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Christy Moore O Emperor Paul Howard Campus Style

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Christy Moore talks about the traditional Irish music scene.


The Siren 28.09.10

e d i u G GIG Professor Green/29th September/ UCD Student Bar/€8 Stephen Paul Manderson brings his East London rap to the student bar. His debutstudio album ’Alive Till I’m Dead’ reached number 2 in the UK album charts. It includes the single ’I Need You Tonight’(based on INXS’s ’Need You Tonight’) and the recent collaboration with Lily Allen ’Just Be Good To Green’. His second studio album ’Good Times’ is due out in 2011. Although not everyone’s taste, this geezer could be worth a gander at €8. You never know, he could be selling out bigger venues for a lot more soon!!

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obscurity, with critics heaping praise on his work but failing to build his fan

base larger than a cult following. His tour of Ireland will see the duo of Brendan and Mark Watrous taking to the stage in small venues and there’s no place better than Whelan’s, the home of singersongwriters, to catch him in what will be a truly intimate gig.


Kate Nash/10th October/ The Academy/€23 Catchy tunes with witty lyrics launched Kate Nash to stardom. ‘Foundations’ was the soundtrack to many a broken relationship in 2007 when her first album ‘Made of Bricks’ hit the shelves while her second album ‘My Best Friend Is You’ came out earlier this year to generally good reviews. The Academy will no doubt witness the best of the old and new Nash. If you can get your hands on tickets, it promises to be a good show.

Brendan Benson/1st October/ Whelans/€17.50 Brendan Benson, the other singer-songwriter from The Raconteurs, steps out of Jack White’s shadow and into the spotlight to perform his less famed solo material. Benson’s solo career is one of relative

Colman Hanley chats to Ross O’ Carroll Kelly creator, Paul Howard.

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Kellie Nwaokorie checks out Campus style

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Crystal Castles/9th October/ The Academy/€23 This duo, hailing from Toronto, consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass are back again after their performance at Electric Picnic. This time, however, they’re taking their chaotic live show to the Academy. Crystal Castles are a band people either love to hate or hate to love. Their brash, distorted synths and Glass’ often shrill screams are the perfect ingredients for an extremely energetic live show that should not be missed.

The Specialist

Something you may have overlooked... The Album - Dr. Octagonecologyst. It’s not often in the world of rap music that

Backing the Doctor is the production work

you come across a concept album about

of Dan The Automator, whose career was

a sexually deranged, time-travelling alien

kick-started with this album. Dan provides

gynaecologist/surgeon from the planet

the perfect foil to Keith’s head-spinning

Jupiter. Look hard enoughthough and trust

rants, keeping the whole mad circus

me, it’s there.

grounded in solid hip hop beats. Employing

In the year of 2-Pac’s brutal murder, when

a mish mash of hard hitting break beats,

Dr. Dre’s slick brand of G-Funk had

live instrumentation and unusual samples

strangled commercial rap of any originality,

to unify the album’s vision; Dan is also no

“Dr. Octagonecologyst” shot out of the

stranger to his own odd flourishes. Vocal

rap underground sounding like it had been

samples from nature programmes, B-movies

conceived on another planet.

and porn films abound, while unexpected

Dr. Octagon (a.k.a Kool Keith) spits out

details cover the record. The violin line that

surreal, disjointed rhymes that consistently

slips and slides on the top of album highlight

blur the lines between sense and absolute

“Blue Flowers” is a particularly inspired

madness. His verses are filled with bizarre

example. The three man team is completed

and frankly fucked up imagery that revolves

by D.J Q-Bert, whose expert turntable work

around B-movie sci-fi horror schlock, sex

on tracks such as “Bear Witness”, a workout

and a juvenile obsession with scatology

that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on

which is either revolting or hilarious

D.J Shadow’s “Endtroducing”, extends far

depending on your point of view. Just as

beyond the usual show off nature of most

you’ve gotten over the thought of “guerrillas

hip hop D.Js.

masturbating with human strangers”, you’re


left spinning with the idea of Donald Duck

himself as the brightest talent in Bronx

performing fellatio while checking out


naked picture of The Thing. What holds


this strange formula together is Kool Keith’s

debut solo effort. However, it wouldn’t be

incredible technique, an inimitable, often

the last time he would hide his identity

fast-flowing, jittery style that delivers the

behind a madcap alter ego. Reverend

free associative and endlessly imaginative

Tom, Mr. Nogatco and Dr. Dooom (who

lyrics in a totally ideosyncratic fashion.

unfortunately murdered Dr. Octagon on his




Ultramagnetic was



CLub Night Where: Button Factory, Curved St, Temple Bar When: Every Thursday night, 10.30pm Why: Muzik is Dublin’s alternative student night that never fails to produce quality sounds. With drink promos like €2.50 shots, €3 bottles and even three Jagerbombs for €10 to accompany the top drawer tunes, what’s not to like? Resident DJ iRate Soundsystem keeps the punters on their feet, banging out a mix of indie, new-wave, electro and house. Muzik has had renowned acts grace it with their presence. This continues to be the case with The Filthy Dukes taking to the stage on 30th September to celebrate Muzik’s 2nd Birthday. Price: €6 with flyer/concession, €8 without.

1999 L.P “First Come, First Served) have all

to the album being snapped up and re-

acted as split personalities for a man who has

released by DreamWorks, an achievement as

supposedly spent time institutionalized in

unexpected as the album itself.

New York’s Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital,

To say this record single-handedly put

which does explain a few things if it’s true.

underground rap firmly back on the map

However, none of these excursions farther

in the second half of the 90’s would be an

into the dark recesses of Keith’s mind have

exaggeration. However, there’s no denying

equalled his impact with Dr. Octagon.

the fact that the attention the album

“Dr. Octagonecologyst” was an instantly

received played a crucial role in unlocking

recognised classic that found an audience

the door for the burst of underground hip-

in rap fans jaded by G-Funk’s homogenised

hop pioneers in the latter part of the decade.

hold on mid-90’s hip-hop, as well as

Dr. Octagon helped pave the way for

amongst a sizeable proportion of white

seminal releases by DJ Shadow, Black Star,

listeners, a fact which Keith later went on

Jurassic 5 and Company Flow re-opened

to complain about. The wave of critical

many people’s ears to the possibilities still to

and relative commercial success even led

be explored in rap music.


