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Spotlight July 2005 Issue 40

We’re nothing without you…. THE BOARD ELECTION SPECIAL

I’m voting. Are you? INSIDE: Do you want to know how you can become an NDC Board member? More information on Page 6

Over 50s festival 11th – 16th July. For more information look at the back page for a list of events.

Want to get involved in the Youth Board? More information on Page 9

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Report from the Board Hello and welcome to the July edition of Spotlight. PLEASE advise anyone who is not getting their copy of Spotlight to get in touch with us. South Kilburn NDC puts out its own magazine for residents every month. Spotlight is produced to keep you informed on what is going on in your community and to keep residents up-to-date on what we are doing here at the NDC. We want to ensure that everyone who lives in the area receives their copy and want to hear from anyone who is not getting a handdelivered copy through their letter box. Anyone who is experiencing problems with delivery should contact DISK on 020 7625 2170 or SKNDC 020 7328 9031.

YET ANOTHER busy month in South Kilburn, and July looks like it is set to be even busier. During July South Kilburn will be holding the Over 50’s festival. The festival starts on Monday 11th July, lasts for a week and has something for everyone. To find out more information about the events turn to the back page. Our last board meeting was busier than ever as we had a very large workload to get through before the summer break and Board election. We have recently been exploring the opportunity of the newly vacated Canterbury House being used for the NDC and community projects. If all goes well this will be very exciting for the whole community and another sign of the rapid changes in the area. July will also see the beginning of election time in South Kilburn. Both the election of the eleven resident members of the Board and youth representative

elections begin this month. All the information you could possibly need about the main Board elections can be found on page 6 and a copy of the nomination forms should be attached to this edition. The election of the Youth Representatives is the result of months of hard work and is a great sign that not only do young people care about the future of the community but they finally have their own place in this regeneration programme and can make their own decisions. To find out more information turn to page 9. It is nearly holiday time in South Kilburn and the Youth Festival is just round the corner – I can’t wait, I just hope the weather is nice! Tanya Samuel South Kilburn NDC Board Chair

The next Board Meeting is at the Community Resource Centre in Albert Road on July 11 at 6pm.

July Celebrations GURU PURNIMA is an ancient celebration falling on

the full moon between July and August. ‘Guru’ means spiritual teacher and Purnima was a saint who wrote some of the holy scriptures of the Hindu faith. July is important to the Baha’I who remember the Martyrdom of the Ba’b. He was their leader and believed in a single God who repeatedly sent prophets into the world including Adam, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, The Bab and Baha'u'llah. However, the authorities in Persia did not agree with Bab and assassinated him by firing squad at midday on 9th July 1850.

Rastafarians celebrate the birth of Ras (Prince) Tafari, who was born in Ethiopia on 23rd July and later became Emperor, as a holy day with drumming, hymns and prayer. We also hope to see South Kilburn residents take part in Brent Council’s annual celebration of cultural diversity at the Respect Festival on Sunday 17th July. It promises to be bigger and better than last year so come and join us!

Neighbourhood Management Project


WHAT DON’T YOU WANT? Do you have unwanted items like: clothes, shoes: bulky items such as furniture, fridges and cookers? The Neighbourhood Management project and partners are organising a Residents & Service Providers Summer Clean Up Day. Look out for the leaflet coming to your door shortly explaining where you can leave these items for collection. Help us to keep the area a desirable place to live.



Have a list of emergency and first aid items that you need.


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I’m voting. Are you? SOUTH KILBURN NEW DEAL FOR COMMUNITIES (SKNDC) is now 5 years old,

and a lot has happened. However, there is much more to do. We are now electing our new resident members of the Board and need you to get involved. The Board is the decision making body at the NDC and has 11 resident representatives. These positions are vital to the future of the NDC and we need residents from all sections of the community to be on the Board. So if you think the area can be better, then this is your chance. The nomination pack can be found in the centre of this month’s Spotlight with all the

information you could need. All you have to do is fill in the form provided and send it back to the address provided by 22nd July. The election is being overseen by the Electoral Reform Service, who will be making sure the election is fair and everyone who is eligible has the opportunity to stand and vote. If you have any questions about nomination process or the election in general, please contact Jo Merriman on 020 7328 1199.

