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Have some fun with the family and give GEOCACHING a try MOVIE REVIEW - “The Beaver” with Mel Gibson Can your dog SUPER STAY for a Guinness World Record? and much more!


Your child a place on a Children’s Summer Workshop


SPLAT Cooking

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Dear Readers, Welcome to the double summer edition covering July and August. With the weather starting to warm up, it’s the perfect time to get out and about in the community and you don’t need to look very far for inspiration. Our “What’s On” pages are jam packed with events and things to do this summer and I am extremely grateful to those of you who provide this information each month for our readers - you know who you are! If you fancy doing something a little bit different this summer, take a look at our article “Geocaching” on page 3. It’s something I’d never heard of before but it sounds like great fun and I feel quite tempted to have a go, even though my sense of direction leaves alot to be desired.... even WITH GPS! SPLAT Cooking have provided us with another fantastic competition this month so make sure you get your entry in on time. It’s such a great prize but we need lot’s of entries to make sure that we can offer more competitions like this in future issues! Whatever you get up to this summer, have a great time and I’ll see you in September!


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4 | | 01725 511098 | Fancy a fun-filled activity all the Family can enjoy? Then give Geocaching a try. “Why don’t you switch off your TV set and go and do something less boring instead?” was the irritatingly catchy theme-tune from popular children’s television show “Why Don’t You?” Nowadays, “TV” would have to be replaced with Games-console/Laptop/Mobile phone or the latest must-have electronic gadget we can’t live without.

Geocaching The GPS Treasure Hunt But there is a way to convince the whole family out of the house with an electronic device whilst enjoying a good walk or bike ride in the countryside: Geocaching. This involves tracking down hidden items, or caches, with a GPS device and recording your find. You log-on to the Internet to find the coordinates of the cache, and then use your eyes to locate its exact whereabouts – like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Look online and you’ll find videos of cleverly hidden caches – inside sawn-up logs in forests, stuck-up pipes by rivers and even stuffed in plastic bricks as part of the wall of a disused building. They’re usually made up of a logbook sealed in a plastic box or ammo-case, along with small trinkets to keep or swap for something of similar value, and are always found outdoors. And if you’re really lucky, you might come across a “trackable” – a numbered coin or dogtag that’s moved from cache to cache. Each time it is moved, its serial number is logged on-line so it can be tracked. Bought online for a couple of pounds, some have been known to travel

more than 10,000 miles over 3 continents. Geocaching started in the US after early GPS-enthusiast Dave Ulmer planted a bucket filled with videos, books, software and a slingshot, together with a logbook and pencil, in woods near his house. After posting the coordinates online on May 3rd 2000, his package was found twice within two days after word spread rapidly among the online community. The official Geocaching website launched in September 2000 with the coordinates for 75 caches across the world listed on it. The craze soon took-off and today there are over 1.3m caches hidden in over 100 countries across the globe, with 5 million registered users. And it’s really simple to start Geocaching – just create a free membership on www.geocaching. com, type in your postcode to find caches near you, invest in a GPS device or mobile phone with GPS capability and that’s it, you’re ready. Most GPS devices take you within 6-20 feet of the object so be prepared to spend a while looking for the cache when you arrive there - this is the bit that the kids always love the best. And remember to always respect the countryside where the cache is found – don’t leave litter or damage the environment. So for a fantastic family day out that doesn’t cost a fortune, often set in stunning countryside, why don’t you give Geocaching a go? It’s certainly less boring than watching TV. Be careful of Muggles near a cache though – Muggles are non-geocachers who are sometimes near caches, such as people innocently walking their dog. Cachers try not to reveal what they’re doing to Muggles! Next month, read about some real Geocaching experiences.

