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Health and Healing from Waterloo Region’s Holistic Community: ‘Sedona of the North’

1 Issue 6: Spring 2013

Where “Sedona of the North” came from (introduction to the first issue of The Glowing Hive: Winter 2011)


to the very first issue of the e-magazine dedicated to providing information on all aspects of holistic wellness, coming to you from the Waterloo Region. Issued quarterly, The Glowing Hive will offer articles on different aspects of health and healing, including physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, business success, energy clearing, reviews and creative inspiration. As The Glowing Hive is a complimentary publication, there will be no paid advertising, although we are happy to support our contributors in the wonderful work they do in their own holistic practices and businesses. This little project was born out of a realization that there are so very many of us in this Region who are doing such wonderful and healing work in a great variety of modalities. I have long been amazed by the energy of this region. As one who moved here about 10 years ago, I was sensitive to what makes this particular area so unique and special. Local history shows that Kitchener itself was originally established in 1798 as a settlement for German Mennonites seeking freedom from religious persecution, becoming the Town of Berlin in 1854. It has long had an association of being a company town with businesses such as Schneiders, Arrow Shirts, Kaufman Footwear and Krug Furniture having long, long histories in the city, many dating back to some of the first families to settle here. Perhaps it is the energy behind what brought the settlement into being. Perhaps it is the many family-owned businesses. Perhaps there is some other, yet-unknown cause. Regardless, I have always found Kitchener to be firmly rooted in a commitment to community. From the personal gathering of friends to the neighbourhood associations to the offering of so many opportunities to gather (usually in Victoria Park) to celebrate some event or another. I have lived in many places, from small towns to huge urban centres, both in Canada and the U.S. I have never experienced the kind of drawing together that happens in Kitchener. It is wonderful. When you look at the “flavours” of this region, it is a pretty remarkable place in which we live. Waterloo, with its cutting edge technological research and future vision-building, is known as “Silicon Valley of the North”. Stratford is worldrenown for its connection to Shakespeare and the arts. Guelph has its dedication to the natural sciences and Cambridge, the beautiful meeting place of the Grand and Speed Rivers, with


its balance of several towns and a hamlet from the past seems to speak, by its very makeup, of how to create synthesis. All these different areas of focus, so close together, contribute to the experience of a Region that is forward-thinking, community-driven, artistic, innovative and expansive. A place where positive change for the future can be explored, take root and grow! I know it is a stretch. I know we have no red rocks or natural cathedrals. I know some may giggle at my proposition. But I say, this area has the feel of a “Sedona of the North”. Perhaps not in the landscape (though the Grand is very grand). But in the underlying and supporting energies. There are more bodyworkers, lightworkers, social workers, mental health professionals, naturopaths and therapists here than I have been witness to in other places. There is something that inspires so many in this area to explore health and healing and energy. And how exciting that is. I had a vision of a place that one can come to, from anywhere in the world, and know that they are stepping into a place where many healing hands are available, from any type of modality one would wish to utilize, ready to gently guide to a place of balance and wholeness. And I say, celebrate. Come together in support of all of us who are doing this work, knowing that we are making a difference not only in this region but with ripple effects emanating out. As we change ourselves, we change the world. So, giggle if you will (and I will giggle along) but I say, hurray – “Sedona of the North”. I hope you enjoy reading The Glowing Hive as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. ~ Tiffany Lazic

The Red Tent Movement was started by ALisa Starkweather, inspired by the book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant. A Red Tent is a safe, woman-only supportive space in which women gather to tell their stories, celebrate themselves, learn from each other and let go, if only for a time, of the roles they take on in other aspects of their lives. A Red Tent can encompass sacred ceremony, joyful dance, engaged discussion or rites of passage. A Red Tent is open to all women of every age and serves to strengthen bonds between women across generations. For women to step into empowerment, it is necessary for them to have the space in which to reflect their inner truth and their highest selves, supported and accepted by a community of women. Red Tents provide such a space. ~ Tiffany Lazic

Things We Don’t Talk About: The Film

Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD. Available through this link:

The next Red Tent Event is June 15, and Sept. 22, 2013 (2:00 – 4:00) at The Hive and Grove. 3

The Glowing Hive Health and Healing from Waterloo’s Holistic Community

Sedona of the North The light is coming back and it feels like there is a whole new opening of possibility on the horizon. This issue’s cover is the intriguing piece “The Secret Garden” by Amanda Clark. It captures the sense of having pulled back the veil of the dark, winter months to reveal what wonders lie just beyond. Is it an adventure? It is a homecoming? Is it a familiar landscape with a fresh, new perspective? Are there new friends or new messengers to be discovered? And the soft light that glows – what will it bring into view? Spring is a time of feeling life return to the Earth and to ourselves. As we feel the energy begin to flood the land and our bodies once more, we are able to meet new projects and activities with enthusiasm and optimism. What looked barren yesterday is full of potential today. As we see the first inklings of buds poking through the earth and throw open the windows to let the breeze clear out the winter cobwebs, we truly step through to a whole new vision. May that vision for you be touched with wonder. May you hear the birdsong of inspired messages brought down to whisper in your ear and may your path forward be bathed in light. Tiffany Lazic

Editor : Tiffany Lazic is a holistic psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness and Gifts for the Soul Shop. She has developed and facilitates several courses which invite participants to experience healing and wellness through the magic of symbol and Nature. She is thrilled to continue her association with Toronto’s Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training by teaching the Discovering the Total Self Program at The Hive and Grove in Kitchener. Tiffany is the creator of “The Glowing Hive” and contributes through “Seasonal Ponderings”, “Of the Earth”, “Sorting Out the Psyche” and “Those Awesome Archetypes” articles. Managing Editor and Graphic Design: Tanya Snowdon is a multimedia graphic artist who is comfortable in both corporate business design settings and holistic spiritual inspired realms. Much of the vision for her personal creative work is drawn from her own inner exploration. The Glowing Hive offers Tanya the opportunity to integrate her art design and spirit, and for this, she is happy and grateful. She knows it is a great foundation for her upcoming oracle deck.


The Secret Garden by Amanda Clark

Contents Opening: Seasonal Ponderings: Going with the Flow

Health and Happiness: That Gentle Touch: The Body Talks. Are You Listening? Healthy Living: Balance & Harmony The Body’s Breath: The Other Four of the Eight Limbs of Yoga ‘Ask Cheli Doolittle’: Gemstone Support for Four-Legged Friends of the Earth Of the Earth: Morganite and Meadowsweet

Abundance and Flow: Creating a Legacy: Opening Heaven’s Gate Dream Weaving: Planting Dream Seeds

Special thanks to Amanda Clark for allowing use of her beautiful art for the cover. To see more of Amanda’s work visit: To purchase prints, visit her Etsy shop at: earthangelsarts

Peace and Serenity: Sorting out the Psyche: What is Love? Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond: The Love Affair of a Lifetime

Enlightenment and Inspiration: Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot exploration: The Hierophant Miracles: Between the Worlds: Achnowledging the Power of Ordinary Things

Quirks and Creativity: Singing Aloud: The Quality of Touch Angels’ Chorus: Relationships Dance of the Bees Nectar From The Hive

Illumination and Bliss : Upcoming Events at The Hive: Courses and Workshops for April, May and June Introducing... Darlene Hewitt Hive Scrapbook


Contributors Michelle Bellerose is a musician and artist who’s also worked as a healthfood chef, a movie production coordinator, and a demolition and plumber’s assistant. She has completed several yoga teacher trainings, as well as trainings in QiQong, reflexology, connective tissue manipulation, Reiki and homeopathy. You can view her artwork and hear her music at Michelle contributes the “Singing Aloud” article.

Cheli Chelouche is a Canadian Artist and jewelry designer, expressing her artistic abilities creating unique jewelry pieces incorporating genuine gemstones and crystals. She has a fascination with the artistic contribution with which the ancient civilizations gifted us and uses ancient inspiration in her unique pieces. She is the creator of “Pawmulets”, using the healing power of gemstones to honour animals and all that they give us. Cheli’s column “Ask Cheli Doolittle”: Gemstone Support for FourLegged Friends appears in the “Health and Happiness Section.

