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We learn like girls...try to keep up!

Our Lady of the Elms, an independent, Catholic school rooted in the Dominican tradition, educates girls and young women to listen openly, evaluate wisely, speak bravely, lead justly, and serve compassionately.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Elementary (gr 1-6, all girls) Middle School (gr 7-8, all girls)

High School (gr 9-12, all girls)


(We started out with 10 and just couldn’t stop ourselves.) 1. E  xcellent Education. The Elms Elementary is a Blue Ribbon School and the High School is ranked 12th in the State! 33% of Elms graduates enter Math or Science Careers (vs 3% National average). Our challenging curriculum prepares girls for the next level whether it’s middle school, high school, college or beyond. 2. S  ingle Gender Education. Free from the pressures of a co-educational environment, Elms girls are able to cultivate their talents and share their ideas without limitation. Nationally recognized research indicates that girls learn and process information differently than boys. At the Elms, this means your daughter will learn and excel at her own pace, challenged and encouraged by her peers. 3.  Faith & Values. Yes, we are a Catholic school, but we welcome students of all religions and faiths. Guided by the Dominican ideals of prayer, study, community and preaching, Elms girls become confident, articulate, compassionate and innovative. 4. Athletics. From CYO to Varsity, Elms girls have opportunities to be an athlete: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, track & field, bowling, golf and softball.

5.  21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity. We teach Elms girls to problem-solve and become critical thinkers which are essential skills in any school or work environment. 6.  College Readiness. 100% college acceptance for over 25 years. Each graduating class earns millions of dollars in scholarships. We hear from Elms alumna over and over again that their Elms education made college so much easier. 7.  Teachers who Care. Educators at the Elms engage the imagination, creativity and sense of discovery in their students. 8. F un. Elms Olympics, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Luncheon, talent shows, deck the halls, Week of the Young Child, Catholic School’s Week, Junior Ring Ceremony, Big Sis/Little Sis, Baccalaureate, Senior Lounge, hanging out with friends and more! 9.  Personal Attention. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention and personalized instruction by distinguished faculty and dedicated staff. 10. Women’s Leadership. From the Line Leader in first grade to the Student Council President in high school, all leadership positions at the Elms are held by girls. 11. Elms is Family. When you are part of the Elms community you belong to the Elms family. 12. Opportunities. Science Fair, trips to Williamsburg, CSI learning unit, mission projects, school plays, leadership positions, retreats, theater, speech, debate, Academic Challenge, International Club, Spirit Club, Social Action, F.A.S.T. (Faith And Spiritual Team) and more! 13. Facilities. New gym, fitness center, dance studio, locker rooms and a renovated theater. Science labs, SmartBoards, and an athletic complex with a track, soccer fields, tennis courts and softball fields. 14. Tradition. Be a part of a tradition that began in 1923. Elms girls become lawyers, scientists, writers, philanthropists, missionaries, CEOs, doctors, international bankers, philanthropists, community leaders and so much more. 15. Friends for Life. Most people keep in touch with the college friends. History shows that Elms girls are friends for life. 16. To be an Elms Girl. An Elms girl listens openly, evaluates wisely, speaks bravely, leads justly and serves compassionately. It doesn’t matter if you attend the Elms now or graduated 50 years ago, you are always an Elms girl.

