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WELCOME Welcome to The Dance Centre’s 2013/14 season. We are proud to offer you a stimulating and diverse series of dance experiences, featuring some of the most exciting creators from abroad and across Canada as well as our local dance heroes. Each year we aim to surprise, entertain and inspire: from the popular Discover Dance! noon series, embracing the varied dance expressions of our BC community, to the annual Open House in September and National Dance Week in April which offer avenues to observe, engage and participate in all sorts of dance styles. We strive to provide opportunities to sample the familiar as well as the new and unknown. Our curated Global Dance Connections series opens the doors to some boundary-breaking, even outrageous new works, that are always of the highest quality and by nationally and internationally acclaimed dance makers. Behind the scenes, other programs are equally important for what comes to the stage. Our residencies offer a space for research and creation, and nurture the seeds of new works to come. Our partnerships with local, national and international arts organizations help to further our efforts to ensure that dance is seen as a vital element within the broader cultural context here in Vancouver. Our biennial Dance In Vancouver event will welcome scores of presenters and promoters from across Canada and beyond as we build connections for BC dance globally. The Dance Centre’s vision for our community is an ambitious one as we work tirelessly to support dance in BC. It would not be possible without the support of people like you who are passionate about the art form and who attend events, purchase tickets, donate, and volunteer. A heartfelt thank you to all of you, and especially to the dedicated members of our Choreographer’s Circle, for your support. I look forward to seeing you in the season ahead.

Mirna Zagar, Executive Director The Dance Centre

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SCOTIABANK DANCE CENTRE OPEN HOUSE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 GLOBAL DANCE CONNECTIONS SERIES Compagnie Pedro Pauwels . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Liquid Loſt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 The 605 Collective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Sidra Bell Dance New York . . . . . . . . . . . 3 DANCE IN VANCOUVER. . . . . . . . . . 4–5 DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Vancouver Korean Dance Society . . . . . 6 Project Soul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Dovbush Dancers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Modus Operandi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Flamenco Rosario/Mandala Arts and Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 RESIDENCIES AND LABS . . . . . . . . . . 8 EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 2013-14 CALENDAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 TICKETS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 LOCATION AND INFORMATION . . . 11 SUPPORT US . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 STUDIO RENTALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM . . . . 13

Post-show artist talkback

Cover photo credits: The 605 Collective/David Cooper; The Dovbush Dancers/ Dan Fung; Liquid Loſt/Chris Haring. Inside cover: Mirna Zagar/Steven Lemay.

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SCOTIABANK DANCE CENTRE OPEN HOUSE The 12th Annual Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House Saturday September 14


Our annual Open House offers a chance to experience a host of different dance styles, in a day of classes, workshops, studio showings and events at Scotiabank Dance Centre, Canada’s flagship dance facility.


Free events 11am–5pm Participating artists and companies include: Karen Flamenco (flamenco) Kinesis Dance somatheatro (contemporary) Mandala Arts and Culture (classical Indian dance) Raven Spirit Dance (contemporary First Nations) South Asian Arts (bhangra) dumb instrument Dance/Ziyian Kwan (contemporary) …and many more. Full schedule to be announced: visit for details. Performance 8pm

Danny Nielsen LOVE.BE.BEST.FREE Premiere


Danny Nielsen is one of Canada’s brightest young tap talents and a rising star on the international scene, known for his astonishing technical prowess, musical flair and innovative approach. LOVE.BE.BEST.FREE is his first full-evening tap creation: it follows a man’s quest for love, and his journey of personal discovery. How far will we lose ourselves to find love with someone else? An electrifying all-male cast comprising Ryan Foley, Shay Kuebler, Johnathan Morin and Nielsen himself tells a story for our times through tap, with live music by singer/songwriter Andrea Superstein and pianist Sharon Minemoto. Presented through the Santa Aloi Award Duration: 50 minutes

Tickets $26/$20: see page 10 for details The Open House is presented with the support of


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GLOBAL DANCE CONNECTIONS SERIES Presented through an exchange partnership between The Dance Centre and the Quartiers Danses Festival produced by Transatlantique Montréal

Compagnie Pedro Pauwels Sors Saturday September 21, 8pm PEDRO PAUWELS/YANNICK DIAZ

September 21 Born in Belgium and now based in France, Pedro Pauwels has built a reputation as an inventive choreographer and arresting performer. Sors (Get Out) is a new solo inspired by German expressionist pioneer Mary Wigman’s legendary 1914 solo Witch Dance. Pauwels commissioned four very different choreographers - Japan’s Carlotta Ikeda, South Africa’s Robyn Orlin and France’s Josef Nadj and Jérôme Thomas – to create with him a striking contemporary vision of a present-day sorcerer, which conveys the passionate intensity of the original with vivid theatricality and unexpected humour.

