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Discovery: University professor unlocks secret behind Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds,’ p. 4

Softball: Spring season set to kick off Feb. 10 in Baton Rouge, p. 9

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Food: Read a review of Zolia Italian Bistro, p. 13 Thursday, January 19, 2012 • Volume 116, Issue 73

NOPD looks into apparent LSU fan abuse, issues wanted poster The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) — One day after saying they could investigate a video showing apparent abuse of an unconscious LSU fan only if the man filed a complaint, New Orleans police sent out a wanted poster. It asks the public to identify a white man described as a person of interest in a sexual battery late Jan. 9 — the night Alabama beat LSU, 210, in the BCS Championship football game in the Superdome. However, Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says police are still investigating whether there was a sexual assault. “It could well be considered a sexual assault. That’s

one of the things we’re looking into. That’s one of the reasons we’d like to talk to the people involved,” he said Wednesday. The video has gone viral on the Internet. It ends with a man in a red Alabama jacket simulating a sex act on a man who is wearing an LSUpurple T-shirt and who had passed out on a restaurant counter. On Tuesday, police spokeswoman Remi Braden said police could not investigate unless the apparent victim, shown slumped forward on a restaurant counter, filed a complaint. She did not immediately return an e-mail asking why police changed their minds. The poster of the “person of

interest” was sent as an attachment crimes unit was made aware of the to an e-mail headlined “After Fur- video Tuesday. “The video disther Review and Investigation, the played the above male subject comNOPD is now asking mitting a sexual battery the Public for their As- Timeline of events: upon another male subsistance in Identifying ject,” it states. It asks Jan. 9: BCS Championship, the Person of Interest anyone with informathe video is recorded. in this Video.” tion to notify Detective The poster says Jan 15: YouTube video Corey M. Lymous at the incident occurred racks up 10,000 hits 504-658-5523 or to call around 11:45 p.m. Jan. before being removed. Crimestoppers: 5049 at the Krystal Burger 822-1111 or 877-903restaurant on Bourbon Jan. 18: NOPD issues 7867. Street. It includes three wanted poster. The first several still shots taken from minutes of the video the video and describes the wanted shows Alabama fans posing with man as about 5-foot-7 to 5-11 tall, the man, joking, putting empty food white and medium build. containers and an empty cup on his The poster says NOPD’s sex head and back. Then one man pokes

his middle fingers at the man’s nose and ear. The video’s last minute or so shows the same man, wearing shorts, a red jacket and backward baseball cap, exposing his genitals and climbing from a chair onto the counter, where he falls onto his side before crouching over the other man’s head and simulating a sex act. The University of Alabama released a two-sentence statement saying it would check into the video and “appropriately deal with any student who might have been involved.” Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at


Faculty Senate set to vote on +/- grades Rachel Warren Staff Writer


LSU astronomy professor Bradley Schaefer and graduate student Ashley Pagnotta discovered the origin of supernovas, garnering national media attention.

reaching for the stars

LSU student, professor solve supernova mystery Lauren Duhon Staff Writer

The national media has spotlighted the work of a University professor and graduate student who have discovered the origin of supernovas. But despite all the buzz about the discovery — which astronomy professor Bradley Schaefer said answers “one of the top nine questions in modern astronomy” — Schaefer and graduate student Ashley Pagnotta are still joking around. “Brad is used to all of this attention, but it

is weird for me,” Pagnotta said as she laughed with her colleague. The discovery has attracted national and international coverage from news outlets like MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times and Space Daily, among others. Supernovas are stellar explosions from white dwarf stars, which are small stars composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. The impetus behind supernovas is a 400-yearold mystery. SUPERNOVA, see page 8

Students could soon see an extra mark after their letter grades if the Faculty Senate approves a resolution to institute a plus-and-minus grading system at the University. The resolution, which the senate is expected to vote on today, intends to replace the University’s five-letter grading system with one that would allow faculty to assign pluses or minuses to grades that could respectively raise or lower a student’s GPA by a few tenths of a point. According to the resolution, the +/- system wouldn’t be mandatory, and faculty members would have the choice to use it or continue using the traditional letter grades. Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope said each resolution is reviewed at least twice before it is approved or denied, and today’s meeting marks the resolution’s second review. He said the plan could require further review, which would push the final decision back a few months. Decisions on most resolutions take only two reviews. Contact Rachel Warren at

The Daily Reveille

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Nation & World

Thursday, January 19, 2012



German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open Davos forum in Switzerland

First lady Michelle Obama gets presidential welcome to Twitter

Employee layoff notices begin circulation at seven LSU hospitals

GENEVA (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel will headline the annual elite gathering in Davos, Switzerland this month, underscoring the world’s focus on the European debt crisis that for over two years has wreaked havoc on financial markets. Organizers of the World Economic Forum said Wednesday that close to 40 heads of state and 18 of the world’s central bankers will be among the expected 2,600 participants from nearly 100 countries.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama went live on Twitter on Thursday, and scooped up more than 88,000 followers within a few hours. In her first tweet, the first lady writes: “Hi, everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to staying in touch with you here. -mo.’” Her twitter feed will be managed by the president’s re-election campaign, with any tweets from the first lady herself to be signed “-mo.”

(AP) — Notices of impending layoffs have gone out to employees of seven LSU public hospitals as system executives prepare to implement $29 million in Jindal administration budget cuts. The Advocate reports the notice from hospital system chief executive officer Roxane Townsend says the layoffs would be effective March 5. The notices are general in nature and do not specific how many jobs at each facility are on the chopping block. But LSU System Vice President Fred Cerise said “it’s going to be hundreds across the system.”

UK soldiers allegedly encouraged Afghan youths to touch them LONDON (AP) — British authorities said Wednesday that they are investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior by two soldiers in Afghanistan after reports surfaced about possible abuse of children there. The Sun newspaper reported the allegations, saying the soldiers filmed the children and showed the video to other servicemen who reported them. Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s office said it was “deeply disturbed” by reports that British soldiers encouraged two Afghan children to touch them.

REBECCA BLACKWELL / The Associated Press

Somali parents care for their children who are being treated for malnutrition at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Dagahaley Camp, Dadaab, Kenya.

Slow international response to East Africa famine ‘cost lives’ NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Thousands of people died and millions of dollars were wasted because the international community did not respond fast enough to early signs of famine in East Africa, aid agencies said Wednesday, while warning of a new crisis in West Africa. Most rich donor nations waited until the crisis in the Horn of Africa was in full swing before donating a substantial amount of money, according to the report by Oxfam and Save the Children.

US says copy of al-Qaida magazine got into Guantanamo cell FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A copy of a magazine published by an arm of al-Qaida made its way to a terror suspect at the Guantanamo Bay prison, leading to an inspection of cells and a contentious new policy requiring special review teams to examine correspondence between prisoners and attorneys, U.S. prosecutors said Wednesday. Navy Cmdr. Andrea Lockhart told a military judge during a pretrial hearing that a copy of Inspire magazine got into a cell. She provided no details on who received the magazine or how.

St. Tammany deputies: Mom left newborn baby in backyard PEARL RIVER, La. (AP) — A newborn baby boy was reported hospitalized in stable but critical condition on Wednesday after the child was found wrapped in a towel and blanket in a backyard. St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s deputies said they have obtained arrest warrants for Kimberly Lee, 35, on charges of second-degree cruelty to a juvenile and child desertion.


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AUSTIN BENNETT / The Daily Reveille

Graduate student Molly Kennedy practices with fire fans on the Parade Ground.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


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MTV launches financial aid app Facebook can help students find aid

Facebook profiles like age and area, the app matches users to scholarships and other aid programs, an MTV news release said. Jake Urbanski, MTV spokesBrian Sibille person, said the app is fully functional for students in any state Staff Writer looking for funds to cover underStudents burdened with the graduate and graduate school tusearch for college tuition money ition. could find their fortunes without The app additionally caters to logging off of Facebook. current college students who may MTV’s “My be trying to find College Dollars” ‘The app encourages new ways to pay app, created in for the remainder find collaboration with of their education, College Board and Urbanski said. financial aid.’ college advocacy “The app ensite Get Schooled, courages students Jake Urbanski launched Wednesbeginning to plan MTV spokesperson day morning for for college or curuse by students rently in college to across the country searching for find financial aid,” Urbanski said. financial aid. “My College Dollars” can also Using information from guide students through the process

of filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and provide tips on managing finances once students begin college. LSU students were awarded nearly $230 million in scholarships, grants, loans and work study jobs for the 2010-11 school year, according to the Office of Budget and Planning. Many students are dissuaded from applying to colleges because many find the financial aid application process daunting, MTV’s release said. The app’s aim is to simplify the process.

Contact Brian Sibille at

screenshot courtesy of MY COLLEGE DOLLARS

UREC expansion plan in the works First phase of renovation project slated to cost $14 million Where does this stand now?

