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Fight at Groovin’ results in stabbing Nic Cotten Staff Writer

photos by ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

Groovin’ off the Grounds

YelaWolf walks off stage, refuses to ‘keep it clean’ Judah Robinson Senior Contributing Writer

With an estimated crowd of 13,000 attendees, performances, festivities and crime commandeered

the Parade Ground at Saturday’s annual free concert Groovin’ on the Grounds. YelaWolf, a rapper contracted to perform student band and concert opener Levee Daze, walked off

stage because he refused to keep his set free of profanity. Student Government President Taylor Cox said YelaWolf’s contract was written four months ago, and it was requested in the contract he use

[Top left] YelaWolf raps while holding the mic stand, [above] Grace Potter flips her hair and [left] Lupe Fiasco looks into the crowd during Saturday’s Groovin’ on the Grounds concert on the Parade Ground. Watch a video of opening act Levee Daze’s performance at

clean versions of his songs. “Apparently his management did not tell him about See more photos, this until mo- p. 6, and read an ments before editor’s thoughts his perforon YelaWolf’s mance,” Cox actions, p. 16. said. There were rumors among the crowd that YelaWolf’s microphone was cut off and he was kicked off GROOVIN’ see page 8

During Groovin’ on the Grounds on Saturday, a fight between two 19-year-old, non-LSU students resulted in a stabbing, according to LSU Police Department Spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde. Tyler Bowman, of 3000 July St. Apt. 1101, was arrested for aggravated battery after stabbing another patron. Around 9:30 p.m., LSUPD broke up a fight between Bowman and the eventual stab victim and asked them to leave. Neither wanted to press initial charges, Lalonde said. Bowman then found the victim while he was leaving and stabbed him in the back once near his right shoulder with a small folding knife, Lalonde said. Bowman fled, but LSUPD found him on State Street about 15 minutes later, according to Lalonde. Lalonde said the victim was alert and responsive as he was brought to the hospital, and he sustained moderate injuries. Bowman was booked in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. Contact Nic Cotten at


Conference speakers stress youth importance to secular movement Erin Hebert Contributing Writer

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

Keynote speaker Nathan Phelps, estranged son of the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, speaks Sunday at the Reason on the Bayou convention in the Student Union.

Speakers at Reason on the Bayou, the state’s first secular convention, stressed Sunday the importance of the youth population in the movement to push reason and logic over traditional faith and religious belief. The University’s Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics club hosted the event in the Royal Cotillion

Ballroom of the Student Union, which brought together secular, freethinking and atheist groups from across the South. The conference’s itinerary was filled with speakers who discussed issues including LGBT rights, the repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act and the use of Christian textbooks in Louisiana schools. Ex-Pentecostal minister-turnedatheist and DeRidder, La.-native Jerry DeWitt said the youth of the

United States are embracing the secular movement, and its effects are showing. “This is just a continuation of the Civil Rights movement,” DeWitt said. Nate Phelps, estranged son of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps and the conference’s keynote speaker, agreed with DeWitt about the significance of youth AHA CONVENTION, see page 19

The Daily Reveille

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INTERNATIONAL Venezuela to choose between Chavez heir and fresh start in election CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Voters who kept Hugo Chavez in office for 14 years were deciding Sunday whether to elect the devoted lieutenant he chose to carry on the revolution that endeared him to the poor but that many Venezuelans believe is ruining the nation. Across Caracas, trucks blaring bugle calls awoke Venezuelans long before dawn in the ruling socialists’ traditional election day get-outthe-vote tactic. This time, they also boomed Chavez’s voice singing the national anthem. Bieber criticized for Anne Frank comment in museum guestbook AMSTERDAM (AP) — Justin Bieber wrote an entry into a guestbook at the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, saying he hoped the Jewish teenager who died in a Nazi concentration camp “would have been a Belieber” — or fan of his — if history were different. The comment triggered a flood of criticism on the museum’s Facebook page Sunday, with many criticizing the 19-yearold Canadian pop star for writing something they perceive to be insensitive.

Nation & World

RAMON ESPINOSA / The Associated Press

A presidential guard soldier shows his finger marked with ink after voting in the presidential election Sunday at a polling station in Caracas, Venezuela.

Brotherhood members face torture, kidnapping charges in Egypt CAIRO (AP) — Two Muslim Brotherhood officials have been sent to trial on charges of kidnapping and torturing three men during protests in November following Islamist President Mohammed Morsi’s decrees, since rescinded, that granted him near absolute powers. The case in the Nile Delta city of Damanhour north of Cairo is the first of its kind against Morsi’s Brotherhood and is likely to embarrass the group at a time it is trying to fend off opposition.

Keep the Music



Some states dropping GED as prices spike with new version of test

Parrot returned to Zoo of Acadiana after thought dead in wreck

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Several dozen states are looking for an alternative to the GED high school equivalency test because of concerns that a new version coming out next year is more costly and will no longer be offered in a pencil and paper format. The responsibility for issuing high school equivalency certificates or diplomas rests with states, and they’ve relied on the General Education Development exam since soon after the test was created to help returning World War II veterans. September 11 memorial charging $2 reservation fee for tickets

L.A. priest ministered Texas community despite child abuse conviction

LAFAYETTE (AP) — Senny the Senegal parrot is back at the Zoo of Acadiana. Authorities assumed the parrot was dead after a man stole it and two other birds from the privatelyowned zoo and crashed fatally after a police chase. But Curtis Gonzalez of New Iberia tells The Advertiser of Lafayette that he spotted the bird on the side of a highway Friday about a mile from the accident site. He retrieved Senny by throwing his jacket over it when it landed in front of his car. The three birds were stolen before dawn Wednesday.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When the Rev. John Anthony Salazar arrived in Tulia, Texas, in 1991, he was warmly welcomed by the Roman Catholic community. What his new parishioners didn’t know was he’d been hired out of a treatment program for pedophile priests — and that he’d been convicted for child molestation and banned from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for life. Over the next 11 years, Salazar would be accused of abusing four more children and young men.

(AP) — A year after Baton Rouge and Baker voters approved a property tax to improve the local bus system, some transit supporters say the Capital Area Transit System isn’t making enough progress. Before the tax passed, CATS leaders promised to meet a list of deadlines as they moved to overhaul the bus system by early 2014.

NEW YORK (AP) — Visitors to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum must now pay a $2 service fee to reserve passes online or by phone. The fee went into effect last month, although there is no charge for admission to the memorial on the World Trade Center site. There’s also no charge for same-day passes distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Family members of some 9/11 victims say the fee violates the memorial’s mission.

ORLIN WAGNER / The Associated Press

Deni Loving teaches a GED class April 11 in Kansas City, Mo. Several dozen states are looking for an alternative to the GED high school equivalency test.

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Critics say overhaul of Baton Rouge bus system, CATS, not fast enough



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Monday, April 15, 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013


The Daily Reveille

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Better Block BR shows Government Street potential

Experience allowed resident input Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Staff Writer

Baton Rouge residents and business owners are taking a step toward revitalizing Government Street and creating a place where citizens want to work and live with Better Block Baton Rouge. Transforming the Bedford and Beverly drive intersections of Government Street with a “road diet” Saturday, Better Block BR demonstrated what turning the area into a cycling friendly, walkable and commerce-filled street would be like. John Price, assistant chief administrative officer for the city, said the project aims to spark dialogue about building an area Baton Rouge residents want to be a part of. “What we are looking at is a complete street, so users of all ability can use the roads. Whether you’re 8 or 80, we want you to feel safe crossing the street,” Price said. Lauren Marschall, project manager at the Center for Planning Excellence and Baton Rouge

CONNOR TARTER / The Daily Reveille

Bikers ride on a bike lane running parallel to Government Street on Saturday at Better Block BR, a demonstration project aimed at shifting the street into a safer location for pedestrians of all kinds.

resident, said Better Block BR greatly depends on citizen response. “Hopefully, they will be able to talk about complete streets and what they want to see,” Marschall said. Kinesiology senior Brad

Penny spent the day doing acrobatic yoga with Bayou Bouldering, a rock-climbing gym, yoga studio and juice bar in the works for Baton Rouge. He said Baton Rouge has a need to revitalize like New Orleans has after Hurricane Katrina.