LIQUID LOFT/CHRIS HARING Duration: 50 minutes

Liquid Loſt Running Sushi

Thursday-Saturday October 31–November 2 November 1


Austria’s Liquid Loſt burst onto the dance scene in 2005, winning international acclaim and awards including a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for their brilliantly idiosyncratic works. Running Sushi is a provocative duet served up as a menu of dance dishes that are randomly selected by the audience. A cartoon Manga couple on the verge of a breakdown grapples with desire, shame, fashion, and chopsticks, their precisely executed movements echoing the two-dimensional Japanese ‘superflat’ style. Casting a satirical eye over the shallowness of consumer culture, Running Sushi delivers trenchant social commentary with dazzling skill and wit. www.liquidloſ Duration: 70 minutes This performance includes nudity.


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GLOBAL DANCE CONNECTIONS SERIES Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

The 605 Collective Inheritor Album

Thursday-Saturday January 30-February 1, 8pm THE 605 COLLECTIVE/CHRIS RANDLE

January 31 The 605 Collective returns with the trademark explosive, urban-infused style that has propelled the company to the forefront of the national dance scene, in a newly-imagined version of the hit Inheritor Album. An exploration of the concept of inheritor and predecessor, the work weaves multiple short pieces together to build an album of extraordinarily affecting images and movement. Performed by six thrillingly athletic dancers, the piece is set to an atmospheric electronic score and integrates stunning animations by LA-based media artist Miwa Matreyek. Duration: 65 minutes


Presented with Chutzpah! PLUS

Sidra Bell Dance New York STELLA + New Work

Thursday-Saturday March 27-29, 8pm March 28


New York choreographer Sidra Bell is rapidly gaining an international profile for her visceral work, which ignites the imagination and unravels the complexities of the human condition through a distinctly female lens: her creations have been described as brainy, exuberant, sensual, romantic and intensely physical. STELLA is a series of theatrical statements which show how remarkable – and unremarkable – our humanity can be, as we struggle to leave a permanent mark or imprint. Dark and probing, ecstatic and fantastical, STELLA is performed by a crack ensemble of fearless and technically honed dancers. A brand new work by Bell will complete this searing double bill. Duration: 65 minutes

Global Dance Connections series media sponsor

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DANCE IN VANCOUVER The 9th biennial Dance In Vancouver Wednesday-Saturday November 20-23 Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and originality of our contemporary dance scene: join us for four days of performances, showcasing some of British Columbia’s most exciting companies. WEN WEI DANCE/SHIN SUGINO

Curator: Jeanne Holmes, Artistic Producer, Canada Dance Festival * excerpt of a longer work

Program One Wen Wei Dance Made in China* Tara Cheyenne Performance Highgate*


Wednesday November 20, 7pm Saturday November 23, 9pm

Wen Wei Wang’s intimate new work is a collaboration with Gao Yanjinzi, Artistic Director of Beijing Modern Dance Company, and Qiu Xia He, of Vancouver’s Silk Road Music. Through dance, music, storytelling and multimedia they explore individual personal narratives that are bound by a shared Chinese heritage, and how their traditional artistic forms have evolved in a modern world. Highgate is a morbid romp through Victorian funerary culture, jumping straight from the darkest part of Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg’s imagination. Reflecting personal and collective grief, a band of figures captivates in this fascinating gothic dance of death, physical oddity, humour, and horror.


