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Armed carjacking, robbery reported Cambridge Oaks guests approached in parking lot early afternoon gg

By Jose Aguilar The Daily Cougar University police said they are following up on active leads in

an apparent armed robbery that occurred on the complex of the Cambridge Oaks apartments early Saturday afternoon An 18 to 22-year-old man approached two guests of a Cambridge Oaks tenant after they parked on the complex, according to a security alert sent out by campus police. The man, who “made

confrontational statements” before brandishing a small handgun, demanded wallets, cell phones and also the vehicle’s keys before driving off in the vehicle. UH police recovered the vehicle about three hours later after two people, who were in the car at the time, fled. “Officers ran the vehicle through the system and got a hit

that showed it had been stolen,” assistant chief of police Brad Wigtil said. “Unfortunately, the suspects were able to flee the scene.” Wigtil was only able to comment on the recovery of the vehicle due to the status of the case. “Because it is an active investigation, I cannot comment on the current leads,” Wigtil said.

CAMP OF CHANGE Area middle school students study the concept of better predicting the future gg

By Ashley Evans The Daily Cougar

Plans for new UC on track Regents set to vote in August to finalize plans, begin ground breaking gg


H’s College of Technology hosted the My Future=My Vision week-long camp that focused on area middle school students developing the concept of futures literacy. “The world is changing before our very eyes,” the camp flier states. “Futures literacy, an understanding of the basics of change, is a key 21st century skill.” Peter Bishop, professor in the UH future studies in commerce master’s program, further explained why the concept is an important one for younger students to learn. “We used to wait for change to happen to us, but now with the increasing rate of change we need to start predicting and preparing for the future sooner,” Bishop said. Bishop, along with Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences lecturer Kay Strong and volunteers, encouraged the students to think about, talk about and actively imagine what the future will hold. Students were walked through the process of portraying their story of 2020 — the year the 7th and 8th graders would presumably reach graduate school. Volunteers helped the students arrange a two-minute presentation, which consisted of 10 images and a story that represented their vision of the future. “If you can imagine it, you can create it, but chances are if you can’t image it, we’ll never see it,” Strong said. Bishop and Strong asked the students to think in “steep categories” such as technology, environmental issues, economics and politics. The goal, Strong said, was to help students understand the possible, plausible, probable and preferred

“It could hinder or jeopardize our investigation.” Officers are currently under “directed patrol” in the Cambridge Oaks area in an effort to curtail any criminal activity from occurring. “(We are) telling officers to focus on that area to provide more visibility there,” Wigtil said.

By Gordon Furneaux The daily cougar

boi-yeanoh adams courtesy college of technology

Joan Gould, a librarian at Westbriar Middle School in West Houston, facilitates a table of students during the College of Technology’s Futures Camp. future. The future studies program at UH is one of only two programs of its kind in the country and the camp was the first of its kind at UH. Retired professor Oliver Markley, who pioneered the future studies program at UH-Clear Lake, documented the camp from planning until completion in hopes of

spreading the idea to others. The goal was to not only get the children to start thinking about the future, but for them to tell their teachers in order to spread the idea throughout the rest of education.  Future studies has caught on at Westbriar Middle School in west Houston. 

Plans for a redesign of the University Center are on track to be finished by May 2015, according to the timeline on the New UC website. Several steps must be taken before ground is to be broken in May of 2011, including approval of the plans, first by the facilities, construction and master planning committee of the Board of Regents, followed by the board itself and finally the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. “ T h e consideration for approval is set for August,” UC 2010 Initiative Co-Chair Nicole Sopko said. “With g g Nicole Sopko support from the administration, we look forward (with) hopes of approval in August.” Once plans are approved, professional design and construction teams will be solicited. During this step, Sopko expects to lock down an architect and design team who will carry them through the rest of the planning. Students are anticipating the new modifications for the project they voted on. “When students voted in the process that took place in Fall 2008, they voted for a fully transformed UC,” Sopko said. “The plan is to

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The Daily Cougar

2nd Annual Gulf Coast Indoor Wheelchair Soccer Invitational @ Campus Recreation & Wellness Center


June 25-27, 2010





GAME SCHEDULE Fri 6/25: 6 pm - 10 pm Sat 6/26: 8 am - 4 pm Sun 6/27: 8 am - 2 pm For more info contact Alan Russell at 713.743.5400 or



