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Issue #11 - May 2014 Published in Coleshill, North Warks. The Coleshill Post @ColeshillPost


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Coleshill’s new leisure centre: The facts on public access IN recent letters to The Editor residents have voiced their concern over public access and opening times of the new Coleshill Leisure Centre.

It seems that rumours are being spread, stating

that the entire complex is off limits to the public during school hours. In a press release from North Warwickshire Conservative Group dated 8th May 2014 it is claimed that Coleshill Academy School will have exclusive access to the leisure centre during school time and early evening. This is simply untrue.

Simon Powell (Assistant Director:Leisure and Com-

munity Development) for NWBC has kindly proivded a statement which should stop the rumour mill and provide residents with actual hard facts See page 5...

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The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

The Earl of Coleshill @ColeshillB46

Chavs and their toys WE all know that Chavs have proven to be rather adept at disturbing the good folk of Coleshill, whether that is through intimidating people who cross the Cole End Bridge, defacing our buildings, or vandalising our cricket club. But upon

passing their driving test, Junior Chavs graduate into fully formed heathens, who have a license to wreak havoc on a much wider scale than had previously been possible. ‘Chavmobiles’ are easy to spot, as the vehicle of

choice tends to be a small hatchback with unusually large wheels, window rattling exhausts, and the unmistakable boom of Bass N Drum music, or at least that’s how Dr Watkins refers to it. Coleshill has recently fallen victim to a phenomenon that characterises Senior Chav behaviour in other areas of the Midlands, which is that some engage in a ritual that is known as ‘Car Cruising’, or as I like to call it, racing like absolute idiots up and down the A446 during the dead of night.

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Meet Coleshill’s New Mayor

Harry Taylor is 28-years-old and has been a Coleshill Town Councillor since May 2011.

He takes over from Cllr Bill Richards as Coleshill Town Mayor for 2014-15. At 28, Harry is Coleshill’s youngest ever Mayor. He has previously chaired the Planning Committee and served as Deputy Mayor for 2013-2014. Harry grew up in B46 being raised in Nether Whitacre and bought his first house on Burman Drive, Coleshill last year. Harry holds a BA(Hons) in Philosophy and Politics and a MA in History both from the University of Liverpool and he has also trained as a journalist in Brighton. He works full time at a car accident repair centre 5 to 6 days a week and writes regularly for the Coleshill

Post. He is also working on a book “Victor Grayson: First Icon of the British Left” after discovering a large amount of original papers and research material lost since the early 1960s. He is a trustee of Coleshill Community Hub and a member of Coleshill Civic Society. Staunch Birmingham City fan and former season ticket holder Harry used to travel up and down the country following the Blues. Harry is a guitarist and record collector and loves old Ford cars. Born at the George Eliot hospital. The Taylor family have lived in Coleshill and the surrounding villages of Whitacre and Shustoke for hundreds of years. His grandparents on his mother’s side were farmers near Kingsbury and his grandfather on his father’s side was Harry Taylor, gamekeeper for

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With cruising given a far friendly welcome slightly further along the A446, one had hoped that the problem may have shifted, but apparently these are two unrelated activities. There does however seem to be an obvious solution to ending this nightmare for many Coleshill residents.... There is a vacant building which is perfectly positioned along their chosen race track, and it would make a fantastic Police Station. Mine’s a Port.

Left to right: Jane Niven, Karen Black, Denise Moore, Leanne Muir, Helen Dent

ON Friday May 16th five Inspirational young women who met during their Breast Cancer treatment held the Angel Ball at the Cameo Suite, Coleshill Hotel. The ladies formed a firm friendship through diagnosis and regularly meet and invite other women going through the same to help them with advice and re-assurance. They call themselves ‘The Lovely Ladies’ This is their second Ball, the

Butterfly Ball last year raised £7000.00 and this year they exceeded expectations by raising a fantastic £11,000.00! This money is going to be split 50/50 between Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Action Against Cancer, two extremely worth while charities This fantastic amount was raised through ticket sales, heads n tails, raffle and auction and some generous donations. We would like to thank Beth and Andy Robinson of the Coleshill Hotel for their support

many years to Sir William Dugdale whilst his wife Nellie was Sir William’s nanny. His mother Jane joined Barclays bank aged 15 and his father Robert is a mechanic by trade, starting at the Forge Garage Castle Bromwich aged also 15. Both are now part of the business in which Harry works. Though not from a political family Harry’s uncle Arthur Taylor did serve on Shustoke Parish Council for many years. Harry has also served on the committee of the Whitacres and Shustoke show for the past six years and can be seen pulling the pints behind the bar in the Vice Presidents tent annually. He will be accompanied in his mayoral year by consort Jane Hopkins and girlfriend Hannah Bottomley.

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

The pair asked local school children to design posters to be displayed around the town reminding people that leaving litter and dog mess isn’t acceptable. The winning design and two runners up were chosen and the posters distributed around Coleshill. The campaign will tie in with a national campaign. During the first week of June the whole country will be pushing one simple message; Keep Britain Tidy. Cllr Peter Courts explained, “The Town Council is fed up with having to deal with litter, dog mess and petty vandalism. As a council we’ve got better things to do, we want to be spending time and money on pos-

Kids sleep out for refugees


ON 16th May the children at the Coleshill 1st boys and girls brigade raised money for Christian Aid and to raise awareness of the poverty that family’s less fortunate than ourselves deal with everyday.

The aim of the sleep out was for all involved to spend the night under a tree. The evening commenced with us all gathered around the church entrance feeling apprehensive at what challenges the night might bring. Nick and Kevin greeted us as we waved goodbye to our parents we put all are belongings

in the church and got on with the first activity, which was rounders it was a great game, we all had a turn at batting and bowling. After that had finished we set up camp under a tree at the front of the church we put cardboard on the floor for comfort and a sleeping bag to keep us warm after that was all set up we went into the church to discuss the things we would put in a treasure bag,if we were to loose our homes, this is what some of the children said they would take ‘a teddy, a picture of the family, a bottle of water and some food. Afterwards we had hot chocolate and marshmallows and had a chat. Once we finished the drinks it was time to go out

in the icy cold air, get in the sleeping bags and try to get some sleep. A few of the children took some sweets and had a midnight feast and slept all night well everyone except me. Everyone was awake for about 5:00am and at about 7:00am we went up the tower to have a look at the view it was beautiful the sun was rising and the streets were so quiet. A perfect end to a freezing, dark, long night. The names Alice Connolly Amelia Connolly Hayley jones Freya Tarrach Allah vladamere Diana Danielle. Rosie Clarke Leaders names: Kevin, Nick, Georgie, Ed, Richard, Sue and Diana’s dad

itive things for the town, not clearing up other peoples mess. This isn’t just a bit of mess; this is costing the town money. It’s time people realised that if you leave your dogs mess, you won’t get away with it.” During Keep Britain Tidy week (1st-7th June) the Council has promised to provide a more visible presence around the Town and working the Borough Council the dog warden will be out in force handing out gentle reminders that the local councils will take action on people who drop

litter or let their dog mess without picking it up. There will also be two community litter picks on Monday 2nd June at 10AM and on Sunday 8th June at 11AM both starting at Coleshill Memorial Park, all local residents are welcome to join. Cllr Adam Farrell added, “Together the Town Council and Borough Council have made a very clear statement, litter and dog mess has no place in our town, it costs us a lot of money to clear up after those inconsiderate people who do not care for our area, we will take all appropriate action to stop those people who mess up our town. It’s time people realised that words will be followed up with action; anyone dropping litter or failing to pick up their dog’s mess faces a fine of up to £80. It could be one expensive trip out if you’re caught, just ask those who have been caught in the past.”










BOOKING HOTLINE CALL: 02476 466174 Nailcote Lane, Berkswell, Warwickshire CV7 7DE

The Coleshill Post

The Town Council has backed a local campaign to Keep Coleshill Tidy led by local resident Emma Todd and Borough Councillor Dominic Ferro.


Big Clean Up backed by Town Council



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

Bouncy castle and beer garden

Outdoor pergola

Outdoor Pool area

@TheNorton TheNortonColeshill

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

It seems that rumours are being spread, stating that the entire complex is off limits to the public during school hours. In a press release from North Warwickshire Conservative Group dated 8th May 2014 it is claimed that Coleshill Academy School will have exclusive access to the leisure centre during school time and early evening. Conservative Group leader Cllr Les Smith (Fillongley) gave the following statement. “There are fears about the proposals among residents and local Conservatives. The academy school should have access to the facilities, but to completely rule out its use during school hours for local residents is unfair. As a group we supported the need for a new leisure centre but had reservations over its location. We will be raising resident’s concerns with Council Officers.” The conservative councillor for Curdworth and Water Orton Joan Lea added: “The Leisure Centre is there to be used by all villages around Coleshill not just the academy – villagers are getting a raw deal. These reduced hours do not seem fair to local sports clubs. Many residents use the facility during weekday mornings and afternoons and they are now going to miss out, despite paying for the facility through their council tax. Current guidelines from the Department of Health recommend people of all ages take regular exercise.” Concerned by these statements The Coleshill Post has spoken to North Warwickshire Borough Council. Simon Powell (Assistant Director:Leisure and Community Development) for NWBC has kindly responded with the following statement which should stop the rumour mill and provide residents with actual hard facts: He writes: “I think it is important that I set the record straight on matters of factual accuracy in respect of the development of the new Coleshill Leisure Centre and with regard to its future use by the local community. This is, of course, further to your publication of two letters on this subject in your April 2014 issue. The condition of the existing Coleshill Leisure Centre is such that without a

sustainable new development the Borough could have lost indoor leisure provision in this part of North Warwickshire in the foreseeable future. The Borough Council resolved to develop a new Leisure Centre at The Coleshill School only after public consultation and further to receipt of a report from an independent consultant who recommended this location as being the most advantageous in both service provision and financial terms. Both consultees and the external consultant understandably emphasised the need to secure community access to the facility. The Borough Council and The School have been very mindful of this need throughout all aspect of the negotiation and subsequent development of the new facility. The new Coleshill Leisure Centre is a jointly-funded, dual-use community project undertaken in partnership between the Borough Council and The Coleshill School. The building will be owned by the Borough Council, which has contributed over £2.8 million to the project. The new facility will also receive a significant financial contribution of over £1.4 million from the Education Funding Agency (EFA). Given that the development is being undertaken at The School, permission to build on the site had to be secured from the Secretary of State. This permission, and the EFA funding, was only received further to the negotiation of access to the new Leisure Centre by BOTH the community and school students. Contrary to some of the content of the letters published in the Coleshill Post, however, the Leisure Centre will NOT be used solely by schools between 8:30am and 5:00pm. The public will NOT be excluded from the sports hall. The Manager of Coleshill Leisure Centre has never told anyone that this would be the case. Further, the new Leisure Centre is NOT an extra facility for The School, which has had its former sports hall, three tennis courts and a redundant swimming pool demolished in order to make room for the new facility. By way of clarification, therefore, the terms of the Agreement afford priority use of the sports hall to The Coleshill School and the neighbouring primary schools between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, during school term times. The community will have priority access to the fitness suite, dance studio and squash courts at all times, as well as priority access to the sports hall

during evenings, weekends and school holidays. Additionally, the Agreement ALLOWS for community access into the sports hall during those times at which priority is afforded to education use through negotiation with The School. In this respect, The School has repeatedly re-affirmed its commitment to working with the Borough Council to encourage community use of the facility. Without education use of the sports hall at the times identified above, it was clear that it would not have been possible to secure permission to build at The School, which was the most viable and sustainable location for a new leisure facility, or to secure the significant EFA grant for the project. Without EFA support for the scheme there was a genuine prospect of not being able to secure the long-term future of indoor leisure provision in Coleshill, given the known condition of the current facility. The Borough Council will continue to work with representatives of The School in order to ensure as much daytime community access as possible into the sports hall during those times afforded for education use, in addition to the extensive access that the community will have to the other enhanced facilities within the new Centre. The Leisure Centre is a facility for North Warwickshire and the Authority is committed to ensuring that it is inclusive of the whole community. W are very mindful of, and sympathetic towards, the needs of all existing and potential new users of the Leisure Centre and we will work with them and The School to try and ensure that they are able to enjoy the high quality facilities in the new Centre for many years to come. With this in mind, the Borough Council and The School are very excited about the prospect of opening the new Leisure Centre for the whole community in the autumn.” Simon Powell Assistant Director (Leisure and Community Development)

The Coleshill Post

IN recent letters to The Editor residents have voiced their concern over public access and opening times of the new Coleshill Leisure Centre.


Coleshill’s new leisure centre: The facts on public access


GASCOIGNES Established 1900



Independent Family Funeral Directors

Offering a complete, dignified and caring service to the community for four generations.

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24 hour service Private Chapels of Rest

100 High Street, Coleshill B46 3BL


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Local fundraiser scoops national fundraising award

The Coleshill Post

A local fundraiser has scooped Breast Cancer Campaign’s coveted ‘Individual Fundraiser of the Year’ award after raising an extraordinary £12,700 for the charity in the last year. Michelle Graham, from Coleshill, decided to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign with the help of the Forest of Arden Golf Club after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Michelle also lost her mother and mother-in-law to the disease, and six close friends and work colleagues have had breast cancer. Michelle was appointed Lady Captain of the Forest of Arden Golf Club in February 2013, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and decided to utilise the support of the club to raise money for research into breast cancer. In her role, Michelle appointed Breast Cancer Campaign as one of the clubs ‘charity of the year’ and encouraged all members, families and friends to hold fundraising events throughout the year. She also engaged the local community, organising activities including a sponsored swim and a garden party to help

boost the fundraising total. In addition to the golf club’s fundraising total, Michelle’s husband, Frank, showed his support for his wife through a sponsored head-shave, raising a further £2,700. The award was presented at Breast Cancer Campaign’s annual reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday 6 May 2014, with more than 300 guests in attendance. The event, sponsored this year by Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe, is held to recognise and thank the charity’s supporters for their outstanding achievements and dedicated support throughout the year. Michelle said: “Breast cancer is a cause very close to my heart and I know firsthand the importance of the research that Breast Cancer Campaign funds. I’m honoured to have won this award and have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the local community, who helped make my fundraising ambitions a reality.” Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign, said: “The dedication of our supporters is crucial to us overcoming breast cancer in

the future and we are proud to recognise their achievements in this way. The dedication and passion of Michelle Graham and the local community means we can continue to fund innovative research into this disease and we are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support.” Dan Byles, Conservative MP for North Warwickshire and Bedworth, who represents Michelle’s constituency, said: “Michelle’s story is a remarkable one and her generosity and determination to make a difference for women affected by breast cancer is an inspiration to many. Her steadfast enthusiasm for raising money for research into breast cancer is extraordinary and I’m proud her efforts have been honored by Breast Cancer Campaign in this way.” If you want to be in the running for next year’s award, then contact the charity to find out how you can help raise money for world-class breast cancer research and save the lives of the thousands of mothers, daughters and sisters who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Visit breastcancercampaign. org, call 020 7749 4114 or email

Pictured: (L to R) - Baroness Delyth Morgan, Michelle Graham, Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe

Mayor’s Afternoon tea at Middleton Hall

BY DOMINIC FERRO ON Thursday 8th May I invited the Mayors from Warwickshire & Staffordshire and many Cllrs from North Warwickshire to Middleton Hall for afternoon tea and a tour of this wonderful building. Many of you may not have heard of this

delightful gem in North Warks. It is an Historic building with a wealth of history and offers families a great day out. Many of my guests had never heard of or been to Middleton hall and the chairman of the Trust gave a fascinating insight into its history. We were then taken on a tour of the estate and shown the wonderful gardens and old courtyard with its various shops.

It was a great afternoon and finished off with a fine cream tea. Middleton Hall has many events from a food market on the last Sunday of the month to a monthly car show on the 1st Sunday of the month and many more events in-between. For more information go to their website at www.

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

Three sisters ‘get the bit between their teeth’ for race for life THREE sisters from Coleshill will lead the cavalry charge against cancer when they join thousands of women at Cancer Research UK's Race for Life this summer.

Breast cancer survivor Robbie Curtis, aged 49, will sound the starting horn at the 5k Race for Life event at Malvern Park, Solihull on June 22, before joining the throng herself. And trotting along beside her, clad from top to toe in crazy horse and rider costumes, will be her devoted sisters Kate Jones and Gale Quigley, followed by ranks of ‘foot soldiers’ from Robbie’s workplace at Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. The trio are urging mums, daughters, sisters and friends from across the Midlands to join them in the fight against cancer by signing up for a Race for Life 5k, 10k or Pretty Muddy event in the region over the coming months. Robbie, an occupational therapist, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013 after a routine mammogram. Although only aged 48 at the time, Robbie was called for an early mammogram as part of a pilot scheme to screen women in certain geographical areas before the normal age of 50. “I was extremely lucky that I happened to live in a postcode where the pilot was taking place, because I didn’t have any symptoms and I wouldn’t have been screened otherwise,” said Robbie, who has one son, Alex, aged 17. “I had gone on my own to the follow-up appointment because I really wasn’t worried, but when I phoned my husband, Tony, he came rushing out of work to meet me. It all seemed a bit unreal.” Robbie had a lumpectomy at Soli-

hull Hospital in March, followed by a further operation to remove 21 lymph nodes. Luckily the cancer had not spread. In June Robbie started chemotherapy and lost all her hair. Her sisters Kate and Gale, also from Coleshill, did Solihull Race for Life in her honour, though Robbie was too unwell to join them. “We had all done Race for Life together previously at Sutton Coldfield, but obviously it feels a lot closer to home when you are affected yourself,” said Robbie. “Kate was dressed in an enormous ‘fat lady’ suit last year. She looked absolutely hilarious. There were also a lot of the other mums from my son’s rugby club taking part for me, as well as a team of people from work, so it made me feel very special as I cheered them on from the sidelines.” After chemotherapy Robbie had radiotherapy, finishing on Christmas Eve 2013. She is currently being treated with Herceptin and is taking part in a clinical trial which involves the patient injecting the drug at home. “My family and friends were amazing and kept me going through the low patches. My son took it very hard, and kept thinking I was going to die, so I was really moved when he came home one day with a breast cancer ‘ribbon’ tattooed on his chest to raise funds,” said Robbie. She added: “Taking part in Race for Life is my way of hitting cancer where it hurts, and I’m really keen for people to hear my story and know how positive life can be after a cancer diagnosis. Supporting Cancer Research UK’s work is really important to me.” Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life,

in partnership with Tesco, is an inspiring women-only series of 5k, 10k and Pretty Muddy events which raises millions of pounds every year to help beat cancer sooner. Jane Redman, Cancer Research UK’s West Midlands spokesperson, said: “We’re calling on an army of feisty females to help us stop cancer in its tracks. Race for Life events are not about being fit or fast, and dressing up is positively encouraged. The events are an amazing way to celebrate life but also remember those who have been lost to the disease.” Last year, 3443 women took part in Race for Life in Solihull and raised a

fantastic £199,227. This year, organisers need 3,500 women and girls to stride out to help raise £202,500. Every hour, around three people are diagnosed with cancer in the West Midlands. Cancer Research UK receives no Government funding for its ground-breaking work but, with help from the people of the West Midlands, the charity intends to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. To enter Race for Life’s 5k, 10k or Pretty Muddy events in the West Midlands or call 0845 600 6050.

permission, at the home of one of the founders, Dr. Jack Stuart & Mrs Stuart at Blythways, Blythe Road, Coleshill, B46 1AH, from 5pm to 9pm. Admission by ticket only. This should be an enjoyable day for all. Friends, family and past club members will be most welcome. Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for children, to include the cost of a buffet style meal. For further information / tickets, please ring either: Pam Cumberlidge, Chairwoman on 01675 467755, Kit Bramley on 01675 464007, Sharyn Hunt on 01675 464882 or Marie Booth on 01675 467966.

Open Gardens OVER 15 Gardens in the Parish of Nether Whitacre. Saturday & Sunday

12th -13th July 2014. Gardens open 1.30pm - 5.30pm (both days). Tickets from Nether Whitacre Methodist Church, B46 2EH. £5.00 per person. Children free. No dogs please. Ticket proceeds to Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Refreshments and toilets at Methodist church.


Barbecue Meats Local meats with The Haylof t Coffeeshop full traceability. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-4.30pm Sun 10am-1.30pm

Our four resident butchers have expert knowledge and extensive experience to help you with any of your requirements.


Berryfields Farm Shop Berkswell Road, Meriden, Nr Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7LB




Tel: 01676 522 155


Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm Saturday 9-5pm Sunday 10-2pm

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COLESHILL & District Gardening Club will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on Monday 14th July 2014, with a garden party. This will take place, by kind


Coleshill & District Gardening Club 25th Anniversary Celebration



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Bighearted pair take the plunge for good cause

The Coleshill Post

WITH two shops in Coleshill, Mary Ann Evans Hospice will be a familiar charity for many readers.

Their programme of fundraising enables them to continue providing comfort and dignity for the growing number of people needing hospice care in Northern Warwickshire and surrounding villages. Many events take place throughout the year, from glass walks to classic car rallies, but one in June will see two thrill seeking Coleshill residents amongst a group of hospice supporters throwing themselves out of an aircraft at 10,000 feet in a group skydive. Former Coleshill Fire Fighter and Coleshill Post Sport contributor Alan Beckett signed up for the skydive to mark his 60th birthday as well as raise money for the charity. He is joined by Paul Holt of Arch Services, who has already had a taste of freefalling after an indoor skydive in a wind tunnel. Alan, who volunteers for Books Revisited on Coleshill High Street, said, “It’s for a great cause so all donations will be gratefully received. Thanks for your support!” The group will fly out of Langer

Airfield in Nottingham on Sunday 22nd June. To make an online donation you can visit paulsaysgeronimo or

About the Mary Ann Evans Hospice

The Mary Ann Evans Hospice offers a warm and welcoming home from home environment and was established to enhance the quality of life to people who have a life limiting illness.   Our philosophy is not only to enhance the quality of life to our patients but also to support their family and carers throughout illness and bereavement. We offer a range of free of charge services including day hospice, hospice at home, bereavement support, lymphoedema care and holistic care. Our shops help us raise the £1500 a day needed to continue to provide and develop the hospice services. For information pop into the shops or visit PICTURED L TO R: Kim Evans, Manager of books Revisited, Paul Holt and Alan Beckett.

Top entertainment and cheapest drinks: Families and new members welcome at Coleshill Social Club













Coleshill social club has been in business for more than 50 years and is dedicated to continuing it’s support of the local community by offering good entertainment and various other activities.

The club boasts some of the cheapest drinks in the town, and is always looking for new members and actively encourages young families to join them. Until the end

of the year anyone wishing to join can do so for a one off fee of £10. The club offers the following activities: Monday Afternoon & evening – Slimming World meet at the club. There is also Line Dancing with Sharon. Tuesday morning is Boogy Bounce classes with Becky (also held on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning) Tuesday evening there is Ballroom Dancing. Wednesday evening is Line Dancing with John. Thurs-

day evening is Bingo. The club also boasts a crown green bowling green and in the winter months, indoor short mat bowling. There is also a snooker and darts team along with a brand new pool table. Club entertainment is provided by our entertainment team and regular events are organised for members.

