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La. SC: LSU case won’t be reviewed Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez

Friday, August 30, 2013 • Volume 118, Issue 5

BATON ROUGE University mourns WEST student’s death Special Report

Gordon Brillon

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

The Louisiana Supreme Court declined Thursday to review the University’s case regarding making its presidental search records public and denied the University’s request for a stay. The University was found in contempt of court on Aug. 14 by District Judge Janice Clark to pay a $500-a-day fine for every day it failed to turn over the names of finalists for the recently merged System president position. Clark originally ruled the names be released on April 30. Former Reveille Editor in Chief Andrea Gallo and NOLA. com | The Times-Picayune and The Advocate filed seperate lawsuits for the University to turn over the the presidential search finalists. Gallo lost her case while | The Times-Picayune and The Advocoate won. The University appealed the ruling in | The Times-Picayune and The Advocate’s case, but Gallo chose not to appeal her case. University Attorney Jimmy LAWSUIT, see page 4

matchups, the most of any nonTexas team. It’s the first time Hairston’s getting involved, but he knows what games like these mean for the team. “It was an amazing experience to play in that beautiful stadium and to represent LSU on the highest stage,” Hairston said. “… People don’t understand. There’s a huge alumni base in Dallas. That’s what also makes [the Cowboys Classic] appropriate,

The University community was shocked and saddened at the news of 22-year-old sociology senior Chris Broussard’s death after police confirmed they found his body in his overturned truck near St. Gabriel Wednesday night. Broussard was a founding member of the Theta Chi fraternity at the University, according to Matt Darouse, Theta Chi co-founder and Broussard’s friend. Darouse, who now attends LSU Law School, said he and Broussard had been longtime friends, and they graduated together from Catholic High School in Baton BROUSSARD Rouge. “He cared deeply, not only about people in the fraternity, but about everyone he came across,” Darouse said. “He was just a really, really good guy.” Since receiving the news, Darouse said he has been busy making arrangements for

WEST, see page 4

BROUSSARD, see page 4

DONNA MCWILLIAM / The Associated Press

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the annual Cowboys Classic on Saturday, when LSU will play TCU.

Alex Cassara

Matchup in Dallas stretches beyond the field

Senior Reporter

A coin flip has the final say, but there is a 50-50 chance junior kicker James Hairston will kickoff LSU’s football season in his hometown stadium — the modern marvel of American architecture occupied by his favorite boyhood team. Hairston has stepped on the AT&T Stadium field before in 2011, where the resident Dallas Cowboys were holding their annual Cowboys Classic, pitting

LSU against Oregon. Though he wouldn’t clock game time as a redshirt freshman kicker, he looked on gleefully as his team whipped No. 3 Oregon in front of the millions of eyes glued to ESPN — a beatdown that was eerily similar to the one LSU perpetrated on Texas A&M months earlier in the same building. LSU will play in the Cowboys Classic for the second time Saturday. The game will mark the third time in as many years the Tigers will play in one of Cowboys Stadium’s marquee college

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Nation & World

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INTERNATIONAL UK Prime Minister Cameron loses Syria war vote backing military action LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes Thursday, a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Assad’s government. A grim-faced Cameron conceded after the vote that “the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.” The defeat was as dramatic as it was unexpected. Italian court upholds former premier Berlusconi tax fraud conviction ROME (AP) — Italy’s supreme court defended its decision to uphold the tax fraud conviction of Silvio Berlusconi Thursday, saying the evidence was clear that the former premier had devised a scheme to help his media empire pay less tax. As required by law, Italy’s Court of Cassation released a written document explaining its Aug. 1 decision to uphold a guilty ruling. The judges also upheld a four-year prison term and a ban on public office, although they ordered another court to establish the length of the ban.

MATT DUNHAM / The Associated Press

The Stop the War coalition organized a protest timed to coincide with a debate and vote by politicians Thursday outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

US releases 2 Algerians from Guantanamo, first in almost a year ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Two Algerians held at Guantanamo Bay prison for more than a decade have returned to their homeland, where they were interrogated by judicial authorities pending an investigation, the Algiers Court said Thursday. Their release, the first from Guantanamo in nearly a year, followed a pledge by President Barack Obama to renew efforts to close the prison on the U.S. base in Cuba, an initiative that has been thwarted by Congress.

Friday, August 30, 2013



NFL agrees to pay $765M to settle concussion lawsuits from retirees

LA chimp wins Humane Society chimp art contest, Goodall picks favorite

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The NFL agreed Thursday to spend close to $800 million to diagnose and compensate potentially thousands of retired players who develop dementia or other brain injuries they blame on the violent, bone-crunching collisions that pro football has long celebrated in its highlight reels. The settlement, which is subject to approval by a federal judge, was announced after months of courtordered mediation. It came just days before the first game of the 2013 season, removing a major legal and financial threat hanging over the NFL. Appellate court upholds first ban on gay-to-straight aversion therapy

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A 37-year-old chimpanzee who paints with his tongue has won $10,000 for a sanctuary in northwest Louisiana. Brent of Chimp Haven in Keithville was the top vote-getter in an online chimp art contest organized by the Humane Society of the United States. The results were announced Thursday. Humane Society spokeswoman Nicole Ianni says that before votes were tallied, chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall chose her favorite, which won $5,000.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court sided with California on Thursday and upheld the first law in the nation banning a psychological treatment that seeks to turn gay youth straight. In a resounding, unanimous opinion, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the state law barring gay aversion therapy legal in every respect. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed a similar law that would also outlaw the therapy in his state.

KEITH SRAKOCIC / The Associated Press

Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody announced Thursday that the NFL and more than 4,500 former players want to settle concussion related lawsuits.

Convicted Wikileaks soldier Chelsea Manning doing well in prison BALTIMORE (AP) — A lawyer for Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning said in a blog post on Thursday the soldier is doing well as she goes through processing at the military prison at Fort Leavenworth. David Coombs wrote that he spoke on Wednesday with Manning, previously known as Bradley Manning, while she goes through the three-to-four-week period known as indoctrination at the Kansas prison.


LA collects more than $1M in casino winnings for overdue child support (AP) — A state law that allows state government to grab casino winnings from parents behind on their child support has surpassed the $1 million mark. The Advocate reports the state Department of Children and Family Services announced Thursday that it has collected $1.2 million from 969 noncustodial parents at casinos across Louisiana. The collections make a small dent in the more than $1.3 billion that is owed by noncustodial parents.