A three-phase expansion plan will be presented Feb. 9 to the Facility Design Development Committee

What is going to change?

1. Phase one: Add fields to the UREC Student Adventure Complex and an outside leisure pool to the UREC Student Recreation Complex 2. Phase two: Add a new wing to the UREC Student Recreation Complex 3. Phase three: Renovate the current Student Recreation Center, the main building within the complex

How much will it cost?

The total cost of the project is approximately $81.5 million The project will be funded entirely by student fees

How would this affect you?

Students would see a fee increase of $45 each year Students would not pay more than $200 in fees for UREC Student Recreation Complex expansion compiled by JOSHUA BERGERON • photo by AMY BROUSSARD / The Daily Reveille

DO YOU HAVE AN OCCURRENCE? Call Becky at the Student Media Office 578-6090, 9AM- 5PM or E-mail:

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The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012







The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


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LSU professor cracks the case of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ Paul Braun Contributing Writer

What started as the aggressive behavior of sea birds captured the attention of Alfred Hitchcock and inspired the cult-classic film “The Birds” has now been scientifically explained by University professor Sibel Bargu and her colleagues. In the year’s first volume of the journal Nature Geoscience, Bargu published her findings linking a 1961 bird kill event in Monterey Bay to poisoned algae. On July 18, 1961, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that thousands of migrating sea birds, called sooty shearwaters, were seen regurgitating anchovies and dying in the streets. Hitchcock, who was visiting the area that summer, released “The Birds” two years later, after being inspired by the sooty shearwaters. At the time of the bird kill, Hitchcock was already working on the movie. He based his film on the 1954 novel “The Birds” by Daphne Du Maurier, Bargu said. “He had read the book and had already written the movie,” Bargu

said. “He called the newspaper and wanted to get extra information to use ‘his new thriller he was filming. He took details from Monterey Bay that he ended up using.” The original bird kill event had confused scientists and lay people for decades, until 1991 when a similar event occurred in the region with brown pelicans, Bargu said. After moving down the food chain, examining the stomach contents of the pelicans, fish consumed by the pelicans and the plankton consumed by the fish, scientists discovered that domoic acid was to blame for the 1991 event, she said. At that time, scientists saw similarities between the bird kill events in 1991 and the Monterey Bay event three decades prior, but had no way to scientifically prove such a connection scientifically. Bargu, who is a self-described movie geek, was conducting research on domoic acid in Monterey Bay for her thesis at University of California at Santa Cruz when she was approached with the opportunity to participate the study in 2003, she said. “It was of interest to me

because of my research topic, but also because it was about Alfred Hitchcock,” Bargu said. “I jumped on it. I was excited that those two subjects could be connected.” Bargu and her colleagues used a catalog of invertebrates compiled by the University of California at San Diego, she said. The catalog had stores of plankton from Monterey Bay dating back to 1949. “The zooplankton is basically a small, filter-feeding animal,” Bargu said. “It is like a trash can. Whatever is in the water, you will find in their stomach.” Bargu and her colleagues analyzed the stomach contents of the zooplankton using an electron microscope, she said. The article submitted to Nature Geoscience details the domoic acid neurotoxins were produced by the diatom pseudo-nitzchia. Bargu and her colleagues worked their way up the food chain to show that the pseudo-nitzchia were eaten by zooplankton, which were eaten by fish, which were subsequently eaten by the sooty shearwaters roosting in the area. Bargu’s team was comprised


LSU diversity showing increase Marylee Williams Contributing Writer

The University’s student population has gotten a little more diverse. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Outreach released the 2010-11 Annual Diversity Report in December, which showed an increase in minority University students. The following races saw a growing population on campus in 2010: -Black students made up 9.35 percent of the LSU student body, up from 8.82 percent in 2009. -Asian/Pacific Islander students made up 3.39 percent, up from 3.35 percent in 2009 -Hispanic students made up 3.79 percent, up from 3.41 percent in 2009 The diversity report also found increases in students of two or more races, who made up 0.65 percent of the student population in 2009 and jumped to 1.06 percent in 2010, and international students, who rose from 1.94 percent of the population to 1.99 percent. Despite the strides the University made in diversity during the fall 2010 semester, other SEC institutions are still ahead of the University in ethnic diversity. The University of Alabama has 12.17 percent black/AfricanAmerican undergraduate students, and the University of Georgia has about 7.8 percent Asian and about 1.2 percent multiracial undergraduate students. One of the University’s diversity projects is the Black Male Leadership Initiative, which

promotes enrollment and graduation for male African-American students with leadership training and academic support. In fall 2010, this project raised $9,232 through fees and foundation grants. Vilien Gomez, computer engineering sophomore and a member of the University Black Male Leadership Initiative, said he chose the University after attending SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend, a program held by the Office of Multicultural Affairs for ethnic minority high school students. Gomez said he was attracted to the University’s ethnically and culturally diverse population. He said the University encourages diversity, but there is always room for improvement, like more student involvement. “It’s called multicultural, meaning all people,” Gomez said. “Diversity programs aren’t

‘THE BIRDS’ movie poster

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ was partly inspired by the filmmaker’s trip to Monterey Bay, Calif., where thousands of migrating seabirds died due to poisonous algae.

of researchers from University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at San Diego and the University of South Carolina. The story has garnered media attention worldwide, including mentions in USA Today, the New Zealand Herald, The Australian, the Detroit Free Press and CNN’s The Marquee Blog. Overall, Bargu is pleased with the accurate media attention that her project has received. “Scientific media coverage is excellent outreach to educate the

public, as long as the media receive the information from the actual source,” Bargu wrote in an e-mail. “We hope people are now a little more aware of the facts of these strange natural events (toxic algal blooms and animal strandings) that are occurring worldwide and enjoy the link to that movie.”

Contact Paul Braun at

Diversity among LSU students

just for African-Americans.” Bruce Parker, a graduate assistant in the Office of Multicultural Affairs who leads the LGBTQ Project, said diversity projects add to education because students interact and learn from others who are different.

Contact Marylee Williams at

graphic by BRITTANY GAY

/ The Daily Reveille

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The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fletcher CATS board proposes tax to avert crisis leads new politics academy If the tax doesn’t pass, the system will shrink significantly, Loftus said. The Capital Area Transit DiResto said maintainSystem is in crisis, and board ing CATS is vital for the Baton members say shuffling funds to- Rouge economy because 80 perward CATS is the only solution. cent of CATS riders are employIn an effort to procure funds, ees traveling to work. the CATS Board She said of CommissionBRTC is moniers approved a tax toring the gov‘The dedicated tax proposal to genernance and acerate money that revenue has to happen.’ countability of could send $18 CATS, and the Jared Loftus million toward dedicated fundCATS board member the struggling ing source would and entrepreneur transit system. contribute to the Jared Loftus, growth and funclocal entrepreneur and CATS tionality of the city. board member, said if approved, Loftus said his involvement the tax could bring in about $18 stems from his experience utilizmillion in additional revenue, ing other cities’ public transit. creating a $30 million budget. “I’ve always been impressed “The dedicated tax revenue how I can travel around other has to happen. There is no other places without having a car, but solution,” Loftus said. I can’t say the same for the city I The property tax will be live in,” he said. placed on the April 21 ballot for voters in Baton Rouge, Baker Contact Emily Herrington at and Zachary, and will span for 10 years, Outreach Chair of the Baton Rouge Transit Coalition Rachel DiResto said at last week’s Downtown Development District meeting. CATS depends on money from local, state and federal entities, according to BRTC’s website. About 25 percent of its budget comes from bus fares. The money from the tax would expand and create more routes, add more buses, decrease wait times and install GPS tracking devices in buses, Loftus said. The GPS technology would allow people to view buses’ locations from smartphones or computers. Voters rejected a CATS tax in an October 2010 election. But Loftus said he’s more confident in the success on April’s ballot because of the increase in public awareness. The previous tax attempt failed by 3 percent, he added. “If people want a quality transit system in Baton Rouge, we have to pay for it,” he said. Emily Herrington Staff Writer

Ferris McDaniel Contributing Writer

Renowned Louisiana political consultant Roy Fletcher will lead the Manship School of Mass Communication’s first Academy of Applied Politics beginning Jan. 25 and lasting until April 4. Fletcher, whose full-service consulting company Roy Fletcher, Inc. has worked for numerous local, state and national political candidates, will be joined each week by a different guest speaker with expertise in a particular area of political campaigning. Emily Tiller, Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs program coordinator, said the sessions will begin with John Maginnis, publisher of LaPolitics. com and author of two Louisiana politics books, and Timmy Teepell, former chief of staff to Gov. Bobby Jindal. Fletcher said he plans to teach students how to organize a campaign from scratch, interact with the press, mold and shape campaigns and target voters. “When people finish this class, I hope they have a sound understanding of how campaigns are run,” Fletcher said. “And that they understand the issues they will have to confront in each campaign.” The nine-week program will provide training for 30 participants in running political and public affairs campaigns. “They’ll learn the intricacies of the various aspects of campaigns,” said Bob Mann, political communication professor in the Manship School’s Reilly Center. Entry into the academy was granted through an application process, Tiller said. Five spots were reserved for Manship School students who were admitted on a scholarship, while the others were filled by nonstudents. “The idea is to give you a broad overview and help you develop some skills but also help lead you into a deeper experience in one of those subject areas,” Mann said. Tiller said the class covers the basics of campaigns such as hiring campaign personnel, polling, public speaking, handling the media and strategies to snag voters. “They may not be able to run for office the day the class is over, but they will surely be prepared,” Tiller said. Mann said he hopes to repeat the academy every spring. Contact Ferris McDaniel at

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

Students board the CATS bus outside of the Journalism building Monday. The final proposal for the new bus system has been made and is waiting on bidders.