MCs, “Dr. Kool


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The Siren 28.09.10

The Scoop The Atmosphere

To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade


It’s a Beautiful Life

Holy EP is the latest release by independent

It’s A Beautiful Life, debut album from Freebass, a Mancunian supergroup

American alt-rap masterminds Atmosphere.

consisting of Mani (the Stone Roses/

You may not have heard of these particular

Primal Scream), Peter Hook (Joy Division/

lyrical wordsmiths, but they have been

New Order), Andy Rourke (the Smiths)

attracting positive reviews in one form or

and Gary Briggs (Haven), has been in the

another in the States since 1993.

pipeline for over 4 years. To be honest,

These guys are no old-timers, though.

it probably should have stayed there for

Atmosphere’s sound is fresh and varied, from

another few years. As impressive as the trio

the aggressive salvo of opening track Until

of bass players, Mani, Hook and Rourke,

the Nipple’s Gone (excellent title) to the

have been with their respective bands for

laid-back, wistful love-letter to childhood dreams that is To All My Friends, Atmosphere

over 30 years, here, they fail to marry their respective styles into a cohesive album.

prove themselves more than able to run with the young guns. The group excel on the

The record begins poorly, with 2 attempts at anthemic pop that simply don’t work on “Not

E.P’s more relaxed tracks too. It’s not hard to imagine driving along the Californian coast

Too Late” and “The Only Ones Alone”. “Lady Violence” is a denser, darker song, relying

at sunset to the chilled sounds of Scalp, The Number None, or even the slightly-soppy

on heavier influences. The first trademark bassline we get from any of the contributors is

Freefallin’ for instance.

on World Won’t Wait, showcasing Mani at his funky best, though it soon goes downhill,

Interestingly, Atmosphere quite often use a full recording band on the EP rather than the

again reverting to a heavier style.

typical rapper’s go-to method of sampling pre-existing tracks, which adds an organic feel to

Given the talent that went into this album, there was always going to be memorable tracks,

the whole process. Perhaps it’s this pleasant change from today’s standard auto-tune model

the first of which is “Stalingrad”, a jazz/reggae number that is among the most experimental

that makes the EP sound somewhat old school. It’s polished yet somehow more down-to-

music released by the respective members. “Secrets And Lies” is a straightforward rock song,

earth for not having every crease ironed out.

the kind of which was the aim of Freebass, according to Mani.

The EP is not without its weak spots like Commodities, a cringe-worthy rant about the

So, It’s a Beautiful Life has some high points, but in truth is little more than a footnote in

egotism inherent in social networking sites like Facebook. Still, tracks like Shotgun have

the career of the highly talented men who created it.

a bite in them that should be more than enough to silence critics. A worthy effort from

Ciaran Leinster

a class-act.

The Walkmen

Bat Kinane

New York indie rockers The Walkmen return with their 5th studio offering, Lisbon.

Wicklow man Bat Kinane is far from dull.


The band came to prominence this side of the Atlantic in the mid 00s as part of the American garage revival spearheaded by the likes of The Strokes, Interpol and We are Scientists with the singles, “The Rat” and “Little House of Savages”. These songs were raw slices of indie gold, tight, ferocious, bathed in distorted guitars, backed by pounding drums, and topped off by Leithauser’s rasping vocals. Fast forward to 2010, most of these bands haven’t aged well. The Strokes are in limbo, Interpol seem content to keep releasing the same album again and again while We are Scientists proved to be two hit wonders. While their former contemporaries remain stagnant The Walkmen have matured and progressed. They still retain traces of the vitality of earlier albums on tracks like the standout “Angela Surf City” and “Woe is Me”, a preppy rocker that Vampire Weekend would be proud of. They have also developed a broader sound and embraced a slower tempo, where their songs used to explode they now simmer and build. The album’s production is lush, and the songs are beautifully arranged. The essential ingredients remain the same, layered guitars and pulsing drums dominate the record. Leithauser’s trademark growl works even better now against these slower, bigger arrangements, such as on “Stranded” the most ambitious track on the album, which makes great use of a waltzing brass section to form the main body of the song. Lisbon is a warm and varied album which brings The Walkmen back to the big leagues. Joseph Conroy



A Lifetime to Kill:

Guitarist with heavy rock band Glyder, who played support to Metallica in their

playlist Kanye West : Runaway Kanye’s new single returns to the 808s soundscape, paired with the previous single Power we’re still left guessing as to what direction his upcoming album will go. The Cast of Cheers: Derp Absolute stomper from The Cast of Cheers. With Hard Working Class Heroes close on the horizon The Cast of Cheers gig will surely be one of the highlights of the weekend. Bell and Sebastian : Write About Love Title track of the forthcoming Bell and Seb album, a poppy retro track that’s sugary sweet, almost sounds like a Zombies track. Ben Folds and Nick Hornby : From Above Interesting collaboration between Ben Folds and Nick Hornby, the author of High Fidelity and About a Boy. Definitely worth checking out.

Marlay Park appearance last year, he also acts as spokesperson for the band, and pens an online blog on his experiences in the music business. To top that all off, he has now re-

Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip : Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend Cover)

leased a solo album showing yet another side to himself. A Lifetime To Kill wears its influences on its sleeve – folk and blues of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s – especially Irish guitar legend Rory Gallagher, who is name-checked in homage “Stagestruck ‘74”. On first listen, its Americana influences lead one to imagine that this is the kind of album that could soundtrack a laid-back road trip, as it evokes images of wide-reaching highways, Route 66 and the likes. Kinane claims that the album came about as he waited around for Glyder to clinch a new deal, and found himself

Aside from the novelty of Peter Gabriel singing “This feels unnatural, Peter Gabriel too” Hot Chip do a nice job reworking this Vampire Weekend favorite.

writing surplus material, some of which didn’t seem right for the band’s sound. Some tunes hit the spot better than others – “Voodoo Bones” could be an Irish blues classic –

Joseph Conroy

yet other, slower tracks fail to leave a lasting mark. Overall, Kinane contributes a more than worthy addition to the Irish folk and blues scene. Perhaps not one for the student set – its dated influences may be too marked to appeal to younger music fans – but what it does, it does capably. RTE Radio 1’s John Creedon is already a fan of the album, and Kinane should do well with that demographic. A Lifetime To Kill is released on 1 October. Bat Kinane’s band Glyder play Kielys of Mount Merrion on 30 September.