96˚ 76˚

96˚ 76˚


» Send event information to

TODAY Cougar Ally Training: Human Resources Training Room 341, McElhinney Building 588 from 1 to 4 p.m. Cougar Ally Training assists faculty, staff and students in increasing their awareness of issues that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people face. In a non-threatening setting, CAT teaches participants to create an accepting campus environment for UH’s LGBT population. For more information, contact Lorraine Schroeder at Slim Thug: House of Blues at 8 p.m. Houston rapper Slim Thug will perform tonight as he prepares to release his third studio album later this year. Get ready for an intense encore to his Summerfest performance earlier with Bun B. Tickets can be purchased at

THURSDAY Comic book artist Ron Regé, Jr: Domy Books located at 1709 Westheimer, 8 p.m. Successful comic book artist known for The Cartoon Utopia Ron Regé, Jr will present a slideshow of his philosophical works to the public. Regé will talk about the meanings and inspirations behind these works and describes that “a lot of it’s very esoteric stuff, and it kind of goes well with the kind of lecture I give.”

CO R R E C T I O N S gg

95˚ 77˚

Admission is free. For more information, contact Domy Books at (713) 523-3669.

FRIDAY Free Workshop: Room 110-L in the Social Work Building. Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS3. The workshop will be instructor-led with hands-on training. This is the first part of the program, and will be held for two hours starting at 10 a.m. Free Workshop: Room 110-L in the Social Work Building. Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 8.0. The workshop will be instructor-led with hands-on training. The workshop will be held for two hours starting at 2 p.m.

SATURDAY Texas Music Festival: Moores School of Music from 7:30 to 10 p.m. The Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival was founded in 1990 to provide young professional musicians with a challenging musical environment in which to develop skills in orchestral, chamber music and solo performance. Stephan Sanerling will be conducting the performances. Ticket prices are $15 general admission, and $10 students and seniors. For more information, visit http://www.

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COMING NEXT WEEK: The Daily Cougar staff debates Kobe Bryant’s place in the list of all-time greatest players in Fighting Words.

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Conference Realignment

Lawmakers rally for chance at Big 12 By John Brannen the daily cougar Although the Big 12 is not discussing it, Houston-area politicians have not shied away from bringing UH into the conference realignment discussion. The Big 12 managed to survive last week with 10 teams when Texas decided to stay put. However, Commissioner Dan Beebe said there are no plans to expand and return to the original format. State Reps. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) and Bill Callegari (R-Katy) along with 26 other members of the Houston-area legislature wrote a letter to the Big 12, in hopes that officials and the 10 universities are aware of their desires for UH to be considered. Coleman created a Facebook group entitled “University of Houston Should Join the Big 12.” So far, the group has over 3500 members and continues to grow. “For years, UH has served as the academic cornerstone of a burgeoning metropolis known for its nexus to state, national, and global commerce and culture. UH is the third largest university in Texas, and is on track to rank among the top research universities in this state,” the letter said. “Despite UH’s local and statewide prominence, the university does not belong to a

Conference USA

Big 12

Team 1. Southern Miss 2. Marshall 3. UAB 4. UTEP 5. Tulane 6. E. Carolina 7. SMU 8. Rice 9. Tulsa 10. Houston 11. UCF 12. Memphis

Team 1. *Nebraska 2. Missouri 3. Kansas State 4. Iowa State 5. **Colorado 6. Kansas 7. Texas 8. Oklahoma State 9. Texas Tech 10. Oklahoma 11. Texas A&M 12. Baylor

Overall 7-6 7-6 5-7 4-8 3-9 9-5 8-5 2-10 5-7 10-4 8-5 2-10

Overall 10-4 8-5 6-6 7-6 3-9 5-7 13-1 9-4 9-4 8-5 6-7 4-8

Mountain West



Team 1. TCU 2. Brigham Young 3. ***Utah 4. Air Force 5. UNLV 6. San Diego State 7. New Mexico 8. Colorado State 9. Wyoming

Team Overall 1. †Boise State 14-0 2. Nevada 8-5 3. Fresno State 8-5 4. Idaho 8-5 5. Hawaii 6-7 6. Louisiana Tech 4-8 7. Utah State 4-8 8. San Jose State 2-10 9. New Mexico State 3-10

Team Overall 1. Oregon 10-3 2. Arizona 8-5 3. Oregon State 8-5 4. Stanford 8-5 5. USC 9-4 6. California 8-5 7. Washington 5-7 8. UCLA 7-6 9. Arizona State 4-8 10. Washington State 1-11

