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The Glowing Hive Health and Healing from Waterloo Region’s Holistic Community:

“Sedona of the North”

Issue 2: April 2012

(Introduction from Issue January 2012) Welcome to The Glowing Hive Welcome to the very first issue of the e-magazine dedicated to providing information on all aspects of holistic wellness, coming to you from the Waterloo Region. Issued quarterly, The Glowing Hive will offer articles on different aspects of health and healing, including physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, business success, energy clearing, reviews and creative inspiration. As The Glowing Hive is a complimentary publication, there will be no paid advertising, although we are happy to support our contributors in the wonderful work they do in their own holistic practices and businesses.

This little project was born out of a realization that there are so very many of us in this Region who are doing such wonderful and healing work in a great variety of modalities. I have long been amazed by the energy of this region. As one who moved here about 10 years ago, I was sensitive to what makes this particular area so unique and special.

Local history shows that Kitchener itself was originally established in 1798 as a settlement for German Mennonites seeking freedom from religious persecution, becoming the Town of Berlin in 1854. It has long had an association of being a company town with businesses such as Schneiders, Arrow Shirts, Kaufman Footwear and Krug Furniture having long, long histories in the city, many dating back to some of the first families to settle here.

Perhaps it is the energy behind what brought the settlement into being. Perhaps it is the many familyowned businesses. Perhaps there is some other, yet-unknown cause. Regardless, I have always found Kitchener to be firmly rooted in a commitment to community. From the personal gathering of friends to the neighbourhood associations to the offering of so many opportunities to gather (usually in Victoria Park) to celebrate some event or another. I have lived in many places, from small towns to huge urban centres, both in Canada and the U.S. I have never experienced the kind of drawing together that happens in Kitchener. It is wonderful.

When you look at the “flavours” of this region, it is a pretty remarkable place in which we live. Waterloo, with its cutting edge technological research and future vision-building, is known as “Silicon Valley of the North”. Stratford is world-renown for its connection to Shakespeare and the arts. Guelph has its dedication to the natural sciences and Cambridge, the beautiful meeting place of the Grand and Speed Rivers, with its balance of several towns and a hamlet from the past seems to speak, by its very makeup, of how to create synthesis. All these different areas of focus, so close together, contribute to the experience of a Region that is forward-thinking, community-driven, artistic, innovative and expansive. A place where positive change for the future can be explored, take root and grow!


Opening Pages: Seasonal Ponderings: The Power of Passion

Health and Happiness: That Gentle Touch: Beat the „Choos Food for the Soul: Gentle Spring Cleanse Of the Earth: Crysanthemum Stone and Dandelion The Body‟s Breath: Healthy Chakras Through Asanas

Abundance and Flow: Dream Weaving: Dreaming of Joy and Ease

Peace and Serenity: Sorting out the Psyche: Embracing Magic Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond: Just Do It!

Enlightenment and Inspiration: Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot exploration: The Magician Miracles: Almost a year in China Between the Worlds: Reconnecting

Quirks and Creativity: Within these Pages Book Review: Running from Safety Special Feature: The Hazel Grove by Martyn Pentecost The Spirit Sings: The Dawn of a New Day Angels‟ Chorus: Awakening Dance of the Bees: Various Contributions Upcoming Events at The Hive Introducing…


Nicole Ferrill is an art educator and business owner. She received her degree in Secondary Art Education from St. Xavier University in Chicago, IL. With a concentration in digital art and silk screen printmaking, Nicole teaches independent art studio classes as well as digital solutions for small business owners. Her company, Kelsey B Presents, co-produces the SPARKS Symposium and hosts a monthly podcast on its website with local and international musicians. Nicole contributes “The Body’s Breath” and “The Spirit Sings” articles.

Erin Kiers is the owner of Hybrid, Kitchener Waterloo's first Environmentally Friendly Salon and Spa, located on Weber St in Waterloo. Erin has enjoyed the transformation of a customarily chemical laden industry to one that is more conscientious and is proud of her involvement in that evolution. After experiencing her own personal acceleration to awareness, she focuses her efforts on the transformation of the human consciousness and has contributed to the Hive and Grove on-line magazine in the hopes of inspiring more people in the evolution of our collective spirit. Erin contributes the “Angels’ Chorus” article.

Cecilie Lacey has a Master of Arts degree from The University of British Columbia. She has been in private practice with specializations in abuse trauma; addictions; grief and loss; and Employee Assistance programs for over thirty years. She currently has a private practice in Kitchener. Cecilie is the Practitioner’s Treatment Room Coordinator at The Hive and Grove and holds a bi-weekly study group in A Course in Miracles. Cecilie is a world traveller and has lived abroad in both Mexico and China. She has a gift for “finding the miracle” in all situations and contributes the “Miracles” article.

Tiffany Lazic is a holistic psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness and Gifts for the Soul Shop. She is thrilled to continue her association with Toronto’s Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training by teaching the Discovering the Total Self Program at The Hive and Grove in Kitchener. Tiffany is a Celtic Reiki Realm Master and serves as the Global Community Director for Celtic Reiki. She has a passion for facilitating personal growth and healing and for building community. She is a cofounder of the SPARKS Symposium. Tiffany is the creator of "The Glowing Hive” and contributes through “Seasonal Ponderings”, “Of the Earth”, “Sorting Out the Psyche”, “Those Awesome Archetypes” and “Between these Pages Book Review” articles.

Martyn Pentecost is a pioneer of more than fifteen forms of therapeutic practice and personal development systems and the originator of Celtic Reiki. His vast experience in ancient energy arts, progressive science theories and modern perspectives on psychology is combined with a distinctive humour and deep compassion for all forms of life. He is the author of many books including his newest “The Key to Business and Personal Success”. He lives in London, England, writing, teaching and developing the mPowr Realm Experience, an immersive "living storybook" that is changing the way people achieve personal excellence. Martyn contributes the “Special Feature” story in the Quirks and Creativity section in this issue.

Combining her love of good food and fun Dana helps others to navigate the health food world and achieve optimal health and vitality. With her motivating and compassionate coaching style and healthy meals delivered right to her clients door, it is hard not to be inspired to look and feel your best. Dana contributes the “Food for the Soul” article.

Born and raised in Romania, Mihaela Stamate graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Engineering. After moving to Canada in 2001, she became increasingly connected to the world of holistic and alternative medicine to the point where in 2009 she felt that it was time for a career change. Within 2 years she graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, became an Usui Reiki Master, a Celtic Reiki Master and opened her own practice in Cambridge as a Registered Massage Therapist. Although not a professional photographer, she welcomed another life changing experience when she was offered the opportunity of capturing the earth’s beauty for The Glowing Hive. She feels honoured to be involved in this project, and she looks forward to expanding her skills as a photographer. Mihaela contributes many photos, including section heading images.

Robynne Tennant is a CCMH graduate and practices out of Kitchener, Ontario. She has continued along the path of learning throughout her career and incorporates Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Hot Stone Therapy in her treatments. Robynne is a faculty member for CCMH in Professional Development, Law and Ethics and Business, and also lectures provincially for the CMTO on Professionalism. Believing that the body-mind-spirit is complex and ever changing, Robynne feels it’s important to constantly be assessing and evaluating the techniques and tools a therapist uses with a given client, to ensure they are offering them the best possible facilitation towards health they can. Incorporation of new techniques and the utilization of our full scope being highlights of her education process with therapists in their ongoing development. Robynne contributes the “That Gentle Touch” article.

Lisa D. Theodore, DTCM, Min., is an active practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative therapies and Spiritual healer and teacher. She has spent the greater part of her life on a conscious (and sometimes, a not so conscious) journey toward Self. Throughout this journey, Lisa has discovered many wonderful healing modalities, uncovering the Divine connection and feeling the Spirit moving through all things. She continues to create, write, and teach on Spiritual principles, healing and conscious awareness. Her passion is to be of service to others through many creative outlets, helping them to find the means to express themselves to their fullest, most joyful and loving potential. Lisa maintains a private practice in Kitchener, Ontario. Lisa contributes the “Between the Worlds” article.

Cheryl Weber-Good is a freelance hand lettering artist who paints heartwarming, colourful messages, quotes and verses. She produces large hand painted banners and signs for institutions as well as fine art and calligraphic treasures for personal gifts and home décor. She is passionate about communication across the millennium connecting humanity through quotations, then capturing and elevating the power of those texts on various artists’ mediums. Much of her inspiration comes from hiking the fields and forests where she lives at her farm, close to New Hamburg, Ontario. Cheryl contributes Inspiration banner artwork in the Dance of the Bees section.

Julie Wise is a motivational coach who helps people navigate change in their lives and reach their personal and professional dreams. Julie is the author of Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease. She in an intuitive, trained in Advanced Energy Awareness and Healing, a Celtic Reiki Realm Master and a practitioner of Karmic Regression Therapy. In her workshops and one-to-one sessions, she combines her gifts to help people find the answers they seek to create the life they desire.

Julie contributes the “Dream Weaving” and “Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond” articles.

