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Intimacy and Your Health Pre-Planning: It's Easier Than You Think! Tips to Keeping Good Balance Important Elements of Your Elder Law Plan Transitioning Into Senior Living A PUBLICATION OF

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owned and operated by: Paul Johnson, MD / Larry McBride, MD / J.R. Sarpa, MD / Joanna Watkins, MD

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If you qualify for these insurancebased fitness options, your Twin Lakes Recreation Center membership is FREE! To learn more, call 812-349-3720 or visit bloomington.in.gov/TLRC. 1700 W. Bloomfield Rd.

Our passion is healthy hearing, and improving your quality of life. At Southern Indiana Hearing Solutions we provide personalized, compassionate hearing care services focused on your best outcome. We offer advanced diagnostics, effective treatment, and the best hearing aid technology available, rising above the standard for hearing healthcare in the area.

Achieve better health through regular exercise.

ActiveandFit.com Regular exercise and health education for older adults.



For special needs members who also qualify for Medicare/Medicaid.


Live your best life!

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Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

Helping an Older Adult make a Smooth Transition to Senior Living

My Spouse Needs Medicaid to Assist with Long Term Care Costs

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Stand Alone Special Care

Transforming Life from Cloudy to Rainbows Tips to Keeping Good Balance

More Time for What Matters Most

2019 National Skilled Nursing Care Week

The 4 BEs of Caregiver Support

Real Life Benefits of Exercise at Healthy Balance Health Club

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I'm Not Stressed! Are You Stressed?!

More than 60 Years of Experience…

New Alternative for Senior Care in Morgan County


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10 Questions To Help Declutter & Downsize Healthy Feet, Heathier You!

Choices for Contemporary Times

Medications in a Snap!


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Home Health Hospice Nurses Through the Years Give a Little to Gain a Lot Pre-Planning: Easier than you think! Are You Missing Any of These Important Elements in Your Elder Law Plan? Intimacy and Your Health: Promoting Happy Relationships


Get Treated, Not Seated at Monroe Hospital

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Planting Seeds... Growing Communities

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Seniors


Senior Services Resource Guide

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Not All CBD Oil Is Created


Courtesy of Bell Family Dispensary


s the market expands and more products are being introduced, it’s more important than ever that you find a trusted source for high-quality CBD oil. For people that are new to or just starting out on their CBD oil journey there are no shortage of pitfalls to be aware of. CBD can offer incredibly therapeutic advantages- especially considering that it’s been known to help with things like: • Inflammation • Back Pain • Joint Pain

• Anxiety • Depression • Sleep Disorders

Bell Family Dispensary is a family owned and operated CBD store located in Bloomington, IN. We provide some of the highest-quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil; all grown and processed in Colorado. We also have the largest selection of CBD products in Bloomington.

What makes our CBD Oil different?

We only carry brands that have been thoroughly vetted and meet the highest standards. Our Grandma’s Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a brand that was born out of frustration for the CBD market’s unregulated landscape, which has resulted in a sea of purported CBD products that don’t work. Our Grandma’s Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes from medicinal hemp strains. These strains are considered medicinal due to their high CBD level. Our Producer in Colorado is a seed to product farm that uses organic farming practices and is involved in all aspects of how our hemp oil is made and closely monitors every step of the farming and production process. We provide some of the most potent, most pure and most effective CBD products on the market. We conduct thorough product testing using a third-party laboratory to ensure unbiased test results on every single batch.

What to look for when choosing a good CBD oil?




• • • • • • •

INFLAMMATION BACK PAIN   JOINT PAIN TROUBLE SLEEPING HEADACHES ANXIETY • Compare the Cannabidol (CBD) Per Serving.    NAUSEA • Calculate the price you are paying per milligram of CBD.

If you answered yes to any of the above symptoms, CBD may be right for you.




Coupon must be presented at time of purchase Expires 05/31/19 | Not valid with any other offers VALID IN STORE ONLY

cbdBloomington.com | 812-332-8444

Located in Bloomington at 1000 North Walnut ST | Corner of 14th and N Walnut

4 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

You can do this by dividing the price by the total amount of CBD in the product. • Always read the other ingredients section.  Make sure there’s no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives or dyes.  • Make sure each batch is 3rd party lab tested. These tests should be detailed, dated and match the batch number on your bottle. • BEWARE of multilevel marketing schemes and companies that seek to sign you up right away for recurring purchases.

 Visit us today.

You can visit our store in Bloomington IN at 1000 N Walnut ST on the corner of 14th ST in the Groves Square shopping center, directly across from CVS.   You can also call in an order or place an order online at CBDBloomington.com and have our products delivered at your doorstep.




TO SENIOR LIVING Courtesy of Meadowood Retirement Community


ummertime often means reunions and other gatherings where your senior loved one is surrounded by family and friends. It’s during these types of gatherings that families might begin to notice physical or cognitive decline in an elder.  It might also be a time when families start to wonder if their loved one may need to consider moving to a senior living community.

Senior Adults are Resilient, but They Still Need Help Coping

Your senior loved one has probably lived through many transitions throughout his or her lifetime already. This is one more in a long line of life-changing events. However, even though older adults are resilient, they still need help with the transition to a senior living community. That’s often true even if they don’t mind the upcoming change. 

Some Older Adults Don’t Mind the Idea of Transitioning 

For many seniors, this type of transition is a welcome and natural change. They may even look forward to having the essentials of daily living taken care of for them. This is especially true if they have been secretly struggling to complete chores and errands for many months before anyone noticed. Plus many older adults anticipate enjoying the array of activities and events offered in their new community. Finally, the opportunities for social engagement are another attractive feature of senior living communities for many older Americans. As people age, they often lose contact with their former friends and family members due to loss, mobility issues, or cognitive impairment that makes socialization difficult. Being surrounded by peers who share similar struggles can provide the emotional support a senior often needs.

Helping Your Senior Loved One Make the Transition

and their friends and family. Get more people involved in preparing him or her for the move. That way, you’re showing that the support network is still there. 


Find out what helps your senior loved one cope. Everyone copes with change in a different manner. If your senior loved one likes to keep busy when they are working through stress, then make sure they have plenty to do before and after the move. If your loved one prefers some alone time to work things out, let the staff members at their senior living community know.

Meadowood Retirement Community­ Senior Living at its Best

Transitions can be tough, but these tips should help the move go smoothly. If you and your senior loved one have decided it’s time for a move to a senior living community, we invite you to call 812-330-4375, ext. 311 or visit our website at www.meadowoodrc.com.

Spring Into New Adventures at Meadowood MEADOWOOD

2455 Tamarack Trail Bloomington, IN 47408


Even if your loved one is comfortable with the transition to senior living and agrees wholeheartedly that it’s going to be a welcome change, you’ll still need to help prepare him or her for the change. 


Here are a few tips:

Be there to talk. Anyone who’s about to experience a big change will need to talk about it. This usually needs to take place over time: days, weeks or even months. Simply making yourself available to listen can makes all the difference in the world. 


Validate his or her concerns. Even in the best of circumstances, when everyone is in agreement about the move, your senior loved one will have questions and concerns. It would be a mistake to downplay his or her fears by simply offering blind reassurance that everything will be wonderful. Be honest about the transition but stress that you’ll work through it together. 




Get everyone involved. One fear many older adults have as they make this move is that they’ll somehow become cut off from what’s so important to them: their former community

Join us for a tour at Meadowood Retirement Community and discover a full schedule of Lifestyle360 activities, chef-prepared meals offering flavor and flexibility, and exceptional senior living experiences. At Five Star, the possibilities are endless.

Pet Friendly

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 5



To Assist with Long Term Care Costs – Will I Be Able to Keep Assets for Myself? Courtesy of E. Paige Freitag and Erin M. Martoglio, Freitag & Martoglio, LLC


ob and Sue have been married for over 50 years. They are enjoying retirement when Bob has a stroke which requires nursing home care for rehabilitation. Given the severity of the stroke, Bob will not be able to return home. The cost of Bob’s care averages $7,500 per month. Sue is panicked and worried whether paying for Bob’s care will exhaust all of their assets. Sue and Bob may have sufficient assets available to pay privately, or they may have purchased long term care insurance to help with costs. However, for many couples, even if they have saved, paying for care privately out-of-pocket will simply not last long without making a significant impact on the funds available for the daily needs of the spouse at home. Medicaid becomes an option for many couples in this situation.

OUR FOCUS IS YOU. Elder Law, Medicaid & Estate Planning, Probate & Trusts, and Business Transactions & Formation. 400 W. 7th Street, Suite 110 Bloomington, IN 47404 www.bloominglaw.com (812) 676-6030

Committed to bringing you high-quality legal services that consider the unique needs of you, your family and your business.


6 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

While Medicare provides limited coverage for those who require therapy in a skilled care facility, Medicaid will help pay for room and board at a nursing home long term and/or care at home under the Aged and Disabled Waiver program. Medicaid is a means-tested public benefit program. Financial eligibility requirements exist for all Medicaid programs and vary depending on which type of Medicaid benefit you are seeking. Medicaid may be a good option when one spouse lives at home and does not require skilled care (“Community Spouse”), but the other spouse requires skilled care in a nursing home or needs additional help to remain living at home (“Institutionalized Spouse”). With Sue as the Community Spouse and Bob as the Institutionalized Spouse, laws exist which provide protection for Sue if Bob needs Medicaid to help pay for his long term care costs. These laws are generally known as the “spousal impoverishment rules.” The intent behind these rules is to prevent Sue, the Community Spouse, from becoming impoverished in order for Bob, the Institutionalized Spouse, to be eligible for Medicaid. In other words, the spousal impoverishment rules exist to preserve Sue’s ability to retain assets for her own use and still allow Bob to obtain Medicaid benefits. Using the spousal impoverishment rules to plan for Medicaid qualification is complex. Most assets are resources that must be reported as part of a Medicaid application. But some assets may be exempt resources, e.g., the couple’s home and retirement accounts owned by the Community Spouse. The total value of these resources must be determined as of a specific date, known as the “Snap Shot Date.” The Community Spouse can then retain a certain amount of resources as of the date the couple is seeking Medicaid eligibility. Resources in the Institutionalized Spouse’s name must be less than $2,000. The techniques and planning methods available for the couple who has excess resources is beyond the scope of this article. But couples need not simply pay for care privately until they are financially eligible for Medicaid. It is important to consult with an experienced elder law attorney to obtain information about these rules and planning for Medicaid qualification.

