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97 LO 70 Thursday HI

Outon and the Cougars crush Houston Baptist 5-0

Fraternity holds annual fund-raising event

April 26, 2012 Issue 112, Volume 77


GOP hopeful to visit UH Candidate to discuss plans for limited government, ‘restoration of economic, civil liberties’ Cougar News Services


Republican nominee hopeful, Ron Paul, will bring his campaign to UH at 7 p.m. Friday in the Hofheinz Pavilion. The congressman, who represents Texas’ 14th district, will discuss his limited government platform, restoring American’s civil and economic liberties and “Plan to Restore America,” according to his campaign website. UH is Paul’s last stop in his tour of Texas universities. He was at University of Texas at El Paso on Wednesday and will be at University of Texas tonight

before coming to UH. Paul is one of three candidates left campaigning for the Republican nomination to run for the US presidency. According to both Wall Street Journal and CNN, Paul is behind Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich when it comes to delegate support. The event is free and open to the public, and to register for a guaranteed seat, go to For more information on Paul, go to


may 29

Date of the Texas primary


Number of people in his district

3 Number of times Paul has run for president

Source: Wikipedia


SGA sends amendment to student referendum Taylor McGilvray

THE DAILY COUGAR The Student Government Association unanimously voted to send a constitutional amendment — concerning the students serving on the Court of Appeals — to the student referendum in Wednesday’s meeting in Rockwell Pavilion. The amendment, which was proposed by SGA Chief Justice Taylor Kilroy, would prevent students from being tried in the Student Government Court of Appeals by the same people in the University Hearing Board for the same incident. “If we had a scenario where, purely hypothetically, two candidates got in a fist fight, what would happen is the election commission would hold them responsible, as candidates. Meanwhile, the Dean of Students would hold them responsible as students,” Kilroy said. “If these two candidates felt that these punishments were unjust or unwarranted, they could appeal them. The penalty as candidates from the election commission would go to the Court of Appeals, whereas the penalty from the Dean of Students office would appealed to the University Hearing Board.” The issue, Kilroy said, is that the same students who serve on the

We can’t have the same people voting twice — that just isn’t fair. At the end of the day, that just doesn’t seem right. Especially in a scenario where there’s accusations of bias or something like that. You want entirely fresh eyes on both sides.”

Taylor Kilroy, on why he proposed the Constitutional amendment. University Hearing Board also sit on the SGA Court of Appeals. “We can’t have the same people voting twice — that just isn’t fair. At the end of the day, that just doesn’t seem right. Especially in a scenario where there’s accusations of bias or something like that. You want entirely fresh eyes on both sides,” he said. Because the SGA Constitution was created by the students, a student vote is required for the amendment to be passed, according to SGA Speaker Stephen Cronin. The referendum may occur during next year’s general election or in a special referendum. Kilroy said the SGA wants to make sure SGA continues on page 9

Raising awareness


he Muslim Student Association set up a table in the Philip Guthrie Hoffman breezeway for their “Muslim Awareness Week.” Although they regularly set up “Dawah Tables” in the breezeway, this one is extra large, said MSA member Qurat Hassan. The MSA offered henna tattoos to students in order to draw them to the table. One of the purposes of the event was to disband the misconceptions surrounding Islam, Hassan said. Muslim Awareness week will continue through Friday. | Nine Nguyen/The Daily Cougar




Thursday, April 26, 2012


Web-based Evaluation Log in using your CougarNet ID or myUH (PeopleSoft) ID and password TUTORING LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES Schedule and courses tutored Mon – Thur 9 am - 9 pm Fri 9 am – 5 pm Sat 1 pm – 5 pm Sun 1 pm – 7 pm

LSS REVIEW SESSIONS All students welcome! N109 Cougar Village Sat, 4/28

CHEM 3331: 2pm–5pm CHEM 3332: 2pm–5pm

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Stay on course now, so you can relax later! We offer FREE TUTORING to all UH Students!

WORKSHOPS LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES Room N109 Cougar Village Must register on line at ‘workshopssignup’ at ROOM 109 N COUGAR VILLAGE! WWW.LAS.UH.EDU

Overcoming Procrastination 4/23 @ 3pm; 4/26 @ 11 am Prepare for and cope with finals 4/25 @ 3pm; 4/27 @ 3 pm SURVEYS AVAILABLE ON LINE Transfer Advising Program Survey National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The Daily Cougar

Sat, 5/5

ECON 2304: 2pm–5pm ECON 2305: 2pm–5pm MATH 1431: 2pm–4 pm MATH 3321: 1pm–4 pm PHYS 1321: 1pm–3pm PHYS 1322: 1pm–3pm

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MATH 2311: 10am–2pm

UH seniors and other students gathered in Lynn Eusan Park to say goodbye durring Wednesday’s Senior Sendoff. | Emily Chambers/The Daily Cougar


UH Senior Sendoff says goodbye to class of 2012 Tristan Tippet

THE DAILY COUGAR UH’s Lynn Eusan Park was filled with games, raffles and music as the Alumni Association threw a going away party for seniors Wednesday. Sammy Butts, an architecture senior, said he enjoyed Senior Sendoff. “This is a pretty good amount of people,” Butts said. “I wish there

were a little bit more out there, but this is a pretty good turnout. It’s nice for the students to come out and enjoy it and participate and to see that there’s ways to stay connected even after they graduate.” Cameron Bailey, president of the Student Alumni Connection, said the event serves as a final goodbye to outgoing seniors. “Pretty much the goal is to have one last party to say goodbye to SENDOFF continues on page 9


(713) 743-5360 Editor in Chief


$500—tuition and fees included. Credits are transferable, subject to approval of your university. All classes offered on the HBU campus.