Mary C. Davis is a Certified One Command® and ThetaHealing™ Practitioner, Prosperity Guide and Business Coach who helps spiritually-oriented wellness professionals create prosperous, fulfilling businesses with ease and joy. She is the creator of The Prosperous Healer’s Path™, a training and coaching process that integrates conscious creation tools and practical business-building strategies with spiritual truths, values and inner wisdom. Results include an abundance of money, clients and fulfillment. Mary contributes the “Creating a Legacy” article.

Yogini Darlene Hewitt has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 28 years. She is trained in Usui Reiki (Master Teacher/Trainer), Axiatonal Re-alignment and is a Master Practitioner in NLP. Her ethos and lifestyle reflect the deeper teachings of all her combined training. Darlene lives with her husband and two mini yogi children in Waterloo. Darlene contributes “The Body’s Breath” article.

Robynne (Tennant) Kingswood is a CCMH graduate and practices out of Kitchener, Ontario. She has continued along the path of learning throughout her career and incorporates Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Hot Stone Therapy in her treatments. Robynne is a faculty member for CCMH in Professional Development, Law and Ethics and Business, and also lectures provincially for the CMTO on Professionalism. Robynne contributes the “That Gentle Touch” article.

Erin Kiers is the owner of Hybrid, Kitchener Waterloo’s first Environmentally Friendly Salon and Spa, located on Weber St in Waterloo. Erin has enjoyed the transformation of a customarily chemical laden industry to one that is more conscientious and is proud of her involvement in that evolution. After experiencing her own personal acceleration to awareness, she focuses her efforts on the transformation of the human consciousness and has contributed to the Hive and Grove on-line magazine in the hopes of inspiring more people in the evolution of our collective spirit. Erin contributes the “Angels’ Chorus” article.


Calvin Howard is a visual design artist currently residing in Waterloo Ontario. His images are created through a unique “metamorphosis” using classic photography, Photoshop technology, artistic vision and perhaps..... just a touch of magic. Each individual work of art beckons us to enter a world unlike our literal reality: A world where hope, dreams, and imagination blend to reflect flexibility, growth, and transformation. As he explores his own evolving awakenings, we the viewers of Calvin’s art find ourselves moving also inward, deeper into our own soul journeys. It is Calvin’s sincere intention that all of his art shall inspire: joy, attention, consciousness, and change. Calvin contributes art to the “Dance of the Bees” section. Kerrilynn Shellhorn is an internationally respected Spiritual Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, who works with both adults and children. A mother of four beautiful children, Kerrilynn is also the former radio host of Spiritual Parenting: Parenting the Children of the New Earth – and is a Children’s Yoga and Meditation Facilitator. Kerrilynn is also the author of the ebook: Your Purposeful Life and the Children of Light Affirmation Cards. Kerrilynn contributes the “Between the Worlds” article.

Lisa D. Theodore, DTCM, Min., is an active practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative therapies and Spiritual healer and teacher. She has spent the greater part of her life on a conscious (and sometimes, a not so conscious) journey toward Self. Throughout this journey, Lisa has discovered many wonderful healing modalities, uncovering the Divine connection and feeling the Spirit moving through all things. She continues to create, write, and teach on Spiritual principles, healing and conscious awareness. Her passion is to be of service to others through many creative outlets, helping them to find the means to express themselves to their fullest, most joyful and loving potential. Lisa maintains a private practice in Kitchener, Ontario. Lisa contributes the “Healthy Living: The Flow of the Seasons” and “Miracles” articles. Cheryl Weber-Good is a freelance hand lettering artist who paints heartwarming, colourful messages, quotes and verses. She produces large hand painted banners and signs for institutions as well as fine art and calligraphic treasures for personal gifts and home décor. She is passionate about communication across the millennium connecting humanity through quotations, then capturing and elevating the power of those texts on various artists’ mediums. Much of her inspiration comes from hiking the fields and forests where she lives at her farm, close to New Hamburg, Ontario. Cheryl contributes Inspiration banner artwork in the Dance of the Bees section. Julie Wise is a motivational coach who helps people navigate change in their lives and reach their personal and professional dreams. Julie is the author of Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease. She in an intuitive, trained in Advanced Energy Awareness and Healing, a Celtic Reiki Realm Master and a practitioner of Karmic Regression Therapy. In her workshops and one-to-one sessions, she combines her gifts to help people find the answers they seek to create the life they desire. Julie contributes the “Dream Weaving” and “Fabulous Fifty…and Beyond” articles. Cheryl contributes Inspiration banner artwork in the Dance of the Bees section. Andre Wunjo is a photographer whose goal is to “take some pictures which might touch people in some special way”. He is inspired by landscapes, cloudscapes, sunrises, sunsets, plant life, old cars, airplanes, old buildings or whatever catches his spirit of “wunjo”: that elusive state of harmony within a chaotic world. Andre contributes photography for the Dance of the Bees section.


The Hive and Grove 226 Frederick St Kitchener, ON N2H 2M8 Telephone: 519-578-LOVE (5683) Email: Website: 8

opening message by Tiffany Lazic


t is a phrase we hear often enough. “Go with the flow”. We have a sense of what it means and what it feels like to be in the flow w off our our u lives, lives, instead of fighting against it. I say it to o myself almos almost st ev evd yoga to connect ery day and use meditation and to the rhythm of it moving through ough me. But I u the difference ut sometimes hear confusion about n an attitude nd between going with the flow and of passivity. It seems like theree is the suggestion of the extreme dichotomy m between my flow and control: opposite ends ds ooff a ds spectrum. And we know the dangers an ngers of control – the tightening of muscles, sccles, the rigidity in relationships, the stress reess upon our bodies and the emotional tension e ension created by the underlying message sage of fear. We know that control is not ot th ot the place we want to sit, but how does d one go with the flow without the h he sense of non-direction? The spawning salmon hurls h itself over and over upstream. We W are in awe of this determination, n, but do we want to live this way? y y? Certainly not! On the other hand, n nd, the leaf floats down the stream.. Sure, it goes with the flow, but it is also at the mercy of any beaver dam or logjam that may lie ahead. Not necessarily a way we want to move through our lives either. Somewhere between the two poles lies a choiceful flow. It allows us to ease into the flow of our life’s direction, but that of our choosing. Letting go of ego’s control that it has

to be my way or the highway, and ye yet, at the same time, aack acknowledging that we do carry a preference aas to how things unfold. We can trust that, by going with the flow, we are moving towards the co-creation of our life with the energy of the Divine. But we also want to pay attention to “being “b b in the right tributary”, so to sspea speak. To help us with that, th hat at, our ou bbodies odi diess an di aand nnd the world around us is unendingly eloq eloquent. quen • Pay attention to the rhythms of your body, body bo dy, especially espe es p cially being g eenergized and being fatigued • Listen to your emo emotions, especially those of mo oti tion o ss, es uplifting joy and the reservationn oof reluctance • Learn Lear arnn to recognize the diff ddifference between a roadblock road adbl block and a brick wall • Learn to decipher those wo wonderful messages from the Divine I have a soft spot for thee se seahorse. Well, particularly the leafy sea dragon, dragonn, tto be specific. They m floating o ting an oa nd bbouncing along, havalways look soo calm and d yyet, they can reach ing caught a lovely current. And tim mel to rest from the out with a tail when it seems timely om to take stock movement. Perhaps taking a mo moment before moving on. For us, it is tthe same. Go with the flow fl ow. If prompted prompted, pull out for a m moment. Recalibrate. direction Then go with the flow once Or change direction. again. Remember, there IS an “I” in “Divine”. In fact, there are 2. We are, after all, in the process of cocreation! 9


Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease by Julie Wise

Julie Wise Consulting Create the Life You Want Now!

