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Spotlight June 2005 Issue 39

Momentous day for South Kilburn

Webcam update: Go to to see how the demonstration homes are coming on.

INSIDE: Your questions answered on the allocation of the Albert Road Demonstration Homes on PAGE 4

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JUNE 2005

Report from the Board Hello and welcome to the June edition of Spotlight. PLEASE advise anyone who is not getting their copy of Spotlight to get in touch with us. South Kilburn NDC puts out its own magazine for residents every month. Spotlight is produced to keep you informed on what is going on in your community and to keep residents up-to-date on what we are doing here at the NDC. We want to ensure that everyone who lives in the area receives their copy and want to hear from anyone who is not getting a handdelivered copy through their letter box. Anyone who is experiencing problems with delivery should contact DISK on 020 7625 2170 or SKNDC 020 7328 9031.

IT’S JUNE already, where is the year going?! May was yet another jam packed month with elections, visits, more building work and not to mention half term and the two bank holidays! As no doubt all of you have noticed, the Albert Road Demonstration Homes are really starting to take shape. The NDC and Brent Council have now decided the procedure for allocating the homes. For more information and some frequently asked questions on the homes, turn to page 4. Also don’t forget that if you have any questions about any tenancy issues and would like some independent advice contact First Call on 0500 295999, who are always there to help. It was great to have the former Housing Minister, Keith Hill MP visit South Kilburn and lay the foundation stone at the Albert Road Demonstration

Homes. It was nice to see local residents and the NDC recognised at a senior level for all the work that has been done to get this project off the ground, especially considering the time given by all groups. I would like to say a special thank you to all those residents who sacrificed so much time to see through this project and make it the success it is. The demonstration homes will set the marker for the future of the Masterplan in terms of build and the level of resident involvement. Summer is just round the corner with lots planned in South Kilburn so I am sure June will be as busy as ever - let’s hope we get some nice weather!

Tanya Samuel South Kilburn NDC Board Chair

The next Board Meeting is at the Community Resource Centre in Albert Road on June 13 at 6pm.

Celebrations THE MONTH of May has many traditions and celebrations. Starting with the first day of May. The May Day celebrations which have their origins in The Roman festival of Flora the goddess of fruit and flowers, marking the beginning of summer. People would decorate their houses and villages with fresh-cut foliage and flowers gathered at dawn in the belief that the vegetation spirits would bring good fortune. Its no wonder that many of us use this month for gardening or improving the home. Whit Sunday is The Orthodox Church festival otherwise called Pentecost held on the Seventh Sunday after Easter. Whit Sunday 15th of May commemorates the coming of The Holy Spirit in

the form of flames to the disciples as recorded in The New Testament. Whit Sunday falls on the first bank holiday of the year in spring when many families go away to the coast or the countryside. On the 22nd of May follows Trinity Sunday, the first Sunday after Pentecost. The month of June enjoys a variety of celebrations. The 26th of June honours all Christian saints. It is a day Christians glorify Jesus Christ, who by his holy life and death made saints holy through baptism and faith. On June 13-14th is The Jewish Festival of Shavuot commemorating the giving of the Torah to the people of Israel. This follows the 21st of June; this is the celebration of the longest day of the year.

Your regeneration, you decide


ELECTION time for the NDC board is just round the corner. Eleven positions on the board are up for grabs and everyone who lives in South Kilburn and is over 18 can be nominated and vote. Keep an eye out for next month’s Spotlight for all the information you need, or visit



Do you know what projects SKNDC offers? Pick up the latest May project directory from 21 – 23 Peel Precinct.


JUNE 2005

Minister lays foundation stone of new homes FOLLOWING on from a string of high

profile visits to South Kilburn, Housing Minister*, Keith Hill MP visited South Kilburn to lay the foundation stone for the show homes on 23rd March. The homes have been designed at every stage by South Kilburn residents. The designs are environmentally friendly with blankets of flowers and plants on the roofs. The roof will not only be attractive, but will also reduce noise pollution, provide insulation and create a new ecological environment. The 20 maisonettes and flats to be built were designed by 18 residents along with Chassey and Last Architects. They will be built in advance of the main development to show the community how the future South Kilburn will look. Keith Hill was joined by the local residents who designed the show homes, Leader of Brent Council Ann John, housing executive Bobby Thomas, and other members of the local community.

