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newsline New student photo blog officially launches As of today, The Daily Cougar website launched a photo blog. It can be found at Aspiring photographers, be they novice or expert, should feel free to submit photos of campus life as well as Houston on-goings. The goal of the website is to promote student involvement as well as provide an outlet for students to showcase abstract photography that wouldn’t normally run the print edition of the paper. The website will feature posts like photo-of-theday, photo essays and photo completions. Students can also voice their opinion on what they would like to see on the blog. Submit ideas and photos the to photo desk at


Rare book gets put in digital preserves The UH Digital Library recently preserved "India Illustrated,” a book already part of the UH Special Collections for students to be able to read and skim through images online. There are only three copies known to exist. "The book itself is remarkable. When we saw it, our first thought was, ‘how can we get it out there,'" Digital Projects Program Director Michelle Reilly said in a UH news release. "The paper is very slick and doesn't preserve well. The binding is coming off . We wanted to digitally preserve it.” Icons Set1 by DragonArt

91 Lo 73 hi


Beyond the Wall - Poster and print sale The poster sale will continue today at the UC almost all day. International Luncheon Baptist Student Ministry will host a weekly lunch for anyone interested in exploring different cultures. Drop by at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center at 11 a.m. SVN Outdoor Movie Festival for “The Big Lebowski” The Student Video Network will present another movie screening tonight. “The Big Lebowski” is a classic for those who have not yet seen it. Be at the UC North Patio at 7:30 p.m. Find more campus and local events or add your own at


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September 2, 2010

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Regents finalize two-part project The UC renovations set to be complete by May 2012 Danielle Upshaw

THE DAILY COUGAR It’s been two years since students voted in favor of the University Center renovation, and recently the Board of Regents unanimously approved the 100,000-squarefoot addition to finalize the decision. Some students are unaware of the project, while others are concerned about what would happen to current stores and restaurants located in the UC — junior John Safley, a campus bookstore employee,

being one of them. “If they can do it unobtrusively then that’s fine,” Safley said. “If they are going to shut down everything, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” The new addition, which will be the home to the current stores, organizations and restaurants is set to be completed by May 2012. It will be adjacent to the building currently occupied by Lot 1E. Campus organizations utilize the UC as a housing ground for their current promotions. Some students directly involved with these organizations are hesitant about what will happen to the area they use to promote events while this change occurs. History sophomore Loren Wright uses the UC as a study place before and between

classes, and said she feels the redesign will be a great addition to the campus despite the longevity of the reconstruction. “Even though it doesn’t affect us,” Wright said, “It’s still awesome to think that future generations will benefit from the change.” Joseph Anaya, an engineering freshman, is one of many students looking forward to having a larger UC, simply to cater to the size of our school. “I think it will be better and there will be more space available,” Anaya said. “I hope whoever designs it does a good job.” The new facility is one of two planned phases; phase one includes a theater and RENOVATION continues on page 3

Theatre & dance

Profs join in on new Master's program Director proud of first graduating class Gordon Furneaux

THE DAILY COUGAR The new UH Master's of Fine Arts Acting program recently graduated its first class to attend the three summer sessions. The program is built around teachers who work full time and are unable to attend classes during the regular school year. They are admitted into the program and study intensively throughout the summer. This was what director Steve Wallace intended when he began the program three years ago, and said he is proud to have graduated his first class since its inception. “We brought in 16 — which was the limit — the first year, and we had no idea if they would come back the second year because they have their own lives going on,” Wallace said. “They’re teaching for nine months, some as far away as Japan. This year we graduated our first class, and all 16 of them are graduating.” Once they graduate, these teachers will resume their work with a master’s in theatre arts immediately. MASTERS continues on page 3

The supplies collected by the UH Pakistan Student Association has reached and been distributed to victims of the flood in the Sindh region. | Courtesy of the Pakistan Student Association

groups & organizations

Students initiate relief effort Donations, items collected for Pakistan flood victims Anam Ghias

THE DAILY COUGAR The Pakistan Students’ Association at UH is working to send aid to Pakistan, after being hit by a flood that has claimed over 2,000 lives. “This disaster is so much bigger than the recent natural disasters that we have had,” PSA Vice President Faiza Raza said. “They are depending on all of us to help them.” An estimated 20 million people have been injured or made homeless by the flooding that began in July, making it one of the worst natural disasters in history. More than the combined total of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, and the tsunami in 2004, according to the United Nations website.