Special thanks to Amanda Clark for allowing use of her beautiful art for the cover. To see more of Amanda’s work visit: To purchase prints, visit her Etsy shop at: arts

Seasonal Ponderings Message from Tiffany Lazic THE POWER OF PASSION… Love is a beautiful energy. Love is healing, uplifting and connecting. The saying “Love makes the world go round” truly is a statement in fact. Love is that which brings meaning to our lives and binds us in a human experience that fills us with Light. But, there are many “flavours” to love, each with a slightly different experience and effect. The ancient Greeks had 4 different words to describe love, reflecting the complexity of this emotion: Agape meaning unconditional love, the great force of healing, forgiveness and spiritual connection; Philia meaning friendship or affection; Storge meaning familial love, like the love a parent feels for a child, akin to unconditional love with the inherent sense of seeing and accepting the particular quirks of individuals close to us; and Eros meaning passionate love. Plato (the great Greek philosopher who lived around 400 B.C., wrote on Eros, expanding the definition from that between lovers to an appreciation of the beauty within that person or even the appreciation of beauty itself. The sense of Eros as being that which leads us to higher levels beyond the physical. Passion (Eros) has a very different feeling from love (Agape). It is charged, energized, full of movement and high intensity. Passion overtakes us and fills our every cell with a forward motion. Passion is a peak experience that opens us up to engage fully, bringing us past our human insecurities and perceived limitations. When passion flows through us, we are compelled to act, to engage, to merge. Passion is a fire that moves us to transcending and transformation. We are familiar with passion as relates to relationships and sexuality. But bringing passion to all areas of one’s life has a profound effect. In the earth around us at this time, we see the flowers and buds emerging, filling us with that gentle appreciation of beauty. But, if one thinks about the force required to push that stem through the ground, to reach for the heavens, to spring forth in an explosion of colour, that is the force of passion. The energy behind a flower coming into being is not that of “well, I think I might do this today”. It is the energy of “I am putting my whole heart and being into making this happen”. There is a risk factor with passion: the risk of putting it all out there. Of opening our hearts and letting the fullness of ourselves be seen and experienced, both by ourselves and by others. Of standing firmly behind “This is me. This is what excites me. This is what makes my heart sing.” It doesn’t matter what it is: healing others, being of service, having deep and meaningful conversations, knitting, creating a sumptuous meal. What matters is the extent to which we engage ourselves. Aristotle (yes, another Greek and student of Plato) wrote of inherent potentiality in all living things, that which we carry within that we have the ability to grow into. It is there right at the start. The oak tree in the acorn. The acorn sings the inner oak tree into outer being through the force of passion, regardless of the risk (read Martyn Pentecost’s “Celtic Reiki: Stories from the Sacred Grove” for a beautiful illustration of this). We can do the same. So, as you wander in the gorgeous weather, inhaling the lush fragrance of the beautiful flowers and trees, take a moment to connect to your passion. Feel the force of creation move through you and know that to be truly yours: the power to be fully, expansively, expressively you! Engage your Passion and let the rest of us sit back and appreciate your beauty.

Health and Happiness

That Gentle Touch: Article by Robynne Tennant BEAT THE ‘CHOOS

Sniffle, sneeze, sniffle; sigh. Sound familiar? As the seasons change many of us are exposed to multitudes of viruses and bacteria looking for a new home. Being entrepreneurs, most of us like to push ourselves pretty hard, often making us susceptible to virulent strains. Unlike when we were kids, the thought of taking a sick day now is not a pleasant one. Many of us are ever conscious of just what will happen in the business bank account if we have to miss a series of days of work for illness, and often it’s not pretty. So, time to look at ourselves and peers for some proactive ideas: In reflexology we know to address things like lymph, spleen, and local areas like sinus or stomach, but what quick tricks at our finger tips do other modalities turn too? In acupuncture there is a lovely triad of points (large intestine 11, spleen 6 and stomach 36) that tonify energy, improve circulation and specifically target immune response. Don’t have a spare needle handy? Try using a laser. The common laser pointer is within the spectrum the body used to heal. Instead of purchasing a $5,000 version, try the $6.99 variety from the pet store – it works fine. Better yet, try exchanging with a peer in town, and actually get the full-on treatment. Aromatherapists have lots to combat illness, open bronchial airways and give you a boost: Pine, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom. Just make sure you acquire your oils from a reputable source. The grocery store is just not pure in essence – that’s why it’s $3.99. Though you’ll pay a little bit more, the quality and effect are well worth it. Why not mix in some hydrotherapy? Hot and cold shunting techniques have been used since before Roman times. Try a hot sauna until you sweat, then jump into a cold shower, be sure to get under your arms, groin, neck, all the bends in the body. The cold need only be 30 seconds, and then back into the hot until you sweat; repeat 3 or 4 times. You’ll feel invigorated and refreshed to boot! No sauna? Hot tubs and a cold shower (or for the adventurous) snow, or alternate in the shower…each will all improve circulation and trigger an artificial fever, increasing the body’s desire to pump out white blood cells thereby upping your immune resistance. Naturopaths and homeopaths have a plethora of great ways to alter your diet and get the most out of what your body needs, sometimes with a high dose supplement as well. Get the most out of nature’s bounty: garlic and ginger are two such powerful life giving plants. (Think about it – with no light, water or soil and they still grow shoots…yup, that’s pretty tenacious! Eat up and feed your body its strength in turn.) Health food stores also have lots to offer, just watch out for trendy specials. With new products, it’s always a good idea to talk with an expert who has studied the research with a knowledgeable eye. Give a call, book an exchange, be proactive and stay on the working side of the season.

Food for the Soul Article by Dana Rourke GENTLE SPRING CLEANSE

It's that time of year when we start opening our windows, screens and doors to let out some of the stagnant air and dirt that has accumulated in our houses over the winter. Well, just as our houses accumulate dirt and debris over the winter our bodies do too so, just as our material houses need a good spring cleaning so do our physical ones. If you have never done a cleanse before or are looking for something different here are some really simple and easy practices to implement into your life over the next few weeks for a great clean up!

Step 1: Eliminate. When we are detoxing or cleaning house it is important to send our body lots of love and support by eliminating certain foods and substances from our diet and day that create more work for our bodies. Some of these substances are: Dairy (all forms) Corn Wheat/Gluten

Animal Products Sugar Processed Food

Eggs Soy Smoking/Alcohol

Step 2: Support. After you eliminate substances that are giving your body a hard time you can incorporate foods and substances that are going to help your body eliminate the dirt and debris that it has accumulated through winter hibernation. Some of these foods/herbs include: Ginger Cinnamon Dark leafy greens Bright coloured vegetables Berries Lemon Onion Cabbage (sprouted or cooked) Organic/sustainably grown food Dandelion Sprouts (my favourite are sunflower sprouts) Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa - make a big batch)

Cayenne Mung beans Garlic Milk Thistle

Here is an example of what a sample day in the life of a cleanse could look like: Waking: 1/2 a lemon juiced into an 8 oz glass of warm water Breakfast: Cooked brown rice with rice/almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon and 1 tsp ground flax seeds Snack: Green Smoothie - 1 banana, handful of berries, handful of spinach/kale/sprouts, 1 tbsp almond butter Lunch: Hearty vegetable salad with 1 tsp ground flax seeds and a homemade vinaigrette (with raw apple cider vinegar) Snack: Handful of berries & Honey, ginger, lemon tea Dinner: Lentil soup over brown rice/quinoa with steamed greens Snack: Herbal Tea (Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Chamomile)

Step 3: Eliminating. a) Throughout the day you should be drinking lots of water; approx. 1 cup per 10lbs of ideal body weight (optional: add mint flavoured liquid chlorophyll) for smooth, regular elimination of toxins. b) Add lots of fiber into your daily diet (ground flax is great) and make sure that you are evacuating your bowels on a daily basis. Skin brushing is great to help stimulate your lymphatic system and give some love to your skin... the largest organ of your body (which also happens to detoxify)! c) Hot yoga is a great activity to partake in while cleansing. A lot of toxins can be released through the skin in sweat and the stretching helps to release tension and toxins stored in organs and muscle tissue. d) Journal. As your body purges physical toxins emotional and mental stresses and toxins may begin to surface. It is equally important to eliminate/detoxify these thoughts and feelings from your mind and body that may also be negatively effecting your life. e) Deep Breathing. One of our avenues of detoxification is through our lungs. Taking five minutes upon waking and before bed is a great way to purge some toxins as well as give your internal organs a nice massage and is very relaxing for your body and mind. f) Vitamin C flush is a great way to ensure that your bowels are eliminating all the toxins that your body is purging from tissues during your cleanse. Please consult a holistic health practitioner before implementing. Be sure to eat upon rising, get to bed early (10pm at the latest) and have your last meal no later than 3 hours before bed. Also please remember, this is not an all or nothing. If a cleanse is too much for you and your current schedule you can pick one food/meal/tea out of the above recommendations and start to incorporate something new each week. It is just as beneficial to build up to the full program. You don't have to start with the full program.

