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As the school year ends, it is time for students to end one chapter of their life and start a new one. But before they take a new step into their life, students who worked hard are rewarded for their labors. Here, we give you an exclusive feature on the Batch 2017-2018 Summa Cum Laude, Crissa Mae Alicaya Joaquino and how she reached the award: 1. Where did you go to Elementary and High School? Did you have any awards? Elem: Talamban Elementary School; HS: Cebu Mary Immaculate College Awards: Elem & HS Valedictorian 2. Where are you from? Born in Ormoc City, Leyte but grew up here in Cebu 3. What is your studying style in school? What is your favorite subject and least liked subject? I like studying the night before the exam. I make sure to study before going to bed to help retention of the study material. Favorite subject: English related courses; Least liked: Math related courses 4. Is there an unforgettable experience that changed your life or was a turning point in your life? When I was in HS, there was this debating competition: Verba Logica. It was my 1st time joining a competition that required me to speak out & think on my feet. When the day of the competition happened, I delivered my speech well & even won Best Debater, Best Speaker & Best Interpellator. I realized how much more I could do if I just speak up, how conquering my fears can make me bring out the best in me. Since then, I’ve always tried to use my voice & be more confident in all my endeavors. 5. How does it feel like to be Summa Cum Laude? It feels surreal. For 4 years I have strived just to get high grades just so I could vie for academic scholarship, but nothing could prepare me for this end result. I feel blessed to have come this far. To be called the only Summa Cum Laude of our batch is a huge honor, and I am proud of attaining this title. 6. Aside from studying, what other challenges did you face to reach the award? The road to summa was not easy. Just this last year, I became a student leader. With my stint in SYBEE, SSC, and SBE Council, my days were filled with juggling my time to meet the demands of my organizations and my academic pursuits. All these led to me being physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I truly had doubts if I could make it. It was grueling fighting for an ounce of motivation when all I wanted was to give up the fight. 7. Was it always your goal to be Summa? Why? Being Summa has never been the ultimate goal. When I entered the university, I went with the flow with the course and major I chose. It just so happened that to help with the expenses, I had to try getting high grades to get academic scholarship. To do that, I had to have a GPA

Crissa Mae Alicaya Joaquino that was in the first honors bracket and be part of the first three names in the list within that bracket. The summa title is a testament to that hard work. 8. Who would you dedicate your award to? (Like who inspired you to get Summa)? I dedicate this award to my mother, Mommy Jessel, who has been working in Dubai and to my father, Papa Rommel, who has been my baon provider, instant motorcycle driver (when I’m running late), and my voice of reason. This award is for Kuya Alexis who told me that I should strive for 1st as he bought me my first college bag, to Ate Yang who has been my role model from day one, to Mama Linda and Lolo Romeo who took care of me since I was young, and to Auntie Lanie who has been my go-to whenever I needed advice. This award is for my gadas who have always been supportive in all my endeavors. To Hillary, Junith, Alciena, Richel, Bea, Gillian, and Jeralyn, thank you for being the best cheerleaders. To my blockmates, Block A Finance, being summa would’ve been out of reach without you, the greatest support system ever. Last but not the least, I dedicate this award to my mentor, Dr. Melanie De Ocampo who inspired me to be a student leader. It was through her teaching that I learned to truly love Finance.

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academic honors (2017-2018) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in fINANCIAL Management SUMMA CUM LAUDE Joaquino, Crissa Mae Alicaya 1.19 MAGNA CUM LAUDE Morales, Hillary Ruce Lara 1.37 Barcenas, Jann Allison Y. 1.38 Pepito, Junith Gasalao 1.43 CUM LAUDE Dalusung, Abigail Pino 1.47 Dolauta, Quina Josel Tse 1.47 Servano, Patrick Cyle Gigata 1.48 Quilla, Gigi Adobas 1.52 Catacutan, Samantha Chloe Brilliantes 1.54 Sunbanun, Richel Undaloc 1.58 Dungog, Holly Dawn 1.59 Tadlip, Nervy Aspan 1.61 Ycong, Janice Jumao-as 1.64 Canaya, Camille Niña Pelayo 1.65 Dela Cruz, Claire Anne Elimon 1.65 Mayol, Alciena Chastaine A. 1.66 Orit, Jane Maika Jusay 1.66 Avila, Sheila Marie Duro 1.70 Carcallas, John Irvin Cabusas 1.70

Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship MAGNA CUM LAUDE Samson, Rona Jane Denzo 1.40 CUM LAUDE Manglapus, Sean Kevin Te 1.57 Perez, Will Lois Borbon 1.60 Villarin, Georgia Fe Odiong 1.60 Tenorio, Audrey Jade Monzon 1.64 Ocampo, Kathryn Chloe Tampon 1.70

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in operations Management MAGNA CUM LAUDE Leda, Renz Anthony Cuizon 1.42 CUM LAUDE Chua, Emmanuel Maluto 1.67

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in MARKETING Management MAGNA CUM LAUDE Vistro, Lanie Mae Ayco 1.31 Barnido, Ciresse Micah Sistoso 1.36 Geson, Kamille Marie Tan 1.37 Delfino, Waverlee Wave Degamo 1.41 Viado, Krisha Jill Urbina 1.41 Verar, Angelika Verniz Uy 1.42 Rusiana, Jel Kimbee Ambo 1.43 CUM LAUDE Uy, Joshua Cesar Bastasa 1.47 Calipay, Dharilyn Miras 1.49 Perez, Myka Angelie Racaza 1.49 Solitario, Joda Escala 1.49 Go, Janzyl Mae Reuyan 1.50 Hadjazis, Jonisah Sacar 1.51 Ramos, Leigh Michelle 1.51 Baguio, Jessah Limpangog 1.52 Reveche, Alfonso Daniel Villanueva 1.52 Guardo, Amber Leigh Recopeiacion 1.53 Osorno, Alethea Ruth Albaran 1.53

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Executive Resource Management CUM LAUDE Llanto, Justine Oncada 1.59 Sipalay, Nonijean Lequigan 1.67

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in human resources Management CUM LAUDE Moniva, Annakaryn Niña Retuerto 1.47 Elpa, Angela Nicole Salve 1.53 Baldevino, Jessette Ann Retalado 1.55 Olaivar, Joy Mae Bag-ao 1.56 Cabalan, Janseen Rica Dela Riarte 1.57 Rivera, Samantha Frances Lopez 1.58 Chu, Alyssa Jann Pung 1.64 Macalib-ong, Gya Ava Fay Andrade 1.65 Culaba, Christine Marie Fadriquelan 1.66 Ceballos, Pia Vanessa Navarro 1.69


Sillar, Neil Olayvar 1.53 Nery, Veia Marie O. 1.54 Abad, Jan Kathleen Tan 1.55 Sarvida, Janelle Sevilla 1.56 Suson, Christine Daryl Vilahermosa 1.58 Ato, Katrina Trisha Marie King 1.62 Rubio, Rodina Grace Pansoy 1.62 De Pedro, Javea Joslie Conde 1.63 Noel, Ayn Julia Aventura 1.64 Galano, Frances Denise Marie Eamiguel 1.65 Jaclan, Maria Charmaine Niñal 1.65 Sia, Anne Nochole Sia 1.65 Caballero, Christine Hannah Pacaldo 1.66 Chu-Santos, Carlos Angelo Revena 1.66 Domael, Brenna Grace Te 1.66 Duazo, Angel Cuenca 1.66 Te, Patricia Ynez Diaz 1.67 Yee, Nicolette Gail Yu 1.67 Bargamento, Ramjie Olis 1.69 Christine Vanzuela Trocio 1.69 Sabarre, Alejandro Ill Tabones 1.70

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an interview with sybee’s election parties

