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Where “Sedona of the North” came from (introduction to the first issue of The Glowing Hive: Winter 2011)


to the very first issue of the e-magazine dedicated to providing information on all aspects of holistic wellness, coming to you from the Waterloo Region. Issued quarterly, The Glowing Hive will offer articles on different aspects of health and healing, including physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, business success, energy clearing, reviews and creative inspiration. As The Glowing Hive is a complimentary publication, there will be no paid advertising, although we are happy to support our contributors in the wonderful work they do in their own holistic practices and businesses. This little project was born out of a realization that there are so very many of us in this Region who are doing such wonderful and healing work in a great variety of modalities. I have long been amazed by the energy of this region. As one who moved here about 10 years ago, I was sensitive to what makes this particular area so unique and special. Local history shows that Kitchener itself was originally established in 1798 as a settlement for German Mennonites seeking freedom from religious persecution, becoming the Town of Berlin in 1854. It has long had an association of being a company town with businesses such as Schneiders, Arrow Shirts, Kaufman Footwear and Krug Furniture having long, long histories in the city, many dating back to some of the first families to settle here. Perhaps it is the energy behind what brought the settlement into being. Perhaps it is the many family-owned businesses. Perhaps there is some other, yet-unknown cause. Regardless, I have always found Kitchener to be firmly rooted in a commitment to community. From the personal gathering of friends to the neighbourhood associations to the offering of so many opportunities to gather (usually in Victoria Park) to celebrate some event or another. I have lived in many places, from small towns to huge urban centres, both in Canada and the U.S. I have never experienced the kind of drawing together that happens in Kitchener. It is wonderful. When you look at the “flavours” of this region, it is a pretty remarkable place in which we live. Waterloo, with its cutting edge technological research and future vision-building, is known as “Silicon Valley of the North”. Stratford is worldrenown for its connection to Shakespeare and the arts. Guelph has its dedication to the natural sciences and Cambridge, the beautiful meeting place of the Grand and Speed Rivers, with

its balance of several towns and a hamlet from the past seems to speak, by its very makeup, of how to create synthesis. All these different areas of focus, so close together, contribute to the experience of a Region that is forward-thinking, community-driven, artistic, innovative and expansive. A place where positive change for the future can be explored, take root and grow! I know it is a stretch. I know we have no red rocks or natural cathedrals. I know some may giggle at my proposition. But I say, this area has the feel of a “Sedona of the North”. Perhaps not in the landscape (though the Grand is very grand). But in the underlying and supporting energies. There are more bodyworkers, lightworkers, social workers, mental health professionals, naturopaths and therapists here than I have been witness to in other places. There is something that inspires so many in this area to explore health and healing and energy. And how exciting that is. I had a vision of a place that one can come to, from anywhere in the world, and know that they are stepping into a place where many healing hands are available, from any type of modality one would wish to utilize, ready to gently guide to a place of balance and wholeness. And I say, celebrate. Come together in support of all of us who are doing this work, knowing that we are making a difference not only in this region but with ripple effects emanating out. As we change ourselves, we change the world. So, giggle if you will (and I will giggle along) but I say, hurray – “Sedona of the North”.

The Red Tent Movement was started by ALisa Starkweather, inspired by the book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant. A Red Tent is a safe, woman-only supportive space in which women gather to tell their stories, celebrate themselves, learn from each other and let go, if only for a time, of the roles they take on in other aspects of their lives. A Red Tent can encompass sacred ceremony, joyful dance, engaged discussion or rites of passage. A Red Tent is open to all women of every age and serves to strengthen bonds between women across generations. For women to step into empowerment, it is necessary for them to have the space in which to reflect their inner truth and their highest selves, supported and accepted by a community of women. Red Tents provide such a space. ~ Tiffany Lazic

I hope you enjoy reading The Glowing Hive as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. ~ Tiffany Lazic

Things We Don’t Talk About: The Film

Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD. Available through this link:

The next Red Tent Event is April 6, 2013 (2:00 – 4:00) at The Hive and Grove. 2


The Glowing Hive


Health and Healing from Waterloo’s Holistic Community


Sedona of the North

Seasonal Ponderings: A New Dawn, A New Day

Health and Happiness: It is hard to believe that, after a year and 4 issues, we are heading into the second “Season” of The Glowing Hive. What started as a wee flash of inspiration to bring together so much of the wisdom of the area on a snowy day last Winter has grown over the year to reach many all around the world. One of the wonders of the Internet. And thanks to so many who “pass it forward”. You never know where those shares will end up! This e-magazine would be slim indeed without the contributions of so many – some brief visitors and some constant companions: many of whom also offer more in-depth courses and workshops on their subjects of expertise at The Hive and Grove. A great deal of gratitude must go out to them for sharing their learnings, teachings and insights, helping make each of our own journeys a little brighter as we each find our own ways to health, wholeness and happiness. This issue sees the introduction of 2 new features: “Ask Cheli Doolittle”, focused on helping our four-legged friends and “The Cosmic Map”, The Glowing Hive version of a Horoscope Column. The biggest shift in our growth can be seen immediately: the new format. We are so pleased to welcome Tanya Snowdon as The Glowing Hive Creative Design Goddess. All the sumptuousness your eyes will feast upon is thanks to her! May you enjoy many smiles and aha’s as you explore… Tiffany Lazic Editor : Tiffany Lazic is a holistic psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness and Gifts for the Soul Shop. She has developed and facilitates several courses which invite participants to experience healing and wellness through the magic of symbol and Nature. She is thrilled to continue her association with Toronto’s Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training by teaching the Discovering the Total Self Program at The Hive and Grove in Kitchener. Tiffany is the creator of “The Glowing Hive” and contributes through “Seasonal Ponderings”, “Of the Earth”, “Sorting Out the Psyche” and “Those Awesome Archetypes” articles. Managing Editor and Graphic Design: Tanya Snowdon is a multimedia graphic artist who is comfortable in both corporate business design settings and holistic spiritual inspired realms. Much of the vision for her personal creative work is drawn from her own inner exploration. The Glowing Hive offers Tanya the opportunity to integrate her art design and spirit, and for this, she is happy and grateful. She knows it is a great foundation for her upcoming oracle deck.


That Gentle Touch: The Case of the Mysterious Butt Othotic Healthy Living: Healthy Hibernating The Body’s Breath: Four of the Eight Limbs of Yoga Ayurveda, The Ancient Knowledge of Life: Ayurveda for Weight loss ‘Ask Cheli Doolittle’: Gemstone Support for Four-Legged Friends of the Earth Of the Earth: Ruby in Ziosite and Mistletoe Meeting Damh by Amanda Clark

Abundance and Flow: Special thanks to Amanda Clark for allowing use of her beautiful art for the cover. To see more of Amanda’s work visit: To purchase prints, visit her Etsy shop at: earthangelsarts

Creating a Legacy: Command Wealth, Health, Joy and a Peaceful World Dream Weaving: Dreaming up the New Year

Peace and Serenity: Sorting out the Psyche: The Greatest Story Ever Told Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond: Let It Snow

Enlightenment and Inspiration: Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot exploration: The Emperor Miracles: Miraces, Miracles, Miracles Between the Worlds: The Four C’s of You The Cosmic Map

Quirks and Creativity: Special Feature: The Master Belongs to Everyone Singing Aloud: Sukkha, Sweetness and Life’s Richness Angels’ Chorus: Enlightenment Dance of the Bees Nectar From The Hive

Illumination and Bliss : Upcoming Events at The Hive: Courses and Workshops for January, February & March Introducing...Lisa D. Theodore, D.TCM, Min. Hive Scrapbook 5

Contributors Michelle Bellerose is a musician and artist who’s also worked as a healthfood chef, a movie production coordinator, and a demolition and plumber’s assistant. She has completed several yoga teacher trainings, as well as trainings in QiQong, reflexology, connective tissue manipulation, Reiki and homeopathy. You can view her artwork and hear her music at Michelle contributes the “Singing Aloud” article.

Cheli Chelouche is a Canadian Artist and jewelry designer, expressing her artistic abilities creating unique jewelry pieces incorporating genuine gemstones and crystals. She has a fascination with the artistic contribution with which the ancient civilizations gifted us and uses ancient inspiration in her unique pieces. She is the creator of “Pawmulets”, using the healing power of gemstones to honour animals and all that they give us. Cheli’s column “Ask Cheli Doolittle”: Gemstone Support for FourLegged Friends appears in the “Health and Happiness Section.

Mary C. Davis is a Certified One Command® and ThetaHealing™ Practitioner, Prosperity Guide and Business Coach who helps spiritually-oriented wellness professionals create prosperous, fulfilling businesses with ease and joy. She is the creator of The Prosperous Healer’s Path™, a training and coaching process that integrates conscious creation tools and practical business-building strategies with spiritual truths, values and inner wisdom. Results include an abundance of money, clients and fulfillment. Mary contributes the “Creating a Legacy” article.

Yogini Darlene Hewitt has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 28 years. She is trained in Usui Reiki (Master Teacher/Trainer), Axiatonal Re-alignment and is a Master Practitioner in NLP. Her ethos and lifestyle reflect the deeper teachings of all her combined training. Darlene lives with her husband and two mini yogi children in Waterloo. Darlene contributes “The Body’s Breath” article.

Robynne (Tennant) Kingswood is a CCMH graduate and practices out of Kitchener, Ontario. She has continued along the path of learning throughout her career and incorporates Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Hot Stone Therapy in her treatments. Robynne is a faculty member for CCMH in Professional Development, Law and Ethics and Business, and also lectures provincially for the CMTO on Professionalism. Robynne contributes the “That Gentle Touch” article.

Erin Kiers is the owner of Hybrid, Kitchener Waterloo’s first Environmentally Friendly Salon and Spa, located on Weber St in Waterloo. Erin has enjoyed the transformation of a customarily chemical laden industry to one that is more conscientious and is proud of her involvement in that evolution. After experiencing her own personal acceleration to awareness, she focuses her efforts on the transformation of the human consciousness and has contributed to the Hive and Grove on-line magazine in the hopes of inspiring more people in the evolution of our collective spirit. Erin contributes the “Angels’ Chorus” article.


Calvin Howard is a visual design artist currently residing in Waterloo Ontario. His images are created through a unique “metamorphosis” using classic photography, Photoshop technology, artistic vision and perhaps..... just a touch of magic. Each individual work of art beckons us to enter a world unlike our literal reality: A world where hope, dreams, and imagination blend to reflect flexibility, growth, and transformation. As he explores his own evolving awakenings, we the viewers of Calvin’s art find ourselves moving also inward, deeper into our own soul journeys. It is Calvin’s sincere intention that all of his art shall inspire: joy, attention, consciousness, and change. Calvin contributes art to the “Dance of the Bees” section. Norah Nasturas is a Swiss-trained Astrologer living in the Kitchener-Waterloo area since 2003. She is a master consultant with over 35 years of practical experience guiding private clients and business owners utilizing her unique knowledge of established scientific tools and systems from around the world. She has published articles, written columns and been frequent guest on radio shows in France. Norah is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Norah contributes the “Ayurveda, the Ancient Knowledge of Life” and “The Cosmic Map” articles.

