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January 2018

Cllr Adam Farrell Town & Borough Councillor Coleshill North

Town Council Budget Report – another council tax freeze You might think that a Town Council budget is fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You’d be right in thinking it isn’t that large in comparison to other local authorities but it’s still over £500,000 of public money so it’s right the Council does all it can to achieve best value for money and provides enough funding to deliver good quality services. In 2018 we are proposing another years freeze in council tax. This will be a record ninth year that the Council has frozen its portion of the tax bill. We’ve been able to do this for two reasons; we’ve found huge savings in the back office, of around £30,000 a year and we’ve increased our additional income by around £35,000. This means that we’re able to freeze council tax but also continue to invest in new and existing services. The Coleshill Hub continues for a 6th year, now with a dedicated member of staff and no worries about future funding. We’re also maintaining our annual grant fund that will have soon supported over 30 different community groups with £40,000 worth of funding to put on events and activities across the town. So, in this year’s budget, we’re again committed to carrying our further improvements to the land and community buildings we own. The Croft, Cemetery, Memorial Park and Temple Way Park have all seen investment over the last few years as have our two buildings, the Town Hall and Community Centre.

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In the year ahead, we’ll be continuing this programme of improvements, with a £70,000 fund to improve the Town Hall with a new kitchen and replacement windows and a £10,000 fund to improve the Community Centre. We’ve worked hard to ensure both buildings are assets to our community and today more people than ever before use them for a wide range of activities. Our investments over the last few years to improve both buildings has seen the subsidy used to support them reduce from around £16,000 in 2010 to around £6000 last year. This hasn’t been achieved by hiking up rental fees either! Whilst we now have a first-class facility at the Memorial Park, we’ll continue to make small improvements to keep it as a firstrate facility. We’ll also be investing in the play area at Temple Way, introducing an accessible swing and new flooring to tackle the costly vandalism there. The Council will also be starting work on the expansion of the town’s cemetery, extending into newly purchased land and providing a peaceful resting place for our towns residents. Please be on the lookout for more information on this in the future. Perhaps most excitingly the Council has set up a new fund of £30,000 to enable us to begin to tackle the challenges and opportunities our town faces in the years to come. With Costa coming to the town and Morrison’s opening a few years back, the High Street faces a big challenge; to remain relevant in an age where the internet seems to be king.

The Council, we hope, like many local residents, does not want to see retail lost from our High Street but we recognise to keep the High Street retail focused then we need to see major infrastructure improvements. We need increased parking and improved public transport. We also need a more coherent approach to promoting our town as a whole and engaging with people to get them into our town, whether they live here or not. This new £30,000 fund is there to help us do this, it might be to employ new expertise or to use for match funding and inward investment. We’ll be asking for views on this in the coming months as we look to use the money to achieve our aim. The view from the Council is simple, we have some big challenges coming up with HS@ development, UK Central and the proposed metro link from Coventry to the Black Country. On top of that, there’s the housing proposed by other authorities almost on our border. If we do not take the ‘bull by the horns’ now then we’ll miss out on potential funding and opportunities to improve our town. We don’t want to miss out. I hope this gives you a brief overview of the budget for the year ahead but should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

£10k Rent-Free Year up for Grabs for Coleshill students Students in Coleshill could be in for a treat this year, as an insurance company is offering one lucky housemate £10,000 to cover their rent for a whole year. Endsleigh Insurance Services will be helping one youngster take the steps into adult life with a rentfree year, after revealing that the majority of Brits now feel they don’t officially reach ‘adulthood’ until the grand age of 25. The research showed that 56 per cent of young adults felt it was impossible to grow up as quickly as they’d like due to the economic climate – with 64 per cent finding it hard to get on the housing ladder or find a job.

Six in 10 adults believed you need to be at a point in life where your finances are in order to start feeling like a grown-up – which includes arranging your own insurance, keeping track of interest rates and having a credit card or savings account. But 23 per cent of respondents aged 18 and over still haven’t ever paid either a gas or electricity bill, and 17 per cent have never arranged their own buildings or contents insurance. Julia Alpan, head of marketing at Endsleigh, said: “Adult life can be a challenge for many young people, from organising finances to managing household chores, so it’s no surprise to see how many people feel they aren’t officially an ‘adult’ until the age of 25. “Whether it’s paying your own utility bills, spending less money on nights out, or taking out your first ever contents insurance policy, taking those steps

into adult life can be a daunting experience. “That’s why we wanted to offer a helping hand, with £10,000 worth of free rent to give one lucky student a head-start on their finances as they move out their family home or say goodbye to their student halls to begin living independently. “It would be great to see a student from Coleshill bagging the prize!” To be in with a chance of winning, Coleshill students just need to take Endsleigh’s housemate quiz at start before 18 May 2018. *T&Cs apply With over 50 years’ experience Endsleigh uses its expertise to provide home, motor, travel and gadget insurance, throughout student life, through to homeownership and beyond.

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January 2018

An Interview with 'The Voice' local sensation Simon Davies Written by Serena Smith I have had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing Simon Davies from the Voice who blew away all the judges by singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Simon grew up in Castle Bromwich and went to St Marys and St Margarets school then went on to Park Hall Academy. Simon knew back at Park Hall Academy he wanted to sing and do some song writing which he has now achieved. He now lives in Coleshill with his wife Amy who is also a teacher, teaching drama and there young daughter Emma. He works in a school for children with special needs as a class teacher which believe it or not he performed there playing the piano for a Nativity before going onto university. He went to live in Coleshill 8 years ago and also got a job as a teaching assistant in the same school, the head teacher urged him to pass his teaching qualifications which he did and now teaches there 4 days a week keeping that extra day free to concentrate on his music singing and song writing.

Simon decided that now was the time to chase his musical ambitions as he was settled and happy with wife Amy their lovely daughter Emma and a job he enjoys so much. So he applied to the Voice by sending in a video of himself performing and Bingo they loved it. As you now know Simon got through 10s of thousands down to 40 people with the blind auditions on the Voice. I asked him how he felt meeting the judges for the 1st time and performing to thousands of people he said he felt nervous excited and overwhelmed. As all four judges turned for him he felt so excited and continued to perform doing his very best Simon said he choose Sir Tom as he is a true legend that has worked with some amazing people throughtout his career like John Lennon etc, and Simons 1st inspiration to music came from bands like the Beatles as he grew up listening to them. He went onto say the back stage crew are fabulous they really do help you and make you feel relaxed and put you at ease and as for Sir Tom he says keep true to yourself with your music and songs and gives you so much support and helps build up your confidence even more which give you an even bigger boost.

Sir Tom is very focused and continues himself making more music with his bands which is great to know if your a fan. As you may have seen Simon goes head to head with Lucy in the battle rounds as she also had all 4 judges turn for her singing a Sam Smith tune Too Good At Goodbyes. Lucy gets through to the next round but Simon couldnt give to much away at the interview with me as it was done before the show went on air on Saturday. You can see Simon perform LIVE at the Water Orton Carnival on the 16th June. Also visit his website Facebook @Sidaviesmusic and he also has thousands of youtube followers which I must say is definatley worth watching. After meeting and speaking with Simon I have to say he is a really nice friendly down to earth guy looking to continue with his songwriting and singing at Gigs and events and also taking out his school Choir performing. Who wouldnt want to continue to hear his beautiful voice and music. And it would of been rude not to have a selfie with him.

Wedding Open Evening at Lea Marston Hotel Monday 12 th March, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

FREE ENTRY Cocktails & CanapĂŠs on arrival For further information call 01675 470468 or email Lea Marston Hotel, Haunch Lane, Lea Marston, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, B76 0BY


January 2018

Cllr Dave Reilly North Warwickshire Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council

Whatever we feel about change, it has started. The demolition of the old Woodall Transport building on Station Road, Coleshill not only marks the start of the long-awaited building of the Aldi supermarket, but it also marks another step in the changing nature and role of Coleshill High Street. With the arrival of our first national chain retailer in the shape of Costa, two recently submitted planning applications to NWBC to convert current commercial shop space into residential use, and last year’s closure of two of our banks, our High Street is changing. I have no doubt from discussions when I was campaigning that a successful and vibrant High Street is important to our whole community, and I don’t just mean Coleshill residents. I do all of my banking, use the Post Office, visit my dentist and opticians, buy lightbulbs and flowers, get my bicycle fixed, arranged funerals (infrequently I’m please to say), get keys cut, do my dry cleaning, get haircuts and enjoyed more food and drink than I care to admit. The wide range of goods and services on offer is incredible, and every time I visit the High Street I meet and chat with someone I know and come away feeling part of our community. I have no doubt about Coleshill High Street’s added value to my everyday life over the last 50 years and I’m sure you feel the same too. So, with these changes how do we ensure that the High Street remains successful and vibrant in an increasingly competitive retail economy? Indeed, what do you think a successful and vibrant High Street looks like? With its mixed daytime and night-time economy the High Street has over the last 40 years proven itself resilient and adaptable, and with the support of dedicated traders and the Love Coleshill network long may it continue. But without doubt the High Street needs all of our custom and support to prosper. As the saying goes, use it or lose it! At the start of the month Birmingham Airport announced the results of its consultation and determined its preferred option for the changes to the flightpath of Runway 33, the flightpath that currently overflies our communities. The introduction of the new route on the target date of December 2018 will see all aircraft follow mandatory satellite navigation waypoints, and the result will be that the current widespread variety of routes that the aircraft currently take will stop. All flights will follow exactly the same route to within a matter of meters variance. For the majority of homes in our community there will be a complete stop in direct overflying but a small number of homes under the new route will see an increase as aircraft move to

all following exactly the same route. The airport will publish maps of the new route soon, so please accept my apologies that I can’t share the route maps with you, suffice to say that the current overflying of Water Orton and Coleshill will stop. The route will loop around the top of Curdworth, and I’m pleased to report, not directly overfly the village as had been proposed by the Airport, so our campaigning has secured a change. The route will cross junction 9 Dunton Hall island, and fly out over the edge of Hams Hall towards Shustoke. At the point the aircraft enter North Warwickshire they will all be climbing at the same rate from roughly three thousand up to seven thousand feet along our section of the route. This will be an improvement for the majority of our communities as one of the key criteria for our approach to this change was to directly overfly as few homes as possible. HS2 change continues to gather momentum. You will have seen a second new construction compound has opened on Watton Lane in Water Orton alongside the M42 and a pre-construction works site has been erected on the A446 by Gorsey Lane. These two sites are to enable works to start on rerouting huge gas pipes that flow under the rugby club pitches on route to Birmingham. It is with disappointment that I report that Old Salts will be vacating their grounds in May this year pending the building of their new clubhouse and pitches on the other side of the M42 on Vicarage Lane, Water Orton. We had hoped that the club could remain on site until the new club was finished and ready for use, but this has not been possible, so, the club will relocate to a temporary site in Tile Cross for 12 months until building work on the new clubhouse and facilities is completed I am supporting our local resident led HS2 Action Groups with their campaigning to ensure community involvement in the planning and design of all the local bridges and viaducts that will be built in our area. It’s not providing an easy request but our position is clear and local resolve is strong. On the subject of design, NWBC are now expecting over fifty local HS2 planning applications to be submitted during the next four months, they will all be published on the Borough Council website planning portal and I will be involved in their consideration. The initial submissions will cover issues such as a division of the River Tame and a utility bridge over the river, roadworks on the Kingsbury Road, Chester Road and A45, and the start of demolition works at a local site. Without doubt HS2 construction has started! Hams Hall businesses again met with HS2 in February to jointly plan how traffic movements along Faraday Avenue and the A446 will continue to flow during HS2 construction. The issue of HGV parking

and avoiding potential traffic congestion through local villages of Curdworth, Lea Marston and the Whitacres were all discussed and the engineers have committed to reporting back their findings to the next meeting. One piece of HS2 good news is that £8 million of funding will be allocated to Warwickshire to improve road safety matters arising from the construction and operation of the line. While this is a Warwickshire wide allocation I am already developing local project proposals for our communities that include: Marsh Lane, Watton Lane, New Road and Birmingham Road Water Orton; Curdworth crossroads by the White Horse pub; the A446 junction at Gorsey Lane; rat-running through the Marstons and Nether Whitacre; and Coleshill crossroads and the police station island junction. Very early days, and while £8million is a lot of money, in engineering terms it isn’t and I expect be spent on a small number of localised projects. If you have any concerns about a specific location that you believe will be impacted on by HS2 traffic then please tell me. So, what is on my agenda for March? Well our local council tax bills will be announced and I expect you will be challenging me and all my local councillor colleagues about what you get for your money. Locally I will be continuing work on HGV and parking issues in and around Station Road Coleshill, supporting Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership’s sustainability planning work for 2019 and beyond, and preparing a scoping paper on local options for cycle routes in our area that I will share with you. I will also be supporting the submission of the first round of bids from our local communities to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund. If you have a project and would like to bid to HS2 for C&EF money but haven’t bid yet, then please do contact me if you would like help. My email address is cllrreilly@ and my phone number is 07770 704 617. With kind regards, Dave.