Opening times are Monday to Wednesday – 7pm – 11pm, Thursday & Friday – 7pm – 11.30pm, Saturday – 12am – 11.30pm, Sunday – 12am – 11pm

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

HAS it really been a year since I gave my acceptance speech and took on the role of Mayor of North Warwickshire?

like "do you live in a Mayoral Palace" or "are you rich". It was great to engage with them and see their faces when they put the mayoral chain on. I’ve met so many wonderful people, been to some great events, opened much needed facilities, presented awards to sports groups, opened clubs and playgrounds, attended meetings, given speeches to numerous charity & community groups, been to many churches, been on a Ghost Hunt, sat down at far too many dinners and eaten more buffets than I will ever eat again. I won’t lie, it has been a very busy year and I have missed my weekends and the family time. But I couldn’t have done this year if it hadn’t have been for 3 very special people. Firstly my wife Louise. She has been my Rock this year and been by my side for so many events. Louise has thrown herself into the role and has engaged and taken a genuine interest in everyone she met. We have been through a lot of personal issues

Council urges Secretary of State for relief from HS2 NORTH Warwickshire Borough Council today urged the Secretary of State for Transport to make North Warwickshire “a special case” when it comes to how HS2 will be built. The

Council believes that the Borough is the worst affected area in the country given the three line junction in and out of Birmingham and the split in the route to Manchester and Leeds. As a result it has asked the Secretary of State for special consideration to be given to the area because of the complex affects that the construction and operation of the railway will have on the area. The Council has been seeking

a face to face meeting with the Secretary of State since the project was announced. Patrick McLoughlin has however agreed to meet with local MPs and North Warwickshire Borough Council has urged their MP, Dan Byles, to ensure that the project is properly planned in North Warwickshire. Brian Moss, the lead Councillor for HS2, said; “We continue to press for the proper safeguards for North Warwickshire and the unique issues facing the Borough. Life for residents and businesses will be severely disrupted for many years and in lots of cases permanently and we therefore urge the Government to deal with this properly”.

St. Peter and St. Paul’s church, Water Orton

ALL Anglican churches in the country were encouraged to sow Flanders poppies in their church grounds on 30th April to commemorate the centenary of World War One. These

poppy seeds were available from a large DIY Store and a pound of their cost was donated to The British Legion. Pictured are some members of the congregation sowing the seeds in the Church grounds after the 10 a.m. Service of Holy Communion on Wednesday 30th April. The plot

reserved for this can be seen by the side gate entrance to the church, in Coleshill Road (opposite the Library). These seeds will hopefully come into full flowering by the actual Anniversary of the commencement of the War on 4th August and will be a tribute to the sacrifice of past generations. On that day, which is a Monday, there will be a special service of Commemoration and Remembrance relating to the First World War 1914 - 1918 in the Parish Church of Water Orton at a time to be advised – watch this space.

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If I knew back then what I was going to do this year, would I have agreed to take on the role? In all honesty, yes. I said last year that I wanted to promote community and voluntary groups and encourage young adults to have a more active role in the local community. This year I have met hundreds of volunteers and been lucky enough to open the volunteer centre and present awards to volunteers from North Warwickshire. As I travelled to different counties and boroughs I proudly promoted our HUBS. So many people were interested in what this borough had done with our 12 hubs and a number are going to use our ideas. I feel confident in saying that the volunteers and community workers I have met this year are the back bone of North Warwickshire. If there is something I will take away from this year, that is knowing that North Warwickshire has groups of committed people who work so hard to ensure that our communities are cared for. Volunteers aren’t paid because they’re worthless but because they are priceless. I have also engaged with schools. Democracy day was a thoroughly enjoyable day and the pupils at Coleshill School really engaged well. So many of the children asked Councillors challenging questions and they took an interest in how the council operates. I was very impressed with their thirst for knowledge of local politics and the way they debated current topics like the turning out of street lights and should the voting age be lowered. I met groups of school children in the Council chamber and loved questions

this year and she has coped so well. Secondly, Jonathan & Jessica. They have been the best kids any father could ask for. They’ve attended events in the evenings and weekends and given up so much of their spare time and family time. I have been so proud to hear other Mayors talk so highly of them. Not only were they true ambassadors for North Warwickshire, but they were also dedicated mini mayors. I do also need to thank my in-laws, Jed & Kim, for stepping in so often to help us with care. Also to my stand in consorts, Joanne Moulton, Carol Saunders, Jane Hopkins, Kim Fathers and Hannah Fathers, I appreciate your support at Mayoral events. This year my charity has been DOORWAY and I held a number of events to raise funds for them. The best of these was my Bavarian night at Coleshill Town Hall, which was a sell out. I would like to thank everyone who came along in support and all the business’s who kindly donated raffle prizes and sponsored tables. So far I do not know the total raised, but I am happy to say that the raffle on the night raised £804.50 for JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Fund). All in all it has been a tremendous year and one I shall never forget. I would like to thank the people of Coleshill and North Warwickshire for their support. I hope you will give the new Mayor, Cllr Ray Sweet, as much support as you have given me and I would like to wish him a successful year in office. To finish I would like to quote someone who once said, “Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.”

Remberance of First World War


End of Mayoral term speech



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Dan Byles MP

Elections, opinion polls, and predictions

The Coleshill Post

Almost all politicians are fascinated by opinion polls and election results. It might sound a bit sad, but most of us find the swings and the trends interesting - and of course for some of us it can represent an indication of how likely we are to keep our jobs in the future!

Last week saw three separate elections across parts of North Warwickshire & Bedworth. These are the last set of elections before the general election in May next year. We also saw the results of a large opinion poll that looked at the 24 most marginal Conservative-Labour constituencies. The results of all of these make for fascinating reading. But first, what have the national opinion polls been saying? The conventional wisdom is that an opposition party expecting to win a general election should be significantly ahead in the polls a year beforehand. For example a year before the 2010 general election the Conservative Party were running 15 to 20 points ahead of Labour in a string of opinion polls. Whereas recent national opinion polls this month, a year out from the next general election, have shown Labour and the Conservatives are currently

running pretty much neck and neck. We saw two polls last week putting the Conservatives 2 points ahead, and on Sunday a YouGov poll in the Sunday Times put Labour just 1 point ahead of the Conservatives. With the economy forecast to continue improving, that is not a good sign for Labour. The next thing an opposition party wants as we get into the final year before a general election, is to be gaining ground on the governing party. Again, things are not looking very rosy for Labour on this front. A year ago in May 2013 a YouGov poll in the Sunday Times put Labour on 40%, a ten point lead over the Conservatives (30%). Compare that to the 1 point lead on Sunday. Far from gaining ground they appear to be going backwards. These polls were backed up by the BBC's national vote share equivalent from the local elections, which showed that had last week been a general election Labour would have polled 31% and the Conservatives 29%. Those are national opinion polls, but last week we saw a large marginal seat poll that actually looked at some individual seats. It is unusual to see a poll of a specific constituency, so this was fascinating. The results for North Warwickshire & Bedworth were particularly interesting. The poll showed that across the 24 most

marginal seats in the country, there has been a swing of 6.5% from the Conservatives to Labour since the 2010 general election. But here in North Warwickshire & Bedworth the swing to Labour is only 4%. So the local Labour Party appear to be under performing compared to other areas. So much for the opinion polls, what about actual elections? Lets look at each in turn. First, there was a by-election in Hartshill on Thursday for a county council seat. Last year Labour won this seat, with UKIP second and the Conservatives third. The results this time were broadly the same - the parties came in in the same order with a very small swing to the Conservative candidate from both Labour and UKIP, but too small to make a difference. Not much to learn there. Then there were borough council elections in Nuneaton & Bedworth. Since Nuneaton is not part of my constituency I will stick to Bedworth for this analysis, and here the results were particularly interesting. All five wards that were up for election had Labour councillors defending, and all five were held by Labour. But the change in vote share from the last local elections in 2012 is the interesting part. Labour's share of the vote fell in three wards: Heath, Exhall and Bede. The Conservatives share of the vote went up

in all five wards. Across the whole town of Bedworth, there was a swing of almost 7% from Labour to the Conservatives since 2012. So over the last two years, people in Bedworth appear to be moving away from Labour and back to the Conservatives. UKIP did not stand in Bedworth in 2012 and they only stood in one ward (Exhall) this time around. In that ward Labour's share of the vote fell and the Conservatives' share of the vote rose. That suggests that UKIP took more votes from Labour than from the Conservatives, which was interesting. Finally, we have the results of the European elections. It is always difficult to compare a euro election with a general election as people vote on very different things. As expected, UKIP topped the poll nationally and locally. This is a bitter blow for the Labour Party - it is the first time in thirty years that the main opposition party hasn't won a European election. What is more interesting is that in North Warwickshire the Conservatives came second with Labour coming third. For an opposition hoping to win the general election in less tha a year, that must be worrying for the local Labour Party. There are a lot of percentages and numbers in this article, and I suspect that only those quite interested in politics are still reading. But as these were the last set of

elections before the general election next year I thought it would be useful to have a look and see what lessons can be drawn from them. In summary, Labour and the Conservatives are running broadly neck and neck in national option polls with less than a year to go before the next general election. Labour are currently ahead of the Conservatives across the constituency of North Warwickshire & Bedworth, and the overall swing to Labour across the constituency since 2010 is just 4% - less than in many other marginal seats. Labour have a lead over the Conservatives in Bedworth, but that lead is shrinking - with a swing from Labour to the Conservatives of 7% since 2012. And the euro election results suggest that the Conservatives have a lead over Labour in North Warwickshire. Clear as mud! My prediction for the general election next year? It is in the hands of the good people of North Warwickshire & Bedworth, and I wouldn't presume to guess! But it is clear that despite some of the difficult and unpopular decisions the Coalition Government has had to make over the last four years to clear up the mess and fix the economy, here in North Warwickshire & Bedworth the general election next year is very much in open play.

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Cllr Mick Stanley - Leader of NWBC

Council angry as HS2 mitigation funding is cut

HS2 so it was a fairly amicable affair. We all understand the high price local people will pay for this railway. We all agree we must oppose this folly. In the recent debate on the HS2 Bill, I was immensely pleased to see that the Coventry and Warwickshire, Tory and Labour MPs, Byles, Robinson, Cunningham, White and Pawsey voted solidly against HS2. I expected no less of them. Well done. However I was shocked to the core to see that Marcus Jones MP of Nuneaton had voted for HS2. He needs to explain why he did this. Local people at least deserve an explanation. My council is very angry about the recent Government announcement that effectively reduces the amount of money available to communities affected by HS2. It is estimated that

My council is very angry about the recent “Government announcement that effectively reduces the amount of money available to communities affected by HS2. house prices for people nearby will fall by up to 15% because of HS2. The new compensation scheme means people whose houses will have to be demolished will be paid 10% in addition to the value of the house. Those within 120 metres of the centre of the line will be offered a cash payment of up to 10% of the value of their houses if they want to stay. However, that amount falls to just £7,500 for those 300m from the centre of the line. The new scheme has nothing new for businesses or to compensate local Councils for the loss of business rates

and Council Tax caused by the line's destruction. If you live far away from HS2, don’t be fooled. Every person in the borough is likely to suffer financially if HS2 is built. The council will lose income and will either have to put up council taxes or cut services. The government compensation is not new money. It will be met from within the budget for the HS2 scheme. This will mean there will be less money available for measures to reduce the impact on communities and the countryside. In other words one neighbour gets less help so another neighbour

gets more. A second concern is this: the government has refused to disclose a major report on the costs of HS2. This report drafted in 2011 is called the Major Projects Report. It will look at the financial and planning risks associated with HS2. They promised to make it public and recently reneged on the promise. They’re trying to keep it secret. I want our MPs to kick up a real fuss about this. If this report is published it is likely to show that HS2 is risky and is not value for money. A freedom of information request was made for it

to be published. The government refused. The independent Information Commissioner told the government to release it. The government refused. Now in an unprecedented case the Information Commissioner is taking the government to the High Court. My council has set aside funding to help fight HS2. So has the county council. Across the political parties in this area everyone is united, with the exception of Marcus Jones. Whilst its true that the national parties seem to be against us, I still remain optimistic. As Winston Churchill once said, “The government usually does the right thing, after it has exhausted all the other options.” HS2 is a bad project, put forward for dubious reasons, with high financial risks for the taxpayer and it will cause immense destruction in its wake. I hope common sense will prevail and the government will drop this bad idea and save the people of North Warwickshire Borough from this folly. ®

The Coleshill Post

I recently spoke at the Polesworth Stop HS2 annual meeting with Dan Byles, Mike O’Brien and the Stop HS2 Campaigner Joe Rukin. No one locally supports



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

CURDWORTH Parish Council are seeking the views of residents as to what facilities they would like to see available in the village, through a consultation questionnaire being sent to every household in the parish.

ON Thursday 8th May we met up with Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at The Coleshill Post offices along with the leader of North Warwickshire Borough Council, Mick Stanley, former MP and prospective parliamentary candidate Mike O’Brien and Coleshill Town Councillor Adam Farrell.

The main topic of conversation was the issues faced by rural councils when delivering services across the country. In his role in the shadow cabinet Mr Irranca-Davies is heavily involved in rural affairs, and his own constituency of Ogmore in South Wales is faces very similar problems. Mick Stanley has campaigned hard to get fairer treatment for North Warwickshire from central government in relation to the increased cost of delivering similar services in more urban councils Mick Stanley said: “The cost of running a rural council is completely different to that of an urban one. From refuse collections to public amenities, everything we do costs more due to the physical nature of our borough. Villages are spread across wide areas linked only by B roads and country lanes. For example the distance between conurbations means that instead of one leisure centre we need four, our amenities need to be duplicated to deliver the required level of service.” “We are not asking for anything different from the government only that we are treated fairly and in proportion with our actual costs. For example there are no buses in or out of Polesworth

from 7pm onwards making it difficult for people to get to places like Tamworth or Atherstone. It also limits the possibility of commuting to and from work for many individuals during those hours.” Former cabinet member Mike O’Brien added: “It is vital to provide the same level of services and amenities in all of our different towns otherwise residents will feel that they have been treated unfairly, and rightly so. However the downside to this is the additional costs involved which more urban councils simply do not have.” Mr Irranca-Davies replied: “It’s important that we recognise these rural issues. There is currently a live debate in parliament about the funding formula for rural areas and I do recognise that it is more difficult and more costly to deliver rural services. Problems are often harder to recognise in such areas where as you will easily recognise them in an inner city.” “It is helpful to hear first hand from the leader of the council Mick Stanley and also former MP Mike O’Brien the real problems we face. I can now take these issues directly to parliament and work on suggestions to solve the many problems.” Mick Stanley said: “Where we are today is a great example of the initiative of local councillors. The Community Hub was set up by Cllr Adam Farrell over twelve months ago now and provides vital access to services for those who cannot get to Atherstone such as advice on housing, benefits, employment along with various courses to help local people gain more knowledge and experience. At present there are twelve Community Hub’s across

the borough and they make a huge difference.” Cllr Adam Farrell added: “The Coleshill Hub offers a vital service to local people and visitor numbers are increasing week on week thanks to publicity from The Coleshill Post and the hard work of our staff member and volunteers. The fact is that these initiatives cost money, despite being manned by an army of volunteers extra funding is required and I will continue to work hard for the community and raise the necessary funds from all available sources.” Mr Irranca-Davies said: “I am impressed to hear about the additional funding the Borough Council has given to improving broadband speeds throughout North Warwickshire. We do have areas that have limited access to the internet and it is critical not only to businesses but to school children completing homework, access to resources and access to special offers that are available to those with good broadband connections are missed by those in limited connection areas which doesn’t seem fair at all.” “Whether it’s broadband, transport or health care, there has to be a greater collaboration between local and central government. The current government has asked councils to do more and more without providing the resources, and in fact cutting funding in North Warwickshire. So something does need to be done.” We would like to thank Mr Irranca-Davies for taking time out of his busy schedule to listen to our concerns and hope that parliament pay as much attention to what he has to say and make rural counties a better place for all of us to live in.

Cllr Weatherley, Chair of the Parish Council says “Last year, the Housing Minister announced funding available to community groups who wanted to develop community facilities. The funding enables groups to formally consult with resident and establish local needs, build up their development proposals and submit a planning application for community buildings. It helps communities to achieve their development ambitions for their local area through revenue funding and provides a real opportunity for people to influence services in their local area.”

Louise Baudet, Clerk to the Parish Council says “we are currently circulating a questionnaire to all residents to establish what services and facilities are needed in the area. We have already identified the need to renovate our sports changing facilities, which gives an ideal opportunity to create a larger building project on the site of King George V Playing fields which can provide a ‘hub’ within the local community. Ideas include a community lunch club, computer and internet facilities, job club and volunteering, telephone hotlines, training and meeting facilities. These are just an example of the range of services which could potentially be delivered, not just for residents, but also for local groups and businesses. A copy of the questionnaire is available on the Parish Council website which is www. or from the Clerk to the Parish Council at

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Mike O’Brien (Left) with Huw Irranca-Davies

Parish Council seeks views of residents in Curdworth


Shadow Secretary vows to help rural councils



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Borough Council aims to protect and improve services despite budget cuts

The Coleshill Post

FOLLOWING a meeting of a Task Group, set up to look at the future of Council services, North Warwickshire Borough Council is to actively explore the best way forward for continuing to provide quality, cost-effective, local services in the face of continuing reductions in budgets. The Council, which has a track record of ‘punching above its weight’ and being seen as a ‘partner of choice’ by local organisations, wants to ensure that with the prospect of reducing resources for the public sector into

the foreseeable future, every opportunity is taken to protect services, whilst ensuring that they fit the needs and requirements of local people. Councillors were concerned that the ‘one size fits all’ approach of a Unitary Warwickshire County Council took no account of the varied geography and make-up of the various parts of Warwickshire and, in particular, that moves to a Warwick-based super-Council would potentially accelerate that reduction in public service provision in the rural north. Leader of the Council, Councillor Mick

Stanley, said: “Councillors in North Warwickshire are keen to ensure that we do everything in our power to protect and enhance local services. Recent years have seen threats to and reductions in public services in the Borough, including Police, Health, Courts, Registrars’ services and Rural Transport. As a Council focussed on looking after local interests, we have taken action to moderate the impact that this can have on local communities, for example, by working with health bodies to provide services in Council buildings, providing a home for local Police

services and JobCentre Plus, setting up a chain of rural hubs to improve communication to rural communities and taking the lead on responding in a timely and effective way to local emergencies, whether it be flooding, the need to provide food banks, or to the closure of key local businesses such as Daw Mill Colliery and Greenwoods. We have been working for years on innovative local solutions, whilst staying within our budget and keeping the Council Tax down. We intend to keep doing that, taking account of the views of our residents, and we will look

to work with all our partners, both inside and outside the Borough, including Town and Parish Councils, to reduce our costs even further, whilst continuing to deliver quality local services. We are happy to talk to and negotiate with anyone to achieve this, but do not believe that a sterile discussion around a one size fits all organisation based in the south of the County is the right way forward. In the meantime, rumours of the Borough Council’s imminent demise have been exaggerated to say the least!”

People promoting partnerships

BY BEN HOBBIS I have always realised the importance of people working in partnership, both professionally and personally and for whatever reason to show they care, to guide someone, to help someone or to love someone. However,

this has been reinforced to myself recently. In November 2013, the Coleshill School Student Voice organised and ran a very successful and high profile Student Voice Conference. We had attendees from nine schools with over ninety guests. The day was a huge success with the purpose being to launch a partnership of schools connected through student voice and leadership. This reinforced the importance of partnership and working with one another. The day was great to see how students developed relationships with one another. We have recently to launch our partnership put together a newsletter ‘Partnership Matters’ a compilation of all of the good practice taking place across the schools within the partnership. Should you wish to obtain copy then please email me at Also, as I have just experienced leavers day for Year 13 at school, I observed how well everyone is

linked and works in partnership together. Furthermore, being a speaker at the recent Civic Society talk on the ‘Future of Coleshill from a Young Person’s Perspective’, it was encouraging the amount of people who turned out to show their support and interest in what us ‘young’ people had to offer. There is the national image of youth and young people in hoodies causing mischief, this isn’t always the case. I work with young people day in day out who are doing great things: young actresses, leaders, volunteers, and aspiring teachers. Emphasis of these young people is key also both locally and nationally. As I go on after my examinations to set up my youth volunteering project as a return for my civic society bursary, I have and will continue to recognise the importance of involving and working with others. Therefore, I do ask anyone who wishes to come forward and support us in improving an already good Coleshill to become even better and better for all, with an emphasis of young people then please do contact me. So please remember that no matter what you wish to achieve you need good people around you, both professionally and personally. Work in partnership with one another!

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

THE Community (B.O.B.) Hubs project , which has provided ICT, help and advice across North Warwickshire, has been shortlisted for a national award.

SLIMMERS have joined together to spring-clean their wardrobes and donate their clothes to Cancer Research UK in support of the national fundraising campaign ‘The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw’.

Members of Coleshill Slimming World along with other local groups collected all their unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories to donate to Cancer Research UK. Each single bag collected could raise around £25 for the charity. The campaign is a nationwide fundraising drive that sees Slimming World members across the UK donating clothes to Cancer Research UK, Slimming World’s charity partner in 2014. Last year slimmers donated £888,586 worth of stock across the UK, and this year is going to raise even more with Coleshill getting right behind it. All profits go to support the charity’s life-saving work to help beat cancer sooner. Toni Russell, who runs the Coleshill group and is also an area manager , says the consultants and all of their members were more than willing to donate their unwanted clothes to help such a worthwhile cause, and jumped at the chance to recycle the clothes they’ve slimmed out of to help raise money. She says ‘The response was so big we had to organise a driver with a van from cancer research to collect the huge amount of donations and on Saturday 17th May, John from the charity came along to pick up the 300 bags of clothes that we had collected! She says: “Our Members have really embraced this fabulous fundraising campaign and they have been more than happy to

donate their ‘big’ clothes because they know that they’re never going to need them again! Between them members of the group have lost an amazing amount of weight and now they’re looking and feeling fantastic -- I’m very proud! “One in three of us are affected by cancer and being overweight increases the risk of developing the disease, so we’re determined to do anything we can do to help fight cancer and help people lead healthier lives. At group each week we support members to make healthy changes to the way they shop, cook and eat that they can keep up for life. I’m delighted that my team are always so keen to pull together and support local good causes. Cancer touches so many people’s lives so most people are keen to contribute. The money raised will support Cancer Research UK’s research that helps to find new treatments and, in the long term a cure for cancer. It’s easy to take your health for granted and I think it’s so important to support causes that help

others that aren’t in good health, it’s great to know that the money raised from donated items will go towards research to find better ways to treat cancer. Karen Bevan, area manager for Cancer Research UK , says: “We welcome clothes and items of all shapes, sizes and styles and were absolutely thrilled to receive such a huge donation. It’s wonderful to be able to help celebrate the amazing weight losses and the improvements to health that Slimming World members achieve. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen to use their slimming success to raise money for Cancer Research UK – it makes a real difference to our fundraising efforts and it’s good to raise awareness that being overweight increases cancer risk too. ” Anyone who’d like to lose weight with Slimming World is welcome to come along to the Coleshill group, which meets every Monday 3.30, 5.30 & 7.30 at the Social Club. To find out more visit or call Toni on 07971686698.