January 23-27 10a.m. – 4 p.m.

JANUARY IS National Blood Donor Month Free Speech Plaza at Tower Drive (225) 578-5718 |

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


RAs help students branch out Jacy Baggett

Contributing Writer

Resident assistants are expected to mentor and guide residents to take advantage of what LSU has to offer in a pilot program developed by the residence life coordinator in Broussard and Pentagon halls. Through this residential community program, RAs are in charge of helping students reach out to the community as a whole, rather than implementing programs themselves within the residence hall, according to Ben Dewberry, the residence life coordinator who spearheaded the project. He hopes to call the project “Living to Learn, Learning to Live.” “It’s meant to be meaningful and relevant to what the students’ needs are,” Dewberry said.

Anna Long, mass communication sophomore and Jackson Hall RA, said when she asks her residents what their goals are for the semester, they often say they want to get involved on campus. “This program helps show students everything that is on campus,” Long said. “Students need the campus to feel smaller.” Long’s favorite activity that she and another RA planned within the Broussard and Pentagon community was an intramural volleyball team. “We had a solid six people show up at every game,” Long said. “It was a fun way to meet new people.” Alexandria Andara, communication disorders sophomore, said she is friends with her RA in Taylor Hall. She said RAs should help residents by creating experiences to share.

page 7

CRIME Numbers of murders in Baton Rouge

“When you think community, you think of sharing a meal together,” Andara said. “You can’t do that with 30,000 people.” Andara said the idea of bringing the communities together with the help of a RA is beneficial to all residents. “Our ultimate goal is community building and interaction,”Assistant Director of Residential Life Catherine David said. Dewberry said he hopes to continue assessing the piloted program this semester. He said he wants to apply this residential community program to other residential areas in the upcoming years. Information courtesy of BRPD / The Daily Reveille

Contact Jacy Baggett at


Murder rates decrease slightly in Baton Rouge Lauren Duhon Staff Writer


LSU Student Government Senate Speaker Aaron Caffarel speaks to the Senate during their meeting Wednesday evening. Read more about the SG meeting at

With 64 murders in 2011, the murder rate in Baton Rouge has dropped slightly from last year, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department’s 2011 crime statistics released at the beginning of the new year. BRPD reported 69 murders in 2010 and 75 murders in 2009. This year’s statistics show there was a seven percent decrease from 2010 and a 15 percent decrease from 2009 in the number of murder cases.

Cpl. L’Jean McKneely of BRPD said nothing in particular contributed to the decrease this year. “We don’t have an opinion, because a number of factors could be involved with the decrease,” McKneely said. The official statistics will be released in February. If these numbers are confirmed, it will be the least amount of murders per year since 2006, which had 56. Contact Lauren Duhon at

DAT prep you can sink your teeth into. ®

Our next DAT course starts Feb 4th. Use promo code BATGR$15012REV and take $150 off your classroom course enrollment. When you’’re ready to prep, call 800-2Review (800-273-8439) or visit today.

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page 8 SUPERNOVA, from page 1

Schaefer and Pagnotta unraveled that mystery by examining two possible explanations of how supernovas are created — double degenerate white dwarfs, or the explosion of two white dwarfs, and single degenerate white dwarfs, the explosion of a white dwarf and a single companion star. The key to solving the mystery is a characteristic of the single degenerate white dwarf — after the white dwarf explodes, the regular stars stay behind. By using the Hubble Space Telescope, located about 350 miles above Earth, Pagnotta said she and Schaefer looked into the large Magellanic cloud, a nearby galaxy and satellite of the Milky Way, for remnants of these supernovas. She said in order to distinguish between the two types of degenerates, they calculated the center of the remnant and observed. After looking at the type 1-A supernovas, they were finally able to identify the system that created them and put the old mystery to rest.

“No stars near the center of the remnant were found through telescopic observations,” Pagnotta said. From this observation, Schaefer and Pagnotta concluded that the double degenerate white dwarfs were the cause of these supernova explosions. “This was the first time anyone had been able to successfully identify the cause,” Pagnotta said. As the duo chatted in Pagnotta’s office Monday, Pagnotta continued to joke with Schaefer about the mass amounts of media attention they have both received for their work. She said it’s nice to bring positive attention to the Astronomy Department and academics at the University. “People in the science and astronomy community enjoy what they do,” Pagnotta said. “It is neat when other people are equally as interested.” All jokes aside, the two astronomers appreciate the attention they have received. Schaefer said this supernova discovery will be a universal subject. “Not just science students, but

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012

even economics students should understand this ideology,” Schaefer said. “This discovery relates to all people.” This discovery is Schaefer’s second milestone in astronomy this semester, after his research team, headed by Saul Perlmutter, won the Nobel Prize when the group discovered the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Down the road, this new information about supernovas will be able to determine dark energy, the age of the universe and other unsolved questions, Schaefer said. He said he believes many cultures and people have asked similar philosophical questions about life that may now be answered. “By knowing where the supernovas come from, we can now make a finer cosmology tool for all to use,” Schaefer said with a sense of accomplishment.

File photo

Contact Lauren Duhon at

Astronomy professor Bradley Schaefer discusses the syllabus and required text of his Astronomy 1101 class August 23, 2010, in Lockett Hall.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Tough week ahead to decide Tiger tourney fate

Jones-ing for Defense

MIC’D UP MICAH BEDARD Sports Columnist

Senior forward Courtney Jones sets the example

After losing three of the last four games, the LSU men’s basketball team desperately needed a home victory to even its Southeastern Conference record. It got that win Tuesday night in the PMAC when it took down Auburn in overtime, 65-58. That’s the good news. The bad news: Auburn might be one of the worst teams in the SEC, and LSU gave it three chances to make a three-pointer in the winning seconds to send it to overtime, the last of which Auburn point guard Varez Ward drained with just .02 ticks left. As good of a rebounding team as LSU is, there is no excuse for any team to get two offensive boards in the last seconds, let alone Auburn. To top it all off, LSU will face three of the country’s top-20 teams in the next week. First, the Tigers travel to Gainesville on Saturday for a matchup with No. 17 Florida, which boasts one of the most talented and deepest backcourts in the country. Gator guards Kenny Boynton and Brad Beal will pressure the LSU guards on defense and are capable of getting hot shooting the three and forgetting to cool off. The slate doesn’t get any easier when LSU takes the back roads to Starkville to take on No. 18 Mississippi State on Wednesday. The Tigers will have to completely change the game plan, as the Bulldogs have one of the top big men duos in the

Luke Johnson Sports Writer

Don’t blame LSU senior forward Courtney Jones if she wants to be a little defensive — it seems to be working well for LSU this season. Sure, offense is glamorous and grabs headlines, but the gritty defensive play by Jones has been a catalyst for an improved LSU squad. And Jones is comfortable in her role. “I take pride in my defense,” Jones said. “The offense will come. I don’t have a problem getting other people open and working to get rebounds. Whatever it takes.” The team-first attitude has allowed the 6-foot-2-inch Jones to be the anchor for a Lady Tiger defense that is giving up a scant 47.5 points per game, ranked second in the Southeastern Conference. When roaming the court on defense, Jones’ length and athleticism have yielded the impressive marks in both rebounds (5.2 per game) and blocks (0.7 per game) this season. While Jones was solid for the Lady Tigers early in the season, she has been filling the box scores lately. Maybe she finally got the Christmas present she’s always wanted, or maybe she used the time off to tinker with her game and find a formula for success, but Jones has been scorching since LSU broke for its winter holiday. LSU has played six games since the break — including five against SEC competition — and in them the Alabama native improved her averages in blocks, rebounds and steals. Blocking an opponent’s shot — something Jones admitted she relishes — has been her forte recently, as she posted eight of her 12 blocks this season in her torrid stretch. But playing at a high level defensively has unlocked a different part of Jones’ game. Jones bumped up her season scoring average from 6.3 to 8.1 after tallying 68 points in the six games, an 11.3 per game average. For the season, Jones is shooting 51.5 percent from the field — the best of any LSU regular. Her play is fueled by a never-say-die competitive spirit. Senior forward LaSondra Barrett, who came to LSU with Jones, said Jones’ zeal for the game is contagious. JONES, see page 12

BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

TIGER FATE, see page 12


Lady Tigers enter 2012 with new coach, lofty goals Torina takes over motivated team Scott Branson Sports Contributor

After 11 years under the tenure of Hall of Fame softball coach Yvette Girouard, the Lady Tigers enter spring under the tutelage of first-year head coach Beth Torina. Torina, twice named the Sun Belt Coach of the Year in her four years at the helm of Florida International in Miami, said she inherited a team with lofty goals for itself. “We have 22 girls that will tell you they want to be in the College World Series, and they’re working every single day to be there,”

Torina said. “People that haven’t necessarily made the name that they wanted to make for themselves, and they’re on a mission to get that done this year.” The Lady Tigers fell short of their goal last season, falling in the NCAA Regional in College Station, Texas. “It always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you don’t go as far as you wish you would have,” said senior outfielder Ashley Applegate. “It just gives us more motivation to work even harder than we did the year before.” In addition to her head-coaching duties, Torina is also the Lady Tigers’ pitching coach, giving her a hands-on approach. SOFTBALL, see page 12


LSU sophomore outfielder Alex Boulet and fellow teammates warmup Jan. 18 at practice in Tiger Park.

page 10


The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caldwell revisits Lady Volunteer roots, focuses on game LSU plans to slow Tennessee offense

per game, 13.8 points more than the Lady Tigers average per game. Caldwell has been preaching to her team to learn each player’s offensive tendencies in specific situations and to play team defense. Luke Johnson “We’re going to have to guard Staff Writer their offensive scheme by commitIt would be easy for Nikki tee,” Caldwell said. “It’s not just goCaldwell to say she had Jan. 19 ing to be us having one player guard circled on her calendar since the mo- one player on their team, because ment she was introduced as LSU’s they’re so talented.” Four Lady Volunteers are postcoach on April 4. After all, she was raised a short ing double-digit points per game, led drive from the Tennessee campus, by senior forwards Shekinna Strickplayed collegiate basketball under len (15.5 points per game) and Glory legendary Tennessee coach Pat Sum- Johnson (14.3). Almost as important to the LSU mitt and received her first coaching game plan is controlexperience under Sumling the home crowd mitt as a graduate asLSU women’s at Thompson-Boling sistant. basketball: Arena, which Caldwell And now that the day has come, the Who: LSU (13-4,4-1) vs. said can reach a frenzied pitch. teams are tied near the Improving her top of the Southeastern Tennessee (13-4, 4-1) team’s grit under presConference with identi- When: 6 p.m. today cal 4-1 SEC records. Where: Thompson-Boling sure has been one of Caldwell’s focuses But Caldwell since she arrived on can’t say today’s game Arena, Knoxville, Tenn. against No. 9 Tennes- Watch or listen at home: campus. “We devoted a see is any more impor- Cox 4 Baton Rouge, lot of time to toughtant than others. If she ESPN3 or 107.3 FM ness and establishing did, she’d be violating that type of mentality,” one of Summitt’s rules Caldwell said. “When you’re on the for success. Summitt’s Definite Dozen, a road, you can’t be mental midgets.” Senior forward LaSondra BarTen Commandments-style list of 12 rules, is still burned into Caldwell’s rett is no stranger to the road environment in Knoxville, having played memory. “First and foremost, we talked there twice. “Don’t let the crowd into it,” about being respectful,” Caldwell said, referring to rule No. 1 in the Barrett said. “All that can be tuned Definite Dozen. “There’s not an out if we’re doing our job. … If we opponent that [Summitt] didn’t re- can come in, make a statement and spect. Obviously she’s beaten a lot of hit them first, I think we’ll be in good them. That’s the first thing that you shape.” The Lady Tigers know learned.” Caldwell admitted the game has Caldwell’s history with Tennessee, a special meaning to her personally, and they know that it may mean but said it had zero effect on her ap- more to her than she’s letting on. But Caldwell’s having none of proach to the game as LSU’s coach. In other words, it’s all busi- it. At least not yet. “It’s going to be a game where ness for the 13-4 Lady Tigers, who are vying for their third win over a my team has to understand it’s not about myself being a former player,” ranked opponent this season. In order to do that, LSU will Caldwell said. “It’s not about anyhave to be at the top of its game de- thing but LSU versus Tennessee.” fensively against one of the nation’s top offenses playing on its home court. So far this season, LSU has been Contact Luke Johnson at up to the task. But the Lady teers come in averaging 78.4 points

BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior forward LaSondra Barrett (55) looks to make a play against a South Carolina defender Jan. 12 during the Tigers’ 58-48 victory against the Gamecocks in the PMAC.

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


page 11

Freshman diver Alex Bettridge makes a big splash

Spencer Hutchinson Sports Contributor

“Success comes to those who wait” would be an applicable phrase to describe many collegiate athletes’ careers. For standout LSU diver freshman Alex Bettridge, waiting for success was neither an option nor a desire. Bettridge has emerged as the Lady Tigers’ No. 1 diving threat this season in her first year of collegiate competition. She posted the fourth-best platform dive score in LSU history when she scored a five-dive total score of 229.55 at the Tennessee Invitational in November. Bettridge also posted the sixth-best score for the one-meter dive in her collegiate diving debut with a six-dive total score of 318.00 against Tulane. “I think she’s the most talented incoming freshman female student athlete that I’ve recruited,” said diving coach Doug Shaffer. “There’s a world of talent and a world of potential ahead of her.” Bettridge said the praise isn’t wasted on her, as she expects more out of herself than anyone. “I want to make it all the way to the NCAA [Championships],” Bettridge said. “I want to final the [Southeastern Conference Championships] for sure. By my senior year, I want to be top five.” Bettridge, one of the most successful divers in Texas during her high school career, was one of the most highly-recruited diving prospects in the nation last season. Her high school career was highlighted by three consecutive First-Team All-State honors from 2008-10 in class 4A. “She already had a lot of competitive experience,” Shaffer said. “I knew when she was in a program that had a little bit more focus that she would blossom and develop.” However, even with all the early success, Bettridge said she’s nowhere near satisfied. “I want to be well-rounded by the time I get done,” Bettridge said. “My three-meter and onemeter have been going pretty well, but I want to be good at all three [boards].” Bettridge follows in the footsteps of Rebecca St. Germain, who

nabbed SEC Female Freshman Diver of the Year in 2010. St. Germain is also the Lady Tigers’ all-time record holder for the one-meter dive with a score of 331.15. St. Germain transferred to Texas A&M last season, opening the door for Bettridge to have an immediate impact. Junior Elle Schmidt, Bettridge’s teammate and training partner, said Bettridge is having no problem meeting the challenge. “She had big shoes to fill with Becca [St. Germain] who left last year,” Schmidt said. “I think she’s competing better than Becca did her freshman year, and I think the incoming freshman are going to have big shoes to fill of hers for next year.” St. Germain and the Aggies will face off with Bettridge and the Lady Tigers on Saturday at noon in the LSU Natatorium. Bettridge said she looks forward to facing St. Germain although she does not think the matchup can be considered a rivalry. “It’s going to be interesting,” Bettridge said. “We’ve been in competitions before. Sometimes I beat Rebecca and sometimes she beats me. But when she beats me it makes me want to be better.” Bettridge said she is excited about the rest of her career at LSU but recognizes that she has a long way to go. “I see all these seniors doing so well, and I think, ‘Why am I not like that?’” Bettridge said. “I’m looking forward to being that junior or being that senior and have other people looking up to me the way I look at them now. It will be interesting to be in their place.” Contact Spencer Hutchinson at

XERXES A. WILSON / The Daily Reveille

Freshman diver Alex Bettridge completes a back dive pike during a practice in the LSU Natatorium on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



page 13


Museum After Dark The owners of Strands Cafe will lead guests through the history of coffee while sampling coffee from different regions. Fifth floor of the LSU Museum of Art, 5:30 p.m.

photo courtesy of LOUISIANA.GOV

Sightz and Soundz Bistro Byronz will display photography by Garrett Kemp and prints and sculptures by Rebecca Kreisler, with live music by Eric Baskin. Bistro Byronz, 6 p.m.


photo courtesy of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Monty Python’s Spamalot Featuring “a chorus line of legless knights, men in tights (with legs), killer rabbits and sexy dancing divas,” this musical production follows King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Baton Rouge River Center, 8 p.m.

