The Commonwealth Club Annual Report 2014 2015

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The Commonwealth Club

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Our History The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum. We bring more than 400 annual events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy to more than 22,000 members.

Our Mission The mission of The Commonwealth Club of California is to be the leading national forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues important to the membership, community and nation.

Our Speakers Founded in 1903, The Commonwealth Club has played host to a diverse and distinctive array of speakers, from Teddy Roosevelt in 1911 to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Governor Jerry Brown, political commentator David Brooks and author Christopher Hitchens in recent years. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates have all given landmark speeches at The Commonwealth Club. A year in review: July 2014 to June 2015.

Top Grossing Programs

Other Notable Programs

1. Marissa Mayer with Marc Benioff 2. Andy Cohen with Rashida Jones 3. John Cleese 4. Tim Gunn 5. Judy Blume & Molly Ringwald 6. Cornel West 7. Sheryl Sandberg & Marianne Cooper 8. Nicholas Kristof 9. Talib Kweli 10. Jared Diamond

27th Distinguished Citizen Award Gala 84th Annual California Book Awards Bruce Bochy & Larry Baer Sal Khan Kirsten Gillibrand Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg Leon Panetta David Brooks Ralph Nader Black Girls Code’s Kimberly Bryant Jacques PÊpin Kathleen Turner Jack Welch Janet Napolitano

We’re the only industrialized country in the whole world that doesn’t have paid leave. Countries that don’t educate their girls—Afghanistan and Pakistan—have more paid leave than America. Kirsten Gillibrand U.S. Senator, October 8, 2014

Humility is not thinking lowly of yourself. Humility is radical self-awareness from a position of othercenteredness. David Brooks Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times; author, The Road to Character, April 28, 2015

There’s always strength in numbers; don’t feel that you have to carry the weight of something by yourself. I would [advise people] to reach out to that one person, and then your community—your support system—will grow from there. [Use that] to try to navigate whatever turmoil you’re going through. Jason Collins Professional Basketball Player, August 11, 2014

We are not the only actor in this new and dangerous world‌.We shouldn’t resent that. We should understand that, and we should work with it. Jane Harman Former U.S. Representative, March 26, 2015

Writing changed my life. Writing gave me everything. I think you don’t write if you don’t have to. I think there’s that something in there. It’s the creative energy. Judy Blume Author, June 7, 2015

I believe that race is a completely constructed weirdness meant to suppress and deny. Charles Blow Visual Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times; author, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, September 29, 2014

Program Spotlight Smart Ideas to Benefit the World with Michael Rich, President and CEO, RAND Corporation. Moderated by Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, President & CEO of The Commonwealth Club. Watch the program. Michael Rich heads the RAND Corporation, perhaps the nation’s most renowned think tank. Founded after World War II to continue advancing the knowledge in peacetime that civilian research scientists had been recruited to develop during the war, RAND has been an independent, nonprofit research organization now for nearly seven decades. On issues ranging from children and families to combating terrorism, RAND’s 1,800 member staff studies important social, economic, scientific and

political issues, makes recommendations to government officials, and publishes the conclusions to benefit the public good. Rich discussed RAND’s recent conclusions and recommendations on such issues as coping with sea level rise resulting from climate change, implementing the Affordable Care Act, improving education outcomes for kids, reducing the spread of Ebola in Africa, and cutting through political polarization.

112th Annual Dinner The 2015 Distinguished Citizen Award Gala & Dinner took place on April 2, 2015 at the Historic Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco. With the theme of “Forever Innovative,” The Commonwealth Club of California recognized luminaries in the global economy who are giving back to their communities by paying tribute to: Levi Strauss & Co – represented by Chip Bergh, President & CEO. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Founder and CEO of The Representation Project. John S. Watson, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Chevron Corporation. Sir Michael Moritz, William K. Bowes, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, venture capitalist and Chairman of Sequoia Capital. The Gala was emceed by Dan Ashley, Anchor of ABC7 News, and the Gala Co-Chairs were Evelyn Dilsaver, former EVP of Charles

Schwab, and Jaleh Daie, Ph.D., Managing Partner of Aurora Equity. In addition to recognizing these outstanding honorees, the Gala is also the Club’s largest annual fundraiser, and this year’s event was a resounding success, raising over $1.1 million dollars both in advanced ticket & tables sales and at the Fund-the-Forum Auction. The proceeds of the gala support the general operating budget of the Club, and allow the Club to continue to produce outstanding events, podcasts, YouTube clips, and radio programs that are broadcast and downloaded worldwide. Thank you to all who attended and joined in the success of this outstanding evening.

