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Hang in there Finals Mania provides ways to ease test stress

What not to do These common mistakes prove costly to final grades

2 • Monday, December 10, 2012


Editors’ Note


ow many times this semester have you stopped and asked “Why am I in school?”

The tireless nights, never-ending list of assignments and tests as well as finals don’t seem worth it sometimes. This semester left us wondering that many times, until attending an International Business class. The whole point of the class was to Samantha Bethel learn that as countries around the world Wong Glumac interacted more with each other, they advanced in many ways: gross domestic product rose, income per person increased and the infant mortality rate dropped. These nations discovered that a basic, but powerful, part of a strong economy was us — students. Being in school means we are investing in our future. So if at any time during the next two weeks you are wondering if the late, sleepless, caffeine-filled nights are worth it, remember what was said here. In this edition, you can find puzzles galore, on-campus and holiday events to keep you occupied, why caffeine isn’t always bad for you, and much more. Also, don’t forget to check out the online section about how technology can improve study habits.





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Hang in there Finals Mania provides ways to ease test stress

What not to do These common mistakes prove costly to final grades

Vilchez ADVERTISING Michelle Alvarez, Michelle Hernandez, Christina Ilonzeh, Gabriela Padilla

ACROSS 1 Walk with a hitch 5 Breaking ball 11 Org. for attorneys 14 Cosmetic additive 15 City on the Rio Grande 16 Bodybuilder’s unit 17 Good news 19 Vanishing PC monitor choice 20 Prepare to fire 21 Area on a liner 23 Silly as a goose 26 Exclamations of content 27 ___ one’s time (waits patiently) 28 Air intake cavity 30 Giving off light 31 Scottish negative 32 Get rid (of) 35 Annual refrain 40 Against the rules 41 Hold out one’s paw, say 43 Word with “cord” or “column” 46 Greatest of the apes 49 “Ripley’s Believe It ___” 50 Pledge-week network 52 Not up to the task 53 Twelve months ago 55 Genetic material 56 Hurricane’s center 57 Satisfied about 62 ___ down (disappoint) 63 Grammarians’ concerns 64 Soloist’s rendition at the opera 65 365-day periods, roughly 66 Some Japanese-Americans 67 Pinings DOWN 1 Bring up the rear 2 Word with “mannered” or “equipped” 3 Bygone bird of New Zealand 4 Educated showoff 5 Like some pickings 6 Young boy 7 Type of whiskey or setter 8 They may be hammered out 9 Narrow winning margin

10 11 12 13 18 22 23

Common garden sight Pinball palace Candice of “Murphy Brown” Best suited Bleacher feature Prepared potatoes Quaint stopover 24 Man known for double takes? 25 Floating away? 26Suspect’s need 29 Pastoral poem 30 Powerball game 33 Attack word 34 Bluenoses 36 Wine grape 37 Egg-laying mammal of Australia 38 Having the means

39 Bark like a dog 42 Piece in a B-movie, perhaps 43 To the exclusion of all else 44 Bedtime recitation 45 Maps in maps 47 Casaba’s covering 48 From one viewpoint 50 Praiseful hymn 51 Eschews humility 54 “Born Free” lioness 55 “I Love Lucy” co-star Arnaz 58 Match a poker bet 59 Intense anger 60 Kind of foil or soldier 61 “The time ___ come!”

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Monday, December 10, 2012 • 3

Breakfast before bed Finals Mania offers students pancakes and games during finals week Amanda Hilow FINALS EDITION