PSA immediately held meetings when the flooding started in South Pakistan, developing plans to send aid overseas. “We have held a raffle in order to collect donations for the flood victims,” Raza said. “We have also collected donations at the Pakistan Day Parade event held in downtown Houston.” The donations collected through the efforts of PSA have already been used to send items of necessities to the victims of the flood in Pakistan. “The amount raised by PSA was used to buy waterproof tents, food, medicine and other essentials,” Raza said. “These items have already been distributed around the Sakhar and Thata regions of Sindh, Pakistan.” The Muslim Students’ Association at UH has also participated in relief efforts for Pakistan. They are collaborating with other organizations to send aid to flood victims. “Helping Hand USA is heading a drive by PAKISTAN continues on page 3

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NEWS 101

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Discovery Channel HQ held up by gunman

the defining characteristics of who and what you are Come Grow With Us City of Refuge is a nearby church that is biblically sound, racially diverse, and socially active

Headlines from around the world, so you can sound like an informed person.

news 101

Need A Ride To Church? Please Email:

A radical environmentalist entered the building of Discovery Communications headquarters in the city of Silver Spring and took three hostages Wednesday. The gunman was identified as 43-year old James Jay Lee who was upset at Discovery for supposedly promoting the "birth of any more parasitic human infants." Lee has had a history with protesting outside the headquarters concerning humans and polluting the world. A 1,149 word manifesto was posted online by Lee which detailed his views on how people are destroying mother nature. Reports say Lee may have fired at least one shot, but no one was hurt during the ordeal. Lee, however, was sniped and killed by police officers after he drew a weapon and pointed it at one of the hostages. Police state that the negotiations lasted for nearly four hours and that Lee was persistent in his demands for Discovery Channel to broadcast programs promoting ways to save the planet.


Bombings kill at least 28 people

3150 Yellowstone Blvd. Houston, TX 77054 713.664.5033

Just four weeks after the massive floods in Pakistan, a series of suicide bombings occured in the city of Lahore Wednesday. In a report by CNN, at least 28 are dead and an additional 218 are critically injured. The bombings targeted a Shiite procession according to officials. Three explosions were triggered at different times, and all went off within about 2,000 feet of one another. Police spotted and

tried to stop the first bomber, but he detonated the bombs as they were reaching him. A second blast occurred about three minutes later, followed by the third almost a half hour after. At least one government official and two children were killed in the explosions.


Apple announces a cornucopia of refreshed products Steve Jobs announced a few new goodies for fans and consumers of Apple products Wednesday. The new iPod touch will introduce a higher resolution display, FaceTime, which is essentially video calling, and HD video recording. Technical specs have also received a boost. The iPod nano will be much smaller and receive a touchscreen. An updated iTunes 10 will introduce a social network for music in which users can share and discover music with friends. The Apple TV and iPod shuffle have also been given a facelift.


Man jumps 400 feet, survives A 22-year old aspiring actor jumped off the 39th floor of a building in a suicide attempt. Thomas Magill leapt off and then crashed into a parked Dodge sedan. Witnesses were shocked, but quickly realized the man was not killed as he shouted in pain. One witness described the incident as a miracle. The owner of the totaled car shared similar sentiments. Reports say Magill is in stable condition. Compiled by Newton Liu

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Come meet new people and have fun! Bowling Is For Everyone! Scores may not be high, but the bowlers always have a fun time! This is a handicap league, which means that any skill level has a chance to win!

A Muslim Student Association member helped collect donations and relief items by volunteering at a raffle table. | Courtesy of the Pakistan Student Association and anyone willing to donate can contact Faiza Raza at faiza@psauh. org. “Pakistan is part of this world and they are a family with the rest of the

nations,” Raza said. “Every one of us should contribute whatever they can in the name of humanity.”

FREE light snacks, drinks and practice (2 bowling games)!

For more information and league sign up, contact: Bowling begins September 9 and runs Tommy 713-743-5321 (Days) through December 2, 2010. (12 weeks - each Jeff 713-743-5324 (Nights) Thursday beginning at 6:00 PM). No bowling Thursday, November 25 due to Please fill this out and return to the UC Games Room:


Name E-mail Phone


I wish to join with the following friends:

1. 2. 3.

