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UH ranks 25 for international students Channler Hill Assistant managing editor

For more than 10 years, UH has remained just out of the ranking as one of the top 25 universities to host non-immigrant international students, but this year it ranked 25th among other Tier One research universities across the country. “UH is a magnet for international students because of the breadth and quality of its programs, its special focus on disciplines related to energy, health and the arts and because of Houston, the most diverse large city in the U.S.,” said Jerald Strickland, assistant vice chancellor for Office of International Studies and Programs. “Happy international students attract other students who want a welcoming and stimulating academic environment.” UH serves as a stepping stone for international students who have never been to the U.S. by preparing them for a future beyond the classroom, said Anita Gaines, director of Office of International Student and Scholar Services. “The rich ethnic diversity and academic excellence found at the University of Houston provide boundless opportunities for our students by preparing them to be global citizens,” Gaines said. Strickland said UH has developed


1 9 3 4


International appeal After years in the top 30 of a list of schools with the highest number of international students, UH finally makes the top-25 cut. The International Student and Scholar Services Office offers support for the nearly 5,000 international students attending UH.




students in American institutions, or 25.4% of all international students.

Get ahead with winter classes LIFE+ARTS

Int’l Total

University of Southern California

Los Angeles


University of Illinois




New York University

New York



University of Texas




University of Pennsylvania




Texas A&M University

College Station



University of California




Georgia Institute of Technology




University of Houston


partnerships with international universities and organizations, to assist in recruiting international students. “UH has over 100 international university partners across the globe that know UH and are anxious to provide an avenue for advanced


India: 100,270 S. Korea: 72,295


20.6% of all international students

China leads with


Top study fields for international students: s"USINESSAND management s%NGINEERING s-ATHAND computer science


All data gathered from The Institute of International Education


Graphic by Andres Garcia

study at this University,” Strickland said. “A few have exchange programs provide opportunities for UH students to study abroad at the cooperating international universities.” The Office of International

Moores prof pulls in readers SPORTS

Student and Scholar Services assist international students in their transition to the University and the U.S. by providing orientation of the UH academic system, policy and INT’L continues on page 3

Third straight win for UH



Loop Road Project starts

ONLINE XTRA Stem-cell-targeted drugs may be key to treating cardiac patients.

Laura Gillespie Staff writer

The first phase of the four-phase Loop Road Project, a construction project that will extend Cougar Place across Cullen Boulevard and to Wheeler Avenue, has begun. Parking Lot 13A, to the northeast of Cougar Place, and the area’s traffic signal will be upgraded as well. “The Loop Road improves campus circulation by extending Cougar Place and eliminating the offset drive into Lot 13A; by-passing the METRO rail line on Wheeler; and providing additional handicap parking and gated parking for surrounding buildings,” said senior project manager

NEXT WEEK The project is supposed to increase accessibility to the new Cougar Place. | Bethel Glumac/The Daily Cougar Margaret Manley. “This allows UH shuttle busses and other traffic to circulate around the campus more efficiently, avoiding the METRO train tracks on Wheeler and the traffic signal at the intersection of Wheeler and Cullen.” For the first phase, temporary

fencing was installed beginning on Oct. 30 around the proposed expansion area. Construction, provided for the University by SpawGlass, as part of the Cougar Woods Dining Hall project, will take place throughout the next three months in the area. “The project also eliminates the

offset driveway into Lot 13A off Cullen which will now be accessed off Cougar Place and controlled by the existing traffic signal, which is being upgraded to current City of Houston standards for improved vehicular LOOP continues on page 3

UH Dining’s new “Dish Amnesty Program” allows students to return “borrowed” silverware.



Days until the last day of class.

7 days until you have to start thinking about finals

The Daily Cougar

2 \\ Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Graduate Research Colloquium: From 3 to 4:30 p.m. in Room 520 in Agnes Arnold Hall, the UH History Department will be hosting a research colloquium featuring professor Hannah Decker.Her presentation is entitled “No Norwegian for Sale’? Evaluating Resistance Activities in Nazi-Occupied Norway.”