Life's greatest gifts are often well disguised by unattractive wrapping! As a coach, my goal is to work with you to discover the hidden potential in your challenges. Together we will: •Discover and clarify what you want to achieve •Explore your vision for the future •Develop solutions and strategies •Create and implement an action plan


Article by Robynne Kingswood

That Gentle Touch

THE BODY TALKS, are you listening? How open is your relationship with your body? Let’s listen in on a recent conversation at a wellness clinic: When did your shoulder begin hurting? Oh, I don’t know. It’s been a while. Is it worse in the morning… evenings…? Um…I don’t know, it’s just kinda always there. Are you restricted from any daily activities? Ya…putting my coat on in the mornings is really hard. What about when you leave work for home? Is it hard to put on your coat then? No. Hey…no, I can move it fine then. It’s a little thing; the distinctions I listen for, but they matter. This may mean something they are doing overnight (like sleeping on that shoulder) is more of a problem for the body than daily work posture. The body can always be relied on to try and communicate, but are we listening? I dislike pain killers for that reason: without improving upon the root issue, they deaden the message to the body. They convince us: You’re fine! Keep going! One more run down the slope! Finish shoveling the drive way! You’re joints don’t hurt, keep going! Rather than listening to your body’s polite, “Ahem… we aren’t as young as we used to be” and “You haven’t been replenishing the cartilage you’ve worn down, so this is about to be a problem” or even “By the way…we’re thirsty”. The body doesn’t up and quit on us one day. There are years and years of one way conversations behind a meltdown. Small complaints: headaches, muscle soreness, reoccurring sleep disturbances, cravings, allergies. The body tries to get our attention in many ways. When one doesn’t work it tends to esca12

late. Migraines, losing of range of motion, swelling, insomnia, food allergies, weight gain, anxiety, panic. When we disrespect our body’s requests, we lose big time. Our quality of life goes down, and so does that of our loved ones around us. Sometimes it’s not a blatant disrespect, but a matter of not understanding the language our body is using to communicate with us. After all, North American society has a pill or product for almost everything. Holistic health care is increasingly accepted, but is admittedly a longer harder path one must be committed to. When work stress or home stress builds, it is easier to reach for the quick fix. Here is where we must be willing to change; to work with our body as a lifelong relationship full of nurture, and mutual support. As a Reflexologist, I can tell you without question there is a connection between where a plantar wart will erupt on the foot and the organ or body part it’s related to that is not well. A Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor will tell you your tongue spills a million tales about your bad habits and systems in crisis. An Iridologist takes one look into your baby blues and reads you like a book. This is just it: we’ve forgotten how to read. Pain and fatigue are two signals the body uses to slow us down in an attempt to get us to listen. It screams in a universally clear language: “STOP THIS MADNESS”. Are you ready to listen? Pain and fatigue are not things to push through with Aspirin and another coffee. Stop. Take a walk. Listen. Do a food journal; include times of fatigue and night time wakefulness. Talk to someone about your findings and get help re-learning the language of your body. I thought for years I was addicted to potato chips. Turns out I was craving iodine for a confused and struggling thyroid. Huh, that was a lot of wasted caloric intake, sheesh. Lesson learned. I’m trying harder to pay attention. It’s not that we have to get it right all the time…it’s that we keep trying to be mindful of the relationship, and keep the lines of communication open.


Healthy Living

Article by Lisa Theodore

Balance & Harmony Honouring our inner balance Balance and harmony are two states of being that we are constantly striving toward. Balance can appear quite elusive at times. Work, play, exercise, rest, ingestion, digestion, racing thoughts, calm do we balance all of these events that make life go around? How often do we feel slightly off kilter, like something is not quite “right” in our lives. We might not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that is out of balance; more often than not, however, we actually hear or recognized the nudges, the inklings that say, “hey, pay attention here - we aren’t happy”. We frequently dismiss these feelings as unimportant, an exaggeration or simply an issue we don’t want to address. What about Harmony What does that look like, or mean, for you? Harmony can be another expression for Peace or Stillness - an experience where Peace flows within, regardless of what the outer experience may be. Harmony is a kind of balance that allows us to go with the flow, to be at Peace, to be unattached to what we think “should” be happening, and to flow with the Universal support that is being offered all the time. Balance and Harmony - two wonderful expressions of life that we can tap into on all levels of our being at any given time. Physical balance is likely the most obvious dimension for most people to feel in or out of. The physical body has certain requirements to maintain balance. It needs, as a minimum, clean air, water, food, rest & exercise to function well. In order for the body to maintain balance it must be receiving and utilizing the proper nutrients. Paramount to this is a balanced intake of foods which match your particular needs at a given time. A marathon trainer will need a different set of foods than a sedentary person; a person recovering from a long term imbalance will need a different level of support than a healthy person. Knowing the energetics of food can help you make the best choices to maintain equilibrium at all times. Foods have different functions, different metabolic properties, tastes, natures that when eaten at the 14

appropriate times can easily support the physical body’s harmony and balance. We often look at food as the basic fuel to get through the day. “I eat because I have to”, is a common conversation. Yet, many times, we are not recognizing that the fuel we are choosing isn’t necessarily the perfect fuel for our body. You wouldn’t put diesel into a car that runs on gas. Likewise we wouldn’t want to ingest inflammatory foods when we are congested, stressed or overworked. Understanding the energetics of food doesn’t have to be a complicated process - nor does coming into a greater awareness of your own set point or balance point. Start with the basics - drink plenty of clean water; warm it up and add fresh lemon to get the toxins moving out; eat a balance of fresh, unprocessed organic foods, exercise and have quiet time - everyday. Remember that you can choose to be in balance and harmony. You can find and enjoy many methods of increasing the flow in your body, in your mind and in your life. It starts with making a conscious choice. As spring approaches, the rains arrive washing away the old winter debris. Now is the time for each of us to feel the shifts and allow our own debris to be released and for new growth and movement to be welcomed. Here’s to a healthy, balanced Spring - a moment of going with the flow and embracing a new sense of Harmony!

In support of our Balance and Harmony Lisa is offering a spring session on the Energetics of Food Thursdays (May 9-June 13th 7 - 8:30pm) as well as Qi Gong Movement Meditation on Wednesdays and A Course in Miracles Spiritual Development group at the Hive and Grove call 519-578-5683 today to reserve your space!


The Body’s Breath

THE OTHER FOUR OF THE EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA These next instalments in the Limbs of Yoga are of the higher mind and travel deeper into one’s asana and meditation practice. The first we shall look at is Raja Yoga. In this aspect, one studies inwardly to see differently outwardly. Meditation on a Mantra, or on the word ‘Om’, or one’s own God/Goddess, brings a union of the body and mind that allows us to “see” inside ourselves and our thoughts. We get to connect very deeply and develop the ability to listen to our bodies, as well as to see things differently, understand differently, in the world around us. This union of body/mind is the connection that also allows us to see our innate connection with the world and its peoples. There are some classes when one enters, I ask for silence, so we can go deeper into the state of Dharma Yoga, which is to harmonize with our inner truths. Being quiet is a huge leap for a lot of students. Although sometimes wanted, it can be disconcerting to actually hear what our thoughts and memories/inner voices are. Over time, we get to discover an inner harmony, as we begin to live our truths. That voice that speaks to us in ways we do/ do not like, comes forth sometimes with such force, that we hear and see the need for more Raja Yoga to focus on why and how to create a sea-change within


ourselves, or indeed, to keep the same energies flowing! Pranayama Yoga is the yoga of breathing. Of course one breathes, but it is the way that one breathes that makes the difference. Ujjai breath is a type of breathing that is very close to a snore, and is based from the back of the throat. The throat constricts ever so slightly to create this certain sound. This breath is used in all Asanas to bring about peace and to quiet the mind to connect more deeply into the posture. It is a must before meditation. Personally, I love this breath and use it to block out sounds that annoy me in everyday life, or to become calm during stressful situations, or both! A truly remarkable aspect of Pranayamic breathing is that it is aerobic breathing!!!! (Take a class with me and discover that Yoga can indeed be