Hosted by the local government publication, The Municipal Journal (MJ.), the ‘Achievement Awards 2014’ comprise 14 categories with North Warwickshire shortlisted under ‘Excellence in Community Engagement.’ Alongside the Borough Council are another 10, including larger councils such as the City of Edinburgh, East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull City Council. The Community Hubs are funded and supported by North Warwickshire Borough Council at various locations around the Borough and run with the help of Parish Councils and a team of volunteers. The Hubs offer access to a freephone linking to key organisations , free use of laptops and in some locations, video con-

ferencing allowing face to face contact with staff at the Borough Council and the CAB. Bob Trahern, Assistant Chief Executive (Community Services) said: “ There are only 12 District or Borough Councils in amongst the 88 finalists from 354 councils nationwide so it proves yet again that North Warwickshire is punching well above its weight. It’s a fantastic achievement to have made it through this far, particularly as we are one of the smallest Councils in the country. Whilst winning would be great, what is most important is ensuring local people have improved access to Council services and help during these difficult economic times. “ The final results will be announced at a dinner in London on Thursday 19th June. For more information about the locations and opening times of the Hubs, see or ring the Borough Council on 01827 715341.

The Coleshill Post

Community Hubs project shortlisted for national award


Coleshill’s super slimmers throw themselves into fundraising campaign


The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

BY MIKE WALPOLE COLESHILL was on track to get a 40-bedroom hotel on the site of a long-standing eyesore on the outskirts of town before HS2 appeared on the horizon.

The plans show a similarity to what was on site before.

Mapmaker John Snape recorded the hall and the stable block at the top of his 1782 map of Coleshill, which hangs in the market hall.

Re-use keeps history alive

The old stable block is fully worthy of retention and repair if an appropriate future use can be found, the papers report.

“The building here is not a surviving remnant but a building that is capable of re-use sympathetically, so as to retain a visual and historic link to that Hall. Moreover, it is on a site known for significant archaeological interest relating to medieval Coleshill. As a consequence, there is indeed merit in looking at proposals that would recognise this significance. It is not the architectural features or attributes that are of particular interest here. It is the local historic interest that is uppermost when assessing the impor-

tance of this particular asset.” Joint picture caption (sketch plus artists impression/s of the development and new photograph). Mapmaker John Snape recorded the hall and the stable block at the top of his 1782 map of Coleshill, which hangs in the market hall. The market hall contains a small display on the history of the old hall. A caption beneath a drawing of the old hall says it was the seat of the Clintons, the Mountfords and latterly the Digbys before the family moved to Sherborne Castle. The hall was pulled down in the mid 18th century, leaving just the stables. The plans show a similarity to what was on site before.

more images from this article online by clicking WWW See

Unless things change, the railroad is coming coming through the middle of what remains of Coleshill Hall farm, taking out a 17th century listed building and creating a 21st century eyesore in its place. If HS2 eventually fails, plans are in place to refurbish and change the use of the Grade II listed former stables/farmhouse at the farm to accommodate the dining/cooking/ lounge/reception and other service functions of a 40 bedroom hotel, together with staff rooms and office accommodation. The hotel will be built next to it if a long list of conditions are met. North Warwickshire Borough Council resolved in 2010 to grant planning permission subject to further studies being undertaken – archaeology in particular. The studies have not been completed, so no permission has been issued, but the resolution still stands. The agreement in principle came

with conditions, including Listed Building Consent and referral to the then Secretary of State as a Green Belt Development. The case was referred to the Secretary of State, but he did not intervene. The story is contained in application papers lodged with the borough council in March 2010 for The Trustees of the K E Wingfield Digby Settlement. To see them in their entirety, go to the planning pages on the council’s website and use PAP/2010/0088 when prompted for a reference number. In 1970, planning permission was granted for the now derelict agricultural buildings to the north of the former stables. The stable block were listed in 1989. Planning permission and Listed Building Consent were granted in 2007 for the demolition of the agricultural buildings and the conversion of the old stables to form five live/work units together with ancillary site works. These applications have not been taken up. The papers say that an estimated £100,000 was been spent to combat vandalism, repairs and other measures including the removal of other buildings close by in order to prevent access; blocking up open-

ings, clearing the undergrowth to make the site more visible and the digging of ditches to prevent vehicular access. Many of these measures have had to be repeated. The report adds the applicant is keen to dispose of the site, and thus needs to find a developer for the site. The 2007 permission found no interest, but the applicant considers there is a greater potential for securing that interest with the current proposals. The scheme for the stables will substantively preserve and retain the special historic and architectural features of the building. Planners agreed that that enabling development is the minimum necessary to secure the repair and retention of the heritage. They concluded that the enabling development would not have an adverse impact on the setting of the Listed Building or the openness of the Green Belt hereabouts. It adds: “As a consequence, because of the importance of the heritage asset here, it is considered that this current opportunity to find a satisfactory outcome should not be lost, and that the resolution to support in principle would be expedient and appropriate.”

Although not a Scheduled Ancient Monument, the site has archaeological interest, says the the appraisal report accompanying the application.

This is mainly directed at the moat and the area on the Coleshill side of the building. The appraisal report suggests that these are medieval in age, and show that there was human habitation here before the hall. The Warwickshire Museum considered that these features may well extend onto the site itself, and thus there was a need for investigations before any determination of this application.

The Coleshill Post

HS2 derails 40-bedroom hotel plans


A caption beneath a drawing of the old hall says it was the seat of the Clintons, the Mountfords and latterly the Digbys. The hall was pulled down in the mid 18th century, leaving just the stables.



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Harry Taylor

Lord Plumb: Why Europe Matters


The Coleshill Post

Why Europe Matters: Lord Plumb on why the EU might not be perfect but the alternative is far worse. On Monday 19th May the Coleshill Post team spent a glorious late morning sat in the garden of the Dairy Farm, Lord Plumb’s home in the parish of Coleshill.

The beautiful surroundings and hot sun were in stark contrast to the political situation across Europe just three days before the European elections on Thursday 22nd. The nations of Europe have yet to recover from the economic battering they received with the global financial meltdown of 2008 which served as a wake-up call to those who thought themselves immune from the economic cycle of boom and bust in the contemporary capitalist system. But just as the painful European recession of the early 1930s, dubbed the “hungry thirties”, made even the most intelligent and well meaning citizen turn their back on international co-operation and instead to fascism and nationalism, so now the parties of nationalism are on the rise across Europe. Their message is simple: pull out of the European Union and deport certain ethnic and immigrant groups that are the supposed cause of many of their country’s ills. Problem solved. Or is it? Lord Plumb remembers the Second World War well; he was a young farmer at Southfields Farm in Coleshill whilst German bombers raised Coventry and battered Birmingham on the orders of Adolf Hitler, a politician who came to power promising to cure the Germany’s ills by removing the Jews from public life and making Germa-

ny powerful once more. Hitler saw co-operation with other countries as beneath him and the German people and that co-operation should only occur if the German people benefitted. One of the first things the German Führer did was to pull German delegates out of the League of Nations conference of 1933, a group formed in the aftermath of the First World War to promote international co-operation and prevent another savage conflict of petty nationalism. With the League of Nations sidelined, Hilter was able to defy the Treaty of Versaille and re-arm on a grand scale, not to mention annex two countries, Austria and Czechoslovakia, without a shot being fired. The rest is, as they say, history. I’m not digressing or exaggerating by recalling that Hitler was only able to do what he did due to a combination of German voters’ distrust in established political parties and later the lack of political unity in Europe to provide a united response to prevent catastrophe. Since the end of the Second World War European countries have made a concerted effort to live side by side in peace by close political and trade links. With the future of a united Europe in mind I asked Lord Plumb his feelings on why the EU is still important especially with the spectre of Nationalism once again rising in Europe, and this country, in the guise of UKIP. “We are commemorating this year one hundred years since war started in Europe in 1914. One hundred years is a relatively short space of time in the history of humanity. I always think

back to the millions killed at that time, relatives of mine, relatives of yours and everybody else. I think back to the wickedness of what happened at that time and when the Second World War started because of Adolf Hitler, a man who had the tremendous support of a lot of Germans at that time. He was a complete madman and it was proved so in the end. So what I’m really saying is that after those experiences surely to goodness its better to find ways and means of working together rather than continuing to fight each other. That alone is a good reason why we should find a way to live together, work together and trade together, politically and socially and it can be done.” “With the election on Thursday we are possibly seeing a change the likes of which we have not seen before with the rise of anti-European parties. It really grieves me to hear people say of Europe ‘they are telling us what to do’ when ‘they’ are us! We British have exactly the same vote as any other country in the EU and we have much more clout than most of them because we are the best dealers in the single market. Fifty percent of our trade goes into the rest of Europe and so it has developed in our interest. The single market has been the best thing for Britain; the free movement of goods, labour and capital throughout the frontiers.” The big issue leading up to this European election is immigration. Nigel Farage has won much support with his anti-immigration message and recent-

ly revealed that he felt uncomfortable hearing people speak in Britain for whom English is not their first language. He also said he wouldn’t want to live next door to Romanians. However, Farage was embarrassed last Friday during an LBC interview when it was revealed that his wife is a German and that his daughters have English only as their second language. I ask Lord Plumb about immigration. “Immigration is rightly a major subject. It’s a concern to people when a country like Britain has high unemployment and they see people coming in to work. Those immigrants are coming in largely because they have been offered work by employers and I know a turkey farmer who can’t get suitable labour in this country to prepare the turkey’s for Christmas. So when an employer can’t get workers in this country they have to go abroad. You can’t blame people for wanting to use foreign workers. However, having said that, the figures that Farage and UKIP have been banding about are totally spurious and having said there were tens of millions of Romanians and Bulgarians coming over last year, he’s been made to look a fool. I know a lot of Poles who are actually going back to Poland because things are improving in Poland and can now find employment there.” I push Lord Plumb further on UKIP and whether he thinks Britain could survive if Farage came to power and pulled Britain out of Europe. “It is becoming fashionable for people to say they’re voting UKIP. UKIP is seen to be a protest vote which I think is a totally wasted vote. If anyone thinks they can vote for a party to go over there and kill Europe I can only say it amounts to a mosquito landing on an elephant’s back. They can do nothing but waste your money and my money because we are the ones funding them to go over there and do nothing constructive for us but cause trouble. I would therefore vote for somebody, whether they be Socialist or Conservative, as long as they are willing to go over there and negotiate a better deal for this country.” Playing devil’s advocate, I commented that joining the EEC (the forerunner to the EU) had inflicted terrible pain on British industry. British coal miners for example were expected to produce coal cheaper than state subsidised coal from Eastern Europe and British manufacturers were expected to compete with lower wages and heavy state subsidies in foreign countries. Combined with the British government in the 1980s unwilling to provide state support for those industries like other European governments such as Germany, they closed down nationwide leaving huge numbers of unemployed from the Steel factories,

coal mines and manufacturing industries. Can we build up British industry again and will we be able to compete? “Yes, I think we are building industry again in this country and I think it not a bad thing that we face tougher competition from those countries on our doorstep. We lost millions in terms of trade during the Thatcher regime because we were always saying no and criticising Europe but we’re getting bak up again. There is an aspect of what you’ve just said which I hear from UKIP and others who say that if we pull out of Europe we can just go on trading as we do now. We can’t. There is a single market and there is an agreement which if we leave will cease. What is there to stop any of those countries slapping on a 10% tariff on any of our goods after we leave Europe? We would return to pre Europe days when we had to pay more for foreign goods and vice versa whereby what is produced in this country would be less competitive.” That situation would lead once more to unemployment rising in Britain and would make us less attractive to foreign investors from Europe. One only needs to looks at the BMW plant at Hams Hall and Jaguar Land Rover at Castle Bromwich to see how important such investment is. So to finish, Lord Plumb, the former MEP and President of the European Parliament feels that our future lies with Europe. It has to for Britain to survive. I say to Lord Plumb that I feel there are two routes for Briatin: to stay in Europe or go it alone. “Asia is so strong economically now that if we don’t stay with Europe and take advantage of that market we will really be in a sorry state. In the eyes of the world we’ll look like ‘nanas if we leave Europe. Back to UKIP, I’m in danger of saying that what Mr Farage is whipping up in this country is beginning to look like what master Hitler was doing when I was a boy. He is such a dominant character and he can say what he likes about policies because he knows very well he doesn’t have to carry them out. You know, we’ve never been fought over in this country like other European countries. We’ve never had a lot of Germans and Russians walking all over our land and killing people as they passed, thank God. But for those countries that have they have a better understanding of what a lack of co-operation in Europe can lead to.” The European elections took place on Thursday 22nd May. The results are as follows: Ukip 27.5%, with 23 MEPs Labour 25.4 with 18 MEPs Conservatives 23.94% with 18 MEPs Greens 7.87% with 3 MEPs Liberal Democrats 6.87% with 1 MEP

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


He gave me great support in arranging and designing several of my early history publications, late becoming my co-author. He was involved in the founding and running of the Chelmsley Local History Society, now known as the North Arden Local History Society, which this year celebrates 40 years. From his evening history courses at Water Orton Village School the Water Orton Village Research Group began. Now called the Water Orton Local History Society it meets on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Library. He was involved from the beginning in the discovery of the Roman Settlement on Grimstock Hill near Coleshill. After I had sent him a small parcel of what I thought was Medieval Pottery I had picked up from disturbed soil, turned over from the builder’s dumper trucks, his meeting

The Coleshill Post

He was a very good friend, colleague and co-author, a mine of historical information and the dependable ‘I know a man who does’ to all the questions I did not know, when asked about our local heritage.

with professional archaeologists a few days later had a very excited Jerry on the phone talking about ‘hitting the jackpot’ . Those few shards of pottery made us very unpopular with the builders. The rest is history. Jerry was also involved in the dig at the old Park Hall moat at Castle Bromwich and was very disappointed and angry when the old Tithe Barn was demolished and burnt before anything could be done to save it. I have several files full of historical information of our area given to me by Jerry, all deeply informative and often referred to. He was also in the Probus Club at Coleshill and became the Chairman in May last year. Castle Bromwich his own village saw him as a councillor and I believe he became the Chairman of that Council some years ago. At many of our History exhibitions Jerry and I would stand for hours talking to the many visitors about the local history. He always kept to the written facts about the subjects while I rambled on about how things used to be from my uncontrollable imagination, but not once did he pull me up on my theories. It was only that wry smile


Jerry Dutton


that told me what he was thinking. His knowledge of historical dates and events far outreached my own but he never boasted about it. The dreaded H.S.2 will knock out the remaining historical sites in our area, Jerry and I being very upset by the lack of interest shown by the authorities concerned with our local history. He discovered that a certain Mick Aston as a young student many years ago surveyed the old Coleshill Hall site with its moat and earthworks, I informed ‘Time Team’ of our concern and Mick wrote back and told me of their interest. Sadly, we have lost both Mick and the Team, a coinci-

dence I wonder? I know Jerry was involved in many more societies and clubs and will be greatly missed. I feel very proud and privileged to have had him as a friend and colleague and have to accept that another ‘library full of historical information’ has been lost forever. My sincere condolences go to his family. Pictured: Colin Green on the left, and Jerry Dutton with Professor Carl Chinn MBE at the 21st Anniversary of the North Arden Local History Society (1995).


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

Love Coleshill Display Competition Winner! JEM Lines Clothing and Accessories at 124 High Street, Coleshill was the proud winner of the Love Coleshill Easter Shop Window Competition thanks to a fantastic window dominated by a dress made entirely from recycled copies of the Coleshill Post!

Jules Burd, owner of the shop was thrilled to win the competition and said that since the win people have been coming to the shop to see the amazing dress. It has now been removed from the window and is on display inside the shop. Jules started in the retail fash-

ion industry at the tender age of 18 when she opened her first shop in Birmingham, closely followed by two more. Years later she enquired about availability of a shop on Coleshill High Street but was unsuccessful in securing it, but three years later out of the blue came a call asking if she was still interested in the premises. Jules proudly opened Jem Lines in October 2012 selling ex-Marks and Spencer, exNext and a lovely Italian clothes range complemented by accessories, shoes, jewellery and bags all at great prices. Jules enjoys spending her days in the shop, designing the displays, buying the stock and chatting to all her customers. She has recently started holding clairvoyant afternoons on a monthly basis and if you are interested in booking your place

please pop into the shop at 124 High Street Coleshill or call 07801 063 482 and talk to Jules. The shop is open between 10am and 5pm (ish) Monday to Saturday. Jules said “Since opening the shop I have held events and a fashion show at the Town Hall and I also do house parties where I bring along a variety of clothing, accessories and jewellery in a selection of sizes and the host receives a free gift of a piece of jewellery. I am also a member of the Love Coleshill Consortium and will be having a stand at the Love Coleshill Summer Market on 7th June at Coleshill Town Hall.” She gives a free semi-precious stone as her offer to Love Coleshill Loyalty Card Holders when they spend over £20. Loyalty cards are free and are available in Carters, Penny Johnson Flowers,

Jenny Wren Gallery and Heads, together with the Love Coleshill Bags for Life. Her display for the Shop Window was entirely due to Evie Hammond aged 15 who attends Coleshill School and Tula Angel, her 11 year old daughter who is in Year 6 at St Edward’s school and her friend. The girls made a recycled dress from old Coleshill Post newspapers and buttons from old clothes and decorated with accessories from Jem Lines the final result: Winning first prize in the Shop Window Competition. If you would like to see pictures of the dress they are on the love Coleshill web site: www. or better still, why not go along to Jem Lines on the High Street and see it for yourself?


The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

Their commitment to personal service and attention to detail has brought another award. For the fourth year in a row they have received the prestigious Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. The accolade, which honours hospitality excellence, is worldwide and given

only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on Trip Advisor and represents the upper echelon of the businesses listed. John and Louise say “Winning the Certificate of Excellence again is a true source of pride and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review, there is no greater seal of approval than being recognised by one’s customers. The award is based on guest reviews, the accolade is a remarkable vote of confidence to our business and our continued commitment to excellence.” Offering a total of 7 rooms from single to family rooms, Springfield House can sleep 15 people. All are en-suite

The Coleshill Post

SPRINGFIELD House is one of the oldest properties in Coleshill, an original Georgian house. Now the home of Springfield Guest House and under the ownership of John and Louise Davies since 2003.

and one has a whirlpool bath and some with superking beds, so if you need some accommodation for your local function, Springfield House would be delighted to welcome you. Be it a local wedding, christening, funeral or just a good old knees up, give John or Louise a call or email and mention seeing their advertisement to get the best room rates on 01675 465695 or Springfield House is also a regular overnight stop for business guests – for NEC exhibitors and visitors, along with providing overnight stays for business people passing through the area. They have managed to retain the original features of the house and yet provide contemporary décor and modern convenience with a homely touch. With free wifi throughout the house and free parking, there are no hidden extras to your overnight stay. The breakfasts are renowned, and include full English, eggs to your liking and smoked salmon are always available, all freshly cooked to order, along with homemade jams and marmalade. John and Louise look forward to welcoming you, friends or guests to Springfield Guest House, and hope that you too will share with the enthusiasts who have left such great reviews – when you consider that Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site - reaching nearly 260 million monthly visitors - this award is something of which they are very proud.


Coleshill guest house receives Trip Advisor excellence award four years running



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Harry Taylor

Brian Travers: UB40, Music, Politics and Me


Brian’s first single, Leo Sayer ‘When I Need You’

THE first of our two part interview with the UB40 founding member and saxophonist reminiscing about how the band were formed in a politically charged era and how the music industry and the band themselves have changed since those early days.

After making our way to Kings Heath the Coleshill Post team and I swing into the Hare and Hounds which is not surprisingly a little quiet inside given its the afternoon and many punters are outside enjoying the first warm rays of summer. 

