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Snapology Strives to Provide Access and Inclusion Through Giving

Access and Inclusion Through Giving Snapology Strives to Provide

Driven by a passion for kids and her own experiences, Laura Coe prioritizes giving back to the community through her franchise system.

“For us, giving back is the core of who we are. Our mission is to provide our services to all children regardless of socio-economic status or ability.”

These are words Laura Coe, founder of Snapology and ZorAdvisor, lives by through her business. And her actions reflect her mission.

“We know that early exposure to the types of activities we offer and our hands-on projects give kids confidence and a sense that they, too, could become engineers or do well at whatever they set their minds to,” Coe said. “There are many children who can’t afford Legos, and we are the only exposure they get to this type of learning. We strive to provide as many children as possible access to these critical experiences.”

Snapology is a premier partner for STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) with more than 100 locations across the world. There are year-round programs in schools, community facilities, homes and in discovery centers (select locations only). The idea is that kids have so much fun in classes and camp activities that they don’t even realize they’re learning STEM / STEAM concepts.

“We do a lot of giving back for underprivileged kids and kids with special needs,” Coe said. “We offer scholarships to children who can’t afford after-school programs, and we provide free monthly programs for kids with extra needs.”

They also get creative when the need arises.

“During the flood in Houston, we waived our royalty fees for locations in that area so our franchisees could help out the community,” Coe added. “We try to do what we can when a need like that presents itself.”

While philanthropy is not mandatory for franchisees, Coe said most of them participate in programs that are near and dear to their hearts.

“For example, because my sister was adopted through foster care, we fill backpacks for foster kids and provide respite nights for caregivers through

For us, giving back is the core of who we are. Our mission is to provide our services to all children regardless of socio-economic status or ability. “

the Pittsburgh location. We also do events to educate people about foster care. We are very passionate about it.”

She notes that most locations work closely with autism centers. Because the activities are sensory-friendly, it is an excellent partnership for both Snapology and autism groups. She realized the value of this partnership when she was looking for activities for her son, who has some mild challenges, and there wasn’t much out there. Thus the idea for Snapology was born.

“I was a parent looking for solutions. I had a little bit of a business background,” she said. “But when your kid is not into sports, there were not a lot of options. So I created an answer to that problem.”

After researching, asking teachers to write curriculum, and trying out a few themed classes with Legos and robotics, things took off, and it snowballed from there. “One of the coolest activities that has grown through the franchise is the Bricks and Buddies program. We pair a special needs child with a preteen or teen who plays with them all night,” Coe said. “It’s all free, and it’s all volunteer-based. Everyone loves it and has a great time!”

Snapology has even provided birthday parties for children in homeless shelters.

“We take every opportunity to get involved in our communities,” Coe said.

For more information about Snapology, please visit www.snapology.com