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The Daily Cougar


UH helps kids learn to read Joshua Mann

THE DAILY COUGAR UH’s Texas Center for Learning Disabilities has received a five-year, $9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue their research into the diagnosis and treatment of children who have learning disabilities related to reading. In 2006, the NIH awarded UH with an initial five-year grant for $7 million for the research, and a team of psychologists, educators, statisticians and neuroscientists from UH, University of Texas at Austin and UT Health and Science used the money to conduct a study on reading disabilities and develop curricula for use as treatment in schools. “We’re always focussed on intervention studies and trying to figure out better ways to help children who are struggling with improving their reading,” said Jack M. Fletcher, the UH professor who is the administrative leader of the research team. “In the previous project, we had studies of kids in middle school and studies of kids in the early grades.” The research focussed on developing diagnostic methods for evaluating the children’s progress and the brain functions of children learning to read. “We image kids over at the University of Texas before and after they participate in an intervention and measure the changes that happen in the brain as they learn,” Fletcher said. “We’re doing what’s called functional neuro-imaging, which means imaging signals that we use to locate what parts of the brain are involved.” In order to become skilled readers, children must develop a neural

One of the things we demonstrated is that it takes a couple years to have a lot of impact on a sixth grader’s reading ability. So in the new study, we’re going to do interventions of kids in fourth grade ... We want to see if we can’t do a better job in getting kids ready for middle school.” Jack M. Fletcher, on the goals for the coming five years of research. network between the visual and language centers of the brain. “This is basically a network that gets built through experience,” Fletcher said. “There are genetic (factors) on how readily your brain can adapt to reading.” Sometimes, genetic factors will make it difficult for children to develop this network. These children are “at-risk,” Fletcher said, and can be treated in school with the kind of curricula the Texas Center is developing. The research team has found that while children in the first grade react well to the curriculum, it’s more difficult for sixth graders. “One of the things we demonstrated is that it takes a couple years to have a lot of impact on a sixth grader’s reading ability,” Fletcher said. “So in the new study, we’re going to do interventions of kids in fourth grade ... We want to see if we can’t do a better job in getting kids ready for middle school.”

Hey, what’s happening? Check the Campus Calendar at

Mu Delta PHA

Health Professions Banquet Friday, April 27, 2012 7:00 p.m. p.m.!! University of Houston Main Campus Farish Hall – Kiva Room

Special Guest Speaker Plastic Surgeon Kevin Smith Special Performances Dinner Will Be Served!

For more information email

Thursday, April 26, 2012





Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Daily Cougar


Outon powers Cougars SOFTBALL

Watts shines for Cougars in 5-0 win over Huskies Matt Straw


Haley Outon hit her 16th home run of the season in the Cougars’ 5-0 win against Houston Baptist on Wednesday. Outon is tied for the second most home runs this season in Conference USA and third in slugging percentage. She is also three home runs away from tying the UH single-season mark. | Hendrick Rosemond/The Daily Cougar

Catcher flourishes for Cougars in second season Joshua Siegel

THE DAILY COUGAR Haley and Diedre Outon both have butterfly tattoos. A little over two years ago, the Outons lost their mother to cancer, and it is a way for them to keep her close to them. “Butterflies are her symbol,” Haley said. “When things go (well), it’s just a way for us to say ‘Mama Outon’s here.’” It has inspired Haley to major in health, hoping to eventually work with children with cancer as a specialist. On Wednesday, the day before her mom’s birthday, Haley crushed her team-leading 16th home run in the Cougars’ 5-0 win over Houston Baptist. Haley and Diedre have formed a potent battery combination for the Cougars this season. Diedre, a pitcher, has gone 10-5 with a 2.96 ERA, while Haley is hitting .351 with a .769 slugging percentage. Haley wasn’t always a catcher though. “My mom caught her (Diedre) until she was nine,” Haley said.

“Then (a ball) tipped off of my mom’s glove and broke her nose. It was my turn and that’s how I became a catcher.” Become a catcher has come with a learning curve, but Haley has made great strides from her freshman to sophomore season. “Being a freshman, I think she was a little overwhelmed a lot of times as all freshmen are, trying to figure it all out, get used to a new system,” head coach Kyla Holas said. “This year she’s so much more calm, participated so much more in everything that we’re doing and engaged a lot better. “Right now, we’re really working on those dynamics. Haley in general as a catcher, how she can have a repertoire with each pitcher, how different they are, what each one needs. Again, I think that’s just something with time you’re going to see her just get better and better.” Last season as a freshman, Outon hit .259, but had 14 extrabase hits in 147 at bats. This year, she has 24 extra-base hits in 134 at bats and is tied for second in Conference USA in home runs and third in slugging percentage.