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O Emperor, We salute you Paul Savage from O Emperor talks to Conor McKenna about the ins and outs of gigs, album writing and great craic. “A year or five years from now we’d love

why not record some of them.”

to make some money off it. Maybe tour

“We’re into a lot of the old stuff, the masters

more parts of the world and get the music

like Neil Young and Pink Floyd and stuff

out to more people.” Says Paul Savage from

like that; music that has a great melody but

upcoming Irish band O Emperor. The band

quite a lot of experimentation in it,” Paul

may not feel like they have ‘made it’ yet but

explains, “Grizzly Bear has been mentioned

their impressive live shows and tours across

a lot about us.” O Emperor use a certain

Ireland and the UK certainly indicate that

amount of layering on their album perhaps

O Emperor are doing well for themselves.

accounting for their comparisons with the

Despite critics’ praise, Paul thinks the band

Brooklyn band.

have their feet firmly on the ground, “at

Paul mentions that even though they have

heart we’re just a bunch of fucking chancers,

strings and brass sections he doesn’t feel

I think that’s the way we see ourselves.”

like there will be problems translating this

The Waterford band only formally came

on stage: “some people might get a bit of

about while they were in final year in UCC,

a shock when they hear a lot of brass and

“When we’d finished college we decided to

strings on the album but I think sometimes

make an album for the craic and see what

you have to treat a live gig differently to the

would happen.” Their debut album Hither

studio.” He states he’d love to have a brass

Thither was written and recorded in two

section with the band but because of their

sections: “we originally recorded the album

hectic tour dates it’s just not possible.

in a house ourselves and we were going to

With regards to writing material Paul

release that but we wanted to see what we

remembers, “at the very start all five of us

could do with it. We shopped it around to

were writing songs and there was probably a

labels and one label said they’d like to do

little bit of friendly competition. But now it

something with it. At that stage a year had

suits us nicely that one or two people would

passed and we had more songs written so

write the songs and then in the studio the

we decided because we had the opportunity

others play a crucial role in layering and

High Fidelity David Tracey gets the lowdown on what the music societies are up to on campus this year. With what seems like thousands of posters for gigs going up every week, there are very few people who can claim ignorance to when Ents have The Coronas coming back (again) to play the student bar. The truth is that very often, the most interesting music events on campus are offered by many of the smaller societies. Sadly, a lot of people only see glimpses of these groups once a year in the Freshers’ Tent, quickly averting their eyes before that weird guy with the greasy afro and bad acne behind the counter tries to offer them a refresher bar and a condom for two

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The Siren 28.09.10


tough without any promotional backing.

comparisons and great band attitude it’s safe

Unquestionably it is Villagers that are Paul’s

“It’s easy to play in your hometown and

to expect great this of O Emperor.

favourite Irish act, “I think the good press is

get people to come down,” says Paul,

Hither Thither is released 1st Oct

well deserved: they made a great album and

“initially it is tough though without

they’re a great band live.” Does Paul expect

anything to promote but it can be done.”

Hither Thither to be on the Mercury Prize

He recommends that all bands starting out

list next year? “It’s not even really worth

should head straight into recording so they

thinking about,” he laughs, “but you never

have something to sell; “it was our single Po


that got people talking.”

Like most other Irish bands starting out was


euro and a valid student number. So to

heads”. As an opportunity to discover a

help find the music society that’s right

whole musical genre, Jazz Soc is open

for you, here’s a quick guide to what’s

to musicians of any standard or anyone

on offer around campus this year.

who simply enjoys a few beers and

With the newly created Music Society,

some great music.

there will be even “more music on


campus” than ever before, according


to Treasurer, Mark Ennis. Open to

O’Brien, auditor of DJ Soc, is looking

“anyone who loves music”, Music

for UCD’s “hidden talents”. With

Soc will be happy to organise events

weekly tutorials and workshops run

for budding musicians. “Whatever

every week to pass on the “power to

your idea for a musical performance,

make people move”, DJ Soc offers a

we will give you the space and the

fantastic opportunity to get your mixes

audience, through advertising, for your

off the laptop and into the clubs. Also

performance.” Apart from setting up

lined up for this year is the follow up

a database of musicians around UCD,

to last year’s hugely successful Isle of

for the benefit of anyone interested in

Techno night in the student bar, set to

starting a band, Music Soc will also be

take place in Tripod this time around.

holding open mic nights throughout

Glow sticks, sunglasses and dodgy jaws

the year where “whatever happens

are all optional.

goes, there’s no restrictions on what

Campus radio station Belfield F.M

you want to perform. If someone

will once again be giving students

wants to turn up with a set of bagpipes

the chance to gain hands-on practical

that’s fine, might not be fine with

experience in all areas of radio. Along

anyone else!”

with talks from industry figures,

Amongst the old regulars, Jazz Soc will

Belfield offers a more bona fide

be heading off on their annual trip to

experience of the cut-throat world of

the Cork Jazz Festival from the 22nd to

Pat Kenny and Ray D’Arcy than any

25th of October, for a weekend of cool

degree could hope to offer.

jazz, sharp suits and Bavaria-soaked

Singers and dancers are not the only

bus journeys. Auditors Philip Donovan

people in demand for the Musical

and Killian McKenna also promise live

Society this year. Anyone interested

music sit-ins that aren’t “just for jazz-

in choreography, playing music or in









more Conor

any area of production or technical

and anyone who loves Irish music,

work is in demand too. With auditions

Trad Tuesdays will offer patrons food,

for “Little Shop Of Horrors”, which

drink, and a bit of craic, as well as the

will run from the 24th to the 27th of

odd special guest. With talk of Sharon

November, set to begin this week, and

Shannon and Brendan Gleeson coming

plans for a showing of “Beauty And

in, there’s sure to be plenty on offer.

The Beast” in February, it’s set to be

A trip to the Oireachtas na Samhna

a busy year for Dramsoc’s camp(er)

festival in Killarney is also planned

cousin. Also in the pipeline are weekly

from the 29th to the 31st of October.

dance and vocal workshops.

It promises to be an entertaining year.