Weather TODAY Sunny


94 72 MONDAY CHARLES CHAMPAGNE / The Daily Reveille

A squirrel scavenges for food in the quad Thursday. Submit your photo of the day to

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Friday, August 30, 2013


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Pay increases to be funded from different sources Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Staff Writer

While LSU President F. King Alexander announced system–wide pay raises for employees on July 26, executing the plan before next Friday is more complex than it might seem. Before employees can receive raises, the Board of Supervisors must approve Alexander’s plan that details where the money is coming from. According to the salary increase guidelines released by the University, faculty salary increases will be based on teaching evaluation, research, service activities and other scholarly activities Robert Kuhn, vice provost and associate vice chancellor for budget and planning and interim CFO, said finding $8.3 million in the $45

million operating budget for raises was a priority for the administration, but faced with $25.7 million in additional fees the University had to pay, the administration “cobbled together” funds from different sources to cover the faculty pay raise. “It’s just a matter of putting together the pieces,” Kuhn said. Kuhn said money for the salaries came from increased enrollment, savings from closing certain scholarships like Bengal Legacy, refinanced bonds, position vacancies, savings on fringe benefits from a reduced number of employees, a rebate from Office Max and a transfer from the Student Tech Fee. The raises will be based on employee evaluations, which are slightly different depending on the type of employee. Donna Torres, associate vice chancellor of accounting and

financial services, said there are four types of employees on campus: faculty, classified employees in trades and facility services, unclassified administrative staff and student workers. Since classified staff falls under civil service guidelines, they must go through a new performance evaluation before they receive their raises on a later date designated by the State Civil Service, Torres said. The new system is no longer a one-to-nine rating system but an evaluation system with three categories to see if employees are hitting their mark. Kuhn said the new guidelines also change the monetary amount classified employees are eligible for. “They have a different evaluation system and their policy has changed. Previously, the state civil service commission said everyone


Operation recall targets graduates Program will try to boost economy Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Staff Writer

While a new program to track University graduates might seem like something from the NSA, guess again. Operation Recall is, instead, a $20,000 Louisiana Board of Regents initiative that aims to bring graduates back to work in Louisiana. The Board partnered with the state’s universities and Workforce Cabinet Agencies to target degree holders according to their major and location. After receiving 360,830 graduate records, USADATA, a data company that provides information for mailing lists and marketing, compiled the RICHARD REDMANN / The Daily Reveille information for the Board. Commissioner of Higher Education James E. Purcell presents cuts from the different Lisa Smith-Vosper, associate schools across the state to the Board of Regents on August 21. commissioner for Workforce Educan possibly attract students to recation and Training, presented the recruiting and mapping. The group found that 85 per- turning to school. data-driven program to the Board The Operation Recall comand said Louisiana’s greatest crisis cent of graduates stayed in state is not having enough workers for and most of them are located near mittee is planning job fairs in key cities in Texas, and information metropolitan areas. high demand fields. The majority of those who will be mailed to graduates based In the Board presentation, relocated now on majors and specific job needs in Vosper cited the See what one of our live in Texas, state and out of state, Vosper said. Baton Rouge Business Report columnists thinks about the Mississippi, Cal- Texas is the number one out-ofifornia, Florida state location for graduates. article that said program on page 9. Katara Williams, assistant and Georgia. 600,000 people B e c a u s e commissioner for public affairs, have left to work elsewhere between 1980 and 2010 most graduates have not left the said the Board hopes the money Jim Purcell, commissioner of state, the program will recruit grad- spent on the project will be rehigher education, said the program uates by major and match them turned as graduates return to the state. will give the state the economic with specific jobs, Purcell said. “This amount is minimal, Additionally, the program can boost it needs. “It shows that we are being track the densities of where certain looking at the possibility at the rate part of the solution of the state and majors are living, household in- of return,” Williams said. “That addressing a great problem of the comes and lifestyles of the gradu- is going to be a huge boost to our ates, helping the Board understand state,” Williams said. state,” Purcell said. USADATA provided the why graduates are leaving. Vosper said the data will be Board with information on graduates from all majors and a total returned to all the universities and Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at of 286,721 records for research, colleges that participated, so they

would be eligible for 4 percent or will be given more money to acnothing,” Kuhn said count for the differences in salaries Now their raises could range professors receive, such as the Colbetween 0 and 4 lege of Engineerpercent instead of Some funding sources: ing. receiving all or · Increased enrollment As for the nothing. 2014-15 fiscal · Savings from closing certain Kuhn said the year, Kuhn said the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n scholarships like Bengal Legacy administration is came up with the 4 · Position vacancies hopeful and planpercent raise num- · Savings on fringe benefits from a ning for raises, but ber by determin- reduced number of employees is unsure. ing the amount of “The concept money available · Transfer from the Student Tech Fee is, higher educafor raises and tak- · Office Max rebate tion is labor-intening the base salary sive,” Kuhn said. of those eligible for raises. “It certainly helps if they can see If the raises are approved by some financial reward associated the Board, deans will be given a with that.” pool of money that is 4 percent of the base salary of their faculty to distribute based on evaluations Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at and performance. Additionally, certain colleges

The Daily Reveille

page 4 WEST, from page 1

because those Tiger fans are being handed a great deal of awesome LSU football, and college football for that matter.” LSU and its opponent TCU aren’t the only ones with a stake, of course. If he’s lucky, Hairston will also kickoff ESPN’s slate of primetime mega-matchups. The LSU Athletic Department worked diligently with ESPN and the Cowboys to strike a deal mutually beneficial for all parties in the mad scramble for TV money and expose their brand on the cheap. And with its third trip to Dallas, LSU further makes its case to nickname the city “Baton Rouge West.”

THE PROCESS For Senior Associate Athletic Director Verge Ausberry, who schedules the Tigers’ games, the Cowboys Classic was a no-brainer. When a predecessor signed a contract for a future homeand-home series with TCU in 2005, the Horned Frogs played in the unheralded Mountain West Conference. Now, they’re a household name in the Big 12, so Ausberry pushed for a new arrangement at a neutral site that would minimize the chances of a loss. The team received — and has since sold out — an allotted 25,000 tickets, compared to the 7,000 TCU would have given them if the game were held at TCU’s stadium, which is 18 miles away from the ultimate site. “We get LSU in there whenever we can,” said Dave Brown, an ESPN executive partly responsible for scheduling primetime games. ESPN and the Cowboys approached LSU for the Oregon game. But this time around, Brown said it was LSU and TCU who were the enterprising ones.

BROUSSARD, from page 1

Broussard’s wake and funeral. The wake will be held at Rabenhorst Funeral Home on Florida Blvd. Sunday from 3 to 7 p.m. The funeral service is Monday at Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church on Jefferson Highway; visitation is planned for 9:30 a.m., with a service to follow at 11:30 a.m. University President F. King Alexander released a statement offering his condolences to Broussard’s friends and family Thursday. “We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Broussard,” Alexander said. “We send our deepest condolences to

LAWSUIT, from page 1

Faircloth said this ruling is in the University’s favor. “It does not have any reflection on how the court feels on the issue. It is purely a procedural ruling,” Faircloth said. He said since the Supreme Court will not hear the original appeal, the University still has the right to a suspensive appeal,

THE SPOILS During hotly anticipated nonconference broadcasts like the Classic, Tiger players are expert salesmen as much as they are prodigious athletes. “We couldn’t pay the amount of money [needed] for the publicity we get out of events like this,” Ausberry said. Not only does LSU save money on ad space, but also on the fact that it has to host one less costly game. Ausberry said the team is committed to Saturday nights in Tiger Stadium, but that the occasional boost is invaluable. In a July story, TCU 360, the school’s student newspaper, reported a $3 million take away for the university provided by Jack Hesselbrock, TCU’s associate athletic director for internal relations, and cited the same for LSU per a contract received through a public records request. All sources interviewed by The Daily Reveille with knowledge of the contract declined to confirm the report, but Ausberry said LSU was set to make “at least $3 million,” with a bonus structure finalizing the figure. According to Ausberry, LSU made “close to $4 million” in the Oregon game after signing on for what SportsBusiness Journal reported as $3.5 million guaranteed. The televised event also provides opportunities to reach potential players who would otherwise not consider LSU as a goto school. Far away recruits with dreams of making millions themselves in the NFL watch LSU play on the Cowboys’ home field and start to get ideas. Locally, it continues to expand LSU’s visibility which, according to 247Sports recruiting expert Shea Dixon, has increased with the decline of Texas and Oklahoma. Daylon Mack, a five-star defensive end prospect from the area who was offered a

scholarship by LSU earlier this month, has talked about making an appearance Saturday, Dixon said. Monday, Mack tweeted, “[The Tigers] are in my top 1.”

