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A Bernese Mountain dog spreads out on the deck of Miller Hall. A group of dogs from Tiger HATS visited campus Tuesday as part of a Residential Life program to relieve stress.

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OSU president offers guidance McKenzie Womack Staff Writer

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee said via Skype Tuesday that LSU needs to emulate the University System of Ohio by consolidating into one university during the Transition Advisory Team meeting. The Transition Advisory Team invited Gee to weigh in on the reorganization of the LSU System, a task Interim LSU System President and Chancellor William “Bill” Jenkins has said is a necessity as funding is cut and the structure of higher education changes. Members of the LSU Board of Supervisors and Board of Regents Chairman W. Clinton Rasberry also attended Tuesday’s meeting. Gee has held presidential positions at West Virginia University, University of Colorado and Brown University. This is his second tenure as Ohio State’s president. He was the chancellor of Vanderbilt University for seven years, and GEE, see page 6


LSUPD branches out with mobile command unit Nic Cotten Staff Writer

The LSU Police Department command center will no longer be confined within the walls of the Public Safety Building. LSUPD has refurbished its mobile command unit with grant money from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, according to Lt. Marshall Walters. “When we got [the unit], the inside was empty space and not conducive to its use. It looked like a ’70s bus,” Walters said. “We put in new walls, upgraded the generator, converted the back compartment into [a] small conference room with monitor hooked to satellites, and I’m working

on installing cameras.” LSUPD Spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde said the unit will be used during planned events, such as football games and the Bayou Country Superfest, and for quick command and control capabilities in the event of a disaster like a hurricane or a shooter around campus. Lalonde said the unit used to belong to the Baton Rouge Police Department, and BRPD Spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said BRPD uses its unit in the same way LSUPD plans to use its new one. “We bring it out for large events in the area, or for a situation where officers will be in a particular location for a long time,” McKneely said. “We got the unit after Katrina for disaster instances to provide a

central location in the field where commanding officers can assess the situation and make orders to officers on the scene.” Walters said the mobile command center will make on-the-go police work more convenient. “Meetings can be held in the back of the unit, and there are work stations to generate reports and pull info from the LSUPD database,” Walters said. “It will be a staging point for officers and first responders for briefing and set up details and push info out.” Lalonde said the unit will first be used Friday during the Special Olympics opening ceremony. Contact Nic Cotten at

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

The newly renovated LSU Police Department’s mobile command unit sits Tuesday in the parking lot outside the Public Safety Building.

The Daily Reveille

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INTERNATIONAL Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58 from cancer CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez was a former paratroop commander and self-styled “subversive” who waged continual battle for his socialist ideals. He bedeviled the United States and outsmarted his rivals time and again, while using Venezuela’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage. Chavez led one coup attempt, defeated another and was re-elected three times. Almost the only adversary it seemed he couldn’t beat was cancer. He died Tuesday in Caracas at age 58, two years after he was first diagnosed.

Nation & World FERNANDO LLANO / The Associated Press

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez wears a Mexican sombrero as he sings a Mexican ranchera song Nov. 19, 2005 at a rally in Caracas, Venezuela.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Late winter snow storm barrels through Midwest to Mid-Atlantic

Gov. Bobby Jindal to release tax code rewrite proposal by March 15

CHICAGO (AP) — A late winter storm packing up to 10 inches of snow sent officials in weatherhardened Chicago into action Tuesday to prevent a repeat of scenes from two years ago, when hundreds of people in cars and buses were stranded on the city’s marquee thoroughfare during a massive blizzard. The storm was part of a system that started in Montana, hit the Dakotas and Minnesota on Monday and then barreled through Wisconsin and Illinois on its way to Washington, D.C., where it was expected late Tuesday night.

Onlookers take pictures Tuesday as they walk around the Millennium Park as a snow storm passes through the region in Chicago.

(AP) — Gov. Bobby Jindal will unveil the details of his highly awaited tax code rewrite proposal by the end of next week, the governor’s office said Tuesday. Jindal spokesman Sean Lansing said the House will receive the proposal by March 15, as requested by House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, R-Lake Charles, in a letter to the governor’s chief of staff, Paul Rainwater. “I feel strongly that the House of Representatives should begin hearings on such an important issue,” Kleckley wrote Tuesday.

Oregon man charged with helping suicide bomber in Pakistan

Rep. Charles Boustany says he won’t run for U.S. Senate in 2014

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — FBI agents arrested a Portland man who works for the city Tuesday on allegations that he provided support to a suicide bomber who participated in a 2009 attack in Pakistan that killed about 30 people and injured another 300. Reaz Qadir Khan, 48, was arrested at his home and charged with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall said. Khan is a wastewater treatment plant operator for the city of Portland.

(AP) — Republican U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany says he won’t challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu in her re-election bid next year. A spokesman for the Lafayette congressman confirmed Tuesday that Boustany won’t run for the Senate seat. Spokesman Neal Patel says Boustany was encouraged to run against Landrieu in 2014, but he says Boustany remains dedicated to the residents of the 3rd Congressional District.

American cardinals control conclave message just by talking

United States, China propose tough UN sanctions for North Korea

Thieves grab cash boxes from Girl Scout’s cookie booths in Arizona

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The two American cardinals sat on the stage, microphones in hand, fielding questions from the world’s news media on everything from the delayed arrival of some of their colleagues to their own wardrobe choices if elected pope. Most experts doubt the upcoming conclave will select an American pope, but the U.S. cardinals are already exerting a surprising amount of control over the message — simply by talking.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A U.S.-China draft resolution aimed at reining in North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the United Nations, in a move certain to infuriate the regime and inflame tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The proposed resolution put forward by the United States and China — North Korea’s closest ally — followed Pyongyang’s third nuclear test on Feb. 12.

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Two Tucson-area Girl Scout troops were crime victims as thieves grabbed and ran off with the troops’ cash boxes from cookie sales. In one case, two women spoke with girls selling cookies outside a grocery store before one woman grabbed the cash box containing about $375. The women fled in a car that had its license plate covered. In the second case, a man grabbed a box with about $250 from a troop’s table outside a bookstore.

KIICHIRO SATO / The Associated Press





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Mike the Tiger entertains fans Tuesday during the Tigers’ game against Stephen F. Austin in Alex Box Stadium. Submit your photo of the day to

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Students react to gay marriage support from Republicans Party’s decision appeals to youth Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Staff Writer

The tides are turning on Republican views on same-sex marriage, and University party members say it is an invitation for new members, but could lead to a potential loss of the base. On Monday, about 130 members of the GOP signed a legal document urging the Supreme Court to allow same-sex couples to marry. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, General Counsel to Romney for President Katie Biber and Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen were some of the Republicans to sign the letter. The legal document applies to the Proposition 8 case that revoked same-sex marriage in California and will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 26. The Obama administration followed suit but did not ask justices to give the right to the entire country. College Republicans member and civil engineering senior Kenneth Lirette said the move might stem from the party trying to appeal to a younger generation of potential Republicans. “They might be trying to follow the Democratic move to try to call on young people with social issues like the last election,” Lirette said. The Pew Research Center’s Feb. 7 polls indicated the number of Americans who support same sex marriage is growing, given that 43 percent of Americans oppose same sex marriage while 48 percent support it. In 2001, 35 percent supported it and 57 percent opposed it. Media Director of College Democrats and mass communication junior Joe Green said the Republicans made the decision so Democrats would not completely own the issue. “I think the Republicans made this move because they realized by the polling data that they won’t win big elections if they

don’t,” Green said. Lirette said even though several Republicans signed the document, he does not think the tenants of the party are changing, and the decision might make the party seem “flip-floppy” on the issue. “My grandparents and my parents are very conservative and this would be a turn-off to them. For the GOP to change on a fundamental belief like that, it’s a definite turn-off,” Lirette said. Green said he believes strong Republicans will still vote red, regardless of this progressive shift. Biology senior Brandon Toy said he was pleased by the decision. “There was political vigor to support equality. [The Republicans] went against what they had been standing for and saw the other side,” Toy said.