MYTHS ABOUT ALL-GIRL, PRIVATE SCHOOLS Myth: I can’t afford it. Fact: Our Lady of the Elms has financial aid and scholarship opportunities for qualifiying families. Tuition payments may be broken up into 2, 10 or 12 payments over the school year. The Elms is also an investment in your daughter’s future. Myth: All-girls schools are more expensive than other private, co-ed schools. Fact: Our Lady of the Elms is comparable to other Akron area private schools. Additionally, tuition at the Elms is all-inclusive. When you see the cost of tuition it includes technology fees, administrative fees, general fees and books. Be sure to ask for all additional fees when shopping for a school. Myth: My daughter won’t know how to relate to boys. Fact: Our Lady of the Elms high school girls have boyfriends, go to dances and have “normal” relationships with boys. Boys aren’t around from 8am - 3pm, but they are around after school and on weekends. Elms girls meet boys at dances, athletic games, and other teen-hangouts. Additionally, over 80% of Elms graduates are married and have families. Another bonus, it’s not necessary to have a boyfriend to be “cool”, which results with Elms girls raising their standards and only dating boys because they want to and not because they are supposed to. Myth: All-girls schools don’t have Homecoming dances and Prom. Fact: Our Lady of the Elms has Homecoming and Prom. Plus, the Homecoming game is played by the Girls Varsity Soccer team! Not only do Elms girls go to their own Prom and Homecoming dances, but they often get invited to Homecoming and Prom at other schools. The Elms also has dances for Middle School and the High School. Myth: All-girl schools don’t have athletics. Fact: Elms offers athletics beginning in 3rd grade. CYO soccer, basketball, track and softball are offered to grades 3-8. High school athletics include soccer, tennis, volleyball, golf, basketball, bowling, track & field and softball. The High School building has a new gymnasium, locker rooms and fitness center which is used by all grades on campus. The Elms also has a 16 acre Athletic Complex which has 2 soccer fields, 2 softball fields, 6 tennis courts and a track. Myth: All-girl schools aren’t necessary for Elementary School. Fact: Elementary School is the foundation for your daughter’s future education. The Elms offers a curriculum which will challenge and engage your daughter. Teaching your daughter to have a voice, participate in class and be proud of who she is at a young age will benefit her for the rest of her life. Myth: All-girl school isn’t necessary for Middle School. Fact: Middle School age is rough no matter where you go to school. Hormones and drama are part of the middle school experience. However, in an all-girls school, this drama is minimized because boys aren’t part of the equation. Girls can learn who they are without the added stress of trying to be something the boys think they should be. Myth: Public and private schools offer the same education. Fact: Public schools prepare a student to graduate from high school. The Elms offers a rigorous curriculum that prepares our students for college. The Elms environment from Elementary through High School encourages a self-confident, well-rounded girl that prepares our students for life. Year after year, our graduating classes earn millions of dollars in scholarships. Our students also have more choices when it comes to selecting a college.

Preschool & Kindergarten The Elms Preschool is dedicated to the growth of the whole person within a context of Christian values in a nurturing, learning environment. Children begin the Elms experience in a program that utilizes a comprehensive developmental approach in which they gain a sense of trust and well-being. A multisensory curriculum encourages children to develop a sense of self-esteem, to demonstrate cooperative, pro-social behavior and to exhibit a positive attitude toward life. We offer two multi-day Pre-Kindergarten options for your child: three days a week and five days a week. These choices are available to accommodate you and your busy schedule, as well as give your child a gradual approach to starting school. Preschool Activities • Small/Large Group Skills Development • Daily Art and Music • Dance Instruction • Collaboration with Akron-Summit County Library • Religion Classes • Prayer Partners with Older Elementary Students • Sign Language • Large/Small Motor Skills Development • Field Trips • Physical Education • Cooking Experiences • Creative and Dramatic Play • Family Programs • Feastday and Holiday Celebrations • Catholic Schools Week Celebration • Week of the Young Child Celebration • Social Outreach Programs • Thanksgiving Food Collections • Giving Tree The Preschool Program is licensed under the State of Ohio, Department of Early Childhood Education and follows the Diocese of Cleveland Preschool Guide.

The Elms Kindergarten Program provides a variety of opportunities for children to interact with their social and natural environment in order to build a foundation for later learning. Kindergarten assists the children in making the transition from home to school. The curriculum follows the Kindergarten Guide prescribed by the Diocese of Cleveland. Curriculum Areas • Religion and Christian Values • Comprehensive Reading Readiness Program • Everyday Math Readiness Program • Social Studies/Science/Health Special Areas • Music • Art • Physical Education • Library • Computer Technology • Dance Activities • Eucharistic Liturgies/Prayer Services • Classroom Activity Centers • Intergenerational Program with Rockynol Retirement Center • Music Programs • Field Trips • Daisy Scouts Program • Catholic Schools Week Celebration • Week of the Young Child Celebration • Social Outreach Programs • Thanksgiving Food Collection • Giving Tree • Prayer Partners

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Elementary (gr 1-6, all girls) National Blue Ribbon School

Our Lady of the Elms Elementary School has been awarded the 2012 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award by the United States Department of Education. Only 50 private schools in the nation are eligible to receive the award each year! Our Lady of the Elms Elementary School is receiving the award for exemplary high performance on nationally-normed tests for the past five years, as well as high standards in the core curricular areas.