BATON ROUGE WEST When asked about LSU’s Dallas contingent, Michael Konradi interrupted: “Ah, Baton Rouge West.” As an executive for the Cotton Bowl Classic, an organization that handles all of the coordination of teams for the stadium’s college games, Konradi worked with the Tigers in Dallas all three times. In every instance, the LSU alumni hotbed has boiled over. “The LSU contingent is always one of the best traveling contingents in college football, so you expect LSU fans to arrive early and stay late,” Konradi said. “The fact that it’s an 8 o’clock game plays right into the LSU fanbase.” Bob Brown, president of the LSU Alumni Association Dallas chapter, hopes he can make those incoming fans feel a little more at home than they already do. Members compiled a list of Tigerfriendly events taking place in the run up to the game. And aside from the watch parties it puts on every gameday, the chapter, which sports a mailing list of 4,500 names, will host a tailgate it expects to draw 1,200 people. “We had a lot of people migrate here from Katrina and just transfer for jobs and stuff,” Brown said. He wasn’t one of those, but if there’s anyone personifying the Tiger craze in Dallas, it’s Brown. He didn’t even go to LSU.

Contact Alex Cassara at; Twitter: @cassarayall

his family and friends during this time. It is always difficult for the LSU community to lose one of our own and grief counseling services are available to anyone from LSU impacted by this loss.” In addition, Student Government President John Woodard released a statement Thursday offering condolences from SG to Broussard’s loved ones. “[Broussard’s] humor, kindness and love for his school and country represented the best qualities of the LSU spirit,” Woodard’s statement read. “As we celebrate his life, we know his absence will create a lasting void on our campus.” Broussard was reported

missing Tuesday when he didn’t return to his parent’s house that morning, or arrive at his job at Exerfit Family Fitness on Tuesday. He left Bogie’s Bar around 1:30 a.m. before texting his parents that he would be home soon. Wednesday evening, police reported they found a truck overturned in the grass of Bayou Manchac on the side of Highway 30 matching the description of Broussard’s. It was later confirmed the truck belonged to Broussard, and that Broussard had died in the crash.

meaning they do not have to comply with the judgement. Scott Sternberg, who represented Gallo, said since the stay was denied, the University will have to turn over the records. Loretta Mince, representing The Advocate and | The Times-Picayune similarly told The Times-Picayune that the University will have to produce the records.

Faircloth said an appeals court has yet to make a decision on whether Clark’s judgement on public records law was right or wrong.

Contact Gordon Brillon at

Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at

Friday, August 30, 2013


LSU blanket initiative helps local homeless Alexis Rebennack Staff Writer

Tiger fans can now show their school spirit and support the area’s homeless at the same time. When purchasing an LSU-themed blanket from With a Purpose, the new company will provide another blanket to a Baton Rouge resident in need. The company will launch its first line, “Blanket for Blanket,” today at Whole Foods locations throughout Louisiana and online at The blanket is $45 online, but LSU fans can use a special 10 percent discount code: GOTIGERS10 For each product sold, With a Purpose gives another blanket to a homeless person through Baton Rouge’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul. With a Purpose, founded in Los Angeles, aims to help non-profit organizations around the U.S. provide for the needs of their local communities through a one-for-one initiative. With a Purpose founder Josh Helland wanted to help the homeless after his previous work with the “A Good Night Sleep” foundation, which supplies beds and bedding essentials to people making the transition from the streets to permanent housing. “Working with that foundation really opened my eyes to the homelessness arena, ” Helland said. Helland said being an

entrepreneur in the non-profit world is challenging because of the lack of sustainability, so he wanted to create something more sustainable that would allow his business to support other non-profits. “We were looking to do a onefor-one blanket line, and we thought ‘Who would want to buy this?’” Helland said. “The idea to do college blankets popped up, and immediately I said ‘Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant.’” Helland said he always dreamed of incorporating college sports into one of his products, so this was a perfect fit. LSU was at the top of Helland’s list of schools to include in the Blanket for Blanket initiative because it is such a huge university. Helland, who graduated from Southern Methodist University with TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, said he has been following the TOMS one-for-one model for a while and wanted to develop something similar. Helland’s emphasis is on having non-profits connected with the company so there is full transparency and people are able to see exactly where their purchase is going to.

Read the rest of this story online at Contact Alexis Rebennack at

Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting to know the foe

Sports The Unknowns Both teams look at variables on their rosters after suspensions and quarterback controversy

photos courtesy of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

page 5

Miles should leave Hill behind CROME IS BURNING

No. 20 Texas Christian University








Uncertainty surrounds both rosters entering Cowboys Classic MIKE GEGENHEIMER · Sports Writer


QUICK HITS · TAILBACK · 734 all-purpose · SOPHOMORE yards · 5’9” · 190 POUNDS

HORNED FROGS STATISTICS 2012 - 2013 STATS PASSING · Trevone Boykin: 2054 yards, 15 TD, 10 INT · Casey Pachall: 948 yards, 10 TD, 1 INT


Football coaches don’t like revealing more than they have to. LSU coach Les Miles and his counterparts from around the country protect the secret intricacies of their respective programs like it’s their first-born child. The Tigers roll into Arlington, Texas this weekend to kickoff their season against TCU, but Miles and TCU coach Gary Patterson are withholding information about playing time for key

members of each squad. Possibly the most important question mark on either roster is TCU’s quarterback battle. Patterson maintains his stance of a game-time decision for senior Casey Pachall and sophomore Trevone Boykin, which leaves the Tigers pulling double duty in the film room. “I think both are athletic and UNCERTAINTIES, see page 7

Pardon me if I’m a tad excited, but tomorrow I’ll finally get to check out Jerry World for myself. I’ve heard grandoise talk about the setup at the newlynamed AT&T Stadium. Shopping mall-sized gift shops. Sushi at concession stands. Club and suite levels that make any other sporting arena obsolete. I’m certain I can’t be the only one enthusiastic about Saturday. As students and fans make the seven hour trek from Baton Rouge to Dallas, car rides are sure to be filled with anxious chatter about the amenities that await. Surely, there’s palpable excitement for the players to open a season in such grand fashion. Wide reciever Kadron Boone is the only player left HILL, see page 11

What are you doing for the game on Saturday? Vote at

RUSHING · B.J. Catalon: 582 yards, 123 carries, 0 TD · Trevone Boykin: 417 yards, 127 carries, 3 TD · Waymon James: 168 yards, 17 carries, 1 TD

RECEIVING · Brandon Carter: 590 yards, 36 catches, 6 TD · Ladarius Brown: 385 yards, 27 catches, 5 TD · B.J. Catalon: 152 yards, 23 catches, 1 TD