Saturday: Tearing Granite: Jesús Moroles The work of granite sculptor Jesús Moroles will be exhibited in the LSU Museum of Art on the fifth floor. Harlem Globetrotters See the exhibition basketball team at the Baton Rouge River Center, 2 p.m. $16-$95. Jewish Film Festival The sixth annual Baton Rouge Jewish Film festival brings a series of films reflecting the history and culture of the Jewish heritage. Manship Theatre, 7 p.m. $8.50.

Students take note of black-outs, change Facebook photos in response to SOPA, PIPA Joey Groner

Entertainment Writer

As blackouts inundated the Internet on Wednesday in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), many politicians and lawyers — including a University law professor — questioned the government’s authority to regulate online content so extensively. “There may be some constitutional issues here,” said law professor John Church. “In my own estimation, it’s not the constitutionality which we should be worried

about as much as the practical implications of it.” Popular websites such as Wikipedia, Craigslist and Reddit participated in the blackout. Many students joined the movement by changing the default photos on their Facebook profiles to ones that say, “This image has been found in violation of [SOPA] and has been removed.” The acts are aimed at stopping online piracy and

intellectual property theft. Proponents of the bills say that if passed, the acts would put an end to the piracy of films, music and other media. Opponents of the bills say they are unconstitutional, claiming they violate freespeech rights and are targeted at regulating or even shutting down sites that rely heavily on user-submitted content, such as Facebook and YouTube. Church explained the government does not

currently have the authority to shut down sites on which users share copyrighted material. If passed, the bills would essentially give the government that authority. Church said personally, he does not believe either bill would do much to stop Internet piracy. His view is that the bills go too far in attempting to protect intellectual property. However, he said he believes Internet piracy is still an issue. “You have the free Internet, the great advantage of which is that SOPA, see page 19

Zolia Italian Bistro combines good food with welcoming, bustling environment Taylor Balkom

Entertainment Writer

What happens when a coffeeshop atmosphere is mixed with great Italian food? Zolia Bistro. Located inside II City Plaza on Convention Street, Zolia is an Italian bistro and enoA Daily Reveille teca — ItalRestaurant Review ian for wine repository — Grade: A serving many types of sandwiches, wraps and paninis. It is owned by Louis DeAngelo, who created the restaurants bearing his name around the state. The restaurant’s design was “inspired by the fresh food and energetic experiences enjoyed in the most popular family-owned eateries

Food for Thought

throughout Italy’s larger cities and smaller towns,” according to Zolia’s website. I decided to visit Zolia on the coldest day Baton Rouge had seen in two weeks. Shivering, I quickly walked from my car to the restaurant to explore the offerings. FOOD The lunch menu consists of paninis, wraps, sandwiches and salads. Strangely, the most expensive item on the menu was the filet mignon wedge salad at $17. The cheapest meals were a cup of soup at $4 or a selection of small salads at $5. I opted for “The Big Cheese” panini at $7 with a mixed fruit cup side. Sharp cheddar, smoked gouda and fresh mozzarella with bacon and a tomato basil puree were pressed ZOLIA, see page 19

CONNOR TARTER / The Daily Reveille

A display case of baked goods shows the attention to detail in Zolia’s Bistro.

page 14

Reveille Ranks

Ani DiFranco, “Which Side Are You On?”

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Righteous Babe Records

New Orleans resident and Grammy Award-winning singer Ani DiFranco’s latest album, “Which Side Are You On?,” comes with a dose of political awareness, covering topics including the Occupy movement and, in the song “Amendment,” a woman’s right to have an abortion. DiFranco’s raspy voice and raw sound bring an edge to the album — think Alanis Morissette without the pop. The sound is alternative rock with varied rhythms and staccato notes. Though it’s unique, the slow melodies might put listeners to sleep. It’s best suited for listening at a coffee shop or during a relaxing bubble bath. The sleepy quality continues as DiFranco’s message and sound grows repetitive. Music should awaken, but this album comes too close to shutting down the listener.



“Beauty and the Beast 3-D”

Walt Disney Pictures

There is no such thing as a perfect movie, but “Beauty and the Beast 3-D” comes very close. The revamped and revitalized version of the Disney classic looks as gorgeous on the big screen as it did in 1991. The 3-D effects aren’t distracting and surprisingly add to the quality of the movie. Realistic layering makes the “Belle” song scene truly pop, and the iconic ballroom dance scene looks better than ever. However, the most important aspect of “Beauty and the Beast” is the story, and it’s only gotten better with age. Belle and the Beast falling in love still tugs at heartstrings, and the happily ever after moment evokes the biggest smile I’ve had in a movie theater. “Beauty and the Beast” is as close to perfect as it gets.




Universal Pictures

The newest Mark Wahlberg flick, “Contraband,” may become this year’s winner for least ambitious film. A remake of a 2008 Icelandic film, “Contraband” never sets itself up to be anything more than a mediocre action movie. It’s in the irritating middle ground of not being over the top, but there’s also not much here to take seriously. Wahlberg does a good job playing a typical protective family man, but supporting player Giovanni Ribisi gives us a character that belongs in a more generic film. With an incomprehensible Cajun accent and by-the-book overacting, Ribisi’s performance is simply annoying. When Ribisi isn’t on the screen, the movie is quite enjoyable, but its lack of ambition stops it from being an impressive action movie.



The Big Pink, “Future Hits” Though the band’s music is moving in a more electronic-based direction, electro-rock duo The Big Pink hasn’t lost touch with the components that made its last album enjoyable. The elegant vocals of Robbie Furze still sweep through each track, while in-your-face drum beats and less prominent guitar hooks blend well with the crazy, electric synthesizers flying around in the background. Mellow, poppy songs tend to bog the album down, but tracks with a faster pace and quicker beats make up for the sag. All in all, this second effort is more fun than the group’s last and will surely have fans singing along to the catchy melodies the band produces like clockwork.


4AD Records


Bombay Bicycle Club, “A Different Kind of Fix”

Island Records

Bombay Bicycle Club was left with the all-too-familiar sour taste of a sophomore flop after releasing the mostly acoustic album “Flaws.” But the group has since washed its mouth out with the indie melodies of its third album, “A Different Kind of Fix.” Songs on the album like “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” prove to listeners that BBC can still churn out charming and chipper lighthearted tunes. Clear vocals and guitar riffs lend the band a clean, ethereal sound, although the simplistic lyrics border on repetitive and lack the substance some listeners are looking for. Audiophiles should give the band a listen next time they’re looking to slip into a daydream.



EDITOR’S PICK: Howler, “America Give Up”

Rough Trade Records In an age where pop starlets and rappers hog the fame and spotlight that should be reserved for the most rocking of rollers, Howler’s debut album, “America Give Up,” offers a fresh breath of bass and drum beats. The tracks are seductively crafted with a sound that could be the love child of The Strokes and The Halo Benders. This band knows how to use guitar to the instrument’s full extent, with catchy solos like in the track “Told You Once.” The style is familiar, comfortable, a little rough and sorely missing in most of today’s “hit” music. With a pace that varies among its 11 tracks — from slow and luring to fast and exciting — the album will easily hold listener attention from start to finish. The bar has been set, and fans will be eager to see MORGAN SEARLES Howler grow through future work.


Entertainment Editor


Walt Disney classics are being released from the “vaults” with a new 3-D experience. “The Lion King 3-D” was released in September, and “Beauty and the Beast 3-D” [center] hit theaters Friday. “The Little Mermaid” is set to go 3-D for September 2013.

Tales as old as time

Disney classics return to theaters in 3-D, produce mixed reactions Taylor Balkom Entertainment Writer

Disney fans, rejoice. The Mouse’s animated classics have not only been emerging from Disney’s “vault” on DVD and Blu-Ray, but they’ve also been heading back to the silver screen. Disney released “The Lion King 3-D” in theaters in September and “Beauty and the Beast 3-D” on Friday. “The Little Mermaid” will be the next traditionally animated Disney classic to get the 3-D treatment come September 2013. Avid Disney fan and communication studies sophomore Ellen Durand enjoys seeing the movies in theaters once more. “They’ve been cleaned up a bit,” Durand said. “It’s awesome to be able to go and see them on the big screen again.” But Durand wasn’t impressed with the 3-D effects. “There were a couple moments that jumped out at you, but for the most part it was just watching a movie with glasses on,” she said. “To be honest, I would’ve gone to see it had it just been rereleased as a regular movie.” Durand also said other 3-D movies like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” and “Toy

Story 3” didn’t seem drastically dimensional. “It does sort of seem like a scam and a way to get more money,” Durand said. If the 3-D re-releases are simply a grab for cash, it’s working. “The Lion King 3-D” made $30.2 million in gross revenue on its opening weekend, and “Beauty and the Beast 3-D” made $17.8 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Other students aren’t buying into 3-D, either. Michael Lacombe, engineering sophomore, said he doesn’t like the movies because they make his eyes hurt. “[It’s] a great idea for making profit, which is what Disney is best at,” Lacombe said. But to Durand, the extra “D”

doesn’t matter — the original movie is worth the ticket price. “I don’t feel like the 3-D makes it that much better,” Durand said. “It was awesome to see [‘Beauty and the Beast’] on the big screen again and sit next to little kids who were enjoying it for the first time just as much as I was for the hundredth time.”