Great Neighbours


wife Mary 67, and John Maskell 71, have been heralded by residents champion Frances Ampiah Kwofi for helping a neighbour in need. They have known local resident 77 year old George Edgecombe who lives in Crone Court for more than fifty years as he used to be the milkman in South Kilburn. George has recently had difficulty HOLIDAY TIPS

getting out and about. The couple and some friends, Anne from the Sir Robert Peel Pub and Pat Dalton stepped in to help him to feel better by tidying up his home, giving it a new lick of paint and new tiles. He has since received home help from the council and Mary comes by every day to see him and do his shopping every week. George is delighted to live next

to such great friends, "I’ve never been so happy in my life to have friends. I don’t know what I would do without them". Write to us about how great you think your neighbour is. Send your stories to e.meremikwu@ or write to us at South Kilburn New Deal for Communities, Freepost NAT 11268, London, NW6 5BR.

Take details of medicines and prescriptions just in case you lose them

Calling all caterers in South Kilburn? DO YOU cater for the community? Whether you are self employed or a company keen on catering, as long as you are local and can feed large groups of people in South Kilburn we would like to hear from you. Please contact Julie Ahluwalia at 23 Peel Precinct, Kilburn NW6 5BS or on 020 7328 1199 for more information.

FIND OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING HAVE you missed an NDC meeting? Or do you just want to find out what was discussed or decided? Minutes of all meetings can be found at


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Best Start

NATIONAL Breast Feeding Awareness Week

Allison Meinel

began 8th-14th May. To help celebrate this, on Tuesday 10th May, health visitors from Surestart South Kilburn joined Health Matters, the Brent Primary Care Trust partnership with New Deal for Communities to promote breastfeeding awareness to residents. This day gave local mothers information about

the importance of breastfeeding and looking after themselves. Families flocked to the three stalls held outside Kilburn Park Foundation and Carlton Vale Infants Schools and Gorefield House. Help and advice was on hand from South Kilburn’s new midwife Alison Meinel and the team of health visitors who gave goody bags with information, fruit, promotional pens and key rings.



• There is no special equipment - no mixing, no heating and it doesn't cost a penny! • It helps mothers to regain their shape more quickly after childbirth • It helps develop a strong emotional bond with your child • Can reduce the risk of pre-menopausal breast and ovarian cancer

• Provides perfect nutrition for the first 6 months • Breast milk provides complete nutrition and many health benefits, such as preventing stomach bugs,chest infections, asthma, eczema and allergies • It reduces the likelihood of obesity in later life.

You can call or text Alison Meinel at the Sure Start Cabin on 0207 625 1490, or 07899966039 or visit the drop in session once a week at the Surestart Kabin every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm.

Report Crime A LOCAL resident from Claremont Road was shocked to find that she had startled a burglar near her home. "I was so upset and scared for my children, he came straight to my face. I have never had a confrontation like that before". She contacted The Safe and Sound Community Safety Project and they were able to arrange for Be Safe to carry out a free home assessment and security upgrade worth £100. She was pleasantly surprised and said: "The response I had was very fast, he put in new locks, window grill and door a panel, he did a lovely job." She added: "I feel more protected now and can sleep properly". This unfortunate event showed her just how much safety is at the heart of the

work in her community. The Safe and Sound Project can support you too and can arrange for Be Safe to help secure your home. The Safe and Sound Project gives residents the opportunity to take part in workshops and receive advice on community safety issues. For more information call Jamie Benfield at the Safe & Sound Project on 020 7624 9926 or drop in and see us at 58 Peel Precinct.