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Curator Talk: From 6 to 8 p.m. at the Blaffer Art Museum Director and Chief Curator Claudia Schmuckli will discuss the 25year survey of Tony Feher’s work currently on exhibition at Blaffer. Broken Lizard and The Dark Knight Rises: From 7 to 10 p.m. in the Houston Room in the University Center, the Student Program Board will be hosting a comedy show followed by a showing of The Dark Night Rises. The comedy show will start at 7 p.m.followed by the movie at 8:30 p.m. Soda and pizza will be provided. Gospel Mixer: From 7:30 to 10 p.m. in the Bayou City Room in the University Center, Power4Life Ministries will be hosting a gospel mixer. They will also present scholarship and community service information.

Free HIV Testing: From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. the UH Health Center will be offering free HIV and syphilis Testing in observance of World AIDS Day and in response to the syphilis increase in Houston. Snow Queen: From 10 to 11:30 a.m. in Lyndall Finley Wortham Theatre, the School of Theatre and Dance will be presenting the play Snow Queen about a magical kingdom where the Snow Queen plans to freeze the hearts of all living things and rule supreme over a world of snow and ice. Student tickets are $10. Strings Attached- Untangling the Ethics of Incentives: From 5 to 6 p.m. in the Honors College Commons, the Phronesis organization will be hosting a lecture featuring professor Ruth Grant of Duke University.

Saturday UH Men’s Basketball vs. Texas A&M: At 3 p.m. in Hofheinz Pavilion, the UH Men’s Basketball team will compete against Texas A&M.

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Closing editors

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Channler Hill Joshua Mann

P A L L A D I U MB O O T S . C O M


Thursday, November 29, 2012 // 3

The Daily Cougar


continued from page 1

procedures and connecting them with the Houston community for their culture adjustment, said Jin Zhang, associate director for the Office of International Student and Scholar Services. “Our office provides assistance before the student even arrives to the U.S. We assist them on how to apply for the visa, provide airport picking up, and arrange housing,” Zhang said. “Once they arrive, we provide check-in to verify the student immigration documents and report to (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) accordingly.” The number of non-immigrant international students attending the University continues to increase each year, and includes students from 121 countries. In Fall 2012, there was an enrollment of 3,520 — 3,343 in Fall 2011 and 3,242 in Fall 2010, according to UH admission statistics. The continued growth of international students is important to the overall success of the University and the for the experience of its students, said Parul Fernandes, director for the Office of International Studies and Programs. “In order to be globally competent, every student must learn of different cultures. U.S. students who cannot go abroad due to monetary reasons interact with international students and learn about the different cultures and countries,” Fernandes said. “So international students are great contributors to the U.S. economy and in communicating about their culture through participation in the various programs.”


Lecture captures hearts


tudents, faculty and staff attended a lecture series by Mark Mercola, a professor from Sansford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. His lecture focused on his research with stem cells and heart muscle regeneration Check out for the full story. — Bethel Glumac/The Daily Cougar

Consider this an early gift (and a great excuse to procrastinate)


continued from page 1

and pedestrian safety,” Manly said. The expansion will also create more vehicular access and parking for the A.D. Bruce Religion Center, the Quads, Cougar Woods Dining Hall and Cougar Place Housing, which may help to alleviate the loss of parking at the University caused by the demolition of Robertson Stadium and the construction of the new stadium. The road is expected to open in January or February 2013.


GRAND OPENING Saturday, December 1 (Doors open @ 10 am) 3277 Southwest Freeway On the Feeder Across from Greenway Plaza Between Edloe and Buffalo Speedway

713-592-0002 (call me maybe?)