“I learned that sometimes going full speed for me at the plate is out of control, so I need to stay in control and go 80 percent of my 100 because 100 is out of control, but 80 percent is simple, smooth and gets the job done,” Haley said. With 16 home runs, Haley has a shot to set the UH singleseason mark of 19 hit by Laurie Wagner in 2008. With 21-career home runs, if she keeps this sort of production up over her final two seasons at UH, she also has a chance to catch career-leader Kristen Glowacz, who hit 47 home runs for the Cougars between 2002-05. “She’s not only our catcher and leader in the bullpen, offensively she’s one of those kids,” Holas said. “She’s a sophomore. I think you’re just seeing the base of what she can do. She has so much more in her and I think she’s going to have a very successful career. “I hope that our team success can do enough to give her some of the national recognition that she really deserves.”

Hendrick Rosemond/The Daily Cougar

Moving up the ladder Sophomore Haley Outon has a chance to break a few records at UH this season and for her career. Single-season home runs 1. Laurie Wagner 2008 19 2. Kristen Glowacz 2005 17 3. Haley Outon 2012 16 3. Melissa Gregson 2011 16 5. Jennifer Klinkert 2008 15 Career home runs 1. Kristen Glowacz 2002-05 47 2. Arelis Ferreris 2001-04 38 3. Melissa Gregson 200937 4. Elaina Nordstrom 2006-09 36 - Haley Outon 201121

The Cougars overcome a slow start to shut out Houston Baptist 5-0 at Cougar Softball Stadium. UH managed only one hit and one run in the first four innings of the game. Holly Anderson scored that run on Haley Outon’s bases loaded walk. Anderson reached base with a two-out walk. She advanced to second when Ashleigh Jones reached on a fielder’s choice. Melissa Gregson then walked to load the bases. It wasn’t until the fourth inning that the Cougars received their first hit. Diedre Outon pinched hit and singled for designated player Sydney Gerbracht. Diedre later stole second base but was stranded there. The bats finally came alive in the fifth inning thanks to Haley’s three-run home run. It was her 16th this season. The home run put Haley in third place in Cougar history for home runs in a season. She is just three behind Laurie Wagner who hit 19 in 2008. Anderson extended her hitting streak to 15 games to lead off the fifth inning. Gregson reached on an error setting up Haley’s opposite field home run. Bailey Watts dominated in the circle against the Huskies. She gave up only four hits which were spread out between four different innings. Watts pitched the complete game shutout without allowing a walk, and struck out five. She improved to 11-7 on the season and dropped her ERA from 2.48 to 2.19. The Cougars have an important series this weekend against UCF. The two teams share a 12-6 conference record which ties them for third place. UH will have to work hard in a short amount of time to be ready for the series. “We need to make sure we are playing the best ball that we can,” Holas said. “We don’t have a lot of time to prepare and we have a lot of work to do.” The three game series begins with a doubleheader Saturday at noon in Orlando, Fl. The final game is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Sunday.


The Daily Cougar

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The University of Houston Alumni Association is proud to honor participants in the Spring 2012 Ring Ceremony, held April 29!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Cougars wrap up season

The Daily Cougar


Sophomore Curtis Reed helped UH finish sixth at the C-USA Championship and is one of the reasons head coach Jonathan Dismuke is excited about the future. | Courtesy of UH Athletics

Future bright for UH Andrew Pate


The Cougars enjoyed their eighth-straight winning season under head coach John Severance. | Catherine Lara/The Daily Cougar Albert Torres

THE DAILY COUGAR Last week at the C-USA tournament UH tennis earned a win against Southern Mississippi State 4-0, to advance to the quarter-finals but lost to No. 53 Tulane 4-0, which snapped their five match win streak and ended Houston’s season. “I thought we came out and played Southern Miss very well, and against Tulane doubles was very crucial,” head coach John Severance said. “At the end of the day we were leading the third, fourth, and fifth positions and felt we could (have)

won those games … We were tied at the leading doubles points and just couldn’t pull out the win.” The Cougars finished the regular season 13-7, (14-8 overall), which included four close 4-3 losses. “Our schedule was a lot more demanding this year than last year. Other than the 4 losses to ranked teams, we lost to very good schools most of the time 4-3 and it would have been nice to grab a few more wins, but overall I’m proud of what this team did this year.” Severance said. UH is also losing seniors Giorgia Pozzan and Laura Ring who were enormous pieces to Houston’s success the past few seasons

“A lot of credit to Giorgia. She came here and was a leader and really helped the team compete, and Laura made the best of her second opportunity and enjoyed her season here,” Severance said. Pozzan leaves with a career singles and doubles record of 98-38 and ranks third in program history with her win percentage while Ring has a doubles record of 34-12 in three years with Houston. “Next season I only look for UH tennis to get better, we have a good team and we’ll make some additions but we’ll have to wait and see,” Severance said about next season.

Research Participants Needed

!"#$"%#&'()# *++*,'-.)#-"/).# 0$1!+"2)3 Baylor College of Medicine is testing a treatment for adults 18-60 years of age.