Eat your Way to Health 'FRUITY FRIDAY' caused a stir in Peel Precinct on

Friday the 13th May. This was organised by the 'Health Matters' Shop who set up a fruit tasting stall outside 'Grassroots Co-op' as part of World Cancer Research Fund's Cancer Prevention Week to promote the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Mouth watering fruit salads tempted children and adults to find out the '5 a day' fruit and vegetable health benefits. "We want to encourage residents of all ages in growing healthy and eating nutritious fruit and vegetables," says Jane Matheson Project Manager for The Healthy Living Initiative.



If you have ideas on how to encourage healthier eating drop into 'Health Matters' at 5 Peel Precinct and let us know. The Fruity Friday takes place on the last Friday of the month at the end of the school day in Peel Precinct. See you there next time!! For more information contact Theresa Cain or David Marin 020 7625 2531.

Make sure that you have travel insurance, anything can go wrong.


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New Additions JENNIFER JOSEPH is the new Income and Employment Theme Manager. She would like to see more people benefiting from the income and employment projects, and is focusing on how the theme is working to help residents gain employment and entrepreneurial business opportunities in the area. Jennifer says, "I want to be able to transfer my private sector experience to delivering and managing projects in the regeneration sector". Marlene McEachrane has joined South Kilburn as the Widening Participation Theme Manager and has worked in regeneration for more than fifteen years. Her role involves managing projects that seek to engage more of the community and


voluntary sector groups in the work of the NDC. Marlene says, "I would like to see that once the NDC has left the area we have fulfilled our mission in creating a better place for people to live, learn and work". Greg St John has joined the Safe and Sound Team at 58 Peel Precinct as a Brent Addaction part–time drugs and outreach worker. He says, "I want to be able to provide a confidential service that will enable people to manage their use of substances and alcohol". Greg can be reached between the hours of 9.30 am -5.30 pm Mondays and Tuesdays, and 9.30 am12.30 pm Wednesdays. To contact Greg directly call 0771786 2926 or email


All posters must reach Maria at the Safe & Sound Project, 58 Peel Precinct, NW6 5RX by July 22nd. Each poster must have your NAME, ADDRESS, AGE and a CONTACT NUMBER on the back so we can let you know if you are the lucky winner!! The posters will then be judged and the winner will be pictured in September’s spotlight receiving their prize. So, get out those pens and pencils and start designing!!

Healthy Living Premises FURTHER to our last update on the Healthy Living Premises, consultations are moving forward on the best shared usage of the site. On 11th July a Scenario Planning event will be held from 12.30 to 4pm at the Marriott Hotel. The event will look at the Best and Worst Case Scenarios in two areas: firstly the possible scenarios if residents and voluntary groups are included in the Healthy Living Premises and secondly what would happen if these groups are not included. The meeting will be facilitated by Alison Trimble, Chief Executive of the award winning Community Health Centre in Bromely-by-Bow (which was visited recently by some South Kilburn residents). Lisa Llewellyn, HOLIDAY TIPS

IF SO, South Kilburn New Deal for Communities can help you spread the word by listing it in Spotlight. Contact Edel Meremikwu on 020 7328 1199 or email The deadline for the next edition of Spotlight is July 11.


Calling all under 12’s!! SAFE & SOUND Community Safety Project is asking anybody under the age of twelve to enter a poster competition with the chance to win £25 worth of WH Smith vouchers. To be in with a chance of winning you need to design an A4 (the same size as the front page of spotlight) poster highlighting what you feel is an important message to tell other young people about the dangers of drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. You may choose to use pictures, words or both to get your message across.


Brent Teaching Primary Care Trust

Chief Executive of South Kilburn Primary Care Trust (PCT), is also supporting the event. Lisa is a keen advocate of creating a shared vision between residents, the PCT, private sector backers and Brent Council for the community usage of the premises. If you would like to attend this event please contact either Robert Dyer or Adelle Mauricette at South Kilburn New Deal for Communities on 020 7372 6061.

