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SS21 Interior Trends


Let Tea Take You for An Adventure


Tolerate Hot Days with a Tasty Tart


Dairy Is Out Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is In


Eat And Drink Your Way to Daily Wellness


5 Tips to Promote Health During Spring


Should You Ditch Your Fitness Trainer?


Why EQ Beats IQ in Driving ‘True’ Leadership Success


Gokce Gizer


Innosance LLC


Spring Marketing CO


Shervin Lainez & Sony Music Masterworks


Merilee Kern


Jeremy Thomas Sam Kolder Shervin Lainez Elly Fairytale Any Lane Roman Odintsov


Cover, June 2021 Photo by Shervin Lainez

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CONTENTS June ’21 30

Chloe Flower. Pianist, Composer, & Producer


History-Making Photographer Tyler Mitchell


Ben Sherman Launches Retail Capsule Collection Celebrating Partnership with Team Gb


A Green Oasis in The City


Expedia Travelers Rank the USA’s Friendliest Cities of 2021


Retreat Pool & Cabanas Announces New Poolside Events For 2021



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Photos Courtesy of Desenio



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esenio is launched the second of its four key trends for SS21. Introducing the Natural Living trend, an updated take on the laid-back, Mediterranean countryside lifestyle, with associations of happiness and wellbeing. Here are some tips for bringing the Natural Living trend to your interior.

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Channel The Style of Provence “The Natural Living trend is heavily inspired by the rustic atmosphere of Provence, both in terms of materials and color palettes,” says Desenio’s Executive Creative Director, Annica Wallin. Provence living captures the feeling of sun-filled days spent eating delicious food and enjoying good company. Bring the sentiments of a French vacation to your home with landscape prints and other references to the European countryside.

Keep It Casual “Natural materials and textures create a feeling of country life, even in an urban apartment,” says Annica Wallin. Let go of striving for perfection and embrace a casual, rustic look. Select natural materials such as wood and clay, accessorize with eclectic ornaments and choose graphic art prints to help you achieve a laid-back Mediterranean vibe.

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Choose Botanical Prints “The Provence style emphasizes health and wellbeing by incorporating botanical elements and accessorizing with fresh produce,” says Annica Wallin. Bring nature into your home by cultivating house plants, displaying fresh fruit and flowers, and selecting nature prints that add a pop of color and awaken the senses.

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Courtesy of Family Features


an Adventure

Visiting a new or favorite destination is one way to travel, but that’s not always possible. If you can’t escape to a new location, consider taking a mental break in the comfort of your own home with tea as your companion. With many different varieties of tea to choose from, you can infuse your journey with flavor while enjoying wellness and relaxation benefits. Enjoy virtual travels – wherever you are – with these tips from the experts at Buddha Teas.

Rejuvenating Getaway

Even when you can’t get to a spa, tea can help you focus on wellness and refresh your body and mind. While yoga, meditation and massages can aid in recharging you physically and mentally, teas like chaga, detox dharma or mushroom wellness can further help you unwind. Chaga, a medium-bodied mushroom tea, can be enjoyed with honey or milk for a nurturing, peaceful escape. It can also help reset your center and give you a boost of healing energy without any caffeine. Mushroom teas blending flavorful herbs and spices can bring power and pleasure to your cup

with remarkable immune boosting, wellness potential – no honey or milk is needed. If you’re seeking a total recharge, look for teas with organic ingredients such as ginger root, turmeric and black pepper blended with the super cleanser, burdock root, to create the perfect environment for your body to rid itself of all toxins.

Exploring Nature

If you enjoy hiking and connecting with nature, flower teas like Japanese cherry blossom, chamomile and lavender can be ideal companions. An option like Buddha Teas matches your appreciation for nature. The teas are 100% unaltered, organic and wildcrafted. They’re made from fresh herbs and tea leaves and packaged in bleach-free bags, so you can enjoy the purity of natural teas without harmful chemicals or additives.

Emotional Experience

Some journeys are more emotionally charged than others, from reminiscing trips down memory lane to quiet getaways intended to let you free your mind. A heightened sensory

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reaction to these kinds of emotionally significant destinations is best balanced with chakra teas. “Chakra” is the ancient Sanskrit word for the seven central points of energy that reside within, helping balance your physical, emotional and spiritual states.

Connecting with History

Seeing historical sites and learning about ancient people may inspire you to immerse yourself more fully in an unfamiliar culture. Root teas can help give you a taste of the unknown, such as green tea (Japan), dong quai (China), ashwaganda (India) or black cohosh (North America).

Step 2: Temperature

Measure the temperature of heated water using an electric kettle with a variety of settings or a cooking thermometer. Consider these temperature guidelines for different types of teas:

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

Creating a cup of tea that perfectly pleases your taste buds and accentuates the flavor of the variety requires patience and diligence. Consider these steeping steps from Buddha Teas, crafters of beverages using high-quality, fresh herbs and leaves from fresh, organic and wild plants. The sources are harvested, gathered and packaged with conscious care to help you experience the true taste of tea.

Step 1: Water

Use fresh, preferably filtered, water. Many teas, especially herbal, include subtle flavors that can be lost or altered if prepared using unfiltered water.

