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WINTER #Forflowerlovers 17’

/2 Floral design and image : @naturalartflowers

WELCOME Hello flower lovers - its cold outside – but then it’s winter! We are here to warm you up with a splash of colour. Our winter issue celebrates colour. Mother nature’s blooms and foliages provide a kaleidoscope of colour which transfers across creative aspects of our lives.

This issue we have collaborated with Porters Paints on a colour play of sorts – we have teamed up with several Australian based florists accenting their creative designs with the inspiring colour range of Porters Paints. We bring you an insight into Sean Cook’s life in flowers – one of Australia’s leading floral designers. The day we visited Sean in his studio he was prepping a massive lux wedding with his team – he could’ve said “no – sorry girls – just too busy” – but no – he generously said “come on in” - we felt super lucky to get a behind the scenes peek and extremely grateful for Sean’s time and warm welcome. Lovely Lean Timms photographer has captured our flower shop feature “The Grounds Florals by Silva” along with stunning images of Sydney based artist Leanne Thomas in her home based studio putting the finishing touches on her current body of work “The Garden”.

Our cover – is brought to you by Flowers for Kate - Katie Clulow – botanical photographer – maker and designer and we have included a cover story with a few of Katie’s range of botanical photo prints.

Enjoy – we have already started planning a super spring issue

Sonya Gardiner


top 3 floral submissions

Thank you to all of our

contributors - this issue would not be possible without you. X

top 3 floral submissions

C O L O U R P L AY - P o r t e r s p a i n t s c o l l a b o r a t i o n MY LIFE IN FLOWERS - Sean Cook FLOWER SHOP - The Grounds Florals by Silva DESIGN -

“Florists of a different kind” Gloss Creative

ROAM -”Cherry Blossom Dream” Japan with Hannah Coomber HOME -

Annabelle Hickson, Foraged flora & foliage

HANDMADE - Organic cake artisan Gillian Bell ART FOCUS - Leanne Thomas Artist EVENTS AND COURSES COVER STORY - Flowers for Kate


6 18 30 38 44 50 52 54 60 68

Floral design @fleurandthreads, image Jimmy Raper Photography @jimmy_raper




Winter colour play Porters Paints transform interior and exterior spaces with their unique paint products and finishes - check out the Porters Paint website and explore their endless range of colours and specialty finishes. Our winter colour play accents just a few Porters Paint colours as backdrops for floral designs created by few of our talented Aussie florists. @porterspaints

Floral design @trillefloral & photo : @laurareidphoto




Canadian born florist Cara Fitch @trillefloral using Porters Paints “Black Grape� white florals - white like snow bare winter branches snowflake like hyacinth petals

Image by @kyliemillsphotography /8


“White Like Snow”

Floral design @trillefloral & photo : @laurareidphoto


“ Living Botanic Art”

Floral design & Image @hattiemolloy_ /10




Melbourne based florist Hattie Molloy using Porters Paints “Burmese Grey� @hattiemolloy_ collects botanical elements and draws inspiration from still life artworks and the gentle techniques of ikebana creating truly unique individual eye catching designs


“Source + Support Local Suppliers” Mikarla Bauer is @wildernessflowers_ using Porters Paint “Black Grape” Mikarla loves to craft bold textured designs and sources/supports local and home grown suppliers when possible.

Image by @johnmangila





Floral design + image @wildernessflowers_




/14 Design and image: @katiemarxflowers


“Organic Seasonal Ingredients” Katie Marx florist Melbourne Porters Paint “Black Cockatoo” whether its a small or large design you can always count on Katie’s signature style to include organic seasonal ingredients here it is the persimmons roped up raw with other fresh winter elements to shine


“Winter Always Makes Me Think of Citrus” Jardine Hansen @Jardinebotanic Porters Paints “Bronze Gold” Winter always makes me think of citrus. The scent of the cumquats was the starting point of this design. Next the baby blue delph and then pairing special botanical elements from my beloved garden. My favourite silver speckled begonia - wisps of passionfruit vine and creamy camellias. Finally - as I have a soft spot for natives, a swooning branch of banksia sourced from the lovely Craig @eastcoastwildflowers

/16 Image : @luisabrimble




Floral Design and image: @jardinebotanic

/1 68 Floral design @mrcookflorist Image : @leantimms

Business: Mr Cook – Florist Located: 10/34-46 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 Orders and appointments: T: 02 9693 1593 E: We b s i t e : w w w. m r c o o k . c o m . a u