Contact Taylor Balkom at

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Daily Reveille talks fashion

Popular shoes have adapted, changed In every section of the Quad, crevice of the Student Union and corner of the classroom, you’ll find at least one hipster with a cause. For some of us, the word “hipster” may be a near obscenity, but for others it’s a mere description — by definiAl Burks tion the trendiest Columnist crayon in the box. Clothing combining social responsibility and a unique look are the perfect recipe for a hipster’s (or any college student’s) wardrobe, and that starts at ground level — with shoes. TOMS are a staple accessory for hipsters. I thoroughly enjoy the more-than-occasional TOMS spotting and its socially responsible mission to donate a pair to the less fortunate for every pair bought, but I also notice the recent spike in popularity and it makes me slightly apprehensive to invest. Though I am always mindful not to abuse a trend by being lost in a sea of similarly outfitted students, the cause might be rewarding enough to put aside my doubt. The positive motives of the TOMS brand has definitely influenced how similar brands choose to market and reinvent products toward the target demographic. Sperry Top-Siders took a page out of the TOMS book in how the company chose to diversify the product by incorporating shimmering finishes and cute colorways of plaid detailing to re-establish the Top-Sider shoe as one with a youthful and fun image. My first encounter with Sperrys was years ago when I thought they were cute because my dad wore them with his Daniel Cremieux-looking shirts and khaki ensembles. Now, the home page of the Sperry website features young people splashing and fraternizing in hot tubs. While you can’t actually


Shoe trends on campus this season include TOMS, Sperrys and Timberlands.

lounge in the hot tub with your TopSiders, the company should receive kudos for making the shoes cool enough to wear on dates. Speaking of diversifying a product line, Timberland has seriously upped the ante by updating the brand with a sleek look of European-style boots. Timberland has refused to let TOMS hog all the social responsibility spotlight in the footwear world. Timberland has taken grand measures to represent an environmentally friendly outdoor boot that includes natural rubbers, which may help to cut down on the non biodegradable shoes some of us tend to support despite the ugly effects on the ecosystem. As it stands, there are still some shoes that haven’t jumped on the social responsibility train but still remain all-time favorites, one example being Polo Ralph Lauren boots. This is a mature brand that has proven its staying power by catering to those who live luxurious lifestyles. But that doesn’t mean poor folks stay away. We all want a piece of the irresistible Ralph Lauren pie, with its fine design line and emphasis on classic but borderline anarchistic, militaristic trend of the Polo shoe line. Unfortunately there is no women’s line for Polo Ralph Lauren boots, but I can still smell the leather while envisioning myself in some androgynous-looking get-up. But before you take on that fashion risk, make sure you’re bringing the sexy all the way back before you

pursue the boyfriend blazer strongenough-for-a-man-but-made-for-awoman look. Looking like a man might not be the most attractive way for a woman to present herself, but with boots this good, perhaps you and your mate can enjoy looking like a man together. You don’t have to be Captain Planet to help save the world. Supporting the social responsibility wave is a great trend to be swept into, but make sure you accent your trend palette with the durable, quality brands you have grown to love.

Contact Al Burks at

page 15


University alumnus pens apocalyptic book Josh Naquin

Entertainment Writer

Forget about waiting for Dec. 21, 2012. The apocalypse is already upon us­­— in the form of University alumnus and former professor James Houk’s new novel, “Humanus Diabolicus: A Postmodern Prophecy.” The novel follows an anthropology professor, Brendon Pruitt, who is handed a manuscript that outlines how the world will meet its demise if humans continue on their current course of cultural closed-mindedness. The novel’s apocalyptic setting juxtaposes the three main spheres of the book, the loving and tolerant Brendon Pruitt, the mind of God and the “somnia atrox,” or demons. Houk said the novel’s focus is to get readers to re-evaluate their place and part in today’s culture. “Don’t take culture too seriously,” Houk said. The Baton Rouge native said the idea for the book blossomed years ago when he took a western civilization course at the University. He said the idea of “absoluteness” in a culture, believing one’s culture or religion to be the only correct one, made an impression on his young mind. Houk is currently an associate professor in the liberal arts and social sciences department at Our

book cover courtesy of JAMES HOUK

University alumnus and former professor James Houk wrote the apocalyptic novel, “Humanus Diabolicus: A Postmodern Prophecy.”

Lady of the Lake College. He has published academic books in the past, but he said writing a non-academic text was more challenging than he expected.

Rest the rest of the story online at entertainment. Contact Josh Naquin at

page 16

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Baton Rouge Gallery exhibit features pop, surreal art work University student’s oil painting included in the showcase

he wanted the painting to look like. Eckert said he usually goes through about three designs before A portrait of Ted Kennedy’s finalizing the image. head split in two, a wolf with a Eckert described surrealism robotic limb and Big Bird leading as a “created space shown through a police brigade can all be seen in one image that would never occur the current Baton Rouge Gallery in nature or in reality, but seems exhibition Surreal Salon IV, which like it could exist in some realm.” displays art of the pop-surrealist Eckert said he hasn’t seen movement. much surrealist art among his felPop-surrealism is relatively low classmates. new, and the artists showing in the “Not everyone can take a table gallery are at the forefront, said or a box and smoosh it into someJason Andreasen, thing completely executive director new,” Eckert said. Surreal Salon Soiree of Baton Rouge In addition to event details: Gallery. the exhibit, Baton In the event’s Date: Saturday, Jan. 21 Rouge Gallery first year, it was will host its anknown as the Sur- Time: 7 to 11 p.m. nual Surreal Sarealist Ball. It Place: Baton Rouge Gallery lon Soiree on Jan. lasted one night 21. The evening 1515 Dalrymple Drive and only featured will include live Louisiana artists. Price: $20, $15 if in costume. music, surrealist Now, in its fourth *Surrealistic costumes encouraged games, costumes consecutive year, and viewing of the it has expanded to exhibit. its largest size yet, including 65 But a bigger spectacle than works of art from 54 artists across the art itself may be the costumes 21 states. donned by attendees. Andreasen Despite the few local art shows said many of the costumes are aimed at the movement, the state home made and very inventive. seems to be packed with surrealist “For that one night the show artists. Nineteen Louisiana artists gets expanded,” Andreasen said. have pieces in the exhibit, seven of “The audience becomes a part of which reside in Baton Rouge. the show.” Andreasen said more than 350 The musical act Mobley will works of art were submitted for perform at the soiree along with the inclusion. Southern California art- local band Prom Date. Andreasen ist and illustrator Casey Weldon said these two groups were asked served as the juror for the exhibit to perform because both have a viand made selections by viewing sual spectacle that plays a role in digital images of each work. their shows. The works chosen for the exUniversity alumnus David hibit were created with media such Fuller plays the keyboard and sings as paint, sculpture, video, photo- as part of the five-man group Prom graphs, collages and digitally -al- Date. tered art. “I think we’d be a perfect fit A painting by Steven Eckert, for it,” Fuller said. “We have a flare University painting and drawing for visuals.” senior, was included in the show. Dressing in costume is part of His 30-by-40-inch oil painting is the band’s aesthetic, and the surreal titled “I’ll Never Leave Here,” and costumes of the crowd are expectis a distorted image of his parents’ ed to enhance the experience. house. “Ideally every show would be To create the painting, Eckert like this,” Fuller said. said he started by capturing different photos of the house. He then Contact Haylie Navarre at drew multiple sketches of what

Haylie Navarre

Entertainment Writer

XERXES A. WILSON / The Daily Reveille

Baton Rouge Gallery Executive Director Jason Andreasen discusses the surrealist exhibition and some of its pieces, which will occupy the gallery until Jan. 26.

page 17 “A man who stops advertising to save money, is like a man who stops the clock to save time.”

