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The pages of this catalog contain great fishing stuff and our choices of the best tackle in the world of fly fishing!

2023 Retail Catalog 45th Year

old-fashioned way

When anyone here at The Fly Shop® answers your phone call, your e-mail, or any of your fly fishing tackle, fly selection, fly tying, or fly fishing travel questions, they know what they’re talking about!

WEAREOLD - FASHIONED , and still send catalogs to the fly fishermen who have done business with us in the past. Not surprisingly, the single most common request we get on-line is for a printed copy of the digital version that’s sent every year by e-mail to nearly most of the serious flyfishers in the world.

In fact, our catalogs and website have been driving fly fishermen in our direction for more than 44 years. But what’s made us and kept us successful (despite Amazon, E-Bay, and intense internet competition), and what’s built us into the top retail and angling travel company in our sport is the talented team of friendly, knowledgeable experts who have been here since 1978 to answer questions honestly, offer good advice, and deliver good, old-fashioned service.

Nearly every fly fishing operation in America sells a lot of the same stuff. But what they don’t all have are people who know what they’re talking about. What has set us apart from others in the business, is the fact that the entire staff here at The Fly Shop® are fly fishing professionals and expert in every aspect of our sport.

When anyone here at The Fly Shop® answers your phone call, responds to your e-mail, or any of your fly fishing, fly selection, fly tying, guide service, or travel questions you can count on it being honest and accurate.

s Not every fly fisherman we know ties flies. But every one of the fly tiers we are acquainted with gets an annual copy of The Fly Shop’s 48-page, product and information-packed fly tying magazine.

s Most of America’s fly fishermen focus on their local angling and don’t often travel far with their tackle. That’s been particularly true since the onset of the pandemic. But for the guys who are interested in terrific fly fishing in the Rockies, tarpon in the Florida Keys, Alaska’s rainbows and salmon, the lure of Louisiana redfishing, steelheading in Canada, or our terrific fly rodding destinations in Northern California, The Fly Shop® has a new magazine dedicated to fly fishing travel destinations in North America.

s Of course we’ve got a world-famous magazine on-line and in print for those fly fishermen with an international passport that’s burning a hole in their pocket – and a portfolio that includes the most respected fly fishing lodges, guides, and outfitters on planet Earth.

s This year and next, we’ll be sending several specialty publications that’ll include a new Fly Fishing Guide to the Bahamas, Fly Fishing in the Jungle, and a new series of indepth brochures on Tierra del Fuego, Chile & Argentina, Fishing Alaska with a Fly, and other informative, special interest destinations.

If you’re interested in any of The Fly Shop’s other catalogs, magazines, or specialty travel brochures, write, call, or log onto our website and let us know!

We’ve got the most popular website in the world of fly fishing, but continue to do business the

45th Year Retail Catalog


Northern California Hot Spots

Our local guide service and private angling Fly

Fishing North America

From Alaska, Canada,and Rocky Mtn. trout to Louisiana redfish and Florida tarpon

International Angling Guide

A brief introduction to our portfolio of the planet’s top fresh and saltwater lodges

Flies for Everywhere

The top selection & highest quality bunch of flies ever assembled in one place or catalog

Fresh & Saltwater Fly Rods New rods from Sage, Winston, and Scott

The Best in Fly Reels

Quality reels for everyone and every budget

Fly Lines for All Situations

New high-tech lines to deliver your flies

Spey Rods, Lines, Accessories

The best two-handed tools in our sport!

Waders & Wading Accessories

Simms, Patagonia, Skwala, Korkers, and all the top brand waders and accessories

Luggage, Nets & Accessories

A dozen pages of fly fishing luggage, nets, rod cases, hemostats, and other goodies

Fly Tying

An introduction to our new, expanded, on-line and digital fly tying catalog

Fly Fishing Schools & KidsCamps

Accelerate the learning curve, get rid of your own bad habits, or start your kid right!

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The Fly Shop’s Regional Guide Service

An hour north of Redding, the ice-cold snowmelt of Mount Shasta collects in subterranean pools far below the massive volcanic peaks, giving rise to aquifers which help form the headwaters of the Sacramento River, McCloud River, Pit River, and some of the most famous fly fishing in the American West.

THE LOWER SACRAMENTO RIVER begins below Keswick Dam in Redding and the trout fishing continues downstream for nearly 50 miles. It is the most popular flyfishing destination in Northern California and rated by experts as one of the best Blue-Ribbon rivers in the country. Resident rainbows are big, strong, plentiful and, unlike many rivers in the American West, the Lower Sacramento fishing is getting better all the time.

There are now estimated to be 5,000 to 6,000 rainbows in each of the many river miles below Shasta Dam. Those trout are, on the average, big, tough, and aggressive to a fly. They live in a fertile environment already rich with food that is further supplemented by the contribution of spawn and decomposing flesh from four distinct annual runs of King Salmon. Runs of the spring, summer, and fall King Salmon routinely boost the aquatic bio-mass, and redline the fishing tachometer. And there are broad-shouldered, spring-loaded steelhead arriving to join the river rainbows each fall adding one

more facet to what veteran Sacramento River anglers consider to be among the finest tailwater rainbow trout fisheries in the country.

Drift fishing the Lower Sacramento is a picturesque, extremely productive, and relatively solitary experience. Much like Montana’s Yellowstone and Missouri River, the lower Sacramento is best suited for drift boats. It is broad, swift, deep in places and a great deal of it, like the Beaverhead, flows through private property. Experienced anglers rate it with the Bighorn and Missouri rivers as one of the top tailwater fly fisheries in North America.

The Sacramento River is open to angling year ‘round and, because of controlled flows and our temperate climate, it is a terrific midwinter option and excellent nearly every day of the year.

Give us a call for more info about Sacramento River fly fishing at 800-669-3474.

4 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA is a diverse angling Mecca, with a very temperate climate and reliable fishing nearly every day of the year. Most of our guided fishing is less than an hour away, and many of the best spots are in our back yard, just minutes from the door of The Fly Shop®. Depending on the time of the season, fly fishermen can target rainbows, browns, steelhead, stripers, shad, spotted bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass.

We’ve been outfitting and guiding fly fishermen on our local streams and rivers for forty years and some of our guides have been with The Fly Shop® for decades. They’re local experts who live in Redding or nearby. They’re trained professionals, skilled in every aspect of the sport. When an angler spends time with one of them, they walk away a better fly fisherman.

Our guides aren’t college kids hired for the summer, or out-ofthe-area part-timers. The Fly Shop’s guides know our local fishing intimately. They work together as a team, sharing critical information with each other daily, and keeping their finger on the pulse of the best fishing, the right tactics, and the productive terminal tackle. It pays off for them, and for our clientele.


Fly Shop® Guide


Our rates are identical, whether for one or two anglers. Guides provide lunch on all full day trips, flies and tackle on full & half days.

s $585 Full-day guided fishing

s 450 Half-day guided fishing

Trinity River Steelhead

Less than an hour west of Redding this winter tailwater steelhead fishery now rates as one of the best in the Lower 48!

TRINITY STEELHEAD fishing is unique in the angling world. The runs are reliable and the Trinity is consistently clear in all but the worst of weather. It’s right over the hill (45 minutes) from Redding and part of a completely different watershed and microclimate. Too, it’s a swell option during one of the rare times that the lower Sacramento turns sour.

Trinity steelhead average 4 to 8 pounds and begin to show in good numbers by mid-October. Like all steelhead, they’re predictably unpredictable, and are weather and water dependent. But recent season escapement has been superb. Runs remain strong and numbers continue to build through February.There are both native and hatchery stock fish in the Trinity and guided anglers usually hook up every day of the season.

Productive fly fishing on the Trinity demands mobility and is best done with a drift boat or raft. It is often technical angling encompassing all the hallmarks of our talented guides.

Anglers use both single and double-handed rods, and are faced with winter weather – which sounds unpleasant, but usually isn’t an issue and often produces some of the best action of the season. Techniques range from dry fly fishing to indicator angling. If there are no objections, our guides will use what will best connect a screaming steelhead to the rod, and leave the elitism to others.

The Fly Shop® has had guides on the Trinity since 1978 and, in the process, established an incomparable reputation that keeps our clientele returning along with the fish each season. Schedules fill quickly and we strongly recommend that reservations be made as far in advance as possible.

www.theflyshop.com 5
David Wahlman photo Katie Falkenberg photo

The Fly Shop’s got the handle on our local fishing and our Guide Service does it all!

Most of the best fly fishing in Northern California is within an hour of The Fly Shop’s front door. We are lucky to have literally hundreds of miles of local public trout and steelhead waters, and exclusive access to some private regional angling destinations. In fact, The Fly Shop® is the only guide service holding permits for Shasta, Trinity, Six Rivers, and Klamath National Forest lands, and every watershed administered by the Bureau of Land Management. We do it all, and we do it well!

THE FLY FISHING in our backyard is fantastic and a day on the water with one of the guides on our team is the perfect way to learn the local water and improve your skills. Whether from a drift boat or wading, the techniques our guides have developed and refined over the years, along with their specialized knowledge of the waters in and around Redding, will ensure that fly fishers of all skill levels enjoy a productive and fun experience.

Our guides are local experts who live here in Redding or nearby. They’re all year-round professionals, not part-timers, from out of the area, out of state, or out-of-school for the summer.

Many of these guys have been with us for decades and, to a large degree, they have been responsible for putting our outstanding regional fishing on the fly fishing map.

Some members of our team focus on drift trip techniques for trout and steelhead, others pride themselves helping clients solve the intricacies of our freestone angling or spring creek riddles.

They’re all skilled and passionate in every aspect of their vocation and try to ensure that every day on the water is as educational, enjoyable, and as action-packed as possible.

Our rates are identical, whether for one or two anglers. Guides provide lunch on all full day trips, flies and tackle on full & half days.

s $585 Full-day guided fishing s $450 Half-day guided fishing

6 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
Marcel Siegle photo Katie Falkenberg photo

Guided Drift Boat Trips with The Fly Shop®

Fall River is renowned for prolific hatches, and as the birthplace of many of today’s best known spring creek patterns. It is Western selective trout fishing at its finest.

Our guides use quiet, low-profile motorized prams custom-tailored for the experience.

Trinity River is home to incredible returns of steelhead each fall and winter, and is the go-to destination for dedicated steelhead addicts and anglers wanting to tie into their first ever sea-going rainbow.

The Klamath River from the mouth of the river upstream for about 15 miles is accessed exclusively by jet boat. Upstream there are rapids, rocks, and rugged terrain that is more appropriate for McKenzie-style drift boats. In both situations all the fly fishing is done while wading, and anglers use the boats only for transportation from one productive spot to another.

The Lower Sacramento between Shasta Dam and Red Bluff is a year ‘round trout fishery and the starting line for most of the angling begins only a rifle shot from our parking lot. We’re blessed with a temperate climate, a couple of hot mid-summer months, a spectacular spring and fall, and a pleasant, brief winter.

Our guides use drift boats to cover approximately 50 miles of the broad, rainbow trout-filled river. Steelhead become a target each fall and a chance to chase fish in relative solitude with either a singlehand or spey rod.

Walk & Wade Guided Trips on Nearby Rivers

Hat Creek is renowned for great hatches, selective rainbows and an experience that is a classic chess game of spring creek fly fishing. This is where a quality guide will definitely help anglers accelerate the learning curve.

The McCloud River rainbows are unquestionably the most famous trout on Earth, and its hefty browns are a reward for the angler willing to walk into the rugged river canyon water. Spring, mid-summer and fall angling on this famous freestone river is excellent and the scenery is superb all season.

Pit River is notorious for tough wading and broad-shouldered rainbows. It’s now open year round, with a new flow regime that makes it well worth exploring in the winter months. Ideal flows this summer season should translate into easy, season-long access to the entire river.

Upper Sacramento is a favorite walkand-wade stream featuring classic pocket water, riffles, and pools. Nearly 40 miles of it is easily accessible from the Interstate. With all the access, it’s still simple to find solitude. The river is open year ‘round, and fishes best from May through December.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 7
Marcel Siegle photo

North America

Rediscovering our backyard

Faced with the new normal of the post-pandemic era, social distancing, and politics, anglers found solace and comfort in the rivers, streams, wilderness areas, and saltwater fly fishing opportunities closer to home.

AMERICAHASREDISCOVERED our own outdoors, and our back woods campgrounds are filled again for the first time in generations. The slow lane on our nation’s highways and freeways are lined with RV’s, and our National Parks are enjoying standing room only crowds. There’s been a virtual renaissance in all forms of outdoor recreation and the world of fly fishing is no exception.

Perhaps after being faced with four walls that were closing in, veteran anglers dusted off tackle that had been ignored for decades and joined a new legion of novice fly rodders on our local steams. What many found was a renewed joy and a rejuvenated appreciation for the water near home that originally inspired their passion for fly fishing.

Anglers, young and old, were unable to travel internationally so took to the open road. Instead of Argentina, Kamchatka, Chile, or the Caribbean, fly rodders in record numbers headed to the American West for trout, Louisiana for redfish, or Florida for tarpon and snook.

The Fly Shop’s travel opportunities in North America are a wonderful cross-section of great fly fishing destinations in Alaska, Canada, the American West, and the coastline of Louisiana and Florida. They include only those places our staff feels have been proven to be the most outstanding lodges and outfitters in North America. They were chosen from a long list of quality operations in California, and in the Rockies from Alberta and British Columbia south through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Some are friends we’ve trusted to care for our clientele for generations. And they’re all places our travel team has visited and highly recommend.

Every one of them is a simple reminder that little other fishing in the world compares to what we often find near home. That when you step out of your car or off the plane anywhere in the USA you won’t be asked for a passport or a visa. You won’t have to pass a COVID-19 test, exchange money, of go through customs to head home. You are home.

www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com

If you’re interested in receiving detailed information about any of our Northern California or North American fly fishing destinations, and would like to receive any or all of The Fly Shop’s other catalogs, magazines or specialty travel brochures, just call, write, or log onto our website and just let us know.

The Fly Shop’s NORTH


fly fishing destinations

We’ve been to every single one of these places and are confident they rate as among the best in the world of North American fly fishing travel. Each carries our total endorsement, along with our iron-clad guarantee that the quality of the experience is going to be exactly as advertised.

northern california

The Golden State’s top public and private fly fishing!


The best fly fishing lodges, wilderness pack trips, river guides, and outfitters that The Big Sky Country offers. idaho

Top tier destinations from the Henry’s Fork to the Tetons colorado

Taylor River Lodge is unquestionably the ultimate Great Plains fly fishing experience!


A couple of the top steelhead spots in the Lower 48! canadian trout fishing

The best trout fishing you’ll find in Alberta and B.C. british columbia steelhead Steelhead Mecca!

alaska trout fishing

Our choices among the top fly out lodges, float trips, and wilderness camps found in our 49th state alaska salmon and steelhead

Unquestionably the most productive and prolific of the fly fishing lodges in the state of Alaska!

louisiana redfish

A historic fly fishing plantation in Red Drum Country florida


Our top choice for tarpon.

REMEMBER the difficult lessons learned during the pandemic. It’s never beenmore important to have a travel professional in your corner when planning any angling holiday, and there’s no outfit in the sport you can trust more than The Fly Shop® to ensure you get all the help you’ll need!

You can’t book a trip to any fly fishing destination in the world for less than you can through The Fly Shop®.

phone 800-669-3474
The Fly Shop’s travel team wrote the book on international fly fishing travel and now we’re adding a new chapter and a brand new series of magazines dedicated exclusively to our favorite domestic fly fishing lodges, guides, and outfitters in North America. Henry’s Fork Lodge photo

Fly Fishing the Rockies

INOURSPORT ’ SLEXICON , there’s something almost mystical about the angling in the Rockies and a trip to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado is invariably on every serious fly fisherman’s bucket list.

There’s a lifetime of trout fishing opportunity beneath “The Big Sky” and, to help our clientele narrow down the options, we’ve listed some of our most popular destinations below.

teton valley lodge, driggs, idaho

The Berry family’s Teton Valley Lodge, located outside of Driggs, Idaho, is oldest continuously operating fly fishing lodge west of the Mississippi. This is the hardest working family in fly fishing and make fly fishing dreams come true, every day of the season.

s 6-night/5-day package $5,003 s Shorter packages available

madison double r ranch, ennis, montana

The Double R Lodge is located in the beautiful Madison Valley just south of Ennis, the self-described Trout Capital of the United States. With 1,200 acres on 2 miles of Madison River the Double R offers guided fly fishing, luxury accommodations, and a relaxing western outdoor experience.

s 6-night/5-day package $7,500 s Shorter packages available

ruby springs lodge, sheridan, montana

Ruby Springs is located on 3,500 private acres in the Ruby Valley, just outside the ranching town of Alder, Montana. The lodge has over 10 miles of the fabled Ruby River and its tributaries flowing through the lodge property, offering world-class private water trout fishing in a fabled lodge atmosphere.

s 6-night/5-day package $7,800-$8,400 s Shorter packages available

missouri river lodge, craig, montana

Missouri River Lodge sits on the banks of the Missouri River in Central Montana. It is a world-class family owned and operated fly fishing lodge, hosting and guiding fly fishing guests for 20 continuous years. This is a family run operation with a lot of heart, attention to detail and commitment to taking care of folks. s 6-night/5-day package $4,800 s Shorter packages available

For a complete list of our Big Sky Country recommendations or more detailed information, just log onto our website, drop us an e-mail, or give our travel experts a call here at The Fly Shop®

henry’s fork lodge, last chance, idaho

The Henry’s Fork was voted #1 out of the top 100 streams in the country by Trout Unlimited. This is a special place on hallowed water and a must for any serious trout angler. Henry’s Fork Lodge prides itself on world-class service, inviting and cozy lodging, all thoughtfully and tastefully orchestrated for fly anglers looking for a unique and upscale trout fishing holiday. s 6-night/5-day package $3,564 + daily guide fee s Shorter packages available

bob marshall horseback & float trip, kalispell, montana

Montana Wilderness Lodge lies just south of Glacier National Park in northwest Montana, and one of the most exciting wild trout dry fly fishing destinations we have offered in quite some time. The South Fork of the Flathead is known in the fly fishing world as the Mecca for dry-fly cutthroat trout fishing. s 7 day wilderness pack & float package: $7,900 s Lodge packages available

kingfisher lodge, fort smith, montana Kingfisher Lodge is located a half mile from the banks of the Bighorn River in southeastern Montana. It is a world-class owner operated fly fishing lodge that has been hosting and guiding fly fishing guests on the famous Bighorn River, one of the greatest tailwaters of the West for 27 continuous years. s 6-night/5-day package $2,950 s Shorter packages available

taylor river lodge, gunnison, colorado

Taylor River Lodge is one of Eleven Experience's beautiful Rocky Mountain resorts located outside of Almont, Colorado. Taylor River Lodge focuses on the Taylor River which flows through the property’s backyard, the nearby Gunnison River, and is uber deluxe. s Call us for rates 800-669-3474

montana fly fishing lodge, absarokee, montana

Montana Fly Fishing Lodge, Quaking Aspen Ranch is located in south central Montana, nestled at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, right next to East Rosebud Creek, just south of the little town of Absarokee, Montana. This operation may be the best kept fly fishing secret in the West! s 6-night/5-day package $5,400 s Shorter packages available

10 www.theflyshop.com BENEATHTHEBIGSKIES

Alberta’s Trophy Trout

BIGSKYCOUNTRY doesn’t stop at the Montana border and is nearly mirrored on the Canadian side of our national boundary. It remains framed on its western edge by those same magnificent Rockies, and Nature has engraved fish-rich rivers deep into the soil of the Great Plains. The region is home to one of the fast-disappearing fishing experiences in North America, a place to fish for wild trout on uncrowded tailwater and freestone rivers in relative solitude. They’re unsophisticated fish that don’t get a lot of local pressure and are large by any standard. Stories of football-shaped resident rainbows in the 20 to 23-inch range hardly raise an eyebrow in the local bar.

Most of fishing in Alberta province is open to the public. Fences there demand respect, but many of the great fisheries behind a gate or on the other side of barbed wire require only a polite request for permission.

The dry fly season is quite long here, stretching from mid-June through September, and offers a mixed bag of predictable midge, mayfly and caddis hatches, as well as summertime terrestrials. Even when there are no visible hatches, one can often sight-fish to big trout lying in shallow water, taunting these aggressive fish to the surface with a well-placed cast. Southern Alberta’s micro-climate is surprisingly more temperate than that of Montana, and the summer weather is very reliable.

eastslope adventures

This Alberta trout Mecca is the most overlooked or best kept secret in North America! Native rainbows, browns and Canadian cutthroat grow big in the local tailwaters, streams and rivers. In addition to spectacular public angling, our outfitter, Cam Jensen, has near exclusive access to miles of private stretches of one of North America’s best trout streams.

This savvy team of Canucks target southwest Alberta’s productive and unspoiled trout fisheries and consistently delivers the goods. Guests have an almost infinite variety of choices within easy striking distance of the cozy lodge and are able to choose a different fishery every day, or return to their favorite spot to walk-and-wade. There are dozens of nearby rivers and streams to choose from along with several seldom-seen, local fisheries on private property. In fact, it is unusual that Eastslope guests share the water, or even see another fly fisherman.

Alberta rainbows, cutthroats, and browns are impressive and deep-bodied, averaging 15 to 20-inches and the number of fish hooked and landed with dries and nymphs every day is usually substantial.

The lodge accommodates only 8 anglers and lies in wide open, farm and ranch country. It’s easy to get there from the USA with a flight to nearby Calgary or a short drive over the Montana border.

Eastslope operates from June through October and guests can opt to pursue a Fall run of huge browns in remarkably small Canadian streams and combine it with some terrific duck and goose hunting.

Eastslope Adventures is one of our personal favorites and a place we here at The Fly Shop® can’t recommend more highly! s 6-night/5-day package $4,290 USD s Shorter packages available

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 11
Eastslope Adventures photo
Henry Georgi photo

Good reasons to choose The Fly Shop®

in Alaska


The Fly Shop® has been representing an elite cross-section of Alaska lodges since 1978. We’ve sent thousands of anglers to our 49th State, and we’ve outfitted tens of thousands more with the tackle they needed for their trips north. We know the ropes.

Independently, The Fly Shop® travel staff has owned several Alaska lodges. We’ve guided there. Our travel team has been to every lodge on the opposite page and scores of others as well.

It’s fair to say The Fly Shop® has spent more time exploring Alaska’s fly fishing than anyone in the business of angling travel.

There’s no argument that we’re the most experienced Alaska angling travel firm in the sport, and know what the “best” in Alaska is all about. Our wealth of knowledge translates into a firm grasp of the top fishing opportunities in our 49th state that’ll help you choose the right place, plan your trip at the right time, and show up with the right stuff.

s Objectivity We’re the only team of fly fishing travel agents in the industry whose pay checks aren’t based on commission. When anglers work with us, they get an expert, objective opinion.

s Our expert staff is told to do one thing: help our clients select a spot that best matches their expectations, interests, and budget.

s Price Our help doesn’t cost an extra dime. In fact, none of the lodge packages we offer can be found anywhere else in the world for less.

s Selection We’ve been searching out the top Alaska lodges and camps for nearly 50 years.The Fly Shop’s portfolio is the gold standard in our 49th state. It’s a great cross-section of locations, prices, and angling experiences that we’ll help tailor to your interests and calendar.

s The Fly Shop® is your advocate We’re in your corner, and we’ve been proving it since the day we first opened our doors to fly fishermen in 1978. We’re always there when the unexpected happens and you need some muscle. We were there for our Alaska clients on 9/11 when the state shut down. We worked tirelessly with our lodges and camps on their behalf when the COVID pandemic created cancellation policy chaos. And if you don’t think that our help mattered, just ask the travellers who had to handle their problems alone.

Do yourself a favor... put us, and all we have to offer, to work for you. Especially if you’re considering crossing an item off your Alaska bucket list.

9 12 info@theflyshop.com
Brian O’Keefe photo
before you decide where and when you are going to go fly fishing
There are hundreds of Alaska fishing lodges, camps, outfitters and float trips. All of them will tell you that “their place is the best”. Obviously, they can’t all be right – that’s where we come in!

Gulf of Alaska

Bristol Bay

North Pacific Ocean

Your guide to the best fly fishing lodges & camps in Alaska

ALASKA IS LARGER than the states of Texas, Montana, and California combined. Our 49th state sells over 237,000 out-of-state fishing licenses each year and another 315,000-plus to residents. Fishing there is legendary and the understandable focal point for every serious trout & salmon fisherman at some time in his or her life. And, as any Alaskan will tell you, if there’s a road to any river in the state, it’ll be every bit as crowded as any spot you’ll find in the lower 48.

One solution is adding a plane to your tool kit – Alaska’s full of fly-out lodges. Another option is a wilderness camp. We’ve got them all.

Duncan’s Steelhead Camp

Remarkable wilderness steelhead fly fishing in our 49th State

Outpost on the Nush

Dawn to dark fishing at a spot where you don’t have to move far for a true wilderness trout fishing experience.

Royal Wolf Lodge

Rated by our travel veterans as one of Alaska’s top fly out lodges.

A perfect location with superb guides and trophy trout.

Royal Coachman

It doesn’t get much better than this isolated, riverside fly-out lodge in the heart of the most prolific salmon and rainbow fishery in our 49th state.

Talaheim Lodge

Helicopters, planes, and great rainbow trout fishing nobody else can get to.

Hoodoo Lodge

Kings and Silvers ‘til you drop in a river custom-tailored for fly fishing.

Goodnews River Lodge

Super-productive rainbow, silver, and king camp in the middle of nowhere.

Hidden Cove Lodge

Hard-core silver salmon from dawn to dark and a no-frills lodge.

Aniak River Lodge

The focus at Aniak is on mouse-eating rainbows, and silvers.

Ayakulik Outcamp

Phenomenal silvers and some of Alaska’s best steelhead fly fishing.

This is Alaska the way most people imagine.

Iliamna River Lodge

Outstanding trout & salmon fishing. A great family destination.

The Fly Shop® travel team is the recognized authority on Alaska fly fishing, and we have a terrific portfolio of lodges and camps, with something for everyone. They represent a wonderful cross-section of Alaskan fly fishing geography, cover a wide assortment of angling interests and a broad range of price options.

Alaska is currently one of the hottest places on the angling map for US fly fishing travelers, as it is relatively effortless to access, and boasts a treasure trove of true wilderness. The available space at the best lodges in 2023 is disappearing very quickly, so we suggest reserving space now!

Trotter’s Baranof Wilderness Lodge

A great fishing destination for the entire family.

Copper River Lodge

Great guides and undoubtedly Alaska’s number one dry fly river.

Duncan & Sons

Two superb mobile camps on the Chosen River. Trout, char, grayling, silvers, and kings in a remote setting. As good as it gets!

Alaska West

A comfortable cam with immediate access to salmon, trout, and dollies.

Alaska Steelhead Company

Stellar and easily accessed steelhead, a short flight from Anchorage

Big Ku Lodge

A unique, small lodge with great fishing right out the door and three of the finest rivers in Katmai only a jet boat ride away.

Rapids Camp

Great planes, guides, and location to access the best of the Katmai, Iliamna, and Becharof regions.

Bear Trail Lodge

Its King Salmon location is a dead-center base for silvers and rainbows.

Sandy River King Salmon & Steelhead Camp

Arguably the absolute top steelhead river in the entire United States.

Lava Creek Lodge

This kick-ass king, silver, and trout fishery only has room for 8 anglers each week.

Rainbow River Lodge

Dead center location for unbeatable trout & salmon fishing.

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The average international fly fishing trip takes a minimum of 40 hours of research.

Fly Shop®.

s Last minute cancellations – one angler’s misfortune is another's opportunity

If you are one of those fortunate fly fishers with an open calendar and can travel at a moment’s notice, then you should get on our shortlist of last minute cancellations, low-season incentives, special offers and deals. These are high quality trips at some of the finest destinations in the world, often offered at substantially discounted rates. Get on our list, and we will update you on a need to know basis.

s Dead-center, hard to secure dates at a world-class fly fishing destinations

Sometimes you just want the best – the best destination for the species you are pursuing, at peak season, outfitted by the best in the business. The Fly Shop® keeps its finger on the pulse of availability at some of the finest and most difficult places in the world to secure space. Maybe it’s a prime week on the Babine River for steelhead, or maybe an absolute dead-center date at ESB Lodge for a week of permit fishing. Fresh or saltwater, we have the inside track on prime dates, all it takes is to sign up for notifications.

s Single anglers looking for a fishing partner

Fishing as a single angler can be expensive, especially when it comes to saltwater fly fishing destinations, where solo anglers can expect to pay upwards of 60% or more for the privilege of having their own private room, guide and boat. The advantages are obvious, but you will pay a premium. If you don’t mind sharing your room and fishing with another like-minded angler, we can help you find a suitable partner. We keep a long list of anglers looking for a fishing partner they can match up with and share the costs. And who knows, you might meet your next wingman!

s Hosted trips with a seasoned traveler and one of The Fly Shop’s travel team

One of the best ways to experience a new fly fishing destination is to join one of our staff on a “hosted” trip. You’ll enjoy the award-winning service The Fly Shop® is recognized for and you’ll have the added bonus of our experienced staff right there to help, start to finish. From helping rig your rods, to early

morning casting lessons, to working with the lodge staff to fine-tune your daily goals and expectations, our pro-staff will do everything possible to make your trip a memorable and rewarding one. And if you’re looking to avoid single supplement fees, hosted trips are a perfect option. Who knows, you might meet your new fly fishing partner.

There are no additional fees or costs associated with a hosted trip with The Fly Shop®. And, our staff usually travels with extra gear and flies, to share.

s Worldwide fly fishing destinations best suited for couples

There are some fly fishing lodges and outfitters that do a great job of catering to angling couples, and non-fishing companions, and the staff here at The Fly Shop® are experts at creating angling holidays that can be a memorable combination of interests.

We’ve got places with amazing snorkeling, worldclass wildlife viewing and photography, whale watching, hiking, horseback riding for all skill levels, and cozy spots for those who just want to curl up with a good book in front of the fireplace while their best friend is off catching fish.

The common denominators at all these getaways include breathtaking scenery, a variety of outdoor experiences, and fly fishing. We’ll find you some great fishing that, combined with a line-up of nonangling activities, will make you a vacation planning hero.

s Family Trips – what better way to make long lasting memories

Few things in life are better than a family vacation to a warm tropical paradise, a quiet little trout stream, or the wild maritimes of remote coastal Alaska or

British Columbia. These family-oriented vacation spots offer world-class fishing and non-angling activities that are sure to keep the entire family entertained and happy.

We represent a strong stable of lodges and outfitters that are suitable for not only the angler in your life, but the entire family. They represent a broad spectrum of experiences, locations and budgets that are sure to make everyone happy. These are the types of vacations that forge strong family memories that last a lifetime

s Corporate & incentive travel

What better way to facilitate teamwork, camaraderie and the spirit of cooperation within your business, than a fly fishing trip with your employees. This could be a single guided day on a trout river in Northern California or a multi-day trip to a destination lodge in Belize, Alaska, Mexico, Canada or Bahamas – the choices are endless.Trips can be custom-tailored for business meetings, board gatherings, team-building, educational seminars, or incentive travel rewards. We can also arrange for certified casting instructors to teach you and your team how to fly cast and fish. We work with a number of destination lodges that can accommodate as few as 6 or as many as 60 guests at one time. The Fly Shop® has helped companies like Walmart, Turner Communications, McDonalds, Ford Motor Co. and others. We will handle all the fishing logistics from start to finish.

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Save valuable time and gain inspiration with The
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The Fly Shop’s International Fly FishingTravel

FORNEARLYHALF A CENTURY we’ve been searching out the top fly fishing places on planet Earth – separating the great spots from what is often a confusing, crowded list of lodges, camps, and guide choices.

We’ve been there... more than once. Each year our travel staff revisits many of the destinations in our portfolio (and lots of other potential spots), evaluating every aspect of every place we represent. In that vetting process, we’ve become thoroughly familiar with all the details – the hotels, the airline connections, the flies, the tackle, and the techniques that’ll ensure your trip will be a complete success. We do it, so you don’t have to!

The Fly Shop® is your advocate ... We’re the only team of fly fishing travel agents in the entire industry whose pay checks aren’t based on commission.

And our mission is simple... to help you select the fly fishing destination that best matches your expectations, your budget, and your interests.

Price ...We guarantee there’s no less expensive way to book any lodge, camp, or outfitter in our portfolio than directly through The Fly Shop®.

Experience...with more than 175 years of collective fly fishing travel under our belts, there isn’t a more experienced angling travel agency in our sport.

Trust...We’re in your corner, and we’ve been proving it since the day we first opened our doors to fly fishermen in 1978.

We’ve made more fly fishing travel dreams come true than anyone else in the industry, and nobody has a better reputation for being there for their travelers when the chips are down. We don’t disappear when the unexpected happens and the going gets tough. In fact, that’s when we step up our game.

Do yourself a favor...put us, and all we have to offer to work for you the next time you’re considering crossing an item off your fly fishing bucket list.

16 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
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If you’re interested in receiving more detailed information about our Northern California, North American, or worldwide fly fishing destinations, and would like to receive any or all of The Fly Shop’s other catalogs, magazines or specialty travel brochures, just call, write, or log onto our website and let us know.


Our choices among the top lodges and wilderness camps in our 49th state kamchatka’s trout & steelhead

The most talked about, exciting trout fishing rivers found on planet Earth! steelhead

Sea run rainbows in British Columbia and the isolated coast of Kamchatka canada trout

Trout fishing in the Western Provinces mongolia taimen Hidden in the land of Genghis Khan atlantic salmon on the kola peninsula Russia’s phenomenal Atlantic salmon argentina

A fly fishing guide to trout fishing on the eastern slopes of the Andes jurassic trout Lago Verde is, arguably, the world’s top trophy stillwater fishery tierra del fuego

The southern tip of our continent is the ultimate spot for sea-run browns chilean patagonia

Latin America’s premier trout fishing best of new zealand A guide to NZ North and South Islands

family fly fishing vacations

peacock bass, payara & arapaima in brazil

The Amazon’s most productive fly fishing destinations and operations south american golden dorado hotspots

The meanest sport fish in freshwater indian ocean flats fish Navigating Mauritius, Farquhar, and all that the Seychelles has to offer africa’s tigerfish

Clearwater rivers in Tanzania mexico’s yucatan

The top fly fishing flats prospects fly fishing in belize & central america Bonefish, tarpon and permit on some of the prettiest flats anywhere guatemala

The global hotspot for billfish on a fly bahamas 40 years of experience chasing bones and permit in the Caribbean sea baja california

Roosters, sailfish, saltwater dorado, and a bunch of other fly rod gamefish pacific ocean bonefish

Xmas Island is still a great bonefishery bolivia’s jungle Dorado, and other exotic gamefish

A great bunch of fresh and saltwater spots for couples and the whole family!

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The World of Travel

IS CLIMBING out of a COVID-19 stupor with a nasty hangover. And if ever there was a time when having a travel professional in your corner made a difference, it was during this last couple of years.

Just ask those who didn’t!

When the shit hit the fan, millions of travellers and thousands of globetrotting fly fishermen were left on their own to deal with all that surrounded the upheaval created by the virus. Cancellations, refunds, re-bookings became a tedious nightmare for the guy who booked his fly fishing trip independently.

But The Fly Shop® had our clients’ back. We were there with the help they needed, sound advice, up-tothe-minute information, and unconditional support. When necessary, we dealt with the fly fishing lodges, outfitters and destinations we represent. We helped all our clientele obtain fair and equitable solutions to what were often complicated situations. We added the strength of more than four decades of business relationships to their cause and did the heavy lifting through the worst of the pandemic, so the thousands of anglers who had planned their fly fishing travel with us wouldn’t have to – and it’s still going on!

The world of travel has changed. Do yourself a favor. Give us a call the next time you need help with your angling travel plans.

Remember you can’t book a trip to any fly fishing destination in the world for one cent less than you can through The Fly Shop®.


THE FLY SHOP ® has been part of the cutting-edge of South American fly fishing for more than 40 years and our experienced travel staff has spent a collective lifetime exploring Patagonia.

Our first forays to Chile, nearly four decades ago, took us to the historic Lake District near Puerto Montt, made famous by Joe Brooks and Ernie Schweibert in the 1960’s. From there we expanded our search for great fishing south beyond the Strait of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego. Now, with nearly four decades of experience under our belt, we’re pretty confident that The Fly Shop® staff knows more about fly fishing in Latin America than any other angling travel agent in the business.

We’ve chosen the lodges, guides, and the outfitters we work with carefully and done our homework, so you don’t have to.

Many of the outfitters we work with are those same pioneers who opened the Latin American fly fishing frontier. Often, we were there to help them. Together we brought the first float plane to Chile and explored the uncharted angling of its rugged Patagonia coastline for rainbows and sea trout. The Fly Shop® was instrumental in helping develop the great fishing of Aisen, far south of Puerto Montt. And most veteran Patagonia fly fishermen would agree that The Fly Shop® portfolio of lodges, guides, and outfitters is the finest in all of South America.

We continue to visit most destinations each year and keep our finger on the pulse, remaining intimately familiar not only with each of the exclusive operations we represent, but all of the other fishing destinations around the globe.

We’ve been proving for forty-four years that there’s no one better prepared or more capable of helping plan a successful fly fishing holiday in Chile or Argentina than the travel experts at The Fly Shop®

South America’s Best

We’ve been to every one of these places and worked with most of these lodges, outfitters and guides for decades. They represent a terrific cross-section of the Patagonia fly fishing geography, a broad range of price options and a wide variety of different angling experiences.

Each and every one of the lodges and outfitters we represent has been fully vetted by our staff. They’re, hands down, the top-rated sportfishing destinations in all of Patagonia.

El Saltamontes

Terrific January, February, and March dry fly action at Chile’s most famous trout fishing lodge



This deluxe Aisen Lodge has something for every angler, and a different river every day

Trouters Patagonia

Veteran guide operation and lodge in Chile’s angling Mecca

Los Alerces National Park

Argentina’s top-rated public trout fishery La Posada de los Farios

Solitary angling in the Cisnes drainage Tipiliuke

Superb, private angling on the Chimehuin Estancia San Huberto Miles and miles of the Malleo River Estancia Arroyo Verde Luxury, private trout fishing on the Traful Estancia Quemquemtreu Gateway to drifting the Collon Cura River Arroyo Pescado Argentina’s absolute best spring creek Patagonia River Guides

The top guide service and number one lodge on the east side of the Andes Estancia Laguna Verde Monster rainbows at the world famous Jurassic Lake Estancia Maria Behety Lodge

The best value on the #1 sea trout river in the world La Villa de Maria Behety

Argentina’s most luxurious fly fishing lodge in the heart of the magnificent Rio Grande Estancia Pilolil

Jorge Trucco’s top-flight Rio Alumine destination Las Pampas Lodge

Amazing small stream fishing for big browns, rainbows, and brookies

Give us a call and let us help you with your fly fishing reservations. The help doesn’t cost a dime.

In fact, none of the fishing lodge packages we offer can be found anywhere else in the world for less.

We’ve been there

There are few places on the Patagonia map where we haven’t left our tracks; few rivers and streams where we haven’t wet a line, and few of the lodges our team of Latin America experts haven’t visited and evaluated. We do the work so you don’t have to.

A NUMBER of our Patagonia lodges are exclusive to The Fly Shop. Our ‘Signature Destinations’ carry our total endorsement, our promise of satisfaction, and an iron-clad guarantee that the experience is exactly as advertised. They’ve been thoroughly vetted and considered by our experts to meet the highest standard in the industry. Ours.

18 www.theflyshop.com s e-mail: travel@theflyshop.com
CHILE ● santiago ● puerto cisnes ● rio gallegos ● porvenir ● ushuaia torres ● del paine puerto santa cruz ● ● valdivia ● salta ● mendoza ● neuquen ● chaiten punta arenas ● ● puerto montt comodoro rivadavia ● bajia blanca ● THEFLYSHOP ’ S TOPCHOICESIN
11 13 14 1 7 4 5 15 6 3 8 2 9 10 12 balmaceda ● ● bariloche ● futaleufu ● calafate
Chile &Argentina
● coyhaique san martin ● rawson ● esquel ● ✬ rio grande 11 13 14 1 15 16 16 7 4 5 6 3 8 2 9 10 12


THERAINBOWTROUT found in Chile and Argentina are descendants of eggs and smolt delivered to Bariloche over ninety years ago from the renowned McCloud River which flows through Northern California.

Though transplanted from California hatcheries, these were wild fish in every sense of the word – and they were met with a nearperfect environment; no predators, ideal altitude, a temperate climate, an unlimited, incredibly rich food source, and ice cold water. Soon afterward they were joined by European brown trout, brook trout, and a smattering of Atlantic salmon. Sport fishing for these species was not then a part of the native tradition or Latin American culture and the fish were left unmolested by anglers for decades.

It wasn’t until air travel came of age in mid-twentieth century that European and North American fishermen became aware of the phenomenal fisheries, full of trout, that flowed east and west from the Andes to the Atlantic and Pacific in a part of the world called Patagonia.

Now, nearly seventy years after Joe Brooks and the early angling pioneers introduced the fishing community to Chile and Argentina, trout fishing there remains an enigma. Many of the best rivers of Patagonia remain isolated, difficult to access without drift boats, rafts, 4WD, or are often behind locked gates. Like many of our own best North American streams, if it’s public and easy to reach, it’s probably been hammered. And only after both countries recognized the tourist

value of the resource were protective regulations adopted and enforced.

Each of the three great Patagonia fishing regions on the Argentine side of the Andes (San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche and Esquel) are unique, and has its own menu of fishing and accommodation options.

The most popular Argentine angling itineraries usually involve a few days of fishing at one of the most famous fly fishing estancias, a combination of a few days at a couple of those elegant lodges, or a few days at an estancia along with floating and camping on some remote Patagonia river thronging with trout.

Working together with our outfitters, we can help arrange for float trips, overnight (or multiple night) camping trips, along with hotel reservations dovetailing with your angling holiday.

Guides provide the transportation and move from estancia to estancia, camp, or float trip ( depending on the itinerary ) with their anglers.

There are fewer rivers, lodges, and guides on the western slope of the Andean cordillera. But what the Chilean experience lacks in numbers, it makes up for in quality. Few destinations on the world’s trout fishing map can compare with the level of service, the diversity, or the cultural experience that accompanies the often fabulous fly fishing that is synonymous with all of the lodges, guides, and outfitters we’ve been working with in Chile for decades.

● buenos aires ● cordoba
8 www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 19
Val Atkinson photo
Patagonia is a faraway world of gauchos and estancias, where Christmas comes in the middle of the
the night sky is full of stars that can’t be seen from home, and their hard to pronounce rivers and lakes are full of California’s rainbow trout!
Estancia Arroyo Verde

The Future of Fly Fishing in Russia

This is what fishing in Alaska and the American West must have been like a century ago...with helicopters.

PERESTROIKASIGNALLED the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in 1991 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. That was more than three decades ago, and for those of us in my generation who grew up in fear of the Russian Bear, it meant more than a chance to remove the Berlin Wall and repurpose the bomb shelters that’d been built in America’s backyards. There was sudden hope for conciliation between the largest and most powerful nations on Earth.

Who would have imagined, in the absence of negative propaganda and political rhetoric, that the Kremlin and St. Petersburg would soon join the list of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, Moscow hosting the Olympics, or Mother Russia would be acknowledged as home to the planet’s finest trout, Atlantic salmon, and steelhead fishing?

Certainly, what has happened in the Ukraine dims all but the most optimistic of us with regard to speedy normalization of Russian relationships or the possibility that we’ll soon be wetting a line in Kamchatka or the Kola. But everyone remembers how quickly we became friends with Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII, and even how quickly Vietnam returned to being classified with Most-Favored Nation trading status. For the sake of our friends and partners in the East, we hope for a similar transition back to normalcy after the conflict is resolved.

The sad fact is that the winds of war and politics change fast, and every right-thinking person should look forward to and hope for a quick, peaceful resolution of the Eastern European conflict.

When that happens I’ll have my Russian visa renewed, fly rods packed and be with my friends on the first flight to Moscow and beyond.

NEARLY A THIRD of all the salmon in the Pacific Ocean (along with phenomenal numbers of steelhead) spawn in the fish-friendly rivers and streams of the Kamchatka Peninsula. All six Pacific salmon species return to Kamchatka’s more than 12,000 freestone and spring-fed rivers in numbers almost unimaginable anywhere else in the world. It is a rich, fertile, environment, and the trout fishing there is arguably better now than any angling that was ever found in North America.

Kamchatka’s rivers are farther south on the horizon than the trout habitat in Alaska. Many of them are large spring creeks and more reminiscent of the Henry’s Fork or the Madison than the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

The trout in this part of the world live in streams that are full of insects, substantial numbers of forage fish, and mice (Arctic voles). They’ll rise to just about any dry fly all summer long and skating a mouse pattern across the surface or stripping a streamer connected to a light sink tip translates to almost non-stop fishing action.

Our well-established Kamchatka camps, lodges, and float trips have been designed by a team of angling experts familiar with all the quirks of operating in Russia.

Our float trips, camps, and lodges can be reached only by helicopter. These machines are to the Russian Far East what the DeHavilland Beaver is to the Alaska bush; a workhorse, boasting an incredible safety record, and the only practical way to access the Kamchatka wilderness.

Kamachatka is an angler’s dream come true. It’s a place where it is simply imposible to exaggerate the quality of the fly fishing and we can’t wait to get back.

Let us know if you’d like to be kept in the loop.

The Fly Shop® is the exclusive agent for the most famous and popular of Kamchatka’s trout and steelhead camps.

The Kamchatka Steelhead Project

THEKAMCHATKASTEELHEADPROJECT began as a 20year study in 1994 with U.S.A. State Department funding. It is jointly operated under the aegis of Moscow State University, The Russian Academy of Sciences, The Conservation Angler, and The Fly Shop®.

The Project is funded 100% by angler-sponsors who join these expeditions as assistants to the scientists with permission given to them by the Russian Federal government to collect/sample fish by hook and line. Participating angler-sponsors, using only barbless flies, hook, land, and assist on-site Russian scientists in the collection of scale and tissue samples as well as the tagging and release of all fish.

These dime-bright, ocean-fresh steelhead spawn in only a few rivers on the Kamchatka Peninsula. These natal fisheries are small, the fish are abundant, exceptionally large, and caught within the scent of the sea, before they’ve lost an ounce of ocean energy. Protected by isolation, Kamchatka’s steelhead rivers remain as perfect today as they’ve ever been; an extremely rare modern occurrence. Their habitat is totally pristine, safeguarded in one of the planet’s most remote corners. This is the best steelhead fishing left on Earth.