In the corner, on our left, sits a smart and jovial chap holding a Guinness and laughing with a couple of the regulars at the bar. It is Brian Travers, founder member and saxophonist of Birmingham’s UB40 who, after selling 70million records, can lay claim to be one of Britain’s most successful bands.  Brian is set apart from the rest of the clientele bedecked in blazer, shirt, jeans and shoes with a neat haircut and a healthy tan.  Everyone knows who he is (he drinks here regularly) and he genuinely seems like one of the lads as he wears a wide and approachable smile.  We introduce ourselves to Brian, get some drinks and

he comes to sit with us at a corner table away from the light bustle of the bar. As we sit down I lay four of my vinyl albums on the table. They’re all UB40 albums that Brian had played on and they catch his eye just before I ask him if he wouldn’t mind signing them for me at the end of the interview.  “Of course”, he says, “do you know I don’t own a single one of our albums on vinyl?”  I show him one record in particular, UB40 Live from 1983, it stands out from the rest with its cartoonish album artwork of a Frankenstein’s monster as its centrepiece.  On the back of the record Brian Travers is credited with designing the artwork for

by the British far-right and neo-Nazis in those early years. “We used to get a lot of trouble from those guys, death threats and the rest. Some of them would send you threatening letters then you’d meet them and they’d want an autograph.  It was just ignorance.  They weren’t very smart. I mean the real paradox was they were racists but a lot of them loved reggae music.  They were ill-educated.  I suppose if you’re from a sink estate or an area of The classic UB40 line-up with Brian poverty you latch onto something as Travers top right. a way out.  They weren’t bad minded kids but the National Front and British Movement were good at getting them young.” It may seem odd now to anyone under 30 but music did once really mean something and I don’t mean that the songs had meaning.  Some bands actually stood for something and UB40, without really meaning to, found themselves on the musical and political frontline facing Young members of the neo-Nazi up to the violence and racist propaganda of the neo-Nazi British Movement and British Movement the National Front.  As Brian alluded to, the far-right in Britain were an active and violent force and as a multi-racial band from Birmingham playing Jamaican reggae music, UB40 were the racists’ worst nightmare.   Were UB40 a political band when you started out? “Well, if you weren’t political in those days you were considered a bit soft.  Whose side are you on?  That was the big question.  1975/76 all the punk thing was happening which was political in itself and brought reggae in too.  Music was very politicised.  As I said the National Front and British Movement were The UB40 live album designed by very prevalent on the streets and peoBrian Travers ple were much more naive.  They were always out marching and some people the record so I ask him how he came to were scared about living on the same design the sleeve. street as someone from India or Paki“Some National Front lads sent us stan or the West Indies.  They believed pictures of a black Frankenstein’s mon- what they read, the scare stories about ster trying to say we were like a cultural foreigners coming over to drink our Frankenstein’s monster to white people.  beer, steel our wives and our jobs.  It was They thought they were intellectuals nonsense. Ignorance.” with that racist, stupid stuff, swastikas Do you think UB40 as a band helped everywhere.  Really bizarre stuff.  It only change that perception? took me five minutes to do the cover, “There was a lot of fear in white kids copied from the pictures they’d sent.” minds about Jamaicans and West IndiTravers returned the monster to its tra- ans and UB40 took that fear away.  There ditional white features and replaced the was us, The Specials, The Beat, The Seswastikas with a saxophone and music lecter. We battled a lot of racist stuff and which became an effective rebuttal to I think changed a lot of minds. It wasn’t the racists. UB40, it wasn’t any individual band.  It I asked Brian if this was a one off or if was a whole movement.  it was common for UB40 to be hassled

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

had at least two affects: 1) the artists doesn’t receive royalties from an illegal download and 2) because it isn’t a legal sale of an album it doesn’t count towards a chart position. Brian tells me that last year’s UB40 album release Getting Over the Storm had been tracked as being downloaded and shared illegally up to 250,000 times before the record had even been released.  If just a tenth of those people had bought the physical album then the band would have had a healthy placing in the album charts.  “You used to make money on the record and make nothing from touring but now you make nothing on the record and you make the money from touring”.  This is how it was in the 1950s and early 1960s and a return to that is something Brian doesn’t think this is an altogether bad thing, “it’s coming back to a more realistic place now where if you want to be a musician, well, go out and play, go out and perform.  I can remember people having hit records and saying they didn’t want to tour anymore and they were doing it for the wrong reasons.  They were doing it for the money not the music.  It’s insincere.” I ask Brian where his preferred station is musically; in the studio or on the road.  “I prefer being on the road, I like a joint where there’s a couple of thousand people rather than the NEC or Wembley Arena.”  He admits that bands have to play the big arenas to earn a living but the true musicians, he says, prefer the smaller, more intimate venues.  “It’s a real privilege though, wherever we play, that people have bought a ticket just to see you.  You know, they’ve got a babysitter and a train, saved up for the tickets etc but we try to keep our tickets as low as we can for them and we get hell off the promoters for it.” I ask Brian “why music?” “The beautiful thing about music is it’s never hurt anyone.  If you don’t like it turn it over to something else.  You can’t touch music but it touches you.  It can provoke so many different emotions in you, it’s the human spirit at its best.”   In that case, I ask, what was the first record you bought?  “I can’t tell you that!  Have I got to tell you?” Yes, you have, I say. “It was Leo Sayer ‘When I Need You’.  I

bought it with a record token I had from my mum. We had hundreds and hundreds of singles in the house, all the new stuff, but the one she didn’t have was that Leo Sayer track so I went out and got it.  You know I’d managed to get this far in life without anyone asking me that.”  A few playful expletives are muttered by Brian as we have a little chuckle to ourselves though I admit my first single was a Wet Wet Wet track.  Brian comes back at us to make up for his first purchase by revealing his second: Dave and Ansel Collins ‘Monkey Spanner’, a big reggae hit.  So, we know Brian’s first single but what about his first gig.  “It was The Drifters at Barbarella’s, I was 14. Me and Ali (Campbell) knew the doorman and he let us in.  It was incredible.  Then we saw Bob Marley at the Odeon and (David) Bowie too.  We never always had the money for gigs though, it was expensive. £2.50 was like £30 now”.  I ask Brian what artist really made him want to pick up the sax and play in a band.  “David Bowie and Roxy Music with Andy Mackay on saxophone.  I wanted to play an instrument I didn’t have to plug in.  All my mates had guitars.  I was massively into reggae but didn’t think I could play it.”  I ask him whether it was the Birmingham culture at the time which got him so into reggae music.  “Oh yeh, Steel Pulse who we used to see all the time, were a big influence  Birmingham was a very inspiring place but people that aren’t from Birmingham have always got the wrong impression of the place.  They think it’s too rough but they’ve never got off spaghetti junction to take a look.” One thing is clear about Brian and that is his love and passion for the city and people of Birmingham. He hasn’t forgotten his roots and he certainly hasn’t forgotten who his fans are. It’s a shame that there aren’t more musicians who have sold 70million albums with the honesty and generosity of spirit that Brian demonstrates. Next month we’ll be hearing Brian’s take on UB40’s career highlights and what they’ve still got to offer. He’ll also be telling us about some new projects he’s got in the pipeline.  

“One More for the Road” BY THOM HODKINSON

COMPANY of the Curtain have delivered yet another delightful performance in Willy Russell’s “One For The Road,” A comedy set in 1985, focusing on the mundane lives of the era’s middle class and the dreams and desires of people caught within.

The story centres around Dennis, a 34year old man on the verge of reaching 35 and utterly disillusioned with his life in a housing development in Liverpool. He finds solace in his record collection (except for John Denver) and subtly mocking the friends and neighbours with ideas above their stations. He lives with wife Pauline, a woman longing for sophistication. They’re met for dinner by neighbours Roger & Jane, who take pride in their popularity and social standing thanks to their inclusion in a

variety of different clubs and activities. Throughout the show, the secrets and desires of each character are unravelled and, of course, hilarity ensues. The first thing I noticed when attending the Wednesday night showing was how brilliant the stage looked. The set designers did a great job in recreating an 80’s living room on an amateur budget, spacing furniture perfectly across the stage as if to give an almost surrounding feeling to include the audience in the action. To keep up the feel of period, the costumes were spot-on, with questionable fashion from three decades past on show with vigour. The back-stage team seemed to do a great job, with lighting and sound helping set the mood throughout. The performances themselves were great, with Richard Woodfield shining as Dennis, to the point where I could’ve almost cheered his character’s dream of a great escape on, and Tina Williams’ being near perfect, portraying the al-

most-snobbish Jane. Helen Lowe and David Garside also did very well in their roles as Pauline & Roger respectively. I particularly enjoyed the physical comedy on display, including Dennis’ great “caterpillar” scene. The great spacing was never left to waste as the cast used every inch of the stage to deliver the wonderful lines, each in respectable Liverpudlian tones (Trust me, it’s not easy!). If I had one minor criticism, it’d be that some of the lines were lost in laughter, with the cast hurrying along certain sentences and some of the comedy being slightly lost. But a minor criticism it is, and in the end, I found myself really enjoying this performance. The script chosen was excellent, the cast were picked well and the staging was fantastic. I for one am looking forward to the next season’s opener “Boeing-Boeing” in October, and to future productions from “One For The Road” director Emma Staunton.


A wet Sunday lunch time and what a perfect way to spend three hours by listening to a local Jazz band “Tierra Buena”.

This band originates from Coventry and was first formed back in 1958 when Jazz was new and they were young and foolish enough to want to play this free style type of music. The only way to “learn” jazz at that time was by listening to other established players like The Dodds Brothers and Kid Ory. There were no colleges offering jazz courses at the time, so the Tierra Buena was formed from a like minded group of friends. In the intervening years some of the original band have gone up to the “Pearly Gates” and the remaining orig-

inal three, Brian Bates, cornet; Dave Taylor, clarinet and Brian Wathen, trombone have been joined by Dave Wagstaff, banjo; Barry Potts, string bass and Al Sharp on drums. The type of music played is in a quasi-spiritual style, songs like When I Came To The End Of My Journey, a traditional arrangement by Brian Bates, Linger Awhile, and Just Wait till You See My Baby Do The Charleston, which gets the dancers onto the floor and the audience tapping feet with the tempo. The venue is the Jazz-AMatazz in Westwood Heath Road, Coventry, and all for £5.00 and you do not need to go hungry while at the jazz as the club put on a selection of large cobs with fantastic fillings to be enjoyed with some nice cask ales or wines of choice.

Exquisite Indian cuisine in the heart of Curdworth

BY SAMANTHA ROSE RAMADAN is a newly refurbished modern Indian restaurant. It is set back from the road with a big car park at the front, making it community and family friendly.

Inside is modern, spacious and stylish, freshly decorated with mirrors and lowlighting to create a subtle ambience and a warm, relaxing atmosphere. We were welcomed at the door by friendly, well presented staff and were shown straight to our table which was decorated with a small vase of fresh carnations. There is a modern bar from which they produced a cooler for our drinks. We brought our own which in itself is an added bonus to dining out at any modern Indian restaurant. The waiters served our drinks and kept our glasses full throughout the meal. The attentiveness of the waiting staff is definitely something to be mentioned. We were given time to settle in and choose our starters whilst we were brought poppadums and sauces. On the chef’s rec-

ommendation we were brought a starter platter to share which was full of variety and flavour. Ramadan boasts a wide range of cuisine, from traditional to contemporary. We had a variety of mains ranging from chicken tikka masala, aloo potatoes to tandoori king prawns. All came to the table smelling wonderful and tasting as good. We ate heartily with accompaniments, puddings and coffee to finish. Ramadan has been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency and you can see why. The toilets are immaculate, the dining area is fresh and the furniture newly varnished. Ramadan specialises in Indian cuisine and has already made a great success of his sister restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. Abdin and his team were proud to boast about the low fat options contained within the menu and really know how the experience of visiting their restaurant should be. Again, set in a brand new very pristinely, freshly refurbished building this should certainly be on your places to visit this summer.

The Coleshill Post

We’ve got better music, better attitudes and better food than we’ve ever had in this country now. Most people are cool and enjoy it but there’s always a few envious bastards.” So what about the state of politics and British youth now? “Teenagers now are so apolitical and it’s sad.  You can see what’s happening.  It’s as though those in charge want to create this apolitical class of people who haven’t got a clue which makes it easier for the government to get away with more.  The left and right wing now are two wings of the same animal.  It’s just that the left wing will try to look after the people a bit more and the right look after themselves a bit more.  But it’s not like it used to be.  The big divisions are gone. Bedroom Tax,  high rents, people losing their houses.  I don’t know.  You can’t solve it with pop records but you can say where you’re coming from.  Back then was a very political time but now, something has gone wrong. ” Brian seems enthused by the talk of politics just as much as he is music.  It is clear that he still feels passionately about where he came from and how the people of Birmingham have suffered in recent years.  “Our system has got to be about everybody voting and having a say about what’s right for you and your people.”   Back to the music. There are currently two versions of UB40 touring: the original band of which Brian remains a member and UB40 Reunited fronted by Ali Campbell along with former UB40 members Astro and Mickey Virtue.  I ask Brian what the heck is going on. “It’s like this: Ali left the band six years ago to embark on a solo career and it never really took off.  Now he’s decided to start another UB40 and go on the road.  The strange thing is the three guys that left the band are the three guys that never wrote any music and weren’t really writers.  UB40 continues and we’ve just finished a sold out tour.  There were ten of us in the band it’s just that three have left.”  Brian feels that the change has been invigorating for the original line-up, having to think about the music again and the way they play. The music industry has changed substantially since UB40 put out their acclaimed debut Signing Off in 1980.  In the last 15 years sales of physical music have dropped sharply with illegal downloading and file sharing.  This has

Authentic Jazz served up at Coventry club





The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Thom on Film: The Big Question Thom Hodkinson

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BEING a film geek isn’t easy. Sure, it may sound great, watching films to my heart’s content and then writing about them, but it’s not that simple.

Whenever someone finds out that you’re a cinema-lover, they tend to ask you the same question again and again. “So, what’s the best movie ever made?” I hate that sentence with a passion. You can’t take all that the world of digital & celluloid has to offer and compare every single piece against each other single handed and come up to one finite masterpiece. It’s impossible, can’t be done, like exceeding the speed of light or disliking Stephen Fry. There’s just too much to choose from and almost no time to watch it all (Trust me, I’ve tried). Besides, my personal opinion and choices will never be the same as someone else’s. That’s why Eddie Murphy has been making movies for the last decade or so. But it does make me wonder. What would the readers of this very paper consider to be the best films ever made? After nearly a year of sharing my opinions on the world of cinema, I think it’s time we heard yours. Friends, readers, county men! Lend

me your opinions as we launch The Coleshill Post’s first ever Massive Movie Poll. I want to hear your thoughts on what each of you think is the very definition of great cinema, so that I may compile a Top 10 list, as voted for by you, our readers, and by the staff and writers of the Paper itself. I’ll be personally compiling the votes and data, which you can send in to us until the release of our December issue at the end of the year. Then, in our first issue of 2015, I’ll present what you have all voted as the Top 10 films ever made. There’ll be several ways to vote and loads of time to do it in. Most importantly, every opinion counts. If The Shawshank Redemption left you riveted, let us know. If you thought Olivier’s Hamlet was sublime, let us know. If you’ve watched The Invention of Lying without wanting to punch Ricky Gervais in the head, let us know. To get the ball rolling, here are a few of my favourite films (There are sooooo many!) and why I think they’re particularly brilliant. • Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) – This smashing thriller from Shane “This is England” Meadows tells the tale of a Brother’s vengeance against a group

of drug dealers in his hometown. Set in Matlock in Derbyshire, I hold this in the highest regard possible. The story & script are spine-chilling and the performances are electric, especially Paddy Considine as the lead. If you’ve not heard of or seen this film, I recommend searching it out immediately • Wonder Boys (2000) – A film about a washed-up author/creative writing professor and his odd-ball student doesn’t sound too great, but when you hear that the cast list includes Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr, Frances McDormand and Katie Holmes, and that the film includes a blind dog, a love affair and a rare jacket once worn by Marilyn Monroe, it’s very easy to become intrigued by this brilliant movie • Fight Club (1999) – Edward Norton’s Narrator goes through a metamorphosis as his life spirals out of control thanks to a chance meeting with charismatic Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). This film blew my mind when I first saw it and continues to do so to this day, despite several viewings over many years. • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) – This may sound mad but I must admit that I have formed lasting

Vote for your top ten all time favourite movies Your details: Name: .................................................................................... .......................................................................................... Email: ...................................................................................... .......................................................................................... Male:

o Female: o Age range: Under 12 / 13-16 / 17-21 / 22-32 / 33-43 / 44-55 / 55-65 / 65 or above

Your favourite films: 1: .............................................................................. 2: ...................................................................... 3: .............................................................................. 4: ...................................................................... 5: .............................................................................. 6: ...................................................................... 7: .............................................................................. 8: ...................................................................... 9: .............................................................................. 10: ....................................................................

Any comments: ................................................................................ .......................................................................... ................................................................................ .......................................................................... ................................................................................ .......................................................................... ................................................................................ .......................................................................... Please post to: Movie Poll, The Coleshill Post, Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill B46 3BG Alternatively you can visit and fill out the online voting form.

friendships off the back of this hilarious film that is totally quotable. Set in 1970’s San Diego, it follows Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, a smoother-than-silk newscaster who rules the airwaves until female journalist Veronica Corningstone arrives to upset the apple cart • Annie Hall (1977) – He may have been a well-established comedian, actor & director but it’s safe to say that this film really put Woody Allen on the map. A simple love story made brilliant by great performances and killer dialogue, this classic picked up 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and has inspired generations of film makers to do what they do best. • Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010) – Edgar Wright’s first major film without Simon Pegg & Nick Frost may not have set the box-office alight, but it has since become a cult favourite, thanks to it’s gaming references, quality script and fast pace. Michael Cera plays the title role, a Canadian bass guitarist who falls in love with cool chick Ramona Flowers…. Then has to defeat her 7 Evil Exes in epic battles, all the while trying to hoist his band to a major record deal. Crazy genius from the man behind Shaun of the Dead!

• Pulp Fiction (1994) – Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, the film that saved so many careers. I waited many years to eventually see this movie and now, I can almost recite the script word for word. This amazing movie follows the criminal activities of a whole host of characters, playing around with time like it were a rubik’s cube. This proved that Tarantino’s success with Reservoir Dogs was not a fluke and that he was THE guy to work with in the early 90’s. Often placing high on Top Ten lists, expect it to feature in our list come January But hey, that’s just my opinion. What’s yours? You can let us know in the following ways: ONLINE - You can vote for your favourite films on our website - E-MAIL – You can e-mail me with your choices ( or the paper itself (editor@ TWITTER – Tweet us your thoughts (@Thomhodkinson & @ColeshillPost) VOTING FORM - You can even use the voting form provided in this issue and send it to our offices at Coleshill Town Hall.

Jilabi is no average Indian Restaurant BY CHARLES FRIEL

From the second you walk into the door of the Jilabi, you know that this is no average restaurant.

You are greeted by one of the friendly staff, who will quickly assess how many of you are dining & then show you to your seat with no waiting around. One of the first things to note as you walk through is how this restaurant is always busy. I have been here on various occasions for meals after work with my colleagues & whatever the day, it is always full of diners having a great time & enjoying superb food. All the staff are so friendly & will come over to say hello – you feel like you are a guest at someone’s house rather than in a restaurant. On this particular visit I ordered a Cobra beer, which arrived within minutes – ice cold & poured at the table for me. Our table went on to order starters of poppadum’s which came with the most gorgeous selection of pickles,

including some moreish roasted garlic. This was accompanied with Chicken Tikka Puree, which is diced chicken breast in a sweet & sour sauce served on crispy yoghurt bread. I can safely say this was demolished in seconds! It was a hard choice choosing a main dish as the menu is full of variety – there really is something for everyone. Monday evenings are great as there is a buffet, so you get to sample lots of different dishes at a great price. The staff are always on hand to offer recommendations, including Kulchan Chicken which is a North Indian version of the good old favourite Chicken Tikka Masala. It was superb & a very welcome recommendation! I added a Peshwari naan, freshly made & the honey & almonds were simply delicious. The staff are attentive, regularly updating our glasses & checking that everything is okay with our food. After squeezing in a desert of chocolate cake & ice cream we were treated to a complimentary brandy or Bailey’s, which was a

really nice touch. As we left the restaurant, bellies full with delicious food we thanked everyone for their great hospitality & made way for even more diners arriving, many of them regulars. Which is no surprise at all as the Jilabi really is a restaurant that once you visit, I guarantee you will be back again very soon. If you don’t believe just take a look at what one of their customers sent in: “About four years ago we found The Jilabi run by Abdul and his team. We have never dined anywhere else that is so consistent with great fresh tasting food. As if that is not enough, the service and attentiveness of the whole team is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for them, even if you want something not on the menu the chef will go the extra mile to make it for you. The only time we dine at any other Indian restaurant is when we are away on holiday, in our opinion this is the only place to go.” Phil and Monica Jukes.

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

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In fact it’s so good we do it all again on Monday 5-10pm






2065 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3DY Table reservation: 0121 722 2640 Take away: 0121 722 3205

Rated best restaurant in Sheldon by Trip Advisor





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Fashion Monique Berry

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Put your best foot forward and step out in style! THIS season, complete your everyday look with the ideal trans-seasonal footwear; combining comfort, style and practicality. Women:-

Men:Slip Ons: These classic, casual shoes are a Spring/ Summer essential and are perfect for the warmer weather we experience throughout the season. They are simple, easy to wear and compliment almost every casual outfit. Boat Shoes: If you’re looking for a contemporary way to smarten up your everyday outfits, look no further. These seasonless, nautical influenced shoes will always be on trend – and let’s not forget to mention, are ideal for comfort and days in the sun. Trainers: For versatility and maximum comfort, trainers are the ideal shoes for you. They are a wise investment and a fashion musthave, not only for this season but throughout the whole year. This fashionable footwear is all you need to achieve the optimal sporty/casual look.

Flatform and Platform Sandals: During Spring/Summer, there are few things as essential as a trendy and comfortable pair of sandals. Be bold and dare to reach new heights with these 90’s inspired, oversized sandals. The classic open toe design allows your feet to breathe and the chunky sole gives added height to your summer attire. Jelly Sandals: Relive your childhood with these retro sandals straight from the 90’s. Whether you prefer them flat or heeled, bright and boldly coloured or sparkling with glitter, these flexible and durable sandals are a girl’s best friend. Cut Out Ankle Boots: Give your outfits some attitude this season with these hard edge, grunge style ankle boots. They are on trend and extremely versatile; coordinating with everything from skirts, dresses, leggings to jeans. They are a Spring/Summer must have!

Fake Selfies and Thigh Gaps BY ANDREA APPLEBY IN the last article I wrote I briefly touched up on the 'pretend perfection', that so many of us try to project. Our beautiful, perfect images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a whole host of new apps that let the world know, "yes we're having a great time" "we're looking positively beautiful" "I'm out" "here I am!" Not many of us now are lucky enough to have anonymity, it's a fading privelage. The pressures on people! Again we are having to adapt our lifestyles to suit our social audience. We edit, control and tweak what our audience will see. We're careful in moulding and projecting what we want people to see. It has to be perfect. Or we are simply not good enough. Isn't this one big falsity? I'm all for projecting confidence, celebrating achievements, sharing precious moments. But unfortunately part and parcel with those highs of our lives, comes the downside, the bad and despair. I for one celebrate when I hear the odd moan or crisis. It's normal. And this is the balance I wish my children to see. I want them to have a healthy view of life,

to know that failure and pain, as much as achievement and joy, are all part of growing and learning. These experiences are valuable life lessons. Which brings me on to public image and unrealistic expectations. The highly sort after "Thigh Gap". The perfect pouty, "self-

ie". Our poor girls covet this look which for many of them will never be achievable. Media infiltrates the minds of young girls and boys and in this information age they are constantly exposed to the latest trends and crazes such as popular beautiful celebrities, parading on the covers of magazines with an airbrushed figure and an artificially added thigh gap. Another public lie! This is where, as a parent of a beautiful and inspiring teenage girl, I'm having to work overtime to promote her self respect, body image and self esteem, to fight against the never ending bombardment of false image and lies. To encourage reality, growth, acceptance and pride in oneself, during the bad and the good. I wish my children to know, that mistakes happen. It's normal for things not to be perfect. We don't weigh up our self worth on a pretend Facebook pantomime. We are not less valuable than our peers, no matter what they own or whichever brands they wear or wether we holiday in Southend or Marbella. Let's start rejoicing in the normal, occasional spots, braces, glasses, the accumulating wrinkles, the middle age spread, the decreasing hair line. Let's start celebrating the "real" so our children can be content with their "reality".

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Health & Lifestyle


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ANYONE heading down to Wellbeing on a Monday and a Friday will be in for a treat when qualified beauty therapist, Catherine Wright will be at the salon, poised with her bag of magnificent tricks, guaranteed to make anyone and everyone feel and look gorgeous. The fully qualified, mum of three has always had a penchant for making people feel at ease. “I just love to make people feel great,” says Catherine, “sometimes; we’re only a facial or a pedicure away from feeling lovely for an entire weekend.” Catherine is also extremely cautious about the products she works with. For example, when it comes to tanning, she uses Beau Bronz; she explains why, “for a start it’s an amazing product, it’s probably more famous today for its regular use on the stars in Dancing On Ice, yet it was originally developed so it is gentle enough and is Parabin Free.” Perfect for lifting the spirits or for glamming up for that special occasion, Catherine offers the following services: Waxing, Intimate waxing Eyelash perming, Weekend lashes,

Lash and brow treatments, Manicure, Pedicure, Gel polish, Acrylic nails, Silk wraps, Gel nails, Facials and Tanning. Rosemarie Day is delighted that Catherine will be working at the Wellbeing. We struck up a friendship from the very first meeting. I knew Catherine would be an asset to the Salon. Catherine is very professional and has a very caring approach. We are looking forward to working together and have fabulous treatments on offer. For example a lunch time beauty express enjoy a pedicure /manicure, brow tidy and tint, and we will ensure you get back to work on time. Skin Clinic specialising in all skin types and problems, drop in for a confidential chat and consultation. Business Inventive Days Catherine and I will come along to the office lunch time or after work and ease away all the stress and tension with Indian Head Massage, Shoulder Massage and Swedish Massage. Aidan has been working at the Wellbeing for twelve months. He is very approachable and makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet with him. Clients can enjoy a massage that is deep tissue Mas-

Pain relief naturally Through gentle but specific manipulations, McTimoney Chiropractic improves the alignment of your skeleton to enhance nervous function and help the body recover from common ailments such as: l

Back & neck pain


Headaches/ migraines

l l

General Chiropractic Council

sage so if you’re really feeling tense and stressed Aidan will ease all the stress away. Catherine, Rosemarie & Aidan will be at the Town Hall on the 7th June 2014 so don’t miss an opportunity to meet the team and sample some of the treatments on offer: Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Microdermabrasion, Swedish Massage and Teeth Whitening.