Of the Earth Article by Tiffany Lazic Crysanthemum Stone: This beautiful stone is a wonder of Nature. Though it looks as though the flower has been painted on the stone, it is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon: patterned deposits of celestite, calcite andalusite or feldspar resting in a grey limestone base. The unique patterns that resemble chrysanthemum flowers are embedded in the stone itself. The stone is found in Hubei Province, China. However, sadly, a recent flood has made continued access impossible. This unusual stone, previously readily available, will soon become very hard to find! The Crysanthemum Stone carries the energy of gentle beauty. The delicacy of the pattern in the dark, hard stone brings to mind the flowers that push through the hard earth, aspiring to fullness of expression. The stone itself helps us to continue on along our path, inspiring us to embrace our Life Purpose, particularly encouraging us through the challenges and obstacles. In times when we may have inadvertently hurled ourselves into active or chaotic change, the Crysanthemum Stone helps ease that into a flowing, harmonious journey. Connecting with the energy of the stone can help reveal aspects of self that no longer carry us along our journey and allow us the space the let those aspects go. It helps us to be fully present in each moment of transition, gently supporting us in viewing life as an unfolding, embracing that which moves us forward and releasing that which pulls us back. In China it is known as the Feng Shui Stone, bringing peace, harmony and joy.

Dandelion ‘Tis the season when this cheerful element starts making its presence so very well known in our gardens. Often viewed as a “weed”, the humble Dandelion has been much maligned in the past, but is actually very highly respected in herbal circles for its healing properties. The word dandelion comes from the French “dent de lion” meaning “lion’s tooth”. It originated in Europe and has a long history of medicinal usage. It has been well known as a diuretic, easing those with a tendency towards water retention. It cleanses the liver and gall bladder. Dandelion root can be used in tea. The leaves can be eaten to aid the liver, help reduce acidity in the body and soothe digestion. It has even been found that eating dandelion regularly can relieve those suffering from diabetes, gout, allergies, eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, low blood pressure, poor circulation and halitosis. Young leaves (pesticide-free, of course) washed and tossed into a salad adds a tasty and healing element. It is even said that the white “milk” that comes from a broken stem can shrink warts. A whole lot of healing from this readily available plant that many try to oust from the garden every year! Easy Dandelion Receipe for Liver and Kidney: 1 oz broom tops, ½ oz juniper berries, ½ dandelion root, 1 ½ pints water. Boil for 10 minutes and strain. Add a small amount of cayenne. Take 1 tbsp 3 times a day.

The Bodyâ€&#x;s Breath Article by Nicole Ferrill HEALTHY CHAKRAS THROUGH ASANAS

Maintaining healthy, balanced chakras is said to be an integral part of both physical and psychological health. There are many ways to work with the chakras, some being meditation, Reiki and Yoga. Each chakra possesses certain characteristics and is aided in particular asanas to promote strength and balance. A daily asana practice of postures that isolates and strengthens each chakra center will increase your health and wellbeing.

The Root or Base Chakra’s Sanskrit name is Muladhara. It is located at the base of the spine or the coccyx center. Its color is red which is associated with the energy of life-force. It is also the chakra of stability as it is the center that connects us with the grounding, physical plane and allows us to draw up the fiery energy from the core of the earth. A healthy and balanced Muladhara will find you grounded in the Earth. You will feel a harmonious cycle of give and take when it comes to your needs and the tasks you must do to fulfill those needs. You will be at one with the natural cycles of the Earth and be comfortable living in the present moment. There is a stability and connection to a feeling of security with Muladhara. That connection can be nurtured with work done on the lower back and core.

Three asanas that are designed to work on building balance and strength in Muladhara are Meditation Pose (Sukhasana), Mountain (Tadasana), and Goddess (Deviasana). Each of these postures brings Muladhara in line with the Earth. In these postures you may draw Earth energy into Muladhara, cleansing, balancing and distributing energy through the rest of the chakra centers.

Meditation Pose (Sukhasana): Sitting cross legged on the floor, this is a common posture for meditation. Muladhara is directly connected to the Earth below as the spine grows straight from its center, each vertebrae is stacked on top of one another. This is the direct antenna to the Earth’s energy. In this posture we may sink our roots deep into the soil of the earth drawing its essential life force. Modifications to sit comfortably in Sukhasana are to prop pillows under each knee to lend support and prevent hyperextension. You may put a pillow or block under your coccyx to elevate your Muladhara center also to give some relief to your bent legs. Stay in Sukhsana as long as is comfortable, meditating on the vital, lifeforce energy filling your Muladhara chakra.

Mountain (Tadasana): Standing with legs hip width apart, Tadasana represents the stability of the earth. With knees slightly bent, tailbone tucked under, roll your shoulders back to pull your shoulder blades together and then letting them drop in relaxation. This posture aligns your body, your Muladhara directly above the earth. To aid in a solid stance, you may lift your toes from the mat, spread them and place them back down.

Goddess (Deviasana): Devi represents the feminine force that is creation and nature. Standing with your legs wide apart and your feet turned out to a 45 degree angle; tuck your tailbone under creating a strong stable core. On the exhale, bend your knees and allow your pelvis to descend directly downward toward the floor as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep your knees directly over your ankles so that you may still see your toes. Do not allow the knees to bend further forward than the toes. Imagine a weight hanging from the tip of the tailbone toward the floor, gently drawing the base of the body downward as the thighs open. Once you are comfortably in the lower half of Deviasana, lift your arms out to the sides, bending them up to the ceiling at the elbow. In Devisana, we draw the Earth energy directly into Muladhara as our tailbone hovers over the ground. In any of our Yoga asanas we must not forget to breathe, for it is the breath that draws the lifeforce energy up into our chakra centers and allows us the full benefits of the asanas themselves. Breathing into the postures allows us to get deeper into the stretch and relax so that we may concentrate on the work at hand. Namaste.

Abundance and Flow

Dream Weaving Article by Julie Wise

Dreaming of Joy and Ease “The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” ~ James Allen Spring is in the air here in southern Ontario. I can smell it in the warmth of the earth softening in the sunshine. I can hear it in the songs of the birds – robins, cardinals, chickadees, and sparrows. Daytime temperatures are rising, and I can go for an early morning walk wearing just a light jacket. Isn’t it glorious? The snow and ice has melted and the ducks and geese in the pond behind my building are into mating rituals. As I walked in the woods yesterday, I could see the first signs of new growth stirring under layers of matted leaves. This morning a bunny sprinted across the road, and ducks waddled across front lawns and down sidewalks, quietly quacking to each other. The world is humming with activity! I become more active in spring too. I clean out closets, dig out the patio furniture, and dust off my dreams. The ideas that have been germinating in my heart and soul all winter are now ready to sprout. For me, spring brings dreams of gardens, wonderful new plants to discover, pots to fill, green spaces to create. It’s also a season of cycling and hiking, getting back out in the world after a winter of hibernation. I also dream of trying something new, challenging myself in some way, stretching my wings and stepping out of my comfort zone. There’s a sense of growing excitement inside me mixed with the fear of stepping into unknown territory. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at this time of the year – so much to do – yet I yearn to live with joy and ease. How do I resolve this conundrum? As often happens for me, I’ve found the answer in nature.

Every day I go for a morning walk in my neighbourhood. As I pass by gardens, I notice the gradual progress of bulbs and spring plants as they emerge from their winter slumber. At first the change is imperceptible, and then the growth becomes unmistakable. However, no bulb rushes in order to reach the light and flower before any other one. Each one takes its time, knowing that every moment of the process is an integral part of its development. By watching the plants, flowers and trees, I’m learning the secret to living with joy and ease. I can see there’s a natural unfolding to every event and it’s much easier on me if I step back, observe, and let things run their course (rather than impatiently trying to make things happen according to my agenda). This applies to work, relationships, projects and leisure time. As a result, I’m restructuring my days this spring in order to have more of a balance of work and play. I try to start each day with a walk, take a break mid-day and get outside again to wander and explore, and set aside time in the late afternoon and evening for pleasure (reading, crocheting, a good meal with my partner). I’m still getting things done, and I’m enjoying the pace more. I’ve also noticed that I’m in better shape (all that walking!) and feeling a lot more relaxed. It’s a bit like being on perpetual vacation. I’m living my dream. How about you? What dream seeds are you planting this spring? Where will you find your inspiration?

