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Getting Out & About...

Summer Activities for All the Family... There are  lots  of  fun  and   exciting  things  to   do   over   the   summer   holidays  as  a  family  in  the  department  of  Deux-­‐Sèvres.    I  have  listed   some   of   these   activities   below   to   help   you   decide   what   to   do.     These  chosen  activities  are  for   all   ages  and  for  both  families  living   in  the  area  and  on  holiday  in  France. Whatever  you   choose,   have  fun   and  remember   to  stay  safe  in  the   sun!  

Activities for Children Children's activity  camps  like  “Le  loup-­‐Garou”  are  great   for  children   from  6  to  14  years  old.    They  can  go   on  small   adventure  holidays   and   do   all   sorts   of   outdoor   activities   like   camping,  horse  riding,   mountain  biking,  swimming  and  canoeing.     Visit  www.loup-­‐  for  more  information.  

(This is   a  french  association,   so  it   would  be  best   if  your  child  has  a  high  level  of   french.    Schools  usually  send  you  a  leaflet  about  these  camps.)

Local swimming  pools  are  great   for   families  with   kids.    There  are   many  outdoor   and   indoor   pools  to  choose   from.     You   can   leave   your  children  at  the  pool  for  an  afternoon  and  they  can  have  lots  of   fun.  You  can   buy  a  pack  of  10  tickets   for   10   swims  at   most   pools.     This  is  a  cheaper  way  of  getting  lots  of  swims.   Visit­‐   to   find  your  local  pool.   This  is   a   french   website   and   can   not   be  translated  into  english.

by Philippa George

Family Activities

• Park Adventure:   A  great  day  out  for  all  the  family.     Go  swinging   though  the  trees  on  a  zip  line   course   or   go  climbing  across  the   forest  on  their   3  different   courses  for   all  ages.    If  you   don't   like   heights,  you  can  do  a  round  of  mini  golf. Visit:  www.parc-­‐aventure-­‐  for  more  information. • Boca   speed   karting:     A   fun   activity   for   families   with   older   children.  Race  each  other  around  the  outdoor  880  meter  course. Visit:  for  more  information. • Le  rocher  branlant:    A  fun   park  for  families.  Ideal  for  picnics.  It's  a   fun  place  for  small  children  to  play  and  a  great  place  if  you  like  to   walk.   • Mouton   village:    A  great   place   for   young  children  where   they   can  see  and  touch  the  animals. Visit:  for  more  information. • Park  de  la  vallée:     A  fun  amusement  park  for  all  ages.     Includes  a   small  roller-­‐coster,  western  themed  area  and  a  small  aquatic  area. Visit:  for  more  information. • Le  Venise  Vert:    A  relaxing  day  out  to  the  villages   of  the  Marais   Poitevin.    A  great  place  for  picnics  and  looking  around   as  well  as   all  the  different  boat  rides  around  the  canals. Visit:  www.ville-­‐  for  more  information. There   are  lots   of   plans  d'eau,  lakes   where  you  can   fish,  swim,  canoe,   and  all  sorts  of  other   activities.    There  is  also  usually  a  restaurant,  cafe   and  a  life  guard  onsite.     You   can   find   one   in   Secondigny,   Lambon,  Verruyes,  St   Christophe   sur   Roc  and  Luché-­‐Thuouarsais.

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