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We are deeply grateful for your volunteer support of The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day. The Classic had an astounding 20 year run, raising more than $32 million to support The Center for Family Safety and Healing. In its history, 5,500 volunteers contributed more than 35,000 hours to help host more than 200,000 guests. What a testament to the giving spirit of our community! After twenty years of extraordinary success in raising support and awareness for victims of family violence, The Classic is hanging up its helmet. The Classic ends its successful run and retires as the most productive Grand Prix fundraiser in the history of the sport in the United States. The Classic helped substantially increase interest and participation in equine sport in the region by presenting competition at the highest level for the first time in our market. The Classic was also loved by the competitors, who named it the #1 specialty equestrian event in North America for four consecutive years. Since The Classic began in 1998, the calendar of elite show jumping events has grown significantly. In addition to the many events that typically draw top riders at this time, Fall 2018 will also include the FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) September 11 - 23 in Tryon, North Carolina. The Central Park Horse Show will immediately follow WEG competition, making it a tremendously busy time with many choices for competitors and their teams. The Center will continue to engage Classic donors and loyal volunteers in its mission. Ongoing support for The Center and the critical services it provides to victims of family violence will be accomplished through a combination of ongoing fundraising efforts and the establishment of an endowment fund. The Center’s Board of Directors, which is an affiliate of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, will explore and develop new ways to bring the community together through programming responding to and supporting victims of family violence. As a loyal friend of The Classic and The Center, we hope you will continue to be engaged in this critical work. We will keep you informed as future plans unfold and you can always find out more about The Center’s work and volunteer opportunities at On behalf of The Classic team, we cannot express how much your enthusiasm and commitment to the event means to all of us. You were an important part of our team and we so enjoyed working with you. Thank you! Stephanie Lorenz Event Director

Lisa Hinson Volunteer Coordinator

Lesley Sowle Volunteer Coordinator


New Albany Classic letter  
New Albany Classic letter