“Now we are trying to make this city a stone’s throw away from the art scene,” Penny said. An area needs to be created that answers to people culturally and artistically, Price said. Jennifer Wells, catering director and owner of Culinary

Productions, participated in the project as a business owner and resident of the area. Wells’ business set up a popup café on the sidewalk of the street during the project, and after seeing the effects, she said slowing down traffic and setting up bike lanes would revitalize the area. “Any foot traffic with an economic impact would be wonderful,” Wells said. Price said once traffic is slowed down, the area will begin to transform into an environment young people want to embrace, which he described as somewhere that’s more livable and sustainable and where people can live, work and play. Penny also said Government Street has potential to become a youthful and attractive part of Baton Rouge. “This is a great area to start. It’s a beautiful area and people are making the city their own and making it safe,” Penny said. After discussion and planning, this two-block section of Government Street will be the first to change and other critical areas will follow, Price said. Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at

LSU, students argue over Twitter about YelaWolf’s performance

LSU Libraries Film Series April 17, “If A Tree Falls” 2 p.m. in the Hill Memorial Library Refreshments provided. DO YOU HAVE AN OCCURRENCE? Call Sam at the Student Media Office 578-6090, 9AM- 5PM or E-mail:

The University’s official Twitter account raised eyebrows Saturday night in the aftermath of rapper YelaWolf’s early departure from his Groovin’ on the Grounds set. After the rapper complained on stage about his contractual agreement to limit explicit language and left, many students on Twitter found the @LSU Twitter account to be out of line in its reactionary conversations with students.

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The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013

Residents enjoy Baton Rouge Blues Festival downtown

photos by MARIEL GATES / The Daily Reveille

[Top left] Baton Rouge artist Taufeeq Muhammad works on a painting of a blues singer Saturday during the Baton Rouge Blues Festival at North Boulevard Town Square downtown. [Bottom left] Francisco Lomas (left) dances with his friend Louise Papillion (right) while Oscar Harpo Davis plays on the Swamp Blues stage during the Baton Rouge Blues Festival. [Top middle] A black dog sniffs a passerby at the festival downtown. [Bottom middle] A member of the band C.C. Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis strums his upright bass on the Galvez Stage while performing. [Top right] C.C. Adcock sings and plays guitar on the Galvez Stage during the event. [Bottom right] Oscar Harpo Davis and company play on the Swamp Blues stage during the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013


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Venezuelans take bus trip to New Orleans to vote

The Associated Press DORAL, Fla. (AP) — Wearing the colors of the Venezuelan flag and carrying pillows, thousands of Venezuelans began the journey from Miami to New Orleans to vote in their homeland’s presidential election Sunday. More than two dozen buses with an estimated 2,100 voters departed from Doral on Saturday. They chanted the name of the opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles, and played Venezuelan music. Others had coolers filled with food and drinks for the 16hour drive. “I feel this is something I must do,” said Vivian Koenig, 21, before getting on a bus. With just six weeks of preparation, Venezuelans in Florida raised money and arranged travel. Aside from bus, many are traveling by car and plane. Organizers said they expected a turnout similar or higher than that of October, when 8,500 Venezuelans cast ballots in New Orleans. “It’s been pretty amazing how people have responded since the first announcement that Chavez died,” said Gilda Sollami of Voto Donde Sea, a group of students and young professionals that promotes voting outside Venezuela. “They showed a lot of interest.” President Hugo Chavez died in March after a two-year battle with cancer. His chosen successor, interim President Nicolas Maduro, is favored to win, but opinion polls show Capriles has narrowed Maduro’s advantage, rallying voters frustrated with chronic food shortages, inflation, power outages and surging crime that many blame on Chavez’s mismanagement. The largest concentration of Venezuelans in the United States resides in South Florida. Most were stridently anti-Chavez and were expected to vote for Capriles. They must travel to New Orleans to cast their ballots because Chavez closed the Miami consulate in January 2012. Some 20,000 Venezuelans were registered to vote from the Miami consulate. It is unlikely their numbers will decide the election; last year, Capriles lost by 1.6 million votes; there are 38,000 Venezuelan voters in the United States

photos by ROBERTO KOLTUN / The Associated Press

[Left] Venezuelan exile Carlos Paruta entertains his compatriots Saturday at JC Bermundez park in Doral, Fla. [Right] Daisy Guerrero holds a flag aboard a bus at the park before the group of thousands of South Florida Venezuelans rode to New Orleans to vote in the Venezuelan presidential elections on Sunday.

“You never know,” said Eric Hershberg, director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University. “This is an election under an unusual circumstance. Surprises happen.” Sollami said Voto Donde Sea had arranged for 32 buses to depart from Miami on Saturday, seven more than during the October presidential election. Raising money was challenging, and the group hasn’t been able to offer as many free tickets as last year. “It’s very hard,” Sollami said. “It’s a very long and complicated move going inland.” Most of the buses planned to arrive to New Orleans by early Sunday and head back immediately after the vote. Sollami herself is traveling to Venezuela to

vote because she was not able to change her registration site before the Miami consulate closed. “People are motivated,” she said. The Miami suburb of Doral — affectionately known as “Doralzuela” because of its large number of Venezuelan residents, restaurants and businesses — also is preparing for Sunday night, when the election is called. Mayor Luigi Boria, who is traveling by plane Sunday to New Orleans and returning to Florida, said Doral expects a large number of people will gather if Capriles is

announced as the winner. Boria donated two buses and two airplane tickets for Venezuelans to travel from Miami to New Orleans. He said he has encouraged others to vote and push their relatives in Venezuela to do the same. “If we’re traveling 1,500 miles just to exercise our right to vote, we have to tell the people in Venezuela they should do much more,” he said. The atmosphere was festive in Doral on Saturday as Venezuelans gathered in a public park to board the buses, even as rain poured

down in the early afternoon. A crowd of people not traveling to New Orleans waved flags as the buses left, wishing them well. Francisco and Ella Montanez, ages 80 and 79, said they were going to New Orleans by bus for the future of their country. “So that our country can return to what it was,” Ella Montez said. “For unity. Without hate. Without bitterness.” Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at; Twitter: @TDR_news



Suboxone Program



5pm Winter Sounds 4pm Marcel P Black 5pm Groove Gravy 7pm Shoelace & Guests


4pm Chappo & 5pm Prom Date


5pm Denton Hatcher & The Soapbox Blues

The Daily Reveille

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Apr. Tue. 16


8:00 p.m.