Following a sixth place finish at the Conference USA Championships and the completion of their regular season, the Houston Cougars golf team now readies for the possibility of postseason play. “We just need a tournament where all five of us perform at our best,” freshman Roman Robledo said. “If we do that, we’re going to be at the top of the leader board.” Robledo, who led the youthful Cougars in tournaments played (12) and scoring average per round (72.92), was one of the bright spots during a season of building towards the future. “Our goal was obviously to improve each and every week,” head coach Jonathan Dismuke said. “We got to compete at a very high level and made some huge strides.” Houston’s highest finish of the 2011-2012 campaign came in the form of a first-place tie at the

Fighting Irish Gridiron Classic during late September. Individually, junior James Ross and sophomore Curtis Reed rounded out the top three statistically for the Cougars with scoring averages of 73.07 and 73.67 respectively. “Curtis is definitely the talkative one … He eases the team,” Robledo said. “He’s very practice oriented and I’ve been able to learn a lot about my short game from him.” Houston now sits and awaits their NCAA postseason fate with the 81 teams and 45 individuals who qualify to compete at six NCAA regionals sites being announced May 7. Regardless of the outcome, Robledo and the Cougars are positive about the direction of the program. “We struggled in a couple tournaments but overall we’re heading in the right direction,” Robledo said. “I think we’re going to be a good contender going into next season.”

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Daily Cougar

COUGAR COMICS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Newsgroup by David Haydon


Hours for

FINALSat the

WEEK !"#$%&'&(( )*+,%'-.!",/0&( 12*%,*'3"4( 5''$6..*++&00,57,57&8,( 9":(34(,034:(-",/(!",:*/4&'(;<(*++",4'(( "/(#-=>(?@&"$%&A"B'C(;<(*48($*00D"/8(

M.D. Anderson Library

May 1st – 10th, 2012 Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

Open at 7:00am (Open 24 hours) Open 24 hours Open 24 hours Close at 11:45pm 8:00am – 7:45pm Open at 11am (Open 24 hours) Open 24 hours Open 24 hours Open 24 hours Close at 11:45pm

University ID Required For Entry After Midnight

Best of luck on your exams!





Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Daily Cougar



Ron Paul wants to rally Cougars on Friday I





Daniel Renfrow Mary Baak Taylor McGilvray, Joshua Mann Joshua Siegel Jose Aguilar David Haydon Amanda Hilow


supposed to make an appearance at the University of Texas today. And without a doubt thousands of students will show up

at each rally. They’ll wear their “Revolution” T-shirts. They’ll shout “President Paul 2012!” and they’ll no doubt spend hundreds

STAFF EDITORIAL The Staff Editorial reflects the opinions of The Daily Cougar Editorial Board (the members of which are listed above the editorial). All other opinions, commentaries and cartoons reflect only the opinion of the author. Opinions expressed in The Daily Cougar do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Houston or the students as a whole. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Daily Cougar welcomes letters to the editor from any member of the UH community. Letters should be no more than 250 words and signed, including the author’s full name, phone number or e-mail address and affiliation with the University, including classification and major. Anonymous letters will not be published. Deliver letters to Room 7, University Center Satellite; e-mail them to; send them via campus mail to STP 4015; or fax to (713) 743-5384. Letters are subject to editing.

of dollars on Ron Paul campaign items like bumper stickers and buttons. But it takes more than a grass

University or the students as a whole. GUEST COMMENTARY Submissions are accepted from any member of the UH community and must be signed with the author’s name, phone number or e-mail address and affiliation with the University, including classification and major. Commentary should be kept to less than 500 words. Guest commentaries should not be written as replies to material already printed in the Cougar, but rather should present independent points of view. Rebuttals should be sent as letters. Deliver submissions to Room 7, University Center Satellite; e-mail them to letters@thedailycougar. com; or fax them to (713) 743-5384. All submissions are subject to editing.

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HAYDON continues on page 15

ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements in The Daily Cougar do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the

sign a

cable and Internet swimming pool on-site parking

roots round-up of young people to win a primary, not to mention the presidential race. Romney won the primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware on Tuesday. Ron Paul supporters would be the first to say that Paul didn’t lose; he got second place. But let’s be honest. Even if Paul wins the Texas primary, he’s still trailing behind Romney. And back when the primary included Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, Paul just wasn’t getting much attention. He was at the debates. He went to the town hall meetings and yes, he gave rally speeches. Yet the media either ignored him or the delegates just went for Santorum or Romney. Now let’s talk brass tacks. There are 2,286 total delegates the Republican nominees can get. The winner of the Republican primary needs 1,144 delegates. Romney currently has 832

pet friendly sand volleyball on-site laundry facility

take a tour today 4444 Cullen Boulevard, Houston, TX 77004 phone 713.748.2606 visit

Where do I get the latest UH news?

f you didn’t know from the oodles of posters covering campus, Rep. Ron Paul, Republican primary candidate, will take a break from hunting delegates Friday and stop by for a quick visit. The Liberty David For All Super Haydon Political Action Committee was on campus Wednesday promoting Ron Paul’s rally by handing out fliers and pamphlets. They gave away airbrushed T-shirts and had candidate comparison sheets. Thus far, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have yet to grace us with their presence. None of the other Republican candidates managed to show up prior to dropping out either. Had the Texas primaries not been pushed back to May 29 we might have gotten a few more to come by, maybe. Paul already rallied at Texas A&M University on April 10. He is


The Daily Cougar


University to host break from studying

SGA continued from page 1

the referendum is held at a time where students will be on campus and informed enough to vote.

Motorcycle legislation Also discussed at the meeting was Graduate College of Social Work Senator Josephine Tittsworth’s bill that would allow motorcycles with only state issued handicap permits to park in UH handicap spaces. Administration and Finance

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Committee member Isaac Norris said after talking to UH’s head of transportation, the committee learned that in order for a motorcycle to park in a handicap spot on campus with valid state permits, students just need a sticker on their license plates. The sticker can be

obtained through the Department of Transportation. Norris said the Department of Transportation is going to update its website to reflect this information.