Kerrilynn Shellhorn is an internationally respected Spiritual Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, who works with both adults and children. A mother of four beautiful children, Kerrilynn is also the former radio host of Spiritual Parenting: Parenting the Children of the New Earth – and is a Children’s Yoga and Meditation Facilitator. Kerrilynn is also the author of the ebook: Your Purposeful Life and the Children of Light Affirmation Cards. Kerrilynn contributes the “Between the Worlds” article. Lisa D. Theodore, DTCM, Min., is an active practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative therapies and Spiritual healer and teacher. She has spent the greater part of her life on a conscious (and sometimes, a not so conscious) journey toward Self. Throughout this journey, Lisa has discovered many wonderful healing modalities, uncovering the Divine connection and feeling the Spirit moving through all things. She continues to create, write, and teach on Spiritual principles, healing and conscious awareness. Her passion is to be of service to others through many creative outlets, helping them to find the means to express themselves to their fullest, most joyful and loving potential. Lisa maintains a private practice in Kitchener, Ontario. Lisa contributes the “Healthy Living: The Flow of the Seasons” and “Miracles” articles. Cheryl Weber-Good is a freelance hand lettering artist who paints heartwarming, colourful messages, quotes and verses. She produces large hand painted banners and signs for institutions as well as fine art and calligraphic treasures for personal gifts and home décor. She is passionate about communication across the millennium connecting humanity through quotations, then capturing and elevating the power of those texts on various artists’ mediums. Much of her inspiration comes from hiking the fields and forests where she lives at her farm, close to New Hamburg, Ontario. Cheryl contributes Inspiration banner artwork in the Dance of the Bees section. Julie Wise is a motivational coach who helps people navigate change in their lives and reach their personal and professional dreams. Julie is the author of Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease. She in an intuitive, trained in Advanced Energy Awareness and Healing, a Celtic Reiki Realm Master and a practitioner of Karmic Regression Therapy. In her workshops and one-to-one sessions, she combines her gifts to help people find the answers they seek to create the life they desire. Julie contributes the “Dream Weaving” and “Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond” articles. Cheryl contributes Inspiration banner artwork in the Dance of the Bees section. Andre Wunjo is a photographer whose goal is to “take some pictures which might touch people in some special way”. He is inspired by landscapes, cloudscapes, sunrises, sunsets, plant life, old cars, airplanes, old buildings or whatever catches his spirit of “wunjo”: that elusive state of harmony within a chaotic world. Andre contributes photography for the Dance of the Bees section.


Seasonal Ponderings Opening Message by Tiffany Lazic

I have often been asked, when

The Hive and Grove 226 Frederick St Kitchener, ON N2H 2M8


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working with dreams, tarot, symbols or past-lives, whether or not I believe the information to be categorically true. My response and my belief is very “Chopra-esque” – Does it matter if it is true or not, if it works? It taps into that same train of thought that says intention is everything and we create our worlds through the perception of our beliefs. If one receives information, through whatever means, that helps to let go of inner blocks and resistances, that helps one to express their dreams and truth or helps one be open to embracing joy and optimism, is it really necessary to deconstruct the method that got them there? Rather, wonder in the awe that change is possible and there are such interesting paths to explore, wherever they may lead. I take a similar approach to all the talk of the galactic shift we just experienced. Saturday, December 22 saw the beginning of a New Cycle according to the Mayan Calendar. We know it is just one calendar of many, including Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Chinese and Hindu calendars. The Mayan is true from one perspective, not all. But it is interesting to explore in terms of how the information can be used to springboard positive intentions within ourselves. The Mayan Calendar is made up of 13 sections called Baktun. It started in 3113 B.C.E. with

the 13th Baktun (moving into Baktun 1 in 2718 B.C.E). The 12th Baktun spanned from 1618 to 2012. So though we are referring to movement into the 14th Baktun, really we are back to Baktun 13, denoting the beginning of a new era. Dec 22, 2012 in Mayan terms was It marked the end of the fourth world (according to Mayan “Book of the Council”, Popol Vuh) and the beginning of the fifth. According to myth, what is the nature of this new era? What is it we are being called to? The ancient Mayan myths speak of a shift. Sometimes referred to as a “Purification Time”, it is a time when we will be called to choose between 2 ways of being: one that will bring us into alignment with Earth and Nature and one that will lead us away alignment into chaos. Choosing the path of alignment will raise all life on Earth to its “perfected, eternal form”. We are always being called to make choices. In this, this shift in era is no different than any other time. But to see this time as an opportunity to move consciously into one’s own personal “new dawn”, to recognize an Inner Light and use that as one’s guiding lantern, to anticipate the best in ourselves and see the best in others, does it matter if this is the truth of the calendar or not? It is an opportunity to utilize a beautiful, thousands-years-old system to springboard ourselves into our own Era of the Sun and experience the transformation of Conscious Empowerment. 9

Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease by Julie Wise

Julie Wise Consulting Create the Life You Want Now!

Life's greatest gifts are often well disguised by unattractive wrapping! As a coach, my goal is to work with you to discover the hidden potential in your challenges. Together we will: •Discover and clarify what you want to achieve •Explore your vision for the future •Develop solutions and strategies •Create and implement an action plan



orthotic out of the shoe and have a look at its thickness. (Remember to put the orthotic back when you’re done!)  Now grab your (their) wallet. Two or more inches of difference, yes?

That Gentle Touch The Case of the Mysterious Butt Orthotic Article by Robynne Kingswood

Height for compensation IF that wasn’t bad enough, the orthotic has your entire body height to gently affect change, but the BUTT ORTHODIC is used when sitting, not standing, like the orthotic. That means it has only half the height of your body to negotiate a markedly more grandiose wedge lift. This is neither gentle nor easy for the body to accomplish. I mean, you wouldn’t wear a stiletto on your left foot and a ballet flat on your right would you? Expanding your curves Asking your body to absorb this dramatic change can look like this:

The limp of pain, the altered gait…Arthritis? Sciatica? A neurological pathology? The worn square in the denim of the back pockets tells a different tale, an artificial implant bound to destroy its unsuspecting host. Beware the Butt Orthotic! Implanted by non-medical personnel with no training, assessment nor prior existing symptomology to indicate intervention is needed in the first place. What am I talking about? A wallet in the back pocket! No big deal? Think again. Rather than the innocent placement of an everyday item, think of this more like a Butt Orthotic and then let me tell you why this plague, this epidemic MUST BE STOPPED! 12

When the arches in your feet change, it creates a change in posture, gate and often can generate pain. We look to our Chiropodists and Podiatrists and sometimes Chiropractors for assistance rebalancing our body in these times. Through assessment, often observing your walk (gait), sometimes orthotics are prescribed.

 two inch elevation right hip  20% increase in lumbar lateral curvature of the spine to compensate (lower lumbar muscle (Quadratus Lumborum in particular) spasms  new locked vertebra around T9 adjusting to the lateral curve  elevated right shoulder causing mirrored cervical curvature as seen in the low back  with a head tilt, jamming the muscles at the base of the skull, which must attempt to keep your eyes both level with the ground (not tilted…despite your neck issue) In summary, unless you like the pain of compensation do not take on the burden of handling your own implantations! Consult a professional. If you still really feel the BUTT orthotic is for you, and that none of the other front thigh or breast pockets will do, ask your trusted professional their views on the matter, and prepare for the lecture of your life.

These thin slips are molded to your medial, later and transverse arches specific needs, and slipped into foot wear, providing support that often your arch often can no longer provide. This is a simple equation: A need; a support. Pain; no pain. This equation works. Let’s compare the Butt Orthotic – Right sided insertion. Size  Pull your (or your parents/ siblings/spouses)


Healthy Living Article by Lisa Theodore

Healthy Hibernating


It’s wintertime. The sniffles abound. The cold is starting to set in; the nights are longer, darker. All the advertising tells us is that we are going to get sick and, because it is inevitable, we should start taking some new drug or get the latest vaccinations - and do it now before it’s too late! Stress levels have started to rise - imagine, you are going to get sick anyway but you also have only so many days left to get all that christmas shopping done in the overly crowed, noisy, fluorescent filled stores. Did I mention all the homemade cookies and pies, family dinners, traveling and general over-indulging? Sounds like fun.

Stress Scale is a key element to creating equilibrium and peace within and to give us the energy and stamina to enjoy the gifts of the season.

attention on releasing the tension with every exhale. A moment or two a few times a day will help you reset the anxiety & stress levels.

When the stress scale is off kilter we often feel anxious, tired, exhausted, short tempered, cold, fluish - just plain run down. We start to run on empty just to get through the moment. Perhaps there is a better way than the old patterns. What if we were to acknowledge our own needs and be willing to support ourselves to maintain our health - on all levels of our being. What would that look like? How much effort would be needed? Where do we start?

Next choose foods and food preparations that support the cold season. Be present to the sounds and smells of the kitchen as you are preparing your food. Use the “low and slow” method of cooking - cooking foods at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Eating warm, hearty soups, whole grains & steamed winter greens provides an excellent balance of nutrients and warmth for the body.

Even though we are exposed to much frenetic energy at this time of year we don’t have to fall into the pattern of stress and anxiety that often accompanies the holiday seasons. This season is truly a reflection of LOVE and PEACE. It is a time when we are encouraged to share, to reach out, to love our neighbour. There is a general consensus that we should extend ourselves even more in whatever way we can. Honourable; but not limited to one season! For some people, that expectation is just enough to tip the Stress Scale and manifest an unhealthy balance. Too often we push the limits during this season instead of respecting the very nature of Winter. It is a time of introspection, hibernation, inner growth, peace and tranquility.

Remember this is a time of hibernation. Although as a species we don’t actually sleep through the winter, we do engage in a form of hibernation. We are designed to nurture our inner being (physical/mental/spiritual) during this time. Our vibrant yang energy moves inward to replenish and rejuvenate for its triumphant return in the spring. The receptive, introspective Yin energies are most abundant in the winter. It is the time for rest, rejuvenation and storage of energy.

During the cold season, both salty and bitter foods are good choices as they promote the sinking quality which increases our capacity for storage. They also bring the body heat deeper into the body, protecting our inner organs, while cooling the exterior of the body to bring it more in line with the exterior environment. Excess of any kind is detrimental in the cold season, and too much salt can be an issue for many people (remember to use unrefined sea salt). Shifting our foods and methods of cooking allows us to synchronize our bodies with the environment - bringing more balance and harmony within our selves.