Apr. Sat. 20

Trapt 3 Pill Morning + Acidic

Apr. Wed. 24

Apr. Fri. 19 Apr. Mon. 22


Casey Donahew Band

Apr. Wed. 17

Apr. Mon. 15

Artists perform at Groovin’ on the Grounds




Red Line Chemistry + Girl On Fire

photos by ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

[Top left] Grace Potter, lead singer of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, jams out on the catwalk during her solo set Saturday at Groovin’ on the Grounds on the LSU Parade Ground. [Top middle] Andrew Borniak, bassist for local funk band Levee Daze, plays a bass solo during the event. [Top right] Hip-hop artist Wasalu Jaco, known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, raps next to a band member. [Middle left] Lupe Fiasco holds a flag brought to the show by an audience member. [Bottom left] Michael Wayne Atha, known by his stage name YelaWolf, covers his mouth with a bandana while performing. Check out a photo gallery of the event at

Apr. Thursday 25

Griz with Manic Focus

Apr. Tuesday 30

Juciy J

with A$AP Ferg

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013


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Lawyer: Girl’s assault was shared via photos, texts

The Associated Press

[Left] GERALD HERBERT; [Right] JONATHAN BACHMAN / The Associated Press

[Left] New Orleans Sheriff Marlin Gusman speaks on April 4 to reporters at a news conference outside the construction site of new jail facilities in New Orleans. [Right] New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu speaks on Feb. 5 during a news conference at City Hall in New Orleans. A political brawl broke out between Gusman and Landrieu over recent scrutiny of the jail.

Political brawl breaks out in New Orleans The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A political brawl has broken out between the mayor and a sheriff who runs the city jail, which has come under scrutiny for a video showing inmates using drugs, drinking beer and handling a gun. Mayor Mitch Landrieu asked a judge last Tuesday to take the extraordinary step of placing the jail under federal oversight, effectively wresting control of it away from Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman. Landrieu is upset over an agreement Gusman reached with the U.S. Justice Department to reform the jail, saying the city, which funds the jail, can’t afford the potential expense. “Stated simply, the person at the top is neither accountable, nor capable of exercising leadership skills,” the city said in court documents that cited the video and the recent guilty pleas of two jail officials in a bid-rigging bribery case. Landrieu is trying to reform the much-maligned police department and reached a widely heralded agreement with the Justice Department last year to clean up the agency. Now he’s trying to back out of it in light of Gusman’s separate agreement. Landrieu said the city was making changes but can’t afford all the requirements outlined in the jail and the police agreements. Gusman believes the city has consistently underfunded the jail and suggested race may be behind the attacks. The African-American sheriff recently told reporters that Landrieu, who is white, was employing “Archie Bunker rhetoric,” invoking the name of the fictional television bigot. “They have to be looking at something different than just the record,” Gusman told The New Orleans Tribune. “And maybe they’re looking at the person who’s there. Maybe they’re looking at — they don’t like the way that person looks.” Landrieu, a Democrat who

carried a majority of the black vote in his 2010 election, has not directly responded to the remarks on race. While the problems at the police department have been widely known, less publicized have been unsanitary, violent and dangerous jail conditions that have long been the subject of lawsuits and court orders. The extent of the dysfunction was driven home during a recent federal court hearing on the jail reform pact when videos, apparently made by inmates in 2009, were released. Shown to a stunned courtroom audience, one video showed inmates smoking, snorting and injecting drugs. Some drank beer, some had cell phones and one inmate ejected bullets from a handgun. In another video, an inmate was seen wandering Bourbon Street and boasting, “Y’all know I’m supposed to be in jail right now.” Gusman, a Democrat who was first elected sheriff in 2004, has said the dilapidated building where the drug party and escape happened has since been closed. Two inmates who escaped, including the one seen on Bourbon Street, were arrested and prosecuted. His sketchy memory of seeing the video in 2009, and his failure to involve state or federal authorities in the investigation, drew harsh criticism from jail consultants in court. The agreement to make changes at the jail, known as a consent decree, would settle complaints the Southern Poverty Law Center filed on behalf of inmates. The agreement, which was signed by Gusman, is awaiting a judge’s approval. During the recent court hearing, though, Gusman downplayed problems at the jail. Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at; Twitter: @TDR_news

SARATOGA, Calif. (AP) — The parents of a 15-year-old California girl who took her own life after she was sexually abused and an explicit photo of the assault circulated among her classmates want the three boys who have been arrested in the case prosecuted as adults, a lawyer for the family says. Authorities arrested the three 16-year-olds on suspicion of sexual battery against Audrie Pott, a Saratoga High School sophomore who hanged herself in September. The arrests this week shocked many in this prosperous Silicon Valley suburb of 30,000 as new details of the case emerged. “We’re talking about, other than murdering someone, the highest degree of a crime you could possibly do, which is to violate them in the worst of ways ... and then to effectively rub her face in it afterwards,” Robert Allard, the attorney representing the teenager’s mother, father and step-mother, said Friday. But lawyers for the three boys, whose names have not been released because they are minors, released a statement Friday asking the public to withhold judgment until their clients can give their side of the story, the San Jose Mercury News reported. “Much of what has been reported over the last several days is

inaccurate. Most disturbing is the attempt to link (Audrie’s) suicide to the specific actions of these three boys,” the statement from San Jose attorneys Eric Geffon, Alan Lagod and Benjamin Williams reads. “We are hopeful that everyone understands that these boys, none of whom have ever been in trouble with the law, are to be regarded as innocent.” Allard said the trouble started over Labor Day weekend while Audrie went to a sleepover at a friend’s house where the parents were gone and the unaccompanied teens got into the liquor. “Audrie, by all accounts, consumed some of that alcohol and eventually went upstairs to go to sleep and woke up to the worst nightmare imaginable,” concluding that she had been molested, he said. She soon found an abundance of material online about that night, including a picture and emails. She also discovered that her attackers were three boys she considered friends — young men in whom she had confided, the lawyer said. On Facebook, Audrie wrote that the whole school knew what happened, and she complained that her life was ruined, Allard said. Eight days after the party, she hanged herself. “She was being consoled by other friends and they were concerned about her,” the lawyer said.

“One day she apparently felt that she couldn’t cope with it anymore and poor Audrie was traumatized to the point where she ended her life.” Her parents did not learn about the assault until after her death, when Audrie’s friends approached them, Allard said. Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith told the Mercury News that investigators for her department started looking into the circumstances surrounding Audrie’s Sept. 10 suicide in the days immediately following it. A deputy assigned to Saratoga High heard rumors about the sexual assault and possible photographic evidence, and detectives spent months interviewing students and subpoenaing cell phone records, Smith said. “We still have more interviews to do. We have more phones to get,” the sheriff said. “We have good evidence to justify the criminal charges even though the investigation is ongoing.” Together with two other episodes recently in the news — a suicide in Canada and a rape in Steubenville, Ohio — the case underscored the seeming callousness with which some young people use technology. Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at; Twitter: @TDR_news

The Daily Reveille

page 8 GROOVIN’, from page 1 the stage because of his use of profanities, but Cox said those rumors were false. “We’re not allowed to do that,” Cox said. “The media group that we used had control over all of that.” Although YelaWolf left the stage, the DJ that accompanied him stayed to entertain the crowds. “Because he left, YelaWolf’s contract is now null and void,” Cox said. Cox said YelaWolf will not be paid because he broke his contract. He said for performers to get paid, they must perform for a certain amount of time, which YelaWolf did not do. SG Director of Programming Nicholas Smith said at this moment, YelaWolf’s contract is completely broken, which also means his DJ who performed will not be paid, either. Smith said YelaWolf was going to be paid $17,500 before he broke his contract. Students said they were let down by YelaWolf’s early exit but were unsurprised given his explicit lyrics. “I thought it was unfortunate. At the same time, I feel like if you sign a contract you should abide by that contract,” said mass communication sophomore Bradley Williams. Olivia Barry, natural resource junior, said the incident wasn’t unexpected, and she was surprised he was even signed to perform. Crime was also an issue at this year’s Groovin’. A stabbing involving two 19-year-olds who do not attend the University occurred during the performances. Cox said the stabbing was a terrible situation, but everything that could have been done to prevent crime at the concert was done. Williams said he heard about the stabbing through a friend. “It should be discussed about how to improve safety for students next year,” Williams said. After YelaWolf’s abbreviated performance, Grace Potter took the stage. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Reveille on her tour bus, Potter said the concert was amazing. “This was definitely the biggest crowd we have had for our college gigs,” Potter said. “Like yesterday at Ole Miss, it was big, but this was much bigger.” Potter said she didn’t know what to expect from the crowd. “Between YelaWolf and Lupe Fiasco, I didn’t expect people to know who I was,” Potter said. “I thought the crowd was exceptional.” Potter said she walked around the University for about two hours earlier in the day and was amazed by the campus’ beauty. Potter, who normally performs with her band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, performed with only her drummer in a more acoustic style. “I don’t know if we’ll ever do that again,” Potter said. “So you guys really got something special.” Smith said the concert cost a total of $225,000. He said headliner Lupe Fiasco earned $75,000, Grace Potter received $35,000 and YelaWolf would have been paid $17,500 if he had

ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

John Trufant, lead singer and guitarist for local funk band Levee Daze, belts a song Saturday during Groovin’ on the Grounds at the LSU Parade Ground.

not broken his contract. Lupe Fiasco closed the show with his hit song “The Show Goes On.” Students said they enjoyed Lupe’s performance. “I really liked Grace Potter, but I loved how Lupe Fiasco engaged the crowd,” Barry said.

Do you think the artists should be banned from using explicit language? Vote at Contact Judah Robinson at


Monday, April 15, 2013


Monday, April 15, 2013

Chasing the Elder by Chandler Rome • Sports Writer


As reporters gathered around on LSU baseball media day Jan. 25, senior outfielder Raph Rhymes gave a bold declaration about his newest teammate. “[Freshman shortstop Alex Bregman] will hit [.500] and break my record,” Rhymes said. After a junior campaign that garnered Southeastern Conference Player of the Year honors for Rhymes, Bregman is already rivaling his numbers and making Rhymes look like quite the soothsayer. The following is a look at Rhymes’ numbers during his quest for .500 last season as compared to Bregman’s gaudy numbers this season.

MICAH BEDARD Sports Columnist

142 Average



.444 Hits


53 RBIs



Home Runs


1 Doubles

6 RICHARD REDMANN / The Daily Reveille


LSU senior outfielder Raph Rhymes (4) swings at a pitch Wednesday during the Tigers’ 16-2 victory against Southern University in Alex Box Stadium. Rhymes had a .465 batting average through 34 games last season.

Woods had no reason to withdraw MIC’D UP

At-Bats 114

page 9



ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

LSU freshman infielder Alex Bregman (30) takes off for first base after hitting the ball March 8 during the Tigers’ 9-4 victory against the Washington Huskies in Alex Box Stadium. Bregman is improving on Rhymes’ stellar numbers from the 2012 campaign.


Slugging Percentage



Note: These stats are through 34 games from both seasons and do not include this weekend’s games against Arkansas. Contact Chandler Rome at; Twitter: @RomeTDR

Tiger Woods is getting fingers pointed at him again. This time it wasn’t for infidelity — it’s for apparent inequality. Long after Tiger completed his second round Friday and signed his scorecard read- Read tweets ing a 1-under about the 71, the Masters Masters, rule committee p. 12. assessed a twostroke penalty for an erroneous ball drop on hole No. 15 after hitting his ball into a water hazard. Skeptics say Woods was given preferential treatment after he wasn’t disqualified from the 77th Masters Tournament for signing an incorrect scorecard. Even some of Tiger’s fellow competitors chimed in about Woods not being disqualified. “They would have DQ’d me for sure,” former LSU golfer John Peterson said after his round Friday. I’m not too sure about that. You can’t blame Tiger for just being assessed a two-stroke penalty and not being removed from the tournament field. When he put his John Hancock on his WOODS, see page 15


Tigers take series victory against Razorbacks in extra-inning win LSU rebounds after Saturday loss Lawrence Barreca Sports Writer

The No. 3 LSU and No. 10 Arkansas baseball teams pounded each other Friday and Saturday, so it was only fitting that Sunday’s matchup would go to extra innings in a 5-3 Tiger victory in Fayetteville, Ark. The Tigers (34-3, 13-2 Southeastern Conference) brought six runs home Friday night in a victory against the Razorbacks (25-12,





003 000 000 2


8 0


101 100 000 0


7 1

9-6 SEC), but Arkansas answered Saturday with an 8-3 win against LSU junior starter Ryan Eades. When sophomore southpaw Cody Glenn took the mound for LSU on Sunday, the Tigers looked to rebound after their third loss of the season. In a game that seemingly represented the entire series, both squads battled into the 10th inning before the Tigers pulled


away late. “This victory demonstrates the tremendous resiliency of our players,” said LSU coach Paul Mainieri. “We had a tough game yesterday, but our guys came back to the ball park today ready to play.” After a leadoff double in the RAZORBACKS, see page 15

ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior left-handed pitcher Chris Cotton (58) pitches the ball April 7 during the Tigers’ 11-4 victory against Kentucky in Alex Box Stadium. Cotton pitched the ninth and 10th innings in Sunday’s win.

The Daily Reveille

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Monday, April 15, 2013

No. 13 Tigers upset No. 10 Aggies in 2-1 series

LSU wins final two games of series


Mike Gegenheimer Sports Contributor

The weekend started out rough for the No. 13 LSU softball team, but ended in impressive fashion when the Tigers were able to steal the series on the road against No. 10 Texas A&M. It took a game for LSU to figure out the high-powered offense of Texas A&M, and once it did, LSU coach Beth Torina’s team never looked back, taking game two in extra innings and game three in just five innings — the first time the Aggies lost a game in five innings since 2009. The Tigers won their fifth straight Southeastern Conference series and remained in first place of the SEC Western Division standings. “I don’t think we were mentally shaken after the first night,” said LSU senior pitcher Rachele Fico. “We were swinging the bats really well, and we played really hard. We just needed to string some things together and were able to do that on Saturday and

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

LSU junior utility Allison Falcon (32) hits the ball March 26 during the Tigers’ 5-1 win against Southeastern in Tiger Park.

Sunday.” Friday night was Fico’s seventh loss of the season after she allowed five runs in the first inning alone, eventually losing 6-2. According to Fico, she struggled to make the necessary adjustments early Friday night. However, the All-American added once she finally was able to settle down, she thought she

pitched well. Fico was able to bounce back in her brief appearance in game two and complete the game in game three. She threw eight strikeouts in seven innings pitched between the last two games. “On the mound and in the bullpen, I need to have the mentality to play whenever they ask me to,” Fico said. “We have





200 71

10 5 2


200 0


2 1

really strong pitching with AshThe Tigers will have to reley Czechner and Meghan Patter- group from their big win quickly son. They’ve both been working for a game Wednesday against really hard and have helped us in-state opponent McNeese out so much on the mound. … No State. matter who’s on the mound, I’m Torina said she knows the confident in both game could be a of them. … Not a ‘No matter who’s on the let-down matchlot of teams have up with the 32-10 mound, I’m confident in Cowboys sandthat.” Everything wiched between both of them.’ connected for No. 10 Texas the Tigers during A&M and No. 8 Rachele Fico Sunday’s top-15 Missouri. LSU senior pitcher matchup when “That’s alLSU didn’t even ways a concern,” need the full seven innings to Torina said. “But when we play close out a series victory with the these in-state teams, they unAggies. derstand how important those A seven-run fourth inning all games are for the program. I but finished the game for the un- think we understand how qualderdog LSU. ity of a team McNeese is, and “Our offensive was fan- I don’t think we’ll just look tastic this weekend,” Torina past them.” said. “I think that’s the No. 1 thing. We had RBIs all throughout the lineup, all throughout the weekend. Everyone Contact Mike Gegenheimer at contributed, and I thought we did really well.”