Stand Alone

Special Care Multiple benefits for those with dementia

Courtesy of Autumn Hills Senior Living


ur Community is a member of the JEA Senior Living family of assisted living communities. As a family owned and operated company, we’ve spent many years doing research demonstrating the benefits of our type of community.

A tailored program called Meaningful Moments that enhances the opportunity for residents to engage with other with similar cognitive and physical abilities. Spacious outside courtyards, and walking trails in a safe environment. Numerous living areas available so residents can have Meaningful Moments with others based upon their ability. Certified Dementia Practitioners are members of our care team. All employees trained on Dementia, and proper ways to engage with our resident’s based upon their life story. Entire community dedicated, versus a wing, to providing a safe environment for those with dementia. Family education and support groups relative to dementia. Dedicated housekeeping, laundry, caregivers, and nurses to assist our residents with daily tasks.

Call 812-335-4655 today for more information.

Dedicated Memory Care for Your Loved One

We understand dementia and want to make a positive experience for your entire family. Call Darci at 812-335-4655. Call today to schedule a tour and learn more about our respite care.

(812) 335-4655 3203 Moores Pike Rd., Bloomington,IN 47401

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 7


These benefits include:

Transforming Life

from Cloudy to Rainbows: YMCA Healthy Hearts and Active Lives' Impact on Aging Adults

Courtesy of Monroe County YMCA


our years ago, half of Joe Ferrerio’s body was paralyzed, and he was blind in one eye. He had a fall that caused a subdural hematoma—bleeding outside of and around the brain—and he was told by his doctors he had just one year to regain the mobility he lost or else he would most likely never regain it. Now, at 86 years old, Joe has not only regained the mobility he lost from his fall, but also is able to do things he wasn’t able to before his accident. He shared he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of the Monroe County YMCA. After Joe’s initial at-home occupational therapy, his doctor referred him to the Healthy Hearts and Active Lives (HHAL) program at our Y. With the help of HHAL Director, Margie Kobow, Joe set out on the next leg of his recovery. Doubtful at first, Joe wondered how he was going to do the exercises other HHAL members were doing. Joe’s wife, Allie, shared in the beginning, “[He] couldn’t get up from the ground [on his own.] He started in a chair and sat in the class while everyone [was] doing [their exercises], and Kay, [a HHAL staff member,] came over and said, ‘oh, you’ll get it, just keep coming every day!’” Joe did keep coming every day, and his dedication completely changed his life. He shared, “At my age, you sit in a wheelchair and be depressed; no creativity and no confidence, that’s for sure. Margie has given me the opportunity to

Visit www.monroecountyymca.org or call (812) 961-2175 to learn how Healthy Hearts and Active Lives can help you.


THIS IS THE Y YOU ARE WHY The Y has programs to support you on your journey to health. Discover what we have for you! MonroeCountyYMCA.org 8 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

get better. [The Y has given me the opportunity to get better by providing me with financial assistance] for the classes that saved my life, as a matter of fact. That’s it. There’s something to look forward to; the rainbow is there, not the clouds.” When asked how HHAL has helped him achieve something he would not have without the program, Joe answered, “I’ve learned late in life that if you try new things, you can do them. [I also now have] the confidence in doing things that I used to do; instead of saying I can’t do them anymore, I can have a good try at them and do them. I guess I’m not looking into the past; I’m looking into the future with confidence.” Joe’s dedication to improving his health is inspiring—he is at the Y five days a week, every single week. As Joe expressed earlier, the Adult Health classes at the Y taking have saved his life. If you are an aging adult who is not a Y member, or if you know someone who would benefit from our Adult Health programming, here’s Joe’s message to you: “Look what you’re missing. You could just repeat a hundred-thousand things that was said here today…Look what you’re missing!”

Tips to keeping


Good Balance!

alance, physical balance, keeping yourself upright, involves your sensory system and your motor system working well together. Sensory involves things like vision, and our internal spatial and vestibular systems which tell us where our body is and whether our head is up or down for example. The motor system involves our muscles, bones, and joints being healthy and able to fulfill their intended function of movement. These systems work together, allowing you to move correctly and maintain balance while completing daily activities. However, these systems decline as we age for a variety of reasons. This decline is typically due to aging and inactivity, but can also be attributed to effects of certain medications and medical conditions. For example, declines in vision and reaction time are frequently associated with aging and, combined with muscle weakness, poor posture, lack of flexibility, and joint issues, make balance increasingly more difficult. All is not lost, however. Your balance can be improved by improving the function of your motor and sensory systems. In the Endwright Center balance classes, you will improve strength and flexibility throughout the body, with special emphasis on the feet, legs, and core muscles. There is also a focus on moving joints through their full range of motion (ROM), as joint movement makes for a healthier joint. Internal spatial and vestibular exercises are also included in these classes, involving eye movements, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

Courtesy of Area 10 Agency on Aging

variety of Endwright Center programs, such as creative arts (string instruments, drumming, painting, and fiber arts), gardening, social activities (euchre, ping pong, and pickleball), and educational classes (Taking Care of Your Spine, Heart Health, and Diabetes Education). The best thing you can do for yourself as you age is to keep moving! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, as long as you continue to move your body and move your mind!

Invites you to Join us for a


The more varied your day to day activity the better all these systems will continue to work well for you,

Ivy Tech Community College Shreve Hal • 200 Daniels Way, Bloomington

making it easier to keep your head in the upright position, the goal of balance. Getting out to shop, going to church, or taking a walk around the neighborhood will all be helpful. The more movement the better! Other classes offered at the EC which can help with balance are Tai Chi, yoga, Low Impact Dance/Zumba, and Walk With Ease.

Social, emotional, and intellectual health are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and these needs can be met through a


While physical balance is important, life balance, or keeping your life upright, is also very important!

Help us advance the vital role Area 10 plays in serving elders, the homebound, and individuals living with disabilities.


www.area10agency.org or contact Chris at cmyers@area10agency.org Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 9

More Time For What Matters Most

Courtesy of Ivy Tech Bloomington


n the last century, life expectancy has nearly doubled. We’re living longer than ever and it’s not just longer life, we also enjoy improvements in healthcare and support programs that have added quality to our increasing quantity of years across the board. We’ve also enjoyed technological advances that have reduced our workload to around 40 hours a week on average (almost half of what it was a century ago), eliminated over 40 hours a week in household chores and labor, and helped create the phenomenon we call retirement—just think, the concept of retirement as we now know it and enjoy didn’t exist when some of us reading this were born! Now, more than any other time in human history, we’re living longer, enjoying better health, and have more time—

Day Trips

Join us as we visit museums, historic venues, and other local points of interest. We cover transportation and entry fees so you can focus on enjoying the day. Recently, we visited Historic French Lick, the Indiana Historical Society, the West Baden Springs Hotel, the Garfield Park Conservatory, and the Derby Dinner Playhouse.

Burton Kimble Farms

Visit the Burton Kimble Farms Education Center in Orleans, Indiana! Classes in watercolor, gardening, cooking, and decorating are offered in the relaxed setting of the Old Farmhouse, so you can enjoy the gardens and patchwork barn while you discover new hobbies and meet new friends!

Lecture Series at Bell Trace

Gain a wealth of knowledge through our history and lecture series at Bell Trace. Talks are open to the public and cover a wide variety of topics including art and humanities, sciences, theatre, education, and more.

Art Classes

Indulge your inner artist at the Ivy Tech Waldron. Classes are offered in all experience levels in watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, ceramics, glass, jewelry, and more.

Youth Programs

We offer a wide variety of summer camp activities and after school programs for kids ages 3-18. For the special occasion, make memories by giving the gift of lifelong learning.


10 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

both in our working years and retirement—to do more things because we want to, not because we have to. So the big question is, what will we do with our time? Connecting with friends and loved ones is proven to be the most important factor in long term health and happiness, so let’s make this a priority. We can connect in myriad, simple ways, a walk with a friend, a date with a loved one, volunteering in the community, a phone call or video chat, or taking a class and making new friends in the process. Whatever we decide to do isn’t as important as the fact that we prioritize connecting and dedicate some of our time to it. There are ample studies showing the benefits of the creating as a way to spend our time. Creation stimulates and challenges the mind and body, yields a sense of meaning and accomplishment, and is a healthy counterbalance for passive consumption. As with connecting, there are many ways to create—especially in the Bloomington community and surrounding area. And we’re much more creative creatures than we give ourselves credit. Readying the flower bed, baking something new, fixing an engine, or learning a new skill in a class or workshop—they’re all creation and all highly beneficial to our health and happiness. Aging comes with many challenges. But now, arguably more than ever, we live in a time and place where we have opportunities, support systems, and technologies, that can bind us more closely to our loved ones and friends and enrich our ever-longer lives. At the Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning it’s our privilege—and our mission—to connect and create with you. We offer nearly 300 classes, workshops, and events each year, all with the hope that we can enrich your life and build up the community.