PeaCe oF Mind


Study AbroAd FAir Thursday, sepT. 2, 2010 11 a.m.–2:00 p.m. uC Cougar den

learn powerful breathing, yoga, and meditation techniques to: + reduce sTress + increase focus + improve public speaking + improve Time managemenT and sTudy skills + feel more presenT + make decisions wiTh confidence and clariTy Sept. 8–13

Weekdays: 6 pm – 10 pm Weekend: 10 am – 6 pm @ Cullen Oaks Apartment Community Center For information contact Vivek Rajan: Course organized by the YES+ club @ UH

MASTERS “We want to see them apply what they are learning immediately, so after the first year they have a whole new approach for acting that they can experiment with,” Wallace said. “Until they apply it in a classroom it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just something that they were taught at school.” The recent graduates ended their semester with a trip to London, where they studied under the supervision of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. This was not a typical visit for a student, which gives this program its exclusive nature. There are three other universities that host a graduate program for teachers of the dramatic arts. UH has the only traveling master's program. The degree plan takes three years, and students will travel to London, New York and Chicago, where they continue their teaching and studies. “What we’re able to set up through our contacts is a lot of behind the scenes, private tours and very specific events, that as a tourist in London you would not have access to,” Wallace said. “They get to do and see a lot of things that they would never be exposed to otherwise."

Thursday, September 2 at 6:00 PM

Trade stress for improved Clarity, FoCus, and

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League Organizational Meeting/Mixer

A small weekly league fee ($9) gives you USBC (United States Rules will be refreshed and league officer Bowling Congress) membership (a $20 value!), free use of rental election will take place. shoes, three games of bowling each week, league awards, and a All joining and returning members are FREE team t-shirt! encouraged to attend.


274 University Center RM 46B Tel: 713-743-5324 Fax: 713-743-5339

s! Come Join U anted! m a and Te s W ls a u id iv d In

(and need to be placed on a team)

a meeting space. Phase two involves renovating the current building once all the outlets move into the new one. The regents budgeted the project at $44.2 million. Regent Welcome Wilson, Sr. is among the faculty and staff who support the project. “I think we are doing it just right,” Wilson said. “First, build the extra space we need, and then tackle the sticky, expensive, slow part of refurbishing the old building.”

Partially funded by SFAC and your UC Fee

aculty, riends taff Bowling League Fall 2010

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collecting boxes filled with essentials for families affected by the monsoon, and MSA is working with them,” MSA Vice President Majeedah Pacha said. “We are encouraging our members to pack boxes with basic necessities including water bottles, milk cartons, soap bars, insect repellents and nonperishable snacks.” PSA members are continuing to meet every week and are discussing other possible means to help Pakistan. However, there are students who think that not enough is being done. “I do not feel that the world has given adequate attention to the crisis in Pakistan. The response from media and people is just not the same as it was for other disasters like Haiti, for example,” Biology senior Mariam Sattar said. “Pakistan has been in negative light recently and people are just scared to help them.” PSA is still accepting donations

Thursday, September 2, 2010   n  3


The Daily Cougar

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Ground Zero Mosque by Jason Poland

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Why can students get away with anything?


he Associated Press reported that the family of a New Hampshire high school student who shocked himself in shop class is suing the school. It sounds pretty standard, but that’s because we forgot to mention the fact that he purposefully attached two electrical clamps to his nipples while one of his classmates plugged it the other end of the chord into an outlet. His family has filed suit against the shop teacher, the school district and the city, on the case that his heart stopped momentarily, claiming he has permanent brain damage. We hope not to come off too brash, but we can’t help but wonder if the student had brain damage before the incident. The boy and his family claim that the shop teacher didn’t warn students of the dangers affiliated with electrical chords. Yeah, we thought we read that wrong too, but the family really is claiming that teachers should have to warn their students of the obvious dangers that they may deal with in shop class. Chemistry teachers should also tell their students not to drink poison, apparently. What happened to common sense? And since when did we stop being responsible for our own actions? Perhaps high schools should teach morality and ethics classes to let their students know that personal responsibility is still important. But is it? Hell, even Starburst got sued, because one woman expected the candy to be less chewy and claimed she hurt her jaw when she bit into one. God forbid she eats a Jaw Breaker. Silliness aside, this is a real issue that real Americans are dealing with, and a lot of them apparently think that America shares their plight. We hope you agree with us and see through these ridiculous suits, but if you don’t, maybe we should start reminding high school and even college students that fire is extremely hot so that none of our professors get in trouble. After all, it’s plastered all over our coffee cups, because some idiot got sue-happy.