April Gutierrez

THE DAILY COUGAR The University of Houston will host Finals Mania — a night of stress relief before finals week — from 9 to 11 p.m. Tuesday in the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library. Activities, such as board games and free massages will be offered to students who need a break from studying. The event will also have pancakes, turkey sausage and Monster Energy Drinks for students. “Last year, we served (more than) 1,800 students, so we are expecting 2,000 students this semester,” said University Services Marketing Coordinator Billy Garner. Stephen Fuller, a MIS senior, said he is ready for the event.“I have five classes I have to study for in order to graduate this semester. I will be living in the library all week,” he said. “I’m glad UH is finally going to feed me for a change. I’m really excited to get a free massage too.” The marching band, Shasta, UH President Renu Khator and several deans are expected to make an appearance. “We all know how stressful finals can be. So, hopefully we can relieve some of that stress by providing some entertainment and delicious food,” Garner said. Finals Mania is free for all UH students with student IDs. “UH will say goodbye to a lot of graduating seniors this year, and I’m glad I’m one of them. I can’t wait till finals are over,” Fuller said. “Freedom at last.”

Southeast College Summer 2012

schedule of classes 713.718.7000

Registration/Payment Summer mini session...............April 2 - May 14 First 8 week session.................April 2 - May 15 10 week session........................April 2 - June 5 Second 8 week session.............April 2 - June 5 Second 5 week session.............April 2 - July 10

Make the right choice Register Now

SENDOFF continued from page 2

all the seniors and congratulate them,” said Bailey, a senior marketing major. “We just want to give back to the seniors that are graduating.” Not as many attended as expected, but Bailey said he sees the event becoming more popular in the future. “I think some of the seniors like it,” he said. “I really feel like not that many seniors know about the event yet, but I think as we continue to have it, it’ll become more of a tradition, and hopefully people realize what we’re doing this for.”

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Daily Cougar




Radio show Spring production shines influenced by foreign arts Students impress with Irish accents in play, light hearted humor pleases audience

Student enjoys studying works from overseas, promotes artists who are favored in underground scene Kim Grady

THE DAILY COUGAR Philosophy major Giovanni Guillen is the student who broadcasts the “Pop Nova” music segment from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesdays on the student-operated Coog Radio station. “I came up the name ‘Nova’ from Houston’s connections to NASA, I just added a spin and added ‘Pop,’” Guillen said. Guillen has a strong interest in foreign languages and has declared French as his minor. “I like reading philosophical text,” Guillen said. “With French I am able to study the art of how people express themselves, it interests me to see how people think and what they believe.” Guillen is not only a disc jockey who enjoys sharing new music with listeners, but he also has an appreciation for cinematography. “Foreign films are deeper than typical Hollywood movies,” Guillen said. “I try to explore the understanding of the language.” The DJ also likes to attend live concerts and music festivals when he is not busy transmitting his favorite audio tunes through Coog Radio. “I was able to see one of my favorite bands, Astro, at the South by Southwest concert,” Guillen said. “Pop Nova” features artists and music from the Ibero-American and indie-alternative genres. Some of Guillen’s favorite artists to stream include the aforementioned Astro, Javiera and Los Rakas. Guillen’s radio show is not only a chance for him to talk about different styles of music with his audience, but it also gives him the opportunity to offer listeners something new and refreshing to hear. “When people listen to music, I want them to hear something that hasn’t been played before,” Guillen said. The show also gives Guillen a chance to promote the do-it-yourself artist and provide them more exposure. He plays songs from artists who create music from the comfort of their own homes and are underground. “I put so much enthusiasm in my show, I am very sincere and I honestly hope to spread my ideas,” Guillen said.

Julie Heffler

THE DAILY COUGAR The UH School of Theatre and Dance put on “The Cripple of Inishman,” a scattered-brained, 1930s Irish play by playwright Martin McDonagh on Friday. Opposite of most popular plays, the slow-paced performance could be counted as all-over-the-place, not funny, and not particularly well-acted, among several other issues. The story begins in early 20th-century Ireland with characters Kate (Kayla Brown) and Eileen (Laurel Schroeder), the overbearing aunts of Cripple Billy (Joshua Kyle Hoppe) who is a persecuted young, Irish lad with a bum arm and leg. As the story goes on, we find out about the tragedy surrounding Billy’s life and the cruelty dolled out to him by his neighbors. A film crew comes to cast people away from not-such-a-bad-place Ireland and despite the doubt placed in him by these sneering busybodies, Billy hitches a ride with Babbybobby (Colin David) in his boat for a spot in this movie. You will need to see the play to find out what happens next. Despite all its issues, it is definitely a show worth seeing.