Thank you for learning with us.

2019 National Skilled Nursing Care Week Courtesy of Mitchell Manor Nursing Home

National Skilled Nursing Care Week® Honors Residents, Families, and Staff at Mitchell Manor Local skilled nursing center hosts events during the annual observance to

‘Live Soulfully’

Mitchell Manor will host many events

Because of our commitment to exceptional care and short-term therapy, we received a five-star overall rating from Medicare and Medicaid Services. It’s proof that we love to serve our community!

Mitchell manor HT-657542-1

as part of National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), which runs from May 12 to 18. The theme for this year’s national observance, “Live Soulfully,” celebrates skilled nursing centers, their residents and staff, by showcasing how they achieve happy minds and healthy souls. “We are proud to celebrate the residents, staff and families in our center and community,” said Kathi Hignite Owens, Executive Director of Mitchell Manor. “This year, we share the happiness of our residents and staff through storytelling, art, food, entertainment and music, and honor the contribution each person makes to our community.” The events will serve to celebrate how each individual Lives Soulfully, whether it’s through planting, cooking, reading or listening to music. Nursing centers across the country pay it forward by helping individuals find their own happiness to improve quality of life. Established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967, NSNCW, formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, provides an opportunity for residents and their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and surrounding communities to acknowledge the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

812.583.1834 • MitchellManorIN.com 24 Teke Burton Drive • Mitchell, IN 47446 Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 11

The 4


of Caregiver Support Four Ways to Help the Caregivers in your Life

Courtesy of Home Instead Senior Care


t takes a very special — and very selfless — person to be a caregiver. But, the most successful caregivers are those that have a great support system behind them. So, what can we do as friends or family members to support the caregivers in our lives? The team at Home Instead Senior Care offers four ways to help:

1— BE there

. Being a caregiver can be a lonely experience. It’s easy to get so involved in the daily routine of caring for our loved one that we are unable to carve out time for any other human interaction. Simply being there for our friends or family is a great way to combat those feelings of isolation. Offer to bring lunch, go for a quick walk together, help fold laundry or sit with them while they are tending to their loved one. Having someone willing to

be present and just listen is one of the greatest gifts we can give the caregivers in our lives.

2 — BE careful when offering advice.

It’s human nature to want to fix things for our loved ones. But, unless the caregiver asks for our opinion, we should be wary of offering advice. Many caregivers are struggling to keep their heads above water. To offer another suggestion to someone who is already overwhelmed only adds to those feelings — and may even be perceived as judgment. The best thing we can do is to recognize they are doing the best they can — and support their process.

3 — BE an encourager

. Many caregivers can get swallowed up in the exhaustion of taking care of their loved one — and that’s when discouragement can set in. So, we must find ways to be the voice of encouragement. Take the time to make a phone call. Send cards and notes of encouragement. Drop off a meal. Or a small gift. Or simply recognize that they are doing an incredible job. These small acts of kindness may be the bright spots that will carry them through the difficult moments.

4 — BE willing to help.

Supportive words and gestures are great, but what caregivers truly need is help. (And not just empty offers of help.) Are there chores you can assist with that help ease stress — like cooking, yard work, cleaning or laundry? Is it possible for you to sit with their loved one so they may take a walk or grab a cup of coffee? Or, can you work with the caregiver to make arrangements for a qualified professional, like a Home Instead CAREGiver,SM to come provide respite — whether for a few hours a week, even up to 24 hours a day?

At Home Instead Senior Care, we’re passionate about supporting caregivers to help maintain quality of life for both the caregiver and those under their care. To learn more about our individualized in-home senior care services and community programs, call 812.961.2222 or visit www.HomeInsteadBloomington.com. HT-627271-1

12 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Real Life Benefits of Exercise at Healthy Balance Health Club


Courtesy of Healthy Balance

he real life benefits of an exercise program are undeniable and will keep you motivated if you pay attention to your body’s response to working out! Consistent progressive exercise is key to improving your quality of life. And it can be fun and easy once you have the tools to succeed. Healthy Balance Health Club is dedicated to helping you succeed! These 4 areas of exercise deliver REAL LIFE BENEFITS.

Improving strength and balance is key maintaining independence. Tai Chi is perfect for strength and balance. Tai Chi combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation and breathing exercises that are proven to improve balance and strength and reduce stress.

Healthy Balance is not only a place to get into better shape but it’s also a place to shape friendships. We invite you to join us! And your supplemental insurance plan may cover your costs! Don’t Wait! 812.279.6330

ENDURANCE ACTIVITIES HELP YOU: • Keep up with your grandchildren during a trip to the park. • Dance to your favorite songs at the next family wedding. • Rake the yard and bag up the leaves. STRENGTH TRAINING WILL MAKE IT EASIER TO: • Lift your carry-on bag into the overhead bin of the airplane. • Carry groceries in from the car. • Pick up bags of mulch.

MWF 9am Silver Sneakers Classic | MW 10:30 am HB Curcuit Tuesday 10:30 am Gental Yoga | Thursday 10:30 am Tai Chi

BALANCE EXERCISES HELP YOU: • Turn around quickly when you’re on a walk and hear a bicycle bell behind you. • Walk along a cobblestone path without losing your balance. • Stand on tiptoe to reach something on a top shelf. FLEXIBILITY EXERCISES MAKE IT EASIER TO: • Bend down to tie your shoes. • Look over your shoulder as you’re backing out of the driveway. • Stretch to clean hard to reach areas of the house.

Enjoy Senior Fitness at Healthy Balance! The Senior Fitness Program is an innovative health, exercise and wellness program helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles. Get fit, have fun, make friends! Unlock the door to greater independence and a healthier life with Senior Fitness.


The thought of joining a gym and figuring out how all the equipment works may seem overwhelming to many, but at Healthy Balance we make it easy! Our staff of trainers and group fitness instructors want to see ALL of our members succeed at being stronger, faster, more balanced. Whatever your goals are we are here to help. Healthy Balance Health Club provides a variety of group exercise programming for mature adults in Lawrence County, that develop all 4 areas of exercise. Our SilverSneakers group programming is a chair-based class, meaning every participant has access to a chair. SilverSneakers Classic is a whole-body workout using, bands, dumbbells and a small ball. All of which are provided to members. SilverSneakers Yoga is a Yoga class done from the chair or, if you are so inclined, standing. When taking SilverSneakers Classes you will never be asked to get on the floor. If dance is more your style you might consider our U-Jam. U-Jam Fitness® is a dance fitness workout that combines easy to learn steps and high energy music for a workout that will get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat in no time -- all while having fun! The music is modern hip-hoppy and fun.

812-279-6330 • 1201 5th Street Bedford healthybalancewellness.com

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 13

10 Questions To Help Declutter & Downsize If you’re considering downsizing, or simply want to enjoy your home without extra clutter, then these 10 Questions will help you with this often-daunting process!

1 2 3

Courtesy of Consider It Done

Is this item something I use regularly?

Kitchen gadgets are the prime culprit when it comes to ‘items I never use. If you’ve only used that juicer a couple of times, then consider selling or donating.

If not, is it something that I love?

When I’m helping people make choices about what to keep and what to let go of, I take great care to ensure they don’t feel pushed into letting go of something they love. If you have a strong sentimental attachment to an item, then absolutely hold on it! If it doesn’t bring you joy, then it might be time to part ways.

Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation?

We’ve all been in the situation of receiving a gift given with love, but that we’ll never use. Because we care about that person, we hold on to it. In the end though, someone who cares about you wouldn’t want you holding onto something out of obligation. It’s ok to be thankful, then pass it on and give it new life somewhere else.

14 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

4 5

Am I holding onto this because I think I should love it?

Sometimes you might like the idea of something, but it’s just not you. If you don’t love that antique vase, that’s ok – pass it on to someone who will.

Am I saving this ‘just in case’?

“You never know, one day I might need to use this *plastic tool for poaching an egg in the microwave.” (*Insert unused item of your choice). If you haven’t used it in the last year, let it go.

6 7 8

Do I have multiple of the same thing? I can’t tell you how many spatulas I see in

people’s kitchen drawers – one is probably enough, two at most. Get rid of those duplicates!

Could something I own do the same job? Do you really need a hard-boiled egg slicer when a knife will suffice? If you can live without it, put it in the giveaway pile.

Am I holding onto a broken item to fix one day?

Electrical items often fall into this category – it can be frustrating when an item looks like it’s still in good condition, but it just doesn’t work. Here’s the thing: if you haven’t fixed it yet, you’re probably never going to.

9 10

Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning/storing it?

Like everything in life, it’s all about finding balance. Weigh up your choices – you might find it easier to let go that way.

Could I use this space for something else?

My favorite motivator when I’m working with my clients! Imagine how you could use the extra space with the clutter removed – a cozy reading nook for example!

Relocating Seniors in Indiana & Across the United States

Free Consultation Email: Cheryl@consideritdonein.com Call: 765-208-1493 Web: www.consideritdonein.com

"Cheryl and her staff provide a calming presence during difficult life transition times... I highly recommend." - Lisa Lipman-Chaplin

Downsizing - Organizing - Move Management HT-657509-1

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 15

Healthy Feet, Healthier You!