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Park 51 should be a lesson to all B y now I’m sure most of you have heard of the proposal to build a community center that will house a mosque near Ground Zero. Park 51, which is located at 45 Park Place, doesn’t even have views of Ground Zero. President Barack Obama has spoken on the issue, expressing that is constitutional for a mosque to be built there. Now, tension toward Ian Muslims seems to Everett be rising rapidly and dangerously. In Tennessee this past weekend, the construction equipment for a future mosque being built in the town of Murfreesboro was subject to an arson attack. When the leaders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro gathered to inspect the damage the following Sunday, gunshots were heard near the area. While it is not necessarily a good idea to build a mosque on Ground Zero, or anywhere near it for that matter – simply due to the insensitivity of the matter – it is still a constitutional right for Muslims to build a mosque or community center anywhere they see fit, including Murfreesboro, Tennessee. While tensions are currently high towards Muslims, we have to remember two things. Firstly, we are a nation that prides ourselves on freedom, including

that of religion, and to deny that to Muslims goes directly against the grain of what we stand upon morally. Secondly, the Muslims that want to build a mosque in Murfreesboro, as well as the group planning to construct a community center a few blocks away from Ground Zero, are not the same radical Islamic terrorists that were responsible for the attacks on 9/11. It is neither fair nor just for anyone to portray them as a scapegoat. The organization behind Park 51 and the organization behind the Murfeesboro community center should have the right to build a place of worship that best suits them, just as we have the right to build a place of worship that best suits us. One issue that is not brought up in most debates about Park 51 is that the whole reason for being located on Park Place is to better suit the Muslim community of New York City. Park 51 would greatly increase the accessibility of resources through the proposed community center and included mosque. Currently NYC is home to only two mosques, neither of which have any relation to the community associated with Park 51. While there have been would-be terrorists striking out against the mosque,

there have also been people who have tried to promote tolerance, such as the people in Murfreesboro who responded to the attacks by having a candlelight vigil outside of the courthouse. These are the people after whom we should model ourselves; those who promote peace and tolerance over violence and terrorism. If we have issues, we need to take them up in a healthy discussion. We need to keep these things in mind, especially here at the University. We live in an eclectic city, and that includes religious communities. There are at least seventeen mosques in the Houston area alone, according to the Islamic Society of Greater Houston website, Most importantly, we need to be mindful and tolerant of those of different religions, whether they are Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. We need to be respectful of others, as they expect us to be because they are respectful of us. The nation should take a lesson from the city of Murfreesboro, and its people who advocate that we all learn to live together peacefully. Ian Everett is a creative writing freshman and may be reached at

views How do you feel about Islamic centers and mosques being built in NYC?

The community center or mosque should be built in NYC because there are sentiments in that city due to Sept. 11, and I don't think any religion wants to offend any other religion.

I think the developers should be able to build the community center and mosque. The opposition is being too cynical, and discriminatory against the Islamic community, and the people associated with Park 51.

The Islamic group should be able to grow and enhance their community, no matter where they choose to build their facility. America is a melting pot, and diversity should be celebrated.

Pranab Jha

The Islamic group who wants to build the community center and mosque have an open mind, but I don't think it's a good idea because they are not taking into consideration the opinion of the general public.

Mechanical engineering graduate student

Wintress Cloud

Juan Pineda

Architecture freshman

Architecture freshman

Architecture freshman

Natalia Sanchez

Thursday, September 2, 2010   n  5

The Daily Cougar


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cross country

UH to host meet, eager for season's start The men and women's cross country teams are ready to get back to racing. Friday, the program will host the Johnny Morris UH Invitational. The men's squad placed second last year, but won the title in 2008. The women's team is looking to win its third consecutive meet title. Head coach Ryan Turner credits the off time between track and cross country season for the Cougars success at the meet. "One of the few reasons we've been so successful at our home meet is that they've been training all summer, so they're revved up," Turner said in a release. "They're fresh, healthy and excited. It's always exciting when your friends, family, classmates and even people on campus are all around to watch you run." Other schools competing will be Lamar, Lon Morris College, Prarie View A&M, Rice, Sam Houston State, Texas and Texas Southern. — Cougar Sports Services