Free from the pressures of a co-educational environment, Elms girls are able to cultivate their talents and share their ideas without limitation. Nationally recognized research indicates that girls learn and process information differently than boys. At the Elms, this means your daughter will learn and excel at her own pace, challenged and encouraged by her peers. Curriculum Areas • Religion and Christian Values • Everyday Mathmatics • Literature-based Reading Program • Phonics in Grades 1-3 • English • Spelling • Handwriting Skills • Science • Social Studies • Health

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Special Areas • Music including Grades 4-6 Band • Art • Physical Education • Computer Technology • Dance • Spanish • Library • Guidance • Enrichment

Activities • Eucharistic Liturgies/Prayer Services • Mission Projects • Feastday and Holiday Celebrations • Classroom Activity Centers • Field Trips • Crown Point Ecology Center • School Music Programs • Catholic Schools Week Activities • Community Outreach Experiences • Brownies/Girl Scouts • Prayer Partners • D.A.R.E./Junior Achievement • CYO Sports

Offerings include:

• Public Speaking • Goal-Setting • Sustainability • Personality Styles • Healthy Life • Money Matters

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The Elementary School curriculum closely follows the course of study prescribed by the Diocese of Cleveland and is closely aligned with the model courses of study developed by the Ohio Department of Education. Curriculum alignment and student success in reaching these objectives is accomplished by testing our students using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Cognitive Abilities Tests. The Elementary School is fully accredited by Ohio Catholic Accreditation Association (OCSAA).

Middle School (gr 7-8, all girls) The 7th and 8th grade curriculum includes four core areas of instruction: language arts, math, science and social studies, as well as reading, theology, physical education, health, art, life skills, music and language exploration courses. Students in grades 7 and 8 prepare for the rigors of a high school college preparatory curriculum with emphasis on organization, study skills, cooperative learning and interdisciplinary studies. Language Arts is designed to prepare students for future high school reading and writing endeavors. Summer reading is assigned in both grades. Lessons are based on different genres of literature, including short stories, novels, poetry and myths. Language Arts also focuses intently on writing skills, incorporating vocabulary, spelling, grammar, usage and mechanics. One year of reading is taught in grade 8. Math is designed for algebra readiness in grade 7 and pre-algebra or algebra in grade 8. The lessons in grade 7 involve challenging and realistic math material with emphasis on the development of problem-solving skills. Grade 8 reinforces the signed numbers in word problems involving fractions, inequalities and graphing. Basic facts of geometry, probability and statistics also are explored. Acceleration in math may be possible for qualifying students.

Science in grades 7 and 8 is designed to give students a broad understanding of science that is intended to prepare them for high school. Science in grade 7 includes environmental, life and physical sciences. Life science focuses on cell structure, function and processes and genetics. Physical science addresses motion, forces and energy. Environmental science includes ecosystems, population, weather and climate. Grade 8 focuses on earth and physical sciences and chemistry. The earth science course includes plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, soil formation, erosion and deposition, and geologic time and astronomy. Physical science focuses on the characteristics of waves, sounds and light, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Chemistry includes the properties, changes and measurement in matter, atoms and bonding, chemical reactions, acids and bases and solutions.

Social Studies is designed to give the student an understanding of history in ancient times and the history of the United States through Reconstruction. Students in grade 7 explore ancient civilizations through the first global age. The grade 8 course covers United States history from colonization through Reconstruction. This course is presented in such a way that students will be impressed with the country’s need for active participation in the democratic process. Specific units are taught on the United States Constitution, citizenship, and Native Americans. Historical fiction is woven into the curriculum.

A curriculum of personal leadership development and healthy relationship development for middle school students is based on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The interactive and engaging lessons are taught over the course of each year by the guidance counselor. World Language options are available for middle school students. Students in grade 7 may choose to study Spanish or French. This one year course is equivalent to the first semester of high school Spanish I or French I. Students in grade 8 complete their foreign language I course. Thus, Elms students will be prepared to start high school in Spanish II or French II. Religion for grade 7 students focuses on the person of Jesus through a study of Jesus’ life, loving actions and His presence in those around us. Students also study our call to respond to Jesus and to develop a deeper spiritual relationship with Him. Grade 8 theology focuses on the Church as an expression of Christ’s presence in the world today. The course studies the nature, history and moral witness of the Church. Catholic students receive preparation for confirmation in grade 8.

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High School (gr 9-12, all girls)

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40 Reasons Why The Elms High School Is For You! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Freshman Welcome Week Junior Ring Elms Olympics Day of Service Halloween Assembly Deck the Halls Freshman Blessing Pep Rallies Plays Faculty v. Seniors Volleyball Game Talent Show Senior Lounge The Athletic Complex Free Mods Senior Privilege Dress Down Days Exam Breakfasts ELMER! Veritas! Hoops for Habits Service Fair Sophomore Celebration Spirit Wear Thursdays Retreat Teams Career Day Lack of Talent Show Small Class Size Prom Homecoming Big & Lil Sisters Dedicated Teachers Chains of Love Student Ambassadors Spring Awards Night The Convent Chapel The Pond International Day Student Appreciation Day Fantastic Clubs