Program Two Sarah Chase/Astrid Dance and Andrea Nann/Dreamwalker Dance Company new work* Joe Ink Leſt Wednesday November 20, 9pm Saturday November 23, 7pm

The hypnotic works of Sarah Chase are rooted in a distinctive style which combines words and stories with movement, underpinned by influences including mathematics, memory, and the natural landscape. Commissioned by Toronto’s Dreamwalker Dance Company, her new work for the exquisite dancer Andrea Nann integrates these elements to achieve a simple yet compelling aesthetic, full of poetic resonance. Quirky and wickedly sophisticated, Leſt is one of Joe Laughlin’s most enduring and popular works, depicting a man coming to terms with his life in a tightly focused pas de deux – with a teacup. 4

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Program Three dumb instrument Dance/ Ziyian Kwan the neck to fall Vision Impure and Nova Dance DVOTE: Lust, Madness and Mayhem* Thursday November 21, 7pm Friday November 22, 9pm


the neck to fall is a solo created and performed by the exceptional dancer Ziyian Kwan. Featuring an original score by cellist Peggy Lee and percussionist Dylan van der Schyff, it examines a woman’s vulnerability by siſting through layers of persona, each danced with distinct kinetic motifs: levity, gravity, implosion and grace. Vision Impure’s Noam Gagnon teams up with the innovative bharata natyam dancer Nova Bhattacharya for a daring and intense duet exploring the profound connection between two human beings, touching on themes of devotion, submission, sexuality and spirituality.

Program Four plastic orchid factory _post* battery opera performance Everything Thursday November 21, 9pm Friday November 22, 7pm


_post is a multi-disciplinary work that frames the allure, elegance and cultural disconnect of classical ballet in Western Canada. With four classical dancers, a deconstructed piano score, and the unexpected use of ballet’s iconic tulle and pointe shoes, choreographer James Gnam creates a thought-provoking and visually stunning examination of beauty, nobility, partnership and power. Su-Feh Lee’s mesmerizing solo Everything is set to Barry Truax’s I Ching-inspired electroacoustic score, and conjures up a theatrical ritual of smoke, numbers and flying objects in order to negotiate the history she carries in her body with the history of the territory on which she dances.

aſter each 9pm show Duration of each show approx 60 minutes

Studio showings, discussions and other events will also take place during Dance In Vancouver: visit for full details.

Dance In Vancouver media sponsors

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DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES The Discover Dance! series is a great opportunity to sample the diversity of BC’s dance scene. Entertaining, informative and suitable for all ages, each show combines performance with artist talkbacks, and sometimes audience participation.


Performances take place at 12 noon

Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz Thursday September 26

Shiamak Davar is known as the guru of modern dance in India and is responsible for revolutionizing India’s dance scene, especially in the film and theatre industry. The Shiamak Dance Team, Vancouver showcases his dynamic fusion of Bollywood and jazz in a high-energy performance which bursts with vitality and fun.


Vancouver Korean Dance Society Thursday October 31

Renowned for its fluid elegance and splendour, Korean dance reflects thousands of years of history and ranges from graceful dances rooted in shamanistic rituals to joyful responses to the natural world. This illuminating performance presents a selection of breathtaking and intricate dances, which also feature stunning silk costumes and the skillful use of fans and drums.

Project Soul

Thursday November 28


Project Soul is a high-impact crew working at the forefront of Vancouver’s urban dance scene, with a reputation for bringing street dance in its rawest form to audiences of all ages. In an exciting presentation of hip hop, popping, locking, breakdancing, waacking and more, the company will demonstrate the many different aspects of street dance, its spontaneity and freshness, and powerful creative drive.


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13-08-08 1:01 PM

DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES The Dovbush Dancers Thursday March 27


Ukrainian Folk-Stage Dance is famed for its exuberance, colourful costumes and brilliant virtuosity, and has exploded in popularity around the world. This ebullient ensemble will perform a diverse repertoire of dances from different regions, exploring the cultural and geographic influences that have shaped Ukrainian dance’s development, and highlighting its deep connections to classical ballet and character dance techniques.

Modus Operandi Thursday April 24


The energy and skill of a new generation takes the stage with a performance by the talented young dancers of Modus Operandi. Now in its seventh season, this rigorous training program run by Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre produces versatile and accomplished contemporary dancers who perform with technical power and theatrical intelligence, and go on to work professionally with companies across Canada. Presented as part of National Dance Week.

Flamenco Rosario + Mandala Arts and Culture Thursday May 29


Two of Vancouver’s most esteemed dance companies join forces to present a stimulating program of flamenco and the bharata natyam style of classical Indian dance. These two contrasting styles share ancient cultural origins, which can be seen in the percussive footwork, complex rhythms, and detailed use of the hands. This performance traces the similarities, differences and ongoing evolution of two vibrant and beautiful dance genres.