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Floral Whispers is an exciting floral design company serving Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

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Unit 22, Whaddon Business Park, Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3HF

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6 | | 01725 511098 |

Polish up your

Cleaning Skills


cademics, unlike housewives, clearly have too much time on their hands. After a detailed study which took some 15 years, they came to the conclusion that the reason women earn less money than men is that they do more housework. Apparently the 18 per cent difference in earnings between the sexes is mainly caused by women having children and then choosing to spend more time than men on their upbringing. Not to mention the fact that women do the majority of daily household chores - notably cooking, laundry and shopping - according to the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Men, meanwhile, tend to confine themselves to gardening and DIY repairs at weekends. In addition, chores often tackled by women - such as cooking meals - usually have to be done at a set time. “It is likely that the relative inflexibility of housework for women in couples reduces their availability in the labour market,” said the study.

the home. And wives and live-in girlfriends do more than 12 hours of domestic work every week, with destructive results for their careers. So, ladies, the answer clearly is to get that housework done as quickly as possible or hire a cleaner & help. But if you can’t find or afford a good one, the next best thing is to arm yourself with the best cleaning products you can find (often these can be eco-friendly and home-made), an assortment of rubber gloves and cleaning cloths, and set yourself a simple rota of chores. Experts advise you to work room by room, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming from top to bottom to reduce dust between cleaning sessions.

The British Household Panel Study, which followed the same 5,000 families for more than 15 years, found the following:

TV’s Queens of Clean, Kim and Aggie from “How Clean is Your House?” have an assortment of eco-friendly cleaning hints in their Cleaning Bible.

While men do only four or five hours of household work a week, single women put seven hours into cleaning and maintaining

They praise bicarbonate of soda as very much more than a baking ingredient. Mix with a little warm water to make a paste, and they

say this will clean everything from fridges to ovens. (Leave the paste on the oven overnight for sparkling clean!) Clear vinegar is great for getting stains out. Simply mix two parts of water with one part vinegar and leave overnight. Clean lime scale off bathroom showers and taps by soaking in hot vinegar (wrap kitchen roll around taps), and you can even use a vinegar solution to clean the windows. They also recommend soda water for getting red wine stains out of carpets. And try unblocking sinks by pouring down some bicarbonate of soda, followed by some clear vinegar. This solution should fizz and bubble up, and give your pipes a good cleaning out without the use of any harmful chemicals. You can get more useful tips from Kim & Aggie’s Cleaning Bible. But always remember, when handling any cleaning products - especially those containing bleach - protect your hands with rubber gloves.

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Daily / Weekly / Monthly / One-off Fully Insured Materials Supplied Available 7 days a Week Experienced, Reliable Staff Domestic to Deep Cleaning

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Reliable Ironing Service We collect and deliver to most areas. Hangers and covers supplied for return. For prices and more info phone Teresa on 01722 337371 after 10 am or 07746 584839 anytime.

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Unbelievable illusions

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S erva nte

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Make your child’s party a memorable event with the Scott Servante Magic Show Enquiries and Bookings (01722) 503565 Member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians Member of Equity (The Performer’s Union)

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CALL TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Project management & assistance with project management available. References can be provided.

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COMPETITION WIN your child a place on our

Children’s Summer Workshop It’s easy to enter. Just answer the following:“The asparagus wraps below are made from filo pastry. Name ONE other type of pastry commonly used in baking” Email your answer to and also give the name of the child entering and a daytime telephone number. One winner will be selected from the correct entries and then notified. Closing date is Friday 29th July 2011. GOOD LUCK!

Asparagus Wraps Ingredients: 1 bunch asparagus, ends trimmed Pack of filo pastry Garlic or rosemary flavoured olive oil for brushing (or use the lemon vinaigrette below) Parmesan cheese shavings You will need....... Saucepan ~ Pastry brush ~ Scissors ~ Baking Tray ~ An Adult How to make asparagus wraps.... WASH YOUR HANDS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Ask an adult to preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6. Ask an adult to help you steam the asparagus for 3 minutes until just tender, drain, refresh in cold water and set to one side. Unwrap the filo pastry and cut in half lengthways, cover with a damp tea towel to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Take one sheet of filo at a time, lay it out flat and brush it with olive oil, sprinkle some parmesan cheese shavings in a row down the centre and lay 2-3 asparagus spears on top so that the heads are sticking out. Gently roll them up and lay then on a greased baking tray with the seam underneath. Brush the tops with more olive oil and sprinkle a little more Parmesan over them. Repeat until you’ve used up all the asparagus. Ask an adult to put the tray into the oven for around 12-15 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. Ask an adult to remove from the oven and move to a wire rack to cool. Splat Cooking (Salisbury) tel: 01722 340640 Email:

10 | | 01725 511098 |


The Beaver

Repairs to all makes & models of Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Electric Cookers & Fridge Freezers

Starring: Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Cherry Jones, Riley Thomas Stewart Director: Jodie Foster Released: 17th June Rating: 12A


n perhaps a case of art imitating life, Mel Gibson stars as Walter Black, a once successful man plagued by his own demons, leading to horrendous depression and a failed suicide attempt. His business is going under, and his oldest son Porter (Yelchin) despises him. His wife Meredith (Foster) is frustrated and tortured by his condition, and youngest son Henry (Stewart) seems confused and vulnerable. As Meredith finally cracks and locks him out of the house, all seems lost until Walter stumbles upon a thrown-away beaver hand puppet in a dumpster, picks it up on a whim, and uses it to reconnect with his family and colleagues. As Walter speaks through the puppet (in, oddly, a Cockney accent that occasionally slips into Gibson’s native Aussie twang) and convinces people it’s a new kind of therapy his doctor has prescribed for

EE es FRstimat E

Same Day/Next Day Service Fixed Labour Charge Sale of New & Reconditioned Appliances Call 01722 711372 or 07786 778287


him, he improves his work fortunes and makes peace with the employees he’s managed to alienate, and even manages to rekindle his relationship with Meredith in the bedroom. It’s a novel spin on depression recovery, that’s for sure. It’s been nearly 20 years since Foster directed a movie but as it turns out, it’s been well worth the wait. While the premise might seem like that of a faintly ludicrous odd-ball comedy, newcomer Kyle Killen’s imaginative script and Foster’s direction are both darkly touching and sensitive, and do an excellent job of exploring the way that severe depression


Tony Archer Refurbishment, Kitchens Wardrobes, Cupboards Staircases, Windows, Doors New Builds, Fencing, Shelving

Purpose Made Carpentry & Joinery Supplied and Fitted, No VAT charged

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can tear a family apart. It’s quirky, but it never once treats the subject with any less seriousness than it deserves. For all the inventive writing and sensitive direction though, the real star here is Gibson. Look past the tortured tabloid celebrity, and what you’ll see is a high-calibre performance - perhaps his best in years around a subject that’s too often pushed under the carpet. In the way that The Beaver the puppet allows his character to reconnect with his family, perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope that The Beaver the vehicle will allow him to reconnect with his audience.

Killtech Pest Control

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Kathryn Dalziel

Gas & Oil Maintenance Boiler Replacements Solar Heating All Renewable Energies Installation-Repairs-Services All general plumbing work undertaken

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07966 156197


People, horses and dogs - Oil, pastel or charcoal

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Fri 8th July, Sat 9th July & Sun 10th July 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Newton Toney Flower Festival And Art Exhibition

In aid of St. Andrew’s, Newton Toney, the Flower Festival is entitled ‘Showtime’ and will feature sixteen exhibits based on well-known West End musicals. An art exhibition (courtesy of Allington Art Club) is also being staged in Newton Toney Memorial Hall, where coffees, teas, cakes and light lunches will be available.

What about a sing to chase the Blues away? The BOURNE VALLEY SINGERS invite you to join us on Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the METHODIST CHURCH – Winterbourne Earls. Where the ALL LADIES ‘a cappela’ choir, with voices ranging from top F to low G, sing in harmony an eclectic mix of popular songs from the Victorian era, the 1930s to the 1960s, as well as madrigals, classical and traditional songs. No auditions just a trial period. For further information please e-mail Sun 3rd Jul from 4.30pm to 7pm

Boules in the Bourne Valley

Following last year’s success, boules will again be played on Sunday afternoons in the Vicarage garden in Winterbourne Earls SP4 6HA, throughout the summer. Do come and join in, bring your own boules if you have them, but don’t worry if not as all equipment can be provided – bring some liquid refreshment and a picnic to share if you wish! Contact: Peter or Mari: 01980 611350.