Courtesy of Comfort Keepers


enry David Thoreau once wrote, “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” From sunup to sundown, we rely on our feet constantly to get us wherever we need to go. They are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the human body, but over time, normal wear and tear – can take their toll. And for some older adults, being able to walk at all is a blessing in and of itself. So, what exactly changes with our feet as we get older? To start with, there’s a decrease in collagen production which causes the natural cushioning of the feet to diminish. Without this padding, the feet lose their ability to absorb shocks, often leading to severe soreness and pain when walking. Blood circulation can also begin to slow as we age, especially for those dealing with diabetes, vein disease, or other conditions. Proper circulation is crucial in keeping the human body healthy, and when the feet don’t get the blood supply they need, several problems can arise – severe swelling being chief among them. Arthritis, particularly in the big toe or top of the foot, can lead to stiffness, dull aches, and decreased range of motion. While all of these changes are certainly common, seniors should not assume that foot pain is to be simply tolerated. We can take steps to care for our feet, reduce the risk of the aforementioned

In-Home Care Services

Voted #1 in Home Health by The Herald Times seven years in a row.

Invest in proper footwear that conforms to the foot (not the other way around). Comfort is certainly key, but flexibility is also important. It’s highly recommended to buy shoes that have a half-inch gap between the tip and the longest toe. • Take regular walks, paying particular attention to proper posture (head erect, back straight, and arms swinging). • Have feet checked frequently by a podiatrist, especially if diagnosed with diabetes. • Wash feet thoroughly with soap and water, especially between the toes. It’s also imperative that they are dried thoroughly to help prevent fungal infections.

• Avoid walking while barefoot, to help avoid cuts and scrapes.


• Ensure proper toenail maintenance by cutting across the nail and avoiding trimming the corners. • Promote proper circulation by stretching daily, keeping the feet propped up, and wiggling toes after sitting for long periods of time. • For any acute foot pain, apply the RICE treatment: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Try to rest with your feet elevated and put ice on the injury for 20 minutes every hour, wrap it with a bandage, and keep the foot above the knee.

• Light Housekeeping • Personal Care

Comfort Keepers


(812) 822-0145 • ComfortKeepers.com 4101 E. Third St. • Bloomington Call for a free in home consultation 16 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Foot Care Tips

• Use lotion after washing/drying to reduce the risk of the skin becoming dry and cracked.

Care—Beyond Compare! • Companion Care • Alzheimer’s Care

problems, and maintain independence. With these tips, we can embrace Thoreau’s words and enjoy all that the day has to offer.


The American Podiatric Association estimates that the average person will have walked 75,000 miles by the time he or she is 50 years of age. It’s easy to take our feet for granted, but there’s no denying that they play an essential role in maintaining our overall independence. At Comfort Keepers®, our goal is to help seniors and other adults live happier, healthier lives and enjoy the things that give them joy. Our caregivers can help clients care for their feet by reinforcing the best practices listed above. And if walking is difficult, we can provide mobility assistance as well as transportation to and from places such as shopping, appointments, movies, etc.

For more information about how we can elevate the human spirit for clients, contact Comfort Keepers at 812-822-0145.



Contemporary Times Courtesy of Thorne-George Family Funeral Homes


ince 1937, Ferguson-Lee Chapel of Thorne-George Family Funeral Homes has been taking care of the needs of families at the corner of 18th & I Streets. Formerly owned by long-time Bedford residents Bob and Marge Lee, Phil & Amy Thorne and Derek and Abby (Thorne) George assumed ownership of both Ferguson-Lee in Bedford and Queen-Lee in Shoals in late 2016. Thorne-George acquired ownership of Burkholder Funeral Chapel in Seymour in November of 2017. Understanding that their services are utilized at the most difficult time, the Thorne-George philosophy is to be “A family helping families make the hardest time of their lives just a little easier!” This is accomplished by having the most caring staff of not only funeral directors, but also greeters and support staff as well as an on-staff minister to assist as needed. All three of the Thorne-George locations are beautiful facilities with the Bedford and Shoals locations being remodeled in 2017 & 2019 respectively. The Seymour location is the former Historic Blish House that was built in 1898 and was featured in the HGTV series “If Walls Could Talk”. All three facilities now have main-level family lounges as well as various sized chapels to take care of the needs of those they serve. In addition to traditional burial, with the increase in the popularity of cremation, Thorne-George Family Funeral Homes has added multiple cremation packages to their service offerings. No longer does cremation just have to be an easy way to achieve the final disposition of remains. At all of their locations they offer various packages to suit the needs of the families they serve. From a simple cremation with the cremated remains being returned to the family, to offering packages that allow for a time of viewing and a funeral service before the body is cremated, they can tailor the services to exactly what a family wants. Funeral merchandise is also known to be quite pricey. Thorne-George tries to combat this by having a choice of ceremonial caskets that can be used and then the body removed prior to cremation. This allows the family to have a beautiful viewing of the deceased, yet they don’t have the added cost of buying a casket. They also offer a wide variety of urns and

memorial merchandise such as necklaces, garden fountains and other items that can hold cremated remains. A beautiful display of this merchandise can be seen at any of the three locations. The staff of Thorne-George Family Funeral Homes believes that being entrusted with the care of your loved one and being the directors of the services you choose is a sacred trust. They do all they can to make the process as easy and as comforting as possible. Whether you are choosing the simplest of their services to the most complex, you can be assured that you will be treated with dignity, compassion and care that is second to none. Feel free to stop by or call 812-275-4433 if you have questions regarding funeral arrangements.


Family Funeral Homes, Inc. Ferguson-Lee Chapel Bedford 812-275-4433 Burkholder Chapel Seymour 812-521-2517 Queen-Lee Chapel Shoals 812-247-3101 Stop in for your free pre-planning and bereavement guide!

Funerals • Cremations • Monuments HT-652626-1

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 17

Medications In a

Snap! Courtesy of Williams Brothers Pharmacy


Med Packs make it safe and easy to keep track of numerous prescriptions. No need to worry about forgetting – with this program we sort medications by day and time of dosage and all prescriptions will be filled once per month and can be delivered to your home. Med Packs are especially beneficial for people who are on multiple medications taken at various times throughout the day. If patients are on five medicines in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at bedtime, this pack will simplify and help them keep track of their medication process. Others that will find the Med Packs of benefit are those who are taking care of elderly parents. They’re not able to visit every day to help with medicines so the packs give them peace of mind to know that WB is here to take care of their Mom or Dad by preparing WB Med packs for them on a monthly basis.


Here’s how the sign-up process works: Call or stop by the pharmacy and talk with a pharmacist You’ll need to bring in your medications with you The pharmacist will show you a sample WB Med Pack A one-on-one consultation will be given to help understand what medicines you take and at what time of day WB will ensure that everything is set up for your first monthly order You are able to receive your WB Med Packs by pick-up or delivery starting on the day you prefer


18 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Looking for a fresh take on homecare? • Personal Care (Bathing, Dressing, & Incontinence Care) • Light Housekeeping

Koon Financial Planning & Consulting, LLC

• Meal Preparation and Assistance with Feeding • Medication Reminders • Transportation • Companionship

Now taking new patients!

- Retirement Planning - Investment Management - Individual & Family Financial Planning *Contact us for a complimentary consultation*

Walter Koon, JR. CFA©, CFP©

Evan Fruits, Financial Advisor

(812) 337-1724 or efruitsfinancial@gmail.com HT-627406-1

Committed to helping you with compassionate, professional and personal service.


(812) 337-1724 or walterkoon@ameritech.net Your Local office is at: 1815 S. Walnut St. • Bloomington, IN 47401 812-339-6858 www.adaptiveindiana.com

See the Golden Years More

Day & Deremiah-Frye Funeral Home

4150 East Third St., Bloomington, IN 47401 • 812.336.6331 • www.DayDeremiahFrye.com Serving families since 1913



Please join us for a complimentary meal! Our chefs prepare nutritious, homestyle meals everyday. We invite you and a guest to join us.


Offering Comprehensive Eye Care for Seniors including Disease Treatment, Diagnosis and Therapeutic Treatment for Dry Eyes, and Low Vision Rehabilitation

Call 812-335-0089 to reserve your spot

812-855-8436 744 E. 3rd Street

(on the campus of IU – free parking)

optometry.iu.edu Redbud Hills • 3211 E Moores Pike • Bloomington HT-639096-1

Most insurance plans accepted. Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 19

I'm Not

STRESSED! Are YOU STRESSED?! Courtesy of Elder's Journey Home Care


e have all said it, we have all heard it-I’m stressed out! It seems it has become an everyday, normal part of our everyday lives. In many ways, stress represents one of the few permanent components of life. At just about every point in our journey, a stressor – whether positive or negative – will arise. For older adults, the stressors that accompany middle age, like raising children and career responsibilities, are exchanged for others. Seniors may begin to worry about their health deteriorating, lack of independence, financial management, and the death or illness of close friends and relatives. All of these worries and concerns are natural but learning to deal with them in a healthy way can be beneficial in your overall health. Several studies have shown that stress is linked to a number of mental and physical problems, from anxiety and depression to hypertension and immune system complications. In fact, it’s estimated that stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%, heart attack by 25%, and stroke by 50%. Not to mention the fact that stress can also exacerbate existing conditions – which is the last thing seniors need when their immune systems are already less efficient. There’s no denying the negative effects of stress, but what can seniors do to manage their stress in a positive way? Fortunately, there are stress relief techniques that you can follow to help improve your own personal wellbeing. If you can help manage your stress, it can help you in the future with keeping your stress level down. 20 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Stress Relief Techniques • Meditate at the same time every day or whenever feelings of stress or anxiety arise • Practice deep breathing and mindfulness exercises • Reach out to friends and family to connect and spend time together • Follow a consistent exercise regimen and healthy diet, upon physician approval • Journal or jot down thoughts and feelings at the end of each day – and be sure to take a moment to reflect on all the positive things that happened throughout the day • Volunteer time in the community or neighborhood • Put together and execute a to-do list to increase productivity, decrease feelings of restlessness, and combat procrastination • Join a yoga class or practice it at home (with physician approval) • Listen to soothing or relaxing music, especially before bed • Find a way to laugh, whether it’s by watching a funny TV show/movie or listening to a comedy album • Take a trip out of town in order to take a break and recharge



Skilled Nursing Certified Home Health Aide

We also take donations.