• Black (200-205 F) • Green (175-180 F) • Blends (190-205 F) • Matcha (175 F) • Herbal (205 F) • Oolong (185-205 F) • Pu-erh (195-205 F) • White (175-185 F)

Step 3: Steep

Once water reaches the proper temperature, pour water over one teabag per 8 ounces of water. (For a stronger brew, use additional teabags). Most teas require a 3-6-minute steep, depending on the type of tea and preferred strength. Herbal teas may take longer to reach full strength than black, green or white teas, sometimes up to 10 minutes. One thing to keep in mind: Each tea presents its own unique flavor profile, some naturally trending toward bitter. However, teas that are not naturally bitter will often become so if steeped at too high a temperature or for too long. Find more ways to experience the true taste of tea at

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Summer days can be long and boring, especially when the kids are out of school and there is nothing to do around the house as a family. When the minutes creep by and it’s too hot to go outside, the dog days of summer can be pretty miserable.

However, this recipe for a Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart can give the kids something to look forward to as a dish the whole family can participate in creating. This recipe is perfect for little ones wanting to get creative and perfectly place fresh strawberries on top of a delicious tart. In a food processor, mix flour, sugar and salt until combined. Then add butter, an egg and vanilla extract. Mix again until combined. Flour your working surface and create a dough ball from the mixture. Flatten it slightly to form a disc. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour. After time has passed, lightly flour your surface once more. Roll out dough into an 11-inch circle. Place circle on a 9-inch tart pan. Roll over the top to trim. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for about 30 minutes. Prepare the tart crust for baking by covering it with aluminum foil then bake for 20 minutes. Wait for the crust to cool completely. To make the filling, in a medium bowl, mix cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla extract until smooth. Spread mixture onto cooled tart crust. Microwave fruit spread and lemon juice while stirring often. Arrange halved strawberries on tart. Drizzle with fruit spread. Top with whipped cream before serving. This sweet tart can brighten up your summer blues with fresh fruit, a sweet spread and a flaky, crispy crust. Find more sweet summer recipes at Culinary. net. If you made this recipe at home, use #MyCulinaryConnection on your favorite social network to share your work.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart Servings: 8 Crust:

1 1/4 cups flour 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup cold butter, cut into small cubes 1 large egg 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract uncooked rice


8 ounces reduced-fat cream cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 2 tablespoons extra-fine sugar 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup strawberry fruit spread 3 teaspoons lemon juice (optional) 1 pound strawberries, halved whipped cream (optional) Heat oven to 375 F. To make crust: In food processor, add flour, sugar and salt; pulse until combined. Add butter, egg and vanilla extract; pulse until combined and crumbly. Lightly flour surface then form dough into ball. Slightly flatten to form thick disc. Wrap dough in plastic wrap; refrigerate 1 hour. Flour surface then roll dough to 11-inch circle. Place dough in 9-inch tart pan with removeable bottom. With rolling pin, roll over top to trim excess dough around edges. Cover dough with plastic wrap and freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Press aluminum foil against crust, covering edges to prevent burning. Fill and distribute uncooked rice evenly. Bake 20 minutes. Cool completely. To make filling: In medium bowl, beat cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla extract until blended and smooth. Spread cheese mixture evenly over crust. Refrigerate 1 hour. In small bowl, microwave fruit spread and lemon juice, if desired, stirring often. Arrange strawberry halves around tart. Drizzle heated fruit spread over strawberries. Top with whipped cream, if desired. Courtesy of Family Features &

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Photo Courtesy of Wildgood

DAIRY IS OUT EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS IN New, First-of-Its-Kind 100% Plant-Based Ice Cream Begins Direct to Consumer Online Sales on the Heels of a Successful Grocery Store Roll-out Wildgood, a plant-based ice cream and the first non-dairy frozen dessert made with extra virgin olive oil, can now be delivered directly to consumers’ doors. Made for ice cream lovers, Wildgood is creamy and decadent yet surprisingly lower in calories and saturated fat. The brand launches with eight flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Coffee, Mango, Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip. Each flavor is made from pronounceable vegan ingredients and contains less than 2g of saturated fat per serving. Born out of a passion for personal and planetary health, Greek artisanal ice cream maker and Wildgood’s founder Sotiris Tsichlopoulos, who also founded

one of the most beloved ice cream brands in Athens, Greece, crafted the frozen treat with a single goal. “It’s been my mission to share a plant-based ice cream that would win over even the most discerning ice cream connoisseur,” explained Tsichlopoulos. “I created Wildgood to deliver the deliciousness of premium ice cream without compromising taste and texture.” Using olives pressed at his family’s ancient groves in Greece, Tsichlopoulos spent eight years on a quest to perfect the ultimate replacement for ice cream. Tsichlopoulos believes extra virgin olive oil is the perfect starting point for a plant-based ice cream that will fit seamlessly into a naturally healthier, happier, and more sustainable way of life.

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

Wildgood uses no alternative milks, just extra virgin olive oil, and a handful of easy-to-read plant-based ingredients. As a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet. After harvesting and pressing in Greece, the super-premium olive oil used in Wildgood is sent to the U.S. where filtered water, plant-based proteins and fibers and premium ingredients such as organic coffee, fresh pistachios and Alphonso mango are churned to create the finished product. The result is a light, simple, yet incredibly flavorful and creamy non-dairy frozen dessert. To learn more about Wildgood, visit