Russia’s Atlantic Salmon

THESERUSSIANRIVERS are, far and away, better than any other Atlantic Salmon destination on the planet. There is no exaggeration necessary to confirm the argument that the unbelievable numbers and the astonishing average size of the salmon, and the beauty of the Kola Wilderness is everything talked about, imagined, and more.

Russia first opened the Kola Peninsula to anglers from the west after the disintegration of the USSR in the early 1990’s. It was known to be the last place on the Earth where Atlantic salmon existed in historically large numbers and moved into first place in the community of sea-run obsessed anglers.

Phenomenal fish reports began circling back from hard-core salmon anglers almost immediately. Some bordered on unbelievable, but the whispers were soon confirmed and a new horizon was immediately added to the world fishing map.

OURTRAVELTEAM visits the Kola Peninsula routinely, and is intimately familiar with all of the camps. We can assure you there’s no bad decision to be made when selecting a camp from our portfolio of Kola destiations.

The pandemic and geo-political shifts have merged to make it virtually impossible to travel to the Kola since the 2019 season and it’s anticipated that both American and European anglers will be lined up when relations with Russia normalize. To that end, we are now accepting modest, “Good Faith” deposits for what little space we anticipate will be available.

The fishing here is exactly what it’s cracked up to be and we look forward to pointing you in the direction that best suits your schedule, skill level, and wallet, when we can finally return to this amazing place.

www.theflyshop.com phone 800-669-3474 21
Noah Thompson photo Kola Reserve photos

The Saltwater Horizon

WHEN I ROLLED the dice and started The Fly Shop® in 1978, there were only three or four fishing lodges in all the Bahamas. Kellers was still operating in Belize and their’s were the only three saltwater fishing lodges between Cancun and Panama. Castro was still a big deal and Cuba had been off-limits to anglers for nearly 20 years. There was just one serious angling lodge in Panama, one in Costa Rica, and only a few Caribbean hotels catered to any kind of fishermen. Certainly none of them ever counted on fly fishermen to fill their rooms and skiffs.

In fact, before the mid-80’s, very few Florida Keys guides dealt exclusively with fly fishers – there just weren’t enough of us interested in the saltwater facet of the sport to provide a living.

Personally, I credit the opening of Christmas Island a few years later for sparking the saltwater revolution among fly rodders. Suddenly dozens of western trout fishermen were being introduced to great flats fishing with a fly. The bonefishing was so easy there, and the fish so plentiful that “the pinball wizard’ could catch bones with a fly rod. When they realized how easy and exciting it was, those new saltwater converts flooded the Florida flats and told all their friends. Coincidentally, graphite hit the rod market at almost the same time, followed by innovations in saltwater specific fly reels and fly lines and vastly improved bonefish and tarpon flies.

Permit were seldom caught or pursued with fly rods in those days. It was all about bonefish and tarpon. Schools of thousands of huge milk fish cruised the peripheral flats of Christmas Island then, but nobody figured out how to hook those magnificent fish on a fly rod until they were nearly gone.

UV resistant Tarponwear pastels briefly became the unofficial uniform for fly rodders on the flats, and for a few years everyone looked like Easter eggs. And by the time that The Fly Shop® opened the doors to the spectacular bonefishing at Los Roques a few years later, there were saltwater lodges popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm all over the Caribbean.

The bar continued to move when our pal, Del Brown, conjured up a permit fly that those fish would eat, and Jimmy McVay scalped a Bahamian taxi’s upholstery and hit the Mother Lode of bonefish flies with his Gotcha.

Then the crafty South Africans figured out how to routinely catch milk fish on a fly, and showed us Yankees that we didn’t have a monopoly on ingenuity by targetting a newer, wider range of flats fish in the Indian Ocean than most of us had considered possible.

The legal pathway to Cuba seems to now suddenly be clearing just as the doorway to Venezuela’s flats fishing has been closed by political upheaval.

Stanley Babson said it well in 1965, when he wrote in what was the first primer on bonefishing, “There are still a lot of great fishing places out there in the Ocean that haven’t been discovered, perhaps more than have been.” It’s not as correct now as it was then. But I have no doubt that if there is a new fly fishing Mecca on the angling horizon, it’ll be found in the saltwater.

The unmistakable profiles of the legendary Billy Pate and his guide, Lee Baker hooked up with a tarpon off the Marquesas in the spring of 2004 and proving, without a doubt, that “it’s the Indian, not the arrow!” (Note the near-mandatory Tarponwear uniform of the day)

22 www.theflyshop.com s email:
– Mike Michalak Owner and founder of The Fly Shop®

The Flats of the Indian Ocean

TTHESESPOTSHAVE become the benchmarks for anglers searching for the ultimate saltwater flats action. The size, number, and variety of fish species in this part of the Indian Ocean has rocked the fly fishing world, and anglers from around the globe are queuing up to try these fishing playgrounds.

These places have been vetted by the angling elite and proven to have flats fishing other saltwater destinations can only admire. Each Indian Ocean atoll is unique, usually separated by hundreds of miles of open ocean and a differing variety of angling options. These faraway flats offer adventurous anglers a breathtaking assortment of Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, milkfish, muscle-bound GTs, and shallow flats covered with huge schools of huge bonefish.

alphonse island resort, seychelles

For good reasons, this is the most popular place in the Indian Ocean. It is the pinnacle of bonefish destinations and the global hot-spot for milkfish. Their formula for success includes superb guides and deluxe accommodations.

saint brandons

This ultra-remote series of pristine white sand flats may be the most difficult to reach and finest trophy bonefish grounds on earth – and the most prolific Indo-Pacific permit grounds we’ve ever seen!

The Indian Ocean operations we represent feature accommodations ranging from spartan to deluxe. They’re staffed by expert South African, English-speaking guides who have added a long list of exotic fly fishing targets to the usual angling menu. They’ve developed successful new techniques and patterns for milkfish, and deliver the most exciting angling variety on the saltwater fishing horizon. These global fly fishing adventures involve a lot of travel and expense. But they’ll feed your angling addiction with spectacular saltwater options and are worth the effort and every cent.

The best times of the year to visit and fish this part of the world is from mid-September thru early May

farquhar, in the seychelles may be the most diverse fishery on the planet, home to myriad exciting species including, but not limited to, giant trevally, bluefin trevally, bonefish, permit, triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, bohar snapper, and more!

the indian ocean out islands

Exploration of the outer atolls at Astove, Cosmoledo, and Providence has discovered the most amazing concentration of monster Giant Trevally on Earth. It’s a perfect spot for saltwater fly fishing junkies addicted to the adrenaline rush associated with the “gangsters of the flats”!

oman arabian fly

A permit junkie’s paradise and the top spot for a version of permit that feed on coral and rock in rolling waves crashing against the sheer cliffs of the Oman coastline

Val Atkinson photo
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 23 THE TOP BONEFISH, TREVALLY & INDO-PACIFIC PERMIT FISHERIES
Alexander Haider photo

The best of theYucatan

The Fly Shop® has been fishing the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula for nearly forty years. Beginning in the early 80’s we cruised every inch of the Yucatan and Belize coastline, and we’re intimately familiar with every spot between Cancun and Honduras. We know the differences between the luxury bonefish lodges and the hard-core permit operations and we can help you choose the right spot for you and your friends. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

THEMEXICANRIVIERA is one of the sport’s most popular fly fishing destinations, visited by several thousand sportfisherman each year. Experts estimate that more saltwater “grand slams” are recorded in Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay than anywhere else on the fly fishing saltwater map.

These shallow bays are home to huge schools of unsophisticated bonefish and hundreds of miles of mangrove shoreline habitat. Most of it is perfect for bonefish, baby tarpon, snook, and an abundance of fly-friendly permit.

Guides in these regional lodges are English-speaking natives of Mayan-Mestizo descent. They’re well-versed in the language of fly fishing, know their trade, and their presence adds a cultural aspect to an already pleasure-laden experience.

The World Heritage Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve aggressively enforce regulations which severely restrict further commercial development within it’s immense boundaries.

espiritu santo bay lodge

Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge guests spend their days fishing from state-of-the-art skiffs or wading light-colored, shallow sand flats. Runs to the flats from the lodge are short, where it’s rare to see another angler. Guests arrive by private charter flight from Cancun, enjoy cozy, air-condtioned beachfront accommodations, skilled native guides, and the chance to score regularly on bonefish, tarpon, permit, and snook.

Multiple creek systems pour into the bay, depositing rich limestone sediment that attracts fish to the flats. The mangroves lining these creeks provide perfect habitat for tarpon and snook and dawn-to-dark action. Bonefish, permit and resident (juvenile) tarpon are plentiful, year ‘round targets. Larger, migratory tarpon show up in the bay in April and hang around through September. Trophy-sized snook (over 20 pounds) are found in the bay, and ESB has a well-earned reputation as one of the top permit destinations in the sport!

Reservations at Espiritu Santo Lodge are available only through The Fly Shop® and our network of agents.

s January 29 through March 12 $4,750 per week

s March 12 through November 19 $5,090 per week

24 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com

More “grand slams”

recorded in Ascension and Espiritu Santo Bay than anywhere else on the fly fishing saltwater map

casa blanca, ascension bay

Casa Blanca rates as one of the finest, most deluxe and best-equipped angling resorts in the Mexican Yucatan. No corners are cut and nothing is spared here when it comes to quality. First-class skiffs, fine lodging, well-trained guides, a superb chef, and an almost irrefutable claim to the finest margaritas in Mexico.

Don’t let all that luxury fool you. Casa Blanca is a high-class fishing lodge first. Testimony to that is their success and reputation. Casa Blanca is the most popular and productive bonefish, permit, and tarpon operation in Ascension Bay. There’s no argument from us or from the majority of fishermen that return there year after year. s February 5 through May 21 $5,037 per week s May 18 through October 6 4,754 per week

palometa club, ascension bay

Palometa Club is perfectly positioned on the Punta Allen beach, only minutes from the expansive flats of Ascension Bay and the wind-sheltered Boca Paila lagoon. Hard-core permit junkies will find themselves right at home among these fanatics. The Mayan guides will chase bonefish and tarpon, but they live and breathe permit, often offering up their own special flies.

Each boat has 2 professional guides. One on the poling platform, the other on the deck, tending line, relaying instructions, and adding an extra set of professional eyes. They use big, super-stable pangas that are perfect for the big water crossings on Ascension Bay. Fragile, light flats boats just won’t cut it here.

Palometa is casual, comfortable, and considered one of the best pure fly fishing operations in the Yucatan. s Weekly fishing packages $4,500

playa blanca, espíritu santo bay

Playa Blanca is the sister lodge to Casa Blanca and rests on a small coastal island on the southern end of the famed Ascension Bay. One of only two lodges licensed to fish Espiritu Santo Bay, (the other is ESB Lodge to the south) Playa is completely surrounded by the 1.3 million acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere, Guests are only a stone’s throw from the fishing and have endless opportunities to pursue the coveted grand slam of salt water fly fishing. The waters of Espiritu Santo Bay are arguably one of the top saltwater wildernesses left in the Caribbean. The beautiful lodge facility is owned by one of Mexico’s wealthiest men and sits on a white sand beach and features private deluxe cabanas with ensuite baths, breathtaking views of the Caribbean, gourmet Mexican cuisine and world-class service. It’s a great spot for couples but make no mistake, Playa is all about fishing. s February 2nd through May 21st $5,037 per week s Oct 2nd through February 5th 4,754 per week

www.theflyshop.com 25
Francisco Bedeschi photo Brian Grossenbacher photo Patrick Duke photo

The Bahamas & Belize

If you’re interested in learning more about our Belize or Bahamas lodges just give us a call, send us an e-mail, or log onto our easy-to-navigate website and request a digital version or a snail-mailed hard copy of our highly informative, recent copy of:

THEBAHAMAS are undoubtedly the most popular flats fly fishing destination on planet Earth, and the Fly Shop® has a marvelous crosssection of great fly fishing lodges, and guides. We’ve camped the Marls, cruised the islands, and personally visited every lodge and nearly every flat in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!

andros island bonefish club

“The Club” is dead center in the 1,000 square miles of picture-perfect flats surrounding Andros.

andros south lodge

Far off the beaten path and a perfect bonefish adventure!

bair’s lodge

Superb accommodations & service on the east side of South Andros. swain’s cay lodge

An escape to peace, tranquility, and great bonefishing in a picture perfect setting. east end lodge

East End Lodge is a new flats fishing lodge located at the far east end of Grand Bahama Island h2o bonefishing

A perfect Grand Bahama getaway with great guides and lodging. little abaco bonefish lodge

The tiny village lodge on Crown Haven is home to lots of bones, and barracuda, and offers plenty of legitimate shots at permit. mangrove cay club

This Andros Island lodge can’t come more highly recommended. Everything about it is top flight! mars bay bonefish lodge

Easy access to miles and miles of hard sand flats, and trophy bones

crooked & acklins lodge

No frills, just great guides, good food, and a cozy lodge surrounded by shallow, firm, easily waded flats, with huge schools of bonefish along with some permit soul fly fishing lodge

This hugely acclaimed new lodge has allowed anglers a chance to fish the hallowed flats of the famed Berry Islands. north riding point club

Located on 6 acres of pristine, beach-front property on the south shore of Grand Bahama with private access to some of the Bahamas finest flats. the delphi club

The fabled Marls on the west side of Abaco offer more than 200 square miles of backcountry bone fishing, just minutes from Delphi.

Brian O’Keefe photo

THECOASTLINEOFBELIZE is dotted with dozens of fly fishing destinations from the Mexican border to Honduras. It’s a much shorter list of the few with top tier fly fishing guides and great bonefish and permit action.

We’ve been going to Belize before Belize was cool. We helped put the place on the angling map and have worked with most of the lodges in our portfolio for decades.

The Fly Shop® promotes only those with well-deserved, hard-earned reputations that focus on sport fishing. Our roster of destinations includes only wellvetted professionals that we can count on to deliver for our clients.

At the same time, there are a few quality Belize fly fishing resorts that take advantage of the country’s world-famous reef and offer spectacular snorkel, kayak, and diving activities along with the angling.

There isn’t a better line-up of Belize lodges anywhere blue horizon

This well known, off-shore lodge is located dead-center in the heart of Belize’s most prolific permit flats belize river lodge

The most experienced operation in the country with a top-tier team of guides and accommodations turneffe flats

Famous as one of the country’s premier saltwater fly fishing, SCUBA, and marine eco-touring destinations el pescador

This spot enjoys an unparalleled reputation among both serious anglers and holiday-happy vacationers tarpon caye

This private island has flats that are a short cast from the bar, and should be named permit caye copal tree lodge

A combo of high-end lodging, fine dining, and top flight angling. Belize’s most luxurious angling resort

Give us a call for more information or reservations. We’ve been making fly fishing dreams come true in Belize & the Bahamas for 44 years!

Crooked &Acklins Islands

crooked & acklins islands lodge, bahamas

Famous, even in the Bahamas, for shallow, fish-covered, easily waded flats, Crooked and Acklins Islands are so close to each other that they’re seldom spoken of as separate destinations.

Crooked & Acklins Islands share a massive bay and together they cover about 200 square miles of the Earth’s surface. The combined north and eastern shoreline borders a fisherman-friendly, sand-covered shelf that drops off quickly into blue water that constantly replenishes these shallow flats with a parade of permit, tarpon, and some very large bonefish.

It’s located about as far south as one can travel in the Bahamas. So far south, that it’s below the colder, windy, winter weather systems common to other islands in the Commonwealth.

Spring comes early in Crooked & Acklins Islands and they enjoy a long, mild, ultra-reliable fishing season. The months of December, January, and February are often as pleasant as May and June and that part of the calendar can be a great time to be there.

Crooked & Acklins, like the rest of the “Out Islands” was depopulated after taking direct hits by both Hurricane Joaquin (October of 2015) and again by Hurricane Irma in September of 2017. The number of permanent residents of both islands is now only a couple of hundred and continues to dwindle.

Flights are not as frequent as the schedule to Freeport, Nassau, or Andros, and that translates into very little angling pressure. It is rare to see anyone else on the flats, and the bonefish, permit, and tarpon on the Crooked & Acklins island flats usually live their entire life unmolested.

Crooked & Acklins Island Lodge is a private beachfront operation that caters only to fly fishermen, accommodates a maximum of 10 anglers, and is one of the best bargains in the Bahamas.

phone 800-669-3474 27
Brian O’Keefe photo Herle Hamon photo

Rumble in the Jungle

The Amazon Rainforest is huge. It blankets nine South American nations with more than 390 billion trees. The river system springs to life in Colombia, gathering strength from a spiderweb of tributaries in Bolivia and Peru before massing in Brazil. It embraces 25% of all fresh water on the face of the Earth and the river harbors more species of fish than there are in the entire Atlantic Ocean. It is small wonder then, that jungle rivers are emerging as the new frontier for flyfishing. The jungle is where it is happening!

NO FISH in the Amazon is more popular than Peacock Bass. They are Cichlids, and all but one of the more than fifteen different species average between two and six or seven pounds. Commonly called “butterflies” these smaller fish are plentiful, aggressive, very good fighters, and loads of fun. Average fish will bend an 8weight fly rod to the butt and it’s not unusual in many of the Amazon rivers to hook dozens and dozens in an exciting, action-packed day. However, the most sought-after Peacock specie is C. temensis. Unmolested, they’ll grow slowly to double-digit size and the world records are over thirty pounds.

Peacock Bass over 10 pounds are not common and considered very large. Fifteen pounders are true trophies, and the rare fish weighing 20 pounds or more is considered a giant. And, unlike Largemouth Bass, as they put on pounds, they get exponentially and unbelievably stronger.

The difference in fight between small peacock bass (“butterfly”) and the mega-models (Temensis) found in a few places is the difference between Conan and Conner. The giant Peacock Bass don’t fight, they wage war!

All of the jungle fly fishing trips we offer are in remote destinations dedicated exclusively to fly fishing, catch-and-release only. Our Brazilian and Bolivian lodges are far removed from any civilization and incorporate native guides from the indigenous territories surrounding these fabulous, isolated fisheries.

rio marié

The headwaters of the Marié begin in the jungle foothills that separate Brazil from Colombia. Then it flows southeast for more than 800 kilometers through an impenetrable rainforest before joining the Rio Negro. There are no roads or airstrips in this part of the jungle, and the only way to get to the Marié is by boat or floatplane.

It is, unquestionably, the finest trophy Peacock Bass fishery on the planet Earth. Proof is that nearly half of those who have fished the Marié in the eight seasons since the natives of the Marié opened the door to our anglers have hooked and landed a monster peacock bass over 20-pounds – the gold standard in the rarified world of trophy jungle angling.

Further setting it apart from other operations is exclusive access to 497 miles of catch-and-release river. It is a unique experience even in Brazil, a part of the world where rivers are often shared by half a dozen motherships.

Packages include accommodations in Manaus prior to the round trip float plane flight to the river, exceptional standards of service, professional English-speaking fly fishing guides, state-of-the-art fishing skiffs, a first-class mothership, superb meals and all beverages and wines. s $8,300 per week

Kendjam, Xingu, Marié, and Pirarucu are all unique fly fishing adventures available only because of synergistic partnerships between the lodges and those indigenous tribes. These fisheries are supervised by the respective government officials as well as professional biologists who protect both the resources and the interests of the native community.

Xingu, Kendjam, Marié, and Pluma Lodges are typical of our collaboration with indigenous tribes. They participate in the operations as guides, labor, and management, making these more than just another fishing trip.

They are more than just landlords. They’ve joined forces with the angling community to take control of their own future in a logical way by capitalizing on their work ethic, skills and fishing knowledge. They’ve expanded their universe to include capitalism, and accepting those ridiculous people from “the outside world” who travel great distances to catch fish in their river and just let them go.

28 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com BRAZIL , BOLIVIA , ARGENTINA & TANZANIA
Bayer Marie photo
Rafael Costa photo Dani Bayer Marie photo

The Meanest Fish in Freshwater

Xingu is separated from most other rivers of the Amazon by the numbers of ferocious Payara (“Vampire fish”), whose well-earned reputation as the hardest hitting, strongest-fighting fish in the Amazon Basin has made it one of the most prized game fish in South America.

Xingu anglers often see Payara, matrinxa and pacu sipping or rolling on the surface like trout- while predator species like peacock bass, bicuda, and trairao (“wolf fish”) lie in ambush along the deeper edges, crevices, and beneath structure ready to strike a popper or streamer.

The Fly Shop® has thoroughly vetted this actionpacked trip and the size and numbers of Payara they encountered, and the variety of gamefish leaves absolutely no room for exaggeration! s $7,020 per week

Considered by many veteran anglers to be the ultimate freshwater gamefish, Dorado eat each other and their young. In the juvenile stage they swim in small circles chewing at each others’ tails.

They’re the ultimate dysfunctional family in the fish world, and display only two modes of behaviour: killing and reproducing. Apparently they can multi-task, and are often in both modes simultaneously.

They show no mercy, often telegraphing their location by chasing their prey into inches of water.

The Fly Shop® represents the finest camps, lodges, and heli-fishing operations in the Dorado kill zone and have more experience in this facet of the sport than any other agent in the business. We know the best places, best time to be there, and can be trusted to ensure you get the best trip possible. s $6,950-$7,600 per week

tanzania tigerfish

African Waters’ discovery of the Mnyera and Ruhudji rivers in Tanzania a decade ago was nothing less than a milestone in our sport. The two small rivers are stuffed with world-class Tigerfish. These toothy savages are easily tempted by streamers or poppers tossed to the cutbanks or structure where the predators might lie in ambush. Fish range in size from 5 to 30 pounds and the largest are usually lost, because these critters don’t just look ferocious, they battle like no other fish found in fresh water,

Hands down, it’s the best tigerfishing Africa has to offer, and rates as one of the world’s finest angling experiences. s $11,400 per week

“My first big Xingu Payara burned through the leather on my Sun Glove, the tape on both stripping fingers, and nearly cut me to the bone.”

– Bob Brennan

bad ass dorado in bolivia & argentina xingu – brazil’s payara hotspot
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 29
Untamed Angling photo Lucas De Zan photo Justin Miller photo
African Waters photo

Taimen & Trout in Mongolia

The steppes of Mongolia host more than great fishing trips!

MONGOLIA IS THE least densely populated country in the world. It is roughly the size of Alaska, yet outside of the main capitol city of Ulaanbaatar it is a vast wilderness, sparsely populated by nomads living off the land, tending their herds of cows, sheep, goats, yaks, and camels. Mongolia is a cultural odyssey, a land forgotten by time. The homeland of the fierce nomad warrior Genghis Khan. It is a foreign country where only the sport fish are fierce and the people are friendly, pro-American, and truly wonderful.

The Mongolian fly fishing adventure targets Taimen, a unique species of fish seldom found elsewhere and takes place in a part of the world most have only read about in books. These trips will disconnect you from your normal life and leave you and your companions with a lifetime of memories.

Westerners arrive by way of Seoul, and usually spend a few days in Mongolia’s interesting and historic capitol, Ulaanbaatar, exploring and decompressing before a short flight or a scenic drive to the frontier steppes and finally a drive to the first of a series of comfortable riverside camps.

Camps have hot showers, plenty of good food, an unforgettable Mongol staff that moves with the group, and a fly-savvy river team combining educated, English-speaking Mongols with a nucleus of very talented international and native guides.

This adventure is beyond any mere fishing trip, to an unbroken land reminiscent of the American West before settlement. Northern Mongolia is a place of snowcapped mountains, vast golden forests of birch, aspen, larch and alder, and meadows filled with wildflowers. It is home to some of the world’s largest remaining tracts of true wilderness and is rich with clear, free-flowing rivers that have carved their way through dramatic canyons and wind through majestic valleys. And of course there are the taimen, the largest salmonid on Earth – giant predators, that consider anything in their water as part of their diet.

mongolia’s fishing season runs from mid-June through late October. Guests enjoy riverside ger camps, and a spectacular 6 or 7 full day fishing float trip. They’re pampered by native staff who usher their anglers through some of the most intriguing water and most beautiful wilderness terrain imaginable.

s All inclusive packages $6,950 s All inclusive two-week packages $11,950

Michael Caranci photo Mongolian River Outfitters photo Jeff Forsee photo

Fly Selections

THE FLY SHOP ® has been outfitting fly fishermen since 1978, and for all of those 45 years we’ve been sending serious anglers to rivers, lakes, and saltwater angling destinations throughout the sporting world with their boxes filled with the best commercial flies ever made. Ours.

Our expert staff helped discover and explore many of the most exciting fly fishing spots on the planet and we’ve accumulated a treasure trove of fly fishing knowledge in the process.

We know what works from California to Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, from Montana to Mongolia, and from the Amazon’s jungle rivers to the saltwater flats of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

The Fly Shop team are all real fly fishermen, real fly tiers, and we know what we’re talking about. We’ve brought that wealth of experience and those flies back to you and into our fly bins.

What you’ll find in the pages of our catalog and on our website are the most effective selections in the world of fly fishing. Some categories include patterns that were recommended by renowned guides and expert anglers in the field of fresh and saltwater fly fishing. And, of course, many of the flies were developed by our own staff or picked up during our travel. The common denominator is that every single one of the patterns has proven effective.

Whether you’re heading to the next county or another hemisphere, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the correct, effective, time-tested fly for the place you’re going in one of our selections. We’re confident because we’ve been there.

And if you want more help, just give us a call. We’ll hook you up with one of our experts and add the advice that might make the difference between a good fishing trip and a great one.

WHENWEOPENED our doors in 1978, a lot of the rods on our shelves were fiberglass, rim control reels were still on the drawing board, and waders were made of the same stuff as bicycle tire tubes. There weren’t that many fly patterns available back then, but we had most of them in our bins, even including a few of the crazy new saltwater flies that were just beginning to show up on the fly fisherman’s radar. We stayed up late at night cranking out flies to fill our bins, as there weren’t many commercial tying suppliers to help us out. Yet whether the patterns came from our own vises or were bought from somebody else, from our first day in business we understood that we would always be measured by the quality and diversity of our fly selection. We never tried to have the cheapest flies, and understood this would cost us a lot of sales over the years. We made the decision to offer only the best quality, most innovative patterns available and believed anglers would be willing to pay for that standard of excellence. Forty five years later you continue to prove us correct.

phone 800-669-3474 31
Val Atkinson photo Toby Nolan photo
– Mike Mercer
When it comes to buying any fly, (fresh or saltwater) you get exactly what you pay for!

Each of these flies has been battle-proven on the most demanding stillwaters and spring creeks from Patagonia to Pennsylvania!

SPRING CREEK ANGLERS are a special breed. Unlike those who prefer fast moving water where fish cannot readily be seen and the imagination conjures the potential for a hungry fish in every deep and turbulent pocket, spring creek specialists are okay with the unblinking, unforgiving reality of trout who often can be seen, and who on any given day may seem to refuse all offerings, however perfectly presented. Yet innovative tiers, armed with an ever-increasing number of new hook designs and materials (both natural and synthetic) have been answering the challenge of these hyper-discerning trout in clever and often incredibly effective ways. Most often the most productive newer patterns reflect a genius

borne of observation – nothing fancy, just sheer hours on the water studying how insects emerge and are available to fish, and the ways in which the trout react to each stage of that emergence. Yet from this simple process of choosing to sometimes watch as much as fish, magic can reveal itself.

The Fly Shop’s dry fly selection has fooled savvy trout from Patagonia to Pennsylvania, and proven themselves in spring creeks from the Rocky Mountains to New Zealand and Kamchatka. The following pages include some of the besttied, most productive spring creek and stillwater dry flies ever found under one roof. There is a lot of flat water magic waiting to happen here…

32 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Iwan-E-Para Dun Size 22 $2.50 #184F Trico Hackle Stacker $2.50 #524FB BWO Size 20 524FR Rust Size 18 524FT Female Trico Size 22 Mercer’s Foam Dun Profile Hex Size 6 $3.95 #556FH Mercer’s Foam Dun Profile Green Drake Size 12 $3.95 #556FG Mercer’s Poxyback Emergers $4.95 #601FG Green Drake Size12 601FC Callibaetis Size 16 Mercer’s Missing Link Size 16, 18 $2.50 #139FP PMD CDC Dun $2.50 #710FC Callibaetis Size 16 710FP PMD Size 18 710FB BWO Size 20 Mercer’s Poxyback Hex Emerger Size 6 $4.95 #601FH Lance’s Loop Wing Para Hex Size 6 $3.95 #218F Gray’s Stillborn Size 6 $3.95 Hex Emerger #208F Spring Creek & Stillwater Dry Fly Selection THE FLY SHOP’S
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 33 Quigley’s Film Critic $2.00 #537FV Flav Size 14 537FC Callibaetis Size 16 537FP PMD Size 18 537FB BWO Size 20 Improved Sparkle Dun $2.25 #414FB BWO Size 18 414FP PMD Size 18 414FC Callibaetis Size 16 414FG Green Drake Size 12 414FM March Brown Size 12 Green Drake Size 12 $2.95 #58F Vis-A-Dun $2.25 #333FB BWO Size 20 333FP PMD Size 18 333FT Trico Size 22 Quigley’s Sparkle Stacker Size 18 $2.25 #412F PMD CDC Biot Spinner $2.00 #322FC Callibaetis Size 16 322FR Rusty Size 18, 20 322FP PMD Size 16 Para Extended Body $2.50 #951FP PMD Size 18 951FB BWO Size 20 Riffle Robber $2.95 #25FO Pale Olive Size 18 25FP Primrose Size 18 25FG Orange Size 18 25FL Pink Lady Size 18 Blue Wing Olive Size 18, 20 $2.25 #872F Pale Morning Dun $2.25 #158F Size 16, 18 Mayfly Cripple $2.00 #47FL Limestone Size 16, 18 47FC Callibaetis Size 16 47FG Green Drake Size 12 Low Water Baetis Size 20 $2.25 #952F Milla Time May’s $2.95 #928FB BWO Size 18 928FP PMD Size 16 928FC Callibaetis Size 14 928FG Green Drake Size 12 CDC Biot Spinner Size 22, 24 $1.80 #121F CDC Trico Spinner Size 20 $2.00 #812F P.M.D. Challenged Size 16 - 20 $2.00 #321F Mercer’s Foam Parachute $3.50 #558F Sulphur Size 14 - 18 Compardun $2.25 #231FG Green Drake Size 10 231FS Sulphur Size 16, 18 231FP PMD Size 16, 18 231FB Baetis Size 18, 20 Norman’s Loopwing $2.95 #450FC Callibaetis Size 16 450FP PMD Size 18 450FB BWO Size 20 Harrop’s Last Chance Cripple $2.50 #745FG Green Drake Size 12 745FA Pink Albert Size 14 745FC Callibaetis Size 16 745FP PMD Size 18 745FB Baetis Size 20 745FT Trico Size 22 Sparkle Dun March Brown Size 14 $2.25 #991F Galloup’s Cripple $3.95 #501FC Callibaetis Size 14 501FP PMD Size 18 501FB BWO Size 20 D&D Cripple $2.50 #36FB March Brown Size 12 36FM Mahogany Size 18 Light Cahill Size14 - 18 $2.25 #3F Morrish’s May Day’s $2.50 #607FC Callibaetis Size 16 607FP PMD Size 18 607FB BWO Size 20 Mimic May’s $2.50 #303FM March Brown Size 14 303FG Green Drake Size 12 High & Dry Green Drake Size 12 $2.50 #339F Sexy Hexy Emerger Size 8 $4.95 #1006F Mercer’s Missing Link Size 12 $2.50 #139FG Green Drake
The Sedanka River, Kamchatka, is the finest spring creek on Earth. Give our travel staff a shout for details on fishing this spectacular 30 mile spring creek in Russia. travel@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474
Christiaan Pretorius photo
Better Foam Caddis $2.50 #877FO Olive Size 16 877FT Tan Size 14 877FK October Size 10 877FB Black Size 20 CDC & Elk Sizes 13, 15 $2.95 #212F Mercer’s Skating October Caddis Size 8 $5.95 #794F Adult October Caddis Size 8 $2.25 #410F Foam October Caddis Size 8 $2.25 #654F Potter’s October Caddis Size 8 $2.95 #968F Foam October Elk Hair Caddis Size 8 $2.25 #645F Sedgeback October Caddis $2.95 #57F Sizes 10 Cutter’s E/C Caddis $2.00 #33FT Tan Size 14, 16 33FO Olive Size 14, 16 33FB Black Size 20 Bloom’s Para Caddis Size 14, 16 $2.25 #781F Elk Hair Caddis $1.80 #31FT Tan Size 10 - 16 31FO Olive Size 10 - 16 31FP Purple Size 12 - 16 31FB Black Size 16, 18 Tangerine Caddis $2.50 #914FC Cinnamon Size 14 914FO Olive Size 16 Splittsville Caddis $3.50 #385FT Tan Size 14 385FO Olive Size 16 385FB Black Size 18 34 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Edible Caddis Emerger Size 14 $2.95 #409FT Tan 409FO Olive X-Caddis Foam Size 14, 16 $1.80 #123FO Olive 123FT Tan Spotlight Caddis Emerger $2.25 #787FT Tan Size 14 787FO Olive Size 16 Andy’s Cantara Caddis $2.50 #542F Sizes 6 Goddard Caddis Sizes 8, 14 $2.25 #376F Fat Head Moth Size 12, 14 $2.95 #460F Mercer’s Missing Link $2.50 #139FO Olive Size 20 139FR Red Size 14 - 18 139FN Nat Dark Size 14 - 18 139FG Green Drake Size 12 139FA Amber Size 12 - 18 Caddis Stoneflies & Attractors Bryan Quick
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 35 TFS Li’l Yellow Stone Dry Size 14, 16 $2.50 #220F Sexy Sally Size 14 $2.50 #985F Silvey’s Chubby Sallie Size 14 $2.50 #701F Brooks Hedlite Sally Size 16 $2.50 #367F Rubberleg Yellow Stimulator Size 10 - 14 $2.50 #604F Rance’s Gypsy King Size 2, 8 $2.95 #799F Chubby Stone’s $2.50 #237FS Salmonfly Size 6 237FG Golden Stone Size 8 Mercer’s Flush Floater Foam Stone $3.50 #857FS Salmonfly Size 4 857FG Golden Stone Size 8 857FK Skwala Size 10 Blackwing Stimmy Size 10 - 14 $2.25 #698F Purple Parachute Madame X (PMX) Size 8 $2.95 #733F Mercer’s Missing Link Size 14, 16 $2.50 #139FS Yellow Sally Stimulators $2.25 #899FO Orange Size 6 - 10 899FY Yellow Sizes 8 - 16 899FL Olive Size 16 Holo Humpy Size 14 $2.95 #428FR Red 428FL Lime 428FP Purple Bareback Rider Size 8 $3.95 #239FP Purple 239FG Golden 239FO Olive Rogue Foam Skwala Size 10 $2.95 #461FB Dark Olive Adams Size 12 - 20 $2.00 #1F Adams Irresistible Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #45F Adams Superfly Size 12 $2.95 #728F Parachute Adams Size 12 - 26 $2.25 #2F Foam Body Parachute Adams $2.95 #557F Size 12 - 18 Quigley’s Split Flag Adams Size 10 $2.50 An effective solution to the selective trout situations which demand a high-floating mayfly silhouette. #714F Rogue Foam Stones $2.95 #461FG Golden Stone Size 8 461FS Salmonfly Size 4 McPhail Adult Stone $3.95 #316FS Salmonfly Size 6 316FG Golden Stone Size 8 Morning Wood Special $3.25 #1007FS Salmonfly Size 6 1007FG Golden Stone Size 8 1007FK Skwala Size 12 Double Dutch Bug Size 10 $3.95 #979FG Gold 979FT Tan 979FP Peacock Crowd Surfer Stone $3.95 #165FS Salmonfly Size 6 165FG Golden Stone Size 8 Royal Humpy Size 12 - 16 $2.50 #32F Royal Red Humpy $2.50 #48FF Fire Size 14, 16 48FG Fl Green Size 14 - 18 48FY Yellow Size 12 - 18 Turck’s Tarantula Size 8, 14 $2.50 #463F Tan Thing From Uranus $2.95 #807FS Salmonfly Size 4 807FG Golden Stone Size 8 Hopper Stone Size 8 $2.50 #446FT Tan 446FY Yellow The Pellet Fly Size 10 $2.95 #472F Renegade Size 12 $2.50 #229F Royal Wulff Size 8 -18 $2.00 #44F Purple Para Wulff Size 14 - 18 $2.95 #848F

THERE ’ S PROBABLY no more popular terrestrial than the grasshopper. It’s easy to see, easy to use, very effective, and should be in every fly rodder’s fly box. As summers progress, the weather warms, grasslands dry, hoppers get larger and in their search for food and moisture move closer and closer to stream banks and the shorelines of lakes and ponds.

Terrestrials (arthropods) are the largest of the animal phylum and include insects, spiders, ants, grasshoppers and crustaceans; just about everything crawling on the river bank. From a trout’s perspective, they’re a helpless, protein-rich entreé without a prayer of escape once they‘re blown into the water. Fly fishermen should always have a modest selection of terrestrial imitations on hand in a few sizes. The proper choice certainly depends on time of the season, the weather, how rough the stream or how smooth the stillwater might be, how strong the wind is blowing and how sophisticated or wary the trout are at the moment.

The rivers, spring creeks, lakes, and lagoons of Patagonia are loaded with terrestrial bug life during the short four month summer, December through March. Long and warm summer days create ideal growing conditions for grasshoppers, beetles, cicadas, ants, and just about any other winged critter that crawls on land and eventually ends up on the water. Big high floating foam-bodied flies with easy-to-see wings and rubber legs are fished close to the bank where unsuspecting hungry rainbow and brown trout lay in ambush. Wind is your friend in this type of fly fishing and when conditions are right, expect a high number of trout brought to hand. It’s Patagonia trout fishing at its best! Call our travel staff for details on fishing these incredible hopper fisheries. travel@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474

Hot Legs Hopper Size 8 $5.95 #541FT Tan 541FY Yellow Bopper Hopper Size 8 $2.95 #51F Dave’s Foam Hopper Size 6 - 10 $2.95 Whitlock’s foam version remains at the top of the list of most fly fishermen’s choices for all ‘round, day-in-and-out production. An excellent trout or bass selection. #900F Morrish Hopper Size 8 $3.50 #61FG Gold 61FT Tan Head Turner Hopper Size 8 $4.95 #972FT Tan 972FG Golden DCF Cricket Size 10 $2.25 #553F
36 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
These land-borne critters are often the key to mid-summer and fall trout fishing success
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 37 Mercer’s Missing Link Honey Ant Size 14 $2.50 #406F Hegan Ant Size 14 $3.95 #105FK Black 105FB Bee 105FC Cinnamon Caleb’s Bee Size 12 $4.95 #179F Rainy’s Lady Bug Size 16 $2.95 #191F Black Gnat Size 16 $2.00 #177F Streambank Hopper Size 8 $2.95 #730F Mimic Hopper Size 10 $2.95 #534F Yellow Fat Albert $2.95 #172FT Tan Size 6, 10, 14 172FY Yellow Size 6, 10, 14 172FB Black Size 4, 6, 10, 14 Mini Chubby Size 14 $2.25 #716FT Tan 716FG Gold 716FP Purple Mega Moodah Size 4 $3.95 #323FT Tan 323FB Black Chubby Chernobyl Size 8, 10 $2.50 #154FG Gold 154FT Tan 154FB Brown 154FP Peacock Barr’s Dropper Hopper Size 8 $2.95 #522F Big Secret Cricket Size 10 $3.95 #718F Pit Boss Cicada Size 8 $4.95 #119F Black Carl’s Cicada Size 10 $2.25 #201F Black Clark’s Cicada Size 10 $3.95 #452F Regal Beetle Size 8 $3.95 #505FB Black 505FT Tan Hi-Vis Beetle Size 12 -16 $2.25 #651F Hopper Grande Size 8 - 16 $4.95 This is the hottest hopper in the Rockies and works like a charm in Chile! #479F Tan Charlie Boy Hopper Size 8 $2.50 #935F Carpenter Ant Size 12 $3.50 #675F Ant Misbehavin’ Size 14 $2.95 #132F Parachute Ant Size 14 $2.95 #887F Chernobyl Ant Size 8, 10 $2.25 #664F Black/Tan Mosquito Size 16 $2.00 #389F Old San Juan Worm Size 8, 14 $2.00 This model turned even the most ardent dry fly,Trinity River purist to the dark side. #115F Fire San Juan Vernille Worm Size 12 $1.80 #981FR Red 981FP Pink 981FW Wine 981FT Brown Gold Bead San Juan Worm Size 12 $2.25 #753F Carl’s Foam Ant Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #204F Schlotter’s Ant Size 14, 16 $2.50 #502FB Black 502FC Cinnamon Ant RP $2.50 #155F Size 14 Black Flying Ant $2.25 #68F Size 14 Tenkara Ant Size 14 $2.50 #477F Squirmy Wormies Size 12 $1.80 #545FB Blood 545FR San Juan Red 545FP Hot Pink 545FO Fl. Orange 545FT Tan Size Perdiworm Size 10 $3.50 #313FR Red 313FP Pink Andrew Chad photo

Caddis Nymphs

If you are fishing a trout stream in America, the odds are very good there are caddis crawling or swimming around your boots, or flying above your head!

When you’re in a quandary

CADDIS ARE among the most diverse, widespread, and fascinating forms of trout chow. They are important to anglers in each of their life stages, vary in size from tiny to huge, and savvy anglers will have a complete selection in their fly box. Dredge larva patterns deep beneath an indicator, swing pupa on a tight line, and dead-drift or twitch dry caddis to the explosive rises that give away fish feeding on skating adults. If you’re on new water and don’t know what to fish, tie on a caddis!