Geriatric Case Management

Because every journey needs a guide. Our mission is simple…to provide quality, dependable care for our clients and their families.

Academic Scholarly Books Bloomington, IN


WE ALSO ASSIST CLIENTS WITH: • Stroke • Heart Disease • Alzheimer’s/Dementia • Wound Care • Congestive Heart Failure • Diabetic Care • Medication Management BLOOMINGTON 4211 E. 3rd Street Bloomington, IN (812) 334-2389

COLUMBUS 3136 N. National Road Columbus, IN 812-375-0225


A study out of the University of Cambridge in 2007 noted that the risk of stroke was 24% less for those who coped healthily with stressful life events. Having health problems or caring for a loved one can absolutely add stressors. Elder's Journey Home Care is a locally owned and operated home health company that is here for you. We can provide assistance in caring for you or a loved one. Call for a free consultation at 812-334-2389.

812.345.2490 | indianabookbuyer.com

We’re close by if you need us. If you’re an older adult living at home, consider a change. We’re located nearby, and we’d love you to see all the amenities available to you.

Call (812) 330-0885 today to see how easily neighbors can become family. Brookdale Bloomington Assisted Living 3802 South Sare Road Bloomington, Indiana 47401 227350 CB

BROOKDALE SENIOR LIVING and BRINGING NEW LIFE TO SENIOR LIVING are the registered trademarks of Brookdale Senior Living Inc. ©2019 Brookdale Senior Living Inc. All rights reserved.

Bringing New Life to Senior Living® brookdale.com HT-634904-1

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 21

Courtesy of Crowder's Healthcare Pharmacy

More than 60 Years of Experience… Crowder’s Healthcare Pharmacy is family owned and operated. Ralph E. Anderson, R.Ph. began his career in Lafayette, Indiana, delivering prescriptions on a bicycle. “One of my primary duties was cleaning all the pharmacy utensils using a box of sawdust as a cleaning compound,” he remembers. YOUR HOMETOWN After graduating from pharmacy school in 1956, Anderson wantPHARMACY ed to own a pharmacy. He found his current store in Bedford where the owner had passed and the widow needed a pharmacist. He and his wife lived above the store in a small apartment. They had two employees and Anderson’s wife took deliveries with their children in a station wagon.

Crowder’s Family Owned 3 Generations of Pharmacists

Ralph Anderson, R.Ph.Purdue University 1956 Steve Anderson, R.Ph.Butler University 1991 Josh Anderson, Pharm.D. Butler University 2007 Carol Harris, Director of Billing Ann Garrison, VP of Operations University of Indianapolis 1994 Brooke Mosqueda, Graphic Designer and Delivery Techinician

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO RECOVER AT HOME • Ambulatory Aids • Patient Room Equipment • Bathroom Safety Aids


Free Prescription Delivery

STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri 8 am-7 pm, Sat 8 am-4 pm, Closed Sunday

CROWDER’S Healthcare Pharmacy

631 16th Street Bedford, In 47421 812-275-5949 1-800-439-9007


Lincoln Plaza Pharmacy 629 Lincoln Avenue Bedford, Indiana 47421

(812) 277-1702

STORE HOURS: MON-FRI 8AM - 7PM SAT 8AM - 4PM CLOSED SUN Refill your prescriptions online! www.lincolnplazapharmacy.com

22 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services



pening June 2019, the only free-standing adult day center in Morgan County provides seniors a friendly and comfortable “retreat” for the day while allowing family caregivers to remain in the workforce, enjoy a game of golf or a much needed day off. Weekday hours of operation; full and half day programs and prescheduled Saturdays and evenings are available to enrollees, we call “Friends.” Our Friends will attend on a regular basis to help establish a consistent routine. Many of our Friends will have some level of memory loss, forgetfulness or disability that may hinder their safety awareness. One of our goals is to minimize senior isolation with peer engagement in activities, crafts, exercise and meals so the family caregivers have a more productive and positive relationship with their loved one in the evenings. Enrollment Agreements and Assessments are required prior to any services being scheduled. Enrollment consultations are free! The consultation helps us understand the medical, physical and emotional needs of our Friends so that we may better serve them.

Services Offered: Social Model Adult Day Care, Dementia Care, Assisted Services with ADL’s, Respite Care, Senior Care Placement Assistance. A Senior Retreat is owned and operated by Susan Lowe, a licensed Residential Care Administrator who has worked in senior care for over 25 years.

Learn more at www.aseniorretreat.com or call 317-999-8145.

ONLY FREE-STANDING ADULT DAY PROGRAM IN MORGAN COUNTY! Serving seniors in Morgan and surrounding counties


June 4, 2019 • 3pm-6pm

609 S. Lincoln St. Martinsville, IN 46151 www.aseniorretreat.com

Pre-Enrollment Waitlist Special! Call to Reserve your Spot!


Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 23



Courtesy of Melissa Jeremiah, RN, CHCE Director of Operations Hoosier Uplands Home Health and Hospice ome Health Care & Hospice has come along away Each nurse should lay aside from each payday a since 1893 when Lillian D. Wald founded the goodly sum of her earning for her benefits during 1st Home Health Care & Hospice Agency in the her declining years; so that she will not become a burden. U.S.; Visiting Nurse Service of New York/VNSNY. When For example, if you earn $30 a month, you should she founded VNSNY she did so to ensure the poor and set aside $15. disabled could receive the same care in their homes; as their wealthy counterparts. The nurse who performs her labors and serves her patients and doctors faithfully and without fault for a period of 5 years will be given an increase by the hospital During the past 126 years nursing has developed into a administration of 5 cents per day. profession. A job description from 1887 showed the nurse had very different duties than today. The job description Today’s Home Health Care & Hospice Nurses are a core included the following tasks: part of the interdisciplinary team who cares for patients in their home. Today’s nursing tasks include the following: Daily sweep and mop the floors of your ward, dust the patients furniture and window sills. Assessment of the patient so a plan of care can be initiated; with the goal of preventing and shortening Maintain an even temperature in your ward by hospital or nursing facility stays through promotion of bringing in a scuttle of coal for the day’s business. independent living and speeding the recovery process by allowing a person to recuperate at home; while Light is important to observe the patient’s condition. Therefore, each day fill kerosene lamps, clean receiving skilled care. chimneys and trim wicks. Assessments include: breath sounds of a patient with COPD, bowel sounds of a patient who has a new The nurse’s notes are important in aiding your physician’s work. Make your pens carefully; colostomy, heart sounds and other symptoms of a patient you may whittle nibs to your individual taste. with CHF, such as shortness of breath, effectiveness of medications and ordered treatments for a patient with




1 2 3




24 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

THROUGH THE YEARS cancer, wounds for signs and symptoms of infection, mental status; and compliance with medications, treatments and diet.


Teaching a patient and their caregiver due to needs related to recovery; such as wounds, infusion therapy, new medications and new diagnosis or exacerbation of illnesses such as cancer, COPD, heart disease and diabetes.


Perform hands on care such as dressing changes, removing stitches or staples, infusion therapy and other treatments and therapies in the home; as ordered by the patient’s physician.

5 6

Psychiatric trained RN's provide psychiatric evaluation and therapy in the home.

If you have further questions about Home Health Care or Hospice; or if you have someone you would like to refer to Home Health Care or Hospice services please feel free to contact Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care & Hospice at 800-827-2219 or 812-849-4447.

HOOSIER UPLANDS AREA XV AGENCY ON AGING SERVICES OFFERED Home health aide, homemaker, attendant care, respite, adult day care, home delivered meals, transportation, skilled nursing care, durable medical equipment, assistive technology, home modifications and personal emergency response systems, and Family Caregiver which provides respite to clients over the age of 60 with a full time caregiver and Medicaid Waiver.

• Care Management • Legal Services • Special Aging & Disabled Program • Golden Age Newsletter • Angel Foundation

Provide palliative care which emphasizes pain and symptom control for those facing life-limiting illnesses. Patients may be pursuing curative treatment, have an extended prognosis, or otherwise be inappropriate for Hospice services.



Support the patient and family through hospice as they face the last stages of life, by offering support and comfort, primarily in the home setting, allowing dignity, symptom management, and family togetherness.

