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S.Y. 2017-2018

NEWSLETTER MarkProf Salutatorian: Joshua Cesar Uy by Doneh Potot

We all have certain dreams that we wish to put into reality; sometimes those dreams may seem impossible till we achieve it. We have heard a lot of success stories that have inspired and motivated us to achieve our goals. Now, here is one of our very own pride Mr. Joshua Ceasar Uy’s story who just graduated as the class Salutatorian of MarkProf Foundation Inc. You might ask, what is MarkProf? It is a foundation that looks for 25 of the most promising graduating college students who want to pursue careers in Marketing and Sales. After a long and stringent screening process of business simulations, interviews and case studies, these lucky few are offered an exceptional means for jump starting their career via a prestigious free-of-charge Marketing Leadership Bootcamp where they would get unparalleled training from the country’s Q: What was it like to be part of the Markprof?

A: I knew Markprof ever since I was still a Junior College undergraduate. The journey was a mixture of emotions. I asked myself “How can I be in the top 25 nationwide?” I never looked high on myself, especially on a national level. But, I told myself that I should give it a shot but I am a very gritty person. I always do my best to get the things I really want. Upon getting accepted, I felt really proud and ecstatic as it was a national program that thousands of students coveted for. As a passionate learner, I really couldn’t wait for the learnings and experiences that I can gain after I graduate the program, especially when it comes to business, management, and marketing!

most renowned corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. The program has been running for 14 years with 1000 applicants nationwide annually where only the 25 of the best and the brightest can be accepted. Out of the 1000 hopeful, Mr. Joshua Ceasar Uy was the only Cebuano that became a part of the program. But, being accepted doesn’t give you a 100 percent chance of graduating. One still needs to pass the 8 Saturdays based on the quality of the questions that are asked and the performance in creative and big idea cases. The latter are studies that are based on real-life problems of the different multi-national companies in the Philippines. So we asked Joshua himself what it felt like to be part of this prestigious program.

Q: What is your message to future Markprof hopefuls?

First, I would like to say that Markprof is a truly great program. My message to them is life is not just about the things written on your resume, but it is how you value the things you have learned from your entire life journey. Let it manifest to be your passion, find motivations to get higher with a greater purpose. Excel for yourself and for God, and not for others. Be passionate on what you do, and always be the GRITTIEST AMONG THE GRITTIEST. I believe that every individual is intelligent, but people who really aim for the best and work hard for it really set these people apart. Never ever get intimidated of big things, but work hard for it. Working hard really goes a long way. Instill themselves with knowledge and experience, and they will really go an extra mile.”

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Q: Did you expect to become the batch salutatorian? What do you think made you different from the rest of the participants?

A: Graduating as the batch salutatorian was really unexpected. I also struggled throughout the program just like the rest of the delegates. But, I guess I just tried to look for a very well-founded motivation. I realized that thousands of students have coveted for the spot where I am now, I guess there is no reasons to back out. I hustled harder, while I was balancing my academics, and org duties. I became grittier week by week. And I actually thought of quitting during the middle of the program itself. But, I asked myself “Why now? After all those flights? No sleep? And trying really hard to understand different areas of business and marketing, and immersing myself to various companies in the Philippines? I believed that I should finish this race, and finished strong.

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Q: Who would you like to thank that contributed to your success? There are a lot of people I need to thank to. But, in general I would like to thank the people who have been there every time I need them, also the people who doubted me, and the people who left me. It made realize that life is like this. Sometimes the people who were on the bus at the beginning, won’t be the same people who will be with you when you reach your destination. This goes to show that impossible is just an idea, a wall we create that hinders us from fulfilling our very dreams. With the right attitude, right people we surround ourselves with and right perspective we can do great things. Mr. Joshua Ceasar Uy is just one of those that proves us that a dream is but a dream if we don’t do anything to achieve it. Dream Big Dreams.

“It is most unlikely. But--here comes the big “BUT”--not impossible.” -Roald Dahl, The Wit

ofFICERS WITH A HEART: SYBEE CES at Camomot, Carcar by Will Lois Perez

4th Year Enterprises by Carrie Sytiongsa



Most food products nowadays focus on international foods which are widely known to the customers and have a higher chance of being purchased. Due to this, local products are usually overlooked; but ATO-A Food Enterprises have changed that. The enterprise focuses on local Cebuano snacks and their main product, Choco Masareal, is also made from local materials. ATO-A Food Enterprises proves that businesses that use local materials are just as good as those that use international materials.