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Katie Falkenberg photo

There are about 12,000 known kinds of caddis (trichoptera). Old-timers call them sedges. The insect is closely related to both moths and butterflies, but all caddis begin their lives in the water. They’re tougher and can survive in less pristine water than mayflies. Maybe that’s why there are so many of them and why they’re so important in the trout diet.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 Mercer’s Z Wing Caddis Pupa $2.95 #91FO Olive Size 14 -18 91FA Amber Size 12 -16 TB Splatte Roller Size 16 $2.95 #874F Barr’s Uncased Caddis Size 14, 16 $2.95 #729F Green Plan “C” Caddis $3.50 #610FT Tan Size 14 610FO Olive Size 16 Mercer’s Beaded Z Wing Caddis Size 14, 16 $2.95 #99FA GB Amber 99FG CB Green TB G6 Caddis Pupa Size 14 $2.25 #338FT Tan 338FO Olive OCD Caddis Size 14 $2.25 #228FT Tan 228FG Caddis Green Mercer’s Tungsten Swing Caddis $2.25 #447FB Brown Size 14 447FO Olive Size 16 La Fontaine Lower Sacramento Size 16 $2.25 #435F MOP October Caddis Size 8 $3.95 #349F Matt’s Jiggable Caddis Size 14 $2.95 #308FB Brown 308FO Olive Formula 2 Caddis $2.95 #440FT Tan Size 14 440FO Olive Size 16 Mercer’s Jiggy Caddis Size 16 $2.95 #324FA Amber 324FO Olive Andy’s October Caddis Size 8 $2.25 #148F Cream Skip’s TB October Caddis Size 8 $2.95 #700F Mercer’s Tungsten October Pupa Size 8, 10 $3.95 #359F Bubbleback Caddis Size 14 $2.50 #932FO Olive 932FA Amber Andy’s Afro Caddis Size 14 $2.00 #130FC Cinnamon 130FO Olive 130FM Cream Silvey’s Beaded Pupa $2.25 #789FT Tan Size 14 789FO Olive Size 16 789FB Black Size 16 Carwash Caddis Size 16 $2.95 #738FT Tan 738FO Olive Micro Poopah Size 16 $2.25 #104FO Olive 104FB Black 104FC Cinnamon Fox Poopah Size 12, 14 $2.25 #591FC Cinnamon Fox Poopah Size 12, 14 $2.25 #591FO Olive BH Fox Poopah Size 12, 14 $2.25 #725FC CB Cinnamon BH Fox Poopah Size 12, 14 $2.25 #725FO GB Olive
40 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com GB Flashback P.T. $2.50 #436F Size 12 - 20 Pheasant Tail $1.80 #122F Size 12 - 20 Beaded Drifting Flashback $1.90 #727F Size 14 - 18 Rainbow Warrior Size 16, 18 $2.25 #114F Pearl Mercer’s Psycho Prince $2.50 #76FO Orange Size 12 - 16 76FU Purple Siize 12, - 16 76FP Dirty Pink Size 12, 14 76FL Blue Size 12, 14 Mercer’s Tungsten Bead Pheasant Tail (PT) Prince $2.75 #964F Size 12 - 16 Andy’s BLT Size 14, 16 $2.25 #137F Tan GB Possie Bugger Size 10 - 14 $1.90 #156F Mercer’s Gold Bead Poxyback Hares Ear Size 8 - 16 $2.50 #691F Hares Ear Size 12 - 16 $1.80 #81F Mercer’s RL TB Psycho Prince Size 12 - 16 $2.95 #884FO Orange 884FP Purple Skip Nymph Size 16 $2.25 #731F Norman’s Wiggletail Size 16 $2.95 #430FT P.T. 430FP Peacock Mercer’s TB Swing Nymph Size 16 $2.95 #13F Peacock Mercer’s Jigged Psycho Prince Size 12 - 16 $3.50 #205FO Orange 205FP Purple Mahalo Nymph Size 12 $2.25 #214FB Black 214FR Red 214FW Wine Eng Thing Size 14 - 18 $2.25 #925F Andy’s Pollard Special Size 12, 14 $2.25 #901F RK Sin City Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #930F Red Walt’s Worm $2.95 #973F Size 14 Birds Nest Size 12 - 16 $1.80 #86F Zack’s Jigged Birds Nest Size 14, 16 $3.95 #189FN Natural 189FT Tan 189FB Black 189FO Olive CB Birds Nest Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #616F CDC Flashback P.T. $2.25 #145F Size 14 - 18 Jiggy Blowtorch $2.50 #426F Size 12 Primrose & Pearl $2.95 #963F Size 16 Nymphs WEDON ’ T JUSTSELL these flies; we use them. In fact, every single pattern in The Fly Shop® selection
vetted and
our expert staff, our cadre of talented guides, and our team of
our catalog.
evaluated by
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There’s never been a better assembled assortment of productive nymphs than
find on these pages. We use only the finest hooks and nothing but top quality materials in their construction and it makes a difference. Our flies are super-durable, and each and every one is tied to our own exacting standards.
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 41 Black A.P. $2.25 #82F Size 10 - 16 GB Black AP (Andre Puyans) $2.25 #464F Size 10 - 16 Soft Hackles $2.25 #206FB March Brown Size 12 206FP Pheasant Tail Size 14 206FK Peacock Size 14 206FO Orange Size 14 Whitlock’s GB Rubberlegged Red Fox Squirrel Nymph $2.50 #75F Size 8 Dark Lord Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #816F Mop Fly Size 10 $2.25 #227FC Chartreuse 227FT Tan 227FP Pink Jigged Frenchie Size 14, 16 $2.95 #269F Pheasant Tail GB Prince Nymph Size 8 - 18 $1.90 #90F Prince Nymph Size 10 - 16 $1.80 #89F Tungsten Bead Jigged Prince Size 12, 14 $2.95 #811F Tungsten Bead Jigged Pheasant Tail (PT) $2.95 #861F Size 14, 16 RK BH Big Bird Size 6 $2.25 #987F Natural Andy’s Bilbo Bug Size 12, 14 $2.25 #846F Copper John Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #596F Red Copper John Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #755F Blue Copper John Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #778F Black Copper John Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #473F Steelhead Copper John Size 10 $2.95 With speckled rubberlegs #257FB Black 257FC Copper 257FR Red 257FL Blue Jigged Copper John Size 14, 16 $2.25 #387FR Red 387FC Copper Hogan’s Red Headed Step Child Size 12 - 16 $1.90 #105F Andy’s Jagger Bug Size 14 $2.25 #242F Two Bit Hooker $2.95 #183FB Brown Size 14, 16 183FO Olive Size 16, 18 183FK Black Size 16 18 183FR Red Size 14, 16 Fred Gordon’s Prince Nymph $2.25 #118F Size 14 - 18 GB Fastwater Prince Size 6 $2.25 #490F Guide’s Choice Hares Ear Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #197F Jigged 20 Incher Size 8 $3.95 #801F Zug Bug Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #80F GB Zug Bug Size 12 - 16 $2.25 #579F CDC Rubber Legs Possie Bugger $2.25 #170F Sizes 8 - 12 Flashback Pheasant Tail (PT) $1.80 #432F Size 14 - 18 HDA FAV Variant Size 12 $2.95 #146F
photo Argentina’s Aluminé River runs north to south from its source, Lago Aluminé, along the foothills of the Andes bordering Chile for approximately 100 miles before it converges with the Collon Cura River. It’s a river deep in Mapuche Indian folklore and loaded with wild brown and rainbow trout. travel@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474
Isaias Miciu
Zack’s Bomb Squad Size 14 - 16 $2.95 #767FB Black/Red 767FS Black/Silver 767FR Red 767FG Gray Halo Midge Size 18 $2.25 #181F Chan’s Chironomid Bombers Size 12 $2.25 #96FB Black Zack’s Lil’ Bit Midge Size 16 - 18 $2.95 #768FB Black 768FN Brown 768FR Red 768FO Olive RS2 Sparkle Wing Size 20 $2.00 #235FB Black 235FG Gray 235F0 Olive Zack’s Jumper-Cable Midge Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #739FB Black 739FR Red Chromie Size 16, 18 $1.90 #639F Zack’s Cut Bait Midge Size 8 - 12 $2.25 #85F Blood Red Rich’s Moo-Midge Size 8 $2.25 #803FB Black 803FR Red 803FW Wine TB Tube Midge Size 18 $2.25 #28FB Black 28FR Red Nugget’s Size 12 $2.25 #708FB Black 708FR Red Neck 708FO Olive Mercury Black Beauty Size 20 $1.90 #254F Mercer’s Midgeling Size 18 $2.25 #594F 42 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com RK Frosty Flatulator Chironomid Size 12 - 18 $2.25 #918F Caped Avenger $1.90 #684FB Brown Size 16 684FO Olive Size 18 Mercer’s Gidget Size 18 $1.90 #331FO Olive 331FB Brown Beaded Zebra Midges Size 16 - 20 $1.90 #833FB Silver/Black 833FR Silver/Red 833FS Silver/Brown 833FO Gold/Olive Skittering Midge Size 20 $1.80 #4F Harrop’s CDC Emerging Midge Size 20 $2.25 #743F Chironomid Cripple Size 14 $2.25 #715F Griffith’s Gnat Size 20 $1.80 #27F Midge Hanger Size 20 $2.25 #864F Midges
THESELITTLEGUYS are found everywhere, and all the time. If a fish isn’t eating a stonefly, mayfly, terrestrial, or caddis, it’s probably feasting on tiny midges. The technical name for these small, double-winged insects are chironomids. Don’t let their size fool you – they’re small, but not insignificant, and lots of trophy-sized trout are hooked on these mini-flies! Because they’re small, it’s not important to get technical matching a midge hatch. Search your box for the fly closest to the size, silhouette, and color (in that order).
Marcel Siegle photo
Stonefly Nymphs www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 43 TB Pat’s Rubberlegs Size 8 $2.50 #427FB Brown 427FK Black 427FC Coffee 427FY Yellow Arlo’s Jig Stone Size 8 $3.95 #126F Black Hellgrammite Size 4 $4.95 #617F BH Hellgrammite Size 6 $2.50 #298F Mercer’s GB Poxyback Dark Stone Size 8, 12 $2.95 #592F Dark Mercer’s Poxyback Dark Stone Size 6 $3.95 #127F Mercer’s Tungsten Rag Hellgrammite Size 6 $5.95 #392F Mercer’s Tungsten Skwala Size 10 $2.95 #503F Little Sloan Stone $2.95 #759FY Yellow Size 16 759FB Black Size 12 Mercer’s Beaded Biot Poxy Golden Stone $2.50 #128FC Copper bead Sizes 16, 18 128FG Gold bead Sizes 8 - 14 Sandy’s Jigged Stone Size 6 $3.50 #371FG Golden 371FH Hammer Pat’s Rubberlegs (Jimmy Legs) $2.25 #825FB Brown Size 4 - 8 825FC Coffee/Black Size 6 825FK Black Size 6 825FR Orange/Brown Size 6 825FY Yellow/Brown Size 6 825FL Rust/Olive Size 6 Mercer’s CB Poxyback Little Yellow Stone Size 14, 16 $2.75 #756F Mercer’s TB Black Poxyback Stone Size 4 $4.25 #965F Morrish Iron Sally Size 14, 16 $2.25 #241F Anderson’s UV Sally Size 14, 16 $2.25 #967F Jiggy Yellow Sallie Stone Size 14, 16 $2.95 #836F Yellow Sally Stone Size 14 $2.95 #882F Rolling Stone $2.95 #107FB Black Size 6 107FG Gold Size 8 TB Stone Daddy’s $2.95 #791FB Brown Stone Size 6 791FA Amber Stone Size 8 Andy’s Conant Special Size 10, 12 $2.25 #635F Two-Bit Stone Size 8 - 16 $2.95 #378F Golden Stone Mega Prince Size 6 $1.90 #60F Andy’s Biot Stone Size 16 $2.25 #478F TB Golden Stone Size 8 - 12 $2.95 #445F Jiggy Rubberlegs Size 8 $2.95 #210FC Coffee 210FB Black 210FN Brown Andy’s Hackle Stone Size 12, 14 $2.25 #692F Russell Legs Size 6 $3.95 #1000F Mercer’s Stubby Stone Size 8, 12 $3.95 #819F Andy’s August Stone Size 16 $2.25 #136F Yellow BH Runt Stone Size 14 $1.90 #159FK Black 159FB Brown 159FG Ginger Jigged Poxyback Stone Size 10 - 12 $3.95 #199FG Golden 199FD Dark OB Western Stone Size 8 $2.95 #926F Mercer’s TB Black Micro Stone Size 14, 16 $2.95 #858F
Mercer’s Twisto May Size 16 $2.25 #752F PMD TB Crack Back Size 16, 18 $2.95 #971F PMD RP’s Point Fly $2.25 #665FP PMD Size 16 665FB BWO Size 18 Mercer’s CB Micro Mayflies Size 16 - 18 $2.25 #100FO Olive 100FL Black 100FB Brown Mercer CB Poxyback BWO Size 18 $2.95 #761F Thread Quill Size 14 $2.95 #668FC Copper 668FS Silver Mercer’s Jiggy Micro Mayflies Size 16, 18 $3.95 #117FO Olive 117FK Black 117FP P.T. 117FR Red Mercer’s Poxyback PMD $2.50 #129F Size 16, 18 Mercer’s GB Poxyback PMD Size 16, 18 $2.50 #702F Shot Glass Baetis $2.25 #748FB Brown Size 16 748FO Olive Size 18 Mercer’s Trigger Nymph $2.95 #332FP PMD Size 18 332FB BWO Size 20 332FC Callibaetis Size 16 S&M Nymph Size 16, 18 $2.25 #499FO Olive 499FB Brown Mercer’s Glass Bead Micro May Size 22 $2.95 #109FR Brown 109FO Olive 109FB Black Hot Intestinal Bug $2.95 #253F Black Size 16 Mercer’s Poxyback Green Drake $2.95 #135F Size 12 Mercer’s GB Poxyback Green Drake $2.95 #695F Size 12 Doug’s Sweet Pea Size 16 $2.95 #230F Burk’s Crystal HBI Size 16, 18 $2.00 #528F Zack’s Jig Nations $3.50 #982FB BWO Size 16, 18 982FP PMD Size 16, 18 982FN Brown Size 16, 18 Mercer’s Jigster’s $2.95 #288FB Baetis Size 18 288FP PMD Size 16 Weiss BP Nymphs Size 18 $2.95 #326FD Dark 326FL Light Violet Tail Jig $3.50 #741F Size 14 RK Flatulator $2.50 #929FP PMD Size 16 929FM March Brown Size 12 929FB BWO Size 18 929FA Baetis Size 18 Ted’s Edible Hexagenia Size 8 $3.95 #653F Lance’s Jigged X-May $2.95 #258FO Olive Size 16, 18 258FB Brown Size 16, 18 258FH Hot Spot Size 16, 18 258FK Black Size 16, 18 Doug’s Peaches n’ Cream $2.95 #23F Size 16, 18 Hunchback March Brown Size 14 $3.95 #681F Lance’s Hex Nymph Size 6 $3.95 #217F Tech Junkie Size 16 $2.95 #200FO Olive 200FB Black 200FR Red Peaches n’ Green $2.95 #260F Olive Size 18 Nymphs & Stillwater Flies Bryan Quick photo Bear’s Hex Nymph Size 6 $2.95 #344F Mercer’s Rag Hex Size 6 $5.95 #555F Twisted Tactical May $3.95 #908FN Brown Size 14 908FB Black Size 16 908FO Olive Size 16 Nosepicker Size 16, 18 $2.25 #245FP PMD Mercer’s Poxyback Isonychia Size 12 $2.95 #134F Swink’s BTS GD Size 12 $4.95 #623F Lightnin’s Biot Baetis Size 16, 18 $2.25 #809F Doug’s Strawberries n’ Cream $2.95 #723F Size 16, 18 Weiss Fire Fly $3.50 #779F Olive Size 18
Mercer’s Jiggy Scud Size 14, 16 $3.95 #53FO Olive 53FP Scud Pink 53FT Tan Zack’s Slow Water Emerger Size 12 $2.50 #423FO Olive 423FB Black 423FG Gray 423FN Orange/Peacock Mercer’s Poxyback Callibaetis $2.95 #131F Size 14 -16 Zack’s Zallibaetis $2.95 #355F Size 14, 16 Harrop’s Callibaetis Nymph Size 16 $2.25 #749F TB Drowned Rusty Spinner $2.25 #400F Size 18 Coppertop Duracell $2.95 #924F Size 16 Lance’s Perdigon’s $2.95 #343FB Baetis Size 16 343FP PMD Size 16 Jigged Fire Perdigon $2.25 #955F Fire Size 16 Jigged Split Case PMD $2.25 #933F PMD Size 16 Perdi Bomb Size 16 $2.95 #404F Black UV Hunchback Scud Size 16 $2.95 #408FO Olive/Orange 408FT Tan/Pink Ultra Scuds Size 16 $2.95 #373FO Olive 373FP Pink Mercer’s Jiggy Green Drake $3.95 #425F Size 10 Jigged Green Drake Size 12 $2.95 #879F Hunchback Green Drake Size 10 $3.95 #652F Crack Back PMD Size 16, 18 $2.50 #252F Perdigon Size 16 $2.95 #360F Black Fire Starter Jig Size 16 $2.95 #634F PMD Jigged TNT $2.95 #924FB BWO Size 18 924FP PMD Size 16 Black Perdigon Size 16 $2.95 #736F Black Burk’s Sierra Damsel Size 12 $2.95 #760F Olive Zack’s Damsel Leech $2.50 #418FR Rust Size 14 418FO Olive Size 12, 14 418FN Burnt Orange Size 14 418FB Burnt Orange/Olive Size 12,14 Lincoln’s Balanced Hex Nymph $4.50 #523F Size 6 Zack Attack Size 14 $2.50 #345FO Olive 345FT Olive/Burnt Orange 345FB Black/Burgundy Hula Damsel Size 16 $4.95 #856FO Olive 856FT Tan Zack’s Stillwater Swimming Leech Size 8 $2.95 #368FB Black 368FL Brown/Olive 368FN Brown 368FO Olive 368FT Burnt Orange 368FG Burgundy 368FV Brown/Olive Mix Tail 368FR Burnt Orange/Olive Mix Tail 368FK Black/Burgundy Mix Tail Jigged PMD Size 16 $2.95 #407FP Mercer’s Jiggy PMD Size 16 $2.95 #328F TB Drowned Trico Spinner Size 20 $2.25 #717F Hover Dragon Size 6 $3.95 #943F No Name Damsel Size 12 $2.25 #886F Scott’s Damsel Bugger Size 12 $2.50 #983F Picky Fish Damsel Size 12 $2.95 #939F Olive Zack’s Balanced Stillwater Swimming Leech Size 10 $3.50 #441FB Black 441FL Brown/Olive 441FO Olive Jigged Baetis Size 16 $2.95 #407FB Hot Spot Jig Size 16, 18 $2.95 #354F Olive Deer Hair Adult Damsel Size 14 $2.25 #750FB Blue 750FT Tan 750FO Olive Burk’s Adult Damsel Size 10 $3.95 #168F Sheep Creek Special Size 12 $2.00 #940F Zack’s Balanced Zack-Attack Damsel $3.50 #907F Size 12, 14 Alberto’s Snail Size 12 $3.95 #482F King’s Snail Size 12 $2.95 #317F Theo’s Boatman Size 14 $2.25 #108F Micro Perdigon Size 18 $3.50 #519FB Black 519FO Olive 519FQ Quill Alt Rocker $2.95 #479F PMD Size 16 Holo Point Size 16 $2.95 #852F Red www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 45
46 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Bubble Gumpy Size 6 $2.95 #319F Gray Art. Silver Minnow Size 6 $2.95 #93F Silver CH Silver Minnow Size 6 $2.95 #724F Silver Jig Pin Sculpin Size 8 $3.50 #623F Natural The Mob Size 2 $6.95 #221FB Black 221FO Olive 221FR Rainbow 221FP Platte 221FW White Jiggy Fry Size 10 $2.95 #587F Zonkers Size 4 $2.95 #422FB Black 422FY Yellow 422FN Natural 422FW White Sparkle Minnow Size 4 $2.95 #840FS Conehead Sculpin 840FP Gold Bead Pearl/Gold Articulated Smolt Size 6 $5.95 #673F Olive/White Swimming Baitfish Size 4 $7.95 #293FS Shad JR’s Baitfish $4.25 #142FS Shad Size 2 142FR Rainbow Size 2/0 Float-n-Flies Size 1⁄16 , 1⁄32 oz. $3.95 #970FS Sexy Shad 970FD Shad 970FB Bluegill 970FO Olive 970FC Chart. Shad TFS King Smolt Size 2 $4.95 #226F Dali Lama w/Egg Size 2 $3.95 #411FB Black/White 411FO Olive/White 411FC Flesh/Cream Freshwater Clousers Size 6 $2.95 #163FB Black 163FO Olive/White 163FY Chartreuse/Yellow 163FR Red Fox Swimming Jimmy Size 4 $8.95 #627F Muddler Minnow Size 4, 10 $2.95 #174F Dali Lama Size 2, 6 $3.95 #947FO Olive/White 947FB Black/White Pine Squirrel Leech Size 12 $2.95 #980FB Black 980FO Olive 980FN Brown Beldar Rubberlegs Size 4 $2.95 #732FO Olive 732FB Black 732FBY Brown/Yellow Aggravator Prince Size 6, 12 $2.95 #83F Prince Freshwater Streamers & Leeches Estancia Laguna Verde photo Healthy, robust Laguna Verde rainbow taken on a streamer. This Argentine top trophy rainbow trout destination features bull-strong and aggressive ‘bows that will smoke your drag and expose parts of your backing that have never seen the light of day.



The vast pampas just north of the Strait of Magellan surround a massive, trophy rainbow trout filled lake, river and spring creek system.Lago Strobel is where the jumbo rainbows average 6 to 8 pounds and often tip the scales well above 15 pounds. Give our travel staff a call for more info about this bucket-list destination. travel@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 47 Galloup’s Zoo Cougar Size 4 $4.95 #403FO Olive 403FT Tan Slumpbuster Size 4 $4.95 #893FB Black 893FN Natural 893FO Olive 893FR Rust Silvey’s Sculpin Size 4 $5.95 #50FO Olive 50FB Black 50FT Tan Lanier’s Streamer Size 4 $2.25 #863F WMD Sculpin Size 4 $6.95 #885FB Brown 885FN Natural 885FO Olive Milla Time Sculpin Size 6 $4.95 #465F Olive Galloup’s Dungeon Size 2 $7.95 #796FB Black 796FO Olive 796FN Natural Morrish’s Medusa Size 2 trailer $7.95 #49F Fleshy Whitlock’s Matuka Sculpin $8.95 #39F Size 6 CH Kiwi Muddler Size 4 $2.50 #837FB Black 837FO Olive Sculpzilla Size 4 $4.95 #21FN Natural 21FB Black 21FW White 21FS Sunrise JR’s Simi Seal Leeches Size 8 $2.50 #897FB Blood 897FC Canadian 897FL Crystal 897FP Peacock 897FD Blood/Purple 897FK Black/Blue Translucent Wiggle Tail Size 10 $3.25 #143FO Olive 143FB Burnt Orange 143FR Rust GTC Autumn Splendor Size 4 $2.95 #871F Beadhead Mini Leech Size 8 $2.50 #364FB Black 364FO Olive Cone Head Woolhead Sculpin Size 4 $3.95 #678F Olive Sheila Sculpin Size 4 $3.95 #740F Fish Skullpin Bunny Size 4 $3.95 #978FO Olive 978FB Brown 978FG Grizzly 978FS Sand Crystal Buggers Size 6, 12 $2.50 #176FB Black 176FO Olive 176FN Brown Beaded Micro Buggers Size 12 $2.50 #804FC Chartreuse 804FB Black 804FG Gray 804FO Olive 804FW White 804FBR Brown 804FN Midnight GB Chilean Rubber Bugger Size 4 $2.50 #754F Beadhead Crystal Bugger Size 8 $2.50 #589FC Chartreuse 589FS Silver 589FB Black 589FO Olive 589FR Brown 589FN Midnight Egg Sucking Crystal Bugger Size 4 $1.95 #202FP Purple 202FB Black Wooly Bugger Size 8, 10 $2.25 #182FB Black 182FN Brown 182FO Olive Zack’s Pyramid Minnow Size 6 $2.50 #69FO Tui Chub 69FW White Balanced “Moo” Minnow Size 8 $3.95 #583F Doug’s Popcorn Beetle Size 8 $2.50 #788F Chart/White Zack’s Pyramid Beach Leeches Size 8 $3.95 #102FB Black 102FP Peacock 102FR Brown Midnight Cowboy Size 4 $2.50 #301F Sexton’s Boobie Fly Size 8 $2.25 #223F Chart/White

Steelhead Flies

48 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Undertaker Size 6 $2.25 #687F October Hilton Size 5 $3.95 #642F Hartwick’s Hilton Size 6 $2.95 #1002FB Brown #1002FP Purple Green Butt Skunk Size 3, 5 $3.50 #216F Green Butt Silver Hilton Size 6 $2.50 #398F Steelhead Soft Hackle Size 6 $2.95 #1003FC Cream 1003FP Purple Mart’s Bead Butt Burlap Size 6 $4.95 #663F The right flies for Tierra del Fuego TJ Hooker Size 6 $2.95 #281FB Black/Brown 281FT Tan/Brown 281FN Brown 281FK Black EMB Rubberlegs Size 10 $2.25 #835F EMB GBRL Prince Size 6 $2.95 #386F Green Machine Size 4 $2.95 #820F TDF Tube Bomber .75˝ $4.95 #384FG Fl. Green Butt 384FR Fl. Red Butt TDF Taxi Size 1 $3.95 #800F GB Red Butt Bomber Size 6 $2.95 #116F Yuk Bug Size 4 $2.95 #362F GB Fastwater Prince Size 6 $2.50 #490F Hartwick’s Skinny Spratley Size 5 $2.50 #393F Scorpion Stinger Size 6 trailer $2.95 #513FP Peacock 513FB Blue Hoh-Bo Spey Size 6 $4.95 #868F Black/Green Butt Hartwick’s Silent Assassin Size 7 $2.95 #459F Burnt Chicken Size 2 $3.95 #14FB Black 14FP Pink 14FU Purple Beaded Assassins Size 6 $2.25 #225FG Gold/Olive 225FC Copper/Brown General Practitioner Size 2 $2.95 #948F Traditional Klamath River Patterns Brindle Bug Mossback Silver Cone Hilton #236F Size 8 $2.25 #694F Size 8 $2.25 #602F Size 6 $3.50 Travis’s Half Man Intruder Size 1/0 $10.95 #910FC Blue/Chartruese 910FP Pink/Blue Brett’s Obie Skater Size 1 $3.95 #520FB Black 520FP Purple Brett’s Klamath Skater Size 7 $3.95 #572FB Black 572FR Brown 572FO October 572FP Purple Ska-Opper Size 4 $4.95 #274FN Natural #274FB Black Size 2 274FP Purple #274FK Pink Titanic Size 6 $3.95 #549F Tan Hoody’s Hangers Size 4 $4.95 #853FB Black & Blue 853FO Orange 853FW White
Hot Butt Burlap Size 6 $3.50 #670FB Standard 670FJ Jigged
Intruder Size 6
$3.95 #366FB Black/Blue 366FO Orange 366FP Pink/Purple 366FR Rust/Olive 366FK Black/Purple Kilowatt Size
$4.95 #742F CH Herniator Size
#10F Brett’s Klamath
Size 6 $3.95 #973F STH Mini Muddler Size 4 $3.95 #390F
Brett’s Klamath
8 $3.50
WEBUILTOURREPUTATION pointing our clientele, friends, and fly rods at steelhead on the Klamath, Trinity, Eel, Mad, Smith, and the other famous rivers in the Pacific Northwest.
There are few spots in the Western Hemisphere, from the wild steelhead rivers of Kamchatka to the seldom fished water in Southern Argentina where we haven’t chased these fish and figured out the flies.

Bjorn’s Super Prawns $4.95 Size 2/0 Trailer hook #770FO Super Prawn Orange 770FP Super Prawn Pink 770FB Super Prawn Black/Blue 770FC Super Prawn Chartreuse 770FL Super Prawn Purple Senyo’s OCD Size 2 $3.95 #569FK Black 569FP Pink 569FB Blue Jim Teeny Flies Size 4 $2.25 #547FB Egg Sucking Black 547FA Antique Gold 547FG Insect Green Trailer Trash Size 2 trailer $4.95 #424FG Green/Blue 424FP Pink/White 424FR Red/Blue/Purple Dean River Tiger Size 1/0 $3.95 #341F Comet Size 2, 8 $2.95 #496FO Orange 496FC Chartreuse Steelhead Boss Size 2, 6 $2.95 #310F Black

Super Spey Flies #169FO Black/Orange $15.95 #169FP Black/Pink $15.95 #169FB Black/Blue $15.95 #169FC Black/Chartreuse$15.95 #169FG Orange $15.95 Skagit Minnow Size 2 $5.95 #271FB Black 271FP Purple 271FO Popsicle Mini Intruder’s Size 4 $5.95 #862FB Black/Blue 862FK Blue/Purple 862FM Metal Detector 862FP Pink 862FO Olive/Black Signature Intruder Size 2 Trailer $4.95 #636FP Purple 636FB Black/Green Butt 636FR Red/Black

Jumbo Critter Size 1 $4.95 #944FB Black/Blue 944FC Chartreuse/Blue 944FO Pink/Orange 944FP Purple Barred Ostrich Intruders Size 2 $5.95 #488FC Chart./Black 488FP Purple/Black 488FK Pink/Purple 488FB Black/Blue Hickman’s Fish Taco Size 2 $4.95 #222FR Red 222FB Black 222FP Purple Sili Leg Intruder Size 2 $4.95 #986FB Pink/Black 986FK Pink/Blue 986FP Purple/Black 986FO Pink/Orange 986FC Blue/Chartreuse Dirk Wiggler Size 1 $4.95 #721FB Red/Black 721FC Chartreuse Stu’s Rhea Intruder Size 2 $5.95 #12FP Blue/Purple 12FB Black/Purple 12FW Pink/White Stu’s Stinger Prawn Size 2 $5.95 #508FP Prawn Pink 508FO Prawn Orange

▲ Low mortality: If a fish swallows the hook, cut the leader: the hook will dissolve without causing more harm. Just replace the hook and continue fishing.

▲ Options: The pattern size and style of a tube fly aren't dependent on hook style or size.

▲ Durability: Tube flies last longer. During the fight, the tube fly slides up the leader and away from sharp teeth. ▲ Re-useable : If the hook breaks or dulls, simply replace the damaged hook and continue fishing the same tube fly. ▲ Easy adjustments: Add brass, aluminum or tungsten tube bodies, or use cones or beads for more weight and to adjust the sink rates of tube flies. Stu’s Prawn Truder $4.95 #244FB Blue 244FP Pink 244FU Purple 244FW White/Orange Stu’s Griz Turbo Tube $3.95 #37FO Orange/Pink Tube Stu’s Jungle Tail Turbo Tube $3.95 #40F Black/Blue Tube Stu’s Griz Turbo Tube $3.95 #37FB Blue/Black Tube Stu’s Tiger Tail Turbo Tube $3.95 #573F Hot Pink Tube

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 49
▲ Land more fish: When fighting the fish, less hook leverage with shorter shank hooks result in a higher percentage of fish caught. The Fly Shop’s Steelhead Tube Fly Selection and their advantages: Stu’s Metal Tubes $4.95 #676FF Fushchia 676FP Purple 676FB Black 676FL Black/Blue Hartwick Hoser $5.95 #919FB Black/Blue Tube 919FP Pink/Purple Tube 919FK Pink Tube Hartwick Flashtail $3.95 #458FF Fuschia/Pink Tube 458FB Black/Blue Tube 458FP Pink/Purple Tube Sun Ray Shadow $5.95 #960F Tube River Rat Tube $3.95 #379F Hot Pink Tube


Fly Shop’s Top Mouse Patterns

These are the best nine choices in the world of fly fishing for those anglers who want to try fishing a mouse in Alaska, Kamchatka, Mongolia, Canada, or anywhere else there’s a healthy population of field mice or lemmings near trout water.

The Fly Shop’s Alaska Leech Selection

Mr. Hankey Size 4 $5.95 #494F

This is our favorite. The Hankey in either size is the most productive and fish-friendly (least lethal) imitation of a mouse ever tied. The up-eye trailer hook usually stings trout in the upper lip, misses gills, and insures a harmless release.

Mighty Mouse Size 4 $8.95 #584F

The accurate, large profile tosses a huge wake. It’s an irresistible rough water imitation, though difficult to cast with light (6 weight) fly Rods.

Mouse Rat Size 6 $5.95 #162F

Mini Hankey Size 6 $5.95 #494F

Morrish Mouse 2.0 Size 2 $4.95 #106F

Mercer’s Lemming Size 2 $8.95 #192F A great, but very lethal trout pattern that is best suited for largemouth bass.

RL Stinger Mouse Size 4 $3.95 #234F

Articulated Hood Rat Size 4 $4.95 #950F Unlike most mouse patterns, the Hood Rat casts easily, skates all day long, and is highly durable. Designed by long-time alaskan guide, this mouse is one of our top two choices!

Fishing a mouse fly for trophy trout...

THETECHNIQUE is simple and seldom varies. Quarter the fly downstream, beginning as close to the bank as possible and pay close attention to any structure. Keep the tip low, the line taut, and add a bit of motion occasionally with the rod tip. As the fly swings in the current, it’ll give off enough of a wake to bring fish from the first down marker. These rodents are a staple on the trouts’ diet in Russia’s Far East, as well as Alaska. Large trout will chase them and attack again and again, attempting to pull the “mouse” below the surface and drown it before devouring the varmint.

Exciting is an understatement. Anglers should be required to have an EKG before being allowed to use a mouse in Kamchatka or Alaska, where it isn’t unusual to hook dozens of large rainbows every day on the surface using mice imitations.

Hareball Leeches Size 1/0 $4.95

fast sinking streamers pull triple-duty as king salmon, steelhead and silver salmon patterns. They are superb flies on bright days for kings and silvers and very effective in the early morning hours for steelhead.

Kamchatka & Alaska boasts the finest mouse fishing for big rainbows in the world, and the Mr. Hankey pattern is one of the only pattern our guides will use! It floats high, skates perfectly across the surface, and the upturned hook dramatically reduces mortality.

Mini Mouse Size 10 $5.95
Wherever you fish in freshwater, you’ll find leeches. They’re a first choice for trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, and sea trout. Often they’re the only choice! Fill your box with a variety of different sizes and colors.
$3.95 #213FS
$2.95 #251FP
Articulated Marabou Leech
#215F Egg
$1.95 #203FP
String Leech Size 2 $4.95 #240FP Pink/Purple 240FB Black/Red 240FL Black/Blue Mercer’s Poxyegg Leech
Brian O’Keefe photo
Living Leech Size 2
Tan/White Egg Sucking Jig Wiggler
Size 4
Size 2 $4.95
Leech Size 2
Size 4 $2.50
email: info@theflyshop.com
#777FP Purple 777FB Black 777FO Orange/Pink 777FC Orange/Chartreuse 777FK Bubblegum Pink

Alaska Flies

Egg Imitations

Silver Salmon Wogs

What Silvers lack in size when compared to King Salmon, they make up for in numbers and aggressive behavior. They’ll attack a fly all day long and are often caught in numbers large enough to exhaust even the most intrepid angler.

Like most anadromous fish they’re negaphototropic. They don’t like the bright daylight and become more and more shy as the sun rises. In the early morning hours Silver Salmon are at their most aggressive and often strike a skated surface fly.

Skating fluorescent or large pink floating flies (“pollywogs”) across the surface is an exciting wrinkle to the Alaska Silver Salmon fly fishing experience.

Single Eggs Size 8 $1.50 #196F Top to bottom left to right: Salmon Egg, Shrimp Pink, STH Orange, Peachy King, Champagne Boles Bazookas Size 8 $1.95 #870FSO STH Orange 870FSP Shrimp Pink 870FPK Peachy King 870FSU Sockeye Micro Spawn Size 12 $2.00 #110FS Shrimp Pink 110FO Oregon Cheese 110FE Salmon Egg 110FT STH Orange 110FP Peachy King GB Gorman Eggs Size 6 $1.95 #854FP Pink #854FO Orange Fox’s Fertilizer Size 1, 8, 12 $2.25 #618F Orange Clown Egg Size 6 - 10 $1.80 #365F Surreal Egg Size 12 $1.50 #188FO Steelhead Orange 188FB Bright Orange 188FP Peachy King 188FE Salmon Egg 188FS Shrimp Pink 188FL Pink Lady Jiggy Eggs Size 12 $1.95 #296FO Orange 296FC Oregon Cheese Samurai Spawn Size 8 $2.95 #88F Orange/Peach Mercer’s Sac Fry Size 12 $2.95 #679F Fleshwound Size 6 $1.95 #677F Mercer’s Skin ‘n Bones Size 6 $3.25 #911F Denver Omlette Size 12 $3.95 #8140FP Pink/Red 8140FH Hot Pink 8140FL Light Roe
Glo Bugs were a local Redding creation more than 50 years ago and
have spawned several generations of imitations,
and variations. Whatever your feeling about these
and omelets, they’re high on the list of trout food in the Pacific Northwest.
Salmon drop their eggs, and their specific gravity carries them to the bottom. Fertilized eggs begin to decompose, form nitrogen, become more buoyant, begin to float along the bottom and create an amazing chow line.
TFS Worm Size 2 $3.95 #860F Dead Drift Pinky Polar Shrimp Size 6 $2.95 #193F SkaOpper Size 4 $4.95 #274FK Pink Karluk Flash Fly Size 2 $2.95 #194FS Silver/Red 194FC Cranberry www.theflyshop.com 51
In salmon country, the flesh of decomposing fish is at the top of the trout menu. It’s loaded with protein, easy to digest, and the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, and Russian Far East are full of carcasses in the fall. Dead-drifting or stripping these carcass patterns is a devastating method for catching late summer and fall trophy trout and char.
Drifting Carcass Size 4 $2.95 #186F Mercer’s Mini Carcass Size 8 $1.95 #187F Battle Creek Bunny Size 4 $1.95 #300F Articulated Flesh Size 6 $3.95 #917FC Cream 917FW White S.O. Moal Rhoid Size 6 $2.95 #629F Meat Lover’s Special Size 2 $3.95 #320F Mercer’s King Caviar Size 1/0 $2.95 #195F Foam Top Wog Size 2/0 $7.50 #660F Pink We’ve got a grasp on one of the top swing fisheries found in Alaska, Lava Creek Lodge, for king and silver salmon. And they love pink flies! Give us a call today for details on this Alaska destination. 800-669-3474 mercer@theflyshop.com
Arian Stevens photo
52 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Bonefish Bitters Size 8 $3.95 #564FA Amber 564FO Olive Christmas Charlie Size 2, 8 $3.95 #264F Orange, Pink Crazy Charlie Size 6 $3.25 #262FT Tan #262FC Chartreuse #262FP Pink #262FB Crystal Brown #262FW Pearl Skinny Mini Size 10 $2.95 #198F Olive/Tan Skampi Size 6 $3.95 #443F Casa Blanca Raghead Crab Size 2 $8.95 #211FT Tan 211FW White Bully Special $3.95 #953FL Lead Eye Size 4 953FC Bead Chain Eye Size 6 Squimp Size 2, 6 $2.95 #517F Tan Supreme Hair Shrimp $5.95 #810FT Tan Size 2 810FW White Size 6 Mantis Shrimp Size 2 $3.95 #790F Beck’s Bead Chain Sili-Legs Size 6 $4.95 #180FC Chartreuse 180FT Tan Fleeing Crab Size 2, 6 $11.95 #566F Alphonse Crab Size 2 $5.95 #314F Tan Grand Slam Crab Size 6 $3.95 #650F Tan Diving Crab Size 2 $7.95 #278F Spawning Mantis Size 2 - 6 $3.95 #993F Tan/Orange Tennaki Special $3.95 #974FL Lead Eye, Size 4 974FC Bead Chain, Size 6 Contraband Crab Size 4 $6.95 #533FO Olive 533FT Tan Patos Crab Size 2 $4.95 #358FT Tan 358FW White Cathy’s Fleeing Crab Size 4, 6 $4.95 #483F Tan Flexo Crab Size 4 $6.95 #97F0 Olive 97FS Sand Strong Arm Merkin Size 2 $9.95 #705FT Tan 705FW White 705FO Olive Improved Merkin Size 2 $6.95 #279F Lead Eyes Money Crab Size 6 $3.95 #261F Olive, Tan Raghead Crab Size 2, 6 $4.95 #275FO Olive 275FT Tan Bauer’s Flats Crab Size 4, 6 $5.95 #272FT Tan 272FO Olive White Sand Fleeing Crab Size 2 $11.95 #405F Puglisi Crab Size 4 $11.95 #647F Olive Blue Crab Size 6 $11.95 #565F Permit &

JAN ISLEY ’ S Raghead Crab (pictured far left) sparked a revolution in ‘91 for permit fishermen in Mexico’s Ascension Bay. Suddenly anglers had a tool in their box these uncooperative fish would eat.

permit began to be caught routinely, and more and more fly rodders added these wary critters to their daily list of targets on the flats.

spiralled even higher as native guides in Mexico and Belize refined their techniques and made subtle changes to the color, weight, and materials used to tie the short list of effective permit fly patterns.

The ESB series of flies (products of a team of sophisticated saltwater anglers, talented Mayan guides, and Dane Emerson – the owner of Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge) were the real game changers. New to our catalog (but not our travel clientele) these two permit patterns have accounted for a good portion of just over 2,000 permit landed at Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge in 5 years!

Kwan Size 4 $3.95 #500F Early Worm Size 6 $2.95 #157F Bonefish Junk Size 2 - 6 $5.95 #238F Rasta Puff Size 6 $2.95 #486F Supreme Hair Rattle Shrimp Size 1 $8.95 #704F Enrico’s Lead Eye Spawning Shrimp Size 4 $8.95 #883F Tan, Olive, Transparent, Root Beer Enrico’s Bead Chain Spawning Shrimp Size 4 $8.95 #209F Tan Popovic’s Ultra Shrimp Size 2 $6.95 #286F Mini Corona Size 6 $7.95 #335FT Tan 335FO Olive Miheves Flats Fly Size 6 $4.95 #124F Tan Mini Puff Size 4, 6 $2.95 #287FP Pink 287FT Tan Blind Mini Puff Size 6 $2.95 #525FT Tan 525FP Pink Crafty Shrimp Size 2 $5.95 #190F Beck’s Lead Eye Sili-Legs $4.95 #823FC Chartreuse Size 6 823FT Tan Size 4 Coyote Spawning Shrimp Size 1/0 $8.95 #758FC Bead Chain 758FL Lead Eye Bone Jovi Size 2 $5.95 #295F McVay Gotcha $3.95 #266F Size 2 - 8 266FR Root Beer, Size 4, 6 267F Lead Eye Gotcha, Size 4 Deep Water Bunny Gotcha Size 4 - 8 $3.95 #224F Shane’s Bone Kohlector Size 6 $3.95 #356FB Blind Tan 356FT Bead Chain Tan 356FO Bead Chain Olive Shallow Water Clousers Size 6 $2.25 #285F Chartreuse, Tan, Gray Avalon Permit Size 2 $4.95 #417FL Heavy Eye 417FB Light Eye Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp Size 2 $2.95 #711F Reefer Mantis Size 4 $6.95 #643F Tan/Orange BonefishFlies Brian O’Keefe photo
Erik Argotti photo ESB Yellow Eye Raghead Crab Size 2 $8.95 #961FT Tan 961FW White ESB Yellow Eye Spawning Shrimp Size 2 $8.95 #720FT Tan 720FW White 720FO Olive
Top Permit Flies
Rusty Chinnis photo
The Three
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 53
54 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Cockroach Size 1/0, 4/0 $6.95 #292F Red and White Size 3/0 $4.95 #307F Tarpon Toad Size 1/0 $6.95 #896FY Yellow 896FC Chartreuse 896FR Red/Black 896FP Peach 896FO Chart./Orange Laid Up Tarpon Size 2/0 $7.95 #762F Chili Pepper Cinder Worm Size 3/0 $5.95 #834F Semperfly Size 4/0 $12.95 #150F Black Death Size 3/0 $5.95 #306F Black Death Rabbit Size 5/0 $8.95 #498F Borski’s Fur Shrimp Size 4 $3.95 #263F Tarpon Bunny Size 3/0 $7.95 #805FR Rusty Orange 805FY Yellow USWHO CRAVE the thrill of saltwater and hunger for its brand of excitement
profiles, and
Tarpon Fur Worm Size 4/0 $6.95 #625F Tarpon Rabbit Toad Size 1/0 $5.95 #576FC Chartreuse 576FT Tan 576FP Purple/Black Megalopsicle Size 1/0 $7.95 #998FC Chartreuse/Yellow 998FO Dirty Olive 998FP Purple/Black 998FT Tan/Orange Bigeye Tarpon Size 1/0 $7.95 #734FG Orange/Griz 734FS Sand Devil 734FY Yellow Tarpon & FlatsFlies
are constantly searching for better flies to improve that quest, and the rules
been completely written for the salty side of the sport. Exciting new materials, better hooks, constantly improving
tying techniques are continually changing the face of saltwater fly design. Whatever you need in the saltwater world, we’ve got it, and it’s probably listed on one of these catalog pages.
you need help, call us! We know our stuff.
Bill Marts photo



Tandem Cuda Fly Size 2/0 $7.95 #20F EZ Mackeral Size 4/0 $4.95 #495F Flashfire Mushy Size 2/0 $10.95 #101F Captain Ray’s Silversides Size 1/0 $7.95 #340F Sand Flea Size 2 $3.95 #600F Milky Magic Size 6 $3.95 #329F Chartreuse Tarpon Snake Size 4/0 (6˝ long) #880F $14.95 Cuda Killer Size 4/0 $8.95 #291F Flathead Shad Size 3/0 $9.95 #43F Midnight Mullet Size 1/0 $6.95 #630F Bush Whacker Size 2/0 $6.95 #375FC Chart/White 375FB Blue/White 375FS Shad Midnight Minnow Size 6 $4.95 #141F Shinnecock Silversides Minnow Size 4 $4.95 #243F Masked Minnow Size 1, 4 $3.95 #1001FG White/Green 1001FP White/Pearl Fishalicious Size 1/0 $7.95 #560FC Chartreuse/Black #560FW Red/White $7.95 #560FO Olive/Black $7.95 www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474
Wave saltwater
deliver flies
See page 71 for more info
rod Scott’s new
fly rod is equally adept fishing the flats, casting fast sinking lines for stripers, or chasing carp and bass at your local pond or lake. Wave rods deliver high performance across a wide variety of fishing situations. Light in hand, the Wave easily generates high line speeds in controlled tight loops, an essential attribute needed to cut through wind and
on target.

Peacock Bass Specialty Flies

FLY SHOP ’ S jungle junkies have travelled to most of the top spots in the Amazon and learned a lot about the best flies, tackle, techniques and the best places to hunt for them. A tip – Body material for most of these flies is fashioned from thin synthetic fibers and you need to carry a comb to touch up the flies in the field. A little attention to the coiffure will do wonders. Lots of flies work, but these are our favorites.

56 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Girl Next Door Size 6/0 $11.95 #827FB Black/Purple #827FT Firetiger 827FR Rainbow Swinger’s Convention Size 4/0 $8.95 #248FT Firetiger 248FR Red/White 248FB Black/Purple Cruisers are deadly Peacock Bass patterns and rate among the top producing patterns in the tropics. #1005F Cruiser PeacockSize 3/0 or 5/0 $16.95 550F Cruiser White ShadSize 2/0 (5 long) 839FR Cruiser Red/WhiteSize 3/0 839FB Cruiser Black/PurpleSize 3/0 Reducer Size 1/0 $10.95 #327F Flashtail Clouser Size 2 (4˝ long) $2.95 #318F Olive/Pink Whitlock’s Swimming Baitfish Size 1/0 (4.5 long) $7.95 #293FS Shad #293FY Yellow GT Brush Fly Size 6/0 $8.95 #429FT Tan 429FB Black Bad Attitude Baitfish Size 4/0 $16.95 #544FT Tan #544FO Orange/Yellow 544FB Black/Red 544FW Blue/White 544FI Italian - Chartreuse/Red/White Cruiser Sardina Size 2/0 (5 long) $16.95 #990F Flashtail Minnow Clouser Size 1/0 $5.95 #892FC Chartreuse & White 892FB Black & Purple 892FW Olive & White Lefty’s Deceiver Size 3/0 (5.5˝ long) $6.95 #294FC Chartreuse #294FB Blue #294FG Gray
Mushmouth Size 2/0 $7.95 #859FS Sand/White #859FY Yellow/White 859FB Blue/White Super Mushy Size 3/0 (7˝ long) $9.95 #838FB Blue/White #838FM Mackerel Clouser Half & Half Size1/0 (4 long) $5.95 #540FC Chartreuse #540FG Gray 540FB Baitfish
Bill Marts photo

Dorado Specialty Flies

Everglades Special Size 2/0 $9.95 #764F Sea Habit Bucktail Size 2/0 (3.5 ) $6.95 #337FA Anchovy 337FS Sardine Puglisi Peanut Butter Size 2/0 $9.95 #374FC Chartreuse & White 374FB Black & Purple 374FG Gray & White Mangrove Baitfish Size 2/0 $7.95 #305FG Ghost 305FS Shiner Chilly Goat Size 2/0 $5.95 #22FC Chartreuse & White 22FT Tan & White 22FG Gray & White 22FO Olive & White Rattle Baitfish Size 3/0 $11.95 #580F Pinfish Major Bunker Size 4/0 $13.95 #348FB Poppin’ Featherhead $26.95 #347FP Pink (6.5 long) 347FG Chartreuse 347FB Blue/Pearl Rainy’s Trailer Hook (7 long) $10.95 #8786 Stainless tandem 6/0 hooks Realistic Menhaden Size 8/0 (8 long) $5.95 #431F Realistic Blueback Herring Size 6/0 (8 long) $5.95 #454F Major Herring #348FH Size 3/0 (6 long) $13.95 Flashtail Whistlers Size 3/0 (5.5 long) $5.95 #309FR Red/White #309FL Olive/White 309FY Yellow/Red 309FO Orange/Yellow In-Shore Popper Size 3/0 (4˝ long) $6.95 #757FC Chartreuse #757FR Orange/Yellow 757FW White Big Boy Trevally Popper Size 2/0 (6˝ long) $8.95 #527F Pearly Poppers Size 2/0 (4.5 long) $4.95 #353FB Blue/White #353FG Green/Yellow Crease Flies Size 1/0 $7.95 #626FB Blue/Silver 626FK Black/Silver #626FT Firetiger 626FO Olive/Silver 626FS Silver SW Gurgler Size 3/0 (4˝ long) $3.95 #437FR Red/White #437FB Black 437FG Green/White N.Y.A.P. Size 6/0 $9.95 #350FW White 350FB Black Rainy’s Ocean Candy 6/0 Tandem Hook (10 long) $26.95 #672FW White #672FP Pink SCOF Trailer Trash Size 1/0 $2.95 #381FC Cinnamon 381FT Tan Snookaroo Size 1/0 (Floating, 4˝ long) $8.95 #325F Red/White
Andino Deceivers are tough, durable imitations of sabalo (the primary dorado forage fish), with a modified, Muddler-like head that dives, darts, and improves the performance in fast, turbulent water. The Andino is tied exclusively for The Fly Shop®. Don’t leave home without them. Andino Deceiver Size 3/0 (5.5 long) The most effective dorado flies in the sport! #957FW Olive/White $14.95 957FR Black/Red #957FO Black/Orange 957FP Black/Purple 957FC Black/Chartreuse Puglisi’s Boca Grande Dorado Size 3/0 (5 long) $10.95 #164FD Day Glow 164FY Yellow www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 57

Closer to home, our surrounding foothills are dotted with bass ponds, and lowland lakes. These placer-mine remnants of California’s Gold Rush are filled with bass and other warmwater species.