Joshua Hyle Hoppe (left) was cast as Cripple Billy. Hoppe is also the artistic director of the Vagabond Theatre Project, an independent studen-run company. Christine Arnold (middle) plays Helen and Jason Ronje (right) performs as Bartley. | Courtesy of Michelle Robinson For students, the acting was phenomenal. Notables were actress Christine Arnold (Helen) playing the spicy, egg-obsessed girl with a horribly dirty mouth, while seasoned actor Philip Orazio (Johnypateenmike) delighted the

audience with his rendition of a male yenta. Hoppe performed the oppressed, young cripple and beautifully evoked feelings of extreme shock over his treatment. PLAY continues on page 11


Greek play to conclude weeklong festival Coogs auditioned for roles in January, showcase hard work in end of year performances Channler Hill

THE DAILY COUGAR The UH Center for Creative Work at the Honors College and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts will present the first Dionysia

2012 comedy, Aristophanes’ “The Frogs” at 7 p.m. today until Sunday in the Rockwell Pavilion of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library, Monday at Fitzgerald’s and Tuesday at Khon’s Bar. The Dionysia, an annual week-long festival, began with an ekphrastic art exhibit and an Agora on Wednesday in the Honors College commons showcasing student artworks, dance, films, flash fiction, lyric essays, music paintings,

photography and sculptures. The Dionysia is modeled after the festival time in Ancient Athens. To conclude the festival, the Center for Creative Work produces a Greek play. “The Frogs” is an adaptation by Director of the Center for Creative Work John Harvey who is also starring as Aeschylus and directed by Aaron Landsman, artist-in-residence PERFORMANCE continues on page 12


Poet visits campus, sheds insight on paintings

TODAY'S FORTUNE Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.


Our MBA students take 1st place beating Emory and Carnegie Mellon in Business Case Competition by Executive Leadership Council..way to go!— @ UHPres, 21 April

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Kim Grady

THE DAILY COUGAR Pulitzer Prize-winning poet W.S. Merwin was welcomed to campus for a philosophy reading Monday at the Honors College Commons upstairs in the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library. The event attracted of crowd of business suits as well as other professional poets. Merwin began his guest lecture by speaking about Louis Macneice, a fellow poet who has inspired him. He recited Macneice’s poem “Sunlight of the Garden” and described how Macneice’s writings have impacted his work. “His rhythmic rhymes he has is understood, he rhymes the first syllable with the last syllable,” Merwin said.

The crowd was in awe after Merwin carefully pointed out the basis of how poets go about their work. As Merwin got more into his lecture, he incited the audience by sharing his personal taste on writing poetry. He mentioned how poetry is a way of hearing the language instead of actually reading it. Merwin then uses the example of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” as an example. He explained that Shakespeare grabs his readers’ attention in “Hamlet” within the first four lines of the tragedy. Merwin then emphasized how important it is in poetry to have a subject line. “If there is no subject, there is no poem,” Merwin said. The discussion led to Merwin to explaining the difference between poetry and prose. Poetry is much older than

prose, Merwin said Merwin shared one of his life experiences through a painting that depicted a girl pouring milk. He described how there was passion in the women to the audience and how that same passion is also present in poetry. “Arts are not unique to the human species,” Merwin said. Towards the end of the lecture, Merwin informed his audience about how language and poetry worked together to established the present formation and rules of English today. In his philosophy, Merwin feels writing poetry is the best way to express the passion. He said having reassurance and recognition is significant in writing poetry.


The Daily Cougar

Thursday, April 26, 2012




Fraternity holds annual spring fund-raising event Andrew Pate

THE DAILY COUGAR Those driving on Calhoun Rd. unexpectedly slowed down during the evening as they passed the Sigma Chi Fraternity house on Friday. Everything from fire trucks, horse carriages, Indian teepees, and H-1 military Humvees were parked on the driveway of the fraternity house. “Getting the (fire) truck was a bit of a hassle, but luckily we met some very nice firefighters who came through for us,” Zeta Tau Alpha sorority member Isabella Arnao said. “No other fraternity includes such an entertaining aspect to their philanthropy events.” The extravagant entrance was just one event in Sigma Chi’s “Derby Days” which pits UH’s six panhellenic sororities against one another in a variety of competitions all-the-while benefitting Children’s Miracle Network. This year, the brothers of Sigma Chi raised more than $4,000 — more than

Delta Zeta coach Sergio Buentello (middle) competed in a tug-o-war game, one of the several events during Sigma Chi Derby Days. | Courtesy of Andrew Pate/The Daily Cougar doubling their proceeds from the previous year. All of the profits raised went directly to Texas Children’s Hospital, located in Houston’s Medical Center. “To be able to make a difference in a

child’s life is an awesome feeling,” Derby Daddy Gabe Salazar said. “Every year, we’re able to go drop off a check, tour the hospital and truly see how we’re making an impact.”

While raising money is the primary purpose of Derby Days, the four-day long event also provides its fair share of competitive nature with the winning sorority receiving the Derby trophy and more importantly, bragging rights. This year, the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega claimed victory and the previous champion Zeta Tau Alpha took second. “The competition is so intense,” Alpha Chi Omega president Lorin Foteh said. “There’s so much room for creativity and so many days of activities that girls can prepare for so we get hyped up.” Derby Days, originally known as “Channingway Derby,” started in spring 1933 at the University of California-Berkley and has since grown into the largest Greek philanthropic event in the country. “To combine fun events like Queens Entrance, tug-o-war and dodge ball with a worthy cause is a perfect match,” Salazar said. “Every year, we’re out to top the last Derby Days and with the help of all six sororities, we certainly did that.”