To truly enjoy the bustling season with all the good intentions of spreading Joy and Love, we need to acknowledge our own set point. We want to be in balance ourselves in order to be fully present and available to our loved ones, neighbours and strangers. Knowing where we are on our personal

Start by taking a deep breath, allowing the breath to flow all the way down to your belly so it is moving forward on the inhale. Then, slowly, release your breath, exhaling for a second or two longer than your inhale. Big belly breaths. Recenter. Refocus on the NOW. Okay, with the breath we release the tension in the body and we can clear our minds. Take a moment to feel the movement of breath in your body. As you are breathing in do you notice areas of tension or a feeling of stuckness? If so, just allow and continue to breath in focusing your

Excellent food choices in the winter include watercress, lettuce, endive, escarole, turnip, asparagus, oats, quinoa, celery (bitter family); roasted ground chicory is an excellent coffee substitute in general but particularly good in the winter; miso, tamari, soy sauce, millet, seaweed, barley (salty family). Seaweed can be ground and used as a salt substitute. Again, everything is about balance. Consum-

ing only bitter or salty foods will create an imbalance in your body. Using all five tastes and having a variety of foods daily is important. Slowing down at meal times and enjoying the process of cooking, the aromas, the textures, the temperatures, the tastes all bring us into an introspective and nourishing moment. These moments sustain us as we move through the bustling holiday season. Lastly, remember to LOVE yourself. Choose for time outs and enjoy pampering yourself. A nice long candlelit bath, soothing music, good food, lots of water and plenty of rest. Embrace the hibernation and fuel yourself for a vibrant and healthy spring!


The Body’s Breath Article by Darlene Hewitt

FOUR OF THE EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA When we stretch our body and limbs in Hatha yoga, we also begin a process of stretching the other limbs within our body and spiritual being. There are, in fact, eight limbs, and each one has a special and very specific meaning and process, just as the asanas do. In this article we shall look at four of these limbs of yoga, as taught to me by my Guru of some thirty years, Yogi Krishan. We were taught that in the days of old a Yogi was like a medical doctor, and when one had a problem one went to the local Yogi and discussed what was wrong. One was given a prescription of asana’s (forms of meditation) and possibly Kriya’s to perform (of which there are six), and even perhaps some herbs or spices to take and or avoid. After the given time to do what was asked of, one went back to the Yogi, if needed, and was prescribed more asana’s etc. Today, we look at yoga as a wonderful form of exercise to help keep us limber and fit, as well as to heal parts of ourselves. Hatha yoga, being the first limb that most people venture into, is one of the most physically powerful of the limbs, creating the rising of the Kundalini energy that allows our spiritual body its path of growth. The asana’s, through specific movement and pranayama breath-


ing, can create a suppleness in the body, and even smooth out stress that has accumulated over time. In my opinion, one of the great benefits is the calming of the mind that these postures can bring. Kundalini is another limb and it is described as the yoga of energy awareness through the Chakra’s (energy centres of the body). One can sometimes feel it as heat in the body in specific areas, or it can manifest in emotions or dreams, or even visions in meditation. When the Kundalini energy starts to rise (from the base of the spine up to the top of the head, after some practice!) it can make lasting change in a person’s life for the better. Becoming aware of oneself, in the sense of likes and dislikes, cause and effect, as well as direction in one’s life, is all part of

this awareness. It can be very subtle, or it can be thoroughly life altering, depending on how out of balance a person’s physical and spiritual life is. One limb that we were taught with the greatest of respect to other people’s belief systems was Bhakti yoga. It is the yoga of devotion, and one does not have to be Hindu to practice! In fact, one’s religion or spiritual beliefs may become deeper as one develops a yoga routine. One way to look at this is to have the realization of God in daily life and/or within the self. This is true of many religions and when the mind quiets, that small voice of God just might be heard. What a loving thought that is! Karma yoga was the next limb we were taught, as it is the yoga of deeds, and that just might speak for itself. There are indeed as many ways to look at this limb as there are many filters and beliefs in each of us. What is a deed? Can it be a conscious act? Can it be an

unconscious act? Is a deed a thought? And what if it is deliberate does that count? I was taught that all these answer are yes (Save for the idea of: “if I do this I will get this….”) This type of entitlement does not come under good Karma, but will reap what the yogis call bad Karma, or nothing at all. Karma can be thought of like this: what comes around goes around, good or bad. Some might say this is an old expression, but the reality is, these are truly powerful words. So Karma yoga teaches us to be mindful in everything we think, do and say to ourselves and each other. Each of these four limbs discussed here today forms the basis for a good yoga practice and, I believe, for a good life. There is a wonderful thing that occurs with some students; they generally come to a lot of these practices (save for the Kriyas!) on their own, naturally with steady practice. As a teacher it is beautiful to watch the unfolding of the spiritual web in the lives of others, as it also teaches us. Join Darlene Hewitt for her Hatha Yoga Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays (9:30 - 10:30 am) at The Hive and Grove


Ayurveda, The Ancient Knowledge of Life Article by Norah Nasturas

Ayurveda For Weight Loss


Using Ayurveda to lose and manage weight is about looking at lifestyle. Rather than being about “going on a diet”, it is about looking at overall changes and being conscious. Primarily it is about digestion and looking at all the aspects that contribute to digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth. We don’t really look at what kind of food we put in our mouth. We think we are eating healthy food, but we should really ask ourselves, “What is healthy food for me?” Everyone believes tomato salad is good for health. In general this is true, but for someone like me, with my particular constitution it is too acidic and so, though good and healthy, it is bad for my digestion. Another thing that is bad for me is to put sugar and dairy products together. Coffee with sugar is good and coffee with cream is good, but if I put sugar and cream in my coffee it is bad for me. Why? Because my astrological chart has determined that there is an opposition between Moon and Venus and is not good for my Vata-Pitta constitution. (See The Glowing Hive, Issue 4 for an introduction to the 3 Doshas) We need to start to give more time to the food we put in our mouth. We need to give time for the saliva to start digesting. There are so many elements that contribute to rushed or hurried eating that when we send food to our stomach, it is not ready. Problems start and digestion will be slow or result in other problems. In Ayurveda, the stomach is the engine like the gas tank in our car. From there, energy is going to the rest of the body. Our body has only two ways to obtain energy:

from food and from the air we breathe (Prana). Our body transforms food and air to help us maintain good health. The three dosha constitutions  Vata people need regular meals, warm nourishing foods, with warming spices and adequate amounts of healthy fats. No cold food, raw salads or cold drinks. They also need a lot of water (not coffee or tea or other drinks, simple water). Vata is dry constitution: dry skin, dry body. Stress is very bad for Vata people. Vata people must eat 3 or 4 times a day and not skip breakfast.  Pitta people should never skip meals or they may be irritable! They need regular meals cooked with plenty of dark green bitter vegetables, summer squashes, asparagus, green beans and not too much spice. Pitta people, because of their hot constitution, are the only group that can eat cold or ice food such as ice-creams. Many times they need to cool down their energy.  Kapha individuals are good-natured, stable and not easily stressed. They need movement, since they tend to be a little bit lazy with regards to body movement. Kapha people are the only ones that can skip breakfast. Warming spices and foods are recommended as well as bitter leafy greens and fresh herbs. Cold drinks and raw salads should also be avoided. The best for them is to come back to the old way such as eating vegetable soup every day. Most importantly, no matter which constitution one might have, it is not only what we eat, but HOW we eat. We need to try to eat at the same time

every day. Our body needs a routine (for sleep, eating, work, exercise and fun) in order to maintain it in good health. No phone, newspaper, discussions, problems or work when we are eating. Eat slower in a quiet place to help digestion. Another very important factor is elimination. If our bowels are not clean every day, we will not make room for new food, which will result in the accumulation of toxins. Poor elimination plays a big part in the origin of imbalances and diseases. Exercise is fundamental no matter what constitution. The best is to start with walking, which is good for all 3 Dosha constitutions. Kapha and Pitta can go with more hard exercises. Vata needs to be very careful with stress, and should go with slow movements such as Tai-chi, swimming, yoga. Pitta is comfortable with sports and like Kapha needs really energetic sports such as jogging, running, etc To reduce stress it is good to practice meditation, chi gong, massages, breathing exercises. The following Ayurvedic herbs help to detoxify the system:  Triphala powder is good for all 3 Doshas. A combination of three fruits, it can be used daily for rejuvenation and detoxification, and supports the proper functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary systems.  Fennel removes mucus and fat from the intestinal tract, and is a natural appetite suppressant.  Fenugreek seeds burn fat and help absorption, cleaning the liver.  Curry, the Indian combination of powders, helps with sugar metabolism and to control cholesterol. Ayurvedic approach to treatment of obesity In the Ayurvedic text, ‘Charakacharya’, it describes 8 ‘nindya prakruties’ (undesirable constitutions) according to the body constitution. Among them is obesity. It is said that it is comparatively easy to help an underweight person, rather than an overweight person. The overweight problem can be due to an actual increase in the fat component (Meda Dhatu), or it can be due to some organ malfunctioning. The body is made of 7 Dhatus: Rasa (Lymph), Rakta (Blood), Maans (Muscle), Meda (Fat), Asthi

(Bones), Majja (Nervous System) Shukra (Reproductive System). But in an obese person, Meda (Fat) is excessively nourished, giving a complete imbalance to the Doshas and thus, the remaining Dhatus get malnourished. Kapha gets accumulated in between, when Kapha increases in abnormal fashio. Fat metabolism gets hampered and person becomes obese with a very low Vata and Pitta. Dietary correction will remove obstructed Kapha and let all Dhatus nourish equally. It is not only the quantity of food that is important, but also the combination between different foods and the type of food one eats. It is not always necessary to go on a restricted diet. The most important thing is to change food habits and lifestyles. Prevention is better and easier than a cure. You must take precautions rather than follow treatment after an increase in weight. It is always good to remember the following points from the Ayurveda tradition.  Avoid excess eating. Don’t eat until the previous meal is fully digested.  The “normal” portion is what you can hold in your hand. Your hands together are the same size of the stomach.  Avoid daytime sleeping. Sleep at night and wait at least one hour after your last meal.  Exercise regularly, like walking (the best), running, swimming etc.  Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.  Avoid eating excess sweets. Have low fat /skim dairy products.  Avoid products like chocolates, ice creams, cheese, bread, sugar etc.  Eat non-vegetarian food like chicken, fish, eggs, meats etc. in moderation.  Remove fat from meat and skin from chicken.  Be careful with excess oil and ghee in cooking,  Grill or bake food instead of frying. Cook vegetables without fat by steaming and boiling.  Be very careful with cheese.  Don’t consume excess alcoholic drinks or water on an empty stomach.  Avoid aerated drinks and excessive water after meal.  Intake of fat and carbohydrates should be restricted.

