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Monday 7 May 2012 Issue #43


Making Olympic history

Olympic book launch On Thursday 18 April The City Academy, Hackney marked 100 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games with a very special book launch. Entitled, “Sam and Ruby’s Olympic Adventure” our students worked collaboratively with our neighbouring schools and children’s author, Tony Bradman to create a fun-packed story inspired by the Olympics as the London 2012 Games count down begins. The story unfolds with Sam and Ruby being given an ultimatum by their teacher: either they present a project on the Olympic Games or they will not be allowed to go on their school trip! Creating a time machine, using Sam’s spare wheelchair, they travel from the beginning of the Olympics in Athens to the Beijing Olympics of 2008 in an exciting story which presents the history of the Olympic Games in a fun format. Student, Lorenzo who took part in the creative writing workshops said, “It was a good challenge as I’d never done anything like it, we were able to meet the author and I’m really pleased with the end product.” The book has proved so popular that the first edition has already sold out and publishers Barrington Stoke have had to do a reprint! If you’d like to order a copy, it is available in local bookshops, libraries and even on

Sakib, in Year 9 summed up the experience, “It’s only 100 days until the Olympics and it’s going to be so exciting as it’s right near our school. Writing this book has helped us to feel part of that excitement.”

Eco Warrior

National Science and Engineering Week As part of Science Week our students entered a competition to design a “renewable racer” to take part in a global race. The ten best entries from within the school were then entered into the national competition. There were nearly 20,000 entries nationally and the amazing news is that Elton in Year 9 won the senior category. This is a fantastic achievement considering the vast number of submissions to this national competition. All the winning entries can be viewed on the British Science Association website.

Fully booked

entice our avid readers and begin a chain reaction of reading.

World Book Night Donation

So, what happens to the books after our students have read them? Well, each book also contains a unique code which allows the World Book Night organisers to track it as it is handed from reader to reader around the country and even the world!

Mr. McGuigan’s class were pleased to welcome a surprise guest bearing paperback gifts to their English lesson. As part of the “big give-away” for World Book Night, local resident and World Book Night supporter Matthew Kleebauer arranged to have a class set of books donated to The Academy from Homerton Library. World Book Night, which sees tens of thousands of people gift books within their community, is an annual celebration of reading allowing anyone to share their love of books with their local and wider community. From a shortlist of approximately 20 books available as part of this year’s campaign, Mr. Kleebauer chose to donate 25 copies of Steven King’s Misery to the class, a book by an author Matthew remembers enjoying as a student when he was at school and ignited his own passion for reading. What makes these special copies unique is that each book ends with the first two chapters of another book to help

Monday 7th May Bank Holiday - school closed Wednesday 9th May 3.40pm - Library closed Wednesday 16th May 5.30pm - PSA Meeting Thursday 24th May PSA Subject Evening Friday 1st June Year 7 & 8 Parent Day Thursday 5th July Year 6 Induction Day

Cut out and keep.

Diary dates

For more information about World Book Night events and the list of books available this year, visit

Magic spell

Spelling Bee Challenge We began the summer term with a brand new competition, our first annual Spelling Bee Challenge. The event, organised by Ms Donoughue and Ms Sumpter from the English department, saw representatives from every house and every English class compete against one another in a war of words. Lots of house points were awarded for the exceptional spelling skills of our students. The winning houses of our Spelling Bee Challenge were Ludgate and Newgate. Well done to all the students involved and congratulations to our first ever winners. We are very much looking forward to the next clash of consonants!

Top merit winners Congraulations to all of our top merit winners over the past month.

26th March


45 Merits Aldgate K

26th March

We mean business

Mansion House City Conference visit Nine students from our City Conference Business visited the Mansion House on Thursday 19th April 2012 to deliver their sales pitch to a panel of judges. Prior to the visit, students worked tirelessly to prepare for their presentation. They all had a role to play in the presentation. It was delivered very professionally using key business terminology. The judges were extremely impressed by the quality of their presentation. One judge said “I was impressed by your presentation, particularly the amount of details you’ve included and the way you presented it”. Mansion House will now be working closely with our Conference business to develop and deliver events at The City Academy, Hackney.


45 Merits Newgate Y

16th April


25 Merits Moorgate G

23rd April


42 Merits Newgate T

Accelerated Reader 26th March


Aldgate L

Amazing acting

Barbican Box theatre group At the end of last term, our incredibly talented theatre group performed in a pilot production of Barbican Box. Our students not only showed that they are clearly a talented group of actors as individuals but as a group they are a truly excellent ensemble. Visiting theatre practitioner, Ged Simmons said, “I have rarely seen a group of actors rise to the occasion - and respond to an audience - in the way that you did. You all surpassed my (already high) expectations as I watched you all grow as performers and as people.” For more information, please see Ms. Rajoo or visit, www. A gallery of photos from the event will be online soon.

16th April


Ludgate T

23th April


Ludgate P


Best Year 9 netball team in the South East South East England Academies Cup The Year 9 Netball team finally got their hands on the South East England Academies Cup after competing three years in a row for it. The girls demonstrated just how much they have developed as netball players and as a team by winning nine matches, drawing one and losing none. They are now officially the best Year 9 Academy netball team in the South East of England. Well done to the whole team, pictured (above) with their individual trophies and Captain, Zainab with the team’s silverware.

A picture paints a thousand words Year 6 Literacy Workshops On Monday 23 April our new Year 6 students, joining us in September, paid their first visit to The City Academy, Hackney for a taster English class with Ms Valizadeh. Exploring descriptive language and communication skills, in pairs, students took it in turns to memorise elements of a Vettriano painting hung outside the classroom before coming back in and describing the image to their partner, who would then draw what they thought it should look like. This was a great test of the students’ descriptive skills as they gradually pieced together the composition, first explaining how many figures there were, how many men, how many women, and then adding as many details as they could spot. The students’ attention to detail was excellent. Nearly all the groups had included a small white handkerchief in their drawings, as well as bowler hats, umbrellas and even the clouds in the background. Everyone enjoyed their visit as it gave them a great opportunity to make new friends. We look forward to welcoming them all in again next week.

Borough netball squad London Youth Games

Following on from The Academy’s recent netball success at the South East England Academies Cup, our squad were given the chance to try out for the Borough team, representing Hackney at the London Youth Games in June. We are very proud to annouce that the following students were selected by the professional coaches from Britannia Youth Netball Club to join the Borough netball team: Taiwo Adegbola, Reisha Boyce-Daniels, Katie Briggs, Jayan Clarke, Mariah Darko-Coby, Olivia Eastwood-Gray, Penar Eris, Chantel Hesse-Bradley, Allysa Mikaella Taniajura, Kyana Morris Diedrick.

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