The Daily Cougar

4 \\ Thursday, November 29, 2012




Give us classes for Christmas The Daily Cougar Editorial Board


iving up winter break in order to get ahead on class credit may not be an oportunity many college students would jump at, but it may be a good idea. On one hand, the opportunity to satisfy three credit hours within a few weeks is appealing. It speeds up the path to graduation and can free a student’s schedule in the spring. But on the other hand, the crammed workload provides students with less time to absorb the material, and it jeopardizes the lasting benefits of the class, especially upper-level courses, which are normally more complicated and demanding than their core curriculum counterparts. For this reason, the students who will benefit the most from taking mini sessions are freshmen. Graduating on-time wouldn’t

seem like a top priority for college freshmen, who have a lot to balance and adjust to during the first year at college, but early preparation is important. If freshmen have the time during the break, taking a winter course is a way of getting that much closer to graduation. But in order for this to be effective, UH needs to target freshmen by offering more core courses. This year’s session will have 30 courses, and about a third of those count toward the core curriculum. Considering the fact that the program is only in its third year that’s a relatively good amount of core options available, but the University should continue to expand that number so more students can take advantage of the opportunity. Winter sessions are worth taking the time to perfect and are something from which both the University and students can benefit. Despite how new the program

is, winter sessions are being utilized by the student body. According to Marshall Schott, associate vice president for University Outreach, enrollment has proven that students are interested. “They are surprisingly popular. We started this a couple of years ago. It was really an academic experiment,” Schott said. “I think the first time we did it we had maybe 400 to 500 enrollments, and I’m looking at the numbers right now; we’ll probably get close to 1200 students.” The program will likely grow, and as it does, the University should adjust accordingly. We have a remarkably low graduation rate — students are sticking around too long. Winter sessions are a great way to keep students on track.

Cartoon by Samantha Wong/The Daily Cougar

Students should do away with Chick-fil-A Kelle’ Martin Contributing writer


f Dan Cathy wanted his chicken sandwich serving restaurant to become a household name, he did a great job this year doing so. He sparked controversy by speaking out against same sex marriage and caught flack for it but was also backed by supporters. The marketing idiom that no publicity is bad publicity seems to hold some truth, Cathy shouldn’t have the satisfaction of having his chicken joint mentioned in one more article. Personally I haven’t given money

to Cathy or his poultry products, as delicious as they may be since I learned about the type of causes he gives his money to. In 2010, WinShape, the nonprofit foundation created by Cathy and largely supported by his restaurant donated more than $1 million to the Marriage & Family Foundation and $37,000 to the National Institute of Marriage, both of which promote defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The irony of this situation is a portion of his profits come from the community he decided to publicly speak against. On top of the overt talks of hate coming from the company, rumor


There is no reason to put money into a company that is putting that same money into organizations whose missions are to promote heterosexual relationships and perpetuate internalized homophobia. While I appreciate the artistry of gay wit, I will admit that the humorous video which spoofs both The Wilson Phillips classic “Hold on for One More Day” and TLC’s “Waterfalls” is more than likely shade, or sarcasm at the entire situation. There is strength in proclaiming that we as a group of people have the right to eat anywhere we want but we also have the power to hit Cathy where it hurts most: his

wallet. LGBTQ individuals and their allies compose a large community with a tremendous amount of buying power. If every LGBTQIAidentified person, including those who have not disclosed their sexual orientations, were to boycott the chain, I believe that there could be some damage done to Cathy and his donations to anti-gay organizations. What is most important is the underlying issue at stake. It’s not an issue of freedom of speech which is what many on Cathy’s side will argue. Walking into one MARTIN continues on page 5

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has it that they also discriminate against anyone who isn’t heterosexual. The rumor is based on the 12 times the company has been sued for employment discrimination. While I can understand the message of a music video released by a triad of Drag Queen royalty (Willam Belli, DeTox, and Vicki Vox) earlier this year encouraging members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual community to eat at Cathy’s despite his stance on homosexual relationships, it is the opposite of what we as a community should be doing right now.