Norah Nasturas is available for Ayurveda Consultations. Consultations include recommendations on food, spices, massage oils and exercise for your personal and individual percentage of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Type Constitution. Norah is also available for Tarot and Astrology consultations. 19

Column by Cheli Chelouche, creator of “Pawmulets”

Article by Tiffany Lazic

“Ask Cheli Doolittle”

Of the Earth

Gemstone Support for Four-Legged Friends If you have a question for Cheli about a gemstone that may provide pet relief, please email Please note, gemstone therapy does not replace veterinary care and in cases of concerns about a pet’s health, a visit to the vet is recommended. Sep 13/2012: Help for my dog I have a 13 year old Shih Tzu who was diagnosed with liver cancer just over 6 months ago and was given a prognosis of 3-6 months. She is still going well. Since then she has developed pancreatitis. In addition, she has neurological problems from brain damage received when she was born that is now affecting her back legs causing weakness. With all of this, she is a bright little girl who still loves to go for a daily little walk and have lots of cuddles. Do you post to Australia and if so, can you suggest anything for my beautiful little girl? Warm regards ~ (Concerned in Australia) Focusing on the 2 areas of concern for this sweet dog in Australia, I determined 3 gemstones that could provide the strongest support for a system that was battling cancer with a further complication of pancreatitis. Bloodstone and Carnelian for the liver cancer. Blue lace agate for the pancreas. I created a special Pawmulet with all 3 gemstones in order that they could all work in conjunction with the health challenges Tarsha was facing. The Pawmulet was sent to Australia and gemstone treatment started on October 5, 2012. I was thrilled to receive an email on Oct 19 which 20

stated that Tarsha was doing well in spite of previous predictions and, on an interesting side note, flare up episodes of extreme pain that Tarsha had experienced in the past had also stopped occurring. A month later, I received the following: “Just thought you might be interested to know we got some surprising news today. Tarsha had to have a general anaesthetic today to have her teeth cleaned so they did a blood test and although her liver enzymes were still extremely high they had actually reduced since the last test. The enzymes are supposed to be fewer than 10 and previously Tarsha’s had elevated very rapidly and were almost 1000 but now they are down to 800. The vet also did a scan of Tarsha’s liver while she was under and he said that the cancer hadn’t increased or spread at all. I am sure the Pawmulets has been a big part of these improvements. The vet just can’t believe she is still with me, let alone doing so well. Thank you again ~ (Concerned in Australia)”


Mistletoe has a long history shrouded in mystery and wonder. We know mistletoe as being connected with the ancient Celtic druids and we embrace mistletoe into modern holiday celebrations, hanging it in doorways to encourage a wee kiss. What is less known about Mistletoe is that it is a parasidic plant. Depending on the kindness of birds, particularly the Missel Thrush, when a sticky Mistletoe berry touches the bark of a tree, it latches on and sends forth a thread-like root. Contrary to popular belief, Mistletoe grows seldom on Oak trees. Preferring trees with soft bark, it is found most commonly on the Apple. The ancient Druids particularly revered Mistletoe found on Oak trees. One possible derivation of the name “druid” is the Welsh “duir”, meaning Oak. Coupling that with the rarity of finding it on Oak trees would elevate Oak Mistletoe to a high status indeed. When discovered, it was cut at a particular phase of the moon, at the beginning of the year and only sought when Druids received visions instructing them to do so. As depicted in the wonderful Asterix series, it was always cut with a golden sickle and said to be the great protector. Though the berries are considered to be toxic, Mistletoe leaves have a reputation as a nervine, addressing nervous complaints including epilepsy. For centuries, it has been used in folk medicine as a digestive aid and heart tonic. Currently, European varieties have been used to treat tumours.

Ruby Zoisite:

This lovely gemstone is actually a combination of 2 minerals: the beautiful red ruby and the lush green zoisite. First discovered in 1805, it is, from a grand historical perspective, a relative newcomer to the gemstone world. As the ruby has a far harder composition than the zoisite, it is a difficult stone to cut and shape, but the 2 energies blending together offer wonderful qualities from a healing perspective. Ruby Zoisite is a gem of peace and happiness. It increases our love of life and inspires us to grow and prosper, allowing our dreams to take flight and soar. From a practical perspective, Ruby Zoisite helps focus our minds, encouraging organization and logic as well as creativity and intuition. It brings all aspects necessary to bring creative dreams to fruition. This stone also supports our individuality and sense of unique self in the context of the greater whole and community. It allows our hearts to be open to others while maintaining the integrity of our own truth. It is aligned with the Heart Chakra, yet activates and opens the Crown Chakra. 21

Article by Mary Davis

Creating a Legacy

Command Wealth, Health, Joy And A Peaceful World: Activate The Greater Capacity Within You “Enlightenment is the ability to know anything, do anything and accomplish anything spontaneously. When one’s mind has access to or is grounded in living with that field of Pure Intelligence that’s organizing the entire universe — from that level, one can know anything, one can do anything, you can achieve anything you want for yourself and society.”

~ Craig Pearson, PhD, Executive Vice President, Maharishi University of Management As a spiritual “seeker” and lifelong learner, I’ve always been intrigued by the mind (my own and others’) and stories about human potential. Particularly fascinating are the accounts of people who have experienced “miracles” – instantaneous healings of “terminal” illnesses and physical injuries, material items manifesting out of thin air, etc. Without exception, the common denominator in these circumstances seems to have been the consciousness of those who experienced the miracles. A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception or consciousness. Consciousness is the unique thoughts, beliefs, 22

memories, feelings and sensations that each individual holds, both consciously and unconsciously. Basically, it’s a person’s internal focus. A transformation in consciousness precipitates the external or physical event we, typically, call a miracle. “Reality” – the physical world and our physical experiences – is a projection of consciousness relative to our individual and collective perceptions. In other words, there is no “out there” out there – everything outside of us, including our physical bodies and the world around us, reflects our states of consciousness. This teaching is at the heart of many spiritual wisdom traditions, and quantum physics has been increasing our scientific understanding of it. Yet, for many of us, it remains an abstract concept that seems challenging to work with in our lives and businesses. We’ve all heard the adage, “you create your own reality”, but is it really possible to tap into a higher level of consciousness that allows the “impossible” to be possible? Can we really deliberately change the quality of our consciousness, instantly, allowing it to manifest 23

in physical form as an expression of our higher good? Feeding The Wolf of Unlimited Possibilities

“By changing the organization of your own consciousness, it is possible to open a pathway and manifest the outer change you seek.” ~ Leslie Temple-Thurston, The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World

A story from the Cherokee wisdom tradition summarizes the choices we face regarding our states of consciousness, in any given moment: An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. This same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” According to cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief: Unleashing The Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, most of the time, we’re feeding the “evil” wolf and are victims of our own perceptions. He estimates that, for the majority of us, 70 per cent of our thoughts are damaging and redundant, undermining our own health and well-being.


Dr. Lipton says that 90 – 95 per cent of these thoughts originate from beliefs recorded in our subconscious minds before we were six years old, when our minds operated in the theta brain wave state. Moreover, most of our behaviour is derived from these self-sabotaging subconscious

programs that repeat over and over again. Neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert’s groundbreaking work about emotions further expands our understanding of the power of consciousness on our physical experiences. In her book, Molecules of Emotion, she maintains that “molecules of emotion colour our perceptions and, hence, our creation of reality.” Her laboratory research reveals that “all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are filtered, and memories stored, through the molecules of emotions, mostly the neuropeptides (signalling molecules in the brain) and their receptors, at every level of the bodymind.” Taking Dr. Lipton’s and Dr. Pert’s research into consideration, the question remains, how do we transform our programmed limiting beliefs and memorized, habitual emotional states? How do we stop feeding the “evil” wolf and start feeding the “good” one? A first important step is to make the unconscious conscious. Leslie Temple-Thurston, spiritual teacher and author of The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World, proposes “acting as though the outside is you”. Observing our external experiences, whether with our businesses, clients, money, health or our relationships with other people, and compassionately “owning” them as a reflection of our inner reality is a liberating process. It brings damaging beliefs, feelings and behaviours to the surface and enables us to see ourselves and our world in new ways. We can then deepen this inner work by using dormant parts of our brains to change these patterns.

Re-Configuring Your Mind Through The One Command®

“When you consciously engage your theta brain wave, you are in the field of unlimited potential, outside of time and space, and can create and un-create in a moment.” ~ Asara Lovejoy, The One Command®

Brain waves are frequencies of electrical energy that the brain produces, and they relate to different states of consciousness. The higher the number of hertz (electrical impulses), the faster the brain operates. The beta brain wave (13 – 40 hertz), where we spend most of our waking time, reflects the conditioned, rational, linear mind and it’s the most limited brain wave state for problem solving. It’s connected with worry, stress, paranoia, fear, irritability, poor health and a weakened immune system. Alpha brain waves (7-13 hertz) are slower and more relaxed than beta. They occur during hypnotherapy and when we’re meditating, daydreaming, praying and watching television. They’re associated with a more harmonious and peaceful state of consciousness, with a greater capacity for problem solving. While the theta brain wave (4-7 hertz) is technically our sleep state, the brain waves we experience when we’re in deep sleep are delta waves (0.5 – 3.5 hertz). Delta waves contribute to renewal, optimal immune system functioning and health.

Theta is a brain wave state we can access

when we’re still “awake”. In this state we encounter our higher consciousness – our Divine Mind or Source Mind. It’s the optimal state of consciousness for problem solving, insight, intuition and inspiration; we can bring in information that, previously, was “unknown” and “unseen”. From this unified state of consciousness, we can heal spontaneously and create instant neurological and physiological changes. This brainwave is also associated with quieting of thoughts and emotions and an increased sense of love, well-being and unity. In the past, only experienced meditators could remain consciously alert while in the theta state. However, we’ve evolved to where we all have the ability to go in and out of theta while awake. One way we can lower our brain waves to theta is through The One Command®, a process that activates portions of our mind that give us mastery over our thinking and our lives. Asara Lovejoy, human consciousness educator and originator of The One Command®, says that by using this process, “you reconfigure your human limited thinking and consciously create your life from that greater capacity within you.” Lovejoy’s system transforms the limiting perceptions of our beta minds and retrains our brains to think and feel from the more expansive perspective of our higher consciousness. It’s especially effective in converting doubt and fear into faith. In this state of consciousness, we experience our authentic power. We know, at a visceral level, that we are not separate from the whole and are completely supported materially and in all ways as conscious creators. The One Command® is one of the many extraordinary tools now available to help us transform damaging beliefs, thoughts and emotions and live from a new level of awareness and choice. It takes us from the confines of our conditioned minds, trapped in fear and the illusion of separation, to the place of connection and unity within us where we are masters and all things are possible.