Meanwhile Trad Soc will be starting Trad Tuesdays, run in association with Ents, every fortnight in the student bar. An open mic night for trad players,

27/09/2010 19:15

The Siren 28.09.10

Hard to Explain Conor McKenna delves into the problems in the Irish music scene and why some bands are finding it increasingly difficult to get recognition The Irish music industry today faces a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Ireland has an abundance of musical talent, however there seems to be a persistent failure to nurture much of this talent and allow bands to take their abilities to the next level. Ireland has delivered time and time again with major label success stories and yet it seems that a significant number of independent bands can’t seem to get past the stage of playing to crowds in colleges. Why is it that while bands like U2, Snow Patrol and The Script are making records that are sold worldwide, bands like Delorentos, The Flaws and others find it difficult to promote their music outside of Ireland? Can we put this down to the poor efforts of the bands themselves or do we look to the failure of the industry to adapt to the quantity and quality of Irish bands out there? It can safely be said that it isn’t easy being a band in search of stardom; Ireland is not the exception to the rule. There is no For Dummies book on the topic, simply put there is no such thing as a concrete formula to success. A band can do all the right things and still never get to the intended goal. Surely it is down to music organisations to help small bands get a foothold in the industry. The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) have taken significant steps in this field particularly in the area of promoting band rights and providing a yearly showcase of the best young Irish talent out there.

thesiren_SEOT28th.indd 5

Music However the successes of IMRO have been

there are essentially four tiers: small bands,

overshadowed of late by their rash actions

college bands, bigger independent bands,

against Irish music bloggers, in particular

and major label bands. The Irish scene has

that of Nialler9. Blogs which hosted free

thrown out dozens of new small, college

music downloads or online media players

and major label bands over the past two

were asked by IMRO to pay royalties to the

decades and yet it seems there are few

bands in question. The fact that the bands

examples of the bigger independent bands.

took the initiative in asking bloggers to share

HOGAN front-man Mark Hogan warns

their music seems to have been overlooked

that “Ireland can sometimes be a little numb

by IMRO. Surely having permission from

to talented bands because people in Ireland

a band to give away free downloads of

would expect to hear a good band every

their upcoming track negates the need for

Saturday night in a bar. It’s crazy because

royalties to be collected. A license fee has

we’re so used to hearing bands like The

since been agreed.

Script and U2 coming out of the country

Despite seemingly having bands’ best

and it’s very hard to compete with that.” It is

interests at heart IMRO caused more

a shame that such expectations of greatness

damage than good in this instance. Bloggers

can have such a damning impact on the

are less likely to get involved with Irish

music industry.

bands if they find themselves wrapped up

Support needs to be offered to up and

in red tape at every corner. Promotion on

coming bands. Rehearsal space, gigs and

blogging sites can be a useful tool in helping

recording time are all costly but they

bands make it to the next level. IMRO has

can be subsidised by grants. Despite our

seemingly come to an agreement since

current financial problems Ireland needs

but the continuing regulation may be off

to continue to support the small bands that

putting for many bloggers out there.

hold the future of the Irish music industry

Although there is no shortage of gigging

in their hands. Organisations like IMRO

spots in the capital there are inherent

can do more to help bands rather than

problems with the feasibility of getting slots

getting them involved in red tape disputes.

for young bands to play, as Seán Arthur of

The time for action is now.

Dublin act Young Pilgrims explains: “There

Defying the odds, Villagers are a star in an

are a lot of new bands in Dublin but there’s

otherwise dark sky for bigger independent

only about 3 or 4 decent venues that will

Irish acts: their success, built on a great

put on shows for new bands and a lot of

album and Mercury Prize nomination, has

them expect you to front the price or sell

been an inspiration for bands countrywide.

a huge amount of tickets before they’ll put

Time will tell whether they will be joined

you on.” Sadly this is the case for many of

and light up our music scene on a level that

Dublin’s larger pub venues such as Whelan’s,

is often so elusive for Irish bands.


The Village and The Mezz. It seems somewhat unreasonable to expect small bands to be able to pull in a large crowd if they have never played before. Several gig organisers around the city, one of the most prominent being Dublin Underground, expect both a high quality of music and a high turnout if a new band is to be asked to come back and play again. Promoters’ expectations and high booking fees keep many smaller student bands from performing as they simply cannot afford to pay up front with no guarantee of return. If one imagines the music scene in the UK

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The Siren 28.09.10

Playing the aul tune

Talking to both Irish music legend Christy Moore, and auditor of Trad Soc UCD, Cormac Murphy, David Tracey examines the state of traditional Irish music today. When it comes to traditional Irish

music that also happens to be extremely

music, I know very little, and more


often than not, care even less.

As I listened, however, a nagging

Like many people my appreciation for

thought wouldn’t leave me. Why, if

trad music rarely extends far beyond

I can derive so much pleasure from

an almost obligatory affection for

this one record, do I avoid traditional

artists who aren’t quite “traditional”

music? Why is it that so many people,

in the literal sense. People like The

like myself, seem to make a conscious

Pogues, The Dubliners, or anyone else

decision to ignore our nation’s musical

who is a bit of craic after a long night


on the black stuff.

leading me back to the same question,

My experience of traditional music

what does Irish traditional music mean

isn’t too different from most people’s,

to Irish people?

especially those in their teens and

When it comes to “the majority of the

twenties. So it was a surprise when I

population”, sighs Cormac Murphy,

stumbled across fiddle and concertina

auditor of Trad Soc in UCD, “it isn’t

player Niamh Ní Chara’s recent album


“Sugach Samh/Happy Out”. What I

traditional music isn’t given the respect

found on the collection of airs, slides

it deserves. “As a part of our culture

and gigs was a marvellous record filled

it’s certainly not celebrated in the

with diverse and beautiful music.


Moving, complex and exhilarating

Not everyone shares this sentiment

thesiren_SEOT28th.indd 6

These thoughts kept

In Cormac’s opinion

27/09/2010 19:15



however. “It’s a lot more accepted

in its recent history is Riverdance.

view on Riverdance. “It streamlined

now in the broader population,” states

Michael Flatley’s all singing, all dancing

and packaged our traditions (into) a

Christy Moore, a folk musician who is

phenomenon was one of the greatest

very American show of traditional

sometimes clumsily bracketed into the

success stories of early Celtic Tiger

music, the long red hair, the flowing

traditional music category. Moore, in

Ireland, taking the world by storm and

dress and that sort of stuff. Whereas

the considered and intelligent manner

earning millions. But was its impact on

really the true tradition is not there.”

that defines his personality, makes

traditional music entirely positive?