Presenting Sponsors: Anonymous; Chevron Grand Sponsors: William K. Bowes, Jr.; Eric and Wendy Schmidt; Asset Management Co. Dinner Sponsors: Phyllis & Bill Draper; Nan & Chuck Geschke Leadership Sponsors: General Electric; Sunset Development Co.; Skip & Frankie Rhodes Benefactors: Evelyn S. & John Dilsaver; Diane. B. Wilsey; Bank of America/Merrill Lynch; Bank of the West; Blue Shield of California; University of California, San Francisco; Silicon Valley Bank; Jaleh Daie Patrons: Adobe; Deloitte; Edie Heilman; Ernst & Young; Fred Reid; Jed York; Hon Judi & Joe Epstein; John & Tawnie Farmer; Lata Ajay Krishnan-Shah; Mary Marcy; Lee J. Dutra; Richard A. Rubin & Marcia Smolens; Tom and Carol Burkhart; Harriet Heyman; Philip S. Schlein Individual Benefactors: John L. Boland & James Carroll; Tom Bondi; J. Dennis Bonney; Maryles Casto; Dr. Kerry P. & Lynn Curtis; G2 Insurance Services, LLC; Charles & Leslie Garvin; Frank Meerkamp & Jacqueline Anderson; Toni Rembe; George Scalise; Ruth Shapiro; Roselyne C. Swig; Nancy Thompson & Andy Kerr; Courtland Alves; Carla Angulo; Barbro Sachs Osher; Mike R. Bracco; Simon Buesnel; Michael E. Carr; Dennise M. Carter; Maryles & Marc Casto; Charles E. Doyle & Lydia Beebe; Oz Erickson; Joseph R. Fink; Noah Griffin; Pamela Hamel; Alan Mason; Duncan L. Matteson; Peter Redford; Ted C. Rice; Richard J Rigg; Joshua Robison; Karen Silverman; James M. Strother; Craig Sullivan; Charles N. Travers; Don & Jennifer Wen; Barbara Wright; Dr. Carol Fleming Individual Patrons: James McElwee; Colleen Wilcox; Carlo A. Almendral; Thomas C. Bondi; Jennifer A. Colosi; Maureen Conners; John M. Cox; Troy Daniels; Mary Francis; John W. Graetz; Stephen W. Green; Jim Henry; Peter M. Hill; Olle Lundberg; Joe Naylor; Frederick W. Reid; Victor J. Revenko; Michael J. Sears; Ruth A. Shapiro; Myra Rothfeld & Richard A Shupack; Julia Wyckoff.

12% Program revenue 1% Donated materials 2% Gain/loss on investments 3% Miscellanious income

Revenue $5,755,673

10% Special event revenue

10% Membership dues

62% Contributions

8% Support services 92% Program services

Expenses $5,969,446

Financial Report A year in review: July 2014 to June 2015. Expenses Total expenses: $5,969,446 Program services: $5,491,890 Support services: $477,556 Revenue Total revenue: $5,755,673 Contributions: $3,568,517 Program revenue: $690,681 Membership dues: $575,567 Special event revenue (net): $575,567 Miscellaneous income: $172,670 Gain/loss on investments: $115,113 Donated materials & services: $57,557 Capital Campaign Revenue $3,497,520 (of our $28,000,000 goal) was raised for our new building during this fiscal year.

Club Leadership Club Officers Board Chair John R. Farmer Vice Chair Richard A. Rubin Secretary Frank C. Meerkamp Treasurer Lee J. Dutra President & CEO Dr. Gloria C. Duffy Board of Governors John F. Allen Carlo Almendral Courtland Alves Dan Ashley Massey J. Bambara Dr. Mary G. F. Bitterman Harry E. Blount John L. Boland Michael R. Bracco Thomas H. Burkhart Maryles Casto Marry B. Cranston

Susie Cranston Dr. Kerry P. Curtis Dr. Jaleh Daie Dorian Daley Alecia DeCoudreaux Evelyn S. Dilsaver Joseph I. Epstein Jeffrey A. Farber Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald S. J. Dr. Carol A. Fleming Leslie Saul Garvin Dr. Charles Geschke Paul M. Ginsburg Edie G. Heilman Hon. James C. Hormel Mary Huss John Leckrone Dr. Mary Marcy Anna W. M. Mok Kevin P. O’Brien Donald J. Pierce Frederick W. Reid Skip Rhodes George M. Scalise Lata Krishnan Shah