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Monday, April 15, 2013

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Men sweep Senior Day matchups Women suffer 1-6 Tigers secure SEC loss against Ark. Tournament spot Cole Travis Sports Contributor

The No. 20 LSU men’s tennis team completed its final weekend of regular-season play with a sweep of Southeastern Conference foe Arkansas and upstart Jackson State, 4-1 and 4-0. The Tigers (15-10, 5-7 SEC) took control early against the Razorbacks (15-15, 0-12 SEC), winning the doubles point and taking the first set in all six singles matches. LSU got strong performances out of several seniors in what were likely their final matches at W.T. “Dub” Robinson Stadium. Olivier Borsos won his match in straight sets, and Mark Bowtell clinched the match for the Tigers with his 7-6, 6-3 victory. “You need to get any win you can get in the SEC [because] the teams are all good,” said LSU coach Jeff Brown. “I was glad to see a senior, Bowtell, close it out. … It was a good day overall.” Senior Stefan Szacinski was on his way to his ninth straight singles victory when he aggravated a

MARIEL GATES / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior Olivier Borsos slams the ball on Saturday during the Senior Day match against Arkansas in the W.T. “Dub” Robinson Tennis Stadium.

condition in his right knee early in the second set, forcing him to take a medical timeout and a one-game penalty. He gutted it out the rest of his match, which was left unfinished after the Tigers clinched the win. Brown said the injury is something the senior has dealt with all season and does not expect it to keep him out of the SEC Tournament, which begins this week.

The second half of the doubleheader against Jackson State saw a different mix of faces across all courts for the Tigers as freshmen took over for many of the veterans. Jackson State fielded a team of only five players, and thus forfeited the third doubles match, allowing LSU to secure the point after freshman Tam Trinh and senior Roger Anderson won 8-3. LSU took a 2-0 lead after Jackson State forfeited the court six singles match and wrapped up the match with two straight set wins by Trinh and freshman Harrison Kennedy. The Tigers will be the No. 11 seed in the SEC Tournament and will have their first match at 6 p.m. Thursday in Oxford, Miss., against Mississippi State. “In the SEC Tournament, you’re just looking at your first match [because] you are going to be playing a top-25 team for sure,” Brown said. “You really can’t look [ahead], and if you do you probably won’t be around that long.”

Contact Cole Travis at

Trey Labat

Sports Contributor

The LSU women’s tennis team lost its regular season finale 1-6 Saturday against Southeastern Conference opponent Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark. LSU (8-15, 1-12 SEC) started the day off slowly against Arkansas (12-14, 4-9 SEC), losing the doubles competition. The duo of sophomore Mary Jeremiah and junior Ariel Morton dropped their match on court one, and soon after, senior Kaitlin Burns and freshman Ella Taylor dropped their match, which secured the doubles point for Arkansas. Playing in their final regularseason match, the senior duo of Keri Frankenberger and Ebie Wilson — the Lady Tigers’ best doubles pairing this year — wasn’t able to finish its match. “It was a good battle,” said LSU coach Julia Sell. “Arkansas is a very good team.” LSU’s struggles continued into the singles competition, as Taylor dropped her match in straight sets on court two. Frankenberger was the first Lady Tiger to get on the scoreboard

after she won her match on court five in straight sets. She has struggled with back pain all season but has rounded into form in recent weeks. “She was feeling good and was able to roll right through her match,” Sell said. “She kept the pedal to the metal and finished out strong there.” Frankenberger’s fellow seniors — Burns and Wilson — didn’t fare as well in the singles competition, though. Both fell in straight sets on courts one and six. Morton and Jeremiah completed the tough day for LSU when they both fell in straight sets. “We’ve had a lot of tough matches and taken some tough losses,” Sell said. “We haven’t played our best tennis yet.” The Lady Tigers will now look to the SEC Tournament to salvage some success from this season. LSU will play Wednesday, which doesn’t leave them much time to prepare. “We don’t have a lot of time, being in the bottom of the SEC,” Sell said. “We only really have Monday and Tuesday to make some adjustments.” Contact Trey Labat at

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The Twittersphere talks: The Masters

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013


Burke making early exit for NBA Draft The Associated Press

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- The time was right for Trey Burke. The Michigan star made it official Sunday: He’s leaving the Wolverines to enter the NBA Draft. The move came as no surprise after Burke was voted The Associated Press national player of the year and led Michigan to the NCAA title game as a sophomore. Burke also considered going to the NBA a year ago, but he came back for another season. Now he departs with his stock seemingly peaking. “I just felt like this was the best opportunity for me,” Burke said. “It’s an opportunity that I’ve always wanted.” The 6-foot point guard averaged 18.6 points and 6.7 assists per game in 2012-13. He made perhaps the most memorable shot of the NCAA tournament, a long 3-pointer in the final seconds against Kansas that sent that regional semifinal to overtime. Michigan made the Final Four for the first time since 1993, and in the championship game against Louisville, Burke scored 24 points in a losing effort.

Burke nearly left the Wolverines after his freshman season but decided to stay. Expectations were high at Michigan after his return, and the Wolverines lived up to them — in part because Burke’s future never seemed to be a distraction. “He came back with really a fire in his belly to improve his game,” coach John Beilein said. “He just went to work. There wasn’t one time that I felt that he was playing for the NBA and not playing for Michigan.” Once the season ended, it would have been shocking if Burke came back again. The main question for Michigan is how many other players the Wolverines might lose. Junior Tim Hardaway Jr. and freshmen Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III are also considered candidates to turn pro. Burke’s teammates were on hand for his announcement Sunday, but they weren’t available to reporters. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is April 28. Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at; Twitter: @TDR_sports

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tigers and Lady Tigers sweep Battle on the Bayou Bliss breaks school shot put record

marks in practice at a distance that we wanted, but just having confidence knowing I’m getting better with all the drills and repetitions that we’re doing helped.” Senior Kimberlyn Duncan Bria Turner ran the 200-meter dash in 22.82 Sports Contributor seconds, which is the NCAAThe LSU men’s and women’s leading time for 2013. The time track teams swept the Battle on is also the second-fastest in the the Bayou meet titles, but sopho- 2013 world rankings. more Tori Bliss’ performance in In the meet, the Lady Tigers the shot put stole the show. won 16 events and 14 athletes Bliss broke the 19-year-old set personal records. LSU coach school record in the event with Dennis Shaver said the teams a throw of 55 feet and 11 inches, had great performances Saturwhich is eighth on day against teams the NCAA’s 2013 ‘I had a breakthrough from around the performance list. country, including The Portage, week at practice. I had Penn State, AriInd., native had a a good feeling about this zona State, Misprevious outdoor sissippi State and week.’ personal record Connecticut. of 51 feet and 7 “I love these Tori Bliss inches, but a rekinds of meets sophomore thrower cent change in because the focus her throwing technique sparked is more on how well you compete the improvement in her mark. when you line up instead of just Five weeks ago, Bliss went from chasing a better time or a better the gliding technique she’s used mark,” Shaver said. “Overall, I since her freshman year in high feel like the team competed hard school to a rotational technique. and competed for one another, Bliss said the new technique and I think that’s one of the things was frustrating in the beginning, I always hope that our team gains but once she got the hang of it, from this type of competition.” she gained confidence heading into this weekend. “I had a breakthrough week at practice,” Bliss said. “I had a Contact Bria Turner at good feeling about this weekend. I’ve been hitting some consistent

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior Kimberlyn Duncan (left) breaks into a sprint during the 4x100-meter relay Saturday as junior Jasmin Stowers prepares to pass her the baton.