Chilblains WINTER IS here! – wrap up those feet The winter can also be a bad time for our feet. Many people suffer during the cold months with very cold feet and chilblains. These are extremely painful lesions which occur anywhere on our feet and some people get them on their hands. They are often red and itchy and painful at night especially. Strangely they often feel hot and people think they need to cool them down.

and redness and sometimes they can even break

Chilblains are caused by the cold affecting the blood vessels in the skin closing them down so that the blood is diverted deeper. This causes the skin to become even colder and the waste products produced by our cells build up. This causes the pain

in the cold you could even wear a double layer of

open if not treated in time. They are best treated by trying to prevent them occurring in the first place. The way to do this is simply to wrap up and wear warm clothing, particularly good footwear with thick socks. The shoes should have a good thick sole to help insulate from the cold. If you are doing a lot of walking socks to keep your feet warm. However, if they have occurred then you can still treat them in the same way.

There are various chilblain creams available on the market, however there is a cream called Akileine Winter cream which I advise for this condition which opens up the surface blood vessels and warms the feet up. This can be used to try to prevent chilblains also. The cream should not be used if the chilblains are weeping, they then should be dressed and you should seek advice as to the best way to help in this situation. If you do suffer from this painful condition feel free to book an appointment with a Podiatrist at Walsh Podiatry, 329 Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham 0121 749 6313, or come along to purchase the Akileine Cream which is sold here or online at


January 2018

Trust welcomes arrest after abusive note left on ambulance A woman who left a vile note on an ambulance “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards people yesterday in Stoke-on-Trent has been who abuse our staff whilst trying to help patients in arrested by the police on suspicion of public their hour of need. It is completely unacceptable and order offences it must stop. The ambulance crew responded to a 999 call to reports of a patient with breathing difficulties at an address in the Tunstall area of Stoke-on-Trent shortly after 11.00am on Sunday (18th February). The crew returned to their vehicle to take their patient to hospital to find an abusive note had been left on their windscreen which read: “If this van is for anyone but Number 14 then you have no right to be parked here. I couldn’t give a **** if the whole street collapsed now move your van from outside my house.” A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “As a Trust we welcome Staffordshire Police’s swift response to this incident and the arrest of the woman. We will continue to work closely with the police to ensure the perpetrator feels the full weight of the law.

“As the vast majority of the public will appreciate, in our line of work the patient must always come first and therefore the nature of the job means we do sometimes have to park over a driveway or block a vehicle in. If your loved one needed an ambulance, I’m sure you’d want an ambulance to park as close to them as possible to prevent a delay in their care. “After previous notes were left on our ambulances last year, we’ve received unimaginable support from the public for which we are immensely grateful. Sadly, as this ambulance crew discovered yesterday, there are unfortunately still a handful of narrowminded individuals who consider leaving vile abusive notes acceptable.”


shout about them

in our residents recommendation section. Contact: To book tickets online log onto: 63


January 2018

Coleshill Civic Society Photographs of buildings in Coleshill have been shown on B46 Updates and Community for some time recently. Many people have enjoyed and commented on the photographs which have obviously brought back memories for many of the buildings have been demolished or altered. The Civic Society are holding their AGM on March 8th at 7.00pm in the Old Market Hall on Church Hill, Coleshill. The meeting will consist of a short business meeting followed by a hot buffet supper and the meeting culminates with a slide show showing how Coleshill has changed over the years. The photographs will be explained as they are shown and hopefully members of the audience will interrupt with comments of their own. For example someone remembering how a family with 6 children had lived in a cottage which is now demolished, two up and two down, the six children all sleeping head to toe in a double bed and no doubt having an outside toilet. Tickets for the evening will be on sale at a cost of £7.50 each. Those wishing to buy tickets please get them before March 6th so catering may be organised. If anyone does not wish to attend the whole evening, the slide show will start about 8.15pm with a charge of £2 per person. Tickets will be on sale from Gascoignes, Carters, the town hall and committee members. You will no doubt remember that membership of the Civic Society for 2018 is free. Information on our programme of events will be printed in the Coleshill Post the month before the event. However to ensure that you keep up to date please send your contact details to the society. Either by email to or write the information and post through the letter box of the Old Market Hall on Church Hill. During the last month we have been presented with a large number of large scale Ordnance Survey maps, mainly from the 50’s and 60’s of Coleshill and district. Mr Miller of Miller Briggs Estate Agency has retired and very kindly donated the store of maps they had been using over the years to the society, we are most grateful for this generous gesture. This has however added to the work the society tries to do, if anyone would like to help and contribute to our work, which frequently seems like one step forward and two back, please contact us.

Curdworth vicar helps form new disability initiative in India Curdworth, Middleton and Wishaw vicar Rev Dr Joshva Raja has helped the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) bring about what could be the first attempt to find inter-faith common ground for engaging, understanding,

The three day meeting promised to develop an Inter-faith Disability Coalition. It committed to a ten point statement which recognises the importance of moving away from the idea of charity to recognise, respect and appreciate the dignity of all human beings regardless of their different able personalities.

recognising, appreciating and enabling  “For Christians we are called to recognise the image of God in all human beings. Secondly we people with disabilities to express as human beings are interdependent on each themselves, their struggles and their other in some ways. faiths. 

“By listening to the concerns of differently NCCI asked him break into a holiday in India able people we are called to accompany them in the summer to take part. He was one of 70 in their journey rather than looking at them who took part under the auspices of NCCI’s to help.” Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment. “All of us recognised the fact that this was the first of its kind but each of us began to understand, appreciate and find the common concern and care among one another for and of people with disabilities,” he said.

The meeting was not Rev Joshva’s first invitation to use his expertise overseas. The last one was to Myanmar to lecture at the Association for Theological Education centre at Yangoon, Myanmar on introducing communication and media studies to theological students.



7.00 pm Old Market Hall Church Hill, Coleshill

‘More Old Coleshill’ Presented by John Hoyle TICKETS FOR BUFFET SUPPER £7.50 each. PLEASE BUY SUPPER TICKETS BEFORE MARCH 6th Bring own drink and glass Tickets available from Carters, Gascoignes and Town Hall The slides will start at approximately 8.15pm for anyone not wishing to attend AGM or Buffet, members £2 Coleshill & District Civic Society is a Registered Charity. No 519224

Coleshill & District Civic Society is a Registered Charity. No 519224


January 2018

Nether Whitacre Parish Council Nether Whitacre Parish Council have been asked to consider purchasing a few pieces of outdoor Gym Equipment for the Play Area…



Would you be interested in using this facility? We have a drop in session at the Vlllage hall on Monday 19th February from 4-7pm Please call in and give us your views.


Tories reject measures to tackle poverty in North Warwickshire It’s budget setting time at North Warwickshire Borough Council and the opposition Labour Group have put forward their alternative budget. The opposition budget focuses around one central theme – poverty. Child and pensioner poverty is rising in the Borough with nearly one in four young people living in poverty. The Labour budget provided for: • A free breakfast for every primary school pupil • A new ‘Passport to Leisure’ offering free swimming for all under 18’s and Over 60’s • Discounted leisure centre membership for young people and families • Removing the cost of Borough Care for the most vulnerable pensioners • An investment of £1.574million for Arley Sports Centre • 50 extra new council homes

Labour Group Leader, Cllr Adam Farrell said; “It’s no surprise the Tories voted against our budget. They have run out of steam, lack a vision for our Borough and it’s about time we kicked them out of office in May 2019. “Our budget removed back office waste and cut the nearly £1 million senior management bill. We proposed using that money to tackle child poverty, providing a free school breakfast for every primary school pupil and free access to swimming in the Borough. “We’d also reduce the cost of our leisure facilities for young people and families, helping more young people get active with their families, ensuring that cost isn’t a barrier to fitness. Labour will refurbish Arley Sports Centre, bringing it up to modern standards.

“Labour also recognise that pensioners on fixed incomes struggle to pay for care costs so we’d introduce a fund to cover the costs of Borough Care for the poorest pensioners. “And we’d tackle the housing crisis by building an additional 50 council homes, helping tackle the biggest cause of poverty in the Borough – the cost of housing. “Under the Tories, child poverty is up, leisure center visits are down by 50,000 in a year and the number of pensioners on Borough Care has dropped by 40% since charging was introduced. The Tories are running down public services and only a Labour Council will stop them.”


January 2018

Losing 7st has changed my life, says Woman of the Year district finalist Sarah! A local slimmer who took part in Slimming Worlds district final of ‘Woman of the Year’ thanks to her life-changing 7st weight loss says its changed her life, and with support, believes anyone can do it too, and change their lives for the better. Sarah, from Water Orton lost her weight in just 56 weeks, and was chosen at her Coleshill Slimming World group as the group winner by her fellow members. She then progressed to the district finals in the nationwide Slimming World Woman of the Year competition, which celebrates the UK and Ireland’s most inspiring female slimmers. More than half of all women in the UK and Ireland (58%) are overweight and a quarter of women’s weight risks impacting on their health by increasing their chances of developing a range of conditions including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Slimming World’s Woman of the Year competition recognises the achievements of thousands of women in making long-term healthy lifestyle changes.

She joined Slimming World after becoming increasingly unhappy with her size. “I started to put on weight after having my children. I tried lots of different diets but they usually left me feeling hungry or miserable – or both, in fact. With Slimming World it’s completely different, I never have to miss out and I don’t have to get hung up on weighing and measuring everything I eat. My family and friends are all amazed by how much I can eat and still lose weight. I still eat many of the same meals that I did before I started losing weight, like spaghetti bolognese, curries and roast dinners. Now I just prepare and cook them differently – and they taste so much better. I’ve picked up lots of new healthy recipes from the other members at my Slimming World group, too.

