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Guide To Solve An Issue Of Skype Video And Webcam Not Working

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In this, we will see the issues in Skype related to video and webcam problem. If you are unable to see the friend video or your friend is unable to see you then follow the below mentioned steps.

First of all we want to let you know that there is a video call feature in the Skype if you are new to the Skype then this is important to know that you can call your friend or relative free over internet if you have a Skype account. You can also do video call if you want live video conferencing. But if you are facing problem in getting the live video on your screen then we are going to sort out your problem here now only in this blog post. We will provide Skype help to you in easy and concise way.

Step 1 Your friend can’t able to see you: If you friend can’t able to see you then first of all see that whether the webcam face is towards you or not. After that check is your Skype webcam not working? Or working. Now you have to follow the steps mentioned here under.

Go to tools and click on option. Select the video settings. You will see your photo on the screen if webcam recognizes your Skype settings otherwise take Skype support from the website.

If Skype could not find your camera then look for the following possibilities.

Does your camera plugged in? if you are using a camera other than in-built camera then must ensure that the camera is plugged in properly because this is one of the reason if your Skype video not working properly. Change the slot of USB from one to other.

Does your webcam used by any other application: there are moments when your webcam is used by another app also, so close all the other applications like virtual camera, instant messaging and so on. The cross check of your web cam usage can be done by seeing the light blinking on it. If it is blinking without skype calling then it is definitely used by other app.

Have you installed the webcam properly: the driver problem may create problem in watching the video or displaying the photo. To check the driver installation. Go to device manager from the window 10 or 8. If you are using the window 7 then go to control panel then tap on the hardware and sound from the devices and printers dashboard. If you are using the previous versions of windows then go to control panel followed by the system and hardware than device manager.

If your camera is given in the list then its ok otherwise re-install the drivers through inserting disc in the Drive. Do you have latest version of flash player? The latest direct X must be installed in your windows for smooth Skype support chat. You can mostly get the player with the service packs and latest updates. If you don’t get then get it downloaded from the internet.

After checking all the points log out of the Skype and uncheck the box that says ‘sign me in when Skype starts’ and restart the computer. Check now if your camera is recognized or not. If it is working fine and your friend still not able to see you then: 1. Check that whether you have turned on the video option on your skype calling page or it is still cancelled by you. If it is on then there is no line that cuts the video camera diagonally.

#SkypeVideoNotWorking Call US Toll Free @ +1-844-305-0086

2. Check whether the speed of internet connection is ok or slow. Because if the speed is slow then you will see ’Skype not connecting’ to video chat in order to save the bandwidth. Step 2 Ensure the video quality of camera by updating the skype to latest version and improve the lightning conditions to improve the quality of video and background image.

Skype Support Call US Toll Free @ +1-844-305-0086

Skype Not Working Call +1-844 305 0086  

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