Have your say…

Building the show homes are the important first step in regenerating South Kilburn and the implementation of the Masterplan. Tanya Samuel said, "Today is finally showing us that something we have designed and lobbied for has gained recognition at a high level" Keith Hill, on his first visit to South Kilburn said: "For too long, politicians didn’t listen to people to find out how they want to live" "I am really pleased to see people think there has already been good progress here" The day ended with Keith Hill laying the foundation stone for the Show Homes along with members of the board and the design committee. The building work is continuing and you can keep track on it by looking at the webcam on the SKNDC website Building work on the show homes is due to finish by February 2006. *As a result of the Election and Cabinet reshuffle Keith Hill is no longer the Housing Minister.

ODPM visits South Kilburn SOUTH KILBURN has also been

visited by Permanent Secretary at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mavis Mc Donald. The Permanent Secretary visited projects around the area on 5 April. Mavis Mc Donald last visited South Kilburn a year a go and was quick to comment on the huge changes that have happened over the last year. HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY

Did you know we have a Football Academy? Contact Re on 020 73727419.

CALLING all residents! We want to hear your story ideas, articles, poems, letter to the editor or listing for our event page. Don’t hesitate to call with any ideas you have. It may be about your memories of South Kilburn, an event you want to publicise or an issue you feel very strongly about. Spotlight is written for residents and is about residents so your ideas are very important. The deadline for the next edition is 10 June. Send your stories to Frances at DISK, Unit 2, Masefield House, Stafford Road, NW6 5YU or on 020 7625 2170. Or contact Edel Meremikwu on 020 7328 1199 or email e.meremikwu@skndc. net or write to us at South Kilburn New Deal for Communities, FREEPOST NAT 11268 London, NW6 5BR

FIND OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING HAVE you missed an NDC meeting? Or do you just want to find out what was discussed or decided? Minutes of all meetings can be sent straight to your door. Just give South Kilburn New Deal for Communities a call on 020 7328 1199.


JUNE 2005


DEMONSTRATION HOMES Albert News Update Twenty new homes will be available for South Kilburn tenants The allocation policy for the South Kilburn Demonstration Homes was approved on 12 April 2005

It is the intention of the Council and South Kilburn New Deal for Communities to raise residents’ awareness of the regeneration program by guaranteeing the allocation process of the new homes to all secure South Kilburn tenants who have already registered for a transfer. This means that we have been given the green light to invite tenants to apply for the new homes. Our plans will be to advertise all the properties available through the Choice Base letting scheme (Locata magazine).

Q Who is eligible to apply? A Brent Council tenants living within the South Kilburn area only. Q How do I apply? A Tenants who are registered on Brent transfer list living in South Kilburn will be eligible to bid for the new properties through the Locata Choice Base letting scheme. If you are not registered for a transfer, you will need to apply by completing a housing transfer form, which is available at South Kilburn Area housing office at William Dunbar House. All allocation will be considered on needs (banding order) and date order of approval. Q Explain the Council Banding system? A The Council will be letting all the new homes to those who make an application and who fall within the banding category listed below. Although we have a higher and a lower band, the process relies on an individual making an application, therefore those at the bottom end stand a good chance if others in the higher band do not make an application. Band A the highest category Band B the second category Band C the third category Band D the forth category Q When do I need to apply? A It is likely that we will be inviting application between June and July, all the new homes will be publicised through the Locata Homes magazine. Although the new homes will not be ready until 2006, we will be giving tenants the opportunity to choose their kitchen units from a range we have available, our contractors would require the exact details well in advance so that the specifications can be given to the builders.



Q Are these new homes for tenants who live in the 1st phase of the redevelopment only? A No. All tenants living within South Kilburn area, who are registered on the Council transfer list, will be eligible to apply. Q How many floors will there be and what sizes are they? A The block will be up to four storeys high with a door entry system, lift and a communal garden The bedroom sizes of the 20 units are: • 2 x 4 bedroom maisonette ground floor with gardens • 4 x 3 bedroom maisonette ground floor with gardens and one designed for a wheelchair user. • 4 x 2 bedroom flat second floor with balcony • 4 x 2 bedroom flat third floor with balcony • 2 x 1 bedroom flat fourth floor with balcony • 4 x 1 bedroom flat fourth floor split level flat with terrace

Q I am concerned that the new homes will be very small; will the space standard be the same as I have now? A The size of the new homes will be more generous than most current and new build social housing; our homes will be equivalent to the biggest flat in South Kilburn. An example of the measurement is listed below • 1 bed = 53 metre square or 570.51square foot • 2 bed = 80 m2 or 861.14 sqf • 3 bed = 98 m2 or 1054.90 sqf • 4 bed = 120 m2 or 1291.71 sqf

