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2017–2018 SEASON

WELCOME Welcome to The Dance Centre’s 2017/2018 season! Once again we strive to bring you a diverse and stimulating series of dance experiences, featuring exceptional work by both local and international dance makers. We aim to entertain and inspire you through the opportunity to engage with artistic visions from different traditions and genres: from the popular Discover Dance! noon series, embracing the varied dance expressions of British Columbia, to the annual Open House in September and International Dance Day in April, which offer rewarding participatory experiences. Our curated Global Dance Connections series opens the doors to boundary-breaking contemporary works, and our biennial Dance In Vancouver event showcases creations by local artists. And what happens behind the scenes is just as dynamic as what you see on stage, as choreographic ideas are explored through our residency and research programs. The Dance Centre’s vision is ambitious, as we work tirelessly to support the art of dance. I invite you to consider how you too can participate in this exciting journey, as we see how the investments of today ensure a better future for dance tomorrow. My heartfelt thanks to all of you, and especially to the members of our Choreographer’s Circle, for your support. I look forward to seeing you in the coming season.

Mirna Zagar, Executive Director The Dance Centre

Season at a Glance Sept 16

Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House

Sept 20–23 Joshua Beamish/ MOVETHECOMPANY Sept 21

Historical Performance Ensemble

Oct 12

Vancouver Tap Dance Society

Oct 12–14

Compañía Sharon Fridman

Oct 27–28

Deanna Peters | Mutable Subject

Nov 22–25

Dance In Vancouver

Nov 30

Flamenco Rosario

Jan 17–19

Nicola Gunn

Feb 1–3

Daina Ashbee

Feb 22

OURO Collective

Mar 15

Mandala Arts and Culture

April 5–7

WEE/Francesco Scavetta

April 19–21 Rachid Ouramdane April 26

Arts Umbrella Dance Company

April 29

International Dance Day

May 12


May 24–26


June 15

12 Minutes Max

Discover Dance!

Global Dance Connections

Cover photo: Spooky Action at a Distance/choreography Lesley Telford I Inverso/dancers Stéphanie Cyr (L), Maya Tenzer (R)/photo Cara Tench Mirna Zagar/Steven Lemay



JOSHUA BEAMISH/MOVETHECOMPANY Saudade Wednesday–Saturday September 20–23, 8pm Saudade - a Portuguese word that represents a deep, constant desire for a reality that does not, and probably cannot, exist - investigates loss, memory, and the longing for something unattainable. Six male dancers merge elegant balletic lines with street-style dynamism and drive, conjuring up fleeting intimacies in a series of ghostly solos, duets, and group passages, accompanied by Hildur Guðnadóttir’s hauntingly beautiful cello score. A British Columbian choreographer who has achieved international success, Joshua Beamish brings together an ensemble whose collective credits include leading companies such as Nederlands Dans Theater, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Sasha Waltz & Guests, and La La La Human Steps. DURATION: 60 MINUTES | POST-SHOW TALKBACK SEPTEMBER 21

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COMPAÑÍA SHARON FRIDMAN Hasta Dónde…? + All Ways Thursday–Saturday October 12–14, 8pm One of a new generation of sensational Israeli choreographers, Sharon Fridman has taken the dance world by storm since establishing his company in Madrid a decade ago. His athletic, adventurous work is rooted in contact improvisation techniques, filtered through an innate musicality and an eye for design. Hasta Dónde…? explores the relationship between two men as it evolves through dependency, struggle and harmony. The endlessly fluid liſts and tumbles are propelled by a wonderful surging score. Fridman’s latest work All Ways is a meditation on the multiple paths before us: seven outstanding dancers power through an extreme physical and emotional spectrum, which ranges from fierce urgency to calm contemplation. DURATION: 60 MINUTES | POST-SHOW TALKBACK OCTOBER 13 This performance includes nudity