Duration of each show: approx 60 minutes including artist talkback

Discover Dance! Media sponsors

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RESIDENCIES AND LABS Artists-in-Residence


The Artist-in-Residence program provides support and fully subsidized studio space at Scotiabank Dance Centre to assist dance professionals in the development of new works, with activities ranging from creation and teaching to studio showings, discussions and performances. 2013-2014 Artists-in-Residence: Deanna Peters Karen Jamieson Paras Terezakis Sarah Chase and Andrea Nann The 605 Collective


The DanceLab interdisciplinary research program supports collaboration between choreographers and artists working in other disciplines, providing fully subsidized studio space for research into how cross-art form collaboration can enhance the development of new work. At the end of the Lab the artists open up the process to the public with an informal free studio presentation.


2013-2014 DanceLab choreographers and collaborators: Anna Kraulis with Hannah Carpendale (environmental activist) and Leslie Kennah (ďŹ lmmaker) Jen Cole with Michael Bean (acting coach), Jennifer Mascall (choreographer), Sarah Ballard Gallos, Tera Hawes, Carmen Smith-Morpurgo, Jamee Valin (dancers) MACHiNENOiSY (Delia Brett and Daelik) with Benjamin Larose (designer and costume artist)


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EVENTS | 2013–2014 CALENDAR 12th Annual Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House Saturday September 14

A day of open classes, workshops and events celebrating Canada’s flagship dance facility. See page 1 for details. Presented with the support of

National Dance Week/International Dance Day April 22-29

Canada’s National Dance Week leads up to International Dance Day, which celebrates the art of dance worldwide every April 29. Full program of events to be announced.

2013-2014 CALENDAR Sept 14 Sept 21 Sept 26

Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House Global Dance Connections: Compagnie Pedro Pauwels Discover Dance! Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz

Oct 31 Oct 31–Nov 2

Discover Dance! Vancouver Korean Dance Society Global Dance Connections: Liquid Loſt

Nov 20–23 Nov 28

Dance In Vancouver Discover Dance! Project Soul

Jan 30–Feb 1

Global Dance Connections: The 605 Collective

Mar 27 Mar 27–29

Discover Dance! Dovbush Dancers Global Dance Connections: Sidra Bell Dance New York

Apr 22–29 Apr 24

National Dance Week + International Dance Day Discover Dance! Modus Operandi

May 29

Discover Dance! Flamenco Rosario/Mandala Arts and Culture


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TICKETS SCOTIABANK DANCE CENTRE OPEN HOUSE PERFORMANCE Regular $26 | Students, seniors, CADA members $20 | Dance Centre members $18

Subscribe to Global Dance Connections OR Discover Dance! and add this show to your booking for just $20.


Subscribe Build your own subscription to Global Dance Connections/Dance In Vancouver and save! Choose 3 or more shows from the season and pay just $20 per ticket. • Save up to 30% on your tickets • Enjoy the flexibility of the build-your-own package: choose any 3 shows or more from Global Dance Connections or Dance In Vancouver, or mix and match from both • Free ticket exchanges: if you can’t make it to a show let us know 48 hours in advance, and we’ll move your ticket to a different night of the same show (subject to availability) • Bring a friend for less: book additional tickets at a discount for the same night you are attending • Personal service: deal direct with Dance Centre staff Groups Tickets are $20 for groups of 8+ (in advance only, excludes festival partnerships). Single tickets Regular $30 | Students, seniors, CADA members $22 | Dance Centre members $20 For the following shows: Compagnie Pedro Pauwels | Liquid Loſt | Dance In Vancouver Special pricing applies to single and group tickets for our festival partnership shows: The 605 Collective Sidra Bell Dance New York Visit for details.

DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES Subscribe See all 6 shows for just $50.

