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Monday 2 June 2012 Issue #44

Aiming high for the dreams in our heads

Left: Amani, Isatou and Shailesh outside the Palace of Westminster. Above: our students meet with Baroness Ros Howells who invited our students to an Olympic consultation event and afternoon tea at the House of Lords.

Trailblazing students visit the House of Lords Our nominated group of Trailblazer students, recognised for their outstanding achievement in school, ranging from academic excellence to sporting success, were invited to the House of Lords on 1st May 2012. Invited by Baroness Ros Howells Amani, Isatou and Shailesh joined representatives from schools across Hackney to discuss the Olympic values, the lasting impact of the games in Hackney and to celebrate the work done so far. A team of Olympic Ambassadors from neighbouring primary schools gave a very informative presentation on the development of the Olympic site and the history of the games. Alongside some staggering facts and figures about the architecture of the sports arenas and the 18,000 athletes moving into the Olympic village, the students were keen to tell us that Usain Bolt ate chicken and chips before winning gold at the Beijing Olympics and breaking the 100 metres world record! We were also incredibly privileged to see and hear the debut performance of the young Ambassadors’, Olympic

songs for Hackney. Written and recorded in just one day with local organisation The Songwriting Charity (, the songs celebrate the Olympic spirit and what it means to the young people of Hackney and East London. The two tracks entitled ‘Read All About It’ and ‘Determination’ are available to download now.

Inspired ideas

students worked in groups to develop a proposal which was then presented to a panel of judges including representatives from our sponsors KPMG and members of the Chatsworth Road Regeneration Programme team. The judges were very impressed by the quality of the presentations made by the students. The winning team will go to Mansion House to make a final presentation to a panel of judges from Hackney Council, City of London Corporation and KPMG.

In this month’s issue

Community regeneration of Chatsworth Road As part of the Inspire programme, a group of Year 7 and 8 students worked on a regeneration project that aims to revive Chatsworth Road into a productive community space. During the six week project,

Garden Club volunteers Battle of the bands Top merit winners Accelerated Reader winners London riots Art exhibition Half term holiday activities Sharp Magazine book review Sports news and awards

Park life

Growing, growing, gone

Students and volunteers work together on garden makeover A team of our Garden Club students were joined by some green-fingered volunteers from ING to help give our allotment a much needed spring clean and makeover. Armed with trowels and tools, the group set to work on a number of new features including composters, solar-powered

Ryan, Lola and Temi in The Academy kitchens with their rhubarb, ready to cook and eat, hopefully with some custard.

Our green-fingered gardeners with their rhubarb crop Our school allotment may have just received a much-needed makeover but that hasn’t stopped it from being a very productive plot. Not only did our green-fingered students get to cook and eat the rhubarb they’d grown but they also used the huge leaves to shelter from the rain as they made their way home on a drizzly, May afternoon.

Darlington gets a helping hand making bird boxes for the garden.

lights and a new seating area. With the sun shining, this was a perfect opportunity for our students to try something a little different and develop some new skills along the way. At one end of the garden, a team of boys were carefully cutting wood to size and building bird houses, whilst herbs and shrubs were being potted and the beds were being weeded.

At the far end of the plot, another group fitted guttering to the shed to collect rain water which can be used to water the plants. Combined with the solar-powered lights, and the compost bins providing goodness for the soil from natural waste, this is fast becoming a “green” garden in every sense. Well done to all the students involved and a huge thank you to our team of volunteers. The garden looks great, I’m sure you will agree.

Back on track Battle of the bands

Last month also played host to our Battle of the Bands competition featuring the top ten groups of Year 8 musicians. Not only did the students learn how to play new instruments, sing live on stage in front of a full house of students and staff, coorindate their outfits and even choreograph some dance moves, they wrote their own songs too! All the performances were of such a high standard and there were some really catchy lyrics, but as the title suggests it was indeed a competition and the results are in.

Potting herbs and shrubs for the new seating area.

Additional photos from this and many other events will be online soon.

1st- Trapstarz 2nd- Youngblood 3rd- Lil Twisters 4th- Tempo

Canvassing opinions

Top Merit Winners

30th April Elizabeth Moorgate B 33 Merits

7th May Wei Ludgate K 22 Merits

14th May Emre Newgate K 29

Congratulations to all of our top merit winners over the past month. Keep up the good work.

Accelerated Reader Students arrive at Asia House in Central London to showcase their paintings, produced in response to a series of student-led, Facing History workshops on multiculturalism, society and the London riots.

Students’ positive response to the London riots

Exploring the themes emerging from the press and the positive response from the local community, the artwork aimed to capture our students’ thoughts, ideas and opinions about last summer’s events

and the impact it had on their lives. Following a Facing History workshop, supported by the City Bridge Trust, the students came up with the idea of creating a series of paintings. The works of art were so well received at a school’s showcase in Central London, they were invited to exhibit them at a public gallery on Chatsworth Road.

7th May Reisha Newgate I

14th May Benny Newgate T

Well done to the weekly winners of our Accelerated Reader programme. Reading regularly can really help you with your learning. Not only is a good book very addictive and a lot of fun to read but it will also broaden your vocabulary and help improve your research and communication skills.

Out and about

Things to see and do during half term week

Read all about it

Reviews from Sharp magazine

There are plenty of fantastic clubs and classes in and around Hackney next week, not forgetting the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

This month, Katy Tay reviews The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison.

is revealed as the story progresses and many mysteries unfold.