Wed 6th Jul from 2.15pm to 3pm

Rainbow Praise

for Under 5s, and Mums/Grandmas/Carers – at Bourne Valley Methodist Chapel, Winterbourne Dauntsey, SP4 6EW. Contact Brenda on 01980 611833.

Tues 12th Jul – Bourne Valley Tuesday Group This is our last meeting before the summer break, and it will be a guided tour round the BISON FARM at West Knoyle. This will cost £12 per head, but will cover the guided tour by tractor & trailer and a barbeque meal at the end – no doubt this will include Bison Burgers!!! We will meet at 6pm at The Bush Farm Bison Centre, West Knoyle, BA12 6AE. Contact: Brian on 01980 611172.

Wed 13th Jul, 2.15pm at The Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls, SP4 6HA


Mrs Heather Hook “On Safari in Botswana” – contact 01980 619096. Ladies – you will be made most welcome at any of our meetings.

Wed 13th July from 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Entries for Annual Show, organised by Bourne Valley Horticultural Society.

Completed entry forms and payment for show entries accepted in the Ron Burton Room, Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls, SP4 6HA. Contact Lynn on 01980 610635.

Thurs 14th Jul – from 2pm to 4pm Seniors’ Cafe in Newton Tony Memorial Hall. Sat 16th Jul

Bourne Valley Horticultural Society Annual Show at the Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls, SP4 6HA. Staging will take place with the help of stewards from 8am until 10am. Judging takes place behind closed doors from then until Noon. At 2.30pm the show will be open to the public. Please come along and support us. Contact Lynn on 01980 610635.

Wed 20th Jul at 7pm / Fri 22nd at 7pm/ Sat 23rd at 7pm / Sun 24th at 2pm


present Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas at The Barn at The Grange, Winterbourne Dauntsey, by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Rebdi. Gates open at 5.30pm. Bring a picnic to enjoy with Purcell in the garden before the opera. No interval. Licensed Bar. Tickets £15 from Salisbury Playhouse 01722 320333, Winterbourne Post Office & 01980 611200.

Thurs 21st July at 7pm (Gates open 6pm)


returns this summer to the traditional thatched barn at The Grange, Winterbourne Dauntsey, by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Rebdi. Tickets cost just £17.50 each, available from Winterbourne PO & Stores or 01747 858016. In aid of Hope & Homes for Children. Definitely an evening not to be missed – Bring a picnic and enjoy yourselves!

Thurs 21st Jul at 7.45pm

Bourne Valley Link Scheme

in the Winterbourne Glebe Hall, SP4 6HA Contact Maureen 01980 611311 or Tues 26th to Thurs 28th Jul – NEW FOREST & HAMPSHIRE COUNTY SHOW – at New Park, Brockenhurst. This amazing County Show is not to be missed, so get your tickets now before the 20% offer ends on 11th July. Entry for under 5’s is free. There is something for everyone. You will enjoy an exciting packed programme of events, with country pursuits, woodland activities, livestock competitions and equestrian displays. Highlights include the return of Jamie Squibb’s aerobatic motorcycle stunts, the Pony Club Mounted Games and the Dog Agility display to name just a few. Don’t forget the Show jumping competitions for potential Olympic riders and some of the best selection of craftsmen in the UK. Contact 01590 622409 or

Welcome to our New Member of the Co-ordinator Team. Our stalwart BVLS Co-ordinators, Joan, Lesley and Michelle, who spend much of their spare time answering requests for transport and then organising a willing volunteer to drive, are to gain much needed extra support in the person of Chris Donaldson who has very kindly volunteered to step in as an additional co-ordinator. She will be undertaking training soon so you may very well be speaking to her when you call or, if not, we trust you’ll be able to meet her at our next organised event.