Article by Julie Wise

Dream Weaving

Dreaming Up The New Year On these long, dark nights, we have the perfect opportunity to curl up under a warm comforter and dream. Not just the dreams that come with sleep, but the lovely daydreaming we so seldom indulge in during the rest of the year. There’s a strong desire to hibernate like the bears, dreaming of the warmer days and lush growth of the springtime. I love this season because it gives me time to look back on the previous year, and reflect on where I’ve been, where I am, and consider where I want to be as the year begins anew. As I assess what the year has brought into my life, I like to focus on the highlights. Yes, there were some things that didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. Disappointments, unexpected changes in direction and upheaval are all a part of the cycle of life. However, this is the moment for remembering what worked and what I enjoyed so that I can create more of that in the year to come. There are a few questions I ask myself as I go through this process, and I’d like to share them with you. •How many moments of joy can I remember? •In what ways did I strengthen my key relationships? •What were the signs of growth in my personal and professional life? •What new memories did I create with family and friends? •What risks did I take that stretched my wings? •How often did I laugh? •What did I do just for fun? I really take my time with this because, for me, it’s like adding gold to the treasure box of my life. Each item is precious and meant to be examined carefully, with an eye to the detail, savouring 26

its unique beauty and brilliance. Once that process is complete, I begin to look at the year that beckons me forward. It is a blank slate, the unwritten book of my life for 2013. What stories will be inscribed upon those pages? What memorable moments will unfold? Some of those details are out of my control, of course. Life often has other plans for us than what we may envisage. However, I am the dreamer of the dream of my life, and there is tremendous power in dreaming. For this, I like to take a different approach. Over the holidays, I pick one aspect of my life to reflect on each day, and I give myself time to dream into it. For example, what do I want to dream up for my close relationships in 2013? I close my eyes and imagine each person in my immediate circle. One at a time, I picture our relationship as it is right now, and then I see it expanding into its greatest potential. I visualize myself living true to who I am, and picture the same for the other person. And, in the process, I see our relationship blossoming, growing, strengthening … becoming so much more than either one of us could possibly anticipate. There’s a glow of love and energy that surrounds us, and I feel it emanating from within each of us as well. I do the same for other aspects of my life – work, leisure activities, personal development. And then, as I step into the new year, I see myself and others through this new lens. We are already living our potential. Life is what we choose to make it. May your new year be everything you’ve ever dreamed of ... and more!


Article by Tiffany Lazic

Sorting out the Psyche

The Greatest Story Ever Told

“There is no object so soft, but it makes a hub for the wheeled universe” (Walt Whitman). Each one of us, however soft, is a hub for the wheeled universe. We see things through our own eyes. No matter how close we are in relationship or in disposition, we are different, one from another. As snowflakes fall in their billions, no two absolutely identical, so we live in our billions, no two thinking alike or speaking alike. And yet we are the same, facing with a similar set of tools the vastness of the universe. ~ Howard Lacey, The Hub of the Universe In a lifetime, you will meet thousands of people. Some of those you will connect with strongly. Others you will not particularly warm to or feel no affinity to at all. There is one thing that I know to be absolutely true. Regardless of how we may feel about those who cross our paths, every single person has an infinitely interesting story to tell, including ourselves. When we are able to recognize that each life is a wonderful narrative, a fascinating tale, an adventure, a romance, a mystery… we are truly able to experience empowerment and enter the transcendent in our lives.

Perhaps one thing that holds us as humans very much apart from the rest of the natural world is our ability to take ourselves out of our own experience and use stories for both teaching and entertainment. It is possible that the bark of one dog to another is the transmission of a mythic dog tale but somehow I think not. It is people who have woven these threads since time in memoriam. Stories have defined cultures, classes, and individuals. Epic poems, myths, fairy tales and folklore – all these have existed very likely since the dawn of humankind. Most certainly we know of them from recorded history. The question arises – to what extent do we acknowledge how we have been shaped by them?


The myth puts you there all the time, gives you a line to connect with that mystery which you are. Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is. The nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is simply trapped by the image out there so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the image.

~ Joseph Campbell In the quest for self-knowledge and understanding, in the journey towards consciousness, the greatest path one can undertake is the one that places us squarely at the centre of our own tale: the hero’s journey. In this there are 3 methods which provide both support and context. Archetypal psychology – a grand name, indeed – is merely the entering of story to untangle one’s personal threads. It recognizes the power of myth (or story) upon our inner, psychic life. Initiated by James Hillman in the 1970’s, it has its roots in the Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung. At its core, the intent behind Archetypal Psychology is to familiarize oneself with one’s inner landscape, seeing the ego as one aspect amongst many internal motivators (“fantasies”). Rather than atrophy the ego into a static “this is who I am”, archetypal psychology explores all the internal “ways of being” similar to an inner pantheon, composed of characters akin to those tromping through the most familiar of Greek myths. As Hillman states, “Psychology shows myths in modern dress”. Here we encounter our own versions of those timeless energies: Innocent, Lover, Warrior, Sage and more. Working with subpersonalities is a similar approach, popularized by Hal and Sidra Stone, also in the 1970’s. Subpersonalities are roles we have unconsciously taken on in order to get our needs met, keeping our true inner nature well-hid and well-protected. Created in childhood and kept secure by a false belief that we “are not good enough”, subpersonalities serve to armour us from potential hurt, but inhibit our ability to engage authentically with others. We all have subpersonalities: The People-Pleaser, The Critic, The Perfectionist, The Pillar of Strength, to name but a few. Each subpersonality carries a gift, if one is able to release the limiting belief that locked that particular approach to engagement with the world into place. Narrative Therapy, developed in the 1970’s and popularized in the ‘90’s, holds that our identities are shaped by the accounts of our lives found in our stories or narratives. Again, similar to archetypal psychology, it allows one to step outside the attachment to our situa-

tion and explore our lives from the perspective of story, creating a journalistic approach: asking questions of ourselves as an objective observer to get to the root of the story. Working with all three of these approaches allows one to see the events of one’s own life from an objective distance (narrative therapy), identifying characteristics of one’s chosen role (subpersonality), and charting the larger themes (archetypal psychology). But what might this look like, one may ask. And in response, I introduce to you…The Foxy Girl. Both my parents were Classics teachers. One of their greatest gifts to me was the exposure to the stories of the ancients, particularly Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The one story that affected me very deeply when I was a child was the story of the Spartan boy and the fox. Many of us are familiar with the ideology of Sparta now thanks to “300”, however in the 1970’s there was not a lot of information floating around out there about the self-denial and discipline that defined the Spartan approach. Children were raised to be soldiers, loyal to the state, enduring harsh physical discipline and deprivation to make them strong. Encouraged to scrounge for food but punished if caught, the story of this one boy goes: he stole a fox and at the appearance of soldiers, he hid it under his cloak, standing tall while questioned until he fell down dead. He had allowed the fox to chew through him without signs of pain on his face, rather than confess. This was the Spartan ideal. And just a story of days gone by – thankfully, nowhere near the childhood of a young girl in a comfortable neighbourhood in the ‘70’s. I was haunted by the story, certainly, but it had nothing to do with me. Or so I thought. My own inner work, as I broached my 30th year, uncovered patterns of The Pillar of Strength subpersonality. Deeper work revealed the connection to a blocked solar plexus chakra and the host of repercussions which accompany that. Threads of my own story were untangling, becoming clearer in how they were

woven through various life events. But it was through the archetypal approach that I recognized, with a shock, the internalization of the Spartan boy. How I had, in all those events, in childhood and adulthood, when faced with anxiety and challenge, put on the face of stoicism and literally allowed the anxiety to eat away my stomach. I was hiding a fox – just in a different form. The recognition of that has allowed for an “early detection system”, healthier interactions and more flexibility about how I choose to engage. It is not that the “Foxy Girl” has completely disappeared, but I most definitely notice when she reappears in the story. Working archetypally, the Tarot card Strength has much to teach around how to befriend the fox. As do “Beauty and the Beast”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Brave” and many more tales. Though fairy tales end after ten pages, our lives do not. We are multi-volume sets. In our lives, even though one episode amounts to a crash and burn, there is always another episode awaiting us and then another. There are always more opportunities to get it right, to fashion our lives in the ways we deserve to have them. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes Subpersonalities delve into our Unconscious material; Archetypal Psychology introduces the Superconscious material and Narrative Therapy puts us at “the hub of the universe”. Consciously working with all 3 brings a rich texture to our self-understanding. It allows us to both engage in our lives and to continue to write the story as it unfolds with a firmer grasp of the themes, characters, motivations and response to events. Each of us is living a mythic life. We are all hero/ ines. And the purpose of each life is to find the central themes, unique to each, that supports us in growing into our full potential and best selves. That is the true meaning of empowerment – allowing our Inner Sun to shine. The greatest story ever told, in truth, is your own. Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. ~ T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 29

Article by Julie Wise

Fabulous Fifty...and Beyond


Winter came down to our home one night Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow, And we, we were children once again. ~ Bill Morgan, Jr.

When I was a child, I loved winter. I’d play outside for hours, oblivious to my chattering teeth and frozen cheeks. Rolling snowballs to make snowmen, lying on my back and moving arms and legs to create snow angels, trying to catch falling flakes on my tongue, digging deep into a snow bank to make a “house”, and pelting my younger brothers with snowballs … it was all fun. Of course, it was also wonderful to come back inside and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate and tiny marshmallows. And maybe even some homemade treats from the cookie jar! When my children were little, I still enjoyed winter, although I didn’t love it anymore. It was a struggle to get the snowsuits, mittens and hats on and get everyone out the door before someone had to go to the bathroom. Once outside though, we always had fun and it brought back a lot of the joy of my childhood. Somewhere in the last decade or so, I’ve gone from enjoying winter to dreading it. The cold seems to get into my bones now. I feel chilled (where are those hot flashes when I need them?), and it seems so much easier just to stay inside when it’s snowing and blowing outside the door. I often hear friends complaining about this season – all the 30

chores involved like shoveling the driveway and scraping the car windows. We don’t feel quite as stable on our feet anymore and are becoming more and more fearful of falling (and possibly breaking bones). This year, I’m putting an end to this nonsense. It’s still the same season that I loved as a child. Winter hasn’t changed. I have. And I can change again if I choose. So I’m focusing on putting the fun back into myself, and into winter. Sure, it’s cold at times, but if I bundle up with a few more layers (maybe I need a snowsuit?), I won’t feel it as much. I’ve bought yet another thicker pair of insulated gloves and I’m hoping they will keep my fingers from freezing (in the last few years, I must have bought a dozen pairs of mittens or gloves in an attempt to find the “perfect” pair). If we get snow this winter that stays, I’ve signed up for skate skiing lessons to broaden my cross-country ski repertoire. And I plan to join several of the ski club’s weekend outings. Although I don’t have any young children or grandchildren to play in the snow with, I’m sure I can persuade my partner to come out and play from time to time. Plus I can always head out on my own to make tracks in newly fallen snow. It’s up to me to rekindle the joy of winter in my heart. Life is short, so I plan to make the most of this season … and the warm cup of cocoa afterward! 31

Article by Tiffany Lazic

Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot Exploration

The Emperor I decided for this issue to use an article which I wrote in January 2011. When I came across it in my files and read what I wrote just about a year ago, it struck me as still ringing true on anything I would want to write about The Emperor. After all, the patterns are timeless and the insights continue to inspire with their Truths. One of the reasons I find working with the Tarot so powerful is that I do not find it to be metaphoric. I often feel that the cards are my friends. That they have words of wisdom to impart to a welcome ear or are like photographs of well-remembered times. They are internally familiar, rather than externally instructive. I find them intimately connected with the breadth of life’s experience, but not just for the individual: for everyone. It was with a bit of a jolt that I realized the time had come to write about the Emperor. The balance, in one way, to the Empress. The balance, through a different reflection, to The Magician. The jolt came from the recognition that I have spent the past month immersed in the Emperor. Engaging with him daily, trying to understand his energy and get to the root of his message. The reason for this is two-fold. On Christmas Eve, my 87 year-old father, who was spend32

ing the holidays with us, fell, breaking both his hips. We had spent the past months dealing with cancer issues and it seems the cancer moved into his hips, unbeknownst to us, compromising the strength of the bones and causing the initial fall. The past month has been a roller coaster of complications, to the point where, as of the past few days, the doctors have taken him off a “physio/recovery” track and put him under palliative care. Family has come home from afar and, though we do not know how much time is left, we are taking full advantage of each precious moment we have. There has been a lot of looking back over a life, being a child of the Depression, a young man during WWII, a father in the 50’s and 60’s (and beyond, of course, for when do you stop being a father?). What shapes a man’s life and what does he bring to that. At the same time, just a few days ago, my only son hit the 13 milestone. I have known since he was born that I would be doing a “rite of passage” ritual for him when he turned 13. What a shock that that day was upon us! And, again, in thinking and talking about his ritual, the questions were: “What energies are being shifted here?” “What does it mean to step into adulthood as a young man?” “How is one guided on how to embrace the masculine?” “What IS ‘the masculine’?”