Article by Darlene Hewitt

aerobic!!!) Samadhi Yoga in a yogic posture (Asana) is described as the corpse pose. Don’t worry, it is the not attainment of death! It is through meditation that the total union with the ‘I AM’ comes. There are as many descriptions for this limb as there are yogi’s/yogini’s. The interpretation I was taught by my Guru, was that it can include astral travel, psychic projection, but mostly it is the pure White Light that covers our bodies and seeps inward and that is all we can see whilst in meditation. The first time I saw it, I was certain I was in heaven! It was beautiful! This energy is what all meditators seek. Some rarely see it, but with time, it will flit in and out as flashes of light and at other times will totally envelop us. It is curious in the true sense that it brings about such wonder. All of the limbs of Yoga activate the Chakras of our astral bodies and begin to raise the Kundalini energies. If Yoga

is practiced as an art altogether (meaning Asanas as well as meditation and Kyras, and taught by a true Yogini/Yogi), one will obtain its true benefits. Anything less might leave one unbalanced and perhaps confused. I was taught many years ago the study of Yoga is not an exercise regime, but a lifelong practice that awakens our true selves, or to our true selves we become… AND being true to that self is the outcome of a long Yoga practice. It is my wish that all Yoga students find an inner practice of these limbs that allows them to raise their energies to Samadhi. Jai Ho

Join Darlene Hewitt for her Hatha Yoga Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays (9:30 - 10:30 am) at The Hive and Grove. Darlene also facilitates Reiki Levels 1, 2, & 3/Masters


Column by Cheli Chelouche, creator of “Pawmulets” If you have a question for Cheli about a gemstone that may provide pet relief, please email hiveandgrove@ Please note, gemstone therapy does not replace veterinary care and in cases of concerns about a pet’s health, a visit to the vet is recommended.

This case is about Jasper: a six and a half year old rescued dog who was adopted by a wonderful, warm-hearted lady. Jasper came to her with anxiety, jealousy and social behavior issues. He would try to jump in, barking, when her other dogs played. He barked incessantly when people came to the door. While being bathed he would moan on the one hand and show affection on the other. She wrote me after having him for nine month without any improvement. As well as behavior issues, Jasper had lost most of his teeth which required him to be handfed. His owner had been told that she was Jasper’s fifth home. She did not want to return him and did have a sense that he had been trained at some point. Jasper was full of tricks, but seemed to be unhappy. She treated him with homeopathic medicine, but these seemed to make him tired and sad. After analysis this case, I listed Jasper’s issues in order to find the corresponding crystal to be used for the Pawmulet. Issues such as anxiety, barking, making noises while being petted, and interfering with the other dogs are typical imprints of past abuse. These issues are a result of unbalanced Solar Plexus, Heart, Brachial and Throat Chakras. Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone which is associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras. Amazonite calms the nervous system and improves confidence, loving communication and trust, which helps in training. Amazonite is a stone of expression if you feel your pet has locked up parts of their personality. It eliminates aggravation and negative energies. As the animal becomes calm, the excessive barking will stop. It soothes all the chakras and rejuvenates the Heart and Throat Chakras. 18

General health maintenance helps resist tooth decay, and osteoporosis. Rose quartz was the second crystal I used. This crystal supports physical and psychological Healing. Rose Quartz is considered to be the perfect stone for love and relationships. It has a gentle vibration of love, which is absorbed by your pet and stimulates a sense of peace happiness. Rose Quartz corresponds to the Heart Chakra and assists in building a loving and lasting relationship with your pet. Rose Quartz will show your pet your feelings of love and caring. It opens the heart to love and peace, which are the natural and most powerful state of being. It also strengthens both the heart muscles and circulatory systems. It helps heal the adrenals and thymus glands. Rose Quartz aids issues such as anger and aggression, fear, muscular tension and rigidity, nervousness, past abuse or cruelty which leads to seeing all humans as bad. Amber was the third crystal I used. Amber is not a crystal but rather an organic substance, which is a fossilized tree sap or resin. Amber is a stone with diverse healing properties that affect the whole body. It helps with detoxifying, purifying, absorbing and dispelling negative energy physically and emotionally. Amber will aid an aging animal that become withdrawn, allergies, arthritis, rheumatism and bladder problems. It is particularly helpful to those animals with lower immune systems, due to age or illnesses, who are sensitive to infections. Amber helps with ailments, such as rheumatic pains and stiffness. The crystal will help to draw out the pain. Amber will heal intestinal upsets, very common in dogs. It calms and soothes depression in human and animals. I combined the three stones and this is the end result. After a month, I was happy to receive a wonderful testimonial which made me very happy. “Here is my sweet Jasper wearing his crystals. They do seem to be helping with his issues so I am happy.”


Article by Tiffany Lazic

Of the Earth


I have a lovely memory of standing on ancestral ground on a remote Newfoundland island surrounded by delicate waist high plants as far as the eye could see, smelling the most beautiful scent sweet like marshmallows. I soon learned this wonderful plant was Meadowsweet and I fell in love. The Druids considered Meadowsweet to be one of the most blessed plants. It was used in ancient times to aid digestion issues. It is also known as a safe alternative to aspirin with no side effects. It aids with aches, pain, rheumatism, arthritis and gout. Traditionally used to flavour mead or as a tea (using either fresh or dried flowers and leaves), I found this great recipe for Meadowsweet Sorbet. Perfect for warmer weather. Ingredients: 4 handfuls Meadowsweet flowers, 1 cup brown caster sugar, juice of 3 lemons, 1 thinly grated lemon rind, 2 ½ cups water Instructions: Boil sugar and water rapidly for about 10 minutes to produce a light syrup. Take off boil and stir in the lemon juice and rind. Add Meadowsweet flowers and infuse until mixture is cool. Strain mixture through cheesecloth and freeze overnight. Blend the Meadowsweet mixture and freeze for 24 hours. Take out and blend once more. Freeze for a final 48 hours then enjoy!



This beautiful Pink Beryl, first discovered in California and Madagascar, became known as Morganite in1911 when it was named for well-known banker J.P. Morgan who was also an avid mineral collector. It was a favourite of Tiffany & Co. due to its rarity and the lushness of its colour. Morganite can sometimes be confused for Rose Quartz. It carries a similar energy of delicacy and love, but there is a depth to Morganite (also known as Pink Emerald), both in its colour and how one experiences its energy. The Stone of Divine Love, Morganite opens us up to love, attracting it into our lives and nurturing it in our hearts. It helps us to release old emotional pain and unhealthy patterns so we are able to be in healthy, conscious relationships. Not just on the human level, this stone aligns us with the universal heart, the pulse of unconditional love and the embrace of angels. This is a great stone for healers. It helps alleviate and release stress. Whether used in a treatment room to dispel stuck or blocked energy or used by healers themselves to maintain inner balance and centeredness, this beautiful stone never fails to uplift and bring the touch of joy.


Article by Mary Davis

Creating a Legacy

Opening Heaven’s Gate:



hen I was operating my first business as a fund raising consultant, I became aware of archetypal patterns playing out in both my business and my personal relationships. These dynamics had existed in my relationships for many years, without me being conscious of them. The dominant polarized archetypes I experienced were victim-tyrant, victim-saviour and victim-rebel; usually, I identified with the victim and the saviour personas. Although I could access the rebel within me, the tyrant was completely hidden in my unconscious mind. As my understanding of these archetypal personas grew, I learned about the concept of “mirrors” in relationship dynamics. Since we all have all four archetypes in our personality patterning, we have the potential to live them out in our relationships and interactions with others. We can draw to us archetypal personality types as mirrors, acting out our unconscious opposite for us. So, invariably, my unconscious tyrant was projected out onto some person in my work or personal life, who I was experiencing as controlling, abusive and manipulative. Over the ensuing years, identifying, witnessing, processing and reconciling these polarized personas within me have been some of the most transformative practices I’ve ever learned and applied. I’ve found these practices to be key to having balanced and healthy business relationships that produce all forms of financial and non-financial prosperity. 22

Untying the Knot of Vishnu The root of these polarized archetypal personas and the dualistic consciousness that feeds them is located, energetically, in the third chakra system. This is the push-pull, expanding-contracting, polarized nature of the paradigm of separation. It’s expressed through the third chakra as polarities such as win-lose, victim-tyrant, authority-subservience and power-powerlessness, and it comes out in our relationships and interactions with others. Leslie Temple-Thurston, author of The Marriage of Spirit, Enlightened Living in Today’s World, says that when we do processing work to reconcile these polarities within us, we’re “moving from the old paradigm of polarized power and powerlessness into the new paradigm, which is heart-centered and of a more unified nature.” This is, then, reflected in our relationships and all of our external experiences (including our experiences with money).