Overall 12-1 7-1 10-3 8-5 5-7 4-8 1-11 3-9 7-6

***Moves to Pac-10 in 2011

Moves to Mountain West in 2011

* Moves to Big Ten in 20011 **Moves to Pac-10 in 2012

strong BCS conference such as the Big 12. The Cougars, the City of Houston, and the State of Texas deserve better.” Coleman said that he knows there will not be an immediate response, but wanted to suggest that UH should be considered if the Big 12 decides to expand. “No one can do anything unless they know that there’s a desire to do something,” Coleman said. “The Big 12 can’t consider UH unless someone tells them that it would be a good consideration. That’s what the letter was designed to do, to inform the institutions, the Big 12 and our fellow members of the legislature that it was important to bring in

other Texas universities. One of those should be UH.” Signatures on the letter include members of both political parties. Coleman said UH moving to a BCS conference would be significant for more than just the university. “This helps all of our constituents, these are endeavors that go beyond party lines and also have a policy and economic impact. This is an important endeavor to our region, UH has always been one of the most important institutions in the city,” Coleman said. Along with co-authoring the letter, Coleman visited with University of Texas President Bill Powers and Texas A&M President

Michael McKinney to let his wishes be known. He said the meetings were positive. “I think the discussions were good. It was important to me that the information gets to them and that it was clear that this was the desire of the members of the legislature in the Houston area,” Coleman said. The athletic department maintains its loyalty to Conference USA and will not comment on any potential conference shifts but Senior Associate Athletic Director Darren Dunn said he appreciates Coleman’s efforts bringing attention to UH Athletics. “It’s great to see our legislators showing such great support for

UH and our athletic program. They all have so much to do up there and they’re working hard so it’s nice to see their support,” Dunn said. Regardless of realignment talks, plans of a new football stadium and an upgrade to Hofheinz Pavilion show that the athletic department is looking to boost its national notoriety. Dunn said the vision of the department in the future is to continue moving forward. “We’re looking into the future. We’re trying to make things happen, that’s what’s exciting for our athletic program and our fans is being progressive,” Dunn said.


Program seeks fan commitment By Joshua Siegel The Daily Cougar

DAILY COUGAR file photo

The UH Athletic Department hopes the “Seat ‘Em Up Coogs” campaign fills Robertson Stadium to capacity for the six home football games. So far volunteers have sold 6,842 season tickets.

The University of Houston Athletic Department has enlisted the help of over 190 volunteers to sell season tickets and promote Cougar football in a new program called Seat ‘Em Up Coogs. All volunteers signed “letters of intent” to meet sales goals and help the department sell at least 10,000 season tickets. Seat ‘Em Up Coogs already surpassed last year’s season ticket sales with 6,842 Cougar fans gearing up for this upcoming season. Head football coach Kevin Sumlin and Athletic Director Mac Rhoades delivered a simple message to volunteers stressing the importance of long-term fan support and season ticket sales. “It’s important to have a strong season ticket base because it is important to have a following,” Senior Associate Athletic Director Darren Dunn said. “First, they become season ticket buyers and then they become donors for your program. And that’s why we’ve decided to focus on season tickets over donations; we need to get more people involved.” Last year, the Cougars sold 6,310 season tickets. With two months left before kicking off the 2010 season, there are still seats that need to be

filled. “We don’t have enough salespeople because this city [is] so large,” Dunn said. “We have over 190 people because this city is so large. We have over 190 people as a part of this project that are out there aggressively selling. So we have a sales team of about 200 people that are talking about Cougar football and why you should come to games.” People who buy season tickets automatically get a $25 gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory, and are then entered into a drawing for several larger prizes donated by Avia International including business class tickets to Europe, trips to Cancun and to see the Cougars play UCLA at the Rose Bowl. “I have been a supporter for many years and we have bought season tickets for many years. At the end of the day, Seat ‘Em up Coogs was an interesting program — brainchild of Mack Rhoades,” alumnus Matthew Forestieri said. “Not only is there amazing talent on the field and the team is fun to watch, but most businesses want incentives.” In addition to the potential prizes volunteers can win, the volunteer who sells the most will be rewarded with a trip for two to attend HoustonMemphis game on Oct. 30. With last year’s success, Cougar fans have more to look forward to with the cast