Sports injuries

Arthritic pain

Book an appointment today on 08432 899 136

General Chiropractic Council

CHIROPRACTIC 58-60 Coventry Road, Coleshill B46 3EE w:

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23/04/2014 14:44


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Gardening Phil Page

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Gardening? Think of it as a design thing! Orange Blossom (Choisiya) can be used as a background for the fiery perennial red of Crocosima ‘Lucifer’ or intermingled by close planting with the Smoke Bush (Cotinus). I’ve also found that rambling roses against the dark green of a compact conifer such as the Juniper ‘Compressa’ works quite well. Perhaps the most famous of the colour design gardens is the one at Sissinghurst in Kent. The ‘White Garden’ designed by Vita Sackville-West is world famous. In the 1930s she used the ideas of the famous English designer, Gertrude Jekyll, who put forward the concept of colour themed gardens and borders. If you’re not familiar with Sissinghurst (which is a National Trust garden) look it up on the internet and see what you think. But whatever you do, don’t be afraid to experiment. Oh, and Jessica Helfand also said that when a garden design doesn’t work, “you want to dig a hole in the garden and bury your head.” But that doesn’t happen too often fortunately!

JESSICA Helfand, a prominent American author and graphic designer, wrote that “gardening is the most comprehensively satisfying of design challenges, because when it works you feel like God”.

One of the regular design challenges we face in our gardens is the use of colour. Now here I have to put my hands up and admit that I’m not one for a technicolor garden with masses of vibrant annuals and bedding plants. At this time of year I walk right passed the garden centre displays of pansies, violets and geraniums: they’re fine for other people but not for me. What I try to achieve is a contrast. I like the shapes, shades and textures of shrubbery foliage as a backdrop against which I can plant things that will stand out against them. Even the much maligned plain privet hedge can form a perfect backdrop. Shrubs such as Eleagnus Maculata, which has green and yellow variegated leaves and can be pruned into shape and the Mexican


The Perfect Lawn LAWNS have been a feature of British society for hundreds of years but were traditionally restricted to those who could afford to maintain them.

Nowadays we can all have lawns to be proud of and there is nothing quite like luscious looking grass, to put the finishing touch to a lovely looking garden. A beautiful lawn provides year round colour and a space to enjoy, in which to relax, entertain and play. It is often the centre piece in a prized garden with trees, flowers and features of all kinds. But, despite these obvious benefits, many lawns suffer terribly from neglect and a lack of care and attention. Looking after and maintaining a healthy, verdant lawn takes time and dedication but for many people, in today’s fast paced busy society, these are two commodities in short supply. The remedy is to “get someone in”. Professional Lawncare is generally looked upon as being a bit of a mystery. For most, the fortnightly mow and a few boxes of weed & feed, is maybe all that is spent on lawn maintenance. This is extraordinary, when the DIY garden centres are thriving and so much time, money and effort is spent keeping other garden features and plants looking good. “Getting someone in” is perceived as being expensive, yet, this small industry is growing at 35% year on year, so clearly it must be affordable. In fact, many homeowners have found that bring in the professionals actually saves them money, not to mention the time involved. The benefits of a healthy lawn are not just aesthetic. In the USA, research among estate agents shows that having a beautiful, well maintained lawn (and garden) can add up to 15% to property prices and certainly helps when a sale is

about to take place. Lawncare customers also find that having their lawns cared for, gives them time to do other things and to enjoy their lawns at the weekend instead of having to work on them!

Treatment Plan

Treatment plans generally start from as little as £15 and ideally require 4 treatments per year, starting in the Spring and finishing in late Autumn. In addition to feeding, weed and moss control, professional lawn managers are fully qualified to deal with disease and insect control, scarification, aeration and over-seeding. Developed over a number of years and widely considered by turf management experts and gardeners alike as being the ideal treatment plan, the year is broken down into four sections, each with a specific treatment.

Spring Treatment (March/April)

High nitrogen content granular feed, providing early season nutrients to green up the lawn combined with a separate selective moss control.

Early Summer Treatment (May/ June)

Specially formulated, well balanced summer fertiliser containing slow release granules to thicken the lawn. Plus a herbicide spray to remove weeds such as daisies, buttercup, dandelion and broad leafed plantain.

Late Summer Treatment (July/ August/September)

A further application of a balanced, professional standard granular fertiliser to maintain lawn colour and strength, together with another herbicide treatment to eradicate troublesome weeds.

Autumn Treatment (October/ November)

Specially formulated for autumn, a very slow release fertiliser to strengthen the lawn over the slow-grow winter and a control to reduce moss invasion.




Achieve The Lawn You Have Always Wanted... Quality Lawn Care at an Affordable Price

Winter Treatment (December / January)

Winter treatments are done to control/ manage moss during times when we have more rainfall and a mild winter period. As there is no feed to the lawn these treatments are done at 2/3rds of the normal cost.

Scarification and Aeration


Now here is where the mystery thickens. For many people, Scarification and Aeration are unfamiliar terms, but in the world of Lawncare these are essential services that 90% of lawns will benefit from. Deep Scarification will take care of the majority of Moss and Thatch” which builds up in most lawns, preventing healthy growth and stopping moisture from getting deep into the root system. Hollow Tine Aeration is quite remarkable as it has many benefits. It opens up compacted soil helping the lawn to breath and it also improves drainage and dynamic root development. M







Weed Free, Deep Green and Moss Controlled We analyse, advise and treat your lawn, visiting approximately 4 times a year to ensure that it is in excellent condition. ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Professional Service Safe for children and pets Greens up and thickens the lawn Cheaper than DIY

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

No contract Established over 14 years Reliable family run company 1000’s of satisfied customers

The Cost

Accepting that the average size of lawn in the UK is approximately 120 square metres the approximate costs for Professional Lawncare Services are as follows: The total cost of four standard treatments would be approximately £21 each (treatments start at £16 for smaller lawns) Winter treatments would be £14 each. Deep Scarification and Aeration cost from approximately £45.00 Source : Greensleeves Lawncare (Solihull & Sutton Coldfield) 01675 430479 or

For a FREE No Obligation Quote call:

01675 430 479 Freephone 0808 100 1413 •

Your Local Pages: The only source for residential & commercial property sales & lettings The Coleshill Post - May Property 2014 - Issue 11

THE Buy to Let property sector is booming at the moment as more and more existing landlords increase their portfolios and first time landlords enter the market. There can be no doubt that there is pressure on the housing market in the UK which is set to increase in the foreseeable future as more households are created due to an ever ageing population, immigration and shifting social structure with more people choosing to rent before buying. Living in a country which is amongst the more densely populated in the world means that we will always be short of land on which to build new homes and simple supply and demand means that housing tends to increase in value due to its limited supply. For people who choose or have to rent their home a shortage of supply will therefore drive up rents. I spoke to Colin at House and Home in Coleshill and he said “ demand is outstripping supply with most properties let within days of receiving an instruction”. This shows that locally there is a strong rental market here in Coleshill and the most popular properties are 2 & 3 bedroom. Elsewhere the situation is similar with most

rental property let within a short space of time. Lenders in the last few years following the credit crunch have increasingly become interested in the Buy To Let (BTL) sector as with strong demand from tenants and reasonable deposits this area of lending presents fewer risks to them than before. Indeed mortgage arrears in this sector are lower than for residential mortgages for the first time at 1.68% for residential mortgages and 1.08% for BTL mortgages. Because of these factors we are now seeing lenders allow BTL mortgages with a 20% deposit or even as low as 15% whereas shortly after the credit crunch you would have needed 25% deposit. The best interest rates available are for a 25 % deposit. Some lenders are also becoming more lenient in how they assess cases and what sort of properties they will lend on. Every lender takes a different approach and so when looking for a BTL mortgage you must seek advice as no two lenders criteria is the same. Typically lenders will expect the rent received to be greater than 125% of the interest payment on the mortgage, sometime they will assess this using a higher rate than that charged to check that it will still cover it if and when interest rates rise. With property prices outside of London returning to their 2007/2008 levels, the economy improving and mortgage lending increasing it ap-

pears that the UK property market is looking up. Levels of activity are not yet back to 2007/2008 levels based on number of transactions and value of mortgages but are forecast to be approaching these levels next year. Jason from Waters Estate Agents told me “ many instructions are selling within days due to the high demand and due to the lack of supply it is driving prices upwards locally”. For anyone investing in property this makes reassuring reading however as an adviser I must say that property is a long term investment and can fall in value as well as rise. When investing in to property you need to understand the risks you are taking, tenants may not pay, property can fall in value, interest rates may rise and you can have unexpected repair bills. As with any investment it is sensible to spread the risk and so having more than one property ( a BTL portfolio) helps manage this risk. Where you have just one property and pay cash then you have one source of rent and if property prices increase then one property increasing in value. If however you use a mortgage and split your investment into four 25% deposits then you can buy four properties giving you four sources of rent and four properties on which values can increase. This is called gearing and done correctly generates far greater net income and potentially capital growth and spreads the risks.

It is also important to research the market you are investing in as well in order to make sure that the property you are buying is suitable to Let and there is a strong demand for the area where you want to buy. You should also buy property based on what tenants want not whether you particularly like certain aspects of a particular property as you will not be living in it. Therefore before buying you should always talk to local letting agents to find out which properties let best and are in most demand. I have worked in Financial Services for over 25 years and the last 8 years specialising in providing independent mortgage advice and have built up a large amount of knowledge as well as personal contacts with the majority of lenders. This means that I am kept well informed of changes lenders introduce and have people who can help support placing mortgage applications successfully. A professional service is important to me and I always try to do whatever I can to make obtaining a mortgage as straightforward as possible. Therefore if you are looking for a new mortgage or have a mortgage deal expiring shortly then please contact on me and I will be happy to help. Phil Salinas Coleshill Mortgage Services Ltd 01675 467196/ 07795630520 Your home may be repossessed if you do not

keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Coleshill Post





Investing in Buy to Let Properties


Coleshill Mortgage Services Limited

01675 467196 0 07795 6btc3on0ne5ct.2com phil.salinas@

mortgages Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from qualified advisers.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

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The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


MATCH 57 49 50


Come on England!



5th July 2100

8th July 2100








5th July1700

9th July 2100

12th July 2000







4th July 1700

MATCH 58 53



Champions League winners – Real Madrid Fulham were relegated A team came back to win from a 2 – 0 deficit in the FA cup final World Cup Champions – ENGLAND!!

2014 –




Eurovision song contest winners – Austria La Liga winners – Athletico Madrid Champions League winners – Real Madrid Fulham were relegated A team came back to win from a 2 – 0 deficit in the FA cup final World Cup Champions ????

REAL ALES THE AS SEEN IN THE GATE GGoodd Beer B Guide G id 2013/ 2013/14 /144


your final FOOD bill in ll Post hiill June ffor allll CColeessh her readers with vouc ns.. nditions *subject to terms and


Gate Lane, Netherr Whitacre, 46 2DS Coleshill, B46

01675 481292



RESTAURANT NOW OPEN MONDAYS 12-2.30PM & 6-9PM Delicious New Menu

Delicious chips, sampled by The Editor of The Coleshill Post


Cypriot night on 21st June from 7pm

£19.95 for 3 course meal bookings require deposit

Part-time experienced Chef required, good rates of pay, must be able to work evenings and weekends, call Paul on 01675 481292 or 07456438716

The Coleshill Post


World Cup Brazil 2014 1966 – Wall Chart EurovisionLa Ligasongwinners contest winners – Austria – Athletico Madrid



4th July 2100


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

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Restore your old metal items to their former glory... Get them shot blasted and coated right here in Coleshill

Offering bespoke, in house service to shot blast and paint/powder coat. We can make items come back to life. I.e. Rusty old garden bench transformed and coated in any colour of your choice. Bike or car wheels blasted to remove rust and existing paint. Any metals parts blasted and recoated to your specification. Free quotes. fast service. Bespoke 01675 464446

Jubilee Works, Jubilee Estate, Gorsey Lane, Coleshill B46 1JU Get in touch on 01675 464868

TREAT YOURSELF Spend over ÂŁ15 on any of your products and get NAIL SOS FREE! Strengthens nails

Prevents splitting Secures cracked nails

Long lasting

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

The Coleshill Post

Container storage from £25 per week Storage for business or personal use Container can be tailored to include; racking and shelving, electrical lights/sockets to transform into a workshop 24 hour access CCTV Local assisted delivery and collection Forklift available Terms and conditions apply (available upon request)


CARDBOARD BOX & LID x 1 - £2.50- x 10 - £22.50 BUBBLE WRAP 500mm x 100m - £14.00 300mm x 100m - £9.00 HANGING WARDROBES x 1 -£14.00 BROWN TAPE Per roll - £4.95 - x 5 - £22.50 SILVER TAPE Per roll - £5.95 - X 5 - £27.50 PACKING PAPER 100 Sheets - £24.50 BLANKET / DUST SHEET x1 - £3.75 - x 5 - £16.50 WRAPPING PAPER 100 Sheets - £24.50 DRIVER AND VAN Per hour - £35.00 FORKLIFT TRUCK & DRIVER One lift - £4.00 - Per hour - £35.00

TARPAULIN SHEETS – per sheet 1.2m x 1.8m (4’x6’) ..................£5.95 1.8m x 2.75m (6’x9’)................£7.95 2.75m x 3.5m (9’x11’) ............£8.95 3.5m x 3.5m (11’x11’) ............£9.95 3.5m x 4.5m (11’x14’) ........ £10.95 3.5m x 5.5m (11’x17’) ........ £12.95 4.5m x 6m (14’x19’) ............ £16.95 5.5m x 7 m (17’x22’) .......... £22.00 7.0 m x 9.0 m (22’x29’) ...... £36.50 7.0 m x 11. m (22’x35’) ...... £42.95 9.0m x 14.0m (29’x45’) ...... £65.50 12 m x 20 m (39’x65’) ...... £116.00 18 m x 33 m (54’x99’) .... £284.00 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO VAT


Business start-up offices available £50 per week which includes Free Wi-fi Heating

Electricity Car parking space

Insurance also available Please ask for a free quotation

Additional services on site Parking from £15 per week (car/van/camper van) Caravan parking from £17.50 per week Warehouse facilities Conference room/training room available to rent On site secretarial service

Jubilee Estate, Gorsey Lane, Coleshill B46 1JU email:

01675 464446


Looking for Safe, Secure Storage? Looking for Work-Space/Workshop?


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The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11



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Indian Cuisine

Sunday to Thursday: 5.30pm to 11.00pm Friday & Saturday: 5.30pm to 11.30pm

146 High Street, Coleshill B46 3BG

Tel: 01675 467789 Tel: 01675 238698 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE (Min order of £10 within a 4 mile radius)

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The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post




The fast dealing property trading company expanding to an area near you!



The Coleshill Post









The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11



0121 355 8871 Estate & Letting Agents, 7a High Street, Sutton Coldfield West Midlands B72 1XH






The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11



Cedar House

Imagine being based in a superbly positioned rural site just 5 minutes from the heart of the motorway network without the delays and disruptions of city traffic. A base that your clients will love to visit that's just 20 minutes from Birmingham Airport and Birmingham city centre.

The Cedars

We clear all Houses, Flats, Offices, Shops, Lofts, Garages, Sheds, Storage Units etc.

"The Cedars" and "Cedar House" are 2 privately owned industrial sites just 3 miles from J9 of the M42 and M6 Toll Road motorway networks. Both offer 24/7 access and provide a secure base with 24 hour CCTV coverage and flood lighting.

01675 467189

mob: 07813 013111 of f ice: 01675 466026

The Cedars, the larger of the 2 sites, boasts additional onsite facilities including Vehicle Wash, Stacker Truck and 30 Tonne Mobile Crane hire. The site has full washroom facilities including showers and a well established, friendly café. This site is certified for ADR approved parking.

Enquiries welcome from General Public, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Landlords, Banks, Local Authorities. Bereavments (discretion assured)

The Landlords are both approachable & flexible. Please call for further information and to arrange a visit for viewing.

J.Roberts (SPV) Ltd e: y@

Call Ruth Bridges Mob: 07836 512241 Tel: 01675 470237 Fax: 01675 470537

“a service you can rely on”

Don’t throw your money away. Get some FREE home insulation instead.

You do not need to be on benefits or over 70 to qualify. FREE CAVITY WALL INSULATION Cavity Wall Insulation is available for all properties*.

For a limited period only Rockwarm Insulation, in partnership with your local authority, are offering FREE Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation. There is no catch - it is all possible because of the grants available now. So hurry and get in touch.


£2 E UP TO on y 65/ our y hea ear ting bills

FREE LOFT INSULATION Loft Insulation is available for all properties (that have less than 60mm of insulation existing). FREE 200mm & 250mm top ups*. * Subject to a site survey.

Call us or visit for more information.

Energy Saving Solutions

024 7634 5554


The Coleshill Post



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Location, Location, Location


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Windows, Doors, Conservatives, Porches, Soffit & Fascia

The Coleshill Post

AT BARGAIN PRICES Worried about who to call? Here are 10 good reasons why our customers trust us Low, low prices No pressure sales people No obligation quotes 70mm High Security Internally Glazed System 28mm Pilkington Glass fitted as standard Multi 9 point locking system 10 year insurance backed guarantee Fensa registered 33880 All fitted to highest standard Local family business

0121 743 8520

4a Cranes Park Road, Sheldon B26 3SG

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Block Paving



Specialist in Driveways and all types of Landscaping Projects


0121 730 1380 - 07774 458 979

Fu Se ll F rv itt ic in e g


0121 788 8707 Unit 14, Saxon Way

Chelmsley Wood B37 5AY

Showroom Opening Times Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4 (Trade counter)

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

- Tile, Slate & Flat Roofing - Hi Performance Torch On Felts - UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering - All Roofing Repairs - Skilled Qaulified Craftsmen - Fully Insured For Your Piece Of Mind

Coleshill Mowing provide a wide range of grounds maintenance services for both domestic and commercial customers.

• Grasscutting • Tree Work • Hedge Trimming • Green Waste Removal • Turfing • Gardens Cleared

Call now for your free no obligation quotation!

Other aspects of garden work undertaken

Please call mobile 07974 723906 or office 01675 482910 for a quotation


01675 462344 Mobile - 07956 890488 / 07966 409706 Email - Roof-Tech (Midlands) Limited Trading as Coleshill Roofing

Hillview Windows


the only name you need in replacement doors and windows


Available in White, Woodgrain, Cherrywood and also Cream uPVC

Veka Installer New Triple Glazing Available


RELIABLE IN THE EXTREME Quality pvc-u windows and doors Telephone 01675 467692 Fax 01675 467692 Mobile 07970 308575

The Coleshill Post

01675 467189

Member of British Association of Landscape Industries


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Coleshill Roofing Tile,Slate&FlatRoofing





The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

“Volunteers are the safety net, the innovators, make change!”


The Coleshill Post

Drop In Service

10AM-1PM - Make use of our facilities; including our laptops, printer, scanner and photocopier. The Freephone and volunteers will be on hand to help.


Drop In Service

10AM-1PM - Make use of our facilities; including our laptops, printer, scanner and photocopier. The Freephone and volunteers will be on hand to help.

WEDNESDAY Drop In Service

10AM-1PM - Make use of our facilities; including our laptops, printer, scanner and photocopier. The Freephone and volunteers will be on hand to help.

Coffee Morning

10:30AM-12PM - Drop in for a hot drink and a chat with our friendly volunteers. An ideal opportunity to share your ideas on a Coleshill Conversation topic.

Afternoon Tea Party for Volunteers


FCH Wellbeing outreach sessions 10AM-12PM - Contact FCH to come to their outreach sessions on 02476 848 128.

Coleshill Community Hub are doing their bit to support the Love Coleshill Market on Saturday 7th June.


Drop In Service

10AM-1PM - Make use of our facilities; including our laptops, printer, scanner and photocopier. The Freephone and volunteers will be on hand to help.

Job Club

10AM-12PM - Our job club can help you with your C.V, interview skills, job searching and preparation for a new job.


Drop In Service

10AM-1PM - Make use of our facilities; including our laptops, printer, scanner and photocopier. The Freephone and volunteers will be on hand to help.

• FREE enrollment on UK Online at The Hub • Join the Coleshill Conversation and pop into The Hub with your views and ideas on Coleshill • Starting your own business? Talk to The Rural Growth Network at The Hub

YOUR HUB NEEDS YOU! We are always looking for new volunteers to come and join the team. If interested please contact Helen on 01675 238309

Hub to provide Family Fun at Love Coleshill Market

Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire is heading to Coleshill to celebrate volunteering as the national campaign ‘Volunteers Week’ celebrates its 30th birthday. Across the country there will be events celebrating the work volunteers do in their communities. In North Warwickshire events are planned during volunteers week itself (1st – 7th June) and throughout the summer as the borough celebrates the commitment of volunteers. On Tuesday 2nd June the Volunteer Centre will be holding a recognition event for volunteers at their centre in Atherstone, where there will be an exhibition with lots of information on volunteering and the chance to meet other volunteers over free tea and homemade cake! In July the Volunteer Centre head to Coleshill Town Hall. Volunteers from across the borough have been

nominated by their organisations to receive a certificate of recognition from the Mayor of Coleshill at an afternoon tea party as thanks for all the good work they do in their community. The event is by invitation only but if you can think of someone deserving of attending then please get in touch with the Volunteer Centre by calling 01827 717 073. Julie Airey from the Volunteer Centre said “We’d love to hear from organisations in Coleshill and the surrounding villages who wish to nominate their volunteers. We’ve ran recognition events in the past and they’ve always been really enjoyable. I hope we’re able to celebrate the good work volunteers in Coleshill and across the Borough do within the local communities that make up North Warwickshire.” More information on volunteering in North Warwickshire can be found by going to

Coleshill Hub will be providing some fun activities for the younger residents of the town. Giant Jenga and Giant Connect4 will be available to challenge your friends on and some fun colouring activities for the smaller children. A bouncy castle, roundabout, face painting and much more will be available to amuse the children while the adults look around the stalls.

hill Market Coles LoveSatu rday 7th June 10-4pm Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill

Fun Day with Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Roundabout and much much more! market on Saturday 7th June. After the success The Town Hall, Coleshill hosts another Love Coleshill Love Coleshill are using the grant that of the Christmas market and the market on 8th February, small business by providing regular support help to was funded by Warwickshire County Council on the 7th June will be greeting card markets throughout the year. Also supporting the Market to name just a few. New to the Love jewellery and tombola stall, and craft stalls, fashion, children’s enjoy local produce. Food and drink available Coleshill Market will be a food hall where people can on •11th October • 6th December markets future to forward look can Locals throughout the day. prizes - Proceeds go to local charities. supporting Small Businesses UK. Free admission. Raffle

Love Coleshill Food Hall

cuisine, Chinese With local produce. All local cuisine, Indian y. cuisine. Buzzard’s Valley & local brewer rmation For more info tact please con Day on Rosemarie or by 07775 066200 lbeing Wel visiting the y Centre rap Holistic The tion for an applica t cos form. Stalls eshill £25 Love Col £30 Non Members and Members. into Warwickshire’s town centres. come. Operation Footfall is all about getting greater numbers of people All very wel Business Small promoting of purpose the for Footfall through Operation With thanks to Warwickshire County Council for providing funding way they can. of Love Coleshill who support our events and get involved in any Saturday UK. We would like to thank all members and non-members

Call 01675 238 309 Visit Coleshill Community Hub @ Coleshill Town Hall

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

-5pm I 10 4pm R F MON DAY 10 R U T SA

To find out more, visit: or call Toni on 07971686698.

