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Running back prepares for season

There doesn't always have to be guns


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August 25, 2010

campus safety


UH students to participate in welcome back celebration The UH official welcome event, The Cat's Back: Unleash the Pride, will take place from 4 to 7 p.m. today at the UC. Students will get the chance to meet UH President Renu Khator and participate in games and entertainment. A pep rally, including the UH football team and the marching band, is also on the agenda. Free bowling, billiards and table tennis will be available in the UC Game Room.


University effort to increase graduate rate pays dividends

Accuracy delays crime reports Officials say Houston's crime rate is decreasing, but reports of it on campus continue By Darlene Campos

THE DAILY COUGAR The UH Department of Public Safety is focused on a reoccurring issue in campus, burglaries and theft. On-campus car thefts and burglaries were at their highest in 2006 and 2007,

according to the official 2008 police report filed by the campus police station. During 2006, there were 35 car thefts reported, and in 2007, 63 burglaries were documented. Reports are not up to date, but students do get e-mail and text message alerts. “Identifying crime trends is a tricky thing. There are many factors to consider besides the numbers of reported crimes,” UH Police Lt. Bret Collier said. “The lag in data availability is to ensure that what we are reporting is both comprehensive and accurate."

Elaine Charlson, executive associate vice president for academic and faculty affairs, told attendants at an Aug. 20 UH System Board of Regents meeting that “Project 549” had helped 268 students graduate in 2009. Under the program, 549 students who had enrolled as freshman in 2004 were identified.


"The interesting thing was that the graduation rate of this class increased from 36.3 percent to 45.1 percent," Charlson said in a release. "We've learned from this. We're not waiting until the end to address the issue of helping them graduate. We will work with them from the day they begin as freshmen until their senior years."

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by DragonArt

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Picnic at the Park Baptist Student Ministry will have a picnic in front of the library from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Come out for a free sack lunch and make some new friends.

CRIME continues on page 3

By Neal Dasgupta

Advisers later contacted these students to provide information and guide them through the graduation process.

The Cat’s Back 2010: Unleash the Pride, Official Welcome Event for UH It’s that time of the year again! Be sure to attend The Cat’s Back 2010 at the UC from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be free food, music, games, a pep rally with the football team, marching band and of course an appearance from our very own president Renu Khator.

Collier said the 2009 reports would be posted in a couple of months. Crime rates in major metropolitan areas such as city of Houston tends to be higher than that of smaller cities and towns. However, in a recent article by the Houston Chronicle, it states that crime has diminished 8 percent. The UH Department of Public Safety website states students should learn the locations of the emergency and information call boxes.

Library gets grant to save KUHT films

A recent initiative by the University to help more students graduate seems to have been a small success.


Issue 003, Volume 76

Students register to drive


he Registered Texan team was at the UC Satellite yesterday encouraging students to register their vehicles as part of their "Put Texas in your Corner" campaign. The Public Education Campaign is authorized by the Department of Motor Vehicles . | Kendra Berglund/The Daily Cougar

The UH library system recently received a $19,863 grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. UH plans to utilize the grants in its partnership with KUHT-TV. “UH special collections applied for and received a grant for restoration of some film stock from early KUHT days,” Director of Programming Ken Lawrence said. “I met with the UH archivist last month and (chose) from their list of our archived films and identified some titles, the likely to be interesting for possible restoration.” The TSLAC granted a total of $6 million to 542 Texas libraries. The commissioners approved the grants at an Aug. 3 meeting in Austin for the 2011 fiscal year. The TSLAC also awarded grants through its federally funded Special Projects and Library Cooperation Programs. The Special Projects programs were given to six applicants this year for expansion of library services and to all members of the grantee’s library community. These grants also promote collaboration among libraries for resource and archive sharing. UH was one of 10 organizations that received TexTreasures grants. These grants are designed to provide access to special holdings. UH will use the grant to convert programming into sustainable and accessible digital media. The UH library GRANTS continues on page 6

SVN Outdoor Screening of “Kick Ass” The Student Video Network will host a free screening of this year’s comedic superhero movie “Kick Ass” at the UC North Patio at 7:30 p.m.

UH displays award-winning author's work


By Ashley Evans



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The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The novel follows two ex-Texas rangers

on a cattle drive from Texas to Montana. "Lonesome Dove" was later adapted into a popular miniseries on CBS starring Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall. Julie Grob associate librarian in special collections at UH said the book is "an epic story about the end of the old West that is both literary and exciting."

Some of McMurtry's early manuscripts, screenplays and essays are housed in the special collections section of the UH library. "The most amazing thing in the collection is the early typescript drafts of MCMURTRY continues on page 6

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NEWS 101

in·spi·ra·tion divine revelation that results in transformation

Come Seek Him With Us City of Refuge is a nearby church that is biblically sound, racially diverse, and socially active

Need A Ride To Church? Please Email:

The Daily Cougar

Headlines from around the world, so you can sound like an informed person.

news 101 CHILE

Mine collapse traps 33 workers for 18 days A mine collapse near the city of Copiapo has left 33 miners trapped for 18 days now, and that's possibly just the beginning. Rescuers have started to drill a shaft wide enough for a man in order to extract the workers. Experts are saying that it could take as many as four months before they can start pulling out the workers. For now, essential needs such as food, water and medicine are being delivered to them through a 4-inch wide tube going down to the mine. Despite the circumstances, contact with the miners have revealed that order and discipline have been maintained throughout the crew, and mutual efforts toward overcoming the ordeal have been consistent. Psychologists are concerned with the mental health of the workers and warn of the risks associated with being trapped there until next year. The Chilean government has expressed hope for a speedy rescue effort.


