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Friday, March 20, 2009

Vol. 09 No. 12

New Priorities for G&M Hospital

Echo wins 2nd national award

by Brad Holden Sometimes, the best way to find a solution to whatever quandary you’re in is to enlist some outside opinions from friends. That’s what the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital has done, and the result is a list of nine priorities for the organization as it moves forward. The hospital’s quandary, in essence, is the phenomenal growth of Collingwood, Clearview, the Blue Mountains and Wasaga Beach, both real and projected. That growth, as well as the demographics of the people moving here and the status of the Collingwood area as a true four-season tourist destination, is putting a major strain on the hospital’s resources. About 85 per cent of the G&M’s $40 million budget comes in lump-sum form from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, rising at a rate of about two or three per cent a year. The other 15 per cent – around $6 million, is generated by the hospital itself through opportunities to charge for items such as private beds (with payment coming from insurance companies), parking, crutches and service for foreign patients. That money can only go toward operating costs, and it’s all that can be used for that purpose. For capital investments, the hospital relies on the generous fundraising efforts of the G&M Hospital Foundation. The lump-sum funding from the provincial government comes with a few rules, the basics “if you want to hang out your shingle as a ‘big H’” according to G&M CEO Linda Davis. (See “Public” on page 5)

The Creemore Echo won a national award this week, placing second in the “In-House Promotion, Circulation Under 9,999” category at the 2009 Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA) Better Newspaper Awards. The award honours last spring’s subscription drive campaign, which over the course of six weeks asked several well-known residents – Alex Hargrave, Jack Heslip, Gayle Millsap, Judith Crawford and Murray Lackie – why they chose to support the Echo even though they receive it free in their mailbox. “I’m particularly pleased with the Echo being recognized for this promotion, because it really represented what we’re all about,” said Sara Hershoff, who created the campaign. “I think it also shows how capable we are at coming up with imaginative, attention-getting ads and marketing plans.” Also placing in the category were the Powell River Peak of Powell River, British Columbia, winning first place, and the Grand Bend Strip of Grand Bend, Ontario, winning third place. The Echo was the only local paper to show up among CCNA finalists this year. It’s the second time in recent years that the newspaper has won an award at the competition – in 2007, Brad Holden won third place in the “Best Feature Story, Circulation Under 9,999” category. The awards will be handed out on Thursday, May 21 at the annual CCNA National Convention in Montreal. The Echo welcomes any donations toward the trip (Just kidding!).

ATOMS CLOSE IN ON OMHA TITLE The Creemore Atom Rep team opened their best of five OMHA championship series in front of a packed and noisy home crowd Saturday night and came away with 2-1 win. The teams then travelled to Sunderland for Game 2, which produced the same 2-1 victorious result. This team has demonstrated a consistent ability to play under pressure and to win the close ones. The next and potentially deciding game will be played back in Creemore on Saturday night at 6 pm. Game 6, if necessary, will be back in Sunderland on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm.

March Break Fun Four-year-old Jade McKee was proud to show off her dragon creation during darci-que’s arts and crafts session at the Sunnidale Branch of the New Lowell Library last week. For more March Break pictures, see page 6.

Echo Briefs

Sanctuary Dedication

The Future of Stayner Collegiate The Accomodation Review Committee which has been given the difficult task of assessing the facility needs of highschool students from Penetang, Midland, Elmvale, Stayner, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach will bring forward their final recomendations on Monday, March 23 at 5 pm. This final Public Meeting will take place at Stayner Collegiate Institute. The public is welcome to attend and encouraged to ask questions, make comments and raise concerns they may have with regards to high school facilities and the servicing to students in the area. To be an acknowledged delegation at this meeting contact Superintendent Janis Medysky through Charleen Croft at (705) 734-6363.

A dedication of the recently renovated Sanctuary at St. Luke's Anglican Church will take place this Sunday at 4 pm. The event will feature special music and the Rt. Rev. George Elliott, Bishop of YorkSimcoe Area will preach. A Potluck Supper will follow in the Hall. Everyone is welcome.

Older Yes, But Wiser? The Creemore Echo will be eight years old at the start of April. is a little younger, but it’s in a partying mood as well. Please join us for our annual birthday party at 3 Caroline Street West on Friday, April 3 from 10 am to 4 pm. As always, there will be cake, coffee, and good company. All are, of course, welcome.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Editorial Ssh . . . Spring’s Here Today is the vernal equinox, the twice a year point when we have equal amounts of daylight and darkness. It is also the first official day of Spring, which would seem like a cause for great joy, or at the very least relief. But we Canadians are too wise and too wary to make an emotional commitment to warm weather this early in the year. Rather we practice reverse psychology, and virtually deny any reference to spring. The whole basis for this would seem to be a gripping fear of old man winter, who would get mad and stay around even longer if everyone was running around celebrating the advent of spring.

So instead we pay our respects to winter by talking about all the spring storms we’ve experienced down through the years. Instead of the conversations being about golf or flowers, we hear stories about the blizzard of ’49, or the time we got eight inches of white stuff the first week of May, and so on. Of course, nothing contributes to this denial that winter is over like our national pastime/obsession. The start of the hockey playoffs is still weeks away, and the finals run nearly into summer. Will all this homage to old man winter keep him from getting angry, and make him just go away quietly? Maybe, but the beautiful weather we have been experiencing lately could make one believe he has already left. Oops, hopefully he won’t see this editorial.

Opinion & Feedback Dear Editor: Your editorial regarding wind turbines follows much discussion on this subject. It is difficult for non-scientific types like me to understand all the various comments and make sense of it. On one hand, I am sure, we all want to get our energy in an environmentally friendly way and on the other, in a way that does not cause any extra problems. I know that in Europe, Spain, Britain, Germany and many more countries have windfarms that produce electricity into their national grid... then I asked the question by email: How do they see this conflict? I have answers from those professionals, including electrical engineers and medical personnel now retired in Europe. First, the generators. We have lived amongst generators for years. Workers in power stations, for example, work an eight-hour day very close to the largest generators man produces, then retire after many years of service in good health. We ride in vehicles with active generators and pass thousands of vehicles on the road, each producing electricity from

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generators. Some truckers sleep in the rear of their cabs running generators all night. Do we consider any health concerns when purchasing a standby generator for power outages? How about the environment? My correspondents remember, years ago, the same anti-wind turbine arguments in various parts of Europe, before they were accepted. “They are a danger to birds...”( I think about jet aircraft – maybe we should stop aircraft flying) and “generators can cause hearing problems...” (the windfarms have been in operation in Europe for decades and all living nearby have no known related ear problems) and “it destroys wildlife and vegetation...” (rabbits are present at the base of turbine towers and so are many other small animals that breed in that location because man is not normally present, also grass and weeds grow at their usual rate) and “the towers can fall over...” ( I got a laugh at that one). It does seem to me that there is another reason to be against windfarms. I suspect some lobbyists or land/ house owners have concerns about location, and if that


Weekend Weather Spring is coming in like a lamb.