DJs emphasize regional styles in hip-hop segment Kim Grady

THE DAILY COUGAR Print journalism major Alex Pechacek and mathematics and biology major Greg Orio play hosts to “Coast 2 Coast,” an evening show on UH’s student-run Coog Radio station from 5 to 7 p.m. every Thursday. The two were inspired to become co-hosts of the show after discovering that they had a love for hip-hop and rap music ranging from the Midwest, east and west coasts — the name of the show then became an easy

PLAY continued from page 10

The Irish accents each character put on were also good. Director Steve Wallace did a fantastic job at making this a delightful and funny show. The set design was beautiful, convincing and cozy. The production staff was even so kind as to supply the audience with your-everyday-guide to Irish slang in addition to the beautiful before-show reception and Irishfolk fiddler. However, the pacing in the second act was awkward and confusing. It was as if McDonagh decided to make faux-endings to mock stereotypical tragic or romantic endings. If you enjoy roller coasters with so many twists, this is the play for you. After the second half of the performance, the stage went frequently go black. Then, the lights would come on again as if to say, “Just kidding! The show isn’t over yet.” The execution was fantastic and it definitely lives up to the spectacular and high standard that I discovered in the theatre earlier this semester when I attended the showing of “The Crucible.”

decision to make. “I started my musical journey when I was a DJ in middle school,” Pechacek said. “I then started attending music concerts that inspired me to write about music.” Orio brings a fresh taste to the show by offering music suggestions. Other than attending concerts, he has found his niche in music as well. “Listening to underground hip-hop is what I enjoy,” said Orio. “The sounds of Dr. Dre and Jay-Z have really made me appreciate music. Talking to people has always been one of

my favorite things to do. Now that I have a show where I can do both makes it all worth it.” Pechacek and Orio entertain their listeners by playing a variety of hip-hop music. While the show plays music by popular chart-topping rappers of today, it also aims to please fans of old-school hiphop as well. DJ Screw, Outkast and The Notorious B.I.G. are just a few of the hip-hop veterans that the DJs like to include in their show. The show gives both Pechacek and Orio a chance to open up about their personal

taste in the hip-hop genre as well by conducting conversations over the air about the diverse styles of rap music that different regions within the U.S. offers. Both DJs like to keep their show modern by playing music from fan-favorite artists Drake, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. Pechacek also like to keep listeners informed about the music that “Coast 2 Coast” airs so he makes sure to do his homework on his subjects. “I get on music blogs a hour a day, it’s like reading the newspaper,” Pechacek said.

The two DJ’s also like to incorporate a little humor in their show. One of the segments both Pechacek and Orio have produced was a remake of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet.” The two called their segment “Trapped in the Studio.” The comical pair wants to stand out from typical rap radio shows. “We like to inform our listeners with the knowledge of getting to know a mixture of every coast artist around,” Orio said.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

PERFORMANCE continued from page 10

at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, who stars as Euripides in the adaptation. The show brings satire into the classic story, with Honors

students making up the rest of the cast. “I’ve brought things into this play including the Greek debt crisis, the bailout and stuff with Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi,” Harvey said in a press release. “In this version, Dionysus is

trying to save Athens’ tourism. He wants to market the city’s great writers to boost the number of visitors to the city. “It includes references to both current and ancient events. “There will be discussion on the war with the Spartans

The Daily Cougar

and the chorus will advertise for Wal-Mart, Denny’s and PetSmart.” Auditions were held in late January inside the Honors College commons. “This (play) is really up ending the text, keeping something really substantive

and core intact, but allowing it to breathe today in a way that’s really exciting,” Landsman said. To attend, or for more information regarding location and seating, please RSVP at



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Sidewalk Style

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Students show off their bods with fitted summer cuts





Dress: Victoria’s Secret Sandals: Old Navy Bag: Wish

!" !" !" !"

Shirt: American Eagle Shorts: Express Shoes: Sperry Bag: Deola Sagoe

Adams is a pre-business freshman.

Flack is a creative writing senior.


ASPEN ENOCH !" !" !" !"

Shirt: Love Culture Shorts: Forever XXI Scarf: Target Shoes: Converse

Enoch is a broadcast journalism junior.

— Compiled by Daniel Renfrow

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“I would not have been able to make it this far in my career in such a short time without the Rice program.” – EMILY SHAW, PAST PARTICIPANT


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

TEACH FOR TESTMASTERS Dynamic and energetic teachers wanted. Pay rate is $20 to $32 per hour. We provide all training. Email your resume to

Pool Managers Needed Quality Aquatics Pool Management, LLC is looking for experienced lifeguards for the 2012 season. Position Description: Experience and back ground in lifeguarding. Must be 18 years or older. Needs to have American Red Cross Certifications (classes available). Areas we are hiring in: Southwest Houston, Galleria, Memorial, Katy, Cypress, Jersey Village, and Kingwood.Please apply online at Email

River Oaks Country Club

is accepting applications for the following job openings: TABC Certified Dining Room Servers, Bartenders, Lifeguards and Swim Coaches. To apply,

email: fax 713-529-2579 or visit

13 Wines that go with steaks 21 Community of plant and animal life 22 “To ___ own self be true” 24 “M*A*S*H” film star Elliott 27 “___ circumstances beyond our control ...” 28 Less healthy 29 Beta’s follower 30 Regularity 31 “Critique of Pure Reason” philosopher Immanuel 32 They break for a morning meal 33 “Anatomy of a Murder” director Preminger 34 “Alas ___ Yorick ...” 36 Bulldogger’s

beast 38 Good physical health 39 Welcoming New York island 44 5.5-point type sizes 46 “Stayin’ ___” (disco hit) 47 Scornful facial expression 48 Down for a pillow 49 Be heartpleasing 50 “Diff’rent Strokes” actress Plato 51 “The Virginian” writer Wister 52 Cooking fat 53 ___ packing (dismissed) 54 It controls a pupil’s size 55 “Dennis the Menace” girl 59 Egyptian slitherer



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SPACIOUS,2-bdrm apts for rent. Hardwood-mint condition,washer/dryer hookup,5 min from UH. 875$ deposit, rent 975$. Call Joan 713-661-3185

We are seeking a full-time or part-time International Assistant Buyer in the 610 Loop & Richmond area, with strong organization, verbal, and written communication skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office. This is a good opportunity for those majoring in International Business.