No. 5 Longhorns to face Owls at Reliant Stadium Texas and Rice will square off Saturday in an afternoon battle to start the season. Texas is coming off of another memorable season under the direction of head coach Mack Brown and recently drafted quarterback Colt McCoy. The Longhorns were able to come out on top of the Big 12 Conference, but lost to Alabama in the BCS National Championship. Sophomore quarterback Garrett Gilbert is leading the Texas offense against a Rice team that went 2-10 in 2009. Texas will rely on Cody Johnson to run through Rice's defense. Rice head coach David Bailiff is yet to announce his starting quarterback, but Tyler Smith and transfer Sam McGuffie will share carries at running back. The Longhorns defense has been hailed as better than last year's squad. Texas has a 6921 series lead over Rice. — Cougar Sports Services

The Cougars hope fans show up in full force for Saturday's season debut against Texas State at Robertson Stadium. | Daily Cougar File Photo


Cougars await Texas State John Brannen

The Daily Cougar Saturday marks the return of football to the campus, and it couldn’t come any faster for head coach Kevin Sumlin and the Cougars. After a preseason camp in the scorching Houston heat, the players are ready to make contact with the Texas State Bobcats as opposed to their teammates. “This time of year we’re all pretty tired of looking at each other and ready to play somebody else,” Sumlin said. “If your team is not in that position you have to worry.” Quarterback Case Keenum faced a flurry of national media attention over the summer, but now he is ready to let his play do the talking. “I’m ready to start playing football and not talk about it anymore,” Keenum said. Sumlin said the Cougars had a positive preseason camp, but that is not an indicator of where the team stands. The first game will be telling of the team’s

progress. “You really don’t know where you are until you get on the field,” Sumlin said. Although the Cougars are favored to win, Sumlin said he wants his team to remain humble. He is not taking the Bobcats lightly. “We have a lot of respect for coach Brad Wright and Texas State," he said. "They do a great job of recruiting the state of Texas and coaching their players.” Under defensive coordinator Brian Stewart’s new 3-4 set, the Cougars are expected to put up a more aggressive effort. Cornerback Jamal Robinson said he also respects the Bobcats. “They’re a good team, and they bring their best out, but hopefully we put on a good show,” Robinson said. Receiver James Cleveland said he is impressed with how the defense has looked in practice, but that him and his offensive teammates will be watching diligently to see how it performs. Like a coach, Cleveland is holding the defense

to a standard. “The energy and the schemes that they’re bringing is similar to an NFL defense, so it’s exciting for us to watch and see them do well,” Cleveland said. “I want to see great energy and execution from our defense." In games against Texas State, UH is 0-3. Those three games were between 1946-1948, but Sumlin said it adds motivation to the game. “If that’s not enough to get your attention, I don’t know what will,” Sumlin said. Analysts are pointing to UH as a potential BCS buster, but Sumlin was quick to point out that the Cougars are not ranked in the top 25 in any poll. “Obviously, we still have some work to do,” he said. With a win, the Cougars will break a school record for 16 consecutive wins in a home opener. The game starts at 7 p.m. at Robertson Stadium.

Game day


Fans brace for seating and admission changes

Team USA defeated Iran 88-51 on Wednesday. Kevin Love, who plays professionally for the Minnesota Timberwolves, led the Americans in scoring with 13 points, and Kevin Durant added 12. For Iran, the leading scorer was Hamed Haddadi of the Memphis Grizzlies with 19 points. Arsalan Kazemi., who will be a junior at Rice this season, dropped 14 points. With the win, the U.S. will move on to the knockout round as the No. 1 seeded team. — Cougar Sports Services i

Christopher Losee

U.S. beats Iran decisively, advances

The Daily Cougar Students cheering on the Cougars in Saturday's season opener will undergo a variety of pre-game assessments and activities at Robertson Stadium. For those new to the stadium and those that roamed the student section last season, certain things have changed for this year. Student organizations, fraternities and sororities fill the parking lots facing Cullen Street and alumni tailgating conjures around the west side of the stadium in Tailgate Village.

On Saturday, the gates will open at 5 p.m., two hours before the game's scheduled start. The first 1,000 students to enter will receive a free T-shirt. Student admission is free, but there is a change in the process of entering the stadium. Students will still enter at Gate 10, but will be required to swipe their Cougar Card to verify enrollment. If students decide to leave during the game, there will be no re-admittance. The availability of seats has changed slightly for this season after the south end zone, which previously tailored to student overflow, became a family zone.