Cakes made to order Bouncy Castles Limousines to hire Balloons Fancy Dress & Party Wear

The Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire - Job Clubs Every Tuesday - 1pm to 3.30pm at White Hart House, Long Street The club will be running for the next 6 months. For further info, contact the Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire on 01827 717073 or email info@vcnw.

Love Coleshill Market Saturday 7th June at Coleshill Town Hall

Meet the team and sample some of the treatments on offer: Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Microdermabrasion, Swedish Massage and Teeth Whitening.

Visit of Bishop David, Bishop of Birmingham Sunday 8th June - 4pm at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church, Water Orton All are welcome. Refreshments will be served after the service.

Meetings take place on the third Monday of every month. For more information visit:

Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving Sunday 29th June - 3pm at St. Peter & St. Paul’s, The Parish Church Of Water Orton If you wish for names of loved ones to be mentioned, contact Paul Tullett (the Vicar) on: 0121 730 2081 or email: Light refreshments will be served after the service.

Warwickshire Libraries - Share The Word: Penny Freedam Thursday 3rd July - 7pm at Coleshill Library Popular crime writer, Penny Freedam will be talking about her latest book ‘One May Smile’, the third Gina Gray mystery. Tickets are free but must be reserved at the library. For more info, visit: sharetheword

Open Gardens Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th July - 1.30pm to 5pm (both days) in the Parish of Nether Whitacre £5 per person. Free entry for children. No dogs allowed. Tickets available from Nether Whitacre Methodist Church, B46 2EH. Ticket proceeds go to Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Coleshill & District Gardening Club 25th Anniversary Celebration Monday 14th July - 4pm to 5pm at Blythways, Blythe Road, Coleshill, B46 1AH

Admission by ticket only. Ticket prices: Adults £10 / Children £5. (Includes the cost of a buffet style Meal.) For further information and tickets, please call: Pam Cumberlidge (Chairwoman) on 01675 467755,

For all your party needs

WATER Orton’s traditional annual usual Dog v Digby Tug of War event. The Carnival takes place on Saturday last two years’ victors from The Dog Inn 21st June. This will be its 47th take on new challengers from Curdworth. consecutive year but its origins can Let battle commence - with the pride of be traced back much further and it the village at stake! has become something of an insti- Get with the Programme! Entrance is by programme only, which tution in the village.

Procession around the village

Headed up by Northfield Caledonia Pipes and Drums, the procession will feature floats with the theme 'Decades' and of course the Carnival Queen and her Princesses. Make sure you look out for them and give them a wave along the route (details on the Carnival website) between 11am and 12.45pm.

Wide variety of stalls

Meanwhile in the main Carnival field at the top of Vicarage Lane there will be a variety of stalls including jewellery, handbags, health & beauty, crafts, kids' toys, greetings cards, tombolas, flowers & plants, penalty shoots outs (ready for the World Cup!), retro sweets, face painting and various charities. There will also be the usual fair rides, hot and cold food and drinks and even a circus workshop so you can practice your skills.

In The Main Arena

Arena events kick off at 1pm and include a fun sheep dog and farmyard animal display, dance troupes and a Zumba session open to anyone, whilst music is provided by local band, Mia and the Blackhawks, who play two sets.

Tug of War - Battle of the Villages

At 4.15pm there will be a change to the

this year has gone green - in colour, at least! Prices are £1.50 in advance and £2.50 on the gate (£1 in advance and £1.50 on the gate for OAPs) and don’t forget, each adult programme admits 2 children free. It is sold on the doorstep in Water Orton (or from the Library and Gaynor Jones Florist) and is available in Coleshill from Penny Johnson Florist and Heads Hairdressing on the High Street.

Can you help out?

Of course all of this takes a lot or organising and sadly the Carnival committee (a not-for-profit organisation made up of volunteers) has lost a few members this year, so they would appreciate any help for the event. The entrances to the field need manning throughout the day, marshals are required to help out with the road closures, then there’s the setting up on Friday 20th and the taking down on Sunday 22nd. If you could spare a few hours to help with any of this, you can get in touch by emailing

Fun for all the family

Water Orton Carnival is a great local tradition with something for everyone and always has a good turnout, come rain or shine, so why not join in the fun? Further details are available on their website at and there will be updates on their Facebook page, See you there!

202 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich B36 9AA t: 0121 748 1555 m: 07751 291839 e: w:

• Experienced Staff • All ABTA/ATOL Tour Operators Bookable • All holidays financially protected unlike some internet companies • 30 Years Trading • Excellent customer feedback • All aspects of travel inc. cruise & worldwide • Personal one-to-one service

If you prefer call the team and speak to Janet, Vicki or Cheryl

0121 749 1493

6 Station Buildings, Water Orton, B46 1SR Opening hours: 17618

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.30pm, Saturday: 9am - 5pm, Sunday: Closed

The Coleshill Post


Slimming World Every Monday - 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Coleshill Social Club

Coleshill and District U3A Monthly Meeting Monday 16th June - 10.30am in the Committee Room of Coleshill Town Hall





The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Motoring Colin Trippas

The Coleshill Post

European Union Legislation: Great for tyre buyers, not so great for some political parties! Hello my name is Colin Trippas and I have been running Kingshurst Automotive for over 30 years. This month I would like to talk about tyres.

Not the most exciting subject in the world but you have to buy them at some time and they can come with a hefty price tag. Selecting the right tyre for your car can be daunting – Budget, Branded, hundreds of different makes to choose from and everybody telling you they are the cheapest. So here is a short guide to help you get the ones that suit both your pocket & driving style. Do you actually need tyres? The legal limit for the minimum

depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread. Although it is well known that it’s wet weather grip and braking performance is well past its best when it gets this low and, of course, if you go below 1.6 mm it will cause you to fail your MOT or put 3 points on your licence. Also check for cuts, bulges in the side wall and excessive wear on the treads outer edges which is not that easy as most of it is hidden under closely fitting body work. Certainly for the front, the easiest way is to start up the car’s engine and turn the steering onto full lock. For the back you are going to have to kneel down to get a view and


sometimes even have to use a light. The importance of the correct tyre size To get an accurate quote and the right tyres waiting for you when you turn up, you will need your tyre size. You can look on internet databases but they are not always accurate. With so many model types and specification updates, the best way to start is to just look at the tyre. On the side of the tyre is all the information you need. Take a look at the diagram below and it shows what all the numbers mean: Width: This is the width of the tyre measured in millimetres Profile: This is the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width (sometimes referred to as aspect ratio) Speed Rating: This tells you the maximum speed at which you can travel under full load Wheel Size: This is the diameter of the rim in inches Example: So in this case the tyre is a 205 45 ZR 17 Budget or Branded Armed with the tyre size you now need to think about whether you want a budget tyre i.e. ones where you generally won’t recognise the name - Primewell, Matador, Nankang ….. The best name I’ve seen so far is called a Triangle! Which got me thinking, I wonder if we will ever see one called Square? Or do you want a branded tyre i.e. Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop …. Both are perfectly legal for the road, but the choice is important because the price difference can be large. For example we sell a 205/55x16 budget

for £53.38 where as a 205/55x16 Michelin costs £82.18, that’s a 53% difference. The best advice I can give you on this is to ask yourself which would suit your driving style best. Here are a few pointers: Typical user - Budget Car used for shorter journeys Small to medium cars Infrequent motorway use Typical user - Branded High mileage driver Performance car New car Choosing which Tyre Make European Union legislation – Great

for tyre buyers, not so great for some political parties! When you have chosen which way you are going to go how can you choose between the different tyre makes? Don’t worry, since the 1st July 2012 the EU brought in legislation where all tyres come with a ‘tyre label’ which is similar to the energy stickers that appear on white goods. The tyre label focuses on three areas of performance: Fuel Efficiency - How economic is this tyre? - Savings Wet Grip - How quickly can the tyre stop in wet conditions? Safety Exterior Noise - How noisy is the tyre? - Sound Fuel Efficiency / Rolling Resistance A rolling tyre deforms and dissipates energy. The energy that's lost is known as rolling resistance and directly impacts on fuel consumption. The difference in fuel consumption between a car fitted with A and G class tyres is around 0.5 litres per 100km, that's a saving of around 80 litres and more than £110 per year.* Wet Grip Tyres with excellent wet grip have shorter braking distances on slippery roads, essential for keeping you safe in the rain. These ratings are measured from the distance travelled by a car after braking at 50mph in the wet - 30% shorter braking distance between best and worst class for a full set of tyres fitted to an average car. Exterior Noise Exterior noise levels are measured in decibel (dB) and shown as one, two or three sound waves on the label. One wave is the best performance, three is the worst. In fact, three bars is the current limit, while two meets future laws and one is a further 3dBs below. That's it for this month, if you've got any motoring question or would like to give me some feedback on my column then please give me a ring at work on 0121 770 9377 or go onto my face book page at www.facebook. com/kingshurstautomotive. See you next month, Colin

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

Canine Care I will be bringing you the latest information on looking after and being responsible for your beloved pooch along with my views on all aspects of dogs. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes from the Great Dane to the tiny Chihuahua - everyone has their favourite. Whatever their size they are require some level of care and expense. When we choose our dogs do we choose by the way he looks or do we research the breed characteristics. Characteristics are extremely important when choosing a dog as you need to ensure that you have the ability to give it the life it needs. As a young girl I would often take family friends dogs for walks as I was never allowed a dog of my own as my parents felt it was to much responsibility and both worked long hours.

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01675 467189

Dogs come in all shapes and “sizes from the Great Dane to the tiny Chihuahua - everyone has their favourite.Whatever their size they are require some level of care and expense. A dog simply would not have fit into our life styles. At the time I did not understand and thought it was unfair. However after spending the majority of my working life surrounded by dogs I completely understand their reasons now. As a nation of supposed dog lovers a percentage of us fail to provide even the basics. To some dogs are just a money making opportunity and the breeding of certain breeds has spiralled out of control. Our animal shelters and dogs homes are bursting

at the seams with unwanted, unloved dogs. This saddens me. Being involved with a local stray pound myself I witness life behind bars for many and always ask myself how this has been allowed to happen. I have been working with dogs for over 12 years. I am currently running a doggy day care centre where dogs of all different breeds and ages come to play whilst their owners are out for the day or at work. I find their interaction with each other extremely interesting

and believe you can learn a lot about your dogs just by simply observing them more. I think that dogs benefit from socialising with their own species on a regular basis. This has become more difficult to do in the local park as not all dogs that are allowed off lead are as friendly as we would like them to be. It has become hard to know when it is safe and if other dogs are friendly. I previously worked for a local council as a dog warden and have witnessed first hand irresponsible dog ownership in many forms. Is this due to a lack of education or just pure ignorance? So here I am, having worked in most of the industries in the dog world. I wish to share with you my experiences and will endeavour to educate and inform our local community on all dog related topics. I Hope you find the information useful and interesting. Yours Sincerely Victoria Hemming

SAME DAY REPAIR SERVICE MISTED UNITS REPLACED Repairs to: Homes • Schools • Offices • Factories • Local Authorities


Glass Shelves • Splash Backs • Table Tops • Shower Screens • Mirror Fitting Service


glass ltd Glass & Glazing Specialists

0121 783 3455

156 Station Road, Stechford, B33 8BT

The Coleshill Post

HELLO Dog Lovers, I am very pleased that the Coleshill Post has asked me to write about mans best friend.


Victoria Hemming



@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

Dear Sir, I was very pleased to see the letter from Mrs, Warman of Coleshill and the Earl of Coleshills article regarding the appalling parking situation and traffic conditions in Coleshill. It seems that the only people in the town who are totally unaware of the problems in Coleshill we all experience day to day, are our Town Councillors. Year on Year this problem gets worse with more and more cars of the road. Unlike our Councillors who can park on the front of the Town Hall. “We’re all right Jack” sums up the Town Councillors attitude. If anyone needed proof of this they would have seen the latest idea put forward by Cllr. Harry Taylor and Mike O’Brien in the local press, that we should have traffic lights and a crossing on Coventry Road to enable School children to cross the road. Did these two give any thought to the affect this would have on flow of traffic through the town, during rush hours when people are going and returning to work, or where they more concerned with getting their photographs in the media, regardless of the consequences of this ridiculous idea? If they had bothered to walk down Packington Lane they would see that 99% of children at Woodlands School and St. Edwards School are taken by car. What this town needs is parking near to the High Street to enable people to support our High Street shops and businesses. It is all very well telling everyone to ‘Love Coleshill’ when you cannot easily access the town. It is time the ‘Love Coleshill’ group took some action to sort this out with the Town Council as to why they have one absolutely nothing to deal with this major issue. Incidentally, this situation has nothing to do with the sale of the Car Park to Morrisons, Cllr Adam Farrell would like us to believe. This sale made a tremendous difference to our Town. We now have a very good popular Supermarket and all we are awaiting is the opening of the brand new Leisure Centre, which the proceeds of the sale to Morrisons made possible. I am able to park at Morrisons at least four times a week. I have pointed out to the Town Council that the, derelict for years, playground site in the Memorial Park has three ready made entrances two from the gridlocked Parkfield Road, Chelmsley Avenue, Park Avenue and the third entrance on Digby Road. The site is a few minutes walk to the High Street, and could accommodate thirty cars. However, this suggestion fell on deaf ears. It seems that after spending £30,000 from the Town Council budget last year on play equipment in the Memorial Park, the Town Council are planning this year another costly scheme for more costly play equipment in the park. Do we really need yet more play equipment in the park when we will shortly have a brand new leisure centre, usable though all weathers throughout the year? It is time the Town Council heeded the needs of local Council Tax Payers and spent out money where it is needed. There is a local election next year. Hopefully we will get Councillors who have the interest of the Council Tax Payers at heart, instead of trying to transform the Memorial Park into a Disney type theme park.. Anyone who is affected by this problem should attend the Town Council meetings where you can find out exactly what our Town Council is doing. Yours sincerely, Marie Booth.

The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on this page are not that of The Coleshill Post and we take no responsibility for authenticity or potentially offensive content.

Your views count so usethenews and be heard!!

Comment of the Month.....

The Mayor Responds: Parking in Coleshill and The Memorial Park I refer to some recent correspondence on the subject of car parking availability in Coleshill, particularly around the town centre. There have been some concerns raised about the lack of awareness of the issues by the Town Council. It is worth drawing attention to your readers that the Town Council has no responsibility for the provision, control or charging of car parks in the town. The statutory responsibility for this rests with the Borough Council level of local government. There is truth in the fact that the Town Council has been approached by representatives of the Borough Council with regard to the potential use of a piece of the Memorial Park under its ownership. The Council has met and agreed the following: • It is not felt appropriate to accommodate car parking on any part of the Memorial Park. • It was not incumbent on the Town Council to provide land for car parking when this was a Borough Council responsibility. This Authority had reduced parking availability when allowing the Morrisons store development.

• The Town Council does not have the finance to acquire land for such a purpose. • The Town Council will seek to influence the Borough and County Councils on the wider aspects of a traffic management solution rather than solely considering car park spaces. In relation to the Town Council’s plans for the Memorial Park in general, we see the need for some significant improvements: • Improved tennis courts, both in location and condition. • A recreation equipment area for older children. • A marked play flat surfaced area (near to the nursery group in the pavilion). • Improvements to the paths. None of the above could be described as a ‘Disney Theme park’. We have undertaken one consultation exercise before the small children’s play area was improved and will do a similar exercise for the next phase of improvements. The Mayor of Coleshill

Could your health and wellness do with a boost ARE the stresses and strains of everyday life taking their toll? Are you searching for some peace within yourself? Do you long for relaxation or relief from aches and pains?

Today, holistic approaches to our health and overall wellbeing are becoming more common. Holistic practitioners aim to assist you physically, mentally and emotionally by treating the cause of your problems rather than the symptoms, like conventional medicines. Lily May Wellbeing is based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, minutes away from Birmingham city centre. Its elegant surroundings and tranquil atmosphere will put you at ease as soon as you step through the door.

Natasha Robinson has over 9 years experience in this field and has a real passion for helping others. Having overcome her own personal life challenges using complementary therapies, she is able to empathise and intuitively recommend the appropriate therapy to suit your individual needs. Natasha would like to enlighten others of ways to benefit their mind, body and soul so decided to take Lily May on the road. On Tuesday 1st July she’ll be hosting an event with a team of specially selected health and wellness professionals offering a wide and varied range of self help therapies and products. There will also be experienced mediums, tarot card readers, inspirational and motivational speakers.

COFFEE MORNING Every Friday 10-12. Coleshill United Church All welcome. Come along for a friendly chat and a cuppa

Hi, my name is Donna Hebblethwaite, I am a concerned mother from Coleshill, trying to petition for a crossing on the Coventry Road. The children walking the school run across the busy traffic, take their lives into their own hands everyday. (Saint Edwards, Woodlands, The Coleshill school). Traffic is a nightmare! I can understand why parents are driving to school as it seems easier! I assure you I’ve experienced both journeys. If you drive, you have to cross the traffic to get down the lane and then where do you park? There’s a chance of running down a child. Walking is healthier! The government say “children are becoming more obese than ever! “, So why am I fighting for a crossing for three schools? Why are the lives of children put at risk because of people arguing over budgets? Why am I even having to start a petition for a road that is obviously dangerous to cross for the children? The reader who is against the Pedestrian crossing has grandchildren at one of the schools. I have walked to school with her grandchildren many times and her grandchildren have had to rush across the busy traffic with me! In fact the grandson was nearly run over by a parent who selfishly mounted the pavement outside the school to do a three point turn. I pulled him out of the way along with two other children. How could anyone argue the safety of a child! I have fought Cancer twice! I’m still having treatment. I don’t scare easy and I don’t give up! I will carry on with my petition and I invite your reader or any other persons to walk to school with me. From Mrs Donna Hebblethwaite.


An Evening for your Mind, Body and Soul TUESDAY 1st JULY 6pm till 9.30pm Coleshill Town Hall, High St, Coleshill, Warwickshire B46 3BG

Psychic/Medium/Tarot/Angel Card Readings from £10 Health and Wellness Experts. Energy Healing, Holistic Treatments, Chakra Balancing. Gifts, Books, Natural Handmade Products plus much more.


The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


The Coleshill School


THE Sixth Form media students at The Coleshill School have been working tirelessly to take their first steps in their media production career.

ON Tuesday 6th May, 38 Year 10 Geography students went to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire to collect the river data required for their controlled assessment which is worth 25% of their final grade.

As part of their AS Level Media Studies course all students needed to produce the opening scene and title sequence to a film noir. All of the students embarked on ambitious projects that not only tested their knowlegede of film but also developed organisation and communication skills. All of the groups involved created their own production companies and proceeded to cast professional actors and source relevant locations - from a 1940’s terraced house in Kenilworth to Coventry Laser Quest - no stone was left unturned. The feedback from the actors has been entirely positive with many of the actors requesting that they be contacted when the groups need actors for their A2 project next year - which I hear could even be a 6 minute zombie film with real Hollywood blood and gore. Indeed, one actor reported that they had been treated better and students were more organised than any

They were split into two groups and went about collecting the width, depth and velocity of 8 sites. The data collection was supported by the Field Study Council team from Preston Man who helped to explain why the data was collected and what the students would need to dod with it. With the exceptionof one or two students who proved how good their long jumping skills were (obviously in preparation for Sports Day), the rest of the students enjoyed a dry and productive day. Most were grateful for the wellies provided by the Field centre. Many thanks to Miss Reiner, Mr Birch and Mr Simkin for coming on the trip. In the final edition of Coleshill Matters for the year, the Geography department will be writing about the up and coming trips to Chamonix (Year 9 and 10) and Paris/EuroDisney (Year 7 and 8). There is also being planned a day trip to Cadre Idris mountains, Wales to investigate the landforms created ny glaciation. News on next year’s trips will also be highlighted here as well.

Our Future in Coleshill — Civic Society Presentation ON Thursday 8th May 2014, the Coleshill and District Civic Society held one of their regular sessions where members of the Coleshill community gather to discuss, discover and comment on the development of Coleshill both past and present.

Coleshill School Sixth Form student, Ben Hobbis who is the school’s Student Voice Director was fortunate to be invited as one of the three guest speakers at the event. In November, Ben was awarded the ‘Next Steps’ bursary by the Civic Society being recognised for his involvement with the community. This is given to someone wishing to make their next steps into Higher Education and in return give something back to the community. Ben alongside his current studies has been planning the launch of his volunteering project which he will make operational after his examinations. Ben presented alongside Cllr Harry Taylor, who has just become Mayor of Coleshill and Cllr Kirsteen Wootton who has also recently made Deputy Mayor of Coleshill. Ben commented “it is so pleasing that the Civic Society value the input and voice of young people so much”. I would personally like to thank the Civic Society for the great opportunities I have had to work with them in such a short space of time” Peter Rafferty, Chairman of the Civic Society was pleased with the outcome of the meeting "Coleshill and District Civic Society looked to the future on 8 May when younger residents spoke about ‘Our Future in Coleshill’. He went on to talk about the

success of the speakers from the event, “The Speakers, Kirsteen Wooton, Harry Taylor and Ben Hobbis attracted a good audience and prompted animated discussion on how they saw the Community developing” . He concluded by saying “A very successful evening leaving those attending with much to think about” The event has led to numerous outcomes for Ben, the school and the local community with enquiries with regards to the school working with the community and Ben’s project have been extensive. Should you be able to support Ben and his project then please email him at

professional films that he had worked on. Subjects ranged from the alien inspired tech noir of Dark Matter, involving an intergalactic prison ship being besieged by an inmate who has transformed into a hideous monster, to a chilling neo noir inspired by Shutter Island which played around with notions of reality and states of mental imbalance. The level of creativity and ambition also required extensive special effects work including chroma keying and even CGI. The students have gained a real insight into the practices and possibilities of modern Hollywood and demonstrated just what they are capable of The A2 Media group have not been sitting around while this was happening. They have also filfilled their production breif, choosing to produce a touching drama about one man’s struggle to be a better father to his absent son by kicking his drinking habit - with a little help. The group once again used professional actors - including the school’s own Joe Danks - and the result is a well scripted and effective film. Congratulations to all of the students for producing such wonderful final films which are a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Join us at our Year 4 & 5 Event on Thursday 26th June 2014!