Written by Arkhi Jan Amor

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1. What is your party about? What is its vision and mission? SURE: SURE stands for Students for UNITY, REFORM and EMPOWERMENT. Our party’s mission-vision is to unite all six clusters under SYBEE to help reform projects and activities that will enable them to be empowered to be one of great young executive and entrepreneurs of USC. All this correlates with the principles Team SURE strongly believes in which are again the Unity, Reform, and Empowerment. REGAL: Our party is a rising group of committed individuals that focuses on the betterment of the business administration society. We aim to change what is needed to change, and improve what is needed to improve for we view our goals together with the students. Vision: We, the Regal Party, envisions an environment where the Business Administration student leaders are united, competitive and oriented individuals who uphold a student driven system. Mission: In light of the Regal Party’s Vision, the Party will provide an avenue to discuss and resolve conflicts amongst student leaders who are committed to their respective purpose and responsibilities. We also want to give constant effort to create a harmonious relationship that will later on be carried out to the whole student body. Independent (OM): We, the Independent (OM) Party focuses on issues rather than any political ideology or partisanship. We don’t have loyalty to any political party and so we isolate ourselves in giving service to the people. We vision an organization that will have an impact to the hearts of the BA students and to the University of San Carlos as well. Our mission is to provide pure service and collaboration between the administration and the students. Independent (Entrep): We are the Independent (Entrep) Party. Our Vision and Mission is to serve student body whole-heartedly.


9. What can you say to your fellow finance to help motivate them to aim high and get Suma? Be like a sponge. Absorb all that you can. Never be too proud to reach out and ask for help. College is a catching net for people who will inspire you; learn from them. Develop relationships for in your journey, they will be the support system you’ll need. We all have our bad habits, but if we truly want to excel, it is high time we get rid of them so that we can get to our goals. Also, start early. Sow your seeds by starting college on a good note. Grades are not everything, but they do matter when you want to be summa cum laude. And when you feel like giving up, always remember why you started. More than the recognition, aim for one thing: no matter how you began your journey in the university, learn to love the major you are in. It is in loving what you have that you begin to love what you do. The effort for greatness follows. 10. Kindly pls give a short farewell message to your finance cluster and the school. It has been unbelievable how this journey started and ended. To the cluster I grew up with, to the family I’ve found, to the professors who both frustrated and inspired me, you have been amazing. You have been such a treasure. I will forever cherish the memories I’ve made with you. To our sisters in the Finance Club, Dane, Linsay, and Gerralden, know that I am proud of you. We may have left university, but your ates and kuyas have always got your back. Padayon, Finance! To my alma mater, thank you for this gift of education. I will always strive to be a witness to the Word. This has been Crissa Mae Alicaya Joaquino, Proud Financial Management Graduate, Summa Cum Laude, Batch 2018.

2. What certain issues does your party feel that it should address? How is your party planning to address and improve that issue? SURE: Despite this, we still believe that Enrolment is still the biggest issue that we have to face and solve. Every semester, it is the main issue that SYBEE and the department faces. SURE Party has then decided to bring you BEA or BA Enrolment Assistance. It is a program that helps to give the students a more concrete and organized system to aid them in their enrolment.

Independent (OM): There are a lot of issues currently. However, the issue that we particularly would want to address first is being the voice of the students. Somehow, there is an apparent gap between the students and the administration and so our job is to voice out their concerns and give timely and relevant solutions to the different concerns that needs to be resolve.

REGAL: There are multiple issues that need to be addressed as of the moment. However, our party handles issues one at a time. We would prefer to have a dialogue about it and address it in best way with the proper manner. We just plan to have a more active and hands-on activities for the students. We will make sure that as much as possible, our activities will work for everyone.

Independent (Entrep): Our party aims to tackle problems on transparency and information dissemination.

3. What kind of SYBEE does your party plan to portray towards the BA Carolinians? How would your party achieve the portrayal of this image? SURE: Team SURE would always go back from its principles which are unity, reform, and empowerment. This is the kind of SYBEE our party wants to portray towards the BA Carolinians. A united, reformed, and empowered SYBEE that is ready to bridge the gap between the students and the BA Department itself. Again, through our platforms that correlates from each other and with proper implementation of it, this is how we’re going to achieve this kind of image of SYBEE. REGAL: The kind of SYBEE that the party plans to portray is a SYBEE where we serve and help students improve and at the same time, enjoy. To achieve the portrayal of this image, we need to focus on collaboration instead of competition. Right now we need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, and independently with the ability to connect. Why have enemies when you can have allies who are your friends?

