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Film: Movies increasingly use Baton Rouge as scene location, p. 6

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T.N. “King” Contributing Writer

A collaboration of student organizations wrapped up the Tigers for the Tide relief effort one month after a devastating tornado touched down in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The University shipped more than 50 boxes of donated items Wednesday to the University of Alabama and surrounding communities. The Athletic Department supplied a truck to transport donations.

The collection period ended May 14, but students have been sorting and boxing donated items for the past several weeks in preparation for shipping them to Alabama. Josh Dean, Volunteer LSU adviser, said collecting items was easy — motivating students to box and

sort items during finals week was the true challenge. Most student volunteers — like De Andre’ Beadle, political science and sociology sophomore — described sorting and boxing as “a long, hard

Small sculptures on display at LSUMOA, p. 5 Thursday, June 9, 2011 • Volume 115, Issue 141

and difficult task to complete.” Volunteers picked through each donated item, sorting clothing by gender and size. After sorting, volunteers checked each item’s condition and usefulness. “Sorting was definitely an experience,” said Kathleen Bordelon, Student Government vice president. “It was like doing other people’s laundry.” From deodorant to diapers, students didn’t

hesitate to contribute a variety of clothing, toiletries and other items to the University of Alabama. Student volunteers found generous donations such as a Lacoste polo, a $145 new dress and new Dr. Martens boots. Volunteers also sorted through disgusting items, like dirty underwear and used body soap. “It was fun finding out what people gave,” said Alli Robison, human resource education junior. “I learned a lot about people by digging through their stuff.” TORNADO, see page 4


High gas prices hinder vacations BR tourism officials remain optimistic

Laura Furr Staff Writer

KELLYE EISWORTH / The Daily Reveille

Andrew O’Brien, networking and computer science sophomore, pumps gas Saturday. Rising prices have forced many to rethink summer travel plans.

Andrew O’Brien and his family planned to travel to Florida this summer. But plans fell through because gas was too expensive. The trip would have cost the computer science freshman $90 in gas. Though gas prices have recently dipped, the Energy Information Administration predicts gas retail prices to average $3.75 per gallon during this summer’s driving season: April 1 through September 30. Gas prices averaged $3.81 nationwide during Memorial Day weekend. According to a CNN Opinion Research Poll, 53 percent of Americans

had to change their summer vacation plans because of this year’s recordbreaking gas prices. O’Brien drives a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which gets a generous 31 mpg. In most other cars, gas expenses would be much higher. Mass communication sophomore Jenna Wray and five of her family members piled into her Ford 500 sedan last week to travel to Texas. Though they still made the trip, gas prices set Wray back about $120. Bonnie Guerriero’s trip to Mobile, Ala., for this year’s Hangout Music Festival would have cost around the same in gas expenses — forcing her to cancel her plans. Guerriero, undeclared sophomore, said she had been looking forward to the festival, but “everything is so much more expensive because gas prices are so high.” She decided to stay in Monroe and work.

Around the country tourism hot spots are bracing for a slow summer. Theresa Overby, director of communications at the Baton Rouge Visitor’s Bureau, said tourism in Baton Rouge may not suffer as much as anticipated thanks to Bayou Country Superfest and the recent dip in gas prices. In addition, the city is beginning a new initiative to promote in-state travel with shorter drive times using the new app “SCVNGR.” According to Overby, two “treks” have been designed for vacationers to enjoy attractions in and around Baton Rouge over a several day trip. Overby said she and her staff remain “cautiously optimistic” about the summer ahead.

Contact Laura Furr at

The Daily Reveille

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Nation & World

Thursday, June 9, 2011



Elite police force arrives in northern Brazil to handle protesters

Raging Arizona fire now larger than size of Phoenix, fear of escalation

Former governor Kathleen Blanco diagnosed with rare eye cancer

SAO PAULO (AP) — An elite police force arrived in northern Brazil on Wednesday to help local law enforcement combat violence aimed at anti-logging and land rights activists in the Amazon rain forest. Paulo Silber, a spokesman for the Para state government, said the 60 officers were deployed to three cities. He did not provide further details. The force has members from the federal police, the military and regular police forces.

SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz. (AP) — A raging forest fire in eastern Arizona that has forced thousands from their homes headed Wednesday for a pair of transmission lines that supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of people as far east as Texas. For now, firefighters who have helped keep the flames away from several towns in eastern Arizona are concerned that high winds expected later Wednesday could carry embers that can cause new, smaller spot fires.