With the end of the semester only a few days away and the stress from finals hitting students, the University has taken strides to provide fun activities around campus as convenient stress outlets. Students are encouraged to take the occasional study break and socialize with some friends. Last week, the University Center hosted everything from karaoke to poetry slams to a comedy show with Gina Yashere. Today, the hype will culminate at the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library with

board games and late-night pancakes cooked by UH staff. “It’s all a part of Finals Mania, a tradition at UH that happens twice a year to provide a quick break for students,” said Richard Zagrzecki, communications coordinator of Auxiliary Services. Hosted each semester by University Services, Dining Services and UH Libraries, Finals Mania will kick off with an appearance by Shasta and the UH marching band performing a series of schoolspirited songs and will have eight pancake stations available for students. “After you get your pancakes, you come out to the topping station. You can get strawberries, whipped cream, butter or syrup,” said Billy Garner, marketing coordinator of Auxiliary Services. The pancake stations will be sponsored and staffed by

representatives from the Student Government Association, Administration and Finance, Student Affairs, Staff Council, Faculty Senate, the library, the Provost’s Office and the Department of Advancement. Monster Energy Drink will offer free beverages for those students who are having problems staying awake to study, and Citywide Massage will provide free chair massages for anyone who needs help winding down. “The library purchased a number of popular board games that will be set out on tables in the study areas,” Zagrzecki said in a press release. “Then, as quickly as it all started, they’ll head back to their on-campus housing, apartments and homes to continue studying for final exams.” The event will take place from 9 to 11 p.m. and will be open to all students with their student IDs.


Skip the moving, lifting and assembling and fill your place with stylish, comfortable furniture without lifting a finger. Rental packages start at $99/mo for a 1 bedroom apartment. Call us today at 855.435.9133 Or visit 6608 FM 1960 | Houston, TX 77069 | 281.893.2910 5757 Richmond Avenue | Houston, TX 77057 | 713.781.2341 8155 Kempwood Drive | Houston, TX 77055 | 713.468.1350

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Let your next Apartment Complex...

Fitness classes will be offered at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. | File photo

UH provides stress relief options Organizations promote physical, mental well-being to combat duress Christopher Shelton FINALS EDITION

Final exams and stress are synonymous to senior corporate communications major Sarah Bell — asking if the two are related is a silly question in her mind. Bell said she keeps the stress of final exams from reaching an overwhelming level by rewarding herself after reaching milestones while studying. “I treat myself. After I get done

with a paper or halfway done, I stop and take a break. Rewarding yourself for being studious is the best way to go about it,” Bell said. “I watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for 20 minutes because it’s good to rejuvenate your brain instead of cram, cram, cram.” For some, like senior music education major Jaime Ramos, physical well-being supplements studying. He often visits the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Without his weight-lifting workout regiment, Ramos said he wouldn’t be able to relieve as much stress or offset the pressure of finals as well. “It’s a nice way to take out the energy of stress and put it toward something that’s beneficial to my health,” Ramos said. “It’s a nice way

to get away from everything and clear your mind.” Different departments at UH are contributing to lowering student stress. The University Center presented “Stress Free Finals” — a week’s worth of events that aim to lower student duress during finals. One of the events included was Cougar Cab, a game-show style way to get a ride to class and answer trivia questions along the way. “Ted” was shown in the University Center at 7 p.m. Thursday. Finals Mania will be held in the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library tonight, where a free pancake breakfast will be served from 9 to 11 p.m. and free snacks and drinks will be handed out.

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4 • Monday, December 10, 2012


QT PYE Brings out the

Beauty in you.

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PLAYLIST// We know you’re hard at work writing papers and studying for final exams. So to help keep you focused, our friends at Coog Radio compiled a 30-track mix for you to listen to while you work. Enjoy! HOTRIDE The Prodigy