“I know a lot of people worry about joining a slimming club because they don’t know what to expect. Right from the first moment I walked into my Slimming World group I felt comfortable though, and the support I’ve received has been amazing. I looked forward to going to Slimming World each week.» Even now I’ve reached my dream weight I Sarah, who has gone from a dress size 22 to a 10, says: “When I still go to group to see my Slimming World ‘family’ to get the support to started out I never dreamt I’d be able to achieve all that I have. Losing stay there. Even better this is not a diet, its a lifestyle change forever... the weight has made such a big difference – it’s changed my life. My no going back! health is better, I have more energy and I’m much happier now – I As a target member I’ve already maintained my weight loss now for 8 months, and I know with the support of my group I’ll stay there. definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin.”


Sarah lost 5&1/2 lbs in her first week and was blown away that the changes she’d made had such a big impact so quickly. As the weight started to come off, her fitness improved and keeping up with the kids became easier, and that was important to me.” She says: “I feel like a different woman to the person who walked into Slimming World, winning Woman of the Year was a real honour because there are so many amazing members in our group, and then making it through to the district final was amazing! My consultant Toni and I had a lovely day out at the finals, an amazing day celebrating many fabulous achievements. I remember feeling like there was no hope when it came to my weight but I’ve realised that when people believe in you – and you believe in yourself – you can do anything you set your mind to. I really hope my weight loss can inspire other people to get started on their own journey and know that there’s a whole group of people waiting to support them every step of the way.” Consultant and local Slimming World team manager Toni Russell who runs the Coleshill group, says: “I’m so proud of Sarah, She’s a fantastic ambassador for Slimming World and what she’s achieved is nothing short of incredible! She’s a huge inspiration to everyone in our group and I hope she inspires other women – and men to change their lives in the same way.” The Coleshill Slimming World group is held every Monday at 3.30, 5.30 & 7.30 at Coleshill Social Club. To join or find out more call Toni on 07971686698.



January 2018

Coleshill Town Mayors Charity concert ‘Oh what a night, early Feb in 2018, what a very special night was seen, The Groove Monkey’s were playing oh what a night!’ “Coleshill Rocked”, it was a super night! Coleshill Town Mayor, Councillor Tony Battle, hosted the fabulous live band The Groove Monkeys at the Town Hall to raise funds for his Mayoral Charity, The Woodlands School. There was lots of dancing and singing, and a great atmosphere, which was not dampened by the drizzling rain outside. The street food located out front on the Town Hall car park was delicious, hot roast pork and apple sauce baps or hamburgers and relish, all scrumptious and steaming hot! Carlicious Food & Events converted horse-box bars offered plenty of drink options and everything was undercover to keep the mood high. The Groove monkeys played lots of favourite covers from Oasis to Stevie Wonder! and the audience were very quickly dancing and singing along and shouting for more. Visiting guest dignitaries from Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council, Warwick Town Council, Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council and Alcester Town Council all enjoyed a great night out, and even the two chauffeur’s who attended were itching to get on the dance floor! In between the two sets, Michael the DJ provided additional great dance music and so the event never stopped buzzing. The special effects of lighting and steam made the atmosphere truly electric and soon shoes were off and handbags on the floor and everyone was moving and grooving.


January 2018

£30 Children 3 to 13 years old £15 under 3’s eat free

Heart of England Singers Easter Concert 24th.March 2018, Digbeth-In-The-Field URC Moat Lane, Yardley B261TW 7.30PM The Heart of England Singers, under the musical direction of Martin Bates,will be celebrating 100 years of exception choral music by great composers on the anniversary of 100 years since the death of the renowned English composer Sir Hubert Parry. In addition to Parry’s ‘Long Since in Egypt’ probably one of his best and most loved tunes used for Hymns such as “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind” the choir will sing a mixed repertoire of other contemporary composers from the 19th.

century such as Sir Edward Elgar, Edward Grieg, Sergei Rackmaninoff, Charles Villiers Stanford, Ludwig Beethoven and Anton Bruckner. There will be something for everyone from this eclectic mix of pastoral and dramatic pieces. Finally the choir will also add some spices from Mendelssohns “Elijah” as a “taster” for the Easter concert in 2019 when the whole work of “Elijah” will be performed together with a full orchestra and solo artists to dramatic effect. Tickets are available at only £8 each or £4 for under 16’s from choir members or on the door.

Heart Of England Singers Musical Director and Conductor Martin Bates

Easter Concert 100 years of great Choral Music

Moat Lane, Yardley , Birmingham B26 1TW

7.30pm, 24th March 2018 Tickets £8.00 (£4.00 for under 16’s) Available from: 01675 238037 Choir Members and on the door


January 2018

The importance of regular eye exams By Shabbir Kaderbhai Ellis Opticians The ability to see clearly is often taken for granted. Regular eye examinations at your optician are the best way to ensure healthy vision. A simple check up is straightforward and painless. An optician will perform a number of tests to assess your vision at all distances and for conditions such as cataracts. During a simple eye examination, your optician will be looking for signs of sight deterioration and health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Children and toddlers should also be given regular eye tests, albeit for slightly different reasons to adults. Various functions are checked, from near and distance vision through to movement and focusing skills, as well as an assessment of how well the child›s eyes work together. A thorough eye examination will use advanced measuring equipment to take measurements of your eye. A simple eye test takes around 30 minutes and should be done every two years, or every year if there is a family history of glaucoma, you are aged over 70 or suffer with diabetes. Your optician will ask about any problems, your general health, and they will examine the inside and outside of your eyes. If the optician thinks it is necessary they will photograph your retina to get a detailed image of the back of your eye. For further information, call Ellis Opticians on 0121 747 2115 Ellis Opticians is your local independent Opticians at 350 Bradford Rd., Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B36 9AD Tel. 0121 747 2115


• 125g Caster sugar

• 250g Gingernut Biscuits

• 350 ml chilled whipping cream

• 95g butter

• 1 tsp Vanilla essence

• 450g cream-cheese at room temperature

• 1 tbsp Spiced Rum

Rum is experiencing a bit of a renaissance and becoming more fashionable, with increasing choice being available in most supermarkets. For this recipe I tend to use one of two brands of spiced rum; Red Leg or Kraken. The latter being a dark spiced rum which carries more caramel tones than the former. The most difficult element of this recipe is resisting the temptation to have a taste or two of rum while waiting for the cheesecake to chill in the fridge.

Method: Crush the biscuits until you have fine crumbs. Warm the butter gently in a saucepan until it is completely melted. Place the biscuit crumbs into the butter and combine thoroughly.

Place this mixture in a two part cake tin, press down firmly but evenly. Place in fridge to firm up while you prepare the cream cheese topping. Slowly whisk the cream-cheese with an electric whisk until smooth. Ensure that there are no lumps. Continue to whisk as you add the sugar, vanilla essence and rum. Increase the speed of your whisking as you slowly pour in the cream. Whip until the mixture begins to hold in firm peaks. Spoon the topping evenly over the buttery biscuit base and smooth over before placing back in the fridge for an hour or two. The key to this dessert is the texture of the Rum infused cream-cheese topping. Unlike a baked cheesecake with its sweet, cloying finish, this version is light and creamy, making it a dangerously moreish ending to any meal.

ar ch M 11 th

Spiced Rum ‘n’ Ginger Cheesecake

20 18


Dreamers RHK


Treat your mother to a special dinner this Mothers day

s g n i k o o B en

k a t g n i e b now

146 High Street, Coleshill B46 3BG

01675 467 789 01675 238 698


Open7 days including Bank Holidays Sunday-Thursday 5.30pm-11.30pm Friday & Saturday 5.30pm-12midnight


January 2018

Akeera Breed: Siberian Husky Size: Large

Alabama Rot

Gender: Female (N) Centre: Birmingham Age: 3yrs Child Suitability: No

Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV)

Live With Dogs: No Status: Available

Hi my name is Akeera. I am a typical husky, Who is very energetic and happy to see everyone. I must be walked on a harness as I pull so much on a lead and make myself sick!

Its cause is unknown, but Fish vet Fiona Macdonald is researching whether Aeromonas hydrophila, a bacteria present in water sources and soil, might be involved in the cause of CRGV. A seasonal link to CRGV is suspected, with more cases reported between November and March, especially in dogs walked in muddy woodland areas or terrain with running or standing water. Cases have appeared across the UK and seem to have occurred in small, loose geographical clusters. There is no evidence of dog to dog transmission

It is best I go out with no children as I am not keen on anyone coming by my bowl. When I go to new family I will need someone with time to continue with my training. I would like no dogs in my new home but I can walk by them and will say 'hello' too. Please call the Birmingham Centre, if you can offer me a forever home.

Call our Birmingham Centre Rehoming Team to enquire about this dog on:

Please quote the reference number

0121 643 5211

Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), commonly referred to as Alabama rot, has been confirmed in 112 dogs across 31 UK counties, and has a mortality rate of 80%.


UK dog deaths from Alabama rot since 2012 Berkshire 2 Cheshire 4 Cornwall 1 County Durham 2 Cumbria 1 Devon 4 Dorset 10 Dumfries and Galloway 1 East Sussex 3


Greater Manchester 12 Hampshire 18 Kent 2 Lancashire 2 Lincolnshire 1 London 3 Monmouthshire 5 North Yorkshire 1 Northamptonshire 1 Nottinghamshire 2

Shropshire 1 Somerset 2 Staffordshire 2 Surrey 6 Warwickshire 1 West Sussex 3 West Yorkshire 2 Wiltshire 3 Worcestershire 5 Wrexham 1

Source: Royal Veterinary College/Stop Alabama Rot


Breed: Cross Breed

Erosive or ulcerative skin lesions affecting the under belly, limbs, muzzle and tongue, followed by kidney failure within 3 to 10 days, which can include vomiting, reduced appetite and weakness. CRGV can affect any dog of any breed, age or size.

Size: Medium Gender: Male (N)

How can I prevent my dog from getting Alabama Rot infection?

Centre: Birmingham

As the cause of CRGV is still unknown, no specific guidelines regarding disease prevention exist, but being extra vigilant by keeping your dog on a leash while exercising in wooded and wetland areas and bathing your dog afterwards may be sensible. There have NOT been any confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in Kingsbury Water Park but there are signs to indicate that there is Blue Green algae which is toxic to dogs if they drink or swim in contaminated water.

Age: 4-5 years Child Suitability: 13 Years + Live With Dogs: No Status: Available

Bart is a sweet boy who loves to play fetch, he will bring the ball back to you but needs encouragement to leave at times. This handsome lad loves his walks but can get over enthusiastic at times and can pull on the lead. We feel further training would benefit Bart as he does only knew a few basic commands. Bart would like to be the only dog in his new home so he can have all the attention to himself.

Call our Birmingham Centre Rehoming Team to enquire about this dog on:

0121 643 5211

Please quote the reference number


Image: Vet Times


January 2018

Warwickshire owners warned to control their dogs as cost of livestock worrying claims rockets • Cost of livestock worrying claims increases 67 per cent in two years • Livestock worrying causes horrendous suffering to sheep and lambs • 7 per cent of dog owners admit their pets chase farm animals With large numbers of families expected to take their pets for walks in the Warwickshire countryside during February half-term, leading rural insurer NFU Mutual is launching a campaign urging dog owners to keep their pets under control whenever farm animals could be nearby. Between January and April 2017, when pregnant ewes and new born lambs are often grazing on low-lying pasture in areas more accessible to walkers, the average cost of claims to NFU Mutual more than doubled compared to the rest of the year.