(AP) — Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco has been diagnosed with a rare eye cancer. Blanco spokeswoman Marie Centanni said Wednesday that the prognosis for the former governor is good. Centanni said the cancer, called choroidal melanoma, was discovered during Blanco’s eye exam last week and was confirmed by cancer specialists. “She is in good health, her prognosis is favorable and she expects to begin treatment shortly. The Blancos are grateful for your support and ask for your prayers,” Centanni said in a statement.

After years of rumor, Tijuana mayor to finally face criminal charges TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Wildanimal collector, gambling tycoon and eccentric former mayor Jorge Hank Rhon has faced unproven allegations of criminal activity throughout his career in the border city famed as a base for drug traffickers. Now a raid on his home has turned up an arsenal of illegal weapons, prosecutors said Wednesday, and they are setting out to finally make charges stick to a man with deep roots in Mexico’s elite who has long been considered untouchable.

photo courtesy of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Ribeiro da Silva, an activist who was fighting to protect the Amazon rain forest from loggers, was shot Wednesday. His wife was also killed.

Bin Laden’s No. 2: Muslims will destroy America and allies CAIRO (AP) — Osama bin Laden’s deputy warned Wednesday that America faces not individual terrorists or groups but an international community of Muslims that seeks to destroy it and its allies. He was delivering a videotaped eulogy to slain al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida’s longtime No. 2 and considered the network’s operational head, also sought to cast a role for the terror group in the popular uprisings shaking Arab world.

Surfing Mary draws mass following during threat of destruction ENCINITAS, Calif. (AP) — The surfing Madonna appeared just before Easter weekend and has been stirring a soulful debate in this Southern California beach town ever since. The striking mosaic of the Virgin of Guadalupe riding a wave was affixed to a wall under a train bridge by artists in April. It technically is graffiti that should be removed under the law. City officials have spent thousands to hire an art conservation agency to find the best way to remove her without causing damage.

Today on Read about an upcoming Beriut show on LMFAO blog.

See more photos of movie costumes from CUT! online. Join us at thedailyreveillephotos

Heavy lobbying ongoing about Jindal cigarette tax renewal veto (AP) — As Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to veto a cigarette tax renewal within days, lawmakers and the governor’s administration are engaged in heavy lobbying over attempts to override a gubernatorial veto. The 4-cent per pack cigarette tax renewal passed the House and Senate with a two-thirds vote — the same ammount for an override — but Jindal is trying to peel off support so he won’t be the first governor whose veto was overridden in 20 years.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Student waits for pending charges Morgan Searles Staff Writer

A University student arrested in March for simple robbery is still waiting for a decision on pending charges from prosecuting attorney Steve Danielson. Camden Marcotte, 20-yearold kinesiology sophomore of 45 Harding St., Dartmouth, Mass., was arrested March 1. Officials allege Marcotte attacked an 18-year-old female student who was walking near the Parade Ground along Highland Road at 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 26. Danielson has yet to decide if he will prosecute Marcotte on the simple robbery charge. However, a new defendant has been added to the case file, meaning a second individual may have aided in committing the crime. If formally charged, the District Attorney’s Office will set an arraignment date, and the case will move forward. The victim advised police that after the suspect threw her to the ground, he removed her shoes and ripped a necklace off her neck, according to the affidavit of probable cause. Simple robbery is defined as the taking of anything of value belonging to another from the person of another or in the immediate control of another. Simple robbery involves the use of force or intimidation, but assailants are not armed with a dangerous weapon, according to the Louisiana State Legislature website. Whoever commits the crime of simple robbery shall be fined not more than three thousand dollars, imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than seven years, or both.

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The Daily Reveille

page 3

Committee reviews student organization funding Michael Harb Contributing Writer

The Student Government Summer Planning Committee met Wednesday evening to discuss plans for merging the Programming, Support, and Initiative Fund with the Organizational Relief Fund. The merger attempts to facilitate the procedure for student organizations to acquire money by merging the two funds. Speaker of the Senate Aaron Caffarel said having two separate programs led to some confusion and ambiguity, and the merger would help streamline the process. “The general consensus is that it would be easier overall if there were one committee that had oversight on everything,” Caffarel said. The Summer Planning Committee intends to merge funding committees, with the management of the accounts still being discussed. The committee’s ideal scenario would be to form a single committee for the fall semester, with accounts being merged in the spring following a student vote in the fall election. SG President Cody Wells compared the new structure to having office dividers rather than a brick wall,

indicating that money will be more easily distributed to organizations than before. The president singled out funds for Homecoming and Groovin’ on the Grounds as money they would like to protect under the merger. “The end goal is decreasing all of the brick-wall red tape to increase flexibility for students,” Wells said in the meeting. The plan ­ — which is still in preliminary stages — was described in the meeting as simultaneously a short-term and long-term solution, with the merger able to handle issues in the interim before the fall elections. The Summer Planning Committee plans for the Veterinary and Graduate schools to join the committee, but in the event they do not they will create their own. Other issues discussed include the announcement that Tiger Band will now have parking on football game days, acquiring 200 spots in a lot adjacent to Tiger Stadium across from West Campus Apartments parking. The Wells/Bordelon initiative for parking passes was also discussed, which would allow for the passes to be delivered to students more quickly. The committee is also pursuing