• Options Counseling • Health and Wellness • Medicare • Resource Guides


521 West Main Street, Mitchell, IN 47446 812-849-4457 toll free 1-800-333-2451 Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 25

Give a Little

to Gain a Lot

Courtesy of Libby Dawson, Director Elder Care Home Connections, LLC ere at Elder Care Home Connections LLC., I often At Elder Care Home Connections, we pride ourselves on receive a phone call from a family member saying providing the personal touch. Part of this involves assigning they have observed that an aging loved one is having a Client Care Coordinator to each client. A large portion of challenges keeping up with their housekeeping, or they the Client Care Coordinators time is spent performing home have noted increased mobility issues that are causing them visits to check in and ensure a high quality of care. During difficulties with shopping and other activities of daily living. these visits they are often told how much the caregiver Just as often, they tell me they find this loved one is resistant has enhanced their lives. Clients also state they now look to agreeing to some much-needed help. forward to these visits as they have grown to develop a good My name is Libby Dawson and I am the Director at Elder relationship with their caregiver who has provided some Care Home Connections LLC, a local Personal Service assistance so that they may remain safely at home. Elder Care Agency that provides non-medical in-home care and services. Home Connections is very adept at finding a good personality My response when encountering this situation is to inform match that ensures the right fit. the family members that this is not uncommon. I have found Over time we have seen many clients blossom with our if we start slowly with services and find that perfect caregiver caregiver services. No longer feeling drained due to the match, we will be successful. Part of my initial home visit help we provide, they now feel energized to engage in the with clients involves finding out not only about their physical activities they enjoy. Providing one on one care allows us needs, but inquiring about their likes and dislikes, hobbies the time to focus on the clients’ needs with their tailor-made and interests to best arrange that perfect client/caregiver service plan. Our services include personal care, medication match. Our staff will assure our clients that we are there to reminders, light housekeeping, meal prep, transportation, enhance their lives, not hinder, or take over as some fear. companionship, pet care, respite and dementia care. A perfect example of what started out as a man upset that he was no longer able to drive, turned into a positive outcome due to the perfect caregiver/ client matching. This particular caregiver provides transportation to the local YMCA where they find enjoyment interacting while working at physical fitness. The client enjoys the companionship as Professional Senior Home Care well as the encouragement of our caregiver with him. Further admitting if it wasn’t for the pre-scheduled times and the Personal Care • Homemaking needed transportation and companionship, he wouldn’t have Companion Services improved so quickly after a recent fall. He now looks forward Memory Care • Respite Care to their outings. Another success story involves a client that sustained an injury when she tripped walking her beloved dog. Her family called asking for extra assistance for the weeks following while she healed. During my initial visit she became tearful in the fear that she might have to rehome her dog who needed the daily exercise she was now unable to provide. I assured her I could add walking her dog to our other assigned tasks that we provided during our scheduled visit. As our client’s mobility improved, she was able to accompany them on the walk, eventually becoming able to resume caring for her dog. She so enjoyed the support of the caregiver, the companionship and the extra help in her home that she continued our services, though with less frequency after the first few weeks. Her family is relieved that she is receiving the extra support and was able to stay in her home with her pet. The staff at Elder Care Home Connections, LLC strive to continue to provide quality care to a treasured generation as Providing quality care for every stage of life we have done for over 20 years. Our agency can provide care 812-330-3771 24 hours a day and our phones are always answered in person www.eldercarehomeconnections.com by staff member. Please call 812-330-3771 if you’d like more information about our services.



26 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

PRE-PLANNING: easier than you think!

Courtesy of Day & Carter


o one likes talking about death; especially their own! But as the adage goes: “there are two things that are certain; death & taxes” While we might not be able to advise you on your taxes, we are the experts when it comes to preplanning services. Service details, wishes and personal preferences can be recorded now to help your family in the future.

Did You


That there is NO cost involved in pre-planning your services with Day & Carter? That you are NOT required to pay for your services in advance when you pre-plan?

In fact, for many people, it might not be in their best interest as we can show you ways to protect and preserve existing life insurance.

Pre-Planning…it’s easier than you think! Fu ner a l s | Bur i a l s | Cre m at i o ns

Celebrating 130 Years 1889-2019

Pre-Planning is easier than you think. Our professional, licensed directors are here to help you in a pressure-free, no cost environment. 1133 Lincoln Avenue, Bedford, IN 812-275-3389 | www.daycarter.com Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 27


When pre-planning with Day & Carter, you will NEVER meet a commissioned sales person who does nothing more than give you a sales pitch, instead, you will ALWAYS consult with a professionally trained, licensed funeral director to advise you. We don’t try and sell you something, but instead, offer professional guidance to help you navigate unique situations, provide solutions for issues, and advise you on the many options available in order to create a service that fits your beliefs, personal style and your family’s budget. Whether you’re considering traditional burial or cremation, our professional, licensed directors are here to help you in a pressure-free, no cost environment.

Are You Missing Any of These Important Elements in Your Elder Law Plan?

Discover what you need to do before it is too late and you leave problems for your loved ones!


By Jerry L. Siefers, Jr., a partner with Jones, McGlasson & Arter, P.C. in Bloomington. He limits his legal practice to elder law, estate planning, probate, and Medicaid planning.

o one likes to consider his or her own death or disability let alone plan for it. The simple fact is that there will be a point when you can’t make decisions for yourself. Sometimes it is due to a disability during your life. It also happens when you die. It is critical that you plan for having your important decisions made before you no longer can. A properly designed and prepared elder law plan provides you with someone you trust to make your important decisions when you can no longer do so. Every elder law plan is unique to the person setting up the plan. A good elder law attorney can benefit you by counseling you on what you need and by helping set up your elder law plan. All Indiana elder law plans should consider these seven important elements:

Important Element #1: A Will.

Everyone has a Will. It’s true. Even if you have never written a will, Indiana has provided one for you. You will find this will, known as the law of intestacy, under title 29 of the Indiana Code. You should read it. You will probably 28 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

find it is not what you want. Everybody needs a properly drafted will to make sure their decisions are carried out after their death. It doesn’t matter how few assets you have or if you have a trust, you still need a Will.

Important Element #2: A Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions.

If you are not able to make your own decisions, then this legal document gives someone else the authority to make financial decisions for you. You get to decide what kind of decisions are made for you and when a person can start making decisions on your behalf.

Important Element #3: A Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions.

This is also known as an advance directive. When you can’t communicate what medical procedures you want or don’t want, then this instrument comes into action. You pick someone to make health care decisions for you when you can’t. Indiana law requires that every effort is made to find out what you want to be done.  It is important to have a frank conversation with those who might make your health care decisions in the future so they understand

Important Element #4: A Living Will?

This is one of the most requested documents I see in my practice.  It is also a form of an advanced directive like the Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions. We recommend that our enhanced Living Will be used to aid the family in making end of life decisions for their loved ones. The medical staff does not need to see this document. They need only to know who needs to be contacted to make a medical decision if the patient is unable to do so. The advanced directive known as the Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions is all the doctor or medical staff need. Contact your attorney to find out how the Living Will fits into your elder law plan.

Important Element #5: A Trust.

Do you need a Trust? It depends. There are many kinds of trusts serving many different purposes. Some trusts can deal with the complexities and needs of blended families while others avoid probate. This is a very technical and ever-changing area of the law. The most common kind of trust is the revocable living trust. This trust is set up during your life and all your assets are transferred into it. You can make any changes to the trust during your life. If you become unable to make decisions while you are alive, the successor trustee can make them for you. This trust will often avoid guardianships. At your death your assets are distributed exactly as you want without the hassle and expense of probate. An irrevocable trust can be used to protect assets from the high costs of nursing home care These trusts are not for everyone. They take time and effort to set up and maintain properly. If you leave too many assets outside of the trust you may have to go through probate anyway. Your elder law or estate planning attorney can guide you through the process of selecting and setting up any needed trusts.

Important Element #6: An insurance policy to help pay nursing home costs.

Did you know that 1 of 2 women and 1 of 3 men over the age of 65 will need nursing home care at some point in their lifetime? It is now possible to get long term care costs paid out of some newer life insurance policies. Instead of waiting to get the proceeds at death, these new policies can use the money before death to pay for nursing home care. Contact your insurance agent or attorney to find out more information.

Important Element #7: Personal Elder Law Information Organizer.

Imagine that you must take over the decisions for someone else. Where do you start? What needs to be done? Who

needs to be contacted? Where is everything? This often neglected but important part of your elder law plan meets the needs for someone who must make decisions for you. This document pulls together all the important information one needs when you can no longer make decisions for yourself. This saves countless hours and hardships for those you love who need to act on your behalf. Please don’t wait until it is too late. One of your most important choices is who will make your important decisions when you no longer can. Don’t let the court or others make this critical choice for you. Remember that not every attorney handles elder law or estate planning matters. If you are missing any of these important elements, then consider contacting an elder law attorney to have your plan prepared or updated. Ask your attorney if he/she is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and Elder Counsel. You’re invited to call me! I’ll gladly talk with you over the phone or in person for free. I’ll help you understand what decisions you face so you can properly plan for you and your loved ones while protecting your assets.

“Are You Considering Financial Assistance, Including Medicaid, to Cover the Growing Costs of Caring for an Aging or Disabled Loved One? If So, Please Speak with Us for Free Before You Do!” There’s hope when facing the high costs of providing needed long-term care for your loved ones while protecting one’s life savings and home. Let us help provide peace of mind to you. Your trusted source for Medicaid asset protection, Medicaid crisis planning, estate planning, trusts (including special needs trusts), probate, guardianships, and other elder law matters. Jerry Siefers & Chester Arter, Partners Jones, McGlasson & Arter, P.C. 205 South Walnut Street Suite 3 Bloomington, Indiana 47404

TEL: (812) 332-4431 • FAX: (812) 332-0554

Discover more information at ElderLawOnline.com and Btownlegal.com Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 29


what medical procedures you want used and when certain procedures are not to be used.  Please don’t assume your family understands your wishes.


Promoting Happy Relationships

Courtesy of Dr. Brittain

Intimacy is extremely important for our sense of well-being. Quality relationships and satisfying sexual interactions with partners have often been tied to our sense of happiness. And this is true for any age group. The benefits of intimacy

Effects of aging on intimacy

Regular intimacy improves: • Your immune system • Sleep quality • Stress levels • Heart health • Blood pressure levels • Incontinence issues • Mental wellness • Happiness • Intellectual ability

In addition, there are other physical changes which occur that can affect physical relationships. Aging can

It is a common misconception that aging tends to dampen sexual relationships. Despite these widely held beliefs, an active sexual relationship can have multiple physical and mental health benefits for you and your partner. Intimacy with your partner has been shown to improve the quality of relationships, but the advantages extend far beyond human connections. You can reap other health benefits from a healthy sexual relationship.