At The Coleshill School we are committed to high standards, student progress and ‘learning and achieving together’. We are proud of the many improvements and successes the school has achieved and look forward to sharing these with you and your children during this special event. We have many activities running for your children to choose from including:

*Explosive Science* *Cool Catering* *Terrific Tech* *Popular PE* *Exciting English* *Mad Maths* To book your place and activity please visit our website—click on the advert and complete the form. For further enquiries regarding this event please contact Mrs Barnes, Transition Manager

The Coleshill School

An 11-19 Business and Enterprise Academy

Coventry Road Coleshill B46 3EX

 01675 462435


Year 4/5 EVENING FOR 2015 INTAKE 6.00-7.30 pm

Learning and Achieving Together

The Coleshill Post

Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Coleshill or Hollywood Hills? BY ALAN COLIN GREEN Carding Mill Valley BY MR J HARRIS SUBJECT LEADER OF GEOGRAPHY



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Sertec looks to further growth in Coleshill It was 1991 when Sertec first became a resident of B46, having acquired the presswork company, Jones Brothers Ltd on Gorsey Lane.

The Coleshill Post

For more information:

Rather than take over and absorb the order book into its existing factory in Aston, Sertec's strategy was one of growth and expansion and so needed the additional factory space Gorsey Lane offered to accommodate its plans for the future. 23 years later, the Company is now one of the largest employers in the area and has still further growth to come. Sertec manufactures presswork and welded assemblies for the automotive industry, a sector which has seen dramatic and indeed turbulent times in recent years. The global economic crash of 2008 saw the industry, like many others, take a huge downturn in fortune. Consumers were just not buying cars! Where others failed Sertec not only survived but put plans in place for the inevitable changes the industry would bring. Jaguar Land Rover was Sertec's main customer and they too were experiencing major issues. It was the Indian company Tata who bought the business from the

struggling Ford Motor Company and this signalled the start of something special. Tata's investment in new design and technology meant that the JLR supply chain had to follow suit or fall by the wayside. Sertec recognised this opportunity and embraced the plans and aspirations of JLR for the future. Change was not gradual, it was dramatic. Nominations on new vehicles came thick and fast and it was clear that investment in new plant and equipment was essential if such new orders were to come to fruition. More than this, Sertec needed more logistics space and expanded the operation into Trillenium Point, just off Gorsey Lane. Simultaneously, Sertec's stringent policy of continuous improvement and excellence in everything it did earned the Company JLR's top supplier award for quality performance (2010). Soon after, it acquired DPE Automotive Tyseley Division to accommodate yet further expansion. The business was now set fair for growth, mirroring the tremendous success JLR was experiencing worldwide with the Range Rover Evoque. By then, high strength aluminium was recognised as the future for automotive engineering and investment in new presses and state of the art robotic

technology saw the birth of the all new aluminium Range Rover and subsequently the Range Rover Sport. Sertec celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2012 and was looking for the next move to sustain growth and invest in the future. The sad demise of Coleshill's Greenwood Communications last year, presented an immediate opportunity for Sertec, one which would see high profile change for the Company. Within six months, Sertec had moved its logistics and manual assembly operation out of Trillenium Point into Wincaster House (newly named after Sertec's first home address back in 1962), closely followed by Group Administration and Commercial Operations. The move to Wincaster House has allowed for shop floor expansion at the Gorsey Lane factory site just 800 metres down the road. As a major employer in the area, the undoubted growth in the immediate future is creating job opportunities throughout the group but in particular in the Coleshill area, both on the shop floor and in an administrative role. Sertec is proud of what it has achieved in the last 52 years and is proud to be an important part of the Coleshill community.

EXPERTS ON OUR DOORSTEP For more information:

NETWORK WITH KEY PLAYERS IN THE B46 BUSINESS COMMUNITY Do you have business interests in B46 and want to attract new customers or suppliers? We’re a new business to business networking group for the B46 postcode. Our monthly, breakfast meetings maximise

Our aims include: • Active networking at a local level • Build profitable relationships • Access advice and support • Cultivate local business

local expertise and opportunities.

• Harness local talent



Packington Lane, Coleshill. 11th June, 7.30 - 9.15am, £10.

This month we will be releasing three exciting membership packages.


Due to the success of our events to date, and feedback from our regulars, we have decided to launch a range of cost effective packages to help local people and their businesses become better networked and more profitable!

The Plumb family are opening up their working farm for our attendees in June to coincide with National Countryside Week and their Open Day. John will talk about the plans for the farm and the community and school work they are involved with, as well as providing a tour of the facilities.


01675 434583


To take advantage of our membership packages please either email us at or come along to one of our events! SPONSORED BY:


The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

Meeting the Buyers at Sertec




The Coleshill Post

ON Wednesday 14th May the Business46 team, consisting of Anna Plotnek of AP Designs, Penny Sheward of MCD Recruitment and Jemma James of TruTac, held their monthly networking event at Sertec Group on Gorsey Lane, Coleshill. Over 30 local businesses attended, with various new faces. Penny commented “this was our best event to date; it sold out yet again and we were proud to have such great support from the Sertec team.” Dave Steggles, Commercial Director of Sertec spoke about the company’s history and future plans. Guests got a valuable insight into Sertec’s designs for Wincaster House and the new JLR vehicles they will be involved in building between now and 2016. Dave explained their growth strategies for the next 5years and how the number of employees is expected to grow from 1100 to 1600. Dave re-enforced Sertec’s commitment to the B46 community by stating jobs would be prioritised for local people wherever possible. This was backed up by their investment of £100,000 over the next 12 months on apprentices, training and development within the business. As evidence of Sertec's commitment to local businesses their purchasing team were on hand to discuss buying services and products from Business46 attendees. Dave stated Sertec’s move to Wincaster House in February 2014 was

needed to facilitate their growth and how they developed their Gorsey Lane office with various new facilities. Dave explained their other sites in the centre of Birmingham, Estonia and China are all seeing significant growth and are expecting further expansion in the years to come. Attendees were invited to ask questions and Peter Fowler of Warwickshire County Council asked “Do you plan to source your apprentice's locally and are you currently recruiting in the area?” Dave responded “Our HR team has expanded and a specialist is looking at recruitment and apprenteships locally. They have been running training schemes with EOS for unemployed people in the local area. This has proved highly successful and worthwhile.” Dave was keen to get across their pledge of support to the local community and how important being part of events and groups such as Business46 is for them. Sertec sponsor four different football and cricket clubs in the area, including the new kit for Coleshill Cricket Club’s first team. Additionally, they’ve also chosen to support a local charity the “Lady Bugs Trust”. This fantastic charity aims to give children with disabilities and special needs opportunities to experience activities they would otherwise never have the opportunity to. One of Sertec’s employees Maurice Spooner aims to run 12 marathons in 12 months to raise money for the charity. Attendees had the opportunity

to stand and introduce their businesses to the rest of the group. As always many sales leads and business cards were exchanged, proving the success of Business46 through networking and increasing trade and services locally. Penny commented “We could not be more pleased with how the group is evolving and the support we have gained since the group launched in November last year.” Anna added “We are helping local businesses grow through networking locally and it’s proving extremely successful, we already have bookings for our next event.” Jemma concluded “This was our 7th event and sold out yet again. Due to this unprecedented demand we’re launching a Business46 membership scheme. Membership will provide a variety of benefits, including priority booking and advertising. Details will be launched at the June event.” The next Business46 event will be at Southfields Farm on Packington Lane on Wednesday 11th June at 7.30am, price £10 per person (including bacon roll and refreshments). Please email the team now to book your place at this event The Business46 team welcomes feedback and suggestions for venues, topics and speakers, get in touch by emailing, call 01675 434583, tweet @business_46 or alternatively find information on To see more event photos please go to the AP Designs Facebook page.


@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

Shustoke based canine clippers groomed for success

The Groom Room, Shustoke is pleased to report a steady increase in business with both new and repeat business since opening its doors in November 2013. Due to an increase in volume of work, Dawn is pleased to welcome along an additional member to the Groom Room, Sarah, who is City & Guilds trained. The key areas of success so far is the turn around time for the groom per dog. As from the moment the dog arrives it is worked on until ready to leave the salon, therefore there are no dogs hanging around in crates. This method has proven most successful with customers as they prefer the dog to be back with them sooner rather than later. The other area of success has been when both Dawn and Sarah work alongside one another when dealing with larger breeds that are either nervous or difficult, again in order to complete the groom minimising the duration of the time the grooming process takes. The Groom Room has the benefit of all the most up-to-date equipment, together with using aromatherapy products, lavender and mint being the most successful.

Gun Dog Display Dawn and her partner Steve are putting on a gundog display at The Whitacres and Shustoke Horticultural Show on the 26th July. Come along and see their dogs in action. They are doing a dog scurry so bring your dogs along and have a go. It’s a fun day out for all the family!

The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

mobile: 07971 216522 tel: 01675 481958 Email: View our price list online: THE GROOM ROOM is a professional Dog Grooming


service by a level 2 City & Guilds qualified grooming stylist located in Shustoke. We pride ourselves on a personal service in a relaxed, friendly environment so your dog leaves looking their best, having enjoyed an experience at our grooming salon.

Two labrador dogs at stud. KC/BVA health checks in place, clear eyes and good hip scores.

All grooms include: Bathing, Clipping, Styling, Nail Trimming & Plucking/Cleaning of Ears. We hope to see you and your Dog soon!

Both Stag and Thunder are strong, handsome biddable working dogs and are gentle and affectionate in nature.

How we work We’ll check your Dog over upon arrival - if it is deemed that to de-matt the coat would be too stressful and painful for your Dog then we may suggest clipping off the coat. Humanity above vanity at all costs!

Thunder is 5 years old, has had a fifirst in a fifield trial and has many awards.

If your Dog has any dislikes, skin conditions, health issues or can be aggressive in any way then please inform us when making the appointment. Anal glands can be emptied upon request and are included in the cost of the groom. Collection and delivery available at extra cost within the local area. Level

Find Us

2 Qua


The Groom Room, Croft Farmhouse, Coleshill Road, Shustoke, North Warwickshire B46 2BF

Stag is just 2 years old and came third in his first working test and had a first place last week in Loughborough.

Contact Dawn for further information on 07971 216522

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11



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We clear all Houses, Flats, Offices, Shops, Lofts, Garages, Sheds, Storage Units etc.

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mob: 07813 013111 of fEnquiries ice:welcome 01675 466026 from General Public,

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Estate Agents, Solicitors, Landlords, Banks, Local Authorities - Bereavments (discretion assured)

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Castle Bromwich & District

Castle Bromwich & District

Castle Bromwich & District

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Family Owned Funeral Directors

Family Owned Funeral Directors

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24 Hour Service All Areas Pre Paid Funeral Plans Low Cost Simple Funerals 100 Years Experience Covering Coleshill & Local Areas

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24 Hour Service All Areas Pre Paid Funeral Plans Low Cost Simple Funerals 100 Years Experience Covering Coleshill & Local Areas

320 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich B36 9AD

320 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich B36 9AD

320 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich B36 9AD

Part of TEW Hickton Ltd Family Funeral Group

Part of TEW Hickton Ltd Family Funeral Group

Part of TEW Hickton Ltd Family Funeral Group

Castle Bromwich & District

Castle Bromwich & District

Castle Bromwich & District

Family Owned Funeral Directors

Family Owned Funeral Directors

Family Owned Funeral Directors

0121 747 7900

0121 747 7900

0121 747 7900

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


& Sandwiches. s. To eat in or Takeaway

8 Coventry C Road, Coleshill B46 3BE 23(1  '$<6 $ :((. 23(1'$<6$:((. (. 0RQ)ULDPWRSP 6DW 6XQDPWR1RRQ


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The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


BUSINESS LISTING Alan Forman Piano tuning and

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repairs. Hoggrills Cottages, Barnswood Lane, Whitacre Heath, B46 2EF, 01675464335, 07712630438

AJN Accountancy Ltd 29 Penns Lane, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1BA, 07702815142

A M Cooper & Sons Mullensgrove

Farm, Kingsbury Road, Curdworth, B76 0DF, 01675470075 Ann McBride Chiropractic The Health Centre, 58-60 Coventry Road, Coleshill, B46 3EE, 08432899136 Balti Cottage 107 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BP, 01675464122

Birmingham Scaffolding LTD 24 Springfields, Coleshill, B46 3EG, 01675464228

Books Revisited 110 High Street,

Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675464853 Broadlee Printers Unit 1A Trinity Road, Kingsbury Link, Tamworth, B78 2EX, 01827872200 Carter's Electrical 128 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BJ, 01675462277

Chestnut Tree Nursery Memorial Park Centre, Park Road, Coleshill, B46 3LA, 01675462120

CafĂŠ au Lait 112 b High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675467739

Church End Brewery Ltd

Ridge Lane, Atherstone, CV10 0RD, 01827713080 Classic IT Services rear of 77 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AG, 01212850047 Coleshill Churches Together 67 Temple Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1UE, 01675463274 Coleshill Community Hub Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BG, 01675238309

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Coleshill Cleaning Centre 10 Coventry Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BE, 01675464058 Coleshill Cupcakes 7 High Brink Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1BH, 01675464846 Coleshill Cricket Club

c/oWall House, 112 High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BL, 01675430162 Coleshill Roofing 17 Digby Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3NL, 01675462344 Coleshill Timber 47-48 Coleshill Industrial Estate, Station Road, Coleshill, B46 1HT, 01675463433

Coleshill & District Civic Society 1 Church Hill, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AD, 01675462727 32 Church Hill, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AJ, 01675463555 Crimson Ltd Queen Anne House, 131 High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BP, 01675466477

Dave Electrics 61 Common Lane, Washwood Heath, Birmingham, B8 2US, 07814878013 Dreamers Indian Cuisine 146 High

Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BG, 01675467789 Dreamers Of Coleshill Sunnyside, Blackfirs Lane, Bickenhill, B37 7JE, 01675462323 Dennis Walker Insurances 7 Parkfield Road Coleshill, B46 3LD, 01675462682 Drinks4U 1-3 Bridge View, Lower High Street, Coleshill, B46 1BE, 01675620581 DRP Logistics Ltd The Annexe, Chantry House, High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BP, 01675462230 Duncan McNutt Dentistry 58-60 Coventry Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3EE, 01675464231 Evans Derry Solicitors 5 Church Hill, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AD, 01675464400 Gascoignes of Coleshill 100 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675462294

Glitzy Bits

109 High Street Coleshill B46 3BP Harben Barker The Courtyard, 112 High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BL, 01675466344 Hawthornes Hardware 117 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BP, 01675462195 Heads of Coleshill 75 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, 01675466040

Chiropodist @ Heads of Coleshill 75 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, 01675466040

Nails4Fingers at Heads of Coleshill 75 high Street, Coleshill,

Birmingham, 01675466040 Atherstone Road, Furnace End, Coleshill, Indian Lounge 123 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BT, 01675466966 Jem Lines 124 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BJ, Jenny Wren 88 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675462444

Lilly May Wellbeing

39 Vittoria St, Birmingham B1 3ND. 0121 212 9167

Maggies 113 High Street, Coleshill,

Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675465051 Mary Anne Evans Hospice 59 High Brink Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1BH, 01675463305

Mary Anne Evans Hospice Charity Shop 5/6 Chamberlin

Walk, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 6UT, 01675465767

MP Computer Services 9

3531 Tel: 07539 086721

Remember When 80 High Street,

Natural World Experience Ltd 24

Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AH, 01675466418

Forge Road, Shustoke, Coleshill, B46 2AU, 07811403713

Nice Thoughts 3-4 Chamberlain Walk, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BZ, 01675462718 OJ's Beads & handmade Gifts 92 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL,

One-Off Interiors Wall House, 112 High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BL, 01675430162

PBS Embroidery The One Stop Personalisation Shop Tel: 0121 770 8000 Email: Unit 8 Waterloo Avenue Chelmsley Wood Industrial Estate, B37 6QQ

Penny Johnson Flowers 106 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675463167 Perfectly Placed Angel Mews, 74 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3AH,

Perfect Harmony

Complimentary Holistic Therapies & Gifts NVQ.IIHHT.VTCT Reiki Master/ Teacher Mandy Beale MCThA Town Hall Sumner Road Entrance, Coleshill B46 3BH Sally Crystal Therapy Alan Iridology/Herbs 01675 238217 - 07904 089904

Vesey Close, Water Orton, Birmingham, B46 1RB, 01217474537

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Meridian Travel Angel Mews,


View, Grimstock Hill, Coleshill, B46 1LE,

74 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 PWO & Sons 43 Parkfield Road, 3AH, 01675463784 Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3LD, 01675464878

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Curdworth, Birmingham, B76 9EE, 01675475573

Rajrani Bengal & Indian Cuisine 102 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675463777

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Roofwise 5 Kingsbury Road, Curdworth B76 9EP, 01675 470635, 07803 382166 Rooney Tax Services 4 Howarth Court, Water Orton, Birmingham, B46 1RF, 01217493126

Spanners Autocentres Unit 5, Station Road, Coleshill, B46 1HT, 01675467146.

Spencer Butchers 8 Coventry Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, 01675462130

Spice Lounge 10 Birmingham

Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1AA, 01675467388 ST-IT Limited 37 Old Mill Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1BG, Swan Hotel High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675462212 Sweet Things 2 Chamberlain Walk, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 8UT, 01675467737

T ETao W83Hickton LTD Tao High Street, Coleshill,

Whitmore House, Lower High Street, Birmingham, B46 3AG, 01675462463 Cradley Heath, B64 5AB

The Coleshill Academy Coventry Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3EX, 01675462435 The Groom Room Croft Farmhouse, Coleshill Road, Shustoke B46 2BF Tel: 01675 481958 Tel: 07971 216522 The Marketeer 37 Chestnut Grove, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1AD, 01675 463400

The Swan Inn Station Road,

Whitacre Heath, B46 2JA 01675 462181

The Upper Crust 01675467126 Tudor House Financial Planning 106 High Street, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3BL, 01675462882

Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor, 16 Southfields Close, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3EQ

Welcome 2 This World, 5 Lyon Court, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3NU,

Wellbeing Holistic Therapy Centre, The Courtyard, 112 high Street, Coleshill, B46 3BL, 01675466550

Red Lion 11 High Street, Coleshill,

Wild Cherry Events

Birmingham, B46 3BB, 01675467470 Woodlands School, Packington Lane, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 3JE, 01675463590 Yin Yang Centre 34 Penns Lane, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1BA, 01675464369

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The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

What is RGN? THE Warwickshire Rural Growth Network provides free business support to businesses and individuals looking to start their own business, in rural Warwickshire.

Warwickshire County Council has been selected by DEFRA, as one of five counties in England to run this new pilot business support programme focusing on rural areas. You will be given a dedicated business coach, who will work with you to develop a bespoke action plan, to launch a new business or kick start business growth. You and your business coach will work through your journey, to achieve your goals. To discuss this opportunity further, please do contact us on either 07768 390148 or 07920 563781.

GDS Solutions Ltd met Rita Booth, a business coach at Pera Consulting (UK) Ltd (partner delivering the business coaching element of Rural Growth Network), on 30th August 2013 at a local event.

At this point, Mark Dodsworth (Director of Operations) had a business concept and had registered the business as a Limited company. GDS Solutions Ltd (Greenwood and Dodsworth Services Limited) aimed to establish a light manufacturing operation to produce top quality, high grade fibre optic patch leads and hydra fibres to facilitate express requirements. GDS Solutions Ltd received business coaching, access to business workshops and financial support from the Warwickshire Rural Growth Network, to help establish business operations and a market place. The business coaching has provided GDS Solutions Ltd with an opportunity to develop and implement strategic management plans, as well as accessing other services through part-

ners across the Warwickshire Rural Growth Network. Mark and Rita met to discuss the business concept, potential ways to establish a light manufacturing operation and secure a skilled team. Following this initial diagnostic meeting, Rita and Mark developed an action plan to establish this business and plan the resources required. In addition, GDS Solutions Ltd also attended the full programme of business workshops available to those engaged with Warwickshire Rural Growth Network. Rita also made an introduction to the Access to Finance team at the University of Warwick Science Park,

who in partnership with Rita supported GDS Solutions Ltd through the application process for a Micro-Enterprise Grant. This grant gave GDS Solutions Ltd an opportunity to establish a manufacturing operation in record time, giving GDS Solutions Ltd an opportunity to focus on developing a market. With the professional support and guidance from Warwickshire Rural Growth Network partners, GDS Solutions Ltd successfully established the new manufacturing operation in North Warwickshire and began manufacturing on 19th December 2013. Since December 2013, Mark has focused activity on delivering high

grade fibre optic patch leads and hydra fibres, as well as handling an increasing volume of new enquiries. GDS Solutions Ltd has also recruited an experienced engineer and plans to build a production team that will includes apprentices. Mark Dodsworth, Director of Operations at GDS Solutions Ltd commented: “Due to the support, funding and professional advice from Rita Booth at Pera Consulting (UK) Ltd and the Access to finance team at the University of Warwick Science Park for a Micro Enterprise Grant, GDS Solutions Ltd has now become a reality for two people who have embarked on this exciting new adventure, both were unfortunately made redundant from Greenwoods Communications Limited due to its closure in July 2013 . GDS Solutions Ltd is already thinking about their next recruitment and new investments and hope to complete these by mid-2014. A big thank you from myself to all that helped me to achieve my targets for both GDS Solutions Ltd and myself.”

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MINI COOPER S 5 dr, 1.6, Petrol, 2003, 99,000 £4200.00

MG ZT 4 dr, 2004 1.8 Petrol, Manual £1800.00

The Coleshill Post

RGN’s Rita Booth helps put GDS on the fast track to success





The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11

@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11







The Coleshill Post











































































£4 A DISH OR 3 FOR £10



































































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We advise that all products may contain a trace of nuts or GM ingredients. Poultry & Fish dishes may contain bones and shot. The integrity of vegetarian dishes cannot be guaranteed. All weights are pre-cooked. All dishes are cooked on site to order, for dietary requirements please speak to our staff. All dishes and prices are correct at time of print and subject to availability. All prices include VAT. A Discretionary 10% service charge will be added to tables of 8 people or more.

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


@ColeshillPost The Coleshill Post





The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Jason Lowe


The Coleshill Post

The top man in British Boxing

Local legend Charlie Giles talks about his lifelong passion for boxing and his rise to Chairman of The British Boxing Board of Control.