Friday, March 20

Sunny High 2 Low –11 Wind 10 km/h N POP 0%

Saturday, March 21

Cloudy periods High 8 Low –8 Wind 10 km/h SW POP 20%

Sunday, March 22

Variable cloudiness High 10 Low 0 Wind 15 km/h W POP 20%

Discover Mansfield Contact us to try us out for a day! (705) 435-3838 (800) 461-1212 Mansfield, Ontario is so, then surely we can discuss those aspects without being distracted by ‘red herrings.’ We have to change our way of energy production, responsibly of course, but to me the choice is simple, that between coal-fired or oil-fired power stations and atomic power stations or windfarms... I know which I prefer. The anti-windfarm group seems to shout the loudest while those in favour stay silent. June Jackson, Creemore

Avening Women’s Institute On March 12 Avening Women’s Institute met at the home of Ellen Whitley. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day everyone was decked out in green paraphernalia. President Linda Wright welcomed everyone and thanked Ellen for hosting the meeting. Following a dessert luncheon, 19 members answered the roll call, “darts and laurels about Creemore.” Everyone agreed that Creemore is a friendly, safe place with great community spirit. It is important to remember that it is the local citizens that have made Creemore what it is. We all worked together and raised money to build the arena, the medical centre, the library and the Station on the Green. The dart raised by most was the terrible condition of downtown Mill Street, which will hopefully soon be improved. Then Marilyn Steed, convener of Citizenship, Culture and Community introduced her guest speaker, Echo publisher Craig Simpson. In the early years agriculture dominated the economy with family farms of 100 acres being the norm. The farmers came to Creemore to buy supplies and sell their produce, and for 80 years the railway also drove the economy. Then both external and internal forces caused changes. City people began to move in buying up farms and the remaining farmers rented land from these new residents enlarging their operations to remain viable. Shopping habits changed with the building of shopping malls. Since 1980 other changes came: Creemore Springs Brewery was started, the BIA was formed, and in 1994 Creemore was amalgamated into Clearview Township. Where are we now? Creemore’s history and a diverse, engaged population have made it stronger. Recreation and tourism in the Georgian Triangle is also an asset. Growth is inevitable and needed. There is a great need for affordable housing for seniors and young families, and we must shop at home as much

as possible to support our downtown businesses. A short business meeting followed Craig’s presentation. We were reminded that Simcoe West is hosting Women’s Day at the Simcoe County Museum on April 4, and we should be there before 9 am. The District Annual Meeting is coming up on May 14. Some time was spent planning the meal for the Curling Club banquet on April 17. The next meeting will be April 16 at 7:30 pm at the home of Muriel Day.

A few more folks to find This list is the last installment of people bring sought by the School Reunion Committee, who wishes to thank everyone for their help to date. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please contact John Montgomery at 466-3110 or oldmisery@; or Catherine Harper at 905-279-5761 or c_ _ Claus and Mary Stoffers, James and Patsy Stoll, Marshal, Mike and Rhonda Styles, Tim Swan, Cheryl and Mary-Lynn Sweeny, Bonny Symons, Kathy Talaska, Nancy and Suzanne Thornton, Lori and Mark Underwood, Cathy Walford, Carol and Roy Walker, Ernest, Margaret and Philip Warrington, Bruce and Heather Weatherall, Lynda Webster, Sandy West, Charles, Fred and Joanne White, Barbara and Stephen Williamson, Rob and Todd Wilson, Hosea and Noel Winchester, Cheryl Wyns and David Young.


Friday, March 20, 2009 •


Community Calendar This Weekend Friday, March 20 • Fish & Chips at Affairs Cafe & Bakery from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm & 5 to 7 pm. Dine in or take out. Each Friday through the Lenten Season. • Clearview Public Library’s Armchair Traveller Series: Hope Trek: Mandy Bridson on her 11-month world tour at Station on the Green at 7 pm. Saturday, March 21 • 1st Year Birthday Party at Just Push Play. 100 per cent of admission fees to the Make A Wish Foundation. • Celebration of the Spring Equinox at 7 pm

at St. Luke’s Anglican Church. We will be drumming Spring in! All welcome. Sunday, March 22 • United Church of Canada – Avening United Church at 9 am, New Lowell United Church at 10:15 am & St. John’s United, Creemore at 11:30 am in church hall during winter months. • Join us for our 10 am service at Knox Presbyterian Church, Dunedin. (705) 4665202 • St. Andrew’s Maple Cross Presbyterian Church, 1 Caroline Street West. Worship & Sunday School at 10 am. “Where Jesus is Lord, all are welcome.” Rev. Elizabeth Inglis.

• The Salvation Army Hope Acres Community Church, situated in Mulmur Township, invite you to their Sunday Church Services at 10:45 am. For more information call (705) 466-3435. • No 11 am service this week at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 22 Caroline St. W. due to the Dedication Service at 4 pm. • Dedication of the Sanctuary Service at St. Luke’s Anglican Church at 4 pm for recent renovations to the Sanctuary. Special music and the Rt. Rev. George Elliott, Bishop of York-Simcoe Area will preach. Potluck Supper to follow. Everyone is welcome. Come and join us in this joyful celebration.