Trio of teens on Facebook hit list slain

3150 Yellowstone Blvd. Houston, TX 77054 713.664.5033

STILL LOOKING FOR FALL CLASSES? Find online classes that fit your schedule and classes at one of our convenient offcampus teaching sites, including the new UH Northwest Campus.

A hit list with the names of 69 people were posted to social networking website Facebook on Aug. 17. Since then, three of the teens named on the list have been killed in southern Colombia. Authorities state that the reason for the hit list and the parties behind it are still unclear. Police, however, have suspected an organized gang which have recently expanded its operations to the southern regions. An investigation is underway. Reports

say that another list containing the names of 31 women were posted Monday. The news has stirred panic among locals and especially among those who are named.


Lindsay Lohan back out on the streets Twenty-four year old Lindsay Lohan was released Tuesday after serving about three weeks of her 90-day in-patient rehab. Sources state the troublesome actress was "doing well." Her rehab sentence came after being locked up in the Lynwood Correctional Facility for 13 days. She is expected to continue outpatient treatment several times a week.


Petition to ban red light cameras gets green light The petition to ban red light cameras in Houston has been certified by the city's secretary. Now all it needs are some votes from the residents to ensure the reality of camera-free intersections. Houston is reported to be home to 70 red light cameras. Michael Kubosh, the brother of traffic ticket lawyer Paul Kubosh, collected more than 20,000 signatures which were required to get the proposed charter amendment on the ballot. Kubosh expressed contentment and urges for people to vote. The proposition is still met with opposition, however, as Jim McGrath, spokesperson for Keep Houston Safe, accuses that the petition is illegal. Compiled by Newton Liu

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University Eye Institute

Full time UH students may be eligible for Contact Lens benefits at the University Eye Institute the leaders in specialty soft and gas permeable lenses. Special pricing for students with MACORI insurance

Open to the public • Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 505 J. Davis Armistead Bldg • Entrance #2 To make an appointment call 713-743-2015 or email at

Come and enjoy the New Breakfast Menu and Deals at your

The emergency and information call boxes scattered across the UH campus connect directly to the police department for student assistance. | Jack Wehman/The Daily Cougar

CRIME continued from page 1

Call boxes connect directly to the police department on campus in case of need of police aid, the escort system or help with a defunct car. The escort system is a free service for students, staff and faculty members. The security escort program is available 24 hours a day year round. The UHDPS has 44 commissioned police officers as well as 36 security officers patrolling and posted in areas across campus. “Recently, the university dedicated additional resources to the (UHDPS), so that some of the concerns that we share with the University community can be addressed. Both dorm security and increased visibility will be major parts of this new initiative,” Collier said. “This is

what we see is the best way to make our campus less attractive to these criminals.” Collier said students should stay cautious, regardless of a lower crime rate. “As a university at the center of a major metropolitan area, we face some fairly unique challenges. Although we maintain a significantly lower rate of crime than the surrounding area, we recognize that this is an accomplishment, but not an endgame,” Collier said. “In any free society, crime can never be completely eliminated in any practical sense, but we are not deterred in our dedication to the safety and security of our students. Our department shares the concerns of our community and will provide every possible avenue that we can for a safe and productive college experience.”

in the Law Center 713-743-5873

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UH Baptist Student Ministry:


Welcome back to school!

OFFERING PROGRAMS FOR:  Full time day MBA  Part time evening MBA  Leadership Executive MBA  Global Energy Executive MBA

Check out our epic events this week!

Monday » 7pm at BSM- Freshman Picture Scavenger Hunt with pizza and slide show of the hunt to follow

Tuesday » 11am-2pm at UC North Patio- Free Burger Cook-out (Free grilled burgers, some live music, and free things from some local churches) Tuesday » 7pm at Lynn Eusan Park- Hinge- a time of worship in the park at UH Wednesday » 11am-1pm in free speech area in front of library- Free Picnic Lunch for all- we will toss the frisbee, have free meals, sit on blankets and enjoy the day Wednesday » 8pm at UH bowling alley- free bowling after Cat’s Back Thursday » 7pm- Howdy Party- New to Texas? We will give you an overviewlearn a line dance, eat some Texas food, and some lingo Friday » 7pm at BSM- Gnocchi night- come join in the Argentine tradition of monthly gnocchi with us!

Saturday » 10am at BSM- Paintballin’- meet at the BSM for some paintballin’ fun! University of Houston BSM (713)741-0967 C. T. Bauer College of Business is an AACSB accredited business school. 4801 CALHOUN- CORNER OF CALHOUN AND UNIVERSITY

The University of Houston is an EEO/AA institution. 10-077

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Students should vote in approaching election


ess than three months before the election, with incumbent Rick Perry leading challenger Bill White 49 to 41 percent in the race for governor of Texas, Democrats have taken off their gloves and aren’t holding back. A Democratic political action committee, Back To Basics, is leading an anti-Perry campaign statewide, most recently running an advertisement calling Perry a coward. Perry, the longest serving governor in Texas history, refuses to debate his Democratic challenger Bill White, the former mayor of Houston. “I think what they’re trying to do is jab the bear with a sharp stick to get it up on its hind legs,” said SMU political science professor Cal Jillson in an interview with KHOU-Houston. “They want Perry to say, ‘All right, I better debate this guy.’” With White eight points behind so close to the end of the race, it might be a last-ditch effort on the part of his supporters, but many of them really do agree with the advertisement. “His handlers don’t want him to debate,” White said in an interview with KHOU-Houston. “That’s why he won’t appear before editorial boards.” Months ago, The Daily Cougar endorsed White for governor. “Rick Perry is handing this state over to special interests and lobbyists,” one commentator said on KHOU’s website. “Bill White is the best man to clean up Perry’s mess and move Texas forward. Perry won’t debate White because then it will be obvious to everyone who is the better and brighter man.” But then again, when we wrote a staff editorial endorsing White back in May, we received a few dissenting comments. “Gov. Perry will steam roll your democrat wanna-be come December, and you know it," another commentator said. “Last thing we need is a sanctuary city mayor running the whole state; No thank you.” No matter how you feel, you have until October 23 to register to vote and tell the state how you feel. And every student on our campus should do just that. If the two don’t go toe-to-toe, it will be the first time since 1990 that the leading candidates for governor didn’t debate.