Whether looking back over a life fully lived or looking forward towards a life being created, it seems The Emperor is everywhere for me these days. And there have been ample messages of his energy. I have had many conversations with my Dad in which he has spoken of ‘responsibility’, in the grand scheme. Joining the RCAF in WWII was a part of that. The unquestioned need to do his part, regardless of the possible sacrifice that might require. After the war, my Dad became a Classics teacher, but pay was meager back in the late 40’s and there were babies on the way. He spent the summers on a road gang, paving some of the northern Ontario roads we now take for granted. It went without saying or thinking. You did whatever needed to be done to take care of your charge and responsibility. And that wasn’t always easy. My parents were married for 64 years. There were some rough patches. I once asked my Dad how long the rough patches lasted. He said “15 years”. 15 years!!! But leaving for them wasn’t an option and Dad was always clear that he felt a responsibility to the family, to working things through. My Dad began writing books in his retirement. It was only then that he felt he had the freedom of time and release from daily responsibility to his job that his own voice could begin to find expression. And yet, he has always fully supported each of his children in doing whatever they needed to do to find their own voices (note here that I am writing an article on Tarot: not the most mainstream of activities and yet fully with my Dad’s blessing). And not just the family, but responsibility to the community played a big part. My Dad was very involved in the establishment of the Huronia Unitarian Congregation. His message being that you put your energy behind what helps the larger group, whether that is your immediate family, the community around you or the world at large. That this is not a “sacrifice of Self”, but something that gives context and meaning to Self: the Emperor defined by the guidance he

provides to the domain around him. At my son’s ritual, there was an opportunity for him to talk about what moving into adulthood means for him. His answer: responsibility. Truly an Emperor response. But this is not the heavy weight of duty and obligation. The ritual encompassed wrapping responsibility in the fire of passion (connection to all you do), the warmth of caring (connection to all you meet) and the solid foundation of self-respect (connection to one’s own True Self) I like to envision the Tarot Emperor as containing all of these attributes. In the Rider-Waite deck, he sits upon a stone throne: a sturdy foundation, for sure. In the background, the sky is orange fading into yellow mountains: the colour of passion touching the symbol of mental activity, choice and discernment (and all that we do). Rams’ heads (a nod to Aries) adorn his throne: another reference to the presence of the fiery element. He is draped in red robes, the colour of the heart. And in his hand, he holds a scepter in the shape of an ankh: the Egyptian symbol for life. If the Empress nurtures and cares for the sustaining of life, the Emperor upholds the responsibility for guiding, protecting and encouraging life. There is both pain and beauty with where I find myself with the Emperor these days. My son, by chance rather than planning, was the only infant my Dad actually witnessed coming into this world, although he had 6 children of his own. And there has been a special bond between them ever since that moment. It seems part of the exquisite Universal design that my Dad is releasing his Emperor role as my son is learning how to balance that crown upon his own head. It is truly bittersweet, as is much of life. If this is not an example of how active archetypes are in our lives and how directly illustrative the Tarot can be, I don’t know what is.

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Article by Lisa Theodore


Miracles, Miracles, Miracles When I was a very young child I remember hearing someone exclaim, “It’s a Miracle”! They were practically bringing down the house with the sheer volume of joy that emanated from those words. I do not remember the event that brought such emotion, but I do remember the feelings of joy, love, relief, and the energy of the exhale. Something was definitely right with the world - something BIG happened and everyone noticed. For years afterward I would hear people saying, “it’s a miracle,” and as time went by that statement appeared to have the strongest emotional energy attached to it when it referred to a successful, yet difficult birth or a death averted or some other “miraculous” healing event. I began to wonder if anyone, myself included, really understood what a miracle was ... and so the search began. Imagine my delight when I was given a book entitled “A Course in Miracles”. “That’s it!”, I thought. Finally a real explanation of miracles. Then...I opened the book. At first glance I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but as I wound my way through the pages many layers of understanding started to take form (and continue to do so today). The journey is a miracle. Chapter one starts with “The Meaning of Miracles”. Good start. The first subset lists fifty principles of Miracles, starting with: “There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.”(ACIM T.3). Now, take a moment, inhale deeply, let all the tension of your day dissolve with your exhale, and read that passage again. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” Monumentous or minor - miracles 34

abound. They are a natural occurrence of expressions of Love. How often do we pray for miracles to ‘fix’ a situation, to heal a friend or to bring prosperity? What we are really asking for is the divine expression of love to come forth and transcend our limited perception. We are asking for love and in the asking it has already been given. The miracle of life is fascinating. Lately, I have been observing an amaryllis coming into bloom, with its bold stalk and vibrant flower bursting through the darkness of winter, bringing warmth to the heart. Noticing the subtle changes in its development every day, we are reminded of the miracle of life - the complexity and energy of this form as it comes into the full expression of it’s true nature. Wow. Plants, trees, animals, humans - we are all miracles. We are all expressions of the divine Love. And miracles, as expressions of love, are maximal. May the miraculous moments of everyday shine through and may we each take the time to recognize the miracle in one another. Join Lisa Theodore for 2 inspiring series: R.I.P.: Realizing Infinite Potential January 30, 2013, 6 classes Introduction to Energy & Vibrational Healing March 20, 2013, 6 classes Lisa also facilitates ‘A Gathering of Spirit: A Course in Miracles & Spiritual Development Group” and “Movement Meditation and QiGong Healing” sessions.

Michelle Bellerose MICHELLE BELLEROSE is coming to Kitchener! All welcome! “I’m going to have to invent some new ways of describing music to adequately convey how amazing she was!” [Kathy Figueroa, Bancroft Times] Michelle Bellerose is a performing artist who loves to bring her signature arrangements to audiences all over Ontario. “Her voice and instrumentation (including all sorts of recorded tracks) combine elements of Laurie Anderson, The Cocteau Twins, and Loreena McKennitt. I even thought of Grace Jones, at one point... The music is really complex and makes a lot of other stuff seem weak or diluted, in comparison. Amazing, amazing, amazing... Everyone was just raving about her show and I think she might’ve sold out of the cds that she brought.” [ibid]

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Article by KerriLynn Shellhorn

Column by Norah Nasturas

The Cosmic Map

Between the Worlds

The Four C’s of You

You are more than the physical body you see each morning in the mirror. You are a spiritual being here to experience lessons for your spiritual growth and expansion. The magnificence of your journey is the compassion, warmth and power of the Divine’s Perfection. The lessons you chose to help you on your journey was decided by you long before you took your first breath. Each step since the moment of your physical birth has been orchestrated by you, supported by the universe and is Divinely guided. In the magical season of Christmas we see advertisements for diamond jewellery. In bold letters we read A DIAMOND IS FOREVER. Not only is it the Christmas season we are in the midst of great energetic shifts. I am here to remind you that YOU are a DIAMOND. Your spirit is forever. You are here to let your light shine! Throughout cultures and countries all over the world diamonds are coveted and admired. Some cultures believed they had special powers, and Plato believed that diamonds were the living embodiments of celestial spirits. We have all read, and understand the Four C’s of understanding diamonds. I want to teach you the Four C’s for the care and feeding of your diamond light.


The Four C’s. 1. Cut- Just like an actual diamond, we are multi-faceted. We have a physical self, mental self, emotional self and a spiritual self. Each facet needs our attention and care. Each experience we have is our spiritual self, facilitating growth and

healing for the other facets of our being to bring all parts into UNITY 2. Colour- There are seven major chakras each of a different colour that run from the base of the spine to top of the head centered on the spinal column; these chakras until the spirit, soul and body in the functioning of the physical experience. 3. Clarity- Meditation. Meditation. Meditation. When we begin our journey it feels like unfamiliar territory. When we go within during meditation and quiet moments we re-connect to Spirit and find we were never alone, the guidance and support always there for us. 4. Carat Weight- Do you know your value? Do you carry the weight of negative experiences on your back like Santa’s sack? Do you allow yourself to be unnecessarily burdened? Pull back from the drama of experiences, see with your spiritual self the bigger picture, cut the energetic cords that weigh on you, allow for forgiveness, release and I promise the weight you are carrying will be lifted which joyfully brings more clarity , connection and connectedness. A newly engaged woman slowly rolls her hand back and forth with awe as the light dances and plays off the diamond on the third finger of her left hand. With all the colours of the rainbow her diamond glistens and her heart expands and spills with love. Remember with each turn and Join Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, choice you make you are KerriLynn Shellhorn for that brilliant diamond re“Message Circles” flecting your light for all at The Hive and Grove to see. I am blessed to be here during this time with you. Thank you for January 21, February 19 & March 19, 2013 sharing your light with mine. She is also available for private sessions.