Courtesy of Family Features Photo by Any Lane


Daily Wellness

Committing to a daily wellness routine may include many components from eating healthy and exercising to meditating and achieving quality sleep. For some, the most difficult of these goals is changing eating habits to consume more nutritious foods. However, rethinking the way you eat (and drink) doesn’t have to mean a colossal shift in your diet. According to Healthline, clean eating and the addition of a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your daily routine can help support healthy digestion, weight range maintenance, healthy glucose levels and a functioning immune system. In fact, some experts recommend consuming 1

ounce of apple cider vinegar each day as a shot or part of a recipe. Consider an apple cider vinegar option from Marukan, which has brewed premium vinegars for 370 years, to create dishes from breakfast to dinner. Start your day by enjoying this Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar Smoothie that takes just 5 minutes to make so it doesn’t throw off your morning routine. A quick, nutritious and easy weeknight dinner is what many families strive for, and you can accomplish that feat with Apple Cider Vinegar Beef and Broccoli. Cooked broccoli florets and beef strips are combined with an apple cider vinegar

and ponzu soy dressing-based sauce and served over cooked rice for a 20-minute meal your loved ones can savor together while simultaneously enhancing your nutrition. These recipes can help you participate in the Marukan Apple Cider Vinegar 24-Day Challenge, which encourages entrants to consume 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar each day and share the benefits they experience while creating daily wellness habits on their journeys to healthier routines. Find more information about participating in the challenge along with nutritious recipes at

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Apple Cider Vinegar Beef and Broccoli Total time: 20 minutes Servings: 4

1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 pound broccoli florets 1 pound beef strips 1 tablespoon garlic, minced 1/2 cup Marukan Ponzu Premium Soy Dressing with Sudachi Citrus 1/2 cup low-sodium beef broth 1 tablespoon sesame oil 2 tablespoons brown sugar 1/4 cup honey 3 tablespoons Marukan Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon cornstarch cooked rice sliced green onions, for garnish cilantro, for garnish sesame seeds, for garnish In skillet over medium heat, heat vegetable oil. Cook broccoli 3 minutes until slightly softened; set aside. Add beef to pan and cook 3 minutes until browned. Add garlic and cook 30 seconds until fragrant.

Photo by Roman Odintsov

In bowl, mix ponzu soy dressing, beef broth, sesame oil, brown sugar, honey, apple cider vinegar and cornstarch. Add sauce mixture to beef in skillet and cook 10 minutes until sauce mixture cooks down. Toss in broccoli and cook 2 minutes. Serve over rice and garnish with green onions, cilantro and sesame seeds.

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Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar Smoothie Total time: 5 minutes Servings: 2 1 cup spinach 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons Marukan Organic Apple Cider & Rice Vinegar Drink Blend 1 tablespoon almond butter 1/2 cup bananas, frozen 1/2 cup blueberries, frozen 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, ground 1/4 teaspoon ginger, minced 1/2 cup almond milk yogurt, plain fresh blueberries, for garnish In blender, blend spinach, water, organic apple cider, almond butter, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, cinnamon, ginger and yogurt until smooth. Pour into two glasses and garnish with fresh blueberries.

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5 TIPS TO PROMOTE HEALTH DURING SPRING As seasons change, there’s often a great deal of shuffling and movement, including common allergy triggers like trees, pollen, mold spores, dust and dander along with pesky sinus pressure. Combined with changes in barometric pressure and weather patterns bouncing up and down, spring can be one big pain – literally. “This is the time of year when most of us are excited to see the change of seasons, but millions of allergy and sinus sufferers welcome spring with trepidation,” Dr. Ian Smith, M.D., said. “Common triggers such as trees, pollen, mold spores, dust and dander can wreak havoc for many. Having a trusted multi-symptom reliever of upper respiratory allergies like Mucinex Sinus-Max is absolutely key in making the season more enjoyable for all suffering from sinus and congestion issues. With a reliable multi-symptom product stashed in your medicine cabinet, and the combination of simple modifications like being mindful of your indoor climate, eating more fruits and veggies, and staying hydrated, can help limit sinus discomfort this season.”

Courtesy of Family Features

Take steps this spring to ease the impact of sinus and allergy problems and focus on your overall wellness for a smooth transition with these tips: Control your allergy and sinus triggers. Knowing what flares your allergic reactions can help prevent discomfort. For many people, monitoring pollen counts and limiting time outdoors on high-pollen days can help reduce reactions. You might also avoid hanging laundry outside, as pollen can stick to clothes and sheets as they dry, and ask for help with yardwork to limit your exposure. Find some pressure release. When nasal congestion or sinus pressure build, it can feel like a ton of bricks have landed on your head. However, you can find relief with products

designed to help clear up your stuffy nose, relieve headaches and thin and loosen excess mucus. Often, if you’re experiencing sinus problems, you’re dealing with multiple symptoms. From congestion to headaches and sinus pressure, an over-the-counter medicine like Mucinex SinusMax can break up your sinus symptoms with just one dose or your money back. Manage your indoor climate. Even when you start spending more time outdoors, it’s important to keep close tabs on the quality of the air inside your home. If you’re prone to allergy flare-ups or sinus infections, manage the humidity level by using a humidifier or dehumidifier. If outdoor allergens are a concern, avoid opening windows and doors, and instead rely on air conditioning on warmer days. Also be sure to change filters regularly and use an air purifier for added protection. Keep fluids flowing. More time outdoors in warmer weather can quickly lead to dehydration, especially if you’re working up a sweat. Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated and keep your body operating in top shape. Staying hydrated can also help keep mucus moving, allowing you to ease through allergy or sinus problems. Update your medicine cabinet. A seasonal change is a good time to take stock of your medical supplies and medications to ensure you have what you need for the months ahead. Discard any expired prescriptions or over the counter medicines and be sure restock common spring and summer essentials like bug bite ointments, sunburn spray and multi-symptom products like Mucinex Sinus-Max to help temporarily relieve sinus and congestion symptoms in one dose. Also be sure to replenish your first aid kit with plenty of bandages and wound care supplies. For more information, visit

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Photo by Elly Fairytale


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ccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 338,000 personal trainers in The United States alone. Just like any other field, you have “rock stars” who are the real deal, some above average people, some who are merely competent, and others who have no business training people. We turned to Jessica Mazzucco, an NYC area certified fitness trainer and founder of the fitness platform to help you assess where your trainer falls on the spectrum.