Dr. Ruth A. Shapiro Charlotte Mailliard Shultz George D. Smith Jr. James Strother Hon. Tad Taube Ellen O’Kane Tauscher Charles Travers Dr. Colleen B. Wilcox Jed York Advisory Board Karin Helene Bauer Hon. William Bradley Dennise M. Carter Rolando Esteverena Steven Falk Amy Gershoni Jacquelyn Hadley Heather M. Kitchen Amy McCombs Don J. McGrath Hon. William J. Perry Hon. Barbara Pivnicka Hon. Richard Pivnicka Ray Taliaferro Nancy Thompson

Our Generous Donors $50,000+ Anonymous $10,000-$25,000 Anonymous Evelyn Tregoning* Tawnie B. & John R. Farmer Nan & Chuck Geschke Skip & Frankie Rhodes Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock The Briger Family $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous Lata Krishnan Shah & Ajay Shah Sean A. Johnston George & Dot Scalise Hon. Judith Epstein & Joseph Epstein George & Judy Marcus Diane B. Wilsey The Hon. George P. Shultz & Mrs. Charlotte Mailliard Shultz The Honorable James C. Hormel Maryon Davies Lewis Ranae DeSantis Paul Ginsburg Dorian Daley & Michael Krautkramer $2,500-$4,999 James Strother & Denise Mollen Richard A. Rubin, Esq. Lee & Melissa Dutra Phillip A. Lamoreaux Frederick W. Reid Edie G. Heilman & Richard J. Weiss Evelyn S. & John Dilsaver Stuart J. Berkowitz, Ph.D. Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Elizabeth & John F. Allen Marcia & John Goldman Maryles Casto Wendy & Mason Willrich Charles & Elizabeth Travers John L. Boland & James K. Carroll Donald J. Pierce Constance W. & Bill T. Ring Danielle & Jed York Frank C. Meerkamp & Jacqueline Anderson

Dr. Mary B. Marcy $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (2) Gail L. & Robert R. Walker Timothy M. Muller Diane & J. Robert Coleman, Jr. Dr. Ruth Shapiro & Michael Gallagher Dr. Colleen B. Wilcox Kerry & Lynn Curtis Barbara J. & Massey J. Bambara Paul Sack Shirley C. & Duncan L. Matteson, Sr. Jeanne J. & William R. Cahill Amy S. McCombs Susie Cranston Nancy Blachman & David des Jardins Regina K. & John H. Scully Vickie Soulier Elisabeth T. Peters & Barbara J. Carlson Linda & King Won Mrs. John Robert Shuman, in memory of John Shuman Lisa R. Fabish & John Hutson Devendra Shukla Sharon A. & Steve D. Edelman Rebecca & Pete Helme Dona L. Crawford Patti & Larry Kenyon Judith B. Sklar & Stanley Voyles Lois Johnson Purkett & Daniel Purkett Dr. Joseph J. & Mrs. Dale E. Dominguez Vernon Brown Mary B. Cranston Anna W. M. Mok Kit & Russell M. Yarrow Mary Ellen & Michael E. Fox, Sr. Caroline Daniels Kate M. Rowe Archer Mary G. F. Bitterman The Honorable Ellen O. Tauscher Fred M. Levin & Nancy Livingston Gretchen Tenenbaum Andrea R. Gourdine & Ann Courtright Jamshed B. Gandi

Dr. & Mrs. Brunno Ristow Paula B. Pretlow Weldon S. & Ruth I. Wood Dr. Carol A. Fleming Cressey H. Nakagawa Dr. William C. McIvor Igor R. Blake J. Dennis Bonney Berniece A. Patterson Judy L. & David L. Redo Shanna Nasiri Jessica & Mark R. Zitter Werner De Gruyter The Honorable Jeff Bleich Juanita T. Lott Sheila & Howard Klaiman $500-$999 Anonymous (5) Richard A. & Joanne M. Goodrich Muriel M. & Wayne A. Robins Sher G. Singh Josephine H. Brownback Phyllis Moldaw Mr. Stuart G. Moldaw Karen T. Sanford Katherine A. Strehl & Bill Dempsey Dr. Gary E. Malazian Maria & Martin Damp, in honor of Anna Mok Rita F. Bell Marilia Mercader John Sheu Andrew & Genevieve Biggs Cris & Meejeen Daugbjerg Thomas Fuss Barry Rudolph John Gilmore Venkat & Vidya Gopidas The Honorable Katherine Feinstein & Mr. Rick Mariano Jeffrey Ehrenberg Marc Levin & Jeffrey Dauber Patricia A. & Peter Peterson Navin Sethi Stacy Shamberger Gayle Sheppard Lisa & Michael Kuczkowski Michael J. Brogley & Melanie Vittetoe Brent Watters