Upcoming Events Monday, March 23 • This is the last day for Stayner Adult Skating at Stayner Arena from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. $2 per person. • Simcoe County Board of Education Accomodation Review Public Meeting at Stayner Collegiate Institute at 5 pm. • Clearview Township’s Council Meeting at 7 pm at the Council Chambers. Everyone welcome. Monday, March 23 & Monday, March 30 • Wise Women’s Circle continues at Discover The Path, 8A Caroline St. W. from 7 to 9 pm. No charge; all are welcome for refreshements and conversation. This week, Self-awareness through Aromatherapy; March 30 the topic is Believing in your Dreams. Tuesday, March 24 • Today is the last day for Creemore Adult Skating Club. A reminder to members that we are having a potluck lunch at noon at Creemore Arena Hall. • New Lowell Minor Baseball Registration at New Lowell Legion from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. www.leaguelineup/nlmba or call Mark at 4246869 for details. Wednesday, March 25 • R Greer CGA is holding a Free Tax Preparation Clinic (donations will be accepted for 3E Community Charity - recommended $5) for low income earners under $25,000 at 28 Elizabeth Street East from 9 am to noon. Certain conditions apply. Call for details 466-2171. • Hummingbird Montessori School for children 3 to 6. Montessori curriculum plus weekly classes in art, music, French, Spanish, phys ed and humanities. Beautiful historic setting on 5 acres. Opening September 2009. Information Night tonight from 6 to 8 pm. Bring your child to explore our classroom, meet the teachers and find out more about our wonderful school. Learn more online at or email Sherri at • Bunny Alert. Creemore Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Ventures will be coming door to door from 6:30 to 8 pm with chocolate Easter bunnies for sale for $3 each. Thank you in advance for supporting the Creemore Scouting Group. Friday, March 27 • Toonie Lunch at St. Luke’s Anglican Church from11:30 am to 1 pm. Come enjoy delicious homemade soup for a toonie. • Gift of Music Concert featuring the Glenn Gould

“Eaglesmith remains the voice of rustic beauty, the poetic eyes of rural communities...” - Exclaim Magazine

School Brass Quintet at St. Luke’s Anglican Church at 7 pm. $15 at Curiosity House, 100 Mile Store, Creemore Echo and at door. Saturday, March 28 • Pond & Dam Management: An Educational Seminar for pond and dam owners and for those of you thinking about installing a pond on your property. At the Rosemont Hall (across from the Globe Restaurant on Highway 89) from 10 am to noon. Sponsored by the Mono Mulmur Citizens’ Coalition and presented by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. • Buck & Doe for Jasmine Wilson & Wayne Gordon at Creemore Legion from 8 pm to 1 am. Sunday, March 29 • Public Information Presentation concerning Wind Turbines in our area at Station on the Green starting at 10 am. See ad on page 12 for details. • Creemore Skating Club presents their Annual Carnival starting at 2 pm at Creemore Arena. Come out & see our skaters as well as past members perform. Monday, March 30 • Creemore BIA is presenting 2 Safety Seminars for local business owners. Constable Mark Kinney of the Huronia West OPP will be discussing burglaries & counterfeit money. At Station on the Green. First session from10 to 11:30 am and second session from 1 to 2:30 pm. Call Lily White at 466-2240 for more information. Tuesday, March 31 • Make a Joyful Noise! Kindermusik classes for children ages 3 months to 7 years begin the week of March 31. Classes in Creemore on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Join us for singing, dancing, playing instruments, exploring rhythm, storytime and more! Call Sherri Jackson, licensed instructor 888-1252 to register, or email Complete details online at • Come play the Transformation Game! Have fun & gain valuable insights into an issue important to you. Tuesdays in Creemore from 10 am to 1 pm today, April 14 & 28 and from 7 to 10 pm on April 7 & 21. $10 introductory spring rate. Facilitated by Shelley Hannah, spirit-based life coach. Call (519) 925-5469. Wednesdays, April 1, 8 and 15 • Broadcaster Rick Phillips explores “The Great Conductors” at Grace Tipling Hall, Shelburne from 10 am to noon. Presented by Dufferin Arts Council. Tickets are $20 per lecture or 3 for $45 available at


Friday, March 27 at 7 pm The Glenn Gould

h t i m s e l g Ea

Brass Quintet

Playing a variety of pieces includng a suite based on Bernstein’s West Side Story and a collage of music by Canadian Morley Calvert based on Quebec folk songs.

Friday, March 20 8 pm at the Avening 2009 Hall

More info call 466-9906 Nominee Limited number of tickets still available @ the door.

presented by Friends of the Mad River

Admission: $15

available at Curiosity House, Creemore Echo & Creemore 100 Mile Store. Tickets will also available at the door.

Curiosity House. Thursday, April 2 • French, Drama & Dance Night at NCPS. Watch the students perform 4 different plays, each with an accompanying dance. 7 pm at senior school site. Friday, April 3 • Join us at Creemore Echo for our Annual Birthday Party/Open House from 10 am to 4 pm. Drop in for a piece of cake & a chat! Saturday, April 4 • Grand Opening of Edenvale Cafe, 5195 Hwy 26 E, Stayner at the Edenvale Aerodrome. All day breakfast & lunch. Drop in & see us. • 9th Annual Fur Ball with proceeds for Georgian Bay Animal Rescue “Dancing For Our Stars” starting at 6 pm at Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain. Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction. $125 per person. Tickets or donation information, call Deb Keep at 446-1510. Tuesday, April 7 & Wednesday, April 8 • L3 Writer’s Conference at Barrie North Collegiate. The Barrie North Ideology Program presents some of Canada’s top writers, thinkers and broadcasters – Jay Ingram, Eleanor Wachtel, Anthony De Sa, Alistair MacLeod, Nino Ricci, Mir Hussain Mahdavi, Andrew Pyper and Priscila Uppal. From 7 to 9:30 each night. Tickets $10 to $25. Info and tickets available by contacting Barrie North Ideology Teacher Brian Adduono at 726-6541. Saturday, June 13 • Mark your calendar for the Art Auction Fundraiser at Station on the Green at 7:30 pm. Adorn your walls with some of the finest art available & help to raise money for the Station on the Green. Watch for details.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Creemore Big Heart Seniors SENIORS