Independent (OM): Independent (OM) Party aims to portray a studentfriendly SYBEE. A SYBEE that is beyond any selfish motive and delights in plain, pure service to the students. This could be achieved by building the trust of the students by giving them good service in the way the organization can serve the students better. Independent (Entrep): Our party plans to portray a SYBEE that would help our fellow BA Carolinians to be aware and well informed of the plans and activities of the clusters and department. Also, we would want to portray ourselves as approachable Carolinians that would serve wholeheartedly for the student body. This can be achieved through serving our fellow BA students well.

meet sybee’s 2018 execom & chairmen An interview by Carrie Sytiongsa

IMAGE Chairman and SYBEE President: Gerramae Villarin, BSBA MKTG MGT - 3 “When you can do much as a 2nd year PIO, imagine what greater things you can offer being in a position which gives you a wider range of resources to accomplish things?” This is what pushed Gerramae - the newly elected IMAGE Chairman and SYBEE President - as she steps into a new chapter of her life. It had never coursed through the mind of this chill, happy go lucky and at times “crazy” girl - as she describes herself - to be IMAGE’s next chairman, even more so becoming the SYBEE President. Gerramae greatly appreciates the trust that her fellow marketers bestowed upon her and in return, she has great visions for IMAGE and of course for SYBEE as well. During her term as the IMAGE chairman, she envisions and pursues in molding a band of more innovative and collaborative young marketing professionals. She aims to show that marketing is more than its pre-existing stereotypes - but rather it holds a greater purpose in the industry. In accomplishing this - she will lead fellow marketers towards unity, reformation, and empowerment through the various activities and projects gearing towards it. Random/Fun Fact: Gerramae prefers puppies than kittens and wishes to own a dozen of them when she gets her own place. SYBEE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: We can’t do this alone. We need everybody’s support and coordination. Just like the chant “What’s gonna work?! Team work!” Let us work together to meet half way. Let us work together in defeating the odds of every situation. Let us work together in realizing our vision for SYBEE and let us work together in creating a better SYBEE. SYBEE is for the BA Carolinians and we will always be here. We might not succeed in some, but at least we’ve given our best, hand in hand, and to take the lessons we learn through the journey with us. So I won’t keep this long. On behalf of the SYBEE officers, we thank you all for the support and see you all real soon! Thank you and God speed our plans and endeavours for this academic year! Take Care everybody!


FINANCE CHAIRMAN and sybee treasurer: Danielle Faye Andrin, BSBA Finc - 4 Independent, goal-oriented and motivated, Danielle feels surreal as she takes on the mantle as the new Chairman of the Finance Cluster. But regardless of the position she holds, she will always be there for her cluster. Even with the responsibilities and sacrifices at stake, she is more than willing to take up the challenge of doing her role as best as she can. With big plans for the school year and commitment to her organizations, Danielle aims for two things during her time as the Chairman – to modify the mind-sets of the students to better understand what SYBEE is and to start and end the term right. “To my fellow cluster, I hope we set out our differences, learn to collaborate, and work together for a better and successful term”. Random/Fun Fact: Danielle is not really a pet lover.

BLUE CHAIRMAN and sybee executive secretary: Shaira Bardos Pacheco, BSBA EXRM - 4 “Let’s stop looking down on ourselves. EXRM is not “just exrm”, We are EXRM, we are more than what we limit ourselves for” Shaira, an expressive and talkative person, wants nothing more than to be of help to her cluster. Already having planned projects for both her cluster and SYBEE, this chairman sets her mind-set on the positive rather than the negative, always keeping in mind that everything will be alright. With the help of her friends, her positive attitude continues to maintain itself and casts outs any stressful vibes around her. Random/Fun Fact: Shaira is a football player.