The upper north end zone that was designated for season ticket holders has now been designated to seat students as well. Student-guest tickets went on sale earlier this week. Changes in the availability of student seating has led to limited number of seats to be allotted for student-guests. Students have been allowed up to four tickets and are limited to two in the student section. At 6 p.m. today, there will be a pep rally held at the walkway between Moody Towers and Cougar Village.

6  n  Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life & Arts

The Daily Cougar


Photo editor Berglund takes on a year long assignment Kendra Berglund

The Daily Cougar Do you go through life with a pessimistic attitude, not taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers or appreciate the little things in life? Well, you should try Project 365, a photography venture that allows you to track an entire year through one photo each day. The project gives people an opportunity to keep track of their life throughout a year, because let’s face it; time flies, and we’d all like to remember the little things that made our year amazing. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to take a picture of something everyday for a year?” I’ll tell you why. Imagine years from now when you can share an entire year of your life with your grandchildren. You’ll be able to show them how you grew, pivotal moments in your life, relationships, and things that you found wonder in.

Starting on Project 365 will also make you a better photographer. Think about it, you’ll constantly be behind the lens. You’ll learn your limits, the composition of a photograph, try out different angles, work with lighting and so much more! Here are a few simple tips and steps to start your own Project 365. • Bring your camera EVERYWHERE. Carry it in your purse or in your car, that way you’ll have it handy when you discover a photo opportunity. The worst feeling in the world is seeing something photo-worthy and not being able to capture it because you left your camera at your Aunt Pipper’s house. Don’t be afraid to bring your camera grocery shopping, to the movies, to a restaurant, or to class, because you never know what you might find. • Know where you’re going to store your photos. Whether you’re shooting digitally or with film, have a photo album where you can keep track of

each day’s photo. As you see your album expands, it will motivate you to keep shooting! • Don’t give up. As you go through each day, you may find that you’re too busy, or maybe you forgot to get a photo yesterday. Whatever your excuse may be, don’t let it discourage you. You may find that you have run out of ideas, but I assure you, there is always an opportunity to find beauty in the mundane. Isn’t that the purpose of this challenge anyway? There is always an excuse not to do something; don’t let lethargy be your folly. • Grab a buddy. The buddy system will both keep you in check and inspire you. If you find a friend to do the project with you, you’ll find it much easier and more enjoyable. Give each other ideas and show off what you captured each day.

This is one of the photos that Kendra will be taking during her attempt to take a photo every day this year.| Kendra Berglund/The Daily Cougar


-Liam Mayclem, CBS-TV




playlist »

Songs that destroy first dates


here are a lot of awkward things that can happen during a first date. One of the quickest ways to ruin the gettingto-know-you period is having an awkward song play on the radio. When this happens, the only two things that one can do is either stare blankly ahead or learn all of the words to some of these songs, sing along and ride the awkwardness for all it's worth. — Travis Hensley

-Kerry Maller, KCBS-TV



I Wanna Have Your Babies Natasha Bedingfield N.B.

99 Problems Jay Z The Black Album

Love The Way You Lie Eminem Recovery

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Houston Univ Dly Cougar




Robbie and Bobby by Jason Poland

ACROSS 1 Depot info 4 Notorious pirate 8 Mote 13 Stiffly formal 14 Territory 15 Pond scum 16 July stone 17 — Hashanah 18 Stanza 19 Unseal, to a poet 20 Orchid fruit (2 wds.) 22 Narrow waterways 24 Mellows 25 Function 26 — as you are! 28 Mom’s girl 31 Squander 34 First-magnitude star 35 Board game pair 36 Spicy stew 37 Buns 38 Plenty, for Tennyson 39 Sugar cane products 40 La femme 41 Gives autographs 42 Outback bird 43 Busy insects 44 Wine cask 45 Country road 47 Trinidad music 51 Vole (2 wds.) 55 Sweetie-pie 56 Took steps 57 Is incorrect 58 Synthetic fabric, for short 59 Entire 60 Spunky movie princess 61 PC system 62 Chafed places 63 Handyman’s need 64 River bottom

ROTSEE by Paolo Aninag

sudoku How to play

Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3-by-3 boxes must also contain the numbers 1 to 9.

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DOWN 1 Spout, as Vesuvius 2 Rome’s river 3 A Little Woman 4 Black-belt sport

classifieds BulletIn BOaRd

Help Wanted

Egg Donors Needed. Ages 21-32. Earn $5,000+, High demand for Asians.