Arrange plenty of arrival time before your flight.

IF YOU ARE thinking of going back to work or doing some training, what is stopping you? Is it the children? Or maybe you have not worked for a long time? Do you feel that you do not have the relevant expertise to work or do training? Whatever the reason, the Recolo centre can help. Anything from childcare issues, funding, support in finding a job or even advice on job applications we are here to help. We provide a friendly and confidential service and we aim to get you where you want to be! So what are you waiting for? Give us a ring on 020 7372 2828 or come into 19a Malvern Road, Kilburn to book an appointment.


J U LY 2 0 0 5


I’m voting. Are you? What is a Board Member?

What next?

The eleven resident Board Members at South Kilburn NDC play a vital role in the ongoing success of the NDC in providing real lasting improvements for the local area. Resident Board Members sit on the main NDC Board and are responsible for leading the NDC programme to improve South Kilburn. The resident members are vital to ensuring the Board works in the interest of local residents at all times. The elections are a chance for anyone eligible in South Kilburn to make the changes. Below is some more information on the role of the Board to help you decide whether to stand.

• 8th July Nomination forms delivered to all South Kilburn residents

What do you have to do as a South Kilburn Board Member? • You will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings, which last between 2 - 2 1/2 hours. • You will have the opportunity to attend occasional training events, both in South Kilburn and around the country. • To help you represent the community, it is useful to attend other community meetings to discuss specific issues. • Throughout the year you will be asked to attend Board Training.

Why should you join the South Kilburn Board? • To be part of the change in South Kilburn, help guide and steer the community led organisation. • Represent the views and concerns of South Kilburn residents • Make a difference in the area • Support your community for now and the years to come

• 22nd July Nomination forms must be returned to Electoral Reform Services (ERS) by 12 noon • 26th July All successful candidates will be notified, subject to confirmation - planning for campaigning can begin • 8th August Ballot packs are distributed to all registered voters – the official start of the campaigning period • 8th Sept Closing date for the return of ballot papers, need to be with ERS by 12 noon • 19th Sept 1st Board meeting with new Board

Other information • You are eligible to vote if you are on the Electoral Register. If you do not think you are on the Electoral Register, or have recently moved to this area/country then you need to contact ERS on 020 8365 8909. • Voting forms must be returned by the Freepost envelopes provided to ERS. They cannot be left at the NDC office or given to NDC staff. • The NDC will help provide each candidate that is successfully nominated with an Election Campaign Pack.

I’m voting. Are you? If you would like to observe what a typical Board meeting is like, then please feel free to attend the next Board meeting on 11th July 2005, 6pm – 8pm at the Community Resource Centre (CRC), Albert Road.

• Help decide how NDC funding should be spent • Gain new skills and meet new people in your local area and further a field Remember, if you don’t want to join the Board, make sure you vote in the election – it’s your area.



Make sure everybody has a copy of the emergency numbers lists, and photocopies of passport details in their hand luggage at all times.


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A Day at the Park THE BOYS2MEN picnic in the Park on the 13th of May was a free event especially for single fathers and families. It took place at Roundwood Park and was open to all residents of South Kilburn. Mohammed Malagoen who lives on Princess Road, in South Kilburn enjoyed the day with his children, Saliha 10, Nafissa 8 and Hacham 3. Frank Enninful father of Ecilla 6, and Emmanuel 12 also enjoyed the day in the park. The children’s activities and games included hula hoop spinning, blowing bubbles, tennis, football and kite flying. Fathers made their voices heard saying how important it was to play a part in their child’s life. Armand Losso said: "It’s important that the father’s presence is felt in the child’s life". Project Manager Melvin Davis said: "Fathers value the input into their children’s lives and mothers as well want families where the father is valued". The Boys2Men Project works with boys, young

men and fathers to realise their full potential. For more information contact Fathers Support Team at Roundwood SureStart Boys2Men Project Providence House 26 Kilburn Place Kilburn London NW6 4QD.