TANNER SHORT  / The Daily Reveille

The Student Government Summer Planning Committee meets in the Calcasieu Room of the Student Union to discuss plans of merging funds for student organizations.

an initiative regarding a five-dollar student quota for printing which will be contingent on available funds. The SG Summer Planning Committee meets every Wednesday

at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union. Contact Michael Harb at

The Daily Reveille

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TORNADO, from page 1

Boxing and sorting were tedious and stressful, but helping other people kept volunteers motivated. Beadle said it was shocking to know such devastation could happen so close to Louisiana. He was driven to volunteer with Tigers for the Tide after being in a similar situation following Hurricane Katrina. “Tigers for the Tide was an overwhelming success,” said Erin Percevault, chair for environmental and disaster response for Volunteer LSU. “We asked for the LSU community to donate what they could for the drive, and the response was tremendous.” Student Government, Volunteer LSU, Greek Life and the Residence Hall Association set up donation sites around campus to collect items soon after the tornado struck.

TANNER SHORT / The Daily Reveille

Ricky Richard, member of the Summer Scholars program, and Alli Robison, director of First Year Experience, help organize and package clothes and toiletries Monday for victims of last month’s tornado in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Thursday, June 9, 2011 “Donations kept coming — we could not often pick up donation boxes quickly enough,” Percevault said. “Pick-ups continued even after I left Baton Rouge for the summer.” Student Government President Cody Wells admired the teamwork of multiple student organizations who came together to accomplish a common goal. “The result of our coordinated effort was a testament to our true potential,” he said. Many organizations unaffiliated with Campus Life, such as the LSU Vet School and softball team, also reached out. “So many people from different areas of campus wanted to help,” Dean said. “Each organization was able to reach out to different audiences to collect as much as possible.” The University has been in constant contact with the University

of Alabama for the past month and plans to stay close as they rebuild their community. “We wanted to make sure we saw their needs, not what we thought they needed,” Dean said. “As the community changes and rebuilds, we will adapt to their needs and respond in any way we can.” The University plans to contact the University of Alabama in midJune to follow up on its progress and needs. Though there will not be another relief drive, the University may send students to help rebuild homes in Tuscaloosa. “It is humbling to watch the LSU Tigers give so much to our biggest fall-time enemy,” Wells said.

Contact T.N. “King” at

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Good things, small packages

page 5

Small-scale sculptures displayed at LSU Museum of Art

Artists from 15 countries ac“Because the exhibition is orcepted the invitation and the chal- ganized in Hawaii, they had diflenge of the “International Shoe- ficulties in shipping large scale box Sculpture sculptures,” Mault Morgan Searles Exhibition,” cresaid. “When you ating more than think of sculptures Staff Writer 100 sculptures — you think of giant none larger than a shoebox. works, which are more expensive Organized by the University to pack and ship. The university of Hawaii Art Gallery, this 10th started working with sculptures exhibition — currently housed in small enough to fit into a shoethe LSU Museum of Art — has box, and it went well so they debeen traveling the globe since cided to continue in that size.” March 2009 and will continue its Mault said the scale of the journey until 2012. sculptures is a unique and attracThe initial exhibition con- tive element of this exhibit. tained 141 sculptures, but the “The smaller something is, traveling portion is comprised of the more intimate it becomes,” 81 of those works. Mault said. “Every detail beNatalie Mault, curator for comes magnified. The artist LSUMOA, said the size limita- had to think about every small, tion on the sculptures helps transSCULPTURE, see page 7 port them from venue to venue.

photos by MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

[Left] Reneé Payton, LSU Museum of Art marketing director, examines works Wednesday in the 10th “International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition.” [Top] A sculpture by James Fuhrman of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, is on display at LSUMOA as part of the exhibit.