Wanting to promote local products to locals and tourists, Affinity sets their sights on Souvenir Items. Their main product being sunglasses with indigenous frames and temples (what holds the glasses to your ear) and side product being a floppy hat made from local raw materials; this allows customers to get souvenirs which can help them in their travel, have a local material to commemorate where they’ve gone as well as looking stylish while going around. This enterprise proves that being a proud Filipino can help in making a business strive.

FRUBLE FOODS Fruble Foods gives a new twist to your normal Ice Cream. Wanting to create a way for people to be healthier while enjoying their food, this enterprise came up with a fruit and vegetable Ice Cream that will let you enjoy a healthy yet delicious dessert. Ice Cream flavours such as Red Buko or Avocado will make you enjoy a new taste and want more. A mix of healthy and sweet, just the thing to beat the heat.

CARRY ON ENTERPRISE Trends are what people are into during a specific time and it’s what most people normally follow to keep up. Carry On Enterprise is no different as they started their business when the “maoy/hugot” fever became a trend; from this trend, they progressed their business even further. Their product which consists of drawstring bags and wallets, fits their slogan and business name well – “Nothing is ever too heavy, you just have to carry on”.

Eight SYBEE Officers led by its president, Ronel Qeurobin, went to Teofilo Camomot Center Brgy. Valadolid, Carcar City, Cebu for a Community Extension Service last 27th of January, 2018. The officers travelled early in the morning to the center bringing with them books donated by the BA student body. Upon arrival, they were received by the Mother Superior, (name of mutra), who enthusiastically gave them further instructions in both storage and distribution. Out of pure coincidence, the officers were also met with another organization, Cebu Cancer Fight (CCF), who had similar activity on the date. Their head organizer, Ms. (Name of mutra), appealed to the delegation for support as to which the officers happily agreed to. SYBEE and CCF’s volunteers

then proceeded to distribute school materials, a packed lunch and other goodies to the community. Having finished, SYBEE exchanged contacts with CCF in hopes of being able to become partners in similar projects within the near future. Pictures were then taken where both organizations were shown. The community extension service was an initiative by the student organization where old, unused books were donated to the chosen community. These books were gathered from the Business Administration students and will serve as a method of promoting goodwill and rapport.

RAFFABAC DESIGNS As there are businesses that focus largely on local cuisine, Raffabac Designs showcases the weaving industry of the Philippines. Endorsing indigenous fibers such as raffia and abaca, this enterprise shows that there are many ways fibers can be used. With their product such as backpacks and laptop cases, one can transport heavy materials with ease and look good while doing so.

BAKEOLOGY FOOD ENTERPRISES Who says you can’t use mix baking and science to make a new product? Bakeology proves that it is possible. With their Flame Cake, people can enjoy a delicious dessert while being presented in such a unique way (in flames) “The thing about Entrepreneurship is that every step you take is a challenge no matter how you say you’re prepared for this program” But despite the challenges faced, this enterprise still pushes through. As long as you love what you’re doing, nothing is impossible.

COMFIES ENTERPRISE Imagine lying in a soft pillow and having a whiff of a scent that helps relaxes you. Well imagine no more, Comfies Enterprise has got what you just need. Primarily aiming for the customer’s comfortability, this enterprise makes pillows with an aromatic scent. Not just focusing on bed pillows, their product has also evolved to neck pillows and mini versions of their pillows; they also allow order customization to even further their customer satisfaction.

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page 5 Photograph by Pamela Urbiztondo

A trip down to meme-ory lane:

the rise and mysterious powers of memes! by Arkhi Jan Amor

Do you know the way of the memes? No? Well, feelsbadman. You don’t need to find out yourself if I tell you all about it, right?

stock exchange: a crash course by Homer Inoferio

Have you been seeing from the different social media or hearing from people about free seminars or workshops about the stock market lately? Does it not make you curious what the stock market is, how does it work, who can invest in it or why many are saying that you should invest in it? In this article, we’ll try to explain the stock market in a simple way that many could understand.