TOP 10 ANNA Charles Spearin The Happiness Project

REMEMBER Sweater Beats Young Love/ Heartbreak Vol. 2

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned


FEEL. LOVE. THINKING OF Faunts Feel. Love. Thinking Of

COUNTRY Empire of the Sun Walking on a dream

THEN IT’S WHITE The Field Looping State of Mind


LLAW= WALL The Joy Formidable The Big Roar

XTAL Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85–92

Elixir Troy Gunner Headlights EP

Guilty Cubicles Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lost

So Nice (Summer Samba) Marcos Valle Samba ‘68

We Stay Together Andy Stott We Stay Together EP

Heart Shaped Locket Stumbleine Ghosting

Memories of Love Synkro Broken Promise EP

Cause a Rockslide Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast

Lights Pack A.D. Unpersons

Talderoy The Pirate Charles Conquer

Vanessa Grimes Darkbloom

Empty Streets Late Night Alumni Empty Streets

Easy Pure X Pleasure

(Far From) Home Tiga Sexor

I Wish Eisley The Valley

IWAAD Actress R.I.P

Sweets LO Girls in Supreme EP

All Bad Ends All The Books Thought for Food

Brainstorm Artic Monkeys Favorite Worst Nightmare

Shelter Birdy Bidy

Re: Stacks Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago

ACROSS 1 November birthstone 6 Nebraskan city 11 Clothe 14 Oater “necktie” 15 Former “American Idol” judge 16 Small bill 17 Miscellany 19 “The Bridge of ___ Luis Rey” 20 Chicken ___ king 21 Country hit “___ Been Everywhere” 22 Jagger’s title 23 At the very back of the boat 27 Proclaim 29 Chinese “way” 30 Cuisine featuring lemongrass 32 Indian flatbread 33 ___ City (Las Vegas nickname) 34 Acting litigiously 36 Bumps on a log 39 Beginning for “while” 41 Danger signal 43 Hobo concoction, in stereotypes 44 Asian nannies 46 “... dish ran away with the ___” 48 William Tell’s canton 49 Captures a fish, say 51 “And miles ___ before I sleep” 52 Van Winkle of legend 53 Bistro patron, e.g. 56 Daytime theatrical performance 58 Go bad 59 “___ you with me?” 60 Canal zone? 61 “Don’t mind if ___” 62 Simple breakfast 68 Nighttime, poetically 69 Quitter’s cry 70 Ho-hum feeling 71 ___ Alamitos, Calif. 72 Allocated (with “out”) 73 Accelerating forces DOWN 1 This puzzle’s explosive theme? 2 “How exciting!” 3 Maui

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 18 23 24 25 26 28

mouthful Tea-growing area of the Himalayas Absolute fanatics Not original Clever comment Destructive insect Pearly Gates locale From the halls of Montezuma Sleep restlessly Where an elated person walks Jazz or opera, e.g. New Hampshire city On the ocean blue Baby-tooth taker Great quantities Top hat accompaniment “Land of a million elephants”

31 35 37 38 40 42 45 47 50 53 54 55 57 63 64 65 66 67

Not up to the task He gets toasted at a wedding Creepy Rip off “You,” old-school Attired for a frat party Bedrock, e.g. Written, as music Tranquil Built-out window Beverly Hills drive Be moved by a stimulus Device of the wryly humorous Guinness specialty Flanders on “The Simpsons” ___ Arbor, Mich. “Peggy ___” (Buddy Holly song) “Whether ___ nobler ...”

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Monday, December 10, 2012 • 5

Caffeine stirs up caution — if not used carefully David Haydon FINALS EDITION

In response to The New York Time’s investigative article into caffeinated beverages in November, many have worried about the negative affects of energy drinks on the body. But coffee addicts and energy drink freaks can calm down; there is nothing wrong with caffeine — in moderation. According to incident reports submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, energy drinks were linked to more than a dozen deaths in the last four years. Scores of separate files linked these energy drinks to serious occurrences like

heart attacks and strokes. Monster Energy Drink caught the brunt of the negative flack. Other brands, like Red Bull Energy Drink and 5-hour Energy Shot, suffered similar public relations fiascos. The news reports failed to make clear correlation does not imply causation. The Times mentioned a 14-year-old who died of cardiac arrhythmia caused by caffeine toxicity after drinking two 710 milliliter cans of Monster Energy. But the teenager had a pre-existing heart condition and Ehlers– Danlos syndrome, an inherited connective tissue disorder. Ingesting 475 milligrams of caffeine was