There’s a density of consciousness located between the third and fourth chakras – a knot in consciousness, known in eastern Yoga philosophy as the “Knot of Vishnu” (Leslie’s guides call it “Heaven’s Gate”). This knot is squeezing the shushumna shut very tightly (the channel of enlightenment that exists in all of us). As we identify, process and unify the polarities of the third chakra system, we’re loosening and untying that knot. We’re moving away from the win-lose, either-or, fear-based system of dualistic consciousness, into

the win-win, both-and, love-based system of the awakened heart. How to Open Heaven’s Gate Untying the Knot of Vishnu or opening Heaven’s Gate is the process of the heart opening and awakening. Naturally, this energetic shift in consciousness has a big impact on our relationships, our businesses and our lives. Here are some tips to help you open Heaven’s Gate: 1. When something feels uncomfortable or is triggering you in any of your business relationships, or you’re experiencing a conflict, reflect on the situation to discern how the four core archetypes are playing out some unbalanced dynamic.

personas you’ve identified in the situation with a prayer, and wait for grace. For example, “Spirit, I offer up the polarized personas of the tyrant and the victim and ask for release from this imbalance. I give thanks knowing this will be done.” Hold the feeling of surrender and gratitude for a moment.


Opening Heaven’s Gate moves us into the paradigm of the heart – the system of flow, where we have more faith, trust, vision, balance and compassion resulting in prosperous and mutuallybeneficial business relationships of all kinds. In this system, there is never an empty state but, rather, a continuous emanation and flow of and fullness.

2. Identify the archetypal persona you’re acting out in this situation and the polarized persona being mirrored in the other person, and find where that persona exists in you. Ask yourself, “How and when do I act out the persona of the X that I’m seeing in Y?” “With whom do I act out this persona?” “Why do I act out this persona?” Why do I not want to see this persona in myself?” For an archetype such as the tyrant, this can be a really challenging thing to do, because most of us – particularly, healers and lightworkers — have a strong aversion to this persona and, as a result, often, deny its existence within ourselves. It can be a real blind spot. 3. In Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book, she offers powerful processing tools that she calls Unification of Opposites techniques. A truncated version of her polarity processing tool would be, simply, to mentally offer up the polarized archetypal 23

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Article by Julie Wise

Dream Weaving

Planting Dream Seeds “It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.” ~ B.C. Forbes Spring – a time of new beginnings, dreams and desires. The Earth stirs, seeds awaken, birds and animals bring forth new life. The sun grows warmer and the days grow longer; we venture out with fewer layers and soak up the brightness of the day and the gentle breezes. And our hearts beat faster at the thought of what is to come. Just as farmers turn the fields and plant the seeds of crops they will harvest in the fall, spring offers us the chance to create space for the dreams that have been percolating during the winter months. What are you dreaming into? A better job? A new relationship? A vacation? What seeds are you ready to plant? And how much time and effort are you willing to invest in nurturing their growth? A dream, just like a relationship, requires a commitment of time and energy. Imagine what would happen if a farmer just planted the seeds and then walked away from the field, trusting that Nature would do the rest. There might be something to harvest in the fall, but it probably wouldn’t pro-

vide enough to sustain the family through the winter. The same is true of your dreams. First you need to identify what you want to harvest and what it will bring into your life. Why is it so important to you? Knowing the purpose will give you the motivation to keep going when the journey gets challenging. When you know what you want, then you can carefully select the right “seeds” to plant. What steps will take you to where you want to go? What resources are needed to fertilize those seeds and help them grow? Where can you turn for added support? As your dream seeds grow, you’ll need to weed out fears and doubts, and cultivate large amounts of trust and faith. The farmer doesn’t go and tug on the seedlings to see if they’re developing strong roots. He goes about the business of farming and trusts that the seeds know just what to do. Your business is to believe in the dream, feed it with conviction and continue to take steps toward it. When in doubt, slow down and quiet your mind. Listen for the whispers in your heart because your heart is where your dream lives. It will speak to you of your passion and excitement, and remind you why this dream matters so much to you. Over time, the dream will grow strong and healthy, beckoning you ever onward toward endless possibilities! It all begins … with a dream. 25


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Article by Tiffany Lazic

Sorting out the Psyche

What is Love? here is one thing I know for certain. And that is we all seek love in our lives. We have a sense that love will fill us up, make us feel whole, soothe the inner wounds, brightens the world and makes it possible for us to meet any challenge. To a large degree, this is true. It is said that love is the most powerful force on Earth and that we all deserve it. It transforms and it heals. So why does it feel so unreachable at times? And why do so many feel the lack of it in their lives? If love is one of the most basic and necessary experiences of a life, why is it so hard for some to pinpoint?


nessed in the family home when we were young. How we saw our parents interact and how they responded to us. We come into the world with an innate (and completely correct) assumption that we will be loved and cared for. And, for our influential developmental years, we do not have a capacity to filter that if something doesn’t necessarily feel loving, that is because it probably isn’t. Instead we process it internally: That must be love and if it feels off, then there must be something wrong with me. We end up being very confused about what a healthy loving relationship actually feels like.

We all carry a vision of what love is supposed to look like in our lives. Whether we are aware of the conditions we place around love or not, it is there. Like an inner projector, it maps a particular image onto our life experiences. There is no getting away from it. That becomes the image we calibrate to. “This is what love looks like therefore this alternate experience is not love”. As with so many aspects of life, becoming minutely conscious of our inner workings and those particular images is so incredibly helpful! When we know what’s going on on the inside, we have a far greater range of choice around what appears to be happening on the outside.

What are some of the images of love we have been given? • Love means never having to say you’re sorry. • Love means you will make me happy. • Love hits like a thunderbolt. • Love means you want to spend every minute with that person. • If love isn’t there at the start, it will never be there. • Love means you will meet all my needs

What informs what is going on on the inside? We know the answer to this, of course. It comes from the stories we read and the films we see. Love is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are a gazillion films that show us what love should look like and as many novels. We eat them up and each time internalize a message. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Our souls thrive on stories and entertainment. They bring levity and joy to life. But when we start to use those images as a picture through which to see our lives from a place of lack, it gets tricky. And we are not just talking about romantic relationships here. We are constantly being given messages about how to be a loving friend, a loving parent, a loving child or a loving sibling. The message of what it means to love touches so many aspects and relationships in our lives. Inner information also comes from what we wit28

