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31 MARCH 2022 THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, TELFORD TF3 4JH www.hydrogentechexpo.co.uk

Welcome to the Hydrogen Tech Expo 2022 By 2030, it's predicted the UK Hydrogen economy could be worth close to £1billion with over 100,000 UK jobs.

Welcome to the inaugural Hydrogen Tech Expo UK!

David Reeks

Green and Blue Hydrogen technologies are seen as playing a critical role in de-carbonising energy intensive industries such as chemicals, steel, concrete, HGVs and other heavy transportation industries such as shipping.

Today, you’ll have the opportunity to network with Managing Director, industry professionals as well as learn the latest 10Four Media innovative products and services on display by our exhibitors. In addition, industry speakers will be presenting a variety of topics, listed in the front section of this event guide, on stage in the main exhibition hall. We wish you a productive day and look forward to seeing you in 2023.

D. Reeks

David Reeks

Events Team

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Helen Peden


Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. Let's push for better energy for us all.

12 of the UK's leading speakers 25 exhibitors showcasing new technologies and knowledge An unparalleled experience



Speaker agenda

Hydrogen Tech Expo 2022 09:40 - 10:00

10:30 - 10:50

Topic: Let’s make hydrogen happen – Centrica’s role in enabling the hydrogen transition.

William Mezzullo Head of Hydrogen Centrica Energy

William Mezzullo is Head of Hydrogen at Centrica Energy Markets & Trading and chairs the Renewable Energy Association’s Green Gas & Hydrogen Forum. Prior to joining Centrica, he was a Fund Lead at JLEN, a FTSE 250 environmental fund. William started his industrial career as a developer and builder of renewable energy green gas plants, with Future Biogas, one of the largest anaerobic digestion companies in the UK. He holds a PhD from the University of Bath in bioenergy.

Topic: “Green Hydrogen Now” – examples of current activities in UK as ScottishPower and internationally with Iberdrola, making the case for cost-effective hydrogen to replace diesel in transportation from 2023 onwards, as well as large-scale industrial adoption.

Mark Griffin

Head of Hydrogen, Market Development ScottishPower

10:05 - 10:25

10:55 - 11:15

Topic: Meeting the challenge of Hydrogen flow measurement

Julian Spadaccini Product Specialist Flow Emerson Automation Solutions


Julian Spadaccini, I'm an experienced Flow Product Specialist at Emerson Automation Solutions. With over 28 years in the process industry, and the last eight years with Emerson focused on our flow portfolio. Based in Leicester and recently involved in many new flow applications in the emerging Hydrogen market, providing solutions and support for our customers to ensure a successful implementation. Always happy to discuss your Flow applications and am equally interested if the conversation turns to discuss recent sports events! Feel free to connect on Linkedin and visit on Stand B6.

Mark leads ScottishPower’s Market Development activities in hydrogen across the UK and Ireland, as part of a global Hydrogen Division within the Iberdrola Group. This focuses on the production and supply of green hydrogen to decarbonise transport, industry and heat. His previous roles span over 20 years, with experience in the industrial gases and fuel cell industry, covering product development and commercialisation, project management and Business development activities. Over the last 12 years he has been 100% focussed on hydrogen, which includes managing existing hydrogen refuelling stations and developing new opportunities for production and refuelling.

Topic: HyNet: Deploying low-carbon hydrogen at scale

Mike Cairns-Terry CEng MIMechE

Progressive Energy

Progressive Energy was formed in 1998 to develop low-carbon technologies from concept to commercial deployment. It has developed projects throughout the energy system supply chain, and has expertise in generation, distribution, storage and use of energy. Since 2016, Progressive and its partners have been developing the HyNet project, a Track 1 cluster in the Government’s Cluster Sequencing process. HyNet will enable the manufacturing sector across the North West of England and North Wales to decarbonise from as early as 2025, through large-scale deployment of CCS and low-carbon hydrogen. HyNet includes development of CCS, hydrogen generation and hydrogen distribution infrastructure, as well as work with industrial partners to convert their processes to use hydrogen. 7

Speaker agenda

Hydrogen Tech Expo 2022 11:20 - 11:40

Topic: Rotork provides complete control for a low carbon world

Martin Burton Sector Manager CPI & Country Manager UK Rotork

Rotork will demonstrate how solutions (flow control equipment and instrumentation) for power, oil and gas, and process control will transfer into hydrogen applications. It will highlight Rotork’s successes in green hydrogen electrolysis applications where extremely precise control is needed. In the transition from a hydrocarbon to a low-carbon and a hydrogen-led future (including storage and transportation, pipelines and ammonia), this is an evolution not a revolution. Martin has over 30 years’ experience in the flow control industry operating within industrial, process and oil and gas markets. He has been with Rotork for 10 years, primarily covering instrumentation control products, international projects and key accounts.

