Hack Price: $ 9,000. 15.3 hh Reg: ANSA, SHC registered TB Chestnut Gelding Sire: Seven Figures Dam: Primevall With a heavy heart I offer for my beautiful Freddy up for sale. He is a 15.3hh, 12yo chestnut hack who is no stranger to the show ring having attended countless shows at ag and royal level. Freddy never comes home without a ribbon and always places in his classes. He has also attended pony club which he took all in his stride. He attended NSW State Show Riding in 2014 and 2015 placing and holding his own in a competitive line-up of horses. Freddy is a pleasure to own and ride with the most wonderful work ethic, always trying to please. He is easy to take out and about and is comfortable in the show environment. He requires minimal work down at shows - my warmup is often my first class. He has three lovely paces and a soft snaffle mouth making him a perfect rider class mount. Freddy's ground manners are impeccable and he has the most beautiful temperament. He is very affectionate and loves attention. Will only to be sold to the very best of homes.

Supermodel Newcomer Hack Price: $ 15,000. 16.1 hh Thoroughbred Black Mare Sire: Dane Shadow Dam: Caring Kind Ruby is the Elle McPherson of the horse world, oozing presence and is a picture of elegance. She has all the characteristics of a top quality show horse with lovely even paces, correct conformation, great length of rein, large kind eyes and superb manners and temperament. She completed her race career in November 2013. After some spelling and initial training she was then sold to a novice dressage rider. She has had spelling, re-schooling and lessons since coming off the track Ruby recently competed at her first ever Ag show at Neville and took it all in her stride. No lunging down required, tied up to the truck all day and was a pleasure to take out. Nothing fazed her at the show including loudspeakers, chainsaws, kids running around, tents or other horses. She won all three classes she competed in, Hack over 16hh ne 16.2hh, Adults Hack and Ridden thoroughbred beating some lovely hacks much more established and seasoned than her. She then went on to win Champion Hack with a lovely workout including lengthen trots and canters. Video Footage Link - Contact: Megan Bryant Ph: 0429 831 427 Email:


Carlingford Park Milan Price: $ 10,000. Neg 14.2 hh Reg: RPSB AHSA EA SHC Bay Mare YOB: 2010 Sire: Westlake National Anthem Dam: Meadowbrook Mosaic

Heart breaking sale. Milly has a huge future ahead of her. She has had very limited outings through no fault of her own. She's been brought on slowly and is a beautiful moving mare, she would also suit pony dressage and has done a few pony club rally's. She's has a gorgeous personality will be a valuable asset to any stud. Promising young mare who will be dearly missed. Suited to teen or adult rider. Contact: Skyla McGorlick Ph: 0438 138 099

Contact: Elissa Richardson Ph: 0403 454 925 Email: Page 40 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

The Horse Report

Contact: Suzie Bloxsidge-Kennedy Email - Ph: 0400 558 218

Aywon Napoleon 14.3 ½ hh Chestnut Gelding Age: 8 yrs We bought Nemo as my daughter’s first Galloway. Unfortunately he is just a bit too much for her especially whilst she is at boarding school wanting do everything from Polo X – Jumping. Can be viewed in Armidale until 3rd December then will be in Forbes. Nemo is qualified for Royals 2017 and will be entered for Sydney Royal. Previous results include: 2013 Canberra Royal 4th Novice Lightweight Galloway 3rd Childs Galloway 2014 Brisbane Royal 3rd Novice Galloway 2nd Open Galloway

Wyvern Dream Queen Price: $ 9,500. - Price reduced 20/01/2017 14.2 hh Bay MAre Reg: Welsh Pony and Cob Society | Show Horse Council of Australia Sire: Seawynd Welsh Prince Dam: Wyvern Duchess Brandy is a true Welsh D, she has been shown in Hunter and Welsh classes with great success, placed at Canberra Royal, Bathurst Royal and top ten battle of the boarders, she always comes home with a broad ribbon, only shown lightly this season due to HSC. Selling due to tarting full time work. Easy to clip(full body), S,S,F, not marey. Brandy has a great character, she has lovely movement, she jumps, trails and shows. No B or B, she does not get hot or fazed at shows. Brandy is accepted for Sydney Royal 2017 and Canberra Royal 2017 and also invited to NPOY. She will be sold with rugs, boots, tail and bridle. (Black Country Show Hunter 16.5" saddle designed specifically for Brandy is available at extra cost). Sad sale. Video Footage Link -

Contact: Sarah Ph: 0417 536 849

Contact: Karen Crea Mob: 0417 698 892

Koora-llyn Smith Price: $ 11,000. Neg 12.2 hh Grey Gelding Reg: SHC, APSB, RPSB, Australian Saddle Pony, Arabian Pony, Eligible Part Welsh. Sire: Koora-lyn Tishka Dam: Dovedale Whoopi Small Show Hunter Pony Sadly the time has come to offer this sensational pony to a new child to ride and show, and win with! He's a super First Ridden pony and prior to a significant change in our lives and our ability to show, he was always Champion at every show, always Top 10 or better at qualifiers, two Grand National appearances. He's a seasoned pony, suitable to a show home with a young rider ready to step onto a schoolmaster, to learn the ropes. Some of his achievements include: Best Led Australian Pony Gelding at Brisbane Royal twice 2 x Supreme Led in the same class at Toowoomba Royal Reserve Led RPSB Hunter Pony at Brisbane Royal Champion Led Hunter Toowoomba Royal Champion Novice and Champion Small Hunter Pony Toowoomba Royal First Ridden Pony of the Year at POTY Reserve Ridden Australian Pony at POTY Top 10 Small Hunter Pony - Grand Nationals Contact: Shellie Smyth

Show Hunter Galloway Price: $ 17,000. 14.3 hh Reg: EV,SHC,Riding Pony, Arabian Deriviative Bay/Brown Gelding YOB: 2000 Sire: Arinya Park Klass Dam: Tod Park Sunrise Show Hunter Galloway 14.3h gelding first season Show Hunter with a big future. Extraordinary boy with big movement, beautiful eye and personality. He has the X factor and is a once in a lifetime horse. Always brings home a sash and qualified for Royals and QN easily. Scout is gentle and can be handled by all the family and is well educated ,suit a teen or adult. Contact: Georgia Ph: 0419 245 626

Ph: 0409 173 497 - Ph 07 55909721 - mob 0413 733 294 - Email:

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Horse report april 2017