As competition for quality trout fishing water becomes more intense, the warmwater aspect of the sport is getting a lot more attention and The Fly Shop® is ready with a great fly selection.

58 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Rattling Frog Size 2, 6 $9.95 #662FO Olive 662FB Black Whitlock’s Air Jet Size 4 $5.95 #95F Black, Frog, Chart., Red/White Bass & Bluegill Mini Poppers Size 12 $3.95 #608FF Frog #608FK Kermit 608FP Pearl 608FL Luna 608FS Sting Strip Tease Size 3/0 $6.95 #659FS Shad 659FC Chartreuse & White 659FR Red & White 659FB Black #609FK Kermit #609FT Tiger #609FP Pearl #609FF Frog Rubberleg Largemouth Poppers Size 4 with weed guards $3.95 Baby Bass Popper Size 6 $6.95 #783F Silver Shiner Popper Size 6 $6.95 #792F Whitlock’s Swimming Frog Sizes 2, 6, 10 $9.95 Along with traditional poppers, this pattern rates as an all-time favorite! #346F Frog Weedless Psychoactive Frog Size 1 $7.95 #372FW White 372FY Yellow 372FO Orange Lu’Au Frog Size 1/0 $9.95 #798FG Green & Yellow 798FC Chartreuse & White Morrish Dragon Size 6 $2.95 #954F Bish-A-Rat Size 4/0 $10.95 #149FB Black 149FN Natural Ultimate Mormon Cricket Size 4 $5.95 #35F Stinger Grave Digger Size 8 $3.50 #173F Olive Carp Tease Size 8 $3.95 #138FB Black 138FO Olive 138FN Brown Pole Dancer Size 1/0 $14.95 #719FB Black 719FR Rainbow 719FB Brown & White 719FT Firetiger Hoover Moover Size 4 $3.95 #312FG Gold 312FO Olive 312FR Rust Skip’s Predator Size 6 $2.95 #232F Swimming Carp Nymph Size 8 $2.25 #399F Backstabber Size 6 $4.95 #891FB Black #891FR Rusty 891FO Olive Rainy’s PSP Bubblehead $8.95 Size 4/0 (5.5 long) #706F Chartreuse, Red/White Mop-Tail Changer Size 1/0 $6.95 #994FO Olive 994FB Black 945FW White Bass, Bluegill, Pike, Carp, Crappie & Shad REDDING ’ S ELEVATION is only 564 feet. We’re
the Sacramento
and two
Shasta and Mount Lassen, tower
our valley
3 directions (north, east, and west)
at the extreme
end of
floor. As
leave town in
, the California Valley Oaks quickly give way to the
forests of the Sierras and the Trinity Alps. There are about 730 miles of public trout streams and rivers within an hour and a half drive.
Bryan Quick photo
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 59 RK’s 20-20 Minnow Size 4 $2.25 #977FO Olive/White 977FB Blue/White 977FC Chart./White Float-n-Flies 1⁄16, 1⁄32 oz. $3.95 #970FS Sexy Shad 970FD Shad 970FB Bluegill 970FO Olive 970FC Chart. Shad Meat Whistle Size 1/0 $6.95 #689FB Black #689FD Crawdad 689FW White 689FV Virile 689FO Olive Toby’s Teaser Size 2/0 $4.95 #334FR Rainbow 334FC Chart./White Bisharat’s Live Wire Size 3/0 $12.95 #752FO Olive/White 752FR Rainbow 752FC Chartreuse/White Game Changer Size 2/0 $12.95 #581FR Rainbow 581FW White Rainbow Trout Size 6/0 (8.5 long) $5.95 #455F Wiggle Minnow $5.95 #147FT Firetiger Size 2 147FR Rainbow Size 6 Jiggy Fat Minnow Size 1/0 $4.95 #949FO Olive 949FS Sexy shad 949FB Bluegill Bass Turd Size 1/0 $2.95 #219FB Black 219FO Olive 219FW White Whitlock’s Scorpion Size 4 $6.95 #622F Root Beer Jiggy Craw Size 2/0 $6.95 #284FO Orange 284FV Olive Bouncing Crawfish Size 6 $4.95 #795FC Crawfish Orange 795FO Olive Ehler’s Grim Reaper Size 3/0 $7.95 #413FB Black/Purple 413FF Firetiger 413FR Root Beer 413FP Pumpkin Whiplash Cray Size 4 $5.95 #568F Bushwhacker Blue Gill Size 1 $6.95 #765F Mini Minnow Size 8 $2.95 #17FO Olive/White 17FR Rainbow American Shad Flies “The poor man’s tarpon” in our western states. Shad are prolific and powerful. Our peak local season is May, June, and July. Zack’s Zackmaster Shad Size 6 $2.95 #302FG Hot Gold 302FP Hot Pink 302FO Orange 302FC Chartreuse TFS Hot Mono Shad Size 6 $2.25 #160F Lead Eye Jiggy Worm Size 1 $3.95 #481FB Burnt Orange 481FK Black 481FT Tan 481FO Olive Ultimate Worm Size 1/0 $3.95 #648FO Olive/Black 648FW White 648FT Black/Tan 648FR Red/Brown 648FB Black/Blue 648FP Pink Great Basin Drifter Size 8 $3.95 #916F Total Feather Craw Size 6 $4.95 #735F Drop Dead Minnow Size 4 $3.95 #693FR Rainbow 693FB Black 693FG Gray 693FO Olive Baby Fat Minnow Size 8 $3.95 #902FO Olive 902FS Sexy Shad 902FB Blue Gill Big Daddy Craw Size 2 $2.95 #509F Mercer’s Poxyback Crayfish Size 4, 8 $5.95 #357F Dead Drift Crayfish Size 8 $3.95 #697F Olive, Brown Whammy Craw Size 4 $7.95 #84FC Crawfish 84FO Crawfish Olive Creek Crawler Size 4 $8.95 #855F Orange Spot-on Baitfish Size 3/0, 2 $6.95 #383FX Sexy Shad 383FS Shad 383FC Chartreuse & White 383FB Brown & White 383FO Olive & White Bisharat’s Airhead Size 1/0 $9.95 #945FC Chartreuse/White 945FO Olive/White 945FG Gray/White 945FT Tan/White

Kola Peninsula Atlantic Salmon

These Russian Rivers offer better fishing than any other Atlantic Salmon destination on Earth. The numbers of fish and their astonishing average size is everything you’ve heard about and more!

Kola Reserve encompasses two “new rivers,” the first, and most exciting fisheries to be opened on the Kola Peninsula in a decade.

THEMAGNIFICENT Kola Reserve Lodge sits on the banks above the Lumbovka River, roughly 70 miles above the Arctic Circle, 200 miles from Murmansk, and a short helicopter ride from it’s sister-river the Kachkovka. They’re situated at what’s considered the boundary between the Barents and White Sea.

The rivers of the Kola Reserve have two distinct, productive runs of very large Atlantic Salmon. The first (spring) fish arrive in early June and their escapement continues to build until the water warms in late summer. These big, bright fish are the monster Atlantics that made the north coast of the Kola famous.

The Autumn run, “Osenkas”, nose into Lumbovka and Kachkovka in late August and continue to arrive through September. These powerpacked fish are loaded with enough fat and muscle to survive the 18 month stay in the fresh water before they spawn. They’re lightning bolts that will test the toughest tackle, and are found in few other places on Earth.

The Fly Shop® team is still uncovering the complete potential of these newly opened rivers, but what we have learned firsthand is remarkable. Our scouting season revealed an average sized fish between 15 and 20 pounds in the spring. The largest were over 30 pounds, and we hooked others too hot to handle that we feel were even bigger!

The veteran team of Atlantic Salmon fishermen that joined our pandemicabbreviated exploration included Matt Harris, the principals of Fly Fishing Nation and our own, Justin Miller. Everyone considered the rivers of the Kola Reserve to be the perfect size and agreed that what we saw was remarkable and the potential is incredible.

The Fly Shop® is proud to have been selected as the exclusive North American agent for this phenomenal new Atlantic Salmon destination and we invite you to contact our Russia Travel Sales Specialist, Justin Miller, to learn a lot more about the Kola Reserve. To learn more about the Atlantic Salmon rivers on the Kola Peninsula or to inquire about pricing and dates contact the Kola Reserve’s exclusive North American agent, The Fly Shop® Call toll-free: 800-669-3474 s E-mail: travel@theflyshop.com www.theflyshop.com

Junction Shrimp Tube $3.95 #304F Orange & White Pot Bellied Pig $3.95 #370FO Black & Orange 370FY Black & Yellow Sun Ray Shadow Mini Hitch $3.95 #391F Super Snaelda Tube $3.95 #395FS Small 395FM Medium 395FL Large Temple Dog Flaming Tube $3.95 #419F Tungsten Temple Dog Tube $3.95 #421F Black & Red Willie Gunn Tube $3.95 #995F Willie Gunn 1.5 Tube $3.95 #888FG Gold 888FP Posh Ally Shrimp Size 10 $3.95 #42F Orange Black and Silver Monkey Tube $3.95 #946F Cascade Tube 1 $3.95 #726F Monkey Tube .75˝ $3.95 #793F Collie Dog Tube 1 $2.95 #984F Flame Thrower Size #6 $3.95 #611F Francis Tube $3.95 #821FB Black .5 821FR Red .5 or 1.5 Green Highlander Size #6 $3.95 #574F HAND - IN - HAND with the best North American and European fly tiers, as well as the guides at our Russian, Icelandic, and Norwegian destinations we’ve put together what is an indispensible selection of Atlantic Salmon patterns. The Fly Shop Atlantic Salmon Fly Selection
Matt Harris photo
T The
email: info@theflyshop.com

Fly Floatants

Mucilin Fly & Line Dressing

Three decades of success has made this an all-time favorite floatant.

#1548 $7.95

Mucilin Fly Line Silicone

This is Europe’s most popular fly line dressing for a very good reason. It works in all weather conditions.

#1549 $7.95

Gehrke's Gink

The world’s most popular fly floatant. Dab it on your dry fly for a high-visibility drift.

#1545 $6.95

Gehrke's Xink

Experts use this surfactant to help that leader break through the surface film, making it less visible from below. Apply Xink with your thumb and forefinger to the leader for several feet behind your floating. It will ride just below the surface. Very effective.

#1546 $4.95

Loon Aquel

A silicon-based, temp stable floatant that won’t melt when it’s hot, harden when it’s cold or leave a slick on the water.

#6308 $6.50

Loon Lochsa Gel Floatant

An all-around gel that works on CDC and treats feathers, hair, hackle, and yarn without hindering appearance while providing maximum floatation. It is silicon based, and won’t melt in heat or harden when it’s cold.

#6311 $9.50

Mucilin Hourglass Silicone

Fluid, liquid Mucilin is great for small dries, pupa, spinners and indicator yarns. Another fine stillwater floatant.

#1550 $8.95

Shimazaki Dry Shake Spray

Same formula as the Dry Shake Liquid, but instead of dipping each fly individually, the aerosol can makes it easy to spray down your entire dry fly box all at once!

• Environmentally sensitive

• One treatment lasts all day #15624 $32.95

Loon Fly Dip

Dip your fly in, and watch as the liquid evaporates in seconds, leaving behind a super buoyant film on your fly. Use it to pretreat flies as well as reviving soggy flies.

#26775 $11.00

Keeping your flies floating high & dry

The last thing you want is to have a dry fly sink or not ride correctly before a feeding trout. That “refusal” is too often accepted as something other than a mistake on the part of the angler. Presentation, drift, fly selection, or all of the above. It may simply be that the fly is not dressed properly. It’s time, then, to back up and look at the basics.

THEFIRSTTHING , in order of importance is to choose a fly that’s constructed of good materials. Webby, soft hackle or porous body materials or heavy hooks will sink a fly faster than a German “U”-boat.

Then make sure your tippet is appropriate and not “wind knotted” or damaged.

Shimazaki Dry-Shake Liquid


Floatant Bottle Holder & Dry Shake Holder

Keep your flies dry and your floatant handy. Attaches with a quick swivel clip, the stretchable elastic bottle holder will accommodate most floatants and dry shakes. Two sizes.

#24381 Floatant Holder

24382 Dry Shake Holder $9.95

Shimazaki Dry-Shake

Pop the fly (leader attached) into the vial and give a shake. Make a couple of casts, and all the scum is gone. Keeps very small flies riding on top for hours. Japan’s most popular silica type floatant.

#108 $14.95

Dry Shake w/ Brush

Apply the gold standard in shake floatants with absolute precision and control using the new applicator brush. Perfect for applying shake to Chubby’s and winged dries!

#21409 $24.95

Frog’s Fanny

Brush (the brush is part of the cap) it on any nymph wing case to create a bubble on the fly that looks exactly like an emerging insect.

Excellent on CDC flies!

#9519 $7.95

The best of silicone and mucilin based floatants. Just dip your fly and watch as the liquid evaporates within seconds leaving a thin film. If your fly is wet, be sure to first dry your fly off with a dry shake or an amadou patch. Not recommended for use on CDC flies.

#20558 $24.95

Dry Magic

A superb, smooth, viscous, silicone based floatant that won’t paste up feather fibers. Best option for CDC flies. #9119 $16.95

Loon Blue Ribbon Floatant

Crystal floatants are the best to recondition drowned or small dries. No oils or paste to mat down small wings. #6236 $8.50

Loon Easy Dry

Super-absorbent silica crystals floatant that’s excellent for re-conditioning flies.

#1526 $8.50

Loon Top Ride

Put a fly in the jar and shake on this combined pure silica powder and silica crystal floatant. Super for hair wings and for reconditioning flies. #4322 $9.50

SA’s Gel Fly Floatant

A buoyant, creamy formula floatant that flows easily in cold weather, won’t liquify in heat, and has no odor.

#152 $7.95

Umpqua Bug Flote

Our favorite floatant for hair wing and larger trout or bass flies. Similar to Gink and best suited for warm climates. The patented bottle hangs upside down off a D-ring or zipper.

#4538 $3.95

Expert anglers then take the time to prepare their dry fly (particularly small, spring creek and stillwater models) with a primer. Like paint or glue, a good floatant needs to have a good base.

Coat the fly with a top quality silica descicant, like Shimazaki Dry Shake or Loon’s Top Ride. Make a couple of exaggerated false casts and present the fly as gently as possible on the stream or surface of the spring creek or stillwater.

If it’s a high riding attractor fly or bass bug, use a gel ( Bug Flote, Gink, etc. ) liberally, then pinch the fly hard and remove any extra, unnecessary floatant. That will compress the gel and force the lanolin base into the porous hair fibers.

We’ve got a wide selection of fly floatants. Experiment!

Visit us online

www.theflyshop.com to see our entire selection of fly floatants

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 61
Katie Falkenberg photo

Custom Fly Selections

Our staff of experts have traveled to more than 30 international lodges and camps in the past year!

Let our unrivaled experience put a big bend in your fly rod by letting us stock your fly box for your next angling adventure. These are NOT generic,pre-packaged fly selections. Every specialty fly selection from The Fly Shop® is personally selected by one of our travel experts that have fished these destinations not just once but a bunch of times.

The Fly Shop® has been one of the sport’s largest angling travel agents for nearly 40 years. We’ve visited, guided, and outfitted tens of thousands of fly rodders for fly fishing trips all over the globe and no one in the fly business is as experienced. Who better to help choose the right selection of flies for your next trip?

Your selection will be made from fly fishing’s largest

inventory of flies

Our team of experienced travel professionals fill every order individually, picking flies we know will work. We’ll make sure your fly box is loaded with exactly what you’ll need and just what we’d choose for ourselves. Whether you are headed to Alaska for king salmon, Kamchatka for rainbows, or Bolivia for dorado, you’ll end up with a first-class selection of flies. Each one will be totally on-target for exactly the spot you’re headed.

Show up prepared with nothing but the best You’ll arrive properly outfitted, and ready to catch fish with your fly boxes stuffed with deadly flies selected just for your destination by experienced anglers who know what will work. Because we’ve been there!

The Fly Shop® has a larger fly selection to choose from than you’ll find in the combined Orvis, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro catalogs. And our selections are chosen from proven patterns. They’re not pre-packaged collections of cast-offs and leftovers.

The Fly Shop® sells nothing but the highest quality flies in the sport. They’re tied by craftsmen to our own exacting standards using nothing but the finest materials, and hooks. Take it from us, you can’t afford cheap flies.

JUSTINMILLER is typical of our talented team here at The Fly Shop®. He came on board 18 years ago and has done just about every job under our roof. He has fished most of the lodges we represent, though admits to having a soft spot for steelhead, salmon, and permit!

Justin is our resident expert on Alaska, Kamchatka, Kola, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Africa & Seychelles, and personally chooses the selections for those spots.

Travelling anglers can load up with all the flies they might think they need for a trip. When they return they’re welcome to return any of those flies that are unused and in their original condition (within 60 days of that purchase) for a 100% in-store credit.

It’s an open invitation to any travelling fly fisherman (whether you booked your trip with us or not) to expand your selection or load up on the proven patterns and insure your fly selection for a trip is complete!

62 email: info@theflyshop.com THE FLY SHOP’S FRESH & SALTWATER
Order one of our custom selections and get the flies you’ll really need!
Or just order all the flies you want for your trip. When you return, just send back what you didn’t use for a credit!
Mongolia Fly Selection
Taimen $249.95 Atlantic Salmon Fly Selection
27081 Atlantic Salmon

Arapaima Fly Selection

Chile & Argentina Fly Selections

Amazon Peacock Bass Fly Selections

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 63
There are only a couple of places in the Amazon where this fish can be legally caught. #19722 Arapaima $299.95
Fly Shop® has outfitted thousands of Alaska anglers; specify the date and loca-
and we will assemble a box of flies
the fish.
Alaska Trout $159.95 4912 Alaska Silver Salmon 129.95 4924 Alaska
Salmon 129.95
There isn’t a spot on the Latin American map we haven’t fished dozens of times. Let us know exactly where and when you’ll be there and we’ll select just the right patterns and help ensure the success of your angling holiday. #4950 Argentina Trout $149.95 4949 Chile Trout 159.95 Alaska Fly Selections The
that’ll slay
no outfit in the world that is better prepared or more knowledgeable about jungle fly fishing than the experts at The
Permit, Tarpon & Trevally Fly Selections The Fly Shop® knows what works and can fine-tune a box of flies for fishing anywhere in the salt. #7475 Permit $169.95 7491 Baby Tarpon 179.95 4866 Tarpon 199.95 4935 Grand Slam 259.95 23163 Giant Trevally 229.95
Fly Shop® #18746 Peacock Bass $299.95
Tierra del Fuego Sea Trout Selection Two decades of experience has tuned The Fly Shop® into the hot Rio Grande flies. #3559 Rio Grande Sea Trout $149.95
us know where you’re headed and we’ll put together exactly what you need for that spot. #4939 Bonefish $139.95 Golden Dorado Fly Selection Argentina or Bolivia? The correct patterns will help ensure your success. #19335 Golden Dorado $299.95 All The Fly Shop selections are packaged in a convenient fly box.
works and we can fi
Tigerfish flies
Tigerfish $249.95
Bonefish Fly Selections Let
Tigerfish Fly Selections We
ne-tune a box of
for South Africa
these toothy critters. #24581


CONTEMPORARY FLY BOXES are nearly all constructed of space-age industrial plastics. Our own favorites have clear lids to allow the angler to see and sort through the selection without opening the box and risking dropping or losing any of the treasure. Too, we prefer models with gaskets that protect the flies from moisture and even total immersion.

Try to be practical and think ahead about the vest, jacket, fanny pack, or the wader pocket it’ll call home, when selecting any fly box.

Stay away from boxes with any metal parts and take a few extra minutes to organize your flies before you enter the field. It’ll save time later and make your fishing more productive.

In The Fly Shop’s never-ending effort to bring innovation and economy to our catalog pages and introduce new products to fly fishermen, we’ve limited the number of boxes we display on these pages to our most popular models.

Visit our website www.theflyshop.com to see our entire selection of fly boxes

ADVICE TO TRAVELERS : Pack a “travel fly box” loaded with extra flies and re-load your field boxes daily with what you’ll need or have used.

Think about taking advantage of our 60-day return policy by buying lots of extras. Then send back any unused flies for credit! See Page 62

The Fly Shop’s Signature Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Boxes

We designed our rugged, waterproof boxes with every practical, important feature:

• Transparent lids let you find and make the selection quickly and without opening the box

• Silicone, O-ring gaskets keep this box totally waterproof and protect your flies from moisture

• The double-sided box and hinge system allows you to open either side independently

• Stainless steel, no-rust hinge pin

• Appropriate for both fresh and saltwater use

• Slotted foam to keep flies firmly in place and separate

• 5 models including a boat box and 4 others sized to fit most vests, chest packs, shirts, and wader pockets


Fly Shop’s

Signature Double-Sided Streamer & Boat Box

Pictured above, this big boy is an ideal boat box, impervious to weather and the elements, with 10 rows in a size large enough for dorado, steelhead, salmon, peacock bass, and saltwater streamers. More than up to our challenging field-tests in Tierra del Fuego, Brazil, and British Columbia.

#16120 11˝ x 7.5˝ x 2.5˝ $59.95

Shop’s Signature Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Boxes Four models with every feature and sized to fit most vests, shirts, wader pockets and chest packs.


Fly Shop’s

Signature Unbreakable Waterproof Fly Boxes

These are the best selling fly boxes in America! They are waterproof, float (when closed) and lined with non-corrosive foam. There are no metal parts to rust, and our boxes are appropriate for both fresh and saltwater. Molded from the most indestructible plastic imaginable, each model is equipped with a silicone O-ring gasket that’ll keep any moisture out, and a firm clasp.

TFS WP Swingleaf Nymph Box

Foam-slotted side panels with a removable, double-sided, slotted swing leaf. #16117 7.75˝ x 4˝ x 1.7˝ $20.95

TFS WP Nymph/Streamer Box

TFS WP Breast Pocket Fly Box

Umpqua Waterproof Bug Locker Boxes

Big, compartment boxes are the perfect boat boxes. Built with shatterproof, 3-D molded high-grip FlyTrap™ closures, they are ideal for saltwater or the jungle.

#28194 Large 14 x 8.5 x 2 $24.99

28195 Medium 10.5 x 7 x 1.75 19.99

Large enough for steelhead, salmon or trout streamers, bonefish flies or bass patterns. #16118 7.75˝ x 4˝ x 1.7˝ $16.95

Umpqua Bug Locker Boxes

From Clousers or big foam dries, to skipping frogs with weed guards, these boxes offer exceptional ease and storage. Adjustable dividers ensure flies are secure regardless of size and rounded compartment bottoms help in getting your flies out of them.

#24470 14 x 8 x 2 $14.99 #24471 10 x 4 x 2 $11.99

24473 7 x 5 x 2 9.99 24472 9 x 4 x 1 9.99

Ideal for nymphs, dries or a small selection of bonefish flies. Fits a large breast pocket. #16119 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 $9.95 email: info@theflyshop.com

Medium Vest Box 5-rows
XL Vest Box 7-rows
TFS Small Vest Box 5-rows on each side Small, 4˝ x 3˝ x 1.5˝ #13144 $13.95 TFS
side Medium, 5˝ x 4˝ x 1.75˝ #13145 $17.95 TFS
Vest Box
on each side Large, 6˝ x 4˝ x 1.75˝ #13146 $20.95 TFS
on each
X-Large 7.5˝ x 4˝ x 1.5˝ #13147 $21.95
The Fly
Katie Falkenberg photo

The Fly Shop’s Meiho Model 800 and Model 1200 Adjustable Fly Boxes

Each stationary slot in these versatile boxes can be customized to fit anything from dry flies to streamers. They’re constructed of rugged polypropylene and the difference between the models is simply their size and the number of compartments that can be created in each box. Both feature a clear, strong polycarbonate lid with a secure snap and a concave bottom to make it easy to retrieve flies.

Umpqua HD Standard Foam Boxes

Water-proof, bomb-proof, heavy-duty plastic that’s nearly indestructible, yet lightweight. These boxes are fine for both fresh and saltwater use, and manufactured in 5 very practical sizes. The see-through lids will help you quickly locate what you need without opening the box.

Standard (Dual Sided) HD Premium Fly Box

The Fly Shop’s Meiho Model 800 Adjustable Fly Boxes

These roomy, versatile boxes can be divided into up to 21 compartments. Model 49 is deeper than the M-48. Great for large vest pockets and are convenient for organizing beads, eyes, and other fly tying materials. Dividers are included.

#6256 Deep 21 Compartment 8.1 ˝ x 5.75˝ x 1.6˝ $18.75

6257 Shallow 28 Compartment 8.1 ˝ x 5.75˝ x 1.1˝

The Fly Shop’s Meiho Model 1200 Adjustable Fly Storage Boxes

Excellent storage boxes and great for long trips. The Model 1200 boxes can be divided into as many as 36 compartments. Dividers are included.

#6262 Deep 36 Compartment 9.75 x 7.5 x 1.6 $27.50

6263 Shallow 36 Compartment 9.75 x 7.5 x 1.1

TFS Ultra Thin Fly Boxes

These are two super-slim boxes that you can cram full of small nymphs, midges, and little streamers. Features see-through lids and they’re thin, just the right size for wader pouches, and long narrow pockets that can usually fit serveral boxes.

#4071 12 Compartment Dry Fly, Nymph, and Midge Box 7.375 x 3.825 x .5 $11.95

4070 156 Slits Nymph/Midge Box 7.375 x 3.825 x .5

Umpqua Boat Boxes

The best boxes for streamers we’ve ever seen! These handy boxes are designed to be bombproof. You’ll save the cost of the box in fewer rusted flies. Each inside wall and the lid have deep slotted foam pads ideal for poppers, streamers, and fresh and saltwater flies up to a foot long.

#17246 Magnum17 x 12 x 4.5 Slotted for sailfish/bluewater flies $74.95

17583 Ultimate13 x 10 x 3 Slotted for lots of very large streamers 59.95 17247 Baby10 x 8 x 3 Slotted for large streamers 44.95

An excellent choice for either nymphs or dries, that’ll help keep your flies rust-free. Incredibly versatile and excellent capacity #28192 Medium 6.25˝ x 4˝ x 1˝ $34.99 #28193 Large 7.75 x 4.5 x 1.75 44.99

LT Day Tripper Foam

This slim, single-sided version is deep enough to accommodate bushy dries or fully dressed nymphs. #28191 UFM LT Day Tripper 7.25˝ x 4˝ x .75˝ $29.99

Umpqua UPG LT Mini Foam Fly Box

A slim, single-sided, box with an opaque lid and firm, magnetic closures. Has a small footprint and ideal for minimalist vest packs’, and slings. Magnetic closure. #28189 UFM LT Mini Foam 5.5 x 3.3 x .75 $19.99

Umpqua UPG LT Standard Foam Fly Box

Perfectly sized for larger nymphs, small streamers, bonefish flies, and a variety of other applications. Features firm, magnetic closures and Umpqua’s FlyTrap.

#28190 UPG LT Standard Foam 7.5 x 4 x .75 $24.99

Cliff’s Bugger Beast

These two foam-lined carrying cases are the answer for storing, transporting and organizing large saltwater streamers and tube flies. The slotted hard foam in both the top and bottom of the case provides ample room for poppers and teasers without crushing them. These lightweight fly boxes close firmly and won’t vibrate open in the worst of seas. Available in only the high visibility yellow and two sizes.

#13901 Bugger Beast Senior 10 ˝ x 13.5 ˝ x 3 ˝ Ideal for sailfish flies $49.95

13902 Bugger Beast Junior 9 ˝ x 10 ˝ x 2.75 ˝ Perfect for large saltwater flies 44.95

Tacky Fly Boxes have a patented award winning design that makes them a top choice for most fly storage needs. These are simple, convenient, durable and an innovative, slim-profile way to hold all your flies. They have quickly become one of our favorite fly box options. (Please note that the dual-sided boxes do not have a clear window.)

Tacky Original Fly Box

Tacky boxes patented silicone won’t stretch over time like foam. Flies stay put, no matter the size. The offset slits can comfortably hold up to 168 flies without wasting space, or crushing precious fly materials.

#26809 Single sided 7˝ x 3.5˝ x .75˝ $24.95

26810 Dual sided silicone 7 x 3.5 x 2 29.95

Tacky Day Pack Fly Box

Day Pack box is an excellent option for the minimalist. Fits in a front chest pocket. The bi-directional slit inserts fit up to 180 flies!

#26812 Dual sided 5 x 3 x .75 24.95

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 65

Freshwater Fly Rods Quality, Economy & Performance

Spare Tip Included

THE FLY SHOP ’ S FRESH H 2 O FLY RODS were designed to allow both the veteran fly fisherman and the every day anglers the ability to deliver the fly accurately and without a lot of effort, while forgiving inadvertent mistakes that are common in the casting stroke.

These models are a baby step away from the ultra-fast trend and a slight shift toward a smooth, forgiving action that doesn’t require a sophisticated, fine-tuned sense of timing to deliver flies and best suits most anglers.

Our Fresh H2O rods began to take shape when we became disillusioned with the direction that the top brands in the sport were going with their fly rod actions – faster and faster rods that tossed a tight loop for a mile in the hands of an expert, but were inappropriate for the less than expert fly fisherman.

At that point, we teamed up with one of the top rod manufacturers in the business and developed our own Fresh H2O fly rods by simply reverse-engineering and duplicating the most popular graphite, angler-friendly action that has ever been used on a trout stream.

We took our time, spending three years tinkering with and field-testing dozens of prototypes before we made our choices and allowed The Fly Shop® logo to be printed on the first, new, emerald-green blanks.

Since then we’ve added subtle improvements each season to the graphite and components without changing the essential action or our model names.

The latest iteration of Fresh H2O rods are a marriage of modern graphite materials and design that compensate for common errors and a less than expert casting stroke. It’s a rod that loads with very little line beyond the tip, and still has the cojones to turn over a long leader or deliver distance.

When you put this rod to the test, you’ll discover, as several thousand of our fly fishing customers have, that it’s equal to other famous branded fly rods out there, and carries a price tag that’s just a fraction of what is hanging on comparable quality fly rods.

We’ve spent 44 years building our reputation, and 14 of them building fly rods. Just like The Fly Shop®, these rods deliver everything we promise!

An extra tip at no extra charge!

We’re fishermen here at The Fly Shop® and understand the logic of including an extra tip with every rod, at no extra charge. It’s a built-in guarantee that’ll keep you fishing on the stream instead of waiting for the UPS truck. We also include a practical, lined, segmented rod case with a zippered reel pouch instead of one more aluminum tube for your closet.

Our Fresh H2O fly rod and reel outfits

This is more than a terrific rod, and at that price it’s a great deal, without the expensive, hidden premium many rod makers charge for their lifetime guarantee. All five of our 2023 models are identically priced at $199.

Our warranty is just another good deal.

Our warranty

Fresh H2O and Signature Series rods are fully warranteed by The Fly Shop®. In fact, we’re very proud of our battle-tested, high performance rods. After 16 years in the hands of all skill levels of fly fishermens there’s been an almost insignificant failure rate. But rods are going to be broken, and we don’t care how they break.

We’ll replace any section, on any of our rods for the original purchaser, charging no more than $45 plus $11.95 for shipping. Just send us what’s left of the entire rod along with your return address and a check or credit card number. We’ll do our part and try to get the rod started on its way back to you the very next day.

66 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com The
Fly Shop’s

The best 4-piece rod for the buck in fly fishing

Add any of The Fly Shop’s fine reels to any one of our Fresh H2O or Signature Series fly rods and save a bundle with the bundle 1. Choose your fly rod and reel 2. Let us know whether you wind the reel with your left or right hand.

3. We’ll toss in Scientific Angler floating fly line ($80 value) matched to the rod weight, and the backing ($20 value) to the price of the rod and discounted reel. 4. Then we’ll tie all the knots, load everything on your reel, and ship it for free. Save up to $110 Combining an M 2A fly reel and a Fresh H2O fly rod is the ultimate in economy! The emphasis is on performance and functionality, and this outfit will meet the demands of just about any freshwater fishing situation. It’s the ideal combination for

There isn’t a better performing fly rod anywhere else in the world of fly fishing at this price!

THEACTIONOFEACHFRESH H 2 O fly rod model is unique. Our smooth trout rods have actions that will protect light tippet on the strike and during the battle and don’t behave like steelhead rods, while our steelhead rods have all the power you’ll need to pack the mail and an action that will deliver flies as far as necessary.

The Hat Creek & Fall River models are both ninefoot, 4 and 5 weight rods that are just right for most freshwater rivers, streams and stillwater situations

They have enough muscle to cover broad, western spring creeks and employ the very “forgiving” actions that naturally open up the loop, help turn over long leaders, and have exactly the kind of action that will deliver dry flies and smaller nymphs accurately in all but the worst of winds.

Our Sacramento River rod is a 6 weight, and the best all ‘round nymph and dry fly rod in the line up. This model is powerful enough for streamers, yet delicate enough for most dry fly fishing.

The Trinity & Mad River models are virtual wrist rockets with powerful actions and enough muscle to make tossing a tight loop to the horizon a lot easier. Both rods have fighting butts.

Features include:

s Quality stripper guides and components on all models

s An extra tip section at no extra charge

s Lustrous, protective, emerald-green epoxy finish

s Hardwood reel seats

s Select cork half wells grips on the lightweight models

s Select cork full wells grips on the mid-weight models

s Fighting butts on the Trinity and Mad River models

s Zippered rod and reel pouch case

Complete Fresh H2O rod & reel outfits

Choose either of our modestly priced Signature fly reels and we’ll add the backing and a top quality Scientific Anglers floating fly line to the package along with a few other extras, and knot it all together.

You’ll just have to add the water.

Either outfit you choose will represent a great fly rod and reel combo value in the sport.

Build your rod outfit ...just add water
the cost-conscious angler or someone new to the sport Reel H 2 O Rod Line Code Package M2A 4/5Hat Creek4#7793$295 M2A 4/5Fall River57794 295 M2A 6/7Sacramento67795 305 M2A 6/7Trinity77796 305 Save up to $110 Adding an L 2A fly reel to either a Fresh H2O fly rod model creates the best possible value. It is a super reel and a sensible step up in quality. This paring is a combination that any
Reel H 2 O Rod Line Code Package L2A 4/5Hat Creek4#7493$335 L2A 4/5Fall River57494 335 L2A 5/6 Sacramento 67495 345 L2A 7/8Trinity77496 345 L2A 7/8Mad River87497 345 www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 67 The Fly Shop’s Bonus Rod & Reel Pouch Case included Fresh H 2 O Fly Rods Model Code Line Length Pcs. Bonus Extra Bonus Grip Rod Price Hat Creek #6618 4 weight9´0˝ 4 pc.Extra TipZippered Rod & Reel CaseHalf Wells $199 Fall River 66195 weight9´0 4 pc.Extra TipZippered Rod & Reel CaseHalf Wells Sacramento 66206 weight9´0 4 pc.Extra TipZippered Rod & Reel CaseHalf Wells Trinity 66217 weight9´0 4 pc.Extra TipZippered Rod & Reel CaseFull Wells Mad River 66228 weight9´0˝ 4 pc.Extra TipZippered Rod & Reel CaseFull Wells
freshwater angler can be proud to own and will meet the most demanding situations.
Marcel Siegle photo

SpareTip Included

THESEHANDSOMERODS employ a more expensive, higher modulus graphite than our Fresh H2O models (featured on pages 66-67 ). Those differences translate into a fly rod with a moderately faster action that’s better matched for experienced anglers who have a more refined, practiced, casting skills.

These high performance rods employ what was once called “reserve power” –a resilience that’ll drive the line a little farther, help toss the line into the teeth of a stiff wind, or handle a larger dry fly or big streamer when extra power is applied.

Signature H2O Fly Rod features

s Dynamic, powerful, progressive action s Superb components, tailored to each model s Beautifully finished Buckeye reel seats

s An extra tip comes with every rod

s Complete with The Fly Shop’s segmented rod/reel case

Signature H2O Fly Rod Warranty

Signature H2O rods are warranteed by The Fly Shop®. We'll replace or repair any H2O rod for the original purchaser, charging no more than $45 plus $11.95 shipping. It’s a great deal without an expensive, hidden premium for a lifetime guarantee.

All four of our Signature H2O fly rod models sport components that are a step up from our Fresh H2O fly rods. All of the Signature rods feature handsome Buckeye hardwood reel inserts and more expensive components than you’ll find on comparably-priced rods.

They also feature a dark, non-glare finish that won’t spook fish.

* Fighting butt models and up-locking reel seats

“At only $299 this rod is in a class by itself. There isn’t another in it’s price range that can match the quality.”

– Eric “Lightning” Fields Retail Sales Specialist

68 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com QUALITY EQUIPMENT FOR ECONOMY-MINDED FLY FISHERMEN
Signature Series H2O Fly Rods Signature H2O rods for the anglers who have dialed in their casting stroke
& Field-Tested by The Fly Shop® Staff. A Team You Can Trust to Deliver Great Fly Fishing Products at Great Prices!
The Fly Shop’s Signature H 2 O Fly Rods Model Code Line Length Pcs. Price SG905/4 #8654 5 weight 9´0˝ 4 pc $299 SG906/4 8655 6 weight 9´0˝ 4 pc. SG907/4* 8656 7 weight 9´0˝ 4 pc. SG908/4* 8657 8 weight 9´0 4 pc.

Fighting butt and

SpareTip Included

Nobody knows more about indicator fishing than our team of Sacramento and Trinity River experts.

We’re the outfit that refined high-sticking and simplified fly fishing techniques for a generation of anglers. Then we built the perfect rod for it.

Signature Series H2O Indicator Rods

THE FLY SHOP ’ S indicator rod employs features that help make this style of fishing easier, much more fun, and a lot more productive.

The rod is designed with a high modulus graphite to add the strength so it won’t buckle under the weight of a multi-fly rig. It has a strong tip, slightly softer center section, and powerful butt. All of this forces the rod to flex lower down the blank and automatically opens the loop – making indicator terminal tackle easy to toss without messing up or tangling.

Signature H2O Indicator Fly Rod features: s Designed, tested and tailored specifically for indicator fishing s Longer than normal for better mending and line control s Stack mends effortlessly at both short and long range s Non-glare, ultra-functional, matte finish s Fighting butt helps balance the rod perfectly s An extra tip comes with every one of our H2O fly rods

Signature H 2 O Indicator Fly Rod

Model Code Line Length Pcs Price SG966/4 #6416 6 weight 9´6˝ 4 pc. $299 Features fighting butt and anodized, heavy duty reel seat

Extra Tip

We’re common-sense fishermen here at The Fly Shop® and we understand the logic of including an extra tip with every H2O fly rod. It’s a simple, built-in guarantee, at no extra charge, that’ll keep you fishing on the stream instead of waiting for the UPS truck.

Our Warranty

All our Signature H2O Series rods are fully warranteed by The Fly Shop®. We don’t care how it broke and we’ll replace or repair any of our rods for the original purchaser, for just $45 plus $11.95 shipping.

Just send us what’s left of the entire rod along with your return address and a check or credit card number. We’ll do our part and try to get the rod started on its way back to you the next day.

Fresh H2O Rods

A forgiving action combined with an ultra-responsive high modulus graphite.

(see pages 66-67)

SG-H2O Indicator

A medium fast flex action that combines a soft tip and a unique graphite blend that will help open loops and turn over indicators and split shot rigs effortlessly.

SG-H2O Rods

Fast flex action, and a powerful, sensitive tip that will tighten the loop and help make tossing a fly toward the horizon easier.

Perfectly suited to expert anglers and big water.

anodized,heavy duty reel seat
The Fly Shop’s Bonus Rod & Reel Pouch Case included Build your rod outfit ...just add water Add any of The Fly
fine reels to
our Fresh
or Signature
and save a bundle
the bundle 1.
reel 2.
to the price of the rod and discounted reel. 4. Then we’ll tie all the knots, load everything on your reel, and ship it for free. Save up to $120 Adding an L 2A fly reel to a Signature
value. It is a super reel and
in quality to a combination
will meet the most demanding situations. Reel H 2 O Rod Line Code Package L2A 4/5 SG905/4 5#7659$425 L2A 5/6 SG906/4 67660 435 L2A
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 69
Marcel Siegle photo
any one of
Choose your fly rod and
Let us know whether you wind the reel with your left or right hand.
We’ll toss in a Scientific Angler floating fly line ($80 value) matched to the rod weight, and the backing ($20 value)
H2O model creates the best possible
a sensible step up
7/8 SG Indicator 67527 445
7/8 SG907/4 77661 445
7/8 SG908/4 87662 445
Flex chart for The Fly Shop® Signature & Fresh H2O Fly Rods


Scott’s new star-studded lineup includes the best freshwater fly rod they’ve ever made

Scott’s Centric series fly rods are the most efficient rods they have ever created. Flat, stable, high line speed loops that can be easily generated at any distance with minimal effort from the caster. And they’re still fun to cast!

What Scott did to build the new Centric was first develop revolutionary new rolling equpment ( the machines that turn flat sheets of graphite into rod blanks ) to allow them to control graphite fiber placement and manipulate the density of material. Then Scott incorporated a new resin to precisely bond the increased density of the fibers, and simultaneously created a stronger, lighter, and more stable rod.

The end result is the creation of four weights that cast like they should – light and delicate at close range, but with enough power buried in the rod to turn over long leaders and flies at exceptional distances. Perfect spring creek rods.

Using the same logic and technology, they packed progressively more power into the Centric five, six, and seven weight freshwater models at exactly the points in each of these fantastic freshwater rod models where it’s necessary.

G Series model dates back to 1976, the year Scott changed the market with the first-ever 9 foot 4 weight fly rod. The new G Series rods looks and acts a bit like the original model. Sensitive, but with an exponential elevation of performance and performance is what it’s all about. At the end of the day, the skilled craftsmen in Montrose have delivered a smooth-casting rod that may be the best trout fishing tool ever made.

70 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
Nick Lawton photo Scott Rods are made in Montrose, Colorado
performance freshwater fly
Centric rods feature more than technology and are one of the top rods ever to grace a rod rack! The cork is absolutely excellent, and the components include slick titanium SiC stripping guides, custom burl box elder reel seat inserts and Scott’s patented Universal snake guides. Model Line Length Price 854-4 4 8´6 $945 904-4 4 9´0˝ 945 1004-4 4 10´0˝ 945 905-4 5 9´0 945 955-4 5 9´6 945 1005-4 5 10´0 945 Model Line Length Price 906-4 6 9´0 $945 906-4 FB 6 9´0˝ 945 956-4 6 9´6˝ 945 1006-4 6 10´0 945 907-4 7 9´0 945 Centric 4-Piece Rod Models
G Series 4-Piece Rod Models Model Line Length Price G772/4 2 7´7 $895 G773/4 3 7´7 895 G843/4 3 8´4 895 G883/4 3 8´8˝ 895 G844/4 4 8´4˝ 895 G904/4 4 9´ 895 Model Line Length Price G775/4 5 7´7 $895 G885/4 5 8´8 895 G905/4 5 9´ 895 G886/4 6 8´8˝ 895 G906/4 6 9´ 895

High performance saltwater fly rods

Scott has developed an award-winning new generation of big game and saltwater fly rods!


in fly fishing technology, whether

it’s rods, reels, waders, fly lines, or clothing don’t happen very often. The advent of graphite was, of course, a great leap forward for the sport. Every move forward from that point – higher and higher modulus, boron fibers, nano resins, and other evolutions were baby steps in comparison.

At this point it’s the creative application of already existing knowledge that usually makes headlines in fly fishing.

So it was with Scott’s Carbon Web design and the creation of their Sector Fly Rods. It was the culmination of a series of small steps, new materials, tapers, and engineering that’s given saltwater anglers a reason to be excited!

Scott’s Carbon Web technology improves torsional stability and rod durability by encasing unidirectional fibers in a web of ultra-light multi-direction-

The award-winning Sector saltwater fly rods

Scott’s goal with the Sector was to create the best saltwater & big game fly rod that’s ever been made. They began by bundling all of their technology into one model rod, then added the most cutting edge fly rod components imaginable.

Imagine a rod that casts tight, high line speed loops with less effort and can turn over a leader straight into the wind; a rod that delivers the fly on target with just one false cast, and can pick it back up and redirect if the fish changes course; a rod that is intuitive so you can focus on the fish instead of your cast; a rod that feels light and alive in your hand and has the touch and feel needed to make short quick shots.

We’ve used these rods this year in Mexico for bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook. We took them to Louisiana for redfish and to Alaska for silvers. They went with us to Bolivia for Dorado and to Brazil for tackle-busting, monster peacock. The Sector rods we used performed far better than we expected and, after all the hype, we expected a lot. And until Scott (or someone else ) comes out with something better, it’s going to be the first fly rod we pack for the saltwater, the jungle, and any other big game fishing.

Wave saltwater fly rods

For the last 45 years the Scott Fly Rod Company has been a leader in rod design and innovation. Each fly rod is handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado by rod builders that care. They are fly rods built with a purpose, utilizing only the finest components and perform under the most severe conditions. These are purposely built fly fishing tools built for anglers that simply need the best and won’t compromise for anything less. The Fly Shop® has been working with Scott for 44 years, because they started one year before us. We have found their commitment to producing the best fly rods available unfaltering, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Scott’s newest model the “Wave”.

When we first got our hands on a Wave, we were immediately impressed by how light in hand, the rod felt. This 8 weight felt like a 6 weight! Casting the Wave was enjoyable and straightforward as it easily generated high line speeds in controlled tight loops, an essential attribute needed to cut through wind and deliver flies on target. The butt section seemed to have plenty of pulling power, a great feature when trying to tame powerful fish in fresh and saltwater.

We feel the Wave will be equally at home fishing the flats, casting fast sinking lines for stripers, or chasing carp and bass at your local pond or lake. Wave rods deliver high performance across a wide variety of fishing situations.

al carbon fiber. These fibers help counteract torsional forces giving you better tracking and power for long-line pickups and redirecting casts. They also help to reduce micro fractures from stress or impact.

Expressed in English: These blanks are stonger, yet lighter, have more power, are more durable, and track better.