NICOLA GUNN Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster Wednesday–Friday January 17–19, 8pm Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster is a provocative muse on peace and conflict, moral relativism and the very function of art, inspired by an incident where a woman saw a man throwing stones at a sitting duck, and she yelled at him. The result is a gloriously off-kilter dissection of the excruciating realms of human behaviour, and a navigation of the moral and ethical complexities of intervention. Australia’s Nicola Gunn is an irresistible performer, delivering a dizzyingly witty text littered with anecdotes, digressions and philosophical theory, at the same time performing non-stop choreography that shiſts from the comically incongruous to the strangely affecting. DURATION: 70 MINUTES | POST-SHOW TALKBACK JANUARY 18 This performance includes lasers, haze, and coarse language

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DAINA ASHBEE Pour Thursday–Saturday February 1–3, 8pm A dark and devastating solo, Pour explores the vulnerability and strength of women, using the taboo subject of the menstrual cycle as a departure point and turning it into an object of painful beauty steeped in symbolism. The piece applies imagery from the seal hunt to boldly tackle complex questions about femininity, blood, and the loss of control, deploying the body and voice in an unflinching depiction of suffering and catharsis. Daina Ashbee has quickly become a prolific and prominent Canadian choreographer, whose work is rooted in her relationship to the land, the environment and her ancestors. A BC native of Cree, Métis and Dutch heritage, she is now based in Montreal. DURATION: 60 MINUTES | POST-SHOW TALKBACK FEBRUARY 2 This performance includes nudity

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WEE/FRANCESCO SCAVETTA Hardly Ever Thursday–Saturday April 5–7, 8pm Italian-born but based in Norway, Francesco Scavetta’s wildly inventive work is at the forefront of the Nordic dance scene and has toured all over the world. Hardly Ever looks at truth and falsehood, in the theatre and in life, testing the gap between expectations and the unexpected. Four multi-talented performers dance, talk, and sing, playing on and with a splendidly quirky stage set. Verbal statements provoke physical responses and strange mismatches: the body becomes a fiction, on which an endless array of other fictions can be articulated in movement. Offbeat, funny, poetic and surprising, Hardly Ever negotiates questions of reality, untruths, and who we can trust. DURATION: 80 MINUTES | POST-SHOW ARTIST TALKBACK APRIL 6

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RACHID OURAMDANE TORDRE (WROUGHT) Thursday–Saturday April 19–21, 8pm Co-director of the CCN2 - Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble, French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane is known for blurring the line between dance and documentary, and reflecting on the specific identity of the performers. TORDRE is an intimate portrayal of two women, whose unique physicalities define their relationship with the world. Annie Hanauer has a prosthetic arm, which is both an extension and an integral part of her body; and Lora Juodkaite spins on the spot, using a technique she has developed since childhood. Each performer paints a compelling self-portrait through dance, articulating the interior impulses that drive her. TORDRE is hypnotic and enchanting, with a spare beauty which intensifies its deep emotional impact. DURATION: 60 MINUTES | POST-SHOW TALKBACK APRIL 20




AERIOSA Second Nature Thursday–Saturday May 24–26, 8pm Aeriosa’s breathtaking aerial productions combine the techniques of dance and rockclimbing, using rope rigging systems to find new movement possibilities in the realm of suspension. Equally at home on buildings, in treetops or on mountainsides, the company blends art, environment and adventure. Artistic Director Julia Taffe’s latest creation brings Aeriosa back into the theatre: Second Nature explores the many qualities, forms and lifecycles of bamboo, both as a transformative substance and a metaphor for our own journeys. Performed by a cast of fearless dancers, with music by award-winning composer Jordan Nobles, the work examines ideas of organic architecture and natural materials, and traces a path through complex, shiſting perspectives. DURATION: TBA | POST-SHOW TALKBACK MAY 25

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HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLE Thursday September 21, 12 noon Experience the elegance, courtly manners and discreet wit of dance from centuries past. Historical Performance Ensemble presents authentically recreated social and theatrical European Baroque dances, incorporating beautifully constructed costumes, and entrancing music played onstage by specialists on reproductions of period instruments. The performers will demonstrate some of the intricate dances that preceded the development of ballet, from an era which was formative to the modern world.