Bourne Valley Historical Society

Wed 3rd Aug from 2.15pm to 3pm

Rainbow Praise

for Under 5s, and Mums/Grandmas/ Carers – at Bourne Valley Methodist Chapel, Winterbourne Dauntsey, SP4 6EW. Contact Brenda on 01980 611833.

Sun 7th Aug from 4.30pm to 7pm BOULES IN THE BOURNE VALLEY – Following last year’s success, boules will again be played on Sunday afternoons in the Vicarage garden in Winterbourne Earls SP4 6HA, throughout the summer. Do come and join in, bring your own boules if you have them, but don’t worry if not as all equipment can be provided – bring some liquid refreshment and a picnic to share if you wish! Contact: Peter or Mari: 01980 611350. Thurs 11th Aug – from 2pm to 4pm

Thursday Seniors’ Cafe

in Newton Tony Memorial Hall.

The BV Link Scheme completed just short of a thousand jobs in the last financial year, delivering clients to health appointments as well as supporting non-health requests, and we expect to be able to meet the same level of demand in this present year. Remember this service is provided to help YOU! Make a note in your diary for our next Coffee Morning. It’s our Summer-time event on Saturday 2nd July which is being held at Newton Toney Hall from 10:30 ‘til noon. Please come along and join us for coffee, biscuits & the usual ‘Bring & Buy Event’. You can chat with other Clients, our Volunteers, Co-ordinators and Members of the Committee to find out how the Link Scheme can support and help you and your friends. We are happy to supply transport to this event so please contact our Co-ordinator on 01980-611117 if you need a lift.

Twinings Pro-Am Tour Sportives A new cycling weekend is set to take place in August 2011 in Salisbury called The Twinings Pro-Am Tour which will start from the 5 Rivers Leisure Centre. The event features mass participation ‘sportives’ for families, children and amateurs on Saturday 27th as well as a professional race as part of British Cycling’s Premier Calendar series on Sunday 28th. Uniquely in the world of cycling the weekend will feature a Corporate Challenge where some of the UK’s leading brands will have the opportunity to test themselves against one another. The route for both the 60 mile & 100 mile events heads to Andover (the HQ of Twinings teas) then passes through Cholderton, Allington, Porton & Winterbourne Gunner, before heading along The Portway to Old Sarum & then finish back at Salisbury. So, if people don’t want to join the event, there is the opportunity to spectate along the route. For more information on timings and details of the route visit

16 | | 01725 511098 |

John Glen MP will be holding surgeries on the following dates: Informal drop-ins - July Times and Venues to be announced Contact 01722 323050 to book.

Friday 19th August, ALL DAY 12 Brown Street, Salisbury

As I go about my constituency duties, I never fail to be impressed by the commitment of Salisbury people to participating in and working to improve their communities. The Localism Bill, which is currently passing through parliament, will, subject to approval in a local referendum, allow the will of the people to be the primary consideration in the planning process – turning the current system on its head. I am hearing more and more questions about the principle of localism, mostly from people who cannot wait to be able to take the lead in protecting and redefining their own communities. They ask me how it will work and above all, they ask me, when can we start? The answer is now! You don’t have to hang around waiting for us MPs to get around to passing a law before you start actively engaging with your neighbourhood. Decisions can be difficult to make but they are, without exception, made by those who participate with curious minds and open hearts – not by the apathetic. Amongst the most distressing moments I experience as an MP are the times when someone comes into my surgery to seek help when ‘the system’ has failed them. Sometimes I am able to write a letter or call up an official or professional and sort out the problem – either put right a mistake or get an answer that the constituent has not been given. I do not have a magic wand, more’s the pity, and I cannot always help but, the way I see it, that is not reason not to try! Parliament’s summer recess will give me far more welcome time to spend in the constituency and, as well as my usual surgeries, I am planning to get out to the villages for a series of informal drop-in sessions. Keep an eye out for me and, if you have any issues you want to raise – national or local - do come and say hello. I cannot guarantee to be able to help – but I will always do my best.