Hilary & Christopher Wendel Sivani Babu Karen Schwenk Heidi Hammack & Michael Jack Millicent H. & John Powers Jonathan Romley Cory L. Cooper Stefanie L. Nelson Jenny Dearborn & John Tarlton Gueta Maria Mezzetti Micaela Van Zwoll & John Green Barbara Stone & Arturo Perez Reyes Marco Yergovich Sondra Traylor Lee Michael & Jenny Caulfield Rajesh Mashruwala & Matra Majmundar Dr. Monique Lambert Jennifer & Don Wen Jillian Wood & Connor Duffey Wesley & Susan Pan Karen Leshner & Kaelin Colclasure Dr. Cynthia Farner & Ms. Anne Reinert Lorraine & Dwight Nelsen Angelica A. Tsakiridis & Marco Araujo Jaclyn & Kenneth F. Broad Karim Tahawi Stanley G. Wojcicki Ph.D & Esther Wojcicki Joseph F. & Julie Golden Chuck Edelstein Kristen & John Leckrone Pamela J. Buttery Wim A. Coekaerts & Victoria Anderson Carlo A. Almendral & Gemma Nemenzo Dr. Neill Giese & Dr. Kathleen Coelingh Jennifer L. & Mark E. Michel Dale Larson & Marcy Swenson Robert & Sandy Berry Mike R. Bracco William F. Dagley Stephen L. Craig Farell & G. Ashby McElveen John Thomas Peter Baumann & Terri Hinton

Sanjay H. & Jila Z. Mody Bruce B. & Mina Vida Robert E. Adams The Honorable Dana Simonds & Dr. James Simonds Dr. Michael & Ms. Ellen Browne Irene & Jerry Franco Dr. Jennifer & Ms. Meredith Orthwein Lisa A. Scotch Colleen Crum Chris Hollinger & Elizabeth MacDonald Eileen Etzi Emily Luchetti William Wilkinson Jean A. Jarvis & Eric R. Havian Tom & Maureen Birdzell Dennis J. Loo Charles & Leslie Garvin Malcolm M. Cohen & Suzana Gal Robert T. Weston Anne-Marie K. Gauthier Meredith J. Goldsmith R. Henry & Jean R. Richards Judy A. & Don C. Langley Jill A. Gregerson Mary Liz Harris Eden Sherry Robert & Judith Sessler Steve Kadivar Dr. Donald M. Davis Lisa & Allan Lacayo Jeanie S. Scott Kristi Berg McCutchen & Peter McCutchen Steve E. Wright & Lori Eickmann Bryan & Katharine Neider Robert S. Kieve Alpay T. Soyoguz & Flynn Waters Marilyn E. Taghon Susan T. & Michael A. Jordan Dennis J. Paustenbach, Ph.D. & Peggy A. Paustenbach Otis Paul, M.D. Elizabeth W. King Debbie Hemingway Lenny & Christine Mendonca The Honorable & Mrs. William K. Reilly Dagmar Dolby

Professor Kirk O. & Mrs. Kathryn S. Hanson Hubert E. Russell The Honorable Henry C. Manayan Stewart Alsop & Valerie Grison Thomas X. Christian Dennise M. Carter Laureen DeBuono Terry L. Atkinson & Kathy Taylor Susan K. & Marvin A. Friedman Stone D. Coxhead Jane H. & Nelson S. Weller Robert C. Livsey Glen & Ellen McLaughlin Roselyne Chroman Swig Peter J. Siggins Marilyn M. Brennan Charles R. & Barbara M. Bureker Katharine H. Johnson Carole & Fred A. Middleton John S. Cullison & Diana Kissil $100-$499 Anonymous (3) Dr. Gerhard H. & Mrs. Carol E. Parker Ameneh Zeynalzadegan James D. Milliken Cassie Hsu Billy Manning & Kristin Bijur Robert P. & Carol Marcus Dorothy S. Spalding Charles L. Smith & Debbie GriggsSmith Dr. Charles W. Farrar Stanlee R. Gatti Dr. Edward E. Cain & Dr. Dianne Harris Karen Johnson-McKewan Kelvin A. Muller Beth & Richard O. DeAtley Vic & Maggee Revenko Diane M. L. Lee Dr. Meredith Rudof & Mr. Dan H. Weiss Robert W. & Angelica Davies Hazel Y. Louie Joseph F. Perrelli & Ann Marie McBirney Perrelli Lisa Hartman Natasha Mody