With Carbon Web combined with ReAct, Scott has created a new kind of rod allowing the angler to hold more line in the air, lift more line off the water with less effort, and the ability to redirect a cast more easily when a fish is on the move.

phone 800-669-3474 71
Caranci photo
Model Line Length Price S907/4 7 9´0 $1,045 S908/4 8 9´0˝ 1,045 S909/4 9 9´0˝ 1,045 Model Line Length Price S9010/4 10 9´0 $1,045 S9011/4 11 9´0˝ 1,045 S9012/4 12 9´0˝ 1,045 Sector Series 4-Piece Rods Wave Series 4-Piece Rods Model Line Length Price Model Line Length Price W907/4 7 9´0˝ $675 W9010/4 10 9´0˝ $675 W908/4 8 9´0 675 W9011/4 11 9´0 675 W909/4 9 9´0 675 W9012/4 12 9´0 675 s
X-Core - Enhanced feel, incredible stability and unequaled performance. Combines the industry’s leading composite technolgies with cutting edge design
- Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength. Adds hoop strength to our blanks without adding weight, and counteracts torque that can reduce casting accuracy and line control.
Multi-Modulus Design – Fibers with different modulus designed into specific sections of the rod fine tunes flex and recovery
Natural Finish – A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Scott’s advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish that will stand up to years of abuse. It’s all about making your rod lighter, more durable, and better performing.
All rods are fitted with appropriate fighting butt extension
Reel seats are milled from aircraft aluminum with self-indexing slide hoods
CeRecoil stripping guides with nickel-titanium frames and Zirconia inserts
“Fluor” grade cork grips and a modified Wells grip
All of these rods are hand-crafted entirely in America!

Winston Pure Freshwater Fly Rods

THESEMODERN trout rods from Winston apply the newest, contemporary rod technology with a “soul” that continues Winston’s tradition of bringing rods to our sport that have a “feel” and are a PURE pleasure to cast.

It’s an action built to toss the open loop perfect for dry fly or light nymph fishing. Add a slim profile, fine cigar-style grip, and guide configurations that make for a better “connection” to the rod and it’s the formula for a great trout fishing rod.

At the same time, these moderate action rods incorporate contemporary technology, the newest in carbon fibers, graphite, and nano resins.

This rod was honored as “ The Best New Freshwater Rod ” at the 2018 IFTD Show, and little has changed since then. Every single Pure model is still hand-crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana.

The rods feature beautiful figured maple reel inserts, surrounded by nickel silver hardware and they all wear the perfect wraps and lustrous finish you’d expect from any fine Winston rod.

s Advanced Boron III Light Line Technology

s Nickel silver with figured maple insert reel seat

s Sensitive tip detects subtle takes/shields light tippets

s Chrome nanolite stripper guides

s Light chromed wire snake guides

Winston Boron AIR 2 Freshwater Fly Rods

LIGHTERTHANAIR , The next generation of all-around freshwater fly rods (3wt-6wt). These rods can do anything –present tiny dry flies to wary trout on flat water, cast a heavy streamer to the far bank in the wind, launch the entire line when you need it, and make quick, accurate close-range shots. From high stick nymphing, pounding the banks from the boat, or wet wading, the

new AIR 2 is a pack rod, a travel rod, a beautiful rod, and an all-around rod. When you can only bring one rod…the amazing new Boron AIR 2.

You won’t want to leave home without it.

s New Boron Configuration for enhanced power and energy transfer.

s Taper design that provides a faster, progressive all-around action.

s Extremely light, yet powerful

s Nickel silver with figured Maple reel seat

72 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Boron Air2 Freshwater 4-Piece Rods Model Line Length Grip Price Air286338´ 6 Cigar $1195 Air290339´ 0 Cigar 1195 Air286448´ 6˝ Cigar 1195 Air290449´ 0˝ Cigar 1195 Air296449´ 6˝ Cigar 1195 Air290559´ 0 Cigar 1195 Air296559´ 6 Cigar 1195 Air290669´ 0 Cigar 1195 Air296669´ 6 Cigar 1195 Pure Freshwater 4-Piece Rods Model Line Length Grip Price Pure763 3 7´ 6˝ Cigar $975 Pure764 4 7´ 6˝ Cigar 975 Pure804 4 8´ 0 Cigar 975 Pure864 4 8´ 6 Cigar 975 Pure904 4 9´ 0 Cigar 975 Pure905 5 9´ 0 Cigar 975 Pure1003 3 10´ 0 Cigar 975 Pure1004 4 10´ 0˝ Cigar 975 Pure1005 5 10´ 0˝ Cigar 975 Every Winston fly rod is individually hand-crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, and is built for anglers by people who care.

Water Views


Oceans David

Journey high above the world’s most unforgettable waterscapes via this stunning collectionof aerial photographs by David Ondaatje.

WATERVIEWS IS A BREATHTAKING overview (literally) of the most striking bodies of water from around the world. Photographed with state-of-the-art drone technology by author and filmmaker David Ondaatje, these stunning aerial images range from the picturesque beaches of Carmel-by-the-Sea and Gaviota Beach to the wild coasts of Oregon, placid lakes from Tahoe to Como, the emerald waters of the Bahamas and Belize, and the meandering fishing rivers of British Columbia and Montana. Ever-present in this selection, some of which debuted in his recent exhibition at the acclaimed ROSEGALLERY in Los Angeles, is Ondaatje’s deep personal affection for solitude, the unspoiled beauty of nature, coastal water patterns, and fly-fishing in remote areas. Annotated with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, these photographs take you on a spectacular journey from above as you share Ondaatje’s unique first look at some of the most beautiful places in his world, all tied to the compelling and blissful power of water.

#30472 Hardcover, 240 pages, 10 x 11.5 $49

“Ondaatje enlightens us with an alternate way of seeing.”

— Rose Shoshana, Founder, R OSEGALLERY

Winston Tom Morgan Favorite Freshwater Fly Rod

TOM MORGAN WAS the owner and rod designer at Winston from 1973 to 1991 and his legacy at Winston and for the entire fly rod industry cannot be overstated. We continue to believe in Tom’s principle that “a great fly rod is always a great fly rod”, so as we celebrate Winston’s 90th Anniversary, we find it only fitting to reintroduce the Tom Morgan Favorite.

First offered in 1989 as a limited edition 60th Anniversary model, the Tom Morgan Favorite Rod has proved to be so popular it has remained a Winston customer favorite for the last 30 years.

Tom grew up fishing the spring creeks of Montana for wary brown trout where the slightest mistake spooks the fish. He designed the “Tom Morgan Favorite ” as a specialized 2-piece, extra light,

TMF80448´ 0 Cigar $950

8´ 4-weight, made from moderate modulus graphite for those close to mid-range distances where delicacy, finesse, and accuracy are essential.

s All graphite with classic WT spigot ferrule design s Incredibly smooth with wonderful touch and feel s Extra light 4-weight, perfect for spring creek fishing s Nickel Silver reel seat with burled wood insert

Winston AIR Saltwater Fly Rods

Built light, powerful, and able to deliver flies accurately at any distance!

THENEWEST rod in the Winston line-up is unlike any action they have ever offered before.

Air Saltwater rods are built for those long shots from the front of the skiff that have to be made in a hurry and will help deliver big tarpon, redfish, and permit flies into the teeth of a wind.

These saltwater specialty rods feature the first combination of modern nano-resin technology and Winston’s carbon fibers. The result is an ultra-fast action and a quick recovery rate that translates into the tight loops and powerful, precise casts.

Although nano-technology is new territory for Winston, they’ve preserved enough of that classic “Winston” feel to satisfy purists looking for more

advanced gear, lighter weight, and precision, but unwilling to sacrifice a smooth casting stroke.

s Chrome titanium colored snake guides with nanolite stripping guides to eliminate as much weight as possible and transmit energy.

s Charcoal anodized, engraved reel seats to ensure these rods will continue to look good after years of boat washings and tropical sun rays.

s Advanced carbon fiber combined with SuperSilica resin for improved toughness and durability.

s Hard chrome titanium guides designed to allow the line to be closer to the blank providing better line control.

s Winston’s beautiful “Stealth” matte green finish.

Air Saltwater 4-Piece Rods Model Line Length Grip Price AirS907 7 9´ 0 Full Wells/FB $1025 AirS908 8 9´ 0˝ Full Wells/FB 1025 AirS909 9 9´ 0˝ Full Wells/FB 1025 AirS9010 10 9´ 0˝ Full Wells/FB 1025 AirS9011 11 9´ 0˝ Full Wells/FB 1025 AirS9012 12 9´ 0 Full Wells/FB 1025 www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 73
Tom Morgan Favorite 2-Piece Rods Model Line Length Grip Price Lakes Ondaatje Photo courtesy of David Ondaatje – Water Views

Winston Super 10 Specialty Euro Nymph fly rods

These long, mini-rodswere created with an action to meet the demands of those anglers interested in the European style of nymphing, and Winston’s three 10-footers (3, 4 and 5 wt.) are the perfect tool for modern high sticking methods.

Each of the Super 10 rods has a finely tuned, progressive medium action with a super-sensitive tip thats perfect for both Euro and indicator nymphing.

Super 10 rods feature specialized guides for tossing monofilament, a down-locking reel seat to re-distribute weight, and a 2 cork grip extension to reduce the arm fatigue common to Euro nymphing.

Echo Carbon XL Nymphing fly rods

Extremely light,the Carbon XL Nymph rod is the entry point for the angler interested in exploring the possibilities of Euro nymphing with a euro specific rod without breaking the bank.

The XL features a soft tip to protect light tippets used in Competition styled fishing applications.

Echo Shadow II Nymphing fly rod

Team USA used these rods to navigate the fly competition scene for several years! The design came from Pete Erickson and his success on the international fly tournament schedule.

These rods compare in performance to other nymph rods costing three times their price.

Echo Shadow X Nymphing fly rod

Few know more about competition in fly fishing than Tim Rajeff and he’s designed this rod to compete on even terms with far more expensive Euro models.

The graphite employed in the Shadow X is super high modulus and allows for the softest takes to be transmitted to the minimal cork for faster hooksets.

Super 10 Boron 4-Piece Nymphing Rods

Model Line Length Grip Price

Super1003 3 10´ 0˝ Full Wells/FB $875

Super1004 4 10´ 0 Full Wells/FB 875

Super1005 5 10´ 0 Full Wells/FB 875

Echo Carbon XL Nymphing Rods

Model Line Length Price

Echo Carbon XL-3 3 10´ 0 $199.95

Echo Carbon XL-4 4 10´ 0 199.95

s Extra length to cover water effectively

s Sensitive tip to detect subtle takes

s Stronger mid-section for accurate fly placement

s Strong lower half to control larger fish

Echo Shadow II Nymphing Rods

Model Line Length Price

Echo Shadow ll-3 3 10´ 0 $289.95

Echo Shadow ll-4 4 10´ 0 289.95

Don't let the name fool you though this rod has the capacity to turn over a dry dropper rig should the need arise to change the game at half time.

Echo Shadow X Nymphing Rods

Model Line Length Price

Echo Shadow X-3 3 10´ 0 $459.95

Echo Shadow X-36 3 10´ 6 459.95

s Added length to increase effective nymphing range

s A proprietary high modulus graphite to add tip sensitivity and compensate for the added length

s Light, small guides to speed mono and thin lines

s Exceptionally light weight with a stealth matte finish

s Balance weight system to help fight the arm fatigue that comes from holding the rod high all day.

Echo Bravo LT Reel

Starting with Echo’s proven drag design, they cut, shaved, and overhauled the core of the reel until they could shoehorn a four-layer carbon fiber drag system in the hub of the Echo Bravo Lite reels. The design includes O-rings to keep water and dirt from entering the guts of the reel. Change the retrieve from left to right without tools, also completely disassemble the drag and service it.

s All-new 4 Carbon Disc Drag System s Sealed to protect against damaging elements

s Premium roller clutch bearing system for a smooth, instantly-engaged drag.

Model Diameter Inner Width Weight Capacity Price

Bravo LT4/5 .48 0.89 4.85 oz WF5+150/20 $119.99

Galvan G.E.N. Euro Reel

Specifically designed to balance longer Euro style rods, the Galvan Euro Nymph reel uses the same proven chassis and drag system as Galvan’s Torque series of reels but with a full “cage” between the reel and spool, preventing fine diameter ESN lines from slipping between the two.

The new Galvan Euro Nymph reel features an increased spool arbor diameter to maximize line retrieval and minimizing line coiling in colder water.

#28176 G.E.N. 3.5 $460 28177 G.E.N. 3.7 485

Visit our website and see all of The Fly Shop’s Euro Nymph terminal tackle.

email: info@theflyshop.com

74 www.theflyshop.com s

Scientific Anglers Mastery Euro Nymph Kit

Easily convert almost any single hand trout rod quickly to a Euro Nymphing setup with this kit.

Includes a 20´ floating Euro Nymph Tip (0.025˝dia), our Absolute Euro Nymph leader, and foam storage spool.

s Kit includes 20´ floating Euro Nymph tip, Absolute Euro Nymph leader, and foam storage spool.

#28056 $39.95

AirFlo Super Dri, Clear Euro Czech Nymph Line

Unquestionably the most popular European competition fly line with an extra thin (.6mm) diameter for minimum drag and a low-stretch Power Core for strength. Supple to minimize coiling, and sensitive to help you control your presentation, and feel and react to every strike.

#28466 $54.95

SA Euro Nymph Leader

Attach tippet to the tippet ring included at the end of this Euro leader and go. The leader features an integrated Tricolor “sighter” to keep knots and tippet rings to an absolute minimum, reducing any unneeded drag in your system.

#26673 13.5´ 2x $14.95

29839 30´ 4x

Scientific Anglers“Sighter” Tippet

Tri-colored tippet material that’s designed specifically for Euro-nymphing style rigs. The High-Viz colors alternate every 10˝ and will help you to see your drift a lot better, while allowing you to build customized leaders.

s Green, White, and Orange colors alternate every 10 inches

Code Diam. Strength Spool Price

#26576 .011 0x 10 meters $14.95 27700 .009 2x 10 meters 28336 .007 4x 10 meters

Mastery Euro Tactical Nymph Braided Core Double Taper

Mastery Euro Tactical Nymph lines feature a braided core that minimizes memory and line sag, producing a more sensitive connection to your flies. Available in a level line which is the most efficient for tightline nymphing while remaining FIPS compliant and a double taper version with slightly more mass to allow dry flies to be cast when needed.

s Formulated with Advanced Shooting Technology

s Double taper version maintains .022 ˝ tip, but tapers to a slightly larger belly so that it can be overhead cast when needed

s Level .022 diameter, coated fly line for sag free, tight line presentations.

#30956 $59.95

AirFlo Euro Nymph Rollers

Designed to prevent your droppers twisting your tippet when casting and fishing.

s Move up and down the line allows for depth change.

s Create a solid tag point to limit need to re-tie as often

s Great for dry droppers on tight line presentation

s Can be pre rigged the night before

s Decreases tangles of tag flies

#30980 3pkg/$24.00

Tenkara Rods & Accessories

WE ’

VESELECTED four great packages to help you get started in the world of Tenkara. The differences are mostly length and action – how flexible they are and how appropriate they might be for where and how you plan to fish. Each package include a hand-crafted, single strand fly line and a 3mm. nickel alloy tippet ring. The lines are level, yet turn flies over as well or better than any mono lines made. The braided line is useful in the different types of water you’ll be faced with as you learn the sport.

As Tenkara anglers move from spot to spot, they spool their line to keep it from snagging on branches or obstructions. The winding spools in our packages allow for simple and easy traveling to and between your fishing destinations. We’ve included three excellent, traditional. Tenkara-type flies to begin your journey, though proven flies appropriate for the destination are recommended.

Tenkara’s Sierra Rod

The lightest and shortest Tenkara rod in our line-up absolutely maximizes the pleasure you’ll get from small fish and tight, tiny streams. 10´ long, the Sierra is a sure bet for narrow, brush-lined streams.

Code Weight Length Telescoped Length Grip Price #21084 2.8 ounces 20 inches 10 feet 11.25 inches $195

Tenkara’s Teton Zoom

A new generation rod that adjusts to both 10.5 or 12 feet long., The Zoom is very responsive at short distances, but has more backbone and is able to handle large fish when fully extended. The higher modulus graphite used in its construction helps promote more precise casting at distances up to 20 feet.

Code Weight Length Telescoped Length Grip Price #27542 3.5 ounces 23 inches 10.5 to 12 feet 11.25 inches $245

Tenkara’s Sawtooth Rod

These rods absolutely maximize the pleasure you’ll get from fish in the 6˝ to 16˝ range. There is a lot of play in this rod, what we call a 5:5 action that still qualifies as ultra-light. There are 9 telescopic sections and a swivel tip is to help keep your line from getting tangled. The colorful design is traditional Japanese.

Code Weight Length Telescoped Length Grip Price #18202 3.2 ounces 20 inches 12 feet 11.25 inches $195

Tenkara’s Rocky

Much more powerful than many Tenkara-type rods, the Rocky is built using very high modulus graphite and intended for carp, salmon, sea trout, and big fish. Fully extended, it’s 14´ 6 long with a swivel tip to minimize line tangle. The stronger, faster action handles bigger fish without sacrificing the ultra-light, Tenkara-style touch that makes this kind of fishing such fun.

Code Weight Length Telescoped Length Grip Price #28232 5 ounces 29 inches 12.5 or 14.5 feet 13.25 inches $235

phone 800-669-3474


The best fly reels for the buck are even better values when purchased as a combo with one of The Fly Shop® Signature Fly Rods.

(See pages 66 and 68 for details)

The L2A reel is made for fish that want to bust you off. That’s when the friction-free spin of our L2A spool and precision-machined L2A frame and perfectly matched spool is going to make a difference.

L2A reels are made for actual situations when anglers don’t have time to think about the reel.

The Fly Shop’s L2A reels uses a durable, sensitive, and nearly infallible drag and spindle design system with 34 drag settings that will handle any imaginable freshwater fishing situation.

Its a drag that is now common to dozens of other reels in the industry, and one that has proven to perform flawlessly in the most demanding freshwater situations

The Fly Shop’s L2A reels are tailored for those times when the fish you’re after strikes, you have set the hook, and the fun starts.

Suddenly, terms like ‘low start up inertia’ mean your tippet is still intact and the fish you’ve been searching for is still there.

You might still have to worry about possible wind knots and think about the strength of that tippet and some other stuff.

But with an L2A reel on your rod, it’s performance will be the least of your concerns.

The L2A reel is the most popular fly reel we’ve ever had here at The Fly Shop® and features a price tag that has made it one of the top values in fly fishing tackle.

The Fly Shop’s M2A Fly Reel

The M2A fly reel is the ideal choice for the angler on a budget. It’s a well-designed reel that will last a lifetime. The M2A places a premium on value, quality, and craftsmanship. It is simply the

M2A fly reel delivers features never before offered in a fly reel anywhere near our price.
s Fully machined T-6061 aircraft aluminum s Every part is anodized or stainless steel s Easily converted to left or right hand wind s Large spool capacity for extra backing s Sensitive, center disc drag Model Lines Code Reel Code Spool M2A 4/5 WF 4, 5, 6 #6455 $109 #6456 $52 M2A 6/7 WF 5, 6, 7 6512 119 6513 56 Our L2A Fly Reels are in a class by themselves! They’ve got a super-smooth, ultra-reliable drag that’s sensitive enough to protect fine tippet, yet strong enough to stop any fish in freshwater right in its tracks. There isn’t a better fly reel made or sold anywhere else at a better price. The Fly Shop’s Signature Fly Reels
finest fly reel made at anywhere near this
The M2A reel redefines what fly fishermen might expect in an inexpensive fly reel. This reel has features found only on pricier reels and many of the performance innovations typically reserved for models that cost a lot more.
76 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com Model Lines Code Reel Code Spool L2A 4/5 WF4 or 5 #6413 $149 #6578 $75 L2A 5/6 WF5 or 6 6414 159 6579 80 L2A 7/8 WF7 or 8 6415 169 6580 85 s Fully machined from T-6061 aircraft aluminum s Quick change, inexpensive spools s Super-sensitive drag s Easily adapted to left or right hand wind retrieve s Completely anodized for strength and durability
Marcel Siegel photo

Galvan Torque Fly Reels

The Fly Shop’s most popular Galvan reel is made in the California foothills, east of Sacramento, by a family of American machinists. The Torque is beautiful, functional, exceptionally light, with an ultra-reliable drag system.

The Torque fly reels are time-tested favorites among our expert regional anglers. They’re fully machined, polished, and then anodized in a choice of five super-attractive colors to match most rods. The large arbor fea-

ture serves to reduce the rpms when a fish is running and helps to retrieve up line quickly. The large diameter spool will minimize line memory, and the extensive porting reduces weight, optimizes the strength/weight ratio of

Model Lines Ree Spool Capacity Reel Spool

Torque 3 2, 3 T-3 T-3S WF3+50 $400 $185

Torque 4 4, 5 T-4 T-4S WF4+100 420 195

Torque 5 5, 6 T-5 T-5S WF5+125 440 205

Torque 6 6, 7 T-6 T-6S WF6+150 465 215

Torque 7 7 T-7 T-7S WF7+150 475 225

Torque 8 8, 9 T-8 T-8S WF8+200 485 230

Torque 9 9 T-9 T-9S WF9+225 510 240

Torque 10 9, 10 T-10 T-10S WF10+250 525 250

Torque 12 11, 12 T-12 T-12S WF12+300 590 280

Galvan Rush LT Reel

There are sexier reels. There are lighter reels. But there aren’t any reels that offer the sheer dependability and functionality that these fully machined drag reels have at this price. Rush LT reels can handle anything thrown at them.

They were the predecessor to Galvan’s higher end Torque reel, feature the same composite disc drag, and are essentially the same high quality but with simpler, slightly heavier porting pattern. In fact, the Galvan Rush LT spools fit perfectly on the Torque frame – and Torque spools will marry the Rush frame.

The extensive additional porting, machining, and polishing on the Torque models reduce weight and add ventilation, but also considerable expense.

s Incredibly durable and a terrific, feature laden, fly reel value!

s Available in black, blue, green, orange or clear anodized finishes

s Employs the ultra-reliable Torque drag system

s Maximum porting to reduce overall weight s Minimal start up inertia

s Saltwater-safe Type II anodization and stainless steel components

s Easily converted from left to right hand wind retrieve

s Machined 6061 bar-stock anodized aircraft aluminum

s Interchangeable with Torque frame and spools

s Like all Galvan reels, they’re 100% made in America

Galvan Brookie

The Brookie is beautiful, functional, and a technological work of art. The friction-free spool and revolutionary frame eliminates all the unnecessary weight and strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and durability.

At the same time, the Brookie has a gorgeous finish, an uncomplicated ultra-reliable drag that’ll perform flawlessly with any lightweight fly rod.

The Brookie does more than just look good, and is our first choice as a companion to any ultra-light fly rod.

s Black, blue, green, orange or clear finish

s Easily converted to left/right retrieve

s Foolproof drag system

s Virtually no start up inertia resistance

s Lightweight, super strong frame

s Machined from 6061 aluminum

the aluminum frame, and helps dry your line.

s Available in black, blue, green, orange or clear finish

s Machined 6061 bar-stock anodized aircraft aluminum

s Rapid line retrieve large arbor spools

s Broad range of detent drag settings

s Ultra-smooth and consistent disc drag

s Easily converted from left to right hand wind

s Fully saltwater-safe, stainless steel components

s Extensively ported, and super-light

s Like all Galvan reels, they’re 100% made in America


Brookie-0/1 0/1 #17501 WF1+35 $275

Brookie-2/3 2/3 17502 WF2+40 285

Brookie-3/4 3/4 17503 WF3+60 295

Brookie-4/5 4/5 17504 WF4+90 305

s Completely ported for light weight

s Exceptionally large arbor to prevent coiling common with light line reels

s Galvan fly reels are made in the USA

Model Capacity Spool Width Weight Code Reel Code Spool

Rush LT 3 WF3 +50 .85 4.5 oz #24385 $295 #24392 $145

Rush LT 4 WF4 +100 .85˝ 4.8 oz 24386 315 24393 155

Rush LT 5 WF5 +100 .90 5.2 oz 24387 335 24394 165

Rush LT 6 WF6 +150 .95 5.5 oz 24388 355 24395 175

Rush LT 8 WF8 + 200 1.25˝ 8.1 oz 24389 400 24396 190

Rush LT 10 WF10 + 250 1.35 8.8 oz 24390 425 24397 200

Rush LT 12 WF12 + 300 1.35 9.1 oz 24391 455 24398 210

Galvan Grip

Built strong and reliable for big-game fresh and saltwater action, the Grip features a silky-smooth, fully-sealed drag system that will handle the most extreme conditions and whip the toughest fish. They’re machined by master craftsmen and fitted with a refined fully sealed version of the phenomenal Torque carbon drag system and super-smooth carbon fiber/ceramic ball bearings.

The Grip is a reel you can count on when you’re in a tough fight in the jungle, the saltwater, or in the ring battling any big game fish.

s Black or Blue with Clear finish

s Saltwater safe

Model Lines Capacity Code Reel

G-5 5/6WF5+125 Grip 5 $540

G-6 6/7WF6+150 Grip 6 565

G-7 7/8WF7+150 Grip 7 575

G-8 8/9WF8+200 Grip 8 590

G-10 9/10WF10+250 Grip 10 640

G-12 11/12WF12+300 Grip 12 690

s Large arbor

s Minimal start up inertia

s XL handle for maximum torque

s Machined from 6061 aluminum

s Reversible from left to right

s Galvan fly reels are made in the USA

www.theflyshop.com s phone
Lines Code Capacity Reel

Abel Vaya

Spanish for ‘Go!’, as in go outside, go explore, go fishing!

Crafted by avid Colorado anglers, the VAYA series debuts an all-new technical look and feel paired with outstanding performance. The partiallyported VAYA frame offers the unique combination of minimized weight, incredible rigidity, and just enough surface area to highlight Abel’s hand-anodized finishes. The frame interior also features varying sets of CNC-milled fly patterns, relevant to each size of reel.

The large-arbor spool features a precision-balanced, dualpawl drag engagement design that eliminates the need for a counterweight. The spool’s mechanical incoming click compliments the audible, smooth feel of the outgoing drag. The car-

bon/stainless multi-disk drag system produces substantial resistance, while providing a wide range of adjustability for delicate tippet.

s Partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and visual appeal

s Different sets of milled fly pattern silhouettes on interior of each frame relevant to the size of the reel

s 5-disc alternating carbon/stainless steel drag stack

s Large arbor for faster retrieve and reduced line memory

s Quick-change spool design with proven O-ring release

s User convertible retrieval system

s Every Abel is made in America

Fly Reels

Abel Sealed Drag Reels

a new standard in fresh and saltwater reels

In the 1980’s Steve Abel set a new benchmark in saltwater reels when he introduced the Abel Big Game Series. It was the most coveted saltwater reel of the era and was found on the rod in the hands of nearly every serious tarpon and big game fly fisherman. At least the ones who could afford them.

The newest iteration of quality and performance from Abel is their totally re-engineered Sealed Drag Series, which features a unique, completely sealed, multi-disc braking system that’s powerful, reliable, smooth, and capable of taking on both fresh and saltwater gamefish. SDS (saltwater) versions have all the power needed to halt a hard-fighting tarpon in it’s tracks.

The lightweight SDF (freshwater) models have virtually zero startup inertia, an enormous amount of drag, and three times the adjustment range of its predecessors. They’re just perfect for fighting trophy trout on light tippet.

Abel Sealed Drag Reels are available in a variety of colors and graphic designs. Some resemble the markings of fish species and all are created individually by the Abel art department. If there are more beautiful reels made, we haven’t seen them.

The reels are identical and the complexity of the finish determines its price. They take equipment to a new level in capturing the essence of our sport and are the perfect reel for the angler who won’t settle for anything but the best.

s Large arbor, maximum capacity spool

s Guaranteed to last a lifetime

s 6061-T651 Aerospace aluminum

s Ported or Solid frame options

s Alternating stacked fluorocarbon polymer composite and stainless steel disc drag

s Quick change spool option

s Every Abel is made in America

78 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
Freshwater Sealed Drag Model Lines Weight Black Solid Fade Tier 1 Tier 2 Signature SDF 4/5 4-5 5.02 oz. $795 $845 $1,095 $1,195 $1,395 $1,695 SDF 5/6 5-6 5.42 oz. 845 995 1,145 1,245 1,445 1,745 SDF 6/7 6-7 5.63 oz. 895 1,045 1,195 1,295 1,495 1,795 Saltwater Sealed Drag SDS 7/8 7-8 9.07 oz. $995 $1,145
Abels Fish
Satin Blue (one of 33 solid colors) Peacock Bass (one of 8 Legacy colors) Bonefish (one of 9 Tier Two colors) Native Brook Trout (one of 9 Tier Two colors) Redfish (one of 10 Tier One Colors)
Model Lines Weight Black Solid Colors Fade Graphic Tier 1 Graphics Tier 2 Graphics Signature G raphics Vaya 4/5 4 - 5 5.15 oz $550 $675 $825 $950 $1,050 $1,350 Vaya 5/6 5 - 6 5.45 oz 550 675 825 950 1,050 1,350 Vaya 7/8 7 - 8 5.60 oz 550 675 825 950 1,050
$1,295 $1,395 $1,595 $1,895
9/10 9-10 9.48 oz. 1,095 1,245 1,395 1,495 1,695 1,995
11/12 11-12 9.95 oz.
1,345 1,495 1,595 1,795 2,095 Visit our website to build your Abel reel and view
Graphic options: catalog.theflyshop.com
lead times vary please conatct us for Fish Graphic anodized finishes.
1,350 Visit our website to build your Abel reel and view Abels
Graphic options: catalog.theflyshop.com Custom lead times vary please conatct us for Fish Graphic anodized finishes.
Bryan Quick photo

Lamson ultra-light, innovative, high performance fresh and saltwater fly reels

Everything Lamson is 100% designed and built by a creative team of fly fishing machinists, craftsmen, and visionaries in Boise Idaho. These guys have been pushing the envelope surrounding fly reel architecture and changing how people think about fly reels for 20 years.

Lamson Guru S Fly Reels

The Guru S has an excellent price tag for a fully machined fresh and saltwater safe reel. It is extremely lightweight, ultra-reliable and features their proprietary conical drag.

This model was updated in 2019 with a more fully ported spool and cutaway frame to reduce weight and improve line drying. A narrow profile, large arbor spool speeds line retrieval and incorporates a unique counterbalance.

The Guru S is completely Type II saltwater anodized and all parts are stainless steel, making the reel one of the lightest available reel for both fresh and salt.

An excellent CNC machined reels at a great price.

Lamson Liquid Fly Reels 3-Pack

All together now! The Lamson Liquid 3-Pack is a great deal for the budget minded angler looking to have several line setups without breaking the bank.

This 3-Pack comes with one, pressure-cast aluminum frame and three spools. So you can have your full sink, sink tip, and floating line all together in a nylon carrying case and be ready to immediately and quickly adapt to cover practically any fishing situation you might encounter.

The reel and drag are everything you need in a fresh water reel and the 3-pack concept makes it a great value!

Ross has been making reels in America since 1973

Guru S Fly Reels

Model Lines Capacity Code Reel Code Spool

Guru 3 2/3/4 WF3+60 #26597 $299.99 #26601 $159.99

Guru 5 4/5/6 WF5+100 26598 299.99 26602 159.99

Guru 7 6/7/8 WF7+180 26599 339.99 26603 169.99

Guru 9 8/9/10 WF10+220 26600 359.99 26604 179.99

s Completely ported, ventilated, large arbor spool

s Fully machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum

s Conical Drag System

s Color: OG Olive Green

s Made in the USA

Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reels

Model Lines Capacity Code Reel

Liquid 3+ 2-4 WF3+100 3 spools included #26605 $219.99

Liquid 5+ 4-6 WF5+100 3 spools included 26606 219.99

Liquid 7+ 6-8 WF7+200 3 spools included 26607 249.99

Liquid 9+ 8-10 WF9+250 3 spools included 26608 269.99

s Pressure Cast Aluminum frame and spool

s Nylon carrying case s Conical drag system

s Color: Smoke s Made in the USA

s Nylon carrying case fits the reel and extra spools

Ross started in a little California town just north of Redding. Their motto “made on the water” became accentuated with the company’s move to Colorado and their commitment to design and innovation has resulted in some of the best fly reels on the market today!

Ross Evolution LTX Reels

Ross has reinvented one of the best trout reels made, and the Evolution LTX is now lighter, faster and offers a sealed drag 4 times stronger than its predecessor. Everything has been thought of with this reel design from an arbor knot channel that enables smooth backing loading hiding arbor knots, a Micarta handle made from a canvas phenolic rod adding durability and increased grip when wet.

The LTX is a top of the line freshwater reel, and a solid choice for light saltwater applications. It is not only a great trout reel but has the power to take on redfish, bonefish, or snook, and is built to last for many enjoyable seasons to come.

Ross Animas Reels

The time-proven features that made the Animas a favorite of professionals were incorporated into this advanced version in 2019, along with new machining features to bring it into the modern era of Ross.

The Animas is engineered incredibly strong and is visually stunning. Its frame is accented by a machined silhouette of the Colorado mountains and its uniquely ported design and structural profile are eye-catching, practical, and combine to create a bundle of features ready for any fresh or saltwater excursion.

Evolution LTX Fly Reels

Model Lines Reel Capacity Code Reel

LTX 3/4 3/4 WF4+50 #22783 $475

LTX 4/5 4/5 WF5+70 22784 475

LTX 5/6 5/6 WF6+95 22785 475

LTX 7/8 7/8 WF8+150 22786 475

s The drag system is based on the stacked-disc principle found on the popular, time-tested, field-proven Evolution Reel

s The bright black finish is hard anodized and polished for the perfect balance of durability, color, and elegance

s The frame and spool are machined from 6061-16 aluminum, specifically engineered for Ross Reels

s The spool utilizes a unique, impregnated, bronze bushing

Animas Fly Reels

Model Lines Weight Code Reel

Animas 4-5 4/5 4.1 oz. #25290 $385

Animas 5-6 5/6 4.43 oz. 25291 385

Animas 7-8 7/8 4.74 oz. 25292 385

s A composite drag system field-proven by 80,000 fly rodders

s Trouble-free, zero maintenance spool

s A machined, anodized reel that’s a terrific value

s Lightweight Micarta handle that’s easy to grip when wet

s Like all Ross reels, it is made in America

s Color: Black or Matte Olive

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 79

Hatch Iconic Fly Reel

The much anticipated Hatch Iconic fly reel is available!

“Hatch sent me an 11+ Iconic fresh off the CNC machine, and I took it to the world of fly fishing’s ultimate proving grounds — Providence Atoll in the Seychelles! I loaded up the reel with over 350 yards of Hatch 68lbs PE Line backing and a 100lb core Scientific Angler Amplitude Big Water Taper and 130lb fluorocarbon leader. I was ready to pick a fight with the devil himself and try my best to destroy the reel in the process!”

Read Justin Miller’s complete gear review

We have been looking forward to this for well over a year, but the Covid 19 pandemic ruined even the best laid plans. When California locked down the state, Hatch’s original launch date for the Iconic got lost. Yet once they were finally allowed to go back to work, they started pushing again and have gotten all caught up with an army of reels ready to go today! Your patience has finally paid off!

The Iconic reel retains the now “Iconic” Hatch window pattern with 6 fins, recalling the original Finatic model. Instantly identifiable and classic, the Hatch look is simply Iconic. However, they were due for a style upgrade that can be seen in the shape of their drag knob – which brings depth – and their ‘H’ brand logo. They now use a bright dip finishing that brings out the shine of the machined parts while also keeping the strong coloring of matte anodization.

Hardy Fortuna


High Performance Saltwater Fly Reel

Iconic fly-fishing brand Hardy continues to surpass expectations in the saltwater space with the new Fortuna Regent fly reel. Built to exceed the expectations of competitive saltwater anglers, the Hardy Fortuna Regent reel was designed to deliver effortless control and power under the most demanding conditions. With up to 22 pounds of drag in a single 360-degree rotation you can fight big fish without missing a beat.

Built around a multi pad, carbon fiber disc drag system and housed within a sealed, waterproof hub design, the Hardy Fortuna offers the highest level of sealing yet seen on a Hardy fly reel. In addition, the large arbor spool delivers exceptional line pick up and the narrow spool profile ensures easy level stacking of the line during the heat of the battle.

Built to perform flawlessly, saltwater game species have met their match with the Hardy Fortuna Regent reel.

s Hatch was the first and only reel manufacturer to make the reel body out of one piece.

s Handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion.

s Spool Nut one piece design in order to prevent pieces from coming apart.

s Ported spool arbor which allows lines to dry better on the reel after use –think of it as ventilation. They have also cut aesthetic holes into the Mid Arbor spools.

s Increased sealing by eliminating water entry points through subtracting superfluous components from past models.

s The Iconic reel does not utilize a cassette to house the drag system as in the past models – instead, it is now built into the body for improved stability.

s Carbon-filled drag material dissipates heat faster and creates a smoother feel.

s Available in Large Arbor (All sizes), or Mid Arbor (5+ through 11+) special order

s Colors: Black/Silver, Clear/Blue or Grey/Black

Model Lines Weight Diameter Width Price

Iconic 3 Plus 3 - 5 4.9 oz 3.25˝ .850˝ $552

Iconic 4 Plus 4 - 6 5.25 oz 3.425˝ .850˝ 604

Iconic 5 Plus 5 - 7 5.94 oz 3.75 .904 657

Iconic 7 Plus 7 - 9 8.89 oz 4.125˝ 1.05˝ 762

Iconic 9 Plus 9 - 11 10.2 oz 4.375 1.20 919

Iconic 11 Plus 11 - 13 11.3 oz 4.75˝ 1.285˝ 998

https://www.theflyshop.com/gear-review-hatch-iconic-fly-reel s Carbon fiber multi-pad disc drag system

Sealed, waterproof drag housing

Large arbor design

Narrow spool profile

Positive, linear drag adjustment with defined detents for ease of setting

Optimum drag window within one turn

High power drag system delivering between 10 lb & 20 lb of top end drag

Comes in Hardy neoprene reel pouch

Model Lines Weight Diameter Price

HR 8000 7, 8, 9 8.7 oz 4.5˝ $750

HR 10000 9, 10, 11 9.9 oz 5.13˝ $850

HR 12000 11+ 11.4 oz 5.5˝ $950

80 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com

What to know about choosing a Fly Line

Innovation and technology has given the modern anglers a plethora of terrific, specialized fly line choices!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Few would argue that in the fly fishing industry’s past decade, fly lines have seen the most technological advancement of any gear in the sport. These improvements in fly lines have changed the way we fish and the effectiveness of our pursuit..

THESPECIALTY FLY LINES available these days cover every aspect of our sport, including technical dry fly fishing on spring creeks and stillwaters, jungle fishing for Dorado or Peacock Bass, saltwater, bluewater, or throwing mega streamers on Alaskan streams for leopard rainbows.

They represent the very best in designwith-a-function and durability, and will make you a more efficient and successful angler.

The majority of the technical advancements in fly lines surround the taper of the line itself. For example, the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Titan/Jungle Floating Fly Line was specifically designed for the Rio Marie’ in Brazil, the #1 trophy peacock bass fishery in the world. We were struggling to throw the massive flies needed to entice a 20-pound peacock, and when we hooked a beast, more than half the lines broke under the strain of the strike and fight. Something had to be done.

So The Fly Shop®, Scientific Anglers and Untamed Angling put their minds together and after three years of working on prototypes, came up with a fly line that would accurately and efficiently throw an 8-inch long, #5/0 streamer. The lines are built around a braided monofilament tropical core that will retain its integrity, fish after fish, while at the same time keeping the fly line from becoming soft and limp in the tropical heat and humidity. These lines feature S.A.’s proprietary AST Plus slickness additive that is integrally built into the entire line, not just a coating on the surface.

Today, these lines are the choice of hundreds of anglers that travel to the jungle pursuing some of the hardest striking and fighting exotic game fish in the world…

and they are the choice of the travel professionals here at The Fly Shop®. The next three pages detail the exact fly lines we fish and sell to 1000’s of anglers each year. They represent the very best in design-witha-function and durability, and will make you a more efficient and successful angler. And they will make your next fly fishing adventure more enjoyable. Take our word on it, these are the fly lines you want. Call us if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these fly lines in more detail: 800-669-3474.

www.theflyshop.com 81
Toby Nolan photo Ryan Farrington photo

The Fly Shop’s

Freshwater Floating Fly Line Selection

Nowhere else in our sport are the effects of modern technology as apparent. Tapers, coatings, floatation, the texture, color, and performance of modern fly lines continues to improve. Each and every generation of fly lines seem to float higher, cast further, last longer, shoot through the guides with less effort, and make fly fishing easier and more fun. These are the best lines made!

Amplitude Infinity & Mastery Infinity All-Purpose Tapers

These are the most versatile trout fishing fly lines in our line-up. The difference is in the textured finish, Both lines have floating texture on the line’s tip to keep it riding like a cork, and shooting texture on the (slightly long) weight forward section to reduce friction, add distance, and make it a lot easier to mend nymph rigs or toss streamers. SA added AST Plus slickness agent to smooth the passage through the guides and extend the line’s usable life.

These are half a size heavy to compensate for today’s modern fast action fly rods.

Amplitude Infinity All-Purpose Floating Fly Line

#26705 WF3F #26707 WF5F #26709 WF7F #26706 WF4F #26708 WF6F #26710 WF8F

• Bamboo/Buckskin/Camo • 90 feet $129.95

Mastery Infinity All-Purpose Floating Fly Line #28149 WF3F #28151 WF5F #28153 WF7F #28150 WF4F #28152 WF6F

• Bamboo/Buckskin • 90 feet $79.95

Amplitude MPX & Mastery MPX Freshwater Floating Lines

With a bit more mass on the front end of the line’s taper, MPX tapers deliver the fly efficiently and effortlessly. All MPX lines are a half line weight heavy to help load fast action rods quickly. They have muscle and the finesse previously only available from lines with longer, less versatile taper profiles. MPX lines truly cover all the bases and rate at the top of the list of all ‘round fly lines.

Amplitude MPX Freshwater Floating Fly Line

#21416 WF3F #21418 WF5F #21420 WF7F 21417 WF4F 21419 WF6F 21421 WF8F

• Optic Green/Turtle Grass/Buckskin • 90 feet $129.95

Mastery MPX Freshwater Floating Fly Line

#19586 WF3F #19588 WF5F #19590 WF7F 19815 WF4F 19589 WF6F 19591 WF8F

• Amber/Willow • 90 feet $79.95

Mastery Trout Double Taper & Mastery Trout Weight Forward Floating Lines

Mastery Trout Tapers feature Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) line coatings to help speed the line through the guides quietly and smoothly. Double taper fly lines are the choice of most small stream enthusiasts. They excel in making delicate short and medium range presentations with little or no commotion. Weight forward tapers generate more line speed and it’s easier to cast long distance with them.They’ll turn over larger dry flies and are a great choice for most situations.

Rio’s Elite Gold Floating Line

The addition of the brand new “SlickCast” finish on the Elite fly lines has added an incredible new dimension of durability and distance to their freshwater fly lines. Now, more than ever, the Rio Gold lines can be counted on to toss a stable loop at close or long range, and pitch a fly to the horizon.

#27780 WF4F #27781 WF5F #27782 WF6F #27783 WF7F

#27784 WF8F • Moss/Gray/Gold • 90 feet $129.99

Rio’s Elite Perception Floating Line

A shorter front taper and slightly heavier line than the Rio Gold, the Perception lines load the rod sooner, are easier to control at short range, and effortless to cast at any distance. Perfect for less experienced casters, and ideal for fishing small streams and stillwater.

#27780 WF4F #27781 WF5F #27782 WF6F #27783 WF7F

#27784 WF8F • Moss/Gray/Gold • 90 feet $129.99

Rio Elite Indicator Line

Designed to turnover a wide range of indicators and fly sizes for long casts, efficient mends, and big dead drifts. The first 30 ft. is roughly two AFFTA sizes heavy to make carrying and turnover of big indicators and heavy nymph rigs a breeze.

#29845 WF5F #29846 WF6F #29847 WF7F #29848 WF8F

• White/Red/Grey • 90 feet $129.99



Mastery Trout Weight Forward Taper Floating Fly Line #19814 WF3F #19816 WF5F 19817 WF6F 19815 WF4F

• Color: Optic Green/Green • 90 feet $79.95

Amplitude Anadro Floating Fly Line & Mastery Anadro Floating Line

The Fly Shop® and Scientific Anglers teamed up to design this floating fly line for indicator nymph fishing. The results were better than we could have hoped for and the taper is now available in both the Amplitude and the Mastery series. Amplitude lines feature a microtexture finish that differs from the Mastery lines. Tossing large indicators and split shot is a lot easier with the long, 60´+ belly built into this taper, whether roll casting, mending, single-hand spey casting, or lining up a switch rod, there’s no better choice than one of the Anadro Floating fly lines.

Mastery Anadro Floating Fly Line

#19597 WF5F #19598 WF6F #19599 WF7F 19600 WF8F 19601 WF9F

• Green/Yellow • 100 feet $79.95

Mastery Freshwater Titan Taper Floating Fly Line

The Titan fly lines are a great choice for tossing mice in Kamchatka, and big, topwater bass bugs at home. It’s our own go-to floating line for Peacock Bass with a popper, or when we’re using a long leader and a slightly subsurface streamer in freshwater. The short, heavy front taper turns over air-resistant patterns that a standard weight forward taper couldn’t possibly handle, and makes fishing with big dry flies a whole lot easier.

#19580 WF6F # 19581 WF7F #19582 WF8F # 19583 WF9F #19584 WF10F

• Color: Blue/Green • 90 feet $79.95

Cortland Camo Intermediate Fly Line

Super-stealthy, clear camo line that disappears in the water. Cortland’s solid monofilament core is fused to a clear polymer coating formulated to perform in a wide range of temperatures. The ultra-slow sink rate (less than 2 inches per second ) keeps the fly in the feeding zone longer than any other line. Our most popular stillwater line.

#3232 WF4I #3233 WF5I #3234 WF6I # 3235 WF7I $64.95 21850 WF8I 24541 WF9I 24542 WF10I

Amplitude Creek Trout Floating Line

Designed for casting in small creeks where your average weight forward line doesn’t make the cut. Short overall head length to match smaller waters with a longer front taper that ensures leader turnover at any distance. Easily handles small dries to larger terrestrial patterns often used on these types of waters.