Historic movie costume exhibit dresses up local museum Clothing attracts history, movie buffs Morgan Searles Staff Writer

Whether waltzing with a phantom or sailing seas with a swashbuckling crew, the clothes in the CUT! exhibit have seen their fair share of exciting cinema moments. The Louisiana Art & Science Museum is exhibiting the 43 costumes and accessories of “CUT! Costume and the Cinema” from May 7 to July 31. The collection features costumes from 25 period films, worn by stars such as Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and


Keira Knightley. “It’s an opportunity for peoSelected from the stock- ple to get in close and personal rooms of Cowith intricately sprop Ltd., an made, well-designed Oscar-winning costumes worn by costumier famous movie stars,” in London, Spell said. “This LASM is the exhibit appeals to exhibit’s third people with a wide stop on its tour. range of interests. K e l l y A lot of people who Spell, comcome through are munications pop culture fans, coordinator and some are literary for LASM, historians who want said the muto see the costumes Kelly Spell seum has been and the history they campaigning Louisiana Art & Science Museum represent.” communications coordinator for this exSpell said the hibit for about 16th through the two years, paying above and 20th centuries are represented in beyond what is normally spent COSTUMES, see page 7 on exhibitions.

‘It’s an opportunity for people to get in close and personal with intricately made, well-designed costumes worn by famous movie stars.’

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

The Renaissance-style dress worn by Anjelica Huston in “Ever After” is on display as part of the “CUT! Costume and the Cinema” exhibit at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum.

The Daily Reveille

page 6

Reveille Ranks

X-Men: First Class


Marvel Entertainment

“X-Men: First Class” makes up for everything “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” ruined. James McAvoy as Professor X brings a youthful vitality to an all too familiar old man. The alliance of Professor X and Magneto, who is played by German born actor Michael Fassbender, is something never before seen by an audience and is surprisingly refreshing. Kevin Bacon, who plays bad guy Sebastian Shaw, shows off his knack for languages and accents in the film. The film also ties in lots of historical footage from the Cold War era. Bottom line, I wish it were 12 hours long. Go see it right now.



The Hangover Part II

Warner Bros. Pictures

Have you seen the first “Hangover”? Then you’ve seen “Hangover Part II.” Not much else needs to be said. Instead of Vegas, throw the boys in Thailand, and instead of Doug’s bachelor party it’s Stu’s turn. The feeling of deja vu begins to set in from the get-go when the soundtrack even repeats itself, and then the same rigmarole the first installment presented occurs in part two. It felt like the producers were simply looking for an extra penny when throwing this film together and lost all creativity and effort. Is the plot line still funny? Of course. Does Zach Galifianakis still have you cracking up throughout the movie? For sure. Is it worth $10 to see on the big screen? That’s for you to decide.




Universal Pictures

The Paul Feig and Judd Apatow comedy “Bridesmaids” is being marketed as proof that women can be funny. But with stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph’s undeniable talents — as well as a standout ensemble featuring stars from “The Office” and “Reno 911!” — the movie can’t help but be funny to both sexes. This isn’t delicate comedy: Fart jokes, poop jokes and penis jokes abound. The last 30 minutes are the movie’s low point – the emotional resolution is more sentimental than funny. Misogynists, give “Bridesmaids” a chance. The movie’s clever physical comedy and self-deprecating intelligence transcend gender differences.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Despite the best efforts of writers, producers and directors, the fourth installment of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” fell a little flat on the big screen. Without supporting actors Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, any hope for an intriguing subplot went straight to Davy Jones’ Locker. Although Penélope Cruz makes a sexy and convincing Spanish pirate, her character suffers a severe case of female stereotypes and lacks the wit of Elizabeth Swann. Action scenes too-closely mirrored those seen in the previous films, and a predictable plot overshadows the whole film. Thankfully, excellent sound and music design and the characteristic shadowy cinematography save “Pirates” from walking the plank.



Skrillex, “More Monsters and Sprites”

Big Beat/Atlantic Records

The dubstep artist’s third EP gives us three new original tracks and four remixes of past track “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” “First Of The Year (Equinox)” is a typical Skrillex track, which is a good thing. “Ruffneck (Flex),” however, feels like a leftover from a Rusko or Caspa release circa 2008. Skrillex brings the track back to his norm in “Ruffneck (FULL Flex),” adding his standard heavy electro elements. The four remixes are not bad but not amazing either. A solid EP, but the price tag on the “exclusive” release makes it a bit hard to justify in the wallet.



Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Up from Below” Vagrant Records If you listen to KLSU, Alex Ebert and Jade Castrino’s endearing love song “Home” has likely been stuck in your head for several weeks now. “Home” is the biggest hit of the album, but “Up from Below” is full of tracks that will make you dance in your seat while driving with your windows down this summer. This is the first album for the band and sounds different than anything else out there as the 10 band members seamlessly sing, talk and banjo for 71 minutes. “Up from Below” deserves a spot on everyone’s summer playlist.