College Republicans Vice President and history and political science senior Tiffany Lemons said the party needed the move and it could help erase stereotypes. “It is necessary in order for the party to grow and move toward tolerance and equality for all people,” Lemons said. Psychology junior Armand Link said he thinks further legislation for equality will be passed. “The Republican Party needs to evolve if they want to survive, but it is hard to see where things are going,” Link said. “It’s definitely the beginning of something, but the direction is yet to be said.” JIM URQUHART / The Associated Press

Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman speaks at a rally during his presidential campaign July 16, 2011, in West Valley City, Utah. Huntsman has come out in support of same-sex marriage.

Campus Housing Contract Renewal (CHCR) Residents of Acadian, Blake, Broussard, Evangeline, Herget, Kirby Smith, McVoy, Miller, and Res Colleges North, South & West can reserve a space in any available hall apartments and invite one friend. Become a Man of Merit, Service, and Leadership LSU Black Male Leadership Initiative, Open House Meeting Wednesday, March 13, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. LSU Student Union (International Room #303) Complete your 2013 Fellows Application Online at LSU Libraries Film Series March 13, “Stolen” 2 p.m. in the Hill Memorial Library Refreshments provided. DO YOU HAVE AN OCCURRENCE? Call Sam at the Student Media Office 578-6090, 9AM- 5PM or E-mail:

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Miller Hall hosts therapy dogs to relieve stress outdoor space. “Because we have a deck, it’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate Studying for midterms has animals,” Washum said. gone to the dogs. Director of Tiger HATS Diane Miller Hall hosted dogs from Sylvester said the program’s dogs the Tiger Human Animal Therapy visit health facilities, schools, liService — also known as Tiger braries and people of all ages. HATS — in a residential hall proSylvester screens each dog to gram to help relieve residents of make sure it has the right qualities midterm stress. to be a therapy dog. Miller Resident Assistant and “They have to be evaluated, accounting senior JoAnn Washum and not all dogs pass,” Sylvester said she had read about another said. University having dogs in its union Dogs and owners both have to to help students relax and thought participate in a training session as the program at Miller could do the well, Sylvester said. same during midShe said her ‘It’s just a fun terms. favorite part of the Anthropology is seeing activity to get a little therapy and film sophoother people’s remore Rebecca down time and puts a actions. Tingstrom said she smile on someone’s face “It’s just a enjoyed the midfun activity to get to see something they a little down time term treat. “It’s a great puts a smile can cuddle, hold and and way to take a break on someone’s face from studying, and love.’ to see something I miss my pets back they can cuddle, Lori Willard home,” Tingstrom hold and love,” said. “Animals are Baton Rouge resident and dog owner Sylvester said. very understanding, and it’s a very Baton Rouge resident and dog giving relationship. They can give owner Lori Willard has been inyou unconditional love.” volved with the program for about Art history and graphic design a month. junior and Miller RA Kim Allen Willard said she hoped her was part of the planning group for dogs would bring the girls some rethe program. laxation during this stressful time. “This was an idea for a pro“There is nothing like holding gram at Miller and we went along a puppy,” Willard said. with it,” Allen said. Although the dogs appeared Residential Life Coordina- excited, they declined to comment. tor for Miller Hall Colby Kinder said the afternoon timing worked out well for the residents, and the program was a way to take advan- Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at tage of the weather and Miller’s

Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Staff Writer

photos by MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

A group of dogs from Tiger HATS, a human animal therapy service, visited campus Tuesday as part of a Residential Life program to relieve midterm stress.

The Daily Reveille

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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ResLife kicks off three-week campus sustainability campaign UNPLUG urges Res hall competition Zach Carline Contributing Writer

Residential Life hopes to help students change their plugged-in lifestyles with the annual UNPLUG event, designed to inform students about techniques to save energy and live sustainably. Monday marked the start of the UNPLUG campaign for ResLife and Campus Sustainability. ResLife representatives met with students at the two on-campus dining halls to quiz them on energy trivia, teach sustainable practices, conduct energy consumption surveys and hand out prizes. The three-week campaign aims to inform students about energy and water consumption, conservation, recycling and sustainability. UNPLUG is also a campuswide competition between residents. Residential halls compete against one another to see who

can save the most energy, with the winner receiving a trophy and a party. Marketing senior Lucia Brus is the project leader for Enactus at LSU, formerly Students in Free Enterprise, the group that started the project five years ago and took its idea to ResLife. Brus said the campaign has saved more than $38,000 over the last four years and has improved student knowledge of energy savings. She said the goal of UNPLUG is to “change the mindset [of students]; to know how to be effective in saving energy and live green in the future.” ResLife Assistant Director of Communications Catherine David said the UNPLUG campaign is part of a nationwide movement to go green. David said the program has been a great success at the University, citing an energy reduction every year in the halls. The program has evolved over the years, she said. A new addition this year is recycling trivia to be held March 12. The custodial staff will quiz residents on sustainable practices to raise

recycling awareness but also create relationships between the staff and residents. Another addition to the program is the “swag your sign” competition in which each residential community will create a sign or banner using as many recyclable materials as possible. People will then vote for their favorites online. In addition to these changes, ResLife will continue the “green bandits” event, in which students will dress themselves up in their best green bandit costume and roam the halls informing fellow residents about sustainable practices. David said sustainability is one of the main pillars of ResLife’s strategic plan. She said the program is open to new ideas and changes and will continue to evolve to be a part of a broader goal to be sustainable.

Contact Zach Carline at


TAYLOR BALKOM / The Daily Reveille

A green ribbon rests around the trunk of an oak tree Monday in the Quad.


Ludacris performs at Groovin’ on the Grounds on March 25, 2012 on the Parade Ground. The Student Activities Board will announce the 2013 lineup today.

SBA to announce Groovin’ 2013 lineup Staff Reports The lineup for this year’s Groovin’ on the Grounds will be released today at an official announcement party in Free Speech Plaza. The announcement party will last from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and feature free cake as well as a live DJ, according to the event’s Facebook page. Lineup announcements will be made at 11:30 a.m., 12 and 12:30 p.m. Groovin’ on the Grounds 2013 will take place April 13 on the Parade Ground. The event is hosted by Student Government and Students on Target. Last year’s installment saw rap artist Ludacris perform, with previous headliners including OneRepublic, Jay Sean, Shinedown, Big Boi, Akon and Marc Broussard. Groovin’ on the Grounds also features an all-day wellness

festival with booths, food and activities leading up to the musical performances in the evening. Students on Target is a student organization that promotes responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption, with the goal of Groovin’ on the Grounds as “hosting a large scale concert and festival that is substance-free,” according to the organization’s website.