There were 44 in attendance today. Bob Veale introduced, and we welcomed newcomer Isabelle Stinson, who arrived with Pat Winger from New Lowell. We were informed that Wilma Bannerman had had a fall, but she didn’t Sylvia GALE break any bones. Then Bob mentioned that he was going to arrange for a catered meal in April. There was a very nice “Thank You” from Jack Heslip and his family for our donation to the Cemetery in memory of Winona, and we thank Irma Flack for the sheets of scorecards she brought in and donated. There was a petition for Grandparent’s Rights brought in by Marge Douglas, and then after some jokes by Edith Veale, the 50/50 draws went to Bert Douglas, Audrey Tidd, Russ Wilkinson, Ted Underhill, Phyllis Seed and, after some initial confusion, the last one went to Edith Veale. Moon shots were played by Ted Underhill, Janice Stephens (2), Sylvia Gale, Pat Winger, Warren Gale, Isabelle Stinson, Bert Douglas (2), Kevin Keogh, Jean Carmichael, Phyllis Seed and Dave “Mr.” Smith (2). “Mr.” Dave took the travelling prize, and Warren took the Sidewinder’s money. High scorers were Russ Miller 288, Norma Johnston 266, Sylvia Gale 262 and Isabelle Stinson 260. Low was Marion Wilkinson with 88. The hidden score of 161 wasn’t won, so it will be worth $ 22 next week. We would like to send Get Well Soon wishes to Eileen Giffen, whose shingles are a little better, but she is still at the point where she can barely tolerate a sheet on them. She did have laser treatment on them recently, so it will be interesting to see if that has a beneficial effect. Also a Get Well Soon to Maurice Weatherall who has been really under the weather, and to Lloyd Whitley who has been ailing on-and-off recently, and to Bud Schell, who is recuperating from his recent surgery. And of course we are hoping that Vera Pettigrew is on the mend, because it’s sort of “Where oh where has our Vera gone – Where oh where can she be – No onions cut short and no onions chopped long – Come back, come back is our plea”. The above is in reference to the fact that Vera donates her time to peel and chop all the onions used on hot dogs on Thursday nights, and on many other occasions for the Legion. We had a most enjoyable supper of corned beef and cabbage at the Legion on Friday in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and we had a good time sitting with Irma

Flack and Norma Johnston. At Seniors today we had a card and a Happy Birthday song for Jean Carmichael, whose birthday falls on March 17. Son Terry Grant, aka “Mantracker,” was home for a few short days recently. He always tries to get in a visit with Roy Summers, and after a few visits around town he dropped into the 1st Creemore Cub Meeting and answered a few questions. Shortly after this, Cub Leader Koni Jones and her son Ian delivered a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Cubs to “Mantracker’s” mother for having set up the meeting. This was a totally unexpected and lovely surprise for me, and shows that this Cub’s group leader is, by example, leading the kids in the right direction. But the next time he visits you kids, don’t be shy. Hit him with all kinds of questions – everything from info about Mantracker shows to ranching to learning to rope, and so on. He enjoys explaining, because a lot of the things he has done such as guiding for big game (grizzlies) in the Northwest Territories, where a bear actually chewed up a gas can from their camp, amongst other things, are experiences that we never get to face down here. We were sorry to hear that Winston Ferguson had a bad fall, which split his forehead to the tune of 10 stitches and caused him to spend a bit of time in hospital. He is apparently wearing two “shiners” as a result, and here’s his explanation to Dr. Houston. “You should see the other guy! If I had it to do all over again, I would have taken him in the first round when he was all by himself!” It seems that Creemore is the setting for “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Bridge.” It’s true!

This bridge, about 3 feet wide and 34 feet long went walkabout – or maybe floatabout – from the west end of Creemore. This took place when the river was running so high, and the ice jam must have come down and dislodged it. Now a thirty-four foot bridge is not an easy thing to miss seeing – so if anyone downriver from Creemore has spotted it, please call Lorne Burbidge at 466-2570. Then please call us and let us know just how he convinced a 34-foot bridge to go back upriver for him! My sister Pat’s son, Lance Matthews, was first on the scene of the house fire on the Town Line east and south of Mansfield, which was called the “Rosemount area” on the news. Lance noticed the smoke from their house on the hill, and knowing the elderly couple that lived there very well, he jumped into his vehicle and tore over there, dialing 911 on the way. When he arrived, the house was pretty much engulfed in flames, but he broke in through the basement door. He found the wife, Myra, huddled on the basement stairs, so he carried her out and laid her down on the lawn and covered her with his jacket. He then headed back to try to get Myra’s husband Stan, but the whole house was a raging inferno. He went back out to Myra, who passed away before medical help arrived. Lance was very fortunate to get Myra (and himself) out, as both her hair and his hair were smoking when he did get out. But – if there had been any way at all, there is no doubt that he would have gone back in for Stan. (And no, sorry, I am not sure of this couple’s last name). My thanks to Maurice McArthur for supplying this picture of the 1946 “Entrance” Class, or Grade 8.

Centre back: Mr. Elmer Priddle, Principal; back row (l-r): Connor Howie, Sam Kinghan, Jim Woolner, Bill Ovens, Jack Graham and Bob Lott; front row: Marilyn Raymer, Anne Lawrence, Joan Craig (Armstrong), Mary Lou Cook(?), Margie Smith and Grace Montgomery (McGillivary).

Collingwood General & Marine Hospital

Ella is thrilled to announce the arrival of her new brother


LLiam Joshua Duits

Monday, June 15, 2009, 7:00 p.m. Collingwood Leisure Time Club 100 Minnesota Street, Collingwood

born March 1, 2009

weighing 7 lbs 5 oz.

The General and Marine Hospital invites all residents of the communities served by the Hospital to participate in its Annual General Meeting on June 15, 2009.

Proud parents Josh and Rachael Duits. Grandparents Gerrit Duits and Diane Penyige. Thank you to Dr. Myrna Monte and the nurses at Collingwood General & Marine Hospital.

Individuals interested in voting at the General Meeting must purchase their $10 Corporate Membership from the Hospital’s cashier before midnight Thursday, April 30, 2009. At the meeting, members of the Hospital Corporation will vote on any changes to the hospital’s by-laws, review audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2008/09 and elect members to the Board of Trustees. There are three Trustee at large terms ending on the Board. Nominations for these positions can come forward through two means: 1. The Governance and Quality Committee of the Board. Two of the three incumbent Trustees intend to seek re-election.

Glencairn 705-424-6697

2. Members of the Corporation, provided that each nomination by Members is through the written recommendation of ten (10) Members of the Hospital Corporation in good standing submitted to the Hospital by April 30. A written declaration must be signed by the nominee that he/she will abide by the Hospital by-laws if elected.