Tim Price, Rural Affairs Specialist at NFU Mutual, said: “Attacks by dogs are one of livestock farmers’ worst nightmares. In addition to the suffering to the animals, attacks can have a severe financial impact. Insurance can cover the cost of replacing stock killed and the treatment of injured animals, but there is a knock-on effect on farm profits when pregnant sheep chased by dogs lose lambs. “While attacks can be caused by dogs ranging from the smallest pampered pets to the largest, fierce-looking animals, we are hearing that large husky breeds are involved in a lot of the recent cases. “We are also getting reports that many attacks are being caused by dogs which have been let out in owners’ gardens and escaped to worry sheep in neighbouring fields. “As the insurer of nearly three-quarters of the UK’s farmers and many hobby farmers, we understand the heartbreak and huge financial loss that dog attacks cause.”

The campaign follows data which shows that livestock Advice for dog owners: worrying costs have increased by 67 per cent in the • Always keep dogs on the lead when walking last two years (2015-2017) with an estimated cost to them in rural areas where livestock are kept agriculture of £1.6m. The Midlands was the second worst affected part of the UK by cost, after Scotland, • Even small lap dogs can attack farm animals while the average cost of a claim rose by over 50% to • Report attacks by dogs and sightings of dogs nearly £1,300. roaming the countryside to local farmers or New research1 by the insurer has revealed that over the police 80 per cent of dog owners exercise their pets in the • Familiarise puppies with farm livestock from a countryside, with over 60 per cent letting them roam young age to reduce the risk of them attacking off the lead. Almost 7 per cent of owners admitted that sheep or cattle as adult dogs their pets had chased livestock in the past. NFU Mutual is advising farmers to check their stock • Don’t let dogs loose in gardens adjoining regularly, put up warning signs and to ask local people livestock fields – many attacks are caused to report any sightings of out-of-control dogs to a local by dogs which escape and worry sheep farmer or the police. grazing nearby

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n 24/7 CCTV with automated access n Secure site with no minimum contract n Upsize or downsize easily n Office space / virtual office facilities n E-commerce packages n Forklifting services

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January 2018

CASPER The Coleshill Art Space Project - Everyone Respects

Hopefully you are aware, CASPER stands for Coleshill Art Space Project - Everyone Respects. It has involved a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for an art piece, mural or statue in Coleshill. Residents and businesses have pledged funds and other organisations have supported the campaign with grants or in kind-assistance.

The story so far ...... The Town Council has backed this project to the tune of £5,000 as it wants to aid the character and enjoyment of public spaces in Coleshill whilst helping the vitality of the town centre. The Mayor, Cllr. Tony Battle, is the link with the Council in that he is chairing the Delivery Group, with the assistance of the Town Clerk, Colin Greatorex as Project Administrator and latterly Megan Davies as Project Coordinator.

Design ideas As regards the design theme, Coleshill C of E Primary School and the Coleshill School have produced drawings and models and the theme of the visiting circus elephant that died in the town in 1910 has captured the imagination of the younger element. A Twitter vote among adults was more clearly in favour of the highwayman /stagecoach theme. To complicate matters, informal discussions between Town Councillors have often favoured recognition of tea and John Sumner, the creator of the Typhoo Tea brand. The Delivery Group is still open to various ideas. The sculptor already has a couple of ideas but is keeping the theme for them to himself for the time being. All that has been discussed with him is the sort of design: • A stone plinth of around 4-5 feet in height, • A bronze sculpture of the same height on top, • A design based on one of the 4 community-supported themes (stagecoach /highwayman; circus elephant; John Sumner /tea; three rivers), • Additional small brass items to be available for use on a historic trail (e.g. teacup, stagecoach wheel, baby elephant, etc.) as part of the production arrangements, • Further assistance with Sculpture and Art Foundation and Arts Council funding applications, as agreed relevant and appropriate.

Bigger, Better, Brighter!

The Warwickshire County Council’s Placemaking Fund, was keen to support: “A capital fund for projects which will enhance, improve, and enliven the town centres across Warwickshire”. The Placemaking Fund’s met the campaign with a couple of grants, totalling £12,000. The individual residents and local business contributions bring the total to more than £18,000.

Forming a Delivery Group The Working Group has been a loose group containing the Mayor and Town Clerk, Serena Smith and Sharon James (of the Coleshill Post), Georgina Pudge and Katrin Whitehouse (from the Coleshill School), Mike Walpole (representing the Parish Church) and John Hoyle (representing the Civic Society). The Working group has matured into a Delivery Group and been bolstered now by Chris Leeson (representing Love Coleshill), Brian Nicholson (local artist) and Megan Davies, from the Town Council to give the project some delivery support. There is still some need to fund raise but the focus is now on the commissioning and design stages. The Town Council has agreed that the Delivery Group can have a fair amount of “freedom” to act as a separate entity from the Town Council. This might involve creating a CASPER series of stationery designs and a separate bank account. Now, any new donations received could then go into this account bespoke rather than the Town Council’s accounts. Even better, they are no longer subject to crowd funder fees. The County Council has been very pragmatic about its future involvement. Despite being the biggest funder, it has said its grant is by way of commissioning the project team to provide the art and its benefit to the town in the way of commerce and tourism and but it will not seek a place at the design table. Warwickshire County Council is keen to offer help and give advice on request but does not see its role as dictating or influencing the next stages.

Peter Walker – selected artist The project group has sought the assistance of local artists to assist with designs. Daniel Green is an arboriculture engineer (tree expert!) by trade but also does wood carvings as a side line. He has agreed to provide some carved benches on a part-subsidised cost basis which can feature Coleshill historical designs by way of support to the main feature. Brian Nicholson is a local sketch artist used to working on paper but is prepared to give views on three-dimensional design ideas.

Pity of War, NMA, Alrewas

It has, for some time, been the view of the project group, that the main design needs to be designed for longevity and security from vandalism and graffiti. Therefore, a stone or concrete base and a brass sculpted feature would be the ideal but these materials are also the most expensive.

The Town Clerk has previously worked on statue projects with Peter Walker, who specialises in brass sculpture. He is relatively local in that he hails from Burntwood, Staffordshire and is currently the artist-in residence at Lichfield Cathedral. He has a number of brass sculptures in the Midlands (see example pictures) such as SCAMP (Sankey’s Corner Arts Miner Project in Burntwood), the Dr. Johnson dictionary in Lichfield and the Pity of War statue at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. Peter Walker has agreed to provide a “collaborative work” within the £18,000 current budget and the Delivery Group has backed this idea of commissioning him. The “collaborative” nature of the assignment is that Peter will not charge his usual rate for the work but will work closely with the Delivery Group to gain further financial support from funding bodies. The real cost of what Coleshill will get as a result will be in the region of four times the value of what is actually paid.

Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary, Lichfield

British Ironwork Centre, Oswestry

Peter Walker and St. Chad

Miner (SCAMP), Burntwood

Peter Walker is prepared to be commissioned but we need to repeat the “Bigger, Better, Brighter” message. More funding can assist the design being improved upon:

Bigger The budget will cover whatever it will but brass is more expensive than stone. “Bigger” means that, ideally, what Coleshill finishes up with will be significant enough to be noticed and tactile enough to encourage some form of interaction with residents, young and old.

Better Better means the quality of the materials and resistance to defacing, fire and graffiti. It is about having them undamaged and untarnished for a long, long time.

Brighter Some artists have shown interest in this project already but as there might be a running theme approach in the town, we want to be open to the town to have a main feature as well as other smaller linked items, if possible. “Brighter” means being able to commission the right people to do the right design work to deliver what is decided. As described before within the CASPER campaign name initials, the “Everyone Respects” part means that everyone should feel free to suggest bright ideas or bright improvements on current ideas and make the finished article as bright and interesting and thought-out as possible.

Further Funding We are still hoping for further grants and donations to help with the “Bigger, Better, Brighter” objective. These can be forwarded to the Town Hall offices now, as that way, they can go straight onto the project budget. Also, we can use any leads to funds that are available from charities, granting bodies, local businesses, etc. We will hopefully be organising a public launch event when the sculptor is further on with his ideas. Please continue to support the project and keep on giving so that we can be the best we can be as a place on the map to visit, stay and frequent local businesses. For further information, you can contact: Tel: 01675 463 326 or contact us through our social media pages. Keep talking about CASPER and spreading the news!


January 2018

Coleshill Library

Stories and Rhymes for 2-4 yrs

Fridays 11am – 11.30am

CASPER Winners

Everyone welcome!

Coleshill Town Council launched the CASPER The entries were judged by Mayor Tony Battle and the (Coleshill Art Space Project Everyone Respects), winning entry was Charlotte’s “Baby Elephant in a Teacup” and invited students from The Coleshill School to model. The winner and three runners up will each receive take part. They had to create a design for a statue, a monetary prize . sculpture, mural or other feature that will be Mrs Pudge, Art and Design Technician, commented “The placed in a prominent location in Coleshill. The brief was to design a piece of art work to incorporate the 4 themes relating to Coleshill of: • John Sumner – founder of Typhoo tea • Jack O’Watton – a famous local highwayman • The circus elephant who died and is buried in Coleshill • The three rivers (Blythe, Cole and Tame) that link Coleshill

art department were delighted with the response and calibre of the entries of the competition. The students were fascinated by the elephant story and have used this in their work. We are looking forward to the outcome of the CASPER project and we can’t wait to see the final outcome, resulting in a permanent public sculpture in Coleshill”.

TAYLOR’S REPRESENTING ENGLAND IN THE EUROPEAN CUP! Taylor Smith, Year 10 student at The Coleshill School, is now an ITF Team England Tae Kwon Do member. Taylor will be representing England in April 2018 at the European Cup in Slovenia in the sparring and patterns group for 14 to 17 year old female 1st Dan Group. Taylor, aged 14, won 2 gold medals in Tae Kwon do at the By the England Team competition on 29th October 2017. She is ranked Number 1 in England in the Tae Kwon do 14-17 year old male and female red belt black tag patterns section and also ranked Number 1 in female open weight red belt black tag sparring. Whilst competing in October, the England coaches where in attendance and Taylor was informed that she could attend the next Team England selections in February 2018 and she has been selected. Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher said “We are very proud of all that Taylor has achieved. We have been following her progress and to see her ranked Number 1 in England is an amazing achievement. We wish her lots of luck in the European Cup in April.”

Does your child enjoy reading? Coleshill Library have a

Children’s Reading Group “Chatterbooks”

This is open to all children aged between 8 – 12yrs,

and is held on the last Saturday in every month 10.30 – 11.30am

You choose which books you read ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ENJOY READING AND LIKE JOINING IN WITH FUN BOOK RELATED CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES. We have refreshments and lots of chat during the session. If your child would like to be part of this group or for any more information please contact

Coleshill Library on 0300 555 8171 or email coleshilllibrary@warwickshire,


January 2018



Come and order your Easter roast and turkey crowns Beef and Lamb only a mile from field to fork Our Beef and Lamb comes locally from Mill Farm, Maxstoke where we rear pedigree Hereford Cattle. The herd can be seen grazing on the river meadows below Coleshill during the summer. Hereford Cattle are renowned for the eating quality of their meat. We also run a flock of sheep which graze on traditional pastures in Maxstoke. Wherever possible pork and poultry is sourced locally. Run by a fully qualified butcher with years of experience, Farmer’s Butcher is an authentic traditional butcher’s shop stocking the very best of local produce.