Which genre would you like to see headline at Groovin’ on the Grounds 2013? Vote at

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The Daily Reveille

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 GEE, from page 1

DDD holds public meeting for Greenway project Community will aid in f inal plans Jonathan Olivier Staff Writer

The Downtown Development District held the first of three days of meetings Tuesday and allowed the public to comment on the Downtown Greenway plan proposal. The Downtown Greenway will be a bike path to connect various BREC parks and other venues in the city, providing a safe pathway to connect community members together, said DDD executive director Davis Rhorer. The purpose of this meeting was to look for community input to have a clear direction to put the project together, said Elizabeth Mossop, principal at the Spackman Mossop and Michaels design firm and University Landscape Architecture professor. The meetings will continue today at the DDD office on Florida Boulevard before closing at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Old State Capitol to outline a preferred option for the design, Rhorer said. The project is part of the Greening America’s Capitals project overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency. “[The Greenway] is an opportunity to pull all different segments and facets of the community together because a lot of different types of people [will] like to use it,” Rhorer said. “It could be recreational, it could be to get to destination points, but it also could be used as a means to come to job centers.” Plans for the Greenway have changed from earlier designs, and there are still multiple design options for the various sections of the trail, designed by Spackman Mossop, and Michaels. Rhorer said input from the community will aid in building a

CAMPUS CRIME BRIEFS Student denied entry to UREC, arrested after attacking employee Brian Logarbo, Jr., biological sciences student, assaulted a University Recreation employee on March 3 after he was denied access to the UREC because he was using another student’s Tiger Card, according to LSU Police Department Spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde. The victim told LSUPD that, after trying to walk Logarbo out of the UREC, he was threatened, punched in the face several times and his radio was damaged, Lalonde said. Logarbo was arrested for simple battery, simple assault, criminal damage to property and disturbing the peace and was booked in East Baton Rouge

renderings courtesy of the DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT

The Downtown Greenway will have a bike path to connect various BREC parks and other venues of Baton Rouge.

finalized proposal. The DDD studied various greenway projects across the country to develop a plan for Baton Rouge. The city needs a project like this, Rhorer said. “I think that there’s a real movement across the city right now to think differently in the way that we move about,” he said. Psychology sophomore Wright Liliedahl said he would feel more inclined to use a bike path such as the Downtown Greenway, because of the safety aspects it would bring. The Greenway can be a “social aspect to the community,” he said, allowing families to utilize Parish Prison. Man driving drunk down Skip Bertman Drive arrested for DWI Matthew Cloy, 28, of 1538 Sharlo Avenue, was arrested after police pulled him over for driving 10 mph in a 35 mph zone, swerving and showing other signs of being intoxicated, Lalonde said. Cloy was pulled over and, after running his license, LSUPD learned he had been previously arrested and his license was under suspension for DWI, Lalonde said. Cloy was arrested for DWI, improper lane usage and careless operation of a vehicle and booked in EBR Parish Prison.

Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at; Twitter: @TDR_news

the space for different activities. Shelby Montgomery, kinesiology sophomore, uses a bike to get to campus frequently. She said biking on campus sometimes requires utilizing the sidewalk, which can cause problems with pedestrians. Montgomery said a designated path for bikers, such as the Downtown Greenway, will be safer for bikers and pedestrians. People usually don’t like to take the bus, she said, so the Downtown Greenway may allow people to get around the city easier on their own. Kelsey Dempster, chemical engineering junior, said she runs on the levee bike path and she has

experienced past issues between runners and bikers. The Downtown Greenway seems like it should be safer than running or biking on the street, she said, but there still may be an issue pertaining to bikers “zooming by.” Dempster said Baton Rouge needs a pathway like the Downtown Greenway to allow people to get downtown without having to deal with parking issues often associated with the area.

Contact Jonathan Olivier at

Time magazine rated him the best college president in the country in 2009. “Change is upon us in higher education in a dramatic way,” Jenkins said. “The pace of that change is escalating. The components of the new demands are becoming challenging, but LSU from Gee’s perspective has all the potential and capabilities to meet those challenges and become a major research institution and ultimately could become an AAU institution.” Gee said the power of an institution like LSU is in its size, so it needs a common core and way of doing things. “There needs to be a consistency and structure that allows for effectiveness, efficiency, quality and expectation,” he said. Ohio State is one university with six smaller campuses, said Mike Boehm, Ohio State’s vice provost for Strategic and Academic Planning. All degrees are under the Ohio State University name. “Our goal is $20 million in savings and cooperation… We have exceeded that,” Boehm said. Gee said the most significant challenge he faces is that Ohio State is not graduating enough people. Ohio has about 70,000 to 100,000 jobs that are waiting because there are not enough educated people, he said. Gee said LSU should reward people for completion instead of entry and that funding of the University should be based on graduation and completion rates, not on the number of bodies. LSU, which is a teaching and research institution, is behind Ohio State in terms of research. According to LSU’s Director of External Affairs Jason Droddy, LSU has $119 million in research. Ohio State has $1 billion in research, Gee said. The Transition Advisory Team will present its initial findings to the LSU Board of Supervisors on March 18. Staff Writer Alyson Gaharan also contributed to this report. Contact McKenzie Womack at


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Tigers trek to A&M for final road game

Freshman Stevenson hits first career home run as Tigers top Lumberjacks, 9-2 Catherine Threlkeld Sports Contributor

Despite a meager showing on the mound, No. 9 LSU patched together a series of runs to defeat Stephen F. Austin 9-2 Tuesday evening in Alex Box Stadium. Through four innings, LSU starting senior pitcher Brent Bonvillain gave up four hits and one run and allowed three walks. LSU junior pitcher Will LaMarche followed suit, pitching one inning but giving up a run and walking three batters. “It was very uncharacteristic of us tonight with our control, pitching-wise,” said LSU coach Paul Mainieri. “... We just didn’t have great command.” Altogether, LSU (111) pitchers Bonvillain, LaMarche, junior Nate Fury, senior Kevin Berry and freshman Taylor Butler walked seven batters and threw eight strikeouts. Before Tuesday’s game, the Tigers had only walked 15 batters this season. “It usually takes about two weeks for us to walk seven batters,” Mainieri said.

A showing like Bonvillain’s could cost the lefthander his place as the third weekend starter. During the Tigers’ first two weekend series, Bonvillain started the third game. During the most recent weekend series, sophomore Cody Glenn started the third game in place of Bonvillain so the former Nicholls State player didn’t have to pitch against his previous team. Following Tuesday’s game, pitching coach Alan Dunn kept Bonvillain on the field after the other players left. Bonvillain said he fell behind on hits and that led to walks. “I had a solid first three innings and then that fourth inning, man, it got me again. I ran out of gas,” Bonvillain said. “I started walking guys, and that’s not a good story for success.” A slew of usual nonstarters took advantage of Stephen F. Austin’s (3-7) pitchers who, like LSU’s, were lacking. Freshman center fielder Andrew Stevenson, freshman catcher Chris LUMBERJACKS, see page 19

LSU tries to improve dismal away record Marcus Rodrigue Sports Contributor

photos by ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

[Top] LSU freshman center fielder Andrew Stevenson (6) celebrates with his teammates after hitting a home run Tuesday during the Tigers’ 9-2 victory against Stephen F. Austin in Alex Box Stadium. [Bottom left] LSU sophomore third baseman Tyler Moore (2) slides safely into third base Tuesday during the Tigers’ win. [Bottom right] LSU junior second baseman JaCoby Jones (23) prepares to hit the ball Tuesday during the Tigers’ matchup against SFA.