For Reliable Service

Letters of interest can be sent to: Governance and Quality Committee c/o Jennifer Stevens, Administration, G&M Hospital, 459 Hume Street, Collingwood, L9Y 1W9

Tank Truck Delivery of Furnace & Stove Oil

Anyone interested in additional information is invited to call 445-2550, ext. 8303 or visit our website at

CREEMORE ECHO • Friday, March 20, 2009 •


Public gives hospital a list of nine priorities (Continued from page 1) Basically, you have to offer three things: an Emergency department, a General Medicine department and a General Surgery department. The G&M has chosen to focus on two other areas as well: Obstetrics, as it’s an hour either way to other hospitals that offer the service (last year, the G&M conducted 450 births, and that number is growing) and Orthopedics. The latter is due to two things: the area’s recreational nature and its demographic shift to a retirement hotbed. The thing is, while the G&M is committed to offering these five core services and while it continues to perform well by all provincial measurements of efficiency, the hospital has found it impossible to present a balanced budget annually with its current government funding. So over the past few months, Davis and her staff tried something a little different. Instead of looking inward, they reached out. And they learned a lot. “We wanted to share information about our hospital, and get information and advice back,” said Davis. “Sometimes we’re so close to it, we fail to see what others see.” Over the course of the winter, the G&M held five focus groups: one for a select group of community leaders in each of the communities it serves (Collingwood, the Blue Mountains,

Clearview Township and Wasaga Beach) and one for the local media. Attendees were told of the G&M’s five main problems: 1. The hospital does not have sufficient funding; 2. Only 15 per cent of its funds are generated in house; 3. The hospital will have difficulty maintaining service levels; 4. It has difficulty meeting the expectations of its patients; and 5. It is experiencing inefficiencies due to lack of space. Then, they were asked what they would do. The result is a list of nine priorities that Davis says the hospital will follow moving forward. They are as follows: • Communication. Davis says people advised them to find new ways of communicating, through avenues such as town halls or further focus groups. • Education. Many times, according to Davis, people would be surprised when they found out about the hospital’s funding structure or that they only have a few ways of generating funds themselves. Many were surprised to learn that doctors are not employees of hospitals, but rather get paid by OHIP and merely have priviledges to work at the hospital. Therefore, it came as a surprise that the hospital does not get paid per patient. How to do this? Some thought the hospital should issue patients with a bill stating the full cost of their stay, regardless of the fact they have to pay

General & Marine Hospital President and CEO Linda Davis little of it. This, however, would be too labour-intensive for the time being. • Further Improvement of Services. While the hospital is operating very efficiently, Davis said there’s always room for improvement. Currently, a pilot program is ongoing in the Emergency department, attempting to eliminate all waste from the process to make it as “lean” as possible. • Expand Revenue. The most likely way this will be done in the near future is for charges for diagnostic imaging services, something the hospital is allowed to do. • Seek Additional Government Funding. The hospital is actively lobbying the North Simcoe Miskoka Local Health Integration Unit, its liaison with the Province. • Seek Funding From Municipalities. This was an interesting idea, said Davis, considering the hospital is the area’s key econonomic driver and largest employer. It’s also vibrant and

attracting doctors to the area as a result. Whether this means some kind of health tax or municipal levy is a debate for the future. • Lighten the Patient Load. Encouraging more physicians to open walk-in clinics would help. So would establishing a fracture clinic at Blue Mountain, something the hospital has considered doing before and may look at again. • Reallocate/Divert Services. Perhaps things like mammograms or bone density tests could be moved. But not surgery – the public indicated it didn’t want to travel for essential services like that. • Don’t Stop Major Services. This point carries on from the one before. For now, Davis says her organization will follow the public’s advice and operate with these priorities in mind. In the future, a larger hospital will surely be needed. That bridge, she says, will be crossed when the time comes.


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and More!

705 466 9998

7439 Hwy 26, Stayner • (705) 428-5593 (Located next to Quanbury Flooring Centre)



Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness With all sorts of events happening at the Clearview Library branches and at the Mad & Noisy Gallery camp at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, March Break was a fun week for all.

St. Patrick’s Day Electrified! Tuesday night’s St. Patrick’s Day Open Mic Night at the Mad & Noisy Gallery was a buzz-worthy event, with Creemore Echo’s editor, Brad Holden, (above right) showing off his other keyboard skills along with Paul Gordon (above left) and 15 other musicians who took to the stage over the course of the night. The event was such a success that Rogers Television caught wind of it, showing up to interview Sue Miller (below, centre) before things got started. Miller and co-organizer Ian Payne host this event the third Tuesday of every month.

Haircut for a Good Cause Collingwood resident Pamela Bortlisz, who works as a server at Chez Michel in Creemore, recently chopped off 20 inches of her hair and donated it to Beautiful Lengths, a charity that collects hair for wigs for cancer patients. More about the organization can be discovered at

We Capture Memories!

* Digital Paintings * Passport Photos * Personal Portraits

* Product Photography * Photo Restoration * Your Art to CD

DIGITAL ART STUDIO & GALLERY Open Mon-Thurs 10-3 • Friday & Saturday 10-5

YOUR VILLAGE PHOTOGRAPHER SINCE 2002 3 Caroline Street West • Creemore • 466-5775 • 1-866-366-5775

CREEMORE ECHO • Friday, March 20, 2009 •


What if we’re wrong about Global Warming? ESOTERICA

We had a bad winter last ice melted off the sides of winter, and this winter looks your root beer float, you worse as the highlands thought you were a genius south of Creemore resemble and couldn’t imagine what Resolute. Last summer was you ever saw in Peggy Sue very wet, so much so that in the first place. our stream on the back 40 U n f o r t u n a t e l y, t h i s Al that usually dries up by process has much farther CLARKE late May ran all summer. reaching consequences. The explanation for these When you considering what weather phenomena is typically Global paper or magazine to read, what Warming. TV programs to watch, what movie So how can Global Warming cause to go to, or whatever, your mind is worse winters and wetter summers? not looking for adventure. Rather it The theory goes this way: as the wants to be comfortable, so it looks Polar seas and our lakes stay ice-free to reinforce its existing beliefs by longer, more water evaporates into the guiding you to compatible material atmosphere and that produces more and away from conflicting, disturbing rain and snowfalls. and potentially enlightening ideas. The The most valuable thing I learned primordial region of your mind is in in university was from a first year love with Betty Lou to the point that not philosophy professor. I cannot recall only is it unwilling to reconsider Peggy his name, but I do remember this gem Sue, it won’t even entertain thoughts of he dropped on me forty years ago. Michelle Pfeiffer. Our minds are subconsciously driven Entertaining conflicting ideas is to have a narrower and narrower point counterintuitive, so as my professor of view by the insidious forces of advised, you must deliberately force cognitive dissonance. Remember back yourself at least occasionally to explore to high school when you finally decided things that oppose your existing views to ask Betty Lou and not Peggy Sue to and contradict your beliefs. Why the sock hop. Once she accepted your should you spend your valuable time offer, subconsciously your mind started with this contrary stuff? For the simple to reinforce all the positive things about reason that your existing beliefs might Betty Lou and all the negative things be wrong. about Peggy Sue. So long before the Now over the years this advice has

lead me to waste time on: conspiracy theories, genesis probes, Sasquatch, alien abductions, and mountain lions in Clearview - just to name a few. But occasionally the time has led to better understandings and some completely unexpected and interesting revelations. So it was the other day when a friend asked me what I thought about the notion that sunspots were causing global warming. Instantly, my brain tried not

to listen to this and to go to its happy place where global warming is caused by human activity and increased carbon dioxide levels. But I kept hearing my philosophy professor saying, “ok maybe he’s a lunatic, but it can’t hurt to take the old brain out for a little exercise and see what happens.” Watch for part 2 of “What if we’re wrong about global warming?” in the near future.