returning for the 2010 season. Dunn said that there would be an improved game-day experience this year. “When you talk about trying to improve the entertainment value. You have a great value in itself because we have a great team,” Dunn said. “But when you think outside of the football game itself, we are going to dramatically improve our game entertainment experience.” Dunn said that there would be more activities for children and families before, during and after games including fireworks, face painting, autographs and opportunities to meet Shasta and the cheerleaders. He also said that he hopes UH football reaches more than just students, faculty and alumni. The athletic department offers a variety of different packages to fit fan’s convenience. Packages have been geared for a family audience and to satisfy fans of all ages. “It’s a fun college atmosphere to be a part of. I think that in itself it is worth coming to whether you’re a UH alum or not,” Dunn said. “I think we have a tremendous product. I think if we can get them to come to some games, they’ll be fans for life, and they’ll want to keep coming back.”

4  n  Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Daily Cougar


COMING NEXT WEEK: Are contraceptive pills made adequately available to college-aged women as well as women in general?




editorial B oard Matthew Keever, Editor in Chief Newton Liu, Managing editor Hiba Adi, News editor Jose Aguilar, News editor John Brannen, Sports editor Christopher Losee, Sports editor Travis Hensley, Life & Arts editor Andrew Taylor, Opinion editor


Teen celebrities have problem with public eye

Jason Poland The Daily Cougar

America’s greatness is yet to grow At no time during President Obama’s term has he had it easy. Some say that the media has been easy on him, but this assertion can be proven false. The oil leak has been a problem Andrew Taylor Obama would love to have never heard of or run into. It will damage his legacy to some degree. During this time the media has not given him a break. First, there were accusations the president was not showing enough emotion, he wasn’t mad enough. If that wasn’t absurd enough, he was also criticized for not having a solution to cap the well. Obama does not work for Transocean or BP. He does, however, work for the American people, and he is therefore required to serve us. This means explaining to the American people why there hasn’t been a solution so far, why it happened in the first place, and exactly how things will be fixed to the best that his administration can. During Obama’s address to the nation on

June 15, 2010 about the oil leak in the gulf, Obama explained his actions so far on the oil spill. The president talked about how he immediately organized a group of scientists and oil industry engineers including Nobel Prize-winning scientist Steven Chu, the leader of the group. The president also talked about how he was going to deal with the Minerals Management Service, an agency that has deteriorated to the point of inability to do anything resembling regulating. The president showed action by having his Secretary of the interior Ken Salazar terminate the Mineral Management service, and then creating an agency known as the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, which will be head by former Department of Justice Inspector general, and former U.S. attorney of New York Michael Bromiwch. President Obama is showing what past presidents have not, knowledge of the situation, ideas on how to contain such events and a plan for keeping them from happening in the future. Obama seems to have a secure grip on

what to do to the best of his abilities, and he also knows the importance of holding those responsible for however long necessary. The oil Leak may have refocused our attention but he also has impending problems elsewhere. Those who think the media is light on Obama or that they are doing him favors should simply watch the news. Criticisms and challenges to his healthcare reform are coming from all over. Today President Barack Obama summoned General Stanley McChrsytal to Washington to explain the comments that he made to the Rolling Stone magazine which appear in the currently published issue. Whether President Obama decides to fire the general or not the obstacles he continues to face are relentlessly multiplying. The way he handles these will say everything about his administration. It is unfair to say America has lost its greatness; our greatness is still yet to come. Andrew Taylor is a senior economics major and can be reached at

80s aren’t staying ‘Forever Young’ This summer has caught Pac-Man fever. The only thing missing from it is shoulder pads and Ronald Reagan. There is the A-Team, Karate Kid, Predators and Wall Street: Money Never Now comes The Travis Hensley Sleeps. Expendables, starring old-timers Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwarzenegger, all in the same movie. The only thing that could make The Expendables more of an ’80s movie would be if they added Molly Ringwald. This summer is ripping off the decade that thought Soul Man, a movie where C. Thomas Howell takes tanning pills to change the color of his skin so he could go to Harvard Law School, was a good idea. So, before we put our mullet into a side pony tale and runoff to fight communism, let’s take some time to remember just how bad the ’80s were and how we are now making it worse.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to be caught singing along to Alphaville’s “Forever Young.” However, it is even more embarrassing to be caught keeping up with the new Jay-Z, mainly because the people who know all of the words to “Forever Young” just look weird when trying to rap. It is also because new wave and hair metal bands are just bad music to the people who didn’t grow up in the ’80s. I am sure for those who grew up in the ’80s have found memories listening to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax.” It’s a terrible song, but the real tragedy is that lead singer Holly Johnson was diagnosed with HIV. Now Johnson is still alive, but it completely changes the feel of the song when learning that fact. However, it only changes the meaning of the song for people who don’t have an emotional tie to the music. Instead of thinking about HIV, they think about how fun it was to dance to that song at prom. They want a fake reality of