The LSU men’s basketball team takes to the road for the final time during the regular season when it travels to Next up for College Stathe Tigers: tion, Texas tonight for Who: LSU (17-10, a rematch 8-8 SEC) vs. Texas with Texas A&M (17-12, 7-9 A&M. T h e SEC) Tigers (17- When: 7 p.m. tonight 10, 8-8 S o u t h e a s t - Where: Reed Arena ern Confer- in College Station, ence) have Texas. struggled on Watch or listen at the road this year, their home: SEC Network, 3-8 away re- 98.1 FM cord paling in comparison with their 14-2 home mark. LSU’s road wins came against Mississippi State, South ROAD GAME, see page 23

Hornets should tank the season for 2013 draft MIC’D UP MICAH BEDARD Sports Columnist Will the real New Orleans Hornets please sit down? Seriously, your services aren’t needed the rest of the 2012-13 NBA season. Here’s my suggestion: lose as many games as possible. It would be one thing if the Hornets had a realistic chance of making the playoffs for the first time since 2011. They don’t. As of today, New Orleans is 21-40 and tied for last place in the Western Conference standings. But at least the Bees now have the same amount of wins they had in last season’s 66-game shortened

schedule due to the NBA lockout. I’ll give coach Monty Williams and his ragtag bunch of players from last season credit: they didn’t mail it in. Although New Orleans got lucky in the NBA Draft Lottery and landed the No. 1 pick, which they turned into Anthony Davis, the Hornets gave all-out effort every game last season. The Hornets’ effort down the stretch might have been the reason the ping pong balls turned out in their favor. In the NBA, mediocrity is the worst place to be. If the Hornets were to finish strong and win 50 percent of their remaining games, instead of looking at a topfive pick, they could get stuck on the fringes of the lottery. And that’s not

somewhere the soon-to-be Pelicans want to be. The 2012 NBA Draft was ridiculously top heavy. Only five rookies averaged double-digit points this season, four of those five players were taken within the first six picks of the draft. NBA blogger Adam Zagoria of threw out a stat last week that blew my mind: 26 of the 60 picks in the 2012 draft have been sent down to the NBA Developmental League at some point this season. The scary thing is, this year’s crop of future NBA talent might be worse than last season’s. Any player taken outside of the top five is a gamble. In a perfect world, the Hornets would get one HORNETS, see page 19

GERALD HERBERT / The Associated Press

New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon (10) drives to the basket against Dallas Mavericks’ O.J. Mayo (32) in New Orleans on Feb. 22. Gordon missed the first 29 games this season when the Hornets went 6-23.

The Daily Reveille

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Tigers finish second LSU represented by three Lady at Louisiana Classics Tigers in All-Conference awards Wright wins first individual title Dimitri Skoumpourdis Sports Contributor

Freshman golfer Zach Wright’s first place finish paced the No. 14 LSU golf team to a second-place finish at the 28th Louisiana Classics at Oakbourne Country Club in Lafayette on Tuesday. Wright followed his career-low 6-under par 66 and even-par 72 in the first two rounds Monday with a 1-under par 71 in the final round to seal first place. “We’re all very happy for Zach,” said LSU golf coach Chuck Winstead in a news release. “His game has been coming around over the last week or two. It was great to see him get the win today.” The Tigers finished behind No. 2 Illinois, who won the tournament by an eight-shot margin. Wright’s victory was his first

top-10 finish in a collegiate event. With the win, Wright joined sophomores Stewart Jolly and Curtis Thompson and junior Andrew Presley as LSU golfers who have won tournaments this season. LSU needed every bit of its tournament-low 6-under par 282 score on the day to elevate from sixth place, where it finished the first day of competition. “Today was a solid day for the team. It was a really good response after our slow start yesterday,” Winstead said. “We just dug too deep a hole yesterday to put any real pressure on Illinois.” LSU used an impressive 5-under par 67 from Presley, 2-under par 70 from Jolly and 1-under par 71 from Thompson on the final day to make up the lost ground. Jolly joined Wright in the top 10, finishing in seventh place.

Ballard, Plaisance, Webb earn honors Tyler Nunez Sports Writer

Three Lady Tigers garnered AllSoutheastern Conference honors, the league announced Tuesday. Junior forward Theresa Plaisance was named to the All-SEC first team in addition to earning All-Defensive team honors. Plaisance finished the season as the SEC’s leading blocker, averaging 2.8 per game, and the league’s second leading

huge add-ons,” said LSU coach Nikscorer, with 17.6 points per game. Plaisance’s 510 total points this ki Caldwell. Freshman guard Danielle Balseason left her four shy of Tenneslard joined Plaisee junior guard Meighan Simmons ‘Webb [was] able to knock sance on the Allteam, for the SEC scoring down shots and finish Defensive and also appeared title. She also averaged 8.2 rebounds plays with huge add-ons.’ on the All-Freshman team. Balper contest and tallard led the SEC in lied 36 steals. Nikki Caldwell steals this season Senior guard LSU women’s basketball coach with 3.1 per game. Adrienne Webb Ballard earned five SEC Freshwas named second-team All-SEC after shooting just under 43 percent man of the Week awards, more than from the field for 13.9 points per any other Tiger in the program’s hisgame. tory or any player in the conference “Webb [was] able to knock this season. She averaged 12.6 six down shots and finish plays with points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. “What [Ballard] means to our team is unmeasurable because she does so many great things for us,” Caldwell said. “She’s a player that not only can get those steals, but her rebounding as a point guard is pretty impressive.” Contact Tyler Nunez at; Twitter: @NunezTDR

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Weil wins SEC Fresh. Diver of the Year Seventh under Shaffer to win Dimitri Skoumpourdis Sports Contributor

LSU freshman diver Cassie Weil wasn’t sure she displayed her best performance after placing fifth in the three-meter event and sixth in the platform diving event at the Southeastern Conference Championships. Being honored as the best freshman diver in the conference soothed her doubts. “I didn’t think I dove as well as I could have,” said Weil. “To get the award made me feel a lot better about my performance because there were a lot of freshmen that were deserving.” Weil said realizing the sport is the same regardless of the level of competition is key in not being intimidated by the staunch competitors in the SEC. “I’ve seen a lot of other freshmen come in, and it usually takes a while for them to get going, but Cassie really took off,” said sophomore diver Alex Bettridge, last season’s SEC Freshman Diver of the Year. “She adapted really well and it’s impressive.” Weil is LSU diving coach Doug Shaffer’s seventh freshman to win the award in 11 years and the second in the past two years.

“I’m happy that I didn’t let Doug down and end the streak,” Weil said. “I knew about it from Alex winning it last year, so it was something I was really aiming to get and I think it’s a good goal.” Shaffer pointed to the program’s ability to identify experienced young divers as a reason for the consistency in bringing the award to LSU. Prior to enrolling at LSU, Weil was a USA Diving Olympic Trial Qualifier in the three-meter and platform and finished eighth and 10th, respectively, in those events at the 2011 AT&T National Diving Championships. “Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be able to identify talented young divers to come and participate in our program,” Shaffer said. “Proven Junior Olympic national or international experience gives them the maturity they need to be prepared for an SEC Championship type of format.” Next season’s freshmen divers should be prepared to continue what’s becoming an LSU tradition. “I’m hoping we take it again next year,” Bettridge said. “I want to keep it going because it’s really awesome for the LSU program.”