GIVERS, “In Light”

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LAURA FURR Glassnote

After the release of their 2009 EP and subsequent touring, Lafayette natives GIVERS gained a reputation for their energized, raucous live shows. On their debut album “In Light,” the indie pop quintet infuses jangly guitars and tight, surging percussion with afro-beat sensibilities. The result is a charmingly joyous concoction appropriate for a summer release. Though half the album consists of reworked tracks from the EP, “In Light” contains a number sunny jams and infectious grooves that will get even the most hesitant dancing this summer.


Baton Rouge serves as film site for three summer movies

Tax breaks make La. prime filming spot Laura Furr Staff Writer

Local convenience store Country Corner on Perkins Road was temporarily shut down last week for the filming of next year’s action film “The Philly Kid.” The film chronicles fictional wrestler turned ultimate fighter Dylan McCabe’s path to recovery after 10 years in prison. Jason Connery, known for thrillers such as “Brotherhood of Blood” and “Urban Ghost Story,” is directing the film starring Wes Chatham, who will also appear in this year’s much anticipated film “The Help.” The film is being produced by After Dark Films, a company that has frequented Louisiana recently with other thrillers like “Dark Circles.” Both productions are scheduled to be released next year. “The Philly Kid” is one of three action-packed films being filmed in and around Baton Rouge this summer. New director Eduardo Rodriguez is directing a murder mystery entitled “Stash House” in Baton Rouge, which will star Sean Faris, known for his roles in “Pearl Harbor” and “Never Back Down.” The fourth installment in the science fiction series “Universal Soldier: A New Dimension” is also scheduled to film in the city. In other Louisiana cities like Shreveport and New Orleans, there are more than 20 other movies in production, including “Later Favor,” starring Bruce Willis. Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman are also staring in next year’s romantic comedy “Playing the Field.” This relationship between Baton Rouge and the film industry is nothing new. In recent years Louisiana Economic Development has focused on growing the entertainment industry in Louisiana by marketing the state for “all things entertainment,” including films, television shows, albums and video games, according to Chris Stelly, the director of the Office of Entertainment Industry Development. Stelly, a University political science and English alumnus, is and has been an integral part of the growth of the entertainment industry. Stelly said Louisiana’s 30 percent transferable tax incentive program is the main reason the film industry has grown so dramatically in the state in recent years. The tax cuts give filmmakers a sense of “confidence and


assurance” when filming in LouiBoth Stelly and Champagne siana, he said. noted Louisiana’s A n d r e diverse palette of Champagne, locations has helped director of attract filmmakers of Hollywood all kinds to the state. Trucks, a Neither Stelly company that nor Champagne was coordinates certain of exact loall transportacations for future tion for every filming around the movie filmed city but said almost in Louisiana, every part of Baton expressed the Rouge has been used same opinion. in previous projects Andre Champagne “Tax credand will likely be Hollywood Trucks director its are the maused this summer. jor draw to Ba“You can see ton Rouge. … [movies] happenBaton Rouge has embraced the ing,” said Stelly. industry and created a friendly, Contact Laura Furr at open and embracing environment,” Champagne said.

‘Tax credits are the major draw. ... Baton Rouge has embraced the industry and created a friendly, open and embracing environment.’

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, June 9, 2011

page 7 are reminiscent of dioramas in a shoebox, and the exhibit might intricate detail to work in this un- help viewers remember the days usual scale.” of childhood projects. The exhibit contains a sculp“This exhibit is not just one ture by local full-time artist Aaron artist from one region or subject Hussey, who participated in this matter or media,” Mault said. year’s Shoebox Sculpture Exhibi- “There are different artists from tion for the first the globe working in time. every kind of media “I got acimaginable.” cepted to the The 10th Intershow in Hanational Shoebox waii, and I sent Sculpture Exhibithe piece out tion will be available there,” Hussey from May 29 to July said. “From 10. that point they LSUMOA is choose works. free for University ... It has been students with an ID, a good opporpeople under the age tunity for me of 13, senior citizens Aaron Hussey to have ... ‘inand members. AdShoebox Sculpture ternational parmission is $5 for the Exhibition participant ticipation.’” general public. Hussey “Some of the said his sculpture, “Congressional work is politically charged, some Yes Man Leo,” is a visual opinion is humorous and some is offof the political events of 2008. putting or upsetting,” Mault said. “Every piece is a challenge “There is something in here for trying to work out the compo- every single person.” nents and the detail,” Hussey said. “Especially with small scale, people will be up close and personal. When you’re working small, the Contact Morgan Searles at detail really counts.” Mault said the small works

SCULPTURE, from page 5


‘Especially with small scale, people will be up close and personal. When you’re working small, the detail really counts.’