Peace and Serenity

Sorting out the Psyche Article by Tiffany Lazic EMBRACING MAGIC

Often we find ourselves speaking about wanting to embrace magic in our lives, about wanting to reconnect to that sense of joy and wonder that we remember having in childhood, about reclaiming that excitement and exuberance that is so evident in the very young. Often we speak in terms that indicate all these experiences are kept in some far away place: in memories of times so long ago. And in some ways this is true, but it is also a place that is very much within reach. Inner Child Work came to the fore in the late 1980’s. Primarily the work of Charles Whitfield and John Bradshaw, the work has a direct line to Carl Jung’s concept of the Divine Child and the work of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis in the 1950’s. In all these approaches, there is a core understanding of an inner aspect of Self which is still connected to experiencing the world with eyes that see the magic around us. It is also known as The Magical Child or the Wonder Child. This is exactly that aspect of ourselves that we long to touch and bring forth in our day to day lives. But instead we find ourselves overworked and overwhelmed, scared and hurt, “human doings” rather than “human beings”. That magical part is there…somewhere…under layers of insecurity and uncertainty. Inner Child Work is a powerful way to find it once again. The Inner Child is that part of us that expresses our emotional life. Simply speaking, it is our feelings. So why is it so hard sometimes to connect to that Magical Child? The reason is twofold. The first is that, often (if we were to be really honest) we really don’t want to go into our feelings. We want the happy-happy, joy-joy, but what if we go inside and touch anxiety? Or fear? Or hurt? A voice inside says “Better leave well enough alone” and bounces us back to the surface. Not that the feelings go away, but we can tuck them somewhere deep and ‘safe’, not necessarily realizing that when we do that, we are creating a kind of emotional sludge that sits in that deep space slowly building up and solidifying into that which drags our Spirits down. Feelings, for better or worse, are a whole deal package. If we want the ‘ecstasy’, we need to be open to the ‘agony’. Feelings are a spectrum. When we close ourselves off from experiencing the painful end of the spectrum, we actually also stop ourselves from being able to experience the joyful end, leaving ourselves with a very narrow range of emotional experience. To truly experience the joy, we need to recognize that there will also be times of pain. And that’s okay. We can learn the tools to be able to manoeuvre through the pain times.

Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion. ~ Carl Jung (Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype, 1938)

The second reason it can be a challenge to access that inner wonder is that the Magical Child lives absolutely in the here-and-now: a place (again, truth be told) we don’t actually reside very often. More often, as adults, we actually spend most of our inner life in the past (being informed and shaped by the negative messages and experiences that are sitting in that solidified sludge that we have pushed to that dark, ‘safe’ place) or in the future (often worrying about how things will unfold). We bounce from past to future without really spending a lot of time in the actual moment of the Right Now. Our bodies may be present, but our minds and emotions are elsewhere. Inner Child work helps us to clear out the sludge of the past so that we are able to excavate that Magical Child within buried beneath. As we release the hold that old, painful memories and messages have over us, we are actively bringing our Spirits – our whole Selves - into the present. We still have our stories, but they no longer have an emotional charge. They no longer whomp us into those dark places of self-destructive thoughts and messages. Releasing the Magical Child from the prison of the past allows us to fully experience what is happening in the Now. As we connect to that Child within and start to experience the world through his or her eyes, we find ourselves fully engaging in each moment of our lives and allowing the truth of each moment shine through us. When we are sad, we are sad. When we are happy, we glow. This does not mean we never reflect on the past or never plan for the future. It means that we enter into those activities consciously – for recall and remembrance or for visioning and future-building. But in the general course of each moment in our life, we are responding from the whole of our beings in that moment, allowing space for wonder, joy, excitement, laughter, creativity and…magic.

Highly recommended reading:

Healing the Child Within By Charles Whitfield

In 1987, Charlie Whitfield's breakthrough concept of the child within that part of us which is truly alive, energetic, creative and fulfilled launched the inner child movement. The classic book that started it all, Healing the Child Within describes how the inner child is lost to trauma and loss, and how by recovering it, we can heal the fear, confusion and unhappiness of adult life. Recent brain research, particularly on the effects of trauma on the brain of developing children, has supported Whitfield's intuitive understanding as a psychiatrist. Available at “Gifts for the Soul Shop”: $18.95

Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond Article by Julie Wise JUST DO IT!

I remember a conversation with a friend a few years ago. She had just turned fifty and was elated. She said that being fifty gave her a sense of freedom, the chance to finally speak her mind and do what she wanted when she pleased. Up until then, she had always felt it necessary to put the needs of others before her own and, as a result, often felt like her needs didn’t matter. “It was like I didn’t have a voice,” she explained to me, “and now I do. And I’m not afraid to use it!” I’ve noticed that women in particular tend to do that to themselves – shut down their feelings, thoughts, and dreams in order to ensure that their children and partners have the opportunity to be heard and lead fulfilling lives. What kind of a message does this send to our children? And what impact does this have on us in the long run? Don’t wait until you’re fifty (or sixty or retired or …) to give yourself permission to be all that you can be and do the things you want to do? Find a way to do it now! Yes, it can be challenging to pursue some of those dreams while your children are young and you’re working full-time with a mortgage and bills to pay. But if not now, then when? There are lots of ways to bring some fabulous fun into your life regardless of your age and obligations. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, some funky fun ideas are completely free! Here are some fab ideas that I’ve played with in the past:           

go shopping with friends just to try on weird and wacky clothes, hats, boots that you normally wouldn’t even look at organize an old-fashioned tea party where everyone brings something decadently delicious to share and wears a cool hat and wild outfit buy some sexy undergarments that will make you smile all day (and no one needs to know you’re wearing them) dare to be different – if you normally wear skirts, wear shorts; if you prefer earth tones, add a brightly coloured scarf … sing in the shower walk barefoot in the wet grass after a spring rain try a new food or drink, just for fun go stargazing on your own, with a special someone or with your kids have a midnight picnic put on some music you love, close your eyes and let your body move paint your toenails an unusual colour

Sometimes the simplest things can bring a smile to your face or make you laugh out loud. Children are really good at being themselves, full of wonder and silliness, oblivious to the world around them. So take your cue from them and … just do it!

Enlightenment and Inspiration

Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot Exploration Article by Tiffany Lazic THE MAGICIAN The first few figures The Fool meets along his journey introduce him to potential role models. I like to see them in the light of Spiritual and Earthly Mothers and Fathers, teaching the ways of the energetic and natural realms. Each one offers a slightly different flavour to interacting with the world and the 4 together create a perfect balance. The first of the 4 is The Magician. Card 1. “The Spiritual Father”. Wonderfully, he is traditionally positioned intimately connected with the natural world. He is surrounded by Nature with flowers around him. Though he is knowledgeable about higher energies, he understands that they are really only relevant and powerful when applied to the world in which we find ourselves. This message is highlighted in two ways. In front of the Magician stands a table on which the symbols of the four Suits are placed: a pentacle/coin, a cup/chalice, a sword and a staff. Mastery over the four elements is key to the Magician. He works with the four elements. He knows the subtle variations in their energies and how it is necessary for them to interact in order to achieve balance. Every Magician has tools and these are his. But he also has another tool. One which he holds in his hand: the wand, the tool of transformation. He stands with his wand arm raised towards to skies and his other hand pointed towards the ground. The hermetic axiom of “as above, so below” is enacted here, grounding the subtle energies into something that can be manifested on earth. It is the wand as a tool of focusing, directing and amplifying energies that enabled the Magician to accomplish this. The wand is the tool of Spirit. Above the Magician’s head is the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity. A powerful symbol rarely used in the Tarot, its presence is significant. The lemniscates represents the limitless nature of energy. It is these energies the Magician is tapping into. The Magician opens the door to the transformative power of Alchemy. His message “as above, so below” teaches The Fool that in order to truly embrace the power of spiritual energies, one must know how to manifest them on earth. The ability to do so rests on knowing the guiding principles or “Laws of the Universe” and the interconnection between all things. The Magician carries knowledge of the correspondences between elements and has worked hard to achieve that mastery. This is underlined in his naming in certain decks as “The Mage” which translates as “the Wise One”. Being a Magician is not about performing a slight of hand. It is about having intimate knowledge of how subtle energies work and being able to work on those subtle levels in order to activate change in the tangible,

manifest world. As the famous saying goes “Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will”. It is that Art in which the Magician engages and teaches. But there is, as with all things, a Shadow side to the Magician: the Charlatan or Illusionist. One who manipulates our ways of seeing in order to present an image that baffles the mind rather than expanding it. He is the one who pulls us deeper into the veils of illusion, knowing that what we think we see is not real at all. This can be a wonderful, enjoyable experience to encounter in the realm of entertainment, but it should not be confused with enlightenment. As a teaching tool the Tarot seeks to open us to the highest truths, not veil them. When one is weaving tight the cloak of Persona, creating an illusion of Self for others to believe as real, we have enacted the Shadow Magician. As Spiritual Father the polarity embodied by the Magician is masculine. The energy is active, conscious and rational. (We will see how this differs from the Spiritual Mother: The High Priestess). It is Spirit in Action. It is Personal Power: the power to activate change in our lives by accessing the highest levels of the subtle world and doing what must be done to bring that into our lives. The Magician does not call us to be passive and receptive, but to act. Another familiar face of the Magician is that of the Wizard (think Gandalf). The Wizard, as with the Mage, is extremely knowledgeable on the workings of all things and has the power to transform. But, the Wizard must be directed by serving as a bridge between the material and the spiritual worlds. If instead it is Ego and a need to elevate or bolster ourselves that is at the core of the work, a deeper Shadow of the Magician can be activated . When we seek to illuminate the presence of Spirit in all we do (lifting the veils of illusion), we have enacted the Magician. When we seek to inflate ourselves as the be all and end all, we have enacted the Shadow Magician. Encountering The Magician, we are encouraged to ask: Am I contributing to clarity or illusion? How am I facilitating reflections of higher energies in the natural world? Do I work with awareness of interconnections? In what ways can I transform my reality?