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MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

Texas A&M center Kelsey Bone blocks LSU senior guard Adrienne Webb on Feb 4. Webb was named second-team All-SEC on Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Tigers continue legacy of strong sophomore class Lawrence Barreca Sports Writer

The LSU baseball program has relied heavily on sophomore classes over the past two seasons. Prior to the 2012 campaign, three second-year starting pitchers, Kevin Gausman, Ryan Eades and Kurt McCune, were in line to lead a powerful rotation, and catcher Ty Ross and second baseman JaCoby Jones looked to provide stability in the batting order. The result was a Super Regional berth and Gausman’s No. 4 overall selection in the MLB Draft. In 2013, a new group of sophomores is ready to take the reins as catalysts for another postseason run. The rotation features Cody Glenn, who quickly pitched his way into a rotation slot after starting the year as a reliever. LSU coach Paul Mainieri needed a starter to take a firm hold of the No. 3 spot, and Glenn has done so through his first three starts. He has yet to allow an earned run, recording two victories in the process. “I’m definitely a lot more comfortable out there on the mound, and I don’t have that ‘wide-eyed’ mentality where everything is going 100 miles per hour,” Glenn said. “It’s

more comfortable to pitch now.” The other sophomore starter in the LSU rotation, Aaron Nola, thrust himself into the No. 1 rotation spot in 2013 after performing well last season. The young right-hander claimed his spot in the rotation during the 2012 campaign as a freshman, assuming command of the third slot behind Gausman and Eades. A 7-4 record and 3.61 ERA gave Mainieri the confidence to stick Nola in the ace slot to begin his sophomore season. In three starts, Nola has answered the call, going 1-0 with a 1.83 ERA and a team-leading 26 strikeouts. “I’m not a kid anymore,” Nola said. “I’ve experienced every aspect of the game from regular season games to [Southeastern Conference] games to postseason games. My composure is better, and my confidence is higher. I’m just going to do whatever I’ve been doing throughout the whole year and pitch to the best of my ability.” Glenn noted the importance of having two sophomores establish themselves in the weekend rotation. “I think it’s huge,” Glenn said. “For us to be able to contribute to the team’s success is a big deal because

ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

LSU sophomore Chris Sciambra (5) prepares to hit the ball Feb. 19 during the Tigers’ 8-1 victory against the Lamar Cardinals.

we’ve got a lot of veterans who want to go to Omaha before they graduate, and I think we have the team to do it this year.” Meanwhile, Chris Sciambra and Tyler Moore are providing youth in the batting order.

After suffering a season-ending neck injury in 2012, Sciambra battled back to obtain a starting outfield spot. Mainieri stuck Sciambra in the leadoff spot after the improvement he made in the offseason. The sophomore has thrived, hitting

for a .278 average with a .477 onbase percentage. “He’s a better player now than he was before he got hurt,” Mainieri said. “He’s a guy who just does things the right way all the time, so you can’t help but love the kid. And to see him come back and play well, I’m just so happy for him and for our team.” Moore may not see as much time playing defense, but the contributions have been immense. The designated hitter is currently batting .321 with five RBIs and a .538 slugging percentage. Moore said he’s learned plenty since arriving in Baton Rouge. “Just from last year getting the experience playing in [Alex Box Stadium] and playing away and really just embracing and being out here is the biggest thing I’ve taken from it all,” Moore said. “During freshman year, you’re really just trying to get in the swing of things. Team chemistry has definitely built up this year, and we all love each other and we all believe in each other.”

Contact Lawrence Barreca at; Twitter: @LawrenceBarreca


Ronaldo, Real Madrid shock Manchester United The Associated Press MANCHESTER, England (AP) — Cristiano Ronaldo sent Real Madrid into the Champions League quarterfinals at the expense of his former club Manchester United by hitting his 40th goal of the season to clinch a 2-1 victory on Tuesday. The forward completed Madrid’s comeback in the 69th minute to secure a 3-2 aggregate win after the Spanish champions took advantage of United being reduced to 10 men. “[United] were very aggressive, they were very well organized tactically and the match was very difficult for us,’’ Madrid manager Jose Mourinho said. “But I doubt that 11 against 11 we can win that match.” Madrid gifted United the opener at the start of the second half when Sergio Ramos deflected Nani’s cross into his own net. But the game swung back in the visitors’ favor in the 56th minute when Nani was sent off for a studsup challenge on Alvaro Arbeloa. Madrid seized control of the last-16 match with two goals in three minutes, with Luka Modric netting a powerful equalizer off the post in the 66th before Ronaldo tapped in the winner. A game that started with affection for the returning Ronaldo and a 1,000th appearance for United’s Ryan Giggs ended in acrimony. At the final whistle, Giggs was angrily pointing at referee Cuneyt Cakir as Rio Ferdinand sarcastically clapped in his face, and manager Alex Ferguson made his fury clear on the touchline.

It was a defeat that was hard to take for United — and there was sympathy from Mourinho. “We didn’t play well, we didn’t deserve to win,” Mourinho said. “Independent of that [the red card] the best team lost.” A man so often linked with one day replacing the 71-year-old Ferguson at Old Trafford endeared himself to the United crowd by walking off the pitch without celebrating. The celebrations in the ground came before kickoff. And the cheers for Giggs on his 1,000th professional game were even eclipsed by the roars for Ronaldo on his first appearance since leaving for Madrid in 2009 for a world record 80 million pounds [then $131 million]. They soon gave way to jeers for the returning hero, whose first-half contribution was limited. Instead, after Ferguson had praised Madrid’s counterattacking qualities before the match, it was United using their speed on the break to unsettle Madrid. And the surprising decision to leave Wayne Rooney on the bench until the 73rd appeared to be vindicated as Danny Welbeck was at the heart of United’s attacking threat. But United struggled to find a way past Diego Lopez on a night when the Madrid goalkeeper made fine saves. Ramos bundled Robin van Persie’s mis-hit effort clear after the striker latched onto Giggs’ fine cross after 14 minutes. Another delivery from Giggs — this time a corner — led to Nemanja Vidic heading against the post and Welbeck’s rebound was smothered

by Lopez, who was in goal in place of the injured Iker Casillas. Madrid did find the net in the 33rd through Gonzalo Higuain but it was disallowed due to Sergio Ramos’ foul on Van Persie. Having edged the first half without anything to show for it, United was 2-1 in front on aggregate within three minutes of the restart. Raphael Varane gave the ball away on the byline and Nani seized possession before whipping in a cross that Ramos turned into his own goal after Welbeck’s slight touch. Fortune didn’t appear to be favoring Madrid, but that was reversed inside 10 minutes when Nani saw red for his flying tackle into Arbeloa’s chest as they both went for the ball. As Nani remonstrated with the referee, a furious Ferguson charged

down from his seat in the elevated dugout to the touchline. The crowd was inflamed by the sending off, and Ferguson was gesturing to whip them up into a frenzy. Instead, Madrid’s spirits were raised, with Modric scoring seven minutes after replacing Arbeloa. The Croatia midfielder cut to his right across the top of the penalty area and unleashed a 25-yard shot that eluded the left hand of diving goalkeeper David De Gea and went in off a post. Modric helped to create the second, with Mesut Ozil then releasing Higuain, who sent a low cross across the penalty area. At the far post, Ronaldo was primed to slide in past Rafael and tap the ball into the net but there was no celebrating the goal that broke the hearts of his former club. United’s response was to

replace Tom Cleverley with Rooney but the hosts were repeatedly thwarted by Lopez. While United’s hopes of contesting the Wembley Stadium final were over, England was in danger of having no teams in the quarterfinals for the first time since 1996. Arsenal trailed Bayern Munich 3-1 going into the second leg in Germany next week. Defending champion Chelsea and Manchester City were eliminated in the group stage. In Tuesday’s other match, Borussia Dortmund defeated Ukraine’s Shaktar Donetsk 3-0 to advance on 5-2 aggregate.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