TEAM STAT COMPARISON 2012 - 2013 STATS TOTAL AND SCORING OFFENSE TCU: 368 points, 28.3 points per game LSU: 387 points, 29.8 points per game

Rushing offense TCU: 1977 yards, 152.1 yards per game, 13 TD LSU: 2258 yards, 173.7 YPG, 29 TD

Passing offense TCU: 3075 yards, 236.5 YPG, 26 TD LSU: 2607 yards, 200.5 YPG, 12 TD

TOTAL AND SCORING DEFENSE TCU: 294 points, 22.6 points per game LSU: 228 points, 17.5 points per game

Rushing defense TCU: 1370 yards, 105.4 YPG, 11 TD LSU: 1321 yards, 101.6 YPG, 14 TD

Passing defense TCU: 2841 yards, 218.5 YPG, 22 TD LSU: 2678 yards, 206.0 YPG, 15 TD MIKE GEGENHEIMER / The Daily Reveille


Seniors aid freshmen as LSU takes on TCU

a rather youthful front line and midfield, the defensive third is loaded with veterans playing important The No. 25 LSU soccer team roles. Lee raved about how his senior has scored seven goals this season, class has guided the and not one has been freshmen on and off netted by a senior. Next up for the field. Though that stathe Tigers: “First and foretistic may be harrowmost, [the seniors] are a ing to some, it’s only Who: LSU (2-0) vs. great group of people,” a by-product of coach TCU (1-1) Lee said. “They’re the Brian Lee’s new syskind of kids you’d like tem that will once When: 7 p.m. tonight to be your daughters. again be put to the test Where: LSU Soccer Both on and off the when the Tigers (2-0) Stadium field, they’re kids who host TCU (1-1) in the handlel themselves LSU Soccer Stadium Listen at home: the right way and retonight at 7 p.m. ally represent LSU in Following the ina wonderful fashion. flux of dynamic young talent in his latest recruiting class, They’ve all been a big part of the Lee abandoned his conservative program during their time with us.” scheme in favor of an aggressive ofSOCCER, see page 7 fensive style. While the Tigers sport Marcus Rodrigue

Sports Contributor

GRACE STEINHAUSER / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior defender Addie Eggleston (2) dribbles the ball past University of Louisiana-Monroe freshman midfielder Nancy Kirk (14) on Tuesday during the Tigers’ 6-0 victory against the Warhawks at the LSU Soccer Stadium.

The Daily Reveille

page 6

cross country

Friday, August 30, 2013

Robinson brings hope to struggling cross country team New coach brings experience, changes Tommy Romanach Sports Contributor

Khadevis Robinson hopes to form a foundation for a previously dormant team as he takes over LSU’s cross country team as head coach. The cross country team looks to rebound after struggling in recent years. In the previous five seasons, the men’s and women’s teams have produced only two top-10 finishes in the NCAA South Regional and only two runners have finished top 25 individual in that same timespan. LSU’s fortunes fell deeper when

head coach Mark Elliott left the team to become the director of track and field at Clemson University. But Robinson possesses a confidence that may set the wheels in motion for success down the road. “We need to develop a mindset in ourselves that things can get done,” Robinson said. “We take small increments and that leads to big improvements.” Robinson’s professional career includes competing in the 2004 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games in the 800 meters and being an eight-time US champion in the 800. He spent the previous two years coaching at Ohio State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. These skill sets combined with Robinson’s personality led Tigers track and field coach Dennis Shaver

to hire him. “The more I looked around for a coach and the more people I talked too, Khadevis’ name kept coming up,” Shaver says. “He brought some unique characteristics I was really impressed by.” Robinson realizes that with the little emphasis currently put on cross country at LSU, he is starting at ground zero, but he said he believes that with LSU’s name he can start a foundation for the coming years. With that foundation, Robinson said he hopes that more emphasis can be put on the sport and thus lead to more long distance runners in the area coming to LSU. The challenge of coaching LSU’s team would only add to the challenges Robinson succeeded in throughout his running career.

In the 2008 US Olympic Trials, the favored Robinson finished fourth in the 800 and failed to qualify for the Olympic games. Rather than retire, he took on the challenge of getting back to the Olympics, which he accomplished in 2012. “I really enjoy challenges. It does interest me.” Robinson said. “Pressure may bust pipes, but pressure also makes a diamond.” Despite only being with the team for a few weeks, runners have started believing in their new coach’s message. “I really enjoy talking to him. I love his personality,” senior runner Julian Parker said. “He’s very inspirational. … He is trying to get us to buy into a system.” Shaver hired Robinson to coach the middle and long distance runners

in Track and Field in addition to the cross country teams. Shaver said he thinks Robinson can become a key component to LSU winning a National Championship in the spring. The Tigers begin their season in Gainesville, Fla., as they compete in the Mountain Dew Invitational on Sept. 14. Until then, Robinson continues to build a foundation with the team, offering life lessons along the way. “The best piece of advice I can give is that track and field, cross country or any type of running is an analogy for life,” Robinson said. “You get out what you put into it. It’s just that simple.” Contact Tommy Romanach at


Saints fall in final game of the preseason, 24-21 The Associated Press Drew Brees wore a uniform — and even eye black — but never played. Ryan Tannehill also watched from the sideline, laughing at the Kiss Cam when it showed during a timeout on the scoreboard video screen. The final preseason game for the Saints and Dolphins was for reserves and Miami third-string quarterback Pat Devlin led his team to a 24-21 victory Thursday night. Devlin threw for 259 yards, including a 56-yard pass to Marvin McNutt on fourth-and-4 with 3:02 left for the winning score. Many of the players who took part will be out of work by Saturday, when teams must reach their 53-man roster limit. The fans knew it, which is why the stadium was two-thirds empty. The Saints (3-1) open the season Sept. 8 against Atlanta eager to rebound from a 2012 season that went wrong from the start following their bounty scandal. The Dolphins (2-3) open at Cleveland the same day, hoping to end a streak of four consecutive losing seasons. By the start of the season, the final exhibition game will be long

forgotten. A neutral zone infraction by the New Orleans defense on the first play signaled the quality of what was to come. The game was the Saints’ first in Miami since they beat Indianapolis in the Super Bowl four years ago, but this New Orleans team bore little resemblance to that one. The only first-teamers to start were receiver Marques Colston and center Brian de la Puente. Backup quarterback Luke McCown played one series, directing a 14-play touchdown drive. He went 4 for 7 for 44 yards. Rookie Ryan Griffin went 15 for 31 for 198 yards and one interception to end the Saints’ final scoring threat. Undrafted rookie Khiry Robinson ran for 115 yards in 22 carries and caught six passes for 50 yards, while Mark Ingram scored on an 8-yard touchdown run but lost a fumble. Right guard John Jerry was the only Miami first-teamer to start. Devlin, just hoping to make the roster, went 22 for 38 with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Rishard Matthews helped his chances of winning the No. 4 receiving job by making three

catches for 37 yards. Rookie Dion Sims, who is challenging Charles Clay for playing time at tight end, caught four passes for 36 yards, including an 8-yard touchdown. McNutt caught four for 99. Rookie Mike Gillislee ran for 47 yards in 14 carries. Rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis, who won a job in training camp, went 3 for 3 on field goals and finished 9 for 9 in preseason. Top draft pick Dion Jordan missed his third consecutive game because of a lingering shoulder injury.

Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at; Twitter: @TDR_sports

J PAT CARTER / The Associated Press

Miami Dolphins defensive back De’Andre Presley (23) grabs New Orleans Saints running back Khiry Robinson (29) during the Saints’ game on Thursday.

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Friday, August 30, 2013 UNCERTAINTIES, from page 5

I think both can throw,” Miles said. “It’s the same offense, it just might be a different skill set.” Miles added he thinks Pachall might be a slightly better passer particularly down field, but Boykin runs the ball a little better. Pachall will likely receive the bulk of the snaps on Saturday night despite leaving the team to attend a drug and alcohol abuse center after being arrested for a DWI last October. The senior quarterback was on his way to a standout season in 2012 before the arrest, throwing for 10 touchdowns and 948 yards in four games. Pachall also lays claim to a 15-2 record and a 35 to 8 touchdownto-interception ratio as a starter. “[Pachall] is the most — as far as arm wise — passing quarterback,” said senior linebacker Lamin Barrow. “He’s got a great arm. He can also run too from what we’ve seen of the film from a couple of years ago. I think a guy like that who hadn’t played a full season last year is trying to get back and make some big plays.” Boykin, on the other hand, is known as more of a running quarterback, which Barrow said he and his fellow linebackers are anxious to see on the field. “I don’t know when we’ll see [Boykin], but if I was a guessing guy, I would think some short yardage and see him kind of running,” Barrow said. Barrow thinks Boykin adds a second dimension to the game that Pachall potentially doesn’t through Boykin’s ground game. Barrow knows Boykin can take it between the tackles and could be dangerous on option and sweep plays. Boykin only produced three wins as a starter in 2012, but Patterson said in recent press conferences Boykin has improved since his freshman campaign. Miles has been slightly more forthcoming with his depth chart for the Cowboys Classic, confirming most positions outside of running back. The status of sophomore

SOCCER, from page 5

The bulk of LSU’s senior leadership is on the back line as Addie Eggleston and Nina Anderson will both record minutes as defenders alongside junior Alex Arlitt. The defensive third is further strengthened by senior goalkeeper Megan Kinneman, who has started 40 matches between the posts during her stint in Baton Rouge. But the Tigers feature a senior presence on every part of the pitch, with key reserve Danielle Murphy playing on the front line, while Alex Ramsey and Emily Cancienne are in midfield. Kinneman said the sprinkling of seniors across the field has aided the freshmen as they adjust to the college game. “Coming into college alone is a big jump, but then coming to play in the Southeastern Conference is a big change,” Kinneman said. “When you’ve got someone next to you who’s played for two or three years, it helps just to get a little word in here or there.” Kinneman said the familiarity between the veteran defenders and midfielders has created a comfort level on the back line that makes the

page 7


TCU writers tell LSU what to expect Sat. Mike Gegenheimer Sports Writer


LSU running back Jeremy Hill (33) runs the ball Nov. 3, 2012 during the Tigers’ 2117 loss against Alabama in Tiger Stadium.

running back Jeremy Hill remains in question following Hill’s reinstatement to the team following a violation of his probation earlier this year. Hill’s arrest came after a fight outside of Reggie’s Bar in April. Miles has yet to rule out Hill as an option at some point in the game, but confirmed senior running back Alfred Blue will be the starter on Saturday. The closest thing to an explanation Miles gave on the subject was a vague, “I would not be surprised if [Hill] made the trip [to Arlington].” Hill led the Tigers last season with 755 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns on 142 attempts compared to Blue’s 40 attempts for 270 yards and two scores. Blue’s numbers are tainted, however, thanks to a knee injury sustained in the third week of the 2012 season against Idaho. “It really doesn’t [make a difference who plays] because an open hole is an open hole,” said sophomore left tackle Vadal Alexander. “We have great running backs, from Kenny to Blue to Jeremy to Terrence Magee.” Patterson recently voiced his disapproval of Miles’ decision to let Hill back on the team following a team vote on the matter. But in a surprise move, Patterson reinstated

sophomore defensive end Devonte Fields who was expected to sit out of the first two games for a violation of team rules back in May. Patterson didn’t say if Fields will play against LSU this weekend, but he confirmed that Fields will dress out and be on the sidelines for the game. “We’re going to block them where they’re at,” Miles said, downplaying the decision. Miles also added that the offensive game plan won’t change depending on where Fields lines up. Fields led the Horned Frogs with 18.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks in his freshman season and received All-Big 12 First Team honors as well as the AP Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. “He is a great player,” said senior LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger. “Last I heard, he was suspended, but if he does play we’re looking forward to that challenge. We always want to play against somebody’s best and he’s definitely a great player.”

new-look attacking style possible. The Tigers displayed that highpowered offense on Tuesday night when they notched five first-half goals en route to a 6-0 demolition of UL-Monroe. Though the Tigers have No. 6 BYU slated for a match on Monday, they are not looking past the Horned Frogs. “As a team, I think we’re focusing on each game at a time,” said sophomore midfielder Fernanda Pina. “They’re all important to win, and the rest of the games will come eventually. We need to win now.” Tonight’s match will be

part of an unofficial series between both schools as TCU and LSU are set to duke it out on the gridiron in Dallas on Saturday night. But when the Horned Frogs and the Tigers settle things on the soccer pitch, Lee will be relying on his group of seniors to make the plays that won’t show up on the stat sheet.

Contact Mike Gegenheimer at; Twitter: @gegs1313_TDR

Contact Marcus Rodrigue at; Twitter: @Rodrigue_TDR

To bring a different perspective of LSU’s opponent, The Daily Reveille teamed up with sports editor Tori Cummings and football beat writer Matt Jennings from TCU’s student newspaper, TCU 360, to get their thoughts on the upcoming matchup: TCU coach Gary Patterson won’t name a quarterback before the game. Who can LSU expect to see under center and how is that competition developing? Jennings: That’s true. Patterson won’t name a starter. He hasn’t even told his wife. However Casey Pachall is more than likely going to start. He has more experience than his competitor, Trevone Boykin, and with a 15-2 record as a starter, he’s got the secondhighest winning percentage for a quarterback in program history. With all that being said, the Tigers need to be prepared for Boykin as well. How big of a loss is defensive end Devonte Fields to the TCU defense? Cummings: Devonte Fields is a huge loss for the defense because his mere presence forces offenses to make a separate game plan just for him. He consistently drew double teams last season and still finished No. 1 in the Big 12 with 1.42 tackles for loss per game. His replacement will most likely be junior Matt Anderson who has not played since his freshman year in 2010 when he appeared in eight games. TCU




freshmen last season. How have the underclassmen developed from last year and who’s stood out so far? Jennings: The underclassmen experienced a trial by fire last season. Due to injuries and other circumstances, Patterson was forced to play a number of players before he would have liked. But they all showed flashes of talent last season, and some are in a great position to contribute. Running back B.J. Catalon was forced into action as a freshman after injuries to two other running backs, and he didn’t disappoint. He led the team in rushing yards last season despite starting only two games, and he’s poised for a breakout season now that he will see even more playing time. Prediction for the game? Cummings: I see it being a very close game regardless of whether Boykin or Pachall is the Frogs’ quarterback. Both teams are strong in all facets of the game, so it will probably come down to who turns the ball over more, and who takes advantage of those turnovers. Jennings: In my eyes, it all depends on the play of Zach Mettenberger. If he plays like he did against Alabama last season and forces TCU to respect the passing game, LSU will have a much easier time running the ball and will wear TCU down. However, I don’t see that happening. I think TCU’s defense forces him to make mistakes and turn the ball over, and TCU wins an ugly one late, 20-17. Contact Mike Gegenheimer at; Twitter: @gegs1313_TDR