For more information on how to advertise in any of our titles please contact us or

We also offer Pig Roasts for hire please enquire in store for more details.

8 Coventry Road Coleshill B46 3BE

01675 466 242

Coleshill Mowing provide a wide range of grounds maintenance services for commercial and residential properties

Mowing of large and small areas Hedge cutting / Trimming Strimming Shrub maintenance Pruning and felling of small trees 20 years Green waste removal experience Bark mulching Supply and planting of shrubs and small trees Weed control Leaf clearence Pressure washing

For a free consultation, get in touch now 01675 481805

Licensed green waste carriers

Fully Insured

Discover St Catherine’s Day Service, Coleshill We think you’ll find St Catherine’s a wonderful place, where dedicated staff provide care and support to people with complex physical, psychological and sensory disabilities. We aim to make every day a meaningful day, when people enjoy new experiences, learn life skills

and achieve personal ambitions in a safe and comfortable environment. We dance, sing, exercise, cook, paint and make— and we can relax in our multisensory hydrotherapy pool. Join us!

Call us on 01675 462160 for more information, to arrange a visit or for an informal chat about how we can help you. e-mail: St Catherine’s Day Service, Coventry Road, Coleshill, Warwickshire B46 3EA Father Hudson’s Care is a working name of Father Hudson’s Society. Registered in England & Wales, no. 1653388. Reg. charity no. 512992.


January 2018

Coleshill WI February Meeting At our February meeting, our speaker Carolyn McLaughlin gave a fascinating talk about the history and activities of the RNLI and showed such a thrilling video of rescues in rough water, some members almost felt seasick. Founded in 1824 when it was originally called the National Institute for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck, it acquired its ‘Royal’ status in 1854 from Queen Victoria. Nowadays the RNLI rescues an average of 23 people every day and its crew are called out over 8000 times a year including to flooding incidents inland as well as at sea, with 40% of their callouts at night. In 2015 they saved 350 lives in Britain and the Republic of Ireland. The busiest place for rescues is the Thames and its estuary because of the volume of vessels and weekend sailors using it. The RNLI runs Lifeguard training on 240 beaches around the UK and 95% of its staff are volunteers, working as crews, lifeguards and fundraisers. It receives its entire income through public donations and legacies and its own merchandising and costs around £170 million a year to run. Members enjoyed buying cards and gifts from the RNLI stall. Sally Smith won the competition for a Valentine cup-cake with a beautifully-knitted, though non-edible cake. Jane Mills and Beverley Fathers were second and third respectively with prettily-decorated edible varieties. After refreshments, our committee member Darrilyn Downes gave a talk on the MBE she was awarded for services to Special Needs Education in November and also showed a display of the citation, a set of photographs of the big day, plus a video of herself receiving the award from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. At the March meeting we will be having “Fun with Antiques” and seeing how accurately we can value a range of samples. The competition will be for a bowl of bulbs grown by a member. On March 22nd Coleshill hosts the Group Meeting of local WIs with entertainment from the versatile Dave Moylan with his One-Man Variety Show of music, singing and dancing. This starts at 7.30 pm and is open to non-Members. It will cost £6-00 and tickets can be bought on the door. This year we hope to welcome more people to our friendly and varied meetings at the Town Hall on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome as always.

The display showing member Darrilyn Downes’s MBE award, citation and photos of her receiving the award at Buckingham Palace with her family.

Volunteers telling members about the work of the RNLI.


January 2018

Coleshill Town Council The Town Council is a statutory body made up of ten councillors representing both North and South Wards of the town, elected for a term of four years. The role of the council is defined in the Local Government Acts of 1997 and 2000 from which it derives its statutory duties and far ranging powers and functions, including provision of allotments, cemeteries, bus shelters, community halls and town management. The Town Mayor is elected annually from within the membership. The Council has a Sergeant at Arms, which is a voluntary and ceremonial role.

Coleshill Town Council is keen to maintain a close relationship with the local community which it represents. Town councillors must act in the best interest of the area and all the residents. Council meetings are held to a published timetable, are held in public and include fifteen minutes devoted to public question time. Residents who have issues or concerns are encouraged to attend these meetings in person, or to approach a councillor directly. Current Town Councillors:

North North North North WardWardWard North WardWard

The Town Council is the parish tier of local government, the other two tiers being North Warwickshire Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council with whom the Town Council liaises, together with police and fire services, to deliver services in the town. The Town Council›s office, situated in Coleshill Town Hall, is open weekday mornings 9.00 am - 1.00 pm if members of the public want to book rooms or access services. A brief summary of Coleshill Town Council’s responsibilities is as follows: Allotments, bus shelters, cemetery arrangements, Christmas lights, civic/mayoral events, community centre, Temple way bookings, football pitch maintenance, grass cutting (Cemetery, Memorial Park, Green Lane); litter/dog bins (some); memorial gardens; neighbourhood plan; noticeboards, including parish noticeboard; planning applications – recommendations; play equipment; skatepark; town hall bookings; youth council; Coleshill Hub. The Hub is open from 10.00 – 1.00 on Monday – Friday and someone is always available to help. There is also access to ‘the red phone’ which will give you a direct line to Borough and County Council if you have any enquiries that the Town Council can’t help with. Further details of what goes on at the Hub are regularly advertised in the Coleshill Post. The Town Council is currently administered via standing committees: The Community & Environment Cllr. Claire Breeze Committee has the responsibility for providing facilities for residents such as the Memorial Park, the Cllr. Adam Farrell (Labour) Cllr. Claire Breeze Cllr.TheClaire churchyard, the Croft, allotments, the cemetery, crime prevention measures and bus shelters. Resources Breeze (Labour) Cllr. Adam Farrell Cllr. Adam Farrell (Labour) & Amenities Committee runs and maintains the Council’s Community Centre on Station 07500 831buildings 047 (the(Labour) Cllr. Claire Breeze (Labour) 07539 196 114 (Labour) Road and the Town Hall, High Street) but also has the responsibility07500 for leading the development of Council 831 047 07500 831 047Cllr. Cllr. Adam Farrell Claire Breeze policy, for managing the Council’s staffing, insurances and the financial and administrative management(Labour) of (Labour) (Labour) 07539 196 114 07539 196 114 Cllr. Adam (Labour) (Labour) the Council. The Planning Committee co-ordinates planning applications which affect the town. 07500 831 047

Cllr. Claire Breeze

Cllr. Adam Farrell

07500 831 047

07539 196 114

07500 831 047



07539 196 114 07539 196 11

Cllr. Tony Battle Cllr. Tony Battle

Cllr. Garry Gibb Cllr. Garry Gibbs (Conservative) (Independent) (Conservative) 07813 047 860 07884 366 498 Cllr. Jane Farrow Cllr. Adam Richardson Cllr.860 CarolineSymonds Symonds Cllr. Tony Battle Cllr. Adam Richardson rrow Cllr. Caroline 07813 047 07884 366 Battle 498 Cllr. Tony (Labour) (Labour) (Conservative) (Independent) Cllr. Adam Richardson Cllr. Jane Farrow Cllr. Adam Richardson Cllr. Jane Farrow (Labour) (Conservative) Cllr. Caroline Symonds Cllr. Caroline Symonds (Independent) 644 343 01675 464 128 01675 464 128 (Labour) 07917 366 755 07813 047 860 (Labour) (Labour) 343 (Labour) 07517 07917 366 755(Conservative) (Conservative) Cllr. Adam Richardson Cllr. Jane Farrow 07813 047 860 Cllr. Caroline Symonds 01675 464 128 07517 644 343 01675 464 128 07517 644 343 07917 366 755 07917 366 755 Cllr. Adam Richardson Cllr. Jane Farrow (Labour) Cllr. Caroline Sym (Labour) (Conservative) (Labour) (Labour) 01675 464 128 07517 644 343 07917 366 755(Conservative 01675 464 128 07517 644 343 07917 366 75 (Independent)

Cllr. Garry Gibbs Cllr. Garry Gibbs (Conservative) Cllr. Garry Gibbs (Conservative) (Conservative) 07884 366 498 07884 366 498 07884 366 498

Cllr. Richard Mason Cllr. Sue Wallace Cllr. Richard Mason Cllr. Sue Wallace (Conservative) (Independent) Cllr. Richard Mason Cllr. Sue Wallace (Independent) 07706 900 (Conservative) 921 (Independent) 01675 462 674 (Conservative)

921 01675 462 674 07706 90007706 921 900 01675 462 674

Cllr. Kirsteen Wootton Cllr. Kirsteen Woo (Independent) Cllr. Kirsteen Wootton (Independent)

07725 470 469 (Independent)

07725 470 469 07725 470 469 Cllr. Sue Wallace


January 2018

Drop in sessions @ Coleshill Hub Town Hall B46 3BG

6-8 sessions around suppor�ng you and your OCD symptoms—with input from a volunteer and Keyring M.H Community Links workers


10:00am - 1:00pm Housing Benefit forms General Info & Support Energy Deals 10.00am - 12.00pm P3 Floating Support Service Benefits, Debt, Housing, Advice and Guidance

10:00am - 12:00pm Carers Trust

Maria Beale 07950 786 032 Roger Barker 07506 776 738

Upstairs in the Town Hall

Tuesday 10:00—1:00 Improve your confidence, brush up your skills and succeed!

MEMORY CAFE and their carers Robert Lloyd Room, Water Orton Church

1.30 - 4.00pm 1st Friday of the month

Get help with your CV and learn how to use Universal Job Match and other Job Sites.

The Next Café is on Friday 2nd March

Why not join our Computer Club and improve your IT skills?

Every 1st & 3rd Monday of the month. Advice & Guidance for Carers only.


10:00am - 1:00pm JOB CLUB Help with CV’s and Job Seeking

2:00pm - 4:00pm U3A Family History Class Contact for dates


10:00am - 1:00pm Finance, Pensions, General Info & Support. SSAFA Consumer


10:00am - 1:00pm General Computer Use & Signposting

Tel: 01675 463 326

Computer Club


10.00am - 12.00pm COMPUTER CLUB

OUTREACH COMMUNITY GROUPS Struggling to keep up with computers and the internet?

Get Connected

Coleshill Town Hall High St, Coleshill

Friday 10.00—12.00 The Coleshill Hub @The Town Hall

B46 3BG

01675 463 326


02476 322 048

Learn about Online Banking, Email, Online Shopping, how to get cheaper energy deals and much more, in a relaxed and sociable environment.

Friendly Help and Support Call 01675 463 326 or come up to the Hub to talk


10:30am - 12:30pm ART GROUP Old Market Hall


10:00am - 12:00pm WALKING GROUP Old Market Hall 1st Thurs of Month


1:30pm - 4:00pm MEMORY CAFÉ 1st Friday Month Water Orton Church, Robert Lloyd Room

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January 2018

See you on court! Water Orton and District Tennis Club was re-opened in 2010 taking players of all ages and abilities from Water Orton, Castle Bromwich ,Coleshill and surrounding areas. From humble beginnings, this community club has flourished into a well-supported and locally respected centre where everyone can enjoy their tennis (and social activities) in a friendly, supportive atmosphere whatever their playing level. Our courts are open from March to October each year with evening club sessions, designed to ensure that no one is playing above their ability level, being supervised by one of the clubs many qualified coaches. In this way, if a budding Joanna Konte or Andy Murray is identified, they are encouraged, but not instructed, to join a higher group. This has resulted in many of the young players, who were with us at the beginning, now taking their place in competitive league matches, representing the club which gave them their start.