March’s contenders, pretenders, dark horses This week’s MIC’D UP MICAH BEDARD Sports Columnist The madness of March is inching closer by the day. In just a few weeks, 68 teams will have the same aspirations of making it to the Final Four in Atlanta, Ga. I hate to burst their bubbles, but only four teams can make their dreams come true. Here are some sure-fire contenders for the Final Four, a few squads who have impressive résumés but will falter in March, and some dark horses who could make a Cinderella run to Hotlanta. CONTENDERS Michigan I say it every March — if you don’t have quality guards who can handle pressure, you’re not going to go far in the tournament. Luckily for Michigan, it has the best backcourt in the country: point guard Trey Burke and shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. It doesn’t hurt that the Wolverines coach John Beilein is a proven winner in the tourney. Michigan will go as far as Burke and Hardaway Jr. will take them. Gonzaga ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla agrees with me. Not only is Gonzaga as deep as it has ever been, it’s also the best team coach Mark Few has ever had. Forward Kelly Olynyk will be a First Team AllAmerican by the time it’s all said and done. No team wants to see Few and the Bulldogs on their side of the bracket. If I had to pick my champion today, it would be the Zags. Louisville You can’t teach experience in March. Don’t worry Cardinals fans, coach Rick Pitino and Louisville have plenty of it. The Cardinals return a multitude of players from its Final Four run last season, including point guard Peyton Siva. Center Gorgui Dieng is the best shot-blocking presence in the nation, which you need come tournament time. Florida There have been two constants in the NCAA Tournament for the past decade: “One Shining Moment” and Florida coach Billy Donovan making a deep run. Sure, the Southeastern Conference is pathetic, but you can’t blame the Gators. Forward Erik Murphy and center Patric Young are the best inside-out post combo in the country. Oh, and guards Scottie Wilbekin, Kenny Boynton and Mike Rosario are pretty good too.

Rank / Team

Duke The only way the 2013 NCAA Tournament could end worse for the Blue Devils is if they would lose to a 16 seed. After losing to 15-seeded Lehigh last March, I can’t trust Coach K and Duke this time around with a less talented team. Even if forward Ryan Kelly returns from injury, Duke might not make it out of the first weekend. Miami (FL) I’ve heard it all season: Miami is the most veteran and experienced team in college hoops. There’s just one problem: the Canes haven’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 2008. I love coach Jim Larranaga. But down the stretch, other teams will have more composure on such an enormous stage.

New Mexico Lobos coach Steve Alford is one of the most underrated basketball minds in America. New Mexico is currently leading the Mountain West, a better league than some of the power conferences this season. Seven-footer Alex Kirk will be a matchup problem for any of the 68-team field and Kendall Williams can put the ball in the hoop, evidenced by his 46 point performance against Colorado State last weekend. Butler I don’t know if you can even label Butler as Cinderella after back-to-back national championship appearances in 2010 and 2011. But I guarantee you the Bulldogs will sneak up on a few upper-echelon teams in the tourney. Rotnei Clark will be a household name by the end of the madness. Trust me. Wisconsin Bo knows. No, not Bo Jackson. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan. I hate the way the Badgers play, but there’s no denying their success in past tournaments. They beat Indiana and Michigan already this season and will compete with any team they’re matched up against. Tournament field, you’ve been warned.

/ Last Week

1. North Carolina


2. Vanderbilt


3. Arkansas


4. Louisville


5. Mississippi State


6. Oregon State


7. South Carolina 8. Mississippi

7 13

9. Louisiana State


10. North Carolina State



12. UCLA


13. Rice


14. Oregon


15. Stanford


16. Georgia Tech


17. Florida


18. Cal State Fullerton


19. Florida State

20 22

20. Cal State Fullerton

21. Southern Mississippi 23

JED CONKLIN / The Associated Press

Gonzaga’s Kelly Olynyk dunks against Portland on Saturday in the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in Spokane, Washington.

tv tiger


s u p Cam nnel


22. Texas Christian


23. Arizona


24. Virginia Tech


25. UC Irvine


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11. Kentucky

Micah Bedard is a 22-year-old history senior from Houma.

PRETENDERS Georgetown As long as John Thompson III is coaching at Georgetown and not

Baseball America poll

his dad, I’m not buying the Hoyas as Final Four contenders. Forward Otto Porter Jr. might be the Big East Player of the Year, but Georgetown doesn’t have the beef inside or the supplementary scoring necessary to be effective in March.

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The Daily Reveille

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


page 19

Big East football schools keep $100 million in split Ralph D. Russo The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Big East football schools will get almost all of a $110 million pot in a deal that will allow seven departing basketball schools to keep the name Big East and start playing in their own conference next season, a person familiar with the negotiations says. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the separation agreement has not been finalized. That is likely to happen by the end of the week. The football schools will receive approximately $100 million under the agreement, most of which will go to holdover members Connecticut, South Florida and Cincinnati. The basketball schools will receive $10 million, the

LUMBERJACKS, from page 7

Chinea and junior right fielder Sean McMullen got RBIs and cumulatively batted in three runs. Stevenson introduced himself to the Tiger nation with his first career home run in the third inning. “I didn’t know it was gonna go at first, and I rounded the bases,” Stevenson said. “I saw everybody cheering so I just started running.” Mainieri said Stevenson can be an inconsistent swinger in practice, but seems to come through with big hits in scrimmages and games. “I was really happy for all those guys,” Mainieri said of Stevenson, Chinea and McMullen. “Mission accomplished as far as getting some different guys in there.” Veteran hitters and seniors

HORNETS, from page 7

of those top five selections and take a guy like Georgetown forward Otto Porter Jr. or UCLA swingman Shabazz Muhammad. New Orleans doesn’t have time to take on a project who will take two to three years to develop. I’m looking at you, Xavier Henry, Austin Rivers and AlFarouq Aminu. The Hornets need someone who can come in right away and put points on the board. Porter Jr. and Muhammad both fit the bill. I feel bad for Williams because this team is still hard to evaluate. He thought he was going to get a healthy Eric Gordon for the entire season. If the Hornets had Gordon’s scoring ability all season, meshing with newcomers Ryan Anderson, Robin Lopez and Anthony Davis, the Bees would probably be in the playoff hunt. Alas, Gordon’s knee was sore and he missed the team’s first 29 games and the Hornets went 6-23 to open the season, flushing their postseason aspirations down the toilet.

Big East name and the right to play their conference tournament at Madison Square Garden. The Big East’s stash of cash has built up in recent years through a combination of exit fees, entry fees and money the league’s members earned in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Since 2011, the Big East has lost 16 schools that were either members or dropped out before playing a game. That figure includes the seven Catholic basketball schools. The so-called Catholic 7, which is expected to add at least two more members before it begins competition in the 2013-14 school year, is made up of Georgetown, St. John’s, Villanova, Seton Hall, Providence, Marquette and DePaul. The new Big East has a television deal from Fox waiting

for it, though it still needs to hire a commissioner and set up a league office. Joining South Florida, Connecticut, Cincinnati and Temple, which rejoined the Big East last year for football, in the to-benamed-later conference in 2013 will be Memphis, Central Florida, SMU and Houston. East Carolina and Tulane are set to join in 2014 and Navy is scheduled to join for football in 2015. Commissioner Mike Aresco has said the conference is looking at adding another member to give it an even 12. It would then break into two divisions of six and play a football championship game. Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at; Twitter: @TDR_sports

photo courtesy of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco answers questions after a college football game in 2012.

Raph Rhymes and Mason Katz continued their 10-game hitting streaks with one and two hits, respectively. Katz began the Tigers’ scoring spree with a single to right field. Stephen F. Austin right fielder Jackson Hood dropped the ball, allowing Katz to advance to third and Rhymes to score. Eight different LSU batters crossed home plate during the game. Junior pitcher Nick Rumbelow will start the Tigers’ game against Sacred Heart at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Alex Box Stadium. Mainieri said Rumbelow will probably pitch two innings before turning to the bullpen.

Contact Catherine Threlkeld at Gordon still isn’t playing in back-to-back games, making New Orleans completely different when he’s on the floor one night and not the next. There’s tons of reasons for optimism for the Pelicans next season. They should have a team fans have been waiting for since Tom Benson bought it last year. Gordon has to show he’s rebounded from his injury and can play in back-to-backs, and coach Monty Williams will have to prove he can coach a team that should be in contention for a playoff spot. A new name, new colors and hopefully a top-five draft pick should be on New Orleans’ mind. Winning the rest of the season? Not so much. Micah Bedard is a 22-year-old history senior from Houma.