12:10 - 12:30 Dr Michelle Lynch Director

Enabled Future Limited

Dr Pirmin Ulmann Co-founder of b-science.net

Enabled Future Limited



EFL offers consulting, multi-client reports, thought leadership and training presentations aimed at Optimizing Technology Portfolios. Projects to date have focused on catalysis, low carbon chemicals and polymers, biorenewables, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as well as production and recycling of fuel cells, lithium ion batteries (LIB), rare earth magnets and other components for renewable energy and power systems.

Lunch: 12:30 - 12:45

11:45 - 12:05

Dr Lee Juby CEng FIET Commercial Director

Topic: Innovations in Polymer Fuel Cells & Electrolysers for Production and Use of Green Hydrogen

12:45 - 13:05

Topic: Rapid to Deploy, Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling: Solving the chicken and egg dilemma

Topic: Non-invasive flow measurement of blended hydrogen in natural gas or pure hydrogen

Lee is an accomplished sales leader with over 25 years’ experience in international business development and commercialisation of advanced technology in the energy and transport sectors. He has experience leading AIM listed and Joint Venture start-ups through to responsibility for new technology introduction for a division of a large blue-chip multinational. Appointed Commercial Director in January 2021, Lee leads the commercial team in NanoSUN’s vision for commercial success and sustainable growth. Responsible for establishing and retaining the organisation’s position in the market, Lee works closely with customers and key stakeholders within the transport sector to ensure their hydrogen needs are met.

Hydrogen’s chemical characteristics like density and sound velocity differ immensely from typical fuel gases. These characteristics can be challenging for established flow measurement technologies. The particularly small molecular size and chemical reactivity of hydrogen requires special care regarding the implementation of flow measurement equipment into pipelines. Currently, many projects worldwide are evaluating the suitability of different flow measurement technologies for hydrogen measurements.

Denis Funk FLEXIM Global Head of Market Management for Power Generation FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd

This presentation will be review several hydrogen application feasibility tests confirming the performance capability of FLEXIM’s non-invasive flow measurement solutions with both blended and pure hydrogen. 9

Speaker agenda

Hydrogen Tech Expo 2022 13:10 - 13:30

14:00 - 14:20

Topic: The practicalities of delivering Hydrogen systems

Topic: Hydrogen – did we just turn back the clock on fire detection safety?

Harnessing the power of hydrogen to provide clean energy solutions. Delivering integrated engineering solutions which incorporate hydrogen technologies including production, compression, refuelling, and fuel cells.

Bill Ireland CEO

Dr. Eliot Sizeland C.Eng. M.InstMC

Logan Energy

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions (FGDS) was formed by a group of leading Industry Flame and Gas Detection Professionals to address the needs of the Fire and Gas industry in general, with an emphasis on Green Energy, Oil & Gas, Petro-Chem, Semi-Conductor Production as well as other high-risk industries.

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions (FGDS)

14:25 - 14:45

13:35 - 13:55

Dr Michaela Kendall

DEO and UK Hydrogen Champion at Mission Innovation, BEIS Adelan Fuel Cells 10

Topic: Building the hydrogen economy for 25 years

Topic: Transforming plastic into hydrogen

We are leading the UK hydrogen economy to deliver clean air.

Powerhouse Energy is the creator, designer, and developer of a sustainable technology to transform plastics and waste into clean energy.

Adelan develops low carbon products for the clean energy market and offers unique fuel cell system sales and strategic partnership to customers looking to decarbonise.

Richard Hodgkinson Business Development Executive

Powerhouse Energy Group 11




MINK MH claw compressors have been specially developed for the recirculation of excess hydrogen in fuels cells and are hydrogen-approved by TÜV Saar for use in automotive hydrogen applications. Visit us at booth C5 at the Hydrogen Tech Expo!