I WAS used to ‘boxing talk’ in the household, with Joe Louis, Tommy Farr, Freddie Mills, Len Harvey, etc, being on the agenda and there would always be excitement in the air when the usual crew turned up to set off to some sporting event, usually boxing or football. On one occasion, my uncles Joey, Teddy, Walter and Bernard arrived carrying small cases that meant they were staying overnight somewhere, leaving my mother noticeably quiet and subdued as she never liked dad staying out all night. This time, however, it turned into two nights, but that is another story. The conversation was intense in anticipation of the forthcoming event that they were travelling to London to attend - one of the biggest boxing tournaments ever to take place in Great Britain at that time - the middleweight championship of the world between the great Sugar Ray Robinson and local favourite Randolph Turpin. Randolph was to win this first encounter. All this and more had wet my appetite for the fabulous sport of boxing. Some 18 months later, in 1953, my father took me to see the man that I had heard so much about. I was two months short of my ninth birthday and was not prepared for what I was about to witness in the Embassy Sportsdrome, Birmingham on that cold January

night. The first thing to hit me was the thick cloud of smoke that made my eyes water the whole evening. Everywhere I looked men were puffing on some form of tobacco. I had to wait around with my glass of lemonade while the men had a drink at the bar, but I enjoyed listening to the banter. When we took our seats I realised that I could not see so dad took off his crombie and folded it up so I could sit on it and view the boxing that was taking place. There were not too many televisions around at that time so I had no previous perception of what I was about to witness. Then, suddenly, there was a noticeable increase in the excitement of the onlookers as the main event was about to take place. When Turpin was announced my ears hurt with the applause of this packed house, the atmosphere being electric. Turpin stopped his opponent in six rounds to the delight of the crowd. It was then that the greatest thing happened to me. My father had boxing friends and I was escorted to the dressing room of this great British middleweight. Randolph sat me on his lap and signed my programme ‘To My Best Pal Charlie from Champ Randolph Turpin’. What more could a young fan wish for. All of this is to explain my initiation into the sport that has dominated my life and had me hooked from that night on. Whilst still at school I travelled on my own to shows

and aged 17 years, having acquired a driving licence, I was able to travel all over the country, sometimes to the big tournaments. It was not long before I was on the mailing list of Jack Solomons, Harry Levene, Mickey Duff, Alex Griffiths and others. Since those days I have attended more than 3000 shows, including many championship contests. It was in 1984, having reached the ripe old age of 40, that I was invited to represent the Midlands Area of the British Boxing Board of Control at the Board’s headquarters at Vauxhall Bridge Road in London. I was flattered and felt privileged to be asked to hold such a position in the governing body of my chosen sport. Never would I have guessed that 20 years later I would become the Chairman of the Board, with such eminent people around the table. A lot is owed to the great contributions made by all the previous custodians be it Chairmen, Stewards, General Secretaries and others who have built the reputation that the BBBof C enjoys today. Like me, most Stewards of the Board have some life-long connection with the sport and they are able to bring the benefit of their vast experience to the table for the interests of the boxers, the licenceholders, and the sport of professional boxing in general. Indeed, some Stewards are involved on a daily basis in their regional areas, giving much of their time for the love of the sport. Each decade has had its outstanding British boxers. The ‘60s had a competitive

domestic heavyweight scene, with Henry Cooper, Brian London, Joe Erskine, Dick Richardson, Billy Walker, Johnny Prescott and Jack Bodell, boxing each other. I was there for Muhammad Ali v Cooper and Ali v London. It was in 1964, at the Terry Downes v Willie Pastrano world light-heavyweight title fight in Manchester, that I had the pleasure of first meeting Harry Carpenter, the ‘Voice” of Boxing’ at that time. The ‘70s saw me in America for the first time, at Madison Square Garden for the Ali v Joe Frazier world heavyweight title in 1971, and just one week later I was at Wembley for the Cooper v Joe Bugner fight. Then it was back to the States again in 1973 to see Bugner challenge Ali. On the undercard at the Hilton, Las Vegas were two of Britain’s best, John Conteh and John H. Stracey, who both won. The ‘80s saw me back in Las Vegas when Alan Minter took the world title from Vito Antuofermo. Alan then successfully defended the title against Antuofermo before losing it on that memorable occasion at Wembley against the great Marvin Hagler. Next came popular big Frank Bruno in big encounters with the likes of Tim Witherspoon and the great Mike Tyson, with Jim Watt and Charlie Magri picking up titles during the period. In the ‘90s I witnessed those two epic battles between Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, and later Richie Woodhall won the prized WBC green belt. During this time, Lennox Lewis

proved himself to be arguably the best British heavyweight of all time. More successes followed, with outstanding champions such as Prince Naseem Hamed, Carl Froch, super champs Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatton, and many others too numerous to mention. Listen, I could write a book about my experiences in boxing. However, I hope this has given you an insight into some of my personal involvement and also the support that I currently receive from the Board members and the excellent working relationship I enjoy with the current General Secretary, Robert Smith, in jointly carrying out the necessary duties of the British Boxing Board of Control. Boxing has always had its gloomy predictions for the future and the last few decades have been no exception. Television is not immune to the ravages of the current credit crunch and the budget has been affected, but time shows that these situations do not last for ever. The British Isles has always managed to produce a steady stream of world-class fighters, competing and often winning the honours, and I believe that we will continue to be as successful in the future with the help of our licensed promotors, managers and trainers. I look forward to a promising future for our beloved sport of Boxing. By Charles Giles (Chairman, British Boxing Board of Control)

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


Congratulations to Frankie Gavin on

2 champions lost in 24 hours THE world of boxing lost 2 former champions recently in 24 hours of each other, both highly respected men in their field. John (cowboy) McCormick Born 09-01-1935, Died 24-05-2014. European, British Empire, British & Scottish Area champion. Born in Glasgow Scotland, John had his first pro fight against Dudey Cox in 1957. Winning on a points decision after 6x3 rounds, he progressed forward with a very large following. Liked by Scotland all over he fought the likes of George Aldridge, Phil Edwards, Len Mullen, Larry Scott and Terry Downes. John beat Terry in their first meeting when Downes was sent back to his corner by the referee. However Terry came back two months later and sadly beat John. Cowboy went on to beat Harko Kokmeijer for the European title on points. He had his last pro fight in 1966 losing to young McCormick.

Matthew Saad Muhammad

FORMER World Light-Heavyweight Champion. Born Maxwell Antonio Loach, Matthew Saad Muhammad, was a fierce fighter with a tough game man reputation behind it.

In his 18 year pro fight career. He had 49 fights, 35 wins by KO, 16 losses with 3 draws. His first pro fight was against Billy Early on January 14th 1974. He beat Marvin Johnson to become the NABF Light Heavyweight champion by an 8th round TKO. In 1979 UK fighter from Liverpool John Conteh fought him for the World Title but Muhammed beat him on points. Conteh again tried eight months later but could never get it his way against the tough lad from Philadelphia. He boxed Yagui Lopez in 1980 winning by KO. The fight between them won fight of the year. However his luck was about to run out when he stepped in against Dwight Muhammad Qawi. Saaad couldn’t do anything against him and lost his title. They fought again and the same result was for Qawi. His last fight was in 1992 after having three losses in a row. He came to visit Birmingham a few years ago, and I meet him at the Robin Hood pub on the Stratford road. He was over here to promote an Asian fighter and asked for my help. I took him to see Frank O’Sullivan at The Birmingham City boxing club and he was made to feel so special by all the young fighters in the gym. Myself and Matt had a great time when we did meet over the next few weeks and he always made me feel welcome. The final bell of Boxing has been called on these 2 champions and may their soles rest in peace.

Midlands Tile. The show is already a buzzing have to be there match and it’s set to be a solid match up which is being held at The Aston Villa Football Club Holt Suite. Next month will see the female PINK

COLLAR boxing experience come to Birmingham's Aston Villa football ground also. This is an all female boxing night two days after the French fight. AVFC will be busy with boxing that weekend.

Also looking forward to seeing 11 times 5 weight World Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s visit to Birmingham this month and chatting to him to see what he has planned with Khan.

The Coleshill Post

HALF way through the year and things are looking really good for the sport of boxing.

getting his European Title shot and the Yafi brothers for there marvelous display. Don't forget to diary the 7th June into your boxing what's what, Marcus French fights Calum Cooper for the


Jason Lowe



The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Jason Lowe

The Legendary Joe Bugner

The Coleshill Post

The press were not nice to him when Don’t be fooled, this man did and can fight he beat Henry Cooper. In fact they and at the now age of 64 he looks leaner and were in my opinion, at their nastiest. cleaner than Big George Forman’s grilling maHow dare a Hungarian be given the chine. Jozsef Kreul aka Joe Bugner was born in decision over such a British icon?

The So-called king of British Boxing, Henry Cooper, was to finish his massive professional boxing life with a loss to a 21 year old who was not only fresh into the sport, but he wasn’t even born here. For years we were meant to believe what the sports writers said as they didn’t want to fall foul of the big Boxing promoters. Back then it was Jack Soloman and Jarvis Astaire who ran things in London with Mickey Duff close in the ranks. Because Bugner beat Cooper he was hated. Shame really because I recently interviewed Joe at a fantastic event in Sheffield and found him to be one of the nicest and gentle people in the boxing world. He has a charming character that is both positive and addictive. After missing the former British, Commonwealth, European and WBF World Champion at an event in Wolverhampton, I drove up to The Hilton hotel in Sheffield City Centre and was made more than welcome by the private collection of fight fans who were waiting to also see and meet Bugner. When I first saw the man giant, you knew you was in his presence, 6 foot 4in wearing a black shirt and slacks he was stood in the lobby on the first floor of the building greeting everybody and making sure he spoke to everyone who came up to him. I looked over at him and was so shocked to see how well he looked. He is a beast of a size and looks healthy and brown. He has all the looks of a cowboy from a 1960s Clint Eastwood film. The glare and stare like a stone cold killer waiting in the shadows near the saloon. Studying the swinging doors for movement of everyone who enters the premises.

Szeged Hungry on the 13th March 1950. At the age of 6 he and his family was forced to leave their country when the Soviet Union invaded. After fleeing his Mother made home in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. A bright kid and compared to the others of his age, he was a lot taller and stood out just a little bit more than average. At the age of 15 Joe was placed into the Guinness book of records for his record breaking feat in the junior discus throwing. Loving sports from an early age, Joe tried his hands at football, cricket and other sports, but soon realised that they ware just not for him. He headed to the Bedford Boys boxing club and was soon under the wing of it’s trainer Paul King. In his amateur carreer Joe only had 16 fights but he only had 3 losses. At the age of 17 and in a rush to make his mark, he turned professional, hoping to break it into the big time world of boxing. Well it wasn’t the start he wanted to kick off with. Joe was stopped in the 3rd round after the referee stopped the contest against Paul Brown. He lost by TKO but this did not put any chains on his legs and he was soon back down the gym licking his wounds and making changes to how he addressed his fight. Destined to get on the right road he showed the Country he was game and in it to win it. Over the next 2 years he won 18 consecutive fights, 13 by stoppage. In 1970 Joe was becoming the talk of the towns and Birmingham sent him Johnny Prescott. John took him 8 rounds but lost on points. Ray Patterson brother of Floyd got the same decision while Brian London got stopped

in the 5th and Chuck Wepner only made 3. Over the next 29 years hungry Joe never avoided a single person. Carl Gizzi, Bill Drover, Jurgen Blin, Jack Bodell, Mac Foster, Jimmy Ellis, Ron Lyle, Richard Dunn,Ernie Shavers, Joe Frazier, Marvis Frazier, James Tillis, Greg Page, Frank Bruno, Scott Welch and finally James Bone Crusher Smith all stepped into the ring with the tall, static but awkward fighter. But what has made Joe a household name was his meeting with Sir Henry Cooper and Muhammad Ali. At the age of 21 Joe took Cooper the full distance in the 15 round match. It was the 16th March 1971 Cooper had called time on his life as a pro fighter and this was to be his last fight. Cooper stated before the fight to the press that he was going to retire from boxing. He was suffering from pain in his joints and skin issues and had gone as far as he could with boxing. Wanting to finish on a fantastic fight and win, Cooper and Bugner went to the final bell. It was looking to be a draw until the referee awarded the fight to Bugner by quarter of a point. Cooper never spoke to Bugner again and only spoke to the referee while he was on his death bed. When I chatted with Bugner he said this country only remember him for either the Ali fights or more so for the Cooper fight. He went 27 rounds with Ali and it was Ali who claimed Bugner would one day be a World champion. I asked Joe what was his best fight ever ?. He said his meeting with Joe Frazier was his best day ever. He admired Joe and his boxing technical ways. Frazier was the best in the business, He was able to clip the wings on the butterfly Ali. He was a marvel to every inch of boxing. Bugner said being given the go ahead to fight Frazier was a happy and sad occasion. Happy to be good enough to fight not just his

Golf “Par”fection!

idol but also to know he was good enough to get in the ring with him. They fought at Earls Court on the 2nd July 1973. After 12 rounds Joe Frazier was given a win by the referee. Bugner said the referee Harry Gibbs who stood on the Cooper fight was the same referee for the Frazier fight. He was in a legal battle with Cooper over being called corrupt. Some years later Heny Cooper had to pay Gibbs a liable settlement after Coopers statement fell to its knees. Bugner is not bitter about his boxing life. He always wanted to fight George Forman, but Forman didn’t want to fight him. On the 4th July 1998 Bugner did an unbelievable thing in boxing. He became the WBF World Heavyweight Champion when he beat Bone Crusher Smith by TKO in the first round.

Living in Australia Bugner does not travel to the UK often as it’s a 32 hour flight and can be so demanding on the body. “My life is in Australia now and has been for years.” He said he loves the UK and does miss it, but the boxing press played there part in driving him out. Bugner was accompanied on his UK journey with one of his former opponents Ernie Shavers. Shavers who was declared the hardest hitting boxer in the World also fought Ali and had stopped Bugner in there 2nd round meeting. Both on the night were more than happy to help advertise and promote my boxing pages in this paper. On a final note Joe Bugner My Story is Joes book out on his life and can be obtained on www.amazion .com



BRITISH PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP Your chance to win a place to play with a top professional in the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship on August 6th and 7th 2014.

Your Chance to play

You will also be able to join the VIP players party night on the 6th August with all the Pro’s, their Amateur partners and a host of Celebrities.

at Nailcote Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club this summer.

Sunday 15th June - Ladies/Men’s Open - £15 Sunday 29th June - Junior’s Open 9 to 15 years - £10

The British Par 3 Championship Course To book your tee time or for further Join elite players like Sam Torrance, information please contact us Tony Jacklin and Ian Woosnam on: 02476 466174 and discover the challenges Don’t miss the of short course golf.

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British Par 3 Championship 5th - 8th August

Nailcote Lane, Berkswell, Warwickshire, CV7 7DE email:

Nailcote Lane, Berkswell, Warwickshire, CV7 7DE Telephone: 02476 466174

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11

Fresh from the BodyPower Expo at the NEC Greene agreed to come and meet some of his fans and sign pictures for them right here in Coleshill.

Dan from Coleshill Nutrition said: “It is a huge thing for us to have such a big star from the world of professional bodybuilding right here in our own shop. Given his gruelling schedule he was in great spirits and still made time for all of his fans, we had hundreds of people queueing outside on the street and he made sure he saw all of them.”


Interview with Former British and WBU World Middleweight Champion Wayne Elcock and World Title Contender Frankie Gavin

The Coleshill Hotel



Left to Right: Frankie Gavin, Sam and Wayne Elcock. Read our interviews next month to find out more about the amazing work being done at Wayne Elcocks ‘Box Clever’ gym.

To make a reservation call 01675 465527

The Coleshill Post

ON Friday 16th May Professional Bodybuilder Kai Greene paid a visit to the Coleshill Nutritions store at Lower High Street, Coleshill.



Kai Greene visits Coleshill Nutrition


The Coleshill Post - May 2014- Issue 11


Bob on his Triumph Trident “Slippery Sam”

Bob Taylor: My life at the Isle of Man TT

The Coleshill Post

Bob on his 1929 Rudge Whitworth at the start line of the 2007 Centenary TT

Paul Dobbs in his fatal 2010 TT Race.

Like our facebook page: SolwareLimited

Feel free to visit our shop Unit 1, Tame Valley Business Centre, Tamworth B77 5BY

15th Year in Trading

Instant Finance Available Crossman Zombie corded knockdown target £29.95

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SALES HOTLINE: 0844 357 0306 Mon-Fri. 9:00am - 5:30pm –Sat. 9:00am - 3:30pm Tel: 0844 357 0306 Fax: 0870 011 9788 Email:

ITS 43 years since local businessman Bob Taylor first made the journey to the road racing capital of the world, the Isle of Man, to watch the TT races. A lot has changed since 1971 but Bob’s love for the island and the motorbike racing it plays host to twice a year has not diminished. So much so that in 1997 Bob, through his business Atherstone Accident Repair Centre, decided to get actively involved by sponsoring local rider Mark McDonald who finished 5th in the Senior Manx Grand Prix. Mark was tragically killed during a Southern 100 race on the island in 1999 and Bob then began sponsoring Mark’s friend Matt Jackson from Blackpool. Matt won a bronze replica for his 12th place finish in the Lightweight 250 Race at the 2000 TT and also finished 5th on the 125cc Honda. After a series of bad crashes, one near fatal, Matt decided to call it a day and look after the race bikes for the Barnes Racing team. Bob then set up ‘Wobbly Bob Racing’ after an in-joke about a beer named Wobbly Bob. This ushered in a more active period for Bob in the Isle of Man. In 2007 he began six years of sponsorship and support for Chris McGahan who went on to win the Junior Classic class at the Manx GP three times on a 350CC Honda. Chris also won the post-TT

Classic on the Miles Triumph Trident in 2011. Last year Chris came third in the first ever Classic TT and also gained 5th and 8th finishes in the TT. Bob and his team also sponsored Barry Davidson who has won three Manx GPs and local Kingsbury rider Pete Symes. Tragedy is never too far away in road racing though and in 2010 New Zealand rider Paul Dobbs lost control and was killed instantly during the Supersport 2 TT race. Paul was sponsored by Bob and Atherstone Accident Repair Centre. This year Bob and Atherstone Accident Repair Centre are sponsoring four riders. Jack Hunter, whose family come from Birmingham, is riding in the newcomers class at the Manx GP and Tim Devlin is riding in the Classic TT. Both are first-time sponsors for Bob. Kingsbury based Pete Symes will be riding Bob’s 1967 Kawasaki 250 two stroke in the Lightweight Classic TT. Bob is also sponsoring the well-known racing personality Arthur Browning from Birmingham. Arthur was the stunt rider on a Cadbury’s Milk Tray advert in the early 1970s and at 70 is a veteran rider. Though he is relatively new to road racing as his mother wouldn’t let him race on the Isle of Man

Chris McGahan on his way to third place in last years Classic TT.

while she was alive. Bob also has a collection of classic motorbikes. Multi TT winner Mick Grant rode Bob’s Triumph Trident “Slippery Sam” replica in last year’s Classic TT parade as Mick won his first TT on the bike in 1974. The bike is famous for winning the production TT for 5 consecutive years from 1971 to 1975. There is also a Coleshill connection to one of the bikes. Bob’s 1929 Rudge Whitworth was originally owned by a Mr Sansom from Hall Walk, Coleshill, who then sold it to local resident Malcolm Davies who owned it for many years and transported it to the Isle of Man with him when he moved there. Malcolm gave the bike to Bob who finished 3rd in the Vintage Motorcyle Rally in 2005 on the machine and also rode it in the re-enactment TT centenary celebrations of 2007.

Matt Jackson about to finish 5th at the 2000 TT in the 250 race

The Coleshill Post - May 2014 - Issue 11


Coleshill Town FC

History - Part 10 BY ALAN BECKETT

tee), John Clayton (committee), Oscar Deeming, Ernie Deavin, Bernard Dicken, Jeff Lines, Clive Lyons, Butch Bradley, Bert Griffin (Manager), Lew Wathen (Secretary). Front: Roy Sanders, Colin Davis, Johnny Carroll, Martin Curtis, Jock Ewan. (Picture 1) 1967/68 saw the arrival of ex-professional Tim Rawlins, West Bromwich Albion, Port Vale. Tim remains to this day the only player born in Coleshill to have made it into the Football League. Success continued! Town had moved to the Worcesteshire Combination Division 2 and were runners up in the first season in the new, higher, league. They also reached the Final of the Presidents Cup but lost 4-1 to Moor Green. But

they did retain the Coleshill Charity Cup with a 4-0 defeat of Hilltop Sports, a Roy Sanders hat trick and an own goal completing a convincing win. Coleshill Town applied for promotion to Division 1 of the Com but were rejected due to the limited facilities at the Memorial Park,

and so the hunt for a new ground was on! In 1968/69 Coleshill reached the Final of the Presidents Cup again but again lost, this time to Alvechurch 3-1 at Paget Rangers Ground but they also lifted the Coleshill Charity Cup for the third year in a row, Tony Seddon is pictured holding the Cup aloft! (Picture 2). The secretary at that time was Lew Wathen and he decided to withdraw Town from the Charity Cup as he believed it to be unfair due to the level of football Coleshill were now playing and “wasn’t in the spirit of the cup”. In 1969/70 Coleshill finished as Champions of the now Midland Combination Division 2. Town lost their

first game at home to Bournville but didn’t lose again until April when the title was already assured. The margin of victory was 12 points, a league record at that time! Town also won the Invitation Cup 2-1 against Alcester Town. Promotion was rejected again! Coleshill couldn’t quite keep up the momentum and the trophies dried up but promotion to the Midland Combination top division came in 1974 when Coleshill Town finally moved to the new ground with better facilities, Pack Meadow, where they still remain today! Tony and I contacted as many of the players from that era as we could and it was an emotional day when “the lads” got together for the first time in over forty years! Pictured are: Oscar Deeming, John Bradley, Frank Baird, Butch Bradley, Dave Wilson, Pete Conway, Roy Elias, Ted Mould, Gordon Richards and Tony Seddon.(Picture 3). And just to finish off a magnificent day, the modern day Coleshill Town team won 3-1!

The Coleshill Post

I was informed by the Coleshill Library that a former Coleshill Town player from the sixties was doing some research about his time at the club and was wondering if anyone was interested in his findings! I contacted Tony Seddon, who now lives in Matlock Derbyshire, and this was the start of a journey that ended with a re-union at Coleshill’s last home game of the season on April 26th. In the early sixties, Coleshill Town Football Club were struggling and the dominant team in the area was Coleshill Hall Hospital, but in 1966 the Hall folded and most of the players moved to the Town. Results immediately improved and trophies started to arrive. The 1966/67 season saw a tremendous haul of three trophies and a second place in the Birmingham Old Boys League Mercian Division. Coleshill won the Aston Villa Shield at Villa Park with a single goal by Roy Sanders against Hillbrook United. Town then won the Queen’s Hospital Cup 3-1 after extra time against Mile Oak Rovers at the Jack Mould Ground in Solihull. Roy Sanders scored in normal time with Linton (Butch) Bradley and Frank Baird also on the score sheet. Coleshill then played in the final of the Coleshill Charity Cup, at the Memorial Park on Easter Monday. The Cup was a great attraction in those days with crowds of up to 2500 not uncommon. Town were successful again overcoming the holders Kingsbury Youth Club 2-1, Roy Sanders and Frank Baird again the scorers. Pictured with the trophies are: Back: Di Davies (commit-


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Curry in the Country Monday & Tuesday ‘Feast Meal’ £9.95 per person

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The Coleshill Post Review

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