-Henry Ford

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jazz musician performs for AIDS/HIV benefit

Austen Krantz Entertainment Writer

Fred Hersch is a busy musician. When he’s not producing Grammy-caliber albums, he’s performing at successful benefit concerts, teaching music students or collaborating with other artists. The Grammy nominee played at the Manship Theater in downtown Baton Rouge on Wednesday night for the Smash Hits HIV/ AIDS Community Fund and will teach and work with University jazz majors in a master class today. The fund will help provide program grants to HIV and AIDS nonprofit organizations in the Greater Baton Rogue area. An AIDS survivor and activist, Hersch produced and played in four benefit albums and also performs at multiple fund raising events for relevant issues, including AIDS, according to his website. But Hersch said he prefers to help with events that seem like they will be successful. “I try only to play at benefit concerts that are well-organized,” Hersch said. “I can’t write a big check, but I can donate my time.” Derek Gordon, CEO of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, explained this event sought to bring a world-class musician to Baton Rouge and remind people that AIDS survivors can continue to live and achieve great things. Hersch is currently touring between Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans as part of a trio, performing shows and holding other events. Despite the physical strain of traveling on trains and airplanes, Hersch said he enjoys performing jazz. “I enjoy playing with other people. I enjoy the spontaneity of it,” Hersch said. Hersch enjoys jazz music largely for its improvisational

nature. Performing with others can be more rewarding than practicing alone as a concert pianist, he said. “Jazz is a nice language for people that don’t even know each other,” Hersch said. “I like the social aspect.” Hersch’s solo CD “Alone at the Vanguard” was nominated for two 2012 Grammy Awards for Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz Solo. The album consists of the last of 12 shows performed at the Village Vanguard jazz club in New York City. Hersch was also the first pianist to play solo in the Vanguard, he said. The last show exhibited the best quality on all fronts, Hersch explained. “I kept coming back to this final set,” he said. “The programming was really nice, the audience was really great and focused; I was in a good zone, the set had a really nice momentum to it.” Gordon, who previously served as the president and CEO of jazz at the Kennedy Center for Creative Arts in Washington, D.C., said he’s seen Hersch play all over the country and considers him a brilliant composer of both jazz and opera. Gordon has seen him “perform like a lion” even as Hersch was suffering from AIDS-related problems. “He’s a musician’s musician,” Gordon said. “His repertoire is vast and diverse.” Hersch plans to release another album recorded in the Village Vanguard jazz club with his trio in September. He also plans to work with Italian clarinetist Nico Gori on a March duo project. “I don’t sit around too much,” Hersch said. “I’m always kind of on to the next thing.” Contact Austen Krantz at





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Grammy-nominee and jazz pianist, Fred Hersch, (right) plays at the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012 SOPA, from page 13

information flows freely, quickly and efficiently,” Church said. “The other side of that, of course, is that intellectual property rights are real rights adopted for real reasons and it’s a problem that they can be easily pirated.” Some students who are aware of the bills disagree with them.

ZOLIA, from page 13

between two warm pieces of bread. It was quite delicious. Being a cheese aficionado myself, I found all three cheeses to blend together perfectly with the bacon to make a delicious panini. However, the tomato basil puree caught me a little off guard. It almost seemed out of place texture-wise, but was an interesting addition nonetheless. It was like a fancy grilled cheese — simple and delicious. The fruit cup was a perfect complement to the smoky taste of cheese and bacon. All the fruit was ice-cold and tasted very fresh. Atmosphere Think of a busy coffee shop. While I wouldn’t recommend Zolia as a study area, the restaurant seemed like a great place to grab lunch with a few friends. The lighting was nice, and the music was a great mixture of relaxing and upbeat tunes. Seating was sit-down restaurant style, with silverware wrapped in cloth napkins waiting at the table, but I could also see couches and more casual seating elsewhere in the restaurant. The two styles clashed a little, but having both options was nice.

Location II City Plaza is one of the most gorgeous buildings in downtown Baton Rouge. Massive and modern, it suits the small bistro nicely. That being said, the initial search for Zolia was confusing. I wasn’t familiar with what II City Plaza was, and I wandered aimlessly around the building before it hit me that the restaurant may be inside the enormous office building. Zolia is a nice-looking bistro. The cash registers and kitchen are on the left side, and all the seating is on the right, with a wine bar located at the back. Frosted glass windows adorn the front of the restaurant with a clean-looking Zolia logo in the center. There appeared to be outdoor seating, but on a cold, windy day, all the customers were indoors. EXPERIENCE Even in the middle of a lunch rush, I received my food around 10 minutes after sitting down. It was hot and steaming. All waiting staff was friendly and eager to serve, so no qualms there. My panini was $7 and a lemonade was $1.99, making the lunch splendid and reasonably priced. Overall, Zolia provided a fun atmosphere with high-quality food without the high-quality price. The restaurant style begged for a group lunch with some close friends, and the helpful staff made a return visit from me very likely. Contact Taylor Balkom at

Fashion merchandising sophomore Kate Louttit said she believes it would be hypocritical of the United States to enforce the bills. “It’s ridiculous that we’re disagreeing with all these countries that are so against freedom of speech or freedom of knowledge, and then here we are stopping our own,” Louttit said. Proponents of the bill, such as

The Daily Reveille the Motion Picture Association of America, believe the blackout is harmful to consumers. In a press release, former Connecticut senator and current MPAA Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd called the blackouts “an irresponsible response and a disservice to people who rely on them for information and use their services.” Dodd also called the

page 19 blackouts “yet another gimmick, albeit a dangerous one, designed to punish elected and administration officials who are working diligently to protect American jobs from foreign criminals.” But Louttit and other students believe the blackouts will be effective, saying it didn’t bother them that the websites were offline for a day. “If I were in finals week or had

a paper due and they were down, I’d have a problem,” Louttit said. “But there are a lot of people I know that didn’t know what SOPA or PIPA were before the blackouts, so I think it’s working to raise awareness.”

Contact Joey Groner at

The Daily Reveille


page 20


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Controversial Internet bill an encroachment on personal rights Imagine waking up tomorrow and starting your normal Internet routine. Pull up Tumblr to check out your favorite cat pictures, load YouTube to watch a few funny videos before class and finally log in to Facebook to stalk that cute girl from class — only to realize all of your favorite sites aren’t there anymore. Well, boys and girls, this imaginary vision may become a reality in our near future. Adam Arinder The Stop Columnist Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bill currently up for debate in the House of Representatives. SOPA has come under mass scrutiny over the past couple months, and for good reason. If passed, the bill would effectively give the government the right to censor, seize or shut down any website that hosts copyrighted material. While online piracy is a huge issue, the bill claims it’s “combating the theft of U.S. property;” the wording of SOPA is so vague, it would give the government an extreme amount of power over something as creative and free as the Internet. Members of the online community have been crying out in opposition of the bill, yet never found a way to have their voices heard. Until now. Many “mainstream” media outlets kept quiet about SOPA for the longest time — whether due to its parent company supporting the bill or out of sheer ignorance — so much of the general public remained unaware of the bill. Wednesday, the Internet banded together on an all-out protest


As usual, the Opinion section of our website,, has been absolutely buzzing with reader comments. Check it out today, and let your voice be heard. In reference to the Reveille article, “Miles: We gave Lee ‘great thought,’” readers had this to say: “Why should we believe anything this clown says? He lied when he embarrassed us over the clock management issue and

of SOPA. Many sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and gaming blog Destructoid pulled their sites offline — or “blacked out” — to help raise awareness for the bill. Other websites like Google, Wired and Craigslist didn’t go fully dark, but changed the appearance of their sites while providing links to petitions and contact information to state representatives and senators. Nationwide trending topics on Twitter have included #StopSOPA and #thingsbetterthanSOPA. The websites choosing to participate in Wednesday’s blackout took a huge risk making their pages unavailable for the day. If SOPA were to pass, however, many of those sites would cease to exist, thanks to the poor wording of the bill. The movement over the past week garnered so much steam that even the Obama administration spoke out against the bill. “The voice of the Internet community has been heard. Much more education for members of Congress about the workings of the Internet is essential if anti-piracy legislation is to be workable and achieve broad appeal,” SOPA opponent Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said. Congress doesn’t reconvene until Jan. 24, which is when the next SOPA hearing will take place — though the bill had been “shelved” and then readmitted for discussion during the past week. Even if SOPA were to be knocked from the time I’m finished writing this to the time you read it, its lesser-known Senate counterpart PIPA (or the Protect Intellectual Property Act) is still around. Students, faculty, users of the Internet: Now is the time to have

threw Jefferson under the bus. He lied when he announced the two-quarterback system, then he benched the guy who led LSU to 8 wins after throwing 2 interceptions out of 130 completions in favor of a quarterback who has shown that he still cannot run the option after 4 years of practice. “Great Thought?” What a farse! The NC championship game was an embarrassment to the LSU nation, and Miles should be called out to account, not to mention apologize, for the total lack of

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Matthew Jacobs Chris Branch Ryan Buxton Bryan Stewart Andrea Gallo Clayton Crockett

Editor-in-Chief Associate Managing Editor Associate Managing Editor Managing Editor, External Media News Editor Opinion Editor

TIM MORGAN / The Daily Reveille

your voice heard. Many times the “common man” feels he or she doesn’t have a voice when it comes to politics and the passing of legislature, but Wednesday’s protest proves the complete opposite. Call or e-mail your representatives and tell them to put an end to SOPA. Sign the online petition Google and many other websites have set up. Make your message clear.