To further muddy the waters, in the past number of decades, the term “Unconditional Love” has been heard of more and more as a wonderful ideal towards which all should aspire. To embrace unconditional love is to live in the energy of Spirit and higher vibration. But, truth be told, it is a problematic concept as well. It too gives us an image of what dynamics should look like that can actually lead to confusion, hurt and discord. In the main, the underlying messages we are in danger of taking in around unconditional love are: • Unconditional love means I have to love everything about you at all times. • Unconditional love means that all my choices are okay. • Unconditional love means I can’t say anything about my feelings or responses. If we begin to realize that some of the stories we have been told about both love and unconditional love are neither true nor helpful, what does it look like? What images can we carry in our inner projector that will be

supportive of us in our quest to attract love into our lives? Many, many years ago (when it was still on the New York Times Bestseller List for a record number of weeks), I read The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck: a brilliant book, still very relevant today. There is much of wisdom between its pages, but one section that never left my consciousness was one that illustrated purpose and function in a relationship dynamic: that our roles, each and every one of us, is to grow to be the most of what each of us is capable, for ourselves and as a reflection of Spirit. Period. End of sentence. Love is celebrating one’s own and one anothers’ experiences of becoming the most of which we and they are capable of. Relationships tend to follow a recognizable pattern. First there is the “Romantic Love” stage. This is the one we tend to identify as the ideal and what it is supposed to look like all the time. We see everything wonderful about the other and they think we are beyond the cat’s pajamas. The thing is, in the natural flow of relationships, this stage lasts about 6 months and then we enter the “Power Struggle “ stage. Have you ever all of sudden realized in a relationship that everything you used to adore about the other person now gets on your nerves? That person whose laidback, go with the flow approach to life now appears to be the Waffler who cannot decide which restaurant to go to or what might be a fun plan for the day. In the “Power Struggle” stage, we agonize that the other person has changed, possibly even coming to a place of feeling that we “no longer love this person”. It is this stage that is generally the endpoint for relationships. What is so ironic is that, in almost every case, the other person hasn’t changed at all. It is our perception that has changed. For the most part, we have not been given an image of how to shift from the glorious “Romantic Love” stage through the “Power Struggle” stage to a more balanced, healthy dynamic that celebrates difference, individuality and autonomy.

may be hard. We do want to be gentle and understanding with ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still have to enter into challenging situations. It means that we are gentle with ourselves as we are in the situations. This honours our courage and ability. Some examples of images of self-love are: •Love means I embrace my strengths • Love means I accept my limitations • Love means I strive to transform my limitations into strengths • Love means I trust that I can survive challenging situations • Love means I am gentle with myself when I make a mistake • Love means I am committed to my own growth enough to risk making a mistake • Love means I make choices that support my health and well-being • Love means I enter into life as a canvas onto which I can project the adventure of revealing my Essence If we take this language and apply it to relationships with another, the messages still hold. I see your strengths and happily reflect those back to you. I am also comfortable with reflecting what I perceive to be your limitations (from my own experience) and that is okay. I also trust that you see your strengths and you explore your limitations. What is absolutely key in this dynamic is that neither person is looking to the other to complete him or herself. And that becomes Unconditional Love. Not that one never challenges nor confronts. But that, beneath that challenge lies a vision of the Essence of the other. What is created is a joyful shared experience of life in which each person is responsible for their own feelings, perceptions and choices; sharing a dialogue on what works and what doesn’t; encouraging each other to explore how to grow into one’s highest self. We fly side by side – not one obscured by the other – and delight in the journey.

In many ways, we are always on a solitary path – no matter how many wonderful people are in our lives. This life is for each of us to move through: learning all we can about ourselves, facing our limitations, stretching our wings to our best potential. One love adage is: You can’t love another if you don’t know how to love yourself. And to a large extent this is true. To truly love ourselves is to accept that there are things about ourselves that we are going to want to change. This is no-one’s charge and responsibility but our own. To truly love ourselves is to take care of our health and to make supportive choices for ourselves, even if those choices 29

Article by Julie Wise

Fabulous Fifty...and Beyond

THE LOVE AFFAIR OF A LIFETIME “Man is a knot into which relationships are tied.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry As we move through life, we have many relationships. The first one is with ourselves. As infants we are fascinated by every aspect of our being. Have you ever watched a baby explore his hand, discovering that he can bring it to his mouth or clasp his father’s outstretched finger? At that young age, we also learn how to be in relationship with those around us, starting with our parents.

Imagine that, like a spider, you weave a web as you go through your day. Close your eyes and think about what you did yesterday from the moment you got out of bed in the morning to the time you turned off the light at night. Where did you go? How many people did you consciously interact with? What about all the others who crossed your path unnoticed? Picture the web that you left behind you with every step along the way. Who might have come into contact with it?

Over time, we develop friendships. Some of those last a lifetime while others come and go like the seasons. At some point, we fall in love (and perhaps later out of love). Some of these relationships may progress to a long-term commitment, children and grandchildren of our own.

Now imagine that your web is filled with energy and light. Depending on our emotions, that energy could be bright and vibrant or dark and low. With every thought, conversation, action and even facial expression, we send energy out into the web we weave. And the vibration creates ripples in the web that affect everyone around us.

With each person, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. When you think about the key relationships in your life – past and present – which ones stand out for you and why? For me, it’s the individuals who challenged me to be the best that I can be. Some of them did it with encouragement and love; others pushed me (often against my will) through friction and discomfort. In every situation, I learned something new and became stronger, more resilient, compassionate and understanding as a result.

While you’re not responsible for other people’s happiness, you are responsible for your own. And as your capacity for happiness grows, so does the light that you send out through your web of connections. Picture yourself like the golden rays of sunshine dancing through the world, brightening the day with a smile, a kind word, an act of generosity. As you give away what you’d like to receive, life becomes richer … and more enjoyable too.

Just as the quote suggests, we are all in relationship all the time. Some of these connections are short-lived like your conversation with the teller at the bank or the cashier at the grocery store. You may not know the names of the people who share 30

the bus or the elevator with you, yet you are in a momentary relationship with them as well.

It’s like having a love affair with life – appreciation for the miracle of being alive, the joy of everyday experience, and the possibility of so much wonder waiting around the next corner!


Article by Tiffany Lazic

Those Awesome Archetypes: A Tarot Exploration

The Hierophant


s we move along the path of the Major Arcana, from Emperor to Hierophant, we find ourselves stepping for the first time into the realm of society at large. No longer the ‘one-on-one’ archetypes such as Mother and Father (as encountered with the Empress and Emperor), in this card we see a figure interacting with 2 others, seated above and in what appears to be a position of authority. It is clear from his garb and by his staff that there is a religious/spiritual connection that is being represented. In fact, the word ‘hierophant’ itself comes from the Greek meaning ‘to show that which is holy’. With or without the religious bent which seems to be inherent in the card itself, the energy of The Hierophant is that of Society. It speaks to the rules which govern the interaction of people as presented by those figures of authority who both teach those rules and insure that they are enacted. For the most part, we first encounter The Hierophant when we enter the educational system. The moment we move from the free play of childhood into a setting of desks, chairs, curriculum and timetables, we have met the rules and order of society. The Hierophant can represent teachers, police officers, politicians, judges, bosses as well as religious leaders: anyone who is the keeper of the guidelines through which we, as a society and 32culture, interact.

It is important to have these rules and guidelines, lest chaos and anarchy reign. But it is also of supreme importance to have an understanding as to what the guidelines are, where they came from and what purpose they serve. Rules that are not allowed to be questioned become dogma: that which must be blindly followed. Dogma by definition is static and unbending and runs the true risk of becoming irrelevant and constrictive. That which will not shift to new conditions becomes at best, stagnant and at worst oppressive. In some older decks, this card is referred to as “The Pope” and I found it wonderfully synchronistic that I was meditating on The Hierophant during a very significant time in papal history: the second time ever in the history of the Vatican that a Pope resigned. I was interested by discussions I heard in the days leading up to the election of the new Pope. One of the most significant debates I heard was around the question of Conclave and the method of choosing a new Pope. One view was that the membership of the Roman Catholic Church is very different than it was hundreds of years ago. That there are more dedicated voices in the Church than just the Cardinals (including laypersons) and these voices should have input. Culture has changed and the Church should change with it. The response view was “The Church does not dance to the song