Holiday Special

Our Own South Kilburn Genius DID YOU see the Hollywood movie AI? Thought it was just fantasy? Well, 11 year old South Kilburn resident Cristal Brown knows a lot about robots. Cristal was one of 23 children from across London chosen to join Team London AI. They had 6 weeks to create a working robot from a basic kit. Cristal had to work with the rest of the team to agree when they would meet, how much money they would need, what the robot would look like and what special design and technology features it would have. They called it God Save the

Machine. Their dedicated team work certainly paid off; on 21st March they flew to Baltimore in the USA where they joined other teams and visited several naval research laboratories to learn about science and technology. To add to an experience of a lifetime the judges awarded Team London AI with a bronze medal inscribed with "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology". God Save the Machine will be used to help inspire future team robot builders. Congratulations to Cristal for her creativity and hardwork.

CAN YOU believe it’s July. How did that happen? Time seems to be flying at the moment. At least that means that summer is finally here. We all need a holiday some time no matter how much we like our home comforts there’s nothing like a change of scenery. We’d love to hear your poems, letters or stories of how you spent your holidays. Send your stories to e.meremikwu@skndc. net or post to South Kilburn New Deal for Communities, 21-23 Peel Precinct, Kilburn, NW6 5BS, 020 7328 1199. Better still, come and see us – we’d love to meet you!

Building Blocks for Youth Offenders BRENT YOUTH Offending Service works to prevent children and young people getting into trouble with the law. We work closely with families, the community and local organisations such as South Kilburn New Deal for the Communities. Our core staff team are drawn from the education department, social services, police and probation in the borough. We provide some preventive programmes, referring young people to some of the programmes run by South Kilburn New Deal for the Communities as well as other relevant programmes and we supervise young people on court orders. Our aim is to help young people overcome problems around schooling, employment, substance misuse and HOLIDAY TIPS

other anti-social attitudes or behaviour. Our work takes account of the views of victims. We challenge the offender's behaviour and encourage them to take responsibility. South Kilburn New Deal for Communities is committed to both reducing crime and the fear of crime in the community. For more information please contact Peter Sutlieff Head of Service at

Keep water with you at all times.


J U LY 2 0 0 5


Construction “work tasters” at the Albert Road Demonstration Homes HAVE YOU ever wondered if a job in construction was for you? Are you interested in a certain trade but not quite sure if it would be right for you? This is the perfect opportunity to find out and discover your true potential. Recolo, who supports local residents getting back into work along with Mace, are offering "work taster" sessions in plastering, carpentry, painting, decorating, plumbing, landscaping and much more. The majority of "work taster" sessions will be held at the

Albert Road Demonstration Homes site, so it’s close to home as well. You will get the chance to see if a job in construction is for you, receive help from Recolo to get you started in your new career and £25 for each day attended. So if you’ve always wanted to be a builder, but are not sure if you could do it, here is your chance to find out – don’t miss out! For more information please contact Recolo on 0207 372 2828 or simply drop by Recolo at 19a Malvern Road.


Recolo refer a friend… RECOLO the long term unemployment project is offering a £10 gift voucher to anyone who refers a friend or relative who has been unemployed for 12 months or more to Recolo. Recolo will help to train them and receive invaluable advice to get them into the job or career they’ve dreamed of. For more information contact Recolo on 0207 372 2828


DEVELOPERS have applied for planning permission for a major new development of the Queens Park Station area. The proposals feature two high towers of 26 and 18 storeys that will have a total of 128 new flats. 44 to be social rented, 20 for shared ownership and 64 for sale at market value. The first 3 storeys of each tower will be for office, retail and community use. Brent Council will be organising consultation on the application during the summer, and has to

make a decision by the end of August. The NDC is concerned to ensure that any development at Queen’s Park follows the guidelines set out in the Queens Park Station Area Planning Brief, agreed between the Council and the NDC in July 2003. For further information call Andy Bates on 0208 937 5377. The proposals can also be viewed at NDC’s offices - please contact Mark Adams or Frano Basica on 0207 328 1199.