Online piracy will continue to be a major issue that needs to be taken care of, but not at the expense of our freedoms. Hopefully in the coming months, SOPA and PIPA will be nothing but material for future history tests. That won’t prevent Congress from writing other bills like it, however. Don’t be complacent on certain lobbyists’ technological ignorance. Demand a free and

open Internet. Step up before the government has the ability to [CENSORED] and [CENSORED].

game preparation. I have had about all the buffoonery I can take from this guy.” -Anonymous

In reference to Matthew Westfall’s column, “Goody-two-shoes Santorum is not so good after all,” readers had this to say:

“Les Miles is not only a poor coach, but also a mumbling, bumbling fool. He says one thing and does another. No wonder the team was bickering. When your leader appears to be so uncertain and unwilling to change his game plan for the sake of the team, it’s got to be frustrating.” -Anonymous

“this article is using a George Soros organization in CREW to call Senator Santorum corrupt? If you want to attack the former Senator, using a list from a liberal think tank in CREW is not the way to go. You are not conservative if you haven’t been attacked by CREW as corrupt - the organization lists any senators/repre-

sentatives with a chance of losing as corrupt and routinely lists 8595 percent of Republicans while trying to come across as neutral by listing lame-duck Democrats. This is a feeble attempt to shoot down Santorum.” -Ryan (MD)

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The Daily Reveille (USPS 145-800) is written, edited and produced solely by students of Louisiana State University. The Daily Reveille is an independent entity within the Manship School of Mass Communication. Signed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, paper or University. Letters submitted for publication should be sent via e-mail to or delivered to B-26 Hodges Hall. They must be 400 words or less. Letters must have a contact phone number so the opinion editor can verify the author. The phone number won’t be printed. The Daily Reveille reserves the right to edit letters and guest columns for space consideration without changing the original intent. The Daily Reveille also reserves the right to reject any letter without notification of the author. Writers must include their full names and phone numbers. The Daily Reveille’s editor-in-chief, hired every semester by the Louisiana State University Media Board, has final authority on all editorial decisions.

Adam Arinder is a 22-year-old communication studies senior from Baton Rouge. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_aarinder. Contact Adam Arinder at

Contact The Daily Reveille’s opinion staff at

Quote of the Day “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.”

Potter Stewart Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Jan. 23, 1915 — Dec. 7, 1985

The Daily Reveille

Thursday, January 19, 2012


page 21

HEAD to HEAD Is Ron Paul the best candidate in the presidential race? Yes. Paul’s fight for civil liberties is what America needs.

As many Americans lose hope in President Obama, one candidate still represents a change in American politics. Texas Congressman Ron Paul may be an enigmatic and eccentric figure in American politics today, but he is also the best candidate the Republicans have. Since 9/11, Americans have watched as their country’s character has been undermined in the name of security. Movements outlined in the Patriot Act and the recent National Defense Authorization Act have stripped Americans of their civil liberties as unnecessary wars claimed American lives while taking a toll on the country’s economic strength. Paul is the one candidate that proposes to buck this trend. The congressman has been unwavering in his support of the Constitution and opposition to acts that violate the founding document. Paul has consistently voted against encroachments to American civil liberties and the unnecessary invasion of foreign countries, including the war in Iraq. It is therefore not surprising that Paul’s strongest base of support is among young voters. Americans who have only recently become old enough to vote have found that they have fewer civil liberties now than when they were born and that they had no say in the matter. “There is a healthy instinct among the young to be distrustful of arbitrary bureaucratic authority and interested in questions of constitutionality,” according to Political Science Department Chair James Stoner, who is not a Ron Paul supporter himself. Paul’s call to audit the Federal Reserve particularly attracts voters distrustful of federal institutions. Right now the Fed does not have to disclose all details of its lending, but a full audit would give the American people the transparency needed to oversee the bank. Paul is also the candidate most serious about reducing the size of government. His economic “Plan to Restore America” is the most ambitious plan put forth by any Republican candidate in the race. The plan calls for a $1 trillion spending cut in the federal government by eliminating five cabinet departments, ceasing all foreign aid and ending the war in Afghanistan. In a move that could please many members of the Occupy movement, Paul’s plan also calls for an end to corporate subsidies. Yet Paul’s greatest contribution to the presidential race is his view on foreign policy. Paul understands that America’s global military presence is unsustainable and stretches the country’s resources thin as more trouble occurs at home. Paul’s plan to close down foreign bases in Japan, Korea and Europe and to bring troops home would free up resources that can be used for domestic policy. People who expect a backlash against Paul’s foreign policy may be surprised to find that the Texas congressman receives more money from the military than any other candidate. Of course, Paul is not a perfect candidate. His opposition to reproductive rights and his desire to take a chainsaw to

the federal government may repel many Americans, but the congressman brings issues to the table that aren’t being debated in Washington. Unlike the other Republican candidates, Paul can challenge Obama on his encroachment of civil liberties and enforcement of the War on Drugs. Paul’s consistent record in standing up for civil liberties and his view of the Drug War as DAVID a harmful institution may SCHEUERMANN compel liberal voters Columnist that have become disillusioned with the Obama administration. The congressman represents an actual challenge in American politics and brings much-needed substance to the national consciousness. A race between Obama and Paul would cause Americans to ask themselves a tough question: Do you want the candidate who offers an expansion of health care and support for reproductive rights, or do you want the candidate that will protect your civil liberties, draw back America’s unsustainable global military presence and end its costly and institutionally racist drug war? He may have been deemed “unelectable” by the media, but if you value civil liberty, Paul is the best choice for the Republican nomination. David Scheuermann is a 19-year-old mass communication and computer science sophomore from Kenner. Follow him on Twitter at @TDR_dscheu.

Contact David Scheuermann at

No. Paul’s strategies are too drastic for our economy.

Let me begin by saying all of the GOP presidential nomination candidates are laughably inept. But Congressman Ron Paul takes the cake. Paul’s Libertarian ideology embraces a laissez-faire, or “hands off,” governmental approach towards all issues. Just imagine a world steeped with too-big-tofail banks, a non-existent middle class and pollution galore. Reaganomics, in esJAY MEYERS sence. Columnist Here are a few of the calamitous proposed courses of action Paul would like to implement: economic liberalization, an isolationist foreign policy and the notion of exterminating the Fed. Paul identifies himself as a believer in “Austrian Economics,” a doctrine with a firm conviction that fiat money — printed money not backed by gold — is the root of all economic evil. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to address the problems arising from financial panics. The Fed provides liquidity and short-term loans to help financial systems stabilize when markets are crashing. For example, after Lehman Brothers fell in 2008, the Fed began lending large amounts to banks and purchasing other assets in a successful attempt to stabilize financial markets and prevent a depression. In the fall of 2010, the Fed tried more stabilization procedures. The joint effect of these actions was that the monetary base — which is essentially how much money is in circulation — more than tripled in size. Paul and many Austrian economists, such as Paul’s economic advisor Peter Schiff, were positive what would happen as a result: Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation.


It has been four years since the initial stabilization attempts began, so how is that inflation coming, Mr. Paul? Inflation has risen minimally. Over the past four years, inflation has only risen an average of 1.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Without the Fed implementing these stabilization measures, the economy we are experiencing now would be a cakewalk compared to the economy we would be facing if Paul had his way and the Fed was exterminated. As previously mentioned, Paul is a believer in free and unfettered markets. He believes the government should not be involved with economic matters and that the invisible hand of the market will allocate resources best. The free market works to an extent, but if left completely unregulated, it can produce unfavorable outcomes for the environment, the well-being of people and the nation. When companies compete in unregulated markets, they can do whatever they wish. They wouldn’t think twice about polluting a river, releasing deadly carcinogens into the air or injecting harmful bacteria into food products if it were to better themselves. Another significant component of Paul’s economic plan are draconian spending cuts. The budget outline Paul proposed as part of his 2012 presidential bid promises to cut $1 trillion from the deficit in his first year in office and completely balance the budget by 2015. Doubt it. Not only is this plan not feasible, it would be atrocious for an economy in such a fragile state. Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, estimates that cutting $1 trillion in 2013 would cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket 3 percent. “This would almost have the economy fall off a cliff,” Baker concluded. Paul claims he is a non-interventionist, but he is merely trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If elected president, Paul would have the U.S. pull out of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and he would abolish the CIA and end any kind of foreign aid. Paul is definitely an isolationist. He is fine with other countries acquiring nuclear capability and believes they have a right to do so. If you desire an anarchist as your president for 2012, vote for Ron Paul. Jay Meyers is a 19-year-old economics freshman from Shreveport. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_jmeyers.

Contact Jay Meyers at LACYE BEAUREGARD / The Daily Reveille

Which side would you choose? Vote at

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Daily Reveille - January 19, 2012  

News, Sports, Entertainment, Opinion

The Daily Reveille - January 19, 2012  

News, Sports, Entertainment, Opinion