TIMELINE From school to David Jones as a visual merchandiser and dressing the window displays -

Next – worked with a production company doing big corporate events and travelling events which brought an opportunity to work with flowers for event styling-

Wa n t i n g s o m e t h i n g w i t h m o r e c r e a t i v e flair I approached the newly opened Grandiflora at Potts Point and worked there for 14 years -

Five years ago I established my own business Mr Cook with a floral store at Double Bay and working with clients for weddings and events -

Last year I moved the business into a studio warehouse space at Alexandria which has been an absolute dream – giving me the space to work and create with my team – host workshops and operate the business on the larger scale it has grown to

LUX tablescape

/20 Floral design : @mrcooktheflorist Image : @blumenthalphotography

Keep up to date with Mr Cook online @mrcookflorist


Editors Note As a flower lover in the audience and a huge fan of Sean Cook’s talented floral work - I can honestly say that I have unashamedly stalked Sean through his floral career – why? because I admire every design – whether large all small – Sean’s designs have a special balance and movement to them –always premium materials – presented beautifully and often with an outstanding use of his signature love for colour. For more than a decade – I along with other flower lovers have watched Sean’s outstanding talent grow and flourish. Attracted to visual merchandising when he left school it’s obvious that Sean was attracted to the thought of hands on – visual creative work and his depth of experience over time - coupled with his passion and hard work to create exciting concepts and installations for his clients - makes him one of the most sought after and inspiring florists in Australia. Sean has hosted a few workshops in his studio space over the last year and if you enjoy and admire his work take yourself to one of these workshops it’s an incredible opportunity to not only meet this warm and generous man but learn a few technical tips and techniques from one of the industry’s best.

Floral design : @mrcooktheflorist Image : @blumenthalphotography

Studio Prep Day


Floral design @mrcookflorist | Image : @leantimms


Image courtesy of Diane Khoury - Styling and Planning @dianekhouryweddingsandevents Photography - Jessica Abraham @jessicaabraham_moments

“Sydney University - Grand Finale magic - Where the collaborative concepts of clients / stylists / vendors come together�


Cecilia FOX



“A Flower Does Not Think of Competing With the Flower Next to it. It Just Blooms.” bespoke design from the studio of Cecilia Fox



Location : @thegroundsfloralsbysilva Image : @leantimms





/32 Location : @thegroundsfloralsbysilva Image : @leantimms


“This is SILVA”

Located in the Atrium of The Grounds

There is a bounty of market fresh

of Alexandria NSW you will find Silva

seasonal blooms, gorgeous bouquets,

Issa the creative director and passionate

bespoke giftware choices including

florist behind “Florals by Silva”. Silva

potted orchids to choose from and

a florist with more than 15 years’

the friendliest most helpful staff on

experience feels the luckiest florist in

hand to assist you. This floral shop has

the world to be running this bespoke

a wonderful community vibe – being

floral shop in a landmark location.

such a welcoming open plan design it

Such a special store to visit – an

encourages customers to step in and

abundance of premium fresh flowers spill

enjoy the floral beauty. It truly must

out of the shop onto the footpath giving

be the most photographed flower shop

a flower market feel and then when you

in Australia – happy customers visiting

step in - it’s like stepping into a Parisian

are constantly stopping to capture the

flower store – beautiful french style


décor and a sea of flowers adorns the central table. /26


“The Ultimate Flower Shop Experience” /34


Working with the philosophy of The

I have to say I walked away from my

Grounds to create unique spaces and

interview with Silva completely in awe

exceptional experiences for customers

after seeing first hand the scale of

to step into and enjoy has presented

operations – organisation – long hours

not only the opportunity for Silva to

and multi-tasking genius planning it

run one of Sydney’s most beautifully

takes to be Silva which is all driven

styled flower shops but also work

by Silva’s passion – an absolute love

hand in hand with The Grounds

of flowers– the people she works

management teams designing and

with – the growers – designing and

producing creative florals for inhouse

a genuine desire to provide her

weddings, corporate events, private

customers with an experience that is

events and large scale community

above and beyond what they expect.

events hosted at The Grounds. In

If you are in Sydney – drop in and

addition to running the shop and

visit this beautiful store – more than

day to day site events, Silva and her

likely – you will spy friendly and

talented team also co-ordinate and

smiley Silva on the shop floor or

plan florals for offsite events and

prepping flowers in the background


otherwise you can keep up to date with Silva on instagram @thegroundsfloralsbysilva