For some, especially in places other than in the West, Astrology is approached as a Science, rather than from a perspective of amusement or passing interest. In India, to achieve an Astrologer Diploma, it is necessary to go to university and may take 4 to 5 years. One graduates as a “Vidya” – in other words, “one who sees”. Astrology is a little more complicated than the Horoscopes in the newspapers. The word itself comes from the word “hora” meaning “hours”, based on the hour or time a person was born. In actuality, one can do a horoscope or astrological chart for anything: an animal, a house, answering a question, a trip. What is needed is the date (day, month, year and time) and place (city, town, country). With the necessity of location (i.e. latitude and longitude on the surface of the Earth) and determining accurate local time in relation to the Greenwich Meridian, an Astrologer needs to have a lot of knowledge about Geography, Mathematics, Astronomy and other sciences. Astrologers work with the Zodiac which is a Belt around the Earth with the different constellations or groups of Stars. To facilitate this, the old Master divided the belt into 12 divisions of 30 degrees each: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. From our position on the Earth and in projection, we see in this Belt a continuous movement of other objects: the old Teachers call them the moving stars, and for us they are the planets. From over 5,000 years ago, The Old Master worked with 7 planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. From a planetary perspective, it is interesting to note that Uranus was discovered around the time of the French Revolution in Europe. One of the significations of Uranus is

freedom. Neptune was discovered in the time of the Industrial Revolution when use of steam was a mainstay in growing industries. Steam is a main signification of Neptune. And Pluto was discovered some years before WWII. Pluto’s main signification in Astrology is atomic energy. In general, when people talk about Astrology, they talk as though there is power in the Signs. What is of true significance in Astrology is actually the planet that is the Ruler of the Sign and where in the chart that planet is placed. For a person born Sagittarius it is important to know where Jupiter is in the chart and what the relationship of Jupiter is with the other planets in the chart. Some planets are going to act as friends and others as enemies. It can be helpful to see the Astrological Signs as if they were places or locations: the supermarket, a school, the theatre. And to see the planets as “players”. You are always the same you (planet), but you change your behavior depending on the place you are. This is the game of Astrology. And in the game of life, we follow in the Astrological Charts, the superposition of a person’s Natal Chart and even a Transit Chart (the actual position of the planets at the moment of consultation with the Astrologer). Whatever will be, this 2013 will be full of surprises, especially for the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


Article by Norah Nasturas

Special Feature

TheMasterBelongstoEveryone A very old Indian tale in Kannada language says……. The Master belongs to everyone. He is the path to your destination, but he is not your destiny. He is an opening for your vision, but not a picture for your view. Share him with everyone and try to realize him within yourself. In the distant past, there lived a great sage. He enriched India’s storehouse of knowledge by contributing one of the six Darshanas, the knowledge of specialization. He had many devoted disciples; one was a beautiful woman who attended to his needs with devotion. She developed a great love for him in due course. She could not give expression to it, for fear of rejection and ridicule. One day, when she was alone with the Master, she said “Oh Master! I am in love with you and feel like giving myself up to you. Can you please accept me?” The master was amused at this attitude of her, and kept silent for some time. In the meantime, this news spread like wildfire. The other disciples gathered outside the cottage in hiding, to know the Master’s mind. “I am glad to know” said the Master, “that you are in love with me. But you also know that I am in love with the whole world, including you. As you are all well aware, all the devotees are also in love with me. What is so special about your love”? The woman was a little confused and did not know how to make her intentions clear. She also became conscious of so many disciples in hiding, waiting for an answer from the Master. The Master continued, “When you said that you loved me and you are giving yourself up to me, 38

you only meant that you wanted to possess me for yourself. It also means that you do not really know what a master is. You are a devoted disciple and I do not want to displease you. You can have me, if you come to my cottage tomorrow, when I am alone” On hearing these words from the Master the pretty woman ran out full of joy. The next day, the young woman made herself more pretty and quietly went into the cottage of the Master when she thought no one was around. But others had already gathered there in hiding. The woman found the Master alone in deep meditation, at the far end of the hall, with a halo around him. Full of joy, she ran to him and embraced him with all fever. But OH!.. to her horror, she found that she was only hugging herself! What she thought was her Master was only space, something that she could neither catch nor contain. She was only trying to possess space. After sometime, she became tired and confused and the peals of laughter filled the room…. “My dear devotee” said the Master’s voice, “You had forgotten the basic truth that the Master belongs to everyone. He is the Path to your destination, but he is not your Destiny. He is an opening for your vision, but not a picture for your view. Share me with everyone. Try to realize me within yourself” At the revelation of this knowledge, the woman, who had been full of frustration a short while ago, became full of joy and was then joined by all the other devotees, to sing in praise of the Great Master. Slowly the formless frame of the sage took form and joined the celebration.


Article and Art (Deer Camp) by Michelle Bellerose

Singing Aloud

Sukkha, Sweetness And Life’s Richness

Life without creative expression is inconceivable. Yet all too often in this topsy-turvy world we’re portioned among rules and roles, inherited from one fear-based generation and unquestionably passed to the next, biding us to suspect, even exclude that decidedly inward realm of the personal imagination from which creativity takes its instructions and breath. We’re taught it’s somehow of mischief and ungodly in its autonomies; its fundamental urge to represent what is otherwise impossible to communicate turns it into some kind of admonitory Icarus. Yet creativity, this infinite, ever-articulating manifestation of space intersecting time, expressed by the human in its culture of life, or the crow in its toolmaking, or the dolphin in its ‘languaging,’ this sine qua non life force energy which breaks up the weighted stone of history under our feet, is surely not ours to trifle with. Like water, though it can be obstructed and constrained, it eventually wears down its containment to find free run through the tiniest chink. Imagination takes us beyond what consensus reality and habit deem possible, launching us forward into undiscovered territories and capabilities we quickly take for granted. We so easily forget that not only our art, but our tools, conventions and technologies were all once but a far-fetched fantasy, a mote in the eye of someone others called mad or outrageous. Yet the creative act not only furnishes us with the culture and entertainment of ages, it creates and sustains our institutions, our modalities of medicine and science, our habits of market, travel and home, even our manner of dress, cuisine, and lovemaking. Still, we are taught to think the worst, to be guarded against things that are ‘all in our heads,’ ‘getting carried away,’ with one’s ‘head in


the clouds...’ Ironically, our personality, which many assume to be a fixed emanation of some indestructible uniqueness, is actually a living projection of pure imagination, nothing like the concomitant, indestructible core, what Jung termed the personal and collective unconscious, which in truth guides our fateful choices and shapes our sense of person far more than our waking self. Imagination gives us play with who we are, but it’s deep in the unconscious where the mystery of our truth lies. In fact, were it not for our ability to conceive of ourselves as dramatic characters in contrapuntal role with each other and our environment, life would lose its consensual interlocks and social coherency. Were it not for our ability to at least by degree quiet the trivializing mind, to invite the cellular footprint of life to express itself in dreams and images, we’d have no problem-solving ability, no concept of future or past. Thusly, only the rational mind objects to clear images of mitochondrial separation in the wall drawings of ancient Egypt, predating the discovery of their behaviour in the late 1800s. Only a desiccant skepticism refuses to see for truth depictions of the helical structure of DNA which regularly appear in the drawings of shaman returned from entheologic expedition well before the time of Watson and Crik. The ring-shape of benzene came to the scientist Kekule in a dream, forcing a reckoning among at least some scientists that their best ideas came to them not under labour, effort or stress, but during times of repose and reflection, in the bed, the bath or the bus, when imagination can run free. Even the ancient Greeks posited that all wisdom is within, that we need merely remind ourselves of what the body already knows... and the body, hardly mute, speaks inde41

pendently in our dreams, our feelings, and creative acts, in our sensations, intuitions, our embodiments and diseases. It’s speaking, yes and indeed, but are we listening? And do we know what to make of its imputations and visions? Living through the current era of specialization has fractured our proto-historic wholeness. Once we expressed our creativity in everything we did. There was no separation, Eden was not yet lost, there were no activities done in a drudgery of work, everything that was done arose instead out of a unified spiritual continuity between the unseen, the mundane forms and our theater of necessity. With the rise of resource-anxiety and tribal war-making, we began to ascribe to healers, shaman, priests and madmen these outposts betwixt sense and spirit, while the majority applied themselves to the practical affairs of survival, strife and war, outsourcing the creative itch to artisans and spiritual yearning to those programmatic agents separated from the lower concerns of life by their monopoly on celestial powers. Inevitably, as civilizations progressed and our labour-saving achievements hit critical mass, people became less predictable in their commitments to these bifurcations. Accountants left their businesses and became impressionistic painters. Feminists became gourmet cooks and languorous knitters. Prostitutes became math teachers. Potters became architects. Stockbrokers became farmers. The pressure has been on to circle the square, to round out the partiality of roles we’ve assigned to ourselves for the sake of our completeness. And now, at the turning of the age, the distinctions have become even more subtle. For with all these many change of guises now possible, we have the opportunity to realize their relativity.


For the common denominator in all of this searching is for sukkha, sweetness, the juicy wellbeing and happiness that attends any work done in

wholeness, mind-body-soul, human-divine, practices and outcomes in which we can see ourselves reflected, see our creative fire given form and functionality, our lives, purpose. Consciousness itself is a projection. We thrive when we what we do engages us on all levels. We find ourselves out of balance when we attend one set of needs, neglecting others. We might food and clothe ourselves but be starving for spiritual dimension. We may lose our grounding in esoteric exaggerations and neglect the fact of our material needs. We might develop an aesthetic, but neglect its solvency. We might develop business without vision and heart and drown in empty lucre. In all of these and other more benighted conflicts or confusions of purpose, it’s the mythopoetic language of the creative unconscious which can depict for us where we have our blindspots and extremes of polarity. It can guide us to acts that might better service our needs and the needs of our community, the abilities we’d be wise to cultivate in terms of our personal and collective evolutionary aims, and where we might locate ourselves in order to connect with situations and people more in keeping with the setting, lifestyle and values that suit us best at this moment in time. In our religious traditions we often hear evoked a thirst for the word of god, but the gods no longer reside in sacred groves and grottos, but in our being. They are the dramatis personae of our dreams and visions, and if we give them purchase, a dignified role to play in our living, the inspired guidance we seek will always be ours. We need not be artisans to express our creative powers. It can be in the moment that I allow myself to touch someone with unaffected tenderness, cooking a special meal that came to me on the ride home, letting the tree leaves moving as the feet of babes refresh me out of a sleptwalked day. The wild howls and skirts round our civilized veneer, tapping its withered magic branch on the window like a promise. Do you hear it?

Nectar from the Hive Guided Imagery for Healing Children by Ellen Curran

Guided Imagery for Healing Children illuminates a new form of healing that parents can use with their children. It addresses minor symptoms, chronic conditions such as cancer, serious events like surgery, and emotional disturbances. The author shares case studies from her private practice and the personal story of her own daughter’s journey from illness to wellness through guided imagery. All of these stories teach and reassure caregivers in the how-to of imagery, including creating their own imagery with their child/ patient, different techniques for their imagery tool bag, and what to do when facing a problem in the imagery technique.

Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind by Kristen Neff, Ph.D.

The relentless pursuit of high self-esteem has become a virtual religion—and a tyrannical one at that. Even when we do manage to grab hold of high self-esteem for a brief moment, we can’t seem to keep it. Our sense of self-worth goes up and down, rising and falling in lockstep with our latest success or failure. The research of Dr. Kristin Neff and other leading psychologists indicates that people who are compassionate toward their failings and imperfections experience greater well-being than those who repeatedly judge themselves. This book powerfully demonstrates why it’s so important to be self-compassionate and give yourself the same caring support you’d give to a good friend.