#28160 WF2F #28161 WF3F #28162 WF4F #28163 WF5F

• Moss/Leather/Willow

28164 WF6F

Mastery Bass Bug Taper

• 90 feet $99.95

Built to turn over the big bugs, and toss them a mile. The taper of this line is similar to the Mastery Titan, but with a specialized warmweather coating built to withstand hot temperatures.

#25301 WF6F #27559 WF7F #27560 WF8F

• Frog Green/Shad Blue • 90 feet $79.95

82 www.theflyshop.com s email:
• Dark Willow • 90
Trout Double Taper Floating
Line #19602 DT2F #19604 DTF4F #19606 DT6F 19603 DT3F 19605 DT5F
Amplitude Anadro Floating Fly Line #22612 WF5F #22613 WF6F #22614 WF7F 22615 WF8F 22616 WF9F • Turtle Grass/Willow/Optic Green • 100 feet $129.95

Specialty Saltwater Fly Lines

Saltwater, stillwater, jungle rivers, fast creeks and rivers, deep lakes, spooky fish, are only a few of the specialty situations that require lines with a tactical advantage. Other destinations might demand extreme distance casting, or require driving a bulky bass, redfish, tarpon, or snook fly into the wind. We’ve got those, (and more) bases covered.

Amplitude Smooth Grand Slam Line

The highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance. With a short, powerful head the Grand Slam cuts through wind and turns over crabs, shrimp, and tarpon toads with ease. Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon – All on one line. #29825 7wt #29826 8wt #28815 9wt #28816 10wt 29827 11wt 28828 12wt

• Pale Yellow/Sand/Horizon • 100 feet $99.95

Amplitude Redfish Warm and Cold Taper Floating Fly Line

Catching a tailing redfish might be the greatest thing in the world. Just make sure you have the right line for the job. The Amplitude Smooth Redfish Cold line is designed with a short head for quick shots, which is exactly what you’ll need when you’re poling through a marsh in 10 inches of water on a brutally hot summer afternoon or on a freakishly chilly fall day.

Warm #21854 7wt #21855 8wt #21856 9wt Cold 21857 8wt 21858 9wt 21859 10wt $99.95

Amplitude Tropical Titan Line

The perfect line for big flies in hot places. The Titan taper (+2 line sizes heavy) which is all about delivering big flies with ease in conjunction with SA’s proven Tropi-Core materials for maximum performance on the flats or out in the bluewater. This line is exceptionally easy to cast and is perfectly paired on many of today’s faster and high performance saltwater fly rods. #29994 7wt #29995 8wt #29708 9wt #29996 10wt 29997 11wt 29998 12wt

• Black/Horizon/Dark Turtle Grass/Camo • 100 feet $129.95

These new subsurface fly lines are a huge departure from the graduated density fly lines of years past. They incorporate a smooth, seamless transition between the multiple floating, sinking tip, or different sinking rate sections and eliminate the “hinge effect” that made previous multi-density lines so difficult to cast. The final result in all the Sonar fly lines is a constant, straight connection to the subsurface flies as they drop, and as they swing in the water column.

Scientific Anglers 25-foot Sonar Sinking Tip Fly Lines

These long, high-density sinking tips are backed with a high floating belly and a narrow diameter running line. The configuration adds distance every cast, makes the line easy to mend and control in the water column, and helps to visually detect strikes. Most important, the 25´ sinking tip gets the fly down and into the feeding lane quickly. They’re super-productive in large streams and rivers for steelhead, salmon, and trout. and often the answer in slow and deep stillwater and structure fishing for any species. It’s the best 2nd line you’ll ever own for a bunch of different freshwater situations. $99.95

Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Sinking Tip Fly Lines

Perfect for bank bashing streamers or swinging a rabbit streamer in Alaska, the Sonar Titan Sink Tip is the ultimate streamer fishing fly line. Built on SA’s Titan taper profile which is compensated to handle the largest of coneheads or lead eyes you want to fish. Sink tip sections are available in two densities (Type 3 & Type 5 sinking rates). Tip lengths are designed to match rod individual weights from 8´to14´ They’re great for both wade fishing or casting out of a boat. Streamer fishing has never been so easy! $99.95

Scientific Anglers Titan Triple-Density Sonar Sinking Lines

These sinking fly lines combine three different density sections of fly line and connect anglers to the fly in a straight line at any depth. Triple Density lines begin with a small diameter section of sinking running line which graduates in density (but not diameter) until it connects with the very fast sinking belly and the even faster sinking tip section creating a smooth transfer of energy. It eliminates hinging, transfers power evenly, and the end result is powerful heads that turns over big flies and add distance.

Intermediate-Type 3-Type 5 Density Sinking Line

#19622 WF6S #19623 WF7S #19624 WF8 #19625 WF9S #19626 WF10S

Fast Sinking Type 3-Type 5-Type 7 Density Sinking Line #21423 WF8S #21424 WF9S #21425 WF10S $99.95

Amplitude Bonefish Floating Taper

The newest generation of fly lines incorporates the identical tapers and all the features of the Mastery Series and adds both the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive and a unique micro-texture to reduce friction.The stiff, tropical core insures accuracy and adds effortless distance.

#22676 WF7F #222677 WF8F #22678 WF9F

• Black/Surf/Ivory • 100 feet $129.95

Amplitude Tarpon Floating Taper

A larger version of the Bonefish model, the Amplitude Tarpon Floating Taper has a short head for quick shots, AST Plus, and subtle microtexturing in the running section that combine to make this the best tarpon fly line on the market.

#22679 WF10F #22680 WF11F #22681 WF12F

• Black/Sand/Ivory • 100 feet $129.95

Amplitude Infinity Saltwater Floating Taper

The most advanced saltwater line in our sport. Features AST Plus slickness additive for increased durability and smooth passage through the guides, while the longer head and a bit extra weight helps this line perform like a shooting head, even on the windiest of days.

#26716 WF7F #26717 WF8F #26718 WF9F

26719 W10F 26720 WF11F 26721 WF12F

• Black/Sand/Horizon • 100 feet $129.95

Sonar lines are the latest generation of sinking line technology. They provide a direct connection to the fly, keeping the angler in control of every second it’s in the water. They definitely improve the ability to feel the strike sooner and set the hook earlier!

• Both ends are looped for easy rigging • Super-strong, braided multifilament core

• Ideal for both cold and warm water climates

• Predictable sink rates

Sonar Seamless Stillwater Dual-Density & Intermediate Camo Sinking Lines

Sonar Stillwater Sinking lines provide straight line connections to subsurface flies, and these sinking fly lines seamlessly combine two different density sections of fly line.

• Ideal for lakes, ponds, and stillwater • Super-strong, braided multifilament core Intermediate Clear Camo Seamless Density Sink 1 and Sink 3 #26711 WF4SI #26712 WF5SI #26545 WF4S1/3 #26546 WF5S1/3 26713 WF6SI 26314 WF7SI 26547 WF6S1/3 26548 WF7S1/3 26315 WF8SI $99.95 $99.95 Seamless Density Sink 3 and Sink 5 Seamless Density Sink 5 and Sink 7 #26550 WF5S3/5 #26551 WF6S3/5 #26554 WF6S5/7 #26555 WF7S5/7 26552 WF7S3/5 $99.95 26556 WF8S5/7 $99.95

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 83
Sonar 25-foot Sinking Tip Fly Lines Product Line Rods Tip Body Running Sink Rate Color Code Weight Weight Length Length Line #19607 150 Grains 6, 7 25´ 29´ 51´ 4 per sec. Moss 19608 200 Grains 7, 8 25´ 29´ 51´ 5 per sec. Moss 19609 250 Grains 7, 8, 9 25´ 29´ 51´ 5.5 per sec. Moss 19610 300 Grains 8, 9 25´ 29´ 51´ 6˝ per sec. Moss 19611 350 Grains 8, 9, 10 25´ 29´ 51´ 6.5 per sec. Moss Sonar 8, 10, 12, & 14-foot Sinking Tip Fly Lines Code Rod Type 3 Sink Rate Tip Length Code Rod Type 6 Sink Rate Tip Length #24439 5 wt. 2.5 to 3.5 /sec 8´ #24443 5 wt. 5.5 to 6.5 /sec 8´ 24440 6 wt. 2.5 to 3.5 /sec 10´ 24444 6 wt. 5.5 to 6.5 /sec 10´ 24441 7 wt. 2.5˝ to 3.5˝/sec 12´ 24445 7 wt. 5.5˝ to 6.5˝/sec 12´ 24442 8 wt. 2.5˝ to 3.5˝/sec 14´ 24446 8 wt. 5.5˝ to 6.5˝/sec 14´ Scientific Anglers Seamless Sonar Sinking Fly Lines

Fly Line Accessories

Scientific Anglers

Line Dressing & Cleaning Pads

Specifically designed for their AST and AST+ lines, but works with all brands. Two sided, rough side to scrub line, and softer sponge side to apply line dressing. SA’s formula restores fly line performance. Highly recommended for all saltwater, jungle, and stillwater fly fishermen!

#1524 Dressing with 2 pads $14.95

28132 Cleaning Pads (2) 9.95

Specialty fly lines for the tropics

Amplitude Titan/Jungle Floating Line

The perfect line for big flies in hot places. The Titan taper (+2 line sizes heavy) which is all about delivering big flies with ease in conjunction with SA’s proven Tropi-Core materials for maximum performance on the flats or out in the bluewater.This line is exceptionally easy to cast and is perfectly paired on many of today’s faster and high performance saltwater fly rods.

s AST Plus slickness technology for superior shooting

s Powerful head loads quickly and delivers large flies to distant targets

s Built two line sizes heavy, use designated line weight for rod

s Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in tropical environments

s Black/Horizon/Dark Turtle Grass/Camo

s 90´ length #29995 8WT #29708 9WT #29996 10WT 29997 11WT 29998 12WT $129.95

Mastery Jungle Custom-Cut Super Sinking Line

This line has no equal when it comes to dredging deep, fast, jungle rivers. The Custom-Cut head marries a 35´ long, T-14 head to a stiff, strong running line and can be trimmed to a length that will perfectly balance any rod from an 8 to 11 weight. With it, you’ll be able to get to the bottom quicker than with any other freshwater fly line on the market and put your fly in front of the Payara, Dorado, Peacock Bass or the Costa Rica tarpon often found in extremely fast water or far below the surface #20605 Blue/Black Welded loop connects easily to backing $99.95

Sonar Tropical/Jungle Clear Intermediate Sink Tip

Every feature of the floating Mastery Jungle Titan Taper was incorporated into the design of the Titan Clear Tip before 15´ of clear, intermediate sinking tip was added. The tapered, looped, clear tip is ideal for stealthy presentations and the 50 lb. core will put the brakes on a trophy Temensis. Veteran Peacock Bass anglers find this to be their first choice and often the only fly line they’ll need for the tropics. It is, unquestionably, the most essential fly line developed for Brazil and Bolivia

s Short, l head and front taper loads quickly, turn over stiff leaders and deliver big flies

s Mastery Texturing for repetitive casts

s Durable, non-gummy tropical climate coating

s A stiff, strong, 50 lb. multifilament core won’t break off, coil or tangle

s 105´ Total length

#28358 8WT #29824 9WT #28359 10WT $99.95

Scientific Anglers Regulator Spool

Switiching out fly lines off your favorite reel just got a lot less complicated. Whether you are traveling or can’t make it to your local fly shop the Regulator line winder will make swaping out your lines a breeze.

• Create and dispense prefectly coiled lines

• Only one Regulator spool is needed #29829 $29.95

Sunset Amnesia

Amnesia shooting line stretches to instantly lose all memory and reduce tangling and is a great butt section!

Absolute Flat Mono Shooting Line

Rectangular mono reduces surface area and cuts through water better than coated running lines. Use 25 lb. or 35 lb. for single-hand and trout spey. 42 lb. and 50 lb. are best for standard spey outfits. #26698 25 lb. #26699 35 lb. $16.95 26700 42 lb. 26701 50 lb.

200´spools 15 lb. 20 lb. 25 lb. 30 lb.

Fl. Green #4261 #1974 #1975 #1976

Fl. Red 4263 1977 1978 1979 spool $6.95

Scientific Anglers Dacron Backing

The best backing that money can buy. It actually gets stronger when wet, and it will not rot or mildew.

20 lb Test 100 Yard 250 Yard

Orange #8253 #8254

Hatch “Pure” 8-braid Poly Backing

Better than gel-spun backing, with a diameter of only .014 (20 lb. dacron is .018) it is the equivalent of 68-pound test, but feels like dacron. It won’t cut into itself, or the rod guides.

#16164 100m spool $31 16165 200m spool 56 16166 400m spool 105

Rio Braided Loops

Just slide on the line and apply Zap-a-Gap for a quick, permanent connection loop.

#6025 Lines 3 to 6 4/package 6050 Lines 7 to 12 4/package 6051 Spey Lines 4/package $5.99

Glide Fly Line Dressing

Dries as a hard, slick finish that helps both floating and sinking fly lines smoothly through guides, adding distance to every cast.

#1543 $14.99

White 8249 8250

Yellow 20290 20292

30 lb Test 100 Yard 250 Yard

Orange #8255 #8256 White 8251 8252 Yellow 20291 20293

$9.95 $20.95

Umpqua Line Dressing Applicator

Fitted with felt pads, this box snaps over the line, and is ideal for a quick and easy application of your favorite line dressing! Perfect for Glide.

#1519 $6.95

Russ Peak's Fly Line Dressing

Pharmaceutical grade silicone will not disturb the integrity of high-tech fly lines, won’t freeze in cold weather, and is perfect for slime (mono) lines.

#1742 $13.99

84 www.theflyshop.com
African Waters photo



provide for superior light protection. Premium polarized sunglasses are engineered for demanding conditions, allow you to spot your target and stay on the water longer with less eye strain and all day comfort. Visit our website for our full selection of sunglasses: https://catalog.theflyshop.com/sunglasses/

The Fly Shop’s Standard Chums

Soft, comfortable way to keep glasses in place! Assorted colors, branded with our logo.

#1453 $8.95

Quality polarized sunglasses are one more example of our commitment to bringing great fly fishing products at equally great prices. Performance meets comfort, style and economy in our distortion-free, polarized sunglasses. Visit our website to see our selection of Suncloud and Fisherman Eyewear glasses.

Each piece of Cody Richardson’s angling art is unique, and the perfect way to express your own angling fervor, commemorate a triumph, celebrate the trip of a lifetime, or as a gift. All of Cody’s work is colorful, large, and distinctive. His collection includes more than two dozen fish species. Each is personalized by license plate origin - trout silhouettes from Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and elsewhere. The tarpon, permit, and bonefish can be selected with plates from Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Mexico, or Belize. You get the idea.

Trout Steelhead Salmon

Bonefish Tarpon Permit Largemouth Bass Snook Redfish Striped Bass

Prices range from $300 to $2,000 depending on the size and complexity of the artwork. Unless the license origin request is extraordinary, only a short ( 30 days ) wait for delivery. There is a $25 shipping charge per piece.

Visit our website for all options!

The Fly Shop’s Spudz

The most convenient lens cloth you’ll ever use! Spudz employs a microfiber cleaning cloth that will not scratch your sensitive lenses. Simply tuck the cloth back into the attached pouch until you need it again. #14472 $6.95

Flip Focal

Put your flies and tippet back in focus with these time-tested, angling magnifiers. They tie-tack onto any hat brim and fold up out of the way. Simply move the object to bring it into perfect focus.

• Simple magnification • Lightweight, 2.5 power lens • Tacks on any hat brim #4451 $16.95

Slip-Fit Chums

Adjustable, lightweight, reliable. #2571 $8.95

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 85
Polarized Sunglasses Bonefish 43 X 17 Mexico, Cuba, Belize $450-$700 Permit 43 X 25 Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Florida $650-$1,450 Largemouth
36 X 26
Florida $300-$700 Steelhead 42 ˝ X 17.5 ˝ B.C., Russia, Oregon, Michigan, Washington $400-$800 Tarpon 48 ˝ X 20 ˝ Florida, Cuba, Mexico, Belize $450-$1,800 Redfish 42 ˝ X 22 ˝ Louisiana, Florida, Texas, $400-$700 Trout 35 X 21 Montana, Idaho, Utah $300-$900
The Fly Shop’s Economy
Man Cave Art Sunglasses
Our selection of Smith and Costa glasses exceed the needs of our most demanding customers. Our options include the most advanced eyewear technologies and frames with wide temples that
86 www.theflyshop.com THE FLY
s Practical
finish s Superb components, tailored
s Cordura-covered spey
tube s Dynamic, powerful, progressive actions s An
extra charge s Handsome, quality, multi-colored
rods are
warranty s The
spey rods
sport at this price! Model Line Length Pcs. Recommended Price 6126-4 6 12´6˝ 4 Light steelhead, heavy trout $475 7130-4 7 13´0 4 Universal steelhead, sea trout 8136-4 8 13´6 4 Big river steelheead, sea trout These rods are a swell choice for the beginner to learn with, but they’re built for experts who have dialed in their casting stroke. And don’t cost a bundle!
S2H2O Spey Rods raised eyebrows and have gotten endorsements from an army of double-handed experts, and been battle-tested from Kamchatka to Canada to Alaska and Tierra del Fuego.
are high-performance rods and, when paired with Skagit and Scandi lines, have energy to spare without sacrificing sensitivity.You can delicately cast loops off of the tip or use more rod to really create some power and drive the line across the river. They’ll handle heavier flies and tips when needed, and fight stiff winds with ease. These rods are capable of generating line speed with very little effort making for tight, fast-traveling, efficient loops.
extra tip, at no
All our H2O fly
backed by The Fly Shop®
best performing
in the
extratip included Built for experts. Priced for beginners!
Matt Harris photo

Winston AIR TH

THENEWWINSTONAIRTHRODS redefine two-hand casting performance. SuperSilica resin system and Boron technology, makes these rods unbelievably light, perfectly balanced, powerful, responsive, and fun to fish. Deep loading action with fast recovery rates, are ideal for any steelhead and salmon fishing application. Adaptive and specified grain windows that are ideal for specific twohand applications. In addition to the dialed grain windows, AIR TH models utilize smaller diameter grips to give anglers more feel and intuition during the cast.

sage’s konnetic technology is a proprietary fabrication technique using Sage’s resin and Konnetic Graphite. The result is less “wobble” as the rod moves through the casting stroke.These rods track perfectly and the decreased lateral movement and reduced vibration optimizes load and line speed for long, smooth, and flawless casts. Then it helps beyond the cast by improving connection through the line to the fly during the mend and swing.

Echo TR2 Spey & Switch rods

ECHOTR2SPEY is light weight and dialed for far more than just two-hand swinging with Skagit and Scandi heads: Flick an emerger off the tip, mend a country mile of

Echo Trout Spey rods

THETROUTSPEYROD Series is designed by world-class, expert fly casters for a powerful and compact casting stroke and is particularly appropriate for tight places, small rivers and large streams.

Winston Micro Spey rods

These fast-action rods are perfect for trout, ultra-light steelhead, big, broad rivers, tree-lined banks, demanding weather and a great way for trout guys to graduate into double-handed angling.

AIR TH rods adjust to any casting style and preference by utilizing several standardized rod lengths across multiple grain windows. In the same way the 9´ rod length became the industry standard for a versatile single hand rod, Winston dialed in their famous 13´3˝ lengths in 6, 7, and 8 weight grain windows to specify the perfect rod length across different applications.

Whether anglers prefer sustained anchor, touch and go, traditional, or mid belly techniques, Winston AIR TH rods support infinite casting styles, and offer unrivaled feel and performance across any two-hand casting application.

line with an indicator nymph rig, tight-line nymph, fish a dry fly hatch, and anything else you may find yourself needing in ever-changing trout fisheries.

Smaller models (3 and 4 weight) are beginner-friendly and an easy, inexpensive way to wade into the world of 2-handed trout fishing. And like most Echo products, they perform like rods costing twice the price.

Winston Air TH Spey 4-Pc. Rods Model Length Line Price AIRTH1266 12´6 6 $1,395 AIRTH1336 13´3˝ 6 AIRTH1337 13´3˝ 7 AIRTH1338 13´3˝ 8 AIRTH1299 12´9˝ 9 Sage X Switch 4-pc. Rods Model Length Line Price 6110-4 X 11´ 6 $1,195 7110-4 X 11´ 7 8110-4 X 11´ 8 Sage X Spey & Two-Handed Rods 6120-4 X 12´ 6 $1,295 7120-4 X 12´ 7 7130-4 X 13´ 7 7140-4 X 14´ 7 8120-4 X 12´ 8 8130-4 X 13´ 8 8140-4 X 14´ 8 9120-4 X 12´ 9 9140-4 X 14´ 9 10150-4 X 15´ 10 Echo TR2 Spey/Switch 4-pc Rods TR 3110 TR2 11´0 3 $379 TR 4113 TR2 11´3 4 TR 6126 TR2 12´6 6 TR 7130 TR2 13 7 TR 8136 TR2 13 6˝ 8 Echo Trout Spey 4-pc Rods TS-2110 11´0˝ 2 $524.99 TS-3110 11´0˝ 3 TS-4110 11´0 4 THE FLY SHOP’S SWITCH & SPEY ROD LINE-UP

Winston Micro 4-pc. Spey


www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 87
Model Length Line Recommended Price 3106
INNOVATIVEBORONIIITH - MS RODS have added a few light line (3, 4 and 5wt.) trout rods to two handed trout fishing. They combine the power of a spey rod with the finesse of a trout rod, and add a new, exciting dimension to the sport. $1,095
Micro 10 6˝ 3 Small rivers and trout
4110 Micro 11 4 Larger trout & light steelhead
Sage X-Switch & X-Spey rods
Sage’s two-handed X-Spey rods travel in a single plane while the power passes through the blank, allowing easy, efficient loading during and through the casting stroke. The shaft’s enhanced recovery and crisp tip stop optimizes line speed and delivers long, smooth casts. Reduced vertical movement and vibration in the blank results in a more accurate and efficient presentation. It’s the best bunch of spey and switch rods Sage has ever made.

Spey & Switch Lines, Tips & Leaders

Scandinavian ( Scandi ) Style Floating Shooting Heads

Scandi heads are designed to cast tight loops and make long distance casts as easily and effortlessly as possible. These type of spey lines are ideal for summer and fall steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and sea trout when the fish are aggressive and move to the surface. All our Scandi heads are factory looped on each end.

Scientific Anglers Scandi Lite

Designed for both trout-spey and single-handed spey applications, these short (20´-27´ depending on grain weight) head. The long front taper makes these applicable for swinging soft hackles for trout or small steelhead flies on a long leader. Subsurface presentations can be achieved by looping on a sinking leader without changing the castability of the setup. These heads feature small welded loops on both ends and a rear black “sighter” section for easy identification of the back end of the head. Head tip is printed with the grain weight.

210 gr. 240gr. 270 gr. 300 gr. 330 gr. 360 gr. 390 gr. 420 gr. #24447 #24448 #24449 #24450 #24451 #24452 #24453 #24454 $49.95

AirFlo Rage Compact Heads

The Rage Heads are full floating shooting heads with aggressive front tapers that’ll drive the cast and rapid rear tapers that load the rod quickly.This line will keep you in the “floating” game under extreme windy conditions and in tight quarters. It’s a terrific combination of the power of the AirFlo Skagit Compact and adds the delicate surface presentation characteristics of the Scandi heads. Grains Line Grains Line Grains Line Code Weight Range Code Weight Range Code Weight Range #5667 360 gr.4/5 #5670 450 gr.6/7 #5678 540 gr.8/9 5668 390 gr.5/6 5673 480 gr.7/8 5679 570 gr.8/9 5669 420 gr.5/6 5677 510 gr.7/8 5680 600 gr.8/9 $59.99

Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Skagit Heads

These ultra-short heads were originally designed to toss tips and weighted flies on switch or micro spey rods and have added smaller scale spey fishing to the steelhead and trout fishing scene. They can be paired up with any sink tip in your wallets, and used with single-handed rods. • Looped on both ends to attach easily to shooting line 210

#28171 #28172 $49.95

AirFlo Salmon, Steelhead & Sea Trout PolyLeaders

High tech tapered PolyLeaders are the perfect companion to Scandi floating lines. They’ve quickly become the first choice of sophisticated spey fishermen and are ideal for tossing smaller, lighter sinking or floating flies in shallow or medium depth rivers. PolyLeaders feature supple welded loops at the butt and their use eliminates the need for bulky, stiff tapered leaders and changing them is a snap.

• The ten footers are also superb leaders when used with single handed rods!

Airflo Salmon, Steelhead & Sea Trout Leaders

Length Floating Hover Int. Slow Fast Super XSuper Price

5 #1179 #1187 #1205 #1222 #1224 #1263 #1271 $10

8 1279 1287 1291 1298 1328 1331 1349 14

10 1366 1368 1377 1389 1395 1447 1520 14

14 1552 N/A 1555 28523 1563 1564 1576 16

Rio In-Touch Switch Chucker Elite

Designed for Switch rods, whether for overhead or spey casting, with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance. RIO offers two types of Switch lines; a long head Switch Line, and the short, easy-loading Switch Chucker. Each line has the head and running line seamlessly integrated into each other, which avoids any loop to loop connection running through the guides. The Switch Line is the best choice for anglers that want control of the line and fly at long distance, while the Chucker is best for fishing tight in and for easy casting of big flies, sinking tips and indicator rigs.

Rio In-touch Switch Chucker Elite

Line: 5wt6wt7wt 8wt Code: 29849298502985129852 $129.99

Scientific Anglers Scandi Shooting Heads

Perfectly suited for throwing smaller and more delicate tips and flies for anadromous fish species. These heads are the “little-brother” to the Skagit systems and offer a delivery with maximum finesse. These heads also feature a black sighter section at the rear in order to aid in proper hang length in low light conditions.

Scientific Anglers Scandi Shooting Head Grain Weight 350 gr. 380 gr. 430 gr. 450 gr. 480 gr. 510 gr. Code 30957 30958 30959 30960 30961 30962 $59.95

Lava Creek Lodge is a small outpost lodge on the Aleutian Peninsula of Alaska, south/southwest of Bristol Bay, Alaska. The lodge accommodates eight guests in comfortable wood-constructed cabins with full bathrooms. It is custom-tailored for the serious fly fisher who values remote and nearly untouched water, swing fishing for dime-bright kings, hunting rainbows with floating lines and streamers, and surface and streamer action for big, hyper-aggressive silver salmon. With the ultra-low occupancy, anglers get the pick of the litter of the best pools on the home river, as well as other rivers accessed by float plane.

This is a classic jet-boat and fly out operation in the middle of “The Big Lonely”. It’s rare to ever see another angler on the river, there is no rush to get to the best water, and you will always be able to fish full days regardless of weather.

Call or write if you want to go there in 2023 The Fly Shop® has the keys to the place. travel@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474

88 email: info@theflyshop.com
12´ 13´ 14´ 15.5´ 17´ 18´ 19.5´
grain 240 grain 270 grain 300 grain 330 grain 360 grain 390 grain 420 grain #28165 #28166 #28167 #28168 #28169 #28170
Arian Stevens photos

Skagit Style Shooting Heads

Skagit shooting heads have short, dynamic tapers designed to generate enough power to deliver deep sinking tips. Head lengths vary from 20 to 30 feet with looped ends. The rear is attached to running line, and tips (either MOW, iMOW or custom) are added to the front, creating a full head and maximum versatility.

AirFlo Skagit Driver

The Skagit Driver design is the culmination of thousands of hours of observation, and field testing. This newest iteration of Skagit Compact rides lower in the water, helping to better load the rod during the cast. The unique density slows the swing down, improves casting efficiency, keeping you connected to your fly through the entire step, cast, swing ritual.

Skagit Driver Heads are available in 30 grain increments, beginning at 360 grains (for a 4/5 rod) and increasing to 720 grains (10 weight). They easily toss heavily weighted flies when connected to a short leader and attached to anywhere from 5´ to 15´ of tungsten.

450 gr. 480 gr. 510 gr. 540 gr. 570 gr. 600 gr. 630 gr. 660 gr. 720 gr. #26722 26723 26724 26725 26726 26727 26728 26729 26730 $59.99

Scientific Anglers Shooting Heads

Compact, powerful design that features a unique fully tapered belly for consistent turnover and accurate delivery with any tip attached. The black sighter section at the rear end helps identify the proper hang length for you under any light conditions. These Skagit heads are ideal when the maximum payload is necessary and feature welded loops at both ends for easy shooting line and tip attachment.

Code Grains Length Code Grains Length #30962 420 21 ´ #30963 450 21.5 ´ 30964 480 21.5´ 30965 510 22´ 30966 540 22.5 ´ 30967 570 23 ´ 30968 600 23.5´ $59.95

AirFlo Scout Heads

The ultimate single-hand Skagit line. Perfect for single-hand spey casting and for anglers using switch rods in places with minimal casting room. Utilizing the best all-polyurethane construction and an improved, supple coating, the Skagit Scout heads open up water that is unfishable with other lines. They allow trout, steelhead, and salmon fishermen to use their singlehand and switch rods to cast any sink tip in their bag.

Rio Elite MOW Tips

Powerful level tips designed to cast the biggest flies with ease to cover every likely fishing situation and conditions encountered, and are the absolute ultimate in sinking tip versatility.

s Extra Heavy MOW Tips are the heaviest of the MOW series; built with T-17 for the sinking section and with a sink rate of nearly 10˝ per second, it really gets down when depth is needed. Each of the tips either have a gray floating section, or a gray loop for easy identification. These tips are ideal on the heavier Skagit lines of 675 grains and more.

s Heavy MOW Tips feature T-14, with a sink rate of 9˝ per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a light blue floating section or a blue sleeve on one end for easy identification. The Heavy MOW Tips are designed for the heaviest of flies and are ideal for Skagit lines of 575 grains and more. Six unique tips that make up the series.

s Medium MOW Tips feature T-11, with a sink rate of 8 per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a light green floating section or a green sleeve on one end for easy identification. Medium MOW Tips are designed for heavily weighted flies and are ideal for Skagit lines between 475 and 575 grains. Six unique tips that make up the series.

s Light MOW Tips feature T-8, with a sink rate of 7˝ per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a white floating section or a white sleeve on one end for easy identification. The Light MOW Tips are designed for lightly weighted flies and are ideal for Skagit lines of 475 grains and less. There are six unique tips that make up the series. $29.99

Code Tip Weight Description Length #29876

Skagit MOW Tip Light Float 10´ 29877

Light T-8 2.5´ 29878 Light T-8 5´ 29879 Light T-8 7.5´ 29880 Light T-8 10´ 29881 Light T-8 12´ 29870

Skagit MOW Tip Medium Float 10´ 29871

Medium T-11 2.5´ 29872

Medium T-11 5´ 29873

Medium T-11 7.5´ 29874

Medium T-11 10´ 29875

Medium T-11 12´ 29864

Rio PowerFlex Ultra Shooting Line

An excellent shooting line for anglers using Skagit or Scandi style shooting heads. Extremely tough outer coating, over a medium stiff Powerflex core that shoots with unbelievable ease for ultra-long casts, increased durability and ensures tangle-free performance. The line’s ultra-slick coating floats high on the surface, allowing for reduced drag. Bullet proof welded loops on each end make it fast and easy to rig, while the front loop is large enough to pass an entire shooting head coil through, for maximum speed and efficiency when rigging.

#29853 Orange .025 ˝ dia. #29855 Blue .035 ˝ dia. #29857 Aqua .045 ˝ dia.

29854 Green .030 dia. 29856 Yellow .040 dia. $64.99

Skagit MOW Tip Heavy Float 10´ 29865

Heavy T-14 2.5´ 29866

Heavy T-14 5´ 29867

Heavy T-14 7.5´ 29868

Heavy T-14 10´ 29869

Heavy T-14 12´ 29858

Skagit MOW Tip Extra Heavy Float 10´ 29859

Extra Heavy T-17 2.5´ 29860

Extra Heavy T-17 5´ 29860

Extra Heavy T-17 7.5´ 29862

Extra Heavy T-17 10´ 29863 Extra Heavy T-17 12´

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 89
Code Weight Range Code Weight Range
Code Weight Range #21594
gr.4/5 #21598 270 gr.6/7 #21602 390 gr.8/9 21595
gr.5 21599 300 gr.7 21603 420 gr.9 21596 210 gr.5/6 21600 330 gr.7/8 21604 450 gr.9/10 21597 240 gr.6 21601 360 gr.8 21605 480 gr.10 $59.99

Choosing a Spey Reel

TRADITIONALSPEY anglers prioritize their search for the best reel by capacity, weight, reliability, durability, and price. But aesthetics are often a very important consideration as well. Sometimes the sound a reel makes is more important than it’s drag system!

With the exception of switch rods, most double-handed fishing is done on larger rivers by anglers who are chasing big fish. Of course, reliability and performance is critical. But many in the crowd of fanatics would argue that they love the added challenge of fishing with the classic “clicker” reels from the past. High performance saltwater reels work great on spey rods, and can do double duty when it is time for your next tarpon trip. But, the hardcore swingers like making

a hard game harder, often preferring the simpler gear and pawl reels with no disc drags at all…and they will all tell you that the sound of a screaming clicker, with a steelhead ripping line off of it, is one of the greatest sounds in fly fishing.

Two-handed rods cast larger and thicker lines. Any appropriate companion spey reel needs adequate capacity (normally 3 line sizes greater than would be proper for single-handed rod – an 8 weight spey rod would be a reel rated for an 11-weight conventional line ) and enough weight to counter-balance the long rod. Without the extra weight, your longer fly rod will feel “tip-heavy” during every cast and that will rob you of both casting enjoyment and efficiency.

Galvan Rush LT Reel

The Galvan Rush Light is a fully machined reel, designed and manufactured just down the road from Redding in Sonora, California. They are time-tested, super-durable, and ultra-dependable. The high capacity, larger versions of the Galvan Rush are perfect for both spey and switch anglers.

The Rush shares the same reliable drag system as the Galvan Torque series reels, and have a lot more stopping power than you’ll likely ever need. It’s a bit heavier than the Torque model, the Rush models balance out better on longer rods, so you can stick to fighting fish, not “tip dive”.

Model Spey Rods Width Weight Code Reel Code Spool

Rush LT 8 Switch 3, 4, or 5 1.25˝ 8.1 oz #24389 $400 24396 $190

Rush LT 10 Spey 6 or 7 1.35˝ 8.8 oz 24390 425 24397 200

Rush LT 12 Spey 8 or 9 1.35 9.1 oz 24391 455 24398 210

See our complete line up of all the Galvan Rush LT reels on page 77


Bravo Pro Reel

The Bravo deserves applause for bringing top quality performance without a top-tier price tag! The handsome, super-light Bravo features a partially-sealed drag and is equally at home in both the salt and the fresh water. It’s a swell choice for whatever fish you’re planning on chasing, and you won’t find another spey reel with this capacity and stopping power at this price!

s Extra large arbor design s Pitstop carbon fiber stacked drag system

s Sealed to keep the salt out s User serviceable drag system

s This might be the best-priced reel made that’ll hold up to salt and brackish water fly fishing

Model Spey Rod Capacity Code Price

Bravo 7/9 Switch 4, 5 or 6 WF8 + 200 #22715 $139.95

Bravo 8/10 Spey 6, 7 or 8 WF9 + 200 22716 139.95

Bravo 10/12 Spey 8 or 9 WF10 + 200 22717 139.95

Hardy 1939 Bougle Heritage Fly Reel

The original Bougle was last produced in 1939, and many collectors believe the reel reached both its functional and aesthetic apex, even though few reels were produced that year. Now, the 1939 Bougle Heritage Reel Series pays homage to those rare originals. These reels feature the time tested Mark II check mechanism and are finished with a dark gun metal anodization, reminiscent of the original. s Classic 1939 style Bougle s Stunning Gun metal colour scheme s Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system s Easily changed from left to right hand wind s Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather sheepskin-lined reel pouch

Model Rod Capacity Size Code Price

GMB025 5/6/7

DT9+WF6+100 (20lb Dacron) 3.5˝ 31112 $725

GMB030 7/8/9 DT2+WF8+150 (20lb Dacron) 3.75 31113 725

GMB035 9/10/11 DT6+WF10+200 (20lb Dacron) 4 31114 795

Hardy Model Perfect 4-Inch wide spool

The most perfect of the Model Perfect reels. It’s changed very little since its introduction in 1891 and the 4 incher is considered by many experts to be the most classic 7 or 8-weight spey reel ever made for most steelhead, large sea trout or smaller Atlantic salmon.

Model Perfects are machined from solid bar stock aluminum, then hard-anodized for durability and polished to a satin smooth, gunmetal grey finish. Their sweet-sounding spools rotate on stainless steel ball bearinsg and are held in check by a time-tested, click-and-pawl drag that’s rated as among the most reliable in the world of fly fishing. Nothing sounds like a Hardy.

s Easily changed to left or right hand wind s 11 Ounces s Made in the United Kingdom s Extra wide spool with enough line and backing capacity for 7 or 8-weight spey rods. #28493 $875

90 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com

FishPond’s “Nomad” Net

This is the most durable and practical net we’ve ever seen! Super-light, super-durable, built from graphite and fiberglass, these rugged nets are buoyant, weather-proof, and beautiful. Each model features a heavy, fish-friendly rubber net and the Nomad net frame should outlast wooden models 20 to 1!

#17340 Trophy Brown Trout26 ˝ long, 13 ˝ x 18 ˝ opening $135.95

17342 Float Tube & Boat37 ˝ long, 13 ˝ x 18 ˝ opening 169.95

17341 Steelhead Net55 ˝ long, 16 ˝ x 25 ˝ opening 249.95

Smith Creek Net Holster

Leave it to the New Zealanders to figure out how to harness a net comfortably. The holster mounts on your belt and the adjustable net holster secures it on your hip until you’re ready to land the fish.

• Use in combination with a lanyard • Attaches to a wading belt #4526 $35.95

Rising Lunker Landing Net

This aluminum net from Rising was designed by fishermen for fishermen. This heavy-duty net can take a serious beating, yet is light in the hand. The 24 ˝ handle gives you the ideal reach for wade fishing and use in a float tube or pontoon boat. We highly recommend this net for Tenkara fishing for the extra reach. Hoop has built-in measurement indicators. #21016 Lunker 47 overall, 12 x 21 opening $189

The Fly Shop’s Fish-Friendly Nets

Beautifully hand-crafted to last for years, these nets are extremely light and very durable, and a great fly fishing value.

Jim Teeny’s Landing Hand is a soft mesh glove that provides a firm, fish-friendly grip making landing any fish in fresh or salt water easy. It fits in any pocket and is a particularly effective way to land salmonids.

#19749 $20.95

The soft, catch-and-release nets feature fish-friendly rubber mesh to help reduce both abrasion and hook-fouling, and allow fish to be released quickly. Each hardwood net has a double-laminated, durable hoop frame, extremely large hoop area and a shallow, flat bottom rubber mesh net designed to reduce fish stress.

#16201 TFS Classic Trout Net 22 x 11 x 15 opening $45

16203 TFS Trophy Boat Net 38 x 16 x 21 opening 85

Fishpond’s Confluence Magnetic Net Holder

With an 8 lb magnetic pull force, this is a complete magnetic net release system to keep your net close and always ready.

#24384 $29.95

Measure Nets

Measure and release your fish quickly without guesswork using these practical and durable nets. Simply add the two visible numbers together at each end of the fish and let ‘em go. Measure Nets feature rubberized netting on most models, hypalon grips, and ultra-tough, durable aluminum frames.

#14365 Small, Rubberized (fish to 20 ˝) $35

14366 Medium, Rubberized (fish to 24 ˝ ) 39

14367 Large, Rubberized, Extension (fish to 28 ˝ ) 51 16251 Jr. Guide Model, Rubberized(fish to 34 ) 85

Travel Measure Net

The features of the others, and fits a vest or pack. #14368 Medium, Mesh Folding (fish to 24 ˝ ) $33

Measure Net Rubberized Net Replacement Bags

Zippered, rubberized replacement nets that fit many other models. Measure the circumference.

#14369 35 ˝ Small $18 #14370 40 ˝ Medium $20 14371 47 ˝ Large 22 31013 58 ˝ Jr. Guide 40

The Fly Shop’s Big Fish Nets

Big nets designed to handle steelhead, mega trout, and salmon. These babies are built for work and abuse, with the most durable net collar we’ve ever used. The durable, octagonal handle can be slid into the net opening for storage, and snaps securely and quickly into place when necessary. The soft, rubberized net is gentle on fish and doesn’t tangle, rot, or mildew. These are simply the best big nets made.

#1451 Opening 17 ˝ x 18 ˝

Overall closed length 31 ˝ Clear rubberized net Telescopes to 48 ˝ $59.95 1521 Opening 21 ˝ x 23 ˝ Overall length 78 ˝ Black rubberized net Telescopes to 115 ˝ 99.95 26076 Opening 20 x 27 Overall length 78 Black rubberized net Telescopes to 84 109.95 (Additional UPS over-size shipping fees of $35.00 apply on these nets)

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 91
Nets & Accessories

Specialized Fresh and Saltwater Leaders

Scientific Anglers Absolute Leaders are copolymer blends that limit water absorption and maintain optimal suppleness for knot strength. Then post-production coatings are added to further limit water absorption and UV degradation. All that means 29% more wet knot strength for Absolute mono, and a 15% strength gain.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Monofilament Trout Leader

The proprietary copolymer blends drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for 29% more wet knot strength.

7 6 3/pack 27734 27735 27736 27737 27738 27739 27740 N/A 19.95 9 0 1/pack 26737 26738 26739 26740 26741 26742 26743 26744 8.95 9 0 3/pack 26790 26789 26788 26787 26786 26785 26784 26783 19.95

Scientific Anglers Absolute 9´Fluorocarbon Trout Leader

The new Absolute Fluorocarbon leaders are 15% stronger while maintaining their suppleness and a progressive taper for delicate presentations.

Code Size Tippet Diam. Butt Diam. Test 1/Pack #26587 7X .004 .024 2.5 lbs. $16.95 26586 6X .005 .024 3.5 lbs. 26585 5X .006 .024 4.6 lbs. 26584 4X .007 .024 6.7 lbs. 26583 3X .008 .024 8.4 lbs. 26582 2X .009 .024 9.5 lbs. 26581 1X .010 .024 11.8 lbs. 26580 0X .011 .024 13.4 lbs.

Scientific Anglers 10´Monofilament Saltwater Leader

These general purpose saltwater leaders are made from a medium stiff nylon, with a taper designed to turn over anything from beefy redfish flies to delicate bonefish patterns.

• Very strong, very powerful, .028 -.030 diameter butt sections

• Perfection looped • Clear, knotless, tapered leaders 10´ Mono Saltwater Leaders

Code Tippet Diam. Butt Diam. Test 1/Pack #26557 .008˝ .028 8 lbs. $8.95 26558 .009 .028 10 lbs. 26559 .010 .030 12 lbs. 26560 .011 .030 16 lbs. 26561 .013 .030 20 lbs.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Fluorocarbon Big Game Leader

A stiffer version of the Absolute Trout Fluorocarbon leaders with a heavier, more powerful butt section, and shorter front taper that is designed to handle big, heavy flies, tough winds, and distance.These are terrific leaders for Bonefish, Permit, Jacks, and larger fresh or saltwater species, 9´ Fluorocarbon Salt/Big Game Leader 12´ Fluorocarbon Salt/Big Game Leader Code Test Diam. Length Price Code Test Diam. Length Price #26588 8 lbs. .008 9´ $16.95 #26732 8 lbs. .008

Rio Powerflex ® 10´Bonefish Leaders

These are the most popular leaders made for bonefish in the world. The ten foot taper is perfectly designed to turn over bonefish flies in the face of the stiffest winds.

• Clear, non-glare, knotless tapers

• Heavy (.027 ), powerful butt section

• Excellent knot strength to Powerflex® Monofilament tippet

• Available individually or in cost-saving 3-Pack

10´ Single Packs

#1322 0X .011 8 lbs. $6.99 1323 01X .012 10 lbs. 1324 03X .014 12 lbs.


Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth Finesse 12


Excellent for slack line presentations for long, drag-free drifts.

Perfectly suited for the most technical dry fly presentations.

• Supple monofilament is perfect for demanding spring creeks.

• Equally effective for fishing nymphs for tough trout.

• All materials are fully biodegradable, paper packaging 100% recyclable

• 29% higher wet knot strength than their previous material

10´ 3 Packs

#13280 0X .011 8 lbs. $17.99

13281 01X .012 10 lbs.

13282 03X .014 12 lbs.

Rio 12´Steelhead & Salmon Leaders

This clear, knotless, non-glare finished leader is designed specifically for anadromous fish. The co-polymer butt section is thick and stiff enough to turn over and propel big flies. The 12´ length is perfect for many conditions and can be tailored.

Leader Code Strength Diam Length Price

Steelhead/Salmon #7922 10 lbs. .012 12´ $16.99

Steelhead/Salmon 7923 12 lbs. .014 12´

Steelhead/Salmon 7924 16 lbs. .015 12´

Steelhead/Salmon 7925 20 lbs. .017 12´

Rio 12´Hand-Tied Fluorocarbon Tarpon Leaders

Tapered Tarpon Leaders from Rio are a fully tapered leader with shock tippet at the end. These tapered leaders will transfer energy much better than the standard level line to shock tippet that other tarpon leaders are made with, providing much better turnover and presentation.

Code Tippet Length Shock Material Price

#26565 40 lbs. 12´ 60 lbs. Fluorocarbon $21.99 26566 40 lbs. 12´ 80 lbs. Fluorocarbon

Scientific Anglers Absolute 8´Predator Toothy Fish Leader

Suited for saltwater and big-game toothy-fish such as barracuda on the flats or the nastiest teeth you’ll find in the jungle fish. 7.5´ of looped 20lb. abrasion-resistant nylon leader is attached to 15 of 45# nickel titanium wire, with a stay-lok snap on the end to easily and permanently connect to the fly.

Code Length Wire Test Butt Diam. Price

#28174 8´0 35 lbs. .030 $16.95 28175 8´0˝ 55 lbs. .030

Scientific Anglers Right Angle Indicator Leader

Nymph fishing has never been faster…simply loop on this rig, attach your flies, and go! Perpendicular dropper section ensures quick, efficient sinking of flies and accurate strike detection. Prerigged, includes 3´ heavy nylon butt section with micro swivel, ¾ indicator, and 6´fluorocarbon dropper section that terminates in an attached tippet ring.

Code Size Length Price #29928 2x 9´ $16.95 29838 3x-4x 9´

Code Size Diameter Test

#29664 4X .007 7.4 lbs. $8.95 29665 5X .006 5.9 lbs. 29666 6X .005 3.5 lbs. 29667 7X .005 2.4 lbs.