The Daily Reveille

page 8


Friday, August 30, 2013

Software trial shows LSU cares Faculty Senate combats plagiarism with computer program “TurnItIn”

THE HIPPIE DICTATOR Alix Landriault Columnist The Internet giveth, and I hope the Internet will taketh away more easily now. Last spring, the Faculty Senate approved a trial run of the program “TurnItIn,” a plagiarism-sensing software that claims to be more effective at finding similar texts than the typical Google search. This is a venture I would be happy to fund with my tuition. If all goes as planned, it will help eliminate two things I can’t stand: slackers and misunderstanding. It is irksome when someone gets credit they do not deserve. It’s that guy in the group with his eyes glazed over, promising he’ll do research for a certain section of the slideshow, then turning up with two slides of four sentences each. He causes the rest of the members to scramble to clean the section up, because the group will be graded as a whole. He pretty much gets the free ride. Half-assed work should not pass as kick-ass work. What’s neat about this particular program is it doesn’t show

web comments The Daily Reveille wants to hear your reactions to our content. Visit, our Facebook page and our Twitter account to let us know what you think. Check out what readers had to say in our comment section: In response to Christine Guttery’s column “Is pornography harmful to society? Yes.” readers had this to say: “As a journalist working in the porn industry, I must say you’ve come to some amazingly erroneous conclusions regarding both sex and pornography. For one thing, you seem to think there’s something inherently bad about watching two or

results as absolutes, but rather it gives the percentage likelihood a student copied their work from another source. Kind of like a weather station presenting the likelihood of rain. A student may be plagiarizing, but there may only be so many ways to phrase a situation or something might be common knowledge. Also, it can help a teacher see who simply doesn’t understand what plagiarism is, or how to not do it. While I find it somewhat appalling that various lower education systems apparently don’t emphasize this enough, I understand that teaching isn’t as regulated as the government tries to make it. The use of “TurnItIn” is becoming widespread. Dr. Gundela Hachmann, who chaired the committee that proposed this endeavor, says the use of this program “has sort of become an educational standard” in Louisiana high schools and colleges. Yet Dr. Hachmann said she is “thinking beyond the coursework” by tackling plagiarism on campus. In our interview, she went into lengthy detail about the implications plagiarism has had on high-profile individuals in Germany, her homeland. Among these people were Defense Minister Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus

more consenting adults have sex, and seem to have accepted the lie found on by the alleged ex-porn actress that “there are victims and survivors who have been drugged and forced into this ugliness against their wills.” Speaking for the adult film industry here in Los Angeles, that is categorically untrue. I have been on many sets when movies are being shot and have NEVER seen a single person drugged or forced to perform, nor have I ever seen a filmmaker threaten a performer’s life. It just doesn’t happen in the legal adult industry. The argument that “porn changes the brain” is another misleading statement. EVERYTHING that we experience changes the brain; that’s why you’re in school: You learn stuff and your brain changes to absorb it

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Kevin Thibodeaux Taylor Balkom Brian Sibille Alyson Gaharan Megan Dunbar

Editor in Chief Managing Editor Managing Editor, External Media News Editor Opinion Editor

photo illustration by CONNOR TARTER/ The Daily Reveille

Online services like are making it easier for professors to catch plagiarists as well as grade papers.

rubric for a grade to be given. This format just makes it quicker to deliver the grade, so the teacher does not have to rewrite all of the grade technicalities. While the trial was originally supposed to run for 60 days, LSU negotiated for the test to run this entire fall semester. If the campus community supports the program, our university will pay for a 3 year license. If the program does not show an improvement in students’ understanding of plagiarism and help teachers grade more efficiently, I hope LSU continues to seek avenues that do accomplish these goals. Hard work and understanding must be among a university’s top priorities if it truly intends to help individuals lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Sylvester Joseph von und zu Guttenberg, a descendant of the former Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and publicly avid fan of AC/DC, who revoked his doctorate and resigned from all political offices after the public noticed he plagiarized much of his Ph.D. dissertation. This earned him the nickname “zu Googleberg.” The benefits of the software should not stop with

plagiarism, however. While plagiarism is the intended focus of “TurnItIn,” it also has features that should allow teachers to grade papers quicker. I was skeptical of this at first, but after some in-depth research, I learned that quicker doesn’t mean more careless. Teachers can plug a grading rubric into the system, but the program will not grade a paper for the teacher. The teacher must still make a selection from the

Alix Landriault is a 20-year-old mass communication junior from Natchitoches, La.

and integrate it into your consciousness. And while it’s true that some people obsess over pornography, it’s not porn that causes that; it’s a condition known as obsessive-compulsive disorder—NOT “porn addiction,” which doesn’t actually exist—where those afflicted obsess about some particular thing, whether it be not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, washing one’s hands over and over until they’re raw to “get the dirt off”, praying excessively or, yes, watching porn obsessively. The condition can be treated with drugs and therapy, but porn isn’t its cause. And as for those “pleasure chemicals” released by watching porn? Guess what? They’re called “endorphins,” and they’re released every time we do something pleasurable, like hit a homerun, finish

a complicated scientific paper, jog an extra mile, have sex with a partner, drink liquor, smoke pot or, yes, watch a good porn movie. They’re perfectly natural, and a life without endorphins would be very dull. And of course, anyone who judges another person solely or primarily on their sexual performance, as opposed to their personality or accomplishments or philosophical viewpoint, is a sad, troubled individual and could use a course of therapy to understand the consequences of such a jaundiced worldview. Beyond that, porn is fantasy, not sex education, and most adults can easily tell the difference. Admittedly, considering the poor state of sex education in this country (and particularly in your own state), it’s not surprising that some people think

they can learn about sex by watching porn, which seems to be what those professors at the University of Alabama actually discovered. But that’s a poor way to learn about real people’s sexual proclivities and activities, and many porn movies have a title card before the movie starts warning viewers that the sex acts depicted therein are being performed by professionals, and that viewers should not attempt to try them at home.” -markkernes

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Ira Glass American public radio personality Mar. 3, 1959 — present