Busch (UK) Ltd. +44 (0)1952 67 74 32 | sales@busch.co.uk www.buschvacuum.com 12

Hydrogen Tech Expo - 31 March 2022



Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd

Atlas Copco Ltd

Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd is at the forefront of renewable technology component supply. Unlike other manufacturing methods, our process eliminates heat and stress to the material inherent with hard tooling and other processes, removing the risk of distortion to the metal. ACE has enjoyed major success stories and are heavily involved in the emerging fuel cell market, in the manufacture of bi polar plates, heat exchangers and related mechanical components.

With almost 150 years of experience in compressed air and gas solutions, Atlas Copco’s products meet the applications, process needs and specific requirements of a wide cross section of industries. One of our recent projects was to supply a plug-and-play, 3-stage oil free hydraulic booster to increase stored hydrogen gas pressure to 450bar, as part of a compression system for storage and filling of high-pressure, fuel-cell grade green hydrogen for aircraft. Configured to operate in exposed environments, we can supply packaged units, complete with a closed loop cooling system and controller, housed inside a weatherproof container.





Alvatek Limited www.alvatek.co.uk


We are independent UK distributors of high performance research solutions for electrochemistry, materials and renewable energy applications. Our customers include researchers and manufacturers in applications such as sensors, corrosion, coatings, catalysts, fuel cells, batteries and super capacitors.

BKW Instruments Limited www.bkwinstruments.co.uk

Applied Thermal Control Limited www.app-therm.com



Applied Thermal Control are a UK based manufacturer specialising in the manufacture of recirculating chillers, air blast coolers, heat exchangers and flatbed coolers. Our products range from 500W up to 2mW of cooling capacity, and temperature ranges from -20 to +150oC, ATC have experience and expertise in producing high quality temperature control solutions. ATC offer both standard and highly specialised solutions, with a wide range of available options. This helps keep projects on budget and on schedule. If your process requires cooling, please visit the ATC stand to see if they might be able to help.


BKW offer an unrivalled portfolio of process instrumentation products, solutions and services. Our partnerships with some of the world’s largest instrumentation brands including Beta, Brooks, Emerson and WIKA ensures we can offer quality products backed up by in-depth technical know-how for solutions and applications. We have a modern manufacturing facility based in Manchester, designing and engineering process instrumentation assemblies for Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and Valve applications. Combining our technical expertise, project management and customer service focus, BKW can fully meet our customers instrumentation demands, from minor repairs and calibrations to shutdowns and projects. 15


Exhibitors Dynex Semiconductor Ltd

Busch Vacuum Solutions




Busch Vacuum Solutions is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum pumps, systems, blowers and compressors. Our extensive product portfolio comprises solutions for vacuum and overpressure applications in all industries, including the design and construction of customised systems. We pride ourselves in having the most established and comprehensive vacuum service solutions throughout the UK, with a network of Busch service engineers providing on-site support to our customers 24/7. Visit us at booth C5. We’ll be showcasing our MINK MH 0018 A hydrogen recirculation blower, the first TÜV-certified hydrogen recirculation blower for fuel cells.


Caltest Instruments Ltd

Emerson Automation Solutions

Caltest - Specialists in Power & Instrumentation. At Caltest Instruments we offer high level technical/ applications support, an extensive range of sale, demo and rental equipment and a comprehensive service / UKAS calibration department.

Hydrogen fuel technology has the potential to drive sustainability and carbon reduction objectives in many industries. But scalability depends on high standards that control for media leakage and ensure safe operation. As a leading expert in hydrogen production electrolysis and cell production, Emerson can help you scale hydrogen-based technology while controlling costs and always maintaining the highest standards for safe production and application deployment.



Caltest proudly represent a number of industry leading manufacturers.


Dynex is a manufacturer of Power Semiconductors and Assemblies, with over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing converters for a wide variety of applications. Our bespoke, multi megawatt Hydro dam excitation DC power supplies have enabled renewable energy generation for many years of continuous operation in the harshest of environments. We are now using our expertise to provide highly efficient, high reliability, small footprint solutions for Electrolysis power supplies, working with our partners to find the right solution for their needs.