of culture”. Two very different views of the Hierophant’s role! Though we will be talking about the teen years further with the next card that appears in the Major Arcana, it struck me that the Hierophant is also representative of what is occurring developmentally in teenagers as well. But from a more confrontational perspective. One of the key elements of teenagerhood is the establishment and formation of identity. This explains teen phenomena like peer identification, attachment to external indicators (i.e. clothes), the chameleon-like personality shifts and, of course, the time-honoured questioning of authority. Having moved through childhood taking in the teachings of the Hierophant (society), in this stage those teachings are questioned as one tries to sort out one’s own sense of self and thus one’s relationship to society. What do I believe? What do I feel is important? How do I position myself in relation to these rules? It can make for some bumpy times and parents are often seen as the Hierophant regardless of how they interact. The message from parents is often “I am just trying to help you by showing you how it is out in the adult world.” The teen is questioning why the adult world has to look that way in the first place. What needs to be remembered about the Hierophant is that he represents direction that is bestowed through the blessing of love. His hand pointing upwards reminds us that it is not his rules we are following but that there is a higher order at play. In contemporary society this does not need to mean religion. Through the lens of spirituality, the Hierophant reminds us that we are all connected through our spirits which is expressed through our

humanity. His hand in that position is like a blessing he bestows on all who come before him. In his other hand, he holds the staff: a symbol of support, balance and authority. This one is topped with 3 bars which also indicates his spiritual connection: whether seen as Father/Son/Holy Spirit, or the Celtic Land/Sea/Sky, the more feminine Maiden/ Mother/Crone or even the 3 Norse worlds of Asgard/Middle Earth/Underworld. Unquestioningly, the Hierophant represents one who can teach us how to live in alignment with the Divine. Before him lie the keys which open up the doors to wisdom. It is up to us whether we will pick them up or not. When the Hierophant appears in your life, it is a good time to ponder your own relationship to authority. What guides you? What is your belief system and where did it come from? Does your belief system serve to uplift you? Do you feel part of a greater whole? It is also a good time to explore the role of spirituality in your life? How do you experience the Transcendent? Do you have practices which bring you into alignment with “that which is greater than yourself”? In these contemporary times, we are bombarded with the opportunities of the material world. It is easy to forget sometimes that we are far more than our physical selves, the objects around us, even the activities in which we engage. We all have a guiding principle in our lives and it serves us well to know what that is. The sense of the importance of family and community? A bank balance? Success in one’s line of work? An inner experience of peace? There is something that gets us up in the morning and starts our feet on our days. When the Hierophant appears, it is a good time to question what exactly that may be.

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Spring 34

Article by KerriLynn Shellhorn

Between the Worlds

Acknowledging The Power of Ordinary Things


f you understood that every gesture you make, every action you take also carries an unseen vibrational energy that others may be able to feel, would you change the energy attached to those gestures and actions? A smile, a handshake, cleaning, walking, passing the salt to a person across from you at the table, standing in line at the grocery store, each and every action we physically do carries with it a subtle spiritual energy. Those who are energetically sensitive feel the subtle energies attached to the physical actions of others.

creation and output of the energy coming from you to the world around you. Everything has a vibration of spiritual energy. We are never disengaged from making an impact on the rest of life. What we give, so shall we receive. It is always a mirror reflection. What type of energy er have you been putting out to the er universe; is that energy also what you uunn desire to receive from the universe? ddee Is I it a positive and loving vibration that th h is rippling out from you helping you yyoo be in alignment with your path? Is Is it fear-based energy that is immobilizing you from forward motion on bbii your yo journey? You are in charge. You yo are a co-creating by your own energy ar output the experiences you are living ou and an your intentions are very visible an to to those who can see or feel spiritual energy. en en

The spiritual energy with each action vibrates out from us and ripples out to the world around us. A heartfelt, genuine smile carries energy of joy and happiness and blesses the hearts of those receiving that energy. A forced smile that is not genuine also carries energy. The energy of a forced smile is in contrast and also gives a rippling effect but one Self-mastery means making of detachment and separation. With the th h decision to be consciously aware that understanding, it is not just by off the quality of your everyday action but also by the unseen action actions; the ordinary things in life aacc we are able to contribute to the heart gives meaning and purpose to your gi gi centered healing and higher vibration journey. You are acknowledging the joo of the world around us. divine being that you are and to all dii Powerful isn’t it? those around you. It is The idea of each action if lovingly acknowledging Join Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, consciously coming from that you are contributing the swell of loving heart KerriLynn Shellhorn for to the unseen connection energy has the power to between all of us that “Message Circles” ripple out and heal the have chosen to be here in at The Hive and Grove: world around us. Even this time. Check in with the third Tuesday of each month more powerful is underyour heart and make standing with this awareeach choice and action She is also available for Hive private sessions, ness you are in charge come from that divine, the third Thursday of each month. and responsible for the loving energy.



Article and Art (Bird Child) by Michelle Bellerose

Singing Aloud

The Quality of Touch


uman beings are unique among animals for our long period of utter dependency after birth. No other animal is as vulnerable and reliant on parental care as the human infant. Given our relatively narrow pelvis, our babies need be born before the brain case takes its full size. A longer inter-uterine period would otherwise be ideal, but an older prenatal baby would never be able to make it’s way out the womb portal. For this reason we must birth our young after nine months and give them our complete care and attention until several years later when they become ambulatory and aware enough to navigate their environment and make tentative choices. Of course much has been written about this delicate period in human development and of the many conditions and features of this time is the sheer survival necessity of touch and bodily, particularly facial, interactions. Baby thrives when caregivers offer a tangible physical presence, when baby can feel that mother or father are an extension of their own fleshy business. The security of this connection allows the baby to develop somatic-mind, to inhabit the whole body of self, and to apply the true unfettered potential of how that body can interact with the space and circumstances it finds itself in. Spatial learning comes more easily, as does command and development of head and spine, rolling, crawling, walking, falling down and getting up, and so on. On the emotional level, baby learns to express itself through first encountering the palette of behaviours and moods brought to bear on the environment. What baby experiences also becomes hardwired as presets, and like holes in a sieve, shape and limit how emotional contents will come to be expressed.

we also find that orchestra conductors, who use their arms in large, sweeping, heartfelt gestures to lead an orchestra, are the longest living professionals as reported by American cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, MD. Expressing ourselves from the heart center out through the arms and hands, in what they hold and touch and how, remains very programmatic, either serving to assist the free-flow of feeling from the heart out into life, or the unconscious obstruction of authentic connectivity to a world we don’t really wish to grab hold of. The hands also carry in them the end point of a vast neural network that connects its sensate, tactile surface to the deepest reaches of inner space, to the organs vital for life and emblematic of the different emotional seats in the body, from the liver and anger, to the lungs and grief, to the kidneys and fear, the colon and loss and release, the small intestine with growth and learning, and so on. It is perhaps why we feel such a strong containment and closeness to the one we hold hands with and how this has so naturally become a human practice which gives much pleasure and security. Quality of touch, then, becomes a matter of paramount importance. A playful slap or a thoughtless grab goes right into the tissues, and even if our rational minds put the kinetic event in context, the messages can accumulate, especially where there is an existing history. In this way we can both draw out of others and ourselves patterns of touch that have been imprinted from earliest life. Bringing more attention to the ways in which we put hands on each other then becomes an opportunity to unlearn old habits while exploring new, more effective ways to touch and be touched. The slightest interaction becomes a rich occasion to not slip into somatic unconsciousness, to take advantage of this sensual body that co-creates our inner conversations and outer points of view, bringing new dimension to all relationships.