PEOPLE CHAIRMAN and sybee assistant secretary: Chinchin Arranguez Barrientos, BSBA HRDM - 4 From the help and persuasion of her friends and schoolmates, Chinchin, a happy and cheerful girl, can incorporate her love of helping others to the club. Through her prior knowledge of leading, she has plans for both the HR cluster and SYBEE. “I am willing to hear your voice and together we will lead our club”. With an image of converting a vision to reality, this Chairman takes the role with her fellow cluster in mind. Despite her heavy schedule, she balances her time and makes sure to fulfil any responsibilities entrusted to her. The thought of satisfying her cluster under her term, is one of her main drives of motivation. Honoured and trusted as the new Chairman, Chinchin makes no promises but is giving it her all for PEOPLE to gain the best services that the students deserve. Random/Fun Fact: Chinchin loves playing Volleyball and Badminton.

KAIZEN Chairman and sybee public relations ofFIcer: Mackinley Sy, BSBA om - 4 Mackinley, an idealist guy, has a vision for the OM cluster. To fulfil that vision, he sets his eyes on the Chairman position and nothing less. Focused and goal-oriented, this chairman wishes to achieve productivity and reach maximum optimality for the organization eager to better serves the students. Mackinley sees being an ambivert as a great opportunity as it gives him time to dwell in thought for ideas and open up to different people. Knowing that the role comes with great responsibility, he gives it his best to overcome all challenges that may come in the future, together with his fellow OM students Random/Fun Fact: Mackinley loves to go to the mountains and beach to enjoy Mother Nature

PRODIGY Chairman: VIDA DIANEIRA LU, BS ENTREP - 4 sybee vice president: lucille martina velasco, bsba mktg mgt - 4 sybee auditor: linsay mae doblas, bsba fINC - 4


Importance of

Grammar Written by Jonel Nacionales

Grammar embodies a deeper meaning than simple words can describe. Grammar is generally seen as the law that governs the placement of words and conjugations, and is ever present in all languages in the world. One might perceive grammar as naught but a nuisance to plague our already stressful course. Others believe that if we are understood and information is properly conveyed, what then is the point of studying grammar rules? Surprisingly, the answer is nothing. If verbal communication is the only accepted purpose of speaking, there is no need to study the laws of grammar that comprises pages after pages of books. However, grammar is more than a law that governs literal communication. Look and listen closely on how different people speak in different tones and different words, yet still in the same language. Imagine a person dressed in fine clothes, preferably a blazer or a tuxedo, with all the vocabulary and courtesy of royalty. Words like “It’s a pleasure to meet you”, “I would like to extend my gratitude”, “I beg your pardon.” Now think of another person, this one dressed in casual clothing, jeans and shirt. With words

like, “Uh huh”, “Oh, yeah”, “Like this is so lisod, bro”, “Samoka gud ani, bai.” Now, between these two imagined individuals, who do you think is most likely to land a job in an interview? This is where the expertise of verbal communication can be of assistance. Grammar is not essentially a law that governs; it as an art that defines. How you speak defines who you are. Alternatively, art can be manipulated to suit your own purpose, such as when you’re trying to sound smarter than you actually are. You see, utilizing outstanding vocabulary that denotes courtesy and respect defines a personality of professionalism. And such personality can help you get out of tight situations, such as talking down a traffic enforcer to giving you a warning. Or when your teacher asks you to write an apology letter for your grades, the right words might increase your chances of turning that NC into a flat 3 (this is proven and tested). Grammar is an amazing art for its flexibility. One may view grammar as fixed and constant. But the art of grammar is as flexible as clay, and sentences can be shaped and molded at your own desire. For instance, I want to say “That is a nice black hammer.” I could alternatively say “That black hammer is nice,” or “That’s a nice hammer, the black one.” While there is nothing


significant with that aspect of grammar, it is simply amazing that how the expertise of grammar turns one into an artist of his own right, with the words and structures he uses that defines him. Grammar is an art useful to anyone. Be it in an essay test, a case study, or a thesis. It is the art, not the law, of how words should be placed in order to produce the right effect. To reinforce that perception, here is a quote from a renowned writer: “This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals–sounds that say listen to this, it is important.” - Garry Provost