Joshua Mann Amanda Hilow Channler Hill Julie Heffler Andrew Pate Allen Le Lucas Sepulveda

Thursday, November 29, 2012 // 5

The Daily Cougar


MARTIN continued from page 4

of these restaurants to buy a combo meal is not simply saying you support freedom of speech or that you’re hungry. Now that the restaurant’s owner has taken a stance on same sex relationships and the types of organizations he

donates to has been made public. Placing an order at Cathy’s counter or drive-thru is saying you agree that same sex marriage is inviting God’s judgment on the U.S. Even if you don’t support same-sex relationships you’re also giving money to a company that is not above firing women so that they can be stay at home

moms against their will. That type of thinking may have been OK in the early 1900s but it’s 2012. Consumers have power, so when they go to buy lunch, they should say “hold the hate,” and spend their money elsewhere.

Staff columnist


ne man to one vote has always been the core principle of a functioning democracy. Democracy may be the best form of government, but looking back in history, democracies have not always promoted the best policies. The majority of present day Americans do not agree with the majority of Americans from previous generations. Both sides can’t be right. Examples of this is slavery and, more recently, Jim Crowe laws. Not even 60 years ago did the voting majority believe that African Americans should be categorized as a class of human beings inferior to Anglo Americans. It was during a time where a black man could not drink from the same water fountain as a white man. And just two weeks ago President Barak Obama, a black man, was nominated for his second term. There is no way that American ancestors could have been right. Another example is marijuana. Not too long ago were people preaching that marijuana was the devil’s lettuce, and that it makes people become evil criminals. But California has voted that marijuana is legal for health purposes, and Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Some believe such legalization is appropriate for a variety of reasons, but only posterity will be able to judge that. When it comes to right or wrong, people are all just

guessing. The government does want to protect the majority’s opinion, but opinions are merely thoughts on what the facts are. One man, one vote, the American way of life. But just like everything that seems too good to be true there is fine print under this principle. Felons can’t vote. People who have a limited mental capacity can’t vote either. And the U.S. has an electoral college, which means that citizens vote for someone to vote for them. The American version of democracy is questionable; it just doesn’t seem true to the definition. If someone is a felon or is not as fast as others they don’t have

a vote. This should be unacceptable because these are two large populations that are being ignored. This is the opposite of a democracy. Everyone should be able to vote. That is a true sign of political freedom. But the U.S. democracy isn’t constructed like that because of such restrictions. What’s not popular can’t vote, and the popular vote doesn’t win elections. So until the popular vote wins, and everyone gets a vote, the American democracy will still be a work in progress. Chris Marshall is a graduate student studying mass communications and may be reached at


Contact the Center of Reproductive Medicine to see if you may be eligible to participate

281.332.0073 Your perfect

1015 Medical Center Blvd. Ste. 21000 Webster TX 77598



all nighter

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Kelle’ Martin is a sociology graduate student and may be reached at opinion@

An imperfect democracy Chris Marshall

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The Daily Cougar

6 \\ Thursday, November 29, 2012




Cougars claim third straight win Andrew Pate Sports editor

Freshman guard Jessieka Palmer played 16 minutes in the Cougars 55-42 victory compiling five points and three rebounds. | Justin Tijerina/The Daily Cougar

Led by junior forward Yasmeen Thompson’s 10 points and 11 rebounds – her second doubledouble of the year – the Cougars held UTSA to 28 percent (17-of-61) shooting in a 55-42 victory against the Roadrunners at Hofheinz Pavilion. “I told them I didn’t want them to have more than 30 points in a half, and before halftime we held them to 20. We missed 40 by two points, but I’ll take that,” said head coach Todd Buchanan. “If we can defend, guard, and hold people to 42 points, I’ll take that every single time.” Senior point guard Porsche Landry added her seventh doublefigure game of the season with 12 points while junior forward Marissa Ashton added 12 points and six rebounds during 21 minutes of play.

