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Business Trends

From Salesperson

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in 5 Seconds by John O’Melveny Woods

Writing a book has enhanced my business in ways I could not have foreseen. As a best-selling author, I use my book as a calling card when meeting with potential clients and partners. The book has helped me enhance my online footprint and further established me as the “go-to coach who helps you find your perfect-fit franchise.” Without a doubt, writing a book has had a multiplier effect on my business.

When my intro is given at speaking engagements, they stress, “Nancy is the author of nine books on Customer Service.” So yes, I believe it gives credibility to my area of expertise. I use my books mostly for press, exposure and giveaways – and I will say THAT does get me more bookings.

Faizun Kamal

Keynote Customer Service Speaker and Founder of the Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Nationally Renowned Public Speaker and Franchise Coach

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