what the ’80s was, and that is what this summer has to offer. A new version of the 1980s they want is to be just about the bad fashion, worse music and materials. They talk about parachute pants and bad hair. But they never talk about the reality of HIV and AIDS. There is a great social impact that resulted with this disease. There is a plastic feel to this era, but it also left scars from a disease that completely changed how everyone viewed sex. It is these challenges that make ’80s culture stick around, and it’s also these challenges that make the re-makes so bad. There is no context, and without it, it only makes them seem like the most disposable movies and music. This is the reason that next summer, when any time someone talks about the A-Team, they are going to talk about Mr. T and not Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Travis Hensley is a communications senior and may be reached at

Walt Disney Co. probably screws with a young child star’s mind more than acid does to an adult watching Fantasia. To see this, just watch Miley Cyrus’ new music video to the song “Can’t Be Tamed.” Now this video, as with most of her career, was probably not her idea, but there has to be some emotional damage that results from having to pretend to be a bird and performing subpar dance moves to a song that is nothing We have to short of a Lady Gaga imitation. Most of the damage, hope Cyrus however, must come from the doesn’t fact that people know way too become the much about this 17-year-old. girls sometimes dance next coked- Teenage proactively and might even up Lindsay take inappropriate photos of themselves. This is not Lohan commendable behavior, but it is not unheard of. What is beyond ordinary is that her life has been plastered over the entire Internet. It is seems as though she is not being given a childhood and as she gets closer to 18, she probably will never have one. It’s important to keep in mind that we are still doing this especially as we get closer to the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Now Cyrus will probably have nowhere near the staying power that Jackson did or be as screwed up. It should be remembered that Jackson, after all the recent respect, was the butt of the joke for the years leading up to his death. We seem to want these people to either be demigods or the world’s biggest wrecks, leaving little room for them to just be regular people. It’s only generous of the rest of us to hope Cyrus doesn’t become the next coked-up Lindsay Lohan or shaved Britney Spears. At this rate though, hoping may be futile. So as the anniversary of Jackson’s death gets closer, remember that people like Cyrus will one day be old and living with the fact that while they might no longer be popular, the mistakes they made when they were in their teen years will be accessible to all. As the fast majority will be able to effortlessly move on and forget their childhood mistakes, hers will always be just one click away from embarrassment.

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COMING NEXT WEEK: A guide to the perfect pop culture reference

Travis Hensley  E-MAIL  ONLINE

Pixar makes must see movie with new Toy Story 3 By Jack Wehman The Daily Cougar Last week I went to go see Jonah Hex to write a review about it. Well, it was terrible. After gearing up and getting ready to tear it apart, something wonderful happened. Simply put, Toy Story 3 was too amazing to ignore, and Jonah Hex only deserves the words “It was terrible.” I don’t know if Pixar is run by some sort of god-like creature (Steve Jobs once was their CEO, which says something), or if the entire staff has sold their souls to create such masterpieces, but I honestly don’t care. Every single movie they put out- with absolutely zero exceptions — is a perfect product, and the Toy Story series is the crown jewel of their (quite large) arsenal. Of course, a Toy Story movie means a return to the world of Woody, Buzz, and all the other characters we’ve grown up with. The first movie was released in 1995, making Toy Story one of the oldest movie franchises that

doesn’t completely suck. This time, though, Andy is all grown up and packing to leave for college. Through a series of coincidences all the toys accidentally get donated to day care. After first thinking day care is a day spa for toys, everyone finds out that it’s run like a prison camp, with the new toys being forced to take the wrath of the toddlers while the old toys get luxuriously played with by the older kids. Woody hatches a plan to escape, and from there the story takes off. There’s really not much to explain. It’s Toy Story, through and through. Not one part of this movie is really worth criticizing; it’s Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, of course, and they both play their part flawlessly, along with every other member of the cast. The new toys really aren’t that great, other than Ken (who is absolutely hilarious), but they provide their services and move the plot along accordingly. It’s hard to pin down exactly why this Toy Story is so good, because the third movie in a franchise is always supposed to be terrible (the third Shrek was