Location : @thegroundsfloralsbysilva Image : @leantimms Words : Sonya Gardiner


/36 Location : @thegroundsfloralsbysilva Image : @leantimms


For all enquiries please contact 0424 696 163, or visit online at :

“Florists Of A Different Kind”

Image : @caitlinmillsphotography

Gloss Creative is one of Australia’s leading visual design companies. In a nutshell the Gloss Creative team specialise in creating exceptional awesome experiences. They strive to meld visual merchandising design techniques, concepts and elements to create scenography –temporary scenes, spaces and places that captivate clients via a visual sensory experience. Dependent on the brief - floral design is often a key visual element present in Gloss Creative productions. When we think floral design – we often think traditional fresh flower designs and this is a great example of where the magic of the Gloss Creative team comes into action. Amanda Henderson – Founder + Creative Director of Gloss Creative provides this insight into how floral design has appeared in her personal life and how floral design is often incorporated in Gloss Creative productions: /38

“Super Botanica” Myer Marquee image: @gloss.creative Botanic graphics @lizzy.wilson Fresh florals : @ceciliafox

“Super Botanica” Myer Marquee image: @gloss.creative Botanic graphics @lizzy.wilson /40

The Back Story... My adoration of faux flowers began a long time ago. As an eight year old I have very clear memories of my mother hand cutting giant cardboard flowers to place on the wall above the mantle and fireplace in my bedroom each flower made up of orange and white layers largest to smallest. It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, I was beside myself with joy. I spent my subsequent childhood making any kind of flowers I could, crepe paper flowers, ‘Dippity’ glass flowers and pressed wild flowers on cards. I drew daisies on every notebook I owned.

“Romantic Dining Experience with Viktor + Rolf� /42 Images : @gloss.creative Florals : Cecilia Fox

Fast Forward To Now... At Gloss Creative we create temporary scenography packed with visual emotion. Its the reason we get up in the morning. Nothing make us happier than to design scenography that makes people feel something. We see flowers as one of our most loved signatures. No design is complete until flowers are included. We work with some amazing Australian florists using fresh flowers to heighten the senses and bring fragility, beauty and narrative to our environments, but mostly we create flowers of a different kind. Every project brief takes us on a new creative path, each time we express our floral dreams in a new way, sometimes printed in two dimension, mostly three dimensional using digital techniques to sculpt our ideals. Digital techniques have helped us to accurately control our designs. Our installation works have been made from paper, metal, printed fabric, embroidery and silkscreen. We have used flowers on runways, in marquees, theatres and mansions for fashion and luxury clients. We have used varied materials and craft techniques that have almost always given rise to an overwhelming emotional reaction from our audiences. Over three decades and I can tell you that we have done literally dozens of projects with all /48

kinds of floral expressions, we must be Florists of a different kind ... -Amanda




Cherry Blossom DREAM Japan with Hannah Coomber - Head Florist, Merivale @_flowerhead_

ROAM For three weeks late March to mid April this year I travelled with my partner Liam to explore and experience the spirit of the spring blossom season in Japan.

The image to the right was taken in Kanazawa – just one of the countless surreal moments of joy I felt – the landscape of meandering canals lined with the shades of pink and white blossom trees is something I will never forget – whilst my partner Liam was also very taken with the beauty – he was not prepared for hearing me say over and over countless times a day “how is this even real?” and then there were the photos at every step – I had to capture it all and Liam was so patient – I came home with more than 3,000 images and a stash of handcrafted ceramics, forged scissors and secateurs.

“hanami” is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers “hana” is flowers “sakura” is cherry “sakura-zensen” the cherry blossom forecast (yes! like a weather forecast you can follow where the blossoms will be blooming” /46

Kanzawa Blossom


Every day in Japan brought magical experiences. There is just so much to discover and enjoy. Spring morning sunshine warms the blossom tree blooms scenting the air – there is a festive vibe among the crowds of people not only visiting but those that live here.

We really enjoyed discovering and learning about the culture of this country old and new – the polite and friendly nature of everyone we met and seeing the love and joy pets bring to the residents of Japan. Amazing food fuelled our daily travels.