At the other end of the spectrum, the club has a thriving Tuesday evening session where players who are new to tennis and those whose abilities may have declined a little with age meet up and compete with determination and sporting friendship. This fun evening is the high spot of these members’ week bringing with it many health and exercise benefits not found in “an evening in front of the telly” Other sessions in the clubs weekly calendar are devoted to men’s, ladies, mixed, and mixed social playing sessions where, whilst winning might be important, commitment to sportsmanship, friendship and support are ever present. As a community club, we are confident that the same commitment is present in all that we do. All aspects of local society whatever their ability are encouraged to participate in the great game of tennis and to this end considerable time is spent by coaches in supporting and encouraging less able local youngsters to participate in and enjoy it.

We›re a friendly bunch who are continually looking to improve our club facilities and our membership numbers in order to give everyone greater opportunity to play this great game of ours. Why not see for yourself? Pop down any weekday evening from the end of March or pay us a visit on our annual Open Day. This year it’s on Saturday May 12th from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. We will be holding taster sessions for everyone, so visit our website and book yourself a slot or, if you email our secretary on the mail below, we’ll book one for you, no obligation, we’ll even lend you a racquet to see if you like it! There will be children’s and adult’s club coaches there to help you and, if you decide to join us, you’ll make new friends and learn something

Your local community tennis club is always looking for new members. We warmly welcome players of all ages and abilities from beginners up to those who might like to join in with our established players and even represent our club in league matches.

new or improve your game (we can arrange free” one to one” coaching) but, best of all, you’ll get fit. Why not give us a try and get a taste of the many health and social benefits we have to offer? We are sure you will enjoy yourself and want to stay with us. We very much look forward to welcoming you! For more information please visit:

As a community club we are accessible to anyone and everyone. We offer friendly coaching to get you to a level you’ll be comfortable or contact Paul on 07538 601246 with, together with the opportunity and support to play social and Water Orton & District Tennis Club, competitive tennis, in pleasant surroundings, at your chosen level. Vicarage Lane, Water Orton.B46 1RY.

Our club facilities have undergone significant improvement since 2010. The clubhouse is compact but welcoming with tea/coffee making facilities, the courts rival those found in much larger clubs, and have a patio seating area rivalling that of a four star hotel from where those who may be waiting their turn to play can cheer on and encourage those whose efforts may be flagging on court whilst having a friendly chat with their own potential opponents. We›re a friendly bunch so why not give us a try and discover the many health and social benefits we have to offer? You’ll be glad you did and we really look forward to welcoming you! For more information please visit: Or contact our Secretary, Paul on 07538 601246

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January 2018

Young people

‘increasingly investing in property’

• Investments • Retirement Planning • Life Assurance and Protection

More young people are investing in property proved its strength and resilience and this makes it an and some could be picking it over more ideal safe bet for investors. “Some people may think buying to let is exclusive traditional options such as pensions. New research by mortgage broker Commercial Trust has revealed the two age ranges that have witnessed a year-on-year rise in the proportion of all buy-to-let mortgage applications since 2015 are 20 to 29 years old and 30 to 39. It also noted that over the same period of time there has been a decline in the share of the market taken by people aged over 60. Allison Thompson, managing director at property specialist Leaders, says: “The study suggests that young people are increasingly realising the numerous benefits associated with investing in property and are acting decisively to start their own portfolios. “While the largest share of the buy-to-let mortgages market is made up of 40 to 49 year olds, it is the younger groups who have taken the greatest strides in the last three years. The UK’s property market has

to older, wealthier people, but the figures show people of any age can get a foot on the ladder and enjoy the perks of being a landlord for years to come. “Investing in property delivers a tremendous return in a multitude of ways, from substantial rental income to medium to long-term capital growth. Property prices in the UK have risen by 22 per cent in the last 10 years, illustrating just how much people stand to gain by investing in bricks and mortar.” The statistics show the proportion of buy-to-let mortgage applications made by 40 to 49 year olds has remained consistent in recent years, with just a 0.8 per cent fluctuation recorded across the last 36 months. For more information on investing in property contact your local Leaders branch or visit

• Inheritance Tax Planning

If you would like a no obligation report highlighting how we could assist you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tel: 01564 432 150 The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

George Lovatt is one of the most established, respected and longstanding training facilities in the Midlands with a track record second to none, we have been in the training business since 1967. (We are not an agency or third party dealer)

Training For The Future... For Your Future Telephone: 462738 01675 George Lovatt HGV Services Ltd Lovatts Yard (opposite Davis Turner), Gorsey Lane, Coleshill B1 46JU


January 2018



MISCELLANEOUS Cole End Electrical 1/4 Page Ad

Hedge & shrub maintenance | Tree work | Leaf Clearance Winter tidy up | Turfing |Fence repairs | Planting

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January 2018

Water Orton ladies night We began 2018 with a wonderful Celebration New Year Dinner in January at Grimscote Manor Hotel – lovely venue, wonderful food and great company! We have a packed programme to look forward to this year and we’d love you to come along and join us. We meet at the Pavilion at the end of Openfield Croft in Water Orton on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7.30pm, unless otherwise announced. Each month features a ‘speaker’ and this year we shall welcome Martin Cross and his superb wildlife films, learn about the intriguing life of D.H.Lawrence, and discover what it is like to be shipwrecked in Antarctica. We’ll be learning more about the wonderful world of the cinema and the fascinating history of Birmingham Hippodrome. We’ll peep through the key hole at life in Victorian times and a real highlight for the gardeners will be learning about the restoration of Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens – did you know that, in front of the Hall, there are lots of gardens laid one on top of the other, as design changed and a new garden was laid on top of the previous one! And for us history buffs, we’ll be looking at Birmingham Churches, where we can trace so many local and family lives. In June we are off on a great day out – it’s still a secret, so I can’t tell you yet and again in September, we shall be whisking our members off for an afternoon of fun – watch this space!! We are a small group but we have lots of great ‘get togethers’, and there’s always a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Why not pop along and join us one Wednesday evening – you won’t regret it!! If you’d like further info give our Chair Ruth Cross 0121 747 4490 a call.

Water Orton Memorial On Saturday 28th April there will be an exceptional fund raiser evening in aid of the proposed war memorial in Water Orton at the Link Parish Hall. It will take the form of a cabaret evening entitled “Nessun Dorma” or “None Shall Sleep Tonight” where a sumptuous three course Italian style meal prepared by the renowned cooks Stephen Record and Liz Hall of Water Orton Meet & Eat Friday lunches. The meal will comprise of Minestrone Soup, Pesto Chicken (with vegetarian version) ending with Tiramisu. This will be followed by a wonderful evening of entertainment provided by the local multi-talented director of Music at Water Orton and Heart of England Singers chorister, Judith Fisher, accompanied on vocals by Stephen Record, a chorister with Water Orton choir and The Heart of England singers, culminating in that timeless classic Nessun Dorma. There will be opportunities to sing-a-long too. The cost will be just £20 per ticket, bring your own wine. Tables of 8 available. Dress code dinner dress or smart dress optional. Tickets available from Judith on email tel: 07972567202 or Stephen tel: 07432139849

NESSUN DORMA 




           


January 2018

GASCOIGNES Established 1900



Independent Family Funeral Directors

Offering a complete, dignified and caring service to the community for four generations.

01675 462294 24 hour service Private Chapels of Rest

100 High Street, Coleshill B46 3BL

Vacancies A selection of some of the roles we are recruiting for: Temporary


Warehouse Operative / FLT Bendi/VNA, Coleshill – Temp-Perm

Account Manager, Coleshill – Full Time

Assembly Worker, Coleshill – 12-week Temp-Perm

Construction Recruitment Consultant, Birmingham – Full Time

Skills & Experience Required: Working within a Warehouse environment, who is Health & Safety conscious. FLT Bendi / VNA licence.

Skills & Experience Required: Working in a design agency environment & a proven track record overseeing each brief from concept through to delivery is essential.

Skills & Experience Required: Working within a factory environment with exceptional attention to detail.

Logistics Administrator, Coleshill –Temp-Perm

Skills & Experience Required: General administration & data entry.

Skills & Experience Required: Recruitment experience is essential & if you have knowledge or experience with construction, that is a bonus!

Mechanic, Atherstone – Full Time

HGV Drivers – Coleshill & Kingsbury

Skills & Experience Required: HGV driver, with Class 1 or Class 2 licence & Driver CPC.

Skills & Experience Required: Experience diagnosing all vehicle faults, including running problems, engine emissions, brakes, steering, suspension.

Waiters / Waitresses, Near NEC - Ongoing

Ocean Import Clerk, Coleshill – Full Time

Skills & Experience Required: Good customer service skills & experience serving food & drink.

Skills & Experience Required: Experienced within Logistics, Ocean Import is essential for this role.

Customs Brokerage Clerk, Coleshill – Full Time


Skills & Experience Required: Experienced in Customs within Logistics is essential for this role.

Distribution Customer Service Clerk Salary £18k - £21k pa depending on experience Hours – Sun-Thurs 9am-5.30pm (1 hour lunch)

For more details including salary and job content please contact us on 01675 597 599 / 07523 904 572 or email your CV to

Do you have experience working within the Logistics Industry, with good Customer Service skills? Our client, a global logistics company are looking for a good Customer service representative to join their Distribution team. Duties & Responsibilities: • Interacts in a good working relationship with customers by responding to all inquiries and complaints concerning work orders, invoices, shipments, inventory counts, etc. • Process and inputs all customer orders • Produce stock reports to check for product availability • Produce all related paperwork

07523 904 5725

01675 597 599



Find out more, apply today!

07523 904 5725

01675 597 599




January 2018

Coleshill and District Gardening Club At our last meeting we had a talk by David Howell about snowdrops and hellebores. David was a horticulturalist all his working life ending up as head of the gardens at Warwick University. He was also very involved for some years at Castle Bromwich Gardens. After David's talk we had our AGM. Since the principal officers had a further year to serve our Chairman remains Caroline Doolan, our secretary Pauline Brown and our Treasurer Jenny Teall. Our programme for the next 12 months was announced and will shortly appear on our website which is being updated. Our first trip of the year is usually a snowdrop visit and on 13th February a group of us visited Painswick Rococo Garden in the Cotswolds. It is said to have 5 million snowdrops which were truly spectacular and appeared to be at their peak the day we visited. Our next meeting will be a demonstration of hanging baskets by Caroline Doolan on 19th March at 7.30pm at the Coleshill United Church.

We have a PLANT SALE and our annual SPRING SHOW on Saturday 24th March from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. at the Town Hall All meetings at Coleshill United Church. Visitors welcome

Ladies in to Golf Low handicap, high handicap or no handicap all ladies welcome Friendship & Fun are in abundance for all of the Ladies Golf Section at the Forest of Arden. Always welcoming to newcomers, our lady section participation is high with regular competitions, fun formats, order of merits, away days, trips abroad and much more! But it›s not just about playing on the course, you are also joining a club and we would like to welcome you with the help of our sociable and welcoming members. Whether its joining a member for a warm Starbucks drink, some food in the vibrant Zest Bar, attending the Summer Ball or celebrating at the Annual Awards dinner dance, you will soon be part of something special, making friends for life. Sounds Great? Interested in taking the game up? - With the help of our resident Pro Kevin Hale, enjoy a free taster session and meet our Lady Members. For a free taster session, contact Kevin at (07557199510) or Debbie Poynton (Lady Captain 2018) at (07900440423).

