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New Salon Now Open

In the   centre   of   Chef   Boutonne,   the   salon   provides   a   light   and   modern  space  to  enjoy  all  the  hairdressing  services  expected  from   a  highly  experienced  and  dedicated  team.  

Colour Advert Size A or B, only 38€ per month or from 33,33€ per month for 12 months.

Established over   thirty   years   ago   in   the   UK,   Michael   William   Hairdressing  expanded  into  the  Haute  Vienne  in  2009   and  is  proud   to  have  now  launched  a  second  salon  in  the  Deux-­‐Sèvres.

Michael William  Hairdressing  philosophy  is  simple: To  provide   a   unique  speciality  in   hair   care  and  design,  welcoming   clients   whatever   their   needs   to   receive   the   highest   standards   at   affordable  costs. Our   salon   allows  you  to   relax   from   the   moment   you   enter;   fresh   refreshments   are   always   on   hand,  as   well   as   wi-­‐fi   and   the   latest   magazines,   all   of   course  complimentary.     We  also   have   plenty   of   space   for   those   accompanying  you  to  relax,  everyone   is  welcome.   Your   time  with   us   is   as   individual   as   you   and   you   can   always   be   assured  of  our  undivided  attention. What  makes  us  unique? Well   it's   simple.  We   listen   to   what   people  want  and   we  identified   that  people  missed  the  'salon'  experience.   Our   consultation   process  allows   you   to   discuss  in   confidence  your   ideas  and  needs  and  we  work  together  to  create  a  style  that   not  only   looks  and  feels  great  at  the  time  of  its  creation  but  lasts  and  is   easy   to  manage.   As   your  haircut  and/or  colour  is  the  focus  of  your   time  with  us,  you   can   have  confidence   that  the  techniques  we  use  are  those  passed   down  from  major  industry  leaders  as  we  now   continue  to   develop   and   lead  the  next   generation   of   stylists.  Professionalism  is   always   imperative  to  us.   So  whatever  your  requirements,  from  a  precision   cut  to  a  complete   restyle   and/or   colour,  or   if   you   have   a  concern   with   your   hair   or   scalp,   visit   Michael   William   Hairdressing,   a   real   salon   experience   delivered  with  care,  expertise  and  professionalism.......every  visit.

A HUGE  Thank  You  to   all   the   lovely   ladies   who   joined  the   ‘Race   For   Life’   to   support   C a n c e r   S u p p o r t   D e u x -­‐ S e v r e s   o n   Saturday  15th  June. A  fun  time  was  had  by  all  and  we  raised  a  tidy  sum  for  a  very   worthwhile   cause.     If   you   would   like   to   make   a   donation,   please  email:

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