Memes! Not exactly Richard Dawkins’ whole study on memes as part of human evolution and behavior. We’re talking about the internet phenomenon that has been going on for years since we have been graced by the internet. Memes take the form of media such as images, hyperlinks, videos, websites and/or hashtags with the purpose of providing humor or mimicry. Memes have been going on for a long time but started booming around the 2010s with Derp and Derpina, Troll Face and the Forever Alone taglines. Websites such as 4chan, Reddit and 9gag served as avenues for memes to blossom into the artistic monstrosity that they are in the present day. With the introduction of the internet, communication has never been easier. Social media platforms and forums gave an avenue for people to pass on different kinds of information to one another. This then gave a chance for memes to surge as people have the opportunity to share with one another different pictures with themed captions. During the late 2000s, memes that were sarcastic and witty in content grabbed the most attention as people related really well with them. Then Youtube became a platform for video-based memes to pop out with hilarious videos. Some of the noteworthy ones would be Psy’s Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake and Rick Astley’s Never

Gonna Give You Up. Soon, memes would make their mark in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Memes are ever-evolving and continuing to rise at this point. Memes have a weird power within them that makes people feel a connection with them. In the documentary ‘We are Legion’, a hacker associated with the hacking group Anonymous, said that ‘memes convey a message or feeling that is too complex to explain with words in a fun, easy to understand way’. It is because they are highly relatable to the every individual from all walks of life that they are being used as marketing paraphernalia. For example, the 2006 movie Snakes on a Plane was able to get much needed publicity through memes as the marketers of this movie have forecasted that they will not produce positive publicity from critics. After all this, one does not simply think of memes as mere pictures, gifs, videos, hashtags or links to funny content. Memes are an art form that helps people share with them their culture. They are tools that help people all over the world connect with one another. On second thought, maybe they are just media made by edgy teens.

The stock market is just like the market that we are familiar with ‘Colon’ and ‘Carbon’. It is a place where people can buy and sell products or goods with the only difference is that it’s the shares (unit of ownership) of a company are being sold instead. So if you buy a share from Ayala, SM, Globe or other companies of the Philippines, you become a part owner of the company. Is this even possible? Yes, through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process where a private company offers its stocks to the public at a price. This process makes it easier for the public or regular people to buy it so that anyone may get into investment. How does this even work, you might ask? Now for example, there is a huge pizza (company) that has 1 million slices (shares) and each slice (share) costs Php

5.00 each and you bought 10,000 slices. The 10,000 slices represents the 1% of the huge pizza so if you buy more slices it will also increases the percentage of the slices you bought. This shows that once you buy a share of a company, you are also buying a piece of the company or you become a part owner. The more shares you buy, the more you are giving money or contributing to the capital of the company in exchange for partownership of the same company. There are two ways in earning in the stock market, through price appreciation or dividends. 1) Price appreciation is when the value of a share of a company increases over time. Depending on how many people buying and selling the share of the company. Once the price of a share increases people sell it in order to convert it into your buying power or cash. For example, you bought the last unit of an Iphone 10 for Php 40,000 but because the demand of it still great many people are offering to you to buy the Iphone 10 50%, 80% or even 100% more than the original price. So you decided to sell to the person who said to buy it 100% more the original price (Php 80,000) and because of this you

were able earn Php 40,000. 2) You earn through dividends. Dividends is the portion of profit the company gives to the shareholders or part-owners. The more shares you have, the more dividends you will receive. So how do you start investing in the stock market? You pick a stockbroker of your choice and open an account from them. Stockbrokers are individuals or companies licensed to buy and sell stocks in the Philippine Stocks Exchange. Each brokers have a minimum amount needed to open an account. Many people have always asked, when is the right time to invest? The answer is now becausetime has value. Time affects the value of financial instruments. The more time you lose, the more opportunity you will lose in making your investments grow. To avoid mistakes in investing or losing money, educate yourself financially, do your research and never stop learning. It’s the people who are less knowledgeable about the stock market that tends to create mistakes and lose money, and because of this they fear of investing their money.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” “Risk comes not investment knowing what you’re and “the most from important you ca make doing” and “the most important investment you is in yourself.” – Warren Buffett ca make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffett


page 6 Here are more reasons why design should always be present in every business: •