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

Underpinnings designed to imitate clothing of the 16th and 17th centuries are on display at LASM as part of the “CUT!” exhibit.

COSTUMES, from page 5

the costumes, which accurately show the evolution of fashion over time. Stephanie Cronan, communications sophomore, said the exhibit was even better than she expected. “I really liked the costumes from ‘Gosford Park,’ ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility,’” Cronan said. “I love movies, and seeing costumes from some of my favorites was amazing. It was a really nice layout, with enough space so you could view


the costume.” “It’s definitely a different Spell said costumes arrived type of exhibition than we’ve at the museum done before — in hand crafted we’ve never done storage crates an exhibit that’s all specially made clothing,” Spell said. for each arSpell said the ticle. The cosexhibit has been tumes were well received, with unpacked and hundreds of people repaired, if going through the necessary, by museum every day Nancy Law— some returning Stephanie Cronan son, the womfor multiple visits. communications sophomore an responsible “This is somefor selecting the garments for thing we don’t have the opportuthe exhibit. nity to do very often,” she said. “People still talk about and still remember the caliber of these types of exhibitions.” Cronan said seeing the costumes in the movies doesn’t compare to seeing them in person. “I wish the movies could show off the details of the costumes better,” Cronan said. “The exhibit had items from some really good movies — enough to interest fans of every genre.” Admission for “CUT! Costume and the Cinema” is $9 for adults and $7 for children and seniors.

‘I love movies, and seeing costumes from some of my favorites was amazing.’

Contact Morgan Searles at

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

The two piece gown worn by Emmy Rossum in “The Phantom of the Opera” is on display at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum as part of the “CUT!” exhibition.

The Daily Reveille


page 8


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Louisiana couldn’t pass civics test if Bible depended on it

Once again Louisiana is the laughing stock of civil rights education. Damon Fowler, a graduating senior at Bastrop High School, contacted Superintendent of Morehouse Parish Schools Tom Thrower and gave him an Intro to Civics refresher — school sponsored prayer isn’t kosher. It’s not only in poor taste, it’s a blatant violation of church and state. Fowler threatened to contact the American Civil Liberties Union if the school system refused to make the constitutionally-required changes. But the Constitution didn’t deter this Louisiana school. Laws? Screw that noise. The school system agreed to change the invocation to a moment of silence, but like a gossiping woman in a beauty parlor, administration let “slip” the student’s name who challenged their God-given right to invoke a dead Jew in a high school graduation — and that’s

when it got real. Fowler was harassed and threatened by both students and, you’ll be surprised to hear, administration at the school. Even worse, his Christian family kicked him out, tried to separate him from his older brother and stigmatized him like the rest of the mob. To be fair, Matthew 10:37 tells us Jesus comes before family. One Devin Graham should follow Columnist this command or face the penalty of becoming “unworthy.” And maybe Fowler is unworthy. Bastrop High School teacher Mitizi Quinn told Bastrop Daily Enterprise, “We’ve never had this come up before. Never.” She kindly continued, “And what’s even more sad is this is a student who really hasn’t contributed anything to

graduation or to their classmates.” Nicely put, Quinn. While she did get quite a bit of flak nationally for the comment, she might have been in the right here. Quinn justified her position by stating there had been atheist, agnostic and other non-Christian religion students who “had no problems” with the prayer. In other words, it’s okay to violate constitutional law if enough people disagree with it. After all, God’s laws are higher than man’s. Just ask believers like Deanna Laney, who in 2004 killed her two sons and crippled a third because God had told her the world would be ending soon and “she had to get her house in order.” She understood a “house in order” to include killing her children. Easy mistake I guess. It could happen to anyone, and as Laney’s lawyer put it, “The dilemma she faced is a terrible one for a mother. Does she follow what she believes to be God’s will, or does she turn

her back on God?” Yeah, Laney was the one in a terrible situation there. I think we can all sympathize. So, also not one to be deterred by silly laws, the student chosen for the moment of silence at the May 19 rehearsal explained that, while she respected those who did not share her beliefs, she would like to “give thanks to the God who has made the class of 2011 such a great success.” And then led the class in prayer anyway, amidst wild applause. “Yay! Clap your hands if you couldn’t pass a civics test!” Bastrop’s administration did not intervene, and though the prayer was unscheduled, it still occurred the next day at graduation. The ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State sent a letter to Bastrop High School on May 26 explaining why the school’s response was inadequate. Given the

situation, they claimed, a school official would have been more appropriate to deliver the moment of silence. Additionally, they recommended an apology to Fowler, a public statement to the community and students explaining the illegality of the matter and suggested the district consider disciplining the students involved in the prayer. “This persistent culture will remain entrenched unless and until the school district takes at least some of the [these] actions,” the letter claimed. Until then, Bastrop, please keep your prayer silent, like Jesus asked. Devin Graham is a 22-year-old economics senior from Prairieville. Follow him on Twitter @ TDR_Dgraham. Contact Devin Graham at