Toy Story 3 made movie reviewer Jack Wehman blow off Jonah Hex to give praise to a children’s movie filled with laughs. bad enough, not to mention the fourth), but as always, Pixar simply steps over tradition and continues to reign supreme. This movie feels like the perfect mixture of nostalgia and plot resolution; the ending, while not exactly the twist of the century, fits the story perfectly and brings the characters to a complete (and hopefully final) resolution. Every loose end and every question (at least the ones the movie poses) is answered fully, and not once did I

wonder when it was going to end or get the least bit bored. Woody even says, “There’s a snake in my boot,” which is probably one of the greatest lines any movie has ever produced. If you think that this Toy Story doesn’t deserve a chance, think again. It’s very nearly a perfect way to re-live your childhood. So, if you’re tired of being cynical and depressed and want to remember what it’s like – at least for a fleeting moment – to be six again, you

could do a lot worse than seeing Toy Story 3.


Toy Story 3 Rated: G Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen Verdict: See it! See it! SEE IT!

Soundtrack brings indie music to the mainstream By Matthew Keever The Daily Cougar

Summit Entertainment

Twilight rocks! Well, at least the soundtrack for the new movie does. Featuring awesome artists like the Black Keys and The Dead Weather, it has indie fans questioning the validity of their favorite bands.

Twilight: Eclipse, the newest installment in the vampire novelturned-movie gravy train, has put out one of the year’s best albums and possibly one of the best soundtracks ever. On said album, a bevy of artists — ranging from Muse, Vampire Weekend and The Bravery to lesser-known bands such as The Black Keys, Band of Horses and The Dead Weather — grace the ears of many, many screaming vampire-enthused teens. For all the controversy and talk about Twilight’s supposed Mormon-based undertones, comparisons to a cheapened Harry Potter and all around lack of redeemable quality, the film adaptations have the saving grace of good music, and the fact that the film’s producers and directors decided to share such great music with such a large, young group of people is, in a word, awesome. Now, a lot of people have been up in arms about the soundtrack — there exists, believe it or not, a type of music fan who doesn’t want his or her beloved band to become successful — well, to put that more specifically, they want their favorite bands to be successful, but only in an underground, non-mainstream, hipster groups. Those people can cry all they

want; this music is here and, in on the soundtrack, but the group a weird way, we have the people didn’t make the final cut. behind the Twilight Saga to thank “Who picks the music for for it. these albums?” Caitlin Tadlock Landing a spot on a wildly said in a review of the album popular series’ soundtrack is a on “I know who big opportunity for independent doesn’t: the fans, and thank artists and under-the-radar bands goodness they don’t!” Dissimilar that could use a little boost in the to the first Twilight album, which supposedly dying was a little more music industry. tween-oriented The film adaptations The album, than this one, this have the saving grace rock opera will fit which debuted at #2 on the nicely into your of good music. Billboard Top CD case (or iTunes 200 charts, is library) right definitely overdramatic — except between any of Johnny Cash’s for a short song by Vampire material from the past decade Weekend, which sticks out like and that one Muse album that a sore thumb (though that’s not everyone owns. to say the song isn’t good in its The next time you’re in line for own right; it’s just out of place a grande, half-caff, no-foam, soy here) — but everyone familiar latte at Starbucks, buy yourself with Twilight, even in the loosest a copy. Go ahead; no one’s sense, should know that it’s fitting watching. And you won’t regret it, with the storyline. And similar either. Just make sure to dispose to The Dead Weather’s gothic of the case before anyone sees spaghetti western-style ‘Rolling it lying in your car and asks you in on a Burning Tire,’ which really whether you’re Team Jacob or stands out on the soundtrack, Team Edward. who says dark undertones can’t be fun? Listen to this music as you drive around the city at night. It will really set the mood for any IN REVIEW trouble you’re about to get into. Various Artists Houston almost got some exposure from the people behind Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack Twilight, too. PaLE, a HoustonVerdict: Buy it and hide it so your based rock group that moved to friends can’t mock you. Los Angeles and back about a year ago was in the running for a spot


6  n  Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Westbriar librarian Joan Gould, 7th grade future problem solving teacher Margaret Fitzgerald and 8th grade Language Arts teacher Sheryl Brown, were all volunteers at the camp. What made the program successful, Gould said, was that the students all really wanted to be there and were eager to learn. “(Strong) has such an open vision,” Gould said.