Highly recommended reading:

Transforming Your Dragons By Jose Stevens, PhD

Psychotherapist Jose Stevens presents fear patterns as 7 dragon personalities, helping you identify your own and guiding how to deal with and conquer these same dragons resulting in more energy available to make choices and having the power that comes from being truly at peace Available at “Gifts for the Soul Shop”: $23.50

Miracles Article by Cecilie Lacey ALMOST A YEAR IN CHINA

Most people think of something huge when they think of miracles: parting the Red Sea; turning water into wine; a burning bush; or raising someone from the dead. A Course in Miracles defines a ‘miracle’ as a ‘shift in perception’ and states that we are all capable of being miracle-workers. In fact, it is our natural ability when we are thinking correctly as our true selves as spiritual beings. Last year, my life was extremely difficult. I was teaching English to high school students in a small town in China. Unable to read, write or speak the language, my activities were severely restricted. Despite the fact that I was a world traveller, I was daunted by travel in China. I was required to anticipate my every move, asking one of my kids or a Chinese staff member to write out the instructions of my request in Chinese to show the bus, cab, waiter or whomever. There was no central heat for the five months of winter weather which is comparable to life here. I burned out fuses from having my small heaters on high and then had to gesture to someone in my building to replace them. When the weather is -5 outside, after a few months of no heat, it’s like -10 inside!! In the classroom, I had to teach with hat, coat and gloves on! I was still frozen to the core all the time. The food was horrific. Plain white boiled rice three times a day every day and unidentifiable meat (or identifiable with eyes, scales and fins) Unbeknownst to me at a fancy function, I ate dog. It is considered an expensive treat for special guests, however I felt like I’d crossed an inner line. And, as one of a handful of foreigners in this town, I was stared at everywhere I went. I am not your average petite Asian woman, so I was the brunt of much hysterical laughter. So where’s the miracle here, you ask? First and foremost, the miracle of pure survival: through health problems caused by the cold, pollution and food, the loneliness and isolation. China pushed me to the limits of my coping abilities. While there, I had to dig deep for some basic survival skills and I found them. In many ways, I thrived: I made special occasions with my kids: parties, games and heartfelt group conversations. I started a book based on my emails to my family in Canada called “Almost a Year in China.” I knew this would end one day and I wanted to enjoy the experience while I was living it.

But mostly it’s a miracle because I grew deeper in love and gratitude for my life. I vowed that I would

always appreciate the freedom that I have as a Westerner. In China, they are not free to move to another province in China without applying (most are refused). They are assigned jobs from their commune unless they are the fortunate few with wealthy families to buy more opportunities. They are censored by The Great Firewall of China which really does exist to block out almost all social media. To come to my country where I can speak, read and write the language; enjoy the food; marvel at the bliss of heat in my apartment; pick up the phone to call my family anywhere on this side of the world; travel with ease; be entertained by television and movies as well as a huge library and all the computer social media I’ll ever want: all of this is a gift. Creating a shift in perception from scarcity to prosperity; from lack to abundance; from unlimited restrictions to unlimited freedom, it becomes more than a shift in physical environment. It is a shift of consciousness. THAT is a true miracle.

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle. ~ Marianne Williamson ~

Between the worlds Article by Lisa Theodore RECONNECTING

Messages of Love and Peace, Abundance and Joy are all around us. We choose what we look at; we choose what we focus upon. Today, let’s choose to concentrate on the incredible connection between our mind, our Spirit and our bodies. They are so intimately connected. Most days we hurry along. We hit the snooze button, rush into the shower, grab a coffee to go...and out the door. We are off and running. Sounds like a horse race - how fast can we get out of the gate. In those few minutes have we noticed where our mind is? What is it thinking? Are we focused on fatigue, or aches & pains in our body? Are we frantically worried about the children being on time and fed? Where in the rush did we put our mind? Has our body caught up with the rest of us? In all of the morning traffic have we taken a moment to check in with our Spirit, our highest Self? Have we spent a moment inviting Universal Source, God, Holy Spirit into our day? Or do we just assume that the invitation isn’t necessary? Yes, we are children of God - and yes, the connection is always present. Yet how often do we miss the lesson; miss the conversation; the love and support of this Divine Universe. It is up to us to reconnect, to allow the integration of our body, mind and Spirit. So many people nowadays are lost, wondering if this is all there is to life. They feel like every day is a struggle. For some, it is a physical body struggle, for others it is a struggle with abundance - a struggle of the mind. Whenever we hold fear in our mind, our body will reflect that image back to us. We think that we never have enough (of whatever it might be) and our bodies get stiff and rigid, or weak and sore. We think of our world as being static - these are the rules...there is only one way to do something or achieve in our lives. Our bodies respond in kind. They become as inflexible as our minds. And again, we have left our Spirit out of the equation. What would your day be like if you shifted your perception, just a little, and started with a “hello” and “welcome” to your whole being - body, mind and Spirit? Perhaps that sounds like too much time or effort. Perhaps you aren’t convinced of the value of the greeting. Upon waking, before even getting out of bed, connect with yourself. Lying there, smile at yourself. Silently - or out loud - say, “Good Morning Self - how are we today?”. Feel your muscles relax, stretch your body as you stretch your mind. Allow yourself three breaths - focusing your mind on the physical act of breathing. Allow your Spirit to fill your space as you stretch, breathe and concentrate your thoughts on the beautiful day ahead.

We are constantly talking to ourselves. We ruminate over the “to do list” or the events of the day. Sometimes our minds get caught up in a project and we sit for hours at a time - without any ‘mind’ to our body. If we are quiet, just for a second, we can hear Spirit gently nudging us, asking us to reconnect. We might have a sudden urge to stand up and stretch, to make a cup of tea or phone someone. Listen to these moments. Invite Spirit to speak with you throughout your day. Remember, we all have a choice of what we would like to focus upon; of where we want to put our attention and with what effort. When we bring together all aspects of our being we gain strength, alertness, peace and calm. Each day we can practice inviting our highest Self, our Spirit, to speak to us and through us; guiding our minds toward loving, expansive thoughts; allowing room for creativity and passion to flood our mind and body. We are truly unique and we have an incredible capacity to give and receive. All of these gifts are enhanced with our focused, conscious awareness. We are more than just a body. We are more than just a mind. We are greater than the sum of all of our parts. It is time to reconnect.

Quirks and Creativity

Within these Pages Book Review RUNNING FROM SAFETY: An Adventure of the Spirit. By Richard Bach. Review by Tiffany Lazic

“If the child-we-were asked us today for the best we’ve learned from living, what would we tell, and what would we discover in return?” This is the question on the back of Running from Safety, Richard Bach’s personal exploration into his own rediscovery of the child within. Richard Bach blasted onto the field of literature with Jonathan Livingston Seagull, first published in 1970. In 1972 alone over a million copies were sold and it spent 38 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List, breaking records not seen since the publication of Gone with the Wind. Running from Safety is his 10th book, originally published in 1995. Having explored the meaning of existence in Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the concepts of soulmates in Bridge Across Forever and One, Bach turned his attention inwards to the deepening of his relationship with himself in Running from Safety. At the age of 9, having just lost his beloved older brother, a terrified boy makes a promise that, if he lives past the age 11, he’ll write a book as an adult containing all the wisdom he has gathered and deliver it to his 9 year old self. When the grown up Richard is reminded of that promise by his guardian angel, prompting him to seek out little Dickie, the road to reunion is not what he expects. But along the path, he discovers that it is less about him bestowing wisdom and more about the gifts that each have to share with each other. A novel that truly illuminates the gifts of developing that key inner relationship, Running from Safety is a brilliant sharing of one man’s inner child process towards healing and wholeness.

If I relaxed, here in midair, I thought, invite the door to open between me and the child I was, what would happen? It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about the lad! Had it not been for Shepherd and his book of lies I wouldn’t have thought about Dickie at all. I imagined a door deep into my past, lifted the heavy wooden latch, creaked it open. Dark inside, and cold – that’s a surprise. Maybe he’s sleeping. “Dickie,” I called in my mind, “it’s me, Richard. It’s been fifty years, little guy! Want to say hello?” He was waiting for me in the dark, pointing a flame-thrower. Tenth of a second, and the place lit up with fire and scarlet fury. “OUT! GET THE GOD-DARN HECK OUT OF HERE YOU CARELESS SELFISH MISERABLE SO-CALLED GROWN-UP HATEFUL PERSON I HOPE I NEVER TURN INTO! GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK AND LEAVE ME ALONE! ~ from Running from Safety

Available at “Gifts for the Soul” Shop: Running from Safety by Richard Bach $21.00

Special Feature: This tale is taken from the soon-to-be released book "Bedtime Stories from the Woodland" by Martyn Pentecost. This selection of enchanting tales is for the adult with a childlike wonder or a child with a grown-up's wisdom. Set in an ancient Celtic woodland we meet trees and creatures that take us on many remarkable adventures and offer spirituality mixed with a sense of mischief...