Arthur L. Gibbs Eileen Braunreiter & George Duesdieker, in memory of William Adams Adrienne & John Zanini Dennis Wu & Joy Mulligan Mollie & William A. Kinney Robert P. Barksdale Michael F. Halasz John D. Wilson & Mary S. MonaryWilson Dr. James Davidson Geri Koeppel Alfred L. Moye Denise H. Krolik Marsha E. Raulston & Margaret R. Boric Karin M. & David M. Chamberlain Rosemary Simmons Shirley & H. Stephen Cookston Dr. Joshua Sickel & Ms. Elizabeth Lowenstein Bill J. Gregory Mary & Russell Johnson Eleanor Canova-Davis, Ph.D. Sally M. Morton Robert Neumann Theodore Savetnick William H. Harmon, Jr. George S. & Barbara B. Krusi Bradford & Dorothy M. Jeffries Kathleen E. Frendo Brenda D. Jeffers Stan & Claire S. Brooks Peter Cartwright Minoru S. Araki Judith Avery Dr. Lawrence E. Crooks Dr. Brenda Shank Pamela W. Rafton Reginald D. & Marianne S. Steer Susan Jane Hambey, in honor of Donald Hambey John & Myra F. Grisso Sandra L. & David J. Dilling M. Josephine & Bernard J. C. Smith Lily Robinson Eddie Y. Chin Joan & Paul Dubow Kirsten Smith, in memory of Jean

Smith John Horton Anthony Di Domenico Maria E. & Jacob Ratinoff Prof. Watson M. Laetsch George Egan Phillip & Gail Samper L. Baranco Robin E. & Freda Jeffs Paula L. Di Domenico Lucy A. Snyder Marguerite H. Lawry Deborah R. Salkind Marianne F. Kruze Anne Franson & Donald R. Franson, Jr. Patricia M. Forsythe & Waldo Forsythe III Katherine & Raymond Favetti Maureen Smith Jennifer L. Grimes George Caloyannidis & Christine Tittel Branden E. Bickel & Claudia Cate Dr. James M. Campbell Arthur C. Fenn, M.D. & Marilee M. Fenn Paul Waldmann Dr. Michael Condie Beate Dietze-Reid Marvin Norman John W. Monroe, in memory of William Warne Hon. Leslie C. Nichols *Deceased

Institutional Partners $100,000+ Stillwater Charitable Fund The Travers Family Foundation

$25,000-$49,999 Bank of America Foundation A Charitable Foundation Bechtel Group, Inc.

$50,000-$99,999 ClimateWorks Foundation The Stephen Bechtel Fund

$10,000-$24,999 Deloitte & Touche LLP John and Marcia Goldman Foundation Dominican University of California Relevant Wealth Advisors General Electric Company Seed Fund The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Latham & Watkins LLP Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation Krishnan-Shah Family Foundation Silicon Valley Bank University of California, San Francisco Adobe Systems Incorporated Edelman Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust Blue Shield of California Glu Mobile, Inc. $5,000-$9,999 Mineta Transportation Institute L.E.K Consulting Discern KPMG LLP University of San Francisco First Republic Bank Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Oracle Corporation Goldman, Sachs & Co. McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Dodge & Cox Sierra Steel Trading Kaiser Permanente PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Boston Consulting Group Jackson Square Partners, LLC Hanson Bridgett LLP Capital Group Sequoia Capital Operations LLC Recology Infoedge Teachers College, Columbia University The Uplands Family Foundation $2,500-$4,999 San Francisco 49ers BlackRock Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund Parnassus Investments Public Policy Institute of California Paul Hastings LLP Pisces Foundation Microsoft Corporation $1,000-$2,499 Silicon Valley Community Foundation G2 Insurance Services PRI Association Stanford University The Shenson Foundation East Bay Community Foundation ILOOK Corporation Industry Capital Advisors, LLC $500-$999 Lyft, Inc. Michael & Ina Korek Foundation Trust Kieve Foundation Environmental Defense Fund United Way

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