92 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
3X 4X
12´ $16.95 26589 10 lbs. .010 9´ 26733 10 lbs. .010 12´ 26590 12 lbs. .011 9´ 26734 12 lbs. .011 12´ 26591 16 lbs. .013 9´ 26735 16 lbs. .013 12´ 26592 20 lbs. .015 9´ 26736 20 lbs. .015 12´ Size 0X 1X 2X
5X 6X 7X Diam. 011 .010 .009 .008 .007 006 .005 .004 Test 16 lbs. 13.9 lbs. 11.2 lbs. 9 lbs. 7.4 lbs. 5.9 lbs. 3.5 lbs. 2.4 lbs. Price 7´6˝ 1/pack #27727 #27728 #27729 #2773 #27731 #27732 #27733 N/A $8.95

Trout HunterFluorocarbon Tippet

Designed to create strong, durable knots while providing remarkable breaking strength for its diameter. Received the highest possible industry accolades for honesty in advertised strength and abrasion resistance.

• UV protective packaging

• Waterproof packaging

• Half sizes – yep, that’s right!

• Designed by fishermen

Trout Hunter50 Meter Spools

Code Size Diam. Fishing Tensile Price

MM Test lbs. Test lbs.

#29939 2X .235 7.39 11 lbs. $24.99

29940 3X .25 5.67 8.6 lbs.

29942 4X .185 4.8 7.1 lbs.

29943 4.5X .165 4.6 6.0 lbs.

29944 5X .148 3.24 4.9 lbs.

29945 5.5X .138 2.76 4.4 lbs.

29946 6X .128 2.30 3.7 lbs.

29947 6.5X .117 1.80 3.1 lbs.

29948 7X .104 1.5 2.5 lbs.


Code Size Diam. Test

#28133 0X .01113.5 lbs. 28134 1X .01011.8 lbs. 28135 2X .009 9.5 lbs. 28136 3X .008 8.4 lbs.

Seaguar Gold Label

Seaguar’s thinnest material for stealthier presentations. Not only are thinner leaders even less visible underwater, but you also get the advantage of more natural presentations and better catch-rates on finicky fish. Made with an exclusive double-structure process, they combine two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a leader with smaller diameters yet with exceptional knot and tensile strength. It’s softer too and cinches easily for fail-safe knots.

Seaguar Gold Label

Code Size Diam.Inch Test Price

#29921 7X .0004 2 lbs. $18.99 29922 5X .0006 4 lbs.

29923 4X .0007 6 lbs. 29924 3X .0009 8 lbs. 29925 2X .0009 10 lbs.

29926 1X .0010 12 lbs.


Code Size Diam. Test Price #28137 4X .0076.7 lbs. $39.95 28138 5X .0064.6 lbs. 28139 6X .0053.5 lbs.


Ultra Green & Chameleon Tippet

The traditional choice of professional guides and veteran steelheaders. It is soft, supple and has very little memory. Maxima has superb knot strength, abrasion resistant, and cold weather doesn’t make it stiff and brittle.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Clear Nylon Trout Tippet

The most supple mono tippet we’ve used and offers wet knot strength that is 40% higher than other brands.

• Silicone bands help protect from uv exposure

• 30m spools • Patented cutter spool design

Code Size Diameter Strength Price

#26752 7x .004 2.4 lbs. $8.95

26751 6x .005 3.5 lbs.

26750 5x .006˝ 5.9 lbs.

26749 4x .007 7.4 lbs.

26748 3x .008 9 lbs.

26747 2x .009 11.2 lbs.

26746 1x .010 13.9 lbs.

26745 0x .011 16 lbs.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon Trout Tippet

There is no equal...Simply the strongest freshwater fluoro available, with a micro coating that improves wet knot strength by 33% over all other fluoros.

Supreme is much more supple than other fluorocarbons, providing drag-free drifts and a stealthy footprint.

30 Meter Fluorocarbon Spools

Code Size Diam. Strength Spool

#28148 6X .005 3.7 lbs. $29.95

28147 5X .006 5.2 lbs.

28146 4X .007 7.1 lbs.

28145 3X .008 8.7 lbs.

28144 2X .009 10.2 lbs.

Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder

Just clip it on and forget about the days of fishing through your vest or pack for those loose spools. The spring-loaded hinge design allows you to keep up to 7 tippet spools at your fingertips and features a built-in cutting blade #24376 $19.95

Loon UV Knot Sense

Absolute Predator Knottable Wire

25´ of 7x7 stainless steel wire, available in 20lb or 40lb breaking strengths. Bite and corrosion resistant. Camo Brown nylon coated for durability and low visibility. Easily knottable. Holds up against fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws.

Code Dia . Test Length Price #30244 .018 25 lbs. 25´ $19.95 30245 .024 40 lbs. 25´

Scientific Anglers


Saltwater Fluorocarbon Tippet

Stiffer version of the Absolute Fluorocarbon tippet for bonefish, permit, tough saltwater fish, or predator fish in the jungle.

30 Meter Fluorocarbon Spools

Code Diam. Strength Spool #28140 .010 10 lbs. $16.95

28141 .011 12 lbs. 28142 .013 16 lbs. 28143 .015 20 lbs.


Trout Hunter Tippet Holder

After an extensive search, we have finally tracked down a tippet post that will accommodate the unique large arbor design of the Trout Hunter tippet spool. Lightweight and central arbor post features a small waterproof stash compartment and lanyard attachment ring. Easily holds 6 spools of Trout Hunter tippet material. Available in assorted colors.

#30055 $9.95

Spool Hands Tippet Tenders

Convenient elastic bands will keep tippet spools tidy. #9088 Med. (Umpqua, SA, Rio) 9125 Large (Maxima) 4 pkg./$5.95

Scientific Anglers Absolute Freshwater Fluorocarbon Tippet

Absolute fluorocarbon tippet boasts a modest price tag and superb breaking strength 15% better than previous materials. It is next to invisible in the water, fooling even the most wary fish. The new silicone band protects the tippet from UV exposure, and the built in line cutter makes life on the water as convenient as possible.

30 Meter Fluorocarbon Spools

Code Size Diam. Strength Spool

#26574 7X .004 2.5 lbs. $16.95

26573 6X .005 3.5 lbs.

26572 5X .006 4.6 lbs.

26571 4X .007 6.7 lbs.

26570 3X .008 8.4 lbs. 26569 2X .009 9.5 lbs. 26568 1X .010 11.8 lbs. 26567 0X .011 13.5 lbs.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 93
Material & Accessories
Specialized Tippet
Maxima Ultra Green Monofilament 27
Size 3X 2X 1X 01X 02X 04X 06X 09X
Dian. .008 .009 .010 .012 .013 .015 .017 .020 .022 .024 Test 5 lbs. 6 lbs. 8 lbs. 10 lbs. 12 lbs. 15 lbs. 20 lbs. 25 lbs. 30 lbs. 40 lbs. Code #4762 #4517 #4518 #4519 #4520 #4521 #4522 #4523 #4524
Maxima Chameleon Monofilament 27 Yard Spools $6.50 Size 2X 1X 01X 02X 04X Diam. .009 .010 .012 .013 .015 Test 6 lbs. 8 lbs. 10 lbs. 12 lbs. 15 lbs. Code #28355 #29559 #27706 #27707 #27708
Yard Spools $7.50
011X 012X
⁄2 Oz.
Smoothes and strengthens knots right away. Lightly coat newly tied knots and they’ll shoot through your guides. #1522 1
Tube $9.50
UV Nano Light Cures all UV products and fits in your pocket to carry in the field. #22704 (AAA battery included) $19.95
Scientific Anglers Absolute Fluorocarbon Trout 100M Fluorocarbon fluorocarbon leaders and tippet boast a 15% higher knot strength compared to their previous material and features incredible clarity and abrasion resistance.

Simms® Breathable Waders

Built for serious fly fishermen, guides, and professionals Waders from Simms® are made to be worn. Made to last. Made to withstand what hard-core anglers demand in the most extreme river conditions and toughest day-in and day-out wear imaginable. They do all that and are, at the same time, the most comfortable and breatheable waders ever made. That’s why they are the 1st choice of most guides and professionals in the world of fly fishing.

Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Chest Wader for Men

The best value, durability, breathability ratio, perfromance and quality in a wader. Now 100% more breathable and 60% more durable, the Four-Layer Toray QuadraLam waterproof breathable material provides an unmatched value in a wader.

s 12 stock men’s sizes (Small thru XXL) $379.95

Simms G4Z Pro Stockingfoot Wader

The most technologically advanced wader in Simms collection offering next level durability and functionality with the convenience of an extended YKK waterproof center front zipper for quick relief and easy on and off.

s 12 stock men’s sizes (Small thru XXL) $999.95

The G4 collection that represents the most durable and feature-rich waders on the market, employs five layers of rugged Gore-Tex® Pro Shell fabric, while the ever-popular Freestone model differs primarily in that it uses a 4-layer Toray® QuadraLam™ fabric.

Simms knows waders are equipment and that a poor man can only afford the best. Make sure your days on the water are dry and comfortable. Get the best!

Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Chest Wader for Men & Women

The Simms people believe these are as good as the best waders made – that aren’t wearing the Simms label.

No, they’re not Gore-Tex®, but neither are many others. And they’re not made for the fanatic who is going to be on the water every day, for hundreds of days each season. The Simms Tributary is, however, a remarkably durable wader with a bundle of great features.

More than that, the Simms Tributary is a great value and a very good, breathable wader that will keep the guy or girl who doesn’t fish more than a few weeks a year, completely dry, comfortable, and having fun while they’re on or in the water enjoying or discovering fly fishing.

Simms 2022 Tributary Stockingfoot Chest Waders

for Men

s Breathable & comfortable waterproof nylon 3-layer upper and 4-layer lower

s 12 stock men’s sizes (Small thru XXL)

2022 Tributary wader $199.95 2023 Tributary wader 229.95

Simms 2023 Tributary Stockingfoot Chest Waders for Women

s Women’s-specific cut & fit provides greater mobility and all-day comfort

s 10 sizes (Small thru XXL) $229.95

See more great Simms Wader options online: www.theflyshop.com

Simms Men’s Wader Sizing Chart

94 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
G4Z Men’s Freestone Men’s Tributary
. . . . . . .Small 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 31 ˝ - 32 ˝ 7 -
M . . . . . .Medium 39 - 40 33
MS . . . . .Medium Short 39 ˝ - 40 ˝ 29 ˝ - 30 ˝ 9 - 11 MK . . . . .Medium King 41 - 42 33 - 34 9 - 11 MKS . . . . Medium King Short 41 ˝ - 42 ˝ 29 ˝ - 30 ˝ 9 - 11 ML . . . . .Medium Long 39 - 40 35 - 36 9 - 11 L . . . . . .Large 43 ˝ - 44 ˝ 33 ˝ - 34 ˝ 9 - 11 L . . . . . .Large (large foot) 43 - 44 33
˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13
Arian Stevens photo
* All of these measurement are body measurements, not garment measurements. ** Only available through Simms’
- 34 9 - 11
- 34 12 - 13 LS . . . . . .Large Short 43 ˝ - 44 ˝ 31 ˝ - 32 ˝ 9 - 11 LK . . . . . .Large King 45 - 46 33 - 34 9 - 11 LKS . . . . . Large King Short 45 ˝ - 46 ˝ 31 ˝ - 32 ˝ 9 - 11 LL . . . . . .Large Long 43 - 44 35 - 36 9 - 11 LL . . . . . .Large Long (large foot) 43 ˝ - 44 ˝ 35
XL . . . . .Xtra Large 47 ˝ - 48 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13 XLS . . . . .Xtra Large Short 47 - 48 33 - 34 9 - 11
. . . .Xtra Large King 49 ˝ - 50 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13 XLL . . . . .Xtra Large Long 47 - 48 37 - 38 12 - 13 XXL . . . . 2Xtra Large 51 ˝ - 52 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13 XXLS** . . 2Xtra Large Short 51 - 52 33 - 34 12 - 13 XXLK** . . 2Xtra Large King 53 ˝ - 54 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13 XXLL** . . 2Xtra Large Long 51 - 52 37 - 38 12 - 13 3XL** . . . 3Xtra Large 55 ˝ - 56 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13 3XLS** . . 3Xtra Large Short 55 - 56 33 - 34 12 - 13 4XL** . . . 4Xtra Large 59 ˝ - 60 ˝ 35 ˝ - 36 ˝ 12 - 13
Size Description
Girth* Inseam* Stockingfoot*
waist or hips)
to floor)
Description Largest Girth* Inseam* Stockingfoot* (chest, waist or hips) (crotch to floor)
Custom Shop Program for an additional charge.

Skwala Breathable Waders & Jacket Collections

IMAGINEIFSOMEONE put as much time, thought, and effort into designing fishing apparel as you put into finding fish. Someone did; meet Skwala. Skwala Fishing will reset your expectations. You’ll never look at your old waders, jackets, sunshirts or fishing pants the same way again. Incorporating the highest quality, most technologically advanced materials into sleek, function-focused design, Skwala makes the most comfortable, highest-performance fishing apparel on the planet. Period. Because, you don’t need more fishing gear, you need better fishing gear. You need Skwala.

Skwala RS Zippered Waders

Built for anglers who immerse themselves in long days and even longer seasons, RS Waders set a new standard for durability and comfort. Skwala reimagined fly fishing waders, from a buckle-less, load distributing shoulder yoke; to an integrated, lumbar supporting wading belt; to unique fourchette leg seams for increased mobility and comfort; to reinforced, boot and sock protecting gravel gaiters. If you relentlessly pursue fish – belly-deep in the flow, scrambling over slick-sharp canyon boulders, punching through brambles, briars, and devil’s club – RS Waders will reset your expectations.

s 4-layer waterproof/breathable laminate with C6 DWR finish / Ultra-dense 100% polyester microfiber double weave face textile / Anti-microbial treatment on inter or scrim layer

s 4mm neoprene with laminated antimicrobial jersey / Spandura® Yarns in sole panel

s YKK® Aquaseal® & YKK Aquaguard® zippers

s 11 stock men’s sizes (Medium thru XXL) $799

Skwala Carbon Waders

Skwala’s Carbon fly fishing waders are designed to get you where most anglers can’t or won’t go. With a minimalist approach that reduces weight and bulk without sacrificing durability; a buckle-less, load distributing shoulder yoke; a magnetic, drop down upper for easy conversion from chest-high to waist-high; and an athletic cut with fourchette leg seams, Carbon Waders feel more like your favorite pair of pants than waders. If you travel across the globe, or just higher up your local creek than most are willing to venture, the Carbon Wader will make sure you arrive dry and comfortable.

s 4-Layer waterproof/breathable laminate with C6 DWR finishing / High-density 100% nylon woven face textile / Anti-microbial treatment on interior scrim layer

s 4mm neoprene laminated with 100% nylon jersey on interior and exterior of bootie. Interior Jersey lining is enhanced with an anti-microbaial finish. Sole Panel utilizes Spandura® Yarns in an abrasion resistant knit structure

s Exterior YKK Aquaguard® zippered cargo pocket

s 11 stock men’s sizes (Medium thru XXL) $499

Skwala RS Wading Jacket

The RS Jacket sets a new standard for durability, water resistance, and comfort no matter how long the day or the season. Designed to pair with their RS Waders, the RS Jacket provides sanctuary in even the harshest conditions. Featuring a fully taped and stretch-woven internal wrist cuff in addition to a comfortable and easily adjustable outer cuff, your arms will never be wet again. The unique pass through pockets allow cold hands access to body heat trapped in the waders’ warming pockets. The generous drop hood keeps water off your face in a downpour but won’t bunch around your neck when the jacket is fully zipped and the hood is down. If you relentlessly pursue fish, even on days when most anglers hide behind their tying benches, the RS Jacket will help you stay on the water longer.

s 3-Layer waterproof/breathable Toray Entrant® microporous laminate - 100% Nylon 2-way mechanical stretch-woven face textile / 100% Nylon tricot backer

s 2 zippered chest pockets, 2 zippered pass-through pockets, 2 zippered & fleece lined hand warming pockets, 1 zippered internal pocket

s YKK® Aquaguard® zippers

s 4 stock men’s sizes (Medium thru XXL) $499

Skwala Carbon Wading Jacket

Built for anglers who demand flexibility and dexterity but aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort, the Carbon Jacket is fully waterproof, truly breathable, and easily packable. Though designed to pair with our Carbon Waders, this shell stands alone – weighing less than a pound and featuring a four-way stretch hard-shell outer layer that moves unlike anything you’ve ever worn. Whether you travel across the globe, or just higher up your local creek than most are willing to venture, the Carbon Jacket will keep you dry without holding you back.

s 3-Layer waterproof/breathable Toray Entrant® microporous laminate / 100% Nylon Primeflex™ stretch-woven face textile / 100% Nylon circular knit backer

s 2 zippered hip pockets, 1 zippered chest pocket, 1 zippered internal pocket

s YKK® Aquaguard® zippers

s 4 stock men’s sizes (Medium thru XXL) $399

I LOVE this jacket! It’s the nicest and most well thought out and constructed rain jacket I have ever worn, and I have worn them all!

First off, this jacket is bomber, super heavy-duty and 100% waterproof, with taped sealed seams and features water-proof zippers throughout

Pat Pendergast, The Fly Shop® International Travel Director, field-testing Skwala gear in Kodiak Alaska on a steelhead exploratory trek.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474
RS Zippered Carbon RS Carbon

Patagonia® Breathable Waders

Waders from the first name in outdoor gear and clothing

Patagonia has built their reputation producing the most comfortable, reliable, and durable outdoor products made, and these waders are no exception!

Three years ago they introduced Swiftcurrent Waders which quickly challenged the other top tier wader on the market for comfort, durability, and price. These waders have gotten rave reviews from our staff, and our client feedback is as terrific.

They are state-of-the-art in terms of their hi-tech, breathable fabric and design. Moreover, every pair of every model of wader undergoes exceptionality rigid quality control testing. They are guaranteed to keep you dry without trapping sweat inside. It comes as no shock that Patagonia always delivers in spades on durability, and a real testimony to their quality is the fact that the failure rate is zero and not one customer has returned a pair to The Fly Shop® for any reason.

Every pair of Patagonia waders includes all these features:

s No® Performance Standard recycled polyester microfiber shell with proprietary water proof/breathable barrier and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish; a highly durable and puncture-resistant fabric without multiple layers, added weight, and extra stitching

s Single-seam construction for durability, gusseted crotch for freedom of movement and comfort

s Submersible YKK® front pouch zipper is fully waterproof; fully adjustable, quick-release suspender system; top-hem drawcord cinch; Secure Stretch, no-snag wading belt; front and rear belt loops

s The interior features a welded TPU-waterproof pocket, it flips out for easy access; two drop- in stretch pockets; two internal daisy chains for tools; center-back hanger loop for easy drying

s The exterior has cozy handwarmer pockets with pocket flaps and a large chest pocket with a horizontal, water-resistant zipper

s Articulated legs; removable foam knee pads, and heavy-duty scuff guards at ankles

s Anatomical left and right booties are built from a resilient 4mm Yulex®/neoprene that resist compaction, have a sock-like fit and are polygrid-lined for additional warmth and comfort

Patagonia’s Swiftcurrent Expedition Zippered Waders for Men $799

Swiftcurrent Expedition models, with their chest to crotch, ultra-waterproof YKK zipper are engineered for fit, mobility and durability. Patagonia’s heaviest weight, most fully featured waders feature an adjustable, quick-release suspender system for conversion from chest to waist height. Includes an interior waterproof pocket, a handwarmer pocket with zip flaps and anatomical booties.

Patagonia’s Swiftcurrent Waders for Men $549

These versatile, midweight breathable waders include every feature listed above. They’re lighter and more easily packed than other comparable quality waders. But the real plus is the price tag on the Swiftcurrent Wader, and how well they compare feature-to-feature, with the other top brands in the wader world.

Patagonia’s Women’s Swiftcurrent Waders $549

Designed for the female angler, these midweight breathable waders have waist-mounted, EZ-Lock suspenders for conversion to waist height. Innovative rear-buckle system provides drop-seat function for quick relief. Interior, waterproof pocket, reach-through hand warmer pocket and a chest pocket.

Expedition Zippered Swiftcurrent Women’s Swiftcurrent Patagonia Men’s Wader sizing chart

Size Girth Inseam Shoe Height

SSS . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 29 6-8 5´5 -5´8

SRM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 32 9-11 5´10 -6´

MXM . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 28 9-11 5´2 -5´8

MSM . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 30 9-11 5´6 -5´9

MRM . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 32 9-11 5´10 -6´

MRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 32 12-14 5´10 -6´

MLM . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 34 9-11 6´1 -6´4

MLL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 34 9-11 6´1 -6´4

LSM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 30 9-11 5´6 -5´9

LRM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 32 9-11 5´10 -6´

LRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 32 12-14 5´10 -6´

LLM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 34 9-11 6´1 -6´4

LLL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 34 12-14 6´1 -6´4

XSM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 30 9-11 5´6 -5´9

XRM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 32 9-11 5´10 -6´

XRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 32 12-14 5´10 -6´

XLL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 34 12-14 6´1 -6´4

2RM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 32 9-11 5´10 -6´

3LL . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 34 12-14 6´1 -6´4

Patagonia Women’s Wader sizing chart

Size Chest HipsGirth Inseam Shoe Height

XXS . . . .32 -33 33 -35 36 29.5 6-8 5´-5´4

SSS . . . .33 ˝ -35 ˝ 37 ˝ -38 ˝ 38 ˝ 31.5 ˝ 6-8 5´-5´4 ˝

SRM . . . .33 -35 37 -38 38 31.5 8-10 5´5 -5´8

MSS . . . .36 ˝ -38 ˝ 39 ˝ -41 ˝ 41 ˝ 29.5 ˝ 6-8 5´-5´4 ˝

MRM . . .36 -38 39 -41 41 31.5 8-10 5´5 -5´8

MLM . . .36 ˝ -38 ˝ 39 ˝ -41 ˝ 41 ˝ 33.5 ˝ 8-10 5´9 ˝ -6´

LSS . . . .39 -40 42 -44 44 29.5 6-8 5´-5´4

LRM . . . .39 ˝ -40 ˝ 42 ˝ -44 ˝ 44 ˝ 31.5 ˝ 6-8 5´5 ˝ -5´8 ˝

LLM . . . .39 -40 42 -44 44 33.5 8-10 5´9 -6´

XRM . . .42 ˝ -45 ˝ 45 ˝ -48 ˝ 48 ˝ 31.5 ˝ 8-10 5´5 ˝ -5´8 ˝

Patagonia’s Foot Tractor Wading Boot

The most durable and comfortable wading boot ever made!

Patagonia teamed up with classic American boot maker, Danner, and created what critics believe is absolutely the most comfortable wading boot ever made for the angler.

s Waterproof, supple, specially treated, full-grain leather

s Won’t crack or shrink

s Foot Tractor felt soles can be re-soled and repaired

s Truly the last pair of wading boots you’ll ever need to buy.

s Expensive, and worth every cent!

#WBFT Felt Sole Sizes 9-13 #WBVT Vibram Sizes 9-13 $449

96 email: info@theflyshop.com
Made in the USA Patagonia chart measurements are in inches, and refer to body size, not garment dimensions. The inseam measurements are from crotch to floor.

Simms Freestone Wading Boot

Defined by proven support, determined traction and rugged durability, the time-tested Freestone Boot powers through a full range of wading conditions.

s Neoprene lining for comfort and easy on/off

s Dual-density EVA shock dampening midsole

#WBFB Vibram Sole Sizes 8-16 $199.95

WBFBF Felted Sole Sizes 8-16


Buckskin Mary Wading Boot

The definitive boot packed with performance and comfort for bad ass women anglers around the world.

s OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system, includes a Kling-on and felt sole

s Traditional laces with durable noncorrosive hardware

s Hydrophobic materials for faster dry times

s Heel lock provides a secure fit

#WBSFN Womens Sizes 5-11 $159.95

Simms G3 Guide Boot

Built to withstand the most demanding wading environments, yet incredibly comfortable. Features bigtime ankle support and enhanced feel underfoot to help you get to hard to reach places.

s Improved cleat retention 6mm plate.

s Molded external TPU heel counter and heel clip for maximum ankle support.

#WBGBV Vibram Sole Sizes 7-16 $299.95

WBGBF Felted Sole Sizes 7-16


Darkhorse Wading Boot

A remastered classic from the optimal traction brand; the DarkHorse™ is not a one trick pony. Made for the angler that can’t compromise weight and durability for function.

s BOA-Lacing provides unmatched simplicity and security

s Hydrophobic materials provide faster dry times.

s Rubber toe and heel overlays for added protection

s OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system, includes a Kling-on and felt sole

#WBDH Sizes 7-15 $209.95

Simms Flyweight Wading Boots

Weighing in at a mere 40 oz, this low profile, ultra lightweight, synthetic wading boot is an excellent option for the traveling angler trying to stay under the airlines weight limit. The Flyweight boot also makes for an excellent boot to use with fins while float tubing.

s Welded TPU film in high-abrasion zones for durability

s High cushion EVA midsole

#WBFLYV Vibram Sizes 7-14 $229.95

WBFLYF Felt Sizes 7-14


Greenback Wading Boot

Combines innovative technology and traditional style. Extremely comfortable, with fast drying synthetic uppers and traditional lace system. This very lightweight boot also wears a very modest price tag.

s OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system

#WBGBK Felt only Mens Sizes 7-15 $119.95

Simms Flats Sneaker

Simms’ purpose-built Flats Sneakers are the go-to choice for roaming skinny waters, blending the durability and support of a wading boot with the lightweight feel of a sneaker.

s Corrosion-free hardware

s Padded collar and tongue

s Non-Marking sole is perfect for flats skiffs

s Removable Right Angle® footbed

#WBSFN Mens Sizes 7-14 (Includes Half Sizes) $179.95

Astral Loyak Wading Shoe


Christmas Island Bootie

A new and improved flats boot based on our longstanding and best-selling Christmas Island flats boot.

s Made of Airprene and vulcanized rubber

s Easy on-and-off with a YKK® side zipper secured at the top

s Includes a reusable mesh carry bag

#WBOFB Sizes 8-14 $98

A low volume, high performance shoe providing durability, superlative grip, and supreme comfort on water or land. Self-draining, Flex-Grip™outsole promotes excellent balance and ground feel. Great for fishing on a flats skiff, drift boat or raft.

s Indestructible Hydrophobic Canvas for durability with stretchy Airmesh for secure fit and ventilation. Two sets (different colors), water resistant laces provided.

#ALWWS Mens Sizes 8-14 (Whole sizes only - For half size, size up) $95

Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boot

An incredibly lightweight wading boot that fits like a glove and delivers athletic and agile performance like no other. The enhanced midsoleprovides durability you can count on with one of the most comfortable boots made!

s M2 Boa® lacing system quick & easy on/off

s Hydrophobic materials provide faster dry times.

s Integrated large drainage ports reduce water weight.

s Sizes 7-15 full sizes

#WBDC Devil’s Canyon Boot $209.95

WBSF Studded felt soles 49.95

WBKO Studded Kling-On soles 49.95

Astral Brewer 2.0 Wading Shoe

Super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, Balanced Geometry™ midsole, and WaterReady uppers this evolution of Astral’s original shoe elevates the common sneaker to a new level of performance and versatility. Ideal for wet wading or for use in a drift boat or raft.

s Hydrophobic Canvas with Airmesh at vamp, tongue and medial side, Step-Down heel, built-in sockliner. Water resistant laces provided.

#ABWWS Mens Sizes 8-14 (Half sizes available up to 111⁄2) $125

Visit our website for our complete boot & shoe selection!

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 97

Wading Accessories

Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt

Your wading belt may just be the most important piece of gear you carry. If you’ve ever gone for an unexpected swim, you know that it can be the difference between a mild inconvenience and a legitimate emergency. The South Fork Wader Belt packs a laundry list of innovative features. The floating rail system allows you to add multiple storage systems, with the option to attach a shoulder strap for added support. With additional molle slots for water bottle holders, and an integrated net slot, you’ll find yourself leaving that old pack behind for this ultralight setup.

• Thermoformed foam padding with lumbar support

• Floating rail system allows for added storage options including the San Juan Chest Pack, Thunderhead Submersible Pouch, Thunderhead Chest Pack, Canyon Creek Chest Pack, and more #29805 $49.95

Simms Pro Wading Staff

Excels against the push and pull thanks to the lightweight, high-strength capabilities of best-inclass carbon tubing. The four-section staff includes a FastLock system, similar to touring-style ski poles, for customizable lengths between 51 and 56 inches A contoured cork handle delivers non-slip grip. And the ergonomic strap is quick-release enabled for enhanced safety in the field. Moulded sheath comes standard.

• Complete with scabbard (sheath and powerful retractor)

• Printed depth gauges (in inches)

• 55 long (deployed)

• Durable 7075 aluminum tubing with Stainless steel coated cable and ribbed, closed cell foam grip

• Built-in wrist strap, retractor, and compression molded sheath

• Replaceable/interchangeable aluminum tip #17713 $229.95

Orvis Ripcord Wading Staff

Design was adapted from avalanche probe technology. Quick and easy to use, but can easily prevent a wading disaster. Four-section collapsible wading staff assembles in seconds. Built with light and strong 7075 aluminum and kernmantle climbing cord that won’t absorb moisture, fray, or stretch. Accessory Kit includes Delrin tip, fly retrieval hook tip, and tipremoval tool. Non-slip EVA grip foam grip. Built-in gear keeper retractor attaches the staff to neoprene sheath that is easily attached to a wader belt.

• 4-section staff assembles in seconds

• Accessory Kit includes Delrin® tip, flyretrieval hook tip, & tip-removal tool

• Non-slip EVA grip foam grip

• Built-in gear keeper retractor

• 54 ˝ length, collapsed length 18½ ˝ #17713 $229.95

Patagonia Wading Support Belt

Patagonia’s Wading Support Belt provides a sturdy, molded back assist for comfortable all-day wading. The fully adjustable belt covers a wide range of waist measurements, integrates into Patagonia waders, and features a generous net sleeve and a durable quick-release buckle.

#26110 Small/Medium $99 26111 Large/XL

Patagonia Secure Stretch Wading Belt

The sturdy Secure Stretch Wading Belt provides comfort and security, and it can support a net, staff or other accessory without sagging.

#29563 Medium $35

30249 Large

Simms Orthopedic Back Support & Wading Belt

An adjustable compression back brace that adds hours of comfort to wading, rowing, or boating.

#WDFHB SM/Med 29 - 34 , Large/XL 35 - 41 $99.95

Simms Hard Bite Carbide Tipped Vibram Boot Studs

Specially shaped to fit Simms Streamtread Vibram outsoles and to add traction, safety, and durability to any Vibram, rubber, or felted sole wading boot.

#8999 Deep threads for felt soles 20 pack/$34.95

9000 Short threads rubbers soles

(Sting) Ray Guards 2.0

Ray-Guard Shield protectors are designed to protect anglers from under-water hazards and protect the lower leg area while wading Brazil and Bolivian rivers.

• Protection from the knee down

• Use with or without waders

• Wrap-around shield

#17510 $49.95

Simms Replacement Boot Laces

Extra-long, Extra tough, woven nylon over an even tougher nylon core, #6038 Long enough to fit all brands pair/$14.95

Contact our Outfitters desk for info about great regional and private water angling options here in Northern California. info@theflyshop.com 800-669-3474

Simms Hard Bite Carbide and Aluminum Star Cleats

The 45+ Rockwell Carbide chips are zinc-plated for added life, and additional corrosion resistance. The relatively corrosion-free Aluminum cleats are softer, producing a great grip on rock surfaces.

#11670 Carbide Star Cleats/Studs 16 pack/$39.95

9036 Aluminum Star Cleats/Studs 14 pack/29.95


If there’s one river in NorCal that intimidates people, it’s the Pit. With the right gear you can tame the Pit River and experience some of the best trout fishing in the Northstate. Get yourself the best damn felt soled wading boots you can afford and rig them with new studs. Second, get yourself a wading staff. And always wear a wading belt or wet wade.

98 email: info@theflyshop.com
Marcel Siegle photo

Simms Mid-Calf Lightweight Merino Wool Socks

• Naturally wicking and odor resistant

• Excellent, lightweight insulation and cushioning

• 66% wool, 32% nylon, 2% Lycra Spandex

#CLLS Medium, Large, X-Large $24.95

Simms OTC Midweight Merino Wool Socks

• The over-the-calf fit will stay in place all day.

• The best all-purpose midweight wading sock made.

• 66% wool, 32% nylon, 2% Lycra Spandex

#CLMS Medium, Large, X-Large $29.95

Simms OTC Thermal Merino Wool Socks

• Heavyweight, hardworking Merino wool

• Reinforced heel and toe • Machine washable

• 81% wool, 18% nylon, 1% Lycra Spandex

#CLTS Medium, Large, X-Large $39.95

Simms Neoprene Wading Sock

Simms’ next-generation Neoprene Wading Socks are fine-tuned for performance across a swath of environs. Improved anatomical fit socks feature 2.5mm breathable, odor-fighting Airprene in the underfoot and a neoprene jersey upper that keeps feet warm in cooler water.

#WDWWS S 7-8, M 8-10, L 10-12, XL 12-13 $29.95

Restoring Waders & Jackets

Breathable waders and jackets often begin losing their waterproof and repellant character when the micropores in the fabric become clogged with dirt or salt. When water no longer “beads up” they need to be washed (according to directions, and adding Revivex will help even more) .

Korker’s Guard Wading Sock

Abrasion-resistant form-fit 3.5mm neoprene, complete with gravel guards and a patent-pending perforated footbed to drain away unwanted foot stew.

Perfect for walk and wade trips on hot, summer days.

• 3.5mm neoprene upper with perforated Airprene underfoot.

#WDKWS S 7-8, M 9-10, L 11-12, XL 13-14 $39.95

The Fly Shop’s Laundry/Wading Bag

Perfect for travel or to keep your car smelling fresh, and your clean, dry stuff separate from wet wading gear and stinky, dirty clothes. Folds flat and it’s terrific as a laundry bag on trips or for waders.

#5271 24 x 19 $20.95


Headwaters Taco Bag

This fully zippered oval is large enough to handle all your wading gear and makes a mat for dressing.

• Keeps wading gear together

• Zippered repair kit pocket

• Extremely durable and weighs only 11 oz.

• 600 denier ballistic nylon • 45 liter capacity

#25802 38 x 19 x 5 $39.95

The Fly Shop’s Economy Wader Bag

• Quick-drying zippered mesh top and end panels

• The most economical and easiest way to organize all your boots, waders, and wet gear.

#4495 8 ˝ x 14 ˝ x 10 ˝ $34.95

Revivex Spray

Spray it on wet breathable gear, toss it in the dryer.

#4420 10.5-ounce $14.95

Revivex Pro Cleaner

Made specifically to clean and refresh all Gore-Tex, Windstopper, and other kinds of breathable outerwear. #9522 10-ounce bag $9.95

Repairing Waders & Jackets

There’s an easy way to find leaks in Gore-Tex and other breathable fabrics. Just spray the inside of the wader or jacket with rubbing alcohol. The leak area will turn black. Mark them with a Sharpie and dab on some AquaSeal.


AquaSeal with FD Accelerator

Our first choice for repairing any wader. Repairs are quick, permanent, flexible, and can be finished in minutes by using the FD® accelerant.

#718 Aqua Seal with FD® Accelerator $12.95

5742 Aqua Seal (only) 8.95

9582 UV Aqua Seal Field Repair Kit 8.95

Simms Field Repair Kit

Quick-curing Aquasseal® UV and Tenacious Tape patches for instant on-the-water repairs to waders and rainwear.

#18074 Instructions included $12.95

The Fly Shop’s No-Slip Wader/Vest Hangers

Simms Riverkit Wader Tote

Heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric with backside PU coating makes this tote water resistant and durable.

• Breathable mesh panels allow for ventilation when wet gear is stowed inside

• Padded lid doubles as a fold-down changing mat

• Large accessory pocket includes internal key clip

• Dual grab handles allow for in-hand or over-theshoulder carry #30610 Anvil $79.95

A stainless steel answer to hanging waders or vests in motor homes, garages, or anywhere else.

The up-turned, rubber-capped ends prevent the garments from slipping off.

#7603 $9.95 ea.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474

Technical Clothing

Hot, Warm, Cold & Freezing-Cold Weather Jackets and Underwear Great layering products from the recognized first names in fly fishing apparel!

Patagonia LS Sun Stretch Shirt

This technical long-sleeved button-up is designed for hot and humid conditions. Made from a stretchy, quick-drying, ultralight recycled nylon/T400® polyester blend, the Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch features western drop-in pockets that can accommodate a passport or fly box.

• Two vertical zip-closure chest pockets

• Sunglass chamois at bottom hem

• Oat


PTGSST Long Sleeve $119

Skwala Sol Shorts & Pants

The Sol Wading Shorts & Pant are designed with a fitted waistband true to size with little stretch. Both feature a modern fit in the legs for enhanced comfort and mobility.

Skwala’s Sol Wading Pants do everything, so you don’t have to compromise anything. Designed and developed to keep anglers safe from harmful UV rays when chasing fish with the sun high in the sky.

Skwala’s Sol Wading Shorts have everything you want without any unnecessary gimmicks. The microporous premium fabric and articulated leg seams combine breathability and unrestricted movement with the durability and longevity you need in every day, every situation fishing shorts.

• 50 UPF rating, quick-dry properties, and anti-microbial finishing

• Zippered pockets, no Velcro

• Pants: Shadow or Tent

• Shorts: Charcoal or Burlap

• 30 , 32 , 34 , 36 , 38 , 40

#CLSFP Sol Wading Pant $119

CLSFS Sol Wading Short 89

Patagonia R 1 Zip Top and R2 Pant

Patagonia’s warmest midlayer for cold days, the R1 FitzRoy 1⁄4 Zip Top is a breathable, comfortable and highly versatile fishing top for layering or wearing on its own, made with moisture-wicking Polartec® Power Grid® 93% recycled polyester/7% spandex fleece that provides outstanding insulation.

• Zip-neck closure; left-chest pocket with zippered closure

• Reinforced shoulders and sleeves for durability and water resistance

• FABRIC TECH: 6.9-oz Polartec ® Power Grid ® 93% recycled polyester/7% spandex with HeiQ ® Pure odor control

Patagonia’s warmest midlayer for cold days, the R2 Tech Face Pants deliver breathable, water-shedding warmth and angler-focused details. The perfect coldweather/cold-water crosslayer, these tough, versatile pants excel at underwader insulation or on their own.

• Two zippered thigh pockets keep essentials close; accessory loop on right waistband holds hemos/nippers

• Overlays on thighs and seat increase durability where waders abrade pants; overlays are treated with a DWR finish to shed moisture

• Nonbulky cuffs fit easily over or under socks for a snug fit

• M, L, XL, XXL

#CLTR1 R1 Zip Top $159 CLPR2 R2 Tech Pant 149


Capilene Midweight Top & Bottoms Patagonia’s Capilene is a classic, allaround 100% recycled polyester baselayer. The smooth, soft face makes for easy layering. Hollow-core yarns and a diamond-grid back trap warm air, wick moisture and dry fast.

• Crew neck styling with internal neck tape for added comfort; locker loop for hang drying

• Raglan shoulder seams allow freedom of movement, full underarm gusset for range of motion and chafe-free comfort

• Elastic thumb loops for secure hand coverage

Patagonia’s Capilene Bottom has all of the same features as the crew top.

• Functional fly and flatlock seams to minimize chafing

• Black

• M, L, XL, XXL

#CLSLT Capilene Top $79

CLSLP Capilene Bottom 79

100 email: info@theflyshop.com
Coolnet UV Buff Ultimate sun protection with UPF 50+, 4-way Ultra Stretch, quick drying, 100% seamless, and featuring polygenic odor control.
29547 Lazs Gray 29548 Derma Gray 29546 Grateful Dead 27794 America 27796 Emigrant Risers 29548 California Flag 30712 Trout Scape 30713 Redfish Tails Find more buffs & stuff Our complete selection of clothing & accessories is on our website!
#29546 Kam Moss $24

Skwala Fusion 3/2 Puffy Jacket

The Fusion 3/2 Puffy was built to be your go-to layering option when both the air and the fish bite. With 90 grams of insulation wrapping your core and 60 grams down the sleeves, this jacket maintains optimal body heat without adding unnecessary bulk that can get in the way when you’re casting.

• Toray ® 3DEFX+™ insulation paired with a Primeflex™ shell, stretches and contracts to move with you while keeping you toasty

• Hydrophobic shell repels water & features a fitted, fused cuff that won’t absorb water after a quick dunk.

• Two zippered hand pockets

• Zippered chest pocket

• M, L, XL, XXL

#CLJFP Midnight $299

Simms G4Pro Jacket

Unmatched versatility & comfort

Dress for angling success and guaranteed storm-proof, all-weather comfort alongside every fishing feature imaginable with the best jacket ever made.

• 3-layer Ultra Gore-Tex fabric

• Stretch Shingled, watertight cuff

• High-Vis center hood panel

• 3-point adjustable storm hood

• Drawcord adjustable hem

• Centered D-ring net attachment

• Spacious rear game pockets

• 2 large chest pockets

• Lined handwarmer pockets

• Internal chest and dump pocket

• Water-resistant sleeve pocket

• S, M, L, XL, XXL

#CLJG4 Slate $699.95

Simms G3 Guide Jacket

This iconic wading jacket is the perfect blend of mobility and fishing utility. Lightweight guaranteed dry 3layer Gore-Tex® combined with stretch panels strategically placed to move with every dynamic cast. Tough, durable and dry in any weather.

• 3-point adjustable storm hood with high-vis center hood panel

• Right chest pocket contains a retractor docking station

• Left chest pocket has loop front patch to store flies and contains a tethered, removable lens cloth

• Zippered handwarmer pockets with interior bellows for additional storage, and exterior drain holes for wading deep

• S, M, L, XL, XXL

#CLJG3 Gunmetal $599.95

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Jacket

Built for nature’s most unpredictable changes, the Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket is the most versatile technical jacket. The 4-layer, waterproof/breathable H2No® Performance Standard shell is free of perfluorinated chemicals and made of 100% recycled nylon.

• 4-layer H2No ® Performance Standard 100% recycled nylon shell with a 15denier circular-knit slick jersey backer for added comfort and performance

• Easily adjustable, vented hood and integrated collar provide maximum protection in heavy weather and high winds

• Watertight, adjustable cuffs keep arms dry when releasing fish

• M, L, XL, XXL

#CLJSC Basin Green $399


SolarFlex Hoody

The quick-drying comfort and UPF 50 sun protection of lightweight COR3™ fabric lets you keep chasing elusive trophies through the dog days of summer. Durable and flexible sleeve construction supports a range of movement, letting you cast from any angle. Flat-seam finish that creates a plush, next-to-skin feel.

• Hood designed to wear over a hat

• Great base layer in cool weather

• Quick-drying, wicking & anti-odor


#SSFH Stone or Sky $79.95

Patagonia’s Capilene Cool Daily Hoody

The next best thing to a cool breeze when it’s humid and hot! The Capilene Cool Daily Hoody offers UPF sun protection, and stretchy material only Patagonia could find. It’s made of 96% polyester, wicks away perspiration instantly, and fights off odor, yet has a light, soft, cotton-like feel that’ll keep you comfortable in the heat and able to focus on fish.

• UPF sun protection

• Thumb holes for added sun protection

• M, L, XL, XXL

#PTGTH Steam Blue or S. Green $59

Simms SolarFlex Guide Cooling Hoody

SolarFlex® Cooling Armor is the techequipped answer for hardworking, heatbeating comfort. The shirt’s cooling fabric tech is complemented by mobility boosting stretch, maximum UPF 50 protection, and a hood/integrated gaiter design that covers all the angles.

• A fabric that is cool to touch from the moment you pick it up. The Brrr° triple effect starts out cool and keeps you cool all day long.

• Large zippered back pocket.


#CLTCH Steel Blue $124.95

Skwala Sol Tactical Hoody

The Sol Tactical Hoody is essential angling apparel for sunny summer days on a stream or in the salt. Heat and sun exposure can wear you out and damage your skin, so Skwala put as much thought and design technology into their sun shirts as their rain jackets.

• Scuba hood shields your face without obscuring your vision

• 100% Polyester knit with anti-microbial finishing

• 3 flush pockets can carry essentials

• 50 UPF Rating

• M, L, XL, XXL

#CLSTH Slate or Sage $119

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 101

Luggage & Gear for the traveling angler

Patagonia Great Divider

The ultimate storage bag for anglers, photographers and travelers! This waterresistant, non-submersible bag is padded with sturdy sides, shoulder and hand straps, adjustable dividers and storage pouches.

Our absolute favorite saltwater boat bag.

• Main storage compartment with 3 adjustable dividers

• Velcro patches on the lid provide a quick place to stash flies while also allowing for easy customization

• Magnetic front closure prevents accidental spills

• An excellent carry-on that converts to a great boat bag

#30649 18 x 9.5 x 13 26L $319


Black Hole Wheeled Duffel

Tough and highly weather-resistant, the Black Hole® Wheeled Duffel is a burly, smooth-rolling duffel that’ll protect your gear from the hard knocks of travel. Sized to hold everything you need for an extended trip, with a zippered, Ushaped lid that covers the huge main compartment.

The sturdy frame sheath protects from baggage-handler abuse and oversized wheels deliver a smooth ride, whether you’re crossing the tarmac or traversing a cobblestone street.

• Burly polyester ripstop weather-resistant material will keep all your gear dry in bad weather

• Stout wheelset for easy movement on rough terrain • Zippered side pockets

• The main compartment is just long enough to accommodate 4-piece fly rod cases

#23054 31 x 16 x 14 Black $419

Outcast AK Duffle Bag

Finally, a great big welded vinyl duffel bag perfect for week-long float, camp, or wilderness trips that has a modest price tag! The AK Duffle is very durable, and large enough for a week in the wild. There’s a ton of room inside and the shell’s light enough to insure all the weight you are carrying is gear and clothing, not heavyweight luggage.

• This tough, durable, large vinyl duffel is perfect for the occasional whitewater float trip.

• Totally watertight, and submersible • Welded seams and reinforcement

Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag

Built with the incredibly tough 1680 TPU-coated, recycled, Cyclepond nylon, YKK water resistant zippers, and welded construction with signature Fishpond molded top and bottom. As a specialized tackle bag it keeps your gear dry, and the organization system allows for easy access to your gear and eliminates any thought of having to worry about the elements.

• Perfect size to fit in the hatch of most flats boats

• Included velcro fly patch for lid top #29810 22 L (1,342 cu. in.) 17 ˝ x 11 ˝ x 10 ˝ $299.95

Simms G3 Guide Duffel

Simms’ most advanced waterproof duffel balances ease of access and rugged construction for a lifetime of travel, be it tarmacs or river days. Features include a bomb-proof, TPU coated 600D nylon and a waterproof zipper closure for added security. The interior is padded and the bottom is reinforced for added durability in rugged fishing climates.