“Marissa really stepped it up out there tonight,” Buchanan said. “She made some really big plays offensively and defensively. We know she’s a good player with a good skill set, but for her to come in and not put her head down after missing those shots early like she’s been known to do in the past was really huge.” The Cougars started strong, jumping out to a 9-0 start and never looking back. In the 15-point win, UH shot 21 of 60 from the field including five three-pointers compared to UTSA’s one. The victory was the third consecutive, bringing UH to 3-4 on the season. In the three wins, the Cougars have outrebounded opponents 46-42. “The momentum is turning and we all feel it as a team,” Ashton said. “Our confidence is high, and we are really working on fixing a few things.”

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NOTES DID YOU KNOW: UH’s 55-42 victory against UTSA was not the first goaround between these opponents. The win continued a long string of dominance over the Roadrunners. The Cougars improved to 18-1 all-time against UTSA since 1981 and 10-0 when playing the Roadrunners at Hofheinz Pavilion.



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Thursday, November 29, 2012 // 7

The Daily Cougar


Louisville leaves Big East for ACC Andrew Pate Sports editor

UH legend diagnosed with cancer ormer UH head coach Jack Pardee was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and given six to nine months to live according to reports Tuesday. Under Pardee, the Cougars compiled a 22-11-1 record between 1987-89. — Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Atlantic Coast Conference presidents voted unanimously Wednesday to admit Louisville into the conference in a move to replace Maryland, who bolted for the Big 10 Conference. Louisville was slated to be a longterm conference foe for UH in the Big East when the Cougars enter the conference next season. According to The Associated Press, the ACC had also considered Big East member Connecticut and Cincinnati but the league decided to vote on only the Cardinals at this time. The Big East Conference, likely in a move to buffer against Lousiville’s expected leave, added Tulane and East Carolina on Tuesday.

Despite the recent exodus of schools from the conference, UH Vice President for Intercollegiate Mack Rhoades has remained steady in the Cougars intention to stick with their planned 2013 move. Wednesday, Boise State president Bob Kustra put rumors aside that the Broncos were speaking about a return to the Mountain West and said they remain loyal to entering the Big East. “I want to make it clear that Boise State has had no discussions with the Mountain West Conference in the past couple of weeks,” said Kustra in a recent statement. “We are in constant communication with presidents and athletic directors of the Big East, and we intend to strengthen our conference

by adding members who can contribute to a strong conference.” The loss of Louisville, who is expected to join the ACC as a fullfledged member in 2014, is the seventh Big East school to move to the ACC. The Cardinals are expected to pay a $10 million exit fee and will be required to give a 27 month notice, although these figures are expected to lessen through negotiations between the school and Big East. The new makeup of the 12-team Big East Conference includes UH, Connecticut, South Florida, Cincinnati, Tulane, Temple, Boise State, San Diego State, UCF, SMU, Memphis and ECU.

— November 30, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. —


TESTING Available to UH Students, Staff & Faculty. Anonymous and Confidential Testing Available. Let’s stand together against HIV this WORLD’S AIDS DAY, December 1 UH Health Center Entrance 6 on Wheeler

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The Daily Cougar

8 \\ Thursday, November 29 2012


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Blitzstein biography by UH professor sheds light Patrick Larose Staff writer

“Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World” is the latest biography written by Howard Pollack, a professor at the Moores School of Music. It tells the story of one of the most underappreciated composers of the 20th century. Throughout the course of the book, Pollack explores the composer’s life, his political leaning and his constant struggle to fully achieve musical success. Pollack’s research takes center stage, allowing readers to explore Blitzstein through firsthand accounts of those surrounding him, which immerses readers into the artist’s life. From his roots in Philadelphia to his tragic and violent death, the biography comes together to create a detailed painting of the composer. Readers get a fleeting grasp on a

flamboyant, opinionated man who brought joy to the lives of those around him. They are presented a man who works and writes in a constant attempt to reach his genius, including the triumphs and downfalls of his musical career. The author presents Blitzstein’s struggles and uses his letters to bring readers inside the composer’s mind, which is filled with aspirations and insecurities. This is one of the many aspects of the book that brings out its more compelling qualities. The book is filled with musical jargon that may be confusing to someone without the vocabulary, and is an intimidating 600 pages of content, but Pollack seems to know his target audience and does not compromise to reach a lowest common denominator.

“Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World” was written by Moores School of Music professor Howard Pollack. The biography delves inside the mind of a prominent 20th century composer. |

MOORES continues on page 9

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The Daily Cougar





Health freshman Vanessa Onyekwere mixes mellow colors for the holiday season. ƒ Hat and scarf: Forever 21 ƒ Coat: 579 ƒ Pants: Macy’s ƒ Shoes: Dr. Martens

Cute and flowery does it for liberal studies junior Thi Ho. ƒ Dress: Forever 21 ƒ Jacket: Abercrombie Kids ƒ Belt: Forever 21 ƒ Boots: Steve Madden — Compiled by Allen Le and Samantha Wong

MOORES continued from page 8

But this doesn’t bar Pollack from reconstructing the gripping story of Blitzstein’s life in a truly engaging way. He manages to sweep readers into Blitzstein’s life and musical works as he brings them into a moment in Blitzstein’s relationship with his first wife then quickly to the middle of Blitzstein’s ballet rendition of the biblical epic of Cain

and Abel. Pollack strikes a balance with Blitzstein’s life between enriching prose and quotes from letters and words of those that knew him. While it does not always come across as a traditional narrative, “Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World” still manages to bring readers into the composer’s life through its animation on a subject that could have easily been rendered listless in the wrong hands.

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ACROSS 1 Committee head, briefly 6 Electrical pioneer Nikola 11 Victoria’s Secret purchase 14 A detective might flash it 15 Ancient Andes dwellers 16 Scottish hero Roy 17 Evicting, essentially 19 Singleton 20 Heavy weight 21 Prefix for “eminent” 22 Abbr. on a toothpaste box 23 Chickens 27 Royal bailiwick 29 William Tell’s canton 30 Sounds of disapproval 32 Thailand, prior to 1939 33 A mouse moves over it 34 Sings like Torme 36 Birdlike 39 Newspaper clipping 41 Decorative sewing cases

43 Pre-deal chip 44 Jeter of baseball 46 Fireplace item 48 ___ Jones Index 49 A billion years, in astronomy (Var.) 51 Combustible funeral heap 52 Building wing 53 Be in command of 56 In a clear way 58 Fix, as a boxing match 59 Prior to, to a poet 60 Work wk. starter, usually 61 Yale grad Whitney 62 Enough for everyone and then some 68 It used to be light as a feather 69 Birthrelated 70 Blender setting 71 Metric work unit 72 Looseness 73 Brown ermine

DOWN 1 You might have a handle on these 2 “Hem” companion 3 Suffix with “lemon” or “lime” 4 Marvin Gaye’s “Can ___ Witness?” 5 Cops’ paperwork 6 Soldier material? 7 Chang’s twin 8 Rifleman’s aide 9 Dern and Bush 10 Star sapphire, e.g. 11 Unbiased 12 Musical form with a refrain 13 At right angles to a ship’s length 18 Bring on, as labor 23 Deity with a bow and arrow 24 Address Congress, say 25 Extending

26 28 31 35 37 38 40 42 45 47 50 53 54 55 57 63 64 65 66 67

over a large area Enunciate Kilauea flow Go on the campaign trail Female fortuneteller Coral reef Word with “wed” or “married” Wrestling competition Immunity providers Seoul residents Gets back Commonplace Word with “paper” or “suzette” Edmonton hockey player Greek penny, once Data fed to a computer Fond du ___, Wis. Big game Athlete who plays for pay Where cows graze “Are we there ___?”




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12 \\ Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prize with every lease! good with this ad 8FBDDFQU ñOBODJBM BJE



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Volume 78, Issue 53  
Volume 78, Issue 53  

UH ranks in top 25 for international students, and Cougars' winning streak hits three