Q Who will be the landlord? A The London Borough of Brent on a temporary basis until a new landlord is appointed and this will be reviewed. Q Will I be entitled to a homeloss and disturbance allowance? A No Q Will I be entitled to compensation if I move to a smaller home? A As a way of encouraging tenants who no longer require large homes, the Council has developed the "tenant incentive" scheme which could pay up to £4,000 to those who move to a one bedroom. If you would like more information please contact Linda Beasley on 0207 624 8425 or go to

Do you want to get fit? Why not join our passport to fitness scheme, telephone 020 7641 4807 for more details


JUNE 2005

Youth Board Needs You!

YOU’VE SEEN the posters, you’ve read the leaflets

and now it’s your turn to do something to change the lives of young people in South Kilburn. No, we’re not reminiscing about the General Election campaign last month, this is the bigger and much more exciting Youth Board elections! Whilst some may complain about South Kilburn you can rest assured that you have done your best for the young people in your community. The Youth Board is the best thing that could happen for young people in the area and we urge everyone to get involved in some way and register to vote. This is YOUR opportunity to change things in YOUR area. We want all young people, aged between 11 and

24 in South Kilburn to register themselves to vote. This is your chance to have a say on the issues that affect YOU! As the election draws closer anyone that hasn’t registered to vote should do so NOW! You can do this by visiting or contacting Nik Clifton on 0207 688 0650 or email Everyone in South Kilburn is supporting The Youth Board and local group Best Kept Secrets are too. They say: "The Youth Board is a fantastic idea! Noone knows better than you do about what the youth of South Kilburn want. And now you can make a real difference! Every young person in South Kilburn needs to get involved – you can stand as a candidate, talk about it with mates, but most importantly, make sure you register to vote so that you can elect your reps and have your say for a better SK!" It’s up to you to make sure the Youth Board is a success. REGISTER NOW!

Fairbridge Bullet Boy Workshop

FAIRBRIDGE is a national charity supporting young people aged 13-25 in fourteen of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas helping to develop the confidence, motivation and skills they need to improve their lives. In April, Fairbridge teamed up with Life FM to run a session around gun crime for a group of young people from South Kilburn. The group went to see the film"Bullet Boy" and then engaged in a Q&A session with two of the films stars - Clark and Jadiel. The two young actors, who are from Brent, were able to relate to many of the issues that face young people living in South Kilburn today. This fascinating discussion HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY

around guns and gang culture will be followed by another session in May so that the group can produce a recording of the debate. Fairbridge aims to widen opportunities for young people living in South Kilburn through adventurous trips away from London, day sessions at the centres in Peel Precinct and projects such as this one. Young people can also access their music studio, sailing ship and outdoor expedition centres. Call 0207 625 0203 to find out more. Visit our website or our web shop www.buyatfairbridge to help us to raise funds.

Do you want to help improve your local public area? Contact Groundwork South Kilburn on 020 8743 3040

ARE YOU ORGANISING A COMMUNITY EVENT? IF SO, South Kilburn New Deal for Communities can help you spread the word by listing it in Spotlight. Contact us on 020 7328 1199 or email for the next edition of Spotlight on June 10.

Students visit to South Kilburn ON MAY 3RD 10 students studying Social Policy at Middlesex University visited South Kilburn NDC. As part of their course they visited a number of the projects in South Kilburn as well as quizzing Chief Executive, Jack Davies and the Deputy Chief Executive on the NDC and the local area. The students were very impressed at what is being achieved in South Kilburn and found it was invaluable for their studies.


JUNE 2005


Newest Additions to South Kilburn I WOULD like to introduce myself, Edel Meremikwu

Construction Open Day RESIDENTS from South Kilburn have attended an open day at the College of North West London providing them with information on all aspects of the construction industry. The open day took place on Friday 22nd April and was run by employment project Recolo who work to offer training and advice to the long term unemployed. Those who attended will hopefully play a pivotal role in the regeneration of South Kilburn. For more information on Recolo and the services they provide telephone 0207 372 2828 or simply drop into 19a Malvern Road.