The Daily Reveille

Friday, August 30, 2013


page 9

Jindal, lawmakers need to focus on education SHARE THE WEALTH Jay Meyers Columnist If you were to ask Gov. Bobby Jindal what forces will be driving our state’s future prosperity, he’d likely blurt something along the lines of, “scrap our state and corporate taxes” or “shrink government spending.” And that’s pretty unfortunate news, as the evidence for implementing Reagan-like economic policies to spur growth has proven to be ineffective. It should be noted, however, that conservatives thank God everyday that Americans put zero stock in empirical data or facts that don’t align with their particular ideology. Case in point: last year, Jindal nearly replaced the state’s income and corporate tax with a higher sales tax, despite the claims by most economists that his plan would cause income inequality to skyrocket, with marginal improvements in growth. Ultimately, Jindal’s plan never came to fruition. That’s great, but it wouldn’t be unlikely to see him pull this stunt again. So, if lowering taxes and, by extension, starving the government for public funds aren’t viable

answers, how can Jindal act to boost the economic well-being of Louisiana residents? One word: education. A report released last week from the Economic Policy Institute shows the states that invest most in education are overwhelmingly the states with both higher productivity and median wages. Put another way, the state’s main prerogative should be fostering an environment where high-quality education is accessible and affordable. Unfortunately, Louisiana is not one of those states. Why? Because pursuing post-secondary education — where students acquire the necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills to get a high-paying job — is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the state’s residents. During the last five years, Louisiana lawmakers have allowed education — specifically colleges and universities — to bear the majority of the state’s budget cuts. Put concretely, the Legislative Fiscal Office reported last month that state funding for public higher education has been cut by 66 percent, or a little more than $1 billion dollars, since the 2009 fiscal year. But hasn’t everyone tightened

RICHARD SHIRO / The Associated Press

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during a rally for South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley.

their belts a bit and lowered funding for higher education, as a result of the Great Recession of 2007? Yes and no. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities issued a report showing that 37 states plan to actually increase funding for public universities next year. Louisiana didn’t make that list. But we are first on the list for the largest state-funding cuts to higher education, with a planned 17 percent

reduction to next year’s spending budget, according to the AASCU. So, with no end in sight to Louisiana’s damaging budget cuts, how can we ensure every resident, especially those with limited financial means, has a shot at the American Dream? Here are three simple ways. First, the TOPS program needs to return to the function of a needbased program. In 1998, TOPS was transformed

from a need-based program to a merit-based program, causing the state to spend a disproportionally large share of its monetary resources on those who could already afford college while providing relatively nothing to those who need financial help to have a chance at a college education. Second, TOPS should actually award “merit,” moving above and beyond the ridiculous 2.5 minimum GPA requirement to a 3.0 GPA for scholarship qualification. Third, the Go Grant Program, which awards need-based assistance, is significantly underfunded. There should be more of a balanced funding between this program and TOPS, so that all income distributions are represented more fairly at state universities. Gone are the days of Reagan when you could just tell people to get jobs and entice companies with low tax rates. Without a whole lot of money, Louisiana needs to get creative when it comes to education. Jay Meyers is a 20-year-old economics junior from Shreveport, La. Contact Jay Meyers at; Twitter: @TDR_jmeyers

I spy with many eyes a surveillance culture Mr. Fini Joshua Hajiakbarifini Columnist When Richard Nixon illegally wire tapped a hotel and tried to cover it up, he became the first president in U.S. history to resign. Fast forward to today, and Obama and the NSA’s PRISM Program, the largest surveillance program in history, is spying on ordinary citizens leading ordinary lives. If some student Facebook messages a close friend saying “I think I’m pregnant,” it’s now a record in government files forever. But the worst part? No one seems to care. The government has violated everyone’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy, and there is no major outcry. Now an eerily similar system is being implemented in Louisiana. Operation Recall is a Board of Regents program that seeks to attract the 15 percent of students who graduate and leave Louisiana. They do this by compiling data on the students who leave, including details such as their incomes, majors and lifestyles. What the Board of Regents is trying to accomplish is not necessarily bad in regard to its goals, but it is

a sign of the surveillance culture that is now a part of life. When we hear about government surveillance, we often are suspicious and divided on the issue. The decisions aren’t usually up to us — we all simply live under it. From the NSA to the Board of Regents, this level of profiling and data mining is becoming dangerous.

On one hand, the Board of Regents is trying to boost the economy of Louisiana by compiling a database of graduates who leave and figuring out how to bring them back here. Meanwhile the NSA is violating every American’s right against search and seizure. Since when is this level of surveillance necessary or even OK? It’s no wonder the NSA’s breach of

RYNE KINLER / The Daily Reveille

American civil liberties isn’t on the radar for public reactions. It seems that only those on the fringes of the left and right have this big brother fear as a common grievance. We all should though, because this affects all of us. For example, some employers now check applicants’ Facebook accounts before hiring and judge to see if the prospective hire

drinks too much, gets into trouble or isn’t what the employer is looking for. The surveillance doesn’t stop with hiring. A credit score company called Lenddo now looks at user’s Facebook friends when providing loans to its customers. Kreditech, a German company, compiles data from Facebook, PayPal, eBay and Amazon in order to create a data profile on its customers. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before US companies start doing the same. Edward Snowden, a former NSA agent, said as many as 38 embassies, including those of Brazil, France and Germany, have been under surveillance. These revelations show the program isn’t so much focused on counter-terrorism as much as simply being the world’s Big Brother. Maybe this is just a shift in the zeitgeist of what kind of world we live in today, a world where we are all being watched and monitored. Nothing shows this to be true more than Operation Recall, PRISM, Kreditech and Lenddo. Joshua Hajiakbarifini is 24-yearold political science and economics senior from Baton Rouge, La. Contact Justin Hajiakbarifini at; Twitter: @JoshuaFini

The Daily Reveille

page 10

STUDENT NEEDED to work with disabled young adult. Perfect for Psych, Kinesiology, or COMD majors. Tues/Thurs $12/hr 225.335.6219

Gino’s Restaurant is seeking part time evening hostesses. Please send your resume to - or apply in person Mon-Fri between 2-5pm.

PHYSICAL THERAPY TECHNICIAN Busy Physical Therapy clinic seeking part-time technicians in Baton Rouge office. Resumes to:

Sylvan Learning Centers on Bluebonnet/Siegen seeking office worker/client service rep. for 10-20 hours per week (3:00-7:00 p.m.) + Saturday mornings. Saturdays required. $10/hr. Great office experience! Please e-mail or call 291-7323

Small law firm seeks part time courier/ file clerk. Must have reliable transportation and good driving record. Submit inquiries to

Sylvan Learning Centers on Bluebonnet/Siegen seeking office worker/client service rep. for 10-20 hours per week (3:00-7:00 p.m.) + Saturday mornings. Saturdays required. $10/hr. Great office experience! Please e-mail or call 291-7323 KIDS COUNT, INC. Hiring afternoon teachers to work 230-600 Monday-Friday. Send resume to Check out our website at www. HOSTS/HOSTESSES NEEDED! Capital City Grill Downtown is now hiring! Very flexible with school schedules. Apply at 100 Lafayette Street in Downtown Baton Rouge. Gatti’s Pizza, a buffet-style pizza restaurant, on Essen Ln. in Baton Rouge is seeking motivated individuals to join their team. Candidates must be reliable, trustworthy, customer service friendly, and be able to provide transportation to and from work. This is a collaborative work environment, so teamwork is a MUST. We are flexible for high-school and college aged students, and we make sure you are off work at a decent time on school nights. To apply for the positions available email your resume to, or fill out an application at the store! Looking for an Education Major to help 6th grader with homework Monday through Thursday. Call 2257566485.