Elms Girls Have Class • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

20th Century Art Textiles Art I, II Ceramics I, II Photography Information Management Journalism/ Desktop Publishing Yearbook/ Desktop Publishing English I CP, Honors American Literature CP, Honors AP Literature British Literature CP, Honors World Literature CP, Honors Speech Theatre Arts Leadership French I, II, III, IV, AP Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP Latin I, II, III, IV, AP Health Physical Education Fitness I, II Independent Living Intro to Algebra Algebra I, II Algebra II/Trig & Honors Geometry Probability-Statistics Pre-Calculus AP Calculus Chorus Encores

cho f jors ood emale man s fro is 2% f osing m or a Rese m ath ll arch all-g Asso irls s female ch ciate s s Gr ools* oup . Dance , Inc . Chamber Choir Jesus Christ, God's Love Made Visible Pascal Mystery The Church AP Courses The Bible • American History Sacraments •  European History Christian Morality •  Government Catholic Social Teaching •  Comparative Politics •  Biology The Journey of Faith Continues •  Physics Physical Science •  Chemistry Earth-Space Science •  Calculus Biology I, Honors, Advanced, AP •  English Literature Chemistry I, II, Honors, AP •  AP Courses in French, Earth Science I, II Spanish or Latin may be available based Physics I, II, Honors, Advanced, AP on student interest Western Society Modern America AP American History Global Studies US Government & Politics AP European History Economics AP Government & Politics Intro to Psychology 0, G

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

photo by Mike Gilbert

Well-Rounded Elms Students

Pan ther Prid e!

CYO Athletics Gr 3-8 • Soccer • Volleyball • Basketball • Softball • Track & Field • Cross Country

High School Athletics • Soccer • Volleyball • Tennis • Golf • Basketball • Bowling • Softball • Track & Field

Elementary School Co-Curriculars •  Eucharistic Liturgies/Prayer Services •  Mission Projects •  Feastday and Holiday Celebrations •  Classroom Activity Centers •  Field Trips •  Crown Point Ecology Center •  School Music Programs •  Catholic Schools Week Activities •  Peer Tutoring •  Brownies/Girl Scouts •  Prayer Partners •  D.A.R.E./Junior Achievement •  Community Outreach Experiences •  School Garden •  Penpals with Dominican Sisters of Peace

High School Co-Curriculars

•  Academic Challenge •  Ambassadors Club •  Art Club •  Bridge Building •  Chamber Choir •  Coalition (Student Government) •  Dominican Preaching Team •  Drama Club •  Encores Show Choir •  F.A.S.T (Faith And Spirituality Team) •  F.A.R.M (Free Animal Rights Movement) •  International Club •  Music Ministry •  Newspaper •  Social Action •  Speech & Debate •  Spirit Club •  Theatre at the Elms •  Yearbook (Egress)

Middle School Co-Curriculars

•  Power of the Pen •  F.A.S.T (Faith And Spirituality Team) •  F.A.R.M (Free Animal Rights Movement) •  Math Counts •  Student Council •  Music Ministry •  Science Club •  Social Action Club •  Pep Club •  Yearbook •  Glory Girls •  International Club •  Ambassador Club •  Student Theater & Technology Assistant Program

Middle School Opportunities • • • • • • •

Convocation Trip to Williamsburg Science Fair CSI Unit Classroom E.A.R.T.H. Renaissance Unit Challenger Learning Center

Why choose Our Lady of the Elms?

Three generations of Elms girls: (l to r) Maggie Drude ‘14, Ann Amer Brennan ‘51 , Ann Leigh Brennan‘12 and Nancy Brennan ‘80. The Elms is a part of our family. My mother, both my sisters, my daughters and I all attended..even my brother was a Kindergartner! It’s served our family well. My mother, my sisters and I have advanced degrees, successful businesses and we are community leaders. Make the Elms a part of your family..and grow. - Nancy Brennan ‘80 What I love about this school is how excited I am, even in I like that it’s an all-girl school because there are no anthe mornings, to wake up and come to school. The students and the teachers make learning so much fun that even on bad noying boys bothering you with your work or making you days there is always something good. I feel appreciated and worry about your appearance. welcomed and loved in this school and I know that I can go - Current Middle School Elms Student to any teacher or any student and get help if needed without being put down. All of my teachers and friends accept me for We believe that the education of one child is the education of the entire family. who I am and respect my opinions. I feel that I’m a part of a Therefore, our decision to put our children at Our Lady of the Elms was much big loving family, but at the same time I feel like an individual discerned over and diligently decided upon. We feel that learning extends beyond with my own thoughts and ideas, not just a number in a crowd the classroom walls and our experience with the Elms (now on our seventh year), of students. I love being able to walk down the hall and know has proven just that. Our collective memories from the pre-school experience to the almost every face I see. present, the unforgettable teachers who have left an imprint on the young minds of - Current High School Student our children, the respectful relationships, collaborative energies and shared academic and community progress built through the years between parent, student and educaThe Elms has helped me realize that every young woman is an individual. tor are all part of the Elms journey that we continue to treasure. - Current Elementary School Parent It helps you realize that no matter what life throws at you, you can face the challenges with your head held high and courage in your heart. - Current High School Student