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Join our Pet Health Club! Spread the cost save money on routine pet healthcare! (Vaccinations, flea & worm treatment)

From as little as £8 per month! Available to all NEW and EXISTING clients *(Terms

and conditions apply)

01722 416245

Sycamore Drive, Bishopdown Farm, Salisbury SP1 3GZ

MJW Painting and

Decorating “Michael Waters specialises in all interior & exterior painting and decorating”

01980 610495 Mobile: 07767 401130




01980 610 632

m: 07778 147389 e: ▪ rewiring

▪ pond electrics

▪ lighting

▪ earth/bonding

▪ sockets

▪ immersion heaters

▪ cookers

▪ fault finding

▪ showers

▪ emergency lighting

▪ heated towel rails ▪ fire alarms ▪ consumer units

▪ intruder alarms

▪ storage heaters

▪ part p certificates

▪ underfloor heating ▪ domestic ▪ security lighting

▪ commercial

▪ garden lighting

▪ industrial

free quotations

18 | | 01725 511098 |

COMMUNITY Laverstock Open Gardens

just turn up on the day).

Sunday 17th July - 11am to 4pm

A delicious cream tea is included in the admission charge (£5 adults, £2 children under 14).

It takes a great deal of courage and effort to open a garden to the wider world, even for one day. But every gardener loves visiting other people’s gardens – there is always something to learn or to be inspired by. Laverstock Gardening Club’s biennial event offers a chance for garden trekkers to see gardens designed and maintained by down-to-earth enthusiasts, facing all the familiar challenges of climate, location, soil, and of course the same garden pests! The owners are always happy to discuss their choice of plants and shrubs, their successes and their failures; they are also interested to hear about your own gardening experiences. The twelve privately owned gardens, normally lying tantalizingly unseen, are scattered around the village and will be open between 11am and 4pm. Offering a variety of different sizes and styles and ranging from the well-established to the recently created, all have a wonderful mix of flowers, shrubs and trees. More than half of the gardens are ‘new openers’. The Village Hall (Park Road, Laverstock, Salisbury SP1 1RQ) is the starting point for visitors to obtain their all-gardens ticket and village map (no advance sales,

Idmiston and Porton WI 18th May 2011 was a red-letter day for our WI group because we celebrated our 70th Anniversary at Idmiston Memorial Hall. On Friday 9th May 1941 the first meeting of the Idmiston WI took place at Idmiston Manor House. During the intervening years Idmiston and Porton have changed almost out of recognition but the WI continues to hold their meetings on the same day each month as proposed at the first committee meeting. Daphne Pledger (Secretary) and Phyl Grant (President) delivered an informative short history of Boscombe & Allington WI, of which Idmiston & Porton were originally members. Valerie Botting gave a short resume of the first few meetings of the Idmiston WI and informed the members of how busy the members of the 1941 WI had been; raising money for many wartime charities as well as knitting and darning socks for Airborne Troops at Bulford and running a Fruit Preservation Centre. The meeting culminated in tea with a special birthday

New this year will be a children’s Photo trail quiz. Additionally, there will be plant sales and a raffle at the Village Hall. All money raised will be going to Greenfingers, a small national charity dedicated to creating magical gardens to help to improve the lives of children in hospices around the UK. The charity is now in its twelfth year, and during this time, has designed and built bespoke gardens in 32 children’s hospices. Every garden is different and each garden is special, and they all include many lovely features and toys e.g. a wheelchair adapted tree house, wheelchair racetrack and football pitch, smoking volcano and many other lovely vibrant features. Recognising that every day is precious for life limited children, a Greenfingers garden can be a place to play or to rest, a place to laugh or to cry, a special place for memories whilst experiencing the tranquil benefits and values of nature. We look forward to seeing you on Open Day! cake with strawberries, again made by Phyl, enjoyed by all – Thank you. After our yearly outing in June (to Breamore House this year) we will be back at the Memorial Hall for our July meeting, when Alan Corkhill will entertain us speaking on the Salisbury Almshouses. In August we will be re-visiting the Horse & Groom at Woodgreen for lunch followed by a walk in the New Forest. The Reading Group continues to meet each month; at the moment we are reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. The lunch group and theatre club continue to meet approximately every two months. Members are also involved in the many visits organized by Wiltshire Federation, to Savill Garden in June, and later in the month to a Jazz event, there is also the opportunity for members to visit the London 2012 Olympic site. If you would like to join our thriving group please phone Valerie on 01980 610528 we would be very pleased to see you.