It is well known, throughout the woodland, that hazel trees are the most talkative of trees. Every day, from the trill of the lark to the owl’s hoot they chit-chatter about nothing in particular. Nowhere is the constant flurry of daytime gossiping more apparent than in the Hazel Grove of the western forest. Here you can source many a juicy tidbit from who’s hot and who’s not, to fashion tips, and even nooks and crannies of the rich and famous. It was in the autumn of a particularly long year, when Mulberry-Mush Maroon was the must-have colour for those with nails and Wilemena Woof had adopted three new signets and a quince, that something rather peculiar happened. It was the late afternoon, when several Hazel trees were right in the middle of discussing whether a nearby oak had had work done, because her galls were much bigger than last year, when a squizzle appeared from the deep forest. He staggered towards the hazels and fainted in front of them, exhausted from his long trek through the forest. Now, squizzles are usually rather frenetic creatures, that are roughly so big, with fluffy ends, grey-brown hued, and sharp in places. They have loop-de-loop tails and goo-goo eyes, yet curl-up really small for easy storage and transportation. This squizzle, remarked a few of the hazels, was decidedly static for a squizzle and rather thin. “What’s wrong with it?” asked one of the hazels. “I don’t know!” cried another. “Do you think it’s dead?” “Maybe it needs a make-over?” a third Hazel chipped-in. “Or a colonic detox?” the first hazel added. The trees chattered amongst themselves for a short while, before deciding to whisper what they saw to the wisest of hazel trees, who was something of an agony aunt in the grove. “Oh dear!” she exclaimed, upon noticing the little body at the edge of the grove. “The poor thing is starving!”

“What shall we do?” asked the other hazels in unison, apart from one, who commented that she knew a varied selection of thirty-minute meals for cute and fluffies with ‘on the go’ lifestyles. “We should give him some of our nuts,” suggested the wisest hazel, shimmying in the breeze, so that a handful of hazelnuts fell to the ground. Upon smelling the nuts, the squizzle began to pull himself along the ground towards them. When he was close enough to reach, he used the last of his strength to crack open a nut, as only squizzles know how, and munched away at the tasty insides. After several minutes, the tiny creature had enough strength to eat another nut, and another, and another. In fact, he ate all of the nuts that the wise hazel had dropped. At this point, one of the trees suggested that he might now be in need of a good threeminute abdominal-sculpting exercise regime, but this was dismissed in favour of more nuts. When the squizzle had eaten so many nuts that his tummy started to bulge, he began to tell the hazels of his long and terrifying journey through the forest to reach the western grove. Now, if there is one way to ensure that hazel trees stay silent, it is to tell them a good story - hazels love nothing better than some real-life drama and the squizzle’s tale was everything they could have hoped for. More poignant than “They took my branches!” Sadder than “My nuts went mouldy” More exhilarating than “I only have 103 years to live!” and almost as shocking as “I’m allergic to soil!” The squizzle related in less than 2,000 words how his family were so hungry they had set out through the deep forest in search of food. In the east, the squizzles were so ravenous that they stripped all the trees of the nuts and berries, so that even before the first signs of winter were upon them, they had eaten everything the trees had offered. As they travelled the deepest depths of the forest, the squizzle’s family had disappeared one by one; taken by woofs, enchanted by pillywiggins, or simply got so hungry that they could no longer go on. When he had finished, there was a gasp amongst the hazels, who were both shocked by what they heard and a little concerned. “We can offer a single squizzle our nuts,” one said. “But if others come, who is to say that what happened in the east, won’t happen here?” “We might be stripped of our nuts!” cried several of the hazels. “We must send him away!” exclaimed one of the trees. “Yes, away! Away! You’ll not have another nut of ours!” Another tree called. The squizzle was very frightened by this, for he had journeyed so far and did not know where he would go if they sent him away. It was the wisest hazel who, noticing the squizzle’s alarm, spoke softly to the group.

“No,” she murmured. “The little squizzle can stay, just as any other weary traveller is welcome to stay in our care.” “But what of our precious nuts?” the others asked. “Each year, we shall offer all who venture our way all of our nuts, with one condition,” the wise one decreed. “All of our nuts?” all the other trees gasped in unison. “The condition is, they only eat enough to live each day and the rest they bury in the ground!” The wise hazel continued, “For, even though squizzles have remarkable memories, they will forget where they placed all the nuts and so some will be given the chance of life!” The other trees stayed silent. “The squizzles will take our nuts farther than we can throw them, so our grove will become larger and wider, through these lost nuts; buried by our little army of gardeners.” The wisest hazel giggled at the thought of the grove becoming even greater than it was and of all the new stories they would be able to tell each other. So it came to be that the squizzle stayed in the grove, only ever eating what he needed and saving the rest to last him through the winter. Gradually other squizzles joined them and more and more nuts were buried in the ground, guided by constant gardening tips from the hazels, along with the occasional ‘did you know?’ filler paragraph. And this was how the squizzle and the hazel learned to live in harmony, each benefitting the other and living happily ever after...

The Spirit Sings: Article by Nicole Ferrill THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY

Each year the cycle turns to spring, however slowly it may sometimes seem. A wondrous time of renewal, new beginnings, warm weather, a daily dose of vitamin D, a gift from the glorious sun. The birds’ songs remind us that this is a time of celebration. Everything down to the worms digging in the Earth seems happy and ready to welcome this phase of the seasonal wheel. Salvador Dali’s Surrealist composition Egg Born is a testimony of this return of the sun, but what else is there to interpret from this painting?

2012 is a special year. A year of grand speculation brought on by the mythos of the Mayan calendar. Whether you believe this year will bring about the end of the physical world, an important change in the world’s value systems, or a spiritual awakening for humanity, everyone is at least curious about the manifestation of this event. Painted over a half century ago, Dali’s imagery in Egg Born can be not only a glorious reminder of the cycle of rebirth, but also a testimony of what we face in this year of impending, momentous change. Born in 1904, Dali lived in a small village in Northern Spain. Attending The Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid in his early twenties, by twenty-four he had three paintings recognized in the Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh. Shortly after, he joined the famous Surrealist group started by Anton Breton in France. Although Dali was not a founder of this group, he quickly became the face of Surrealism through his meticulous techniques and outlandish character. In Dali’s Egg Born, we see the sun rising between two gigantic egg shells resembling the yolk of an egg. The rays from the sun/yolk stretch as far as the eye can see. The egg is the symbol of fertility as well as rebirth. As we examine the shell, we see it is man-made. There are scaffolds surrounding the shell where we see workers building, restoring or at least maintaining the shell. From a lake in the distance, water streams up the center of the painting depositing a small boat on the shore. A figure walks toward us from the boat and another sits on the shore. Water is the symbol of psychological transformation. If we apply the symbolism of Egg Born to our present day condition, it may communicate that nature is ever reborn. At the dawn of the solstice, man will either be stuck in a neverending cycle of building, taking in new wisdom and contemplating, or moving forward in their psychological understanding of the changes that will inevitably come. Regardless of man’s position in the world, the sun rays communicate that nature exists beyond all and will always be. If we examine the piece through this current day comparison, it is interesting to evaluate who and where we are in this cycle. What lessons do we have to learn to move forward in our lives and in the world? What do we perceive of potential changes and how will we react if those changes aren’t what we expected? Although Dali’s painting is created in surrealism, his attention to realistic detail allows us to imagine ourselves in this metaphor. For the past 80 years, Dali’s dreamlike scenarios have sparked imaginations challenging the viewer to relate to or even comprehend what they were seeing. When we apply his images to symbolism and current events, his images jump off the canvas and dictate a question in our minds of the cycle of life in which we live. And if that seems too daunting, we can just enjoy the warm sunshine that tells us spring is here!

Angelsâ€&#x; Chorus: Poem and Article by Erin Kiers AWAKENING

Each set of soulful eyes desperately searching for peace seek so frantically, The subtle promise budding gently in the nooks and crannies within themselves, overlooked. How gloriously and joyfully we celebrate the day when recognition of these tiny gems is allowed to spread, and overtake the deep seeded darkness. Leaving in its path the hidden garden of promise and abundance within us. How peaceful the existence, Once all celebrate together the euphoric Heaven on Earth each of us possess within, and so create without Each of our journeys is different. Each of us awakens at a different time, place, and circumstance. However, the results are the same. Exquisite forgiveness, peace and wholeness greet us with the familiarity of long lost family. It is the mirror that can be the most difficult of experiences upon awakening that is essential to awakening and dictates the clarity of our awareness. The many levels of consciousness are only reached when we complete the required task at hand which is unique to each one of us. This task is reflected to us through an etheric Mirror. Seeing our own misguided behaviour and thoughts and being confronted with ideals and values that no longer resonate with higher vibrational thinking and living is very difficult. For us to recognize our responsibility for our own pain is hard. Sometimes this exercise seems insurmountable and it is at this time that many become trapped between levels. Their egos find themselves unable to embrace the blessings in the events taking place in their lives revealing the tasks from their inner mirrors, thus preventing the attainment and the grace of the next level. Patience is key during this evolution of our souls. We must be gentle with ourselves and recognize at which point we currently are at in the cycle to truly live in that state. This allows our soul the adequate amount of time to have our task revealed to us by inner guidance and intuition, recognize the path to follow on each quest of task, embrace the blessings of the journey and thus attaining the next level of consciousness. Each level of consciousness presents a higher level of grace and responsibility. It is our responsibility to offer guidance and hope to others on their many journeys alongside us. No matter what level of consciousness they are at, we must share our patience, support and love with our “other-selves�. As we are all one, it is to our benefit to help others and share in our celebration of consciousness as a whole. Once our many layers of past malformed fears have peeled away we will all share together in the celebration of our divine creation of Love and Light!