Groups Tickets are $10 for groups of 8+ (in advance only). Single tickets Regular $12 | Students, seniors, children, CADA members $10 | Dance Centre members $8


Subscriptions Book online at Call The Dance Centre at 604.606.6420 or email us at Or complete and return the form at the back of this brochure. Groups Call 604.606.6420 or email to book. Single Tickets Advance tickets are available from Tickets Tonight: 604.684.2787 (surcharge applies to phone bookings) Online at At the door: from one hour prior to showtime (subject to availability)


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LOCATION AND INFORMATION Our events take place at: Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie Street (at Granville), Vancouver 604.606.6400

Please note public parking downtown is limited and we recommend using transit if possible. For information contact Translink at 604.953.3333


Sign up to receive our free monthly email newsletter which lists dance performances coming up around BC as well as forthcoming Dance Centre events: visit or email Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


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Established in 1986 as a resource centre for the dance profession and the public in British Columbia, The Dance Centre has evolved into a multifaceted organization offering a range of activities unparalleled in Canadian dance. We provide resources and support for the profession, present performances and events for the public, operate this country’s flagship dance facility Scotiabank Dance Centre, and work to promote BC dance. IVAN HUNTER

Our donors play a crucial role in enabling us to continue to support the development of dance in BC. Their contributions help us to present work by emerging and established artists, encourage collaboration between dance and other disciplines, offer professional development opportunities, equip and sustain our facility, preserve the most comprehensive dance video library in Western Canada, and much more. The Dance Centre is a non-profit organization and a registered charity.


If you would like to help support dance by making a tax-deductible donation please call 604.606.6407, or visit to donate online.



Our building, Scotiabank Dance Centre, is regarded as Canada’s flagship dance facility and opened in downtown Vancouver in 2001. It houses six bright dance studios with mirrors, barres and sprung floors, a fully-equipped, versatile 154-seat black box production/ presentation space, plus a board room, lounge and canopied roof terrace. Our beautiful studios are available for rent for rehearsals, classes, workshops, performances, auditions, photoshoots, filming and more, with graduated rental rates offering substantial subsidies for dance activities. Scotiabank Dance Centre is also a unique and inspiring location for special events of all kinds, including receptions, conferences and weddings: our friendly and experienced staff will help you identify the best space for your needs, recommend a caterer and advise on technical requirements. For details call 604.606.6400, or visit our virtual tour at


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SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM GLOBAL DANCE CONNECTIONS SERIES Build your own subscription: 3 or more shows Select your shows and dates: Compagnie Pedro Pauwels Liquid Loſt

Sat Sept 21 Thurs Oct 31

Fri Nov 1

Sat Nov 2

Program One Wen Wei Dance/Tara Cheyenne

Wed Nov 20 7pm

Sat Nov 23 9pm

Program Two Sarah Chase+Andrea Nann/Joe Ink

Wed Nov 20 9pm

Sat Nov 23 7pm

Program Three Ziyian Kwan/Vision Impure

Thurs Nov 21 7pm

Fri Nov 22 9pm

Program Four plastic orchid factory/ battery opera performance

Thurs Nov 21 9pm

Fri Nov 22 7pm

The 605 Collective

Thurs Jan 30

Fri Jan 31

Sat Feb 1

Sidra Bell Dance New York

Thurs Mar 27

Fri Mar 28

Sat Mar 29

Dance In Vancouver

Number of shows ____ Number of tickets per show @ $20 per ticket ____

Subtotal $_____

DISCOVER DANCE! SERIES See all 6 shows for $50 Number of tickets per show ____

Subtotal $_____

Optional add-on (either series): Danny Nielsen Sat Sept 14 Number of tickets @ $20 ____

Subtotal $_____

Subscription sub total Donation amount Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help support The Dance Centre.


$_____ $_____ $_____

PAYMENT Cheque (payable to The Dance Centre)



American Express

Name on card

Card number

Expiry date

Security code




City and Postal Code



HOW TO ORDER Online: By phone: call 604.606.6420 By mail: The Dance Centre Scotiabank Dance Centre, Level 6, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver BC V6B 2G6 By fax: 604.606.6401 In person: at the Dance Centre office, Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. The Dance Centre values your privacy. We will not disclose information without your consent, and we do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists.

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Scotiabank Dance Centre Level 6, 677 Davie Street Vancouver BC V6B 2G6 T 604 606 6400 F 604 606 6401

Please note the program is subject to change. The VDC Dance Centre Society (The Dance Centre) is a non-proďŹ t organization and a registered charity.

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Profile for The Dance Centre

The Dance Centre 2013-14 season brochure  

The Dance Centre's 2013-2014 season brochure includes details of the Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series, Discover Dance! noo...

The Dance Centre 2013-14 season brochure  

The Dance Centre's 2013-2014 season brochure includes details of the Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series, Discover Dance! noo...