Surrogate Mothers Needed. Earn $25,000+, Ages 21-39.

(713) 771-9771 email : !BARTENDING! up to $300 a day, no exp necessary, training provided. 18+ ok. 800-965-6520 ext.145 Writers, reporters & editors wanted for new local online sports publication. Contact:

Help Wanted We provide quality Pediatric Speech Therapy; Professional Counseling services for individuals, couples, groups, and families; and ABA therapy for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, Speech delays, or behavior problems. Check out our website for the most up-to-date information! Currently interviewing: - ABA Therapists, no experience required & PERFECT for college students - Providing hours for BCBA/BCABA supervision - Volunteers & interns always welcome to apply Email resume to:



Part-time teacher assistant needed

Sundays at Pearland ISD Berry Miller Junior High School Worship- 10:30am Haley Brown- Worship Leader Peter Scafidi- Worship Leader Dariel Newman- Pastor

• For Chinese Language Class and Beginner Music Class • Must be native speaker fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English • Knowledge of music preferred but not required. • Competitive salary • Training will be provided

CaRS & CYCleS 8.00


Earn $1000-$3200 a month to drive our brand new cars with ads placed on them. TELL ’EM YOU SAW IT in The Daily Cougar!
























Female driver wanted

to drive 14-year-old daughter from my home to Lamar High School at 7:10 am a few days a week, and after school [on weds and thurs] at 3:45 to home and activities. For more information please reply to

ASSISTANT GYMNASTICS TEACHER for afterschool program. Thursday only. 3 1/2 hours. $12-14 hourly. Some gymnastic exp needed. SW area. 832-367-0770

email resume to: the moosic school

26 yr firm looking for Sr Under Grad or Post Grad Student in Comp Sci Dept possessing database programming/ management skills with knowledge of SQL, Visual FoxPro, and VB6. The position is part time 10-20 hrs per week candidates must be flexible and able to respond quickly when work spikes occur. Submit Resumes via email to or fax to 713-780-0733. *STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM* PAID survey takers needed in Houston. 100 percent FREE to join! Click on Surveys.







41 44 47













64 ©

Help Wanted




Removes 5 wrinkles 6 Mr. Arnaz 7 Wonka’s creator 8 Wild 9 Freshman at Annapolis 10 Going out 11 Senor’s house 12 Enthusiastic 13 Major-leaguers 20 Workshop jaws 21 Prayer-wheel turners 23 Gas guzzlers 26 Monks’ lodgings 27 Stare rudely 29 Desktop picture 30 Plies a needle 31 As time — on 32 Baking-powder ingredient 33 Novice pilot’s aid 34 Electrical unit 35 Jupiter or Ra



43 45







25 31



7 Avoid expiration 3 41 Mall attraction 43 Battery poles 44 Feudal tenant 46 Fashion’s Simpson 47 Knickknack 48 Ring up 49 Financially sound 50 Deep black 51 Gullets 52 Reverberate 53 Soften 54 Sandwich cookie 58 Tavern

2010 United Feature Syndicate INC.

Previous puzzle solved H A I L



Help Wanted





RentalS 1 BR TOWN HOME $480 per month. $195 move in. 843 sq ft. Call Brad at (713) 392-3248. APARTMENTS FOR RENT 1 bdrm, 1 bath. Close to UH. $400 monthly rent. $200 deposit. Tenant pays electricity. Call Max: 713-898-3198 EASTWOOD GARAGE APT 4714 1/2 CLAY Bdrm, bath, living rm, kitchen-Appliances provide. Central A/H. $500/mo. Tenant pays electricity. 713-961-7696

$$$$$$$$ GET PAID FOR $$$$$$$$ $$$$$ YOUR EXTRA TIME! $$$$$

Please call Plaza Research at 713-840-9500 and ask to be added to our database OR log on to and click REGISTER


Help Wanted


Plaza Research, a local focus group company in the Galleria area, is looking for consumers to participate in paid focus group discussions. There is absolutely no sales or solicitation involved, we are only interested in your thoughts and opinions. Our groups are ongoing and include topics such as; pets, travel, consumer products, sports, politics, magazines, books, medical conditions, food, beverages, etc. Those who participate are compensated $35-65 per hour for their time.