E D I TO R I A L P O L I C I ES STAFF EDITORIAL  The Staff Editorial reflects the opinions of The Daily Cougar Editorial Board (the members of which are listed above the editorial). All other opinions, commentaries and cartoons reflect only the opinion of the author. Opinions expressed in The Daily Cougar do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Houston or the students as a whole. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  The Daily Cougar welcomes letters to the editor from any member of the UH community. Letters should be no more than 250 words and signed, including the author’s full name, phone number or e-mail address and affiliation with the University, including classification and major. Anonymous letters will not be published. Deliver letters to Room 7, University Center Satellite; e-mail them to; send them via campus mail to STP 4015; or fax them to (713) 743-5384. Letters are subject to editing. ADVERTISEMENTS  Advertisements published in The Daily Cougar do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the University or the students as a whole. GUEST COMMENTARY  Submissions are accepted from any member of the UH community and must be signed with the author’s name, phone number or e-mail address and affiliation with the University, including classification and major. Commentary should be kept to less than 500 words. Guest commentaries should not be written as replies to material already printed in the Cougar, but rather should present independent points of view. Rebuttals should be sent as letters. Deliver submissions to Room 7, University Center Satellite; e-mail them to; or fax them to (713) 743-5384. All submissions are subject to editing.

Wal-Mart plan met with opposition


omorrow mayor Annise Parker will meet with local residents and business owners at the George R. Brown Convention Center from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. to discuss the contentious Wal-Mart proposal. The residents of the Heights neighborhood and also the Washington Andrew Corridor have Taylor staunchly opposed the idea of having a mega chain superstore built in their pro-local, small business community. The concerns that come from the neighboring residents are not just limited to the facts that the Wal-Mart will crowd out small businesses, but also other ambient concerns. Some of those concerns pertain to the fact that a 24-hour store might increase crime due to increased late night activity. Other concerns are that the proposed Wal-Mart will add negative effects to the surrounding community as far as traffic, lighting, and drainage.

Many of these concerns are legitimate and are something to consider. It also would be legitimate for the residents of both worried neighborhoods to be considering the values of their homes and businesses. The parties who desire the Wal-Mart as well as the superstore company itself have valid arguments of their own. Supporters of the superstore claim that this particular location is not actually even in the heights neighborhood. The area where it is being proposed is actually in an area known as the West End. The West End neighborhood is close enough to be considered either part of the Washington Corridor or the heights neighborhood. Regardless of the technicalities of location, the supporters and people who are proposing the new store claim that the project aims at improving the neighboring areas and attracting a wide variety of businesses and potential residents. The development group in charge of the project promises to take the current community and then enhance it.

The development of this WalMart would make it the first inner loop Wal-Mart in Houston. The proposed Wal-Mart store would also be a source of added jobs to the community and city. Both sides have their arguments and both have substantial interests in their respective goals, but this is an issue that simply comes down to politics. If the proposed Wal-Mart is built then the residents of the neighboring communities could boycott the store, something most of them already do by purchasing local foods from farmers markets and local grocers. The developers have already purchased the vacant lot, and there may not be much more the heights residents can do as far halting the development of this store. If the proposed superstore is built, the residents of the neighborhood will remain unhappy and dissatisfied with their city officials representation.

Other concerns are that the proposed Wal-Mart will add negative effects to the surrounding community as far as traffic, lighting, and drainage.

Andrew Taylor is an Economics senior and may be reached at

views Should a Wal-Mart be built inside the loop?

I don't think Wal-Mart should build a new store in The Heights because they already have numerous stores around Houston. Adding a Wal-Mart to the heights community won't benefit Wal-Mart as a company if the community has no desire. Ryan Cariño Media productions senior

The heights community values small local businesses and they should be able to support the growth of their community. Not building the Wal-Mart would keep the small business movement growing and promote the goals of a local community.

If there's a demand for a Wal-Mart, the company has the right to move in. If the Heights area doesn't value a chain superstore in the local business neighborhood then Wal-Mart might want to take this into consideration.

If the community opposes the addition of Wal-Mart, it shouldn't be built. There are other Wal-Marts in Houston for those who shop there. The heights area residents should have their voices heard if the majority exists.

Mary Areyalo

Laila Khalili

Bijan Mohebalian

Music sophomore

Psychology junior

Media productions senior

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*2009 stats


CAN YOU EAT? The Great Ice Cream Race!

Join Shasta's Cones & More in celebrating our FIFTH Birthday as part of the Cat’s Back Celebration!

Compete! 16 contestants will race to finish a half gallon of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream in 2 minutes.

y Wednesda2010 , 5 2 August .

Whoever finishes first or eats the most wins!

Prizes! 1st Place Runner-up

$50 Best Buy Gift Card & “Big Cat” Party Pak “Big Cat” Party Pak

*** All contestants will receive a Shasta’s “Fabulous Fifth” Birthday T-shirt & Certificate for a FREE Pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream

5:00 p.m

UC Arbor


How do I sign up? Sign-up starts at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, August 25 at Shasta's Cones & More. Contestants will be selected by drawing at 4:30 p.m. (UC Arbor, lower level) Contestants must be a UH student, 18 years or older.

g our CelebratinB irthday! th 5 s u lo Fabu UC Arbor, Room 32D 713/743-2777

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Partially funded by SFAC and your UC Fee.


Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and Cougar Cash accepted.

Sheila Higueros Downtown Pregnancy Help Center TX-Huston 8 x 6 inches

PREGNANT AND CONCERNED? You have options. • Free Pregnancy Tests • Accurate Information About Abortion Risks & Alternatives • Confidential & Compassionate Care

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E-maiopi l 24 HOUR TOLL FREE:

1-800-395-HELP (4357)

• w w w. d ow ntow n p re gn a n c y h e l p ce nte r. o rg

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continued from page 1

continued from page 1

system holds more than 500 reels of film that were produced between the 1950’s and 1970’s by KUHT. “Part of their grant requirement was that the content be able to be put online, so we also advised him (the archivist) which content was most likely to have copyright issues beyond KUHT,” Lawrence said. KUHT will provide content identification, priority information and copyright permission. The projects first phase will require 22 programs to be recorded on 24 reels. TexTreasures grants are given to all libraries in the Texas Library System to provide direct aid. “These grants will help improve

Lonesome Dove," Grob said. "What I love are the pages where he outlines the novel and tries to come up with character names" McMurtry also co-wrote the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain with author Diana Ossana. The movie was based on a short story by author Annie Proulx and won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for best screenplay. The bulk of the papers were bought from McMurtry in the 1980's along with a few smaller sets of materials purchased from rare book dealers. McMurtry lived in Houston in the 1960's while completing his Master's degree at Rice University.

The new TexTreasures grant put nearly $20,000 into the university's library system. The money will be used to restore archived film. | Jack Wehman/The Daily Cougar library programs and services in communities and institutions all over Texas,” TSLAC Director and Librarian Peggy D. Rudd said in a news release. “These federal and state dollars

augment local funds and help local libraries fulfill their roles as valuable community assets.”

Also in the collection are a few letters between him and his former employer Grace David, who owned a bookstore in Houston at the time. All of the materials in the McMurtry collection are preserved in acid-free folders and boxes and kept in climate-controlled, secured areas to prevent deterioration. Special collections is free and open to the public with a valid license or a Cougar One card. Grob said she hopes the 25th anniversary will revive public interest in McMurtry and his works in the UH library. "Larry McMurtry took the Western, usually seen as a second-class genre, and elevated it into great literature," she said.

The Daily Cougar


Wednesday, August 25, 2010  n  7


8  n  Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Daily Cougar

Cougar sutra

Final lesson and the start of being single

Robert Rodriguez's new movie "Machete" will give viewers a chance to see melee weapons in action. | 20th Century Fox

Jack's Facts

Something violent this way comes "Machete" not the only film with pointy objects As you may (or may not) know, next Friday “Machete” officially hits theaters. If it isn’t inherently obvious in the title, there’s going to be quite a lot of blood spilled by, well, machetes and other various means; if the trailer’s a reliable source — and Jack they usually are Wehman — there’s going to be a whole bunch of stabbing. To get pumped up for the melee-fueled mayhem, I put together a list of the best (and most gruesome) melee weapons

to grace the silver screen. First on the list is the wonderful chainsaw-arm contraption, Ash sports in the “Evil Dead” series. Instead of complaining when his hand gets chopped off, what does Ash do? Replace it with a chainsaw, which he then uses to tear up dozens of undead. And he does it all with a chin that can break steel. Nothing says melee weapon like a samurai sword — and nothing says samurai sword quite like Uma Thurman in the “Kill Bill” movies. Between slicing through the Crazy 88 gang and her epic duel with Daryl Hannah in a rundown trailer, Uma represents the samurai sword with nothing but her best. Although most of the movie is filled with gunfire, “Grosse

Pointe Blank” does have a great fight scene — and it deals with an embossed pen. John Cusack stepped out of his nice-guy shoes just long enough to bury a writing utensil to the hilt in another hit man’s neck, and did it without getting too much blood on his suit. Only Cusack could be that classy. If a pen is considered an odd weapon, then a magazine definitely meets the criteria. In “The Bourne Supremacy”, Matt Damon uses nothing more but a periodical to kill an assassin — then he uses it to blow up his house. Nothing says you mean business more than killing someone with their own Playboy. Harrison Ford always (and without fail) means business, and MACHETE continues on page 11


$ 30 OFF



Best Shape of Your Life Teri Hatcher is a regular and Martha Stewart has tried it … Pole dancing has become the new and exciting form of performing art and exercise.



Pole dancing increases entire-body strength and flexibility through a combination of flips, spins and climbs, which are only a few of the techniques taught by Christine Ross, an instructor at Best Shape of Your Life.



It’s a “fun workout, and you don’t realize it until the class is over,” said Crystal Deans, owner.




Best Shape of Your Life

16140 Kuykendahl Road, Suite 130 Houston, Tx 77068 (281)893-2222

16140 Kuykendahl Road, Ste 130 Houston, TX 77068 281-893-2222

The truth of the matter is we all know very little about relationships. For over a year, I’ve done my best in this column to share the small amount of knowledge that I have about the subject. Most of my advice lives somewhere Travis in the arena of Hensley “things that you should have known already.” First, once you break up with someone, stay broken up. And second, Always wear a condom. Among my more asinine snippets that I was going to offer you was to never date someone who is taking the same class and never plan to take a class with someone you’re dating. The only reason that I came up with this bad dating idea was because it’s considerably harder to get class notes from someone who is now your ex. I tried to come up with other reasons not to date people in your classes, but then decided that in a lot of ways, dating someone who is in your class could be a good idea. The added stress of trying not to appear stupid in class to a girlfriend got me an A in the class. That class was Health and Fitness, and I think that I would have done the same regardless, but part of me knows that I would have put off a majority of the assignments