irresponsible. Even if energy drinks caused a dozen other deaths in four years — which there is no proof of — there is no cause for panic. A few deaths out of hundreds of thousands of consumers is a good track record compared to other stimulants like cigarettes and alcohol. Consumers should be more concerned about the sugar content and over-saturation of vitamins found in most energy drinks. The recommended daily allowance of sugar for the human body is 40 grams. One can of Red Bull contains about 30 grams of sugar. A can of green Monster Energy contains

about 60 grams. The kidneys and liver can only take so much abuse. My advice for people who need energy drinks to perform well in school: Sleep and study will never be second fiddle. When it comes to healthy stimulants, little else is superior to a cup of black coffee. Coffee shops like Starbucks Coffee Company have spoiled consumers with overpriced, frothfilled frappuccinos of cream and sugar for years. It’s time to go back to basics. Most cannot stand the bitter taste, admittedly, but don’t blame black coffee. Black coffee is cheap and naturally sugar-free. It contains on average 100 milligrams

of caffeine. Perhaps most importantly, it is only five calories per six ounces. But if black coffee doesn’t cut it, don’t waste money on a $3 drink. Over-the-counter caffeine pills can be found at any pharmacy or dollar store. They’re cheap, effective and aren’t stuffed with the unreasonable amount of vitamins and minerals found in so many energy drinks. While consuming these beverages, people should keep in mind one thing: Regardless of the medium — be it pill, energy shot or coffee — caffeine is a drug. It’s benign compared to cocaine and amphetamines, but it deserves respect. Treat it with such.

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6 • Monday, December 10, 2012


Where’s the

Mann Joshua Mann lives a very busy life. When he’s not fulfilling his duties as editor in chief of The Daily Cougar, attending class, working at his part-time modeling job or hang gliding, it’s hard to find him. Luckily, we spotted him last week at different locations on campus. We took pictures as proof, but he caught on and started hiding from us. Can you spot the Mann?

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Monday, December 10, 2012 • 7

HOLIDAY CALENDAR FRIDAY FEST TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Horseshoe Park, Tomball Toyota Center Friday, Dec.14, 6PM–Saturday, Dec.15, 11PM Friday, Dec.21, 8 p.m. Price: $$$ Price: $ HANDEL’S MESSIAH Jones Hall Friday, Dec. 21–23, 8PM Price: $$

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RECKLESS KELLEY NYE 2013 House of Blues Monday, Dec.31, 8:30PM Price: $$

HOUSTON TEXANS VS. MINNESOTA VIKINGS Reliant Stadium Sunday, Dec. 23, 12PM Price: $-$$$

ARS LYRICA HOUSTON Hobby Center for the Performing Arts Tuesday, Dec. 31, 9PM Price: $$

LASERS, LIGHTS, AND MAGIC IN THE PARK Saengerfest Park Monday, Dec.24–Tuesday, Dec.31, 6PM Price: Free

DWIGHT YOAKUM CONCERT Arena Theater Friday, Dec. 31, 8PM Price: $$ NEW YEAR’S EVE HOUSTON Discovery Green Tuesday, Dec. 31, 11PM Price: Free

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HOUSTON ROCKETS VS. LOS ANGELES LAKES Toyota Center Tuesday, Jan. 8, 7PM Price: $-$$$ SARA EVANS CONCERT Toyota Center Thursday, Jan. 10, 7PM Price: $$ B.B. KING CONCERT House of Blues Friday, Jan. 11, 8PM Price: $$$

HOUSTON AEROS VS. TEXAS STARS Toyota Center Friday, Jan. 4, 7PM Price: $$ HOUSTON’S SUPER SATURDAY FROM TEAM BEACHBODY Omni Houston Hotel at Wayside Saturday, Jan.5, 1PM Price: $$ MONSTER JAM Reliant Stadium Saturday, Jan.5, 7PM Price: $

GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL CLASS Georgia’s Farm to Market Saturday, Jan.12, 7PM Price: Free Sources:

WILLIAM SHATNER PERFORMANCE The Grand 1894 Opera House, Galveston Sunday, Jan. 6, 7PM Price: $$ KEMAH GHOST TOURS 603 Bradford Ave., Kemah Monday, Jan.7 – Nov.7 Price: $


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Final’s naughty list Eight pointers to keep in mind while preparing for the last days of exams Kathleen Murrill FINALS EDITION




For All Skin Types 1 Tan $10

for new costumers


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S (between Edgebrook and Almeda on I-45)


11550–C Gulf Frwy, Houston, TX 77034

‘Tis the season of sleep deprivation and memorization, of energy drinks and all-nighters, of wishing you had gone to class more often and actually listened. Ah, ‘tis the season of finals. Without a doubt, the campus seems to change when the end of the semester is near. You catch your professors smiling as they walk to class thinking of new ways to destroy your GPA. There is also that faint aroma of coffee, Red Bull and junk food in the air. Worst of all is the downgrade of students’ appearances. They say Houston only has two seasons: hot and hotter. The same could be said for the appearances of students at UH during finals, but the seasons would have to be hot and not so hot. Not only are the jeans and cute tops thrown to the back of the closet to be replaced by oversized hoodies and pajama bottoms, but students also transform into their vampirelike states. Thanks to the lack of sleep and constant studying pale faces appear, dark circles form underneath blood-shot eyes and unwashed hair accompanying a constant cold sweat becomes the norm. Basically, the “Twilight” franchise could have saved piles of money by casting some UH students during finals week. But do not fret — there is a way to break this spell that doesn’t involve a wooden stake. Here is a list of what not to do while studying for finals.

1. Don’t stay awake for two days straight. Not only does your brain start to shut off and lose its ability to retain information, but you start to look crazy. And it’s just rude to walk around campus scaring other people just before they walk into final exams. 2. Don’t be so strict with your studying that you leave no room for mental stress breaks. You have to let your freak flag fly every once in a while and this is especially important during finals. Play video games, watch a funny movie, karaoke or dance Gangnam style. Whatever you’re in to, just do it and take a break. 3. Don’t forget about hygiene. A good scrub down never hurt anyone. And while on the topic, NoShave November is over. Yes, ladies that includes you. We all know why your legs haven’t seen the sunlight since Halloween. There is no need to have a disgusting December because all that leads to is awkward Christmas gifts of deodorant and body spray. 4. Don’t think you can live off Diet Coke and Flaming Hot Cheetos for two weeks. Throw in some vegetables and fruit. Heck, go crazy and treat yourself to a full sit down meal. You’ll feel revitalized and ready to return to studying. 5. Don’t ignore the gym, especially since you probably ignored the previous paragraph. Run, rock climb, take a spin class or be one of those weird people who

stare at themselves in the mirror while lifting weights and claim it’s to ensure good form — you’re not fooling anyone, buddy. Do anything and take advantage of those endorphins to power through the rest of your work. 6. Don’t be one of those people who talk only about what they are studying. First of all, this is because no one cares. Save your friends hours of half-smiles and head nodding to your insistent jabbering about chemicals, numbers, your essay or whatever. Just talk about anything else, please. It also allows you to get your brain off of your finals. It’s not a study break if all you talk about is studying. When in doubt, quote “Mean Girls.” Tina Fey’s humor is universal. If your friends don’t agree, get new friends. 7. Don’t underestimate the power of a good laugh. I am talking about a laugh that makes you clap like a seal as tears stream down your face and no audible noise comes out. A laugh that doubles as an abs workout. 8. And finally, one “do.” Do actually study. It’s cute that you have colorcoated note cards, brand-new highlighters and a firm grasp on what you have to get done, but none of this helps your final grade. Find out what style of studying works best for you — study groups or studying solo, music or silence, flashcards or continual reading — and stick with that. You can thank The Daily Cougar for all this great advice when your final grades are posted.

