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Postgraduate Study 230 Bushy Hill Road, Simsbury, CT 06070 • (860) 408-4200

ACADEMICS AND COLLEGE COUNSELING A challenging and supportive academic environment.

Postgraduates will have flexibility to tailor their academic year. Many opt to balance hon level courses to bolster their college admissions potential with highly applicable, real-wo as public speaking, first aid and financial literacy. Walker’s emphasizes writing and critica essential tools for success in college – and many postgraduates take our Visiting Writer S

Unique course offerings – from Entrepreneurship to Equine Science, Inequality in the U Studies, and Environmental Science to Forensics, to name a few – ensure that you will n did in high school. Engaged faculty challenge Walker’s girls to think deeply and critically in the classroom and in subjects where girls and women are often underrepresented – vit in college.

A faculty advisor specifically dedicated to postgradua

The postgraduate advisor has knowledge of the unique aspects and opportunities of a po help them to make the most of this time.

While some students may arrive with college acceptances, others may be using their post College counseling begins the summer before postgraduates arrive on campus, with Col college application process.

One of the only all-girls schools to offer a postgraduate program. Taking an extra year among intellectually curious young women in a supportive campus environment provides a unique opportunity to grow on many levels – academically, personally and athletically. Postgraduates leave Walker’s with a greater understanding of their own strengths – and with more confidence and preparedness to take on college, and beyond. The unique components of Walker’s postgraduate experience are geared to each young woman’s educational objectives, including full access to college counseling services, our signature capabilities approach to the acquisition of life-long skills, and our athletic and co-curricular programs. Walker’s admits qualified applicants who have earned a high school diploma to join our boarding and day community.

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tgraduate year to focus on preparing for and selecting their appropriate next step. llege Counseling Advisors meeting regularly with graduating students to support their

CAMPUS LIFE Participate in all aspects of campus life. Postgraduates enter as members of the senior class, and quickly find their place through membership in clubs and organizations, athletics, activities and traditions that mark a very special year at Walker’s. The memories, friendships and connections postgraduate students make with our global student body last a lifetime. Rather than structured study hall each night, seniors and postgraduates in good academic standing have quiet hours in their dorm rooms. Seniors and all postgraduate students live in Cluett Dorm, which provides a perfect balance of independence and supervision for our older students. Highlights of the postgraduate year: • Participating in weekend trips to New York City, themed dinners and senior activities • Enjoying the freedom of senior privileges and a taste of the independence of college life • Competing in wide-ranging athletic and equestrian programs for all ability levels • Engaging in Walker’s traditions, including Mountain Day, Suns and Dials spirit clubs, Lacuna and Dogswood Day

ADMISSION The postgraduate year is open to high school graduates. Admission applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We accept ACT or SAT standardized tests as part of the application process. If you are interested in postgraduate study at The Ethel Walker School, please contact the Admission Office at or (860) 408-4200.

Postgraduate Study at The Ethel Walker School  

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Postgraduate Study at The Ethel Walker School  

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