Always “Chipper” to Share Mark Madill, better known as “Chipper” to Creemore Beavers, was recognized for his long-time commitment to Scouting. True to the Beaver moto “Sharing, sharing, sharing” Madill has served the Scouting movement for 20 years. At the annual Baden Powell banquet Madill (centre) was acknowledged and thanked by Dawn Craven, Representative of Helena Guergis MP and Mike Hendy, a regional Scouting Representative.

March 21st 1 Year Anniversary 100% Of The Admission Fees From The Day Go To




Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Flower Shop opens in village Paulette Wilkinson (right), her daughters Holly Weatherall (left) and Sara Wilkinson and building owner Betsy Wright have gradually but successfully turned the eggplant cafe into first a ceramics studio and now a full-fledged flower shop. The new business, called Two Rivers Ceramics and Flowers, had its grand opening last weekend. Wi n n i n g t h e O p e n i n g D a y Raffle were Cheryl Denison of Glencairn (who receives a $50 Easter Arrangement), Marg Palujanskas

of Mulmur (who receives a $30 Gift Card) and Mary Squires of Creemore (who receives a $20 Gift Card). Paulette, who worked in a flower shop for 20 years before moving from Winnipeg to Ontario, is looking forward to managing the floral side of the business. “We’re going to keep it light and fun, and try to provide a great service to the village,” she said. “We just decided there’s enough coffee shops in this town.”

See the Work of Emerging Artist

Sore Back?

Bruce Ley in our gallery

open 7 days a week • 466 -3400 134 Mill St. Creemore

The hills are alive – the purple hills that is, and they’re calling out to you. This spring, Creemore and area’s premiere arts organization is launching a membership drive aimed at increasing its roster of culture-oriented party animals by at least 50 individuals or families. The Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society (PHAHS) is the unsung hero behind such popular events as the annual Creemore Mocks film festival and the fall Studio Tour. “Thanks in large part to PHAHS,” says Sue Ann Wickwire, chair of the Society’s membership committee, “the Creemore area is one of the most culturally vibrant communities in the province.” A registered Ontario charity with a current membership of just 350 hardworking volunteers, PHAHS uses the money it raises through fees and fundraising events to support a variety of pursuits including The Mad and Noisy Gallery art shows, arts and history scholarships and music programs in local schools, tea and history events, musical concerts, garden tours and much more. If that sounds like a lot of work, Wickwire promises there’s also a payoff. A membership ($20 for single, $30 for family) entitles you to gorge on fresh lobster at the society’s annual Lobster Dinner and dine in style for next to


Try our


inversion table


No referral required. Many extended insurance plans cover physiotherapy.

If you love the spa experience at an affordable price then come to our


Spa Party


1 Hour or 1/2 Hour REFLEXOLOGY Ion - detox FOOT CLEANSE Thai Hot Stem BODY TREATMENT

(705) 428-5438

Come and be pampered, bring a friend or your spouse. We meet every other Monday aernoon and evening and offer all types of spa services including manicures, pedicures, massage, reflexology, even waxing, to name a few. Appointments available.

Next spa date March 23 at 1 Jardine Cres. Call Muriel Day 466-3372 Sharon McLellan 466-3673

Rev. Joanne DeGasperis Announcing the move of her practice to Wasaga Beach as of April 1, 2009


Please enquire about the upcoming Solstice and Equinox Gatherings, Wednesday Morning Meditations, Moon Celebrations and Women’s Healing Circles. Joanne will continue to offer her energy healing, counselling and all Life’s Rites of Passage.

69A First St.Collingwood 444-3600

Aention Creemore & Area Ladies & Gents

Relax & Socialize

Call Stayner Massage Therapy & Associates

Let gravity help!

nothing at the fall general meeting. If you’re really keen, you can help stack chairs and wash dishes, sell tickets, decorate floats, bake cookies and much, much more, all the while schmoozing with real-live artists. And if you have any great ideas or pet projects, here’s your chance to bring them to life. And to sweeten the pot, all new membership applications will be entered in a draw for two free tickets to the Lobster Dinner on Saturday, May 30. “We think it’s time to blow our own horn and let the community know what a fun and committed group this is,” says Wickwire. Application forms are available on the Purple Hills website www., at the Curiosity House Bookstore, at the Mad and Noisy Gallery, or by contacting Wickwire at sawickwire@mulmurinc. com.


CREEMORE ECHO • Friday, March 20, 2009 •

Trying to go green (or yellow or orange) CREEMORE DISH

As I write this it’s St. when they eat beef barley soup, never when strolling through Patrick’s Day so I guess thinking to eat it prepared in other the veggie department of I should be thinking of ways. Barley is a whole grain and your favourite food store. writing about something very versatile because it takes on the And at the tail end of green rather than thinking flavour of ingredients it’s mixed with. winter, before gardens are about how we’re going to With spring just around the corner, in full swing, both canned survive March Break! The it’s a time for new things so try some and frozen veggies can be end of this week signals Elaine barley this week and don’t forget to nutritious substitutes. COLLIER the first day of spring eat your veggies, whatever colour The recipe this week is so that should make me they might be! multi-purpose. It provides think of green as well. However, I Feedback is great and I would love a balanced main dish for all you just wasn’t getting inspired about to hear from you. Drop me an email vegetarians out there, or it can be this green idea. I’ve never been a fan at used as an enjoyable side dish for of green tinted beer and fluorescent Until next time, eat well, live all you meat lovers. I find that most green cake (very natural) or the like well…. people only meet up with barley for St. Patrick’s Day, and while the snow is at last starting to melt, I can’t really say that it’s looking all that green and vibrant yet around the B&B. It will soon enough, and I for Serves 6 as Side Dish or 4 as Main Dish one can hardly wait. Green does generally make me 1 tablespoon canola oil think about vegetables – it’s one 1 cooking onion, chopped of those idiosyncrasies that make 3 cloves garlic, minced cooks an unusual group of people 3 – 4 carrots, diced to play word games with, we’re 1 cup pot barley always thinking about everything in 3 cups vegetable or chicken stock the context of food. Well actually, I 2 cups corn niblets – if using frozen, pre-cook first could also say that about a number In a heavy casserole, heat oil over medium high heat. Add chopped of people I know who aren’t cooks onion, garlic and carrots, stirring for a few minutes until onion is softened but who love to eat. Alex, I’ll take but not brown. Stir in pot barley and then carefully pour in stock. Cover Fanciful Food Associations for and bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. $800... Spring Weather Pastry... What Stir in corn niblets and bake for 5 minutes more or until heated through, is a Mud Pie? and then serve. Anything green is always good