Kingsbury Girl footballers - dream teams Fantastic News! Kingsbury Year 4/5 Girls Football Team were winners of the indoor football tournament. The tournament was played over 4 four legs at Coleshill Sports Hall. The girls played amazingly as a team Well done Evie, Brooke, Bethany and Lexi Our Year 5/6 Girls’ Football Team Brooke, Lexi, Tilly, Kira, Eirin, Ellodie and Ellie took part in the Under 11’s Warwickshire County Football Finals at the Ricoh Arena on Wednesday 24th January. This was a tremendous achievement in itself as the girls had reached the County Finals due to their success in the local heats. The girls played fantastically on the day and came joint first. Unfortunately they missed out on the first place and going through to the regional finals on goal difference. Well done girls a wonderful achievement!


January 2018

Ball guests raise funds for vulnerable children and adults On 17 February 2018 the National Conference Centre, Birmingham, came alive as over 200 people gathered at the 114th Annual Ball to raise funds for Coleshill-based social care charity Father Hudson’s Care. Each year a committee of volunteers organises a night of fun and fundraising and donates the proceeds to Father Hudson’s Care’s projects. This year, they chose two projects to benefit – New Routes Fostering and St Vincent’s House independent living apartments. Based in Coleshill, New Routes Fostering supports children and young people in the Midlands who are unable to live with their birth families. Youngsters blossom and grow through the love, care and support offered by trained, experienced and dedicated foster carers, specially matched with them by qualified social workers. As part of their service, New Routes Fostering seeks to provide additional support and opportunities to build the skills, confidence and resilience of looked-after children. With the Ball’s donation they will pilot a fortnightly youth club for children and young people who need access to opportunities to socialise in a supportive environment tailored to their needs. St Vincent’s House is a block of ten flats that is home to people who require additional support to live independently. For many residents, their apartment at St Vincent’s is the first home of their own. Father Hudson’s support workers help people with a range of daily tasks and to get involved in the Coleshill community, go to voluntary or paid work and enjoy leisure and educational activities. St Vincent’s is in need of a communal space where people can get together to socialise with each other, their families and their friends. The Ball will support St Vincent’s to build a common room. Businesses from Coleshill, Maxstoke, Great Barr and Coventry donated tombola and raffle prizes, volunteered on the night and donated to the fundraising total. Ball-goers were joined by the Archbishop of Birmingham, staff and volunteers from Father Hudson’s, as well as many supporters. The event was compered by Miss Birmingham, Niamh Conway, as part of her civic duties.

After Archbishop Bernard welcomed guests, Andrew Penny, who leads Father Hudson’s Domiciliary Care team, and Joanne Walthew, Head of New Routes Fostering, spoke about the difference the funding would make to the people they support. Niamh also welcomed special guests Michael and Fionnuala Feery, regular Ball volunteers who were there celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. Father Hudson’s Ball is one of the longest running volunteer-led charity balls in the country. Regular Ball highlights were back for 2018, including fundraising games, a raffle and a silent auction. The tombola was popular as always with guests competing to win a giant stuffed monkey. The eventual winner of the popular primate kindly gave it to Michael and Fionnuala’s grandson, bringing smiles all round. Thanks go to Mick and helpers for running the tombola, Jimmy Spencer and the Feerys for co-ordinating the behind-the-scenes work and everyone who donated prizes. Jimmy, who has been attending the Ball since 1947 and has organised the tombola for 25 years, is a Father Hudson’s Old Boy who continues to support the charity that cared for him as a child. As well as being the Vice-Chair of the Committee, helping at the Ball, he undertakes other volunteering tasks and also keeps in touch with other men and women who lived in the former Father Hudson’s homes, letting them know what’s happening at Father Hudson’s Care today. The week before the Ball, he received a visit from fellow Old Boy and friend since childhood, Jim Delaney, who had come to donate tombola prizes. Father Hudson’s Care is grateful to all who donated raffle and tombola prizes, and to everyone who helped out on the night, as well as those who came along and gave their support.

Can you help make next year’s event bigger and better? The Committee are looking for new members to help organise the Ball in the coming years. If you are interested in volunteering on the Committee or if you can help by sponsoring the Ball, publicising the event, selling tickets or getting a group together to attend, the Committee would like to hear from you! To find out more, contact Ginny Cullen on 01675 434015 or email ginnycullen@


January 2018


Local services recommended by local people spreading the word to our community! Walsh Chiropody “Friendly, professional and considerate, a great experience from the time I arrived to the time I left! ” Mrs Nicholls Castle Bromwich

Hickton Family Funeral Directors - Castle Bromwich

ly have been

ership, identified to serve the

elopment and esign.

rea have been nd have no family s owned by The se are both large eral director in

much more caring mpanies.

experience within cated service at

24 Hour Service in all areas.

Home Visits & Arrangements

Payment Plans

DWP Social Help

Simple Low Cost Funeral Options

Private Chapels of Rest

Modern & Classic Vehicles

Professionally Trained Staff

Horse Drawn Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Worldwide Repatriation

astle Bromwich B36 9AD ) 24 Hour: 0121 747 7900

I would like to thank Hickton’s from the bottom of my heart for the care and attention to detail shown to our family when my father passed away Nov 14th and for the reverence shown to his funeral on Dec 5th. After carrying out the arrangements for my mother last year, almost to the day, I did not expect to be using your services quite so soon but I must say that you and all your staff were sympathetic and caring and very attentive to Dad and to the whole family. Thank you again for a service carried out perfectly and with complete reverence. Bob Horton Son of Keith

Kavanagh's Kitchen & Bathrooms From start to finish excellent service, the bathroom is beautiful. Everything we asked for we got. All the tradesmen were brilliant, tidy and courteous. We will definitely use them again when we have our kitchen done. Edit Zakarias Absolutely over the moon with my new kitchen, can't praise everyone involved enough, Mark had everything organised perfectly and we knew exactly what was happening and when, would totally & completely recommend Kavanaghs to anyone who is looking at getting a new kitchen or bathroom, absolutely fantastic, thank you Mrs Robinson

J P Deakin Plumbing Thank you J P Deakin Plumbing for fitting our new bathroom suite and kitchen sink. Also for fitting new radiators throughout the house. Highly recommended Jodie Kimberley



Thank you for our turkey and tinsell week in Blackpool. we had a great time thank you! Graham and Carol Falcon Lodge Residential Home Thanks chris for all our trips to Ash End Farm with children and also Dudley Zoo. Ruth Little Ripley Nursery Sutton Coldfield


January 2018

New contract for Jack Willis Wasps are delighted to announce that academy product Jack Willis has signed a new contract.

Guy Thompson to leave Wasps Wasps confirm that Guy Thompson will leave the club when his current contract expires at the end of the season. The 31-year-old back-rower has appeared 90 times since joining Wasps from Jersey in 2013 and has scored 24 tries.

Guy Thompson said: “Leaving Wasps is the hardest decision I’ve had to make. “It’s been my home for five seasons and I can’t thank Dai and the coaching staff enough for the opportunities they have given me. “Wasps is a special club and I have loved my time here. The fans are incredible and follow us all round Europe; they make the club what it is. “We have a huge part of the season ahead and I will be working harder than ever to go out on a high.”

Director of rugby Dai Young said:

Picture credit – Richard Lane

This extends the former England under 20 back-rower’s stay at the club he originally joined ahead of the 2015/16 season.

back man-of-the-match winning displays in “We believe he has a very bright future ahead the Anglo-Welsh Cup against Leicester and of him, and that he will be an integral part of during Sunday’s Aviva Premiership win over what we are building here at Wasps for many years to come.” Harlequins.

Willis made his first XV debut at Sale in November 2016 in the Anglo-Welsh Cup, with his Premiership bow coming later the same month also against the Sharks. Since then Willis’s rapid development has seen him first join the senior squad, before quickly forcing his way into Dai Young’s matchday 23 on a regular basis. As a result, 17 of his 25 appearances have been registered this season, culminating in back-to-

Director of Rugby Dai Young said:

Jack Willis said:

“We are thrilled that Jack has signed a new deal, as he has really progressed rapidly over the last 18 months. “To move as quickly as he has from being an academy player to producing stand-out displays against seasoned internationals in the Premiership and Europe speaks volumes about his talent and attitude.

“I’ve been fortunate to get a few opportunities this year and I’m chuffed to extend my stay at Wasps. “If you look at the coaching staff and players here it’s clear the club is going places. “My focus now is on getting my head down and working hard to help us achieve the best things we can this season and in the future.”

Will Rowlands signs again to 2012 and 2013.

Wasps are pleased announce that second row He made his senior debut against forward Will Rowlands has Leicester in the Anglo-Welsh Cup signed a contract extension. in 2012, since when he has gone The 26-year-old has enjoyed an excellent season, producing a number of eye-catching appearances in both the Aviva Premiership and European Champions Cup. During this spell, his mobility, agility and high work-rate have seen Rowlands rack up some impressive tackle counts and carrying stats in addition to being a reliable lineout operator. Rowlands was a member of Wasps’ academy while simultaneously studying at Oxford University where he won blues in

on to make 40 appearances in black-and-gold, 12 of which have come this term.

Rugby director Dai Young said: “Will has really come on during the last two or three seasons, and is a valuable member of our squad. “During that time he has proved himself to be more than capable of holding his own in some big games against experienced opponents.

at professionally and while I’ve improved a lot in my time here, I’m sure plenty of scope exists for further development. With the players and coaches that are here, it’s a fantastic environment to do that in. “I’m now looking forward Will Rowlands said: to getting myself back playing “I’m really excited to have re- and being part of a squad which signed for Wasps. hopefully can have a strong finish “This is the only club I’ve played to the season.”

“Our second rows all have a role model in Joe Launchbury, and as a group they form a formidable unit. “Will is still improving as a player, and we are really pleased that he will be part of our journey during the coming years.”

“We’re sorry to see Guy leave. “I have no doubt he will remain a fully-committed member of the squad until the end of the season and continue to play his part to the full. “When the moment is right in May we’ll say our goodbyes more fully. In the meantime, on behalf of everyone at Wasps I’d like to thank Guy for his efforts and wish him well.”

Danny Cipriani set to leave Wasps confirm that Danny Cipriani will leave the club when his contract expires at the end of the season. He is currently considering his options before announcing his next career move.

Director of rugby Dai Young said: “Danny is moving on at the end of the year and we wish him well. “We would also like to thank him for all his efforts in a Wasps shirt. “As he says, now this decision has been made public we can all concentrate on the really important three-and-ahalf months of rugby which lies ahead. “This begins for Danny, the rest of the squad and staff at the Ricoh on Sunday, where our focus is fully on the challenge presented by Exeter.”

Danny Cipriani said: “I will be sad to leave Wasps, but my job is far from finished and I can promise the fans my absolute all until the end of the season as we tackle the mission ahead of us. “I will now take some time to decide my next move.”