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Steve Wardley

All domestic electrical services carried out, including wiring for loft conversions, new extensions and outbuildings, showers, extra sockets or lights (indoors and outdoors), complete rewires     

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Carpets & Flooring     

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Shed Shop The Largest choice of curtain fabrics in the area. Come and visit our first floor showroom at 86-88 Southampton Road (above Carpetwise)     

Made to measure curtains and blinds Wide choice of ready made curtains Poles and tracks Free measuring and advice service Fitting service

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WHERE QUALITY & COST MEET Buy direct from the manufacturer of quality timber buildings

Custom Built Summerhouses Kennels Play houses Garden Sheds Friendly Reliable Service Telephone 01722 743660 Unit 9, South Newton Industrial Estate, Salisbury, Wilts

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SUDOKU How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9 with no repetition! There’s no maths involved and no adding up!


The letters to the left belong in the squares immediately to the right, but not necessarily in the given order. When entered correctly, they reveal the names of five gemstones reading downwards. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Answers in the next issue!

Drop Down

Movie Surnames

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Muriel's Wedding Carrie Dirty Harry Desperately Seeking Susan Wayne's World Mad Max Cool Hand Luke Alfie The Truman Show

Bucket Burbank Callahan Campbell Elkins Heslop Jackson Rockatansky Thomas White

Answers in the next issue!

Choosing from the list on the right, can you give the surnames of the title characters from the films on the left?

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Dogs Trust Open Day and Fun Dog Show Families looking for a fun day out this summer should know about the annual Dogs Trust Salisbury Open Day & Fun Dog Show on Sunday, 7th August. It’s a fantastic day out for all the family – dogs included! – with loads of activities and attractions, and this year guests will have a chance to be part of a Guinness World Record! The Dogs Trust Open Day is the biggest fun dog show in the area, with 15 classes including Waggiest Tail, Biscuit Race, and Best Child Handler. Other dog-focussed attractions at the event include Havea-Go Agility, Doggy Dash & Scurry, and more. But there’s plenty to do for the two-legged members of the family as well, with a barbeque, grand raffle, tombola, bouncy castle, pony rides, and loads of fun games and stalls. This year the staff at Dogs Trust have decided to go for a Guinness World Record attempt, for the World’s Largest Simultaneous Dog Stay. All dog owners are encouraged to bring their dogs to be part

of the big event, called the Super Stay. ‘Dogs don’t need to be obedience champions to take part in the Super Stay,’ said Leslie Gold, Supporter Relations Officer for Dogs Trust. ‘Dogs just need to sit or lie down for two minutes, with their owner at their side – and there’s no rule saying you can’t bribe your dog with a few treats!’ ‘Dog owners needn’t worry about their dog letting the side down,’ said Miss Gold, ‘because hopefully enough dogs will take part that even if some are disqualified, we’ll still hit the magic number of 628 dogs successfully staying for two minutes.’ So come along on Sunday, 7 August and be part of a Guinness World Record attempt – and have a great time, raising money for a good cause in the process. The Open Day event runs from 11am to 4pm, in the field opposite Dogs Trust Salisbury in Newton Tony. Admission to the event is just £1.50 per adult, with kids and OAPs entering for free. The Super Stay will take place at 1pm, and it’s free to enter. For more information, please ring Dogs Trust on 01980 629634.

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