10 Residents Employed- QPR FC!!! THE NEW COMMUNITY Football Project has recently employed 10 South Kilburn residents to deliver football coaching on the estate. The young men and women are initially working between 2 and 20 hours per week to deliver lunch-time, after school and Saturday football for kids, evening sessions for young residents and adults, and a comprehensive holiday programme. The resident coaches include Abdulhamid Khalid, Chris Smith, John Arden, Anthony Miller, William Mill-Lutterodt, Julian Morrison, Alfred Ekpenyong, Coreen Brown, Kieren Davies and Ivan Evaristo. They are being supported by an experienced head coach from QPR and by the new project coordinator Nick Perchard. The project was started after a lot of consultation with residents and voluntary groups and after HOLIDAY TIPS

£60,000 funding was won from the England FA, by South Kilburn NDC staff. The total cost of the project will be £120,000 over three years. Employment opportunities will soon be expanded for the coaches through the new ‘Multi-Activity’ (including tennis, bowls, outward bound and other activities) project, again, funding was won from Sports England, by South Kilburn NDC staff. Coaches will receive guidance and professional development, starting with a Level 2 FA Coaching Course, which is being organised for this summer, in partnership with Middlesex FA and Recolo Income and Employment Project. For more info contact Robert, Health Theme Project Manager (SKNDC tel. 020 7372 6061), or Nick Perchard, QPR Football Project Coordinator 0207 625 2531.

Enjoy the sun and take adequate protection by wearing sunglasses and sun cream.


J U LY 2 0 0 5

SK Fresh Say! YOUR Youth Board, YOUR Voice FRIDAY 12TH AUGUST will be

your last chance to vote for the Youth Board members who will represent you in South Kilburn. The first ever South Kilburn Youth Board Elections will be held in conjunction with this summer’s South Kilburn Youth Festival. We are still looking for people to come forward to stand as potential Youth Board candidates. So if you are aged between 11 and 24 and would like to have your say, the youth board needs YOU! The Youth Board will act as the ‘voice’ for young people in the South Kilburn NDC area, acting as advisers on issues affecting young people where they live.

But more importantly, the Youth Board will control a budget of £15,000 to help improve the lives of the young people in South Kilburn. Youth Board members will get unlimited support from the NDC and you will only need to spend a couple of days a month as an active member of the Board so you’ll have plenty of time to do other things. You will also be paid for your time. To make sure you are registered to vote, or if you are interested in being a candidate please contact Nik Clifton on 0208 655 0650 or email, or visit the Youth Board website at

Official open of nominations 1st July Close of nominations 6th July Candidate training 9th - 10th July Voting period In school 11th July - 22nd July Rest of South Kilburn 25th July - 12nd August Election Results 12th August

Local Talent perform at The Theatre IT’S NOT every day that young

people from South Kilburn get to perform on a professional stage, but for the participants of the Blue Sky Arts & Media project based in South Kilburn it was all part of the programme! Blue Sky Arts & Media run professional courses in theatre, filmmaking and music making for young people. On the evening of Saturday 14th May students who successfully

completed the year performed their theatre show ‘Urban Stories’ and a series of short films entitled ‘Real Estate’ at the Hampstead Theatre in Swiss Cottage. The play and film had a strong message for young people today tackling issues such as drugs, violence in schools and peer pressure. Karl Wozny, Co-Director of Blue Sky Arts & Media said: "Blue Sky is a place where talented young

people can come, have a voice and get the support they need to progress in the arts world. What’s more is that powerful theatre and film for young people by young people gives them a great opportunity to shine." If you are aged between 14 & 25 and come from South Kilburn and want to find out more contact project manager Clive Lyttle on 0207 328 9669.