as the new Communications Officer for South Kilburn New Deal for Communities (SKNDC). I previously worked for a community and voluntary sector organisation The Black Londoners Forum. I have also worked for The Screen Nation Film and Television Awards Ceremony 2003, and written for The Voice Newspaper Group. South Kilburn NDC also welcomes the new Director of Development Mark Adams to the team. His career in regeneration spans more than twenty five years. He

describes South Kilburn as "a genuine partnership with Brent and the local community". In the last three years he has worked for the Woodberry Down Estate in Hackney, similar to South Kilburn NDC. He was the former director of Holloway Co-Op, and has also worked on the regeneration of Tower Hamlets, as well as working for ten years in a community advice centre. He says "I am attracted to South Kilburn’s genuine partnership with Brent and the local community". He adds "I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work for South Kilburn".

Jobs for the locals… LOCAL lad Kieran has been working on building the Demonstration Homes and

gaining valuable experience in construction work. Kieran who has lived locally for over a year has been working in the construction trade for over 9 years. Kieran really enjoys working in the construction industry and says it is even better to be working so close to home and on something that changes the area he lives. Talking about the ups and down of the job, Kieran says "when the sun shines it is the best job in the world". However he is not so keen when it is raining and "you’ve got to be prepared to get muddy, especially when it is wet" Kieran comments, "it is a really good team down here, it will be great to see the shows homes built".

Recycle to Win BRENT COUNCIL is offering residents in South Kilburn the opportunity to win gift vouchers by recycling some of their waste. Green recycling bins were placed close to blocks last year to encourage residents to begin recycling right outside their doors. It’s all part of the Big Brent Clean-Up, a two year campaign to get people involved with keeping their streets and open spaces cleaner, safer and greener. This means we can protect and improve our environment both globally and locally, to make the quality of life better now and for future generations to come. Our recycling rate has been increasing steadily and in 3 years has jumped a massive eight per cent! There’s still some way to go but what we need now is more people recycling more of their waste more often.

So get drawing and you could win a fleece made from recycled plastic bottles, a wind up radio for your bedroom or stationary made from recycled materials. Entries should be taken to the NDC Office at 21-23 Peel Precinct marked FAO Residents Champion. Closing date for entries is Monday 4th July (don’t forget to put your name, address and telephone number on the back) and winners will be invited to attend the presentation of prizes by a special guest on July 11th in Peel Precinct (2pm-3pm) If you would like further information please contact the Recycling Team on 020 8937 5095.

How to help your block to win: Throughout June the use of recycling bins will be monitored and points awarded for materials recycled – the more recycling material in the correct bin, the more points you earn. Points will be deducted if the bin contains materials which should NOT be in that bin e.g. plastic or cardboard. But you can earn extra points for your block by pledging to recycle. The more flats that pledge to recycle, the more points you earn – pledge cards will also be available at the NDC Office, 21-23 Peel Precinct. Calling all children – design a poster to help remind everyone in your block to recycle using the green recycling bins. The winning designs will be made into large posters and displayed on the recycling bins.



Do you want to get money wise? Why not join our Money Matters programme? Call 0870 760 6834 for more details


JUNE 2005

Groundwork in Full Swing FOLLOWING on from last year’s consultations with residents, Groundwork West London hosted an open afternoon on Thursday 28 April at Hereford House. They displayed drawings of some of the suggested improvements to the podium gardens at Hereford House and Exeter Court. Many of you asked for children’s play facilities. Groundwork response is a "3G play area" with equipment specifically designed to allow parents and children to play in a safe stimulating environment. The plan also includes the provision of a play worker to encourage all age groups, especially the older generation, to use the equipment to exercise daily and

to develop mobility skills. A community garden including funding for a community gardener is planned. Along with the provision of tools, gardening clubs will be formed and will be your chance to get your hands dirty! Drawings of the seated area where all residents will be able to sit in the sunshine, or the shade, whilst watching the 3G play ground in full swing or simply enjoy the flower beds created by the gardening club were on show. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend the open afternoon as questionnaires (including stamped reply envelopes) will be delivered to all residents. The questionnaire is your chance to ensure that you get to add your thoughts on

how to improve your gardens. (Keep an eye on Spotlight for updates later in the year on how the plans are developing and for the big launch day event).

Lighten Up!