Studio Apartment for Rent Tigerland 1444 Jim Taylor Dr. $385/month On Bus Route

$BARTENDING$ $300/DAY Potential No experience Necessary. Training Available. Age 18+ 800-965-5276 ext. 113


OFF CAMPUS LIVING! 2BR/1.5BA Townhouse Cypress Point Subdivision. 2-Cars Covered Parking. Pets Negotiable. $1200/mo. 225.343.0856

Smoothie King Sherwood Forest Now hiring part time college students. Apply in person at 3851 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd. An upscale fondue restaurant is now hiring servers for all evening shifts. Must be able to work late nights and weekends. Please apply in person 1 - 4 pm 5294 Corporate Blvd Baton Rouge, La 70808

Friday, August 30, 2013


OFF CAMPUS LIVING! 2BR/1.5BA Townhouse Cypress Point Subdivision. 2-Cars Covered Parking. Pets Negotiable. $1200/ mo. 225.343.0856

Happy part-time employees needed for nursery and after school care. Experience preferred. 2:30 to 6:00 M-F. 20 minutes from LSU. River Road Day Care 336-9030.

2 Bedrooms + Loft For Rent on W Lee Drive Gated, Alarm System Washer&Dryer LSU Bus Route 225.335.2181

Male and female bartenders wanted for daiquiris shop. $50 to $120 in tips per shift avg. Safe and friendly environment. 10 minutes from campus. Flexible schedule. email name and number to cksdaiquiris@

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STUDENT WORK GREAT STARTING PAY Flex schedules, training provided Customer sales/service Scholarships possible Conditions apply, call TODAY! 225-921-9673

Hampton Inn College Drive is also hiring for am/pm front desk staff. Stop by in person to fill out an application at 4646 Constitution Drive. Fun, outgoing student workers needed! Customer sales/service- flexible schedules $16.00 base-appt, training provided Scholarships and internships possible Apply TODAY! 225-921-9673

Focused male student looking for roommate in 2BR/2Bath Condo on Bus Route. Contact Owner 985860-6488.

Brightside View : 1 or 2 Bedroom 2 Bath, All Appliances including Washer/ Dryer, Fenced patio area:Call 225-802-6898 FREE ROOM AND BOARD IN ASCENSION

$16.00 Starting Pay- base/appt. PT Work, FT pay! Flexible schedules, Scholarships possible, training provided. Customer sales/service- Apply NOW 225-921-9673 Hampton Inn College Drive is hiring for a full-time Director of Sales (DOS) with a minimum of two years sales experience and knowledge of the Baton Rouge area. Email all applications to

3 bd rm/1 bath house. Fenced yard-yard service. Washer/dryer. Hardwood floors. Walking distance to LSU. on bus route. 504-4510818

Very cozy townhome in Heatherstone.2 bedrooms 2 ½ bath. Updated. Very Large. Covered Parking. LSU bus route $1300.00. Patio. Balcony. New carpet, wood floors, paint. Laundry included. Basic Cable included. Call 985705-1635 for questions!

Wanted: Older male undergraduate or graduate student to mentor and loosely supervise 18 y.o. male who is working on GED and looking for job. Person must be responsible, flexible, strong-willed, and a good role model. Also, must have own transportation. Room and board in exchange for supervisory role. Gas allowance will be provided. Drug screen, background check, and references required. Call: (337) 988-1649 after 6:00 PM or (337) 849-2475 during the day or email:

Friday, August 30, 2013 HILL, from page 5

on the Tiger roster who started against Oregon in 2011 in what was then known as Cowboys Stadium. However, Jeremy Hill doesn’t deserve to be excited. LSU coach Les Miles should prevent Hill from stepping on the bus at 11 a.m., stop him from getting to live the plush life in a snazzy hotel for a weekend and prevent him from stepping foot on the ground Jerry Jones built. By now it’s common knowledge what happened outside Reggie’s Bar last April. There’s video to prove it. When the legal system played itself out — conveniently on the first full day of fall camp for veterans — a team vote was cast. Shockingly, it was unanimous. Hill was back. Now almost three weeks later, Miles prolongs the life of this black eye on his program. He sophomorically evades any questions concerning the “witholding from play” he foretold during the initial press conference announcing Hill’s return. Miles reached a new low on Monday when I asked whether Jeremy Hill would travel to Dallas with his teammates. He mumbled an answer so inaudible, the room of reporters was divided on whether he said he “would be surprised” or “wouldn’t be surprised” if Hill was on the trip. When another reporter pressed Miles further, the coach clairified he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Hill was on the trip, shrieked “no further comment” and pouted. Put bluntly, I’ve forgiven Jeremy Hill. I saw a contrite, genuine gentleman at LSU media day who confronted every reporters’ question head on and appeared remorseful for the pain and negative attention he brought upon the program. But that doesn’t mean discipline should be overlooked. Punishments are meant to punish. They should take away privileges. Be severe enough so that I’ll never have to read another Jeremy Hill

police report. I think predicting final scores to games is pointless, so you’ll never see one from me before an LSU game. But I do have another prediction for Saturday’s season opener. Jeremy Hill will prance out of the AT&T Stadium locker room, warm up with those friends he was so egregiously separated from for four months, sit out the first half, then line up behind Zach Mettenberger on the first offensive play of the

The Daily Reveille second half. He’ll take the handoff, hit the hole with the burst and agility fans have come to know from their prized player and surge ahead for an impressive seven or eight yard gain. Like nothing ever happened.

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THE Daily Commuter Puzzle ACROSS 1 Lugosi and Bartok 6 Mark left by a wound 10 “A __ home is his castle” 14 Ascended 15 Walking speed 16 Border on 17 “...He’s making __ & checking it twice...” 18 __ up; spent 19 Polynesian cultural carving 20 McCain and Feinstein 22 Stockholm’s nation 24 Misfortunes 25 Most penniless 26 Hard-__ eggs 29 Anglo-__ 30 Find a sum 31 Peddles 33 Bugs’ coworker 37 List of students in a class 39 Underground plant parts 41 In __ of; as a substitute for 42 Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem 44 Minds 46 Laundry soap brand 47 Profits 49 Steal cattle 51 Gets 54 Get rid of 55 Fancy trims 56 Fixed 60 Story 61 __ arms; irate 63 Exchange 64 12/24 & 12/31 65 Camera’s eye 66 Stove 67 Schnoz 68 __ over; assume control 69 Change a bit DOWN 1 Sheep cries

by Jacqueline E. Mathews

1176 Bob Petit Rd.

2 Author __ Stanley Gardner 3 Cut of pork 4 Attack 5 __ down; stops moving around 6 __ on; goads 7 Late singer Mama __ 8 Highest card 9 Boston team 10 Motherly 11 Tolerate 12 Heats in the microwave 13 Time in the army, e.g. 21 Less youthful 23 Mahogany or cedar 25 White adhesive 26 Marge and Homer’s boy 27 Smell 28 Inactive 29 Messy folks 32 Diving birds 34 Car from Italy

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Collapsed Christmas Lawyers’ jargon Pancake topper Spinnaker or jib Large island in Indonesia 48 Put-down 50 Coil

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Again & again “Good for you!” Flooring pieces Thickheaded Skating oval Carry on On __; nervous Moose’s cousin Tiny vegetable

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