The images to the left here are from a visit to the Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse Tokyo – a must visit for flower lovers – it’s the dream café – a combination of a florist shop and a tea house – feel rejuvenated as you sit in this glasshouse like cafe and enjoy a tranquil tea – an irresistible botanic dessert – and soak up the décor – potted spring plants divide the tables – bud vases and bottles with spring blooms are dotted along table tops and benches – truly special.x


Magical bamboo grove walk Kyoto Arashly

/48 I adore the organic gentle perfection of Japanese design


Stepping into the studio of brilliant floral artist Azuma Makoto Tokyo was another highlight. Specimen bottles line skylight lit rooms. Azuma cultivates most of his materials from scratch. Visit and be spellbound as I was by all Japan has to offer if you can. The spring season is March through to May. - Hannah x


Foraged Flora + Foliages Foraging as the cool winter weather descends is a challenge. There are far less choices. It certainly gets harder as the plants are forced into a hibernation of sorts waiting for the warmth of spring to generate new growth. Thanks to a glorious sun filled autumn I have the luxury of the last of the roses and the long, floaty frost-bitten grass.

This combination of the juicy, sweet roses and the dry, crunchy grass, ah I love it so much. They are both so feminine in their very distinct ways. I’m probably more of a dry grass frond than a rose and as such am very pleased to see more and more images of dried floral elements being mixed in with fresh. It is somewhat validating to see these wrinkled versions of beauty – not full-blown dried flower arrangements al la Kenneth Turner 1987 – thank goodness – but just a hint of them in amongst the floral fecundity out there on the internet.

/50 Annabelle Hickson : Words & Images


“Foraging As The Cool Winter Weather Descends Is A Challenge”

“Has Whisk Will Travel”

Gillian Bell | Image : @the_lane

GILLIAN BELL organic cake artisan Gillian Bell believes your wedding cake is the most special cake in your life so it deserves to be made with all the love, attention and special ingredients the occasion deserves. Approaching baking like an artisan, bringing the romance of the kitchen garden and the hedgerow to the creation of her cakes, sourcing the best, seasonal ingredients, mixing cakes by hand in vintage baking bowls with home-made wooden spoons. Cakes with flavours - like raspberry and rose, fig and violet, elderflower and strawberry, lemon and lavender, dark chocolate and cumquat and filled with homemade curds, preserves and organic buttercreams. Made “naked” or finished with a light dusting of icing sugar, freshly made soft frostings, buttercreams or couverture chocolate ganaches (no fondant icing), and simply decorated with edible flowers organically grown in Gillian’s garden or sourced locally on location. Gillian cooks her cakes with organic,seasonal and local produce. When commissioned to cook a cake in another country Gillian seeks out local producers to meet her genuine commitment to cook with the best ingredients.


Keep up to date with Gillian online @gillianbellcake and her website


Leanne Thomas ARTIST

Exhibition on now “The Garden” 27 June 2017 - 10 July 2017 at Art2Muse Gallery 357 New South Head Road Double Bay NSW /54

Image: @leantimms



ART FOCUS : LEANNE THOMAS Leanne Thomas has childhood memories

the colours and thought process are

of the joyful feeling she felt when

also meditative – not without frustration

drawing and playing with colour and

though – Leanne says that “making

design. Looking towards a staple income

mistakes is also part of the process” –

saw Leanne move into the world of

part of learning and as she develops a

graphic design which over time led her

piece she experiments and takes risks

to be an art director in the fashion and

– some work – some don’t. For me,

cosmetics industries.

someone in the audience that has been fortunate to discover Leanne’s work

Next came her beautiful two children

via social media to meet her – to view

and a pause from the commercial working

her beautiful artwork in real life was

world. Frustrated and yearning for a

something very special – the photos we

creative outlet Leanne started to draw

see on social media depict it well but in

and felt that energising joy she felt as

real life the texture and the colours –

a child.

the scale is breathtaking beauty.

Encouraged by her husband, Leanne

As a flower lover I was so drawn to the

enrolled in an oil painting course which

magical blue tones of the hydrangea and

opened a pandora’s box of techniques

the wispy feather like pink peonies but

to learn. Enrolling in The Charlie Sheard

I also love the ocean and Leanne paints

Studio School in Redfern followed and it

the most mesmerising ocean/water pieces

was this three year course that enabled

– the water has this beautiful movement

Leanne to harness the techniques and

and the colour is out of this world.

principles of the masters. This course was Leanne’s dream and platformed her

Leanne’s current body of work “The

confidence to then create concepts and

Garden” is currently available to

develop her own unique style as an artist

purchase 27 June through to 10 July

as well as multi task and run a busy

2017 at an exhibition with Art2Muse at

family life.