Ruminating on such factors attending our earliest experiences, the ones which give shape to our on-going development and unfolding, but which also reflect the areas of learning our individuality is seeking, I began to consider some of the most important features of intimate relationships. We very rarely think to examine, for example, the quality of our touch. The patterns of daily living obfuscate subtle distinguishing in a familiar topography of hugs, kisses, and hand-holding, and while these tend to become rote after a time, there still remains much that we could bring awareness to as portals for going deeper into intimacy and authenticity. The hands and arms, embryologically, develop from the same cell bud as the heart, and in a very real sense they remain connected to this immense power point in the body. Not only do we use our arms to bring closer what is dear to us,


Poem and Article by Erin Kiers

Angels’ Chorus

Relationships We reach out and pursue the comfort of others Only to question its validity once we have it; And to wonder if it was true once it is gone. Erin Kiers


time of trial within all relationships is at hand. Many of us have noticed the planet Pluto has, for some time, been relentlessly pounding and forging in the fires of transformation the definition of partnership in the most intimate of definitions. How can we singlehandedly resist and protect ourselves from such ruthless cleansing? Yield. Yes, yield. Let this clarification process melt away all illusions of what you think you know of relationships. Realize that by admitting you might not know all things, you will become opened up enough to recognize what the truth might be. How will you know this truth? The resonance of truth rings like the songs of a thousand Angels in your heart! With time, patience and perseverance any question can be answered. Seek within for the answers. No outward searching will provide the clues. Outside is simply a reflection of an interior battle. As within, so without. If chaos and pain is your reality in relationships, reflect and acknowledge that this is projected from your inner self onto your relationships. Once you have recognized the programmed dysfunction within, only then will you enjoy harmony in relationship with others.


There is not an easy manicured path within on your journey to your inner child, hiding rejected and neglected within you. No blockage is removed without shrapnel and rubble needing to be dislodged. Once you rescue your inner child and prove your commitment to honour your SELF, rebirth is celebrated. Now your inner child will know that you will protect it and nurture it as it deserves to be. By showing your inner child unconditional love, acceptance and respect you will then be able to offer these attributes to others and enjoy it reflected back to you. This healing reveals balance in boundaries and mutual respect in love with anyone you meet. These are the cornerstones to all successful relationships no matter how committed or fleeting. Wrap your loving arms around your worthy heart and find that your solitude is replaced by wholeness and completeness that no other person could give you. Once you embrace yourself watch how others flock to you like a magnet to share in the celebration of you and in turn enjoy all the benefits sharing lives with others can bring.

Dearest Ones: How you search outwardly for comfort and wholeness in the arms of others. In a desperate search for the missing piece so out of reach. Time and time again, finding flaw and pain, refusing to see what is plain truth in your heart. It is time, Dear Sweet One, to embrace the truth of what lies so deep within who you are. Stop the outward reaching and return to core. That center of your being, the anchor and peace which will allow your pure heart to reflect true love and nurturing to others. Magically, all of your relationships with others will reflect the relationship you honour to yourself. ~The Angels~



New and noteworthy at “Gifts for the Soul”

Nectar from the Hive Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Steven Farmer Winner of five national awards, these simple yet powerful Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by internationally-renowned author Steven D. Farmer offer children of all ages the opportunity to explore the energy of their spirit helpers in animal form. They will receive beautiful age-appropriate messages of love and guidance to help them as they develop and grow. Stunningly illustrated, this 24-card deck comes with an enclosed guidebook that provides children easy-to-understand insight into each spirit animal and also includes a Guide for Parents. A beautiful wisdom deck that kids will use often and for many more years to come. Beautifully illustrated by Pamela Anzalotti.

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid Based on the rich mythology of ancient Britain’s Isle of Avalon and the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, these cards will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose. Their use will shed light on what has been, what needs illumination in the present, and what will weave patterns into the future. The deck will help you discover the potential of your own intuition as you follow the omens and symbols of the Goddess, the Kingdom of the Faeries, Merlin, and the Priestess of magical Avalon. See into the future . . . and discover that you are more than you know!

Healing Cards by Caroline Myss This 50-card deck and accompanying booklet by Caroline Myss, the bestselling author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit and Peter Occhiogrosso, popular expert on world religions and author of The Joy of Sects, will help you create a daily practice that not only heals existing ailments, but also maintains spiritual balance in your life. Each card presents healing wisdom drawn from the world’s great spiritual traditions, and then offers an application of that knowledge for everyday living. Healing Cards offer both inspiration and a course of action, and . . . a card a day keeps the doctor away!

Magical Herbal Fairy Gardens: Individually handcrafted by a local artisan, these beautiful fragrant gardens are chockful of hidden treasures. Perfect to sit in a kitchen window, they are both delightful and handy to provide some savoury flavour. 41

Kitchener/Waterloo’s first Environmentally Friendly Hair Salon and Spa 133 Weber St North, Waterloo * 519-886-8624

Artisan Cheryl Weber-Good composes hand painted calligraphy masterpieces on many surfaces: wall hangings, wedding lettering art, church banners, personalized gifts and mural writing.

by Cheryl Weber-Good 42

The End of Separation by Cal Howard 43

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A program of language and culture that invites the wonder of the Ancient World and makes connections with our modern one. Learn about the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Celts: who they were, where and how they lived, what their stories were and why that is important today.

In these times, children are challenged in focus and attention. Technological innovation is having an impact and our children are experiencing many detrimental results. This program seeks to balance this impact. Learning how to activate their own imaginations, spending time in stillness and exploring the wonder of the natural world not only inspires kids. It also provides tools of focus and attention that supports children in other areas of their lives. One Friday a month (4:30 - 5:30): April 22, May 17, June 14


Based upon “Minimus: the mouse that made Latin cool”, developed by Barbara Bell through Cambridge University, U.K. and “The Romance of Antiquity”, developed by Yvonne E. Lacey (as taught at University of Toronto Schools). A basis in Latin has proved to be invaluable for children in learning languages (especially French, Spanish and Italian), in grasping grammar and for future studies in the Sciences. 60% of English is Latin-based. 10 Classes (4:30 - 5:30): New session starts June 22

Every issue meet some of our Hive and Grove facilitators. We often learn about training and credentials in bios. This section asks several questions that introduce you to the “inner inspirations” of the engaging and inspiring instructors you will see in our beautiful classroom.

Darlene Hewitt.: Darlene facilitates Hatha Yoga several times weekly at The Hive and Grove, bringing 27 years of experience. She brings the same wealth of years and experience to her Reiki Training classes.

Where do you most feel yourself? I feel most myself in my kitchen. In my spare time I love to cook and create. In fact, I think about food almost all the time. Really, it is my passion! I know what I am going to eat tomorrow for breakfast, and no doubt, I am cooking it now and waiting for the flavours to get married overnight! Recently I was forced to become a gluten free Yogini. I was not well pleased with this at all. So I decided that I would make it a science project and learn to bake, gluten free, successfully. And anyone that is gluten free and tried to bake knows this is a daunting task! Honestly, when I am deep in it, I lose myself and become myself all at once. The first thing I do when I come home is hang up my coat and walk directly into my kitchen. Perhaps just to see if there is anything that needs attention, however I truly think it is to “feel” at home. My hearth, my kitchen, my home, my inner home, my sanctuary.

Who has been the greatest influence on your work? My guru Yogi Krishen has been the purest form of influence on my life and my work. He has inspired me and frankly, I hear his accented voice in my head daily, and it has been 25 years since I lived in the Ashram! In my classes I refer to him often and what I think was the most influential part of his presence in my life was/is his patience. He was monumentally patient with all of us, but erm, me in

particular! He helped me see, with how he would put it… new eyes. I try with great effort to uphold his lessons, teach them and live.

What is one book you wish everyone would read? The dictionary. Really. So many words, so many misused or misunderstood…. A brief encounter would not hurt anyone! (and yes, including me!). For my yoga students, the Ramcharaka’s would be grand, but that is more of an undertaking than the dictionary!

What is the quality you most cultivate in yourself? Bhakti Yoga, where I have learned and am learning to live and love with compassion in the true sense.

What is one story about yourself that makes you laugh or you remember with awe? A story that always makes me laugh is one when we just moved to England and we had to buy school uniform for our son. I asked the clerk if he needed suspenders for his pants. They looked at me and laughed, then tried to understand what I was actually saying.... suspenders for pants means garter belt for underwear!!!! To this day I laugh out loud over this!!!Same language, totally different meanings! (hence the dictionary!)

What is your favorite message or saying? “Be careful of the words you speak to keep them soft and sweet, You never know from day to day which ones you’ll have to eat. “



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