Roommates Now Hiring!

Part time sales associate for a baby boutique in Rice Village. Must work Saturdays and 2 afternoons a week; hourly rate negotiable. Prior retail experience a plus.

Please email resume to

Please contact 713-527-9912

Entry Level Bookkeeper

for a Property Management Company Monday -Friday 8:30 – 5:30 Position starting May 16, 2012 Starting Pay $27,500

Share 3bm/3 1/2ba new Townhouse with two other UH students. Private bedroom/bath/entrance - very hispeed internet, ATT Uverse - hd/dvr, all other utilities provided, 10 min drive to campus - beautiful rooftop view of downtown - full kitchen provided furnished in all common areas - bring your own bedroom or not - call Rick @ 713-806-1049 with any questions/viewings Email

Prior Retail Sales Experience Preferred


Part time Office Assistant for summer position average 20 to 30 hours/week Position starting May 10, 2012 $10 an hour 713-526-1465 *STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM* PAID survey takers needed in Houston. 100 percent FREE to join! Click on Surveys.

STUDENT HANDYMAN for remodeling work on apts near UH. Must have own tools. 713-743-2734 or 713-465-9610

46 “Ages” follower 47 “Yes ___, Bob!” 50 They don’t make cents? 56 “Cool” heist quantity 57 Anticipate 58 Louis Jolliet discovery of 1669 59 1871 Cairo premiere 60 Chutzpah 61 Span’s inches 62 “Do not change,” to an editor 63 Aconcagua’s chain 64 Ruler in old St. Petersburg 65 Combustible funeral heap DOWN 1 Friend of Jerry or George 2 Bunk option 3 Verb form used as an adjective 4 Clandestine and canny 5 Free of four-letter words 6 Painful cry 7 Genesis name 8 “Quo Vadis” emperor 9 Greyhound pacer 10 Under way, as a game 11 Sauce thickened with flour and fat 12 Bird around the shore


Help Wanted

The CenterPoint Energy Wellnes Center is looking for outgoing students majoring in Kinesiology, exercise science or related fields for a part-time summer position at the downtown corporate fitness center. If you are interested: Please fax your resume to: 713-207-0080 For more information call: 713-207-8800

ACROSS 1 A gallon’s 16 5 Printer’s color 9 Less common 14 Word with “fire” or “harlequin” 15 Ear flap 16 Affix for “mentioned” 17 Feeling one’s oats 18 Ablutionary vessel 19 Tied up 20 Made the acquaintance of 21 They may be stuffed for politicians 23 Where the X-axis meets the Y-axis 25 Successful turn in Battleship 26 Be loveydovey 27 Finger or toe, e.g. 30 Guitar’s little brother 33 Drug made from poppies 35 Half an Asian capital? 36 Glitch or hitch 37 Function for the boardroom 40 Acted the fink 41 News morsel 42 About half of all turns 43 A miner discovery? 44 “Phobia” start 45 “Bus 9 to Paradise” author Buscaglia

PHARMACY CLERK/TECH POSITION in an independent pharmacy. Flexible hours. Med Center area. Ask for Gary 713-666-6353 Earn $1000-$3200 a month to drive our brand new cars with ads.

State Representative Campaign Workers Looking for enthisiastic part-time contract campaign workers. Diana Miller, Republican candidate House District 26. Wear candidate T shirt and distribute materials at Sugar Land polling sites on May 12, 2012 and Republican Primary on May 29. Possibly other events as they occur. $10 per hour, flexible hours and locations. Visit for candidate information. Send email to to schedule an interview. Interviews at FB Library, UH Sugar Land on May 4&5. Indicate 1st and 2nd best time for interview. Email

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HAYDON continued from page 8

delegates. Ron Paul has 76. Oh, and Gingrich has 139, incidentally. Paul just doesn’t have the mainstream support necessary

to win the Republican nomination, and his youth-filled rallies, although effective at energizing young people to care about politics, won’t get him in. This is why some of his supporters want him to run against the incumbent Democratic nominee, President Barack Obama, and whoever the Republican

nominee will be. If Paul ran as a third party candidate, he still wouldn’t win the presidency, but he could successfully siphon votes from one of the other candidates, much like Ralph Nader did in the 2000 presidential race when he was the Green Party candidate. But Paul won’t do this, either

Thursday, April 26, 2012 because he doesn’t want to siphon votes or he thinks he can sink the Republican nomination. Some media commentators think he’s refusing to become the “libertarian” candidate because he wants to set a blueprint for his son, even if he himself doesn’t make it to the White House come November.


Paul can energize the untapped youth and win their support at the UH rally Friday, but that won’t make him the Republican candidate.

David Haydon is a political science senior and may be reached at





Thursday, April 26, 2012

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FIAT® 500


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