357 New South Head Road, Double Bay NSW. Enquiries and commissions please

Each piece of Leanne’s art is created

make contact via the website www.

over time – often over a number of or direct message

months. Oil painting is an age old

via Instagram

process of many layers – it’s a slow


contemplative process Leanne loves – time stands still when Leanne paints – /56

Words : Sonya Gardiner Image : Lean Timms


Studio pooch “BLU”


insert credits here please /58


“Oil painting is an age old process - a contemplative process Leanne loves”


keep up to date with Leanne’s work @leannemthomas


Company Three’s

{An open studio}

Meet the makers buy their wares: Bridget, Hattie & Leila

@bridgetbodenham : Ceramic Vessels

@hattiemolloy_ : Florist

LAUNCH NIGHT Fri 11 August 5 pm to 7 pm then Sat 12/8/17 - Sat 19/8/17 10am - 6pm Where: 74 Rupert Street Collingwood Vic /60

enquiries to

@skinny_wolf : Rosettes



Learn the flower basics The “Introduction to Floristry” course is perfect for those without prior experience of arranging flowers. It is also suited to those wanting to refresh skills.

crown workshops are very popular for hen’s parties and just for fun! Classes are tailored for you!

On the completion of each of the ten classes you will take home stunning arrangements of flowers. You will also gain new knowledge and skills in each class including treating and conditioning of flowers. Building a firm foundation for any further classes and courses.

Creating and inspiring florists of the future

A variety of arrangements are covered including : hand tied posies, vase arrangements, table centre pieces, buttonholes, corsages and head circlets. Our pop up vintage post and flower

Visit :

The Flower Schoola registered training organisation offering certificate 2, 3 & 4 in floristry

for further details and to enrol









Feed your soul with flowers. WWW.BLOOMCOLLEGE.COM.AU


BUTTERLAND Flower Workshop


Katie Marx When : Sat 9th September 2017 Where : Butterland, Newstead VIC

Please register your interest to : /66







In this workshop you will create a bouquet, a posy and a vase arrangement all while learning tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your flowers and vases you use around your home.

Learn some of the most popular wedding designs for the bridal party and some insider tricks! You will make a bridal posy, a simple flower crown and a bridesmaid’s bouquet.




SuNDay 10am-4Pm 1 Day COurSe

SuNDay 10am-4Pm 1 Day COurSe

SuNDay 10am-4Pm 1 Day COurSe

FLORAL FOAM ARRAngEMEnTs WORkSHOp Create a gorgeous table centrepiece, a floral garland that can be used in so many creative ways, and a wreath design all while understanding the variety of designs that can be created using floral foam.






Experience In this class theyou simplicity will make and beauty a beautiful of playing arrangement with the seasonal using theflowers very best andseasonal produce designs materials. toget replicate a taste the forever the changing fundamentals seasons. of floristry Exploreand the awaken fundamentals your creativity of floristry where and awaken you become your creativity the designer! where you become the designer!

Learn the fundamentals of floristry techniques. Every week, as you are guided through inspiring designs from beautiful bouquets, lush table arrangements and gorgeous vase designs that you can adapt and use again and again!



TueSDay 6Pm-8Pm 2 HOur COurSe

3.5Hr SeSSiON Per Week Over 5 WeekS

WHaT iS inClUdEd All seasonal blooms and props are provided including flowers, ribbons and the bits that make your designs so pretty. WHaT TO bRing nothing but your curiosity and eagerness. COURSE lOCaTiOn All courses are held at 50 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 Please check our upcoming course dates at Click here for TERmS and COndiTiOnS (02) 9550 7755



Katie Clulow is “Flowers for Kate” visit her online store at to view the stunning range of Kate’s photographic prints documenting her passion for floral beauty and the natural world

“Introducing Alice” – a garden rose in the most perfect state of decay. Delicate blush pinks, decaying petals, the perfect patina on a grey backdrop. A limited edition of 50 only – available in 3 sizes – signed and numbered by Kate. Check out the online print store at /68


Keep up to date with Kate’s latest work @flowersfor_kate



Connect & Contribute : Email submissions & concepts to


Coming to SPRING Wedding flo r a l s s p r i n g / s u m m e r botanical flower s t u d i e s / f l o we r f a r m f e a t u r e s how to guides a n d t i p s / d e s i g n i n s p o and s o m u c h m o r e .



Connect with like minded flower lovers @theflowerseekers or contact : 0428 842 096

The Flower Seekers - Winter 17  

#forflowerlovers bringing you Australia's best florists l growers l artists l stylists l connect with like minded flower lovers

The Flower Seekers - Winter 17  

#forflowerlovers bringing you Australia's best florists l growers l artists l stylists l connect with like minded flower lovers