Strong attributes the program’s success to the community. “When I asked people in the community if this was something they would be interested in, I received an overwhelmingly positive response,” Strong said. “Once I heard everyone’s ideas, we got to work on making it happen.” The planning for My Future=My Vision started in November and the team worked on organizing a meaningful experience for the students. “I’m a different person now and each day at camp is better than

The Daily Cougar

the one before,” 12-year-old Julian Finley, a Westbriar Middle School student, told his mother. With the success of the first futures camp, Bishop and his team of futurists are already planning the next. Along with the College of Technology, partners for the camp included A+ Challenge, Dialogue Houston, Professional Development Services at HISD, and C@R: Publishers of Growing Up in Houston.

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create an addition and enable that to be used as swing space. It will also allow for a more ADA-friendly UC Satellite.”   Both the directors and the design team will work together to give the UC its new look. The grand opening of the UC addition is scheduled for a March 2012 unveiling. The renovated UC, which will be named the New University Center Complex, is


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scheduled for completion May 2015. Steps in the renovation process are on a month-by-month basis but are seen as necessary by Sopko, who stands behind the extensive project.   “Our current facility was built 43 years ago, for the needs of approximately 17,000 students,” she said. “Students deserve a building that suits (everyone) attending our first-class institution (and) meets each and every aspect of their educational and individual needs.”

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010  n  7

today’s crossword ACROSS 1 Branch 5 — when? 10 Kind of companion 14 Too smooth 15 Kind of balloon 16 Pakistan language 17 Warm-up 18 California oak 19 Gladly, old-style 20 Meeting 22 Silences 24 Vex 25 Take legal action 26 Edam and Gouda 30 Thresholds 34 Pro votes 35 Extinct birds 37 Job opening 38 Keep after 39 Teachers’ org. 40 KGB counterpart 41 Thing 43 20 percent 45 First senator in space 46 Recurrent 48 Played along with 50 Negligent 51 Sigma follower 52 Jeep feature (2 wds.) 56 Reykjavik’s nation 60 Mountain range near China 61 Hard to chew 63 Toward shelter 64 Helot 65 Ms. Lauder 66 Plant anchor 67 Very slow 68 Good-hearted ones 69 Shuck peas DOWN 1 Shirts and sweaters 2 Install electricity 3 Henri’s aits 4 Palm readers,

























30 36









49 51















maybe Greeted kitty Dietary need Robin’s beak Quiet Ancient Greek city 10 Smorgasbords 11 Kind of hygiene 12 “Garfield” pooch 13 Wimple wearers 21 1040 agcy. 23 Merriment 26 Skeptical one 27 Moor 28 Willing, plus 29 Seattle hoopster 30 Very reluctant 31 Dana — of “MacGyver” 32 French wine valley 33 Kiosk 36 Rock’s —




5 6 7 8 9



50 52

31 37









24 26


Leppard 42 Appease 43 Obsessed 44 Rabbit coops 45 Paprika dish 47 Collar a crook 49 “Diamond Lil” 52 Grate upon 53 Bread spread 54 Harmless prank 55 Romantic offering 56 Disney CEO Bob — 57 Baseball family name 58 Simon or Diamond 59 Wooded hollow 62 Ms. Hagen of “The Other”

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Because Chris can be a woman’s name, too.

You deserve a factual look at . . .

Israel: An Apartheid State? Is there any truth at all in this oft-repeated calumny? Only a short time ago, many universities, goaded by left-wing professors and students and their substantial Muslim student bodies, “celebrated” Israel Apartheid Week in which divestiture from, boycott of and sanctions against Israel were demanded. Is there any truth, any justification at all in this odious characterization?

What are the facts?