UConn sophomore Selwyn Maxwell (left) and LSU sophomore Joshua Thompson (right) run the 110-meter hurdles Saturday. The LSU men’s and women’s track teams won Battle on the Bayou.


The Daily Reveille

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013


Scott beats Cabrera in playoff Doug Ferguson The Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Adam Scott finished the job this time, and put an end to more than a half-century of Australian misery at the Masters. With the two biggest putts of his career, Scott holed a 20-footer for birdie on the 18th hole of regulation that put him into a playoff with Angel Cabrera, and then won his first major championship Sunday with a 12-footer for birdie on the second extra hole. Scott leaned back and thrust his arms in the air after the putt dropped on the 10th hole, a celebration for all of Australia and personal redemption for himself. It was only last summer when Scott threw away the British Open by making bogey on his last four holes to lose by one shot to Ernie Els. The 32-yearold handled that crushing defeat with dignity and pledged to finish stronger given another chance. “Next time — I’m sure there will be a next time — I can do a better job of it,” he said that day. Scott was close to perfection, and he had to be with Cabrera delivering some brilliance of his own. Moments after Scott made his 20-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole for a 3-under 69 to take a one-shot lead — “C’mon, Aussie!” he screamed — Cabrera answered with an approach that

plopped down 3 feet from the cup, one of the greatest shots under the circumstances. That gave him an easy birdie and a 2-under 70. They both chipped close for par on the 18th in the first playoff hole, and Cabrera’s 15-foot birdie putt on the 10th grazed the right side of the cup. With his long putter anchored against his chest, Scott’s putt was true all the way. The Masters was the only major an Australian had never won, and Scott was among dozens of golfers who routinely rose in the early hours of Monday morning for the telecast, only to watch a horror show. The leading character was Greg Norman, who had four good chances to win, none better than when he blew a six-shot lead on the last day to Nick Faldo in 1996. There was Jim Ferrier in 1952, Bruce Crampton 20 years later, and Scott and Jason Day only two years ago. Norman, though, was the face of Aussie failures at the Masters, and Scott paid him tribute in Butler Cabin before he slipped on that beautiful green jacket. “Australian is a proud sporting nation, and this is one notch in the belt we never got,” Scott said. “It’s amazing that it came down to me today. But there’s one guy who inspired a nation of golfers, and that’s Greg Norman.

WOODS, from page 9

scorecard, for all he knew, it was correct. It’s the Masters’ fault for waiting so long. Officials had two chances to review the drop and penalize Tiger, and they didn’t. Woods doomed himself when he told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi he dropped the ball on No. 15 back two yards to give himself a better shot. Only after this and apparent television viewer complaints did the rule committee decide to go back and review the ball-drop again. Tiger might have committed a no-no for dropping his ball farther back for a better shot, but he should have been penalized immediately, and not after he already signed his scorecard. Plus, Rule 33-7 clearly states: “A penalty of disqualification may in exceptional individual cases be waived, modified or imposed if the Committee considers such action warranted.” The defenses for Tiger taking his clubs and leaving the Augusta Country Club prematurely were hilarious. Some sports writers churned out some stuff that caused me to fall out of my chair laughing. One opinion was that if Tiger won the Masters to help him reach Jack Nicklaus’ record 17 major tournament victories, it would be tainted. Are you serious?

DARRON CUMMINGS / The Associated Press

Tiger Woods reacts after missing a putt on the fourth green Sunday during the fourth round of the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga.

If Tiger did come back to win his fifth green jacket after losing two strokes, it would be even more of an accomplishment than if he would have won it straight up. Some have mentioned Tiger could have saved face from his ordeal with ex-wife Elin Nordegren by withdrawing himself from the Masters. So because Tiger stepped up and disqualified himself from a golf tournament, it would have taken some heat away after he

He’s been incredible to me and all the great golfers. Part of this belongs to him.” Scott was just as gracious in victory as he was last summer at Royal Lytham & St. Annes. He and Cabrera flashed a thumbs-up to each other after their shots into the 10th hole in the playoff, and they walked off the 10th green with their arms around each other when it was over. “Such is golf,” Cabrera said. “Adam is a good winner.” It was a riveting conclusion to a week filled with some awkward moments. There was the one-shot penalty called against 14-year-old Guan Tianlang that nearly kept the Chinese teen from becoming the youngest player to make the cut. There was the illegal drop by Tiger Woods, who was given a two-shot penalty over questions and confusion about why he was not disqualified for signing an incorrect card. And at the end, there was shot-making at its finest. Scott didn’t make a bogey after the first hole, and he really didn’t miss a shot the rest of the day on a rainy Sunday at Augusta.

Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at; Twitter: @TDR_sports cheated on his wife? That makes a lot of sense. And did you really think CBS and the Masters’ sponsors were going to let him get disqualified anyway? Millions of Americans would have changed the channel. The Masters might have made a faux pas with Tiger’s initial ruling, but they aren’t stupid. Tiger drives ratings. I don’t even want to think about how down the sport of golf would be without Eldrick Tont Woods. Woods gave false hope to everyone at the end of the final round, staying close enough to be in contention, but he ended up finishing 5-under Sunday, a few strokes behind winner Adam Scott. But to say he didn’t get disqualified because he’s the most polarizing figure in golf, if not all sports, is off base. The Masters rules committee felt its late ruling led to Tiger signing an incorrect scorecard so they didn’t disqualify him. Boom. Done. End of story. He might have broken the rules, but he paid his price with a two-stroke penalty. There’s no way he should have withdrawn. Micah Bedard is a 22-year-old history senior from Houma. Contact Micah Bedard at; Twitter: @DardDog

page 15 victory against Kentucky. Glenn has had trouble pitching away top of the 10th by junior catcher from Alex Box Stadium against Ty Ross, sophomore outfielder SEC competition, as both MissisChris Sciambra placed a sacrifice sippi State and Missouri gave him bunt to put a runner on third with difficulty on the road. Glenn held his own into the one out. Junior right fielder Sean McMullen came through in the fourth inning, but after putting clutch, slamming a sacrifice fly to runners on the corners with no deep right field. Senior left fielder outs, Arkansas senior center fieldRaph Rhymes would later hit an er Matt Vinson laced a ball back to the mound, bouncing off the RBI single to make it 5-3. Mainieri sent senior left- sophomore’s shin before Glenn handed reliever Chris Cotton back fired to record an out. The leftto the mound, as the southpaw hander had trouble getting back to his feet before recorded the final ‘This victory being replaced three outs to seby junior Nick cure a series vicdemonstrates the Rumbelow. tory for the Tigers. Glenn tossed Cotton retired tremendous resiliency of three-and-a-third the Razorbacks our players.’ innings, surrenin both the ninth and 10th innings, dering three runs Paul Mainieri on five hits while again proving to LSU coach striking out one. be a reliable arm Mainieri proceeded to turn in the back of the Tigers’ bullpen. The LSU offense showed its to the bullpen, as Rumbelow and strength Sunday after being sti- seniors Brent Bonvillain, Joey fled only a day prior, as the squad Bourgeois and Cotton combined to knocked eight hits in the series toss six-and-two-thirds innings of finale, including three from fresh- scoreless baseball, allowing only man shortstop Alex Bregman. two hits and recording four strikeBregman, whose 23-game hit- outs in the process. LSU’s next contest will be ting streak was snapped Saturday, launched a two-run home run in against Grambling on Wednesday in Alex Box Stadium. the top of the third inning. “Bregman’s career is still young,” Mainieri said. “He’s got a lot to do, and he has a lot of things to get better at, but I wouldn’t trade him for anybody.” Contact Lawrence Barreca at The day didn’t go as well for; Glenn, who went to the mound Twitter: @LawrenceBarreca looking to build on his previous