to the bitter end had I not been trying to look good to a girl. I like appearing smart to people I date. However, there were times this only made me appear even dumber. Most of my knowledge is a conglomeration of things that I learned from pop culture. That’s never helped me win an argument when it comes to things like politics (I don’t really vote on the key issues). One subject that I do know a considerable amount about is how to remain single. I’m not a fan of being single; I just think that it can be as fun as being in a relationship. There seems to be a lot less stress. To that end, I would like to take the first few weeks of this semester to redirect this column and talk about how to do things better single. The first (and easiest) piece of advice is how not to date. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to dating. Your mom might tell you about a dream she had where you die alone. This is enough to make anyone go to a movie with Swamp Thing and share a bag of popcorn. But when all things are said and done, you have to show some initiative to get asked out on a date. The simplest way to avoid dating is not to show any interest at all. For SUTRA continues on page 11

playlist »

Best Cover Songs


here are some songs that are done better than the original artist. Songs like “Hurt” — originally done by Nine Inch Nails — just seem like they were supposed to be performed by Johnny Cash. And songs like “Mad World” are just no doubt better than the original version. All of these songs seem like they weren't really heard as intended until another artist got their hands on the material and unleashed the true potential within.

Movin’ Out Original: Billy Joel Cover: Supervillians

Mad World Original: Tears for Fears Cover: Gary Jules

All Along the Watchtowers Original: Bob Dylan Cover: Jimi Hendrix

Me and Bobby Mcgee Original: Kris Kristofferson Cover: Janis Joplin

Hurt Original: Nine Inch Nails Cover: Johnny Cash

I Fought The Law Original: The Crickets Cover: The Clash

A Little Help From My Friends Original: The Beatles Cover: Joe Cocker

Sweet Dreams Original: Eurytmics Cover: Marilyn Manson

Susie Q Original: Dale Hawkins Cover: Credence Clearwater Revival

Landslide Original: Fleetwood Mac Cover: Smashing Pumpkins

The Daily Cougar


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INSPIRING STRENGTH Becoming an Army officer allows you to empower and inspire strength in others. When you lead Soldiers, you gain the strength to lead in life. There are many paths to becoming an Army officer. You can select from Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC); the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, NY; Officer Candidate School (OCS); or the Direct Commission Program.

To learn more, call 877-218-9810 or visit UH Army ROTC.

©2010. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved.

10  n  Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Sumlin is presented with C-USA SAAC award; AP poll has Cougars ranked No. 30 In front of the entire athletic organization at Shasta Blast, head coach Kevin Sumlin was recognized as the C-USA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Award winner of the 2009 -10 season. Sumlin followed up a speech given by boxing legend George Foreman and Athletics Director Mack Rhoades, who had strong words for the Cougar student-athletes. An audience consisting of more than 400 studentathletes and band members, with mascot Shasta also in attendance. The Cougars will enter the 2010 season like last season – unranked. In the AP poll, UH received 66 votes that rendered a No. 30 spot in the standings. The 66 votes catapulted the Cougars over in-state rival Texas Tech, who only was able to get 14 votes. Sitting at No. 30 , the Cougars are at a position to enter the rankings if top-25 teams fall early on in the season. The Cougars kick off the season against Texas State on Sept. 4 at Robertson Stadium. — Cougar Sports Services


Track and field sophomore selected to All-Academic Team; cross country ends preseason training camp Whitney Harris was named to the All-Academic Team presented by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. Harris was able to maintain a 3.25 GPA or higher, qualifying her to be a honoree. As she excelled in her classes, Harris also made her mark participating in the 4x100 meter women's relay at the NCAA Championships in June. The UH cross country team began regular-season training on the first day of school. The training began after head coach Ryan Turner held a preseason camp in New Braunfels. The three-day regiment prepared 22 runners for the upcoming season. The cross country team will add nine runners at the start of the school year. The team traveled to New Braunfels in part because of restriction of summer practices, so Turner saw a way around things and set up a preseason camp. UH will host the UH Cougar Classic High School Invitational on Saturday, and the team's first meet will be the Johnny Morriss UH Invitational on Sept. 3. — Cougar Sports Services


Junior player gets spot on AllConference C-USA Preseason Team The volleyball team is stacked with talent, and middle blocker Lucy Charuk was added to the AllConference C-USA Preseason Team. After finishing the 2008 season with the thirdmost blocks in C-USA, Charuk missed the 2009 season with a shoulder injury. Still, Charuk gained the support of the 12 coaches that voted her into the preseason team. Charuk will take her respective position on the preseason team. With the addition of new head coach Molly Alvey, the volleyball team is preparing for its first matchup of the season at the Texas Invitational against TCU. The team will follow up with a match against McNeese State. The Cougars will host the Houston Invitational on Sept. 3-4 at the Athletics/Alumni Center. - Cougar Sports Services

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Ball carrier seeks to up game Beall hopes to silence doubters entering third season as starter By John Brannen

The Daily Cougar As he enters his junior season, running back Bryce Beall is hoping for what he calls a "bounce back" year. In Beall’s freshman campaign, he rushed for 1,247 yards and 13 touchdowns. However, because of Charles Sims’ role on offense last season, he ran for only 670 yards and seven touchdowns. Beall and Sims shared carries last year and were expected to do so again this season. But in June, the NCAA ruled Sims ineligible for the 2010 season, making Beall the focal point of the running game. With Sims out of the fray for a season, Beall put in extra work this offseason, knowing he would have more opportunities. “I came in preparing myself to carry the load," Beall said. "I put more pressure on myself in the offseason. It made me get prepared. I’m excited about this year, the opportunity to get a chance again." “It’s all about being consistent. That’s it. Going out there and doing better than I did last year.” Beall is the cousin of Larry Centers, a 14-year NFL great at fullback. Centers told Beall not to be discouraged but instead to take advantage of the new one. “He just told me to stay focused," Beall said. "He told me to stick my head up. Every football player has his days; he did too. "Last year was last year, and this is a brand new year. I could have a better year than I’ve ever had." Beall will have more chances to run the ball, but in order to fully contribute to the offense, he will be asked to catch passes out of the backfield. Beall said he feels comfortable as a receiver and tailback. “It’s different than most offenses," Beall said. "Standard backs usually have to worry about running power and sweep plays, but you have to be able to catch out of the backfield and run the option route. “I love to get a chance on the outside.