VANCOUVER TAP DANCE SOCIETY Thursday October 12, 12 noon Get set for VanTap Romp, a percussive extravaganza with a troupe of accomplished and entertaining dancers! Featuring guest artist Terry Brock and friends, this exhilarating program showcases the infectious rhythms, technical skill and musicality of tap, tracing its vibrant history and its contemporary innovations. The dancers will ‘lay down some iron’ and create a rhythmic conversation full of zest and charm. Discover Dance! media sponsors 8




FLAMENCO ROSARIO Thursday November 30, 12 noon A mainstay of Vancouver’s flamenco scene for over 25 years, Flamenco Rosario honours the authentic traditions of flamenco while nurturing the evolution of the art form through artistic experimentation, crossing boundaries of history and cultures. Celebrated Artistic Director Rosario Ancer and Musical Director Victor Kolstee lead a flamenco performance that is full of emotional power, technical brilliance and stirring music and singing.

OURO COLLECTIVE Thursday February 22, 12 noon OURO Collective is fast gaining a reputation for its cool hybrid movement, fusing hip hop, waacking, breaking and contemporary dance. Its dynamic dancers hail from diverse backgrounds, and bring the drive and energy of street dance to the stage. The company will perform excerpts from TANGENT, which explores themes of private and public behaviour, self-absorption, and extreme individualism.





MANDALA ARTS AND CULTURE Thursday March 15, 12 noon Classical Indian dance is famed for its beauty and complexity, and Mandala’s Artistic Director Jai Govinda has pioneered its growth and development in Canada. Govinda hosts this inspiring and informative presentation of bharata natyam, featuring leading dancers from his company, and highlighting the principal elements of the style: bha (bhava) emotion, ra (raga) melody, ta (tala) rhythm, and natyam (dancing).

ARTS UMBRELLA DANCE COMPANY Thursday April 26, 12 noon The exceptional young dancers of the Arts Umbrella Dance Company represent the energy and skill of a new generation. Trained through Arts Umbrella’s renowned dance program, these talented dancers, many of whom will go on to dance professionally, will perform contemporary ballets created by choreographers from across Canada and around the world. DURATION OF EACH SHOW: 60 MINUTES INCLUDING ARTIST TALKBACK




SCOTIABANK DANCE CENTRE OPEN HOUSE Saturday September 16 The 16th annual Open House offers a chance to experience a host of different dance styles, in a day of free classes, workshops, studio showings and events at Scotiabank Dance Centre, Canada’s flagship dance facility. Presented with the support of

INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY Sunday April 29 Initiated in 1982 by UNESCO, International Dance Day is marked annually on April 29 across Canada and around the world. Join us for a program of performances and events celebrating the vitality and diversity of dance in Vancouver!

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DEANNA PETERS | MUTABLE SUBJECT META Friday–Saturday October 27–28, 8pm META proposes that our body is not one thing, but that we are fluid, messy and protean. Created and performed by Deanna Peters in collaboration with performers Justine A. Chambers and Kim Sato, with costumes and set design by Natalie Purschwitz, this new work dismantles expectations of what a body can be, generating a richly imaginative and engaging experience. Presented through the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award

TOMOEARTS Yūko-kai Saturday May 12, 8pm TomoeArts is BC’s leading exponent of nihon buyō (Japanese classical dance), presenting traditional and contemporary works that are steeped in Japanese forms and aesthetics. Yūko-kai (‘a gathering for Yūko’) celebrates the late, great dancer and teacher Fujima Yūko, who trained and inspired Tomoe’s Artistic Director, Colleen Lanki. Performers from Japan and Canada present a selection of classical dances from her repertoire. Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program 12




DANCE IN VANCOUVER Wednesday–Saturday November 22–25 The 11th biennial Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and innovation of our contemporary dance scene: join us for four days of performances, showcasing some of British Columbia’s most exciting companies and artists. Featured artists and companies include: Aeriosa Co.ERASGA Julianne Chapple Karen Jamieson & Margaret Grenier Lesley Telford | Inverso