Awaken from your slumber dearest ones. Rub the sleep from your eyes. Allow the promise of truth penetrate the darkness from whence you came and permeate the very inner depths of your soul. We know the light of truth initially is bright and your blinking eyes prove the depth and length of which you slept, but the time has come to join us in our song of hope. Fear not for those who still sleep, stir them not from their slumber. It is not yet their time to rise up from their exquisite denial doused in lack, pain and hurt. There is only one way to awaken such slumber. It is your shining light of salvation that will burn away their layers of ancient pain and fear. So shine as brightly as you can our sweetest ones, let your beams of inner divine flame light up the Earth and join with the radiant beams of your brothers and sisters, and together we will warm the frigid hearts locked in pain of every woman, man and child! Be tempted not but the empty promise of the “easy� road cloaked in darkness. Its only promise is to lock you up again in a cell of your own making. Leave behind you any trace of old useless ways of thinking and behaving and embrace the gifts of light and promise of peace, love, tranquility and abundance. Feel it now! The warmth of the white light of the divine! Guiding us all as one! ~The Angels~

Dance of the Bees

The Stag’s Chase (Blodeuwedd’s Song) She alights on the rampart, As meadowsweet on a light breeze. The awakening sun kissing her cheek, Warming the peace that hangs like a stone.

He breaks from the trees, As fury on a stamping steed. The glorious chase goading his heels, Cracking stone with passion’s hammer.

All the gentle words, the demure looks, the placid sighs, the languid bows Arch in mid-flight As fire cracks Oak.

They are lost. In the heat of the other’s eyes. And found In the flight of petals’ wings. ~ Tiffany Lazic

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APRIL April 1

The Shaman’s Way of Healing: Linda Ludwig & Fiona Rattray

April 2

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques: Raven Cox

April 11

Dream Bigger: Julie Wise

April 15

Cranial Sacral for Newborns: Jules Hare

April 16 & 23

Emotional Freedom Techniques Training (2 evenings): Raven Cox

April 20

Introduction to Usui Reiki: Niki Klein

April 21

Inner Restoration Through Creating & Journalling (6 classes): Cheryl Weber-Good

April 26

The Spirit of Your Money Path (6 classes): Niki Klein

April 28

Transformation Stones: Tiffany Lazic May

May 4 – 6

Reiki I & II: Niki Klein

May 7

Introduction to Ayurveda: Norah Nasturas

May 12

Heart’s Desire: Karen Egoff

May 14

Anyi Despatcho: Linda Ludwig & Fiona Rattray

May 26 - 27

Divine Language: Archetypes, Alchemy, Dreams and Tarot: Tiffany Lazic

May 28

Digital Marketing for the Small Business Owner (8 classes): Nicole Ferrill June

June 2

Advanced Reiki : Niki Klein

June 9 - 10

Healthy Breast Yoga Program: Dr. Lisa Vickery

June 15

Introduction to Celtic Reiki: Tiffany Lazic

June 23

Dowsing: Karen Egoff

Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training’s Discovering the Total Self Program at The Hive and Grove Each course is 8 weeks. Start date is indicated beside each course. Gifts of Spirit: The Intuitive Arts (May 1) Cycles of Life: From Child to Adult (May 3) The Healing Power of Sound (3 days with Ann-Marie Boudreau: July 13 – 15) Next rotation of classes starts in September Meditation and the Mystical Path of the Chakras (Sept 4) Being Human: The Path of Emotional Healing (Sept 6)

Facilitated by Tiffany Lazic

ONGOING WEEKLY EVENTS Mondays (5:30 – 6:30)…………………….Yoga for Round Bodies (starts May 7) Tuesdays (5:30 – 6:30)……………………..Prenatal Yoga Wednesdays (5:30 – 6:30)………………..Qi Gong and Movement Meditation Wednesdays (7:30 – 9:00)………………..Chakra/Goddess Meditation (By donation) Fridays (10:30 – 11:30)……………………..Qi Gong and Movement Meditation Sundays (11:00 – 12:00)…………………..Sugar Addict’s Support Group (By donation)

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ONGOING MONTHLY EVENTS 1st Wednesday…..………….Jewelry Fun ($15) 1st Friday……………………….Little Sprouts Kids Club (By donation) st 1 Saturday…………………..A Course in Miracles Study Group (By donation) nd 2 Tuesday…………………..Hive Book Club (By donation) nd 2 Wednesday……………..Realm Master Share (By donation: mornings) nd 2 Wednesday……………..Reiki Share (By donation) 2nd Friday……………………….Healing Film Discussion Forum (By donation) 2nd Saturday…………………..Magickal Living (Complimentary Hive course: ends in June) rd 3 Friday………………………..Magickal Kids Club (By donation) 4th Wednesday………………Celtic Reiki Share (By donation) th 4 Friday………………………..Healthy Living Series ($15)

Introducing…. Every issue meet 3 Hive and Grove facilitators. We often learn about training and credentials in bios. This section asks several questions that introduce you to the “inner inspirations” of some of the faces you will see in our beautiful classroom. Tiffany Lazic: facilitator of Discovering the Total Self courses; Magickal Living; Transformation Stones; Divine Language: Archetypes, Alchemy Dreams & Tarot; The Key to Success Study Group; The Healed Healer; and Money & Me: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money. She also facilitates Celtic Reiki Master Training with Julie Wise. Where do you most feel yourself? In a circle. Although I have always loved those old personal libraries with floor to ceiling bookcases and a wooden ladder on wheels that you roll from one end of the bookcase to the other. If we had one of those in our house, I would probably never leave. Who has been the greatest influence on your work? It’s a toss up between Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. I “met” them both in my first year of Film Studies at Ryerson. It was their work that led me through film to psychotherapy. The power of myth and story, the significance of symbolism have all been important elements of my work. What is one book you wish everyone would read? (“What 1 book?” Who’s asking these questions!) So many…but in this moment, I would have to say The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk. I have read it about 4 times (and am feeling another urge to read come on). The presentation of the 2 societies - one that sees the earth as a commodity to be owned and controlled and one that honours it as sacred – is quite profound. And just a really good story as well. What is the quality you most cultivate in yourself? Listening with compassion. What is one story about yourself that makes you laugh or you remember with awe? When Connor, at the age of 3 kept asking me about going to “Fairyland”, I started going on about gardens and flowers and mushroom houses. Connor was getting increasingly frustrated and finally burst out “No, Mom, the FERRY! To the island”. He wanted to go to Toronto’s Centre Island! What is your favorite message or saying? “Carpe diem” (And “It was the salmon mousse” never fails to make me giggle.)

Nicole Ferrill: facilitator of Yoga for Round Bodies; Digital Marketing for the Small Business Owner; Sugar Addict’s Support Group; Open Art Studios; and The Hive Book Club. Where do you most feel yourself? I feel myself most in my Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra. I am Aries! Fiery elements rule most of my senses and thoughts. It can be a good thing, but not always. I believe it is a life-long endeavor to be in balance. Who has been the greatest influence on your work? When I lived in Chicago, I worked at the Art Institute of Chicago. There I met some fantastic women that worked in the Education Department with me. One woman in particular, Tricia, became a good friend of mine. She had her Masters and was working toward her PhD in American Art. She gave lecture tours to the public in the galleries and worked on remote visits to corporate offices. It was through knowing Tricia that I realized I could take my life in any direction I desired. I let go of the idea that I was trapped by the skills I had learned up to that point. I left the Art Institute in pursuit of an education in the Arts and began the journey down a path that I wanted to experience. She and I may only talk once a year now, but her friendship and the example she set in the days we shared together continues to be a reminder that I am the cartographer of my journey. What is one book you wish everyone would read? The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos. It’s a fine place to begin a journey into introspection and self healing. For me, reading it was one ah-hah moment after the next. What is the quality you most cultivate in yourself? Humour. I love to laugh and to share laughter with others. Approaching the darkest of days with humour helps us get through it a bit more smoothly. What is one story about yourself that makes you laugh or you remember with awe? I love physical humour. For instance, when someone slips or gets hit with a dodgeball, I can’t stop laughing. One time I was rounding the side of a friend’s house in the dead of winter and hit a patch of ice. Up went my feet into the air and I landed right on my back. I started to laugh and laid there looking up at my friend (who was also laughing) for a minute. My friend lent a hand and I climbed to my feet. The first step I took, my feet, once again, went flying into the air sending me flat on my back. Falling once, funny….falling twice in the same spot, we laughed long and hard at that one. How ridiculous. I crawled away from the icy spot before I tried to get up for the third time. What is your favorite message or saying? “I tell you this, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, man, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole s---house goes up in flames.” Jim Morrison