RAZORBACKS, from page 9

The Daily Reveille


page 16

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Titanic Waste of Money Titanic revitalization set for 2016, if only as a $1.6 billion floating rich kids’ playground SHUT UP, MEG MEGAN DUNBAR Columnist It’s the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic — subject of Leo and Kate’s eternal love story — but reviving ancient horror and tragedy isn’t on the minds of most today. But it is on the mind of Australian millionaire Clive Palmer, who wants to rebuild the infamous ship by 2016. Palmer has held onto the Titanic — site of the most doomed peacetime maritime tragedy — as a symbol that links three continents, which is why he plans to build a replica of the ill-fated ship and launch it from Southampton, England — the starting port of the original Titanic’s maiden voyage, according to the BBC. Palmer said he “might as well spend [the money], not leave it to the kids to spend; there will be enough left for them anyway,” at the unveiling of the Titanic II plans in February. There are a billion other things Palmer could buy with the estimated $1.6 billion it will take to build the ocean behemoth. Three hundred thousand wells

in water-poor communities. Eight thousand four-year college educations. Sixteen million kegs of beer. And I guess he doesn’t have any sort of duty to the world to make it a better place. Palmer is a grown man, and only he controls his money. If he wants to build the damn thing, by all means, go for it. But it’s a waste of money. The last person to attempt rebuilding the Titanic, businessman Sarel Gous, had to stop because of costs and impossibility, but if Palmer is the idealist he claims to be, this will happen. While touting the ship’s ability to connect the world, Palmer still plans to keep each of the three classes of passengers apart. Hypocritical much? They will, however, be able to switch between classes (spending two days in each) to get the “full experience.” While this might seem like every Titanic enthusiast’s wet dream, it’s also a hare-brained idea. Sure, promoting connectivity around the world is a great idea, but if that’s your passion, that and big dreams, why not help others instead of creating some moneymaking scheme for bored rich people? According to Palmer, 40,000 people have expressed interest in tickets for the eventual voyages of

photo courtesy of BLUE STAR LINE / The Associated Press

A rendering of the Titanic II is shown cruising at sea. The ship, which Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is planning to build in China, is scheduled to sail in 2016.

this floating rich kids’ playground. I understand that it’s romantic, and someone will have fun messing around on the Edwardian gym equipment Palmer plans to include.

But this assumes the Titanic II makes it past the first passage. Which brings me to the most important point: 1,502 people died on this ship the first time around. Yes, the dramatized situation

surrounding the incident doesn’t happen often, but this is just tempting fate. The plan includes enough lifeboats and modern technology that keeps most ships safe in the modern age, but there will also be a mock-up of the room from which the crew members sent the infamous final S.O.S. Further touting the ship’s greater safety, Palmer also said global warming was a blessing in disguise, because fewer icebergs mean less of a chance to sink. The types of people who could afford a cruise on a periodintensive ship like the planned Titanic II are most likely rich and uninterested in the hippie-sounding worldwide connection of the ship. Maybe I’m a little too superstitious. If I’m going to choose something to be superstitious about, it might as well be a crash that killed many people being recreated by a crazy man who can’t think of anything better to do with his money. Megan Dunbar is a 19-year-old English junior from Greenville, S.C. Contact Megan Dunbar at; Twitter: @TDR_MDunbar

Students on Target should let Groovin’ be groovin’ THE C-SECTION CHRIS GRILLOT Opinion Editor Parental Advisory: This column contains explicit language. And yet again, Students on Target’s Groovin’ on the Grounds failed to produce a family-friendly festival — “a good time not wasted.” Apparently, quite few of us were. Marijuana smoke emanated through the crowd throughout the afternoon and beer cans scattered the Parade Ground. YelaWolf, an Alabama rapper with an Eminem-esque knack

for violent lyrics, kicked off the show as the first national act. He played a song, then began complaining that his contract stated he couldn’t use profanity in a curse word-laden rant ending with a complaint about a violation of his First Amendment rights. He didn’t return to finish his set. Lupe Fiasco headlined the festival. Though he tried to keep it clean, more than a few curse words made it into the show. The ordeal reminisced Ludacris’ alcohol and weed-fueled performance at last year’s Groovin’. Two years in a row begs the question: Why is Students on

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Andrea Gallo Emily Herrington Bryan Stewart Kirsten Romaguera Clayton Crockett Chris Grillot

Editor in Chief Managing Editor Managing Editor, External Media Managing Editor, Production News Editor Opinion Editor

Target putting up such a false facade? The festival is clearly not what it’s advertised to be. And why do Students on Target hire performers with parental advisory warnings on everything they release to play if they want to promote a family-friendly atmosphere? Common sense tells you the artists aren’t going to listen. The artists — particularly YelaWolf, Lupe and Ludacris — are young, rebellious, famous and rich. They make their own rules. I mean, Luda’s got a song called “Move Bitch.” Lupe raps about getting high. And YelaWolf raps about drugs, sex and, you know,

killing people — in almost every song. Just Google the lyrics to “Catfish Billy.” Can we blame the artists for breaking the rules? No. We can blame Students on Target for not taking the six seconds it takes to realize the acts they hire aren’t going to fit in with the all-ages atmosphere they try to create. Come on, you guys said no to MGMT a few years back because they sing about drugs — but you hired a guy who raps about killing people. It’s time to stop pretending Groovin’ is something it’s not. Get rid of this idea that a college festival should be for all ages. Let

Editorial Policies & Procedures

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the crowd get rowdy and most importantly, let the artists be artists. We need to promote what’s great about the First Amendment on college campuses — the ability to congregate without censorship. In the words of the great YelaWolf: “Free speech, motherf***ers.” Chris Grillot is a 22-year-old mass communication senior from New Orleans.

Contact Chris Grillot at; @TDR_cgrillot

Quote of the Day

“I ain’t gotta rob nobody tonight, but I might do it just because I am a nut. I get bored.”

YelaWolf American rapper, skateboarder and drinker Dec. 30, 1979 — Present

The Daily Reveille

Monday, April 15, 2013


page 17

Immigration reform will benefit U.S. economy SHARE THE WEALTH JAY MEYERS Columnist A sense of actually wanting to do something has finally captivated Congress, with a movement toward comprehensive immigration reform increasing considerably in the past few months. Indeed, a bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senate group — a group of four Democratic senators and four Republican senators — released a blueprint for immigration reform Jan. 28. The following day, President Barack Obama gave a speech outlining the White House’s plans for immigration reform. The thesis of both proposals centers on the need to provide legal status, in addition to a path to full citizenship, for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country. Many Congressmen, however, are not in favor of even granting legal status — let alone a chance for full citizenship — to undocumented immigrants. Other lawmakers have expressed a desire to draft legislation that would stop just short of giving citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, instead calling for a “middle-ground” option: To leave undocumented immigrants in a status of that below a legal citizen, yet above that of an illegal alien. What the argument really should come down to, though, is the overwhelmingly positive economic

JASON LENHART / The Associated Press

Anthony Alexandra Ayala, 3, stands with his mom, Anyi Barahona, left, who immigrated from Honduras nine years ago, and dad, Hector Rosales, right, who immigrated from Guatemala 13 years ago, during an immigration reform rally at the Court Square in Harrisonburg, Va., on April 10. Tens of thousands of immigrants and activists rallied nationwide Wednesday in a coordinated set of protests aimed at pressing Congress to approve immigration measures that would grant 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally a path toward citizenship.