Announcing… ARE wedding bells about to ring? Have you recently welcomed a new arrival to your family? Let us know about it. Please send us notices of marriages, births, deaths or any other announcements you want to share and we’ll publish them in Spotlight.

The following courses take place: Monday



Queens Park Community Learning Centre




The Marian Centre




The Marian Centre


Film and Media


The Marian Centre


Avoid the chances of getting sick by not eating or drinking in excess.


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The African and Caribbean Voices Association True South Kilburn Pioneers Jasma, Dorothy, Deborah and Eris all have a lot in common. They are all South Kilburn residents; like the area they have lived in for over 20 years and they have all taken part in the Visible Voices project funded by South Kilburn New Deal for Communities and managed by the African and Caribbean Voices Association. The Visible Voices Reminiscence and Public Speaking training ran for 6 months and was attended by 15 South Kilburn veterans. Jasma, Dorothy, Deborah and Eris are the four lucky participants that are now taking part in the Local Pioneers aspect of the project. Local Pioneers celebrate the achievements and contributions made by local participants by printing and distributing posters featuring them and a short synopsis of their life stories. We present Jasma, Dorothy, Deborah and Eris, true South Kilburn Pioneers.

Mrs. Jasma Zygadlo What I am really proud of as a South Kilburn resident is the good example I set for my children and how they have turned out. I am proud of reaching my retirement. I live on an estate and I am friendly with the children on that estate. Just a smile and a chat with the children can get good results from them, your approach is very important. For example when kids do naughty things I call them quietly and talk to them then they turn around and thank me for keeping them out of trouble. I would tell all these children to be positive, strive to do their best and to be happy. I would let them know they have to be responsible for themselves when they become an adult and that their life is what they make it.

Residents’ Reps meeting DO YOUhave an issue you want addressed by South Kilburn NDC? Then why not book a spot to tell us about it at the next Residents’ Reps meeting? Meetings are held once a month in the evening between 6pm and 8pm To book a space or for more information contact Patricia on 020 7372 6061 or email

Deborah Jane Fadlymtiri Looking back over the last five years, I am proud of belonging to the Over Fifties group and also bringing up my daughter. She is doing well at St Augustine School. I feel people are happy to belong to the Over 50’s project. We organise outings and social events for people and everyone seems to enjoy it. In the past I worked as a Care Assistant and a Home Help but now I am the Chair of SKOPP South Kilburn Over 50’s group. Looking back on my life, the only thing I would change is I would be more focused on my education and I would have goals that I want to achieve in life. Dorothy Ann Murdoch I was born in Kilburn and I moved to South Kilburn in 1971. At the age of 23 years I was given my first real flat. It was really nice to have a flat on my own after living in crowded accommodation. This was also a stepping-stone towards bringing out my confidence. I brought up two children on my own and so joined the Salvation Army’s mothers and toddlers group. I also joined the local Tenants Association. My confidence has grown even more and I am now Vice-Chair of the Over 50’s project. I have spoken at meetings and we have launched the third year of the Over 50’s Festival. We want to get more people involved because I know there are many of my age living in this area. Eris Felix I am very proud of my children whom I brought up almost single-handed. I received great satisfaction from the career I chose, teaching. I have been doing this for 21 years in this country. I am always reminded of my success as I meet some of my past pupils and their parents. I have not made much difference in the community where I live because I gave my life to my children. I worked hard and apart from my career I had very little time for socialising. I would have liked to help educate the parents of the Caribbean’s who got their priorities wrong by going out to work when their children came in from school, thus leaving them unsupervised. To a young person beginning adulthood my advice would be to study and obtain as good a qualification as possible before anything else.



Spend about an hour double checking everything you have done before you leave for the airport.