Enabled Future Limited

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions Limited

Enabled Future Limited offers consulting, multiclient reports, thought leadership and training aimed at Optimizing Technology Portfolios and ensuring continued profitability of companies over time. Key sectors served include catalysis (EnabledCatalysts), the circular economy (EnabledCircular) and sustainable energy and power (EnabledPower). Key technology areas include catalysts, net zero technologies: carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), circular manufacturing, power-to-x, hydrogen; production, use, reuse and recycling of fuel cells, electrolysers, lithium ion batteries, rare earth components and other high-value metals and critical raw materials.

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions (FGDS) is a leading supplier of the latest technology in Fire & Gas Detection for the Green Energy, Recycling, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chem industries as well as other high-risk applications.





We’re close to our customers, realising that every working environment is unique. We supplement their desire for Fire & Gas Safety with our specialist offering advice, ideas, and support, offering the best available solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

ESI Technology Ltd www.esi-tec.com



ESI Technology Ltd are an internationally recognised provider of pressure measurement solutions. Based in Wrexham, UK, the design and manufacture of every pressure transducer and transmitter is completed in house. ESI have created solutions across a multitude of applications, including aerospace, defence, oil & gas, subsea, renewable energies, and beyond. Recent TUV testing has allowed ESI to release a range of Hydrogen pressure measurement solutions. The specialist Titanium alloy measurement cell and wetted parts has been test passed to ISO 1114-2:2017 and confirmed suitable for use within a Hydrogen environment according to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010.

FGDS are the European Sales Representative for several cutting-edge manufacturers, offering new, innovating concepts, technologies, and highperformance products in the field of Fire and Gas detection.

FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd www.flexim.com/en


Clamp-on flow metering of Hydrogen gas and Nat Gas/H2 blends. For 31 years, FLEXIM has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to measure from outside the pipe. FLEXIM’s meters are highly accurate, field proven with key hydrogen clients, and independently tested on hydrogen at varying blends by DNV Groningen. • Measurement from outside the pipe • Virtually zero maintenance • No cost escalation with pipe size, material, increasing pressure or temperature • No outages for commissioning or maintenance • No expensive bypasses, isolation valves or new leak paths • Any pipe sizes and almost any material including lined pipes. 19



Fluke Process Instruments




Fluke Process Instruments offers a robust portfolio of infrared and through-process temperature measurement tools, acoustic and thermal imaging devices, as well as customized solutions to improve your unique process. Fluke Process Instruments is everywhere you need us with offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, and India – as well as a network of trained representatives and service centers in more than 100 countries.



A core product offering is complemented by services including asset integrity management, installation & integration, design, engineering and project management.We serve a range of end markets including oil & gas upstream, downstream/ petrochemical and marine and increasingly our model of fast & reliable supply of integrated product & service solutions aligned with our innovative engineering and technology development has enabled us to develop an extensive track record in the fast developing Hydrogen marketplace and to support the worldwide drive to decarbonise economies.


Hydrotechnik UK Ltd




Precise, responsive and stable temperature control for material tests and test benches. Temperature control is a critical factor during stress and load testing during the development of alternative drive solutions, materials, fuel and other vehicle components.

Hydrasun is the recognised market leader in fluid transfer, power and control solutions to the global energy industries.



Hydrotechnik will be showcasing their extensive range of Pressure Sensors and Test Rigs for the Hydrogen market. We have considerable experience in supplying high quality Pressure Sensors, Micro-sensors, ATEX and high accuracy transducers will all be on display. Also on display will be our Watchlog range of Wireless transmitters and gateways. Connect up to 60 sensors on a local system or into the cloud with a wireless range up to 6Km. Hydrotechnik also manufacture Test Rigs for hydrogen vessel and component testing up to 3,000 Bar. End of production, proof and burst testing are all available.




LAUDA Technology Ltd

Premier Control Technologies

LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative Constant temperature equipment and systems for science, application technology and R&D. With over 60 years experience, LAUDA has been providing solutions into the automotive sector and has seen a rapid growth in sales accompanying the expansion in new technologies, especially testing and temperature simulation in battery cells, dyno-rigs, climate chambers, fuels and also motors. LAUDA offers a wide temperature range from -150 degC to +550 degC.