The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison is a wonderful fantasy story which mixes the world of fairies with an English setting. This book is cracking to read! A girl called Tanya is gifted with a second sight that enables her to see fairies. However, Tanya is one of the few people who can see them, so you can understand why she is so frustrated when she gets the blame for their misdemeanours. The fairies are also cruel to Tanya sometimes, and there are consequences if she doesn’t act nicely towards them.

Fabian, the housekeepers son, helps Tanya through all her problems and together they unravel the mystery and learn the important history of what happened in a nearby forest.

Saturday 2 June, 14.00 - 16.00 Artful Animations The Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road

This amazing fantasy book holds great mystery, you will never want to put it down. Do you want to know the mystery? Read this remarkable book, and you’ll never forget what happened.

Tuesday 5 June, 16.15 - 17.15 Street Dance classes Energie Fitness, Reading Lane, E8

Katy Tay

However, one day her mother sends her to Elvesden Manor to live with her grandmother for the summer holidays. She was never welcomed into her grandmother’s home, yet she didn’t know the reason why; Tanya always thought that she wasn’t cared for and that she was seen as a nuisance to the family. However, all

For more news and reviews from the world of sport, film, fashion, books and more, visit the students’ SHARP magazine blog.

Why not visit the animals, volunteer on the vegetable patch or try your hand at some pottery? See Ms Thomas for more information on joining the team.

What’s on in Hackney?

Create your own stop-frame animation using objects from the collection.

A fun and lively street dance class every Tuesday throughout May, June and July.

Tuesday 5 June, 16.00 - 18.00 Pottery classes Hackney City Farm

Wed 6 June - Fri 8 June Lee Library open to all students The City Academy, Hackney Thursday 7 June, 14.00 - 16.00 Get Creative Hackney Central Library

Arts and storytelling with the Roma Support Group.

Cut out and keep.

A creative collaboration between the Art and Humanities departments saw students working together to create a series of canvases in response the London riots.

30th April Hidayat Newgate C

Sports Awards

Kowiyu Tijani Y7 Boys Football

Ese Kalusi Y8 Boys Football

Kammar Henry Richards Y9 Boys Football

Nayole Chaves Y7 Girls Cross Country

Anele Komani Y8 Girls Cross Country

Eugenie Marfo Y9 Girls Cross Country

Tyreesha Blaxhill Y7 Girls Football

Yaren Aktas Y8 Girls Football

Isatou Kanyi Y9 Girls Football

Reagan Oduro Y7 Boys Cross Country

Ishaq Miah Y8 Boys Cross Country

Corey Addai Y9 Boys Cross Country

Shantay FolkesJeffreys Y7 Girls Indoor Athletics

Kowiyu Tijani Y7 Boys Indoor Athletics

Abigail Bakodisa Y8 Girls Indoor Athletics

Hannah Clavier U13 Rounders

Olivia EastwoodGray U14 Rounders

Anis Shakoor Y8/9 Cricket

tournament in Regents Park, pictured (below) with members of the Chinese National cricket team. Part of a national programme to bring key educational skills to state schools through playing cricket, the Chance to Shine project is supported by professional players such as England cricketer, Andrew Flintoff.

Gunning for glory

Arsenal football competition Our talented footballers also received some expert tuition from ex-Arsenal midfielder, Ray Parlour as part of a tournament at the Emirates stadium.

Ishaq Miah Y8 Boy Indoor Athletics

Shantelle Warrick Gooding U14 Girls Rowing

Katie R Briggs Most Improved Player (Girls)

Emily Pham Outstanding Performance

Ramaar M Johnson Outstanding Performance

Charlie Parker Sportsman of the Year

Diary dates

Matteo Fernandes Y7 Leadership Award (Boys)

Trae James Y7 Boys Rugby

Joel Belcher U14 Boys Rugby

Taiwo Adegbola Sportswoman of the Year

Y9A Netball Team Best Team

Revision classes during Additional Studies

SportsNews Rebecca Dale U14 Girls Rugby

Ishaq Miah U14 Table Tennis

w/c Monday 18 June

Matheus Olliviere U14 Boys Trampolining

Allysa Taniajura Y7 Netball

Vanessa Pateco Te U14 Girls Trampolining

Firstly, congratulations to all of our recent Sports Award winners, as well as a huge thank you and well done to all the students that have represented The Academy this year.

Wednesday 20 June Parent Staff Association meeting Thursday 21 June Last Additional Studies class

Cut out and keep.

w/c Monday 11 June Year 9 Consultation week no Additional Studies

Thursday 5 July Training day - closed to all students Tuesday 17 July Last day of term

Anele Komani Y8 Netball

Monday 23 July - Friday 27 July Year 6 Summer School

Zainab Quadri Y9 Netball

Zak Haloua Most Improved Players (Boys)

Grace Revill Y7 Leadership Award (Girls)

Chance to shine

National cricket tournament Saneeta Kaur Gymnastics

Ellie Buntin Dance (Girls)

Jalil Fortunato Dance (Boys)

Sebastian Carvajal Y7 Basketball

Adrian Williams Y8 Basketball

Jan Habiak Y9 Basketball

Over the past month alone The Academy teams have had great success on the track , pitch and court with our Team of the Year, the Year 9 A Netball team clinching the Inter-Borough trophy to add to their cabinet but the opportunities do not stop there. Our U13 Cricket team took part in the Chance to Shine

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