It’s all kicking off! The football project is now up and running, there’s a training session available for every age from 5 to 17. For more details and to register just ring the telephone number above and ask for Nick.The adult five-a-side league starts on Thursday 9th June. The league runs every Thursday from 7pm9pm with three games each week, and it is open to everyone over the age of 18. So if you’re a South Kilburn resident find four mates, make up a team name and register. The deadline for team registration is Wednesday 8th June. Any budding HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY

coaches can sign up for an FA Level 1 course being run over the first two weekends of July. The course is free and lasts from 9am to 6pm. Nick Perchard, QPR South Kilburn NDC Football Co-ordinator. Telephone 020 7625 2531.

Did you know 2005 is the year of the volunteer, why not get involved in your area? Contact Marlene McEachrane on 020 7372 6061

ON SATURDAY 7 May in a workshop organised by Groundwork West London, artists worked with the residents to explore art with light. 25 children and adults braved the icy hail stones and were rewarded with a fun and creative few hours that helped to brighten up the dark cloudy day. All the participants showed what bright sparks they are by creating and decorating beautiful lanterns, which were the highlight of the Lighting Parade, held on Friday 20 May between 7.00pm 9.00pm. This brilliant workshop formed part of the Blake Court and Wordsworth House Lighting Projects.


JUNE 2005


South Kilburn Decent Homes Programme June 2005 Update Internal Works Programme Progress on the internal works programme is moving swiftly on. At present about 120 homes have had the internal works completed with a further 56 homes with work ongoing at any one time. The general scope of the works includes a new kitchen for all tenants and new bathrooms, wiring and central heating boilers as required. Associated works include new flooring, decorations and wall tiling to the kitchen and bathroom. The internals programme is scheduled for completion in December 2005. Work to the outstanding blocks will be completed by Niblock Builders between now and then with the exception of Allington Road and Kilburn Lane tenants whose internal work will be tendered as part of the externals works package. As such we don’t know who will win the tender but we are aiming to carry out the works within the same time frame. The site locations are surrounded in distinctive timber hoarding painted in the Brent Housing Partnership colours. These hoardings will be clearly sign posted to direct you to your resident liaison officer who is your first point of contact relating to the internal works programme.

Resident Liaison Officers and your points of contact If you have any problems relating to the major works programme before, during or after the works please contact the site based and dedicated resident liaison officer for your property as shown below in the first instance. They will be able to assist you with any query related to the works. Gorefield House, Carlton House, William Dunbar House and William Saville House

Niblock Building Contractors Contact Ann King. No: 0207 372 5165

Alpha House and Canterbury Court

Mitie Property Services Contact Mahroof Anwar No:07979 701 479

The Major Works Team Surveying Consultant

Allen Construction Consultancy Contact No. 01442 212679


Brent Housing Partnership, Major Works Team Contact No. 020 8937 2490


External Works & the Consultation Process The first round of leaseholder consultation meetings held in February this year were very successful and well attended. The next phase of consultation is scheduled to take place over the coming months and will include leaseholder pre tender consultation, general resident consultation on the scope and extent of the works to be carried out and order of programming. The resident steering group made up of representatives from the each of the resident associations and some block representatives meets monthly and is still going strong thanks to keenness and enthusiasm of it members. The steering group is aware of the outline proposals and have agreed them in principle, subject to wider consultation on a block by block basis. The external works have been broken down into 4 phases. The first phase of works will be Allington Road and Kilburn Lane, the remaining phases are yet to be decided on but we intend to start the work in each phase at four month intervals starting from September this year. Please watch out for the meeting dates and the Major works newsletters, these will give you more information about the phases of the programme closer to the time. Please try to attend the meetings and consultation sessions, this is your opportunity to shape the programme and have a say in what happens to your home. If you have any concerns at this stage please contact Andros Loizou, Major Works Surveyor on 0208 937 2355.

Please Beware of Bogus Callers Always ask to see proof of identity before letting someone in. If they are genuine they will not be offended. If you are still unsure call the Major Works Team on 020 8937 2490. Remember, we work between 8am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday. A suspicious caller in the evening or on the weekend should be reported to the police, before someone lets them in.



Do you want to become a board member? Keep an eye on the election information in next month’s Spotlight.