PCT are specialists in flow/pressure measurement and control within the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry. Our transport trailer flow delivery/tracking system has been developed specifically for high pressure Hydrogen. Similarly, our reference measuring system enables a complete metrological test on a hydrogen filling station to be carried out within a few hours. Our humidification systems are highly configurable for fuel cell R&D. PCT mass flow meters/controllers are feature rich and extremely fast and our Coriolis devices are highly compact and robust, being impervious to transient vibration. Our back pressure controllers are ideal for high pressure systems as are our regulators and control valves.





Orbital Fabrications Ltd





Orbital Fabrications are specialists in the field of manufacturing high purity stainless steel pipework, manifolds and control systems for hydrogen management. Showcasing our latest developments and innovations in TIG welding, utilising both automated orbital welding techniques alongside lathe and turntable TIG welding. Our support services include comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, including in house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection. High-pressure testing to 700 bar and higher also available, along with full material certification. For high purity applications, all fabrication, assembly and test is conducted within our class 5 and class 6 cleanroom facilities.



Rotork products and flow control solutions are important components in all areas of hydrogen production, distribution and usage. Correctly specified flow control equipment can provide a safe working environment, increase process efficiency, reduce emissions and increase your profitability. Whether you are refitting an existing pipeline, installing a new compressor station or establishing a new electrolysis production plant, your flow control solutions should be carefully considered and specified. Rotork products are known for accuracy and reliability, reducing process waste and increasing efficiency. They deliver longer product lifespans, reducing plant maintenance and increasing profitability. 23



Swagelok Manchester

Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd



As an authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre we pride ourselves on how we deliver our products and services to our customers. Our business is underpinned by core values that ensure continued customer focus, teamwork, and innovation which we believe results in service standards that are the benchmark in our industry. Let us become your fluid system management partner helping you with all your fluid system responsibilities from application engineering design support and highquality product provision to unique problem resolution through our fabrication team. Swagelok offers a wide range of fluid system components for use in many types of hydrogen-related applications including: • Infrastructure that produces, transports, compresses, and stores hydrogen • Hydrogen FCEV • PEM electrolyser systems • MF electrolyser systems • Compressor systems • Dispensers • Tube trailers • Mobile hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) • Compressed hydrogen storage cylinders • Research and development • Hydrogen blending with methane.



Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd are the Exclusive UK Distributor and Service Centre for Gas Detection Instruments by RIKEN KEIKI CO., LTD., RKI Instruments Inc. & Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd Weatherall and Riken are positioned as leading specialists in Hydrogen, Solvent and Toxic Gas Detection solutions for the rapidly developing Low Carbon Economy. Applications include, among others, Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles and depots, Li-ion Battery production and testing, Data Centre back up batteries, Plug in Vehicle charging rooms, and fast accurate Calorimetry of various fuel gases, including Natural Gas or Bio-Methane containing Hydrogen.






The efficiency and service life of machines, devices and energy storage systems are strongly dependent on the optimum operating temperature. With an extensive range of innovative products, technotrans continuously sets new standards in terms of its application-specific cooling and temperature control systems and keeps pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible further and further into the future.


Event floorplan Rotork flow control equipment is leading the global transition from a hydrocarbon to a low-carbon and hydrogen-led future, delivering process control with accuracy, reliability and efficiency.































Our products are specified for high precision control in green hydrogen electrolysis and green ammonia applications throughout the world. Whether refitting a pipeline, installing a compressor station or establishing a new electrolysis plant, your flow control solutions should be carefully considered and specified.

Visit us on Stand C6 to see what Rotork can do for you.





Instrumentation and Valve Actuation Enabling a Sustainable Future Hydrogen Tech Expo - 31 March 2022

Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd - B8

FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd - D5

Alvatek Limited - E1

Fluke Process Instruments - G2

Applied Thermal Control Limited - B7

Huber - D8

Atlas Copco Ltd - G8

Hydrasun - D3

BKW Instruments Limited - G7

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd - G5

Busch UK - C5

LAUDA Technology Ltd - G1

Caltest Instruments Ltd - B2

Orbital Fabrications Ltd - G4

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd - D1

Premier Control Technologies - B4

Emerson Automation Solutions - B6

Rotork - C6

Enabled Future Limited - G3

Swagelok Manchester - C1

ESI Technology Ltd - E5

Technotrans - D4

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions Ltd - D2

Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd - E2


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