They Tell You to Stretch or Warm-up on Your Own

They Don’t Do Any Assessments on the First Session

Your personal trainer should be shown the door if they don’t give you work to do outside of your sessions together. If they charge you by the hour but don’t try to help you in the other hours in the week, that’s a red flag. Jessica points out that, “What you do in your one-hour session should help you to achieve your goals outside of your session. Good personal trainers give you homework, with a purpose.”


“The best trainers perform thorough and complete assessments when working with a new client, before doing anything else, states Jessica.” She adds, “They don’t just hand you a dumbbell and ask you to copy them. On the training front, that means doing movement screening and even basic performance tests. And on the nutrition front, that means looking at the client’s current intake and assessing a host of lifestyle variables, including schedule, primary complaints/discomforts/allergies, willingness to change, and even blood pressure if a patient has issues. “

They look like they need a trainer You want a trainer who practices what he/ she preaches. This does not mean they need to look like an Adonis, but they should look like they are fit. They are walking billboards of their profession. If they can’t keep it together, how are they going to get you to your goals or preach to you about a lifestyle they cannot maintain themselves?

They entice you to book more sessions “If you are already working out 3 to 5 days per week correctly, you shouldn’t have to work out more, “says Jessica. She adds, “If your trainer keeps telling you to work out more than five hours per week, not only do they have you on a poor workout plan, they also are not coaching you well enough on your eating habits. They may also be looking for you to spend more money with them.”

“This is absolutely crazy,” says Jessica. “People don’t generally know how to stretch on their own. - that’s part of why you pay a trainer! A good trainer should show you what movements to do, which muscles to focus on, explain the when and why of dynamic stretches over static stretching, and benefits of partner stretching. If a client goes and warms up on a stationary bike but has a core- dominant training program, the time has been wasted.”

They Don’t Give You Work to Do Outside of Sessions

They Look at Their Phone While You’re Training If your personal trainer is taking (nonemergency) texts and phone calls or checking social media in the middle of your session, they suck. There are no two ways about it. Jessica adds, “You pay them good money to pay attention to what it is you’re doing. It’s not safe, it’s not professional and it’s a complete waste of your time and money. You wouldn’t let your physician do that with you. A trainer needs to have his/ her eyes on you all the time!”

They Talk More Than You Train “If you want a companion, get a puppy,” Jessica says bluntly. Your trainer should be maximizing the time with you, not gossiping or telling his/her tales of woe. It’s fine to chit-chat with a trainer before the “clock starts” or after the workout has ended. The actual training time should be confined to instruction, supervision, coaching, your form and the workout you are doing. Jessica says, “With the exception of reasonable rest/water intake periods, you should be in motion/activity for the duration of the session.”

They put you on a bike, treadmill, or stair-master and stand there and watch “Unless you need a bodyguard while you are on a machine you know how to operate, this is a complete waste of time, “says Jessica. She adds, “Your sessions are for being coached, strengthening your body and learning new techniques; not to be stood-by and watched for a complete hour doing the same thing. A good trainer will make sure that multiple body parts are being used and include cardio, body weight resistance, free weights, bands, medicine balls, machines, etc.”

They believe in “no pain no gain” There is nothing wrong with doing crunches until you “feel the burn.” Pain is your body’s alarm to alert you that something is wrong: that you should, in fact, stop doing what you’re doing and figure out the problem. Jessica stresses that “There is a distinct difference between legitimate pain and the soreness you get when you exercise. If a muscle feels pulled, and you express that to your trainer, he/ she should lay off training that muscle group until you are completely healed.” If you are beginning training with an existing injury such as a weak Achilles tendon, the trainer should be skilled enough to strengthen that area and avoid moves that will exacerbate it.

Body Shaming to Motivate A good trainer should never use body shaming as a means to make you work harder. He/she should never say something like, “give me 30 crunches to burn that flab off your gut,” or “keep giving me those squats to burn the fat from your butt.” Jessica says that a trainer should motivate by focusing on the positive, with statements such as, “you’re so much stronger since we first began, your cardio has really improved, you’re becoming more flexible.” You must be empowered by your trainer, not belittled or ashamed.

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WHY EQ BEATS IQ IN DRIVING ‘TRUE’ LEADERSHIP SUCCESS Written by Merilee Kern, MBA In many ways, being an effective leader boils down to your ability to influence people—a proficiency that is driven by one’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ). Leadership is more about soft skills— the ability to inspire, persuade, guide, sway and communicate in a way that’s “heard” rather than just “listened to”—than it is about being the best relative to hard skills. As a leader, if you do not understand your team’s motivations and feelings, you will never be able to establish an optimallyfunctioning team and reap the copious rewards related thereto. The result is needless opportunity loss.

To become more adept at such soft management skills, leaders can actively work to improve their EQ. This effort includes—and actually starts with— understanding your own emotions and triggers. What motivates and demotivates you, evokes feelings of stress or satisfaction, compels you to go “above and beyond” or not participate at all? You can conduct these inner exploration exercises on your own in a journal or daily walk, perhaps, while some leaders amp up the effort by conducting selfassessments with a coach, mentor or therapist.

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

“If you are to lead with maximum efficacy, you must build an enthusiastic following,” notes leadership authority Andrew Wyatt, author of the new book, “Pro Leadership: Establishing Your Credibility, Building Your Following and Leading With Impact.” “This requires relational and people skills as well as all of the related soft skills that contribute to one’s EQ. And, a leader cannot staff EQ out. You must to have it yourself. Those who don’t will need to develop it to realize truer and more unencumbered success.”