Cecilie Lacey: facilitator of A Course in Miracles monthly group Where do you most feel yourself? I have lived in so many places in Canada, Mexico, and China as well as travelled for a year around the world that I have taught myself to feel most myself wherever I am. Who has been the greatest influence on your work? I read a book called "Manifest Your Destiny" by Dr. Wayne Dyer in 1997, and I used the CD with the same title to meditate daily for about a month. Within another month, I had closed my practice in Kelowna; sold my house; packed up my belongings and my dogs and driven to Mexico for a six month sabbatical. Six days later, I met my husband, Jack Dyer (I could wonder: was that coincidence or serendipity except that I don't believe in coincidences!!!) and stayed with him in Mexico for the next eight years until his passing. I've never been the same since and neither has my work!! What is one book you wish everyone would read? That one, for sure, although I think it should come with a warning label. But there are so many good friends of mine between the covers that I am in the process of collecting again: the "Celestine Prophecy" series by James Redfield; the "Seth Speaks" series by Jane Roberts; "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay; and "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson (if you can't handle the original "Course in Miracles�. Managing a bookstore is another dream come true. What is the quality you most cultivate in yourself? Patience plus trust = forgiveness. That and living in the moment. What is one story about yourself that makes you laugh or you remember with awe? Being reminded by my ex-husband (who is still my friend) how frightened I was to go to Africa to see the mountain gorillas, which had been his life-long passion. We had been coached to avoid eye contact with the gorillas and if one charged (usually as a bluff), to get as low as possible. I looked up a hill during our time with them and there was a silverback (the male and the largest) looking down at me. Our eyes met and I was momentarily spellbound. I forgot to look away for an instant. He started towards me down the hill and I dropped. I felt like I was one with the planet face down in the dirt and I could feel and hear him as he jumped over me. I loved Africa and it was probably the highlight of our year. What is your favorite message or saying? To maintain humility and perspective: We are all students and we are all teachers. To deal with recurring conflict: Let it atrophy from lack of interest. And of course there is Marianne Williamson's classic reminder: Healing is a return to love.

Monthly Hive Celebrations… Not to be missed!

April 22 Celebrate the Earth Party

May 5 World Labyrinth Day Party

June 3 “Fullness” Red Tent with Dancing the Spirit Free

The Hive and Grove is very fond of our monthly celebrations, each with its different special energy and offerings. Great food, pamper treatments, the energy boost room, silent auctions, special ceremonies and more.

Be Uplifted.

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Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease by Julie Wise

Healing Arts Learning Organization The Healing Arts Learning Organization is a motivated team of dedicated holistic health care professionals committed to providing quality education, business opportunities, personal growth and healing.

Diversified training programs to meet your individual needs


Julie Wise Consulting Create the Life You Want Now! Life's greatest gifts are often well disguised by unattractive wrapping! As a coach, my goal is to work with you to discover the hidden potential in your challenges. Together we will:

   

Discover and clarify what you want to achieve Explore your vision for the future Develop solutions and strategies Create and implement an action plan

Be Enchanted Become a Celtic Reiki Master (Become a Foundation Master through the Realm of Meadows at no charge) Embrace Personal and Business Excellence Experience VAEO…books that unfold on all levels mPowr (UK) is delighted to be a close partner of the Hive and Grove. Martyn Pentecost, Creative Director of mPowr and originator of Celtic Reiki, is the developer of mPowr’s innovative range of titles and training courses, embracing personal wellbeing and empowerment, business development and author training.

SUMMER 2012: courses with Martyn Pentecost

Karmic Regression Therapy August 15 – 16

Introduction to the Viridian Method August 16

vReiki Training (Degrees 1 & 2) August 18 – 19

Training to become a KRT Practitioner.

Lifestyle and personal development with crystal and Viridian Essence.

Practitioner training encompassing the 9 Facets of Ki

Courses will be held at The Hive and Grove. To register, email or phone 519-578-5683

Artisan Cheryl Weber-Good composes hand painted calligraphy masterpieces on many surfaces: wall hangings, wedding lettering art, church banners, personalized gifts and mural writing.

Kitchener/Waterloo’s first Environmentally Friendly Hair Salon and Spa 133 Weber St North, Waterloo * 519-886-8624

At Food Naturally not only will we provide you with a plan to alleviate the above health concerns, but we do so in a way that is achievable and sustainable for you. Living a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle is within your reach! * Nutritional coaching * Prepared meals * Meal planning * Cleanses and detoxes The Creative Healing Clinic 148 Weber St E Kitchener, ON

Contact: Dana Rourke 519-590-6525

Traditions of Healing

     

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, Acupressure Auricular Therapy Herbal Therapy Diet and Nutritional Counselling Spiritual and Life Coaching Lisa Theodore, D.TCM, MSOM, Min.

fanning YOUR spark into flame retreat: “Goddesses and Pirates Retreat™” Isla Mujeres, Mexico OCTOBER 27 – NOVEMBER 3, 2012

Presented by The Hive and Grove Contact Tiffany Lazic for more information THE ISLAND: Isla Mujeres has a long and colourful history. In Mayan times, the island served as the sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of fertility, reason, medicine, happiness and the moon. The Temple was located at the South point of the island. In March of the year 1517, Francisco Hernandez Cordova discovered the island. When the Spanish expedition landed, they found many female shaped idols representing the goddess Ixchel, thus Isla Mujeres got its name. The remains of Ixchel’s temple can still be visited today, a particularly beloved spot to watch the morning sun rise as most eastern point in Mexico where the sun first touches the land.

THE RETREAT (Sunday – Thursday) Have you lost connection with your special, unique self? Do you dream of feeling empowered, but are not sure how to get there? Are you weighed down with past baggage? Do you have a vision of yourself and what your life could be, but are unsure of the tools to make it happen? The “Fanning Your Spark into Flame Retreat” will get you there!

For the next three centuries Isla Mujeres was uninhabited. The only visitors were fisherman and pirates. Famous pirates like Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte walked the shores of Isla and as legend goes, buried their stolen treasure under the white sands. The hacienda of the pirate, Mundaca still remains on the island and, with a keen eye, one can find his tomb in the local cemetery, complete with skull and crossbones.

Beginning on Sunday afternoon with the “Igniting the Spark” ceremony, each of the 5 days will delve deeply into the areas and issues that stop one from living fully, unconditionally and authentically. Prebreakfast meditation will set the daily intention. Morning lecture and afternoon practicum will allow each participant to apply new concepts to one’s own life and situation, activating immediate change.

Located just off the coast from Cancun, Isla Mujeres maintains its own serene and beautiful energy, away from tourist bustle. A place of peace and wonder that never leaves the soul, be you goddess or pirate at heart! Isla information can be found at:

Day 5 begins with a Dawn “Harnessing the Flame” Ceremony by the Temple of Ixchel: an opportunity to anchor the inner shifts and truly begin a new approach to one’s life. This Retreat takes place during the time of the Mexican Festival “Dia de los Muertos”: a perfect time to identify and release that which we no longer want to hold us back and allow vibrant new energy to carry us forward. Evenings and all day Friday, explore Isla!!!

THE ACCOMMODATIONS: The Retreat will be held at the spectacular Avalon Reef, Isla Mujeres which includes:  1-bedroom villa or condo, each with king-sized bed, living room (with pullout couch), kitchen and 2 bathrooms  Pool with in-water chaise lounges  The awesome natural reef “King’s Bath”  Spa and Fitness Center  Private pier

These luxurious accommodations will embrace both participants and non-participants. But if you can drag yourself away from secluded Avalon, golf carts (the island transportation mode of choice) are available for rent, allowing access to all the Isla’s offerings: Sea Turtle Sanctuary, Garrafon Natural Reef Park, Sculpture Garden, Dolphin Discovery, Underwater Sculpture Museum, Pirate Mundaca’s Hacienda and more.

A la carte activities (scuba lessons, deep sea fishing, swimming with sharks and more) for those not participating in the “Fanning Your Spark into Flame” Retreat (our adventurous “pirates”) can be arranged. A list of options will be provided with your “Welcome Package”.

THE OPAL PAGES The Holistic Directory for the Waterloo Region "The Opal Pages" is a resource of all holistic centres and practitioners in the Region (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Stratford). A small, industry-focused "Yellow Pages", this directory presents a comprehensive list of holistic modalities and the contact information of local practitioners. Available online and in print format, it is a helpful guide to those looking for alternative services. "The Opal Pages" is separated into several listing Categories. Business Categories include: Centres, Clinics, Retail and Schools. Practitioner Categories are separated into each separate healing modality with a short description of the modality. Product Listings are available for product representatives. Ad Boxes are available to have all your information in one place. To list in “The Opal Pages”… For Business and Practitioner Categories, the first 3 listings in The Opal Pages are FREE. Subsequent listings are $5 per category heading. Separate charge for Product Listing and Ad Boxes. The Opal Pages Application Form: pbHc6MQ#gid=0

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