Teach for America presents opportunites to better education Egu Ramnathan The Daily Texan

AUSTIN, Texas (U-WIRE) — Entrance into the “real world” is daunting for anyone, especially for those without job prospects. With employment particularly difficult to come by, Teach For America presents a promising alternative for new graduates. In 1990, Princeton University alumna Wendy Kopp founded Teach For America. With ambitious goals in mind, Kopp established a two-year program for recent college graduates to teach at urban, low-income public schools scattered across the nation. Because the program does not require participants to have degrees in education or the subject they teach, TFA is an option for a wide range of educated young people. But, depending on your commitment to teaching, TFA might not be the job for you. A college degree and an impressive GPA do not make a capable teacher, and being inspired by Hilary Swank’s character in “Freedom Writers” is not enough to ignite a genuine desire to educate. You must have the drive for change if you plan on entering this program. Unfortunately, not all TFA teachers seem to have this drive.

The program has a 50-percent turnover rate after two years, and an 80-percent turnover rate after three years, according to a study by the University of Texas education professor Julian Vasquez Heilig and California State University’s Su Jin Jez. These findings imply TFA workers’ commitment to teaching is fleeting at best, and self-serving at worst. While TFA hopes its teachers will make a lasting impact on their school system, an alarming percentage of the program’s members complete the required two years and essentially abandon ship for either grad school in unrelated fields or to pursue a different career path altogether. To be sure, TFA can open doors for those who care deeply about bridging the achievement gap that has plagued the U.S. public education system for decades. The statistics are undeniable. America, one of the world’s most powerful nations, lags behind a majority of the developed world in its public school students’ math and reading aptitude. Texas public school students rank 49th in verbal and math SAT scores and have the 36th-lowest high school graduation rate. It is distressing that participating in a program with such noble

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Steven Powell Stephanie Giglio Adam Vaccarella

Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Multimedia Editor

goals is so difficult. TFA now accepts fewer than 20 percent of applicants, and a recent article in The New York Times compares TFA acceptance rates to those of Ivy League colleges. Perhaps for those genuinely interested in improving American public education, however, the stiffened competition for acceptance into TFA is a blessing in disguise.

With so much talk about TFA’s selectivity, University of Texas still has an impressive showing. Eighty students from the UT class of 2010 will begin teaching in the fall, and the program ranks UT No. 1 among large colleges for student contribution to the program. Do we want a moving 24-month experience before pursuing a completely unrelated

career, or do we want to work beyond the two-year commitment toward improving a flawed system? If our generation and its everincreasing cynicism fails to follow up on our idealism, who will?

Contact The Daily Reveille’s opinion staff at


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Quote of the Day

“Even for someone who went through the Clinton years, this is a befuddling experience.”

Anthony Weiner U.S. Congressman Sept. 4, 1964 — present

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, June 9, 2011



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Wiener photo shouldn’t blow Weiner’s congressional career Yet again, camera phones have made history. No, I’m not talking about Blake Lively, though I did enjoy her photos more. This time the culprit was Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. I assume you’ve all heard the details by now. Weiner tweeted a picture of his penis, veiled by a bland pair of grey boxer briefs, showing only an average size bulge. The reason Weiner is in such hot water over the issue is not only because he uploaded a picture of his masked member to the Internet, but that he addressed it to a specific female college student on Twitter. Americans are not impressed with Weiner’s behavior — or his bulge for that matter.  The more conservative half of the nation cannot believe anyone, especially a congressman, would use technology to send “lewd”

photos, especially to a person who was not his wife. I’ve got news for you America. This photo was far from lewd. We see bulges every day. Bulges are published in our advertisements and our catalogues. They Parker Cramer are seen on evColumnist ery men’s underwear model. No self respecting man wants to buy underwear that will make him appear as though he possesses nothing down under but a fleshy patch. This is what I like to call “The Bulge Effect.” Despite his true intentions, Weiner did not send the “lewd” photo solely to a younger female; he published it on Twitter. Every single one of his followers could