Perhaps one reason why traditional

it clear that he is not a traditional

“I have mixed feelings about it”, says

music often means so little to so

musician. However, as a figure of

Moore. “I do find aspects of the whole

many in the country is because of the

considerable stature who performs

Flatley phenomenon, probably even

relatively little exposure afforded it by

with traditional players regularly and

Flatley more than Riverdance, a little

the nation’s media. It’s a sad fact that

often includes traditional songs in his

bit embarrassing”. However, Moore

much of Ireland’s mainstream media

repertoire, Moore’s opinions on the

also notes the fact that Riverdance

routinely ignore traditional music and

subject are not to be overlooked.

gave hundreds of thousands, even

musicians and one which immediately

Looking back to his time in Planxty

millions, of people the opportunity

stirs Moore from his calm demeanour.

during the early seventies, Moore

to experience traditional Irish music,

“It’s a scandal the amount of not just

believes that traditional music has

who may not have been exposed to it

traditional music, but Irish music

made significant progress. “There’s an

otherwise. “My journey started when

that’s played on Irish radio.” The issue

awful lot more people making their

I heard the Clancy Brothers, who

of the media is an important one for

livelihood now than there would

made it in America, doing a kind of

Moore, and one for which he reserves

have been.” He speaks with pride as

American form of Irish music and

a real anger. “They don’t know how

he notes the fact that “back in the

Irish songs, and that’s what turned me

to handle something real, they don’t

day there wouldn’t have been a dozen

and thousands like me onto traditional

know how to handle something that

albums just being released all the time.”

music,” he says. “I think Riverdance

doesn’t have a fucking PR machine

To prove the healthy start of traditional

will do the same thing… People will

working with it to tell us what to say

music he points to the different scenes

want to hear the source and will go

and what to think.”

that have sprung up in urban centres,

farther in, we all have to start our

It is hard not to agree with Moore,

places like Temple Bar and Galway

journey somewhere”.

especially in the case of RTE, who

adding: “When I was a young lad, trad

Murphy isn’t quite so generous in his

would have a greater duty than

music was only played in a few small

others to play a role in preserving

areas around the country.”

this country’s cultural heritage. Both

It is undeniable that the audience

Moore and Murphy point to TG4

for traditional music has grown over

as a notable exception however,

the years. However, it would also be

Murphy even going so far as to refer

hard to deny that a certain stigma

to the station “as one of Irish music’s

remains amongst many people towards




Still the general lack of exposure for

of trad as old, even dead music, only

traditional music is a major factor

pulled out for tourists and only played

towards such music being stuck with

by people from the country is the

a negative image. How can a more

cynical view that many still hold, in

positive perception of the music be

Murphy’s eyes.

created if the outlet to present that

music. The

The event that has had the greatest impact on


music’s image

image is, for the most part, cut off? Murphy


feels a new image of






modern Ireland. “A


can be

improve the image of the old music,

isn’t moving as fast as young people are

people don’t recognise its beauty

moving today.”

because it has this old dark image”.

Christy Moore, on the other hand,

According to Murphy, the group most

is more optimistic. “As far as I’m

responsible for this “old dark image”

concerned it’s in a very healthy

are “purists out there who do not want

condition, it’s being played all over the

to move forward”.

country in all different types of formats








in all kinds of different scenarios and


situations. It’s going to survive and

the largest group involved in the

it’ll still be played when a lot of the


flavours of 2010 are long since gone.”




traditional music. He brands Comhaltas

Traditional music is certainly in a



healthy condition, yet if people’s

admitting that Comhaltas have done

perceptions of the music were to

great work for traditional Irish music,

change, there would be remarkable

Cormac believes they are now holding

growth in the size of the music’s

it back, stating simply: “Their time

audience. In order for that to happen, a

has come, there’s no need for them

new image and greater media exposure


is needed, although what that new

For Murphy the chance of traditional

image should consist of is difficult to

music overcoming its current image


and finding a place in the lives of Irish

In the intimate confines of The

people is slim. “If I look at it from the

Cobblestone pub in Smithfield, where

angle where I visit the Fleadh Cheoil

Niamh Ní Charra’s album launch

every year and I see thousands upon

took place, I was given a view into

thousands of musicians coming to

the essence of that image. In a crowd

one place to play music, I feel that we

that crossed every age range I watched

have the power to do it. However, if

transfixed as Niamh, a woman in her

I come back to college in September

mid thirties, played a set of tunes from

and I take it from the viewpoint of a

the album. Along with her dazzling

normal student, who has a lot to think

virtuosity and the beautiful music that

about, it’s going to be very hard.”

came from her fiddle, I saw a side to

Momentarily stuck for words, Murphy

traditional music that does not fits the

takes a long pause before adding: “I

stigma and prejudices that are so often

think it’s going to be very hard to lose

laid at the genre’s feet. Young, vibrant,

the image it has amongst young people

exciting and Irish.


today, particularly because the music

done to

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27/09/2010 19:15



Be the Belle of the Ball

With debs season in full swing, Kellie Nwaokorie lends us her tips on how to look fabulous on a budget

So you’ve finished the dreaded Leaving Cert, it turned out to be not at all as bad as anticipated and now with results, the C.A.O and starting college almost out of the way, there is only one thing left to think about – The Debs. It is my personal belief that some people can get a little crazy with preparing for the Debs. But, in reality, it is one night of fun with school friends whom we may not see again for a long time. With this and the obvious lack of moolah in mind, a reasonable budget is needed when planning. It is easy to book makeup and hair appointments, and to tell the stylists exactly what you want, but I find both these things can be done yourself, all with a little direction. So I’ve put together a D.I.Y guide to looking your absolute best and taking the credit yourself for doing it. False Tans – Now, false tan is one of the things that, if applied wrongly, which it often is, can have disastrous and orange effects. If you know that applying your

own fake tan will result in this Oompa loompa skin tone, then I suggest getting a spray tan. From half body to full body, they ranging from €25 - €50. But, if you think you have the wits about you to D.I.Y it, then follow these simple, yet effective rules. Scrub - Exfoliate for up to a week before the tan but not the day of the false tan application. Shave or Wax it - The day before the tan. Outfit Check - Wear Dark clothing and loose fitting shoes the day of the application. Moisturise - after each shower to keep up the tan, but not before or the day of the tan application. Pat Dry - after each shower and do not rub the skin Sweating - is a big no after the tan application. Do not carry out any exercise until after your first shower after the application Note – If you have sensitive skin do a patch test before tanning.