According to Wyatt, whose eponymous company develops leaders worldwide through coaching, speaking, training and consulting, the good news is that everyone can develop their EQ. Unlike IQ, which pretty much is what it is, EQ can be nurtured, developed and increased. Below are a few excerpted insights from Wyatt’s book on why EQ matters to leadership, how to lead amid different EQ/IQ types and developing your leadership EQ—both in your organization and within yourself.

Why EQ Matters to Leadership Pro leaders must have the ability to influence others to follow them, and the most important ingredient in influence is relationship. The key to a winning

relationship is winning the heart, and doing so is not possible without EQ. You may have a high IQ and natu¬ral giftedness in your vocation, but if you are unable to influ¬ence others—you may be effective as a manager—you will never be a leader. Remember, leadership is about people, and people will fol¬low with their head for only so long before they eventually grow weary and peel off or fade away. But if, through your rela¬tional abilities, they feel your love and care for them, they will follow you even when times get tough. That is why it is vital to your leadership to allow your EQ to lead. But EQ alone won’t be enough. In fact, it must be balanced with IQ. Although IQ is not a natural leader attribute, and as a result is best relegated to the back seat, it is important to the success of any enterprise. Your role as leader will be to balance both EQ and IQ, to manage the balance and tension between the two. That balancing act will be manifested through how your team works together. Recall that EQ builds companies and IQ builds products; it is not possible to have one without the other. At the same time, one is not valued over and above the other. Although the theme of this lesson is to let your EQ lead, that does not make it more valuable than IQ—both are required to win.

3 Types of Players When filtering for EQ and IQ, there are three categories of people you will find. I have worked with, followed, or led all of these: EQ dominant; IQ dominant; and EQ/IQ flexible. A strong culture, organization and team will have all three types of players on their roster. Where the two dominant types will normally be position players, most pro leaders will be flexible. Let me explain. To be great a company, you must add value through offering a great product. IQ builds products. People who are IQ dominant have high IQs—a natural gift that, when applied, results in great products that add value to people’s lives. Consider the advances in medicine, science and technology. None would have been possible without the work of IQdominant people. To successfully lead an IQ-dominant player, you will need to first satisfy their intellect through a clear and rational articulation of your vision and strategy. Next, they need to be enlisted in forming the tactics you will employ to accomplish the strategy. Since they are the product designers, they will want to have shared ownership of the product before they follow your lead and buy into your vision. Once you have satisfied their intellect, you are free to win their hearts. The second player type is the EQdominant individual. This person is also a position player. You will most often find them in advertising and creative positions, client service, marketing and sales—critical roles if a company is to be successful. Rarely will they build a product, but their EQ is invaluable in product development, specifically in refining products in order to bring forward the product the market is demanding. These individuals are valuable because they understand the basic truth that no one has ever bought anything; they are sold on something. To lead EQ-dominant players, a leader must always start with the heart. You must offer a creative vision and strategy and they must see you as the courage behind the plan. They want to be led, from their heart to their head. And while you must appeal first to their creative

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

side, you may not ignore their rational side because that is where their fears exist. As their leader, they will naturally look to you for courage and to help them overcome their fears. The third type of player on your roster will be what I define as EQ/IQ flexible. Every great leader I have met or studied fell into this category. The defining characteristic of this person is her ability to balance EQ and IQ— specifically, having the ability to discern which attribute needs application to a particular circumstance and to execute the proper timing of the use of the attribute. In athletics, this is called handeye coordination. All athletes have it to one degree or another, and the degree to which they do is what separates the amateur from the professional. EQ/IQ flexible personalities have the ability to walk into a room and immediately judge the chemistry, while subsequently activating the attribute most suited to the current environment. Whether a board room or a lunchroom, they are comfortable in both environments because they have the ability to adapt instantly to each environment. This is my personality type and, as a result, I find these people the most difficult to lead. Nevertheless, to lead EQ/IQ personalities effectively, start with their heart by appealing to their deepest motivations. But don’t stop there. You will need to follow with the logical argument as you clearly build your case. If you win them to your cause, they will become your greatest ally because they will naturally become spokespersons for that cause. However, this is a two-edged sword. If you lose their trust—or if they simply do not accept your vision and the mission—it may hinder their work. In the end, these personalities are a strong proof-source that the true measure of leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.

Developing EQ in Yourself and Others Setting an EQ standard starts where every other cultural development begins, with leadership. That would be you. Based on the principle you read about in the last chapter, to develop a culture-wide EQ you will need to start with yourself, beginning with your attitude toward the people you are leading. As humans, we naturally favor ourselves. That means, if I am an EQ-dominant person, I will naturally be drawn to other EQ-dominant people. The same is true for the IQdominant person. This is fine for friendships. However, favoring one trait over the other in your organization will create a culture of favoritism, resulting in dysfunction caused by this imbalance. As the leader, it is critical for you to have no favorites, with the ability to defend both camps. Developing EQ among your leadership team is a necessary activity of pro leadership. These leaders realize they cannot succeed alone. As John Maxwell astutely commented, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others.” The extent to which you foster EQ among the members of your inner circle is the extent to how far your leadership team will go. To do this as a leader, you will need to start at the same place you did with your cultural EQ: your attitude. Leadership development of any type is a process, not a destination. It is a journey that never ends. When you stop developing, you stop growing.