South African Apartheid. “Apartheid,” the DutchAfricaans term for separation, was the social order of the former South Africa. It meant exactly that. The Black majority of the nation and the so-called Colored were kept strictly apart in all aspects of life. White domination over the native population was mandatory. For instance: Non-Whites had to carry a “passbook.” Passbook infringement could lead to deportation to one of the Bantu “homelands.” Blacks and Coloreds were being kept from a wide array of jobs. Black-White sex was a serious jail-time criminal offense. Hospitals and ambulances were strictly separated. Whites enjoyed free education until graduation. Not so for Blacks, whose education was strictly limited by the oppressive “Bantu Education Act.” By law, no mixed sports were allowed. Park benches, swimming pools, libraries, and movies were strictly separated. Blacks were not allowed to purchase or imbibe alcoholic drinks – etc, etc, etc. And that is only a partial and small list of the many abusive impediments that non-Whites suffered under the South African apartheid regime. Israeli Equality. To tar Israel with that kind of brush is utterly malicious. The exact opposite is the case. Not one single apartheid practice applies to Israel. Israel is by far the most racially mixed and tolerant nation in the entire Muslim Middle East. Arabs, who are about 20% of Israel’s population, enjoy, without any exception, the same rights and opportunities in all fields as their Jewish fellow citizens. The total equality of all Israelis is assured in Israel’s founding document. All non-Jews (which means primarily Muslim Arabs) have full voting rights. At present, eleven Arabs sit in Israel’s Knesset (parliament): Three Arabs are deputy speakers. Arabs are represented in Israel’s diplomatic service all over the world. Arab students may and do study in all Israeli universities. All children in Israel are entitled to subsidized education until graduation, without any restrictions based on color or religions. In short, Muslim Arabs and other non-Jews are allowed everything that Jews are allowed, everything that non-


Where do I get the latest UH news?

8  n  Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whites were not allowed in apartheid South Africa. But, yes, there is one difference: Jewish Israeli men are obligated to a three-year stint in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and serve in the reserve until they are 50 years old. For Arabs, this service is voluntary. Except for the Druze, hardly any Arabs volunteer to serve in the armed forces. Israel has granted permanent residence and full citizen rights to a large number of legal and illegal foreign workers and their families – from the Philippines, Eritrea, Colombia, Nigeria, and from many other countries. Nobody, of course, is forced or requested to convert to Judaism as a condition of their being allowed to stay. Israel has accepted a shipload of Vietnamese refugees who had sought asylum. No Arab country has accepted a single one of those refugees. Israel has brought in about 70,000 black Ethiopian Jews, who despite their backwardness have become fully integrated citizens of Israel. Everything that Blacks were not allowed to do in South Africa is totally open to non-Jews in Israel. The “Apartheid Wall.” Another reason for which left-wing zealots and anti-Semites like to refer to Israel as the “apartheid state” is the fence between Israel proper and the territories. This fence (which is indeed a fence and not a wall over most of its length) was constructed at great cost in order to prevent the suicidal attacks that had killed hundreds of Israelis and grievously wounded thousands more. Thankfully, this “wall” is exceptionally successful and has totally prevented any such attacks since its completion. There is little question that this separation fence is the cause of inconvenience for some of the Arab population. But it is an annoyance that they have brought about themselves. And, of course, there are walls for protection all over the world. The Chinese invented it hundreds of years ago. Our own country has a long, high, very sophisticated wall across our border with Mexico. It is a wall, not to keep out criminals who want to kill Americans, but people who want to come here only in search of a better life. To call the Israeli fence an “apartheid wall” is an expression of ignorance and of malevolence.

Though The Daily Cougar strives for accuracy and fairness in its reporting, mistakes happen. Please report any errors you see in the paper to the editorial staff. Corrections will run on Page 2 as needed to amend the record. To report a correction, e-mail or call (713) 743-5362.

“ those who profess to

“To call Israel an apartheid state is an expression of ignorance, anti-Semitism, and malice.”

favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without and



Frederick Douglass American abolitionist, Author, orator (1817-1895)

Israel is a light unto the nations. It has, regrettably, many enemies – all or most of the world’s Muslim nations and left-wing ideologues who mostly hate the United States and who consider Israel to be America’s cat’s-paw in the Middle East. The reality, of course, is that Israel is the exact opposite of an apartheid state. It is a country in which all residents, all citizens, enjoy the same full rights. All other countries in the Middle East are benighted theocracies, ruthless tyrannies, or mostly both. To call Israel an apartheid state is an expression of ignorance, anti-Semitism, and malice. This message has been published and paid for by

Facts and Logic About the Middle East P.O. Box 590359 ■ San Francisco, CA 94159

Gerardo Joffe, President

FLAME is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational 501 (c)(3) organization. Its purpose is the research and publication of the facts regarding developments in the Middle East and exposing false propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world. Your tax-deductible contributions are welcome. They enable us to pursue these goals and to publish these messages in national newspapers and magazines. We have virtually no overhead. Almost all of our revenue pays for our educational work, for these clarifying messages, and for related direct mail.


To receive free FLAME updates, visit our website:

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