Consumers will always want to find something new and different to satisfy their curiosities. They would also want to find new products that can satisfy their new or existing needs. However, this is not enough. New ideas must always be presented well for it to effectively reach consumers. •

You are at your local mall, window-shopping, and you happen to pass by a stall that sells ice cream. You suddenly decide to buy one for your snack, but then when you look to your left, you saw another stall selling the exact same item. Somehow, the stall to your left looked more appealing with its flashy ‘decos’ and fancy artwork while the one in front of you looks rundown like it had been running for 25 years and never got a facelift. Eventually, you got the more expensive ice cream. It was worth it though as the ice cream looked way better with its pretty pastel cup and spoon - very instagrammable. You would have saved buying from the other stall, but most of the time, people are willing to pay the difference for the sake of their satisfaction. There is more to design than just aesthetics. In a business, design, as a form of communication, gives consumers an idea on the company’s brand and what they can offer. Visual means of advertising makes it easier for the products to grab attention and be etched in the minds of consumers. Design is the conceptualization and creation of new things. It goes on a user perspective and drives development based on your specific customers’ needs. A study conducted by the Design Management Institute showed that design-driven companies consistently outperformed the S&P by 219% over the past decade. These companies reported higher market share, competitive advantage, more loyal customers and beat competitors in digital experiences. Even inside the organization, design can serve as a driving culture to do better, increasing efficiency and continuously enhancing production.

The Search for Uniqueness

Going with the trends

Like in every business cycle, there will be times when sales reach their peaks, but the time will also come when the business starts to lose its customers. This is mainly because keeping the interest of your consumers can be very hard especially when you have multiple competitors. To stand out and keep up, you must always be updated and know the interests of your target markets to satisfy their ever-changing needs and applying these to your designs. •

Creates a brand

To effectively differentiate yourself from competitors, creating your own unique brand is a necessity. Brand gives an identity that people will recognize and remember in the easiest and best way possible. This brand must also coincide and present the entirety of your business. •

Enhances customer satisfaction

A well-designed product increases the value and satisfaction received by your customers. They would most likely be willing to pay the difference in prices if it means that they would receive a product with good functionality and aesthetics. Design has an important role in the success of a business. The next time you think about ideas for your own, always remember that design pays.



We all have learned in our Science classes that blood is the complex transport system which allows coordination between different parts of the human body. The same definition applies to marketing. Marketing not only serves as the medium of communication inside and outside the company but the integration of internal organizational functions and external forces as well. Thus, marketing is considered the blood of every business. However, people tend to miss the essential implication of marketing to human life – marketing one’s self. As students, every decision we make inevitably affects the path our lives will take. We cannot even count every instance in our lives where we have to make decisions. Little do we realize that our normal day-to-day activities embrace the nature of marketing. As we invest a few minutes in reviewing our actions, we discover that most of our daily thoughts rotate in deciding what to wear for the day, how to communicate with classmates, how to make one’s self presentable, how to perform well in class, what and where to eat for lunch, where to stay during recess, and whom to spend time together with. How we market ourselves revolves around these decisions. Our actions define our personality and behavior. The way we dress and make ourselves presentable helps us improve the surrounding people’s impression of us. Eventually, what we usually do and how we usually act will attract individuals or groups of people and give us the opportunity to build a strong connection with them. However, if we care less about our actions and communicate poorly to our colleagues, the relationship we just initially formed might be put to an end. Now, what strategic approaches can we apply in our daily lives in order to develop our own brand image? Ever heard of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning or what we call the STP approach? First, we do segmentation. Through this, we are able to divide people into categories (personal attributes, personality, behavior, etc…) in terms of similar characteristics and decide how we can effectively interact with each type of individuals. By doing so, we can coordinate our actions and adjust our behavior properly in accordance to