The Toltec Path of Transformation by Heather Ash Amara

In The Toltec Guide of Transformation, Heather Ash Amara shares heartfelt shamanic wisdom on how to live a centered life, even in the midst of change. The basic premise here is that if any of us are interested in transforming our lives and consciously manifesting what we truly desire [whether it is enlightenment, living to our true potential, or even doing better in school], we must learn to live in balance with the four elements that are the foundation of life: air, earth, water, and the sun. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Native American peoples [in particular the Toltecs], Ash Asmara provides a practical and concrete daily practice for readers. She provides exercises, tasks, visualizations, and personal stories that give the reader daily access to shamanic wisdom. This is a guide for grounding, growth, and transformation. Blue Sage Smudge Sticks with one of additional herbal additions: Frankincense, Hyssop, Jasmine, Myrrh, Nag Champa, Roses and more. White Peacock Smudge Feather also available. 43

Poem and Article by Erin Kiers

Angels’ Chorus

Dance of the Bees

Enlightenment I AM a vessel carrying the very essence that YOU are. I carry the salvation of humanity by the awakening of love, peace, tranquility and prosperity, to all that would breath it in . I embody the light, love and hope entrusted to every man, woman and child. I am as YOU are YOU and I are one. It is simply stated by many that ‘Their Goal’ is true Enlightenment. However in true definition, how can one state enlightenment as an end destination, as the definition of ‘Goal’ would indicate? How can such an epic journey have an end? It can’t. It is a never ending spiral forever traveling, evolving. There is no arrival, however the awareness of that truth is without a doubt momentous.


Within the clutches of solitude in the depth of winter’s unceasing pause, we wander, at times hopelessly, feelings of restriction waft over us in waves as we are forced to reflect pause and regenerate. It feels so unnatural at first, being that our lives are all about doing, accomplishing, getting. Some of us are unwilling to embrace this opportunity to build knowledge and strength through being still and going within. Until realization gently filters

down upon us like a warm comforting blanket. It is safe to witness your strengths and weaknesses, it is essential for growth, for illumination of the soul, for enlightenment of self and others. Once the time of deep meditation and cleansing is embraced and utilized, we begin to search once more. For that signal of light in the barren solitude of winter. Where lies the spark of light, that beacon to urge us onwards. As the winter clouds part a heavenly column of light pierces through the monochromatic whites and greys to bathe all in golden warmth. We search out the beam of light and stand within its healing energy. Now we are ready to start the cycle again, now we can see, now we can teach, now we can share, the love, the light, the promise, the gift. Peer within thy soul, inwards to the center of all things. What lay beyond nestled safely away like a splendid glowing gift waiting to be unfurled lies true enlightenment. Use your inner sight to gaze deep within its contents; The preciousness within, of truth, so simple, so perfect, so pure. The power of You, Us, We, and the awareness of how and when to use it. A respect for all things and the acknowledgment of the illusion. Knowing that the journey is never ceasing, is true illumination. ~The Angels~

Motherlove Earth as ice beneath my hand Life-less…Stone…Cold…Light-less Hours deep as black entwine Taut as thin steel silver spine The waning Fall days, as leaves burst into brilliant, then fell, drained to the earthfloor, the Old Sun mustered strength, each day a new struggle… so tired…so tired… And who does not know how that Old Sun feels? Heart as ice beneath my hand Life-less…Stone…Cold…Light-less Inner glow, a grey flat line Hours deep as black entwine The darkest night, as velvet cloak surges deep indigo, Mother Winter wraps, rocks and murmurs a sweet lullaby…sleep…sleep… And at the breaking point, A sparkle point. Unfolding and unfurling, She feels the nudge of renewed strength and restored energy. And all breath…a sigh…a song… Life…Warmth…Wonder…Light ~ Tiffany Lazic


Kitchener/Waterloo’s first Environmentally Friendly Hair Salon and Spa 133 Weber St North, Waterloo * 519-886-8624

Artisan Cheryl Weber-Good composes hand painted calligraphy masterpieces on many surfaces: wall hangings, wedding lettering art, church banners, personalized gifts and mural writing.

Fierce Presence by Cal Howard


Cosmic Flower Sphere by Cal Howard



Early Spring Reflecting Pond - Andre Wunjo



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Meditation and the Mystical Path of the Chakras (TAC): Tiffany Lazic Astrology Basics: Norah Nasturas Fin, Fur and Wing: Animals as Totems, Teachers and Familiars: Tiffany Lazic Sprit Quest Cafe: Barb Bedford The Real Secret: The Seven Universal Laws: Tiffany Lazic The Multi-Dimensional Being: Spiritual Healing & Energy Transfer (TAC): Tiffany Lazic Message Circle with Spiritual Intuitive and Medium: KerriLynn Shellhorn Introduction to Energy & Vibrational Healing: Lisa Theodore Living Your Higher Self: The Sacred Human (TAC): Tiffany Lazic The Transformers: Healing for a New Paradigm: Tiffany Lazic

Mondays (9:30 – 10:30)………………Hatha Yoga Tuesdays (5:30 – 6:30)………………..Yoga for Round Bodies Wednesdays (5:45 – 6:30)……...…...Movement Meditation and Qi Gong Healing Wednesdays (7:30 – 9:00)……......….Alternating Chakra Clearing & Goddess Meditations Fridays (9:30 – 10:30)……………..…..Hatha Yoga Saturdays (9:30 – 10:30)…...……...….Hatha Yoga

Contact The Hive and Grove for individual class cost or “Rotation” pricing.

Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training’s Discovering the Total Self Program at The Hive and Grove Each course is 8 weeks, except where noted. Start date is indicated beside each course. Exploring the Spiritual Realms of the Non-Physical (Jan 15) Transformations: Meeting Your Inner Selves (Jan 17) Meditation & the Mystical path of the Chakras (Mar 1) The Multi-Dimensional Being: Spiritual Healing & Energy Transfer (Mar 19) Living Your Higher Self: The Sacred Human (Mar 21) Being Human: The Path of Emotional Healing (May 10) Gifts of Spirit: The Intuitive Arts (May 14) Cycles of Life: From Child to Adult (May 16) The Healing Power of Sound (3 full days: July 12 – 14) with Ann-Marie Boudreau Facilitated by Tiffany Lazic, except where noted. 51

Every issue meet some of our Hive and Grove facilitators. We often learn about training and credentials in bios. This section asks several questions that introduce you to the “inner inspirations” of the engaging and inspiring instructors you will see in our beautiful classroom.

(8 and up, including grownups)

Magickal Kids Club

Those Amazing Ancients

Once a month, kids (and parents) are invited to explore imagination, energy, meditation, music and all the wonders of the “gifts from the earth”. Inspired by the Ted Andrews book series “Young Person’s School of Magic and Mystery”, each month offers a different focus.

A program of language and culture that invites the wonder of the Ancient World and makes connections with our modern one. Learn about the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Celts: who they were, where and how they lived, what their stories were and why that is important today.

In these times, children are challenged in focus and attention. Technological innovation is having an impact and our children are experiencing many detrimental results. This program seeks to balance this impact. Learning how to activate their own imaginations, spending time in stillness and exploring the wonder of the natural world not only inspires kids. It also provides tools of focus and attention that supports children in other areas of their lives. One Friday a month (4:30 - 5:30): January 18, February 15, March 22, April 22, May 17, June 14


Based upon “Minimus: the mouse that made Latin cool”, developed by Barbara Bell through Cambridge University, U.K. and “The Romance of Antiquity”, developed by Yvonne E. Lacey (as taught at University of Toronto Schools). A basis in Latin has proved to be invaluable for children in learning languages (especially French, Spanish and Italian), in grasping grammar and for future studies in the Sciences. 60% of English is Latin-based. 10 Classes (4:30 - 5:30): January 25, February 8 & 22, March 8, April 5 & 26, May 10 & 31, June 7 & 21

Lisa D.Theodore, D.TCM, Min.: Lisa presents many classes at The Hive and Grove, including Realizing Infinite Potential, Introduction to Energy and Vibrational healing and The Energetics of Food. She facilitates the weekly Movement Meditation & Qi Gong Healing Group. She is a Chinese Traditional Medicine practitioner in private practice.

by Richard Bach. Inspiring! Anything by Kahlil Gibran, Thich Nhat Hahn and Abraham. Since childhood I have been an avid reader, falling deeply into the story and creating my own visions of the tales. I can find inspiration across the genres and especially enjoy the science fiction and fantasy writings when I am not immersed in “work” related books.

Where do you most feel yourself? Interesting question. My immediate answer is “in my own skin”, but I am not sure that was the essence of the question. Life is an incredible journey and as I have come into more of an awareness of my true Self, I feel most myself anywhere that I am. I enjoy being connected to nature and feel energized and rejuvenated when I am playing in my garden, sitting by the water or just walking through the park. My home is my sanctuary and being there with Sam and our animals really brings through that feeling of connectedness and Love in my life which allows me to be myself and feel like myself!

What is the quality you most cultivate in yourself? PEACE and LOVE. I find that when I am in a place of Peace I am much more present in the NOW; being in the moment, I am also available to experience all that there is in life and to be available for those around me. Being Conscious of my choices and reactions on a daily basis is part of the growing and learning on this journey. Cultivating a sense of Peace has helped me to develop a stronger sense of Self and encourages the release of judgement in my world.

Who has been the greatest influence on your work? There have been so many people, past and present, who have influenced my work and my life. As I love my “work”, the question to me is also about who has influenced my life. Spirit is the simple answer - always directing my path. My life and work has been blessed by many amazing teachers. My greatest inspiration comes from my partner, Sam Russo - a true renaissance Man! He reminds me always that we have access to all that we could ever want and that there is unlimited potential and possibilities everywhere. And to my dear friend Jules Hare who also embodies the philosophy of unlimited potential - a great healer and teacher! Another of my dearest Spiritual teachers - Danielle Jackson - has been a phenomenal influence on my work. She has always encouraged me to be the I AM that I AM. No judgment, just love. I am truly blessed by all of the people in my life. What is one book you wish everyone would read? How do you choose just one? The first one to come to mind is “Bridge Across Forever”, followed closely by “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “One” all written

What is one story about yourself that makes you laugh or you remember with awe? Again, one story just doesn’t seem to be enough. As I think of one, many more pop up. Apparently I started dancing as a wee child - preferably on tables! I was at a pancake house restaurant with my family when I decided that I liked the music. So, I hopped up on the table and started to dance like there was no tomorrow (and like no one was watching!). Dancing always makes me smile! I’ve had many “awe” inspiring moments in life as well. One of the most poignant was when Sam and I were walking our Bear-dog on the golf course a few years back. We stopped in a small grove of trees. It was pitch black, save for a few stars peering out in the midnight sky. The air was fall crisp and very still. Sam and I were standing together in the midst of these few trees when we both realized at the same time that there was no separation between us. It was as if our whole beings had melded into each other. We could feel the flow of the cells moving inside, the sap of the trees beating like a heartbeat. We were experiencing an awe inspiring moment of Oneness. Very Cool! What is your favorite message or saying? ...LOVE is all there is... I AM that I AM 53

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