IQ builds products, but EQ builds companies and followings. So, as you step out today to lead, let your EQ lead the way. Andrew Wyatt

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

No matter what your own EQ level is, ongoing personal development is always important. Read all you are able to find on the topic. Second, if you don’t have one, consider working with a coach. Third, join a peer group or start one yourself. It is true that iron sharpens iron. Developing EQ is not a solo sport, you will need to have some people to rub up against. Leadership is a lonely business; you need to have someone to talk to, a safe environment to share and people who will tell you the last 10 percent—that bit of information most people won’t tell you. “IQ builds products, but EQ builds companies and followings. So, as you step out today to lead, let your EQ lead the way,” Wyatt urges. “Develop your EQ, your culture’s, your team’s, and your own. Do so, and you will have taken a big step in developing your following and your pro leadership abilities, putting yourself in a prime position to be able to motivate the people you lead.”

Photo by Shervin Lainez


Pianist. Composer. Producer.

T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

ollowing the success of her singles “Get What U Get” and “Flower Through Concrete,” pianist, composer, and producer Chloe Flower — whose sensational appearance with Cardi B stole the show at the 2019 Grammy Awards — has announced the release of her self-titled debut album on Sony Music Masterworks, out July 16, 2021, and available for pre-order now.


In three acts — I. Innocence, II. Suffering and III. Hope — this sublime collection was composed, produced, and recorded in the artist’s New York City apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic. It features spoken word from Deepak Chopra and an interpretation of Billie Eilish’s chart-topping hit ‘Bad Guy’. In conjunction with today’s announcement, Chloe Flower is releasing her latest single, “Tamie,” from the album. Chloe dedicates the song (and video) to her dear friend Tamie and has imbued it with the beauty and resilience of their Asian identity; thus releasing it in observance of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Of the music video, Chloe notes “It’s a celebration of our Asian heritage and culture, and was shot at a classical Chinese garden. As our communities are being targeted with anti-Asian rhetoric and violence, now is the time to celebrate Asian American pride, culture, and the positive impact our community has had on the world.”

states: “I was thinking about the life cycle. You start with innocence; born with a clean state. Throughout life, there is suffering that hardens you. But there’s always hope for something better.” “I want people to listen to the album as a whole body of work, which is why I have a prelude and a finale as well as the three acts. The ultimate goal was to make an album that inspires listeners and makes people hopeful. It’s new, edgy and a sound that is authentic to me. Even though my music has no lyrics, I still have something to say.” The outstanding quality of Chloe’s technique and modern musical viewpoint sets her apart. This is a collection that will establish the artist as a force to be reckoned with. Here is a new major player in the instrumental world, with the power and talents to infiltrate popular culture.

About Chloe Flower Chloe Flower is the most talked about pianist in the world following a show-stopping performance with Cardi B at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Chloe is an official Steinway Artist, composer, producer, activist, and fashion influencer who began playing piano at the age of two. Chloe Flower proudly celebrates her Asian heritage and culture and is a fierce advocate for women’s representation — particularly women of color — in the music industry. Chloe sits on the board of directors for the Liberace Foundation and is a strong voice against human trafficking. She was honored by the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Activism (CAST) and has spoken at the United Nations as a music education ambassador. With her self-created Popsical genre — a blend of pop and classical — Chloe Flower is pushing boundaries and reaching new audiences. She has collaborated with Babyface, Nas, and Swizz Beats along with producers Tommy Brown (Ariana Grande/ Meghan Trainor) and Mike WiLL Made-It (Beyonce/ Miley Cyrus) to name a few.

Even though my music has no lyrics, I still have something to say.

Encompassing sweet melodies, hip-hop, and trap beats, Chloe Flower is a modern-day classical sensation, pushing the boundaries with her unique self-created Popsical genre. On her album, Chloe

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

Photo Courtesy of MasterClass

MasterClass Announces


to Teach Storytelling Through Portrait Photography 32 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

asterClass, announced that photographer Tyler Mitchell— the first Black photographer to shoot a cover of American Vogue—will teach a class on storytelling through portrait photography. In his MasterClass, Mitchell will share an intimate look at his creative process, teaching members the basics of creating inspiring portraits using their unique personal perspectives and any camera available. Mitchell’s class is now available exclusively on MasterClass, where subscribers get unlimited access to all 100+ instructors with an annual membership.


Photographer behind iconic Beyoncé and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez covers shares his approach to capturing meaningful portraits

“As one of the best photographers in the world, Tyler is reshaping the lens through which we see culture today,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass. “In his MasterClass, he not only shares his process but shows members that they are already equipped with everything they need to take meaningful pictures—an eye, a personal story and any camera.” For members shooting with a film camera for the first time or the smartphone in their pocket, Mitchell’s MasterClass will offer a behind-the-scenes look at his artistic approach, sharing the basics of creating inspiring portraits that tell a story. Demonstrating how to shoot both indoors and outdoors, Mitchell will teach members the fundamentals of lighting and how to shape and control natural light to create strong frames. He will also take members into the studio to offer a firsthand look at his editing process and the steps he takes to achieve the best possible photos. Members will learn not only basic photography skills such as lighting and composition, but also will develop an eye for finding the right camera, art directing, discovering a creative community online and working

with models to create inspired, professionallooking images. Mitchell will also share how he translates important themes into concrete images, while inviting members to find their own story and unique voice. Members will leave the class empowered to take better photos and create poignant portraits of their own. “My work is inspired by wanting to make images that reflect my experiences,” Mitchell said. “As a young artist myself, it’s always been important to me to share and to make accessible the information I’ve learned on my journey. I hope that my MasterClass will help members take these lessons and apply them to their own lives and experiences behind the lens.” As a photographer and filmmaker working across multiple genres to explore and document a new aesthetic of Blackness, Mitchell made history in 2018 as the first Black photographer to shoot a cover of Vogue for Beyoncé’s appearance in the September issue. One of Mitchell’s portraits from the series was acquired by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for its permanent collection in 2019, cementing Mitchell as a rising talent to watch. In 2020, he was announced as the recipient of the Gordon Parks Foundation Fellowship, which supports projects that reflect and draw inspiration from Parks’ central themes of representation and social justice. Mitchell’s work has been featured in renowned publications, including British Vogue, Teen Vogue, M Le Monde, i-D magazine and more, as well as in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Prada, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Nike. Mitchell’s second book, I Can Make You Feel Good, was released earlier this year and is a celebration of his distinctive vision of a Black utopia. The book is also an expansion of Mitchell’s body of photography and film from his firstever solo exhibition of the same name, which was previously on view at the International Center of Photography in New York.