see this photo. However, the congressman did confess to exchanging photos with “about six women over the past three years.”  Despite all this, the congressman has chosen not to resign. In my opinion, it would be unwise to do so. All too often in this nation we forget that even our elected officials have private lives. Weiner did not cheat on his wife — to anyone’s knowledge — he just sent a picture of himself modeling a pair of unexciting boxer briefs to his 48,000 Twitter followers. This action does not make him an immoral home-wrecker incapable of performing his elected duties. Let’s take a minute to look at some other influential figures in the public eye with real “lewd” material on the internet. Kim Kardashian stepped into the public eye for performing fellatio on camera, yet she is without a doubt more

influential and commands a larger public following than Weiner. Former President Clinton got oral sex while in office. Enough said. Weiner has been active in fighting for his constituents. He has worked to lower taxes for the middle class. He has fought for what he calls “Health Plan New York,” which would give “options to working New Yorkers who aren’t covered under their employers and who aren’t able to afford private insurance plans.” He is arguably one of the strongest liberals in Congress. Whether you agree with his politics or not, he is a very active representative, which is commendable.   When we look at the big picture, Weiner is just about the furthest thing from a corrupt and perverted politician. Clearly, he’s a model trapped in the body of a representative. He is a man and men

make mistakes — they may also photograph their penis on occasion. Things like this just happen. Personally, I’d like to see the congressman spice it up a bit. Perhaps we can get him an endorsement deal with American Apparel — then we can call his photos “lewd.” However, until more graphic pictures of Weiner’s weiner emerge, I say we just write off his current bulge shot as child’s play. Parker Cramer is a 20-year-old animal science junior from Houston, Texas. Follow him on Twitter @ TDR_pcramer.

Contact Parker Cramer at


The Church of Steve Jobs: where iFanatics go to pray

Peace be with you. And also with you. Life up your iHearts. We lift them up to the iLord, Steve Jobs. These days, it seems like owning an Apple product represents a status symbol. If any of your products have that infamous Apple stamp on the back, people look at you in different ways. You’re either rich, a hipster, a fanboy, a college freshman, a Windows-hater, a blind sheep or a combination of them. In past columns — and in everyday talk — I refer to the iPhone as the “Jesus Phone” and jokingly tell my friends with Apple products their machine has been blessed by Steve Jobs himself — that’s better than Jesus. The way Apple lovers flock in droves to buy whatever new iProduct gets iReleased, regardless of the specs or features, can be almost cult-like. Many criticize me due to my disdain for Apple without listening to my reasoning. Even those who do listen brush me off because I never had much backing to my thoughts. Until now. Last month, a BBC documentary featured UK neuroscientists studying the brain patterns of fervent Apple fans. In the show’s first episode, presenter Alex Riley wanted to analyze what it is about Apple that makes people so emotional. Emotional indeed — I remember watching video from the iPad 2 press conference and seeing people crying — yes, crying— over the new device. Riley contacted Alex Brooks, editor of World of Apple and an

Apple lover who claims to think about Apple 24 hours a day. I’m pretty sure men don’t even think about sex for 24 hours a day. A team of neuroscientists Adam Arinder studied Brooks’ Columnist brain patterns during an MRI scan and watched how it reacted to both Apple and non-Apple products. Brooks’ brain activity when shown an Apple product responded

the same way as a religious person’s brain when shown a religious item. While this study is humorous to me in ways few will ever understand, it’s unfortunate the documentary only picked one Applecrazed person to study. It’s like choosing someone from Westboro Baptist “Church” and having their brain patterns represent all of Christianity. It’d be very interesting to see a team of neuroscientists continue this study further on a more broad range of people. Although this study focused

on Apple — and I love to pick on Apple — I’m sure very similar results would appear if someone were to show me images of “Rock Band” or “The Office.” The same goes with any object a person might really enjoy. It’s all in what you like. While Brooks’ obsession can be deemed unhealthy by any sane person, if it’s what he loves then more power to him. Maybe one day we’ll have a group of Apple-loving gurus screaming at us in Free Speech Alley that we’re all going to hell for not downloading the newest

version of iTunes or worshipping the ground on which Steve Jobs walks. I think I’ll go ahead and order a thousand wristbands with “WWSJD?” on them — hopefully they’ll catch on. Adam Arinder is a 21-year-old communication studies senior from Baton Rouge. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_aarinder.

Contact Adam Arinder at



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KILLING LONLINESS 21-Year-old Male looking for a female of any age to help defeat this great foe. Must be able to appreciate music of any kind and enjoy the company of another person! Email

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today in Print - 6/9/11  

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Today in Print - 6/9/11  

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