JUNE 2005

Community Chest Awards 2004-05 THE 2005 renewal of the

Community Chest Awards was a ‘grand affair’ held at the Wembley Plaza Hotel located in Brent on 14th March 2005 4pm – 7pm. Two special guests were present on the day; winner of Mastermind 2004 Shaun Wallace and Councillor Colum Maloney Deputy Mayor of Brent 2004-05; handing out presentation cheques to organisations who conducted activities and services in 2004/05. It was a great turnout, over one hundred people attended, largely representatives from Brent wide community and voluntary organisations. The purpose of The Community Chest is to encourage and support local organisations which can make a real difference in the community. The Community Chest partnership includes Genesis Housing Association, the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit and South Kilburn New Deal for Communities. A total of fifty four groups benefited from South Kilburn

NDC’s 2004-05 programme that consists of ‘The South Kilburn Community Chest’(a pot of up to £3,000 made available to small community organisations operating in the South Kilburn NDC area) and ‘Christmas Grant Funding’ (between £200-£300 made available to organisations at a busy community period). As manager of the South Kilburn Community Chest I can proudly state that there have been one hundred and twenty three

allocations of Community Chest funding in the last three years of this programme. We would like to continue to build on this success in the future. A big thanks to all those involved in delivering a successful South Kilburn Community Chest programme. To find out more about The Community Chest Programme please contact me, Shane Lawrence on 0207 372 6061, or email at

Carers Week CARERS WEEK supports the

UK’s six million carers – people who look after a sick or disabled friend, partner or relative. The theme of this year’s Carers Week is "work, rest and play" to highlight the right of every carer to have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives of their own, whether through work, study or leisure activities. The Making Connections Project is holding a number of events as part of this year’s National Carers Week (June 13-19). In previous years the Making Connections Project has organised events, such as a Canal Cruise, complimentary therapy tester day and a trip to Kew Gardens. Carers who have attended these events have enjoyed themselves, getting a HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY

break from their caring role and a chance to meet other carers. The Making Connections Project has an established South Kilburn Carers Support group that meets the third Wednesday of each month 10.30am – 12.00noon at the Sure Start Portacabin, 2A Canterbury Road, Kilburn. You can come along for advice, information and support at a drop in session every Thursday 2-5pm at Health Matters. Other events for this year’s Carers Week. Monday 13th June Introduction to Internet Shopping BACES College Carlton Centre 10am – 12noon & 1-3pm Wednesday 15th June (1-4pm) Quizes, Dancing, Complementary therapies, food and a cream tea!

Friday 17th June Trip to Southend-on-Sea. All events are free. So why not come and join other carers for information, fun, relaxation and a break, go on treat yourself you deserve it! For further information please contact Teresa Kain – Carers Support & Development Officer on 020 7625 2531 at the Health Matters 5 Peel Precinct, Kilburn.

Do you want to get involved in the Youth Board? Contact Nik on 0208 688 0673

Peer Education Project YOUNG people and young parents are to be trained as Peer Educators in giving sexual health information and advice to other young people in the South Kilburn area. Course runs from 16th June – 1st September. Places available book now! Contact Paula or Christina at No 2 Peel Precinct Email tpproject@kilurnyout or Text 07749422905


JUNE 2005



One hundred and twenty five years ago

ARE wedding bells about to ring? Have you recently welcomed a new arrival to your family? Let us know about it. Please send us notices of marriages, births, deaths, or any other announcements you want to share, and we’ll publish them in Spotlight.

FOUNDED IN 1880, J H Kenyon Funeral Directors is now in its 125 year. Responsible for many high profile funerals including Winston Churchill’s, the 8th Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s Father. Kenyon’s has a rich history which is being celebrated in a new book. Owned by Dignity Funerals, Kenyons takes a keen interest in charity work. Dignity Funerals is working with Worldvision to raise funds for three communities in Sri Lanka hit by the tsunami last December. They hope to raise £50,000 to support projects for displaced children. They have already raised £11,685 through sponsored walks, charity football matches and car boot sales. Celia Smith Dip. F.D. holds monthly fundraising afternoons; an Easter Egg collection from local businesses to give to children at the Salvation Army on Chichester Road. Last Christmas she encouraged people to remember their loved ones by creating a "Tree of Remembrance". Watch out for the posters in Kenyons’s windows for the dates of the forthcoming Cake Break in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. It’s staggering to think of all the changes that have

Over 50’s Festival Week 2005

A Glance at History

JOIN us and take part in the Over 50’s Festival in July. This is a collaboration with South Kilburn Festival Committee for Arts and Culture and South Kilburn Older Peoples Project. For more information contact Peter Cull on 0207 372 3355 on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 -4pm.The festival will be a week long affair beginning from the 11th16th of July.