Contact Micah Bedard at; Twitter: @DardDog

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page 20

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mamou, I’m comin’ home Writer relfects on childhood as he journeys to his grandparents’ hometown THE MCWHATWHAT-HAVE-YOU FERRIS MCDANIEL Senior Investigative Reporter Surrounded by crawfish fields next to nowhere Louisiana exists a sanctuary, a town abandoned by time, a place I proudly call home. Mamou, located in the heart of Evangeline Parish, evokes youthful nostalgia of when my parents, in their 20s at the time, and I would make the two-hour trip at least once a month to visit their parents, my grandparents. The final school bell would ring on Friday, and my parents would scoop me up. Off we’d go, unrestrained with excitement. Eunice, a 10-minute car ride from Mamou, would be in our wake when crawfish fields sprawled in all directions. I’d see “the point” as I called it — two towers used by local farmers to dry their rice. It meant we were close. But this weekend I took a different route into town, a stretch of hazardous back roads that never stopped curving, beginning on the outskirts of Opelousas. There were 29 curves, according to my granny, who used to count them on her way to work. I counted down from 29, knowing each passing bend meant I was closer to the safety of my grandmother’s kitchen, which was sure to be saturated with the smell of something delicious. This time it was vanilla cupcakes crowned with chocolate icing. I picked up a pound of cracklin’s — addictive morsels of pork and fat fried and seasoned to perfection — for the pack of Cajuns awaiting me. The traditional snack is never unappreciated, or uneaten, in my family. After I rounded the final turn, the speed limit plummeted to a strict 25 miles per hour, and I moseyed past the town’s graveyard. I made a sharp right turn onto Eighth Street, where the home of Nary and Elvin Reed has existed for more than 85 years, and pulled up to my grandparents’ familiar abode. There were no cars in the

FERRIS MCDANIEL / The Daily Reveille

This photo shows five pounds of bright red, boiled crawfish from the Crawfish Barn located a short drive from Mamou. FERRIS MCDANIEL / The Daily Reveille

The sun shines down on the farmland just outside of Mamou, La. somewhere on Highway 104.

driveway, so the search commenced. There are only so many places you can look in a town that just barely measures in at one square mile. I immediately darted to Reed’s Pharmacy on Sixth Street, the only road in town with a traffic light, easily avoided by taking a side street. I swung the front door open like I had so many times. Ding, ding, ding. Like I owned the place. I sort of did. Hellos and hugs from my aunt, Phyllis Vidrine, and uncle, John Reed, who have both worked at the drugstore longer than I can remember, greeted me almost instantly. I asked if they had seen my grandparents. “Well, you’ve found one half of them,” said Elvin’s youngest son and my mother’s older brother as we walked past the swinging doors into my gramp’s throne room. He was sitting at his desk, paperwork and medical articles surrounding him. A combined expression of shock and delight seized his face. I was supposed to be at work, he thought. My 85-year-old grandfather always sheds a few years when he’s around the ones he loves. His aches hurt a little less, and his demeanor grows a little lighter. We caught up for a bit, contently sat in silence a bit more, then

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Andrea Gallo Emily Herrington Bryan Stewart Kirsten Romaguera Clayton Crockett Chris Grillot

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decided on dinner at the Crawfish Barn as soon as my parents arrived behind me. After all, it was the beginning of crawfish season in a town encompassed by crawfish fields. I asked him where Granny was, and he told me she left to shop for doorknobs in Eunice around 2 p.m. It was 4:34 p.m. “You know how she is,” he joked. I did know. I said my see-you-laters and took my chances at the house again. She was there, removing laundry from the clothesline in her backyard. Her blonde hair gleamed in the afternoon sun, and I swore there is no way she is in her late 70s. We walked inside, and she explained a futile attempt at purchasing doorknobs. “What do I know about doorknobs?” She ended up buying groceries instead, mostly some favorites of my younger brother, the picky eater. We chatted between mouthfuls of the cardiac arrest in a greasy brown paper bag that I picked up earlier. My parents, brother and gramps soon joined us, and we rushed to the Crawfish Barn to beat the Friday dinner crowd in a predominantly Catholic town during Lent. We snatched a table and were joined by my aunt and uncle. My granny, aunt, uncle and

brother ordered various dishes, but the rest of us were there for the five-pound platter of boiled gold in a shell. I sipped on a Maker’s Mark and water, but was buzzing from the presence of ideal company, impatiently waiting for my steaming platter of crustaceans. The crawfish hit the table and conversation ceased. We competed in an unspoken contest of who could devour their food first. When I swallowed the last tail, my fingers were wrinkled from crawfish juices. The pores on my nose seeped spice-induced drippings. A crimson cut on my finger begged for salvation from crawfish boil. But it was worth my satisfied stomach bulging with happiness. My grandparents asked if my food was good. Of course it was. They always asked this after eating, and they always smiled when I said yes. When their people are happy, they are happy. We gulped down another round of drinks and departed after deciding our waitress couldn’t possibly ask us how we were doing one more time. Back at the Reed residence, we conversed over a pot of fresh coffee until eyelids grew heavy. Kisses on cheeks were exchanged, and as I made my way to the guest bedroom — my bedroom — I

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FERRIS MCDANIEL / The Daily Reveille

Cracklin’s are a south Louisiana specialty made of fried pork and fat.

watched my grandfather quietly praying at the edge of his bed. I wondered what he was thinking but didn’t dare disturb. The fullness in my stomach was replaced by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and I settled in for a guaranteed night of sound sleep. I was home. Ferris McDaniel is a 22-year-old mass communication senior from Mamou.

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“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

George Augustus Moore Irish novelist Feb. 24, 1852 - Jan. 21, 1933

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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New traffic signal solves one problem, worsens another BWALLY’S WORLD BEN WALLACE Columnist “I love traffic!” said no one, ever. Except, maybe, if one of the engineers on the joint city-state project that recently added a traffic signal at the corner of West Parker Boulevard and Burbank Drive. Traffic lights lead to traffic. And now there are four signals at four consecutive intersections — a nearly idiot-proof recipe for angry drivers, wrecks and hornhonking symphonies. Signals monitor and inevitably impede traffic flow where Burbank intersects with Nicholson Drive, West Parker, East Boyd Drive and finally, Jennifer Jean Drive, when traveling south. A Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development public information officer told me last fall that the West Parker signal would not be turned on until the East Boyd signals had been removed. Instead, we now have a light show that needs only a disco ball and some fog dispensers to morph into an all-out street rave during rush hour. The recent addition seems to be in direct controversy with the second paragraph of the DOTD’s own Traffic Signal Manual. It reads: “Traffic control signals are often considered a panacea for all traffic problems at intersections. This belief has led to traffic control signals being installed at many locations where

TAYLOR BALKOM / The Daily Reveille

A flipped Nissan XTerra rests at West Parker Boulevard and Burbank Drive on Feb. 6. The recent addition of a traffic signal to this intersection was intended to avoid vehicular crashes, but has led to an increase in traffic in the already packed Baton Rouge streets and a potentially dangerous environment for pedestrians.

they are not needed, adversely affecting the safety and efficiency of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.” Let me address the hypocrisy of each of these issues. Sure, the light allows traffic that backs up along West Parker to turn left with a significantly reduced risk of being slammed in the side by a jacked-up F-350. But it also fails to protect drivers

turning left from Burbank onto West Parker. This backs up cars well past Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar on a daily basis. The area basically becomes one continuous parking lot. The second issue deals with bicycle safety. To any bikers wishing to travel along Burbank, please, for the love of God, stay off the accident-prone section of road

between Nicholson and Jennifer Jean. If the people protected by metal shells are in imminent danger at every unprotected left turn, a helmet will only serve as the difference between vegetable and corpse. I have driven past more banged-up, curb-stricken vehicles at the East Boyd intersection than probably anywhere else in this heavy-traffic-infected city.