By Kellie Nwaokorie

You must remember that there are different shades of false tans, so if you have a pale complexion it is better to use a lighter colour tan. It is always possible to add more tan if desired, but not so easy to take it off. If you are unsure about tan, it is advisable to do a trial a few weeks in advance and not the week of the event. There are many different shades of tan that can be applied according to your skin tone and preference. Remember the tan application should be carried

The Siren 28.09.10 out the day before your big night. Foundation - You should try and get the nearest colour foundation to your own skin tone. An off colour base will make every other cosmetic you apply look not quite right. Mixing f o u n d at i o n and moisturiser can give a good tinted moisturiser. If you have discolouration or spots on your skin apply concealer to the problem areas before applying your foundation. Apply foundation with a makeup brush or sponge. You can set your foundation with loose powder applied with a big

fluffy brush. Pick a loose powder with a yellow undertone to make sure that it works with your skin tone. Also deposit extra powder under the eyes to catch any eye make-up fallout. Then brush away. Cheeks - Sweeping on cheek colour in strips in an effort to create cheekbones only succeeds in making you look like a happy clown. For a more classic attractive look, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Before applying, smile and apply in a circular sweeping motion for an instant fresh look. Avoid swiping the blusher towards your hairline. Hair – Hair straighteners, curlers and rollers are all there to let you do your hair yourself and exactly how you want. Sometimes less is more. Soft curls can easily be done with a G.H.D, while a low side plait, or ponytail are equally as effective. Simply adding a decorative hair clip accessory can transform a plain hair style. Using these easy to follow guides should be enough to get you through that stressful time before the big night. Most importantly though, remember to have fun!

Lip Service: It’s all about luscious lips this season for Dior, as they release their “Rouge Dior” collection, an assortment of various colours of red, pink, purple, beige and brown lipsticks. The collection takes its inspiration from a selection of Dior Haute Couture gowns and with 32 beautiful shades to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a colour that’s perfect for you. Following the launch of this glamorous new collection, we thought we’d provide you with a handy guide as to what lip colours are suitable for your skin tone and colouring. Red (pictured right) Fair-hair combined with a striking vibrant shade of red makes for a great contrasting bold statement look. Red-haired, pale-skinned girls should opt for orangey red shades, while dark-haired, pale-skinned girls look befitting in deep, crimson reds. Warm-skinned complexions suit rich red colours, while dark-skinned complexions suit deep, burgundy shades. Purple Deep purple, plum colours look incredible on dark and black skin, while lilac suits pale complexions. As purple lips are quite a bold look, keep the eyes neutral with a light beige or creamy colour. Pink Pink shades such as candyfloss pink, baby pink and coral pink suit fair-skinned, fair-haired girls perfectly, while darker pinks, such as fuchsia and magenta suit fair-skinned, dark-haired girls.

Alexander Murphy Favorite Style Icon: Diane Pernet/ Chloe Sevigny

Beige/Brown (pictured right) A nude neutral beige tone is a perfect for the lips when accentuating the eyes with a deep smoky look or a shimmery colourful appearance, particularly for fair-skinned girls, while

Most expensive item ever bought: Alexander McQueen shoes (€250)

chocolate browns suit dark-skinned girls.

Favourite Shop: Cos, Berlin

again. Add a coat of lip gloss for a shimmery effect or skip the gloss

To accomplish that long-lasting effect, remember to line the lips before applying lipstick, apply, blot lips with tissue and apply for a sophisticated matte look and you’re ready to flaunt your perfect pout.

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The Siren 28.09.10

Back to basics, college style As the summer finally draws to a close, Aoifa Smyth guides you through building up a student friendly, autumn wardrobe. Whether it’s your first week in university, or your final year of your masters; the last thing you want to have to worry about after the books and pens are purchased is what you’re going to wear each day. If you buy the basics in the first couple of weeks in September, you can merely add to them as time goes on and save much stress in the dark mornings. Comfort and practicality in college are obviously the most important elements, no one wants to tottle to the library in sky high wedges on a Monday morning. That being said, being stylish is also a desirable factor in your college uniform. One should want to be happy in what they are wearing and feel good while they wear it. Before you venture on this shopping adventure, make a little list of your desired purchases. This will give you a clearer head before you hit the high streets. Start out with some jeans. If you invest in a good pair of jeans, costing between 60-100 euro, they will last you a good few years. Topshop do great jeans, in all ranges of

styles, for super reasonable prices. Urban Outfitters also stock the ‘Cheap Monday’ range, which specialises in stylish skinnies. The beauty of jeans is that you can wear them during the day to college with a blouse or band t-shirt, yet dress them up for partying with a longer tunic and platforms. Jeans also don’t need much T.L.C and can be thrown in the wash every week or so; perfect for the lazy student, no? Next, grab some basic tees to wear around college. American Apparel are the connoisseurs in the basic tee, with every colour you could imagine in luxurious jersey fabric. Pick up some vintage rock t-shirts either in charity or vintage shops, for next to nothing. An autumn essential for the student has to be a warm jacket and/or coat. This will be your best friend over the coming months and make that the shuffle to college is a tiny bit cosier. Zara stocks beautifully tailored jackets and coats for less than 150 euro. But, if you see coats as merely functional rather than a fashion statement, Pennies,

Dunnes and H and M stock cheap and cheerful coats to do the job. A leather bomber jacket is also a great investment for the coming months. This is an item which you can wear during the day, with a hoody for warmth, or at night to complete a glam outfit. Beautiful leather jackets can be picked up for a fraction of retail prices if you go vintage. In terms of dresses, the student on a budget is always wise to purchase dresses which are multifunctional. Buy dresses which you can visualise yourself in, whether it’s during the day or at night. A party dress can be toned down with leggings and a cardi during the day and spiced up with wedges and a blazer after dark. H and M, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters always stock gorgeous dresses which are in style and on budget. Don’t forget though, many high street shops offer student discounts so

relaunch? Check.


investing in some high waisted trousers paired with brogues. Zara and Topshop have a good selection.


the feel of what Biba was first famed for?

after a whirlwind of Biba fever- makeup,

statement bags there is little of great impact

In keeping with the

Hulancki’s breakthrough after her gingham

clothes and even household items, Hulancki

in the collection. Somehow, the spark that

‘noughties’ vintage (meets retro, meets glam)

shift with matching hat was featured in the

and her partner fell into financial problems

popped up in that one little store all those

trend? Check. Brit poster girl with a not

daily express sparked a phenomenon-

and sold on the brand. Today you can see

years ago is lost in translation as a section

so squeaky (but ever so cool) clean image?

Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and the British

barely a flicker of the young art students

of a chain department store shelve it for

Check. Fashion followers held their breaths

public sent orders by the thousands to

fashion flair and although high in quality

the older women to browse. Sometimes,

for the 9th September 2010, thirty five years

get their hands of the revolutionary

and of beautiful craftsmanship, the new Biba

putting the new it girl in your designs

after Barbara Hulancki’s enterprise shut the

sleeveless dresses with risqué cut out holes.

is to be desired, but it is just not the same

doesn’t quite cut it (sorry Daisy); we’ve seen

doors of the iconic bran Biba, but does the

Hulancki’s radical handmade pieces were

boundary breaking label it was once famed

it before, bring back platforms and a hounds

re-launch live up to the

all the rage and the sixties saw women

for. The leopard print pieces- particularly

tooth shift dress, oh and those Biba baked

hype? Imprinted with the original art deco

wearing Biba cosmetics (lipsticks shades

the striking leopard print maxi coat

beans and Flamingos too.

logo, Biba’s new collection stays true to

in brown had never been seen before) silk

retailing at £390 along with the heavily

its roots with heavy embellishments, rich

turbans and mini skirts. It was a cultural

embellished dresses are great investment

textures and shimmering fabrics for a truly

revolution. 2010’s collection is not. Sadly

pieces, however bar the fine jewellery and

opulent feel- in keeping entirely with the first collection shelved in Biba’s first small store in Abingdon Road, London. Nodding to its historical origins, the 2010 A/W collection mimics vintage but, alas, gone is the straight and up swinging skirts of the sixties, and in are the hourglass shapes of retro-glam decadence with a modern twist. The variety of garments cater for all- with

Big Clipon ear-rings, Granny Scarves, Long Cardis, Granny up-do’s, Layer it up with Granny everything-Vive le Grannies!

Rosy Cheeks

This month we saw the re-launch of the iconic Biba brand, Marguerite Murphy questions whether the spark is still there. phenomenon

Granny Chic

never be afraid to ask! With post In the next few months, one of your best Summer tan buys will be a pair of ankle boots. These expectations keep your tootsies safe from Jack Frost, lessening,take yet manage to look darling. Office do long advantage of cool lasting, super fashionable boots and as of evenings and even colder mornrecent pennies have started selling them, ings with lots of which save you a buck and a half. Grab up blush and pale some alpine style ski socks and have them make-up, coming out the top of the boot for a heart to look as rosy as ever. warming autumnal look. Don’t forget that your summer wardrobe Highwaisted can be updated to adapt to the season; trousers maxi dresses can be worn with tights, Give gooseboots and chunky knits and play suits and bumped legs a summer minis can be teamed with legbreak from tights gings and a leather jacket. and boots by

Biba Feva Sixties




Ripped tights

What was somewhat punk chic for summer has just become tatty and frankly freeeeezing. Nay ripped tights.

Maxi Dresses

No one wants a dress that picks up autumn dirt around campus even if it is layered well. Pack them up for lovely springtime .

inspirations from 30’s Hollywood starlets in beautiful full length gowns, or a modern


more casual silhouette in the ‘soft metals’

Cold feet +rain =Slippy Disaster.

collection, which combines a colour palette of dusky purples silver greys and lavenders in flattering draping cuts juxtaposed with chunky knits to ensure ultra wear ability for day to evening looks. Equally, if you are looking to spend on a long lasting winter coat- go online, and take a look at the statement woollen military coat, £290, which will not only flatter all figures but the double breasting and intricately





throughout will stand out from the crowd.

by Aoifa Smyth

But does the new collection really grasp

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The Siren 28.09.10


Howard continuing on the roysh road to success Author of the hugely successful Ross O’Carroll Kelly series, Paul Howard chats with Colman Hanley about Ross’ upcoming switch back to the stage and the next upcoming adventure in the series. Established from a simple column

for the upcoming production

writing it about three years ago

to the birth of his daughter. I just

kid I always remember, because

in the Sunday Tribune back in

of Ross O’Carroll Kelly in the

if the recession had not have

think there’s more to tell now and

he’s the prototype for Ross, was

1998, Ross O’Carroll Kelly is still

Olympia, and taking the views of


Ross finds himself at a juncture in

this guy who came off the rugby

alive and strong after twelve hit

Gough into consideration, creator

When one considers the massive

his life where he never thought

field, and I heard him say to his

years. The amazing thing about

Paul Howard failed to accept

events that have occurred over

he’d see, the economy taking a nose

dad, ‘I don’t give a fuck how you

the fictional character is that his

the full acclaim of Gough, but

the past ten years, the boom of

dive, unravelling to this degree.”

think I played, fucking crack open

popularity appears endless.

admitted that the series popularity

the Celtic Tiger, the financial

The idea of writing a satirical

the wallet’.

Described in a review by Julian

and longevity still surprises him

crash which has seen Ireland

series based on an affluent, rugby

was amazing and then that was

Gough as ‘The only writer to grab


spectacularly crash financially, and

playing Dubliner came to Howard

the model of behaviour for the

the Celtic Tiger by the tail and

“The one thing about Ross is that

the sporting feats that the country

following his work as a freelance

relationship between Ross and his

pull hard while the tiger roared,’

it’s topical, and I think that’s why

has achieved over past few years.

sportswriter. Howard reminisced


Paul Howard has arguably been

it’s had the life it has had because

“It’s been a journey, Ross started

about the days where the Sunday

However researching into the

the most successful Irish writer

it’s topical and relevant, and I think

off as a pampered, privileged,

Tribune used to play host to the

different facets of the game of

for the past decade.