J U LY 2 0 0 5

KIDS KREW WELCOME BACK back to Kids Krew – the


feature designed especially for South Kilburn’s youngest residents. This month we are pleased to introduce another member to you. Members have special access to the competitions and offers on this page. This is also where members can publish their drawings, poems stories or whatever else they want to share. Kids Krew challenge for June: The summer holidays are just around the corner. No more homework for 6 weeks – hurrah! But will you remember all the great things you learnt at school over the last year? For your chance to win a £10 high street voucher write a letter to us at

Kids Krew telling us about something you enjoyed learning at school. To become a member write Kids Krew, Spotlight, South Kilburn New Deal for Communities FREEPOST NAT 11268 London NW6 5BR (no stamp is required) and we’ll send you a membership form. We have also been asked by a number of residents to form a Krew for older residents. If you have any ideas or interests you would like us to include in Spotlight, regardless of your age, please get in touch with Edel Meremikwu on 020 7328 1199 or email

Congratulations to Latoya who has received her £10 voucher for her poem about Spring featured in June’s Spotlight

MY NAME: Omar AGE: 11



By Rev Bertha H During


S – OUTH KILBURN NEW DEAL we uphold O – ur programes are for young and old U – nited in spirit we move on T – ill every task is fully done H – appy and blessed days begun

HOBBIES: Football and swimming FAVORITE PEOPLE: Mum and Dad HAPPIEST DAY: When I went to Morroco WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT SOUTH KILBURN: The kind people WHAT I WOULD CHANGE IN SOUTH KILBURN: More playgrounds and parks Congratulations Omar One KIDS KREW member profile will be featured in Spotlight Magazine each month.


K – ids- parents – neighbours and their friends I – n love co-operate as each strife ends L – et’s rise up to this noble call B – uild better community for us all U – se every moment for the good R – esolve to enhance human hood N – ow over 50s enjoy this pleasant mood

Fancy a ‘cuppa? DROP in for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee every Tuesday from 10am to 11am at the Salvation Army in Chichester Road, South Kilburn. For more information contact Julie Pell on 020 7328 1312.

N – oble planners we say "Well done!" E – very NEW DEAL project we all welcome W – ith zeal and faith life’s race we run D – etermind to be excellent E – ach one reach one with his talent A – SOUTH KILBURN NEW DEAL excel L – et us with GOD’s love nobly dwell

Stop worrying and leave your cares behind by getting a friend or neighbour to look after your home.


J U LY 2 0 0 5


The Over-50’s Festival Week

In Collaboration with South Kilburn Older People’s Projects (S.K.O.P.P) and South Kilburn Festival Committee for Arts and Culture

Monday July 11 th 2005 Launch Day 12pm -5pm

Tuesday July 12




11 am

‘The big… big Luncheon Club’

Crime & Community Safety Event

Peel Precinct


!!!LAUNCH!!! Festival Launch by the Mayor, Chair of NDC, Leader of the Council and Chief Executive of South Kilburn NDC


balloons display Stewards on Duty


1.30pm Lunch

invites for 12 noon

(with video playback of previous festivals)

1.30pm- 4pm


The ‘Over 50’s’ Festival Conference ‘Regenerating South Kilburn... Will they still love me when I’m 50?’

Tea Dance


Wednesday July 13


Friday July 15 th

First Aid Post and Drinking Water




11am - 4pm



•AKADEMI •Elizabeth Smith •ADANTA •Debbie Fadlymitri •Jasma Zygalo •AISLIN •ACVO •Jerry Lee •Flamingo Carnival Arts (Carlton T.A. as back-up) 5pm Big Clean Up

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Thursday July 14 th



HEALTH DAY Supported by Theresa Kain Making Connections and Health Matters

South Kilburn Pensioners Forum presents Garden tips etc... courtesy of Elders Voice


12.30pm -1.30pm

Luncheon Club

4pm - 5pm


(video playback of previous festivals)


Saturday July 16 th

David (Health Matters) ACVO Performances Pianist Performance Sing-along • Dancing • Bingo





Visit to The Hackney Empire Theatre by coach ride.

Places Available. Contact below by 30th June 2005

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Edel Meremikwu July 2005