TUESDAY 8TH MAY 1945, was Victory in Europe, known as (VE) Day; this marked the formal end of Hitler’s War (1939-1945) It is also known as The People’s War because so many nationalities were involved. With it came the end of the six years of suffering, misery, courage and endurance across the world. People reacted differently to the end of the war. Things would never be the same again. So how do we remember today? Remembrance is about remembering those who did their best in frightening and dangerous circumstances for the sake of their country. The two minute silence is very


happened in our world since Kenyons opened their 125 years ago; two World Wars, the invention of every day items such as the mobile phone and the internet, the car and the washing machine. Do you have any memories or stories about the changing face of life in South Kilburn? Contact us at South Kilburn New Deal for Communities, 21-23 Peel Precinct, Kilburn, NW6 5BS, 020 7328 1199.

important as the guns of Europe fell silent after The First World War. This first Remembrance Day and The King of England issued a proclamation which called for a respectful silence for the dead. This later came to include all of those who had fallen in the two World Wars and later conflicts. Fifty five year old resident Maureen Lucas, who lives in Godwin House on Oxford Road, says "I always wear a poppy; it’s a sign of respect even though it was before I was born". Scarlet poppies represent the fallen bodies of soldiers. The poppy has significance as a lasting symbol to the sacrifrice of the glorious dead.

Local resident John Tyson who is sixty five and lives in William Dunbar House says: "I think that everyone should remember them on this day. VE Day is about the people who fought in the Second World War many of them lost their lives." Community Worker Ayen Abdi, who is twenty six years old says, "It’s good to remember the people who were brave for this country". Maureen Ives, who lives in Durham Court, was only four years old when the war ended. "I don’t think that the people who fought for Britain are recognised enough for what they went through". We mourn those who were lost in battle and honor their courage. For every day and hour that they risked their lives for victory over fascism we salute their glory! To find out more about the Second World War visit www.their-pastyour

Is something not right in your block? Contact the Resident Champions on 0800 781 7933


JUNE 2005



feature designed especially for South Kilburn’s youngest residents. This month we are pleased to introduce another member to you. Members have special access to the competitions and offers on this page. This is also where members can publish their drawings, poems stories or whatever else they want to share. Kids Krew challenge for June: It is Father’s Day on June 20th. Send us a story about your favourite day that you spent with your Dad or the best day you’ve ever had with your brother, uncle or Grandfather. Our favourite will win a £10 High Street voucher.

To become a member write to Kids Krew, Spotlight, South Kilburn New Deal for Communities FREEPOST NAT 11268 London NW6 5BR (no stamp is required) and we’ll send you a membership form. We have also been asked by a number of residents to form a Krew for older residents. If you have any ideas or interests you would like us to include in Spotlight, regardless of your age, please get in touch with Edel Meremikwu on 020 7328 1199 or email

Congratulations to Lisa who has received her £10 voucher for her poem about Easter featured in May’s Spotlight.


HOBBIES: Racing FAVORITE PERSON: My Mum HAPPIEST DAY: When I went to Disney Land

By Latoya, aged 9


Spring is a time when the flowers start to bloom,

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE IN SOUTH KILBURN: More police on the streets Congratulations Emmanuel. One KIDS KREW member profile will be featured in Spotlight Magazine each month. Kids Krew would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Kids Krew member Aaron who is 9 at the beginning of this month

Fancy a ‘cuppa? DROP in for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee every Tuesday from 10am to 11am at the Salvation Army in Chichester Road, South Kilburn. For more information contact Julie Pell on 020 7328 1312.

And the leaves on the trees are bright and green, The birds wake me up in the morning with the high spring, And the grass in the gardens grow for animals to eat, Sun and wind is cold it is what we call it warm, And next time you try to plant flowers remember what spring is about, Don’t wear shorts out unless you check because spring is misleading sometimes, And also spring will make everyone happy for so many days, Have a nice spring when it come and enjoy fast.


Find out more about SKNDC, come to the Board Meeting. The next one will be at the Community Resource Centre on 13 June at 6pm.


JUNE 2005


Residents’ Champions SOUTH Kilburn New Deal for Communities Residents’ Champions work on behalf of people living in South Kilburn to improve the area.