meet our edboard Airah Fatima P. Manreal, Editor-in-chief Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed. These 4 words are Ms. Airah Fatima P. Manreal’s stepping stone as she faces life. She considers herself as a dreamer but never in her wildest dreams did she think she could become the Editor-in-chief of a publication. With her interest in art and drawing - Ms. Manreal, who was on her 2nd year of college last 2016, takingup Marketing Management - was looking for an opportunity where she could possibly practice and improve her skills. Despite originally applying as a cartoonist, a turn of events during her interview made her realize her interest in video editing. From that day, she became a video editor and videographer of TEC and was promoted as Head Videographer of the publication during the following year. She’s responsible for the most recent video contents found in TEC’s Facebook page, such as the Same-day-edit video which drives the largest traffic in the page. Now, already on her 4th year of college, Ms. Manreal considers her new position, the Editor-in-chief of TEC, as her greatest achievement of her college life. Her goal is to continue the publication’s practices that have been proven effective and smoothen some aspects that are still rough in the edges. She believes that she has a huge shoe to fill which she considers as her driving force to better not only herself but also the publication.

Arkhi Jan C. Amor Associate Editor, Internal His passion for English language and writing is what drove Mr. Arkhi Jan C. Amor – the current Associate Editor, Internal – to join TEC back in 2015. Since then, his articles have been part in every Magazine and Newsletter that TEC has published for the past years. Other than writing, Mr. Amore – an Operations Management student - loves to play PC games and eat. He describes himself as a fun and friendly guy. Hanging out with people, especially with his friends from the different organizations (TEC and USC Choristers) that he is a part of, is something he enjoys to do. He also describes himself as a determined guy who aims to give his 100% in everything that he does, especially when he is interested in the activity. However, there are times when he tends have a lazy personality which hinders him from being interested in certain activities. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” this quote by Simon Sinek is what inspires Mr. Amore to become a leader. As the new Associate Editor Internal, he is there to assist the Editor-in-Chief in any event, decision or action. Mr. Amor is one of the few veteran members of TEC who will remain after the school year, he will have to plan for the future of the publication.

John A. Alipio Associate Editor, External In 2017, Mr. John A. Alipio joined TEC as an online correspondent. With his responsible and will-driven personality, it’s no wonder he become the next Associate Editor, External. Mr. John Alipio - a Marketing major student – describes himself as an outgoing, very sociable, funny, fun-loving and passionate person who focuses on things that he is interested in. His personality has been reflective to his actions in the different organizations he’s a part of. Due to his interest in doing volunteer work, he became a member of the SVP (SYBE volunteer poll) and was part of the Cebuano Youth Ambassadors. Furthermore, he’s a positive and enthusiastic type of person and possesses a sense of humor. It was a shock for Mr. Alipio at first, to know that being the Associate External Manager is a huge responsibility due to the fact that he is charge of keeping tabs with SYBEE and their activities. However, he sees his role as both an opportunity and a responsibility. He believes that the position can build up his leadership skills and help not only himself but also the publication. The quote by Antoine De Saint Exupéry, “A goal without a plan is just a wish” is what Mr. Alipio keeps in mind as he moves forward.


TEC is in search of passionate BA students interested in taking the following positions in the publication:


TEC EDITORIAL BOARD AND STAFF 2018 - 2019 Editor-In-Chief AIRAH FATIMA MANREAL Associate Editor, Internal ARKHI JAN AMOR Associate Editor, External JOHN ALBANA ALIPIO Managing Editor JONEL CABAHUG NACIONALES Head of Writing Department CARRIE SYTIONGSA Head of Art Department PAMELA URBIZTONDO Photography and Videography Head IVAN PAUL LAVASTILLA Videography Head AIRAH MANREAL Layout Head JAMIE FERNANDEZ Illustrations Head KYLE SHUN VILLACERAN Online Correspondence Head GERRYLENE MAE MONTAYRE Marketing Officer HOMER JOSHUA INOFERIO




Profile for The Executive Chronicle

The Executive Chronicle - March 2018 Newsletter  

The Executive Chronicle - March 2018 Newsletter