I’ve kept it funny. The idea of a

egomaniac rugby player.

Collge Tribune as it was printed

rugby at its lower levels was one

continues by claiming that Howard

subway sandwich shop opening

He was a hero amongst his age

on weekends while the weekly

thing, but making his research

is ‘the best, funniest, and most

in Donnybrook, that’s funny.


group, a sex object for teenage

Sunday Tribune took a break, and

relevant and most importantly

historically important run of Irish

kind of get asked every year when

girls and then it followed him on

the way in which this hit series

funny was the challenge facing

satirical journalism since Myles na

a book comes out, how much

the journey through his life; his

came to be founded.



longer are you going to write it

leaving cert, college years,Y1 years,

“I used to cover a lot of games and

stories such as a carriage full of

Taking time out of his busy schedule

and I probably would have stopped

relationship with his father and up

I used to see all these guys. The

Blackrock people on the DART.

thesiren_SEOT28th.indd 10

I just thought that

“I had heard all these

27/09/2010 19:15

The Siren 28.09.10


The carriage was quite full with

great to be working with him.”

about five or ten people but if

For his part, Cooke commented,

anyone tried to get on, they’d just

“Yeah I’m hugely looking forward

say ‘Oh sorry, this a Rock carriage’. to it. It’s got a big audience and it’s This is fucking hilarious, ripe for

great to be a part of it. It’s good

satire. I’d seen so many of these

satire, Paul cleverly cuts to the core

things and I’d heard stories of

of what people are like and what

many stories such as young kids

their motivations are. There’s a lot

going out to Tallaght and shouting

of work ahead.”

‘afluence’ at the locals. I decided

The success that Howard’s series has

to put all these stories together and

garnered both on stage previously

put them into a column, then it

(The last days of the Celtic Tiger

started getting bigger. I never ever

– the legend has left the building)

thought I’d ever see the day to give

and in each of Ross episodes still

up full-time sports writing to tend

brings great joy to Howard.

this monster.”

“To hear an audience laugh at

The London born writer has been

your jokes, it’s just so gratifying.

able to attract Apres Match star Gary

People tell you all the time I love

Cooke to the production of his

your books, I read this, I like that

new stage show, ‘Between Foxrock

line, but when you’re in a theatre

and a hard place’. Commenting on

like the Olympia and you hear a

the addition of the RTÉ star to his

1,000 people laugh at your lines, it

cast, Howard commented, “We did

is just the biggest ego trip you can

the first reading of the script and


Gary is just an unbelievable actor


and he’s one of the funniest people


in Ireland. He has got it, he’s got

Howard’s ego is sure for a long,

that stage craft. I’ve been a fan of

adventurous trip.





‘Between Foxrock and a Hard Place’ opens in the Olympia on the 15th of October, and finishes on the 14th of November. The new book in the Ross O’Carroll Kelly series, ‘The Oh My God Delusion,’ is to be released on the 7th of October nationwide.

and ahead,

Gary for years and years and it’s

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27/09/2010 19:15

The Siren 28.09.10


Abridged too far? Colin O’ Shaughnessy At 7pm on Wednesday 22nd September, most people in the Newman building were either taking shelter from the rain or were in attendance at the L&H’s porn debate in Theatre L. On the quieter side of the Newman building though, down in the LG’s, Dramsoc were about to show the complete works of William Shakespeare Abridged as part of their Freshers Week programme. You could have been forgiven for cringing at the title; surely just one of Shakespeare’s tragedies is hardship enough for one night! Thus it was with a slight sense of apprehension that I took my seat in the Black-Box theatre of LG1. I was quickly

reassured, however, by the genuinely funny introductory monologue of Colm Kenny-Vaughan, that the three-man cast would not be taking themselves too seriously. CKV, as he described himself, was soon thereafter joined on stage by Peter Meighan and Enda Reilly. The next hour was, quite plainly, brilliant. The reinvention and abridgement of some of the most well-known dramas ever written was splendidly done. Each actor effectively played themselves as actors attempting to do the unprecedented; put on all of Shakespeare’s plays in a single show. Titus Andronicus (the story of a man who

kills the men who raped his daughter, puts them in a pie and feeds it to their mother) was set in the television studio of a cookery programme. Othello (in which the main part is a black man) encountered the obvious problem that all three of the actors were “pastyfaced, South Dublin types”, so instead of acting the story, they rapped it. The comedies, all of them, were fused into a single story and done in one scene; the cast claimed that Shakespeare should only have written one comedy anyway, and besides, the tragedies are funnier. No less than eleven tragedies

(the ones about struggles for the crown, from King John to King Lear and from Richard II to Henry VI, part 3) were covered in three minutes of a mock American Football game. Reilly refused to do Coriolanus (he didn’t trust the name), and literally ran out of the theatre when the others reminded him that they still had to do Hamlet. Meighan chased him and, at the end of the play, just like in Shakespeare’s best, one man, CKV, stood alone on stage with the crown on his head.

The set was bare, the props were cheap and the jokes were at times crude (Shakespeare, after all), but that was the very beauty of this performance; it relied on the cleverness of the plot and the talent of the actors, neither of which were in short supply.

Think you can do it better?

The College Tribune is looking for new writers, editors, sub-editors, photographers and designers to join its team. If you have an interest in journalism, this is your chance to dive in. No experience required It doesn’t matter if you’ve just experienced your first day of University or if you have been around UCD since Joyce frequented the college, you can start your media career with us. No previous experience is required, all we ask is that your enthusiastic and want to learn.

Are we missing something? If you think we are missing something let us know, the

paper is written for students, by students and that includes you. If you have an opinion or a story, share it. Different Strokes... Music, Film, Fashion, Sport, News, Features, Politics, Lifestyle, Health, if you think people should read about than you should write about it. Don’t want to write? No problem, if you think you have an eye for design then we can teach you the software or if you fancy yourself as a budding photo-journalist let us know.

Press passes If you turn out to be any use we might even be able to get you into stuff for free... Applications If your interested give us a call on 01 7168501 or send an email to or call down to our office in LG 20

If an error or omission is made in this newspaper, please contact us at and we will endeavour to clarify and mistakes made

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Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.