• Removable padded shoulder straps for several carrying options, plus large grab handles for transport and tie-down • Exterior organization features Hypalon lash points for attaching rod tubes, zippered water-resistant exterior pocket, and compression strap

• RU® Zip waterproof self-healing zipper for 100% waterproof-submersible protection #29447 34 ˝ x 28 ˝ x 14 ˝ Anvil $299.95

The Fly Shop’s®submarine river duffle

Unquestionably the best river and whitewater duffel ever made!

We had our duffel built exclusively for us by Jack’s, the best whitewater manufacturer in the world. Our professional guide staff spent two entire summers on the rugged, wild rivers of Kamchatka designing, testing, and refining this totally waterproof, and near-bulletproof duffel. The end result is a top-of-the-line expedition duffel for the serious outdoorsman and wilderness traveller.

• The full length duffel opening makes it easy to see and locate everything in the huge interior

• Space enough for a 4-piece, 14´ spey rod and more than enough for a week’s worth of stuff

• This duffel is completely watertight, totally submersible, and the best float trip bag ever made.

• Comfortable, padded, shoulder and backpack straps

• Reinforced, stainless rings #15469 43 long inside x 28 Gray $209

• Welded construction by the best manufacturer in the industry • Shoulder/backpack straps #5724 43 x 17 x 17 Submarine Yellow $375

102 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com



& Angling Travel Accessories

These guys have a well-earned reputation for designing and manufacturing well thought out equipment for the fly fishermen.Their luggage is no exception. It’s handsome and ultra-functional.

Sportsmans Bumper Rod & Gun Holder

The Sportsman Bumper Mini is a handy accessory for any outdoorsman. Fitted with powerful magnets, it attaches securely to the side of your car and keeps your rod or gun safely out of harm’s way while you’re gearing up.

#21483 $12.95

Fishpond Teton Rolling Carry-On Duffel

A well-designed travel carry-on that is sized for any adventure. Roll through the airport with a passport, change of clothes, and all the essentials. Fashioned from tough, 420 denier, recycled nylon for rough rides to and from camp, and stylish enough for a quick weekend trip anywhere.

• Retracting Handle • 420D Cyclepond Fabric

• Compression molded bottom • Weighs only 7.5 lbs

• Ventilated mesh interior pockets • 45 liter capacity

• Exterior organization pocket

• Rod tube attachment on each side

#24489 22 x 13 x 11 Granite $279.95


Thunderhead Dry Bag

Sumo Rod Carrier

Superbly designed rod carrier for the exterior of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans.

• Attaches to all smooth non-porous surfaces such as steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.

• Easily transports all types of rods and reels

• Safe and secure on rough roads at any reasonable speed. #13359 Magnetic Mount $189.95 17767 Suction Cup Mount 169.95

Fishpond Cabin Creek Toiletry Kit

This rugged toilet kit is our favorite. It’s design is based on the classic, original Dopp Kit created in 1919. Absolutely essential for frequent travelers.

• Rugged waxed canvas

• Two zippered interior pockets

• Interior mesh/vinyl pockets keep everything in its place

#26593 11 x 6 x 6 Peat Moss $49.95

If reliability is rooted in simplicity, it doesn’t get more reliable than the Thunderhead Roll Top Dry Bag. Those extra layers you packed for camp will remain dry, from a small summer shower, to an unexpectedly bumpy ride down the river. Constructed with 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric, the Thunderhead Roll Top Dry Bag is designed to withstand whatever you throw at it.

• 900D TPU coated NewStream Fabric

• Welded seam construction

• Roll top waterproof closure

• Built in D-ring attachment point #30955

3 Dia. x 9.5 Eco Shale


Scientific Anglers

Fishpond’s Dakota

Carry-On Rod & Reel Case

Grab your gear and go. This case handles all your 4-piece rods, reels and essential gear in a padded compartment with protective lid!

• Waterproof, molded bottom (back)

• Adjustable, padded, removable interior reel dividers

• 3 laminated see-through exterior mesh pockets for keys, phone, airline tickets, etc.

• Holds up to 4 rods, depending on length

• Granite, Aspen Green and Stone Tan

4-piece Case for 9 foot (or less) rods

#22809 31 ˝ long x 9 ˝ high x 5 ˝ wide $189.95

Spey Rod Case for rods less than 44

#18610 45 long x 9 high x 5 wide 219.95

Fly Rod Sleeves

Protect your strung-up rods during transport. Simply slide over your rod and attach the keeper strap around the rod butt.

Half length works on 8´-11´ rods broken in two pieces.

Full size is for assembled 9´-11´ rods and is a must for those with vehicles that can carry a fully strung-up rod.

#24455 Up to 10´, full length $18.95

24456 Up to 10´, half length 16.95

24455 Spey full length 29.95

26754 Spey half length 19.95

Patagonia Travel Rod Roll

The Travel Rod Roll comfortably accommodates up to four fly rods in a simple, secure design. Crafted from tough, upcycled Black Hole material with a lightweight, sturdy internal bracing structure, it delivers security, protection and ease of use for traveling anglers.

• Small rod roll can easily accommodate 27-inch rod sections –a comfortable fit for 4-piece/9-foot rods

• Large rod roll can easily accommodate 40-inch rod sections –a comfortable fit for 4-piece/13-foot rods

• Internal daisy chains help secure rods internally; exterior compression straps can be used to set up a rod station when not traveling

#21694 Small, Assorted Colors $79 21693 Large, Assorted Colors

Clear Creek Multi-Piece Cloth Rod Socks


Sock 55 #8841 2-Piece Sock 60 $20 4382 3-Piece Sock 37 4385 3-Piece Sock 41 4387 4-Piece Sock 27 8839 4-Piece Sock 31 Rod Loft Interior Vehicle Rod Rack 2.0 A versatile mounting system with 6 different mounting options (garment rack, window suction cups, etc.) that work in most passenger vehicles. There’s no drilling, alteration, or permanent mounting required for the rack.
double-stitched and edge-trimmed for durability. Gray with black trim. #1812 2-Piece
rods in holders
easy installation
Carries up to 6
Ideal for most full size
Suburbans, and camper
#134 $199.95
www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 103

Vests, Kit Bags, Packs & Sling Packs

Fishpond Thunderhead Sling

If you’re looking for a sling pack that gives you quick access to your gear and total waterproof protection, look no further. Load your valuables in the roomy main compartment and store them safely behind the fully waterproof TRUZIP.

• Fully waterproof, self-healing TRUZIP zipper closure on main compartment

• Includes one set of Lariat Gear Straps.

• Interior organization with removable zippered pocket and one clear stash pocket.

• Velcro and exterior Hypalon® tabs and reinforced cord loops for tool and accessory attachment.

#29811 Shale $249.95

Fishpond Summit Sling 2.0

Fishpond’s most popular sling pack just got better. The most comfortable and design-rich sling available today, the Summit Sling 2.0 offers all the features you expect from a technical sling, and more. Three large main compartments and numerous exterior attachment points provide plenty of storage space and quick access to the tools you need most.

• 7 interior and exterior pockets

• Molded drop down fly/cargo bench with outside fly patch

• Hypalon® attachments for retractors, and other gear

• Integrated net sleeve on back panel

• Shoulder pad work station with Hypalon® attachment points

#29800 Gravel $119.95

Patagonia Stealth Sling

Chasing the beach blitz on foot or searching for highcountry trout, you have to cover a lot of ground. Built to move, and comfortably hauls a day’s worth of gear; the bag easily slides around to the front for easy access. 15-liter volume holds two large fly boxes and has organizing pockets with hook-and-loop closures for all necessary tools. Molded, front-zippered panel drops open to create a miniature fly-tying table. Also includes a top-access, mesh-lined security pocket; internal waterproof phone/camera pocket; external water-bottle pocket with security keeper; new external tippet holder; highly water-repellent exterior YKK® zippers; and fully adjustable strap to allow for layering.

#28682 Noble Grey $169

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack

Fully waterproof pack that is built with your comfort and personal gear in mind, even when you find yourself in the worst conditions. We designed this bag for anglers who brave conditions in search of the moment when it all goes off. The clean layout gives you a simple way to organize your gear, which can range from high end cameras, boxes of hand tied flies, to your peanut butter and jelly, all of which need to stay dry. Not only does it deliver an airtight closure system with the TRU Zip waterproof and submersible zipper, but it is also built for all-day comfort with padding in all the right places.

• 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric

• Interior organization with removable pocket

• Integrated net slot

• Exterior Hypalon® tabs and reinforced cord loops for tool and accessory attachment

#30374 Eco Camo $249.95

Fishpond Elkhorn Lumbar Pack

Offers lightweight construction, a rich set of features, and quick access to your gear, all on one iconic platform. With 5 liters of storage space, an interior water-resistant stash compartment, and an exterior quick access pocket, you won’t have to decide which boxes and accessories to leave at home. Intuitively placed Hypalon attachment points for tippet holders, retractors, floatant, and more keep essential tools immediately available. Compression straps on the underside of the pack provide a place to stow an extra layer. Constructed using highly durable, recycled Cyclepond Fabric, the Elkhorn will be the foundation of your on-river setup for years to come.

• Adjustable compression strap system

• Two mesh water bottle holders (Bottles not included)

• Padded backing and integrated net slot

• Velcro patch (Tacky Fly Dock not included)

• Minimalist tool attachment pad on shoulder strap

#30952 Pebble $99.95

Fishpond Switchback Belt

Redesigned Switchback Belt System 2.0 sits on the shoulders of its predecessor and adds a long list of award winning features. Adding additional storage has never been easier with the new quick release rail system. Ambidextrous, and equipped with MOLLE slots for water bottle and Quikshot Rod Holders, features which elevate the Switchback to a higher standard.

#29804 $119.95

Fishpond Canyon Creek Chest Pack

The choice for grab-and-go anglers who need quick access to the absolute essentials, this highly versatile carry system offers a rich list of features, including seven tool attachment points, a dropdown fly bench, and an integrated net slot. Up to four of your favorite fly boxes will stow away with ease, leaving room for accessories.

• Compatible with Fishpond pack systems

• Drop-down fly bench with replaceable Tacky silicone fly mat

#29802 $79.95

Outcast’s Inflatable PFD (Floatation Device)

There’s safety & buoyancy when you need it with this Coast Guard Approved Personal Floatation Device. This model is intended for anglers, boaters or swimmers in relatively calm water where there’s a chance of a quick rescue. Jerk the ripcord and the CO2 bladder inflates quickly, or inflate the vest manually.

• Supports 200 pounds.

• Re-usable

• Easily adjusted and one size fits all

• Replaceable CO2 cartridge charger

#7225 Outcast PFD $165

7241 Rearm Kit 33

104 www.theflyshop.com s info@theflyshop.com

Fishpond Thunderhead Back Pack

From big hikes into remote reaches of water or the urban commuter landscape of the city, we keep your most important items completely protected from the elements. This fully submersible backpack is one of our toughest bags ever, constructed with our bombproof 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric, a waterproof TRU Zip closure, and a sturdy harness system for a more comfortable carry. This new pack is equipped to carry and protect everything you could ever need for a day on the water. The Thunderhead Submersible Backpack is sure to keep your cameras, lunch and tackle dry.

• One set of Lariat gear straps (included) that can be positioned on left or right side

• 900D TPU Coated NewStream Fabric

• Fully waterproof, self-healing TRU Zip zipper closure on main compartment

• Water resistant zipper closure on the front pocket

• Lightweight foam shoulder strap, hip belt, and molded back panel

• Adjustable and removable lumbar support strap

• Coated webbing daisy chain, d-ring, and four-way attachments on back panel for various accessories including the Thunderhead Submersible Pouch.

• Interior organization with removable zippered pocket

• Compatible with Thunderhead Chest Pack, Canyon Creek Chest Pack, San Juan Chest Pack, Sagebrush Mesh Vest front panel, and Cross-Current Chest Pack

#30954 Yucca $299.95

Fishpond Firehole Backpack

This 26-liter platform features thoughtful organization, plenty of support and breathability, and an abundance of water storage for full days on the trail. Whether you’re tallying up the miles or just bushwhacking to your favorite run, the recycled nylon exterior will withstand a beating, while keeping loadweight at a minimum. Loaded with exclusive features, including an exterior boot and wader pouch for wet gear, integrated net holders, and specialty attachments for your existing Fishpond Chest Pack, the Firehole is a favorite among backcountry anglers and travelers everywhere.

• Lightweight shoulder strap, hip belt, and molded back panel

• Exterior top and backside pockets, hip belt stash pockets for quick access

• Stowable Hypalon® wader/boot pouch with additional exterior attachment points #29801 $179.95

Fishpond Wind River Roll Top Bag

A favorite among our friends in Alaska, the Wind River Roll-Top Backpack has ample space to transport gear through the airports and into the wild with comfort. We improved this Fishpond classic with adding a thermoformed back panel and adjustable hip belt so you’ll have this pack for the long-haul.

• 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric

• One set of Lariat gear straps (included) that can be positioned on left or right side

• Front stretch mesh pocket with zipper closure

• Adjustable/removable lumbar support strap

• Coated webbing haul handle

• Interior removable zippered pocket #30953 Eco Shale $229.95

Simms Freestone Vest

The ideal blend of technical performance and lightweight comfort, Simms Freestone Vest has all the necessary storage for conveniently accessing your fishing necessities. Updated pocket array includes compression molded fly box storage pocket, and an easy access chest pocket keeps your phone secure

• Four interior drop pockets for additional accessory and tackle storage

• Large zippered game pocket

• Padded collar for all day comfort

#CLVFV2 Pewter SM-XXL $129.95

Fishpond Sagebrush Pro Vest

A lightweight vest that doesn’t compromise on carrying capacity, allowing anglers to carry everything needed for variable hatch conditions. Highly breathable mesh keeps you cool all day long. Thoughtfully designed and comfortable beyond belief, every fly box and accessory you might need is made easily accessible for all-day river trips. Headed off the beaten path? The front panel of the vest attaches directly to Fishpond’s backpacks for the ultimate backcountry setup. The Sagebrush is the favorite vest of some of the hardest working guides in the west.

• 17 interior and exterior pockets

• Adjustable shoulder and torso straps for perfect fit

• Signature drop-down fly bench with replaceable Tacky silicone fly mat #29803 $159.95

Patagonia Convertible Vest

A versatile and lightweight vertical-pocket mesh vest appropriate for fresh and saltwater fishing; detaches at top and bottom so that it can be worn on pack fronts.

• Vest can be worn alone or attached to pack fronts

• Vertical-pocket configuration for maximum convenience and organization

• Lightweight, breathable mesh body

• Interior zippered pockets for tippets and spools

• Laser-cut Hypalon® utility keeper allows for easy access to tools and nippers

• Fair Trade Certified™ sewn

• 410 g (14.46 oz)

#29612 Noble Gray $99

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 105

Hemostats, Clippers & other tools

See our complete selection of tools and accessories on our website!

Simms Superlight Solar Sombrero

Wide brim for full coverage. #30602 Sterling $44.95

Fishpond Eddy River Hat

A defining symbol of the American West. Developed to provide maximum protection from the sun with 5˝ brim and stand up to daily abuse.

#28752 Small, Guatamalan Palm $79.95 25455 Medium #28753 Large 28754 XL


Epic Washed Hat

Classic unstructured twill cap.

#31119 Loden $24.95

Umpqua Tactical Power Scissor & Pliers

Heavy duty stainless tools with comfortable rubber grips that are large enough to support your thumb and two opposing fingers for more grabbing and pulling power. #24475 6˝ Open Loop Scissor/Plier $16.95 28196 6 Scissor Clamp

Loon Rogue Quickdraw Pliers

The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws to the handle. Tight angles and a shape engineered to accommodate all sizes of flies, allow for easy hook removal, and crimp even the heaviest of barbs.

• Handy Carabiner finger loop

• Flat jaw for hook removal and debarbing

• Surgical quality stainless steel

• Eye clearing needle • Locking handles #21366 6.25 $28

TFS Epic Performance Hat

Lightweight synthetic, dries quickly.

#28442 Baltic $24.95

TFS Drake Hat

Medium profile cotton oil fabric. #28457 Brown $28.95

Umpqua De-Barb Pliers & Cutter

Flat-jawed, with large finger holes. Great for pinching the barbs on large freshwater streamers and tiny flies. A very precise tippet cutter. #28200 5˝ $12.95

TFS Legend Vintage Hat

Unstructured profile with longer brim.

#31116 Dark Mustard/Khaki $24.95

TFS Zone Trucker Hat

Structured med. profile, mesh back. #31120 Green Moss/White $24.95


5 ˝ Curved Clamp Hemo

Serrated-jawed, with large finger holes, eye-needle, and clamp #28199 5 $13.95

Dr. Slick

Scissor Clamp Pliers

• Great barb pincher

• Razor-sharp serrated scissors

• Strong, gold anodized surgical steel #24347 5.5˝ $23

TFS Eco Sideline Hat

Structured profile, mesh back.

#31118 TFS Oval, Dark Gray/White $25.95

TFS Patch Hat

Structured profile, mesh back. #29959 Gray/White $24.95

Umpqua Stream Pliers

• Stainless steel • Cuts wire

• Clean cutting edge • Spring-loaded

• Made for removing hooks from big hawgs.

Dr. Slick

Spring Creek Forceps

The perfectly matched tips are great for pinching small barbs.

• Smooth jaw structure • Pin-shank

• Gold anodized surgical steel #24348 5.5 $16.50

TFS Soft Mesh Hat

Structured profile, soft mesh back.

#31115 Dark Gray/Natural $24.95

TFS Legend Vintage Hat

Unstructured profile with longer brim.

#31117 Charcoal/Khaki/Vintage Rust $24.95

• Crimping groove #28198 6 $24.95

Dr. Slick

Black Surgical Steel Tools

Top quality, black anodized steel forceps with durable hinges, smooth finish, and over-sized finger holes.

#1325 4 Curved Jaw Forceps $15.95

1378 5.5 Curved Jaw Forceps 16.95 24349 5.5 Straight Jaw Forceps 16.95


5.5 ˝ Mitten


• Stainless steel • Spring loaded

TFS Visor

Classic profile.

#29635 Silver $20.95

TFS Grandpa Hat

Structured full profile, corded accent #29773 Navy $25.95

• Super-strong grip with grid jaws

• Razor sharp, serrated scissor #28197 $19.95

Sierra Stream

Needle Nose Pliers

• Tiny, narrow well matched plier points

• Designed to pinch small hook barbs #1404 $9.95

106 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
2023 Hat Collection See our complete hat selection on our website

Scientific Anglers Regulator Hemo’s

A multi-function fishing clamp with an angled head for exceptional reach. Smooth jaws for pinching barbs, and serrated scissor cut cleanly. The ergonomically spaced foam grips provide precise control and comfort

• Combo bottle opener/knot tension tool #29841 Black $29.95

The Fly Shop’s Pin-On Retriever

Lightweight, but heavy duty with an indestructible cord and spring. As indestructible as zingers get! #1390 $8.95

Dr. Slick Offset Nipper/Hook File

Super handy diamond grit hook hone

• Clips like a ball point pen to any pocket

• Works well on all hooks from size 4 to 22 #3095 $15

The Fly Shop Tell Tale Tape

Sixty inches of truth and spring-loaded facts. Easy-to-read, metric on one side, inches on the other. Water-resistant. #4273 $2.95

Rising Nippa

Umpqua Pro Retractor

• Rotating pin attachment

• Kink resistant coated retractor wire

Loon XL Nip N Sip

Extra-large and comfy-gripped, the newest version of the Nip & Sip is a significant step up. The new design is comfortable in hand.

• Bottle opener

• Lanyard included

#29915 Black $38

• Large extends 42 , Small extends 20˝ #3838 Large $19.95

3839 Small 14.95


360° Swivel Retractor

• Stainless pivot pin-mount • Anodized

• Lasts a lifetime • Super durable coil #22810 $18.95

Abel Nippers

New ergonomics, type III anodized bodies, as well as a brand new magnetic “spring.” Two sets of rare earth magnets keep the jaws open without a hinge that can be subject to corrosion issues while also acting as a reliable “fly dock” to attach your flies to while rigging. Available with 3 body color options, and our full range of solid gloss colors on the central scale, there are over 54 different combinations to choose from.

• Replaceable stainless steel hook eye cleaner

• Easily adjustable polyurethane braid lanyard and machined aluminum

• Call/Check our website for all color options

#ACNAN $250


Arrowhead Retractor

Arguably the very best retractor made. From the near-indestructible spring to the caribiner-style clip the Arrowhead Retractor is hand-crafted from stainless steel wherever possible. The Arrowhead will outlast any other retractor on the market and pay for itself in durability and performance.

• Constructed of 6060 aerospace aluminum #24718 3.75 x 1.25 $29.95

Simms Carbon Fiber Retractor

The most durable retractor made. The stretch polycord won’t break, and will extend up to 18 inches. #30616 $19.95

A sharp nipper with cushioned grip and a recessed needle to clean the junk from the eye of your fly. #3302 $7.00

Rising Diamond Hook File

The absolute best freshwater field file.

• Only 4 inches long • Diamond sharp

• One 600-grit fine groove on one side

• Ideal for dry flies and small streamers

• Two 800-grit medium grooves on other

Fat Boy Nippa

Nearly 4 inches long, this baby is super sharp and made for cutting the thick heavy mono and fluoro stuff. Totally stainless, and totally sharp! #17346 $11.95

• Perfect for salmon and steelhead flies

• Finish file for bonefish and permit hooks #14375 $9.95

Tie-Fast Knot Tier

This simple tool ties nail knots, uniknots, or needle nail knots, in seconds. It should be an absolutely indispensable item carried in every vest or fishing jacket in the field.

#4359 $13.50

Tie-Fast Combo Tools

This invaluable accessory should be hanging off every angler’s jacket or vest. It incorporates four absolutely indispensible fly fishing tools in one.

• Razor sharp monofilament clipper

• Handy needle knot tool

• In-the-field hook sharpening file

• Needle point for cleaning hook eyes #5110 Standard $24.95 20249 Magnum 22.95

Economy Stream Thermometer

An invaluable tool for any serious fresh or saltwater angler. #4501 $11.95

Teeny Hook Release

The best hook release tool made! No need to handle the fish to remove the hook, eliminating the possibility of hurting the fish or removing their protective slime.

• Great for boating and tubing!

• Removes hooks quickly and easily #19750 $14.95

Fly Rite Stomach Pump

The catch-and-release answer to getting a handle on what's on a fish’s menu without harming the fish. Serious fly fishing professionals, dedicated tiers, and anglers who refuse to be outfoxed by a fish have used these for years to answer questions with something besides guesswork.

• Not appropriate for small fish #1386 $9.95

Ketchum Release

The top catch-and-release tool made! Available in three sizes and proven effective in both fresh and salt water. Slide it down the leader and twist.

#28201 Original (freshwater) $19.95

27772 Midge (super small flies) 28202 Big Bug (salt/streamers)

Hammerhead Gear Keepers

Tough enough to hold any wading staff, net, or hemostat.

• 60 lb. strength coated stainless cable

• 42 extension for a long reach

• Snap-clip “D” ring mount for vests #9611 Hi-force Net Retractor $25.95

• 60 lb. strength cable • 32 extension

1082 Wading Staff Retractor 23.95

• Snap-clip “D” ring/threaded stud mount 9614 Everything Retractor 20.95

• 36 extension

• Threaded stud mount for vests/belts 9615 Mini Retractor 14.95

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 107
John Sherman photo

The New Zealand Indicator System

Just when you think you have a perfect system, something better comes along. This is the best indicator we’ve found. Easy to attach and remove, this kit includes an applicator tool, a sampling of white and chartreuse wool, and 12 inches of size small replacement tubing. It’s subtle as it lands on the water, sensitive when fish touch the fly, and won’t get bogged down with water. It’s the best system for sophisticated spring creeks or clear, ultra-selective trout fishing situations. Watch the instructional video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OmTgXOER6c

#18366 Strike Indicator Kit (includes, tool, 2 colors of wool, 12 clear tubing) $18.95

18367 Strike Indicator Tubing, Small $10.95 #18371 Wool Dyed Orange 9.95

18368 Strike Indicator Tubing, Large 18370 Wool Dyed Green

18372 Wool Dyed Black 18369 Wool Mixed Colors

18928 Wool Dyed White


These revolutionary indicators have harnessed trapped air technology! A simple design and a favorite among The Fly Shop® guides. Buoyant, easy to cast, durable, and highly visible.

• Easy to attach, adjust • Won’t sink

• Stays in place on the leader

• Supports heavy weighted flies & split shot

#3706 .5 ˝ Pkg. of 5 $6.95

162 .75 Pkg. of 5

166 1 Pkg. of 5

1254 1.25 Pkg. of 2 3.95

Air-Lock Biodegradable Indicators

Palsa Buoyant Pinch-On Indicators

Adhesive backed, fluorescent foam indicators that pinch anywhere on the leader. Ideal for suspending small nymphs above weed beds in slow streams or still water.

#1400 Fl. Orange 24 per card/ $3.95

1401 Fluorescent Green

1465 Fluorescent Pink 1480 Fluorescent White


Non-Toxic Egg Shot Dispenser

Egg-shaped, non-toxic (no-lead) shot that are easy to hold, position, and crimp on leaders. Available in seven sizes to help everything from a midge larva to a stonefly get to the bottom.

#DESD 7 Dispenser sizes (below) $10.95

Fish Pimp

30% lighter than most foam indicators, with a shape and dimpled surface to reduce wind resistance (golf balls without dimples travel half as far as those with dimples) . Easily rigged with versatile options: quick change or permanent, and features a perforation that allows a neat, easy, effective 90 degree drift setup.

Mini Original Price

White #1973 #1883 6 pkg./ $5.95

Yellow 1993 1891

Orange 1905 1815

Quit sacrificing your tapered leaders to the “bobber gods”. The Air-Lock Strike Indicator is ultra buoyant, super visible, durable, easy to adjust, biodegradable, that won’t damage the butt section of your leader. Put your leader in the groove and re-attach the nut to the top. Unlike other systems, your leader stays in-line. No matter how many times you adjust your depth, your leader won't get kinked and compromise both your presentation and leader strength. Adjusting your depth is a breeze. Loosen the nut at the top, slide the indicator, then tighten the nut back down. No loops, knots, or kinks!

• 3 per package

• Available in 1⁄2 , 3⁄4 , 1 #19967 1⁄2 ˝ $7.95 19966 3⁄4 ˝ 19964 1 ˝

Loon Camo Drops

These non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable non-glossy matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line. Natural colors and subtle mottled texture won’t spook fish the way that glossy weights will. Double-cut design makes weights easily adjustable and truly re-usable, as they don’t require a special tool to open and remove.

#24519 Big Water multi-pack $14 Sizes: BB, AAA, SA & SSG 24520 Skinny Water multi-pack Sizes: #6, #4, #1 & BB

Loon Camo Drops Refills

Natural color double cut, non-toxic shot re-fills for multipacks. #24513 BB .4g $8 24514 AB .6g 24515 AAA .8g 24516 SA 1.2g 24517 SSG 1.6g 24518 2SSG 3.29g

Dinsmore Egg Split Shot Dispenser Refills

Dinsmore soft, non-toxic shot re-fills for both the Dinsmore Selector and Dinsmore Dispenser.

• Seven refill sizes (See chart above)

#DESR $5.95

Screw-Ball Indicators

These foam balls are secured with a quick turn of the screw, releasing tension on the mono and allowing the indicator to be repositioned without disturbing the integrity of the leader.

• Available in White, Fl. Green, Chartreuse, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange #ACBIS Small .5 ˝ pkg. of 4 $4.95

ACBIL Large .75 ˝ pkg. of 4


The newest version of one of the most popular indicators on the market today! Made from closed cell foam, the new Jaydacators are significantly lighter, completely waterproof, and more sensitive than before. The subtle bites that weren’t detected, now won’t be missed and are much easier to cast!

#27100 Small (Blue/Pink) 3 pkg./ $25 26595 Med (White/Pink)

26596 Large (Yellow/Pink)

28708 Float-n-Fly (White/Pink)3 pkg./$30

Scientific Anglers

Absolute Sighter Tippet

This tri-colored tippet material is designed for Euro-nymphing style rigs. The colors alternate every 10˝ helping you to see your drift a lot better. #26756 Ox 11 lb 10m spools/ $14.95 27700 2x 8.8 lb 28336 4x 6.7 lb

Tippet Rings

The ultimate tippet-to-leader connection. Eliminate unnecessary knots and extend the life of your leader. #19287 2mm 10 pkg./ $4.95

Dinsmore Non-Toxic Egg Shot Selector

A convenient, dispenser for the shot. Six dial-up compartments and sizes.

#1391 $16.95

Hareline’s Tungsten Tacky Weight

A heavyweight alternative to split shot; malleable putty packed with powdered tungsten. Roll a torpedo onto the leader and it’ll harden in the water.

#5323 1 Ounce Tub $7.95

108 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
Dispenser Refill Size 6 #4516#5101 Size 4 4515 4508 Size 1 4514
Size BB 1393
Size AB 1430 4493 Size AAA 1392 4506 Size SSG 1562 4507

Float Tubes, Pontoons & Accessories

Outcast PowerKick Float Tube Fins

Incredibly efficient, this model generates power on both the up and down stroke, and a cycling motion. They’re Outcast’s modestly-priced knockoff of the most popular float tube fin ever made.

#18249 Adjustable $130

Outcast Float Tube Fins

Made specifically to fit comfortably over wading boots, these wide fins generate plenty of power and are very easy to take on and off.

#126 Adjustable $65

Fin Tethers

This convenient nylon keeper cord fastens to both the angler and fins, keeping them from losing each other when fishing.

#6192 One size its all pair/ $20

Knott Creek Float Tube Booties

Made from a more durable 4mm neoprene than previous models, the support with these booties will have you kicking all day in comfort.

#21134 Small (7-8) #21135 Medium (8-10) 21136 Large (10-12) 21137 XL(12-14) $87.95

Tornado Anchors

Engineered to contour to the river bottom and stop your boat faster. The revolutionary design of the Tornado Anchor allows more surface-edge contact. Disturbs less of the river bed while used.

• 100% Lead-free design

#28791* 24 lb. anchor $160 28792* 30 lb. anchor 180

* Overweight shipping fees apply on these products

Float Tube Anchor

The 2 lb. lead anchor is ideal for float tubing and includes 100´ of nylon line and a carrying case.

#1808 2 lb. lead anchor $65


Double Action Tube and Pontoon Barrel Pump

This professional pump is remarkably efficient and inflates on both the up and down stroke, saving a bunch of streamside time and a lot of effort.

#11928 $60

Outcast Backpack Straps

Designed to comfortably carry your fully inflated Outcast and Fish Cat float tubes to remote lakes and ponds. Matches clips on all Outcast float tubes. #3667 $39

Float tube accessories

Visit our website and find a great selection of float tube anchors, fins, repair kits, and other float tube and pontoon boat supplies

TOP QUALITYFLOATATION devices have safe,well-constructed large diameter pontoons – designed to ride high in the water, so they glide easily and smoothly across water without drag. High floatation requires less energy and makes a long day of fishing a lot more fun. Better models are a one-time investment and often last a lifetime.

Outcast Fish Cat

9 IR

The Fish Cat 9-IR is a great pontoon for the guy that wants to do everything on his own without breaking the bank. It has long pontoons for performance, but is still compact enough to stuff into the trunk or check as baggage on your summer holiday. It’s a very stable boat that’s safe and stable in most reasonable situations, stillwater, spring creeks and moving water.

s 9 long pontoons, 16 diameter s Weighs only 57 pounds

s Motor mount included s Over size shipping rate will apply s Easily stored and very effective 7´aluminum, breakdown oars with molded oar stops #4436 Blue Inflated size: 54 ˝ x 108˝ $1,209

The Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS

Get to the tough spots using the best float tube ever made!

The Super Fat Cat LCS design is a combination of the best features of pontoon boats and float tubes. It rides high on pontoons that are independently contoured and swept up in the normal direction of motion (backwards), The Fat Cat design creates less drag than most other float tubes and requires a lot less effort to glide smoothly across the surface.

s Ultra-durable, super-safe, urethane bladders that ride high, resist oxidizing s Supports 300 pounds s Safety stripping apron s Incredibly light (12 lbs.) s 5-Year Warranty s Comfortable, light, inflatable seat and backrest s Super tough, mildew-resistant, abrasion-resistant, 600 Denier PVC bottom #28504 Gray/Orange Inflated size: 64 ˝ x 45˝ $599

The Outcast Fish Cat 4

#1 selling float tube in America! With nearly every feature but the price!

The difference between the Fish Cat and the Super Fat Cat is more than the $230 contrast in price. The Fish Cat has a vinyl (not urethane bladder ), foam (not inflated) seat and back rest. Weighs a little more than the Super Cat and supports 50 pounds less.

s Best selling float tube in the USA! s 250 pound capacity s Safety stripping apron

s 5-Year Warranty s Weighs 14 lbs s Foam back and seat rest s Zippered tackle pouch s Above water seating position s 2 vinyl bladders with reliable Boston valves

#28230 Gray/Orange Inflated size: 54 ˝ x 44˝ $299

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 109
Don’t bet your life on cheap, inexpensive float tubes or pontoon boats!
Bryan Quick photo Super Fat Cat LCS Fish Cat 4
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catalog is
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the most extensive wish book in that facet of the sport! It’s available both in print and online in a digital flip-page format!



models below excluding our unique, “specialty hooks” cost just

“It's no secret that The Fly Shop® hooks are the best budget priced hooks in the sport. You can’t find a hook of the same quality at a lower price. The Fly Shop® hooks are very strong, super sharp, and are available in all the favorite models and sizes.” The Fly Shop® hooks introduced a new generation of pricing for the fly tyer. These are the same hooks used by several famous commercial fly tying companies for their top-of-the line flies. Super-strong, super-sharp, super-durable, and available at a super price!

s Compare quality

The Fly Shop® hooks are brought to you by professionals who recognize quality. These are the best hooks for the money in the fly fishing world!

s Compare price

These hooks are a fraction of the price of comparable quality hooks.

s Not just another hook!

Our hooks are manufactured just for The Fly Shop® and not currently available in other retail locations. Some of our models can’t be found anywhere else at any price.

s Save by buying in bulk!

Our hundred-pack price represents a huge discount above an already great price.

s Save on shipping! Purchase $100 or more, and receive free shipping.

Our Guarantee...

If you don’t like our hooks, send back what isn’t used within 30 days of purchase for a credit.

TFS 100 Sizes 10-18 1x fine, down eye, bronze, forged, 1x wide gape The standard dry fly hook.

TFS 921 Sizes 12-18 1x fine, 2x short, down eye, forged, bronze, wide gape, short shank dry fly hook.

TFS 5212 Sizes 6-14 2x long, 1x fine. A perfect hook for terrestrials and long shanked dry flies.

TFS 2312 Sizes 6-18 1x fine, 2x long, straight eye, slight bend, bronze, forged. Excellent Stimulator and long shank dry hook.

TFS 3769 Sizes 6-18 2x heavy, down eye, sproat bend, that is very good for nymphs.

TFS 3761 Sizes 6 - 20 1x long, 2x heavy, sproat bend, down eye.

TFS 5262 Sizes 4-16 2x heavy, 2x long,down eye The standard nymph hook.

TFS 5263 Sizes 2-14 2x heavy, 3x long, down eye, fine hook for stonefly nymphs and Chernobyls.

TFS 200R Sizes 4- 8 3x long, 1x heavy, curved, ring eye. Ideal for nymphs, leeches, hex, wooly buggers.

TFS 2302 Sizes 6-18 2x long, slight hump shank, down eye. Perfect for many caddis and terrestrials.

TFS 2305 Size 2/0, and sizes 1-18, 2x heavy, 1x long, curved shank, super versatile from midges to steelhead flies.

TFS 9395 Sizes 2-10 4x long, 3x heavy, ring eye, extra long streamer and stonefly hook.

TFS 300 Sizes 2-8 4x long, 2x heavy, down turned eye for large, long stoneflies and streamers.

TFS 2457 Sizes 6-18 2x wide, 2x short, 2x heavy caddis pupa, scud, shrimp.

TFS 2500 Sizes 6-18 2x wide, 2x short, 2x heavy straight eye. Eggs, scuds, shrimp, mayflies, caddis

TFS 105 Sizes 4-10 5x short, 2x strong, forged, ring eye, glo bugs and egg patterns.

TFS 7423 Sizes 2-8 3x strong, tin, down-turned eye, steelhead, salmon, The #1 shad hook!

TFS 7258 Sizes 3/0, 2/0,1/0, 2, 4, 6 Xtra strong, stainless, ring eye, bonefish and tarpon.

TFS 5444 Sizes 3/0, 2/0,1/0, 1, 2, 4, 6

A top quality jig hook at a super reasonable price.

TFS 8774 Sizes 2/0-10 3x heavy, up eye, limerick bend, traditional black finished Atlantic salmon and steelhead hook.

Sticks are brought to us from some hard-core Montana anglers, and these guys have developed some truly unique, specialty hook models that aren’t found elsewhere!

The Firehole Stick that originally caught our attention is the 516 Jig Hook available in sizes #16, #18, and #20 (the upturned hook point extends the retention point and improves hookups). Several models have distinctive bends and wire configurations not found anywhere else. All Firehole Sticks are barbless, feature razor-sharp points, and sport a stealthy black nickel finish. Firehole Sticks come in convenient packs of 36, that’s eleven more than you normally get from most manufacturers. The price on these hooks is unbelievable at $7.25 per pack!

Firehole 315 Sizes 12-18 36/$7.25

Standard length, 2x gape, straight eye, heavy wire.

Firehole 317 Sizes 12-18 36$/7.25

Standard length, 1x gape, straight eye, medium wire.

Firehole 419 Sizes 12-20 36/$7.25

Standard length, 2x wide gape, down eye, light wire.

Firehole 516 Sizes 16-20 36/$7.25

Heavy style jig hook, 60 degree bend, 1x wide gape, standard shank length.

Firehole 633 Sizes 10-18 36/$7.25

1x long, 2x wide gape, down eye, extra heavy wire.

Firehole 637 Sizes 8-16 36/$7.25

Std. length, 1x short, down eye, extra heavy wire.

Firehole 718 Sizes 6-18 36/$7.25

3x long, 2x gape, straight eye, medium-heavy wire.

Firehole 839 Sizes 2-12 36/$7.25

3x long, 2 wide, gape, down eye, extra heavy wire.

Lance’s Jigged X-May $2.95

#258FO Olive, Size 16 Firehole 516 See page 44 for other color and size options.

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 111
$3.00 per
These three specialty hooks below are $3.50 per 25 pack or $12.00 per 100 $11.00
25 pack or
per 100 pack

Fly Fishing Schools

OUREXPERTTEACHINGSTAFF has a fine-tuned approach to instruction that makes learning the sport easy, fun, and fast. We care about properly introducing the sport of fly fishing to others. It’s part of why we’ve developed one of the premier fly fishing education programs in the country. Our curriculum includes fly fishing programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fly fishers.

3-Day Fly Fishing Schools

Our most popular and comprehensive fly fishing school is intended to give newcomers the skills and confidence to successfully pursue the sport on their own afterwards. The emphasis is placed on fundamental casting techniques, basic knots, fly selection, entomology, and all of the other lessons necessary to tackle any freshwater trout fishing situation successfully.

All fly fishing equipment, meals, lodging, study guides, instruction, workbooks are included in our comprehensive three-day clinics. s $1,595 per person double occupancy s 2,095 per person single occupancy. s May 11 - 14

1-Day Trout Clinics

The Fly Shop® has several clinics for those who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge to tackle fly fishing for trout in a variety of situations. These one day clinics offer expert instruction that will build upon basic skills in the Freestone Trout Clinic, to more specialized techniques presented in the European Nymphing and Trout Spey Clinics. These day long clinics are designed to take novice fly fishers to the next level.

s Freestone Trout Clinic - to be determined s European Nymphing Clinic - to be determined s Trout Spey Clinic - May s $200 per clinic per person

Women’s 3-Day Fly Fishing Schools

A full-on learning experience featuring our finetuned instruction curriculum custom tailored to an audience of women-only in a fun-filled, no-pressure and no-testosterone atmosphere.

All tackle is provided and the ladies have ample opportunity to reinforce their lessons in the fishrich lakes and stream at Antelope Creek Ranch. s $1,595 per person double occupancy s 2,095 per person single occupancy. s August 24 - 27 Women only

Specialized Seminars

Instruction can be tailored for individual anglers, any size group, club organization, or business. We’ll build a customized curriculum to match your schedule, skill level, interests or goals; whether it’s a one-day introduction to the sport, a clinic to prepare for an exotic fishing trip, or an on-the-water workshop covering the fine points of spey casting. The Fly Shop® team will be glad to tailor a private clinic or seminar at the location of your choice, at Antelope Creek Ranch, or at a park or convenient site near your home or office.

Please write, e-mail or call for information, rates, and the dates for these sessions.

112 www.theflyshop.com s email: info@theflyshop.com
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3-Day Spey School

Conducted by




at this comprehensive hands-on school will be done on moving water that simulates actual, practical situations anglers encounter s $2,300 per person, single occupancy s August 10 - 13

The Perfect Fly Fishing Campus

1-Day Spey Casting Clinics

Expert instruction on the Lower Sacramento River with The Fly Shop’s Chris King, Two Hand Master Certified Casting Instructor.

Our talented team will be supplemented for this information-packed seminar by regional experts of this two handed casting skill.

Each day’s program will start at 9:30 am at a broad gravel bar on the Sacramento River just south of Redding. The morning program will start with some informal discussions on Spey casting, followed by several hours of Spey casting demonstrations and one-on-one instruction.

s $295 per person.

s November 4 or 5

Creek Ranch on the north slope of Mount Shasta has a terrific lodge, two miles of private stream, a couple of trophy trout-filled lakes and is the ideal outdoor fly fishing classroom!

IT IS THEPERFECTPLACE to begin to master the sport. Students have a chance to put their new fly fishing lessons into practice right away and the opportunity to refine their skills with real-time angling action in fisherman-friendly situation.

Students will enjoy wonderful accommodations, delicious meals, and are taught in an informal lodge atmosphere. There is plenty of room at the lodge for as many as a dozen students and single occupancy accommodations are an option.

Guests and students at Antelope Creek Ranch are treated to fine meals and terrific lodging without housekeeping distractions. They can focus on the real reason they’re there – to relax and enjoy themselves a stone’s throw from a fish-filled stream and a short walk to either of two trophy lakes.

Learn more about Antelope Creek Ranch by calling The Fly Shop® 800-669-3474

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 113
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The Perfect Fly Fishing Campus

ANTELOPECREEKRANCH on the north slope of Mount Shasta, is our fly fishing instruction campus. With two miles of private stream and a couple of trophy trout-filled lakes, the ranch is an ideal outdoor classroom and ensures that our schools are more than just casting classes. It is the perfect place to begin to master the sport. Students have a chance to put their new fly fishing lessons into practice right away, and strengthen their new skills with real-time angling action in fisherman-friendly water.

Students will enjoy wonderful accommodations, delicious meals, and are taught in an informal lodge atmosphere. There is plenty of room at the lodge for as many as a dozen students and single occupancy accommodations are an option.

Get your kid into the outdoors and into fly fishing by sending him (or her) to one of our five-day summer flyfishing camps.

Choose any one of the seven sessions held at The Fly Shop’s spectacular angling ranch on the north slope of Mount Shasta.

Send your kid to Summer FishCamp™ at Antelope Creek Ranch

Or consider bringing the whole family for five days of fly fishing instruction spent with an expert team of professionals. Begun more than two decades ago with the help of the legendary instructor, Mel Krieger, our KidsCamp is a great way to introduce youngsters to the world of fly fishing

“Teach a kid to fish and open the door to a lifetime of pleasure!”

Everything at FishCamp™ is included

Every meal, all equipment, comfortable wall tents, bunks, professional round-the-clock supervision, instruction, superb counselors, lots of fun and loads of fish. Kids need to bring their sleeping bag, toiletries, and a big smile.

Learn more about Antelope Creek Ranch by calling The Fly Shop® 800-669-3474

114 email: info@theflyshop.com
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FishCamp™ for kids & families

Our award-winning summer camps are located in the perfect outdoor campus. It is the ideal way for young boys and girls (age 10-15) or kids with their families to learn to master and enjoy the sport of fly fishing.

KIDSCAMPERSLEARN the fundamental casting and fly fishing techniques, fly tying, and a variety of outdoor skills that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

They’ll meet other junior anglers with the same interests and have a ball catching (and releasing) lots of trout in our fish-filled stream and our productive lakes on flies they’ll have tied themselves.

During their 5-day stay at Antelope Creek Ranch, campers are supervised by professionals, taught by patient experts, and surrounded by miles of private stream and fish-filled lakes that provide the ideal fresh-air fly fishing classroom,

Kids FishCamps™ $995 per Camper

A 4-night, 5-day stay at the Antelope Creek Ranch FishCamp™ is the perfect way to introduce your youngster to the world of fly fishing.

s June 19 - 23 s June 26 - 30

s July 10 - 14 s July 17 - 21

Family FishCamp™ $3,980 per Tent/Up to 4 Campers

where they’ll have fun while reinforcing the instruction with angling action.

We first opened our tent flaps to generations of future fly fishers in 1998, and over the years we’ve developed the finest youth fly fishing camp in the nation. This is the ideal place to instill permanent enthusiasm, ensure success, and guarantee your FishCampers develop correct habits Our ranch is our classroom!

Our fences surround two miles of private streams and two trophy troutfilled lakes.

Advanced FishCamp™ $1,395 per Camper

This more advanced curriculum is ideal for young anglers who are well-grounded in fly fishing or are graduates of introductory FishCamps. Camp includes a guided Lower Sacramento float trip after commencement.

s July 24 - 28

Everything at FishCamp™ is included

The entire family can spend 4 nights and 5 days fishing, learning, sharing stories by the campfire, improving their fly fishing skills, and building midsummer memories together at our Antelope Creek Ranch.

s 5-Day Family Camps s July 31 - August 4

Every meal, all equipment, comfortable wall tents, bunks, professional round-the-clock supervision, instruction, superb counselors, lots of fun and loads of fish. Kids need to bring only their sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries, and a big smile. s Learn knots

Casting techniques

How to fly fish

Hiking & Games

Basic entomology

Reading water


Fly tying

On-stream classes


Stream courtesy

www.theflyshop.com s phone 800-669-3474 115
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