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0800 781 7933 E

PHONE NO. 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7624 4319 020 7372 1699 020 7372 6061 020 7328 9031 020 7372 6061 020 7328 9031 020 7328 1199 020 7372 6061 020 7624 4319 020 7328 9031 020 7328 9031 020 7328 1199 020 7328 1199 020 7328 9031 020 7328 9031 020 7328 9031 020 7328 9031 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7328 9031 020 7328 1199 020 7372 6061 020 7328 1199 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7372 6061 020 7328 1199 020 7624 4319 020 7325 2170 020 7372 6061


LOCATION Portacabin Portacabin Portacabin Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin Portacabin 21-23 Peel Precinct Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct 23 Peel Precinct 23 Peel Precinct 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin Portacabin Portacabin Portacabin Portacabin 23 Peel Precinct Portacabin DISK, Stafford Road Portacabin


TITLE Project Officer Project Manager (Crime & Community) Finance & Monitoring Manager Deputy Chief Executive Project Manager (Young People & Education) Website Administrator Administrative Officer Communications Officer Resident Champion Project Officer (Housing) Finance & Monitoring Officer Administrative Officer Finance and Monitoring Officer Administrative Assistant Chief Executive P/T Communications Officer Communications Manager Office Manager P/T Communications Officer Project Manager (Healthy Living Initiative)Brent PCT Director of Development Neighbourhood Renewal Officer PA to Chief Executive Project Manager (Health) Resident Champion Community Development Officer Project Officer Research & Theme Evaluator Administrative Officer Chair of the Board Administrative Assistant Finance and Monitoring Support Officer Project Administrative Assistant


We can help! Contact


NAME Adelle Mauricette Amanda Wood Anne Shaw Bill Husband Claire White Daniel Letras Diana Agyen Edel Meremikwu Frances Ampiah-Kwofi Frano Basica Georgie Tar Gillian Salmon Gusa Hall Helen Tsegai Jack Davies James Sachon Jo Merriman Julie Ahluwalia Jane Abbot Jane Matheson Mark Adams Naomi Marriott Patricia Greene Robert Dyer Sade Ademosun Shane Lawrence Shehzad Ahmed Suzanne Omassa Taaliba Dacres Tanya Samuel Theresa Peters-Clachar Tsige Shiferaw Walking Talkers Yemani Habte



South Kilburn New Deal for Communities 23 Peel Precinct South Kilburn NW6 5BS - Main Office: Telephone: 020 7328 1199 Fax: 020 7328 1047 Project Team: Telephone: 020 7372 6061 Fax: 020 7328 6862 Corporate Services Telephone: 020 7328 9031 Fax: 020 7328 1047



South Kilburn New Deal for Communities Contacts





During the evenings the Residents’ Champions will also be conducting door to door canvassing in your area to find what issues are affecting you and taking them up on your behalf. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR THE CLEANEST BLOCK COMPETITION.


at 21-23 Peel Precinct. To contact the Residents’ Champions call into the office between 9am and 5pm weekdays or call on the new Residents’ Champions free hotline number: 0800 781 7933 or call on 020 7328 1199 and the Residents’ Champions will call you straight back.


outstanding housing repairs, abandoned vehicles, cleaning in blocks of flats and any other issues that affect tenants such as the state of communal grounds. The Residents’ Champions are based out of South Kilburn New Deal for Communities main office


THEY WANT to hear about litter,

Do you have an issue you want addressed by South Kilburn NDC? Then why not book a spot to tell us about it at the next Residents’ Reps Meeting? Meetings are held once a month in the evening between 6pm and 8pm To book a space or for more information contact Patricia on 020 7372 6061 on or email

We want to hear from YOU Calling all residents! We want to hear from you and want your story ideas, articles poems, letters to the editor or listings for our events page. Don’t hesitate to call with your ideas – if you are not sure how to put a story together give us a call and we’ll talk you through it or arrange a time for you to come in to talk about it. The final deadline for next edition of Spotlight is June 10. Send your stories to Frances at DISK, Unit 2, Masefield House, Stafford Road, NW6 5YU or on 020 7625 2170. Or contact Jo Merriman at South Kilburn New Deal for Communities, 21-23 Peel Precinct, Kilburn, NW6 5BS, 020 7328 1199. South Kilburn New Deal for Communities FREEPOST NAT 11268 London NW6 5BR.


Spotlight Issue 39 June 2005. Produced by South Kilburn New Deal for Communities in partnership with DISK, Unit 2 Masefield House, Stafford Road NW6 5YU. South Kilburn New Deal for Communities (NDC) reserve the right to use any photographs that have been taken at NDC events, meetings and projects for NDC marketing and publicity purposes.

Spotlight Magazine Brent Council  

Edel Meremikwu June 2005

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