Your perfect

all nighter companion.

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ACROSS 1 Without repetition 5 Famous film falcon’s home 10 Roadie loads 14 Hotel rental 15 From Japan, say 16 Ecclesiastical court tribunal 17 1816 Jane Austen novel 18 Stretches in a line 20 “As ___ on TV!” 21 What sudden death eliminates? 22 Avian penthouse 23 Wedding cake segment 25 Laura of “Jurassic Park” 27 Hard hitter, Biblically 29 Like feet in a poem 33 Canonical hour 34 Wormer in “Animal House,” for one 35 Board game that became a movie 36 “___ you with me?” 37 Arterial vessel 38 Ripen 39 Yom Kippur observance 41 Very wealthy 42 Beamed intensely 44 In a dangerous manner 46 Abbr. at the head of a letter, sometimes 47 Revealing photo? 48 “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” for one 49 “Sexy” lady of a Beatles song 52 Treat a rapper with contempt 53 Space-exploring gp. 56 They indicate where one should sit 59 “___ turn up” 60 Verdi classic 61 Proclamation of a tyrant 62 Buzz’s companion on the moon 63 Attack like Norman Bates 64 Hamburger portion 65 See from afar DOWN 1 Lode loads 2 Iditarod racer’s destination 3 Attractive quality 4 Issue, as from a source 5 Dog’s best friend 6 Up and about 7 Old spendables in Rome 8 ___ chi (martial art form) 9 Raggedy doll 10 Elderberry wine additive, in a classic film 11 Tie at anchor 12 Spitting sound, in comics 13 Fill beyond full 19 “Tootsie” actress Teri 24 Referendum choice 25 “___ Be Not Proud” 26 Sicilian volcano 27 Muddlement 28 “Happy Days” actress Erin 29 Clemency 30 Fellow students 31 Carpenter’s boring tool 32 A Yorkshire city 34 Dainty table decoration 37 Two-dimensional calculation 40 It might have a long run on Broadway 42 Superman foe Luthor 43 Harebrained 45 Welcome word to the miserly 46 Raymond of “Dr. Kildare” 48 In the ___ of (surrounded by) 49 Hotel amenities 50 Came back to earth 51 Baby’s favorite art movement? 52 Another mild expletive 54 Certain undergarment 55 Friend 57 A trophy, perhaps 58 Wanted-poster letters



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ACROSS 1 What some excuses are 5 Middle of many plays 10 “I could ___ horse!” 14 Republic on the Caspian 15 Allies of the Yanks, often 16 Workers on financial records 17 What gossips dish 18 It may follow grade school 20 Fill beyond full 21 Find a function for 22 ___-weensy 23 Unable to react chemically 25 Bluish-green 27 Small beard 29 Assumed to be true 33 Back-toschool item 34 Kind of van or bus 35 Within shouting distance 36 In-flight stat 37 Battlefield doc 38 Amateur’s antonym 39 Six years, for

Off campus?



a senator 41 Guinness or Waugh 42 Eucharist plate 44 Blood carriers 46 Treat with contempt 47 Highly rated 48 Former French currency 49 Accumulate 52 Conniving 53 Twosome in the gossip columns 56 Make your plans to attack known 59 “I couldn’t ___ less!” 60 Poker pot input 61 Where Davy Crockett met his maker 62 The “A” in A.D. 63 Make messy or untidy, as hair 64 “Seven Years in ___” 65 Depict unfairly

The University of Houston is looking for Orientation Coaches To Help New Students prepare for their on-campus experience! Applications are avaible at Due by January 25th

DOWN 1 Coffee container covers 2 Oratorio highlight 3 Dojo activity 4 Arrangement between nations 5 Formally disavow 6 Pie part 7 Pitchfork prong 8 “Lord, is ___?” (Last Supper question) 9 Prefix with “metric” or “bar” 10 Battlefield formation 11 “You could hear ___ drop” 12 Yard sale labels 13 Covered with soot, e.g. 19 Gather, as grain 24 Always, to an old poet 25 Forum garb 26 Sweeping story 27 Actress Garbo 28 Classic TV’s “The ___