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

Photos Courtesy of Ben Sherman X Team Gb

BEN SHERMAN LAUNCHES RETAIL CAPSULE COLLECTION CELEBRATING PARTNERSHIP WITH TEAM GB Iconic British brand Ben Sherman is proud to reveal its Team GB retail collection ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As part of the brand’s partnership as an official supporter of Team GB, the capsule collection which launches today is a contemporary collection that fans can purchase ahead of Ben Sherman and Team GB’s eagerly awaited official uniforms. The Ben Sherman designed athlete’s uniform will continue to remain under wraps until they are revealed closer to the official Opening Ceremony this summer.

Launching May 12th, the Team GB x Ben Sherman retail collection features sustainable organic cotton polo shirts, and organic cotton graphic t-shirts, striped casual shirt, zip through bomber jacket, and Harrington jacket, for men and women; it also includes a selection of kidswear available at select retailers. Available to buy online at and, fans will be able to show further support to British Olympians, with proceeds from the sales of the retail collection going to Team GB and the British Olympic Association.

34 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

For the historic partnership, Ben Sherman turned to fellow British icon, fashion photographer RANKIN who captured the campaign featuring Team GB Olympic medal hopefuls and rising stars, including track and field athlete Morgan Lake, taekwondo athlete Lutalo Muhammad, diver Jack Laugher, rugby player Philip Burgess and more. Ben Sherman Creative Director Mark Williams comments: “It’s a real honour to be tasked with designing Ben Sherman lifestyle collections for Team GB. We tapped into the brand’s heritage, authenticity and aesthetic excellence to inspire the same athletes who inspire us with their dedication and sportsmanship. The design elements hold true to the spirit of the Olympics and Great Britain. This has been a long time coming, and it’s exciting to finally share the retail capsule collection. It was incredible to work with Team GB and Rankin on this project, and we look forward to sharing details about the official Opening and Closing Ceremony uniforms in the coming months. Working with Rankin to document the spirit of the retail and official athlete collections was another incredible moment in the process; he captured fantastic portraits and short films that we can’t wait to share.” British Olympic Association Commercial Director, Tim Ellerton, said: “Ben Sherman is an iconic brand and the lifestyle collection they have created really brings home that sense of British heritage. Working with such an iconic photographer as Rankin on the project was also a great honour for us, something we know the athletes loved. We are sure this will be a popular collection and just builds the anticipation for the reveal of the Opening and Closing Ceremony wear over the next couple of months.” Ben Sherman will support the nation’s finest competitors during the world’s greatest sporting event and has created exclusive looks to be worn by Team GB athletes during the official Opening and Closing Ceremony in July 2021. The partnership will be the second time that Ben Sherman has been appointed to work with Team GB having provided official tailoring for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

35 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

Photos Courtesy of Hilton

A GREEN OASIS IN THE CITY HNH Hospitality, among the top independent Italian operators, is pleased to announce the opening of DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti, in Piazza dell’Esquilino in the heart of the Eternal City. The hotel, owned by Reale Immobili, has been transformed into a prestigious hotel for business and leisure travelers. It will operate under the renowned international brand DoubleTree by Hilton, following

a refurbishment by the firm THDP, specializing in architecture and interior design for hotels. DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti sits in a strategic position in one of the most dynamic and eclectic neighborhoods, Rione Monti, which spans from Termini Station to Piazza Vittorio. It boasts 133 rooms (125 rooms and 8 suites) on seven floors and includes a bar and

36 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

cafeteria with an entrance from the lively Piazza Esquilino, a restaurant serving reinterpreted traditional cuisine, and a rooftop bar and panoramic terrace, as well as three modular meeting rooms and a modern fitness room. The hotel welcomes guests into rooms bathed in natural light with a contemporary design inspired by the colors of Rome. Pairing contemporary

comfort and vintage Italian charm, natural outdoor elements are brought inside. The earthy wood and stone materials, combined with different plant forms, are enriched from the natural daylight that the hotel offers, providing instant character and warmth. Starting from its design, the hotel has been committed to reducing its environmental and social impact, as seen by the choice of materials used and energy sources. “We are proud to announce this new opening,” says Luca Boccato, CEO of HNH Hospitality, “a positive sign of confidence for the hotel industry in such a difficult moment due to the ongoing pandemic, but also a truly innovative project in terms of layout and style, which we have followed since the beginning. We strongly believe it will be an excellent addition to our portfolio, also for the destination.” Boccato continues: “Landing in Rome with such an innovative project makes us very proud. It confirms the quality of our organization model and logic of multibrand development, which has allowed us to build expertise over time. Working with partners such as Reale Immobili, Hilton and THDP is extremely gratifying and recognition of our role in the national market, despite the difficult context.”