Thirdly, the statement warns of signals that create unsafe pedestrian issues. For now, it’s a game where the cars are sledgehammers, and the pedestrians are the furry rodents from Whack-A-Mole. And when you throw in the removal of the light at East Boyd, things only seems to get worse. Motorists trying to cross Burbank on East Boyd, if the light is removed and two stop signs are installed as planned, will have a much better chance sending a fellow passenger out into Burbank traffic carrying the stop sign themselves. When it comes to solutions, few exist — at least for now. Protecting drivers needing to turn left onto West Parker and East Boyd would probably create an even worse traffic snafu, while undoubtedly decreasing the amount of car wrecks. The one and only reasonable solution seems to be the addition of a fifth lane on Burbank, a turning lane that would stretch from Jennifer Jean to Nicholson. This would allow the flow of traffic to continue north and south, while giving turners a safe place to wait without clogging up the roadway. Until then, frustrated residents, grab your rifles while you have them. This is war. Ben Wallace is a 21-year-old mass communication senior from Tyler, Texas.

Contact Ben Wallace at; Twitter: @_benwallace

Texas should be red-faced on family planning BUT HE MEANS WELL GORDON BRILLON Columnist It’s usually not too rewarding to be a liberal in the United States. The political spectrum has slowly skewed right over the past few decades, to the point where our president, who would be considered center-right by any other standard, is called a communist on national television. So why do we continue to follow this seemingly doomed path, trying to drag America kicking and screaming into the 21st century? Is it because we are so committed to the values of liberty, equality and fraternity, because we want to see a modern America with intelligent, compassionate leadership?

Well, that’s what most Americans are likely to say. Me, though, I try to be honest. And I just goddamn love to be right. My dream job is to take over when Alex Trebek retires, wait for “Jeopardy!” contestants to get a question wrong, then smile knowingly and correct them with impeccable foreign diction. The moustache opportunities are just a bonus. But I think I hit Peak Smug just the other day while browsing The New York Times. The headline “Restoring Family-Planning Cuts Without Ruffling Feathers” piqued my interest. After cutting state funding to family planning centers last year, Texas legislators are making efforts to change next year’s budget to reverse that. I’m all about government funding of family planning, sex education and women’s health. It’s been proven that increased

exposure to these topics helps decrease the incidence of sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy and even abortions. Naturally, I was glad to see Texas bringing money back to the centers that provide all these services, after they’ve come under fire in red states in recent years. They make an easy target for budget cuts in states where abortion isn’t popular, because they’re usually run by agencies like Planned Parenthood that have a particularly bad reputation with the pro-life crowd. But that’s no reason to be smug, is it? Shouldn’t a liberal be glad to see a progressive policy being accepted in such a traditionally Republican state? Sure, I guess so. Good for you, Texas. You managed to take some time away from teaching your kids that Thomas Jefferson was the Antichrist to help out your citizens a little. Sterling work.

But no, that’s not all. Texas originally made those cuts in order to help out the state budget when they were hard up for cash, not for any ideological reason. That’s commendable, I guess. I’m glad Texas isn’t out to spite poor people just for the hell of it. So what am I making such a big deal about, you ask? Why can’t I wipe this stupid grin off my face? In 2011, Texas cut $73 million from the state budget that would have gone to fund women’s health and family planning centers. This year, it’s projected there will be 24,000 additional births in Texas, costing taxpayers up to $273 million. So Texas’ famous fiscal conservatism, in one masterful move, cost the taxpayers a cool $200 million and added thousands to its already-strained healthcare system.

Is it petty to find so much glee in the Texas legislature’s abject failure? Yes, absolutely. But we all have our guilty pleasures. Some people go for Jerry Springer marathons or a two-pound bag of Reese’s Pieces. But my soul finds comfort in telling you what’s what and being inarguably right about it, in taking your opinions and mashing them up like a wet ball of toilet paper. And when that happens, you can bet your ass you’re going to hear about it. Gordon Brillon is a 19-year-old mass communication sophomore from Lincoln, RI.

Contact Gordon Brillon at; Twitter: @tdr_gbrillon

The Daily Reveille

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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The Daily Reveille

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 ROAD GAME, from page 7 Carolina – the bottom two teams in the SEC – and UC-Irvine, three squads that average out to a 43.7 winning percentage. Junior guard Andre Stringer noted the stark differences between LSU’s home and away performances and said his team should play the same no matter the venue. “I think we have to maintain what we do well at home,” Stringer said. “We have to rebound the ball, we have to take care of the ball, and we’ve got to be aggressive. We’ve got to do the things that we normally do here at home when we’re away, and I think we’ll be fine if we do those things.” LSU’s last road defeat came Saturday against Missouri, when it was out‘We were never scored 52-24 in the paint. satisfied. We hasn’t always played LSU lost back-tofor what’s in back games that locker and this season aside from our abilities its four-game within.’ losing streak Andre Stringer to open conjunior guard ference play, and the Tigers ended that midseason skid with a 58-54 home win against Texas A&M (17-12, 7-9 SEC). The Tigers shut down Texas A&M senior guard Elston Turner in the first game, limiting the Aggies’ leading scorer to just five points. Turner’s average 18 points per game is tied for second in the SEC. “I think [Turner] just had a tough shooting night here,” said LSU coach Johnny Jones. “You just look for him that he will definitely come out shooting and looking to make some shots in this game on Wednesday. … Our deal is to hope that we can contain him, slow him up a little bit and be hopeful as a team that they don’t shoot the ball as well [as they usually do].” Sophomore guard Anthony Hickey drew Honey Badger-like comparisons in the earlier matchup as he picked the Aggies’ pockets for a career-high eight steals. Hickey’s standout night plagued Texas A&M, which turned the ball over a season-high 24 times. With only two games remaining in the regular season and the SEC Tournament looming, the Tigers’ audition for a postseason tournament berth is coming to a close. Even if the Tigers stumble in College Station, Stringer said their mindset will allow them to bounce back just as they have all year. “This whole year has been a struggle for us,” Stringer said. “We’ve had some ups and downs. Obviously, a lot of people around us and who support us didn’t think we would make it this far. … We were never satisfied. We always played for what’s in that locker and our abilities within. That’s why when we lose, we move on.”

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SEC announces 8 p.m. kick for LSU-TCU game Albert Burford Sports Editor

The LSU football team’s season-opening game against TCU at Cowboys Stadium on Aug. 31 will have an 8 p.m. kickoff, the Southeastern Conference announced Tuesday. The Tigers have played at Cowboys Stadium twice before, as they

opened their 2011 season in Arlington, Texas and played there in the 2011 Cotton Bowl. LSU won both of its previous games at the venue. The LSU football team’s spring game will take place April 20 with kickoff slated for 2 p.m. in Tiger Stadium. Admission will be free. Contact Albert Burford at


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The Daily Reveille

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Best Place to Live is No Longer Top Secret

March 6th 2013 10am - 2pm Student Union Ballroom


Tiger Manor, Beau Chene Condominiums, Max Fitness, The Optical Shoppe, Cambridge Apartments, Tiger Plaza, Place Du Plantier, Northgate Apartments, Bacio Di Roma

The Daily Reveille - March 6, 2013  

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