We asked the class of 2006 if they felt the Elms prepared them for college. “Prepared is an understatement. My education at the Elms left me with a strong foundation which made success in college a natural progression.The expectations from my high school teachers were on par with the expectations of my college professors; this made the transition that much easier.The Elms didn’t just prepare me academically for college, but gave me the confidence to talk to professors and interact with my peers in class.” •

Earned Bachelors in Politics and Sociology/ Anthropology from Lake Forest College Currently attending Chicago-Kent College of Law

“Yes! I was ahead of the curve in many aspects necessary for success in college, including independant reasoning, time management, formal writing, and creative problem solving.” •

Earned Bachelorsof Arts in Strategic Communication from Ohio State University

“I felt totally prepared for college when I left the Elms. I actually found college to be easier than high school because I had learned how to manage my time so well at the Elms. I was shocked when I realized my college classmates never made it to class and could not finish their homework in time. I also felt completely comfortable participating in my college classes because the Elms taught me to be confident.” •

“Yes. I was used to an intense workload. Also, I was extremely well prepared for physics. It wasn’t until my Sophomore year in engineering that I was introduced to new physics concepts. My entire Freshman year of physics at Purdue was a review thanks to Ms. Kelley.”

Earned Bachelors of Arts in Technical Fashion Design from Kent State University

“The Elms was greatly helpful in terms of preparing me for college. I entered into an accelerated BS/MD program in which students could complete their Bachelor’s degree in two years rather than the traditional four, and accordingly, there were problems with student attrition whether that be to maturity issues, lack of academic progression, etc; even though the program is exceedingly competitive. Even though starting out in such a program was very intimidating, I felt like the skills I learned at the Elms were more than enough to help me deftly handle college. In fact, university was so easy that it felt like more of an “interlude” between the Elms and medical school! I was able to take on a job and pursue many activities even while doing 24 credit hours a semester because I was so well prepared and because I had so much A.P. and CLEP credit from the Elms, I was even more ahead of the game. Medical school is a whole new level of academic difficulty, but what helped me from the Elms at that point was to remember how important it was to be an intellectually well rounded person. I continued to pursue my other intellectual interests outside of the sciences, and was even able to incorporate them into my medical research, such as my interests in economics and ethics, that all stemmed from the Elms. Lastly, the teachers at the Elms are the most wonderful mentors a student could ever ask for, and I was always able to appreciate excellent mentorship after my time there, and hope to give back that gift one day by being heavily involved in Medical Education.” •

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Earned Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University Expected to finish PhD in May 2014 from Purdue University

Earned Bachelors of Science in Natural Sciences from the University of Akon Currently a Dematology Resident Physician at Ohio State University

I’m interested in the Elms! Now what? Preschool & Kindergarten • • • • •

Visit at an Open House or Contact Admissions Director to: Schedule a shadow day RSVP for a Peek at PreK Schedule a tour

Elementary (gr 1-6, all girls) • Visit at an Open House • or Contact Admissions Director to: • Schedule a shadow day • Schedule a tour

Middle School (gr 7-8, all girls) • Visit at an Open House or Contact Admissions Director to: • Schedule a shadow day • Schedule a tour

High School (gr 9-12, all girls) • Visit at an Open House or Contact Admissions Director to: • Schedule a shadow day • Schedule a tour • Register for the entrance exam

For more information, please contact: Diann Hawthorne Sveda ‘86 Director of Elementary & Preschool Admissions Our Lady of the Elms 1290 W Market St Akron, OH 44313 330.752.2507

Shari Kavlick Benz High School & Middle School Admissions Director Our Lady of the Elms 1375 W Exchange St Akron, OH 44313 330.867.0918

Elms Viewbook  
Elms Viewbook  

Our Lady of the Elms Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School in Akron, Ohio. All-girls grades 1-12, Co-ed PreK & K