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien Marissa Wong/TWObigsteps collective Meredith Kalaman Wen Wei Dance Ziyian Kwan | dumb instrument Dance

Curator: Adam Hayward, Hyde Productions (New Zealand) Full details:

Dance In Vancouver media sponsor 13

RESIDENCIES AND PROJECTS Residencies, labs and projects run throughout the season, supporting choreographic research and the development of new work. Artists-in-Residence Rosario Ancer, Flamenco Rosario Colleen Lanki, TomoeArts Kasandra Lea, Kasandra Flamenco Helen Walkley DanceLab Interdisciplinary Research Naomi Brand (integrated dance, live audio description) Idan Cohen (music, opera) Margaret Grenier, Dancers of Damelahamid (PaciďŹ c Rim Indigenous dance and song, design) Aryo and Arash Khakpour, The Biting School (theatre, text) Special Projects Martha Carter, Marta Marta Productions Walter Kubanek Alexa Mardon Full details: 14








12 MINUTES MAX 12 Minutes Max supports the development of innovative short new works, with a strong focus on critical feedback and dialogue. Three times per season a panel of guest curators selects up to four artists who will develop their works in the studio, followed by a public showing. Artists and showing dates will be announced throughout the year. A selection of the works will be presented in performance on June 15, 2018 at 8pm.

YULANDA M. FARIS CHOREOGRAPHERS PROGRAM This initiative, which runs until September 2018, supports choreographers in positioning their careers in a national and international context, through exchanges, networking opportunities, mentoring, professional skills development, and exchanges with partner organizations in Victoria, Montreal, Ottawa, Italy and the Netherlands. Participating artists: Daina Ashbee, Justine A. Chambers, Vanessa Goodman. Supported through a generous donation by Moh Faris in memory of Yulanda M. Faris


TICKETS Open House SUBSCRIBE! GLOBAL DANCE CONNECTIONS SERIES This season, the more you see, the more you save! 3 show pack: $24 per ticket 5 show pack: $23 per ticket 7 show pack: $22 per ticket • Save up to 30% on regular single ticket prices • Free ticket exchanges for a different night of the same show (subject to availability) DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES See all 6 shows for just $55. • Save up to 35% on regular single ticket prices

HOW TO BOOK Subscriptions and Single Tickets ONLINE BY PHONE 604.684.2787 (a surcharge applies to telephone bookings) IN PERSON Tickets Tonight booth at the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre, 200 Burrard St. Scotiabank Dance Centre main lobby, 677 Davie St. Subscribers may also use the form at the back of this brochure. Advance ticket sales stop four hours prior to the performance. Door sales start at Scotiabank Dance Centre one hour prior to showtime (subject to availability).

GROUPS To book a group, email or call The Dance Centre at 604.606.6412.

SUPPORT US Established in 1986, The Dance Centre offers a range of activities unparalleled in Canadian dance. We provide resources and support for the profession, present performances and events for the public, operate this country’s flagship dance facility Scotiabank Dance Centre, and work to promote BC dance. The contributions of our donors play a crucial role in enabling us to support the development of dance in BC: please join us in building a stronger dance community by making a tax-deductible donation. Call 604.606.6407, or visit to donate online. The Dance Centre is a non-profit organization and a registered charity.

STUDIO RENTALS AT SCOTIABANK DANCE CENTRE Scotiabank Dance Centre houses six bright dance studios, a fully-equipped 154-seat black box production/presentation space, a board room, a lounge, and a canopied roof terrace. Our beautiful studios are available for rent for rehearsals, classes, workshops, performances, auditions, photoshoots, filming, receptions, conferences, weddings, and special events of all kinds. For details call 604.606.6400, or visit our virtual tour at 16


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The Dance Centre 2017-2018 Season Brochure  

Featuring performances and events including the Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series, Discover Dance! noon hour series, specia...

The Dance Centre 2017-2018 Season Brochure  

Featuring performances and events including the Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series, Discover Dance! noon hour series, specia...