30 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Self-care is important at any age, but those reaching menopause in particular may notice the impact on intimacy. When women reach menopause, they experience a sudden decline in estrogen as the ovaries stop producing eggs. This decrease in hormone production causes side effects, such as: • Vaginal dryness • Drop in libido (sexual desire) • Decreased sensitivity (of vaginal tissues when stimulated) • Incontinence • Anxiety • Sleep disruption • Hot flashes • Night sweats • Other associated health conditions

cause the vagina to become more narrow along with a thinning and stiffening of the vaginal wall. Men also experience a similar drop in hormones known as andropause. When andropause occurs, men experience a decrease in the hormone testosterone. Unlike menopause, the onset of andropause is more gradual and may not always present recognizable symptoms. However, it is common for men to experience symptoms, such as: • Decreased libido • Erectile dysfunction • Irritability, depression, and/or mood swings • Depleted energy • Hot flashes • Other associated health conditions

Embracing healthy intimacy

Despite these symptoms, women and men can both benefit from active intimacy. In fact, it is highly recommended by many health organizations as a way to improve your relationship and promote happiness. There are several non-invasive treatments available through Vibrant Life for both women and men that can help alleviate these issues. For women • CO2RE Intima laser: A non-invasive laser treatment which can alleviate symptoms of lichen sclerosis and help solve issues related to urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. • O-Shot: A simple procedure using patient’s own platelets and regenerative blood products to improve the quality of physical relations and frequency of orgasms. • Hormone replacement therapy: Pellet insertion of female hormones under the skin to help reduce symptoms related to menopause. For men • P-Shot: A usually painless procedure using patient’s own platelets and regenerative blood products to help alleviate symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. • Hormone replacement therapy: Pellet insertion of male hormones under the skin to help reduce the symptoms related to andropause or low levels of testosterone. Dr. Brittain has more than 40 years of experience in women’s health. We have a remarkable and helpful staff of nurses, medical assistants, receptionists and a phlebotomist who really take the necessary time to connect with patients. Our staff works diligently to satisfy all of our patients at each and every encounter. Please contact us today! On the web: www.drbrittain.com Call our office: 812-331-9160 Visit us: 642 S. Walker St, Bloomington IN 47403

Intimate Wellness and Aging Care

drbrittain.com HT-634905-1


642 Walker St. Bloomington, IN

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 31

Get Treated, Not Seated Courtesy of Monroe Hospital


oing to the Emergency Department can be a frightening and stressful experience, for both the patient and the patient’s family members. With short wait times and a clean, family friendly environment, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make your trip as comfortable as possible, and provide you with a healthcare experience that exceeds your expectations. Monroe Hospital’s Emergency Department is located at the corner of SR37 and Fullerton Pike. Our ED is staffed by Board Certified ED physicians, knowledgeable RN’s, Paramedics, and EMT’s 24 hours a day. 32 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Monroe Hospital’s Senior Care Services start with a senior-friendly emergency department that features a calm environment created to enhance safety and comfort. It includes: • Increased privacy • Quiet area • Warm environment • Large, easy to read clocks • Skid proof footwear • Hand rails and grab bars • Pre-warmed blankets • Extra Seating for family • Bedside commodes

Monroe Hospital’s Emergency Department offers the following: • Ten exam rooms • Two trauma bays • Average Door-to-doctor times of less than 20 minutes • Expedited bedside registration • CT scans, X-rays, laboratory and respiratory services available 24/7

For more information, or to find out the current wait time in the ED, call (812)825-0823

Please call 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency department if you need serious medical attention including chest pain, severe bleeding, or have stroke symptoms.

Get Treated, Not Seated Emergency Care within Minutes.

4011 S. Monroe Medical Park Blvd Bloomington, IN 47403 812-825-1111/ Member of Prime Healthcare LEARN MORE AT WWW.MONROEHOSPITAL.COM HT-651030-1

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 33

Planting Seeds...Growing Communities

Supporting Lawrence County through Matching Gifts


Courtesy of Lawrence County Community Foundation illy Endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Approximately 60% of the $500,000 grant has already Tomorrow (GIFT) Initiative is now in its seventh been earned and will benefit Lawrence County forever. round. The Lawrence County Community The matching grant is available on a first-come, firstFoundation (LCCF) has been awarded an opportunity to served basis, and at least 2/3 of the grant must go to match help Hoosiers make a huge impact in the communities we unrestricted funds (other fund types are eligible for a fifty serve. Thanks to a $500,000 matching grant, the LCCF can cent on the dollar match). Do not delay! Your gift of any match $2 to $1 gifts to any of our unrestricted permanent amount can be matched, effectively tripling your gift to the endowment funds. charitable resources for our community! Why are these unrestricted funds so important to our Any charitably minded person can establish a new community? These funds are pooled and invested, and fund (minimum amounts apply) in a way that will benefit a percentage of the interest and earnings are distributed Lawrence County forever. However, you do not have to to worthy charitable causes in our community via grants create a new fund to give. Consider giving any amount to from your Lawrence County Community Foundation. any of the existing funds listed to get a $2 to $1 match. These grants have funded projects for Becky’s Place, LIFE Unrestricted Funds address the changing and emerging Food Pantry, Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County, needs of Lawrence County through grants to non-profits, White River Humane Society and many, many more. More municipal entities and/or educational institutions. importantly, these funds continue to grow for future grants *Bedford Federal Savings Fund David Allen Jacobs in perpetuity! for Community Grants Community Fund Bicentennial Fund Lawrence County General Unrestricted Fund Bob Bridge Fund for Community Grants Lawrence County Memorials and Tributes Fund Wilbur C. Dollens Fund for Community Grants *Jo Ellen (Alhorn) Lee Community Fund *Ferguson Community Fund Harold “Mac” & Shirley *Paul and Patty Ford McReynolds Fund Community Fund William A. Poling Fund for German American Bancorp Lawrence County Community Fund for Hope Flores Lawrence County Patrick & Sharon Robbins CEO Fund for Lawrence County Chloral Hilderbrand Fund for Community Grants Ralph W. “Shorty” & Bette Invest in the future of Lawrence County Robison Fund Earlyn K. & Alvera Burkhart through your Community Foundation. Hill, and Orlin & Imogene Jim & Annette Seib Burkett Memorial Fund Community Fund Your tax-deductible gift (cash, securities, *Hoosier Hills Credit Union *Brett Terry Community Fund Charitable Remainder/Lead Trust, life Community Fund

Leave a Legacy

estate, life insurance, IRA, etc…) can benefit Lawrence County causes, charities, churches and/or scholarships forever.

(812) 279-2215 www.cfpartner.org/lccf.html 1324 ‘K’ Street, Suite 150 P.O. Box 1235 Bedford, IN 47421 HT-651525-1

34 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

(*Indicates new Unrestricted Funds created during the GIFT VII initiative. The Andrew R. Terrell Memorial Scholarship Fund was also established during this time.)

Individuals that are 70½ years of age or better who are required to take a distribution from their IRA, please consider asking your professional advisor about rolling over a gift from your IRA into an unrestricted fund at the LCCF. For those who do not depend on that income, this is an easy gift to make, and your gift can get matched. This can triple your gift! For more information, please call our office at 812-279-2215.

Emergency preparedness tips for seniors Courtesy of Metro Creative Connection


atural disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, the damage is often considerable. According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, between 2005 and 2014 natural disasters caused $1.4 trillion in damage across the globe, affecting 1.7 billion people along the way. Various preventive measures can protect people and their homes from the potentially devastating impact of natural disasters. For example, oceanfront communities may be able to decrease property damage by exacting certain measures, such as building homes on stilts. Another way to prevent tragedy related to natural disasters is to develop an emergency preparedness plan before the next storm strikes. That's important for everyone, but especially so for seniors, many of whom live with mobility issues that can compromise their ability to escape the eye of oncoming storms. In recognition of the potential problems seniors face when natural disasters strike, the American Red Cross offers the following tips to seniors and their families so aging men and women can make it through such situations safe and sound. • Make arrangements to contact loved ones. Prior to an emergency, seniors and their support network should make arrangements to make immediate contact once a disaster strikes. Determine who will make initial contact and how that contact will be made (i.e., via phone, text message, social media, etc.), as well as who will be responsible for providing assistance if necessary. Such a plan lets everyone within the support network know their precise responsibilities, which limits confusion in the sometimes hectic hours and days after disaster strikes. • Exchange keys. Make sure everyone in the support network has keys to seniors' homes. In so doing, support networks are increasing the chances that someone will be able to reach potentially vulnerable seniors if the primary contacts are incapable of doing so.

• Let others know where emergency supplies are kept. Everyone should have emergency supplies in their homes. Seniors should not take it for granted that such supplies can be easily found if they become incapacitated during a storm. Make sure such information can be easily accessed during a storm by emailing it to your support network and/or posting the information in a convenient location in your home, such as on the refrigerator. • Share your evacuation plans. In the wake of recent disasters, many communities that did not previously feel vulnerable to natural disasters have devised evacuation plans for residents. Seniors should share these plans with their support networks. Doing so makes it easier for relatives to find you if you must evacuate your home before help arrives. • Share important medical information. Seniors should share medical information, such as healthcare providers and a list of the medications they're taking. This can make things easier for emergency responders to successfully treat people who become incapacitated during storms. Emergency preparedness strategies save lives. More information about how seniors can prepare for emergencies is available at www.redcross.org. Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 35

Resource Guide

The organizations, programs and services in this guide change continually during the year. The purpose of this directory is to provide a starting point in your search for information.


Indiana Area Agencies on Aging offer advocacy, planning, services and funding that make a difference in the lives of older adults—from the frail older person who is able to remain at home if they receive the right services to those who are healthy and can benefit from activities and socialization provided by community-based programs. Contact the Area agency in your county for more information.