Running back Bryce Beall, right, and quarterback Case Keenum hope to keep the good times rolling this season. | File Photo/The Daily Cougar Most schools pound it inside. It’s better going one-on-one instead of one on six or seven in the box.” In addition to UH, TCU, Missouri, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State also attempted to recruit him. But in order to play for any of the Big 12 schools, Beall would have to transition from running back to a cornerback or safety.

He chose UH because it recruited him with the promise that he would be allowed to play his preferred position. “They let me play running back. Missouri was my first offer, and they wanted me to play defense and so did everybody else,” he said. BEALL continues on page 14

Offensive Preview

Cougars aim to scorch defenses By John Brannen

The Daily Cougar With quarterback Case Keenum’s 5,000-yard performance last year and three 1,000-yard efforts from the receiving trio of Tyron Carrier, James Cleveland and Patrick Edwards, it doesn’t take an expert to predict the Cougars will air it out this season. Opponents are well aware of this, so it’s up to new offensive coordinator Jason Phillips to evolve the offense and alter the unit’s play calling. “The thing you have to do in order to stay fresh is try make sure our guys understand what we’re trying to accomplish," Phillips said. "Everybody knows we’re going to throw the ball, but we also run the ball pretty effectively, too. So we just want to make sure all the guys understand what we’re trying to get

accomplished, and that way they can go out and work hard, and be the best they can be everyday." Bryce Beall will still be the starter at running back, but Charles Sims will be absent from the team this year after being ruled ineligible by the NCAA in the summer. Chris Wilson is expected to g g Offensive get playing time as coordinator Jason running back along Phillips is in his with Jeffery Lewis, eighth season with who played the posithe Cougars. tion in high school but was a safety last year. A late addition of another runner has changed things up. Michael Hayes was added to the team Aug. 10 and will be able to contribute

this season. Hayes last played for Blinn College, where he ran for 1,296 yards and 17 touchdowns last season. Hayes signed a letter of intent with South Florida, but requested a transfer. USF head coach Skip Holtz granted the transfer, paving the way for Hayes to join the Cougars. Hayes has impressed his teammates and coaches with his speed so far in practice. “Right now, we’re calling Mike the secret weapon,” Phillips said. “We’re excited about Mike, and we’re excited to get him in the fold in what we’re doing offensively. We look forward to seeing him play for us.” Another change is Isaiah Thompson moving from defensive tackle to left guard. Thompson had 47 tackles on the OFFENSIVE continues on page 14

MACHETE continued from page 8

that obviously includes Indiana Jones. He never strays far from his trusty whip, whether it’s to swing from vines or take out a Nazi’s handgun. A whip just exudes its own separate aura of awesomeness, and when you put it in the hands of Indiana Jones — well, sufficed to say it’s pretty sweet. Roman gladiators were pretty brutal when it comes to fighting each other, and that’s exactly why “Gladiator” earns a spot on the list. It doesn’t even matter what scene you pick; when the movie has a man with a mace versus a freaking tiger, it makes the cut. Russell Crowe’s acting chops gives the violence purpose and meaning, making the movie all the

SUTRA continued from page 8

guys, simply don’t ask a girl out. For ladies who generally get asked out, it’s a bit harder. Perhaps you could give mixed signals. I really only like to ask girls out when there is some possibility of them saying yes. How do you give mixed signals without

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better; it’s the only one on this list that’s won Best Picture. Zombie movies use all sorts of things on crowds of the undead. Too few use everyday items as well as “Dead Alive”. Before Peter Jackson was leading Frodo and the gang through the dark lands of Mordor, he was showing audiences just how crazy a lawnmower could make a group of the recently reanimated. Out of all the movies with crazy amounts of gore on this list, this one takes the blood-spattered cake; no one gets out of this movie without getting pelted by thousands of body parts. However, the best melee weapon — hands down — is really just the next step in the samurai sword technology. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you; it’s Luke

Skywalker’s weapon of choice — the lightsaber. Apart from being about the coolest thing you could ever envision, lightsabers finally solve the age-old dilemma of gun vs. sword; any Jedi worth his (or her) salt can block any amount of bullets that massive waves of Storm Troopers manage to fire off. To make it more awesome, the only way to get one is to train as a Jedi and then build it from scratch. It also appeared in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. While there are thousands of movies that definitely could have made the cut, these are just a few of the greats. Hopefully, “Machete” will soon slash its way through more than a few bad guys and earn a spot here as well.

  

        

     



   

   


  

appearing mean? Just be flaky. A little flakiness will make anyone run. The only guaranteed way to remain single is to bring a friend along who has an opinion about everything. This type of friend is simple to spot. Just ask two simple questions: How do you think the president is doing? What do you think about the band Nickelback? If it seems each answer is a

little bit too well-thought-out then you’ve got your friend who is going to have a 20-minute conversation on whatever little thing that person brings up. Now that I have discussed how to remain single, I will start next week by explaining how to go to the movies by yourself and not feel creepy.