January 2018

Boxing Show BCB Midlands Boxing Super Series The inaugural BCB Midlands Boxing Super and Sangha, sensing victory, unleashed with a series Series - sponsored by Grosvenor Casino of blows leaving Messer no choice but to bring a halt Walsall - took place on Saturday 10th Feb and to proceedings. The second semi-final was equally absorbing but neither semi-final disappointed. Indi Sangha and Paul Holt made it through to the final where they will compete for the Midlands Area Super Featherweight Title. It will be a repeat of their September 2017 in which Sangha recorded a paper thin 58-56 victory. Wolverhampton resident Sangha eased past Tamworth’s Louis Fielding on Saturday evening in the Stadium Suite, Walsall FC. Sangha went into the Super Series as favourite, sporting a 7-0 record. He lived up to that billing as he put Fielding to the sword inside just two rounds. Sangha dropped Fielding at the end of the first round and the contest was waved off by referee for the evening, Shaun Messer, halfway through the second stanza, A big overhand right buzzed Fielding

for differing reasons. Birmingham’s Paul Holt and Chasetown’s Luke Jones went hammer and nail for six rounds. The contest ebbed and flowed with Jones, the underdog going into the contest, taking the opening two rounds. The Chasetown man looked focussed and fully in control but, as the fight wore on, Holt sparked into life and ultimately proved too much Jones. Messer scored the contest 57-58. Sangha and Holt will now go toe-to-toe for the Area belt in the coming months. Elsewhere on the show, Coventry Jordan Cooke and Walsall’s Rachel Ball were both victorious against foreign opposition. Cooke won every round against dangerous Lithuanian Edvina Puplauskas whilst Ball, in only her second professional fight, dispatched of Poland’s Bojana Libiszewska 60-56.

Qais Ashfaq signs with Matchroom Boxing Team GB Olympian itching to get pro career up-and-running Ashfaq represented Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the culmination of a

“It’s been stop start and I’ve lost a year of my pro career so I feel that I have something to prove, not just

blossomgin amateur career that included Commonwealth Youth Games gold and silver in to the public but to myself. That’s why being with Matchroom is great because there’s so many fight nights the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. The Leeds talent can now focus on getting his career up-and-running in the paid ranks with a debut to be

coming up all over Britain and I think I can progress quickly and pick up fans everywhere. I’m a Leeds boy though so of course I would love to box in my city.

“I really want to fight on Amir Khan’s comeback show in April. He’s got at least three fights with Matchroom

announced shortly, and Ashfaq is determined to make up for lost time and build a fan base all over the UK. and it would be amazing to be on those bills. When I was a kid, I hadn’t had any fights and I walked in the “I’m so happy to be joining Matchroom Boxing and be on Sky Sports, it’s the best place for me to be to gym, I looked at Boxing News and Amir was in the middle of a Team GB pic as he was the only one to qualify for the Olympics. My coach said ‘if he can do it, you can do it too’. Amir’s been such a huge inspiration for showcase my skills and I so excited to have a date in place for my debut,” said Ashfaq, who will campaign at me and it’s great to be part of the same stable as him.” Super-Bantamweight. “I’m delighted to welcome Qais to the team,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “Qais is a richly talented fighter “I’m out to prove a point and I want to be part of the big shows coming up in the next few months. I’ve got and one that will become an instant hit with fans all over Britain. I’m looking forward to his imminent debut a lot of catching up to do and I want to be as busy as possible.

and then showcasing him all over the UK.”


January 2018

Povetkin and Price clash on Joshua-Parker bill Heavyweights collide in crucial battle in Cardiff

Alexander Povetkin will defend his WBA Inter-Continental and WBO International Heavyweight titles against David Price at Principality Stadium in Cardiff on March 31, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Former WBA ruler Povetkin is the mandatory challenger for the WBA Super title held by Anthony Joshua MBE, who meets Joseph Parker in a unification blockbuster at the top of the bill. The Russian powerhouse will be targeting a showdown with the main event winner, but must first make a second successful defence of his titles having seen off Christian Hammer in December after winning the belts in July against Andriy Rudenko. “I’m very excited to be fighting on this huge show,” said Povetkin. “I expect to put on a great performance and then go on to fight the Joshua vs. Parker winner later this year.” Price has other ideas as he lands a golden opportunity to take a seat at the top table in the Heavyweight division. The Liverpool favourite returned to action in December in Essex after his loss to Hammer in February, and the 34 year old is determined to take this golden chance on a ‘life changing’ night. “It is a massive, massive chance for me and it has come from nowhere,” said Price. “I wasn’t expecting an opportunity like this to appear so it was a no-brainer. “It is a big ask for me to go out and win this fight but upsets do happen in sport. I have been on the wrong end of upsets in boxing and I think I am due a bit of luck. I have a belief that this fight has come at the right time for me and I have a belief that I am going to win the fight. “Without doing myself a disservice, every dog has its day and I have a feeling that this is doing to be my day and everything that has happened has led to this. “I have never found myself in this position where I have been the big underdog and I have everything to gain. I will go in there completely free of any pressure and I think people will see the best of me for that very reason. “Make no mistake, I am coming to win. At first, I was just grateful for the opportunity but now in my mind I have to win this fight. There is plenty to gain and too much upside for me not to win this fight – it could be life changing. I am desperate to win this fight and I will do everything in my power to do so. “I know it will be a hard fight, anything can happen in a fight and I may have to get off the floor to win. It is going to be the hardest fight of my life but something is telling me it is going to be my night. “Sparring will be key for me. I am going to have to take myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to sparring for this fight. I need to bring in world-class sparring partners who will test me every day. We will go away to Germany for some sparring, we haven’t got any names yet but we are having a look. “In the past I have performed my best when I have been really tested in the gym and in sparring, so that will be key for this fight. I need to be prepared for what is to come because it is going to be a hard fight and as long as I am prepared physically and mentally then nature will take its course.” Povetkin and Price clash on a huge night of boxing in Cardiff as Joshua and Parker battle for the IBF, WBA Super, IBO and WBO World titles. Limited tickets remain on sale for the event priced at £300 and £600 from Coach packages are on sale via with various pick up/drop off locations available throughout the UK. For accessibility and wheelchair tickets – please contact the Principality Stadium via 02920 822432. Official hospitality packages are available to purchase directly from Principality Stadium Experience. Both private suite and premium lounge packages are available to purchase, with prices starting from £450 per person + VAT. For further information please call the team on 02920 822 413. Official Hospitality packages are also available via Sportsworld via or by calling 0208 9712966


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January 2018

Wembley dream... over for another year Coleshill Town's dream of an appearance at Wembley is over for another year following their defeat at the hands of Bracknell Town. The game swung back and forward with the visitors taking an early lead but Reece Leek equalised in the second half. The game went to Extra Time and Bracknell forged ahead to lead 3-1 but again Coleshill hit back through Luke Edwards to make it 3-2. Coleshill piled forward in search of a late equaliser but were caught on the break, Bracknell scoring again from

the penalty spot. Final Score Coleshill 2 Bracknell 4. Two days later and Coleshill were knocked out of another cup by a team from two levels above, Stourbridge in the Birmingham Senior Cup and a very narrow defeat by Worcester City in the league made it a sorry three defeats in a row. No panic! Coleshill are still well placed in the Championship race and still have a League Cup Quarter Final to look forward to. CTFC could still do the double and what a fantastic season that would be. "Just Like Watching Coleshill."

Who are Digby Rangers FC? Digby Rangers FC were founded ahead of the 2016 season but surprisingly there is a history connected to the old Orton Rangers FC which was previously ran out of the Digby Pub (Water Orton). Gary Clarke was the then manager of Orton Rangers back in 2010 where he had an influx of young local footballers who wanted to play for the club. However, the joy didn’t last long as the team had to fold due to the older brigade going into retirement.

5 Years later and Gary Clarke got together with Darren McLaren (another familiar face of Orton Rangers FC) and formed the now Digby Rangers FC. They called upon the batch of young players that they had managed previously and got them all on-board. Digby Rangers FC aren’t just your usual Sunday League team, the reason been that majority of the players happen to play in Semi Professional Saturday

Coleshill Town Football Club recent match reports By Alan Beckett

Saturday 3rd February

FA Vase 5th Round Coleshill Town 1 v 1 Bracknell Town - 2-4 After Extra Time

League football such as Joe Smith & Robert Evans (Coleshill Town FC), Cameron Jones (Ex Walsall FC & Bromsgrove Rovers FC), James Lloyd (Ex Coleshill Town FC), Simeon Collbourne (Heather St Johns FC), Stuart Hendrie (Rugby Town FC) & widely known Lee Hendrie (Ex England & Aston Villa). Water Orton should realise what a talented bunch of players they have representing their village. In their first season last year they won the Sutton District Premier League and Cup double. In the current 17/18 season they are top of the league and still in 4 cups. One of those is the midlands vase which they are in the Semi Final of on 03/03/18. They play their home matches at Boldmere St Michaels Fc, Church Road 10:30 Kick off’s. If anyone is interested in watching home or away matches please follow Digby Rangers FC on facebook for all matchday information.

Birmingham Senior Cup Quarter Final Coleshill Town 2 v 3 Stourbridge

Stourbridge play their football two levels above Coleshill but it didn't show on the night as Coleshill almost achieved a shock result. Tom Fishwick gave the Colemen the lead in the first half but early in the second half Stourbridge took a 2-1 lead. Anton Astley scored the "Goal Of The Game" to level the scores. The tie looked to be heading for a penalty shoot-out but a defensive mix-up resulted in the visitors scoring a late, late winner.

Saturday 3rd March Away to Highgate United. 3pm.

Saturday 10th February

Wednesday 7th March

Coleshill Town 0 v 1 Worcester City

Away to Shawbury United. 19.45 Kick Off.

The last time Coleshill failed to score in a game was way back in September. There was little to choose between these two sides who

Saturday 10th March

both have their eyes on the title. A single late goal settled the issue,

Home to Haughmond. 3pm.

and a fine goal it was, but Coleshill didn't deserve to lose this game.

Saturday 17th February Coleshill Town 3 v 1 Lye Town Back to winning ways and the championship race back on track. The

visitors took an early lead but Coleshill were 2-1 up by the break Coleshill's fabulous run in the FA Vase came to an end at the hands with goals from Matt Gardner and Reece Leek. Coleshill looked of Bracknell Town. The game ended 1-1 after 90 minutes, Reece Leek with the Town goal. Bracknell went 3-1 ahead in extra-time nervous but Reece Leek made sure of the points with a late third. before Luke Edwards pulled a goal back. The Colemen went in search of an equaliser but were caught on the break and Bracknell scored from the penalty spot.

Monday 5th February

Coleshill Town Football Club Fixtures

Wednesday 14th March Away to Littleton. aLeague Cup Quarter Final. 19.45 Kick Off.

Saturday 17th March Home to Rugby Town. 3pm.

Tuesday 20th February

Saturday 24th March

Sporting Khalsa 1 v 3 Coleshill Town

Home to AFC Wulfrunians. 3pm.

Coleshill went back to the top of the table with this powerful win over third placed Khalsa who Town had previously never beaten in the league. Sporting took and early lead but Matt Gardner equalised just before half time. Coleshill grew in statue as the game went on and deservedly took the lead through a Reece Leek penalty and Joe Smith scored a third. A scuffle resulted in 3 players sent off, one from Coleshill and two from Khalsa and that killed the game but didn't distract from a very good all round team performance from Coleshill.

Saturday 31st March Away to Rocester. 3pm.

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April Home to Bromsgrove Sporting. 3pm Kick Off

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Coleshill February 2018  
Coleshill February 2018