AREA 8-CICOA AGING & INHOME SOLUTIONS Morgan County 800-432-2422 cicoa.org AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING Monroe & Owen Counties 800-844-1010 | 812-876-1079 area10agency.org

AREA 11-THRIVE ALLIANCE Brown County 812-372-6918 thrive-alliance.org AREA 13-GENERATIONS Greene County 800-742-9002 generationsnetwork.org AREA 15-HOOSIER UPLANDS Crawford, Lawrence, Orange & Washington Counties 812-849-4457 | 800-333-2451 hoosieruplands.org


These organizations or agencies offer group education, counseling or support group meetings for persons who have experienced the death of a loved one. Services are usually provided at no cost.

36 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019

Always refer to your local Area Agency on Aging for a complete listing of services for your area. CENTERSTONE

BEDFORD 1315 Hillcrest Rd. Bedford, IN 47421 812-279-3591 BLOOMINGTON 645 S. Rogers St. Bloomington, IN 47403 812-355-6310 MARTINSVILLE 1175 W. Southview Dr. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-343-6950 MOORESVILLE 11370 North SR 67 Mooresville, IN 46158 765-342-6616 NASHVILLE 91 West Mound St. Nashville, IN 47448 812-988-2258

SPENCER 35 Bob Babbs Dr. Spencer, IN 47460 812-585-3775

ABILITY SERVICES ADA-INDIANA 1905 N Range Rd. Bloomington, IN 47408 812-855-6508 INDIANA INSTITUTE ON DISABILITIES 1905 N. Range Rd. Bloomington, IN 47408 812-855-6508 SOUTHERN INDIANA CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING (SICIL) 1490 W. Main St. Mitchell, IN 47446 812-277-9626


Some libraries have programs that deliver reading and audio-visual materials to the homebound. Classes and personal enrichment programs may be available as well as volunteer opportunities.

BROWN COUNTY BROWN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 205 Locust Ln. Nashville, IN 47448 812-988-2850 LAWRENCE COUNTY BEDFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY 1323 K St. Bedford, IN 47421 812-275-4471 MITCHELL COMMUNITY PUBLIC LIBRARY 804 Main St. Mitchell, IN 47446 812-849-2412 MONROE COUNTY ELLETTSVILLE BRANCH 600 W. Temperance St. Ellettsville, IN 47429 812-876-1272 MONROE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 303 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47408 812-349-3050MORGAN COUNTY MORGAN COUNTY BROOKLYN BRANCH 6 East Mill St. Brooklyn, IN 46111 317-834-2003 EMINENCE BRANCH Eminence Lions Club 11604 Walters Rd. Eminence, IN 46125 765-528-2117 MAIN BRANCHMARTINSVILLE 110 S. Jefferson St. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-342-3451

MONROVIA BRANCH 145 S. Chestnut St. Monrovia, IN 46157 317-996-4307 MORGANTOWN BRANCH 79 W. Washington St. Morgantown, IN 46160 812-597-0889 WAVERLY BRANCH 9410 State Rd. 144 Waverly, IN 46151 317-422-9915 OWEN COUNTY OWEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 10 S. Montgomery St. Spencer, IN 47460 812-829-3392

MEALS ON WHEELS LAWRENCE COUNTY HOOSIER UPLANDS/AREA 15 AGENCY ON AGING 521 W. Main St. Mitchell, IN 47446 812-849-4457 MONROE COUNTY AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING 631 W. Edgewood Dr. Ellettsville, IN 47429 812-876-3383 BLOOMINGTON MEALS ON WHEELS 727 W. First St. Bloomington, IN 47403 812-355-8224 MORGAN COUNTY COORDINATED AGING SERVICES 1369 N. Blue Bluff Rd. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-342-3007 (Martinsville only) OWEN COUNTY AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING 631 W. Edgewood Dr. Ellettsville, IN 47429 812-876-3383


Senior centers are a place for seniors to gather to socialize, share a meal and get involved in a wide variety of activities. Many centers offer card games, music, bingo, exercise, church services, day trips, etc. Be sure to call the site nearest you for details about programs and hours.

LAWRENCE COUNTY BEDFORD SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER 2205 Washington Ave. Bedford, IN 47421 812-279-5473 MITCHELL SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER 101 Tom Green Dr. Mitchell, IN 47446 812-849-2024 MONROE COUNTY AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING 631 W. Edgewood Dr. Ellettsville, IN 47429 812-876-3383 UNIONVILLE SENIOR CITIZEN CENTER 7616 E. St. Rd. 45 Unionville, IN 47468 812-339-2008 BLOOMINGTON PARKS & RECREATION TWIN LAKES RECREATION CENTER 1700 W. Bloomfield Rd. Bloomington, IN 47403 812-349-3720 MORGAN COUNTY MARTINSVILLE AREA SENIOR CENTER 1369 N. Blue Bluff Rd. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-342-5525 MOORESVILLE SENIOR CENTER 4305 E. St. Rd. 144, PO Box 343 Mooresville, IN 46158 317-831-7510

TRANSPORTATION LAWRENCE COUNTY LAWRENCE COUNTY CANCER PATIENT SERVICES 219 Sycamore Drive Bedford, IN 47421 812-275-1441 MITCHELL CITY BUS 812-849-2151 OLDER AMERICAN SERVICES CORP 1901 S. Orleans Way Orleans, IN 812-865-3352 ORANGE COUNTY TRANSIT SERVICES 986 W. Hospital Rd. Paoli, IN 47454 812-723-4043 RURAL TRANSIT SERVICES LAWRENCE COUNTY 812-277-9615 | 812-876-1079 TASC-BEDFORD CITY BUS Call from 8am-4pm 812-275-1633 MONROE COUNTY IU HEALTH BLOOMINGTON HOSPITAL Assisted Medical Transport Station 630 S. Patterson Dr. Bloomington, IN 47403 812-353-9232 BLOOMINGTON TRANSIT 130 W. Grimes Ln. Bloomington, IN 47403 812-336-7433 AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING RT Dispatch: Lawrence County 812-277-9615 RT Dispatch: Monroe County 812-876-1079 RT Dispatch: Owen County 812-829-6066

Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019 | 37

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, SOUTHWEST INDIANA AREA SERVICE CENTER Road to Recovery Program 812-475-9486 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST #604 Call for transportation to Indianapolis VA Hospital 812-332-4684MORGAN Y AMERICAN RED CROSS OF MORGAN COUNTY 1789 E. Morgan St. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-342-2705

OWEN COUNTY VETERANS’ AFFAIRS OFFICE 157 W. Washington St. Armory Building Spencer, IN 47460 812-829-5027

VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT Many organizations welcome older volunteers. Seniors who volunteer find purpose in their day to day and a sense of accomplishment. Volunteering promotes better health both mentally and physically. Check out these opportunities in your area.

COORDINATED AGING SERVICES FOR LAWRENCE COUNTY MORGAN COUNTY HOOSIER UPLANDS/AREA 15 MORGAN COUNTY-CONNECT Provide transportation for Seniors AGENCY ON AGING 521 W. Main St. in Morgan County only. Age Mitchell, IN 47446 60+ No charge. Provide public 812-849-4457 | 800-333-2451 transportation for anyone for a fee. Call for rates. 765-352-2182 MONROE COUNTY or 765-342-3007 AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING VETERAN/MILITARY Caring Companions INFORMATION 812-876-3383 x554 The Veterans’ Affairs Regional Office provides a variety of services and benefits to honorably discharged veterans of the US military and their dependents.

LAWRENCE COUNTY VETERANS’ AFFAIRS OFFICE 916 15th St., Room 8 Bedford, IN 47421 812-275-6411 MONROE COUNTY VETERANS’ AFFAIRS OFFICE 214 W. 7th St., Room 100 Bloomington, IN 47404 812-349-2568 MORGAN COUNTY VETERANS’ SERVICE OFFICE 180 S. Main St., Ste. 006 Martinsville, IN 46151 765-349-5505


“Awarded Business of the Year” by the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce

“Touching Lives One Home at a Time” Living Well Home Care services 41 counties in Indiana. We provide non medical home care in your home. This includes: Attendant care, Homemaker, and Respite Services. We have been providing home care services to our communities for over 15 years. We are contracted through the VA to provide services to our Veterans.


1490 W. Main St., Mitchell, IN 47446

AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING Caring Companions 812-876-3383 x554 AREA 10 AGENCY ON AGING/RSVP 55+ 812-876-3383 x523

38 | Senior Resource Guide Spring 2019


812-849-6000 livingwellhomecare.org





The national abbreviated dialing code for FREE access to health and human services information and referral is 2-1-1. The 2-1-1 number, easy to remember and universally recognizable, connects individuals and families in need with communitybased organizations and government agencies. Free and confidential help is available for many needs, including housing, employment, legal aid and counseling.

The USDA Rural Development Office has a Very LowIncome Housing Repair program that provides loans and grants to homeowners age 62 and over to repair, improve or modernize their dwellings or to remove health and safety hazards (including accessibility). For more details visit rurdev.usda.gov.


Service and therapy animals are skilled to work with people with physical or developmental disabilities. Their mission is to improve quality of life all while developing caring relationships. If a service animal is not needed but the family member is able to care for a pet, they can provide needed companionship and comfort. Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN) trains skilled service dogs for people in Indiana with needs. They can be reached at 317-250-6450, or icandog.org.


Individuals who are age 65 and older or individuals younger than age 65 who receive Social Security Disability benefits may purchase the Golden Hoosier Passport at a 50-percent discount. Show the passport for admission to any state park. For more information visit in.gov/dnr or call the Indiana Department of Natural Resources State Park and Reservoir Division at 317-232-4200.

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