by Janelle Sarvida

their preferences in order to prevent misunderstandings and bad blood with them. Second, we do targeting. In this step, we choose the best or the most attractive individual/s or group/s of people to build a lifetime relationship with. Our decisions in this aspect will shape how we want to be influenced by these types of people as we progress through life. Decent people will have positive influence on us, whereas immoral people will corrupt our way of thinking. Lastly, positioning enters. By positioning ourselves in the society, we are able to clarify how we want to be recognized and treated by people surrounding us. Even the way we position ourselves in our classrooms helps our classmates determine how to interact with us. If we position ourselves as active, straightforward, and affectionate leaders, others will find it easy to approach and follow us. However, if we decide to position ourselves as passive, unconcerned, and cold individuals then others will find difficulty in connecting with us, causing discomfort to some. Another approach is the consideration of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats or SWOT in short. By using our strengths and/ or improving our weaknesses, such as communication and leadership, we can take advantage of a variety of opportunities in school like meeting and interacting with new people as well as making friends and realizing our advantage or edge not only as students but business leaders as well. Moreover, we can use these existing strengths and enhanced shortcomings in reducing the impact of or avoiding threats such as lack of self-awareness, becoming isolated, and disrupted social and emotional growth. Indeed, we need to take note of how we market ourselves every day. This is for the purpose of becoming successful in our own means and developing our personal competencies, not for comparing ourselves with other people. With a clear definition of our own STP and a comprehensive evaluation of our SWOT, we can secure ourselves with a definite mindset as we proceed to our future career paths.

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A PROCASTINATOR’S GUIDE TO THESIS WRITING by Alyssa Chu Every student must go through this hurdle as one the final requirements before graduating and let’s face it, no one is looking forward to it – that hurdle is Thesis. I remember thinking that with the right team and organization, execution would be smooth sailing. To my disappointment, that was clearly not the case. Depending on what course you are taking, the topic of the thesis will have varying degrees of difficulty. My group and I definitely struggled since our topic called for the participation of companies; most if not all usually like to keep things confidential. Let’s just say that despite the connections I have with each company, my group had to fight tooth and nail just to settle meetings, sign documents and conduct surveys. I won’t say it is the same for everyone but the best way to start your thesis journey with your groupmates is to keep an open and flexible mind because the rollercoaster you’re about to board is full of surprises.

So here are a few tips to guide you: “If you are picking your team because they’re your friends, think again.” It would be great to have friends who also

operate well with you as a team but most often than not, friends take advantage of each other’s status as “best friends” to help them wash their hands from their work. Clearly, this behavior would not only cost your friendship but yours and your team’s grades. So let’s save ourselves from all that hurt and drama by picking your personal idea of a dream team; or go solo. There are many advantages to being your own one-man band, like: you are your own boss, you are your own critic and you have only your weight to carry. The road is tough but it would seem a little less rough when you are surrounded by people who you trust and can support you in your times of need.

“... you may still face failure, but just keep a positive disposition and keep looking ahead.”

“Any good thesis cannot be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” Word count, double space, justify! It would help you a lot if you know firsthand the topic of your thesis. The more you know, the more ideas you can generate to answer your problem. Attacking your thesis writing like this can definitely conquer some problems that you may face in future oral defenses. Plus, being extremely specific will get you some extra pages and you’ll sound extra smart! Do make sure that your team mates know what you know because otherwise, it will look like someone did more work than the other; a telltale sign of disarray.

Illustration by Kyle Villaceran

“Starbucks dates aren’t cliché.” Go out with your team. Maybe

go to that new restaurant you want to go to and drag your thesis work with you. The environment you work in can help you centralize your focus. Though that depends on your team’s personality. There are some who are more productive working from home while skyping or going on group studies where more than one team from your class meet up some place – whether it be at 10 in the morning or at midnight. Understand yourself and your team in order to produce a successful thesis.

“Think on your feet and throw all plans out the window.” Not only are you dealing with different personalities and tem-

peraments but also uncooperative and unresponsive companies. It will do well for you to have stacks of contingency plans in the back of your head. Try not to close every door you open since some might come to rescue you at the eleventh hour. Perhaps a change of company, topic or team mate – keep in contact with them, you will never know when they will come in handy. The content of thesis is the most grueling part but it will be less taxing if you take out the variables I mentioned above. Despite following these tips, I can’t guarantee a hundred present success, you may still face failure, but just keep a positive disposition and keep looking ahead. You may be finishing a little late though what matters most is that you would have finished the race.

Keep your chins up Carolinians and Good Luck!

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