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WONDERFUL LANGUAGE AND CULTURE! Register for Beginning Turkish I (TURK 1501) in Fall Semester, 2010 TURK 1501 meets Mo/We/Fr 3 p.m.-5 p.m.


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continued from page 10

continued from page 10

Beall played running back as well as linebacker at Tatum High School. He was also an all-district basketball player, ran track and participated on the golf team. His fondest memory in high school came at a pivotal moment in a state championship game during his junior season. “(It was) fourth-and-1 and we needed a key stop. I was playing defense and I blitzed the A-gap and got through to the backfield,” Beall said. Last season against the then-No. 5 Oklahoma State, Beall caught the go-ahead touchdown pass to secure a victory. He points to this as the favorite moment of his football career. “I always dreamed about making one of those type of catches in a big time game. To see that happen ... probably my career highlight so far,” Beall said. With less than two weeks before the season’s opener, Beall can only hope to create some new career highlights for the Cougars.

defensive line last season, but his 6-4, 300-pound stature to an offensive line that needed his help. Thompson will start, and the consensus is the transition has been smooth. “It’s been a great transition for him and also been great for our football team. He’s helping us out there on offense, he helped us on defense, but offensively he’s the kind of guy we needed to replace the guys we lost last year,” Phillips said. ranked the receiving tandem of Carrier, Cleveland and Edwards first in the nation, but other guys have showed flashes of success. Kierre Johnson was a standout in the spring game, and track star Isaiah Sweeney add depth to a rich collection of pass catchers. Phillips said he wished there were ways to get them all included, but he remains confident with the solid quantity of athletes. “We’re trying to work on a special play where Case can throw with two balls. Hopefully, that will


get the other guys involved,” Phillips said jokingly. “We’ve got a great rotation of guys. They’ll fill in nicely and add to that receiving core. We should be pretty solid at that position.” Phillips said that he is hopeful about new players contributing to the offense. When asked which newcomers to watch out for this season, Phillips said "everybody that's new." Before becoming offensive coordinator, Phillips was the team's receivers coach. He played at UH between 1987-1988 and was an All-American both seasons. Afterward he spent seven years in the NFL and two in the CFL. Phillips said the single piece of wisdom he gives to his players is to be selfless. “I think the only advice that I try to give them is to play hard," he said. "One of the things I did as a player here was to come out everyday and try to represent the University the right way, try to get the best out of me and everyday and get my teammates what they deserve out of my performance. "I think all of those guys are doing a great job at doing that.”


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Help Wanted

worship directory

Help Wanted

Fertility Resources of Houston

Egg Donors Needed!

Spectrum of Hope employment opportunity available for intelligent, dedicated, mature, committed, purposeful individuals who have the desire to change the lives of children & their families living with autism. Great experience for individuals with Psychology, Social Work, Education and Speech communication majors. Contact KJ Whitman at 281-894-1423 or

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Tangible Difference Learning Center

for 18 yr old male with mild autism. Must have drivers license and reliable car. Hours 3:00-7:00 M-F. $10.00/hour.

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European car shop, part time, M-F, flexible hours. Job will include answering phones, and data entry. Close to UH.


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Part time nanny needed

3 to 6 pm M-F in Bellaire. Duties include picking kids up from school, driving to local activities, as well as light housekeeping. Need own reliable car. Driving record, background check and references required. Year round position.

3 to 6 pm M-F in Meyerland area. Duties include picking kids up from school, driving to local activities, as well as light housekeeping and laundry. Need own reliable car. Driving record, background check and references required. Year round position. 832-212-2636


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Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church 3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston, Texas 77004-2604 713.748.5240 Worship Services 7:15a.m., 9:00a.m., 11:00a.m. & 1:00p.m. Wednesday, Bible Study: 12 noon & 7 p.m. Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, Pastor Rev. William A. Lawson, Pastor Emeritus Sunday Services via webcast: We provide quality Pediatric Speech Therapy; Professional Counseling services for individuals, couples, groups, and families; and ABA therapy for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, SpeechCHURCH delays, or behavior problems. Check out our website for the most A NEW UNITED METHODIST FAITH up-to-date information! COMMUNITY Currently interviewing: - ABA Therapists, no experience www.1CHURCH.NET required & PERFECT for Sundays at Pearland ISD college students Berry Miller Junior High School - Providing hours for BCBA/BCABA supervision Worship- 10:30am - Volunteers & interns always welcome Haley Brown- Worship Leader to apply Peter Scafidi- Worship Leader Email resume to: Dariel Newman- Pastor TELL ’EM YOU SAW IT in The Daily Cougar 713-462-6060 Classifieds!


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Robbie & Bobby by Jason Poland

ACROSS 1 Chess piece 7 B’way posting of yore 10 Feel sure of 14 Creepy feeling 15 Ticket giver 16 Shampoo additive 17 Rare 18 Step on it 19 Bye, in Bristol (hyph.) 20 Desert plant (2 wds.) 23 Can’t stomach 26 911 responder 27 Bureau 28 Duffel filler 29 Clinch a deal 30 Diner coffee 31 Aloha token 32 Try to find out 33 Movie short 37 Libras’ mo. 38 Thai language 39 Possess 40 To and — 41 “Song of Myself” poet 43 Legal matter 44 “When We Was —” 45 Gold Medal org. 46 Took cover 47 Neural network 48 Crows 51 Score big 52 Gourmet mushroom 53 Nocturnal beetle (2 wds.) 56 Now — — it! 57 Roulette bet 58 Got away from 62 Fewer than few 63 Billy — Williams 64 Hot and humid 65 Mideast country 66 Make a typo 67 Gift-box filler

The Fishbowl by Thomas Hernandez

sudoku How to play

Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3-by-3 boxes must also contain the numbers 1 to 9.