Vegetarian Barley Casserole

for you, even better when it’s grown locally. But red, orange, yellow, purple, etc. are also good for you


Bantam Locals on a hot streak Creemore’s Bantam Local League team has come out of nowhere to become a force to reckon with in the post-season. Throughout the season the group struggled to get goals, and ended the year with four wins, four ties, and 12 losses. They won their first series of the Georgian Bay playoffs against Creemore’s long time rivals Coldwater in two games straight. Next they played Elmvale and won the series by a score of 3 to 1. Then in the semi-final series they played Midland, and had three wins, one tie, and one loss to take the win. Over the past weekend, the Bantam Local team represented Creemore with authority and pride in the Niagara-onthe-Lake tournament. In the round robin, Creemore had two wins and one tie and won their pool. The proudest moment for the team was in the first game, when they had six different players score seven goals. They went onto the semi-final game against Nobel-King, an A centre. They all played with heart but lost the semi-final game to an exceptional opponent. This Friday night at 9:15 pm, the Creemore Bantam Local League team will begin the Georgian Bay Finals against Collingwood. The team would appreciate your support on Friday at 9:15 pm and Monday at 8:30 pm.

List with the movie gals and we’ll make your home a star! Serving Creemore and surrounding area for over 50 years as your local Ford Dealer.

Using movies we zoom in on all the feel good, great qualities of your home. Not a virtual tour but a closely edited short movie complete with music and voice over. Visit our website to see what all the buzz is about.

New & Used Sales, Leasing & Service Service Department open 6 days a week.

We have over 100 used Ford Vehicles Available

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Barb Thompson SALES REP 705-441-4777 Barb Thompson SALES REPRESENTATIVE

393 First Street, Suite 100, Collingwood 705-445-5454

393 First 705-441-4777 Street, Suite 100, Collingwood 705-445-5454

ve it, n’t ha o d e it! If w n get we ca day o Call T

2 locations to serve you Collingwood



371 Hume St 247 King St (705) 445-4300 (705) 428-2920 1-800-661-4301 1-800-463-2920


â&#x20AC;˘ CREEMORE ECHO â&#x20AC;˘

Friday, March 20, 2009


Seen & Heard

Growersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Meeting Over 100 area farmers turned out to the Creemore Community Centre recently for the fifth annual growersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; meeting sponsored by Holmes Agro, Collwest, Pioneer and Scotiabank. Titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Recession, Depression, Optimism, Growthâ&#x20AC;? the program featured speakers from the private and public sectors talking about a wide range of agricultural issues. Among those attending the session were (l-r): dairy farmer John Miller, Manager of Holmes Agro in Stayner Scott Caughill, and Collwest owner John Taylor.

Winners Again The Sunday curling league wrapped up its season, and here with the Silver Broom Trophy is the winning team featuring some by now familiar faces (l-r): Dale Lightheart, Rhonda Lowe and Andrew Millsap. The fourth member not available for this picture was Melanie Patten. This foursome won the Creemore Mixed Bonspiel back in January; while Dale and Andrew were part of the team that won the Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bonspiel earlier this month.

â&#x20AC;˘ Service Directory â&#x20AC;˘ General Practise of Law Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Drywall â&#x20AC;˘ Painting Carpentry â&#x20AC;˘ Tile Work Masonry â&#x20AC;˘ Roofing

Make one call - we do it all

JOHN L. FERRIS Barrister & Solicitor

General Contracting Renovations & Repairs

190 Mill Street T 705-466-3888

Over 30 years experience

Verstegen Homes (Division of 1599674 ONTARIO INC.)

Custom Homes, Additions, Renovations and Repairs Also available for project management and consulting.

466-2602 â&#x20AC;˘ 428-6072


Ramona A. Greer CGA

Valley Auto & Tech


28 Elizabeth Street East Creemore, Ontario

Servicing Creemore and surrounding area

(705) 466-5807 Licensed and insured

Judith Andrade RN IBCLC RLC Advance Practice

Lactation Consultant 8a Caroline St. W â&#x20AC;˘ Creemore


Repairs to all makes of cars and light trucks!


Interlocking Stone Carpentry and Renovations Painting and Drywall Asphalt Shingles Evan Dodd Contractor - Creemore Phone (705) 730-3915



Custom Carpentry Hardwood Floors Decks & Fencing Drywall Taping Painting Basement ďŹ nishing

Bus. (705) 428-3393 ~ Res. (705) 466-2343

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Garry Stamp, Owner/Operator

Call Rose (really)

80 High Street, Collingwood (705) 445-3421 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax (705) 445-7404

Paul Briggs Master Painter

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Over 25 Years Experience

Susanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grooming Salon

PLUMBER Jason Gardner

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For Holistic Help in Your Garden...YourWay Residential & Commercial

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Painting & Repair Contracting Machine Shop Facility â&#x20AC;˘ Custom Steel Fabrication & repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Decorative Iron Railing, Fences & Gates 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m.-Monday to Friday Book ahead for Saturday Service Don Brearey or Gloria Howie

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Cleaning Service

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Over 20 Years Experience

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â&#x20AC;˘ Insured & Bonded Staff â&#x20AC;˘ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Expert Painting Professional Masonry Repair Handyman Services


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low cost

A great way to reach your customers each week. The Creemore Echo service directory allows you to advertise for the cost of $12 per week.

Call 466-9906 to find out more.

CREEMORE ECHO • Friday, March 20, 2009 •

The Classifieds FOR SALE



WOOD SPLITTER. 11 hp with 34” opening. Unit is towable. Call Bruce Kidd at 466-6728.