benefits our nation would experience as a whole from a reform that grants legal status and a path to full citizenship. As a recent study by the Center for American Progress illustrates, legal status and a path to full citizenship for undocumented immigrants will result in considerable economic stimulus with respect to “growth, earnings, tax revenues and jobs.” A key point in the Center’s

study is that the absence of reform — or reform that classifies the undocumented in a middle-ground, sub-citizen category — will result in the United States not benefiting from any of the potential profits our nation will likely realize from Gang of Eight immigration reform package. More concretely, the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform package would bring about three huge economic gains over the next 10

years for the United States: An $832 billion increase in gross domestic product, a $470 billion increase in the income of all Americans and $109 billion of “extra” tax revenue, the Center’s report indicates. But doesn’t this make sense? Currently, most undocumented immigrants work and live in the United States just as normal citizens do, yet they consume public goods without paying taxes. Simply put, they are the

beneficiaries of our hospital systems, police and fire departments and public school systems, despite not having to pay for them. In addition to this, undocumented workers are severely restricted with respect to what types of jobs they can pursue. As a result, the vast majority works in lowskilled, low-wage jobs. The logic behind immigration reform is straightforward: Legal status and citizenship will enable undocumented immigrants to produce and earn significantly more than they do when they are sitting on the economic sidelines. The resulting productivity and wage increases will provide considerable stimulus to the economy because immigrants are not merely workers — they are also consumers and taxpayers. Immigrants will spend their increased earnings on products such as food, clothing, electronics, cars, furniture, etc. This increased spending will, in turn, stimulate aggregate demand for goods and services, which fosters the creation of jobs and grows our economy. With economic uncertainty looming in the United States, as well as abroad in China and Europe, the case for comprehensive immigration reform is obvious: The sooner, the better. Jay Meyers is a 20-year-old economics sophomore from Shreveport. Contact Jay Meyers at; Twitter: @TDR_jmeyers

Bipartisan agreement may not end immigration woes THE GEG STAND MIKE GEGENHEIMER Sports Contributor Pigs have flown, Hell has frozen over, and doctors have found Ann Coulter’s heart. Well, maybe not the last one. The U.S. Senate has actually reached a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform. Republicans and Democrats have come to an agreement on something for possibly the first time since we gave a nice, big middle finger to England in that whole Declaration of Independence thing. The “Gang of Eight” — a group of four Republican and four Democrat senators — is expected to announce Tuesday its proposal for comprehensive immigration reform for the estimated 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants currently in America. The proposal focuses on providing a clear and fair pathway

to citizenship for undocumented workers coming across the border in the hopes of greener jalapeños, as well as working to secure the border. The bill outlines a 13-year process for illegal immigrants to reach citizenship — being referred to as “probationary citizenship” by the bill’s proponents — and includes provisions of fees and back taxes for time spent in the country illegally as well as not allowing illegal immigrants access to government programs like food stamps or healthcare. This has been a major breakthrough in public policy for Congress on an issue that has plagued the country for a long time. So now Congress can focus on bigger issues like the economy and foreign affairs, right? Unfortunately, not quite. On top of the fact this is only a proposal that hasn’t even been released yet, the bill has already received harsh discontent from the far right. Iowa Rep. Steve King claimed the bill is a way for

Democrats to give amnesty to what he refers to as “Undocumented Democrats,” and Republicans are only doing this to cater to the Latino vote. Florida senator and CubanAmerican Marco Rubio — the Gang of Eight’s face for the bill — adamantly refuted the claim that the bill’s probationary citizenship is just a sugar-coated way to say amnesty for illegals. This has been the primary attack sourcing out of Rubio’s own party. But the far right seems to not want any immigrants at all in the country, appearing to believe policies such as self-deportation and mass deportation are real solutions when they aren’t any more of an answer than doing nothing. However, none of these policies even take effect if it isn’t first determined the border has been secured. But how is it possible for an appointed board to truly determine how safe a border is? And if one party wishes to block legislation, couldn’t they just convince

someone on the board to claim it’s unsafe? The quantifiable goal the Gang of Eight set is a 90 percent apprehension rate and 100 percent surveillance along the border. First the Department of Homeland Security will attempt this, and if it has not reached the goal after five years, it will be turned over to a border commission made up of local officials from those states most affected. This would only be an estimate, seeing as there is no way to know the exact number of immigrants sneaking across the border because they’re, you know, doing it illegally. Rubio tried to combat all of the attacks while touring through the “full Ginsburg” of talk shows Sunday, saying the point of the bill is to make it more difficult for people who enter America illegally to become citizens than those who stay in their respective countries and wait to enter legally. Opponents of the bill fear the government would be rewarding

people who enter our borders illegally. Most analysts believe Rubio’s onslaught of media attention is due to his presumed candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2016 — an election the Floridian senator denies even considering yet. America has finally seen an agreement in Congress — something feared to have gone extinct with the do-do bird and the floppy disk. Yes, this is a huge step forward in future bipartisan relations in Congress — something desperately needed — but at the end of the day, even when Congress agrees, it can’t agree on to what extent it agrees. Mike Gegenheimer is a 20-year-old mass communication sophomore from Covington.

Contact Mike Gegenheimer at; Twitter: @gegs1313

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Monday, April 15, 2013 AHA CONVENTION, from page 1

in the secular movement. “A lot of these bad ideas have to literally die off,” Phelps said. “A lot of the change we do see in society happens when a new generation comes along.” Phelps’ keynote address focused on his journey from evangelical Christian to atheist activist, as well as his father’s use of Biblical scripture to support his beliefs. “With so many words, it becomes easy to mold them into whatever argument you want,” Phelps said of the Bible.

College groups from across the state had tables set up at the conference, including Louisiana Tech University’s Secular Student Alliance. Chad Thibodeaux, AHA president and chemistry Ph.D. candidate, said the event’s attendance of about 130 was more than he expected. “It was really good for a firsttime get-together,” Thibodeaux said. “Most conferences and conventions only dream of a turnout like this for their first time.” Secret Johnson, secretary of Louisiana Tech’s SSA, said she was expecting a bigger turnout at the conference, but she hoped that

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

Reason on the Bayou convention speaker Zach Kopplin discusses the Louisiana Science and Education Act on Sunday to a group of secular humanists.

The Daily Reveille would change with future events. Johnson said she and other Louisiana Tech SSA members refrain from describing themselves as atheists because of the stigma associated with the term. “We’re good people doing moral things,” Johnson said. “We just don’t believe in a deity.” Thibodeaux said events like Reason on the Bayou show that lack of a religious belief is becoming less of a social stigma in the United States. “Bill Maher once called it ‘the last untapped taboo,’ and it’s now unraveling,” Thibodeaux said. “It’s

page 19 just a natural progression of things.” Graphic design and art history junior Kim Allen called Reason on the Bayou the first step in the push for secularism in Louisiana. “The fact that it is the first in history and it’s 2013 is kind of a big deal,” Allen said. “It says that Louisiana isn’t completely Catholic and conservative and right-wing and narrow-minded.” The University is a good place to begin the push for secularism in Louisiana, Allen said, citing the diversity and large presence of students from other states and countries.

Ellen Farrar, painting and drawing junior, said she thinks the conference will grow over time and more people will see they don’t have to conform to one view point. Thibodeaux said he is unsure if the University’s AHA group will host the conference again next year or if another Louisiana university will host it, but that it’s a definite possibility thanks to a larger amount of resources available at the state’s flagship school. Contact Erin Hebert at

page 20

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Monday, April 15, 2013

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