Earn Long Term RESIDUAL Income off what people PAY FOR... EVERY MONTH!! go to: for details! Be Your Own Boss


Tangible Difference Learning Center


2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 4dr, 63K, auto, red, runs great, clean, clear title, Charles, 713-201-6436

Thursday, Thursday,September September2,2,2010 2010   n  7

Comics comics & more

The Daily Cougar

Spectrum of Hope employment opportunity available for intelligent, dedicated, mature, committed, purposeful individuals who have the desire to change the lives of children & their families living with autism. Great experience for individuals with Psychology, Social Work, Education and Speech communication majors. Contact KJ Whitman at 281-894-1423 or

Office AssistAnt

European car shop, part time, M-F, flexible hours. Job will include answering phones, and data entry. Close to UH.


MONTESSORI SCHOOL in Museum district. Looking for Subs/Assts. Flex hrs. Excellent for child dev, Education or Psy majors! Call 713-520-0738



Large 2 BDRM apt. Appliances, 3 window ACs. New Paint. Living and Dining room. Updated bathroom. Water is paid. Near UH. $675/mo, requires deposit. Must see. Call:


Looking for a NEW Apartment? Free Apt Locating Service! $500 REBATE! FREE MOVE! Classifieds for Roommates & Sublets!

Call now to start your search today! 1-866-933-4878

ApartmentGURUS.Com BUY YOUR NEXT CLASSIFIED AD in your pajamas. Log on to thedailycougar. com/classifieds to begin posting online and print ads, 24/7/365.

GUEST HOUSE/REAR APT One large room, bath, kitchen, large closet, Total space 20x25. All bills paid, $495. mo+deposit. Less then 1mi from campus. 4726 Eppes st. Call 713-705-3827 SPACIOUS, READY TO MOVE IN three 1-bdrm apts for rent. Hrdwds, 5-mins from UH. $625/mo ($550 deposit). Call Joan 713-661-3185. STUDENT/STAFF SPECIAL: U of H AREA-$99. 1st mo rent. Minutes from campus. 1bdrm $450. & 2bdrm $550. with a 1 YEAR LEASE. 3629 MacGregor Way-Office 713-523-0225. TWO SINGLE APTS. 1 Mile from campus. Quiet. $400 for one. $325 for other. Plus utilities. 713-921-1742 3 Bdr / 2.5 Ba / 1 Car Garage w/ another 1 outdoor parking space reserved and plenty of street parking. This place will go quick, but want tenant for Oct. 1 so lowering the Rent from $1,750 to $1,500 to rent FAST! Other units in complex renting for over $1,800. Over 2000 SF. 4 Stories with Outdoor Terrace to enjoy Amazing Downtown Views and bonus excercise room or bar on 4th floor. Just across the street from Alexan Lofts in the East End. So close to the highways, downtown, parks, hike and bike trails, midtown... great location. Must SEE! By the way... will leave the 42" Samsung Flat Panel on an articulating mount in the Living Room and all the Patio Furniture on the Terrace for your use! Also, Stainless Steel Apps and very new front-loading Washer / Dryer included! Email amay_

8  n  Thursday, September 2, 2010


The Daily Cougar

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StylishLiving Villaged


Come check out the biggest apartments in town, our new look will move you! Features:

y Plank flooring y European-style cabinetry y Spacious walk-in closets y Full-size washer/dryer y Small pets accepted y Nine-foot ceilings y Expansive bay windows y Two tone paint y Remote-access gates

CALL FOR SPECIALS! One Bedroom 1003 SQ. FT.! Two bedroom 1322 SQ. FT.!

1 BDRM from $689 w 2 BRDM from $859 Directions: Exit Holcombe Boulevard off Hwy. 288, toward US 90/Old Spanish Trail. Turn west on OST (away from medical center), turn left onto Tierwester. Turn left onto Dixie Drive. Leasing Center is on your left.

Catalina Village 3560 Dixie Drive Houston, TX 77021

(713) 747-7238



True Sports Fans

DeSeRVe a True Sports Bar Well, welcome to

Nick’s Place

One with every sports package and a staff who knows how to get what YOU want to watch on the TV in front of you?

Since 1993 Nick’s Place has been giving Houston all Sports all the time. With over 40 TV’s, Free Wi-Fi, and a menu that is sure to please, you’ll know why we were voted Best Sports Bar in Houston.

Home of 1560 AM “The Game” Friday extravaganza Live 6a-7p

Westheimer @ Rockyridge

For Directions and Daily Specials Go To

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