Thanks to Rene for sharing some of your homemade bread! It was delicious! The Echo gang

Large dark green SECTIONAL SOFA includes 2 recliners, pull-out sofa bed & drawer. Matching coffee table & 2 end tables. Asking $450. In Creemore. Call (705) 520-0054.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the people who have shown such kindness to us during our recent bereavement in the death of our wife, mother and grandmother, Winona Heslip. The many cards expressing sympathy, the gifts of food brought to the house, the flowers that softened the visitation & service. Those people who spoke words of condolence when we met them. To Rev. Tony Rennett for his support and guidance. Also to the Fawcett Funeral Home for their professional services. Everyone helped to support us at this time. Creemore’s Big Heart truly showed. Jack, Susan, Rick and family

Planning your summer holiday? Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with your family on a very private island COTTAGE. This if the first time this rental is being offered. To see the cottage go to IslandCottage/

HAY for sale. round bales 4x4 & 4x5. Call (705) 333-2024. 3 VEAL CALVES for sale. Call (705) 333-2024.

FOR RENT Commercial Space for rent in Creemore. Excellent location. Call (705) 466-3202. Mountain-top Chalet for Rent in Swiss Meadows. Contemporary fully upgraded open concept, 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths, great kitchen, woodstove, hardwood floors, deck for outdoor entertaining. Full basement with new washer/dryer and lots of storage space. Municipal water. High-speed satellite internet service in main level office. Right in the heart of ski hills, bike and hiking trails, golf courses and the Village at Blue. This is a beautifully maintained home looking for a tenant that will continue to enjoy it in a responsible manner. The rent is $1150/ month plus utilities with annual lease TBN. References, please. Available from May 1st. Email weekendgetawaycollingwood@ or phone (705) 445-2850.

WANTED TO RENT BARN suitable to be used for a wedding on June 26, 2009 for approx. 100 people. In Creemore area. Call (705) 428-6727.

WORK WANTED Experienced HOUSE CLEANER is now taking clients in the Creemore area. References available. Call Lesley on (705) 424-2810.

Thank you to our friends and neighbours for the cards, kind words and expressions of sympathy after the death of my mother on Monday, March 2nd. To the ladies of the Crescent, (you know who you are), Lee and I enjoyed the dinner very much. It was like coming home to a warm hug. Helen Anning

BUSINESS SERVICES Looking to expand your business and gain new customers outside this community? Run your Classified Ad in more than 200 community newspapers in Ontario with one phone call. It’s fast, it’s affordable, and it gets results. Call the Ontario Community Newspapers Association 1-800-387-7982 x229.

Stayner Brethren in Christ Church


Presents “GOD ROCKS”

Newly renovated SPACE available at busy health care centre in Stayner. Perfect for health care providers seeking affordable, flexible & cooperative setting to establish long-term practice. Call Lisa Squire at 428-5438.

Friday, March 27 5:30 – 8:00 pm Free Admission

For kids SK – Grade 5

Supper, Awesome songs, Dance & Galactic Adventure with God!

Call 428-6537 Tues. – Fri., 8:30 - Noon to Register

THE MAD RIVER GOLF CLUB 2008 Airport Road, P.O. Box 1100

Creemore, Ontario L0M 1G0


We are currently seeking enthusiastic and energetic people to be part of our

Creemore, Ontario L0M 1G0


Book your Classified Ad for only 60¢ a word. $15 minimum (GST included.) Call by 5 pm on Tuesday for that Friday’s publication. Tel 705-466-9906 fax 705-466-9908 or email Echo classifieds are now online at



We have ve yyarns arns and fabrics and can can teach teeach a h you yo how hoow to use usse se them! thhem the hem m!

Beginner’s Be eginne ginner’s er’s ’s knitting knitting classes classsess classe IInquire nqquire ire in-s in-store. -store store.. st

Sat., March 21 @ 10am

The Creemore Legion Hall to feature Early Ontario & Quebec pine furniture, decorated stoneware, art pottery, ironstone, folkart carvings, rocking horses, weathervanes, decoys, hooked rugs, quilts, Perisan rugs, paintings, prints, antique maps & books, trade signs, oil lamps, general store & advertising items, country collectibles, etc. Terms: Cash, cheque, Visa, MC, debit. 10% buyers premium. John Simpson Auctioneer 1-800-438-8138

145 Mill St. Creemore • 466-5888 Hours of operation 10 to 5 Tuesday to Sunday

ADULT LEARNING Adult Learning programs help you meet your needs and goals. Join us for an information session to learn how: Wednesday, March 25 at 10 am at the VPI office at 1 First Street, Suite 220 in Collingwood.

2008 Airport Road, P.O. Box 1100

We are currently seeking enthusiastic and energetic people to be part of our


Full and part time seasonal positions are available for the 2009 season.

Full and part time seasonal positions are available for the 2009 season.

Interested applicants should forward their resume to the attention of Chad Vibert by Fax: (705) 428-5585 or

Interested applicants should forward their resume to the attention of Jennifer Stiff by Fax: (705) 428-5585 or



RR#1, 8427 Concession Road 3 Lisle • (705) 424-9993 FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS



Friday, March 20, 2009




Royal LePage is pleased to congratulate Patrick Prime

Broker of Record

The Water / Sewer department will be overseeing flushing and CCTV inspection of sanitary sewer mains Monday, March 30, 2009 to Wednesday, April 8, 2009 between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm. Notification will be delivered to homes in the affected areas. Mike Rawn, C.Tech Water / Sewer Superintendent 705-428-6230 x 237 Clearview Township Box 200, 217 Gideon St. Stayner, ON L0M 1S0 705-428-6230

You’ll get a warm welcome and cold beer.

Patrick is being recognized for receiving the 07 Diamond Award & 08 Platinum Award & Award of Excellence TOURS • TASTINGS • BOUTIQUE 139 Mill Street, Creemore ON. 1-800-267-2240

At Creemore Springs we take pride in introducing folks to the great taste of our beer and showing them how we make it. So the next time you’re near the town of Creemore, drop by the brewery, the hospitality is on us.

Your area’s # 1 Full Service

Royal LePage Office Patrick Prime & Co. 180 Mill St. Creemore (705) 466-2683


“Where Toronto meets Creemore”




GRAND OPENING Saturday, April 4th The café is located right in the heart of the historical Edenvale Aerodrome. Surround yourself with home-style cooking, warm and friendly staff and maybe even an airplane or two!

All Day Breakfast & Lunch Fresh Coffee & Cappuccino Homemade Pastries & Desserts

This event is organized by concerned community members

contact For information, articles and documents about wind energy see Wind Concerns Ontario

Located at Edenvale Aerodrome ●5195 Hwy 26 E ●Stayner ● ●(705) 428-3112 ● ● ●

March 20, 2009  
March 20, 2009