Limits” 29 What opponents take 30 Rural underground container 31 Dog-___ (folded book pages) 32 Ambient sound 34 Bench-clearer at the ballpark 37 Large water pipe 40 Vaccine target, often 42 It may be split for soup 43 Lotions for treating sprains 45 Sub ___ (in confidence) 46 Wood decay 48 Moth attractor 49 Being No. 1? 50 Beanery handout 51 Makes a scene? 52 Mop decks 54 White-tailed eagle 55 Cat’s plaint 57 Critter of the Chinese zodiac 58 Pharmaceutical giant Lilly

Advertising Supplement ACROSS 1 Email filter target 5 Decidedly un-Texan 10 Powerful emotion 14 Bishop Desmond 15 “The Sons of ___ Elder” 16 Line-___ veto 17 Old-style “Bummer!” 18 Crave (with “for”) 19 Soothing salve 20 Contradict 22 With irregularity and unevenness 24 Couple with 16 arms? 27 Singer Amos 28 Fill-up filler 30 Steep, rugged cliff 31 Cab type 34 Goddess of abundance and fertility 35 “What ___ God wrought?” 36 Princess’ adornment 37 Bumbling dudes 39 Stop pushing so hard 42 Way into a mine 43 Cappuccino topper 45 Tiler’s measurement 47 Animal doctor 48 Pour through a sieve 50 Cop after dealers 51 Oft-pale beverage 52 Wedding cake doll

Monday, December 10, 2012 • 11

53 Dough component 55 Like the son in a parable of Jesus 58 Indian lute 61 The stuff of legends 62 “___ you ashamed?” 65 Roy’s partner on the range 66 Takes into a count? 67 Homebound student, often 68 “Good heavens!” 69 Put through the paces 70 Overdo it onstage 71 Nevada’s second-largest city DOWN 1 Attack with a dagger 2 Act the crybaby 3 Like a stumped puzzle solver? 4 “___ to my ears” 5 Word with “high” or “light” 6 West of old Hollywood 7 Abutting at 90 degrees 8 A euro forerunner 9 Kentucky Derby victory margin 10 Poet’s name for Ireland 11 Smaller and weaker, perhaps 12 Break the news 13 Television award 21 Carve into glass 23 Blame bearer 25 Kind of testimony 26 Fancy chopped liver

28 29 32 33 38 40 41 44 46 49 54 55 56 57 59 60 63 64

Blunders In pieces Built-out window Photo finish? Least wild and frivolous River through Russia South American nation Sound system of yesteryear Book of apostolic deeds Make invalid Kind of down Surveyor’s map Hopped a freight Calla lily, e.g. “Chattahoochee” singer Jackson Bring on the decorator Tightrope walker’s protection Concert souvenir



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Learning Support Services provides tutoring every day and offers workshops to help students understand and deal with the stress of finals. If students do find themselves overwhelmed, they also have the option of visiting Counseling and Psychological Services, which now offers same-day consultations. Learning strategies counselor Laura Heidel said in an email that students need to prioritize their schedules based on the percentage of their grade the exam is worth and how important the class is to their major. Heidel said understanding the nature of the exam is important too. If your test is an essay, you should practice writing essays. Working with peers is important also. It is helpful to plan fixed activities first, such as classes, work and meetings. In your free time, you can plan specific tasks to do to get ready for finals. “Keep your normal eating and sleeping schedules,” Heidel said. “If your routine gets changed a lot, this can cause stress.” “Avoid a lot of caffeine because that can make you more nervous.”

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“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price.” ~ Vince Lombardi 

Dr Richard Dr. Rich Ri char ardd Wa Walk Walker lker er Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Student Affairs

12 • Monday, December 10, 2012


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Fall Finals Edition  
Fall Finals Edition  

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