Previous puzzle solved

DOWN 1 Commuter vehicle 2 Small-business magazine 3 Bounding main

Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate

(Non – Business Majors)

The purpose of this certificate is to increase the students’ value as employees to the employers.

The Global Business minor provides nonbusiness majors with a broad understanding of the business process, both for corporate and entrepreneurial business, along with an understanding of the historical, political, and economic context within which business operates.

ENTR 3312 • Hands-on Corporate Entrepreneurial Experience; Discover key factors to your future success; Understand the business process; Gain CEO perspective

Course Requirement ENTR 3310 Entrepreneurship Overview ENTR 3312 Corporate Entrepreneurship

Natalie Merritt, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Advisor 713.743.4792

Fall 2010 Entrepreneurship Class Schedule ENTR 3310 (10946) TTH 10:00-11:30am Veedell (10588) TTH 11:30-1:00pm Ortega (10590) TTH 1:00-2:30pm Ortega (29882) Online Smith (30270) Online Smith
















20 23




























42 45



















67 ©

Give refuge 4 5 Mr. Wilde 6 Social equal 7 Intrigue 8 Makes turbid 9 Sheik’s cartel 10 Pawl’s partner 11 Raise spirits 12 Pond floater 13 Baker’s need 21 Guess 22 Squirrel’s hoard 23 Radiant 24 Deciduous tree 25 Port-au-Prince site 29 Sir — Newton 30 Chewed the fat 32 Not quite 33 Preparing apples 34 Volunteer 35 Emulate Cicero 36 Dynamite inventor

2 Squeeze 4 46 Impede 47 Out-of-control ones 48 Deli crepes 49 Severity 50 Booster rocket 51 Less narrow 52 Prefix for media 54 Centering point 55 Kindest regards 59 “Law & Order” figs. 60 Grounded bird 61 Do batik


2010 United Feature Syndicate INC.

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Global Business Minor & Corporate Entrepreneurship

(All Undergraduate Majors)

ENTR 3310 • Business Planning; Leadership; Negotiations; Entrepreneurial Thinking; Idea Generation


Course Requirement ENTR 3310 Entrepreneurship Overview ENTR 3312 Corporate Entrepreneurship INTB 3351 History of Globalization INTB 3352 Politics of Globalization INTB 3353 Economics of Globalization

C. T. Bauer College of Business Melcher Hall Suite 250 Phone: 713.743.4752 E-mail:

ENTR 3312 (10962) TTH 10:00-11:30am Lish (31716) TTH 2:30-4pm Ortega (10598) TTh 11:30-1:00pm Lish (10592) Online Karonika (10594) Online Karonika (10596) Online Karonika (10600) Online Karonika

For details, call 713-743-4752 or e-mail


Since 1996 the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship has educated over 14,000 students and has consistently been named one of the top two undergraduate programs of its kind in the country by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine

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! T A H T R O F P O H S K R O W A S ’ E R E TH


Room. SERVICES R E rvices Conference E R Se A er C re Y Ca ty IT si S er R iv UNIVE ld in the Un s Recruitment urs and will be he – 1 ½ ho Workshops are 1

Job Search Resume 8/26 - 1 pm 8/24 - 2 pm 9/02 - 3 pm 8/31 - 3 pm 9/14 - 2 pm 9/9 - 10 am 10/11 - 11 am 9/20 - 11 am 10/20 - 3 pm 9/30 - 11 am 11/08 - 10 am 10/18 - 11 am 11/16 - 3 pm 10/26 - 12 pm 12/02 - 12 pm 11/02 - 10 am 11/15 - 10 am

Interview 8/26 - 10 am 9/01 - 3 pm 9/13 - 11 am 9/22 - 3 pm 10/04 - 11 am 10/14 - 10 am 10/25 - 10 am 11/09 - 2 pm

How to Work pu m Ca a Career Fair Internship 5 pm 21 9/ pm 5 9/08 - 3 pm 8/23 8/30 - 10 am 5:45 pm 27 9/ pm 45 5: 9/21 - 11 am 8/24 9/14 - 10 am 2 pm 30 9/ pm 45 5: 8/30 9/23 - 3 pm udy 4 - 5 pm College Work-St 9/02 - 10 am 10/0 pm 2 pm 9/29 45 5: 1 9/07 - 3 pm 9/07 - 5:45 pm 10/1 10/12 - 10 am - 10 am 9 /1 10 pm 3 9/09 10/21 - 12 pm 10/28 - 12 pm 9/13 - 5 pm pm 3 7 10/2 1 - 5:45 pm 9/16 - 12 pm 11/0 11/17 - 1 pm


T SERVICES R O P P U S G IN N R LEA ate College Room 321 Gradu

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-11 am ic and Myths, 10 ag M a: an iju ar 8/30: M d, 2-3pm aken, Not Slurre ings & 9/15: Alcohol: Sh e Health Screen in ic ed M e tiv ta 9/23: Preven titask & More, 3-4pm ent: How to Mul em ag an M ss re 10/4: St of the Survive, 12-1pm ention: Be Part ev Pr lt au ss A 10/12: Sexual Solution, 3-4pm

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n, 10-11 am Eating on the ru n: tio ri y, 12-1pm ut N 2: /2 10 College Econom e Th s: es ln el W 10-11 am 11/1: Financial Increase Focus, to n ow D g in ow n: Sl g?, 12-1 pm 11/11: Meditatio opping Smokin St ut bo A ng ki idays, 11am11/16: Thin l During the Hol el W g tin Ea n: 11/22: Nutritio , 3-4pm 12pm , It’s Only Finals ax el R t: en em anag 11/29: Stress M

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