“The mission of Reale Immobili is to enhance the value of Reale Group’s real estate assets,” says Alberto Ramella, general director of Reale Immobili. “We are proud to have reached this objective with such an important Italian hotel operator as HNH Hospitality and with the Hilton brand. This operation allows us to strengthen our position in the hotel sector and to diversify our offer in Rome, where we already have other structures. It also allows us to give the city – one of the top destinations for international tourists – an elegant hotel, entirely renovated, which will broaden accommodation offering in our capital, also in anticipation of returning to normality.” “We are thrilled to partner with HNH Hospitality to open DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti,” comments David Kelly, senior vice president, continental Europe, Hilton. “The hotel has undergone an impressive refurbishment and is the perfect property to introduce DoubleTree by Hilton to Rome – joining five other Hilton brands with a presence in the city. We know that there is considerable pent-up demand for travel, and Rome is consistently a top destination for international travelers. This hotel is well-positioned to capture that demand as international travel resumes.

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M


Friendliest Cities OF 2021

38 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M


fter a year in which vacations were few or far between, what better way to ease back into traveling than by choosing a town where you’re sure to receive a warm welcome? As travelers begin to plan their spring and summer getaways,® is helping narrow down the possibilities by ranking the friendliest towns and cities for 2021.

Did a local provide an outstanding dinner recommendation? Were you greeted with smiles and hellos (or at least smiling eyes over a mask)? Was there just overall feel-good energy? These might be some of the random acts of friendliness that earned these towns the highest mentions of “friendly, friendliest, amiable,” and other word associations and related linguistic connections based on traveler reviews from January 2019 to December 2020. 20 of the Top Friendliest Cities in the U.S. (plus, what to do) according to Expedia users include:

1. Whitefish, Montana

A gateway to Glacier National Park, outdoor enthusiasts will love the outdoorsy delights this Montana town offers

2. Sister Bay, Wisconsin

This charming small town is fit for boaters and fisherman alike

3. Manitou Springs, Colorado

Art lovers will enjoy the galleries, restaurants and boutiques in Manitou Springs, and can even spring for a hot air balloon ride

4. Easton, Maryland

Relax at a quaint, small-town Inn

5. Lihue, Hawaii

Nothing beats a picturesque town amid sweeping, green valleys, with excellent views of the Pacific Ocean

6. Sierra Vista, Arizona

A sunny escape, this southeastern Arizona city is considered the Hummingbird Capital of the U.S.

7. Kennebunkport, Maine

It’s that coastal town beach escape you’ve always dreamed of

8. Chincoteague, Virginia

Book your island getaway to explore beaches and see wild Chincoteague ponies

9. Ogunquit, Maine

Explore Maine’s southern coast, rife with sandy beaches and grassy dunes

10. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Ease your mind in a boutique hotel located on the Northern tip of Cape Cod

39 T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1


T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

11. Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Hit the waves and charter a private sailboat or wildlife watching cruise

12. Kahului, Hawaii

Waterfall and rainforest tours await

13. Alamogordo, New Mexico

The closest base for visiting White Sands National Park

14. Manhattan, New York

Eat, drink and take on the Big Apple For the adventure seeker ready for off-road adventures and sweeping views

16. Bar Harbor, Maine

Adventure in Acadia National Park

17. Grants Pass, Oregon

Shop a local, vintage boutique or visit the wineries and vineyards in this Pacific Northwest town

18. Deadwood, South Dakota

Calling all history buffs! Visit this town to for its scenic surroundings and discover why it’s been named a National Historic Landmark

T H E E V O LV E M A G J U N E 2 0 2 1

Explore the Big Island with sunsets and stargazing, cultural tours or helicopter rides

20. Aspen, Colorado

15. Kapaʻa, Hawaii


19. Hilo, Hawaii


Get an “altitude” adjustment with ski and snowboard rental packages, snowshoeing and more

Tips for travelers: • Check restrictions including testing requirements, stay-athome orders, and quarantine requirements for both local and national destinations before you go. • Review safety measures on by using the “Enhanced Cleaning” filter to narrow search results including improved cleaning, contactless check-in, social distancing and more. • Choose flexibility by filtering for “free cancellation” or “reserve now, pay later” and making sure to select a refundable room type.

T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

Photos Courtesy of Sycuan Casino Resort

RETREAT POOL & CABANAS ANNOUNCES NEW POOLSIDE EVENTS FOR 2021 Sycuan Casino Resort’s outdoor pool venue Retreat Pool & Cabanas announced today that its popular poolside entertainment and events have returned this season including Friday Night Dive-In Movie and a brand-new concept Night Swim on Saturdays. From May through August, Friday Night Dive-In Movie showcases a different movie out by the pool every Friday evening from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Guests can enjoy watching the movie from a massive LED screen from inside the

pool, a reserved lounge chair, daybed or cabana. General admission tickets for Friday Night Dive-In Movie start at $20 and can be purchased online. Additionally, Sycuan’s new Night Swim event will run from May through August on Saturday nights. Night Swim features some of San Diego’s top DJs spinning live from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The entire pool venue is lit up with LED lights to create a fun and exciting neon-like atmosphere for guests. Tickets for Night Swim start at $40 and can be purchased online.

Retreat features an expansive pool deck with two pools, a swim-up bar, lazy river, hot tub, daybeds, cabanas, poolside gaming and a full-service Pool Bar & Grill. The Pool Bar & Grill menu features seasonal bites and a full bar serving everything from fresh mojitos, margaritas to champagne-infused cocktails. For more information about Retreat Pool & Cabanas or to reserve tickets for Friday Night Dive-In Movie or Night Swim, please visit

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T H E E V O LV E M A G . C O M

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